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Jenny Dell

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The Curse of Jenny Dell is in full swing
I want jenny dell back, just not the same without her.
I'm geekin hard to papi t.. He's so rattled that the nesn broadcast doesn't have jenny dell anymore
Red Sox Thought of the Day: Bogaerts doesn't have enough range for a shortstop. Sign Drew, move XB to short, trade Middlebrooks and bring back Jenny Dell. Win, win.
Red Sox use of guy sideline reports continues to annoy me what in the name of Tina Cervasio, of Hedi Watney, Jenny Dell it's shameful
Invitations have been sent! Rumor has it that some great Boston faces may be making appearances such Jenny Dell, El Pres, and MTV's Brittany Baldi!
Padres sideline reporter Kate Osbourne is hotter than Red Sox sideline reporter Jenny Dell.
We may have lost Jenny Dell but at least we still have Abby Chin
Don't you get a feeling that Jenny Dell has been playing Tom Werner Voodoo doll since Opening Day? Shane,Koji.Peedey.Middlebrooks.
Had my second round of brief eye contact with Jenny Dell today...I won't say it's love but it might be
Same here. Check Jenny Dell too. I'm blocked by both. No idea why.
I'd love to see a Will Middlebrooks and Jenny Dell sex tape
I have so many mixed emotions about Will Middlebrooks and Jenny Dell dating
I'm still infuriated that Jenny Dell isn't on broadcasts anymore
I blame NESN's random rotation of weirdos that replaced Jenny Dell as the reason for the Red Sox slow to start to the season
It's absurd to me that Jenny Dell can't cover the Sox but Jerry Remy can.
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"This outfit is inspired by the asian NESN guy who took over for Jenny Dell."
My roommate just got a pic with jenny dell at the bar, game over
I feel like at the Oscars. selfie time!
If Directv forces me to watch Yankees-Red Sox on NESN instead of YES then at least bring back Jenny Dell or another hottie equivalent
The fact that Jenny Dell can't work for NESN anymore cause she's banging Middlebrooks
I want the sox to bring back Jenny Dell...
I feel bad for Jenny Dell's sister...
It's too bad Jenny Dell is a thot and let Middlebrooks hit. Could really use her on the sidelines v. The Yanks
Gary Striewski is interviewing Papi after a game winning home run and Jenny Dell is covering high school lacrosse in Watertown
Jenny Dell really got shafted by the sox and nesn this year. Covering a Watertown High Lax game? All time low
My man topped himself with his Jenny Dell tune today on Standing ovation my man.
Jenny Dell and her beautiful rack are stuck at a high school lax game while I'm getting useless sideline reports from Eric Frede 2.0 😔😢😭
I know he's not Jenny Dell, but I really like Gary Striewski's in-game reporting.
Nesn got rid of Jenny Dell for this guy ? What
How long until Jenny dell is interviewed for ask a pink hat?
We all hate Jenny Dell bc she's not the on field reporter and she's mooching off Middlebrooks. And bc we're from Boston and are *** fans
i can't believe the sox went from jenny dell to . Biggest downgrade in the history of sports?
I miss Jenny Dell but this Gary guy does a good job.
You should probably follow in Jenny Dell's footsteps.
Middlebrooks waved to out Jenny out
Where is Jenny Dell? What is she doing, besides Will Middlebrooks of course
Jenny Dell plays nice with new reporter, accompanies Will Middlebrooks to White House http…
Will Middlebrooks out because Jenny Dell is expecting... A new job at Foxsports 1.
I think Will Middlebrooks just blew a kiss to Jenny Dell after that home run. Im not even being a wise ***
I'll be photographing the Orioles/Red Sox game Saturday afternoon 4/19 at Fenway Park for MLB - look for me on NESN, 1:30pm next to Jenny Dell in the 3rd base camera well.
Heidi Watney had Nick Green, Jenny Dell had Will Middlebrooks, but who will be linked to? Stayed tuned...
