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Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Kate Hudson (born September 12, 1981) is an American recording artist, actress and spokesperson.

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Bey warned her! Tina Knowles is taking a social media break after a little gaffe involving Jennifer Hudson:
y'all can't tell me the celebs don't love me ☺️ Jennifer Hudson, Fantasia, Anita Baker, Candice Glover, Candace Price, Amiy…
I liked Jennifer Hudson as motormouth maybelle Derek Hough as corney Collins and Martin Short as Wilbur but other than that 😶
Over the weekend we had the honor of working with Julia & Jennifer Hudson's Julian D. King Foundation. This is...
Better late than never. I can't even describe how much I love Martin Short. And Jennifer Hudson...that voice!
This is nowhere near as good as the film, it's a shame because I like Ariana Grande, Jennifer Hudson and Martin Short.
I hope that when I'm 80 years old, people will still be talking about my Jennifer Hudson
Beyonce , Jennifer Hudson and Jazmine Sullivan the vocal queens. 🌹 and Brandy. Everyone else in the industry sound like tone death frogs
2nd how do you actually know what Ariana and Jennifer hudson's ranges are
Ariana, Jennifer Hudson e Ephraim Sykes no set de
I still can't put into words how amazing Jennifer Hudson was singing I know where I've been in Hairspray Live!
Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson, Jazmine Sullivan, Jill Scott are so far the only ones who can actually sing in the industry
I, I still can feel the sting no need to second guess me, Can't nobody love you like I'm gonna love u - No One Gonna Love U,Jennifer Hudson
Jennifer Hudson was the true star of Hairspray Live. 🙌🏻❤️
Jennifer Hudson is the queen of everything that has EVER EXISTED
Yes, that is indeed .weekend editor on the same list as Kate Hudson, Cameron Dallas, and Jen…
Update your maps at Navteq
the music industry. Everyone from Jazmine Sullivan, india arie, Jennifer hudson, Erykah badu etc. and she was also an inspiration
UPDATE: Jennifer Hudson has recently confirmed that she definitely wants to collaborate with Ariana in a duet!
But can we talk about the fact that ariana sang with jennifer hudson AND Stevie Wonder in a course of two weeks? Legends.…
We ranks up there. she is the new Jennifer hudson
Kanye bothers me so much,he bout to make it to my hate list along side Ariana Grande ,Jennifer Hudson ,Taylor swift & my baby daddy's wife
No, actually I think I see Jennifer Hudson & one of em looks like Pharrell
Jennifer Hudson, Adam Lambert, Chris Daughtry all lost American Idol, but they're still more well known than Jackie Evancho.
Jennifer Hudson singing I know where I've been was unbelievable
This week: Kate Hudson, Jennifer Lawrence, and more ✨ https…
Jennifer Hudson is church in a big, back, beautiful body!
Jennifer Hudson is literal perfection bye i'm done slay me
so excited that jennifer hudson is on the UK voice😍
Tori Kelly and Jennifer Hudson did that! What a beautiful pairing
Jennifer Hudson is Joined by Fiance David Otunga & Son David Jr at March of Dimes Evnt
Jennifer Hudson, Kristen Chenoweth, Garrett Clayton, Ariana Grande and Harvey Fierstein all murdered me.
Derek Hough. Kristin Chenoweth. Jennifer Hudson. That's all. Only them are worth watching
Jennifer Hudson,Idris Elbar,Denzel Washington,Naomie Harris,Terrence Howard etc. Neva have they even cracked the "s…
Kelly khumalo is the Jennifer Hudson of south Africa , actually , Jennifer hedson is the Kelly khumali of America
Chrisette Michele, Jennifer Hudson, Ledisi, Fantasia, Yolanda Adams... Every single one of the Clark Sisters. I lov…
This guy on Celebrity Name Game just said Ben Affleck was formerly married to Jennifer Hudson 😩😩
Proud Mary - with Jennifer Hudson, feat. Allen Toussaint and Rebirth Brass Band by John Fogerty ♫
A new commercial of Hairspray Live featuring Ariana Grande and Jennifer Hudson was just released. Watch on Dec 7th. ht…
Justin Trudeau, Jennifer Hudson and Bette Midler mourn the death of singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen via
housed Jennifer Hudson & some of her relatives at Trump International Hotel & Tower for free
Mother, brother nephew were murdered Jennifer Hudson her relatives Stayed at the Trump Int Hotel Tower free of charge.
