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Jennifer Holliday

Jennifer-Yvette Holliday (born October 19, 1960, Riverside, Texas) is an American singer and Tony Award-winning actress.

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National recording artist Jennifer Holliday and myself
Jennifer Holliday's mannerisms and facial expressions gotta be top 5 funniest things to mimic.
I'm so unoriginal but it was Jennifer Holliday. I'll never forget it
So much fun performing at Thanks 2 everyone who came out to my show! Plus I MET JENNIFER HOLLIDAY!
I had a BLAST tonight playing piano and serving as music director with Jennifer Holliday with…
Ella Fitzgerald, Jennifer Holliday, and Whitney Houston are the most iconic women ever.
.Rehearsal underway for tonight's Jennifer Holliday concert.
Oh...just rehearsing with Jennifer Holliday for a show at the…
.Beautiful evening for Strike up the Band at Stephens Lake. Jennifer Holliday tonight at the…
Song Jennifer holliday sang in the original stage play with Donna summer her daughter n Cheryl led Ralph mm hm
Feeling just A TOUCH called out about parties with YouTube viewing of Jennifer Holliday’s “And I’m Telling You”
- with two pretty ladies Jennifer Holliday and Olivia Newton-John back in 1983!
.Hot Summer Nights banners are up! Don't miss Jennifer Holliday on Friday.…
I listed to the MFM that features Jennifer Holliday's survival story, she is intelligent and BADASS and I hope her family is proud of her
why,...Jennifer Sprow my good friend,.you are truly an Angle for not only The Lyme Inflected that Suffer Horribly b…
With the Tonys on Sunday, go watch Jennifer Holliday's 1982 performance and try not to have your *** face melted
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It's only 3 people that can sing that song: Jennifer Holliday, Jennifer Hudson and this girl right here.. GAVE ME F…
Sorry but idc how great that audition is no one will ever top Jennifer Hudson's rendition except Jennifer Holliday herself tbh
Jennifer Holliday will no longer sing for Trump after finding out her performance was heartbreaking to her *** fans
news: White Sox scout Yanks for potential Quintana trade; Sanchez & Holliday look good; A-Rod dating J-Lo
Y'all sleeping on Jennifer Holliday. She sang Micheal under the table in this rendition of "I Wanna Be Where You Ar…
And I am telling you- either Jennifer Holliday or Jennifer Hudson
Andrea Bocelli and Jennifer Holliday back out of inauguration after threats but Trump is still positive
"Cigars for Christmas" (Christmas 2017) a television movie invites Jennifer Holliday.
Today on Sid's music of the day. Is Jennifer Holliday just KILLING us with her amazing performance of "And I am telling you I'm not going" 👌
1986dance Jennifer Holliday No Frills Love (peaked at in 1986) .
The radio always bust out some Jennifer Holliday or Stephanie Mills when I'm not ready
Yea.. I prefer Jennifer Holliday's .. her version isn't bad.. but I don't feel any pain, anguish and despair...
If they're going to get a belter for Eliza, I want young Jennifer Holliday immediately post-Dreamgirls.
Broadway star Jennifer Holliday weighs in on beef between Trump and Rep. John Lewis
NOT Holliday. Jennifer Hudson did not even say a kind word about someone who protected her at her worst moment in life.
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Jennifer Holliday Is Performing at Donald Trump’s Inauguration: ‘I’m Singing for the People of …
You insinuated that Donald did something for Jennifer. He has not done a thing. Jennifer HOLLIDAY was supposed to sing but backed
Jennifer Holliday joins tomorrow on her decision not to sing at inauguration. Join 10…
We'll start with Jennifer Holliday's rendition of 'This Day' ..Whitney's version is very similar to this one.. I pr…
Jennifer Holliday singing And I'm Telling You... at the White House via
Broadway icon Jennifer Holliday pulls out of Trump inauguration
Broadway star Jennifer Holliday backs out of Trump inauguration gig
Broadway star Jennifer Holliday pulls out of Trump concert
10: cuz I was at home, in bed, eating brownies and watching Jennifer Holliday videos of YouTube.