I wish Jenny Dell or Heidi Watney were still with NESN
Hazel Mae, Heidi Watney, Jenny Dell now Gary Striewski??? Sorry Gary but NESN has set you up for failure.
I'm still in shock that Heidi Watney and Jenny Dell, two of the hardest hitting sideline reporters ever, were followed by a guy named Gary
I strongly suspect that NESN consciously hired a male sideline reporter after what happened with Heidi Watney and Jenny Dell.
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Bring back Jenny Dell or Heidi Watney. Who the heck is this winkey smith jr. doing the reporting
Red Sox chairman Tom Werner said Thursday morning that reporter Jenny Dell, who was removed as the in-game reporter on the team’s telecasts, is free to leave NESN. Werner made the comment during a media availability session at the Red Sox’ spring training site in Fort Myers, Fla. “We talked about it...
Favorite sideline reporter of the last decade. Tina Cervasio, Hazel Mae, Heidi Watney or Jenny Dell.go!
won't let Jenny Dell on TV but for some reason it is ok to stand by Jerry Remy?
the Red Sox should be more worried about how it looks having Jerry Remy in the booth then Jenny Dell in the locker room
What the *** is going on with the Red Sox and NESN? It's bad enough that Father of the Year, Jerry Remy is still announcing the games, but who is that goofball replacing Jenny Dell? I don't want accurate stats in my dugout reporters...I want smokin hotties!
*** is up with Jenny Dell's replacement? On a brighter note, I'm pretty excited about Grady Sizemore 😄❤️⚾️
Im insulted that NESN is going from Tina Cervasio (OG), Heidi Watney, and Jenny Dell, to a guy named Gary. Get Gary out of my face
Wish you the best, but before u that seat belonged to Jenny Dell, Heidi Watney, Tina Cervasio, Hazel Mae... notice the trend?
How do you go from Heidi Watney, to Jenny Dell, to a guy... Come on NESN
So Jerry Remy remains on the air but Jenny Dell doesn't. Um...
So follows up Jenny Dell and Heidi Watney with a dude? Oh, cool
So NESN went from Heidi Watney to Jenny Dell now to some guy named Gary. What the ***
If Will Middlebrooks has a bounce back season in 2014, can we unofficially classify Jenny Dell as a hitting coach. That's right.
Will Middlebrooks really didn't think the whole Jenny Dell thing out tho.
NESN just isn't the same without Jenny Dell 😔
Nice to hear Don and Jerry again! And, it's great to see the BoSox play again but, missing Jenny Dell.
The biggest spring training battle for the seems to be between Elle Duncan & Sarah Davis to replace Jenny Dell.
NESN replaced Jenny Dell and they did NOT do a good job. What in the *** were they thinking?!
Thankful today for Red Sox game on television!! Know I'm getting older when Yaz's grandson is playing for the Orioles today! But we know spring is almost here when the Sox are on!!! One minor comment--do we really need two attractive young ladies auditioning to take Jenny Dell's place? Do we really need a "roaming reporter" to distract from the game? Do guys really need that?
Red Sox games aren't the same without Jenny Dell
Jenny Dell's replacement is actually kinda sexy
Did NESN really need 2 girls to replace Jenny Dell?
Can't thank Middlebrooks enough for getting Jenny Dell removed from games. She was AWFUL & wore more makeup than a drag queen hooker
This new girl is no Jenny Dell though
This new Sox reporter is no Jenny Dell. 😞
So this is the girl that's not Jenny Dell
Not a fan of the Jenny dell replacement
So this is Jenny Dell's replacement? Not gonna cut it not gonna cut it
No more Jenny Dell.just not the same! Lol
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Is Elle Duncan Jenny Dell's replacement? I don't like her, bring back Heidi! :(
These two new field reporters just aren't cutting it. I need me some Jenny Dell
But i don't know how i'm gonna get through this Red Sox season without seeing Jenny Dell on my tv
NESN getting rid of Jenny Dell is like taking candy from a baby, you just dont 😔
This new reporter chick is not nearly as hot as Jenny Dell.
