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Jenny Dell

Jenny Dell is an NFL reporter for CBS who previously worked for NESN covering the Boston Red Sox. After growing up in Connecticut, Dell attended college at UMass Amherst and earned her degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management.

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I generally do photo ops on Tuesday's, but I can be flexible for you
I'll take Wednesday then, color me disappointed
has high demands. But alas you only get one day! Photo ops are imperative!
it looks pretty sweet. Not gonna lie. What day do you want me to wear it?
I'm excited to see the in all its glory!
Hey come see me at FRS, I'll be wearing your faces!
Why is Evan Washburn working the sidelines for CBS??? Last time I checked they employ Jenny "boom boom" Dell!
yea I can't tell if he's the new Jenny dell or the new Gary stirewski
CBS force feeding us Evan Washburn when they have Allie LaForce/Jamie Erdahl/Jenny Dell riding pine. It's bad enough we get stuck with Simms
What a boring week in San Francisco. Jokes! Going into today's competition TIED with Jenny Dell.
we miss you on every Sox game and my father always says 'I miss my favorite, Jenny Dell'
I can't believe Bababooey is a fan of Jenny Dell.
Forgot how much of a smoke Jenny Dell is
...and Jenny Dell was never seen again
you see jenny dell walk by? Holy smokes! Mazz's brain must be all over the place!
Watched on Thoughts & feedback after speaking at about live streaming & digital storyt… http…
But he's still dating Jenny Dell. So, let's be honest, he's still winning.
he did win the Jenny Dell sweepstakes tho!
Jenny Dell got engaged to pro athlete but will be married to an insurance salesman.
Only if Jenny Dell was part of the deal
End of the road for Mr. Jenny Dell.
On the day Dell Curry will be honored in Charlotte, visited with Father and Son at shootaround:
Middlebrooks' wife Guest column: Jenny Dell on running to heal veterans at Run-Walk to Home Base – via
Jenny Dell is an employee of the company Nuts N Tings Limited. See more
The only mentionable things Jenny Dell ever did was the hairflip and to tell BSG to unfollow
Did Jenny Dell just burp during her description of the Burlsworth award on CBS?
think of the bobblehead promos! He's going to make Jenny Dell's night look like child's play.
SEC Fans. If you aren't familiar with Carter Blackburn, Aaron Taylor and Jenny Dell, tune in to the Arkansas-Ole Miss game on Saturday.
Around the Dial: CBS Sports will have Carter Blackburn, Aaron Taylor, and Jenny Dell on the call for Ole Miss/Arkansas.
Jenny Dell looks like the feminine version of hope solo.
plouffe for Norris and Mr jenny dell
Lets toss Jenny Dell in there. no one hates her but it would be a good card
let's not forget that Jenny Dell is there too..
A beautiful photo of Gassaway, WV taken by Jacob O'Dell.
EMC executive and his GM past played key role in EMC-Dell mechanics
Market Extra: Dell-EMC deal comes at a hard time for the corporate bond market
EMC to pay Dell $2 billion if it opts for higher bid in go-shop period
My friend wins internetz re: the acquisition:
Moody's places Dell's Ba2 rating on review for upgrade after EMC deal
Combining two of the world's largest technology franchises Dell & EMC.
EMC agrees to be acquired by Dell for $33.15 a share: Michael Dell, EMC CEO Joe…
Exclusive: EMC to shop itself after deal with Dell - sources
CBS employs Jenny Dell, but I'd have to work all day, which *** but on the Network: 2011 is next!
Dell to use VMware to help pay for EMC deal: sources
vs. Former players square off. Let's take a moment to relive this:
Dell confidentially files for IPO of cybersecurity unit - WSJ
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Dell, data storage company EMC in merger talks
fab achievement at the Dell management challenge by one of our partners.
What makes IT a good choice? Our Malaysia introduces careers to Convent Girls School in Butterworth. htt…
I'm a huge supporter of I love this post!
