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Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Shrader Lawrence (born August 15, 1990) is an American film and television actress.

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We saw Jennifer Lawrence in theaters in Mother! two months ago but I already miss going to the cinema to watch her on the…
Emma Stone teases Jennifer Lawrence for losing out on 'Easy A' movie role
"Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone on the red carpet." via Instagram ht…
Everybody notice how in every couples Q&A when they get to the "hall pass" part everyone always says "Jennifer Lawr…
Jennifer Lawrence really, really wanted Emma Stone's role in 'Easy A'
Team J’s did that posted by Jenna Hipp ❤️👇 always like a Queen thanks for always doing an amazing job on our dear and bea…
What a joy and honor it was getting to chat with these incredible women!
"Rumor has it Tarantino has written roles for Jennifer Lawrence, Brad Pitt, Samuel L. Jackson, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Margot Robbie. "
Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone and More on Sexual Harassment and Being Labeled "Difficult" https:/…
Jennifer Lawrence trips on her way up the stage steps at the Oscars
Jennifer Lawrence will be a speaker at the upcoming Unrig the System Summit in New Orleans (February 2-4)
Jennifer Lawrence reveals she's been treated unfairly - - [Sleekarena News]
I mean, Emma Stone was perfect, but can you imagine Easy A with Jennifer Lawrence though? That would've been so good!
OOH, burn! Jennifer Lawrence really wanted the part of Olive Penderghast in Easy A, and Emma Stone won't let her forget it. http…
Jennifer Lawrence lost out to Emma Stone for the role of Olive Penderghast in Easy A, and Emma still jokes about it: "You didn't…
Jennifer Lawrence & Emma Stone reveal they're working on a secret project!
Jennifer Lawrence recalled a time that she was punished and scared she'd never be hired again after telling a director, "That's…
It turns out, it wasn't always easy for Jennifer Lawrence.
Emma Stone: "It's become incredibly rewarding to take risks, to dare, to not be afraid to make mistakes ... my whole life has been…
Here it is, this year's Actress Roundtable: My conversation with 6 smart and savvy women on all things Hollywood.…
For real if I ever do get famous I'm going to be like Jennifer Lawrence I'm going to excited…
THR cover: 6 of Hollywood's top actresses open up about risky roles and how the industry's culture of abuse might finally be on th…
NEW: Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone are reportedly working on a "secret project" together.
Easy way to remember it: they based her character on Jennifer Lawrence in Winter's…
Jennifer Lawrence says she was punished for standing up to inappropriate director
NEW HQ outtakes of Jennifer Lawrence's shoot for Dior (2016)!
Funclickearn - Emma Stone jokes about beating Jennifer Lawrence to Easy A role. So, who ...
Funclickearn - Jennifer Lawrence was once ‘punished’ for standing up to a director. She ...
Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone are working on a "secret" project
Jennifer Lawrence and wear for the latest cover of
Actress Roundtable: Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, more on harassment in Hollywood and ideas for industry change
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Via | When Jennifer Lawrence was punished for standing up to a director.
Bella Hadid is the the non weird version of Jennifer Lawrence and although I think I still give the ring to Jen...Bella is...womph
Either way, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Lawrence, Margot Robbie, Samuel L. Jackson and Leonardo DiCaprio are all said to be…
I am sure Jennifer Lawrence will be happy to do it . Let’s ask her to do it . Or Channing Tatum to do it
The Mnuchin/Linton biopic will be seriously lit. My picks: Jennifer Lawrence and Paul Rudd
📷 bandathebillie: Jennifer Lawrence honors Donald Sutherland at the 2017 Governors Awards
with Jennifer Lawrence on the set of Mother.
Only 27 Jennifer Lawrence has been asked by Robert DeNiro, Jodie Foster & Donald Sutherland to present a GLAAD, BAFTA & Oscar awards to them
It doesn’t get better than this! So much fun in the kitchen!! . dinner time, who's watching Jennifer Lawrence…
Jennifer Lawrence photographed by Katie Jones yesterday in Los Angeles 2017.
