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Jenny Dell

Jenny Dell is an NFL reporter for CBS who previously worked for NESN covering the Boston Red Sox. After growing up in Connecticut, Dell attended college at UMass Amherst and earned her degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management.

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Jenny Dell and Erin Andrews is such a power tandem on this Sunday
Need to poach someone from NESN, which has given us Hazel Mae, Tina Cervasio, Heidi Watney, and Jenny Dell.
Way too not be *** out for the boys Tracy Wolfson need Jenny Dell sideline reporter for every Pats game
I think he's hurt again. No update from Jenny Dell yet.
Jenny Dell sideline reporter, who is she doing "exclusives" with on these teams i wonder.
Bill O'Brien showing disgust in his obligatory :30 sec interview with Jenny Dell. Honest, refreshing.
"It's ridiculous. We've gotta find a way to move the ball". Bill O'Brien to Jenny Dell on sideline interview at half.
And Jenny Dell ain't all that hot, either.
Exactly how Jenny Dell got her job. That's how.
Cowboys fans say hello to jenny dell you can thank the Red Sox for her
Fear not, sports fans: Jenny Dell will be an sideline reporter for CBS next season
Kinda dope to see Jenny Dell doing sideline for the Cowboys game. My former desk mate.
I just want to be Jenny Dell, is that so much to ask for??
Jenny Dell wears too much clothing.
Jenny Dell is the luckiest woman RN
Jenny dell is the on field reporter for Houston!
Jenny Dell moves to Texas. Well, Will, good luck on the DL...
Why is Sam ponder married to this scrub. That's like jenny dell being engaged to bum *** Will Middlebrooks
Texans at Cowboys will be on CBS at noon Sunday. Announcers are Ian Eagle, Dan Fouts, Jenny Dell. Fox and CBS will both have late games
remember when they sent Jenny Dell to interview the guy holding a "I threw the pizza" sign?
Is it a coincidence the RedSox miss the playoffs the same year that NESN fires Jenny Dell? That's on you
First Jenny Dell leaves me then the Patriots are pulling this crap. Can't take much more
and Jenny Dell has notified Will that she isn't marrying a scrub.
now Jenny Dell can finally make her return 😏
yeah if you're gonna steal Jenny Dell from me at least be good
cannot blame a guy for wanting to spend his offseason with Jenny Dell! But yes, he is as good as gone now.
He had a choice? What a joke. He's going to hold Jenny Dell's microphone on the sidelines & try to find his balls.
my bad, he's the future Mr. Jenny Dell. Know who he is now??
cmon now boys it's all about jenny dell. Can you blame the guy?
Will Middlebrooks said no to Winter Ball, how long before Jenny Dell starts dating again?
I think Middlerbooks declined winter ball due to Jenny Dell being a thing
Red Sox who will play with Jenny Dell this winter and be sent to "fade into bolivian" : Will Middlebrooks
Is Will Middlebrooks choosing waking up next to Jenny Dell over his career?
I hope he does play in the AZ fall league, so I can meet Jenny Dell. And by meet, I mean give her my meat.
Jenny Dell and Heidi Watney got fired from the Red Sox for that kind of stuff
Kelly Nash needs to be near the team . Hm . So did Jenny Dell and Heidi Watney.
probably mad you got dat pic of Jenny Dell's o face
How a Boston controversy led Jenny Dell to her ‘dr
I have added Jenny Dell to my future ex wife list.
. Did he replace because she was dating and now engaged to Will Middlebrooks?
Jenny Dell emerges from controversy in Boston with a "dream job" at CBS
The rest of the country learning two words today that we already knew in Boston, Jenny Dell.
Jenny Dell sideline reporter for CBS did Browns-Steelers game today...very nice...engaged to a Red Sox player?
Will Middlebrooks is batting .183. I bet Jenny Dell wishes she could trade him in for her job back right about now.
You know what was really great about the Browns game? (Other than Jenny Dell.) It took about 3 hours instead of 4.
Roethlisberger could rest his laptop on Jenny Dell's head. That was funny looking
Jenny Dell dropping a "how important was it to.???" to Big Ben.that's about right. Mid-season form.
Wonder what Jenny Dell is doing after the game? Wonder if she'd accompany me to get a coffee.
still want to be Jenny Dell when I grow up
about to sprint from Erie to Pittsburgh to get Jenny Dell's digits
Don't let Big Ben near Jenny Dell he might want some of that
Jenny dell interviewing Big Ben oh no!