From "Dream Girls" Eddie Murphy sings Step Into the Bad Side backed up by Jennifer Hudson, Anika Noni Rose and Beyo…
I just liked this song "One Night Only" by Jennifer Hudson, Deena Jones, The Dreams
A Nabokov adaptation with a lost civilization, with Jennifer Hudson and Julia Jones.
Meet the Make up artist behind the looks of Jennifer Hudson, Paula Patton, Iman and more.
"Everyone thought Jennifer Hudson would win American Idol." Michael Moore making a compelling case to VOTE https:/…
Just found out that Tom Jones is coming back to the voice and Jennifer Hudson & Gavin Rossdale from Bush will be the new judges on the voice
HA, Michael Moore does not want what happened to Jennifer Hudson on A.I. to happen at the elections
Jennifer Hudson had some terrible song choices in American Idol 😕
Sir Tom Jones, Jennifer Hudson and Gavin Rossdale to join as our new Voice UK superstar coaches! http://
Jennifer Hudson and Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale join as mentors alongside and Tom Jones.
Jennifer Hudson, Gavin Rossdale, Tom Jones to be mentors on 'The Voice U.K.'
ITV obviously spent all their money on Tom Jones and Jennifer Hudson and that's why Gavin Rossdale is a judge
imagine auditioning for The Voice UK hoping you'd get Jennifer Hudson or Tom Jones and only Gavin Rossdale turns around
Jennifer Hudson and Gavin Rossdale to join Tom Jones and as coaches on The Voice
Rod Stewart - Let it be me feat. Jennifer Hudson (Album: Soulbook)
Walked in drawing and Dr. Smith is jammin out to Jennifer Hudson 😂 I love being and art major
If Jim Beanz wrote Jennifer Hudson "Walk it Out" then I can't see a reason why anybody outside of Timbaland's camp would also write on it.
Ariana Grande, Kristin Chenoweth, Jennifer Hudson appear in teaser clip for 'Hairpray Live!'
Flattered when you find the likes of Ashton Kutcher, Mark Whalberg, Jennifer Hudson, Chris Kline, Alec Bladwin,...
Two Disney Channel stars will join Ariana Grande and Jennifer Hudson in
My ladies:Jennifer Hudson,Fantasia,Whitney Houston,Jessica Sanchez,Danice Glover and (Joshua Ledet).I love love a…
Jazmine Sullivan is underrated, and Jennifer Hudson's voice is better than Beyonce's. Don't @ me
be quiet Jennifer Hudson before weight watchers
James is doing literally all he can to get away from me and I feel like Jennifer Hudson in…
You a foo ... I see the way Jennifer Hudson was lookin at you tho 😂
When your suppose to be working the concert but you slide on stage to dance with Jennifer Hudson 😂😂
Jennifer Hudson makes her singing debut at Salem Baptist Church of Chica... via Yes...
I had a dream that Jennifer Hudson and Faith Evans sat me down and told me to let go.
I need an album with Pastor Shirley Caesar, Jennifer Hudson, and Kelly Price singing nothing but *** spirituals the old way
Can not cope with the fact ciara, Kelly rowlands, Jennifer Hudson and beyonce are about 100 yards away from me and I can't bloody see them!!
Jennifer Hudson had everybody SHOOK when she sang this. I'm glad she won that Oscar.
Jennifer Hudson has left RCA and has signed with LA Reid's Epic Records.
I finally watched the BET Awards. That Prince tribute was what I needed (minus Jennifer Hudson). Kudos to Jesse...
One more thing about the if you can avoid it, never, NEVER be the act following Jennifer Hudson after...
My flight to California was highlighted by Beyoncé, Jennifer Hudson and Gabby Douglas. Now I feel like doing cartwheels &…
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Tori with Stevie Wonder, Jennifer Hudson and, Anthony Anderson last night at the BET Awards (06.26.16)
Tori Kelly at the with Stevie Wonder, Jennifer Hudson and Anthony Anderson.
