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Jenny McCarthy

Jennifer Ann Jenny McCarthy (born November 1, 1972) is an American model, comedian, actress, author, activist, and game show host.

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Jenny McCarthy showing off her magnificient body
. I'm not going to the new Wahlburger's in Cranberry unless Jenny McCarthy is there!!!. !!!
PLEASE please have Jenny McCarthy make fun of this! This was so painful to watch lol
Vaccine truth! Interview with Bobby Kennedy and Please donate to this important cause
jenny mccarthy dating in California
Phew. Thanks! I also think Jenny McCarthy is a lousy talk show host + actor so it stings double being lumped in with her lot :)
Robert Kennedy interview w/Jenny McCarthy on epidemic of disorders in kids.
"Also, I'd like to introduce my two deputies: Jenny McCarthy and Kristin Cavallari."
Great interview! RFK, Jr. and Jenny McCarthy talk about the epidemic of neurological disorders in children, CDC...
could you do a poll. Sarah Palin is clearly a close contender, as is Ben Carson or Jenny McCarthy.
Which Jenny McCarthy picture should I tribute *** on next??? Vote in poll above!
He's gonna be right up there with Jenny McCarthy's body count pretty soon. 💀💀💀💀
It's ok, he's fine with vitamins and new diets curing diseases - he's joined Jenny McCarthy's camp obvi
In related news, Jenny McCarthy has been nominated as Surgeon General
Kennedy-McCarthy Interview Today at 11:20 AM ET. Tune in to The Jenny McCarthy Show on SiriusXM, Channel 109 .
lemme guess...Jenny McCarthy is his advisor.
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My husband and I chose not to vaccinate our three children. . It had nothing to do with Jenny McCarthy, as she was...
was known as that drunk guy who worked with Jenny McCarthy
Jenny McCarthy is a quack . Her measles ravings are whack.
I say we leave immunizations up to Jenny McCarthy . will now block me 😯
Spent too much time listening to Jenny McCarthy...
Jenny McCarthy really f'd up a lot of people 🙄. I mean doctors... who cares right? Ugh!
this has always been a states rights issue- Robert E. Lee refused vaccinations bc Jenny McCarthy said they gave her kid autism.
. Surgeon General Jenny McCarthy supports your right to have Freedom Pox!
If people are listening to Jenny McCarthy instead of actual doctors, then they shouldn't be able to choose. That's child abuse.
Trump hasn’t weighed in on the vaccination/autism debate yet, but somehow I already know he’d go all Jenny McCarthy on us.
even Jenny McCarthy loved her flag!! She loved it so much, she ordered two more
I bet he takes medical advice from Jenny McCarthy
nvr forget Jenny mccarthy got her start on the og mtv dating show
Might as well make Jenny McCarthy the under secretary at HHS.
It took surviving an abusive ex to make Jenny McCarthy learn how to love herself. -
Tom Price had a meeting with Jenny McCarthy before the
Has there ever been a more obnoxious couple than Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy?
Vivek Murthy was on last night's Top Chef and oh my god I just realized Jenny McCarthy is probably going to be the next surgeon general.
Jenny McCarthy has a differing opinion...and she was there.
Turns out I hate Fergie more than Jenny McCarthy
Jenny McCarthy making out, purple Planet Fitness top-hats, Bubba Gump shrimp. These are my nightmarish first glimpses of…
Jenny McCarthy's face looks like a football. What happened there?
I hope everyone interacting with Jenny McCarthy on ABC's New Years Eve coverage in Times Square has had their shots.
Who do you think was in better voice: Mariah or Jenny McCarthy❓
Shut up Jenny McCarthy, Pokémon GO will never be beaten out or die! They keep us hooked with all those minor text fixes!
Jenny McCarthy looks like the villain from a Disney movie which is fitting
Can't believe Jenny McCarthy drank a cup of urine on live tv to celebrate the new year.
So Robot *** Clark dies and now they have Plastic Jenny McCarthy
Jenny McCarthy sure looks like she's pro-Botox.
Remember last year, when the best part of was mocking Jenny McCarthy's anti-vax stance? I miss those days.
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is Jenny McCarthy morphing into Joan rivers?
Meg Ryan and Courtney Cox are concerned about Jenny McCarthy overdoing the plastic surgery
What focus groups are saying good things about Jenny McCarthy?
My wife thinks Jenny McCarthy looks different but I don't see it.
Jenny McCarthy looks like she needs a vaccine.
