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Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Shrader Lawrence (born August 15, 1990) is an American film and television actress.

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congrats to Faith Hill,Kristen Stewart, Reese Witherspoon, Carly Rae Jepsen, Jennifer Lawrence, and Kathy Griffin I don't…
Why wasn't nominated for more . Constance Wu is the Jennifer Lawrence of comedy!
There's no legit reason it could not have been Teddy bridgewater Jennifer Lawrence or tom Jackson
Lets start the list of people which movie to avoid at any cost. Olivia Wilde , Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Evans. ht…
Dont think so. Jennifer Lawrence has made it abundantly clear she does not need one thin dime from hard working pat…
ELLEmagazine: Jennifer Lawrence did not stop there:
Don't forget to tune into tonight. He's awesome and Jennifer Lawrence is my new hero !!!
Jennifer Lawrence once got in a bar fight in Hungary. People cursed at her. She threw beer on them. Our ambassadress showing her good side
I may be looking at like "I just wanna hear Jennifer Lawrence's Russian accent."
It's funny how Jennifer Lawrence was alright until her nude photos came out. Now she says all the…
Jennifer Lawrence's new film 'Red Sparrow' trailer is badass!
Jennifer Lawrence's character in mother! is the most Capricorn movie character ever.
Went to see Mother! at the cinema. Without doubt the worst film I've ever seen. Avoid at all costs. What was Jennifer Lawrence…
Also I'm Jennifer Lawrence in mother! anytime a friend invites one of their friends I don't know to hang out with us.
I'm a fan of Darren Aronofsky but his new movie Mother! is the worst film I've seen in ages. What the *** was Jennifer Lawr…
Shoutout to this list for making it so I don't have to see mother! (And securing my knowledge that I don't want to.)
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Jennifer Lawrence got into a bar fight with a fan in Budapest
Jennifer Lawrence did not stop there:
Why would Jennifer Lawrence or Tom Hanks think that we would look to them for our cues on politics? Like you're a good liar so I trust you?
+Jennifer Lawrence has a hole in dress on late night show
Jennifer Lawrence *** *** *** is awesome. Mad Dog Mattis is awesome. blows.
Now that Trump supporters hate Jennifer Lawrence & have started boycotting her films I've decided to become her big…
Jennifer Lawrence talked about getting into a bar fight with an aggressive fan, which left him "all wet and crying."
Jennifer Lawrence film opens today "Mother" boycott it Trump Supporters, she blamed the hurricanes on our President, sa…
What goes around comes around.."Mother" voted WORST movie of the Century by Critic Rex Reid..yippeee!!. How does that feel Jennifer Lawrence?
"And in it, Jennifer Lawrence plays a deadly seductress," wanted to add "but I do it better and for real." 😂
Mother! was honestly so good omg Jennifer Lawrence did that
Seduce. Deceive. Repeat. Watch the new trailer for starring Jennifer Lawrence. In theaters March 2, 2018.…
Jennifer Lawrence is the World’s Deadliest Russian Assassin in Watch the Trailer: . http…
I like just about anything Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence has no plans for the next two years:
Jennifer Lawrence luck is that she is hot as *** ... dumb rock.
Jennifer Lawrence is taking a break from acting. I could pretend I care... But I don't . Hurricane victims are the real…
"An impressive step in the right direction for one of Hollywood’s next generation of movie stars"
Congratulations to Jennifer Lawrence. . Rex Reed said 'Mother!’ Is the Worst Movie of the Year, Maybe Century.
Jennifer Lawrence goes to some really intense immersive theatre
Jennifer Lawrence says she's taking a break from acting, possibly to make pottery
When Jennifer Lawrence got involved in bar fight
Jennifer Lawrence film 'Mother!' assailed as a 'grotesque and nauseating' attack on Christians
'Mother!' isn't what you think it is — Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem reveal the true takeaway of their new ps…
1 day I hope 2 see dressed as cowboy Curtis for 👻.so I can say hey!It's Jennifer Lawrence fishburne! I should go 2 sleep.