Cynthia Erivo, 29, from south London, is currently starring alongside Jennifer Hudson on the Broadway revival of Alice Wa…
*** NAH they got Jennifer Hudson singing Purple Rain.this bouta be a *** Purple Thunderstorm.
I love the performances from Jennifer Hudson, Tori Kelly and Steve Wonder for Prince at the The performances were amazing! Amen!
Prince tribute at the Jennifer Hudson, Stevie Wonder and Tori Kelly perform
Stevie Wonder, Hudson honor Prince, Beyoncé wins top video: Vocal queen Jennifer Hudson, Stevie Wonder and To...
Jennifer Hudson the only person to turn "Purple Rain" into a Full Gospel Holy Temple Mt. Zion Baptist Church of God in…
I guess... Steve Wounder but Jennifer Hudson bih and the guitarist 💜💜💜💜
Just put my TV on mute and can still hear Jennifer Hudson singing
Jennifer Hudson the type to cut a Missionary Baptist church UP boy
Steve Rifkind has to bring Loud Records back so Jennifer Hudson and Meek Mill can do an album
Well, Simon Cowell you were so wrong about Jennifer Hudson. Look at her now. 🤘🏼🙌🏼
Jennifer Hudson always been fine to me and i bet she cook a mean sunday dinner
Jennifer Hudson be singing like the fate of the free world depends on her nailing it Everytime.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Jennifer Hudson lost so much weight and it hurts me so much
Russell Simons, Mike Tyson, Amarosa (from Celebrity Apprentice), clearly Jennifer Hudson is a friend at this point.
Hairspray Live has found its Tracy Turnblad! Also starring Jennifer Hudson, Martin Short, and Derek Hough!
I would love to see Michelle Williams, Zendaya, Kyla Pratt, Traci Braxton (plot twist) or Jennifer Hudson as my left field vote on
I'm making a mind-map for evolutionary explanations of aggression & Spotlight by Jennifer Hudson plays...perfect match
The actresses who replaced Jennifer Hudson in “The Color Purple” and Kelli O’Hara in “The King a... via
alum talks new album & following Jennifer Hudson on finale
There's something off about Jennifer Hudson, I'm calling her out now as the zodiac killer. Mark my words, now we wait.
Listen to Dreamgirls by Performed by Jennifer Hudson, Beyoncé, Anika Noni Rose & Dreamgirls on
Is it me or does Tristan Thompson look like Jennifer Hudson
H&M Designs One-of-a Kind Dresses for Jennifer Hudson & More for the Met Costume Institute Benefit... .
Jennifer Hudson and Her Tulle Had the Best Time at the Met...
OKAY you can't preview Jennifer Hudson, Maggie Gyllenhall and Laura Linney and than just make me wait a week
Jennifer Hudson has a shot at her first Tony Award nomination for "The Color Purple". One step closer possibly to EGOT.
I thought no one could come close to Jennifer Hudson's I Am Telling You but Sam Bailey and Nicole come very close!
you will certainly appreciate the talent in this Prince tribute by Jennifer Hudson & CYNTHIA Erivo
I just want to know who the first girl is Jennifer Hudson was nice but home girl was Right on time
& more set for Jennifer Hudson, Jesse Tyler...
Alicia Keys, Jennifer Hudson, Jake Owens & more perform beautiful tributes to Prince:
Watch Christine & the Queens (Jennifer Hudson, and more cover Prince
Christine and the Queens, Jennifer Hudson, Chris Cornell, More Cover Prince: Watch: . Artists have paid ...
Jennifer Hudson channeled Beyoncé and Aretha Franklin at karaoke night: rose Then she ...
You'll be the only one.. ♫ One Night Only by Jennifer Hudson, Deena Jones & The Dreams —
nobody belts better than Jennifer Hudson and that is a FACT.
Can't contain my excitement right now! Jennifer Hudson😍💜
Listen to Gorgon City feat. Jennifer Hudson 'Go All Night' (Erick Morillo Club Mix) by erickmorillo on
About to see Jennifer Hudson in the colour purple and excited is an understatement
"I'm happy to be able to do what I love." - starts the day with http…
Jennifer Hudson lost a lot of weight! She looks good
Fab or flop: Paris Hilton's leopard accessories, Jennifer Hudson's printed coat and more: Paris Hilton,...