Seeing the chick who took Jenny Dell's spot just ruined my day.
Watching the Red Sox on MLB Net and apparently NESN is doing auditions for Jenny Dell's replacement as they have 2 on field reporters today.
Sarah Davis is no Jenny Dell and that is a fact
Where is my girl Jenny Dell. Who is this imposter.
Ladies and gentlemen, the replacement for Jenny Dell.
if that is Jenny Dells replacement I want Middlebrooks gone dam him all to ***
are people thinking NESN went too far forcing Jenny Dell off the broadcast?
A few years ago the Red Sox/NESN let go of former on-field reporter Heidi Watney after she (reportedly) had an affair with catcher Jason Varitek. In the offseason they fired on-field reporter Jenny Dell after she started dating third baseman Will Middlebrooks. Now they have hired Elle Duncan as their brand new on-field reporter. Elle is a former traffic girl from Atlanta. This is called not learning from experience.
If Elle Duncan is Jenny Dell's official replacement then consider me disappointed. NESN, you were on a roll...
Very disappointed in the sox new sideline reporter. She is no Jenny Dell... Not even close
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a moment of silence i believe is in order for the departure of Jenny Dell as the on-field babe.
The new Red Sox field reporter is not nearly as hot as Jenny Dell...this is gonna take some getting used to
It doesn't feel right watching the Red Sox without Jenny Dell...💔
you're a little out of the loop on when you're on the west coast. Yahoo Sports -
Jenny Dell taught him how to do that.
needed two women to replace Jenny Dell? How about no replacement for that useless, uninformative position?
NESN has a newcomer tag team of Sara Davis and Ellie Duncan covering Jenny Dell's sideline role.big shoes to fill apparently
NESN swung and missed if these two girls doing the Red Sox game today are Jenny Dell's replacements
Red Sox on @ 1:00,.. I think Jerry Remy is back, and Jenny Dell's replacement, Sarah Davis also .. Jenny Dell was covering the Celtics last night ..
Observation from my foray into Tinder; Rene Rancourt, the Stanley Cup and Jenny Dell sure do get around.
just casually got Jenny Dell's email
OMG!! We have to go!! We need one here. Jessica O'Dell Scarlett Pixie Rose Jenny Johnston Mark Ferris Eden Biggs
Hearing that jenny dell is leaving nesn just compleltly pretty much ruined my night
Met jenny dell at Jerry Remys tonight!
Jenny dell next to us at the bar, so hot right now
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Lunch at Jerry Remy's, and Jenny Dell gets seated next to us. 😱
I wanna see Jamie Erdahl and Jenny Dell mud wrestle right now
Preseason baseball means we get to see Jenny Dell
This was the article that I had read regarding Jenny Dell leaving Nesn
Why was I texted jenny dell's address..?
Jenny Dell driving into work today and I couldn't help but notice how much Salk and Holley crush on you.
Why am I just finding out that Will Middlebrooks and his girlfriend since middle school broke up and now he dates Jenny Dell. COOL missed my chance yet again
In order to keep her "job" as Red Sox "reporter" Jenny Dell only had to NOT sleep with a player. Alas, she could not resist the forbidden fruit that is Will Middlebrooks. What's next? Peter Gammons dating Jackie Bradley Jr.? NESN: It's why people in the region become Mets fans.
your improv work as Jenny Dell on BSReport was extremely well executed. High comedy for AL east aficionados and Nesn subscribers
Jenny Dell, Heidi Watney and hottest Red Sox reporters who date players (Photos) via
So Jenny Dell is now covering the Celtics for NESN now?
Dont get me wrong jenny dell is beautiful but she was much more attractive when she was talking about baseball
Me and Middlebrooks before the game. He said I'm hotter than Jenny Dell...