So why do we hate Jennifer Lawrence and Rashida Jones pls educate me
Here's a prime example of how the media is broken:. Jennifer Lawrence never said this.
Jennifer Lawrence and Darren Aronofsky Finally Pose as a Couple on the Red Carpet
Jennifer Lawrence on Fil-Am DP Matthew Libatique and boyfriend, director Darren Aronofsky
"Have you ever seen a more beautiful Mother Nature than Jennifer Lawrence?" -Darren Aronofsky
HQ Pictures of Jennifer Lawrence, Javier Bardem and Darren Aronofsky on the black carpet of New York Premiere…
At the NYC premiere of with Jennifer Lawrence, Javier Bardem, and Darren Aronofsky. Who else can't wait to see thi…
Jennifer Lawrence and Darren Aronofsky joke about what she's allowed to wear on red carpets.
Jennifer Lawrence & Darren Aronofsky at the New York premiere for 😍😍
Jennifer Lawrence, Darren Aronofsky and Javier Bardem attending the NYC premiere. (Artworks from
Jennifer Lawrence and Darren Aronofsky attending the 'mother!' NYC premiere. ❤️
Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone share awkward hug at TIFF ... - Daily Mail
Review: Jennifer Lawrence's 'mother!' births an insane piece of audacious art - USA TODAY
Jennifer Lawrence 'horrified' by 'Real Housewives' divorce - Fox News
Am going to edible cinema screening of 'Mother!' With Jennifer Lawrence tonight. Well.. not with j-law.. with my brother. But still nice.
I just wanted to earn it. This is my portrait of Jennifer Lawrence. Check out this new blog post.
"Can we just send them all to an island?". J-Law has zero time for your steps goals. . Hear her rage to 👉
NEW video of Jennifer Lawrence being interviewed in New York today!
📷 HQ Portraits of Jennifer Lawrence with Francis Lawrence, her Nephew Bear by Clay Cook at The Hunger...
For we ranked every Jennifer Lawrence movie.
Jennifer Lawrence & Javier Bardem team up to give you sleepless nights with the psychological horror >> https:/…
Every time I see a Jennifer Lawrence interview I schedule a facial.
HQ Portraits of Jennifer Lawrence with Francis Lawrence and her nephew from 'The Power of One' Event. 📸 By
Jennifer Lawrence is going for a Natalie Portman with mother! It's going to be her Black Swan & imma bout to stan!
Jennifer Lawrence attending the 'Tonight Show' through the years. 2014 -2015 - 2016 -2017
From Spike Jonze to Todd Phillips Jennifer Lawrence’s favorite films are a great blend of classics and comedies:
When you hear about cool new movie 😃 when you find out Jennifer Lawrence is in it 😑😒😒
Jennifer Lawrence photographed with her nephew. (Photos by Clay Cook)
Can't wait to watch 'mother' the movie esp coz of Jennifer Lawrence 😊
To bad no one is going to see it. Jennifer Lawrence can shove it
Jennifer Lawrence is in this movie? . That makes this movie unwatchable . Not getting a penny ever from me
We talked to Jennifer Lawrence about her new film, 'mother!'
Already hated Jennifer Lawrence. Now I hate her more. How do you blame a presidency for natural disasters? Ignorant ***
Jennifer Lawrence Used the Kardashians to Cheer Up While Filming "mother!" via
Believe it or not, the Kardashians bring joy to Jennifer Lawrence!
Yeah we all hate Beyoncé, Jennifer Lawrence, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, Ellen and Oprah.
I'll pass, Jennifer Lawrence insulted our President and doesn't want his supporters to watch her movies.
I added a video to a playlist Jennifer Lawrence - "Mother" - Australian Interview (2017)
Jennifer Lawrence challenges Jimmy to an old fashioned axe throwing contest: http…
Jimmy & Jennifer Lawrence pay homage to Johnny Carson's Tonight Show with an axe throwing contest:
Jennifer Lawrence did NOT do well in the axe-throwing contest - watch now!
