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Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Shrader Lawrence (born August 15, 1990) is an American film and television actress.

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Chris Pratt is the male version of Jennifer Lawrence. Goofy off the screen, action stars on the screen.
New stills of Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt in Passengers (via )
📷 Chris Pratt keeps cropping Jennifer Lawrence out of all his selfies, and it’s SAVAGE. 
news Check Out All of Jennifer Lawrence's Gorgeous Looks on Her and Chris Pratt's Passengers Press… http…
is way sexier in the movie the passengers then Jennifer Lawrence hands-down Chris Pratt ur the goat
PHOTO: New pictures of Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt by Yu Tsai. (src:
NEW outtakes of Jennifer Lawrence's & Chris Pratt's shoot with Yu Tsai!
Take your pick. Most of Jennifer Lawrence's movies she's dating an older man. This stands out too:
Someone please tell me how Scarlett's Johansen is oppressed Is it because Jennifer Lawrence makes more per movie than she does? STUPID ***
Ellen, Johnny Depp, Jennifer Lawrence and Ryan Reynolds are big winners last night.
I think works much better if Jennifer Lawrence wakes up to see Randy Quaid instead of Chris Pratt. Cree…
I had a dream last night where I was with Jennifer Lawrence, trying to explain to her who Richard Benjamin was. It didn't get sexual.
Both & are crushing on Jennifer Lawrence 😩😂 Harris you can have her, Adams got 17383739 other crushes
Amy Adams and JLaw's kiss is a blessing 🙌. Jennifer Lawrence as Rosalyn Rosenfeld - American Hustle (2013) 💫
There's a movie out this year called Red Sparrow, where Jennifer Lawrence plays a Russian spy, but I can't get a Black Widow
NEW outtakes of Jennifer Lawrence's shoot for Madame Figaro! [
petition for Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone to star in the same movie and Adele to sing the main theme of the soundtrack…
Explain how Jennifer Lawrence was paid twice that of Platt, in the movie 'Passengers'? Stop trying to cook up the gender argument!
Hello I love Jennifer Lawrence and Aurora Lane & Jim Preston deserved better
Jennifer Lawrence and Jeremy Irons reportedly shooting at the Book Cafe Lotz Hall in Budapest.
Jennifer Lawrence tells us why Plutarch Heavensbee would hate Trump's border wall
I'd live 10 years in a North Korean prison if it meant I could be with Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence is getting out of hand
Jennifer Lawrence was at home watching Emma Stone have a genuinely unstaged quirky/awkard moment and gettin love for it…
if you could handle a show that doesn't include Jennifer Lawrence
Literally half the worlds population are asians and the best they could do is Zack Efron and Jennifer Lawrence? Hollywood is ca…
Jennifer Lawrence explains to us why Plutarch Heavensbee has mixed feelings about abortion
Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lawrence, Holland Reed & Amy Schumer aka the four horsemen of the Apocalypse
Favorite actress? — Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson are dope
A Gif of Liam and Jennifer Lawrence in the Hunger Games.
Jennifer Lawrence really said she wants a mental illness like Jesse Eisenberg so she can be seen as "quirky"
All purpose parts banner
Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt are just something else in Passengers ❤️ daammnn
Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt at the Passengers Premiere at Regency Village Theatre in Westwood: عبر
Jennifer Lawrence photographed by Ellen von Unwerth for Vanity Fair US.
IN THIS INTERVIEW, Jennifer Lawrence said she didn't brush her teeth before kissing Liam H...…
A filer for your TV that changes Beth Mowins words into Jennifer Lawrence's voice.
Ariana Grande's impersonation of Jennifer Lawrence is so great
maybe Jennifer Lawrence is the fake her
I want another legally blonde movie but with Jennifer Lawrence as Elle and Amy Poehler or Amy Schumer as Paulette https:/…
Ariana's Jennifer Lawrence impression is so spot on
Why would anybody cast Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt as love interests they look too much like brother and sister. Incest much?