Jenny McCarthy is against vaccines but she injects botox in her face??
Jenny McCarthy does not approve of vaccines but appears to be ok with Botox hmm 🤔
Obviously Jenny McCarthy doesn't have the same issues with Botox as she does with vaccinating.
Jenny McCarthy clearly believes in Botox vaccines tho.
So far, my favorite part of tonight was the lady asking Jenny McCarthy if her implants where frozen.
he has more life in his dead face then Jenny McCarthy does now.
Yep, although Fergie is also performing. Jenny McCarthy gave a kid her gigantic shoes for some reason.
So Jenny McCarthy has no problem with plastic surgery, but won't give her kids life-saving vaccines. Smh.
Could Fergie and Jenny McCarthy just present .. rather than trying to be really really good looking ?!
What's going down on this years' Rockin' New Year's Eve in Times Square? https:…
.and were one hot couple in Times Square tonight on
Making a brief exception to my annual Jenny McCarthy-fueled boycott of ABC because I *had* to watch this business
Mr_Holtzman: Between Jenny McCarthy, Mariah Carey and Lionel Richie, I'm not sure which year ABC thinks we are ringin…
2017! Gonna be so much better than last-- Annnd that's Donnie Wahlberg groping Jenny McCarthy.
Can't decided the bigger disaster: Jenny McCarthy's Botox & horsehair or that bad drag show posing as a Mariah Carey performance.
anyone know the type of pig fat Jenny McCarthy injected into her face tonight? I'm LOVING IT!
I love Jenny McCarthy, but why she lookin like Joan Rivers tonight? Too much bleach, makeup n work! She don't need all that!
This got so derailed it makes about as much sense as Jenny McCarthy hosting
Mariah Carey and Jenny McCarthy, at least my tv still feels like it's 2002
Jenny McCarthy's grey hair on New Years Rockin Eve is amazing, it looks so good on her 👌 💎
Nice gesture by Jenny McCarthy and Mariah Carey as we close 2016, to remind famous people that getting old is way worse th…
Nick Cannon should replace Jenny McCarthy as New Years Eve host tbh
Sighs relief that nobody noticed she also lip synced all night - Jenny McCarthy
*Jenny McCarthy comes on. Drunk brother: "isn't that Lady Gaga?". *Fergie comes on . Drunk brother: "isn't that Lady Gaga?"
Am I the only one that noticed how Jenny McCarthy was dressed like Gru? Is she going to steal the moon in 2017?
Jenny McCarthy has not had her "real and natural" face since the summer of 1998. She looks like she fought Ronda Rousey. Ugh
Why is Jenny McCarthy actually wearing the type of clothing they are wearing in the future in movies
I didn't expect to see anything more fake than Jenny McCarthy's face until Mariah Carey starting "singing".
Whenever I see a minor celebrity trending I assume they died except when it's Jenny McCarthy then I assume she died of s…
Is Jenny McCarthy pregnant or just dressed like Jabba the Hut?
Why is Jenny McCarthy still a person tapped to host stuff?
If this was a just world... Jenny McCarthy to New Year's reveler: WHAT WAS YOUR FAVORITE THING ABOUT TONIGHT?. Reveler:…
Is everyone at ABC just pretending that Jenny McCarthy isn't a melting plastic cat monster?
Jenny McCarthy will walk around barefoot in Times Square, but she won't give a kid a vaccine
What's up with Jenny McCarthy's face? I didn't expect to see anything so scary until Mariah Carey started "singing".
My face when Mariah Carey "sang"on Had same face when I saw Jenny McCarthy on the ground surrounded by…
Me too. 😂 A question Jenny McCarthy asked Lucy Hale on tv a little while ago lol
Lucy Hale would be a better NYC host for 2018 New Year's Eve than Jenny McCarthy.
How about negative comments about Jenny McCarthy's overdone plastic surgery?
Ah, my annual tradition of watching Jenny McCarthy grossly make out with someone on TV continues.
OMG Fergie! Please act like you are 41 and stop flouncing around like you are in Grade 10. Jenny McCarthy is just as bad. Nauseating!
Yup, Jim Carey, Jenny McCarthy, Charlie Sheen, Alicia Silverstone, all noted liberals. Going with the preponderance celebs.
Education secretary nom is 1 issue zealot w no relevant experience or expertise. What's next: Jenny McCarthy for surgeon general?
I believe The Jenny McCarthy Show is worth moving for!