Jennifer Lawrence and I try axe throwing with a classic Tonight Show target
I threw A X E S with Jennifer Lawrence last night on
couldn't shut up about Jennifer Lawrence and her dumb comments about the hurricane all week.…
FRIEND: You gonna see that new movie with Jennifer Lawrence?. ME: No way. FRIEND: Why not?. ME: [kicks a rock] She'd never g…
Just what we all want Jennifer Lawrence "sitting under our skin"
Pray for Florida. Also pray for Jennifer Lawrence's sanity. She thinks the hurricanes are punishment for Trump. 😄. http…
Did Jennifer Lawrence have a movie out? I hadn't noticed.
Deplorables: Remember to give Jennifer Lawrence what she dared us to do and boycott her new movie!…
Boycott Jennifer Lawrence new movie She is blaming President Trump for hurricanes. Sick of millionaire Hollywood scum
The real problem with her statements that there are a bunch of people out there that will assume since she's a...
You don't have to double-dog dare me. I guarantee I won't ever spend another penny on Jennifer Lawrence.
Jennifer Lawrence is TRASH...I've always hated her stupid face.
.on Jennifer Lawrence hurricane comments: "These are human tragedies, this isn't a joke. She should be ashamed of he…
is like being trapped in a fever dream, I've never felt so much anxiety watching a movie. Jennifer Lawrence gives he…
Jennifer Lawrence says hurricanes may be nature's 'wrath' for Trump victory, while promoting her climate change movie. 🤔…
Jennifer Lawrence's new movie is an ambitious look at today's world, but it falls short of delivering - Business…
Response to Jennifer Lawrence saying Mother's Nature Rage for electing When will Hollywood elites realize we make o…
I would rather lose everything in a hurricane than to watch a Jennifer Lawrence film.
Fun story from the set of Mother! Jennifer Lawrence and Michelle Pfieffer switched roles after the first table read and d…
NEW picture of Jennifer Lawrence at TIFF today!
ISIS just released a statement taking responsibility for Hurricane Irma, contradicting Jennifer Lawrence who blamed the hu…
.slammed Jennifer Lawrence who said hurricanes are “Mother Nature’s rage" for America for electing
Tucker reams the *** out of rich &famous *** like Jennifer Lawrence 4being lunatics who are out of touch with reali…
but they’ll be quick to cast Jennifer Lawrence’s emotionless *** in every movie
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
High school dropout Jennifer Lawrence thinks that when countries elect the wrong people nature sends them hurricanes to t…
."I have limited entertainment dollars to spend, and now I know to never spend them ever on a Jennifer Lawrence mov…
So are Trump voters to blame for Mother Nature sending the hurricanes or is Jennifer Lawrence to blame for flying on her…
Jennifer Lawrence's new film opens 9/15/17, boycott this film, "Mother" because she really is A Mother F-, she want…
I will not watch any movies featuring high school dropout Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro, Ashley Judd, G Clooney…
Tucker Rips 'Out of Touch' Jennifer Lawrence for Linking Hurricanes to Donald Trump - Breitbart via…
my wife and me are big movie Theater buffs, there's another nut case Jennifer Lawrence off…
'Blame Trump!' Outrage as Jennifer Lawrence claims Hurricane Harvey and Irma are Mother Nature's revenge on Presid…
For me my best actress nominees are for now: Sally Hawkins, Emma Stone, Saoirse Ronan, Jennifer Lawrence and Jessica Chastain.
Jennifer Lawrence doesn't control the climate kid
Jennifer Lawrence, proving she never went to college: Hurricanes Are Nature’s Punishment for Voting for Trump
Jennifer Lawrence: "Mother Nature is making hurricanes to punish Trump voters". We don't say "Liberalism is a mental diseas…
She just went from annoying to total *** Jennifer Lawrence suggests storms are 'Mother Nature's rage'
Reason 6251736 why we shouldn't care what Hollywood Liberals think: . Jennifer Lawrence thinks "Mother Nature" is punishing…
Charles Ellison hey Chuck what a racist racist comment you're a disgusting human being as much as Stephen Colbert and Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence just blew 63 million ticket sales at US cinema box offices
People criticizing Jennifer Lawrence for saying hurricanes are because trump was elected defended Ann Coulter blaming Harvey a on *** mayor.