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Color Purple tonight on Broadway w/ Jennifer Hudson and Danielle Brooks. IDEK how to act right now!
If the Senate primary was American Idol, John Fetterman would definitely be Jennifer Hudson.
plays in the Clarence Thomas hearings biopic
Jennifer Hudson's son just got a Mohawk, and it's stylin'! .
Trumps kids can't vote for him, and the MTA rejects Clinton's swipe. Watch full episode >> https:…
NOW, in the mix with DJ Renay on Pure Rhythm Radio - FREE DOWNLOAD!. Jennifer...
The best dressed out of the three was Jennifer Hudson and I think she has the best voice too!
STOP EVERYTHING and watch remix songs from your childhood with 😂😂😂
Spotlight by Jennifer Hudson is in Robinsons Bistro, Belfast. Download it now at
lol bro I stop watching it when Jennifer Hudson didn't win
The parts where Jennifer Hudson isn't in this movie just aren't as compelling
My biggest thing is banana pudding, but it's the devil! So no one is allowe...
can Gary sing "Listen by Jennifer Hudson." If not that than ill settle for The fresh prince of bel-aire theme song
Listen to I Am Changing by Performed by Jennifer Hudson on
Jennifer Hudson - Fix Me Jesus listen, like, share at
Why all the big sangin' ladies always trynna lose weight? Jennifer Hudson, Jill Scott, and now Shekinah too. Maaan!
-Sorry seems to be the hardest word - Elton John. -Invisible - Jennifer Hudson. -Big girls don't cry - Fergie. 👋
Jennifer Hudson was 7th her season and that woman won an Oscar.
she'll be like Jennifer Hudson and become more successful than the winner
Worth it just to see winner Jennifer Hudson. Simon Cowell missed her talent bigtime. When she went home I quit watching
The Divas of Season 3...GOOSEBUMPS Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson in the house =)
I'm scared to watch this after Jennifer Holliday vs. Jennifer Hudson lol
Heather Headley to Take Over for Jennifer Hudson in Broadway’s ‘The Color Purple’
Who sang better in Dreamgirls as Effie: Jennifer Holliday or Jennifer Hudson? Who was the better acttress?
Jennifer Hudson's whole family was killed. Mariah Carey's career was pretty much over after divorcing Tommy Mottola.
Every female lead singer at church got hella Mary J. Blidge and Jennifer Hudson in em. Let's rejoice
she the only star to make it and not do Jenny Craig like Jennifer Hudson or queen latifa , let's shed those pounds 😩
CBS and Turner say no Luther Vandross or Jennifer Hudson for "One Shining Moment" this year. New artist coming.
You was getting money now ya pocket skinny coming like ya Jennifer Hudson *** 👎
Is Jennifer Hudson one of the best vocalists today?
Jennifer Hudson always Make the movies worth buying.
If it's anybody I hate more than Katie got bandz, it would have to be Jennifer Hudson
I got told more than once today that I look like Jennifer Hudson 🤔. She's beautiful though so I'll take the compliment 😍😍🙌🏽
Omg I'm so jealous. I was born to play the frog princess or any disney princess! Lol! Jennifer Hudson, You look...
Jennifer finally English words have been spoken
to Kate Hudson and Jennifer Aniston on the set of - in theaters 4/29!
A Winnie Mandela biopic played by Jennifer Hudson. Mandela played by Terence Howard
from suicide on bridge sent him10gran child cancer sent ch on Maury povich show years ago Jennifer Hudson&fam u at Chicago
also not the Jennifer Hudson one. Strictly Luther.
Mackenzie Bourg, Kelly Clarkson, and Jennifer Hudson. I also like Dalton but u said 3 lol
If I could have anybody's voice it would be Whitney Huston, Christina Aguilera, and Jennifer Hudson
The only singers that can cover Whitney properly are Jennifer Hudson, Alicia Keyes, and Christina Aguilera. :)
I think you should do a reading for Jennifer Hudson or Lisa Marie Presley or Tom Bergeron!!
