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Jentezen Franklin

Jentezen Franklin (born July 21, 1962) is the senior pastor of Free Chapel in Gainesville, Georgia, and Free Chapel OC (Orange County) in Irvine, California.

Pastor Jentezen Franklin Jesus Christ

"Stop thinking God will use anybody but u, or bless others more than u! He believes n u more than u believe n urself!" Jentezen Franklin
This is so beautiful... take a moment to listen and be blessed! Pastor Jentezen Franklin plays the saxophone... http:…
I added a video to a playlist When You Should Fast - Jentezen Franklin
Paul lovingly promotes the concept of contentment. Listen & watch Jentezen Franklin teach on Contentment tonight @ 9
"Waiting on the Lord means that you will recognize His will and His voice."
Covetousness (2) - by Pastor Jentezen Franklin . “You shall not covet.” Ex 20:17 NKJV. Why do we keep giving in...
expense of our relationship with people. Jentezen Franklin puts it this way " Life is not built on things, it’s. built on (6/12)
"You can't cast the devil out if you're best friends with him." - Jentezen Franklin
People will live in one of 2 tents..CONtent or DISCONtent..Pastor Jentezen Franklin
Covetousness (1) - by Pastor Jentezen Franklin . “Let your conduct be without covetousness.” Heb 13:5 NKJV...
"Someone passionate for God finds pleasure in the things of God." - Jentezen Franklin
Do you ever feel like your a microwave Christian serving a crock-pot God? - Jentezen Franklin Hang in there, He...
Please watch this message by Pastor Jentezen Franklin "Worship While You Fast" with Jentezen Franklin:
Jentezen Franklin | 'First Fruits of the New Year' | Jentezen Franklin Sermons 2015. Link paula white :...
| Special Interview with Jentezen Franklin: Recently, we had the opportunity to interview Jentez...
If you want to live a life filled with God’s power, remember: Hunger leads to passion. Passion leads to power ~ Jentezen…
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Jentezen Franklin preached a message that was very much related to her, once.. I think 4 years ago? It was good
I have seen this quote passed on FB but to hear it out of the mouth of Jentezen Franklin tickled me pink!!! LOL...
Are you living inside out? - by Pastor Jentezen Franklin . Have you ever been in a hurry, thrown your clothes...
Are you really hungry for the Bread of Life? - by Pastor Jentezen Franklin . Bread isn’t as important in our...
God supplies for you when you move by Faith. Pastor Jentezen Franklin.
Don't name your future by your present circumstances. Pastor Jentezen Franklin.
"The (spiritual) atmosphere you sustain over time will create a climate (a predictable pattern)." Franklin
Although fasting may not come easier with age, it does get easier with grace. - Jentezen Franklin
When you hunger for God, He will break the rules of man and cause His favor to come on your life - Jentezen Franklin
"The Fasting Edge" by Jentezen Franklin is a GREAT book! Love digging into it!
The greatest thing you can do in the midst of battle is magnify the Lord - Jentezen Franklin
When you worship, you don't only magnify God, you also reduce the size and power of everything else around you - Jentezen Franklin
Watching Jentezen Franklin this is good simply because I say think and believe it are your thoughts
also i recommend watching "Jentezen Franklin -your first night in *** . Earth with its problems is Heaven compared to ***
"We are a microwave generation but we serve a crockpot God" Pastor Jentezen Franklin. LOL. That's funny.
My worst day with Jesus is better than my best day in the world without God. Jentezen Franklin
video Jentezen Franklin preaches from Spring Praise A Thon 2014 in Orlando FL
Winning Your Personal War with Satan (5) - by Pastor Jentezen Franklin . “Wash your hands, you sinners.” Jas 4:8...
There's so much more to Christianity than doing a little religion on sunday.God wants to be Your Friend - Jentezen Franklin
I liked a video Jentezen Franklin at Forward Youth Conference 2014
"Fasting is a short season that releases long term results." ---Jentezen Franklin
3 Days From Nowhere - Jentezen Franklin. "There was a time when Abraham knew where he was, but didn't know where...
"If poverty has killed its thousands, prosperity has killed its tens of thousands." - Jentezen Franklin
INCREASE! INCREASE! INCREASE! It's about the INCREASE of Jesus in our lives. -Jentezen Franklin. One of the...