Jennifer Lawrence says Hurricanes are nature's rage at Trump  . . Dumb,...
It appears Jennifer Lawrence & Ann Coulter have something in common. Not thinking before speaking. How about a thought for people who died?
Jennifer Lawrence you have just lost a huge Fan! never thought you'd be this ignorant! What she said reminds me of Ann Coulter.
Jennifer Lawrence says hurricanes may be Nature's 'wrath' for victory
Jennifer Lawrence is one of the reasons America is rejecting Hollywood! The movies Lawrence & others a…
Attn: Boycott all Jennifer Lawrence request of Lawrence herself.
I love Jennifer Lawrence with all my heart
Lol who in the heck is Jennifer Lawrence???
Can't wait to see 'Mother' starring Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem!
Hey Jennifer Lawrence we r boycotting u! You're movies suck anyway. We don't care about…
Jennifer Lawrence laughs off sharply divided "mother!" reviews
Actress Jennifer Lawrence: Hurricanes are “Mother Nature’s Rage” for Voting for Trump
Jennifer Lawrence has candidly shared that the main driving force of her decision to reprise her superhero role
Jennifer Lawrence said she's doing another X-Men for the fans. Girl, what fans?? None of us wanted you back.
HQ +41 | Jennifer Lawrence attends the Paris premiere for
HQ +21 | Jennifer Lawrence attends the Paris premiere for
Jennifer Lawrence switched things up in a barely there frock from Atelier
Jennifer Lawrence attends the Paris premiere for
Darren Aronofsky's 'mother!' is unlike anything I've ever seen in the best way. There's so much to unpack. Jennifer Lawrenc…
Jennifer Lawrence should be punched in the mouth
Jennifer Lawrence on why she chose to return to via
Jennifer Lawrence leads the glamour at the mother! premiere — Evening Standard
When you are this flat out stupid you do not DESERVE my $$ to see your movies.
"That's just me telling Jennifer Lawrence "glamourous" and "Dior". And her enjoying."
The one & only wait, I have to look again. Jennifer Lawrence d…
BIMBO Jennifer Lawrence slams Trump to British media: 'I know exactly what he is' - Washington Times
Jennifer Lawrence attending the 'mother!' premiere in London
Jennifer Lawrence in Atelier Versace at the ‘Mother’ UK premiere.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Jennifer Lawrence Mother Nature’s Rage Directed at U.S. Because of Trump. airhead lives in bubble https…
Jennifer Lawrence is Terrified by Michelle Pfeiffer in 'Mother!' Clip
Jennifer Lawrence is Terrified by Michelle Pfeiffer in Mother! Clip: "Why Don't You Want Kids?" | W Magazine v
Jennifer Lawrence, Michelle Pfeiffer, & Javier Bardem, just to name a few 😁
Jennifer Lawrence and Michelle Pfeiffer hit the red carpet at Venice Film Festival for the movie 'Mother'
Can't believe I have to suffer through Darren Aronofsky and Jennifer Lawrence for Michelle Pfeiffer
Dropping off a potential outfit for Jennifer Lawrence 😬
"If I didn't have fans I wouldn't be able to do my job. I have no words for the gratefulness that I have for them". - Jennifer…
Jennifer Lawrence shows up in style to the and poses with her director boyfriend Darren Aronofsky.
Jennifer Lawrence wore a Giambattista Valli from the Resort 2018 collection at the 74th Venice International Film Festiva…
'mother!' review: Jennifer Lawrence goes insane in the most *** movie of the year
No one screams quite like Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence arrives at Lido Beach for the 74th annual Venice International Film Festival
Jennifer Lawrence arrives at he 74th annual Venice International Film Festival
Jennifer Lawrence's smile just blessed my whole life
Jennifer Lawrence meeting fans outside the press conference
Here's my review of Mother!, which premieres tonight in Venice, and may open up a chasm down to *** in the process: htt…
Jennifer Lawrence arrives at the press conference
Jennifer Lawrence at the press conference
I walked by Jennifer Lawrence today. Looked her in the eyes and smiled. She smiled back. I died on the sidewalk.