Data blindness: Why we see data and don't act
and if middlebrooks can find his stroke, they have Jenny Dell!
I wasn't sure if Jenny Dell said somebody suffered injury to right neck until she said it again. Show replay - I want to see this dude.
Miradorus co-founder Jenny Powell: "People come out of our training believing in themselves."
We should start our own network. Orsillo, Gary as color, and Jenny Dell on the sideline!
Don Orsillo had a three-way with Jenny Dell and Wally the Green Monster.
u guys have canned both Jenny Dell & Orsillo in the last 2 years but continue to showcase WWE. Who's the clown in charge over there?
Was Jenny Dell dating an NFL player? Just assuming.
CBS announces NFL broadcast pairings for 2015 season: Jamie Erdahl in, Jenny Dell out
Jenny Dell is not comparable - she was dating a player. Kind of a no-no.
is the real deal, deserves all the success... CBS announces NFL broadcast pairings for 2015 season:
honestly, probably the best thing that could happen for Dons career. He'll land a better gig instantly. Just like Jenny Dell
What happened to Jenny Dell? Didn't see her on the list of announcing teams.
Don Orcillo is done on NESN after this Red Sox season? Have you heard Jenny Dell is out as sideline reporter this year? True??
If Don Orsillo leaves and they don't at least bring back Jenny Dell then I'm done with NESN
Looks like CBS traded Jenny Dell for Jamie Erdahl on NFL Sunday.
first Jenny Dell now Don Orsillo you guys really know your fanbase.
is an embarrassment to Boston sports. They fire keep father of the year Remy, and the god awful Jenny Dell replacement
whoa...Donny O might be leavin NESN? *** ..had the chance to meet him, RemDog and Jenny Dell a couple years ago..all were great.
*** it NESN first Jenny Dell now this...Don and Remy are the best duo in the game
If Don Orsillo is gone after this season they could bring back Jenny Dell.
he's a mockery. Jenny Dell should have never been let go
Insightful interview with Miradorus co-founder Jenny Powell on how to start a successful coaching business:
Jenny Dell did it in a sports bra, just saying
“Developing people and empowering people to reach their true potential is at the core of what Miradorus does.”
Brand new Dell laptop now in my possession as I've clearly drained the life out of my poor old HP one! Sad, we spent a lot of time together!
you're so right! honestly man every girl reporter or analyst from NESN is so hot... Kathryn Tappen with NHL and Jenny Dell
CBS’ Jenny Dell moves from NFL to College Football: Last season, CBS Sports’ number two NFL team was Ian Eagle...
We need to find new ways to handle !
Kinda miss my grave yard shift at dell taco 😂
Ever since Jenny Dell left, the Red Sox organization has gone down hill.
speaks to Jenny Powell about growing a training
Did Jenny Dell bring you bacon or something?
but how do I get wifed to a professional baseball player? looking @ you, Jenny Dell
DESS: Miradorus’ Jenny Powell fills gap in training market
Jenny Dell should come back to NESN
Hey I am currently blocked by Jenny dell and I have no idea why
my timeline is all Jenny Dell and I'm totally okay with that
NESN really gotta bring back Jenny Dell ASAP
More like the Jenny Dell salad bar.
Years of less than mediocrity has trained me to like personalities, not playing ability :) And we got Jenny Dell in the deal.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
ask for Middlebrooks back strictly for Jenny Dell purposes
Hopefully never leaves Boston like Jenny Dell did.
If I remember correctly, Josh Rutledge's wife was under consideration for NESN's Red Sox reporter role when Jenny Dell was hired.
Jenny Dell and I didn't work out so I'm available
CBS employs Jenny Dell, but I hate it for entirely predictable reasons.
Im still not over NESN firing Jenny Dell.
I miss Jenny Dell and all but is the man
Lmfao yo I literally die at Jenny snap chat every time I watch it 😂😂
Heidi Watney is the angel queen of baseball though. Erin Andrews, Jenny Dell & them couldn't even hold her shoes when she's drunk.