After Dreamgirls everyone was like Beyoncé or Jennifer Hudson... Anika Noni Rose slayed on every song and y'all ignored her
" did you see the one with Whitney Huston?". "Jac she's dead...". "Oh I mean Jennifer Hudson what ever same people". Oh yeah jac?
Debra Messing, Jeremy Jordan, Jennifer Hudson and Sean Hayes. How on earth can I never have heard of this epic serie?! 😱
I would have took Kimberly Elise, Viola Davis, Jennifer Hudson, *** I would have took Taraji...
Yeah CNN lied and said that David Duke and the KKK backed Trump, . Hey why don't you ask Jennifer Hudson what...
Yes. All these things been reported by news outlets. Google Jennifer Hudson & Trump. Google Trump & Tahmooressi.
Most people also don't know that it was Mr Trump who sheltered Jennifer Hudson in her time of need after 3 members of her family were killed
See what Jennifer Hudson looks like after shaving off her hair
Jennifer Hudson debuts SHOCKING new look -- she's unrecognizable, WHOA (via
Jennifer Hudson debuts new shaved hairstyle… you like?
Hair today, gone tomorrow: Jennifer Hudson unveils shaved head -
Jennifer Hudson unveils slicked back style as she ditches fringed crop Jennifer, 34, suited the heavily gelled style, but it was a stark con
Jennifer Hudson has new hair and umm...
Is it filmed? This is very odd. It feels like the Jennifer Hudson Winnie Mandela pic and we all know how that turned out...
Jennifer Hudson,Nicki Minaj et al and even the Beyoncé y'all so crazed about were inspired by Whitney Houston...
Jennifer Hudson shaves off her hair…see what she looks like now
Up listening to all the old beautiful music. Brandy, Jennifer Hudson, Tony Braxton etc. Amazing vocalists.
Jennifer Hudson and Katie Holmes are among the celebrities doing no press at fashion shows
Listening to Night Of Your Life (feat. Jennifer Hudson) by David Guetta, on the album: Nothing But the Beat 2.0 [Explicit]
White privilege is Adele and Sam Smith being loved by everyone while Jazmine Sullivan and Jennifer Hudson are just "over there."
Jennifer Hudson family killer speaks for the first time. | Joe Soto | V103
When I glo up, I wanna glo up like Sam Smith or Jennifer Hudson 😍😩
Yes Adele can sing, but I'd rather listen to Erica Campbell, Tamela Mann, Jennifer Hudson, Alicia Keys, Corrine Bailey Rae or Joss Stone.
why would you not have Jennifer Hudson, Florence Welch, John Legend, and Yolanda Adams doing this tribute? do better
A night to remember: The Color Purple with Cynthia Erivo, Jennifer Hudson and Danielle Brooks. Fantastic cast and music. *standing o*
PHOTOS of Jennifer Hudson, Danielle Brooks, Cynthia Erivo & cast at CD party:
The Color Purple on Broadway was phenomenal! Cynthia Erivo as Ms. Celie, Jennifer Hudson as Shug Avery and Danielle Brooks as Sophia all n…
empire is so legendary they got Naomi Campbell, Courtney Love, Lenny Kravitz, Jennifer Hudson, Mary J, Kelly Rowland like ***
Well the Winnie Mandela wasn't really a documentary but Jennifer Hudson was in it and I'm seeing her next week on Broadway so that's fun.
gon'cry by Mary J Blige,giving myself over by Jennifer Hudson,pray for me by Anthony Hamilton,you are not alone by Michael Jackson...
Should I be the first to make the obvious "Charles Barkley sang 'One Shining Moment' better than Jennifer Hudson" joke?
epicness at its finest. Jennifer Holliday & Jennifer Hudson - And I'm telling you I'm not going
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Janet Jackson was on, so I turned the volume up so I could hear, but Jennifer Hudson's "Spotlight" came after that.
about No shade to Adel & Sam Smith but Jill Scott, Ledisi, Jennifer Hudson, Joe, Tank, Tyrese
Ellis fade away. Jeremy Jordan is PERFECTION & Jennifer Hudson - this:
Spoiler: is not a film about the Jennifer Hudson song. . It is however bloody brilliant. The cast are a pack of awesomeness!