Sin parades around as your greatest friend, but sin is not your friend. This is one friend request that needs rejected…
Yesterday I finished reading The Fasting Edge by Jentezen Franklin. If you haven't read it, please do.
Two steps to being filled with fresh anointing. - by Pastor Jentezen Franklin . You can’t do God’s will without...
Winning Your Personal War with Satan (4) - by Pastor Jentezen Franklin . “Come near to God and he will come...
I haven't gone a day this week without listening to a sermon by Jentezen Franklin.. He is just my kind of preacher
Reading this book written by my mom's favourite author Franklin
MAKE YOUR LIFE COUNT. Do something Good with your life. Pastor Jentezen Franklin.
A dream produces discipline. Be ambitious with your life. Pastor Jentezen Franklin.
If nothing is happening with your dream, it's a sign you need to help someone else with their dream. Pastor Jentezen Franklin.
Today is our 16th day of our 21 Day Corporate Fast Our prayer focus today is: Personal Ministry Matt 16:24 Amplified Bible (AMP) 24 Then Jesus said to His disciples, If anyone desires to be My disciple, let him deny himself [disregard, lose sight of, and forget himself and his own interests] and take up his cross and follow Me [[a]cleave steadfastly to Me, conform wholly to My example in living and, if need be, in dying, also]. Jentezen Franklin in his book, Fasting Journal says: God has given you giftings to use for His purposes. It makes me think of Abraham and the five dynamics that brought him into the place of ministry, the place of destiny that God had for him. First, he could "hear" God. Second, Abraham believed what he heard. Third, he came to a place of denouncing the comfort zone he lived in, in order to follow God's leading. Fourth, Abraham had the courage to follow God's direction for his life. And finally, he had the tenacity to focus on the promise and not the problems that stood in the wa . ...
Nothing is authorized to stop your Worship. Glory. . Pastor Jentezen Franklin.
The Spirit of Worship creates the spirit of Evangelism. Pastor Jentezen Franklin.
Three choices you make when you choose to fast. - by Pastor Jentezen Franklin . Fasting and praying is...
Winning Your Personal War with Satan (3) - by Pastor Jentezen Franklin . “Resist the devil…he will flee from...
Hi Benji. great quote. Jentezen Franklin, Senior Pastor of Gainsville, Georgia has a beautiful sermon on this great topic.
"If Jesus could have accomplished all He came to do without fasting, why would He fast?" ~ Jentezen Franklin
Jesus chose to fast because 'He knew there were supernatural things that could only be released that way'. Jentezen Franklin
One of the most important ways you can tell if a dream or a vision is from God is that it will always be bigger than you are.- JENTEZEN FRANKLIN
When God speaks, you don't have to say, " I wonder if I just heard Him." When He speaks, it's not "maybe" or "I hope so." When God speaks, a knowing comes into your spirit, and you have a definite sense. You'll think, " I have just heard from the Lord." - JENTEZEN FRANKLIN
Join the Fasting Movement with Jentezen Franklin I WANT TO INVITE YOU TO JOIN THE FASTING MOVEMENT. We begin each year by fasting for 21 days. Fasting in January is much like praying in the morning...
The question is not can you dream, but do you have the courage to act on it? - JENTEZEN FRANKLIN
We fast because we need to know the right way for our lives. We do not need to be confused as to our future or the choices before us. Fast, seek His face, and have faith that he will guide you. ~ Jentezen Franklin
I want to be like a torch racer,I want to keep running firstFranklin
The first 2 pages from one of the best books on fasting around- "Fasting" by Jentezen Franklin
Without a vision, we perish; opening ceremony Pastor Jentezen Franklin from Gainesville
Watch "Breakthrough Worship" Join Jentezen Franklin, host of Kingdom Connection & Pastor of Free Chapel and special guest John Gray from the Forward conferen...
"Sound of worship is Sound of Freedom"-Jentezen Franklin
I want u to tell Jared to give 5 million dollars too jentezen Franklin
“Do not let the blessings [or curses] of the past interfere with the blessings of the future -Jentezen Franklin”
“If you wait until every question has been answered before you move, you’ll never do anything.” Jentezen Franklin
I liked a video Formula for Success - Jentezen Franklin
Check out this cool episode: Awesome Word
" Deep Wounds, Deep Healing - Jentezen Franklin: via " if you've been hurt, listen to this.
