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Jenny Craig

Jenny Craig, Inc., often known simply as Jenny, is a weight loss, weight management, and nutrition company founded in 1983 by Jenny Craig and her husband, Sidney Craig.

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Cos that endorsed/support PE. May not be up to date: Home Depot, LL Bean, NASCAR, MillerCoors, Jenny Craig, United…
“Can I drink wine?” is one of the most common questions members ask. Find out the answer! .
I am fat I have no good ideas to change being fat maybe Jenny Craig?
it's this beautiful thing called "change" you should sign up for some Jenny Craig and try it.
Here is what 2 weeks of food from looks like! Find out how it taste:
Keep in mind, folks, Kirstie has to peddle products for $$ (Jenny Craig, a hair growth product?) in order to support her Scientology habit.
I've seen Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig and now Nutrisystem commercials in the last 30mins. Is Discovery Channel sending us a message??
What a nasty little liberal! Call Jenny Craig and work on that birds beak nose before U go back on TV with more lies! Whiner!!
'cuse me love your are off your frigging rocker and you need to join Jenny Craig
This lady told her daughter "you can't become a *** cause you don't wanna lose weight, the only woman u should be seeing is Jenny Craig"
Cougs getting some gameday-eve shots up at the Jenny Craig Pavilion in San Diego; at USD, Sat 8pm MS…
Rosie while you are on strike why don't you check into the Fat Farm I'll give Jenny Craig a call
no they can't :( fml. Currently on the Jenny Craig diet xx
Some people look like they ate Jenny Craig.
That dude dropped 40 pounds on Jenny Craig! That must have hurt her! BADABING!
stop your fear mongering & call Jenny Craig and save your arteries!
"Mma is better than Jenny Craig", best one liner I've heard in a while!!
Koochie so phat look like it need Jenny Craig..
. Do they have a Jenny Craig for felines? 👅🐾👅
Check out how I am Thriving this year and getting healthy with
Cougars could be in for another close game at San Diego: BYU&visits to Jenny Craig Pavilion have featured…
You look amazing, Kirstie. I think I need to sign me up for Jenny Craig!
Some people I know look like they ate Jenny Craig...
I know. After all those Jenny Craig commercials, there was a big difference in her looks. I thought that 2.
Jenny Craig ready for the next three weeks.
I think Michael Moore would be better off paying Jenny Craig instead.
Michael Moore should spend his money on a lifetime subscription to Jenny Craig. Lard *** *** Today the Electoral College votes in DJT! ☺️
please tell Moore I'll pay for his Jenny Craig costs for three months if he crawls back under the boulder he came out from under
And I will pay for Michael Moore's subscription to Jenny Craig!
Brian Williams talking about fake news is like Michael Moore taking about Jenny Craig.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Former Luke Skywalker Banded from Jenny Craig 'S offices after he is found Stuffing Tons of Cake in his Pie Hole ! Jenny in Shock !
Peter Coors of Miller/Coors beer endorsed Trump and Jenny Craig also endorsed the racist president elect Trump. Remember…
I miss The Jenny Jones Show. Mostly because of the audience participation. "You 'possed to be on Jenny Craig, not Jenny Jones!"
This is the girl who catfished Andrea Russett /: she's a disgrace and she needs to join Jenny Craig or Weightwatche…
Although Carl Thomas had the shortest run, Avant outta here until he catch Weight Watchers w/ Jenny Craig.
I see this 1200 cals everywhere, Jenny Craig, Ideal protein diet,trainers without nutrition certification, be...
Jenny Craig is calling, get back to Aust, need your expertise.
Tim Horton's for breakfast. Poutine for lunch. BeaverTail for dessert. Jenny Craig for the next month.
A product that delivers is gold!!. Jenny Craig meet Starbucks!! 1 SLIMROAST COFFEE a day!!The company is going viral get in now,only $20 USD.
Day 19 on Jenny Craig meal plan, LUNCH "loaded" baked potato and tangerines - Thanks
I took my fat *** phone case off and it's like my phone went on a Jenny Craig diet and now it's skinny AF
Obviously she missed that whole Obamacare & gang of 8 thing. Bet this gig pays her better than Jenny Craig.