They were using the Jennifer Holliday version so I assumed it was older
Toby Keith, Jennifer Holliday: Who will perform at the inauguration?.. Related Articles:
Was happy with Jennifer Holliday for backing out of the inauguration until this. Defeats our point doesn't it?
John Lewis, Merkel, NATO, Obamacare, Ethics Chief, BMW, Jennifer Holliday, and much this weekend news roundup…
What are you going to do to Jennifer Holliday??? If she signed a contract, bring her right to Judge Judy.
I'm 😊to see Bob back. wish some1 would realize he thought Jennifer Holliday was Judy Holliday
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And she did not have the courtesy to call & talk to Mr. Trump. Not courage . Cowardly & weak ! Jennifer Holliday
Jennifer Holliday backs out Trump inauguration performance...
Jennifer Holliday has since said no. Whew. I've heard she'll be replaced by Scott Baio doing an interpretive dance.
Inaugural concert to feature Toby Keith, Jennifer Holliday - The names add some celebrity flavor to an inaugura...
Toby Keith, Jennifer Holliday, 3 Doors Down join inaugural festivities in D.C. for the day before Trump is sworn in.
Inaugural concert to feature Toby Keith, Jennifer Holliday by via Stars and Stripes
Cannot believe 3 Doors Down and Jennifer Holliday is performing at the inauguration
We The Black Delegation will like to trade Jennifer Holliday and a future 1st round pick for Betty White ..
And I am telling you, . I'm not going. There's no way I can ever go. . No, no, there's no way.
Jennifer Holliday is a washed up has been. Career over.
In today's "a paycheck is a paycheck" news: Jennifer Holiday is set to perform at Trump's inauguration concert:
Ew girl no, you doing this for your pocket, not the people.
Jennifer Holliday plans to sing at Trump’s inauguration "for the people"
3 Doors Down, Jennifer Holliday, Toby Keith: is planning a presidential inauguration or the lineup at th…
Here we go again w/ the confusion. 1st now.. Not Committed to Trump Inauguration htt…
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First & now she has agreed to perform at the Trump inauguration; *** 2Toms in 1 day
This may be the least watched inauguration in modern history!!
Jennifer Holliday Plans to Sing at Trump’s Inauguration. YES, ma'am, that's where we are now.
Don't tell me Jennifer Holliday will be at the inuguration?
if you think Jennifer Holliday (should come to her senses and NOT perform at Donald Trump's inauguratio…
This is what desperation looks like. It's painful to witness.
THT - Inaugural concert to feature Toby Keith, Jennifer Holliday
Now playing Jennifer Holliday - Jesse Saunders On and On.mp3 on Disco Factory FM
is a fave from Ms. Jennifer Holliday - "I Am Love" Jennifer Holliday...
Always love this dreamgirls scene. Jennifer Holliday. Maybe a thousand times i do watch this, and always i get a...
Jennifer Holliday- "Think It Over" was the track from this week back in the year 2000 on Billboard's Dance...
Although that song J sang was pretty embarrassing. I'll always love her duet of And I Am Telling You w/ Jennifer Holliday.
Jessica Sanchez and Jennifer Holliday I was just like 😳
feat. Jennifer Holliday and lots of coffee
Jessica Sanchez and Jennifer Holliday snatching everyones weaves with And I Am Telling You
They should have brought Jennifer Holliday out with Jessica
I'm scared to watch this after Jennifer Holliday vs. Jennifer Hudson lol
one of the best idol performances...Jessica Sanchez & Jennifer Holliday :
Where's so we can laugh about Jennifer Holliday's crazy clapping on founder's day freshmen year
made it to intermission and only cried once so far. lol Jennifer Holliday looks and sounds was phenomenal.
Thanks to an email from and some last minute tix, about to experience Jennifer Holliday upclose
Joining to see the incomparable Jennifer Holliday, the original Effie White
We have the original Dreamgirl in the house this week: April 6
Jennifer Holliday: An Intimate Interview with a Broadway Icon | Mark's List -- interview by my friend
This will always be my fave with Nanay Jennifer Holliday
Who sang better in Dreamgirls as Effie: Jennifer Holliday or Jennifer Hudson? Who was the better acttress?