The most important thing above all is our walk with God- Jentezen Franklin
"We only have one life to give to God; let's get control of our bodies and go for God with the best we have!" -- Jentezen Franklin
The problem is that we want God to do big miracles, but we only offer Him pint-size portions of our soul (Jentezen Franklin)
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Have you ever wondered why Jesus fasted? - Jentezen Franklin
There's gonna be times when your circumstances are inconsistent with your dreams - Jentezen Franklin
I was so blessed to hear Franklin, Huckabee, Paul Morton, & Wilson, preach today.
"Fasting without prayer is just dieting" Pastor Jentezen Franklin. . ❤️⛪️
Watch Pastor Franklin bring a timely word for 2015 at the World Conference this morning! Watch now:
The most prominent Old Testament character mentioned over twelve hundred times is a man of WORSHIP..." ~ Jentezen Franklin
Jentezen Franklin The Boaz family tree: this is what i was talking about lol
The Beauty of this Sermon, Brought Us to Tears! Enjoy Pastor Preaching on YOUR WORTH TO GOD!!
Your life is the sum total of the choices you make. - by Pastor Jentezen Franklin . Each day you make choices...
This Year, Live by the Beatitudes (5) - by Pastor Jentezen Franklin . Blessed are the merciful, for they shall...
A question mark is just an exclamation point that has been bent out of shape. Change your ( ? ) to an ( ! ). -Jentezen Franklin
“When God calls you to do something, you have to be willing to go someplace new.” Jentezen Franklin- 2015 Hawaii Increase Event Speaker
My direction is more important than my location. Jentezen Franklin
Mercy heals, but unforgiveness makes you a perpetual victim. ~ Jentezen Franklin
Make your heart “a controlled environment,” because what happens there determines how you respond to life. ~ Jentezen Franklin
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Fasting is a short season that produces long-term results - Jentezen Franklin.
Butch and I are so excited to be participating in the Seacoast Annual Fast again! I know you want to make the most of your experience, too so come join us next week! What: Small group during the next 3 weeks of the fast. We will begin with an overview of Jentezen Franklin’s book, Fasting: Opening the Door to a Deeper, More Intimate, More Powerful Relationship with God. When: Tues. Jan. 6th 7:00pm; Wed. Jan 14th 7:00pm; Wed. Jan. 21st 7:00pm Where: 1898 Pierce St. DI; If we need a larger space, we will meet at Seacoast Church, so please RSVP.
Mindset Transformation Nugget... As we are 2-days away from our Fast, I'm sharing an excerpt from the book by Jentezen Franklin "Fasting." Why? This is the mindset We Must have for TRANSFORMATION. Breaking any stagnation of 'Religiosity.' *When we are Hunger for God, He will fill us!* "Hunger people are desperate people, and they are hungry for more of God than they have ever had. They are breaking out of religious rules, regulations, and traditional thinking and breaking through to more of His presence, more of His power to turn situations around, more of His healing power, and more of His miracle-working power! Only JESUS satisfies that hunger!" This is a part of my [Spiritual] arsenal: an array of resources available for a certain purpose [to grow in God]. Have a Blessed Day
"In every failure of my life there have always been two common denominators: a dusty bible and broken-down altar" Jentezen Franklin
Don't ever allow your present to name your future.-Jentezen Franklin
Voices in my Head this Min: 2. Jentezen Franklin's Message on My Life is to please God!
"Your bloodline will overcome your weakness!" -Jentezen Franklin
Boaz Family Tree - Jentezen Franklin:Singles ladies,God will bring your husband this coming year 2015!!!. via
Many enter into a time of fasting & prayer in January. This by Jentezen Franklin may be helpful.
"Evangelism comes out of worship". - Jentezen Franklin House On The Rock
The only way you can get where God is, is to get in the fire - Jentezen Franklin
...daily excerpts from Franklin's book, "The Fasting Edge"!
nothing is authorized to stop your worship. Jentezen Franklin
Jentezen franklin spoke at hillsong nyc (with Gilbert at [pic] —
Look up who speaks at Jentezen Franklin conferences and then look at who sells How is that not a problem?
This is a Message preached by Senior Pastor Jentezen Franklin at Free Chapel in Gainesville, Georgia, USA. Know that God Loves you deeply . For more Messa...