Jenny Craig Cop: So you're not an emotional eater?. Me: That's correct. *My Hoover® coyly unzips vacuum bag & spills out co…
Hallow tips make a *** burn some calories call my 40 Jenny Craig
Fat Clive the Fat Fool waddling to & from meetings, his Goose is cooked bye Clive bye bye Clive C Ya, there is always Jenny Craig fat moron
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
she should stick to Jenny Craig ads and yo yo dieting!
This girl is 15.vs me at 15...Peep the checkered pants from hot topic&ice cream which led me to join Jenny Craig
It's like a reverse before and after for Jenny Craig.
Haagen Daz insulated bags should be changed to bags used like Jenny Craig freezer bags for their gallon ice cream deliveries.
I once told a guy I couldn't date him cuz his last name is Craig and if we got married, I'd be Jenny Craig 🌚
go on Jenny Craig. Ur weight problem has nothing 2 do with your mental instability
You jumped into my conversation Jenny Craig lol
So I realized that I eat a LOT more than my boyfriend... SOS I need Jenny Craig
for your birthday we're all pitching in to get you Jenny Craig meals to Jenny Craig weigh-in! Then Tara's Doc in Victorville...stopped raining for now...
I think to wait n C your saying Breaks the Wagon Down n Get'S Ya a Date with Jenny Craig
May I suggest you move in with Jenny Craig.
Here is a little food for thought. 😖Jenny craig $15 daily/$450…
Health and Wellness Consultant: Curves Jenny Craig (Burnaby BC): "Jenny Craig is looking for a…
You know I heard Jenny Craig doesn't help when you lose weight, try overdosing on meth. You get double the results
Pablo is a freakin disgrace-Send him down 2 WeightWatchers or Jenny Craig 4 minor league rehab assignment
okay I want to be the hippo, but in gonna need some Jenny Craig
must've lost her functioning brain cells on jenny Craig
u do know is not doing the apprentice no need 2 kiss *** 2 stay relevant there alway Jenny Craig
Really need a hug from my mom right about now
you and are the reason why Jenny Craig is rich
I was wondering where your faded & vapid "Star" power would inexplicably land. Does anyone really care? Maybe Jenny Craig?
ha I lost 25 pounds this semester with Jenny Craig lol
LOL aint nobody hungry there. You might want to give them some Jenny Craig lol.
I’ve just been informed by their attorneys that it’s “Jenny Craig”. . My apologies.
-Actually she's a spokeswoman for Jenny Craig!!
Mornin' Villagers!! It rained all night on the and Jenny Craig and Meet the Press! Bernie!
where did you get figures from Craig? Got a link to non pay walled NBR article?
well considering the bible is a joke. I beg to differ but your fat *** needs some Jenny Craig in your life
If you want to lose weight, I super highly recommend Jenny Craig. The results I'm getting from their program are awesome
867-5309 is actually the phone number for the Jenny Craig Corporate Offices.
she the only star to make it and not do Jenny Craig like Jennifer Hudson or queen latifa , let's shed those pounds 😩
Sharing the Jenny Craig dinner with Chago Fuentes as we settle in to watch "The Gold Rush" on the TV
How embarrassing and lame is Kirstie Alley's Jenny Craig / Cheers commercial?
Coach Hughes is trying to force me to eat and told Carson to go onto Jenny Craig diet
John Ratzenberger is in a Jenny Craig commercial and I only noticed because I was like, "Why do I hear Mama Mack?"
Lmao I thought u was talking about Charles 😂😂 tell his fat *** too go call Jenny Craig
I can't be the only person who thought Kristie Alley was Jenny Craig
Keenan Allen calling out Chargers fans makes as much sense as Vince Wilfork pushing to be a Jenny Craig spokesman.
Write like the 4th of July Nathan’s hot dog eating contest. Edit like Jenny Craig.
Kirstie Alley said it was “spooky” walking onto the “Cheers” set that was recreated for her new Jenny Craig ad, which features her
Kirstie Alley doesn't dread her weekly weigh-ins anymore. In fact, the Jenny Craig spokeswoman told E! News at the NBC Experience Store
so my ex friend decided to send me a video of her friend telling me to join a diet plan "Jenny Craig" implying I'm "fat" lol its 2016 boo!
Yo why does your qb look like he needs to go see Jenny craig?