Johnny Depp Graham Norton interview (Jennifer Lawrence is there too)
is the ultimate date movie. Let us know who your date is and see Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt th…
Even though, Jennifer Lawrence appeared later in both Silver Linings Playbook and Passengers, she LIT every scene she's in.…
Ariana Grande's Jennifer Lawrence impression is spot on
My brother: "We're like Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence. Starving, alone, surrounded by a sea of people." (2/2)
Just watched American Hustle (again) Jennifer Lawrence is the sexiest woman on the planet, hands down 😍
NEW - Untagged pictures of Jennifer Lawrence's shoot for Dior!
Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence cut an interview short after they were asked an uncomfortable sex question
Suzy reveals her favorite movie stars Jennifer Lawrence.
If people don't shut up about this Jennifer Lawrence thing, didn't she apologize already? Get over it.
Get ready for take-off. Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt star in at cinemas TODAY.
zac efron and jennifer lawrence to star in MULAN?
Based on my math, we have about 7 months before Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence become the same person.
✨ to Director Morten Tyldum, Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt & Michael Sheen at the World Premiere in L…
forgot chloe grace moretz. replace Jennifer Lawrence with her. At least jlaw is a good actress.
has a list of celebs that bother her so she gave them a nickname 😂 Watch her reveal all below!
Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt are absolutely amazing in Beautiful film.
c. Jennifer Lawrence is a liberal a- hole. This flyover state girl loves her some Chris Pratt tho, but like him more in comedies
NEW outtake of Jennifer Lawrence's shoot for Dior!
Why would we cast Jennifer Lawrence when Brenda Song is well alive
Enjoyed watching the excellent science fiction film Passengers at the Omniplex today. Jennifer Lawrence is fantasti…
If you like Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence, then Passengers is likely a great movie to. skip.
Chris Pratt & JLaw reveal the craziest places they've had sex
Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt 'end interview after being asked about their sex lives'.
Jennifer Lawrence was paid $20M + 30% of the profit for Passengers. . After 3.5 days in release, it has grossed less th…
I love Jennifer Lawrence but like she is not for this role lol
After seeing I feel like Jennifer Lawrence needed stronger material in like McAvoy and Fa…
Jennifer Lawrence went on your burn list the second she went scratch her on them sacred pōhaku.
New outtake of Jennifer Lawrence's shoot for Dior! (via
Tag your date and experience Jennifer Lawrence​ and Chris Pratt​ together now in theaters everywhere!…
Hey Indonesian peeps! make sure to follow for updates and news of Jennifer Lawrence in your own language!…
Charmed by the guy who gets to sing in a Jennifer Lawrence movie
Chris Pratt, Jennifer Lawrence and the changing definition of stardom
Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt blew me away in Passengers. Wow. Incredible acting
Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt radio interview comes to a sudden end after 'awkward' sex question…
Jennifer Lawrence on her sex scene with Chris Pratt. Either she felt bad about breaking social norms or there's som…
Last video before the holiday break! Talking about Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Pratt's awkward interview: 🎥
Passengers - Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt - Review via
Thousands of passengers. Only two are awake. Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt star in the “sleek, sexy”
Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt ghosted a radio interview when the host kept pressing about their sex lives:
Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt are lost in space in the predicable sc.. Related Articles:
Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence's radio interview gets awkward after a question about sex:
At least they didn't hire Jennifer Lawrence, Natalie Portman & Mila Kunis to portray the black women.
I might be late I don't know.. but I really never knew the chemistry Jennifer Lawrence & Bradley Cooper had on screen 😍
mood: angry Jennifer Lawrence flipping off Bradley Cooper in Silver Linings Playbook.
Emma Stone is everything plebeians think Jennifer Lawrence is.
Meh, it's Silver Linings Playbook. Trying to compromise with a sex mad Jennifer Lawrence
Passengers is the most stressful movie I've seen in a long time. So hot, Jennifer Lawrence. I mean, so good.
. I'm just amazed Jennifer Lawrence was allowed to act in a movie that didn't co-star Bradley Cooper.
Watch the stars of Jennifer Lawrence, & ask a NASA scientist fun, not so serious…
Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt during an interview for in Beijing, China. .