Pastor Jentezen Franklin was very proud!!! Because of writing my book "Why The Devil Don't Like…
Don't allow your present to define your future. Jentezen Franklin
"We all want presents but it's God's presence is what we need" Jentezen Franklin 12-21-14
"Santa's presents are limited but God's presence is unlimited" Jentezen Franklin.
One more service at Free Chapel with Jentezen Franklin starts at 11 AM. Celebrate with us online.
You can watch the Free Chapel services online tomorrow. Join me and my friend Jentezen Franklin and the entire...
Jentezen Franklin The Boaz family tree: For all the women out there waiting on God, here's a word to comfort you!
GOD'S DREAM for YOUR DESTINY Finding your place in His purposes w/ Jentezen Franklin -
love being with my Free Chapel, and Franklin family!
Prayer, Not Pressure, Changes People - by Pastor Jentezen Franklin . “But we all…are changed…by the Spirit of the...
Taking a trip down memory lane for my with jentezen Franklin planning our next conference LOL JK…
Excuses are the crutches of the uncommitted. -Jentezen Franklin
"You may have to fight a battle more than once to win. In trying times don't stop trying!" -Jentezen Franklin
"The Spirit of Python: Prayer and Praise" with Jentezen Franklin: via very powerful!
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
The praise that costs the most, counts the most. -Ptr Jentezen Franklin
The Call to Leadership (2) - by Pastor Jentezen Franklin . “Teaching them to observe all things that I have...
I added a video to a playlist Franklin Jentezen- Warning Signs
I am the One. This is the place. Now is the Time
"The praise that costs u the most is the 1 that counts the most." Franklin
Just finished reading "Fasting" By Jentezen Franklin. . The text was simply stated with powerful…
I'm watching Kingdom Connection Jentezen Franklin on my Hopper. I love this show!
"Embrace the Pain in the Change"..."Push through the pain, Birth the Change". -Jentezen Franklin
We drove past Free Chapel! I did not know Jentezen Franklin's church was so near...someone please take me!
Set Boundaries (2) - by Pastor Jentezen Franklin . “Its parts should have equal concern for each other.”...
"God is still lord over what you lost and what is left." ~Jentezen Franklin
Excuses are the crutch of uncommitted people (who have no dreams) -Jentezen Franklin
“In other words, we need to start talking victory when we’re staring at defeat.” ―Jentezen Franklin
John Gray speaking from Mark 5. Sponsored by Jentezen Franklin. It's worth 30 minutes of your day.
“Live NOW Jentezen Franklin - See it, Say it, Seize it pt1 Listen: http:/…
I heard Jentezen Franklin say this: “The devil is so defeated he doesn’t even have the keys to his own house.”. That’s good. Real good.
Don't settle 4 anything but it Boaz Jentezen Franklin The Boaz family tree:
"Humility isn't putting yourself down. It is lifting Jesus up." - Jentezen Franklin
If you are not reading your Bible on a regular basis and praying, you're under spiritual attack. Jentezen Franklin
Many times we face our greatest attacks just before a great promotion or just after a great victory. Jentezen Franklin
Pastor James Savoy w/Jentezen Franklin. It was an amazing service
Some good 'ol fashion preaching this morning Franklin Thankyou! For we are
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makes watching Jentezen Franklin more rewarding. I'm earning great rewards and playing along with Viggle games.
I liked a video "Spirit of Python: Snake Eggs in Your Head" with Jentezen Franklin
"Your wedding garment is being constructed by your righteous acts..." - Jentezen Franklin
Live NOW Jentezen Franklin - There is Hope at Liberty and Church Streets Listen:
"God will pass up the crowd for the person whose heart is burning with passion, zeal,desire and " Jentezen F…
“Everything connected to your will, will come into my life.” Jentezen Franklin
I can do without a lot of things, but I cannot do anything without Jesus. -Jentezen Franklin.
Excuses are the Crutches of the uncommitted - Jentezen Franklin
Just watched "A Formula For Victory" by Franklin!! What an amazing word! Don't let bad times eat your good times!
The Power of A Made Up Mind - Jentezen Franklin: via Do what's right.
When Jesus took his last breath on the cross, he said, "It is finished!" not "I am finished!" Good reminder Franklin
I added a video to a playlist Be The Vessel (Forward 2014) - Jentezen Franklin
Who else besides me listens to Jentezen Franklin? 👀🔥
“There are some inevitable victories ahead of us only if we would keep our mouths shut.” - Jentezen Franklin.