There is gonna be a day when jenny dell interviews Johnny. He smashing it on live tv
For the love of God someone get Jenny Dell away from rapistberger.
The true winner today is Jenny Dell.
How could any straight male complain about Jenny Dell?!?
Anyone else fall in love with Jenny Dell today ?
I have to correct myself. Jenny dell is the sideline for todays steelers/ browns game
Bruh, Jenny dell would be the only reason I would watch any pre-game show 😍😍😍
Can we all agree the MVP of the browns game so far is Jenny Dell? Jimbo is in love.
Jenny dell where have you been all my life?
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Jenny Dell please do all the Steeler games. Thank you in advance.
Excuse me, Jenny Dell is gorgeous. That's all
I wonder if Jenny Dell wants to go as my date to that wedding...
Jenny Dell doing a great job. Obviously hired for her great insight.
Jenny dell was is and always will be bae
Jenny Dell is about to take the sideline game by storm. Good god
I think I'm in love with Jenny Dell😍
17 unanswered and the browns cut it...oh wait Jenny Dell is on my screen , brb
Thank you to CBS for the gift of Jenny Dell.
Wondering how many people just googled, "Jenny Dell."
Why keep cutting to Johnny Manziel when Jenny Dell is roaming the sidelines?
Jenny Dell the reporter at the steelers game is hot
Jenny Dell watch: she'll be doing the Steelers/Browns game today. Greg Gumbel & Dan Dierdorf replacement, Trent Green on Patriots - Dolphins
Just saw John Henry and Ballotelli fall out of The Cask hammered with Jenny Dell and Jamie Erdahl and leave in f1 cars filled with euros
Thought I was gonna miss Jenny Dell but it's nice to get actual insight from Gary instead of just watching Jenny interview random *** fans.
Has Jenny Dell sucked the baseball life out of Will Middlebrooks? What happened to him?
Can Anyone other then Jenny Dell tell me why WMB is still playing for the ? Take your time with answers
can't believe Jenny Dell ruined her career for a guy hitting the Mendoza line
I think there's a correlation between Middlebrooks sucking & Middlebrooks banging Jenny Dell.
The only thing Will Middlebrooks can hit is Jenny Dell
Candid at a Rox game photo cred People confuse me with Jenny Dell.
If Jakobee could be any Red Sox player he would be WMB because Jenny Dell and paid to do nothing!
Thanks Will Middlebrooks for driving Jenny Dell out of town. And in addition to that, you absolutely suck.
Someone in the front office must like looking @ Jenny Dell & this is the reason WMB is still playing here.
This makes me proud to work for Dell, recognized as a top technology company for women's leadership:
it has to be dumbed down if Jenny Dell is going to be a host
.to produce an all-female sports talk show, with and others. Score!
I was going to suggest "The Score" for all-female sports talk show... but that might be problematic.
Jenny Dell is the only one worth watching. The rest, as Keels would say, "Oh no!"
thoughts on Jenny Dell being on the new sports version of the View?
Jenny Dell has been linked to an ambitious new CBS show deemed 'The View' for sports
Not sure if jenny dell or heinzerling
plot twist: Middlebrooks is smarter than Dr. Spangler and Jenny Dell is an Android
Dear is Jenny Dell the only thing Will Middlebrooks can hit?
The Red Sox went from Tina Cervasio, Hazel Mae, Heidi Watney, Jenny Dell to this guy, this is the reason why we suck http…
99% sure I just bumped into Jenny Dell on my lunch break in Boston.
Was just a foot away from Jenny dell...
ever since he and Jenny Dell got engaged! Keep it up!
not gonna lie I have no idea what Jenny Dell has to do with this story. Save that card though, gonna be worth millions one day
the only thing disappointing nowadays is Will Middlebrooks and Jenny Dell
Introducing the “new Jenny Dell:” An interview with NESN reporter Gary Striewski
Not the first time he's gone on a witch hunt either. Wanted both Jenny Dell and Joe Haggerty removed from their job(s) at 1 point
This hot lady at Bar Louie looks so much like Jenny Dell it's not even funny...
Jenny Dell has a great skill set with a ton of upside her value has recently decreased due to engagement
I didn't know Jenny Dell and Will Middlebrooks were engaged.
