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Jeremiah Johnson

Jeremiah Johnson is a 1972 western film directed by Sydney Pollack and starring Robert Redford as the title character and Will Geer as Bear Claw Chris Lapp.

Robert Redford Jeremiah Johnson Band Lonesome Dove Johnny Lang Jonny Lang Rocky Mountains

"Jeremiah Johnson"...acting, story.scenery! Watching it for the 20th least! ❤️
Found Jeremiah Johnson on the tube..haven't watched this in awhile!! This is usually an annual movie for us! Love Robert Redford!!!
My all time favorite movie is on Jeremiah Johnson..
Jeremiah Johnson is on the reelz channel. Great *** movie
Watching one of my favorite movies "Jeremiah Johnson" with Mike and a nice glass of Cabernet. ...perfect Sunday night.
Yesterday I watched one of my faves, "Josey Wales" uncut. Tonight, it's "Jeremiah Johnson." Two classic 'guy' movies.
I am so board right now I am watching Jeremiah Johnson for the 86Th time.
Sitting here watching one of my favorite movies Jeremiah johnson can you skin grizz pilgrim
Okay. Here it is and I am watching one of my favorite movies for the umpteenth hundredth time. Jeremiah Johnson.
I am watching Jeremiah Johnson for the bazillionth time and I am reminded of the dreams I dreamt when I was younger. Like yesterday.
Jeremiah Johnson is on. Love this movie
Jeremiah Johnson on night is complete...
Just channel-surfed onto Jeremiah Johnson (1972) 10 minutes into it. It's one of my favorites. Damnation, commercials! Oh, well, that's the price I have to pay to watch a hippie's take on Manifest Destiny.
*** just wanna say thank you to all the friends, close friends, new friends, and homies who really made last night an eventful evening. I hope to always stay in contact with all of you and maintain a relationship with all of you! Thank you everyone!!! Andrew Skirde, Tommy McCann, Kelly McCann, Taylor Christian Sceeles, Tyler Crowder, Grant Tyler Gaskins, AJ Mount, Adria Kerzie, Mickol Fabian, Coltan Johnson, Matt Farris, Leslie Swanson, Destinee Fate Hutchinson, Mellissa Ann Sistrunk, Cal Jones, Kevin Boroumand, Andy Tran, Joe Palmer, Lucy Della Kay Bracken, Ashley Huffington, Arthur Sanchez, Benjamin Paholke, Jeremiah Johnson, Katie Terry, Ryan Adamson, John Kegley, Alan Aaron Cabrera, and i know im forgetting alot more of you but I am really happy i can celebrate with my friends!
Jeremiah Johnson... Remember watchin this for first time.
Skin that one pilgrim and ill get you another- love Jeremiah Johnson
Jeremiah Johnson on a Sunday night should prepare me for the crazy week ahead.
And omg Jeremiah Johnson is on it was mine and favorite childhood movie!
Can I just live in the Rocky Mountains and be like Jeremiah Johnson
Vin turned the tv to sumthin and I sd "what is it? Jeremiah Johnson? " yep it is!
Jeremiah Johnson is one of the greatest movies ever
Just like old times, falling asleep to Jeremiah Johnson. Trevor Barski, Becky Barski, Cole Barski we all know this movie by heart :)
So much for being in bed early Jeremiah Johnson is on
Posedown Mag and Laura Johnson have events that you're sure to love. Not to mention bring non perishable can...
Going to watch Jeremiah Johnson at 10 :30 , till I fall asleep !! So good night to you all!!!
Jeremiah Johnson, also one of my favorite movies.
Photoset: Jeremiah Johnson with some self sucking and pissing action! Going back in the day with this one!
OMG! This is the BEST Quote Ever! "Spending the day outside alone sounds like a dream! I love being a father, but there are a few things I miss. 1. Silence 2. The Absence of Noise 3. One Single Moment Undisturbed by the sounds of a children's TV program call Doc McStuffins. There's no quiet anymore there's only Doc McStuffins" This came from Parks & Recs!!! I laughed a few times! Johnson Jeremiah Johnson
Jeremiah Johnson as narrated by the corner kids
Nicholas Jeremiah Johnson is such a joy in my life. I love this little boy so much! He is truly a great miracle from God! ♥♥
good night with the bros ! you guys make me laugh lol Anthony Jones Andrew Barker Austin Gould-hawke Luke Wielenga Tyson Jensen Jeremiah Johnson call like 10 cab companies lol taxi to taber at like 3 am .. dopest taxi driver !
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This is Jeremiah Johnson this is my mom trying to exercise backwards like me lol she can't do it
We can't forget the other great western Jeremiah Johnson!
Today just after service, at Heart of the Father Ministry something amazing happened to me .I had the Awesome Wonderful Pleasure, of holding Morgan Johnson and Jeremiah Johnson baby boy Israel David Johnson :) Please hear me out : I WAS SO blessed today holding him and just HUGGING him and loving him ,all of a sudden MY Heart melted and I started crying it was like LIQUID LOVE from his little HEART ,OVERWHELMED ME .. It was SO incredible and like NOTHING I have ever felt before WOW ,just telling you about the LOVE that POURED OUT from his little heart into my heart ,O god it was so good ,so sweet so innocent and pure .. God really blessed me today through Israel Johnson .. Just goes to show you ,he can bless you even holding a baby a few minutes . I love that little boy ...:) and thank you Jesus I needed a double dose today of your love ..
I'm not into the whole paleo diet scene, I don't even know what caveman philosophy it goes of of, but after just having the EPIC Bison Bacon Cranberry bar I will say this: Grisly Adams, Christopher J Adams, Jeremiah Johnson, and cavemen would surely approve! I vote Epic energy bars be included in my fantasies of the semi-annual rendezvous where I come down from the mountains to indulge in whiskey and squaws! Perfect supplement to energize my arm for the Tomahawk throwing competition! Joseph Mattison, might want to consider packing some of these along with some Breckenridge Whiskey! RLTW
Selling VHS tapes, $1 each or 6 for $5. Disney movies are $2. Here is some of what we have, there is more. Disney: Peter Pan, Mulan, Jungle 2 Jungle, Winnie the pooh, Cinderella, Dumbo, Three Musketeers, Homeward Bound 1 and 2, Fox and the hound, Bambi, Aladdin, we have more disney but still looking through them. Movies: Cobra, Pretty woman, cruel intentions, jurassic park: the lost world, Jurassica Park 3, Red Planet, Mission Impossible, Jeremiah Johnson, Lonesome Dove, All dogs go to heaven, Butterfly Effect, The man in the iron mask, Flinstones-Viva Rock Vegas, Reindeer games, Child's Play, Striking distance, frequency, dirty dancing: havana nights, the cable guy, dawn of the dead, the perfect storm, a cinderella story, Ms. Doubtfire, Days of thunder, walking tall, anger management, little black book, hotchick, dream catcher, U.S. Marshalls, overboard, godsend, spiderman 1, Air force one, Maid in Manhattan, Forrest Gump, Steel Magnolias, Vegas Vacation, As good as it gets, Apollo 13, Mission Impossible ...