Jennifer Lawrence will always be the perfect woman.
I find myself sometimes thinking back to something that the relatable and wise Jennifer Lawrence once said. “Walk i…
Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone having fun together at the 9th Annual Governors Awards!
I want a friend like Jennifer Lawrence 😂
Aw, these two were cute together over the weekend.
Jennifer Lawrence went strong, in for the and we find ourselves liking it again…
Jennifer Lawrence and at Actors on Actors' studio yesterday in Los Angeles (via
Jennifer Lawrence stuns in black ensemble for Variety interview series via
Jennifer Lawrence photobombs Emma Stone on the red carpet
Of course Jennifer Lawrence photobombed Emma Stone on the red carpet:
Jennifer Lawrence looking stunning on the Governors Awards red carpet.
NEW: Margot Robbie with fellow actors Gal Gadot and Jennifer Lawrence at the Governors Awards last night.
Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone embodied friendship goals at the Governors Awards
Photoset: Jennifer Lawrence and at Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences 9th Annual Governors Award…
Curtis, maybe you can ask famous Kentuckians like Wendell Berry, George Clooney, Jennifer Lawrence, Jo…
The real inventor behind Jennifer Lawrence's character in the film "Joy" will be in NKY tonight!
2 years ago today, Jennifer Lawrence and The Hunger Games cast attended the last World Premiere of the franchise in Berlin. ht…
If u think ure young or older for a role, just TRY OUT. .jennifer lawrence role in silver linings was suppose to be 40 yrs old
I think Jennifer Lawrence should have her own reality show 😏 You know I'm just saying. .
Jennifer Lawrence asked if she farts 😄 come on! everyone wanted to know that Lol! 😂😂😂.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Roundup: Jennifer Lawrence getting drunk for Vogue and Cara Delevingne’s Evil Twin…
I liked a video Guest Host Jennifer Lawrence Surprises People on Hollywood Blvd.
Like I could be Jennifer Lawrence in "mother!" "Here, take everything and leave me alone to die!"
There's something about Jennifer Lawrence's brand of humor that feels like it expired 3 years ago.
Ppl who don’t like Jennifer Lawrence have no sense of humor
It makes me feel better to know Jennifer Lawrence doesn't know how to hug either.
If you haven't watched it yet, it's time you do 😂😂😂
Gentle reminder that Jennifer Lawrence deserves an academy award for Mother!
I want Jennifer Lawrence to be my big sister
I have a serious girl crush on Jennifer Lawrence
Marilyn Monroe?!? She was known for not being able to act but do agree on Julie Roberts and Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence is hilarious, I shouldn't love her this much
How is it humanly possible for Jennifer Lawrence to be that attractive.
Jennifer Lawrence on the throne of Hollywood looking over her lessers
How does Instagram know that every day being a guy telling his girlfriend/wife that he wished she looked like Jennifer Lawrence.
Repeat with me . Jennifer Lawrence in is BRILLANT
Jennifer Lawrence's interview with Kim Kardashian West is bizarrely relatable:
i always forget that Jennifer Lawrence is a good actress
"I have a weird reaction where I sweat if I get cold" - Jennifer Lawrence. why is that so funny? ROFL for real
If I ever met Jennifer Lawrence I think I would die
Jennifer Lawrence in Eyes Wide Shut - "This too shall pass"
Jennifer Lawrence bending over letting her big boobs spill everywhere.
Jennifer Lawrence and the Hunger Games cast attended their last premiere in London 2 years ago today.
11-04 Golden Globe winner Jennifer Lawrence will star in Darren Aronofsky's upcoming
Jennifer Lawrence and ex-boyfriend Nicholas Hoult reunite at Golden Globe
Jennifer Lawrence got drunk at my house and furiously stabbed my dog to death then threw up on his corpse and laugh…
Our birthday wishes for Jennifer Lawrence take many forms!