If I could be anyone in this world it would be Jenny Dell she has my dream job AND Will Middlebrooks
via absolutely KILLING it with Jenny Dell
Will Middlebrooks consider yourself dumped. Jenny Dell is standing outside Brock Holt's house with a boombox over her head.
should have stuck with Jenny Dell since Middlebrooks is practically out of Bos
. He's out with jenny dell. Hooking up. Champagne on ice. Big Willie style with a chauffeur knaw mean
Burke & Bannayan Jewelers known for design work
Burke & Bannayan Jewelers known for design work
Burke & Bannayan Jewelers known for design work - Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
Suffice it to say Middlebrooks is a really good guy & loves the fans plus engaged to Jenny Dell (😍) I wish him success in baseball, I do.
If Rory wins this, Middlebrooks dumps Jenny Dell and hits .500 with 20 dingers in the second half right?
GAHry, the sideline guy who is not Jenny Dell.
Was super jealous of Jenny Dell and her good looks now I hate her bc she's engaged to Will Middlebrooks... That should be me
Stupid questions get stupid answers. We need Jenny Dell or some other hot chick back.
I need to put my TV on mute during tonights' game b/c the NESN sideline reporter is ridiculous. Bring back Jenny Dell.
I'd give anything for half of the good fortune Jenny Dell has. I mean, have you seen the 💍?
Remember that time I literally bumped into Jenny Dell after Red Sox batting practice? Because that happened tonight...
Nice to see Will Middlebrooks getting engaged to jenny dell. Glad he has time for private parties but hasnt played a ga…
Missed opportunity had jenny dell in my elevator and didn't recognize her
Just saw Jenny Dell in the press box and my heart is about to beat out of my chest
I don't agree. Gary is much better than Jenny Dell
Been at fenway for five minutes. Saw a bp homer destroy a Saab, talked to Jenny Dell, now we're chilling on the green monster. Ok.
I hear Jenny Dell and Remy calling for your head. . .
I guess Esmil Rogers was mad at Middlebrooks for getting engaged to Jenny Dell
is that Triple A? He's still there. Tell Jenny Dell he's a scrub.
There are more purges at and than in Stalinist Russia. What happened to Orsillo? Off to Gulag? Despondent about Jenny Dell?
Not only does Jenny Dell get to look at Middlebrooks every day, now she gets to look at that beautiful rock on her finger too
It still hurts not seeing jenny dell and seeing Gary
Former NESN Red Sox sideline reporter Jenny Dell is now engaged to Red Sox infielder Will Middlebrooks!
Will Middlebrooks is engaged to Jenny Dell. What a stud
When/if Jenny Dell and Will Middlebrooks have a baby she/he is gonna be such a smoke/stud.   10% Off
Jenny Dell gives us the deets on Will Middlebrooks Perfect Proposal...
the only backlash about any sideline reporter is Jenny Dell being taken off the field. I hate Will Middlebrooks for that.
So Will Middlebrooks proposed to Jenny Dell in Newport on Monday. And I didn't know about that
Well, ladies and gents, it's all over. Go home. Jenny Dell and Will Middlebrooks are engaged. Goodbye
Jenny Dell on Will Middlebrooks' 'perfect' proposal - Boston Herald
Will Middlebrooks sure knows how to pick out a rock. Jenny Dell is one lucky girl.
Will Middlebrooks and Jenny Dell got engaged in Newport on Cliff Walk. I think my heart just melted ❤ ️❤️❤️
Meanwhile in other news Will Middlebrooks and Jenny Dell got engaged. Been hitting about .220 since they started dating.
Jenny Dell announces engagement to Will Middlebrooks - Boston Herald
Shoutout to Will Middlebrooks for deciding to wife up Jenny Dell aka the smoke show of the Red Sox franchise
Jenny Dell and Will Middlebrooks are engaged -
Jenny Dell and Will Middlebrooks got engaged: Things have turned out just fine for Jenny Dell sin...
Can't wait until Jenny Dell & Middlebrooks get divorced when she figures out she's Jenny Dell and he's Will Middlebrooks
Will Middlebrooks is a lucky man marrying Jenny Dell, a very lucky man
Jenny Dell and Will Middlebrooks engaged I guess it hasn't been that bad a year for Will.
DYING that Will Middlebrooks and Jenny Dell are engaged. This is the funniest thing I have heard all day.
Jenny Dell and Will Middlebrooks are getting married, now that's what I call a royal wedding.
Why am I the only one not happy about Jenny Dell and Will Middlebrooks getting engaged?