For a second, I thought that was a pic of Jenny Dell kissing Will Middlebrooks' ball bag!
lmao yes u did loved Heidi Jenny Dell Kathryn tapped back in the day Hazel Mae ugh
New theory on why the Red Sox are struggling ..The curse of Jenny Dell.. Won the Series in 2013 then they let her go
How turned its workforce into an army of recruiters. cc:
So proud of our Social Media team! LinkedIn takes a behind-the-scenes look at our internal social media training, SM…
Dell helps bring the dragons to life
reminds me too much of my late husband Will Middlebrooks and that *** jenny dell I DON'T LIKE IT
"That girl in the pink pants is the hottest nugget here." - my dad at Petco Park, pointing out Jenny Dell
I'm 100% sure the Red Sox have been cursed by Jenny Dell
him and Jenny Dell blocked me at the same time
Don't know about you but I don't miss Jenny Dell. Gary and fill-ins shine every game.
Ron Maloof telling some urban legend about how he almost slayed jenny dell at Fenway
Flexible workers need help to switch off, says Dell HRBP by Jenny Roper via
I know u ended ur 100 list last night but here r 2 others u should look at Jenny dell & allie laforce
CBS employs Jenny Dell, but yeah it's because Virgin Mobile never put the iPhone 6+ on their rivals.
ya that's hard to argue. Between his stats and Jenny Dell he just needed to go no matter what
First the bruins had the curse of Kathryn Tappen. Could the sox now have the curse of Jenny Dell? .
What happened to Jenny Dell's little brother? I need consistency in my sideline reporters.
Photo: Jenny Dell, former Red Sox reporter (from her Instagram)
was thinking same thing. Probably the same person that hired Jenny Dell.
Would you rather get a blumpkin from Heidi Watney or Jenny Dell?
Just glad Jenny Dell is reporting again 😍
Happy Birthday Dell!!! I am happy we became close this year, have an awesome day🎉😊😈
33 Inspiring B2B digital marketing case studies via
Will Middlebrooks needs to stop hitting Jenny Dell and start hitting the baseball
So on top of being called Jenny Dell, apparently I look like Alex Morgan..
Can we get Jenny Dell back on NESN please?
Padres game with Jenny Dell. So yeah, that's what's happening. @ Petco Park
The guy who dates Jenny Dell just hit a solo homer for the Padres to make it 1-0.
Red Sox move that needs to happen more than a rotation upgrade: Bring back Jenny Dell
T Rowe's challenge to Dell deal may fuel critics of 'appraisal'
Fabulous Aberaaron one of my very favourite places ^Jenny
Is there a better heroine for modern times than Jenny Parker?
Cool! Dell to be named the overall greenest technology company by CBR for ongoing sustainability efforts
It was great meeting you the other day at the lunch/learn at Great insights! (I was 1 of the Dell girls).
*** him for taking Jenny Dell away from us!
Now that we don't have Middlebrooks, can we at least get Jenny Dell back? 🙏
according to a photog I know who shared a well at Fenway with her, she's a biotch. Jenny Dell was a sweetie though.
Since the Sox traded Middlebrooks does that mean Nesn can bring back Jenny Dell?! Make it happen
I love you forever and always Jenny Dell!
'Entourage' star tackles social good with help from a tech giant
's bf just thought a picture of Jenny Dell was me and I officially love him forever
Last moments before the Dell Unconf! Prepping w/
Jenny need to learn to shut tf up lmfao dayum bishhh 😂😂😒
So cool! Adrian Grenier is partnering with Dell on 2020 Legacy of Good!
“Jenny dell ruined him” lol, certainly didn't help either of their careers even if it didn't hurt them
NESN needs to step up their commentary game. These girls aren't even competing with Jenny Dell and Kathryn Tappen
I'm so envious of women like Erin Andrews, Jenny Dell, and Heidi Watney because I want their jobs!
had a great girlfriend in Boston too. Jenny Dell 😍
And yes, Jenny Dell is in the crowd.
ask middlebrooks if Jenny Dell will be living in SD too?