Watch this it will make your day, my cheeks still hurt... thank you Jennifer Lawrence
Everyone needs to watch Jennifer Lawrence's interview as guest host on with 👏👏👏
Can you name 5⃣ Jennifer Lawrence movies. Bonus Points, if you can name more than 5⃣.
guest host Jennifer Lawrence takes to the streets of Hollywood to ask: “Can you name 5 of my movies?”
Jennifer Lawrence gets weird in delightful interview with Kim Kardashian West
"Do you even know who Jennifer Lawrence is?" This is hilarious.
I would pay all the money in the world to watch a late night show hosted by Jennifer Lawrence all the time. She's doing so…
Full opening monologue of Jennifer Lawrence guest hosting .
Guest host Jennifer Lawrence loves to curse . via
If you missed Jennifer Lawrence interviewing Kim Kardashian on Jimmy Kimmel, you need to watch it now! Youre welcome
Watch: Jennifer Lawrence, Kardashian obsessive, grills Kim like an investigative reporter  via
Okay, someone just give please give Jennifer Lawrence her own talkshow right now! 😂😂😂
I liked a video Kim Kardashian's FULL INTERVIEW on Jimmy Kimmel with guest host Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence is the greatest person in the world and I am in love with her.
If you missed it, Jennifer Lawrence hosted and interviewed It was hilarious and the…
When is Jennifer Lawrence getting her own talk show because she made interviewing Kim Kardashian tolerable to watch and t…
Amy Schumer is 'excited' about her movie with
Watch Jennifer Lawrence surprise fans and humiliate herself in Hollywood
Guest Host Jennifer Lawrence asks questions that no one else could get away with...
Jennifer Lawrence getting her dog Pippi ready for tonight is the cutest thing ever! Don't miss them hosting T…
Jennifer Lawrence interviewed Kim Kardashian. Here are five things we learned.
Jennifer Lawrence just called Kim K her Lord Jesus Christ... . i snatched the tv cord so fast. . that's why she fell d…
Jennifer Lawrence interviews Kim Kardashian as guest host on Jimmy Kimmel Live!; plus Lawrence asks people on the s…
Jennifer Lawrence is literally the best human
The Kim Kardashian West / Jennifer Lawrence interview is like 20 minutes long and honestly phenomenal
Jennifer Lawrence filling in for Jimmy Kimmel might turn into Jennifer Lawrence getting her own show, if she wants one.
Huge thanks to our most beautiful guest host Jennifer Lawrence for filling in for Jimmy last night!
🎥 | Jennifer Lawrence and Kim Kardashian briefly talking about Selena getting back together with Justin!
Jennifer Lawrence did an epic job on last night!!! She made me not want to do bad things to
tbh we're friends since the first day I turned on your LIVE. N that you're so cool because you're a dancer, confident,…
KIM tells Jennifer Lawrence about the song called ‘Awesome’ that Kanye wrote about her. . ❤️
Jennifer Lawrence’s Interview with is the Best Thing You’ll Watch Today:
Quick! Someone give Jennifer Lawrence her own late nigh talk show because she is a boss when it comes to getting...
I’m going to be on TONIGHT with guest host Jennifer Lawrence! We’ll miss you Tune in at 1…
Three minutes in and I'm convinced Jennifer Lawrence is the new King of Late Night.
loves Larry David — and 9 more celebrities with famous crushes
MaximMag: "Do you and fart in front of each other or talk about farts?".
Jennifer Lawrence can go though we don’t need her in a Tarantino film at all
From Kaiser on CB: Jennifer Lawrence interviewed Kim Kardashian on ‘JKL’: charming or awful?
[Video]: Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lawrence talking about Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber.
Jennifer Lawrence asking local people on Hollywood Boulevard about her movies is just hilarious!
Jennifer Lawrence and Kim Kardashian West play "who'd you rather?": Donald Trump or Kim Jong-un?
Why does Jennifer Lawrence's hands look like Chris Sarandon's ?
