Jeremiah Kioni & Musalia Mudavadi

Wycliffe [ Musalia Mudavadi] (born September 21, 1960) is a Kenyan politician, currently serving as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Local Government. 5.0/5

Jeremiah Kioni Musalia Mudavadi Amani Coalition Uhuru Kenyatta William Ruto Beth Mugo Martha Karua General Election United Democratic Forum Peter Kenneth Oburu Odinga David Jeremiah Elizabeth Ongoro Eugene Wamalwa Mutahi Ngunyi Deputy President Rift Valley

Where did Musalia Mudavadi would-be-VP, Hon. Kioni Jeremiah went to? bw. ?hako wapi Happy new year sir. Did HE vote MM?
UDF refutes claims that its party leader Musalia Mudavadi and his deputy Jeremiah Kioni had been ousted out of the party
LoL let's not forget that Jeremiah Kioni didn't vote for his running mate Musalia Mudavadi.
Bobby Bobants Kithure Kindiki is to William Ruto what Jeremiah Kioni was to Musalia Mudavadi. His work is to keep Ruto in check by attending all his political rallies to ensure that Ruto says what he was told by the master to say. Kindiki also has to ensure that Ruto doesn't have PLAN B.
POLITICS: Does Musalia Mudavadi knows whereabouts of his runningmate Jeremiah Kioni, if so,how many meetings have they held since last elections ? Is UDF Focussing on 2017?
Recently, when the infamous Franckline Bett left ODM, I term his exit as insignificant. This was based on the bare reality that he worked harder for te party's negative result rather than success. Several luo friends pointed burning fingers at me saying i need not be arrogant at 'welo' (visitors) After the General Elections, people made fun of the little known Jeremiah Kioni for not having voted for himself or rather Musalia Mudavadi, however, ODM too had their Kioni in the image of Bett. How do you hold such a sensitive party position yet you can't even deliver your homestead? We are no longer fools, ODM is a national party, there are neither insyders nor visitors. We have to nurture this party. This can only be done through accomodation of ideologies. Does a truth become a truth becouse it has come a from a different tongue? Now Magerer Langa't has told off this idler, Bett and termed his exit unconsequential. Let me see them welcoming the remark. I do too! NB: You should first calculate the diameter o ...
Jeremiah Kioni the running mate to Musalia Mudavadi in 2013 elections alienda wapi?
SELECTIVE AMNESIA? During the 2005 Referendum Mr. Simeon Nyachae went to Nyosia Primary School and voted for Banana Team; as area MP and minister for Energy he had promised President Kibaki he would deliver the Kisii vote. After votes were counted, it emerged that the Banana Team got 12 votes from that particular station. Nyachae is a polygamous man with many children and grand children and a myriad of relatives - Did they vote on his side? In the recent inconclusive IEBC General Elections Jeremiah Kioni voted at Kanyagia Primary School, being Musalia Mudavadi's running mate, it was expected that all his family, relatives, friends and friends of friends would join him and vote for Musalia. But it later emerged that in that Primary School neither Musalia nor Kioni got any vote - Did he and his tribe's mates vote for the wrong person? *Why then are some Jubilee adherents frothing in their political mouths about Kethi having not voted for her dad?
This press statement by Jeremiah Kioni leaves alot to be desired. He does say he voted at 6.50am but does not tell us how many votes Musalia Mudavadi got at Kinyagia Primary School polling station, where Kioni voted on March 4.
statement by Jeremiah Kioni implying that media stories that he did not vote for Musalia Mudavadi are incorrect
By the way word doing rounds that Wea one Jeremiah Kioni voted with the wife smwea in Ndaragwa, Musalia Mudavadi got zero!! Surely this Modo WA Nyuba thing runs deep.
Musalia Mudavadi's running mate was Jeremiah Kioni, the former Ndaragwa MP. Apparently, Mr. Mudavadi didn't get a single vote in that constituency and Mr Kioni n family were registered voters there. What happened to those votes? Who got Mudavadi's votes in Ndaragwa? What kind of explanation, in your opinion, is Mr Kioni giving Mr Mudavadi?
