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Jennifer Jason Leigh

Jennifer Jason Leigh (born February 5, 1962) is an American film and stage actress, best known for her roles in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Single White Female, Last Exit to Brooklyn, Georgia and Short Cuts.

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I still find it bonkers that Kurt Russell destroyed a legit historical guitar and it freaked Jennif…
Alex Garland's new film looks great. And it has Natalie Portman(!), Jennifer Jason Leigh(!), Tessa Thompson(!), and…
Of course Jennifer Jason Leigh is Mary-Louise Parker's sister on Weeds. Such a perfect pairing of all-star actresses!
I sat next to the host at a sneak preview screening of RUSH (Jennifer Jason Leigh film) in Hollywood…
I’m ok with Jennifer Jason Leigh as the doctor we all have a crush on and Kate Upton as 7 of 9
Can't find the link, but apparently Jennifer Jason Leigh’s reaction was real because she knew and Rus…
Also Jennifer Jason Leigh as Lisa is so great.
.We've got an exciting new interview with about his award-winning role in
This is the rejected plot of a really bad Jennifer Jason Leigh movie.
Jennifer Jason Leigh in Hateful 8. That blew me away.
That's because Jennifer Jason Leigh is trying to pass canceled credit cards to post bail for poor Josh Safdie. Figu…
obsessed with me and my life. She's like a mixture of Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction, Jennifer Jason Leigh in Sing…
I didn’t include Jennifer Jason Leigh from Ridgemont because she could be considered Hall of Fame material.
My aesthetic of a morning is Jennifer Jason Leigh screaming ‘Just give me ten minutes!’ at Kathy Bates in Dolores C…
I already love watching everything Robert Pattinson has done post Twilight, but Jennifer Jason Leigh is also in GOOD TI…
Will you please write something for Jennifer Jason Leigh, Parker Posey, Jessica Lang and Meryl Streep? All in one r…
Kurt Russell, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Rebecca DeMornay, Scott Glenn, DeNiro, and not Alec Baldwin are all pretty great.
Our First Lady of the United States (1963–69). Jennifer Jason Leigh stars as Lady Bird Johnson. See at
Jennifer Jason Leigh's performance in Atypical is the MOST accurate and I love it
"Jennifer Jason Leigh sho' do mumble purty! Lessa watch fo' three hours!"?
you realize your daughter is 6 months away from being the same age as Jennifer Jason Leigh in FAst Times at Ri…
i love it whenever Jennifer Jason Leigh shows up in things
Wow what a terrible movie. Jennifer Jason Leigh gave a great performance in a piece of crap.
.& Jennifer Jason Leigh on the story of Lyndon B. Johnson & why they want to be Canadia…
It really is, I was so pleasantly surprised 😊 Jennifer Jason Leigh is great.
Which new film just took a shockingly bad $742 on its opening day? Box office Halloween NIGHTMARE!…
Weinstein box office HORROR: Guess which major new movie took only £600 on its first day? -
sex with Jennifer Jason Leigh...then it started raining and the satellite dish went out.
Woody Harrelson takes on a complicated legacy—and massive prosthetics—to play LBJ
Woody Harrelson Takes on a Complicated Legacy and Massive Prosthetics to Play LBJ
Follow Jennifer Jason Leigh and William Hurt, the bubbly detectives of NCIS Santorini, as they track down high profile criminals.
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For some reason I always forget that Jennifer Jason Leigh is Jewish.
When you go as Jennifer Jason Leigh in Dolores Claiborne and have to explain yourself all night.
That bad lady with scar on her face lowkey looked like jennifer jason leigh?
This film, starring Jennifer Jason Leigh and Bella Thorne, has a 20% on
I like the only ones who read what I do, though I realize that this is somewhat unrealistic. -Jennifer Jason Leigh
Jennifer Jason Leigh is SO good in ATYPICAL. She be breakin' my heart.
Jennifer Jason Leigh is the 80s version of Mena Suvari.
Watch the intro trailer for starring Natalie Portman, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Gina Rodriguez, Tessa Thompson, Tuva Novotny, as w
"Natalie Portman, Oscar Isaac, Tessa Thompson, and Jennifer Jason Leigh costar in Alex Garland’s sci-fi movie". AAA…
it's definitely not one of my favorite Coen movies but Jennifer Jason Leigh is incredible in it
The Awakening Trailer (2017). Check out the new trailer starring Jennifer Jason Leigh, Bella Thorne
In Noah Baumbach's mother! JLaw is Jennifer Jason Leigh, Bardem is Ben Stiller, and everyone else is Greta Gerwig.