I don't know about you but I would do anything to be laughing and high fiving Jennifer Lawrence! 😭😍
VIDEO. Jennifer Lawrence filming Jimmy Kimmel Live! today in Hollywood (It airs this Thursday, 2nd Nov)
Jennifer Lawrence to host the 'Jimmy Kimmel Live" this thursday! will be amongst the guests.
I’m going to spend my extra hour wisely by searching for Jennifer Lawrence nudes. 👍😜
REVIEW: Jennifer Lawrence slips down a rabbit hole of paranoia in
NEW still of Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem in "mother!"
Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem star in at 8pm, a layered thriller that you'll be thinking on for weeks…
Looks like those rumors about Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt did take a toll on his ex Anna Faris.
Anna Faris felt 'insecure' over ex Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence cheating rumours
Anna Faris on why she never blamed Jennifer Lawrence for Chris Pratt romance rumours
NEW - Still of Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem in "mother!" now in better quality!
NEW stills of Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem in "mother!"
Koeman wants to manage Barcelona one day. Memphis wants to play for Real one day. I want to finger bang Jennifer Lawrence. No…
America Ferrera says she was sexually assaulted, and Jennifer Lawrence shares her own tale
Jennifer Lawrence, Reese Witherspoon and Molly Ringwald join a chorus of women sharing stories of sexual harassment
Stay tuned 🇺🇸👌🏼 - with Dustin Stockton and Jennifer Lawrence
'Degrading and humiliating.' Jennifer Lawrence says she was forced to do a 'nude line-up' early in her career
"We will stop normalizing these horrific situations." --Jennifer Lawrence on the Hollywood industry.
Jennifer Lawrence speaks out. Everyone : "Fake news. Lies". You don't know the full story. And you wonder why people don't tell their stories
Jennifer Lawrence was subjected to a 'degrading and humiliating' nude line-up by film bosses
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Actress Jennifer Lawrence says she was made to do a "nude line-up" in the early days of her career
WITHERSPOON: I was assaulted by director at 16… JENNIFER LAWRENCE: Told ‘perfectly f–kable’…
“I’m still learning that I don’t have to smile when a man makes me uncomfortable." Jennifer Lawrence on harassment:
forced into lineup with 'only pasties covering our privates'... BY LIBERAL HOLLYWOOD omitted
Jennifer Lawrence shares her own account of sexual harassment faced in Hollywood
Whatever it happens Jennifer Lawrence will always be my idol, she's just so authentic and beautiful and truly inspirational
"I let myself be treated a certain way because I felt I had to for my career" says Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence shares her story of abuse in Hollywood: I had to lose 15 pounds and pose in a nude lineup.
is a global business now. Thats billions of daughters looking for role models.
Jennifer Lawrence reveals a producer called her 'perfectly f***able' when she was a teen: via
"Every human being should have the power to be treated with respect because they're human." - Jennifer Lawrence
Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Lawrence detail experiences of assault and harassment by directors and producers.
See Jennifer Lawrence, Nina Dobrev and more best-dressed stars at
Jennifer Lawrence has opened up about being forced into a “nude line-up” by a producer and asked whether she would star in a po…
Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Lawrence join the chorus of women sharing Hollywood abuse stories
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Jennifer Lawrence, Reese Witherspoon, and America Ferrera are the latest stars to share their experiences
Jennifer Lawrence and just two more celebrities who want to say "me too!" without naming any nam…
Jennifer Lawrence and french director Agnes Varda at the 'Faces Places' premiere in Los Angeles
But if we were Jennifer Lawrence or Ben Affleck
So who in Hollywood's gonna call out deniers George Clooney, Judi Dench, Meryl Streep, or Jennifer Lawrence by name?