Jeremiah Johnson shared AskDrBrown's photo: cnn stands for commumist news network..and sence cnn are run by abunch of anti-american commumist they paint muslims as saints to trick americans into expecting a group of people who **hate** america and american's!! wake up people
If you get grace I commend this brother to you . Jeremiah Johnson. He really gets the Gospel
Jeremiah johnson can't wait to meet you
How about some more family fun?-Clarissa Macdonald James Macdonald Melisa Alva Johnson Jeremiah Johnson
Sunday morning breakfast homemade French toast and bacon with my Timothy Cordell and Jeremiah Johnson.
I would appreciate it if I got a phone call , text , ft call , something from Jeremiah Johnson 😅
Robert Redford: five best moments. via No Jeremiah Johnson, your list is invalid.
So far LB Jeremiah Kose has made the most impressive play in the Griz scrimmage. He picked off Jordan Johnson on a deep middle pass.
Boom! It just happened Jeremiah Johnson followed me!!
Hello Jeremiah Johnson, it was great reconnecting with you. I hope you achieve your life long dreams. You are one step closer today then e…
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Come by tonight for CD release party. Then tomorrow for Jeremiah Johnson & CD release party too. CD Release Weekend!
Jeremiah 33:3 "Call to me & I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known." …
The Jeremiah Johnson Band has a show on 03/22/2014 at 09:00 PM @ Unc... in Topeka, KS
Jeremiah Wilson throws out Michael Johnson trying to steal. Base running had been tough in the early going.
I just hired a roofer named "Jeremiah Johnson" so now we know what kind of novel I'm living inside.
Jeremiah Johnson was magic, I enjoyed that film, looked lovely up on the wall :)
The prophetic and pastoral ministries were never created or intended to be at odds with one another. (Jeremiah Johnson)
Happy birthday Jeremiah Johnson. Where we taking you for dinner!
tonight's film is from 1972 and stars Robert Redford as a man walking through some snow in a pair of furry boots: Jeremiah Johnson.
Wish I could forget this thing called college and become a Mountain Man like Jeremiah Johnson…
This Jeremiah Johnson fellow is impossible to google on account of the fact that there's a film of the same name
In my younger days this is how I use to school Jeremiah J-Brad Bradford and Travis Slaughter
Denari family has thoughts, prayers for you. My son graduated from MU in '13, buddy Jeremiah Johnson played for you at BSU.
Jeremiah Johnson is one of my favorite films.
Having fun with TITUS Johnson! At Jeremiah Dillon's for bible study.
Jeremiah Johnson... The next Lego movie should be done as a VH1 Special.
Just finished watching "All is Lost." I never thought of the protagonist as a character. It was Robert Redford lost at sea and fighting for survival. I was definitely pulling for him ...because it was Redford! Bob Woodword ...the Sundance Kid ...Jeremiah Johnson ...Hubbell, ffs!! And I kept thinking how wonderful it is that Redford appeared before the cameras in this one man show looking SO old and crappy when he had been the most iconically perfect looking matinee idol of his day. Definitely a performance without any ego. But again ...really just Redford so not really a performance. A strange movie ...not very good. I hope it's not his last. Need to watch "The Sting" or "The Way We Were" now to remember the glory days.
watching Jeremiah Johnson with Timothy Saloka. "For the record..." he says this (one of his all-time favorites) should be a 4-star, not 3-star. Who do these movie raters think they are, anyway? This is Robert Redford, fergawdsake.
Good movie on a cold night, Jeremiah Johnson with Robert Redford.
Thought it was cold today, but now I'm watching Jeremiah Johnson. Thanks for keeping me humble Robert Redford
Jason Sorenson, Meagan Johnson, Jeremiah Johnson, Brandon Osborne, Luke Hainzinger, and the rest of the Dedication & Defense, Dayton Iowa's Volunteer Fire Department
Jeremiah Johnson. One of the best old time movies out there... Along with Fast Times at Ridgemont High LOL
green_acres_girl Robby and I are watching Jeremiah Johnson with Robert Redford and I think Jason looks…
Jeremiah Johnson stands alone. man wolf pack!!!
Up tonight working on Creative Ministry Design's newest project, Heart of the Father Ministry's new website for my good friend Jeremiah Johnson. If you're not following this guy, you're missing out.
The Jeremiah Johnson Band has a show on 02/27/2014 at 08:00 PM @ Hammerstones... in St. Louis, MO
People *** me off + me watching Jeremiah Johnson = me wanting to become a mountain man
GROWING IN PROPHETIC MATURITY As prophetic ministers, its so important to have the discernment to know whether what you are seeing over someones life is from God, by their own doing, or an attack of the enemy. Several years ago, I was prophetically ministering to a man at a conference and saw in the spirit realm over his life the deep struggle and pain that he was going through. Feeling instant compassion for him, I almost began to bind this "attack of the enemy on his life." The Holy Spirit instantly spoke to me and said, "Don't you dare break off and cast out what was sent by my hand to this man's life to produce the character and likeness of Jesus inside of him. Your job is not to prophesy him out of his wilderness, your job is to prophesy him through it." I was so shocked by what the Holy Spirit said to me that it launched me into a year period of being very slow to speak over people's lives as I began to minister to them. From that day forward, ministering prophetically to people began to come in two ...
I live in Wisconsin and have never even heard of Jack Johnson. Jeremiah? yes. Jack? no.