👋 Jennifer Lawrence arrives in Venice ahead of the premiere of mother! opens in Australian cinemas September…
Jennifer Lawrence attending the 'mother!' press conference in Venice.
Jennifer Lawrence wore Resort 2018 to the Venice Film Festival photocall. h…
Jennifer Lawrence at the Casino during the 74th Venice Film Festival
Reviews Confirm Darren Aronofsky Has Made the Most ‘Sickening’ and *** Movie’ of 2017 http…
MOTHER! - Jennifer Lawrence is primal! A feminist and twisted Get Out. Shocking!
Jennifer Lawrence attends the ‘Mother!’ photocall at the 74th Venice Film Festival today
Jennifer Lawrence looking stunning whilst presenting 'mother' at the 74th Venice Film Festival
Jennifer Lawrence at the Photocall during the 74th Venice Film Festival
Jennifer Lawrence posing with her 'mother!' co-stars Javier Bardem and Michelle Pfeiffer in Venice.
Which one is worse? The age gap between Jennifer Lawrence & Javier Bardem in Mother! or Sean Connery & Catherine Zeta-Jones in Entrapment?
| Jennifer Lawrence & Javier Bardem at the Photocall at Venice Film Festival!
HQ Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem at the photocall of in (via )
George Clooney and Jennifer Lawrence set to lead Venice Film Festival.
George Clooney, Jennifer Lawrence and a shrunken Matt Damon: Oscars race kicks off in Venice
I would like to find real people with honesty not the publishers clearing house or Jennifer Lawrence,Kendall Jenner David o Russell, nomore
Jennifer Lawrence for Vogue's September Issue. Photographed by Annie Leibovitz, Inez & Vinoodh and Bruce Weber. https:…
Jennifer Lawrence wants you to join her on her next trip to California wine country:
17. RJK. 18. Of course! . 19. Guys it's between JGL and Gerard Butler. Girls I'd have to say Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence, or Keira Knightley
Alexander Ghali shared Jennifer Lawrence's video. Just now · . It came up as "Sponsered" but I got an email about this I saw at Marine
The studios hear our cries and cast Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer :(
Per the MSNBC crawl Emma Stone has topped Jennifer Lawrence as most overpaid mediocrity in Hollywood.
Emma Stone overtakes Jennifer Lawrence to top Forbes highest-paid actress of 2017 list | The Independent
Happy Birthday, Jennifer Lawrence!. What 🎁 would Katniss from The Hunger Games want?. ♥️ = New bow 🏹 from Gale. 🔁 = Birthday…
when taylor thanked jennifer lawrence on her grammy speech... I really lived my best stan life that year
Emma Stone dethrones Jennifer Lawrence as the world's highest-paid actress
Emma Stone just passed Jennifer Lawrence as the highest paid actress:
The highest paid actress in the WORLD is...
Emma Stone tops Jennifer Lawrence as the world's highest-paid actress
Emma Stone overtakes Jennifer Lawrence to become highest paid actress in Hollywood
The highest-paid actresses of the year have been revealed
how is Jennifer Lawrence getting paid more than Viola Davis, Angela Bassett, Halle Berry and Taraji? for acting?
Can the world pls get over Jennifer Lawrence
Don't ever try to disrespect Jennifer Lawrence
Who joins Emma and Jennifer on the top-earning actresses list?
Jennifer Lawrence dethroned as highest paid actress
Happy Birthday to Jennifer Lawrence (b.1990). Which of her performances is your favourite?
See, Jennifer Lawrence & Jon Lovitz - this is the *** mob justice you helped fuel. Congratulations- be proud!. https:/…
Happy 27th Birthday to our talented and lovely girl Jennifer Lawrence. . 😍🎁🎂🎉
Happy 27th b-day to the one and only Jennifer Lawrence!
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Some pretty AWESOME people were born on this day... 😏🎂. Joe Jonas 🍰. Debra Messing 🎉. Ben Affleck 🎊. Jennifer Lawrence…
Holding people accountable is the only way to truly make America (and American Vogue) great again.