Hugo Weaving and Jennifer Jason Leigh will be Benedict Cumberbatch’s character’s parents in Melrose:
Jennifer Jason Leigh. Please get some botox and a decent filler in your face. Every time I watch atypical I suffer
Jennifer Jason Leigh's in it, so obviously I'm there, but free sounds like the correct price
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How to Watch the New Amityville Movie for Free - horror film stars Bella Thorne and Jennifer Jason Leigh, who pla...
I never knew Vic Morrow was Jennifer Jason Leigh's father, until just now.
It's crazy that the mother from 'Atypical' is the same broad from 'Hateful Eight'... Jennifer Jason Leigh is a great actress.
Jennifer Jason Leigh is in for about 10 minuets but it's honestly one of my favorite performances of the year
Jennifer Jason Leigh is one of the most charming people
Jennifer Jason Leigh's *** would have been amazing in Orphan. I guess?
Hot Jennifer Jason Leigh is faster than average Steven Universe episodes
Nah we need a Phoebe Cates and Jennifer Jason Leigh sequel.
WWYD: Audrey Tautou with no lip OR Jennifer Jason Leigh but your 'parts' explode
In today's 20th Century Women tribute, we pay respect to the one and only Jennifer Jason Leigh…
remember being happy when Jennifer Jason Leigh was back. one definitely couldn't take guest actors on this show lightly.
"Mom, I'm getting older and at some point I really really hope to see boobs" His deliver…
For someone who doesn't care... You're literally a Stage-5 Clinger. Creepy as h…
I'm usually pretty good at movies quotes.. and I'm only doing this for fun, so I'm gonna say "Rush"…
I take your point, but I think Jennifer Jason Leigh, Grace Zebrinski, and hopefully the ama…
My completely baseless theory is that the Jennifer Jason Leigh character in good time is loosely inspired by Elizabeth Wurtzel
Alan Rudolph! Keith Carradine and Wallace Shawn and Jennifer Jason Leigh can get in on it!
Today is Jennifer Jason Leigh day on Great actress! Loved talking to her! Do it up!
David Thewlis, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Tom Noonan voiced the original "sound play" on which this movie is based.
Downey Jr., Lili Taylor, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Chris Penn on the set of 'Short Cuts,' 1993
If this imaginary pairing were the 1995 movie GEORGIA, Roy Williams would be the Mare Winningham to Nig…
A look at the masterful acting choices of Jennifer Jason Leigh in MIAMI BLUES and THE Hateful Eight.
Kathy Bates and Jennifer Jason Leigh are so so good
Enjoyed the article but disappointed with no mention of Miami Blues w Jennifer Jason Leigh
This is such a great idea for a film series.
let the record reflect that were I Brooklyn adjacent, I'd be there every *** time:
can we get Jennifer Jason Leigh in there? Waingro?
.the Vic Morrow episode was heartbreaking, I never knew he was Jennifer Jason Leigh's father.
I thought is the drummer in Jennifer Jason Leigh's band.
Isabelle Adjani in POSSESSION, Jennifer Jason Leigh in THE HUDSUCKER PROXY, Divine in FEMALE TROUBLE, Miss Piggy in…
I have zero recollection of a movie from two months ago where Woody Harrelson played LBJ and Jennifer Jason Leigh was Lady Bird Johnson.
"Single White Sports League," with MLB as Jennifer Jason Leigh and the NFL as Bridget Fonda.
Going home always makes me feel like Jennifer Jason Leigh in Dolores Claiborne is that bad?
I've got Halloween plans but if anyone wants to borrow my mask and go as Jennifer Jason Leigh from SINGLE WHITE FEM…
Jennifer Jason Leigh from Finding Nemo stars in The Wolf of Wall Street about an unemotional Electrical engineer named Kalyn
Now I just wanna see Jennifer Jason Leigh from the Hateful Eight as the Joker instead of leto's 'joker'
A genuine contender is Jennifer Jason Leigh, though I don't know if she's ever had something as titanic as INLAND EMPIRE.
Has anyone told you that you look exactly lot like Jennifer Jason Leigh because she too looks abit like you!