"I won't waste my oil on people who minimize the power of the Holy Spirit" - Franklin
"If you are single, don't waste your oil on a bunch of losers" Jentezen Franklin
Don't waste your oil!! What a message by a mighty man of God!!Thank you Jentezen Franklin RUACH2014
"It's God's job to judge; it's the Holy Spirit's job to convict; it's my job to love." -Jentezen Franklin
This book will truly Bless you -- The Spirit of Python by Jentezen Franklin . one of my top 10 favorite books
What others believe about YOU is never as important as what YOU believe about you - Jentezen Franklin
"The devil can huff and puff, but he cannot blow your house down" - Franklin
"The greatest mistake you can make is to be afraid of making a mistake! Lord keep me open to change" - Franklin
"We're in the land of the dying going to the land of the living. So rejoice!" Jentezen Franklin
If something is choking your life. The Spirit of Python - Jentezen Franklin: с помощью
I got my homies and Jesus and that's all I need❤️ @ Free Chapel OC~Pastor Jentezen Franklin
How to Recognize You Are under a Spiritual Attack - Jentezen Franklin: via Truth in the gospel
Please watch this funny az *** watch it and c . Boaz Family Tree - Jentezen Franklin
"You need to keep on doing what God told you to do." Jentezen Franklin 💗🙌
you are awesome! Thank you for pouring into us!! @ Freechapel Church Jentezen Franklin
Imagine Being Adopted by God! (2) - by Pastor Jentezen Franklin . “Receive the kingdom of God as a little...
I added a video to a playlist A Circle Of Prayer - Jentezen Franklin
Reading the Spirit of Python by Jentezen Franklin victory has already been won.
The good news is that God is Master in times of disaster! Jentezen Franklin.
Pastor Jentezen Franklin, Free Chapel OC Worship band and Israel Houghton is coming! Your life will be…
You can't hide from God, but you can hide in God! Jentezen Franklin
"Sin fascinates and then assassinates". - Jentezen Franklin
Imagine Being Adopted by God! (1) - by Pastor Jentezen Franklin . “You received the Spirit of adoption.” - Ro...
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Satanic attack means that you are a high valued target - jentezen franklin
Gain leadership insights from Dr. Sam Chand, Jentezen Franklin and Paul de Jong at register at...
That’s What You’re Called to Do - by Pastor Jentezen Franklin. “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny...
I added a video to a playlist Five Powerful Prayers to Pray - Jentezen Franklin
I liked a video Five Powerful Prayers to Pray - Jentezen Franklin
You've been made to outlast the storm. -Jentezen Franklin
Operating by the Peace Rule - by Pastor Jentezen Franklin . “Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts.”...
I'll be sharing 5 secrets to having a fulfilling marriage in Kauai w friends Keith Mary Hudson & Cherise Franklin Oct 16-18
"Prayer is prophesying to your future" - Jentezen Franklin. It's time to speak right about every situation.
True failure isn't in falling down; u only truly fail if u stop getting back up and trying again! Jentezen Franklin
Rev. Franklin teaches the beauty and rewards of Fasting/Praying being a lifestyle.w/…
Before the foundation of the world was ever formed, God chose you. Jentezen Franklin
“Dusty bibles lead to dirty lives. - Jentezen Franklin” justin needs to pick one up instead of using it to snort coke off
You attract what you are... Be POSITIVE! -Jentezen Franklin
Jentezen Franklin is preaching on 'Enlarging Your Potential' and using the illustration of the koi fish that has the potential of growing to 42 inches yet will only remain a 4 inch fish in a small tank! Your ENVIRONMENT affects your POTENTIAL!
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Is God first in your life? F..finances I...interests R...relationships. S...schedules. T...troubles.So is God really FIRST? Jentezen Franklin
No Matter How Bad Ur Past is.. Bad choices... Regrets . What kind of Family U came from .. What kind of History U have in Ur Family .Ur Future Can Be Brighter than Ur Past If U put Jesus in It.quit looking backwards and turn forwards !! Our "Today" can be better than our Yesterday .. Amen. -- Jentezen Franklin
Little white shoes polished, diaper bag packed, cupcakes ready to go...watching jentezen franklin before I head over to get the birthday girl...looking forward to a great day celebrating how healthy, beautiful, funny and smart,as well as loving, kind this sweet toddler is and how blessed we are to have her as part of our family I love my family:)
Even live streaming Free Chapel, if there is a better pastor, other than Jentezen Franklin, delivering Gods message, I couldn't handle it!!