Jenny Dell is sitting in front of me wonder how will is doing
Jenny Dell, Red Sox NESN reporter. Game over. My city rules!
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Popular Boston Red Sox sideline reporter Jenny Dell won't be covering the team anymore, after beginning a relationship with one of its players. Dell and third baseman Will Middlebrooks publicly outed themselves as an item on New Year's Eve. Dell's … Continue reading →
Sad to see Jenny Dell go. On the other hand who is replacing? Im excited.
An update on Jenny Dell... right now with Ron and Ian.
Jenny Dell, NESN's popular sideline reporter who was removed from the role after disclosing that she's in a relationship with Red Sox third baseman Will Middlebrooks, is free to pursue other opportunities...
Who wants to join me in hosting a Jenny Dell job fair?
Jenny Dell done as Sox sideline girl bc she disclosed her relationship with Middlebrooks. They should get rid of him, she had a better year
is it just me, or are people (and media) getting WAY too involved in Jenny Dell's business?
"NESN sportsgal Jenny Dell is pursuing other jobs in Boston because she wants to be close to her live-in boyfriend"
Why do you ASSUME that someone I.e. Jenny Dell can't be objective? It is possible.
Jenny Dell should have QUIT and THEN slept w a player. END OF STORY.
Attention - Jenny Dell is looking for a new job in Boston. She would make great addition to
Something stinks about the / / Jenny Dell breakup. Would a male reporter be held to same standards?
NESN is in an awkward spot with its Red Sox broadcast team since many feel Jerry Remy shouldn't be back and Jenny Dell shouldn't have left.
Jenny "Boom Boom"Dell is leaving NESN. I guess I will just listen to the Sox games now.
Jenny dell is done at nesn for dating middlebrooks? Come on now.
Having coffee watching D&C on NESN! Red Sox still looking for Jenny Dell's replacement! God I would love that job as a second job! I'm not blonde enough though!
Good for her and him hope they are happy and he as good this year as when he was a rooky
After reassignment, Red Sox chairman Tom Werner says 'distraction' Jenny Dell can go v
Boom Boom we hardly knew ya. Best of luck to Jenny Dell.
Would be completely okay if replaced Jenny Dell even tho I met jenny
Sad to see Jenny Dell likely leaving NESN I actually liked her on the sidelines at Red Sox games but it's a price you pay for dating players
RIP to the Jenny Dell legacy, you will forever be missed
With Jenny Dell out as the Red Sox reporter motion to hire to replace her.
Details on Jenny Dell; recently picked up 3rd year option on her contract. Dell is free to leave NESN and go 2
Tom Werner had given Jenny Dell permission to seek alternative forms of employment. An unprecedented turn of events in a free capitalistic society!
Jenny dell leaving NESN is up there with nomar being traded. Close but not quite.
Werner referring to Jenny Dell as a 'reporter' a 30-second sound byte. Pretty sure that qualifies as breaking news...
Will I miss Jenny Dell if/when she leaves NESN? Yes.she's always been nice to me on here and when I took a pic with her last year...
Tom Werner: Jenny Dell, NESN ‘moving on’ from each other. She even departs with that puss on her face! She was...
Boston Herald Tom Werner says Jenny Dell is free to leave NESN Boston Herald Nancy Lane. Boston Red Sox left fielder Jonny Gomes looks at a tablet held by NECN reporter Jenny Dell as the Boston Red Sox take batting practice at Fenway Park before the playoffs last fall. 1. 2. 3. Thursday, February ...
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Jenny Dell is no longer on NESN and I'm devastated
Bejesus! Now Jenny Dell is gone from NESN. She an Will Middlebrooks became an item. I'm reasonably sure Werner will find a suitable replacement. GO NESN BROADCAST TEAM!!
if Jenny Dell leaves, I am totally available.