To the person that requested this verse...hope it helps you didn't have Jeremiah Johnson music behind me but here is something light on my ride to work...
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Grace is unconditional acceptance given to an undeserving person by an unobligated giver. ~ Jeremiah Johnson
With 3 of my grands this afternoon... Its sooo good to see them...busy they are, "Winter is a long time going!" Quote from a movie Larry liked mucho ;-) Jeremiah Johnson.made his way into the mountains.on forgetting all the troubles that he knew!
I just threw my back out and it is very unlikely that I will be able to make the tourney this weekend. Jeremiah Johnson was my partner, and it's already paid for. Anyone looking to go but hasn't found a partner? Your registered as Adv Am. and I think it was 30 or 35 bucks. If I could get 25 back, I would be pretty amped, and you can take my spot.
The very talented Jeremiah Johnson Band kicks off the America's Blues Concert Series filmed on location Live at the Moonshine Blues Bar. For more information...
The Jeremiah Johnson Band will be performing . . . Thursday, Feb 27th Hammerstone's @ 9th and Russell as a trio 8pm-12am Saturday, March 1st The Beale on Broadway 4pm to 6pm Trainwreck Saloon Westport 9pm to 12am
Via The Jeremiah Johnson Band We share. Excellent artists. His music, his life and his fans. Visit his page here on fb or its web site. Highly recommended.
Passed on the road this morning and gave her a Jeremiah Johnson salute.
Yesterday I went to a staff camp Jeremiah Johnson meeting... huge changes are in the works. I am still kind of shocked to find out we will not have Webelos coming. we will have two over nighters camp outs but no longer day camp. So all my scouting friends lots of room for afternoon spots for wolfs and bears.
Thanks for the 30 minutes call. I enjoyed talking to you. More when we meet Jeremiah Johnson. Mahal Kita!!!
Watching Jeremiah Johnson for the 3rd time today
MILESTONE. - ^Jeremiah Johnson opens for The Chariot, Nov. 2013 The first time I heard of “Ricky Soria” was...
Jeremiah Johnson. Just a little teaching on The power of the Gospel and how it reveals the reality that we are...
Do you really know who Jeremiah Johnson is .
So i was kinda waking up seen Jeremiah Johnson on the fox2 now news something about moving Blues fest someone inform me plz
Hey Jeremiah Johnson and Joanne McGrath! Did you guys reserve?? Hope to see both of you and catch up, Jeremiah I can't believe you live here now!!
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Jeremiah Johnson I think I'm ready to do a Jeremiah move and live in a hollow tree
A little Jeremiah Johnson for this evenings entertainment... :)
2015 Stevenson (IL) G Matt Johnson has received an offer from Chicago State. (HT
This girl got a 91 on her first math exam. I missed 9 points on the vocab part -_- Well anyways Madola Jeremiah Johnson you gotta hang it on the frig. Lol Now I will find out about my Death and Dying exam...
Jeremiah Johnson these look easy and we have everything except muffin pan pineapples and cherries :)
Jeremiah Johnson was a mountain man!
clowney's a once in a life time type of player. The Calvin Johnson of this draft. They can wait till the second round for qb
"The weight of our burdens will be in direct proportion to the degree we are trusting in ourselves." Jeremiah Johnson
Happy Birthday Jeremiah Johnson! Love you so much and very proud of you!
On EVERY 70S MOVIE: Robert Redford plays a mountain man in the soulful Old West saga 'Jeremiah Johnson.'...
I think this goes well with the jeremiah johnson post below...
I should note that it's Jeremiah Johnson from a…
I should note that it's Jeremiah Johnson from and not me!
Did anybody hear the great news Jeremiah Johnson won the Daytona 500
watching one of my favorite movies of all time, Jeremiah Johnson.
Update your maps at Navteq
Jeremiah Johnson is the kind of film character I could model myself after. Leave society and live with minimal outside help.
JEREMIAH JOHNSON has calmly evolved into a fine, provocative and powerfully contemplative, Australian singer songwriter. With accolades to have played for "Prince William of the Royal family" and supported an array of acclaimed international touring acts such as Gomez, Harry Manx and Angus and Julia Stone. . At home in Australia Jeremiah Johnson is well regarded as a thoughtful and insightful writer and has been liken as a bard. His music tastefully blends ambient slide guitar and moves into an array of merged styles stemming from folk, world, roots, country and rock. "Among the solo artist Jeremiah Johnson was breathe taking". Yungaburra Folk Festival 2009. AND FROM THE MAN HIMSELF Music by my own definition is "painting invisible pictures using sound". A music career identified as "the Goal in a process". Im not overly romanced by the fame of others but more so inspired by the success of great musicians like Jeff Lang, Tommy Emmanuel, Bruce Cockburn, Harry Manx, Bob Brosman who have mastered their craft ...
Watching Jeremiah Johnson on a Sunday night trying to get PUMPED for the week to come! COME AT ME MONDAY!
loved that movie. Jeremiah Johnson is buried here in Cody, WY
Reminds be of Jeremiah Johnson...probably one of the best movies ever made.
Im wondering what's next.. who else has something smart to say bc b4 u say anything to me about how I feel or what I should do or how I should do then plz my cell phone bill needs paid, an I need a apartment, an a few other things that I need paid too. Lmao anyways had a better day today an got to talk with my friend. An had some food an now bout to watch a movie Ashley Elizabeth Paramore, Jeremiah Johnson, Larry Schoolcraft... hope everyone has a great night..xo
If you're not gonna watch Jeremiah Johnson in widescreen, then don't bother watching it. You're missing the point.
Just completed my weekly watch of Jeremiah Johnson.
Jeremiah Johnson,, all time favorite with me mysely and i.
A night with 'Jeremiah Johnson', doesn't get any better than that! Enjoy your Sunday too!!
This is my best Jeremiah Johnson impression...
Jeremiah Johnson and Betrayal are playing on my birthday. Fantastic.
Jeremiah Johnson, I've been told by everyone in P-town to ask you to play "D.W.I waiting to happen" Am told I'll laugh my *** off. (???)
Watching Jeremiah Johnson, love this movie! Saw it at the cinema when I was a kid!
to enter to win a hero card signed by Jimmie Johnson by 5pm CT. See him race here: h…
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Jeremiah Johnson is one of my favorite stoner movies of all time. I may or may not be watching it right now for the 347th time.