Hi, my names hannah huisking and i lost 86 pounds with Jenny Craig
Little Giant Ladders
I want that Jenny Craig waist workout
You know its bad when your only Kwanzaa presents were memberships to Curves, Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig
My mom took me to Jenny Craig when I was 13 scarred me for life , I now weight 732 pounds and I have type L diabetes
I feel like Jenny Craig pays Kirstie Alley to gain weight again and again so she can keep endorsing them.
Since Oprah join Weight Watchers Trying to get Customers and Kirstie Alley is with Jenny Craig, and They are...
Kirstie Alley with Jenny Craig again? She looks good.
I need to get my dog on a Jenny Craig program
Our Consultants along with the Jenny Craig, perfectly portioned foods, can help you see great results.
Along with that diet and self help books. Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers...
Jenny Craig, old friends, new friends n my bff💕2k16 here we go✊🏼
Shuttle bus driver trying to get past people on road. "Say Jenny Craig, drop a candy bar, and make em run for it!"
Would somebody give Brett Beilema a few $$$ so he can get a shave and haircut ... and maybe a day at Jenny Craig ...
Bret Bielema looks like he could use Jenny Craig and a week at a spa.
No offense Oprah but stfu you bought 10% of Jenny Craig so please stop pushing it on people you are fat then thin now f…
Thankyou I've tried the new Jenny Craig diet ☺️
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
"Oh, thought you tried Jenny Craig or went to like fat camp or something" 😂😂
Game Day! The Gaels face the San Diego Toreros at 2pm in Jenny Craig Pavilion!
saw ur Jenny Craig commercial with cheers and cliff and norm...why not try to bring that great show back!!!
Jenny Craig commercial with Rebecca, Cliff, and Norm on the Cheers set just makes me sad.
If they need Weight Watchers. Maybe Sims really need Jenny Craig Sims add-on?
Screw Jenny Craig. I lost 20lbs by eating at Chipotle.
I call my dad Jenny Craig because he likes to tell me how unhealthy everything I eat is
This was my lunch today on Jenny Craig. (Yes, cheesed stuffed pasta is REALLY on the menu.) If you want to lose...
That or they are becoming future Jenny Craig spokesmen
P.S. You can't make this stuff up: Note to self: Call Jenny Craig in the morning.
Jenny Craig & baby weasel was born 20 somethin pounds lots of hair
HAPPY BDAY JENNY CRAIG! Miss you!! Hope you had an awesome day god bless you always!!🤘🏿
Jenny Craig is hiring a Sales Agent, apply now!
Deleting numbers out my phone, like calories at Jenny Craig
Jenny Craig is looking for a Manager in apply now!
Jenny Craig's out; KJU will announce he's gluten-intolerent and going paleo because he's a
Hey, Kim Jong Un *could* use next year's rare party meeting to announce he's on Jenny Craig, but I tend to doubt it.
you give me cancer plz go on jenny Craig you fat *** xD
Thanks to Craig, Jenny, and the team at for hosting a great meetup last night!
Jenny Craig is hiring a Wellness Consultant, apply now!
Best part of Jenny Craig is watching "them" shake those shakes!
I've eaten so much pie since "what's inside" came out. im sending you my Jenny Craig bill
I wonder if anyone has ever gone on the Jenny Craig diet then just ate all the meals in one sitting while crying.
This holiday season, let take the guess work out of meals + lose weight! https:/…
u needa tone it down like Jenny Craig.
watching a vid and it said Jenny craig but it sounded like CRAIG
"Can we go get breakfast?". "No Megan we're going out for lunch". "Sorry Jenny Craig didn't know we couldn't have both" 😂😂😂
Week 3 on Jenny Craig. Hunger, 10 km, a cold and crushing tiredness.
Me: oh my jenny craig . You: what're you trying to say? i need to go on weightwatchers?!
So Bruce Jenner wins Woman of the Year? that's like me being a spokes person for Jenny Craig, GTFOH!
mascots are wild and the Phillies one needs Jenny Craig
yo *** looking like you need too sing hello too jenny Craig you Adele looking ***
*Caitlyn Jenner pitching Jenny Craig*. "I lost ten pounds and feel like a new woman."
Week 2 on Jenny Craig. Walking, jogging & portions.