His agony (Musalia Mudavadi) is amplified by failure to get a single vote at Ndururumo Primary School, the polling centre in Ndaragwa constituency where his running mate Jeremiah Kioni cast his ballot. The ‘anomaly’ reinforces perceptions in Western that voting for Mudavadi was tantamount to voting for his rival Uhuru Kenyatta. You! You! You! Jeremiah God Dem Liar! you are a hypocrite. Now we know ti hi hi hi hi hi .. ha ha ha ha ha!
UDF presidential Running Mate Jeremiah Kioni did not vote for Musalia Mudavadi but instead voted for Uhuru Kenyatta.This must be the height of Hypocrisy, Nick (Wanjohi) and Emilio (Kibaki) must be laughing at the Chavakali Man, First they convinced him to abandon Raila and that they will support his presidential bid ( All this were pre planned) and that Jeremiah Kioni and Co were told to disguise themselves as supporting Mudavadi's quest not knowing that the creators of UDF already included Kioni among those eligible for UDF nominations...Nick Wanjohi , Emilio Kibaki and Jeremiah Kioni all won . God help Musalia.
This Election was not without comedy. I could hardly believe it but i have done my research and it is true that Musalia Mudavadi did not get even a single vote in Ndururumo Primary School a polling center in Ndaragwa constituency where hi running mate Jeremiah Kioni cast his vote. Tafakari hayo !
Betrayal is not betrathal or engagement. Naskia ati Amani Coalition presidential runningmate Jeremiah Kioni did not vote his candidate Musalia. Its believed he voted either Raila or Uhuru
Wonders never cease. The UDF Deputy Presidential candidate Jeremiah Kioni cast his vote in Ndurum polling station in Ndaragwa. However, the results indicate that Kioni and by extension, the UDF presidential candidate Musalia Mudavadi did not get even one vote from the polling station! The 60 million dollar question doing the rounds is, does this mean Kioni did not even vote for himself and his presidential candidate? Unless of course the vote he cast was among those recorded as spoilt!
Tension iko Nairobi and country wide ahead of IEBC Final results,at the same time i hate while i was hired by the IEBC To be one of the P.O,Yes i did a transparent job but it doesn't reflect with IEBC,on the other side,i blame Mudavadi for what he did,its a shame that iven his running Jeremiah Kioni did'nt vote for Mr Musalia Mudavadi.
When Mudavadi was giving his statement of concession; Jeremiah Kioni sat on his side looking like Judas Iscariot.How I wished he would commit suicide like Judas did! I guess his soul was willing to vote for Musalia but his body was weak...
Eti the polling station that Jeremiah Kioni voted, the Vice President of Amani Coalition, Musalia Mudavadi got zero votes. Fact?
Upto now Musalia Mudavadi has not conceded defeat hata ka ni manual? I hear he's not even picking Jeremiah Kioni's calls.
Looks like Jeremiah Kioni did not vote for Musalia Mudavadi.
WHAT A FRIENSHIP? Imagine at Ndururmo Primary School in Ndaragwa constituency where former Ndaragwa MP Jeremiah Kioni who's also Musalia Mudavadi presidential runningmate, his wife & two sons voted, MUDAVADI got zero votes. So it's like Kioni, his wife & two sons all voted for Uhuru & not Mudavadi. Indeed I witnessed Mudavadi alichezewa, ni kama ndrama, ni kama findio!
It is evident that Jeremiah Kioni is an hypocrate; the real water melon! Amani in public, Jubilee by secret ballot!!!
Now mudavadi can reveal that he was being used, How comes @ a polling station where Jeremiah Kioni casted his vote, Musalia never got even a single vote . surely?
Is it true Jeremiah Kioni himself did not vote for Musalia Mudavadi in his constituency!!? Kweli ihembo ihembo sa...!!!
On monday i saw Jeremiah Kioni running mate of Musalia Mudavadi voting in his constituency but suspricing Musalia got 0 vote kwani whom did he vote for??
Fellows clarify this for me: is it true that Hon. Musalia Mudavadi did not get a single vote, even a spoiled one in Jeremiah Kioni's polling station in Ndaragwa! Eti hata Kioni mwenyewe akumpigia kura! People should know people!
CORD IS THE ECOSYSTEM FOR ALL. Hon. Musalia Mudavadi is a traumatised man.Little did he know that he was stationed a marksman by the name Jeremiah Kioni to trail his movement never to go back to O.D.M.after the deal which was revoked and rejected citing 'mashetani wengine!'.How comes he couldn't even deliver a single vote to Mudavadi as his running mate in the polling station where he Kioni voted that is Ndururumo.