So, Will Middlebrooks is marrying Jenny Dell. Let have a moment of silence for all the destroyed men out there.
Will Middlebrooks & Jenny Dell got engaged yesterday on the Cliff Walk. FTW!!! Congrats :)
Wait, why didn't they get engaged in Pawtucket? - Jenny Dell, Will Middlebrooks engaged in Newport via
So Will Middlebrooks and Jenny Dell are engaged. I have a great gift. The Red Sox trade Middlebrooks to Siberia.
For the rest of his life Will Middlebrooks gets to wake up to Jenny Dell naked every day👌
Jenny Dell got engaged and completely outshined the HR Derby
Congrats to and on their engagement! Nothing better than a love story!
Recognize this pretty hand? Jenny Dell just got engaged to Will Middlebrooks.
Breaking off an engagement with a Cowboys cheerleader and locking up Jenny Dell, hopefully Middlebrooks catches a break so…
Newly engaged Will Middlebrooks and Jenny Dell spend time in Newport:
Wonder if Will Middlebrooks proposed to Jenny Dell on one knee. On a pitch that low he's liable to miss the finger.
Jenny Dell announced her engagement to Red Sox third baseman Will Middlebrooks with a picture of a stunning ring on Monday night.
By: Melissa Randall mrandallRed Sox third basemen Will Middlebrooks is engaged to former sideline reporter Jenny Dell. The pair shared pictures on their Instagram accounts Monday night- from the ring to the surprise party in their honor. It appears the romantic proposal had something in co…
And to make things worse Jenny Dell is getting engaged to Middlebrooks. Hopes and dreams = crushed
Jenny Dell gets engaged, I forget my headphones. I should just take the rest of the day off.
Well Middlebrooks got engaged to Jenny Dell so basically everyone loses
Jenny Dell being engaged to Middlebrooks is amazing yet depressing
Rumor is Will Middlebrooks pulled his hamstring while rising from his proposal to Jenny Dell. Then she interviewed him.
The only thing consistent about Will Middlebrooks is his love for Jenny Dell
Jenny Dell's engagement ring is gorgeous.. lol
there go my chances with Jenny Dell..
Congrats to Will Middlebrooks and Jenny Dell on their engagement.
Hey guys, I know you love staring at Jenny Dell...start staring at her left hand and start taking notes. 😍💎
Best play of Middlebrooks career wifing up jenny dell last night. All American family in the making
Middlebrooks put an absolute boulder on that ring for Jenny Dell
Welp Jenny Dell is engaged now so my world has come crashing down
Wonder how much Jenny Dell's ring was. Wowie
Now jenny dell has a smokin fiancé and perfect ring to go with her perfect self 😒
UPDATED: Will Middlebrooks put ring on it after Jenny Dell said "yes." VIDEO
Will Middlebrooks gave Jenny Dell a straight up rock
Will Middlebrooks Pops Question To Jenny Dell:   And there it is. That’s Jenny Dell‘s finger. That’s the ring ...
Mind boggling that Jenny Dell and Will Middlebrooks are engaged. The only thing more shocking would be if it was her and Big Papi...💍
Will Middlebrooks and jenny dell are engaged?!?
Congrats to Jenny Dell and Will Middlebrooks. I guess it's time considering both of your stats are declining.
Jenny Dell & Will Middlebrooks get engaged. Now get him back on the field. Can't stay healthy .
Totally thought Middlebrooks and Jenny Dell broke up so I can't say I was expecting to wake up to that engagement announcement
I love all of these "tears" over Jenny Dell getting engaged to Will Middlebrooks. Like any of you fools had a shot. Congrats to them!
Wedding bells chime for Jenny Dell (video) via
Jenny Dell and Will Middlebrooks are now engaged.
Wedding bells chime for Jenny Dell (video): (Photo by: Matt West) Eric D. Schabell Contributing...