"I'm sorry you noticed the deeply disrespectful thing I did was disrespectful." - Jennifer Lawrence, 2016
Kevin Smith said he'd cast Jennifer Lawrence as catwoman or poison ivy. Do yall see why I don't want him to direct The Flash…
I am near the top of the list of men Jennifer Lawrence lusts after if you eliminate actors, athletes, and men with discernible…
"Bajrangi Bhaijaan"Let's do it! - Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence would love to visit India…
I will never watch a Jennifer Lawrence movie ever
Just got out of watching Passengers with Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt. I have regrets.
Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt and Michael Sheen reveal who they'd choose to live alone with on a spaceship for the rest of their…
Boarding for the Starship Avalon has begun. Don't miss Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt in…
It'll be Jennifer Lawrence. Of this I am sure.
I'd drink Jennifer Lawrence milk, but probably not Roseanne Bar milk.
I liked a video James McAvoy Unloads on Jennifer Lawrence - The Graham Norton Show
New from Friday, " Passengers" with the brilliant Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Pratt:. Booking info below:...
Jennifer Lawrence and Channing Tatum will play the leads.
NEW pictures of Jennifer Lawrence photographed by Yu Tsai featured in The Russian Magazine . Via 😉. https:/…
Jennifer Lawrence says she might choose true love over her career
Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt on Who Would Win a Fight Between Mystique and Star-Lord?
Stay tuned tomorrow morning as Jennifer Lawrence makes an appearance on
The irony is that Jennifer Lawrence is from the equivalent of the Capital lol
Remember when Chris Martin from Coldplay and Jennifer Lawrence had a thing together aka the time I was so alive
📷 starlvrd: Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt attend the press conference of Passengers in Beijing,...
See Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence in the Sci-Fi adventure PASSENGERS! - In screens from Wednesday:
Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Pratt Insult Each Other | CONTAINS STRONG LANG... the last one killed me5
Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt want to do a superhero movie together
Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt with the staff of Experience in NYC
Jennifer Lawrence and on who would win a fight between Mystique and Star-Lord?
Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt selfies at the Seoul Premiere. Dec 16, 2017. Credits to
I can't believe it's taken people this long to realize how problematic Chris Pratt/Jennifer Lawrence are. There were plenty of warning signs
David O. Russell just seems like a really spotty director that really likes Jennifer Lawrence.
NEW fan photos of Jennifer Lawrence at Beijing Press Conference.
NEW pictures of Jennifer Lawrence photographed for Dior (featured in Yo Dona magazine)!
Jennifer Lawrence and educate on the history of Christmas 🎅
No amount of bad reviews will deter me from seeing a movie with both Chris Pratt & Jennifer Lawrence. 1000% stoked for Ro…
Not even the charms of Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence can save Our review:
is precious cargo. Will it score a big enough landing at the box office?
As she showcases flawless red-carpet beauty in LA, see Jennifer Lawrence's hair history:
Now on we chat with Chris Pratt, Anna Faris and Jennifer Lawrence at the Passengers premiere (and they make us laugh, obv…
The bleeding heart on Jennifer Lawrence’s premiere gown, explained
when will white media stop hyping jennifer Lawrence up
NEW picture of Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Pratt backstage at El Hormiguero!
[VIDEO] Jennifer Lawrence at the Incheon International Airport in Seoul, South Korea. https…
Jennifer Lawrence arrives in South Korea to attend a Press Conference and Premiere for [2/2]
And she's actually a great actress, unlike Jennifer Lawrence. J Law is just hot, that's all.
Jennifer Lawrence at the premiere in Los Angeles.
Jennifer Lawrence for Favorite Action Movie Actress at People's Choice Awards 2017! Cast your vote:
Jennifer Lawrence Talks Passengers' Co-Star Chris Pratt and How She Makes Kids Happy for the Holidays -
I had high hopes for the free days I had after finals but all I've done so far is watch Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence videos
Being between Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Pratt reminds me of being between bitter parents in a divorce (which I was). Tug of War.
We can have people like Dwayne Johnson,…but then we can have people like Jennifer Lawrence.
Tonight I shall be sleeping with Richard Gere, Johnny Depp and Jennifer Lawrence. for
This week: Kate Hudson, Jennifer Lawrence, and more ✨ https…
He's in 3 scenes in the trailer and is already a better actor than Vince Vaughn, Cameron Diaz, and Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence and Nina Jacobson make Women in Entertainment Power 100 list
Jennifer Lawrence gets her sweet revenge on
Chris Pratt in space? Awesome, I'm ready. . Jennifer Lawrence in literally anything? Keep it.