My GYPSY revival idea: Jennifer Holliday as Rose, as Gypsy, as Mazeppa & Keith Price of as Herbie.
That was a powerful endorsement of Jennifer Holliday from David E. Kelley. When your talent impacts another person's life >>>>.
Watching Jennifer Holliday The tea AND the shade... A photo of Michael Bennett sitting next to none other than Bruce Jenner. 🐸☕️
Stop by the Rogue Health LLC booth to meet Jennifer Larson (LMT), Therese Holliday (LMT), Gavin Vorderstrasse...
She's following in the footsteps of Jennifer Holliday & Upcoming Dreamgirls star presents Best…
there's a time where i just watch Jessica Sanchez & Jennifer Holliday's AI performance... the time is rn .
I added a video to a playlist Jennifer Holliday - I Believe I Can Fly
I Am Love(Original Version): Jennifer Holliday via Another one of my favorites...
The year is 2016 and your Jennifer holliday impersonation at the end of "diva's lament" is still my favorite thing ever
yes they were my fav so far! She reminded me of Jennifer Holliday
HIS Eye is on the Sparrow.. And I KNOW HE WATCHES ME!!!. Jennifer Holliday - His Eye Is on the Sparrow via
Seeing Jennifer Holliday from 'Dreamgirls' perform on the Tony Awards telec...
Listen to I Am Changing by Jennifer Holliday on This song is my life.
I'd give anything to see Jennifer Holliday's full performance in Dreamgirls.
Jennifer Holliday look like somebody hitting her gspot when she sings all those faces she makes
She lowkey looks like Jennifer Holliday omg
Good morning Jennifer hope You had a nice visit and short holliday out in good old BC. and welcome back, Jerry.
God. *** I've heard the recorded version many times but this is incomparable. Dreamgirls 1982 - Jennifer Holliday:
OMGG I just freaked out! Jennifer Holliday recognizing how talented Amber is and being happy she was cast as Effie in Dreamgirls is a dream
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Jennifer Holliday is going to seem like Aimee Mann in comparison
"Cigars for Christmas" (Christmas 2016) a television movie invites Jennifer Holliday.
epicness at its finest. Jennifer Holliday & Jennifer Hudson - And I'm telling you I'm not going
I just bought I Am Love by Jennifer Holliday on Amazon Music via
“I saw the first Effie, Jennifer Holliday, sing that song on Broadway three decades ago, and the...”
If only it was with Jennifer Holliday! I think Amber will be amazing though
Tony Award winning actress Jennifer Holliday graced up with her presence…
This song has been in my head all day. I'm Not Going, from Dreamgirls, sung by Jennifer Holliday & Jennifer Hudson
Jennifer Holliday has now an album on! Find out on
EJ gotta let his hair grow or something. He look like Jennifer Holliday.
Every time there is something Dream Girls or Jennifer Holliday related I automatically smile and think of Sheshe...
Why thank you Jennifer,. these people Millions plus worldwide Suffer Horrifically what is the deal with The U S Government?.
: Jennifer Holliday - And i'm telling you i'm not going . 🎶
Andrew Barron Murray doing his best Jennifer Holliday impersonation on court right now.
why,.Jennifer Darlen ,... How Have you Been?. nice to see you here BTW
So Jennifer Holliday just liked one of my photos on Instagram
I liked a video Jennifer Holliday sings at Women's Foundation Tribute Luncheon
Sheryl is on Instant Mom wit Tia Mowry. Loretta Devine is playin somebody mama in somethin somewhere. Jennifer Holliday is...mad
Jennifer Holliday got Cheryl Lynn together? Cheryl tried to call on Deniece Williams? 'BLS wars getting real in the field.
Here is my Jennifer Holliday paying tribute to Billie Holiday WOW!!!
My girl (Jennifer Holliday) was called up out of the audience to sing a lil something. No Music...can these New Artists do this? LISTEN!
it got me noticed. I done the original Jennifer Holliday version
I'm SO inspired after watching Oprah Winfrey's interview of Jennifer Holliday! Jennifer Holliday's "Hatch Day" for her nephew is heartfelt!