Jenny Dell is arguably the hottest female sports reporter of all time ❤️
yeah Karly could do it. Or, in the broadcasting world, Jenny Dell is good. And Tafoya isn't too bad.
did I say jenny dell? I ment Erin Andrews. Oh well one in the same lol
Loops was that jenny dell dropping an earring during the broadcast
no way. Loosing sight or Erin Andrews, Jenny dell just to name a few. She is a milf tho
I liked a video U.S. Army All-American Bowl Game Preview LIVE with Jenny Dell and Army Leaders
Nothing against Sam, but Jenny Dell tops my list.
Tune in LIVE on Jan. 2 at 4 p.m. EST/1 p.m. PST for our broadcast from the U.S. Army All-American Bowl in San Antonio, Texas with special host, CBS Sports' Jenny Dell!
It was nice to see Jenny Dell again hopefully she resisted the urge to bang one of the players so she can keep her job. GO PATS!
There is no need for Jenny Dell in the NFL.
Lauren Tannehill and Jenny Dell are probably in the same stadium right now
Here's a link to the story Jenny Dell talked about during her report. Read it. It's worth your time.
I can't remember what I said to or about Jenny Dell to be blocked by her. Awesome though. She's overrated and suffers from leatherface.
what's worst, Miami's coaches or Jenny Dell's talent?
Jenny Dell is definitely the highlight of this Pats game
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
It's great to see Jenny Dell broadcasting for CBS at the game. I thought she was an absolute professional on .
Original reporting about Brady by Jenny Dell on CBS sidelines. SMH.
Jenny Dell's face looks like it was sculpted out of old playdoh today.
So one thing Jenny Dell was missing in her report was how many times Tom and Gisele can well you know
Jenny Dell bout to dump will and get gronked
Jenny Dell should have at least ACKNOWLEDGED that Greg Bishop already wrote about it. Build off it w/ quotes from TB from ?'s you asked him
Hey journalism majors! Should Jenny Dell have cited the source of the sideline report she just gave?
Great to see jenny dell back in New England😍
Touchdowns and Jenny Dell, that's what the Pats do. . P.S. I would let JDell chainsaw my limbs off for just one kiss
You go Jenny Dell, You keep reporting things we already knew!
Shut up jenny dell, just shut your stupid mouth up.
This game is a blowout but I'm still watching because of Jenny Dell
If Middlebrooks goes, can we have Jenny Dell back? (no offense
It’s almost the fourth quarter. Which Patriots player is Jenny Dell dating now?
So Jenny Dell's sideline report was a synopsis of the SI Brady article. Ground breaking reporting going on.
and he most definitely bangs Jenny Dell on the side sorry Will
Middlebrooks is such a dog for marrying Jenny Dell
Jenny Dell, please come back to the Red Sox games! 😍
Oh yeah Jenny Dell, you read sports illustrated this week too? Sick journalism skills.
Jenny dell you look better at fenway
About time they showed Jenny Dell. At this point just keep a camera on her until the game is over.
Patriots touchdown then live shot of Jenny Dell
Jenny Dell now ripping off SI material on Brady.
Jenny Dell was a great pick up for the Pats
AFC East, Hats, T-shirts, Gronk, Kittens and even Jenny Dell on the sidelines. It must be December in Foxborough.
Solid sideline report by Jenny Dell on an article from 6 days ago
Call me bitter but I want to punch Jenny Dell in the face
I was really hoping Jenny Dell was going to be a part of the Red Sox's young core, along with XB and Mookie.
Also, Jenny Dell coming in hot with a story that was already written by a SI guy this week
Brady should break up with Giselle and scoop Jenny Dell
Jenny Dell looking something less than hot.