You can bid on a chance to sit in on The Jenny McCarthy Show! .
Breitbart traffics in conspiracy theories. Most on the left know Jenny McCarthy is a crackpot, BTW.
we should have seen it coming with Jenny McCarthy.
Jenny McCarthy Dancing with the Stars Charity event in Illinois
Is Jenny McCarthy the special guest referee? She's been fighting that war for years.
Jenny McCarthy on Selena. . "I'm rooting for her, she's up for Artist of the Year so my hats off to her"
.shows an "vaccine" may reduce risk of OD in mice. (Jenny McCarthy hasn't yet weighed in.)
Tomorrow Jenny McCarthy will reveal this month's Camera Club winner!
I stay so busy !!! But I always make time for The Jenny McCarthy Show, I freaking love her!
Can we have "no scientific evidence supports this" tattooed on Jenny McCarthy's forehead?
OMG, check out Jenny McCarthy's new jewelry box called from This is such a perfect holiday
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So basically, I don't know what I'm talking about. But maybe I do...
My philosophy of dating is to just fart right away.
The Electric Christmas Parade with Grand Marshals Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy is today at 5:30!
St. Charles' celebrity "ambassadors in residence" Jenny McCarthy, Donnie Wahlberg to lead Electric Parade
See also: winter, crime, the Bulls getting blown up in '99, Jenny McCarthy, Blues Brothers 2000, the White Sox...
Anthony Kiedis, Bo Bice, Jenny McCarthy, and that kid from Fresh Off The Boat are some of the annoying celebs i share a bday with meh
Jenny McCarthy & Donnie Wahlberg dress up for Halloween, plus more celebs in costume
I'd forgotten the worst part of playoff baseball. Ernie Johnson, Jr. is a baseball announcer like Jenny McCarthy is a scientist.
First the SunTimes hired Jenny McCarthy as a science writer, now Trib endorses Gary Johnson...
Jenny McCarthy - 2015 Charity Day Hosted by Cantor Fitzgerald and BGC in New York City
I just interrupted a pregame to play the Jenny McCarthy/Tara Reid fight. "Good luck with Sharknado 18" made the whole room LOL.
It's absolutely imperative for the parents and the typical kids to have time by themselve...
Happy birthday hope you had a great day ily 💜
& got into a MAJOR war of words on air! Listen!
The fact that NONE of you told me about the Tara Reid / Jenny McCarthy interview makes me unable to trust you ever again
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Tara Reid and Jenny McCarthy sat down for an interview, and literally everything went wrong.
I'm free of stress and worries now because if I don't like something I'm doing, I just fi...
the way Jenny McCarthy treats interviewees, it is wonder she can get anyone for her show. She does not deserve to have a show!
Say what you want about Tara Reid; at least she's smarter than Jenny McCarthy.
A tree stump is smarter than Jenny McCarthy.
Tara Reid was just a total jerk to Jenny McCarthy via
McCarthy listened and shifted the focus of their conversation to health and fitness. “So did you have to get into
Tara Reid and Jenny McCarthy had a...memorable interview together.
Tara Reid walks out of interview with Jenny McCarthy . Shocking, They had time off from their shifts at Applebee's
Because of Tara Reid v Jenny McCarthy, I know Sharknado 4 is coming back and so is Jedward! via
Tara Reid walks out of Jenny McCarthy's radio show during interview after feeling “bullied”
'Sharknado 4' shows its teeth as Tara Reid, Jenny McCarthy feud
Battle of the 90s: Tara Reid Walks Out of Jenny McCarthy's SiriusXM Show
Tara Reid and Jenny McCarthy throw shade at each other in car crash interview:
Tara Reid storms out of radio interview with Jenny McCarthy
No wonder loves her so much. God bless and keep her.
Is Tara Reid's clash with Jenny McCarthy the most cringiest celeb fight ever?
Tara Reid accuses Jenny McCarthy of bullying after nasty cat fight saw her walk out of radio show: . The Shar...
Tara Reid storms out of awkward interview with Jenny McCarthy
Tara Reid walks out of heated interview with Jenny McCarthy via
Yikes, Tara Reid walks out of a heated interview with Jenny McCarthy: 👀
Mark Ruffalo comes off like Jenny McCarthy in this debate with Marc Edwards. Science hero takes down action hero.
*** happened to skeptics? We've gone from Harry Houdini, James Randi & to Jenny McCarthy & the Food Babe.
Portillo's in Naperville has 2 consecutive photos of Jim Belushi followed by one of Jenny McCarthy. Seems about right.