Next up . Jeremiah Johnson! Two cats laying upon me, the other on the back of the couch and dog..she is laying next to me on the floor. I fear ifn I move, Im going to step on, disturb or interrupt some furry critter. LOL!
“I can’t believe you’d never seen Jeremiah Johnson. Everything I know about life I learned from that and the Kung Fu TV show.” —Dad
Boys Basketball Tournament Pairings Show This Sunday Sectional matchups in the 104th Annual IHSAA Boys Basketball State Tournament will be announced Sunday, Feb. 23, on Fox Sports Indiana beginning at 3:30 pm ET / 2:30 pm CT. The 90‐minute show will originate live from Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis with legendary announcer Jerry Baker serving as host. He’ll be accompanied by Kyle Neddenriep of the Indianapolis Star in the analyst role along with Fox Sports Indiana’s Jeremiah Johnson who will interview guest coaches. Expected to appear are Barr‐Reeve coach Bryan Hughes, Park Tudor’s Kyle Cox, Batesville’s Aaron Garrett, and Brownsburg’s Steve Lynch. For viewers outside of the Fox Sports Indiana coverage area, a live stream will be available at For those within the FSI coverage area, the stream will be available only on delayed basis later that evening. Hall of Fame broadcaster Bob Lovell will simultaneously announce the pairings on the IHSAA Champions Radio Network to s ...
Just realized twitpic is Jeremiah Johnson. is now my husband. Hands off, ladies.
The Little Books and Jeremiah Johnson at Deep Search Records tonight 8pm.
Q: Does Jeremiah Johnson approve of my decision to finally watch his movie?. A:
SM Johnson ~ Jeremiah Quick to be released NEXT WEEK! ~ via
...Sugarfire BBQ ! Lunch with my son Orion & my production client Jeremiah Johnson. Wow ! Thanks to Mike & Angie...
America has no awesome mythology. The only thing to come close has been like... Jeremiah Johnson. Or maybe Elvis.
The winner of 2 vip tix goes to Jeremiah Johnson.
Artist Jeremiah Johnson Creates a Model of a Church out of Prescription Pill Bottles | Junkculture
PACKED altars tonight at the after Prophet Jeremiah Johnson brought the word of God.
Robert Redford was among the top box office stars of the seventies, a true movie star who always seemed to be to be under appreciated as an actor -- his good looks caused people to not see the talents within, and during the seventies he was the best at portraying that flawed American hero -- almost Kennedy-esque within the business, his portraits of all too human men were his specialty and he gave through the decade some outstanding portrayals -- he was at his best in Jeremiah Johnson (72) carrying the film with a near silent performance as the legendary mountain man who wages war on the natives who slaughter his wife (a native) and son -- though he got his first Oscar nomination for Best Actor in The Sting (73) that is actually one of his lesser performances, as he was far better that same year in the successful love story The way We Were (73) as a writer who sells out his talents in the eyes of his difficult but loving wife, portrayed by Barbra Streisand -- Redford produced All the President's Men (76) ...
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Bell Custom Cycles/Brutus Electric Motorcycles to enter 92nd running of Pikes Peak International Hill Climb Colorado Springs, CO Ridden by Jeremiah Johnson from Team Be-Ev.Com Racing. Henderson, NV January 31, 2014 - Colorado Springs, CO Pikes Peak International Hill Climb June 29, 2014. Brutus Electric Motorcycles and Team Be-Ev.Com Racing will unveil the V2 Rocket electric race bike to the racing world with the goal of showcasing a platform perfect for motorcycle racers who are looking to enter electric motorcycle racing. Brutus Electric Motorcycles is building on a tradition of making a great motorcycle for the riders who want something different that also lends itself to personalization. The V2 Rocket will come as either race-prepped or as a street-legal variant. Jeremiah Johnson is returning to the mountain on an electric motorcycle to continue the push of new technology. Having seen the shattering of the electric record last year and the overall motorcycle time for 2013 being t ...
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The most important similarity between Jeremiah Johnson and Chris McCandless is their shared desire to live a simple life, alone in the wilderness, with only nature around them. Neither got quite the result they wanted: Johnson was constantly beset by troubles, and lost both his adopted family and his innocence; Chris never prepared properly to survive in the harsh Alaskan wild, and died of starvation. Both took little notice of societal conventions (such as knowing or caring about the time of year) and both faced tremendous hardships in the pursuit of their dreams. Their differences are more apparent: Johnson sought peaceful life alone in the woods after fighting in the Mexican War, and only wanted to escape what he felt was the Western focus on war and materialism, only to find that the Natives and other inhabitants of the wilderness were equally violent; Chris deliberately lived a life of poverty, abandoning his material possessions in a quest to discover his own meaning and the greater meaning of life. ...
"Understanding the Gospel is understanding that people are not defined by their failure." Jeremiah Johnson
I think I prefer the Jimmy Buffet lifestyle vs the Jeremiah Johnson lifestyle
I think I can count the number of movies I’ve seen with overtures on one hand. My favorite until tonight was JEREMIAH JOHNSON.
Ready to pack up this life and live the Jeremiah Johnson way from here on out.
Jeremiah Johnson is a great, yet simple movie.
Christmas Break= Watching Jeremiah Johnson with a good whiskey drink.
Yeah. Things work out pretty well for him. And Jeremiah Johnson too. Ask about that one.
On 40th Anniversary of US ESA, as Conservationists Celebrate it’s Successes-- Meet the Wolf Haters By LAWRENCE DOWNES, Editorial New York Times, 12/29/13 The federal government removed the gray wolf from the endangered list in the Northern Rocky Mountains in 2011, essentially leaving wolves’ fates in the hands of state fish-and-game departments, hunters and ranchers. The predictable happened: hunting resumed, and the wolf population fell. In states like Idaho, Montana and Wyoming, an age-old antipathy to wolves flourishes, unchecked. In Idaho, two recent developments have alarmed those who want to protect wolves and see them not as vermin, but as predators necessary for a healthy ecosystem. First was the hiring, by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, of a hunter to travel into federal wilderness to eliminate two wolf packs. The reason: wolves kill elk, and humans want to hunt elk. Normally the agency would just rely on hunters to kill the wolves, but because the area where these packs roam — in t ...