NBC Sports - HardballTalk: NESN and Jenny Dell part ways
so Werner basically said that jenny dell is done with NESN. When is Middlebrooks gonna be on?
NESN will allow Jenny Leave to leave the station, and possibly pursue an opportunity with Fox Sports 1
I can't believe Jenny Dell got fired.
News is Jenny Dell is out... Guess what that means... 😍😍😍
On a scale of 1-10 of how sad I am that Jenny Dell pretty much got fired from all of NESN? -64
I'd rather trade middlebrooks than have jenny dell leave nesn
No more Jenny Dell this season boys 💔
I love that Jenny Dell's boyfriend being on the Red Sox would be a conflict-of-interest for her job at the network owned by the Red Sox.
Unbeliavable jenny dell gone from nesn.
NESN and Jenny Dell agree to part ways:.
Jenny dell covered him and is now dating middlebrooks. K then
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Jenny Dell was taken off telecasts on NESN. Now, Dell is gone from the network completely.
If I could marry any girl it'd prob be Jenny Dell or Jessica Biel
NESN made the right call letting Jenny Dell leave the station:
Jenny Dell is the love of my life she is soo hot. Rumor has it she isn't doing the sox games this year cuz she dates Middlebrooks
move over JD, make room for Jamie Erdahl
Sad to hear that Jenny Dell is leaving NESN! Fox Sports is waiting for you!
How are we gonna survive without Jenny Dell's hot dog stand reviews?!
Red Sox chairman says Jenny Dell is free to leave NESN
Am I the only one who would rather trade Middlebrooks, so that Jenny Dell can comeback
NESN lets Jenny Dell go.cause shez a ***
NESN makes the right call, and will allow Jenny Dell to leave the station
“(VIDEO) Is Jenny Dell Done at NESN? (New Post)” I just died a little on the inside...
I'll take Jenny Dell's job, just sayin
In other words...Don't let the door hit you on the way out. Jenny Dell free to leave NESN
Tom Werner announces that Jenny Dell and NESN are ‘moving on’ from each other
Tom Werner (Red Sox chairman) said Jenny Dell is "pursuing other opportunities" beyond NESN. By now, you know why:. http…
We've seen a lot of great ones come and go - Hazel Mae, Tina Cervasio, Heidi Watney - but Jenny Dell has been the easiest of all on the eyes
Tom Werner explains status of Jerry Remy and Jenny Dell
Tom Werner has declared Jenny Dell a free agent. Magic Kingdom is hiring princesses.
Will Middlebrooks is dating Jenny Dell, that lucky ***
chairman Tom Werner says Jenny Dell can leave NESN even though she’s still under contract with the station
Jenny Dell gone from NESN Tom Werner " would be a distraction for her to be a reporter...I think she's looking for other opportunities"
Add Jenny Dell to the list of beautiful NESN reporters who have left the Red Sox for greener pastures. Dell has decided to pursue other opportunities.
So Tom Werner kicked Jenny Dell to the curb. Typical of the Three Stooges that own the Red Sox...
Spent half the day at Jet Blue park today pitchers and catchers worked out today , full team tomorrow . The rumor swirling around the park today is Jenny Dell will be replaced by Jonny Weir.
Who wants to sign this petition that was emailed to me? It's about Jenny Dell lol.
dump Middlebrooks now and free Jenny Dell she's more valuable to the organization
I just got this email, a petition for Jenny Dell because she was "fired" from the sideline.
are you referring to Jenny Dell or...
The best thing NESN could do is to bring back as Jenny Dell's replacement. The would greatly appreciate it!
Middlebrooks: 'Any time you get your face pushed down in the dirt a few times, you're going to work warder. Metaphor for rimming jenny dell
Farul might have an obsession with Heidi Watney and Jenny Dell
Jenny Dell is a fine replacement for Heidi Watney, and she's kinda hot.