Celebrities that love to flick the bean: Barbara Walters, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Jenny McCarthy & Aubrey O'Day
attends Jenny McCarthy's SiriusXM show from Grant Park in Chicago before the NFL Draft, April 28.
Jenny McCarthy at her SiriusXM show for the NFL Draft from Grant Park - Leather Celebrities via
Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy have the cutest relationship 😍😩
Never watched TWD, never heard of ‘Singled Out’ or Chris Hardwick. Is Jenny McCarthy still relevant?
The faces of IBS are all around you. Tyra Banks, Jenny McCarthy, Kirsten Dunst, Camille Grammer.
Simon Rex became Dirt Nasty and raps with Mickey Avalon and Chris Hardwick did Singled Out with Jenny Mccarthy
I get all my political advice from Babs, medical advice from Jenny McCarthy & finances r handled by Redd Foxx's old accountant
LVP on Jenny McCarthy talking about Rinna and Munchausen:. LISTEN:
Rounding out the rest of the Trump cabinet:. Dennis Rodman - Secretary of State. Hulk Hogan - Defense. Jenny McCarthy - Health/Human Services
Brian Urlacher... he's dated Jenny McCarthy, Paris Hilton, and Jennipher Frost. Then he got hair!
I wished to God the doctor had handed me a pamphlet that said, 'Hey, sorry ...
Check out Jenny McCarthy's new jewelry box called from
Jenny McCarthy - Pool Party at Azure Luxury Pool in Las Vegas - July 2015
Donnie Wahlberg not letting Jenny McCarthy out of his sight
Royal Caribbean - The Allure of Love - The Directorial Debut of Jenny McCarthy -
God has there ever been a more perfect match than Rinna & noted scientist Jenny McCarthy??
Gets his medical advice from Jenny McCarthy. Is an anti-vaxer.
Jenny McCarthy - BACARDI rum and VICE present BACARDI Loud and Untameable Live - May 2015
U guys should head for satellite your competition is opie and Jenny McCarthy
This has gotta be my favorite thing Dwight ever said
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watching her and Jenny McCarthy I agree it was very difficult to watch.
Obviously, I'm not a trained actress, and right now I'll come out and say I...
Greetings everyone if you're feeling particularly good about yourself just remember that Jenny McCarthy has written nine books.
Where is the condemnation from prominent white leaders such as Guy Fieri, Jenny McCarthy, and Paul Ryan?
One's Jenny McCarthy the other's the Cryptkeeper but which is which??
Jenny McCarthy warning people not to drink and drive. Yeah it really be unfortunate to die from something easily preven…
I enjoy listening to Jenny McCarthy talk to the crowd about as much as I do Paul Allen calling Vikings games.
I can't believe they are trying to take over. I didn't even recognize any anchor. At least abc had Jenny McCarthy.
Remember the late 90s when Jenny McCarthy was about giving us *** and Chris Hardwick was the stoner Chuck Woolery?
Jenny McCarthy looks like a female dog the Bounty Hunter
Why does Jenny McCarthy's hair look like Dog the Bounty Hunter?
So glad Jenny McCarthy could take time out from taping Dog the Bounty Hunter to co-host the show on
I know humanity hasn't behaved very well this yr but I still don't see why we deserve to listen to Jenny McCarthy talking about
Anyone else notice how much Jenny McCarthy is looking like dog the Bounty Hunter?
Is it just me or is Jenny McCarthy starting to look like dog the Bounty Hunter!!
I'm not saying Dog the Bounty Hunter's hairstylist is moonlighting. I'm just saying Jenny McCarthy's hairdo is... suspicious
Jenny McCarthy looks like Dog the Bounty Hunter in Times Square.
I think I would rather listen to Gary Danielson rant about Alabama for 12 hours than watch Jenny McCarthy and Luke Bryan.
I'm thinking something a little different and adventurous. How about Dog the Bounty Hunter! - Jenny McCarthy to her hair stylist
Just me... or does Jenny McCarthy look like Dog the Bounty Hunter?
I've had a few drinks, but Jenny McCarthy looks like Legolas from the hobbit.
“There’s no public bathrooms so we’re WEARING DIAPERS!!!” -Times Square girls on tv trying to out-crazy Jenny McCarthy
Jenny McCarthy saying Roll Tide is the saddest I've been about Alabama since the Mike Shula years.
A preemptive strike before that genius Jenny McCarthy gets on TV tomorrow?