Listening to Taylor Swift and crying about Jenny Dell getting married
I'm more upset now that Jenny Dell got engaged, than I was when the US lost in the World Cup. Does that make me un-Ameri…
Wedding bells chime for Jenny Dell (video) (New Post)
if Jenny Dell was still here she could've gone streaking
it used to be... Maybe that's where the injuries have caught up to him. Or he's lost focus from staring at Jenny Dell
Submit your questions for our interview with Jenny Dell here:
If Jenny Dell cougared WMB thinking she made a major money score w/a young MLB star..she better re think her business plan .
he doesn't want to play. He wants to be with Jenny Dell in NYC for the NFL.
think we can arrange something at the deadline to get Jenny Dell back? Fans need a reason to watch
I wonder if we can trade middlebrooks to NESN for Jenny Dell
how many people can say they met both Jenny Dell and Jamie Erdahl in a calendar year? not many. lol
I love how this was the job NESN apparently thought was too much of a conflict of interest for Jenny Dell
Middlebrooks scratched for a swollen finger? Maybe if he kept his ✌️out of jenny dell this wouldn't be a fishy situation!
Hot Photos of Jenny Dell–New CBS NFL Sideline Reporter - For the sports fans living in the Boston...
Making it onto is such a Monday morning win
that would be like Jenny Dell and WMB all over again for me 😔 at least JE11 is a baller though
Snaps: We Partied with Chromeo, Jenny Dell, and the World’s Tallest Ice Luge at the Seaport World Trade Center. 
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Sorry for flooding your mentions with stupidness so here's a pic of Jenny Dell :)
Got told I looked like jenny dell and Kate Middleton in a 5-minute span. What's the opposite of a humblebrag? (That's what this is)
I'm not sure who's more attractive: Will Middlebrooks or jenny dell. I'm leaning more towards jenny 😍
I wish Jenny Dell was my girlfriend
ICYMI: brought a 25-ft ice luge to the Seaport. Oh, and Jenny Dell + were there, too.
NESN exile Jenny Dell says she is more than Ready For Some Football!
All i want is to be jenny dell ughhh
Jenny Dell to become sideline reporter for cbs coverage of nfl. this according to the inside track on boston herald
to when Jenny Dell reported for the Red Sox💕
Jenny Dell takin selfies on stage lmao. I see u grl
So that was fun interviewing Chromeo and Jenny Dell
and witnessing some sox scandal at dinner.. Whose the mystery player with jenny dell?
odds jenny dell gets stuffed at UMASS tonight?
And for those that have missed Jenny Dell on Red Sox games on NESN *** you Middlebrooks!), she's a new sideline reporte…
In a story that isn't very surprising, Jenny Dell's tenure at NESN sounds like it's coming to an end very soon. The former Red Sox sideline reporter was reassigned to a less prominent anchor/reporter role at the network this offseas...
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Word is Jenny Dell is done at NESN. We’re told the former sideline reporter at Red Sox games is leaving the network this week. It’s unclear if Dell, who is dating oft-injuRed Sox third baseman Will Middlebrooks, has another job lined up. Attempts to contact her were unsuccessful.
The Cam Stuart Jenny Dell Prom curse is finally over!
T-minus 2 weeks until Jenny dell is team holt like me
Middlebrooks?? You trying to steal Jenny Dell's man or something?? Lol Bogaerts to 3rd. Send down Herrera and keep Holt as UTIL
Hello Jenny Dell! Nice to meet you! Thank you for your nice job. Greetings from the Dominican Republic.
Had a dream last night I was dating jenny dell. Woke up, was not dating jenny dell
Nice little jolly down Healey Dell with Jenny
Pretty obvious now that the sox need to bring back jenny dell ASAP
This season is over. Can we have Jenny Dell back now?
may have ended its who will replace Jenny Dell carousel of auditions with Steve, insightful and doing more than promos.
I blame the Red Sox losing streak on middlebrooks F***n jenny dell. We got nothing to play for with her gone!
This is the curse of jenny dell. Bring back jenny.
Jenny Dell fool...Red met her today. She's leaving Will for him
and then we can have Jenny Dell back, right?
why did you get rid of Jenny Dell? These replacements are horrible. Get rid of these chooches
.and Jenny Dell shacking up with Brock Holt.
The Red Sox have lost 9 in row. They are in last place in their division. Dennis Eckersley no longer does the color for the NESN broadcasts. Jenny Dell is on the anchor desk at NESN so we don't see her as much. WHY DOES EVERYTHING HAPPEN TO ME?
Was just told from 3 dudes I looked like Jenny Dell night is made
With Will Middlebrooks middlebrooks of the Boston and his gorgeous girl Jenny Dell. They came…
Jenny Dell is even more beautiful in person if being that beautiful is even possible
This Red Sox team went downhill when nesn gave jenny dell the boot
The Jenny Dell curse is a very real thing
Jenny Dell cursed the team plain and simple.