Never speak words that allow the enemy to think he's winning. ~Jentezen Franklin, The Spirit of Python
"The calling that's in front of you is greater than the things behind you." — Franklin
"I don't care what's behind you, there's a Savior in front of you." -Jentezen Franklin
Standing for truth is not hate speech! Jentezen Franklin
I think all single women should google : "boaz family tree - jentezen franklin" and watch that video . Lord !
A bad attitude is like a flat tire , you can't get very far until you change it. -Jentezen Franklin
Your future is brighter than your past, if you put Jesus in it. . - jentzen franklin
"When 1 door closes, another 1 opens but sometimes its *** in the hallway"...Jentezen Franklin
Boaz Family Tree - Jentezen Franklin: lmbo! Christian or not you gotta see this, it's hilarious!
Don't wait until your enemy is tearing you to pieces to seek the aid of the Shepherd.Franklin.
"I have been running uphill all my life... So why would you say I need to stop now?" ~Jentezen Franklin
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"God doesn't want just a Sunday morning relationship, He wants a daily walk with you." Jentezen Franklin
Feeling for Others (2) - by Pastor Jentezen Franklin . “I remember you in my prayers at all times.” Ro 1:9-10...
One of the sure signs that God is doing something in your life is that change is involved. -Jentezen Franklin. I
"There is nothing in your past stronger than the blood of Jesus Christ". Jentezen Franklin
"The blood of Jesus Christ can reach BEYOND your background and save and set FREE!" - Jentezen Franklin
"It's time to get back to preaching & preparing people for eternity.". ~Jentezen Franklin
Are you keeping GOD FIRST in your:. Finances?. Interest?. Relationships?. Schedule?. Trouble?. -Jentezen Franklin . GOOD MORNIN…
"Dusty Bibles lead to dirty lives" - Jentezen Franklin. We make time to read other people's fb posts let's make time to read the life changing Word of God
Sometimes to get the miraculous, you have to do the ridiculous. - Jentezen Franklin
Take the harder right, not the easier wrong (c) Pastor Jentezen Franklin :")
"Read your bible. Dusty bibles lead to dirty lives." (Pastor Jentezen Franklin)
I don't watch TV ministry anymore.but I turned on Jentezen Franklin this morning.I'm encouraged to hear...
I'm ready to listen to Jentezen Franklin at Freechapel, today don't miss the 7 wonders of heaven 9 & 11.
Boaz Family Tree - Jentezen Franklin: via great word for singles
" God has a plan for your life that if He showed it to you it would freak you out " - Pst. Jentezen Franklin :)
GIVE YOUR ENTIRE LIFE TO CHRIST - by Pastor Jentezen Franklin. “If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation.”...
Really enjoyed being with a lot of friends at the general assembly tonight in Orlando. Thankful for my roots!” Jentezen Franklin
Take the harder right, not the easier wrong. - Franklin.
What a great honor to meet Jentezen Franklin tonight at GA14 tonight.He's been a mentor through the…
Join Jordan and I and our New friends and Cherise Franklin in Kauai Oct 16 with hosts Keith Mary Hudson
That moment you realize your dad and Jentezen Franklin are in the same building, but your dad is the one with the mic
Boaz Family Tree - Jentezen Franklin my preacher yal need to come to church with me and get saved!!! Boaz
Jentezen Franklin and James Merritt are both great and so is Adrian Rogers
Where do you fall on this family tree? . Jentezen Franklin The Boaz family tree: via
Take the harder right, not the easier wrong. - Jentezen Franklin
Take the harder right, not the easier wrong - Pastor Jentezen Franklin
"Take the harder right, not the easier wrong".
Listening to Jentezen Franklin while cleaning. He is killin it!!.
Great time ministering at the Livets Ord conference in Uppsala, Sweden with Jentezen Franklin,John Brevere, and Mark Rutland the last 3 days
I'm at the Europe Conference in Uppsala, Sweden. Franklin all homered! I'm up last. Uh oh.