This has to be the baddest song ever. ▶ Jennifer Holliday - You're The One (written by Michael Jackson)
I liked a video HQ And I'm Telling you Jennifer holliday
He want the cute one. I want the fat one... She pay what she weigh. I'm looking for a Jennifer Holliday . 😂
Happy New Year! (I'm working on my Jennifer Holliday impression)b.
not tryin to cause drama but the Jennifer Holliday version makes jhud's seem like a sad Disney cruise performance.
This to me is one of the best musicals ever. Jennifer Holliday knocks it out of the park everytime
Currently listening to jennifer holliday kill it singing "And I'm telling you I'm not going" from Dreamgirls and thinking of
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Jennifer Holliday - And I am telling you I'm not going (1982): vía
Looking forward to having in town Saturday performing Steppin Out Gala
So excited to have "Jennifer Holliday - The Original Dream Girl" into this Saturday for Dimock Community Health...
Deaon Forever starring as "Preacher" in Color Purple starring Jennifer Holliday
Glad to be working with you, Jennifer Holliday!
Was a little ball they had for one of the producers. Jennifer Holliday EDUCATED me. Incredible singer.
I wonder what they would have done if they had actually heard the Jennifer Holliday version
And sometimes you get to hear Jennifer Holliday sing at a party at the Rainbow Room.
I had a dream that Jennifer Holliday serenaded me with And I Am telling You I'm Not Going
when jennifer Holliday sings that song she becomes possessed quote literally. It's an out of body experience
Jennifer Holliday's And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going is one of the greatest vocal performances ever
Hello Jennifer Holliday Photograph. Great photographs you took at launch. Fantastic ! http…
Love The Color Purple? Kenya Simone has tickets to giveaway to the stage play, starring Jennifer Holliday. Stay...
magiging public holliday ba ang Jennifer Laude day?
Masque at Russell Industrial Center, Jennifer Holliday in ‘The Color Purple’ at Music Hall and more 48 Hours:...
Treats in the Streets tomorrow has made the "big three" of things to do this weekend!
Performing in Detroit on Sunday! 48 Hours: Best things to do in Metro Detroit via
48 Hours: Things to do in Metro Detroit - The Detroit News:
I suspect the speculation and rumours about CP have stemmed from this article hope you're well x
MEET BRANDON GILLIARD Renown Bass Player Producer Brandon Gilliard is a world touring bass player who lays down a solid foundation of funk on every stage he plays. He has recorded or shared the stage with artists such as Janelle Monae, KIMBRA, Big Boi of OutKast, David Crowder, Erykah Badu, Avery*Sunshine, Donnie McClurkin, Kirk Franklin, Tye Tribbett, Maceo Parker, P. Diddy, Bob Carlisle, Jennifer Holliday, Ann Nesby, Archie Bell, Vicky Beeching, Daysahead, Juanita Bynum, Angie Stone, Bebe Winans, INOJ, Chinua Hawk, Roman GianArthur and a plethora of others. He has also performed with world class ensembles such as the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, The Chicago Symphony and the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra. Brandon Gilliard began playing alongside his father in church as a small child. As a teenager he performed in his high school marching band as the drum major and the school’s first electric bassist. He continued his education as a Music Major at Anderson University and graduated in 2005 with a B. .. ...
Back from Bestival! Candi Staton was BEYOND. Kate Bush this week, Vegas with Diana Ross and finishing with Jennifer Holliday in NY...
Sam Bailey joins forces with our very own Nicole Scherzinger to sing this amazing Dreamgirls track, sung by both Jennifer Holliday and Jennifer Hudson Downlo ...
She thought she could out sing Jennifer Holliday with those off key notes
With Tony Winner Jennifer Holliday after her performance at Broadway Under the Stars in LA
KCL - Original Dreamgirl, Jennifer Holliday discusses life with MS
Such a powerful and beautiful voice and an even more beautiful spirit!! Jennifer Holliday was…
Almost showtime for with Jennifer Holliday & some of musical theater's best leading men!