Jennifer Lawrence tastes sweet revenge after being the butt of jokes
Jennifer Lawrence spray paints Chris Pratt's face on the poster.
Gostei de um vídeo Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt Fall in Love on the Space-Age Set of
Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt roasted each other for 5 minutes and it was brutal via
Watch Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence hilariously try to out-roast each other
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt's press tour for is the gift that keeps on giving: 😂
I liked a video Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt's Hidden Talents
.fans...Jennifer Lawrence approves of this idea! are you signing her on?
Why does it look like Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence are butchering a karaoke song?
Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt insulting each other is way funnier than you'd guess
Jennifer Lawrence finally got her revenge on Chris Pratt for cropping her out of his Instagrams
Jennifer Lawrence cracks up at Chris Pratt's transphobic joke on BBC show
Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt: Their best Passengers press tour moments - Entertainment Weekly. PEOPLE…
On tonight's we have Jennifer Lawrence, TJ Miller and quite possibly the best yet with
Jennifer Lawrence, Darren Aronofsky NOT “Over,” Despite Report follow and get the latest.
We bet you won't be able to tell if this is a pic of Bella Hadid or Jennifer Lawrence >>
I need to know if Jennifer Lawrence and Domhnall Gleason are playing a couple in the upcoming Darren Aronofsky film.
Don't miss Jennifer Lawrence & as they exchange some seriously dark Playground Insults 👉
📷 reynoldss: Jennifer Lawrence attends the photocall for Columbia Pictures’ ‘Passengers’ at Four...
"What's the point of living if you can't bag Jennifer Lawrence?"
Jennifer Lawrence talks working with rumored BF Darren Aronofsky:
and that's Jennifer Lawrence with him x
Found my current fav song in a YouTube compilation video of Jennifer Lawrence + Darren Aronofsky kissing, that I watched all the way through
📷 micdotcom: Jennifer Lawrence laughed about desecrating native land in Hawaii — and is being dragged...
Jennifer Lawrence laughed her way through a story about desecrating native land in Hawaii
[PODCAST] Sports Saturday: Yeah, I'd click on that! Dinosaurs and Jennifer Lawrence on
Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Pratt at the photocall in LA
Jennifer Lawrence is so ugly. She knew the rocks are sacred to their culture & went out of her way to disrespect it. ht…
Jennifer Lawrence was cancelled the moment she went out with Amy Schumer no wonder she has racist acts in her life
Chris Pratt looked so uncomfy during that segment with Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence's need to be "quirky and relatable" supersedes all human decency and respect.
Jennifer Lawrence wore an Spring 2017 cherry print cami + a floral skirt to the LA photocall.
Jennifer Lawrence really doesn't think she did anything wrong and instead blamed people's interpretations of her statement
Jennifer Lawrence panned for 'disrespectful' Hawaii story
Jennifer Lawrence responds to backlash for accidentally destroying a sacred... by via
what quirky racist adventure will Jennifer Lawrence go on next?
never understood why everyone was obsessed with Jennifer Lawrence
instead of doing that, you should film and upload the Jennifer Lawrence makeup tutorial
How can you be so disrespectful to such a precious culture? Smh Jennifer Lawrence..
Jennifer Lawrence is from like Kentucky how "woke" could she be
I'm annoyed with the people who keep giving Jennifer Lawrence roles. She's literally white mediocrity personified.