Protip: Reading this in Jennifer Jason Leigh's Hepburn accent makes it less depressing.
I think Jennifer Jason Leigh and James Kimberley Corden got their middle names mixed up.
Sexy Queen Victoria is cheaper than broken Jennifer Jason Leigh
And why did they even bother hiring Jennifer Jason Leigh if she was going to sleep through literally the entire thing?
There is a great 1997 version with Ben Chaplin and Jennifer Jason Leigh. And Albert Finney as Dr. Sloper. :)
Jennifer Jason Leigh [Six Facts!] She won the role in Washington...: via
Misty Knight would've been played by Jennifer Jason Leigh with cornrows
Trump would nominate Stan Lee, Bruce Lee or Jennifer Jason Leigh before Sen Mike Lee for SCOTUS
Actresses I will watch in anything: Katharine Hepburn, Madeline Kahn, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Shirley Henderson, Frances McDormand.
We are rapidly reaching a point where we should collectively cast Jennifer Jason Leigh as Jean Peters in a Pickup on South St remake
Nerds would say SPRING BREAKERS (2012) was the greatest if it was 1984 film. Molly Ringwald, Ally Sheedy, Jennifer Jason Leigh & Laura Dern.
Kathy Bates, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Judy Parfitt are all excellent throughout this movie
Huh, how is Soko "jelly" of K by noticing she got SWF'd tonight? Soko is the Bridget Fonda in this sitch, not the Jennifer Jason Leigh.
Another nominee arrives to screams. Jennifer Jason Leigh for The Hateful Eight.
Jennifer Jason Leigh as lonely hooker Stevie provides a small island of comfort in. THE MACHINIST.
Jennifer Jason Leigh in The Hateful Eight is so great. She's the best thing about this movie.
Plus, Oscar Isaac and Jennifer Jason Leigh. Hollywood did this one right. Cannot wait!
I suppose I'll have to see "The Danish Girl" to understand why Alicia Vikander deserved the Oscar over Jennifer Jason Leigh.
Jennifer Jason Leigh w/ guitar in The Hateful Eight by ... Soo ... less the bloody face
I don't really watch my moves all that often; I mean, really, I don't.
Jennifer Jason Leigh really channels in The Hateful Eight by when she plays the guitar.
Of course Jennifer Jason Leigh is such an amazing actress even Stanley Kubrick wanted her to be in his film.
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Jennifer Jason Leigh as Sally Bowles in CABARET. Quite spectacular, I must say.
I don't want to play the same person twice, that's not why I wanted to act.
Bed time at the guesthouse. Been talking about Eric Clapton and the movie Rush (Jennifer Jason Leigh).
such a great movie. Jennifer jason leigh and walter groggins are amazing in it. Mannix!
Home sick so I'm watching Hateful Eight for the first time. It's like an edgy BREAKFAST CLUB. Jennifer Jason Leigh is Ally Sheedy.
Tarantino talking with Tim Roth, Kurt Russell and Jennifer Jason Leigh on the set.
... watch Jennifer Jason Leigh's face. Her reactions tell you everything you need to know, without you ever realising you needed to know it!
Even Jennifer Jason Leigh, Kevin Costner and Jessica Chastain have been left on the cutting room floor!.
People can have so many ill-conceived ideas about me based on the parts tha...
Jennifer Jason Leigh's reaction makes so much more sense now.
I just don't plan things. I live a month at a time.
Eyes of a stranger (1981) was Jennifer Jason Leigh's first major role in a theatrical feature.
Wake me when that feud tv show is about Mary Louise Parker vs Jennifer Jason Leigh
"I'd love to have children, and I think marriage is great, I really do." - Jennifer Jason Leigh
I knew Jennifer Jason Leigh would have to get a nom for her performance in Hateful Eight. Dope af
Have to break out my "Mrs Parker and the Vicious Circle" for a viewing. Jennifer Jason Leigh magnificent performance
Watching Jennifer Jason Leigh's reaction in the guitar scene in is priceless.
I also love Jennifer Jason Leigh in fast times very sexy
H8ful Eight fact: The guitar Kurt Russell breaks was a priceless antique. Smash was unscripted and Jennifer Jason Leigh’s reaction was real.
Hot pics for Jennifer Jason Leigh from Flesh & Blood
Natalie Portman and Jennifer Jason Leigh to star in ANNIHILATION, a thriller to be shot in the UK and USA in Summer. Join the crew!