If you acting all quiet and scared your *** get put on Jenny Craig you won't eat nomore
This was me before Jenny Craig. But look at me now!
Ready to lose some weight? The EASY WAY? Jenny Craig Starter Kit it's easy to lose now!
Stuff promoted stories are always godawful but today there's a promoted story from Jenny Craig and like, WHAT
Jenny Craig Starter Kit makes it easy to lose now!
Can't wait to squish my handsome man this weekend 😻
Manager needed in at Jenny Craig. Apply now!
STFU Sanchez if you aint got a question, no 1 wants your kiss *** dribble. join Jenny Craig & stop kissing up
Take a shower, clean your 🐱 then hit up Jenny Craig before you come at me please...
Girl : you know what I can do with 20$. : jenny Craig . Lmfao
You know it's bad when you draw a sad face for your professor on the bottom of your Chem practical exam ://
Jenny Craig Springhurst to celebrate grand re-opening via
I lost 20lbs with Jenny Craig. Thank you so much Kirstie Ally, you truly changed my life!
Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers better commercial diet choices
I just woke up with my phone browser open on the Jenny Craig homepage and I don't even remember going on that site.
From the looks of things, she should try to infiltrate Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig. . .
I wonder if Jenny Craig dietline be blinging
Since I lost weight I get my pants and say I lost 20 pounds from Jenny Craig.
Name this movie "Now how U gonna talk about size... when U one Reese's Pieces away from Jenny Craig y'self?"
I find it ironic that is making comments about putting on weight. . Those who need Jenny Craig shouldn't throw scones.
Jenny Craig could be your freak but my deen guaranteed to stay obese
It is not what you do once in a while, it is what you do day in and day out that makes the difference. - Jenny Craig
Miss Piggy replaces Jessica Simpson as spokeswoman for Jenny Craig
I got an email from Jenny Craig today...God throwing shade at me 😐😔🌚
I didn't formally say goodbye to Samantha because I refuse to believe that I'm about to be separated from her for months
GRACE: I was on my way home from Dunkin' Donuts & I stopped into McDonald's because I was starving. & then I ran into--. WIL…
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Jenny Craig is overrated, if you truly want to lose weight just get mono! 👍
Curves Jenny Craig is looking for a in apply now!
Apparently last night Insomnia Me thought eating 4 Payday bars was an excellent idea. There's no Jenny Craig solution for that.
Why can't *** wear make-up and diet at the same time? Because they can't eat Jenny Craig with Mary Kay on their face!
as St. Nick said "hohoho Me n Jenny Craig will see u at Xmas!"
Jenny Craig hiring a PT weight management consultant: Jenny Craig has an opportunity for a PT weight management…
I done came down, I'm off da head. Got more lean in my cup than Jenny Craig
Like Starbucks with a Jenny Craig end result. Drink our coffee, lose your weight, Share it! ☕️
what's funny is I'm not joking. Being friends with diet pills and Jenny Craig wouldn't be a bad idea. You should consider it.
Check out this Wellness Consultant at Jenny Craig in
Nothing ruins a good bike ride quite like having a stranger yell "JENNY CRAIG" at you while you zoom past.
Thx for following. Ever wondered how a foodie would review Jenny Craig food? Find out:
When your coworker says it looks like a before and after picture from Jenny Craig 😂😂
Craig Stephen's This Week in China: And now for China’s great foreign-capital…
When I leave york the chances of me coming back are Jenny Craig
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Week 1 on Jenny Craig. A bunch of lardos, freezer, fire, sugar and shock.
Met you & Nancy at D23. Saw Kevin, Craig, & Jenny Lin. Nice to meet you! Been listening since 2007. Thanks for the pins!
Jenny Craig is looking for a Wellness Consultant in apply now!
Wellness Consultant needed in at Jenny Craig. Apply now!
I just checked in at Jenny Craig with Download today!
She should call Jenny Craig, not news media.
HA eliminating cow flatulence, one sirloin at a time. First call? Joe Trippi? Nah Jenny Craig
Reminds me of a place near Buffalo where for years there was a Jenny Craig next to a Mighty Taco. Always amused me.
Thx for following. What happens when a foodie goes on Jenny Craig? Hilarity.
Joyce Leslie, Jenny Craig, and Lucille Roberts walk into a bar...
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