Musalia Mudavadi has believed even his running mate Jeremiah Kioni is not worthy his trust. Wa wa wa. its high time we chose our friends very carefully, and know who to trust.
CLERICS ENDORSE MUSALIA MUDAVADI KENYA: A section of religious leaders have endorsed Amani Coalition presidential candidate Musalia Mudavadi even as he vowed he would not play the ‘kingmaker’. The clerics drawn from various denominations said they settled on Mudavadi because he is non- confrontational, peaceful and the only one who can unite the country. They maintained that with less than two weeks to the General Election, the country is still fragmented along ethnic lines and needs a moderate leader. “Musalia Mudavadi is not an extremist. He is a sober person who is harmless like a dove,” said East Africa Methodist Secretary General Isaya Deye. Speaking on Thursday at United Democratic Forum (UDF) offices in Nairobi, the church leaders dismissed opinion polls that have consistently projected Mudavadi as a back runner. Mudavadi who was flanked by his running mate Jeremiah Kioni declared he was in the race to the end and would not be a ‘kingmaker’ as a political analyst claimed. “I gave my n ...
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If we are to believe Mutahi Ngunyi's analogy, then: 1. Peter Kenneth will vote Uhuruto 2. Martha Karua will vote Uhuruto 3. Jeremiah Kioni will vote Uhuruto 4. Raphael Tuju will vote RAO 5. Charity Ngilu will vote RAO 6.Kamlesh Patni will 'divide' his vote 7. Moses Wetangula will vote Hon. Musalia Mudavadi for president 2012.!!! His argument does not hold water.
President Kibaki May Be in Office Until June NAIROBI, KENYA: President Mwai Kibaki may be in office till June this year, if we have a run off and a petition challenging the second round results. According to the law, a candidate for president will be declared duly elected if he or she garners 50 plus one of the total votes cast and at least 25 per cent of the votes in half of the 47 Counties. Prime Minister Raila Odinga of the Cord coalition, Deputy Prime Ministers Uhuru Kenyatta of Jubilee and Musalia Mudavadi of Amani are all fighting to succeed president Kibaki. Others are: Martha Karua of Narc Kenya, Peter Kenneth of Eagle Alliance, James ole Kiyiapi of RBK, Paul Muite of Safina and Mohamed Abduda Dida ARK. Their respective running mates are: Kalonzo Musyoka (Cord), William Ruto (Jubilee), Jeremiah Kioni (Amani), Augustine Lotodo (Narc Kenya), Ronnie Osumba (Eagle), Winnie Kaburu Kinyua (RBK), Shem Ochuodho (Safina) and Joshua Odongo Onono (ARK). If no candidate achieves 50 plus one votes, a run off p ...
I take this opprortunity to congratulate and salute "our political parties" and "selfless leaders" who have been graceful enough to concede defeat in advance to the elections date and seek alternative platforms to volunteer their philanthropic service representatives of the marginalised communities, the poor, the minorities, the disabled who have historically suffered neglect discrimination. Kudos to Messrs Oburu Oginga, Musalia Mudavadi, Jeremiah Kioni, Margaret Wanjiru, Elizabeth Ongoro, Henry Kosgey, Sally Kosgey, Beth Mugo, and the sister-in-law to William Ruto for offering to serve the interests of the poor, marginalized and the disabled in the houses of parliament and senate as nominated members. Help us God.
Amani Alliance have forwarded their list of those that they would wish to nominate after the General Election in the order of priority to the IEBC. At the top of the list is their presidential candidate Musalia Mudavadi,followed by his running mate Jeremiah Kioni. Why would Musalia want to be nominated as a mere Member of Parliament while he is running for president? Why is he in the list in the first place? Musalia has proved beyond reasonable doubt that he is in a race to nowhere and he knows it. The question that begs for answer is whether Musalia was recruited in a failed political machination and is now looking for a soft landing.