"I worship Woody Allen” - Jennifer Lawrence in a 2014 Vanity Fair interview. These people are sick in the f-ing head http…
Jennifer Lawrence looks very happy next to Harvey does he have his hand on her butt
I’ll always be in love with Jennifer Lawrence
...but somehow, Jennifer Lawrence claims she wasn’t. 🤔🤔🤔🤔
Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Winslet and George Clooney line up to condemn movie mogul Harvey Weinstein: qua
Jennifer Lawrence, George Clooney and more stars are speaking out following Harvey Weinstein's allegations.
Jennifer Lawrence and Margot Robbie dazzle for ELLE cover via
Jennifer Lawrence slams Harvey Weinstein and says she is 'deeply disturbed' by sexual harassment allegations…
More Hollywood artists are speaking out against Harvey Weinstein.
It is SO GOOD! Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence are absolutely magical in it. 😭😍 I…
Buy Miche Bag Online!
WATCH: Jennifer Lawrence, George Clooney and more stars speak out on Weinstein
Here comes the predictable parade of women who knew nothing & got where they are based solely on their merits. /s. https:…
This was the time where Jennifer Lawrence got her first oscar nomination
Of all the photos of Anti Trump elites hanging out with super predator Harvey Weinstein 👇🏼 this one with Jennifer Lawrence is…
Hey Jennifer Lawrence you condemn President Trump and his supporters and all the time you have been snuggled up with W…
Should we apply some Jennifer Lawrence logic? Mother Nature is angry for everything California Dems are doing?
Jennifer Lawrence on Harvey Weinstein: "This kind of abuse is inexcusable and absolutely upsetting" ht…
Ben Affleck finally speaks out against Harvey Weinstein: "I am saddened and angry."
Can't stand Jennifer Lawrence, didn't like her before she thanked Harvey Weinstein for all the "people he had to kill" to make her movie.
On Weinstein: "I didn't experience any form of harassment personally nor did I know about any of these allegations"…
Jennifer Lawrence is a real life princess 👰👑💘
Jennifer Lawrence Say Hurricanes Are 'Nature's Wrath' Against Trump. Now we know how sh…
She's talking to YOU, Matt Damon, Meryl Streep Jennifer Lawrence and oh yes the Lizard
Jennifer Lawrence thanks women for "bravery" in speaking out on Harvey Weinstein via
Jennifer Lawrence has our Large Lazy Pour.. Get it now:
George Clooney, Jennifer Lawrence speak out about Harvey Weinstein allegations
Anton Yelchin Honored at Emotional Celebration of Life by Jennifer Lawrence, Zoe Saldana and More Stars
Jennifer Lawrence, J.J. Abrams and Zoe Saldana turned out to remember Anton Yelchin. (Photo: Invision/AP)…
Jennifer Lawrence attended a service honouring the life of Anton Yelchin in LA yesterday (October 8)
'Blue Collar' star serves up laughs at Blue Chip Bill Engvall has worked with Jennifer Lawrence. My story:
Getting pretty hard right now over the stunning Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence presenting her film 'mother!' in Toronto (2017)
New pictures of Jennifer Lawrence posing for Dior.
We hereby nominate Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence for best Hollywood best friends:
Jennifer Lawrence people used to say she was fat because she has smaller eyes and a wide skull.
mood: Harrison Ford not knowing who Jennifer Lawrence was but instantly recognizing Jack Whitehall.
A video interview with the director of ‘Mother!,’ a new psychological thriller starring Jennifer Lawrence
Yuja Wang is like a better-looking, more talented, less affected Jennifer Lawrence.
New stunning cover of Jennifer Lawrence for the new issue of Mujerhoy (Spain)
Jennifer Lawrence gracing the new Dior campaign.
Jennifer Lawrence enjoyed major success with the Hunger Games films. Pictured: A promotional ... via
Renowned film director Darren Aronofsky somehow manages to make miserably bad film starring Jennifer Lawrence, in feat of ut…
New trailers: Jennifer Lawrence as an assassin, James Franco as a bad actor, and more
Jennifer Lawrence, drawn with graphite and colored pencils! 💖🌷😊
Relatedly, no alt text capability for gifs. [gif of Jennifer Lawrence sarcastically gi…
Surprised Charlize Theron and Jennifer Lawrence aren't up there. Stellan Skarsgard is ***
Does a 3 year old boy who identifies as a girl have same wage gap as 100 millionaire Jennifer Lawrence? Asking for a frie…
Jennifer Lawrence flips middle finger at academy screening of 'mother!'