Taking a trip to New York September 15 to see Jennifer Holliday and some sightseeing does anyone know good places to stay in New York?
I like to think I sing pretty well, but then I hear myself recorded. Man, how does Jennifer Holliday do it?
I'll be recreating Jennifer Holliday's 1982 Tony performance in biscuits
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I can't believe people still ask me this answer is(always) Jennifer Holliday sings "And I Am Telling You" better.
In her Tony Award winning performance, Jennifer Holliday sings "And I'm Telling You" from "Dreamgirls" for the Tony Awards telecast. This video is slightly b...
Even Jennifer Hudson can't beat how great Jennifer Holliday is. 🙌
I've came across Jennifer Holliday videos back in the day of course & wonder why she only proper off of "I'm Telling You"?
Petition to get Liza Minnelli, Jennifer Holliday, Elaine Stritch, and Carol Channing on Orange is the New Black.
Just listened to Jennifer Holliday sing "And I am telling you" from dream girls Beautiful Trip down memory lane. I was at University of Georgia in early to mid 80's. But for spring break I decided to go to NYC. My dear friend Patric McWilliams let me stay in his apartment. I had picked out the shows I wanted to see which one included A Chorus Line which I had already seen. Patric said you need to see Dream-girls. I had never even heard of it. And I said well thanks but I want to see a Chorus Line again. And Patric said you HAVE to see Dream-girls. I would not be a good friend if I didn't insist. Patric I have NO idea if you remember this. But you were right. It was one of my most fabulous & expiring nights on broadway. Thank you my friend!!.
Our guests on Friday: Gloria Gaynor, Stacy Keach and Tony winners BIlly Porter, Jennifer Holliday and Victoria Clark.
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MALAYA WATSON (AGE 16) - TOP 11 - DETROIT, MI Song: "I Am Changing" by Jennifer Holliday (Dreamgirls, 2006) The top 11 fight to stay in the competition. Orig...
Tues. at 11: Exec. Sanders on commuter rail; Presiding Bishop & singer Jennifer Holliday.
The Color Purple starring Jennifer Holliday is coming to the Hobby Center for Performing Arts March 28th – March...
Watching Dreamgirls again. Jennifer Hudson deserved every vote for every award she won for that performance. I get cold chills every time I hear her sing I'm Not Going. She surely made Jennifer Holliday proud.
I usually wouldn't do this but since I'm pretty much bed ridden with this knee, I'm gonna subject y'all to a Chris Blackwell 2013 year in This year I was fortunate to play on albums by Geoff McBride, Chris Cauley,Chinua Hawk, Robert Meadows,Chris Massey, some tv stuff, Trammell Starks, Jerome Olds,Gail Burnett Daniel Moore and several others. Did some touring with Bo Bice (Always fun). Did a really fun tour with Abba Mania and most recently have done some traveling with the great Jennifer Holliday. All have been musically fulfilling and exciting in their own unique way and I'm humbled to be involved with all this great music and the people who create it. If all that wasn't enough, by far the most exciting thing of my life (much less 2013), a few months ago we found out that we were having a baby. Although I'm laid in bed in miserable pain I can't help but be happy, thankful,and realize how lucky I am. So here's to 2014 being equal to 2013. Lol. It will have to try awful hard.
TMI MOMENT: In college, they had a lip syncing contest, and it was a pretty big deal, it was $250 to the winner, so some friends and I decided to enter in and we chose to do New Edition's "Candy Girl" - so we went out and bought these solid colored sweatshirts (trying to look like the video they did) and the fun part was, we decided to pick the cutest girls on campus to help us with the show. So on the night of the show, we had them to sit in the audience with matching sweatshirts to ours, and half way thru the performance they came on stage with us, so we could sing to them. I played Ralph Tresvant, and the audience went crazy, because we looked just like the video, with the colorful sweatshirts, and the pretty girls...but we came in second place, because this girl sanng Jennifer Holliday's "And I Am Telling You!" even better than Jennifer, so we ended up winning $200, and we took the girls out to eat afterwards. It was a great night in your brother's life.
Jennifer Holliday sang it like no other, and William H. Cosby, Jr. (Bill Cosby) is still the king of comedy!!