Dreamt Mexican restaurant watching doc on fan-funded Star Trek ep.: Jennifer Jason Leigh as test pilot. She lands in restaurant's courtyard.
Jennifer Jason Leigh on Quentin Tarantino during - "He had two rules." Tonigh…
Watching The Hudsucker Proxy, my favorite Cohen Brothers film. Jennifer Jason-Leigh ab-so-Smurf-ly CRUSHES it.
Yikes, just watched the part of Hateful Eight where Kurt Russell unwittingly smashes the priceless guitar and Jennifer Jason Leigh freaks
Really not sure about this cast. Caleb Landry Jones, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Laura Dern, Naomi Watts, Tom Sizemore, Tim Roth =great
Complete TWIN PEAKS cast. Jennifer Jason Leigh, Trent Reznor, & Jim Belushi are all in the same show. Finally!
Jennifer Jason Leigh looks a lot like Melissa Leo in The Hateful Eight.
I added a video to a playlist Jim Jones at Botany Bay - Jennifer Jason Leigh (The Hateful Eight
Georgia has one of my favorite scenes ever, when newly sober Jennifer Jason Leigh sings Laurie Anderson to Ted Levine. It's p…
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OMG she is amazing. Jennifer Jason Leigh also is amazing. Try watching Margot and the Wedding with her n Nicole K
Jennifer Jason Leigh so chic at 9th Annual Women In Film Pre-Oscar Cocktail Party in LA
I rewatched the Hateful Eight but with my entire attention on domergue (Jennifer Jason Leigh) and Samuel L Jackson. It was maaad!
I loved acting as a kid because I was kind of shy, so it brought me out of ...
The Hateful Eight is God *** gorgeous on bluray and Jennifer Jason Leigh is making me cry laughing
Jennifer Jason Leigh is so much fun to watch in this movie.
Seeking SWF for complete identity assumption. Must love red hair and Jennifer Jason Leigh
"... That's why this chapter is called: DOMERGUE's GOT A… ♫ Jim Jones at Botany Bay by Jennifer Jason Leigh —
Has he never seen Jennifer Jason Leigh in The Hudsucker Proxy?
Im here to remind you jennifer jason leigh is very cute and super talented and i love her so much
Quite egregious. Though it made for a great scene...thx to Jennifer Jason Leigh's reaction. But at the cost of a *** fine guitar
Can't tell if Jennifer Jason-Leigh is a bad actor or if this is terribly written or both?
This hotel & conference center is really nice and all, especially how all the people sound like Jennifer Jason Leigh.
Jennifer Jason Leigh was incredible in THE Hateful Eight. Quentin Tarantino knows how to make movies. Period. Right
Everytime I hear on I can't help but wonder if Jennifer Jason Leigh is ok.
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Jennifer Jason Leigh - American actress, you may know her from The Hateful Eight or Kill Your Darlings
but who is Bridget Fonda and who is Jennifer Jason Leigh? This is important.
I love being in therapy. It's just constantly fulfilling for me.
u see the *** name. It's Ron. Get it straight Jennifer Jason Leigh
still gagging that Jennifer Jason Leigh didn't win anything for h8ful
Oh now that was an awesome movie. Jennifer Jason Leigh as a phone sex op. I miss Altman.
The male characters were great and what an unlikely commanding leading lady Jennifer Jason Leigh was in such an unforgiving role.
I'm gonna stop attempting a Jennifer Jason Leigh impression now and get on with my day.
Writing, producing and directing, I must say, is - Jennifer Jason Leigh
I don't know that Jennifer Jason Leigh was ever better than she was in HEART OF MIDNIGHT. Absolutely astounding from start to finish.
Writing, producing and directing, I must say, is incredibly satisfying and ...
I like a movie that the audience actively has to participate in, and not ju...
I've always done roles that really appealed to me on a gut level and which ...
I hate to say who's my fav BUT Jennifer Jason Leigh played an awesome villain...then Samuel L Jackson, Kurt Russel ...
Just finished watching EXistenZ. Seriously, never could have seen the twists at the end coming. Jennifer Jason Leigh at her hottest?
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I love Quentin Tarantino for casting Jennifer Jason Leigh in Hateful Eight...among many other reasons.
I'm a sucker for anything with Jennifer Jason Leigh in it.