Ben: but Jennifer Hudson spat on me *wink face*
So much talent in one picture! Jessie J, Luke James and Jennifer Hudson 😍💕 x
Jennifer Hudson's car pool with James Corden is insane I love her voice
Jennifer Hudson and James Corden are so funny.
Im sorry if you haven't yet watched this You need to click this link to watch Jennifer Hudson & James
James Corden, Jennifer Hudson doing car karaoke will give you life
Don't block your blessings. Don't let doubt stop you from getting where you want...
I added a video to a playlist Iggy Azalea - Trouble ft. Jennifer Hudson
Jennifer Hudson carpool karaoke is a blessing
she top Em but Jennifer Hudson can blow
Real talk between her and Jennifer Hudson and Vivian green
Today's Quote:. "Appearance can always be changed, but the talent stays the same.".
Carpool Karaoke taught me that Adele and Jennifer Hudson are my best friends, they just don't know it yet 🙅🏽🙆🏽
Jennifer Hudson is so underrated smh
But here you are, with Beyonce in your username. And not Jennifer Hudson's. Because she doesn't matter.
And still Jennifer Hudson won the Oscar. . Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson and Oscar award attendee.BEYONCE. lmaooo
Everytime I sing move and do Jennifer Hudson part in Dreamgirls I sound like a cow with deep voice
she been screaming ever since man. Pictures of Jennifer Hudson sound loud.
When Jennifer Hudson begins Family. "What about what I need" takes me out every time. 😭💀
Beyoncé took her bra off for that scene. Cause she needed to remind Jennifer Hudson of who she is.
And it was at this moment I realized Jennifer Hudson is a real ***
Raven's mad because Jennifer Hudson lived a better lifestyle than her in a episode of That's So Raven
Florence Welch and Jennifer Hudson rehearse before paying tribute to Aretha Franklin at the 53rd GRAMMY Awards 2011 https:…
This was me today when I was banging Jennifer Hudson's music.
Correction, some of the cast of The Color Purple on Broadway is Jennifer Hudson and Danielle Brooks. No Lupita.😩
So she's an average singer cause Jennifer Hudson can sing better? Ray Allen an avg shooter then cause Steph he best
Still can't believe that Jessica Sanchez, Jennifer Hudson and Angie Miller didn't won in the show.
Picking my final show: . Wayne Brady in Kinky Boots, Jennifer Hudson in Color Purple, Fun Home rising in popularity
Jennifer Hudson , Chrisette Michele , Erica from BGC , Remy Ma , freakin Michelle Obama like *** 😂 I look like none of these people !
The full-on shade of Hilton Als's review of The Color Purple, in which his critique of Jennifer Hudson's performance is in parentheses.
Trouble by Iggy Azalea and Jennifer Hudson via Make it happen! pls T-T
Listen to Family by Jennifer Hudson, Beyoncé, Keith Robinson, Anika Noni Rose & Jamie Foxx on
I put in my first order using the FreePrints app with some Kathy Najimy and Jennifer Hudson photos for autograph requests.
Jennifer Hudson was epic as Winnie in the Mandela movie. Just a pity that the script for the movie was so poorly written.
Jennifer Hudson on making her Broadway debut in "The Color Purple," opening tonight
the black nativity airs this year HBOHD. Jennifer Hudson . Forest Whitaker . Angela Bassett
How do you explain Jennifer Hudson's presence in the film? Or the small parts that his friends Vic Mensa & Eryn Allen Kane had in the film?
just walked passed jennifer hudson signing autographs outside the color purple on broadway, I love nyc
I don't think he's watched the movie yet though. He should watch it first. Jennifer Hudson's family was murdered in Chicago
That time I was this close watching the amazing Jennifer Hudson sing Hallelujah in
Goal for tonight: Watch 'Dreamgirls' without fangirling over Jennifer Hudson. Let's see how it goes.