People are Angry at Jennifer Lawrence for Being Insensitive to Hawaiian Culture - Mediaite https:/…
(jennifer lawrence burns down a sacred temple) oops i had to sneeze and next thing I know im starting a big ol fire lol im q…
Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt at the press conference in Los Angeles
I'm all about apologies and forgiveness but It doesn't feel like Jennifer Lawrence understands what she did wrong... https:…
I think people are overreacting about the Jennifer Lawrence rock ordeal. It's literally a rock…
Two years ago, The Hanging Tree by Jennifer Lawrence was released. It went on to sell more than 1M copies in the United S…
Jennifer Lawrence is straight trash, she has one good movie and thats it
Jennifer Lawrence and Arnold will appear on New Year's Eve special: 🎉 ht…
Jennifer Lawrence reveals she 'almost killed' Hunger Games crew member after dislodging a sacred rock in Hawaii
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Can they make a new The Hunger Games series but just replace Jennifer Lawrence and every other role with Amandla Stenberg? Pleas…
Jennifer Lawrence and Arnold Schwarzenegger are spending New Year's with Seth Meyers
who cares!! Jennifer Lawrence is down to earth, gorgeous and so funny in her interviews 😍😍😍😍
Two actors join Jennifer Lawrence in the spy thriller 'Red Sparrow'
In the and Jennifer Lawrence travel through space. Start your own stellar voyage:
Jennifer Lawrence will be in the 2017 Guinness Book of World Records. Thanks for the information!
That Jennifer Lawrence hype train went ice cold when guys figured out she's just a regular white girl in movies. And I like her.
Someone said Bella Hadid looks like Jennifer Lawrence and now I can't unsee it
In this day and age that means Amy Schumer as Cameron Poe, Jennifer Lawrence as Regina "The *** Grissom.
Bella Hadid & Jennifer Lawrence look the same IMO but Bella is brunette
Jennifer Lawrence is currently the highest paid actress in the world? Fam why
sharing from | Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt Deliver the Ultimate S...
I liked a video from RETOS CON JENNIFER LAWRENCE Y Chris Pratt
talking w/ & Jennifer Lawrence tomorrow AM on unlike Chris, we promise…
Which one is Bella Hadid and which one is Jennifer Lawrence
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Open your eyes. Jennifer Lawrence and star in in theaters this Christmas.
Jennifer Lawrence and at the hosted Special Screening of
Jennifer Lawrence reveals how her butt almost killed a man
Omg you're turning into a Jennifer Lawrence Stan?
Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt Deliver the Ultimate Surprise to Film School Students in New York City
Chris Pratt won’t stop cropping Jennifer Lawrence out of photos
Jennifer Lawrence will appear on Watch What Happens Live on December 19
⚠Watch at your own Risk!. Jennifer Lawrence shared this new Clip, SOS, on fer FB.
Jennifer Lawrence will be on Watch What Happens Live this month! (Episode being taped today) Ask questions:
Jennifer Lawrence in a grocery store. Call it Hunger Games
Jennifer Lawrence admits her butt almost killed a man once: melalui
Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence together in a movie. Gotta watch this.
No, Jennifer Lawrence. After I saw this I lost all remaining respect for her.
best moments Dec 2nd 2016, England talk show. best parts where Jennifer Lawrence talks
Jennifer Lawrence is a terrible actress and an even worse person. She's a snot who really let it go to her head.
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Jennifer Lawrence can't even wear a ring without someone thinking she's engaged
Jennifer Lawrence's eyes are my favorite piece of art.
The 25 Best celebrity Instagrams of the week: Jennifer Lawrence makes her Instagram debut, more:
Jennifer Lawrence is literally telling a story about she disrespected natives. Why is she still a big thing?.
Watch that trailer for the space movie he's in with Jennifer Lawrence and tell me it doesn't look like garbage because I won't believe you
I liked a video from Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt Talk 'PASSENGERS' (2016 Movie)
I liked a video from Passengers Interview - Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Pratt
I prefer a girl talking about a certain topic to foods. : Jennifer Lawrence on Graham Norton
Check out Chris Pratt & Jennifer Lawrence. You should give this a share on ur site:
Watch: Jennifer Lawrence says Chris Pratt is 'the worst BBQ host ever' via
Jennifer Lawrence almost killed someone by scratching her butt on a rock! Watch her explain: https:/…
I added a video to a playlist Jennifer Lawrence - Deep in the Meadow (Lullaby)
I'm going to watch Jennifer Lawrence's terrible acting in the last Hunger Games film.
NEW video of Jen on Graham Norton! / NEU- Jennifer Lawrence bei der Graham Norton Show! -
New stills featuring Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt. (Credits to )
*** people can't hear one word in the sentence "Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence star in a space romantic thriller."