Jennifer Jason Leigh looks like she took a bath in bong water
Pet Peeve NO ONE knows the voice of Jennifer Jason Leigh. So why pay her 'star' money to voice an animated feature??
Jennifer Jason Leigh, aka Daisy Domergue, on the carpet at the NYC premiere for
One of the reasons that I do a lot of different kinds of pictures is becaus...
Jennifer Jason Leigh absolutely KILLS her rendition of Jim Jones at Botany Bay in Hateful Eight. Fantastic.
Jennifer Jason Leigh has to play in a biopic or something. OMG, she looks just like her!
Can you believe they've made another Amityville movie. at least this one has Jennifer Jason Leigh in it.
Only just gotten around to watching The Hateful Eight, but I'm not surprised I loved it! Jennifer Jason Leigh... what a woman.
Wait, so Jennifer Jason Leigh is in the new TWIN PEAKS?!?!?!!!
It was funny when Jennifer Jason Leigh said she wanted to play the fire in BACKDRAFT, back in 1991.
Heard "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" and because of ANOMALISA Jennifer Jason Leigh now owns that song for me.
. Jennifer Jason Leigh and David Thewlis voice recording for
I could never play the ingenue, the girl next door or the very successful y...
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Jennifer Jason Leigh in hateful 8 is gorgeous!
Jennifer Jason Leigh - You know, you really do choose your exist...: via
Charlie Kaufman's Anomolisa opens at the Rialto on Friday. With David Thewlis and Jennifer Jason Leigh.
Heidi Cruz reminds me of Jennifer Jason Leigh of Fast Times
Berry-flavored O'Shea Jackson, Jr. is better than used Jennifer Jason Leigh
Fast Times: future Oscar nominee Jennifer Jason Leigh is the daughter of the late actor Vic Morrow.
|| "You KILLED me from behind, but sorry I can't DIE...
I blame this whole thread on Jennifer Jason Leigh.
Jennifer Jason Leigh strikes me as a person who knows where to find all the swinger parties.
I had a friend who used to say he wanted a girl one Xanax away from being Jennifer Jason Leigh.
Jennifer Jason Leigh plays the same broad in every movie.
Movie to see Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle great film about Dorothy Parker with an amazing performance by Jennifer Jason Leigh
Jennifer Jason Leigh confirms appearance by saying nothing
Every second I'm on the treadmill, I feel like Jennifer Jason Leigh at the end of Rush.
Dirty Malware is faster than falling Jennifer Jason Leigh
My favourite movie character from last year has to be Daisy Domergue from the Hateful Eight. Jennifer jason leigh portrayed her effortlessly
I just like watching Jennifer Jason Leigh get high
Hot for Jennifer Jason Leigh unveils her pointy body in "Miami Blues" (1990)
Half after midnight is a great time to watch Rush. Jennifer Jason Leigh is so hot in this movie.
and Jennifer Jason Leigh is losing her virginity in a nearby baseball dugout.
Seen it many times! I 💙 this movie. Rutger Hauer outstanding as well as C. Thomas Howell & can't 4get Jennifer Jason Leigh. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Jennifer Jason Leigh's character break in Hateful Eight is real. I'm sad for that Martin.
Watching movie with Jennifer Jason Leigh & Nicole Kidman. JJL no Botox = able to act. NK tons of Botox = not able to act.
Talk about how Bruce Campbell, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and John Mahoney are the best Clark/Lois/Perry ever! Or maybe I will.
I wrote that line for Jennifer Jason Leigh at the Independent Spirit Awards a few years back :)
Jennifer Jason Leigh and Louis CK should start a fashion line together for Trump voters
Jennifer Jason Leigh is one of the greatest actresses of all time. I actually felt she should've had an nod for in 1991.
Jennifer Jason Leigh is a queen. She should win.
Jennifer Jason Leigh looks like she just stepped out of the movie Rush, high as kite
party recipe: Black-eyed Peas inspired by Jennifer Jason Leigh is knockout delicious ;-p
Don't get me started on adverb names:. Yeardley Smith. Blake Lively. Jennifer Jason Leigh
really enjoyed Tracy Smith's interview w/my favorite actress, Jennifer Jason Leigh.
And the Movie Emmy for best use of a face goes to... Jennifer Jason Leigh in The Hateful Eight. You have a face and made the most of it.
Old Hollywood story ... Actor Jennifer Jason Leigh's father who was an actor was killed in a crash on a set along...