We are getting more Jenny Dell today than we’ll get Will Middlebrooks this season. Thanks, CBS
Listening to these announcers and Jenny Dell. Their info is like reading a week old newspaper.
We should have a Hazel Mae, Tina Cervasio, Heidi Watney, and Jenny Dell reunion show...
Jenny Dell looks like a Victoria Secret model/angel...
Jenny Dell and Erin Andrews is such a power tandem on this Sunday
Way too not be *** out for the boys Tracy Wolfson need Jenny Dell sideline reporter for every Pats game
I think he's hurt again. No update from Jenny Dell yet.
Jenny Dell sideline reporter, who is she doing "exclusives" with on these teams i wonder.
Bill O'Brien showing disgust in his obligatory :30 sec interview with Jenny Dell. Honest, refreshing.
"It's ridiculous. We've gotta find a way to move the ball". Bill O'Brien to Jenny Dell on sideline interview at half.
And Jenny Dell ain't all that hot, either.
Exactly how Jenny Dell got her job. That's how.
Cowboys fans say hello to jenny dell you can thank the Red Sox for her
Fear not, sports fans: Jenny Dell will be an sideline reporter for CBS next season
Kinda dope to see Jenny Dell doing sideline for the Cowboys game. My former desk mate.
I just want to be Jenny Dell, is that so much to ask for??
Jenny Dell wears too much clothing.
Jenny Dell is the luckiest woman RN
Jenny dell is the on field reporter for Houston!
Jenny Dell moves to Texas. Well, Will, good luck on the DL...
Why is Sam ponder married to this scrub. That's like jenny dell being engaged to bum *** Will Middlebrooks
Texans at Cowboys will be on CBS at noon Sunday. Announcers are Ian Eagle, Dan Fouts, Jenny Dell. Fox and CBS will both have late games
remember when they sent Jenny Dell to interview the guy holding a "I threw the pizza" sign?
Is it a coincidence the RedSox miss the playoffs the same year that NESN fires Jenny Dell? That's on you
First Jenny Dell leaves me then the Patriots are pulling this crap. Can't take much more
and Jenny Dell has notified Will that she isn't marrying a scrub.
now Jenny Dell can finally make her return 😏
yeah if you're gonna steal Jenny Dell from me at least be good
cannot blame a guy for wanting to spend his offseason with Jenny Dell! But yes, he is as good as gone now.
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He had a choice? What a joke. He's going to hold Jenny Dell's microphone on the sidelines & try to find his balls.
my bad, he's the future Mr. Jenny Dell. Know who he is now??
cmon now boys it's all about jenny dell. Can you blame the guy?
Will Middlebrooks said no to Winter Ball, how long before Jenny Dell starts dating again?
I think Middlerbooks declined winter ball due to Jenny Dell being a thing
Red Sox who will play with Jenny Dell this winter and be sent to "fade into bolivian" : Will Middlebrooks
Is Will Middlebrooks choosing waking up next to Jenny Dell over his career?
I hope he does play in the AZ fall league, so I can meet Jenny Dell. And by meet, I mean give her my meat.
Jenny Dell and Heidi Watney got fired from the Red Sox for that kind of stuff
Kelly Nash needs to be near the team . Hm . So did Jenny Dell and Heidi Watney.
probably mad you got dat pic of Jenny Dell's o face
How a Boston controversy led Jenny Dell to her ‘dr
I have added Jenny Dell to my future ex wife list.
. Did he replace because she was dating and now engaged to Will Middlebrooks?
Jenny Dell emerges from controversy in Boston with a "dream job" at CBS
Breast Cancer Awareness
The rest of the country learning two words today that we already knew in Boston, Jenny Dell.
Jenny Dell sideline reporter for CBS did Browns-Steelers game today...very nice...engaged to a Red Sox player?
Will Middlebrooks is batting .183. I bet Jenny Dell wishes she could trade him in for her job back right about now.
You know what was really great about the Browns game? (Other than Jenny Dell.) It took about 3 hours instead of 4.