What an incredibly hot shot of Jenny Dell getting ready to interview X-B on his call up to Bigs
Jenny dell kan raep me eny day. Sike it's not raep ef I lyke et
lmao dawg you gotta be hitting Jenny Dell then too
bruh pretty much anybody who's hitting that nae nae is also hitting Jenny Dell
he was hitting Jenny Dell while hitting the nae nae
bruh even John wall is hitting jenny dell
when are you taking over for Jenny Dell
Jenny Dell loves third baseman I guess lmao and X owns Aruba he's like the George Washington of Aruba lol
balls deep in Jenny Dell can do that to a man.
middlebrooks only has swag because he is nailing Jenny dell
who woulda thought... Jenny dell is kinda on the small side
Let Jenny Dell be a lesson to all the hot college interns that flock to every summer trying to do the same thing.
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A petition some Massholes might like: via
Discover the true GEM that is Jenny Lloyd, author of Leap The Wild Water! … Follow and support
or Molly Mcgrath ? Jenny Dell is out because she is hooked up with one of the sox 3rd basemen. cant do that girl,,,if you want the gig.
Jenny dell left the sox cause she's dating Middlebrooks ...
Drew is good, but they'll be a better run-producing team with X at SS and mr. jenny dell at 3B. Not as good defensively though
My girl jenny dell hitting that follow button last night
who was in b per ingrahams I'm pretty sure both arguments were made, and at least jenny dell is as dumb as Erin, so she wins
pretty sure I never said she wasn't, I said jenny dell was > and she is
EW i saw 'Jenny Dell' and threw up. i don't need to know anything else, lol
not u lol. A SLOB. She knows who she is. Creeping on my TL. Wearing SHEEPS' clothing. Wanna be jenny dell. NOT.
the Red Sox need a new on field reporter now that Jenny Dell is out. would get her from Foxsports 1.
spring training starting today without Jenny Dell just doesn't feel right. needs to give the fans what they want
I think it's friggen hilarious my best friend hung out with Jenny Dell and her friends last night in Boston & had no clue who she was!!
wouldn't you if you dated Jenny Dell
you are just a troll.u realize he has to stay hot for Jenny Dell.
I didn't know who Jenny Dell was but last night her eyes had me like 😮😍
Breaking news jenny dell at the point on valentines day
I'm the reason Jenny Dell is hammered right now
Who would you rather keep Will Middlebrooks or Jenny Dell? The question isn't that hard.
Jenny the best she coming to save me 😁
Will Middlebrooks waking up the neighbors with the sound of Jenny Dell screaming his name.
One time Jenny Dell sent me a DM, it's all been downhill from there.
Can we just talk about how fine Middlebrooks looks now? He was fine before but now *** Jenny Dell is blessed.
The Red Sox should sign Stephen Drew and trade Will Middlebrooks and Jenny Dell to the Dodgers for Matt Kemp. Fair deal.
with Jenny Dell and some random bro
I love jenny dell and she is probably the most beautiful woman ever, but it just doesnt look right seeing her behind a desk talking to me
It's so nice to see Jenny Dell broadcasting NESN sports today!!
Sooo is it somehow possible for me to be jenny dell or kate upton...
Jenny Dell breaks Jeter retirement news BDFORE NY Times. Great to be a Red Sox fan.
Report from the Fort: Will Jenny Dell make WMB an All-Star or destroy him forever?
Breast Cancer Awareness
At a bar with sean thorton and jenny dell.glorious
Jenny Dell has been the Red Sox sideline reporter for the past two seasons. She is being removed from her position due to the news of Ms. Dell dating...
Roger Clemens has already informed the Red Sox, that on the Night he is inducted into their Hall Of Fame, He will only speak to Jenny Dell
The Jenny Dell-Will Middlebrooks fling opens the door to many questions about women in baseball and sports media in general.
What a game we have Jenny Dell right behind us and Ken Casey 2 rows behind!!!