Jennifer Jason Leigh's dad gave her tickets to see what rock band for her 6th birthday?
Jennifer Jason Leigh on her unique 6th birthday present from her father, Vic Morrow:
this dog looks like Jennifer Jason Leigh
Jennifer Jason Leigh, I see alot of movies I have seen and more films I have too see.
The Hitcher is the first movie I saw and loved Jennifer Jason Leigh in, oddly enough.
Jennifer Jason Leigh's dad is Evil Coach Roy Turner from the Bad News Bears
Seeing get hit by Jennifer Jason Leigh in on Lollygagger bonus.
If Jason Lee married Jennifer Jason Leigh it'd be Jason Lee and Jennifer Jason Leigh Lee.
Hey, if Jennifer Jason Leigh (whose most prominent work was in the 90s) gets a crack at it, why not Gillian?
I didn't know that Jennifer Jason Leigh is Vic Morrow's daughter.
On best actress, the critics keep bringing up their contending favorites: Jennifer Jason Leigh and Alicia Vikander
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ICYMI: I wrote about 5 performers that could/should have scored Jennifer Jason Leigh Oscar nods before "Hateful 8":
Jennifer Jason Leigh plays crazy, and may win an Oscar for it via
6ABC: Jennifer Jason Leigh's redefining role in 'Hateful Eight' results in Oscar nomination
Yeah it's really good. Get another fix of Jennifer Jason Leigh too, who is dynamite in this
The 5 times Jennifer Jason Leigh should have been nominated for an Oscar, long before
Check out the first poster for AMITYVILLE: THE AWAKENING starring & Oscar nominee Jennifer Jason Leigh! http…
nominee Jennifer Jason Leigh is on tomorrow's CBS Sunday Morning, where she'll talk a bit about her father, the late Vic Morrow.
Jennifer Jason Leigh gets BAFTA nom for Hateful 8 clip is her *listening* to Kurt Russell, then getting punched in the nose.
Erm, so just announced Jennifer Jason Leigh's Supporting Actress nomination with a clip of Kurt Russell talking at her.
I never knew that Jennifer Jason Leigh's father is the late Vic Morrow. Coach Roy Turner in "The Bad News Bears".
Joining us on the podcast this week: lovely best Supporting Actress Oscar nominee Jennifer Jason Leigh (HATEFUL 8)! http…
Jennifer Jason Leigh ups her red carpet game with the use of props:
Do you ever wonder if Jennifer Jason Leigh accidentally auditioned for a John Landis or Steven Spielberg film how awkward that must be?
Quentin Tarantino taught the Hateful Eight's Jennifer Jason Leigh how to spit
Birthday queen Jennifer Jason Leigh burns a hole right through the polarizing Hateful Eight.
Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jennifer Jason Leigh are my new Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio and Mary Stuart Masterson.
Jennifer Jason Leigh was incredible. Walton Goggins was surprising and dynamic.
We talking Rush the F1 movie, Rush w/ Jason Patric/Jennifer Jason Leigh or Rush the band documentary?
Reverse sexism ... Kurt Russell and Jennifer Jason Leigh star together in Quentin Tarant...
18/1 for Jennifer Jason Leigh. Value. Tarantino (like Allen) has good record on supporting actor Oscars.
Must stop confusing Jennifer Jason Leigh with Amy Jo Johnson. There is only one Pink Ranger, who's been snubbed once again at the
Oscar nominee Jennifer Jason Leigh should have happened back in 94 with Mrs. Parker & the Vicious Circle or 95 in Georgia but won't complain
Jennifer Jason Leigh should've won Best Actress years ago & for better movies (MRS. PARKER, GEORGIA) but, sure, we'll take a Best Supporting
Kate Winslet hugs Leonardo Dicaprio at the 2016 Golden Globes and Jennifer Jason Leigh nominated
Giannandrea's been credited using for the hair on The Guardian Weekend - Jennifer Jason Leigh http…
Jennifer Jason Leigh, competing in one of the toughest categories, Supporting Actress. In Roland Mouret.
wait Samuel L Jackson referred to Jennifer Jason Leigh as "J J Lay" in his Stern interview - is this a thing lets make it a thing! J J LAY
In Hateful Eight, is Jennifer Jason Leigh using the same voice from Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle? I vote yes!
Has anyone suggested that Mare Winningham's choices on are inspired by Jennifer Jason Leigh circa 1994? That Hudsucker/Parker era.