MUDAVADI orders UDF to remove his name from NOMINEES LIST Amani Coalition flag bearer Musalia Mudavadi has today ordered his United Democratic Forum (UDF) party to strike off his name and that of his running mate Jeremiah Kioni from the list of the party’s nominees for the next parliament. Mudavadi said that his name and that of Kioni had been wrongly included and would be struck off immediately. Mudavadi took the action a day after it was discovered that his UDF party was among several top parties that had nominated ‘connected individuals’ to the next parliament instead of preserving the seats for minorities and disadvantaged people as was intended by the law. ODM has nominated Raila Odinga’s brother Oburu Oginga, Nark Kenya has nominated its presidential aspirant Martha Karua while Uhuru Kenyatta’s TNA has nominated his cousin Beth Mugo. After the election, parties will have the choice to nominate candidates to parliament based on the number of seats they will have managed to win. UDF National ...
"During the compilation of party nomination lists to the IEBC, the UDF party INADVERTENTLY included the names of Musalia Mudavadi and Jeremiah Kioni". BULLCRAP...Mudavadi still thinks he can fool all the people all the time peacefully! There was nothing inadvertent in this loser's survival kick.
In what is seen as an acceptance that he'll not make it to State house in March, Musalia Mudavadi has moved to insure himself against political oblivion. The UDF presidential candidate has had his name included in the list of National Assembly nominees forwarded by his party. Also included is his running mate Jeremiah Kioni. ODM has also moved to shield their top politicians from political embarrassment. Margaret Wanjiru is now almost assured of being in the next senate whether Sonko defeats her or not. Her name is among those submitted for a nominated slot. Henry Kosgey, who is on the wrong side in very hostile ground is also lucky, and so is Elizabeth Ongoro. Raila's brother Oburu Odinga, will once again find his way into parliament, should ODM's list go through. TNA is also playing games. No sooner had Beth Mugo retired from politics on health grounds, than her name pops up on the list of persons to be nominated by the party. Also included in TNA's list is journalist Naisula Lesuuda and TNA national ch ...
I thought the 20 nomination slots in senate and 12 nomination slots in National Assembly were meant for the marginalized persons but my definition of marginalization as special interest groups such as those with disability, the youth, women and communities such as the Ogiek seems wrong! To the big party politicians the marginalized include Musalia Mudavadi and his running mate Jeremiah Kioni of UDF, Raila's brother Oburu of ODM, Uhuru's cousin Betty Mugo of TNA, Ruto's sister inlaw Violet Chesang of URP.what can I say? Inchi ni Wewe!
Musalia Mudavadi has senced he will not make itballot come 4th march 2013, thats why he has nomimated himself and Jeremiah Kioni as UDF nominated MPs should they not win the state house race ballot come 4th march 2013.
now its clear that Hon. Musalia Mudavadi is not even sure of winning the elections.the guy has himself prioritized for nomination together with his running mate Jeremiah Kioni .
This morning we interrogate Jeremiah Kioni who was named Musalia Mudavadi's running mate, on his vision and policy changes for Kenya. Send in your questions and comments..
Hon. Musalia Mudavadi Amani flag bearer and his runningmate Jeremiah Kioni are in the list of Mps to be nominated in the 12th parliament.What is ua take?
...the move by Amani Coalition presidential aspirant Musalia Mudavadi and his deputy Jeremiah Kioni to submit there names to be nominated MPs is clear that they are extremely assured that they can't win.
Am disappointed with all the lists of nominees presented by the political parties, from cord to jubilee and even the Amani Coalitions. As the lists suggests they are all interested with themselves. Oburu Odinga should not be in that list, Beth Mugo should not be in that list and Musalia Mudavadi and Jeremiah Kioni should not be that list. Kenyans let's open up our eyes, the are a lot of personal interests. Kenyans open your eyes do not be lied to, if we are to talk about tribes then there are only two, that of the rich and that of the poor.
Friends while we were a way in Eldoret Musalia Mudavadi and his running mate Jeremiah Kioni nominated themselves to Parliament.
Amani Coalition presidential candidate Musalia Mudavadi (right) with running mate Jeremiah Kioni at a rally in Kabarnet Stadium in Baringo county yesterday.
Ooops.! The political parties Act stipulates that parties ought to submit names of persons to be nominated to parliament after the General Elections. In all major parties, its only UDF that send its list with number one on it being Musalia Mudavadi, second is Jeremiah Kioni. Kumbe this Musalia knows that he is headed no where? I wait to see him dozing in the parliament chambers.!