Saw Dreamgirls with Jennifer Holliday , saw Ragtime with Audra McDonald, and tonight's Colour Purple is in that class. OMG!
Not since Jennifer Holliday in Dreamgirls has anyone had an impact on Broadway like in Kinky Boots!!
That Jennifer Holliday has a voice that will disrupt whatever you are doing at that time. I'm at work with my...
any word on when the Jennifer Holliday cd will be released??? Thx.
It's 1 am and I can't find Jennifer Holliday's official website.
Do you think Jennifer Holliday is legally required to sing "And I am Telling You" every 26 minutes?
Awesome time to be had.Would have Loved to have Jennifer Holliday bring her Testimony amazing singer
I've been missing in action this week. Just checking on any word on Ms Jennifer Holliday. Been thinking & praying for her :)
Kelly PLEASE have Jennifer Holliday on your show she isA great Mentor she has been there
Jennifer Holliday is taking me to church right now!
Yeah, I bet not many of you have heard of Jennifer Holliday.
wow, is it me or did jennifer holliday have funny faces during the song. Sang well but expressions was hilarious
Which famous person from the past would you most like to meet?... — Jennifer Holliday ;)
No one gives this song credibility apart from the great Jennifer Holliday And I Am Telling You Live HD: via
=| @ Jennifer Holliday's version of "One Night Only" actually being more subtle than Foghorn's. FAR more.
Although yall could have auditioned to play Jennifer her..not effie but herself Lol
Also I wasn't jazzed about Jennifer Holliday still playing Effie White. You don't see Sheryl Lee-Ralph still touring as Deena
watching Jennifer Holliday *break it down*..."there is no, no, no, no, no way I'm living without you"
And I am telling you I'm not going ~ Jennifer Holliday
Me and the great Jennifer Holliday. She killed tonight at the Apollo
“But most don't know that she played in the original Dreamgirls stage play though”Yup! W/ Sheryl Lee Ralph & Jennifer Holliday
To pay tribute to Chaka Khan you don’t just call on any vocalist. You call on some of the best: Patti LaBelle, Jennifer Holliday, Mary J. Blige and Deborah Cox. These divas united on stage to honor…
Beautiful performance by KWL's own, Alexandra Burke, as well as Mary J Blige, Erykah Badu, Patti LaBelle and Jennifer Holliday at Apollo's tribute event for Chaka Khan tonight! More details here...
Thanks! to Jennifer Holliday for remembering Marvin Hamlisch! - "Dear God,Thank You for...
Jennifer Holliday performing "His Eye is on the Sparrow" at Trinity United Church of Christ via
Joint with this version - Jennifer Holliday at 1988 Democratic National Convention: via
last night I introduced Hannah to Kari Jobe and now I've introduced Sarah to Kim Burrell & Jennifer Holliday. when will this end...
I love traditional Irish dance music,The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir and secular singers like Jennifer Holliday,the late Teena Marie,etc.
Some of my favorite talented people (Jennifer Holliday) (Deniece Williams)
"Effie" from the original cast of the Broadway "Dreamgirls" - Jennifer Holliday @ The F!
The performance Jessica Sanchez and Jennifer Holliday did on the song And I Am Telling You never gets old 👍😏
I was 15 on work experience at Sq One Studio Bury when this was recorded-beautiful Craig Davies-Jennifer Holliday.mp4
Broadway in Hollywood. I can't help but observe while watching the Oscars that Catherine Zeta Jones is no Chita Rivera. Jennifer Hudson is no Jennifer Holliday and Anne Hathaway is no Patti LuPone. Quite simply, an original is an original. Like Shirley Bassey.
In forgot just how good Jennifer Hudson was as Effie White. Totally earned that Oscar . She is as good to the movie as Jennifer Holliday was to the stage show. 2 different styles, both totally rocked that role.
The multi-talented Jennifer Holliday starred in "Dreamgirls" on Broadway and made the song "And I'm Telling You" famous. Find out if she was ever offered a c...