Jennifer Lawrence asks fans to help identify white supremacists - NY Daily News
September cover star is the kind of megastar who comes across, famously, as a regular person.
The best quotes from Jennifer Lawrence’s September issue cover story.
NEW/old picture of Jennifer Lawrence and Kurt Froman training for Red Sparrow!
Ayye who's thiccc? — Smh Jennifer Lawrence is. That's the loml 💖
I am asking Jennifer Lawrence...not to color her hair...its toxic !!!
Happy Birthday, Jennifer Lawrence. See her style file.
Jennifer Lawrence joins call to ID white supremacists from Charlottesville march via
Happy Birthday to the extremely talented Jennifer Lawrence! The Academy-Award Winning Actress turns 27 today.
✨ Here's Wishing to a and the Actress 🎂 🎉 . 🎊🎉💐
Jennifer '18 shares ways to take full advantage of career prep opportunities here. Laurentians - what would you add? https…
From the Director of Black Swan comes mother! a film starring Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem.
Queen of relatable weird quirky, Jennifer Lawrence found dead
Happy Birthday, Jennifer Lawrence. I wish you all the best and I hope that you will always b…
Jennifer Lawrence wants your help identifying the 'pathetic cowards' at the Charlottesville rally htt…
Jennifer Lawrence calls upon fans to identify white supremacist protesters in Charlottesville in this picture
*learns Jennifer Lawrence is about to turn 27*. *makes various mouth noises, a la Sid Caesar and Charlie Callas*
NEW / OLD Portraits of Jennifer Lawrence and the cast of Winter’s Bone at Sundance Film Festival (2010). HQ:
WANTED - DEAD OR ALIVE: The Statue of Liberty, for poetry crimes, and Jennifer Lawrence, for being seen with her. You go, Briet…
The girl in king skull island looks like they spent too much money on San Jackson and Tom Hiddleston and couldn't afford Jennifer Lawrence
At the peak of her career, Jennifer Lawrence talks love, liberty and the freedom to be herself.
"i had to go to a darker place than I’ve ever been...i didn’t know if i’d be able to come out ok" - jl
Jennifer Lawrence gracing the cover of the iconic 125th anniversary September issue of Vogue
Breitbart editor declares Statue of Liberty and Jennifer Lawrence "the opposition". Yes, really. By…
“She makes her opinions very clear to me, all the time. I appreciate it. She’s just fun, a shot of light.”. - Emma Stone on Jen…
Jennifer Lawrence has now covered the very influential September issue of Vogue twice. She's the first actress to ever achieve…
Inside the celeb-filled apartment building where Harry Styles and Jennifer Lawrence live
Hated this movie so much- it was the first time I've ever asked for a refund via
Jennifer Lawrence Vogue cover with Statue of Liberty blasted as 'attack' by Breitbart MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! THANK YOU PRES TRUMP!
hugs Amy Schumer after Best Actress win at Golden Globes
Jennifer Lawrence's stardom has elevated her out of the 'relatable' category.
Breitbart writer loses it after Jennifer Lawrence stands by the Statue of Liberty:
Chris Rock's response to Jennifer Lawrence's pay-gap essay: 'Black women have
Jennifer Lawrence wasn't on My Super Sweet 16, but thanks for thinking she was.
Jennifer Lawrence dislocated her rib filming and went to the "darkest place" to pull off the role:
Yes, John Currin painted Jennifer Lawrence for the cover of Vogue, but his finest work will always be his portrait of me htt…
Jennifer Lawrence dishes on her relationship with director Darren Aronofsky:
"I can’t use the word I want to use, but the movie is unique." Jennifer Lawrence is blown away by
Prepared to be terrified with Darren Aronofsky’s ! Trailer w/ Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence was unsure of Darren Aronofsky's feelings during Mother! shoot -
would already be on my must list for Jennifer Lawrence and/or Darren Aronofsky, but that trailer has me begging for details.