Retired PRESIDENT MOI backs MUSALIA MUDAVADI of the Amani Coalition Saturday, the 26th of January 2013 - Retired President Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi today expressed his support for Musalia Mudavadi’s bid for the presidency under the banner of the Amani/Peace Coalition. The retired President made the announcement after a meeting with Amani Coalition honchos Musalia Mudavadi, Jeremiah Kioni, Eugene Wamalwa and his son Gideon Moi at his Kabarak Gardens home. Moi’s backing of the Amani Coalition hardly comes as a surprise given the fact his old party KANU (now chaired by his son Gideon) has thrown its lot in with Musalia Mudavadi’s outfit. Moi, who led Kenya for more than two decades, still has a lot of sway in the Rift Valley although his influence in the region has been somewhat diluted by the powerhouse that is William Ruto’s URP.
Tonight on Musalia Mudavadi's running mate Jeremiah Kioni speaks to Larry Madowo on Amani's poor showing in the latest Synovate opinion poll and their promises for Kenya. What questions do you have for the former Ndaragwa MP?
Musalia Mudavadi's running mate & former Ndaragwa MP Jeremiah Kioni is live with me on tonight at 10pm. What should we talk about?
The fourth inauguration, last words of Hon. Jeremiah Kioni,'Ladies and gentlemen, please standup and lets join hands in welcoming the fourth elected president of the republic of kenya, Mr. Musalia Wycliffe Mudavadi.'
The nomination of Jeremiah Kioni by Musalia Mudavadi as his running mate confirm our expectations that 2013 General Elections is a two horse.Going by the way Amani Coalition were dishing out nomination Certificates left no doubt that Amani Coalition is an ugly girl who does not attract the attention of young boys in the Village.Unless as alternative option as was the case with running mate issue.This is what scared the politicians a way from Mudavadi as they decline his offer to pick them as his running mate.Therefore it does not make sense for same people to campaign for him in public while deep in their hearts they know that Musalia Mudavadi is headed to oblivion.It is also a fact that the nomination of one Jeremiah Kioni will not add any value on Mr Ibu's presidential bid.Therefore spreading romours in Vihiga county that Mudavadi's Vehicle was burt down by ODM supporters will not achieve much as Maragoli's votes will not take Mudavadi any where.One wonders how the principle of shienyu ni shienyu will . ...
Musalia Mudavadi is my President, Jeremiah Kioni is my Deputy President, UDF Party is my party while Amani is my Coalition...4th March the big date, Statehouse is my destiny Peace and Prosperity is for this our Kenya is our mission
Outgoing Ndaragwa MP Jeremiah Kioni will be the running mate for Musalia Mudavadi in Amani Coalition.
In all fairness what value does Jeremiah Kioni add to Musalia's presidential quest? Jeremiah cannot even convince his on village to vote for him now. He fell out of favour with TNA bigwigs, and he knows well that he cant even win a parliamentary seat, and that is he has accepted to be a running mate, most probably for sentimental value. I think Musalia is a loser, and maybe it is a good thing that he is so!
The choice of Jeremiah Kioni as a running mate of Amani Coalition candidate Musalia Mudavadi is tasteless~Mutahi Ngunyi
Musalia Mudavadi chooses Jeremiah Kioni as "soul mate" -
has named Jeremiah Kioni as his running mate. Here's his full speech
Jeremiah Kioni is Uhuru's sharp end -Kada ya Moko-that is what the kikuyus would call him. So while Mudavadi and Uhuru,would pretend to doing war,aren't we learning something else?
UDF’s Musalia Mudavadi of Amani Coalition names outgoing Ndaragwa MP Jeremiah Kioni to be his running mate in the March 4 General Election
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Ha! by picking Jeremiah Kioni, Musalia Mudavadi has battered himself in the throat. Indeed he is a project as alleged.
With the appointment of Jeremiah Kioni as the running mate of Musalia Mudavati, it's a clear indication that Mudavati is a really project. Bye Midavati c u 2017
Why do I think Musalia Mudavadi sh'd announce Eugene Wamalwa and not Jeremiah Kioni as running mate?
BREAKING: Musalia Mudavadi names Jeremiah Kioni as his running mate in the General Elections.
Jeremiah Kioni is more of a walking-mate than a running-mate. Musalia Mudavadi, that is the biggest joke of the century. Kioni mii sioni. NO WAY!!! NO DAY!!!
I was alive when Musalia Mudavadi named Jeremiah Kioni his running mate.