Jeremiah 33:11b. . “Give thanks to the Lord Almighty,. for the Lord is good;. His love endures forever.”.
Dalton's backup looks just like the mountain man Jeremiah Johnson
"Kelly go get Jeremiah Johnson and we'll watch it together like old times" . *looks and finds 2 DVD copies, 3 blueray and 1 VHS*
Combination of both. I wish I was the real Jeremiah Johnson though
American Hustle out of synch bottles, trash..ruled the roost..very disappointed. Jeremiah Johnson help?
My dad while watching Jeremiah Johnson fight a pack of wolves with his bare hands: "that was like me today in the bush with my chainsaw."
My dad's all time favourite movie is "Jeremiah Johnson" - I think it's because he sees himself as Robert Redford with a native wife.
"Rev. Jeremiah Wright was in the company of two United States presidents at their gravest time of need." Lyndon B. Johnson & Bill Clinton.
I have this bookmarked *-* It's perfect for so many situations.
I just re-watched Redford in JEREMIAH JOHNSON; some interesting parallels. ALL IS LOST fits with 127 HOURS & INTO THE WILD.
1724 August 24, Norridgewock Massacre: Captains Jeremiah Moulton and Johnson Harmon led 200 rangers to the...
Take me back when I saw Capsize,Hotel Books,Mortify Your Enemies,Halftime,Jeremiah Johnson, and Brave Coast
Got to hang out with Jeremiah & Morgan Johnson this week. Awesome people who are shaking it up for the Kingdom!
Dear Johnson & Johnson: Ejacu-lotion Please DM me for my address to send royalties checks.
one of my top five fave movies. Others include Jeremiah Johnson and Home Alone so you judge.
I have watched Jeremiah Johnson at least 10 times with my dad.
So excited to start a family with my wonderful boyfriend Jeremiah Johnson ;) baby doctor Friday :) :)
Jeremiah Johnson was the funniest nicca in 8th grade.
The Jeremiah Johnson Band opening for Jonny Lang 12-20-13, Anchorage AK. The spot light guy moved camera and didn't set it back correctly or this would have ...
Paris has a 31-23 lead on Ferris at halftime. Seljah Johnson leads the Cats with 13, Jeremiah Walker has 12 for Ferris.
BOYS BBALL FINAL. ND Prep defeats Rochester 39-38 on lay up from Jeremiah Johnson with 11 seconds to play.
Eating chilli and watching Jeremiah Johnson. Makes me think of sitting at grandmas and watching old movies like this. Good times. And a great movie
San Diego! Support your locals. Jeremiah Johnson ,the I in self, all seats taken, milestone, and at the premier! Dope local bands that are good friends of ours! Check out the homes in Jeremiah Johnson at soma January 11th!
Watching "Jeremiah Johnson" with Jordon. Annual tradition. We love this movie. Makes us want to trap beaver and hunt grizzly bear!
I'm seriously considering just pullin a Jeremiah Johnson
There's no way Jeremiah Johnson's beard irritated his wife's face enough to make it break out like that. So he shaved for her.. Romantic.
Merry Christmas to you and yourn! FYI, watch "Jeremiah Johnson" to learn what "yourn" of the best movies ever.
Short video put together from clips of their show in Nashville November 16th, 2012. Southern Drawl - © The Jeremiah Johnson Band Video footage compiled by Te...
I don't think ppl understand how good Magic Johnson was.
Tyler's so *** All he wants to do right now is watch Jeremiah Johnson. Wth?!
It's about that time of the year to watch Jeremiah Johnson.
Black and Blue with Blues Organ.Piano Dan playing to Jeremiah Johnson recorded.
Terps cornerback Jeremiah Johnson has battled back from injury and hopes to ...: . Terps cornerback Jeremiah Jo...
My grandpa just spent 10 min explaining to me that he is really Jeremiah Johnson...
learning how to be a "mountain man" by watching Jeremiah Johnson while eating monkey bread
Highly recommend "All Is Lost." Jeremiah Johnson comes full circle. This movie has almost no dialogue and it doesn't need any.
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I miss Jeremiah Johnson, the inside cat.wahh.
I can quote elf, hot rod, and Jeremiah Johnson. Working on anchorman 2
I want to watch Jeremiah Johnson rn
The wit and wisdom of Jeremiah Johnson
Best after Christmas movie: Jeremiah Johnson or Lonesome Dove? Please vote.
Maryland cornerback Jeremiah Johnson finds the right words - Each Saturday during the fall, Johnson defends wide...
or even just "scene" relevant, like Dances With Wolves, Jeremiah Johnson, etc...use environment not greenscreen
About to play for my brother Jeremiah Johnson as he sings for this radio program.
We saw Jonny Lang Friday with Jeremiah Johnson Band and Marquis Knox warming up. Have not seen a large show like that in a very long time and I have to say it was amazing.
You refuse that gift they'll split us both from crotch to ear with a dull antler! -- wise advice this Xmas from Jeremiah Johnson.
Ever want to rewind the clock, go back in time and live like Jeremiah Johnson?. Found at h…
I would like to welcome Jeremiah Johnson to the group, son of Carol D. Johnson. Glad you have joined us sir, he will be our representative in Cambodia :D
Going shopping for Jeremiah Johnson, then work :0, then mama lauries christmas party:) full day ahead of me. Text me
Maryland Cornerback Jeremiah Johnson brings his talented poetry to the stage. (
Jeremiah Johnson ain't got nothin on me. @ your moms house
Just watched a great print of Jeremiah Johnson. is brilliant. The film still works 40+ years later.
Wow! I just won this for free, Autographed Jeremiah Johnson card
so in 7th grade, Keyland, Nate, Kyle, Jezziah, Jeremiah, Nic & all them knew you?
no I'm dead serious jeremiah Royal Johnson
Maryland cornerback Jeremiah Johnson expresses dreams and challenges through his poetry.
Stop by metro 13th street and talk to Jeremiah Johnson him the one with all xmas phone deals.
I love this movie Jeremiah Johnson. Maybe it will come to that one day.
Just watched The Worlds End with Jeremiah Johnson and it helped me to realize that The Nephilim are the post apocalypse Sisters of Mercy. So what is The Mission UK? Fairy land sisters of mercy?