This is my jam: Spotlight by Jennifer Hudson ♫
Okay why have 4th impact gone home that one lass has better vocals than Jennifer Hudson herself pls
Except for jennifer hudson who's in the movie and got her family slaughtered
Tomorrow please go out and support Spike Lee's riveting new movie Chi-Raq co-starring our girl Jennifer Hudson!
Jennifer Hudson (has dogs named Oscar and Grammy. Is Tony next?
In "Chi-Raq," Jennifer Hudson didn't act. She didn't have to.
Vic Mensa is in the film, Jennifer Hudson is in the film, it is some of the youth of the chi in the film.
Now Playing:Jennifer Hudson - Remember the Music click here to listen"
I still think Jennifer Hudson should've been in
.just shared an EPIC photo of herself and See it here:
Omg I was watching a Jennifer Hudson vs SoHyang video IM SCREAMING
Flipagram Created by anitamartin1265 featuring I Am Changing by Jennifer Hudson
TBH Mariah nailed it so hard. Jennifer Hudson is great. Carrie Underwood, Charlotte Church. Patti Smith's is great.
Someone explain why the only person From chicago in that chiraq movie is jennifer hudson smh
Jennifer Hudson is EVERYTHING. And I don't say that about a lot of things or people.
I feel like if Jennifer Hudson is in it, and it’s in Chicago, how’s it making light of the problems in Chicago?
Jennifer Hudson should've been the star of the movie. That story would've been compelling. But THAT?!?!?!
12. Who is a better singer Beyonce or Jennifer Hudson?
After Dreamgirls came out and Jennifer Hudson started to get her due praise, people really started dragging Beyoncé.
Still disappointed in Jennifer Hudson for being in Chiraq
I'm so glad Jennifer Hudson wasn't in the whiz.
"If you can break down those walls you’ve spent so many years building to protect yourself, you can achieve anything." Jennifer Hudson
jennifer hudson has an UNREAL voice
Jennifer Hudson's incredible performance in Dream Girls needs to be discussed more because she killed it tbh
The ONLY thing missing from was Jennifer Hudson.
The last time I saw a star being born was when I saw Jennifer Hudson in "Dream Girls." Just saw another one born tonight.
and I am telling you by Jennifer Hudson and listen by Beyonce
was that Jennifer Hudson withSarah jessica parker?
Hudson. My question is MR. Trump came to your aid in your time of grief. Why haven't you said anything about it. So soon to forget
I love Jill Scott but where is Jennifer Hudson at!
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
I remember Jennifer Hudson sang one of her songs at one of these awards she did good too
Jill Scott lost alot of weight but she don't look crazy like Jennifer Hudson did
thank you for following I will follow back Jennifer Hudson
thank you very much for following have the best day Jennifer Hudson
Jennifer Lopez or Ciara can do choreography. Maybe Jennifer Hudson for vocals.
I'm watching Silver Linings Playbook on Netflix for the 5th time now & I just can't get into Bradley Cooper or Jennifer Hudson.
I'm glad they left Jennifer Hudson *** at home!!
she's alright. I just wish Deborah Cox or Jennifer Hudson would've been available.lbs.
I'll just assume Jennifer Hudson was busy
I feel like I'm listening to a Jennifer Hudson dreamgirls performance
i agree! Should have been jennifer hudson or deborah cox
Jennifer Hudson must've turn down this tribute. She is on tribute "speed-dial"
You tried it . You could've paid for Jennifer Hudson for the Whitney tribute. Next time just play the original song
Boy if you put Tasha Cobb and Jennifer Hudson in the same room Helen Keller could hear them.
I think Jennifer Hudson should have sung Shoop not Fantasia
They should've had Jennifer Hudson singing this song cause ugh
They should've had Jennifer Hudson sing Whitney's song 🙄
Fantasia singing Whitney my time is up! *throws hands up* where was Jennifer Hudson for this
I think Jennifer Hudson should have sang Shoop but whatever
No shade to Fantasia but Jennifer Hudson would have killed that
They should of had Jennifer Hudson sing this
Jennifer hudson wasnt available for this whitney part? Or was Tasia just cheaper? i love Tasia tho
Jennifer Hudson would have killed this ... Just saying
Jennifer Hudson should of been on the Soul Train Awards
They should have had Jennifer Hudson sing this Whitney classic :(
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