We can't wait to have jentezen Franklin with us next year at 2015! He is the Senior…
Next year at we have & Franklin with us at the O2 Arena in London. There's no better...
Great read! Check out this guest blog from on the D.N.A. of a Leader: What is God Preparing You For?
"You learn 2 ways: through you mistakes and through your mentors." Franklin.
"You will either win or lose, based on what you listen to, look at, and say."-Jentezen Franklin
The law of kindness supersedes everything ~ Jentezen Franklin
Join Driscoll & Franklin @ Europe 2015. Register now to save £50! h…
Listening to Jentezen Franklin preaching yesterday at Europa Konferensen was great.
"You can debase yourself all day and it will not bring a blessing.". - Franklin
"Humility is not putting yourself down. Humility is lifting Jesus up.". - Franklin
"The greatest battle for your soul, is between your ears." - Jentezen Franklin
"You can control how long you dwell on bad thoughts." - Jentezen Franklin
We accuse in others what we excuse in ourselves. -jentezen franklin
Its the trial of a lifetime that leads to the experience of a lifetime - Jentezen Franklin
Stop hiding from success by fearing failure! Have faith in God & step out and do what God wants you to do!. Jentezen Franklin
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"Humility is not you putting yourself down, it's you lifting Jesus up" - (Jentezen Franklin)
being the bread winner is more than bringing home $$$. Bread represents Jesus. Bring Him home too! ~Pastor Jentezen F…
Come to Kauai! Flights are affordable this week. Come hear Jentezen Franklin & other world-class speakers! C U there!
PRAYER (4) - by Pastor Jentezen Franklin . “He shall call upon Me, and I will answer him.” Ps 91:15 NKJV. Bill...
"Praise is like a cloud that forms in the atmosphere. Once enough of it accumulates, it drops rain."-The Spirit of Python, Jentezen Franklin
"Praise breaks the grip of the enemy and changes the atmosphere."-The Spirit of Python, Jentezen Franklin
"Quit giving the devil glory of what you loss..". _Jentezen Franklin
Kauai! Join Keith Mary Hudson Cherise Franklin & Jordana and I as we share marriage insights Oct. 16-18
Here at church with my Mom and Aristelle having a special YOUTH service. — at Free Chapel OC~Pastor Jentezen Franklin
time to put a stop to STUPID in your lifeFranklinmy pastorat the center of it all
"Church is depressing unless you learn to worship" Jentezen Franklin
Join Tina along with Jentezen Franklin and other amazing speakers at the Arise Marriage Conference in Kauai, Oct...
"If you can worry continually, you can pray continually...". -Jentezen Franklin
Since Face Plate has turned into Video Land here's one for ya... Jentezen Franklin telling it like it is:)
Good morning. . How is the prayer and fasting so far? . In Jentezen Franklin's called "Fasting" he writes,...
Jentezen Franklin The Boaz family tree: # his message is VERY CLEAR!
PURPOSE - by Pastor Jentezen Franklin . “My life is worth nothing…unless I use it for finishing the work...
Jentezen Franklin The Boaz family tree: can u plz preach on this so i can laugh and scream"yasss!"
Jentezen Franklin is by far my most favorite preacher!!!
I saw myself finding me a beautiful wife and that's why I didn't date everything out there on two legs -Jentezen Franklin
Enjoying Jentezen Franklin's "See it, Say it, Seize it" 3 part series. I suggest you go watch it and be blessed also.
Jentezen Franklin Wisdom Quote: "If we are not drawing closer to God, we are drifting farther from Him."
Happy Birthday Franklin! May the blessings of God overtake you.
Happy birthday S/O Franklin! So thankful for your life, vision & legacy! Especially
PRAYER (1) - by Pastor Jentezen Franklin . “O You who hear prayer, to You all flesh will come.” Ps 65:2 NKJV...
If you don't enjoy what you have, how could you be happier with more? - Jentezen Franklin
Join us in wishing a Happy Birthday. We love you Pastor Franklin and hope you have a very special day.
Worship is not about what you have done but what he has done for us! Worthy is the Lamb !! ~ Jentezen Franklin
BE WILLING TO FACE THE TRUTH - by Pastor Jentezen Franklin . “The hearing ear and the seeing eye, the Lord has...
"The gift is in you." Jentezen Franklin . Give it to God & sleep well. He's Enough.
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