Jenny McCarthy - Performing at Valley Forge Casino Resort in King of Prussia
What a gentleman: Donnie Wahlberg walked wife Jenny McCarthy to work on Wednesday in New York
Jenny McCarthy layers up in a chic look with husband Donnie Wahlberg
Jenny McCarthy layers up as husband Donnie Wahlberg walks her to work. via
A night to remember with Donnie Wahlberg & Jenny McCarthy to celebrate the Longest Candy Cane.
So it seems Jenny McCarthy is obsessed with out liquid foundation. She talked about it on her radio show today!...
favourite movie would be with jenny McCarthy. Such a fun movie.
False alarm: Apparently no bear rape scene happens in 'The Revenant'. ( ) everyone go back to their live…
I know it's like a general rule of thumb to not do this, but I literally believe everything I read online
Wait... wait... Who's stupid? I obviously know that. That was a joke at the expense of Jenny McCarthy... Dummy.
Just saw a Jenny McCarthy Xmas movie on Netflix. Is that the one where Santa won't come to her house because her kids aren't vaccinated?
Carnac " 4 big boobs". Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carey in the same room
Is that the other wayburger (sp?)? We'll see if he survives being married to Jenny McCarthy
Can't wait! Only 2 months and 19 days but who is counting?
-> is far better at being Jenny McCarthy than Jenny McCarthy.
Thanks for the "advice", Doctor, but I'll wait for Jenny McCarthy's instructional snapchat before making any major health…
Jenny McCarthy wants to see if you can get HIV from brutally inserting yourself into someone else's story.
Celebs like Jenny McCarthy, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, & Joe Jonas have taken to …
Jenny McCarthy says Sheen should've disclosed HIV status when ACTING w/her. Man, I'm guessing science wasn't her stronge…
I guess Jenny McCarthy is hoping there will be a cure for HIV so that she can urge people not to take it.
The irony is, if someone invented an HIV vaccine, Jenny McCarthy would be telling people not to take it.
I mean look at the myth Jenny McCarthy sprd arnd with autism-vaccs. Imagine and the good msg he can sprd
Useful history of vaccines & hysterical opposition: "Why some people believe Jenny McCarthy over doctors" via
What the *** s wrong with us? Autism, vaccines and why some people believe Jenny McCarthy over every doctor
when it comes to beliefs looks like Jenny McCarthy is getting...Singled Out YEAH
Who else is getting their flu shot from Jenny McCarthy this year?
Ya really shoulda left Jenny McCarthy is the 90s with Carmen Electra. Instead ya gave her a platform to spread her ignorance.
L 12 issues of May 1997 to May 1998. Pam Anderson and Jenny McCarthy
apparently Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg live in St. Charles or maybe Geneva.
In the Zone: Jenny McCarthy talks strong women, Playboy, posing nude today, vaccine controversies and Jim Carrey's
I thought my TV was broken and I panicked
Why is the Walking Dead in black and white it's making me so angry
Our very own Kjerstin Bell interview Jenny McCarthy today on FOX!
also, Kate Moss,Jenny McCarthy,all real models and actresses who have been on the cover of Playboy.
Get all the deets on our exclusive SMT w/ on the blog!
Jenny McCarthy will only pose nude again if...
Jenny McCarthy will only pose nude again if... - FoxTV Entertainment News: via
DID YOU KNOW? Jim Carrey met Jenny McCarthy when they were both doing PhDs in molecular pathological epidemiology at Jo…
Fox News: Jenny will only pose nude if…
This is excellent (via Everyone, Even Jenny McCarthy, Has the Right to Challenge “Scientific Experts”
LIVE on Dirty Sexy Funny live show with Jenny McCarthy & Jon Knight
I always try to choose who to listen to first, Jenny McCarthy, Radio Andy or you guy's... I choose you today & Ur doing great
The biggest debate take away is that Trump, Ben Carson & Rand Paul are no better than Jenny McCarthy when if comes to vacc…
"who would you rather do.a pregnant Gina Gershon or Jenny McCarthy after a car accident." Lmfao
The View might want Jenny McCarthy back, but Jenny doesn't want The View! She and her husband Donnie Wahlberg stopped by th…
Just found out the anti-vaccine lady Jenny McCarthy is SIU's most notable alumni. Go Southern Illinois!!
Tim: "Are you the Jenny McCarthy of dog owners, Tom?". Tom: "I don't want her to catch autism, Tim."
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