Jennifer Lawrence opens up about with Darren Aronofsky:
Jennifer Lawrence opens up about her relationship with Darren Aronofsky
“I’ve been in relationships before where I am just confused. And I’m never confused with him" - Jennifer Lawrence acerca de Darren Aronofsky
ELLEmagazine: Jennifer Lawrence loves him despite one major flaw:
Jennifer Lawrence loves him despite one major flaw:
Jennifer Lawrence breaks silence on dating Darren Aronofsky, calls him an 'amazing father'
Jennifer Lawrence discussed everything from her new relationship to why she doesn’t want to take selfies with fans. http…
Jennifer Lawrence gushes over her boyfriend Darren Aronofsky: "I had energy for him."
Jennifer Lawrence has opened up about her relationship Darren Aronofsky (Picture: Getty) Jennifer Lawrence has...
A French poster for Darren Aronofsky's 'mother!' with Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem. See the new trailer:
Jennifer Lawrence sounds head over heels 😍😍
The first trailer for 'mother!' is here and it's driving Jennifer Lawrence mad:
Jennifer Lawrence covered it all, not just the cover of Vogue.
What is Jennifer Lawrence doing at the moment that warrants a SEPTEMBER Vogue Cover
Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun. And Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson have good chemistry. Miley and Lily from Hannah Montana.
Take note girls: by burping farting falling & ordering "guy food" Jennifer Lawrence successfully swiped from
Haters THEN: Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence have no chemistry in Passengers . Haters NOW: Jennifer Lawrence is the reason for…
Jennifer Lawrence stars in the terrifying new trailer for directed by her boyfriend
The Internet Is Accusing Jennifer Lawrence of Breaking up Anna Faris and Chris Pratt’s Marriage
How old are you in Jennifer Lawrence Years? (I'm a 38 year old guy, which makes me A Bit On The Young Side.)
Currently wondering why Michelle Pfeiffer couldn't be in Jennifer Lawrence's role in
Mother! (Trailer): Jennifer Lawrence plays a content wife whose life takes a horrifying turn when an older couple...
The first trailer for Darren Aronofsky's starring Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem 😱 😱 😱
Just one thing, Javier Bardem is 48 and Jennifer Lawrence is 26. Can we please stop doing this in movies, please? It's…
David O. Russell, Darren Aronofksy, and every dude in Hollywood is gonna incept Jennifer Lawrence into forgetting she's 26
Jennifer Lawrence is attacked by her fixer upper in creepy new trailer:
Jennifer Lawrence joins her castmates in Montreal.
TRUTH! We know the REAL reason why Chris Pratt and Anna Faris broke up and we're left in TEARS😭😭 Find out here —>…
I'm gonna be honest, I don't like Jennifer Lawrence but this movie looks kind of tight
I think you understand what I mean, support the movie and not Jennifer!
The trailer for looks SO good, v excited to see what has created 😈
Mike Pence was excited to see there's a movie called Mother! but unfortunately he's not allowed to look at Jennifer Lawrence
Why the 2018 Best Actress Oscar Race is Crowded, Again - For the second year in a row, the Best Actress Oscar r...
Coming Distractions: Jennifer Lawrence screams bloody murder in the Moth.. Related Articles:
Here's the official poster for starring Jennifer Lawrence!
Darren Aronofsky's horror-drama is finally revealing some of its secrets. Watch the first trailer now:
In other news, we are only 1 week away from Jennifer Lawrence's 27th birthday!
Hollywood age gaps are ridiculous, were Jennifer Lawrence (26) and Javier Bardem (48) the best choice for a 'regular idyllic couple'
Saw the trailer for MOTHER where Javier Bardem is married to Jennifer Lawrence. Should have called it FATHER cuz he's old enough to be hers.
Jennifer Lawrence blamed for Chris Pratt's split with Anna Faris.
I mean it's DIRECTED AND WRITTEN by Darren! See it to support him, not Jennifer! I
Watch Jennifer Lawrence freak out in the first trailer for “mother!”
WATCH: Jennifer Lawrence Frightens in the First Trailer for 'mother!' from Darren Aronofsky
Trailer for Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem's Mother! draws age-gap criticism -
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