Soph, James, Keith and I went to see HATEFUL 8 at three hours long. Sam Jackson & Jennifer Jason Leigh -- both terrific. …
Jennifer Jason Leigh currently starring in two acclaimed films. To me, she will always be the naive teenager with Ron Johnson in the dugout.
Jennifer Jason Leigh: '“Actually, I'd love to do one of those big, silly movies like an action hero film.”
I know everyone is (deservedly) praising Jennifer Jason Leigh for but the real star is national treasure Walton Goggins.
Stop-motion animation, Charlie Kaufman, Jennifer Jason Leigh - Anomalisa feels like a movie made specifically for me https…
Jennifer Jason Leigh is a babe. Full stop
I thought I recognized Jennifer Jason Leigh in commercial!! I like her.
honestly, Jennifer Jason Leigh stole the scenes. She did such a great job!!!
Sidenote: Jennifer Jason Leigh slays. Give that woman an Oscar.
Jennifer Jason Leigh singing Cyndi Lauper in is everything!
I'm also a smidge perplexed that Jennifer Jason Leigh is the sole awards attention for Hateful Eight. I maybe need to watch her
Jennifer Jason Leigh has a knack for utilizing her body language and facial expressions. It was an absolute blast to watch her on screen.
Jennifer Jason Leigh's transformation into Daisy Domergue was aggressive, haunting, and darkly comedic. She's earned her GG nomination.
Jennifer Jason Leigh in vs Sissy Spacek in brilliant!
Can't stop thinking about Hateful 8 in sumptuous 70mm or Jennifer Jason Leigh pulling brains out of her hair
By Sheri Linden The brutal treatment of Jennifer Jason Leigh's character in 'The Hateful Eight' may ignite the...
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TheHatefulEight is Agatha Christie, gore, western, a play and Jennifer Jason Leigh writing her speech for her Academy Awards this year.
Jennifer Jason Leigh is 50 and still looks smokin.
Do you think I have a chance grabbing a slice of pizza at the mall with Jennifer Jason Leigh?
Jennifer Jason Leigh's performance in The Hateful Eight is everything
Jennifer Jason Leigh's character was so verbally and physically abused in that I became (cont)
Anyone else think that Jennifer Jason Leigh should win the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for The Hateful Eight...
everyone, EVERYONE is great, but Sam Jackson, Walton Goggins, & Jennifer Jason Leigh own this movie
The Hateful Eight and Twenty-Six Other Films Where Worse Things Happen to Jennifer Jason Leigh: I would have g...
Includes Kristen Stewart for BSA along with Elizabeth Banks, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Rooney Mara and Alicia Vikander https:/…
Take Me Back (Van Morrison cover) movie: Georgia by Jennifer Jason Leigh via
Good quote by Jennifer Jason Leigh: "Being handcuffed to Kurt Russell was fabulous"
Spoke to Jennifer Jason Leigh, and she had some really interesting things to say about QT, Kurt Russell, H8ful
How cute! Kurt Russell and Tim Roth have nothing but nice things to say about Jennifer Jason Leigh .
I can't wait for ! I haven't been this pumped for a Jennifer Jason Leigh & Kurt Russell movie since
Jennifer Jason Leigh's dad was in KING CREOLE >
Anomalisa - what a unique, incredible experience and Q&A with Jennifer Jason Leigh, Duke Johnson & Charlie Kaufman
Tarantino is the master of resurrecting careers. Looking forward to seeing Bruce Dern and Jennifer Jason Leigh in action in
I ain't got no type / Jennifer Jason Leigh's the only woman that I like
"Bergen Bagels makes me wanna be Jennifer Jason Leigh and I doneven remember who that is" – thing I just said who is Jennifer Jason Leigh
I know that my general love of Jennifer Jason Leigh is strong enough that I'm on her Oscar train
Very good career spanning Interview piece with (IMO) the best actress working today: Jennifer Jason Leigh
newest trailer finally shows why everyone is so excited about Jennifer Jason Leigh
I'm so happy that Jennifer Jason Leigh has been working on such a range of projects and directors recently. Underrated doesn't even cut it.
Woah, Jennifer Jason Leigh's going to be in TWIN PEAKS? This just gets *** finer by the day...
Jennifer Jason Leigh working with Lynch, Kaufman & Tarantino is the success story of the year.
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