Roethlisberger could rest his laptop on Jenny Dell's head. That was funny looking
Jenny Dell dropping a "how important was it to.???" to Big Ben.that's about right. Mid-season form.
Wonder what Jenny Dell is doing after the game? Wonder if she'd accompany me to get a coffee.
still want to be Jenny Dell when I grow up
about to sprint from Erie to Pittsburgh to get Jenny Dell's digits
Don't let Big Ben near Jenny Dell he might want some of that
Jenny dell interviewing Big Ben oh no!
There is gonna be a day when jenny dell interviews Johnny. He smashing it on live tv
For the love of God someone get Jenny Dell away from rapistberger.
The true winner today is Jenny Dell.
How could any straight male complain about Jenny Dell?!?
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Anyone else fall in love with Jenny Dell today ?
I have to correct myself. Jenny dell is the sideline for todays steelers/ browns game
Bruh, Jenny dell would be the only reason I would watch any pre-game show 😍😍😍
Can we all agree the MVP of the browns game so far is Jenny Dell? Jimbo is in love.
Jenny dell where have you been all my life?
Jenny Dell please do all the Steeler games. Thank you in advance.
Excuse me, Jenny Dell is gorgeous. That's all
I wonder if Jenny Dell wants to go as my date to that wedding...
Jenny Dell doing a great job. Obviously hired for her great insight.
Jenny dell was is and always will be bae
Jenny Dell is about to take the sideline game by storm. Good god
I think I'm in love with Jenny Dell😍
17 unanswered and the browns cut it...oh wait Jenny Dell is on my screen , brb
Thank you to CBS for the gift of Jenny Dell.
Wondering how many people just googled, "Jenny Dell."
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Why keep cutting to Johnny Manziel when Jenny Dell is roaming the sidelines?
Jenny Dell the reporter at the steelers game is hot
Jenny Dell watch: she'll be doing the Steelers/Browns game today. Greg Gumbel & Dan Dierdorf replacement, Trent Green on Patriots - Dolphins
Just saw John Henry and Ballotelli fall out of The Cask hammered with Jenny Dell and Jamie Erdahl and leave in f1 cars filled with euros
Thought I was gonna miss Jenny Dell but it's nice to get actual insight from Gary instead of just watching Jenny interview random *** fans.
Has Jenny Dell sucked the baseball life out of Will Middlebrooks? What happened to him?
Can Anyone other then Jenny Dell tell me why WMB is still playing for the ? Take your time with answers
can't believe Jenny Dell ruined her career for a guy hitting the Mendoza line
I think there's a correlation between Middlebrooks sucking & Middlebrooks banging Jenny Dell.
The only thing Will Middlebrooks can hit is Jenny Dell
Candid at a Rox game photo cred People confuse me with Jenny Dell.
If Jakobee could be any Red Sox player he would be WMB because Jenny Dell and paid to do nothing!
Thanks Will Middlebrooks for driving Jenny Dell out of town. And in addition to that, you absolutely suck.
Someone in the front office must like looking @ Jenny Dell & this is the reason WMB is still playing here.
This makes me proud to work for Dell, recognized as a top technology company for women's leadership:
it has to be dumbed down if Jenny Dell is going to be a host
.to produce an all-female sports talk show, with and others. Score!
I was going to suggest "The Score" for all-female sports talk show... but that might be problematic.
Jenny Dell is the only one worth watching. The rest, as Keels would say, "Oh no!"
thoughts on Jenny Dell being on the new sports version of the View?
Jenny Dell has been linked to an ambitious new CBS show deemed 'The View' for sports
Not sure if jenny dell or heinzerling
plot twist: Middlebrooks is smarter than Dr. Spangler and Jenny Dell is an Android
Dear is Jenny Dell the only thing Will Middlebrooks can hit?
The Red Sox went from Tina Cervasio, Hazel Mae, Heidi Watney, Jenny Dell to this guy, this is the reason why we suck http…
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