Personally why does the media act naive and "shocked" when a hot female sports reporter hooks up with a young pro athlete in awesome shape? I mean can you blame either of them? Both parties are adults and that whole Jenny Dell/Will Middlebrooks story seems more like basic human nature than "scandalous". Yes conflict of interest but they are both willing adults...
Breaking news: Sarah Nicole Davis replaces Jenny Dell on NESN broadcast.
Well this will make some news here in New England. talks to bout Jenny Dell's reassaignment
Check out this shout-out from Jenny Dell! She made a happy birthday video for brother Mark Horgan, and mentioned us in the video as well.
I can't blame Middlebrroks. I will miss Jenny Dell!
Jenny Dell, a popular sideline reporter for a Boston television station may have been reassigned to another role because she is dating Red Sox...
NESN’s decision to remove Jenny Dell from her position as the sideline reporter during Red Sox games can simplistically be boiled down to she and third baseman Will Middlebrooks
Jenny Dell will no longer be a part of Boston Red Sox television broadcasts and it appears her recently-made-public relationship with the team's third baseman, Will Middlebrooks, is the reason why. According to a number of internet reports, Dell,…
no matter what the outcome of this silly Jenny Dell nonsense with NESN... I think we can all agree, please, don't replace her w/Royle.
Jenny Dell, who is involved in a romance with Will Middlebrooks, won't return to NESN's coverage
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broadcasts are not going to be as sweet without Jenny Dell. I like her
Jerry Remy and Jenny Dell are going in different directions when it comes to the Red Sox television broadcasts on the NESN network.
Any comments on Jenny Dell being re-assigned off gig because of relationship with Will Middlebrooks?
NESN is taking Jenny Dell off Red Sox broadcasts - via
Today on , RFD & RPD in studio to talk about their Charity Hockey game, plus talks Jenny Dell - 9am on
Today on the show, Members of the Rochester Police & Fire Department are in studio to talk about their charity hockey game next week, plus WEEI's Kirk Minihane will talk about the Jenny Dell demotion/situation - here was Kirk's column from a few weeks ago
It's weird that people are making a big deal out of this Jenny Dell thing, as if there was a chance she'd return. She knew it, you knew it.
Jenny Dell loses gig Was she tossed because she's dating 3rd baseman Will Middlebrooks? Hope not.
Jenny Dell is hot and that's about it.
Jenny Dell is good at her job. Will Middlebrooks is not. Why can't he be the one to be reassigned?
so is this whole Jenny Dell thing a big deal?
No more Jenny Dell... Time to step up Jamie erdahl!!
Jenny Dell: Just Like Jenny: As the classes become harder and the competition keener, a thirteen-year-old ballet stud
Decided that I need to be a broadcaster because then you date Red Sox players. *** you jenny dell. I wanted
As a female sports journalist, I'm having very mixed feelings on this whole Jenny Dell situation. In case you've been living under a rock waiting for Spring Training (totally understandable), NESN Red Sox sideline reporter Dell has been benched—and most likely due to her public relationship with thi...
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NO!!! NESN takes Jenny Dell away from our viewing on Red Sox games!! During a lot of the games she was more exciting than the game.
Jenny Dell, sideline reporter on Boston Red Sox baseball broadcasts on the team-owned NESN channel, has been sidelined due to her relationship with player Will Middlebrooks.
Wonder if the Red Sox will ever hire a field reporter who can keep it in her skirt? via
Jenny Dell no longer on NESN...bummer!
Statement on the Jenny Dell & Will Middlebrooks:. I understand that NESN have a right to remove Jenny Dell from...
Jenny Dell looks absolutely miserable right now on Nesn sports tonight
Jenny dell got canned from nesn for banging middlebrooks.
Let this be a lesson to you: If you have sex with the Third Baseman, you can't be the sideline reporter.
No brainer for NESN to take Jenny Dell off of Red Sox. A member of the broadcast team can't be in a relationship with a player…
can't believe Jenny Dell got reassigned and isn't covering the Sox anymore
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