Chris Pratt's inability to get Jennifer Lawrence in a picture gives me life
NEW video of Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt on the Graham Norton Show!
[Mashable] A confused Chris Pratt seems to think Jennifer Lawrence is in his photos
Chris Pratt keeps trolling fans begging for him to post selfies with Jennifer Lawrence, and it's HILARIOUS:
Chris Pratt’s magical hidden talent totally took Jennifer Lawrence by surprise! Watch it:
mashable: Chris Pratt is pretending Jennifer Lawrence is actually in his photos.
Only thing as bad as seeing Amy Schumer as Barbie maybe watching Jennifer Lawrence. I cannot stand them!
Pretty sure Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Schumer and Emma Stone have a group chat and I would honestly give up a limb to be in that group chat
Amy Schumer is to Barbie what Jennifer Lawrence is to Hillary Clinton.
Amy Schumer as Barbie would be great but only if Jennifer Lawrence plays Ken.
Jennifer Lawrence is starting to look like Amy Schumer.
Thanks to her makeup and my mediocre camera, Jennifer Lawrence is winning the Amy Schumer
Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Pratt will appear on The Graham Norton Show tonight @ 10.35pm (GMT) on
Jennifer Lawrence & Naomie Harris prove the power of a white suit
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Jennifer Lawrence and Naomie Harris Prove the Power of a White Suit
yes, he said that in the article. This reminds me of the movie "winters bone" w Jennifer Lawrence-"hillbilly elegy"
Jennifer Lawrence just smeared traditional Christians in the worst way. By ignorance, I suppose... LifeSite.
Between Katrina Kaif and Jennifer Lawrence who do you think wore this look better? 😍.
I felt the same way when I saw Jennifer Lawrence's hacked pics for the first time.
Jennifer Lawrence you can really get it
Jennifer Lawrence didn't do anything with the Katniss role that any other basic actress couldn't have done.
Well, that's aggressive! Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone's friendship got off to a hostile start
You can thank American Hustle and Jennifer Lawrence for that Jess and Hue
Katrina Kaif and Jennifer Lawrence spotted wearing the same bodysuit — who wore it better?
I thought that gif would certainly make Hue laugh or something. I know I love it Cuz well it's Jennifer Lawrence.
sharing the latest in from VIDEO: Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Prat...
Jennifer Lawrence was spotted with Darren Aronofsky in Singapore today (Nov. 25)
.they will pluck Jennifer Lawrence from obscurity in 30 yrs to play Hillary Clinton and it will be the performance of her career.
Have you seen the latest trailer yet?
Joy was a forgettable movie, but it featured a strong performance from Jennifer Lawrence... --- 2/5
New photos of Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt in
I'm so woke I bought The Hunger Games series on blu ray because Jennifer Lawrence is so brave
Enjoying ET's First Look? Here is a BTS picture of Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt in the pool :).
Waking up was just the beginning. Jennifer Lawrence stars in in theaters this Christmas.
Jennifer Lawrence. It amazes me how mediocre her acting is.
Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Pratt are in for a bumpy ride in
Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Pratt fight for their lives in the new trailer!
The last film to be nom'd in all four acting categories was American Hustle (Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence).
Jennifer Lawrence gets the press, but I think Amy Adams is go-to actress in Hollywood right now
I've come to the conclusion that Amy Adams is the actress Jennifer Lawrence thinks she is.
This Jennifer Lawrence gif is far more you!! 😘😘😘
Check out this steamy new trailer with Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence! https…
I can't stop watching this gif. Idk who i want to be, Chris Pratt or Jennifer Lawrence.
Jennifer Lawrence admits she's obsessed with Beyoncé's
& just opened up about their friendship, and it is SO cute!
Jennifer Lawrence reveals that she & Emma Stone texted every day for a year! BFF goals?
Jennifer Lawrence spills her mints during an interview. 😂😂 (Vine by
Jennifer Lawrence Reminds Us Why She Always Dominates the Red Carpet at the 2016 Britannia Awards -
It’s been confirmed that there will be a press conference for on Dec. 2nd in Berlin with Jennifer Lawrence…
Frequent swearing linked to high intelligence, study finds
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