We bring in Jenny Dell, we win a championship. We let Jenny Dell go and...
Jenny dell curse is the only logical explanation at this point. The flat suck.
if nesn brings back jenny dell I am positive the Red Sox would start winning again
I still like Jenny Dell's or Elle Duncan's hair better, though
“Just what the needed 👍” are you gonna take away the curse of Jenny Dell or does Gary need to "disappear" *wink*
do i follow you or Jenny Dell.. me see.. ok jenny wins.. stay well Brian
It's show time! I got my blue solo cup with my team nickname .. The other Jenny dell 😉…
I truly believe that the reason the struggles this year is due to the fact that NESN resigned Jenny Dell away from the telecasts.
I think the need their secret weapon of Jenny Dell back to get them going
I believe Jenny Dell to be a total Ice Queen, WMB hides in a turtle shell.
Sox players were probably nailing jenny dell before and after every game they miss her bro bring her back
Hardest working man in sports taking some pics at Sox - Rays - too bad no Jenny Dell this year
Come on Holt. Get a hit. I like you. Not in a Jenny Dell way. But I think you're a pretty good player.
More Jenny Dell and less Jamison. Sounds like a plan to me!
Sox just aren't the same without jenny dell
Red Sox bring back Jenny Dell because if we're gonna get bad play currently at least have eye candy throughout the game
I won the *** throne this week and didn't call her quarterback an Oompa Loompa once. Must of been that Jenny Dell reference.
One can only hope RTdoes this mean MORE Jenny Dell??
Hey if the Sox trade or demote Middlebrooks can you bring back Jenny Dell? I need something to enjoy while watching these games
need Jenny Dell back on NESN. that's when the trouble started. just sayin
I'm starting to think that the curse of Jenny Dell may be a real thing
Pete the fluffer as usual being a gas bag only hit middlebrooks gets is when his balls r deep in Jenny dell keep fluffin Pete
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What will jenny dell do if Middlebrooks gets traded?
Sox are 6 games under 500 I think its time to admit that they need to bring back Jenny Dell
Hey it's cool that kid went to prom with Jenny dell but wouldn't you rather go to prom with someone you have a chance with
Jenny Dell isn't fluffing the clubhouse before games.
If it's true, Will Middlebrooks and Jenny Dell may have to start looking for apartments elsewhere.
If this is the end of middlebrooks does that mean jenny dell can come back
Some kid went to prom with Jenny Dell 😳👏👏👏
This Jenny Dell selfie is too much. Oh my “Rockland High junior prom
NESN doesn't need to bring back all of Jenny Dell, they just need to hire her ***
The kid who went to prom with Jenny Dell must have had the best night of his life
New England Sports Network's Jenny Dell may be dating Boston Red Sox third baseman Will Middlebrooks , but she has no problem rewarding a kid for a strong effort...
Student Goes to Prom with Jenny Dell (via this guy deserves an award
Bravo to Jenny Dell for being an outstanding sideline reporter and making one high school Bro's life.
Jenny Dell cuts a rug at the Rockland High School prom
Student Goes to Prom with Jenny Dell (via want
Student Goes to Prom with Jenny Dell (via lucky *** little kid
S/O to the kid who took Jenny dell to prom
"Did you see Jenny Dell went to prom with some kid, what a squid"
Jenny Dell went to Rockland High's prom with some 16 year old kid. That's one lucky mofo..
If Jenny Dell didn't give that kid who took her to prom at least an OTPHJ then I've lost all faith in humanity
long-delayed LRT comment on that jenny dell prom photo: is this how you're punishing middlebrooks for the past week's performance?
I want to think it's cute that Jenny Dell went to prom with that 16 yr old boy but for some reason I find it insanely creepy
This kid straight up asked Jenny Dell to prom and she said yes. What a boss.
If I find a woman that looks as gorgeous as Jenny Dell, then my life is complete.
Yes, that was Jenny Dell on the dance floor at the Rockland High School prom the other night. The NESN anchor wasn’t chaperoning, she was Cameron Stuart’s date for the evening. Last fall, Stuart, a 16-year-old Sox fan who runs cross-country and plays lacrosse, invited Dell to the prom and - lo and b…
I'll never get tired of stories like this!- Persistence pays off: 16-year-old takes Jenny Dell to prom via
Jenny Dell looked FINE at that kid's prom
Am I whylin or is Jenny Dell like a 5 -- maybe a 6?
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