Hon. Musalia Mudavadi for president 2012. And now presenting the next Deputy President of the republic of Kenya - Hon. Jeremiah Kioni. FOR MORE JOKES LIKE THIS ONE, LIKE THE ABOVE PAGE
Musalia Mudavadi names his runningmate as Jeremiah Kioni
Whoever advices this designer presidential wannabe called Mudavadi must be a "Waiganjo" wannabe.Surely how will Jeremiah Kioni plug-fill the energy,charm & charismatic deficits in Musalia? He is just WEAK-LEAF.My mum always told me,"in a contest there are 3 people; who participate,who contest to win & who are determined to finish the race".Now you know what i always meant when i said "IBULISTIC SYNDROME".Mutahi Ngunyi was this the best strategy you could give your client Mr.Ibu? Like i noted last year, Mr.Ibu needs to swallow 1 container of Piriton,coz his dream can only be realized in a very long sleep.
DPM Musalia Mudavadi unveils Jeremiah Kioni as his running mate for the March 4th General Election.
The BEST choice of Running Mate so far: Jeremiah Kioni!!
Mudavadi confirms his project tag by appointing Jeremiah Kioni; Uhuru's right hand man. I believe he has cooked his goose!
So what value will Jeremiah Kioni add to Amani Coalition? Nothing# it is like taking without sugar. The people of Central Province have set their eyes to the most coveted seat of Presidency and having Kioni as Musalia Mudavadi's running mate is as equal as having Peter Kenneth, Martha Karua whose dream of ruling this nation is just but a pipe dream. Kioni just like Mudavadi lack vigour and energy to mount a serious presidential campaign. Amani Coalition at it best.
what? am so suprised! Jeremiah Kioni is Mudavadi running mate
Jeremiah Kioni, running mate for Musalia Mudavadi .that's another surprise
There we have it...the final running mate has been revealed. Jeremiah Kioni it is for Musalia Mudavadi. Where does that leave Kanu?
Jeremiah Kioni named as running mate to Musalia Mudavadi
musalia mudavadi has named Jeremiah Kioni as his running mate.
Very good morning my good people, today 12th Jan,2013 the alternative Force of Amani Coalition led by DPM MUSALIA MUDAVADI, Gedion Moi, Bonny Khalwale, Eugene Wamalwa, Jeremiah Kioni, among others will be rocking Muliro ground. Kindly, join us as we share AMANI ideas and solutions to issues affecting kenya. We believe that whether you are in THE government side or not, you are a Kenyan and at no point AMANI president should discriminate you... The unity and peace of kenya guarantees stability and security for nation building. Vote for MUSALIA MUDAVADI and kill tribalism, discrimination, NEPOTISM, pride, hypocrisy, greed, and impunity in kenya. Kenya needs genuine and trustable leaders like MUSALIA MUDAVADI. Don't gamble with the great destiny of kenya.
In Mwea with Hon Musalia Mudavadi, hon Nderithu Mureithi and hon Jeremiah Kioni
Thank u lord, 4 making my day 2 day,His excellence Hon Musalia Mudavadi,Bonny Khawale,Jeremiah Kioni and all Udf officials i salute u all;TUKO FRESH,U Prezzo ni yetu
Mudavadi allegedly upset after TNA seeks UDF's Abdikadir and Jeremiah Kioni. This comes after Kabando and Wambui dumped Musalia. Pole kaka.
It is an established fact that mt Kenya voters will not vote for Musalia Mudavadi.Mudavadi has outlived his usefulness.Gema's motive was just to push Mudavadi out of ODM in order to potray Raila in bad light.Since Mudavadi has played into their hands it is therefore Uhuru,Uhuru Uhuru.Ndaragwa MP Jeremiah Kioni is wondering whether he made a right decision in deciding to back Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi. Last weekend, the MP called Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta to complain that Uhuru’s party The National Alliance (TNA), had gone flat out to fight him on the ground. “I thought by supporting Musalia Mudavadi, I was helping Uhuru Kenyatta and other G7 alliance leaders to fight the common enemy. Now in my constituency am being portrayed as an enemy myself. Did I make a mistake?” Kioni posed. The outspoken MP was overheard saying that his political enemies in his constituency have now capitalised on this issue, telling residents that he is supporting Musalia Mudavadi who is less popular ...
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