Jennifer Lawrence flips the bird at 'mother!' screening
Sick of people FINALLY paying attn bc Jennifer Lawrence. "Mom" has been a gr8 show for YEARS. Allison Janney + Anna Faris = amazing AS IS!
Watching old interviews of Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone and they are just like my 2 favorite people forever ❤
Also, if Aronofsky is saying what I think he's saying with the whole Rachel Weisz - Jennifer Lawrence bit, that's seriously messed up.
People don't like Jennifer Lawrence for starters. Lol.
This guy no longer thinks you're hot, Jennifer Lawrence. Your liberal politics are costing you. Not to be mean, but go…
My celeb crush right now is Jennifer Lawrence
"The more these films can succeed, the more chance we can get weird ones made.” Darren Aronofsky on
"Inside the Dreamy Nightmare of mother!’s Music-Free Soundscape"
Jennifer Lawrence in search of a man to relax
Today on set, I've been told I look like Rachel McAdams, Jennifer Garner, Kim Bassinger, and Jennifer Lawrence . Well alright! 😋
I don't like Jennifer Lawrence but if it's true that is giving profits to Planned Parenthood I'll give it a go
Hillary Clinton is as dense as Jennifer Lawrence, and that’s quite an achievement.
Jennifer Lawrence has an explanation of her polarizing new movie 'Mother!' she wants you to read before seeing it J…
Interesting & true. Couple seeing Jennifer Lawrence's movie asked for money back AND got it!. Yes lol, happened
Mother! review – a complicated labour for Jennifer Lawrence…
Sienna Miller quits play after being offered half the wage of her male co-star via
Why Darren Aronofsky Shot a Two-Hour Rehearsal of in a Brooklyn Warehouse:
Jennifer Lawrence as Lara Croft? I never thought about that. She'd probably make a good Lara, huh?
Has anyone seen mother! yet? I've heard some weird stuff about it, something that I usually would go see, but jennifer lawrence is in it 😒
Billy Joel gets cheeky about that time Amy Schumer & Jennifer Lawrence climbed on his piano via
mother! studio defends Jennifer Lawrence movie after audience revolt
Mashable: Paramount is about Jennifer Lawrence's 'mother!'
"You don’t feel the camera movement because everything is in sync.” Why needed months of rehearsals:…
An exhaustive list of all the references we could find in 'mother!'
Paramount is about Jennifer Lawrence's 'mother!'
Jennifer Lawrence attacked us Trump supporters - then her movie bombed and she's quitting acting!
Jennifer Lawrence lives life for herself. Talented & focused on doing what's right for her! (Thanks to Kerry Burke…
Alec Baldwin hack Steven cobert loser Jennifer Lawrence moron. Hollywood just doesn't get the working class and our needs
I'm calling for all Trump supporters to unite in boycotting SNL, Colbert, Steven King, Jennifer Lawrence, & anyone who disgraces our POTUS.
congrats to Faith Hill,Kristen Stewart, Reese Witherspoon, Carly Rae Jepsen, Jennifer Lawrence, and Kathy Griffin I don't…
Why wasn't nominated for more . Constance Wu is the Jennifer Lawrence of comedy!
Anyone know how much Ellen Pompeo, Steven Colbert, Bill Maher, Ted Lieu, Patton Oswalt, & Jennifer Lawrence have do…
A saintly Jennifer Lawrence fights off annoying and unwelcome houseguests in Darren Aronofsky’s latest.
Just watched Mother! Intense, hard to watch? Sure, but having Jennifer Lawrence in love with Brad Garrett (Robert Barone) was unbelievable.