I have to thank Jeremiah Johnson for helping me find food coloring and wax paper at Walmart tonight...apparently I'm blind!
I feel like Jeremiah Johnson in this snow. Especially when the echo of my gun goes through the woods.
I was tagged by Eileen Griffin. 10 movies that have stayed with you through the years. I won't tag anyone 'cause I don't like bugging people. If you want to play, go head! :) 1. You've Got Mail. Guilty pleasure; love the dialog and how the characters interact online ("Once I read a story about a butterfly in the subway, and today, I saw one! It got on at 42nd and off at 59th, where, I assume, it was going to Bloomingdales to buy a hat that will turn out to be a mistake, as almost all hats are.") I love every single character in this film, and I can't say that about many. 2. Jeremiah Johnson. His taciturn nature blows me away, and his triumph at the end is suitably downplayed and therefore, incredibly effective. 3. Malice. Pure escapism. Overly complex plot still draws me in, and this was when Alec Baldwin was hotter than *** ("I have an M.D. from Harvard, I am board certified in cardio-thoracic medicine and trauma surgery, I have been awarded citations from seven different medical boards in New England, . ...
I miss my best friend Jeremiah Johnson with Fozie Patrice
Never get tired of watching Jeremiah Johnson, with Robert Redford.
Had an awesome time with Jeremiah Johnson and the rest of the johnsons at the farm...thanks for a great lumch cant wait to stop by again soon.
My mom was telling Jeremiah Johnson and Marco Johnson about the time I tried to drive to Kmart in my red jeep when I was five. I remember that and the whoopin I got lol
Poor Bo’s Almanac for 12.21.13: 1945: Woody Guthrie, stationed in Las Vegas, was discharged from the Army. 1960: Elvis Presley was inducted into the Los Angeles Indian Tribal Council on the day his movie ‘Flaming Star’ opened. 1972: The movie ‘Jeremiah Johnson,’ starring Robert Redford, opened in N.Y.C. 1974: Harry Chapin had the top single with ‘Cat’s In The Cradle.’ 2010: The Kingston Trio, Dolly Parton & The Ramones were announced as Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award honorees. Good day to dry fruits & vegetables & perform demolition.
On this day full of holiday travel, we are reminded of this piece of wisdom from the film Jeremiah Johnson ~ 'Watch your top knot' ~ Safe travels everyone!
Tonight's movie: JEREMIAH JOHNSON--One of the most visually stunning movies ever. While the acting seems wooden at times, oddly, it makes sense for this period piece about a man who says adios to the lowlands and moves to the Rockies to live the life of a mountain man. There he goes from greenhorn to legend, earning, the hard way, the respect of the indigenous peoples and the white man alike. Unexpected humor abounds and it is a treat of a movie. Great role for Redford, who is so pretty he makes Brad Pitt look like a pizza, and hilarious work by Will Geer (Grandpa Walton) as Grizzly Chris Lapp, older than the hills and just as tough. Check it out!!
Downtown Anchorage tonight at Humpys with special guests High Pets and Jeremiah Johnson (who is opening for Johnny Lang tomorrow). Let's get crazy. 9-12 pm. Free.
We got the opportunity to have Jeremiah Johnson make an appearance tonight on the Humpy's. Come check him out before he opens for Jonny Lang tomorrow. 8:30p Our local boy Matt Hopper & The Roman Candles may even get to play a song with him.
Jeremiah Johnson Band After spending 10 years in Houston TX and becoming the 1st place finalist of the 2004, 2005, and 2006 Houston TX Regional Blues C
Check out Hollywood Electrics/Be-Ev.Com rider Jeremiah Johnson dragging knee around the corner at Jennings GP track in Florida this past weekend!
Jeremiah Johnson is in the UVA NICU and this fund will be for hospital stay expenses For Him and His parents Marcus and Amelia Johnson.
Jeremiah Johnson: You'll do well, Del, you'll do well; if you don't get into too much trouble with all that hair. Del Gue: Ain't this somethin'? I told my pap and mam I was coming to mountains to trap and be a mountain man; acted like they was gut-shot. Says "Son, make your life go here, here's where the peoples is. Them mountains is for animals and savages." I says, "Mother Gue, the Rocky Mountains is the marrow of the world", and by God, I was right. Jeremiah Johnson: Yes, you were.
Safe travels to Jeremiah Johnson and the rest of the band as they head to Alaska this week for promotions and to open up for Jonny Lang! Good luck guys and knock em dead! I know you will! :)
Jeremiah Johnson I was cleaning my house and listening to music and " Teach Me How To Dougie" came on and it made me think of you coming down the hall at work dancing and singing it and saying " Yo Boss teach me how to Dougie" to me lol
Please pray for my great nephew, Jeremiah Johnson!! He is in UVA Charlottesville in the nicu unit on a breathing machine and they say if he doesn't improve in two days they are gonna do a lung and heart bypass which will be really dangerous for him!!
Dinner is finely complete now waiting for Jeremiah Johnson to get out of work
we're starting a prayer circle today for little Jeremiah Johnson. He is having a rough day And needs to be lifted up in prayer. thank you so much and God bless you
Tonight Jeremiah Johnson released prophecies about 2014 and released his book that went more into detail about these events to come.
Looks like a scene from "Jeremiah Johnson" outside, sure miss getting up at 4:00 and driving 50 or a 100 miles before 7!!!
Couple cold beers, wings, and some Jeremiah Johnson. Decent way to spend a Sunday evening!
The Jeremiah Johnson Band is about to take the stage! 10:30 pm till 2:30 am or until they shut down the power and kick us all out!
Get out there my BFF's, my friends my family and visit Kristin Haddad & Dean C. Schimetschek 's Jeremiah Johnson Trading and the most amazing artist ever Killustrate it to see their wares...LOVE love love these kind artistic folks...Love you KH!!! You are my hero!!!
Happy B-day Jeremiah Johnson and hope you have many more B-day. Hope your day goes well for you.
One of their last gigs in St. Louis before heading to Anchorage, Alaska next week to open up for Johnny Lang. Lets give a big St. Louis send off for the Jeremiah Johnson Band. Saturday 12/14 10pm. Doors open at 7pm. Our classic soul singer Roland Johnson kicks off the evening at 8pm. Our craft draft of the week is Crown Valley Strawberry Cider. The Beale on Broadway is home to live blues, soul and R&b 7 nights a week till 3am. 701 South Broadway St. Louis, Mo.
Tonight breaded whitefish with spaghetti and slaw. Ross is stuck in traffic, so when he gets here Honky Tonk Happy Hour will start, and go until 7:00, then it's the Famous Jeremiah Johnson Band w/the Sliders 9:00-1:00, I heard they are going to ROCK THE HOUSE!
Jeremiah Johnson have you ever been to Anchorage, AK? There is a restaurant called "The White Spot Cafe". Used to have the best halibut sandwiches!!! The bacon cheeseburgers were awesome also !!! The lady that owned it used to be called "the halibut nazi".
Movie list I would like... Ok here it is: Jeremiah Johnson , red dawn( new and old), original Davey Crockett, maybe little house on the prairie not sure yet ... Done
Well catch ya'll later gators going to watch that sexy Robert Redford out in Jeremiah Johnson love that movie!!. Take care and god bless. Till we meet again xoxo
Oh my.Jeremiah Johnson is coming on on HBO..that Robert Redford is ageless he must be at least 80 yrs. old now and just saw he has a new movie coming out..where does he get his energy from..I want some so I can bottle it and sell
It has been almost 15 year since I cut down my Alaskan beard to something '' civilized '' and 7 years without a beard at all ! ( I shouldn't be watching Jeremiah Johnson , it makes me home sick as *** ) I FEEL ANOTHER ALASKAN BEARD COMING ON . Time will tell ?
Big night of music around St.Louis, get out and support live and local. Perhaps try something new tonight. 1) Aaron Kamm and the One Drops at Broadway Oyster Bar 2) Big Mike Aguirre and the Allstars at Moonshine Blues Bar 3) Kevin White and Mikey Manker at Foam 4) The Jeremiah Johnson Band at The Beale on Broadway 5) Courtland Zelle at Filed Box St.Peters (Get your Exit 714 album there too for $10) 6) Unifyah at Old Rock House 7) BROOKROYAL at Family Arena 8 ) Dropkick the Robot cd release show at OFF BROADWAY MUSIC VENUE
Remember to join us for the final film in the Redford Film Series! Tonight we're showing "Jeremiah Johnson" at 8pm. Film is complimentary and seating is first come first served
pull within a point on a lob from Ridenour to Jeremiah Jones on the break, and Johnson answers with 3 for Panthers lead 19-15
At Ford Field with all of Clarkston and our wonderful family!!! Jamie Arms Erika Hunt-Arms Petra Arms Madeline Wiegand Jeremiah Johnson GO WOLVES!
It is with heavy heart that I let those of you that knew her, that Hatsuko Miyagi passed today..She will dearly be missed. Mother of Kimiko Miyagi, Grandmother to Ben Johnson (Nicole Goyer Johnson), Matthew Johnson (Julie Abraham, and Jeremiah Johnson, Grandmother to Amaya, Makayla, Cloe, Addy, and Jayden..and loved by countless others who she touched in her life. My deepest heartfelt sympathies, and prayers go out to my kids, their families. Gramma Hatsuko, Gods' speed on your final journey..know that you touched more people and that you were loved more than you will ever know. Love.. Jake Johnson
Jeremiah Johnson was a good old fashioned adventure film. Even had an Overture and Intermission. Enjoyed that one.
CB Jeremiah Johnson (toe) warming up. Hasn't played since the season opener. Questionable today.
Special Announcement. It is my privilege to announce to you the most recent Development in the Enforcement of your Destiny. From today one man will always be afraid of u, that man is FAILURE. Another man has denounced his friendship with u, he is FEAR. This man called FRUSTRATION, has vowed never to have anything to do with u again. But these great men, GOODNESS, MERCY, FAVOR & WISDOM have chosen to follow YOU for the rest of your LIFE!!! Only BELIEVE ... Love you ... Jeremiah Johnson Sr-Page II - - - - - - - - - -
So I am needing a Christmas tree, anyone have a great place, to cut one (not that kind of "cut one"), they want to share with me? Please remember I am NOT a mountain man, I prefer somewhere I don't need Jeremiah Johnson as a guide, thank you :)
NOTHING is offended more by the message of grace than man's pride. The greatest enemy facing the church is self-occupation. Religion fosters it. Grace destroys it. ~Jeremiah Johnson
Tonight's feature is "Jeremiah Johnson" at 8 pm at the Sundance Screening Room. Don't miss this complimentary screening
Done .and I love that my gym has a coffee maker! Thanks Jesse Johnson and Jeremiah Johnson!! Lifesaver!
Watching some Jeremiah Johnson movie ever
"Jeremiah Johnson" (1972) is a nominee for this year's best movie (A) mx2qms
Havelock's soccer coach Jeremiah Johnson is the Sun Journal's Boys Soccer Coach of the Year. Here is the story:
Crushed it in the studio tonight with Jason Jeremiah Johnson...great start to a new beginning..feels right..we''ll see u soon.peace SHOVELBELT!
It's great when your kids are old enough to watch your favorite films. Dances With Wolves tonight! Jeremiah Johnson tomorrow :)
Hey Rick Johnson I want one of your art pieces for my home in Florida. Love u & Jeremiah!
I love my guy friends, but them making me watch Jeremiah Johnson is causing me to reevaluate that love.
Having movie night with my true loves Jeremiah Johnson Jimmy Tillmon Ardenia Tillmon Jeremy Shawn and last but not least Ruby Kazeem
didn't you get Jeremiah Johnson too? :o
Had a pretty awesome day and night had good time with some great people Joanie Johnson Kayla Maier Sherry Maier Raymond Leeseberg Jeremiah Johnson Keanu Johnson Rebecca Wilson Clara Walters Mary Walters and all the kids it was nice
ICYMI: Arizona G Nick Johnson reminded Quinn Cook "not in my house" »
Chilling @ Hammerstones in St Louis. Just heard country. Waiting on Blues from Jeremiah Johnson. Google him... .
So i hopped on my trainer and realized my bike had a flat. Crap! As many races as ive done, Ive never changed a tire by myself. So I dug deep and walked through all the steps my buddy Jeremiah Johnson from BikeOne showed me back in May and im happy to report that little time he spent teaching me saved me a complete melt down on the road someday. Im confident I can do it now (at least in my living room). Success!! Thanks, Jeremiah!!