Moviegoers seem to hate Jennifer Lawrence's despite what critics think. I just think the average person wouldn't appreciate it
There's no legit reason it could not have been Teddy bridgewater Jennifer Lawrence or tom Jackson
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Lets start the list of people which movie to avoid at any cost. Olivia Wilde , Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Evans. ht…
Jennifer Lawrence, you've burned all your ships, I'll never EVER buy anything with you in it. Same goes for Niro, Downey…
Dont think so. Jennifer Lawrence has made it abundantly clear she does not need one thin dime from hard working pat…
ELLEmagazine: Jennifer Lawrence did not stop there:
Don't forget to tune into tonight. He's awesome and Jennifer Lawrence is my new hero !!!
Jennifer Lawrence once got in a bar fight in Hungary. People cursed at her. She threw beer on them. Our ambassadress showing her good side
I may be looking at like "I just wanna hear Jennifer Lawrence's Russian accent."
It's funny how Jennifer Lawrence was alright until her nude photos came out. Now she says all the…
Jennifer Lawrence's new film 'Red Sparrow' trailer is badass!
Jennifer Lawrence's character in mother! is the most Capricorn movie character ever.
Went to see Mother! at the cinema. Without doubt the worst film I've ever seen. Avoid at all costs. What was Jennifer Lawrence…
Also I'm Jennifer Lawrence in mother! anytime a friend invites one of their friends I don't know to hang out with us.
I'm a fan of Darren Aronofsky but his new movie Mother! is the worst film I've seen in ages. What the *** was Jennifer Lawr…
Shoutout to this list for making it so I don't have to see mother! (And securing my knowledge that I don't want to.)
Jennifer Lawrence got into a bar fight with a fan in Budapest
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Jennifer Lawrence did not stop there:
Why would Jennifer Lawrence or Tom Hanks think that we would look to them for our cues on politics? Like you're a good liar so I trust you?
+Jennifer Lawrence has a hole in dress on late night show
Jennifer Lawrence *** *** *** is awesome. Mad Dog Mattis is awesome. blows.
Now that Trump supporters hate Jennifer Lawrence & have started boycotting her films I've decided to become her big…
Jennifer Lawrence talked about getting into a bar fight with an aggressive fan, which left him "all wet and crying."
Jennifer Lawrence film opens today "Mother" boycott it Trump Supporters, she blamed the hurricanes on our President, sa…
What goes around comes around.."Mother" voted WORST movie of the Century by Critic Rex Reid..yippeee!!. How does that feel Jennifer Lawrence?
"And in it, Jennifer Lawrence plays a deadly seductress," wanted to add "but I do it better and for real." 😂
Mother! was honestly so good omg Jennifer Lawrence did that
Seduce. Deceive. Repeat. Watch the new trailer for starring Jennifer Lawrence. In theaters March 2, 2018.…
Jennifer Lawrence is the World’s Deadliest Russian Assassin in Watch the Trailer: . http…
I like just about anything Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence has no plans for the next two years:
Jennifer Lawrence luck is that she is hot as *** ... dumb rock.
Jennifer Lawrence is taking a break from acting. I could pretend I care... But I don't . Hurricane victims are the real…
"An impressive step in the right direction for one of Hollywood’s next generation of movie stars"
Congratulations to Jennifer Lawrence. . Rex Reed said 'Mother!’ Is the Worst Movie of the Year, Maybe Century.
Jennifer Lawrence goes to some really intense immersive theatre
Jennifer Lawrence says she's taking a break from acting, possibly to make pottery
When Jennifer Lawrence got involved in bar fight
Jennifer Lawrence film 'Mother!' assailed as a 'grotesque and nauseating' attack on Christians
Wow! 'Gossip Girl' creator Josh Schwartz revealed that Jennifer Lawrence auditioned to play Serena:
Jennifer Lawrence wanted to play Serena on creator Josh Schwartz says
'Mother!' isn't what you think it is — Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem reveal the true takeaway of their new ps…
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