Happy bday Clinton Riley hope its a great one love Katrina Johnson an Jeremiah Johnson
Photo: lilmisshistory: “John Johnston, the real “Jeremiah Johnson.” His Native American wife was killed by...
Lms for a video of what me and Jeremiah Johnson think of you on your wall
SO I wake up from a small nap to find this posted- thank you daughter's 1 & 2...Geez. The hat is a Badger. An elderly regular at the coffee shop gave it to Kelsey on Wednesday while she worked. We have all taken our time with it making a "fashion statement". Allie supplied the photoshop skills and the Jeremiah Johnson" background. Tempted to wear it to the Gopher/Badger game in an hour.
Johnson to McKinney, with Jeremiah McKinnon on the scene but doing nothing, for 11 yards and TD. 7-0, over Took 5:32,
What a weekend of music here in this River City. Tonight has The Jeremiah Johnson Band at Hammerstone's @ 9th and Russell, tomorrow has Mojo Roots at the Blues City Deli by day and the annual SRV Tribute show at The Pageant featuring Steve Pecaro, Jimmy Lee Kennett, Tony Campanella (and others) by night.and then Sunday at BB's it's the 12 Annual Baby Blues Showcase! All that and much more, right here -
Live music from 4-7 today for honky tonk happy hour featuring Steve Reeb and Ross Bell. Tonight-the Jeremiah Johnson Band from 9-1.
“The 117th Civil War is upon us. Win the Day. Jeremiah Johnson, throwback
Yeah I don't want to brag but the locals around Linden Grove call me Jeremiah Johnson
We just wanted to say a huge thank you to Jeremiah Johnson, Mathew Rowley, Shane Madison, Connie & Ron Braga, Nick...
It's contest time! To celebrate 4 days until the release of EARTH'S MAGICK, another chance to win a FREE book has come! Author T.W. Embry will give a FREE copy of his book, REVENGE FROM MARS to one lucky friend of this page. Below is the book blurb and YOU can win a FREE copy. *** In the future, Earth is controlled by one man, Supreme Leader Jeremiah Johnson. Fueled by a desire to control the world, Jeremiah Johnson infiltrated himself into the mega-churches and led a campaign of suppression and subversion that resulted in one Church of Enlightenment, with himself as leader. The political influence of the Church extended into the political arena where Jeremiah Johnson was also elected Supreme Leader of the World. With both the power of the church and the government in his hands, nothing stands between Jeremiah and world domination. Henry Thomas’ parents were on a mission to uncover evidence that would undermine the doctrine that is the foundation of the Church of Enlightenment. Ten year old . ...
Saturday night at 9, The Jeremiah Johnson Band is at the Beale on Broadway
If you're looking to get out and cut a rug tonight. (Friday and Saturday). come see JJB Jeremiah Johnson Band one or BOTH of these 2 awesome Shows. this is the BEST Original Rockin' blues you're going to hear folks. guaranteed good time! Friday (tonight). Hammerstone's @ 9th and Russell in Soulard . with the Sliders 9:00 PM until CLOSE... Saturday. The Beale on Broadway.(Downtown St. Louis). 10:00 PM until CLOSE. This is where I go when I'm not playing. It's where the Musicians go!!
Congratulations to my sonJeremiah Johnson on your promotion to the United States Air Force..I am so glad I was able to be with you and to be a part of the ceremony and help pin on your new rank...your Dad would be bursting with pride!!! I love you!!!
A very freakin long night! But the beer was cold and Jeremiah Johnson was on the tube this morning. *** yeah
If I had a dollar for every time I've been called Grizzly Adams of Jeremiah Johnson.I could retire right now
Happy Thanksgiving from the Harvey and Johnson grandbabies!!
Juliana Johnson had a homework assignment to.interview a Veteran so she chose her cousin US Marine Jeremiah...
Junior WR and native Oregonian Keanon Lowe lists this 83-yard touchdown run by Jeremiah Johnson in 2008 as one of...
The Jeremiah Johnson Band hits on Friday night at 10 pm
Terps CB Jeremiah Johnson questionable for season finale
Weekly injury report, featuring the possible return of CB Jeremiah Johnson.
Turkey Day injury report: Jeremiah Johnson (toe) and Cole Farrand (shoulder) both questionable. Also of note on defense: Twine is out
CB Jeremiah Johnson is questionable on this week's injury report, so he might finally return vs. NC State. LB Alex Twine (ankle) out.
Also got some much needed play time with my boy, Jeremiah Johnson.
I'm not a big Redford guy but I enjoy The Natural, Butch Cassidy, and Jeremiah Johnson.
Johnson County lawyer is found guilty of eavesdropping: Jeremiah L. Johnson pleaded no contest Wednesday to the...
John Johnston, the real "Jeremiah Johnson." His native american wife was killed by the Crow people.H
A WONDERFUL evening with great friends hearing positive messages and helping each other figure life out...and have LOTS of laughs along the way. Lane Spigner, Adam Levi, Emmett Foster, Richard Hillman, Steve Asher, Jeremiah Johnson, Karl Kawahara, Phil Riina and others. Me I like to live, me I like to laugh, me I like to Love!! Great Company!!
Ron Swanson on Parks & Rec is what happens when you cross Ron Paul, Jeremiah Johnson, and my Grandpa Lex. Love it.
This promises to be a great show: Lycoming College art department to hold faculty art exhibition WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. – The Lycoming College Art Department will hold an exhibit featuring new artwork by faculty in the Art Gallery in Snowden Library from Nov. 21 to Dec. 13. The opening reception will be held Thursday, Nov. 21, from 4 to 5:30 p.m. and is free and open to the public. The show will feature art by Lynn Estomin, Howard Tran, Seth Goodman, Leah Peterson, Katherine Sterngold, Jeremiah Johnson, Michael Darough, David Burke and Jay Innerarity. Estomin, professor of art, will exhibit “Shame,” her artistic response to last April’s garment factory collapse in Bangladesh. The installation combines imagery from the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire and the Rana Plaza building collapse, as well as magazine ads from clothing manufacturers, donated clothing labels, silk-screening, stitching and original photographs of a closed U.S. garment factory. Estomin hopes to draw attention to the history of human ...
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