Something powerful still lingering with me after the Super Bowl. The Sandy Hook school children singing, "America the Beautiful" with Jennifer Holliday. Made me cry immediately. The resilience of children. Amazing.
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Doing my X factor research. Don't want to sing the same songs people audition last year. I'm think of some Jennifer Holliday or Hudson
The greatest duet ever! Jessica Sanchez and Jennifer Holliday! Honestly Jessica is the most talented singer today!
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The Tribute is coming up this Saturday!!! All the last minute details are falling into place. We can't wait to have our friends and family join us at the Paramount to honor Dr. King with Jennifer Holliday, Tuck & Patti, Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir and more!! see you this weekend!!!
Living Jazz will present “In the Name of Love”, the 11th Annual Musical Tribute honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. featuring the great Grammy Award winner, Jennifer Holliday. In the Name of Love remains Oakland’s only annual non-denominational musical tribute to Dr. King. “In the Name of Love” sho...
Diana Ross did Stephanie Mills just like they did Florence Ballard. ...Effie White... Jennifer Holliday... *** Lol
no mi amor :* Jennifer Holliday its a legend... ;)
Una cancion con hermoso rango vocal. And I'm Telling You by Jennifer Holliday . Beautiful, one of my favorites songs :p
And this one, just superb, needs to be played at full blast. Enjoy a true artist.. Giving Up - Jennifer Holliday
I just love this song & the singer, just amazing, soulful, heart felt, inspiring etc JENNIFER HOLLIDAY "HEALING HANDS"
Without end-of-year wrap-ups I would never have seen this, and that would have been a *** shame
In her shoe. The duet alone with Jennifer Holliday, was epic and the best we have ever seen in History. Yes, PP won, but Jay
no when Jennifer Holliday+that girl sang it on AmericanIdol... She MADE that song! She took it to church and the bank!
Marianne you& Jennifer Holliday Share suchJOY for GODS LOVE Ipray that is contagious and I walk in greater JOYwith Uboth in2013
And I love you Jennifer Hudson but. Jennifer Holliday - Line 2!!
Well - WBC'S are actually higher than the day of admittance so, that's good and bad news. we were hoping was the reason for the fever. However... at this point there's something a brewin' but we don't know right now. Dr. L was contacted while on vacation. lol Sorry DR. L! =) He wants to wait and watch the fever, maybe through the night? and see what the cultures show? It's Nurse change time, so maybe the next nurse will have more information to give when she shows up. For now we are maintaining the fever with tylenol and gonna give him induced sleep here at some point (the whole cocktail of meds to help him fully relax) No Antibitoics at this moment. So we are on standby for more news... his CBC levels actually look better than Thursday when he came in.. Nurse said Not to worry right now.. Easier said than done that's for sure! Love & Light Evangeline
and i'm telling you i'm not going - Jessica Sanchez and jennifer holliday (Y)
I also want to see Tonya Pinkins, Queen Latifah, Darlene Love and Jennifer Holliday as Rose.
We've had Whitney v. Chaka, but now it's Jennifer Hudson v. Jennifer Holliday.
just a bunch of gifs of Jennifer Holliday's face lol
I was just thinking that. She sang And I'm Telling You effortlessly. I wish Jennifer Holliday was there for that performance.
People. Stop what you're doing and listen to this: Jennifer Holliday's final (supersonic) performance in Dreamgirls:
My spirit animal is a mix of a sloth, a panda and Jennifer Holliday.
2012 Lesson from Reality TV: We can all learn from Jay ... FOLLOW
Im tellin you you're not goin nowhere *Jennifer Hudson voice*
How did I not know Miss Jennifer Holliday was on an episode?!
JENNIFER HOLLIDAY has two ll's in HOLLIDAY THE ORIGINAL DREAMGIRL is very particular about spelling her name correctly THANKS
should be Was amazing to see Jennifer Holliday reprise her role. Loved it! Even in 108 degrees.
Have u watched performance of Jennifer Holliday ft. Jessica Sanchez "I am telling u I'm not going" @ American Idol 2012 ? Oow my gosh...!!!
NICK sending big texas size HUG so excited that U will be seeing the ORIGINAL DREAM GIRL JENNIFER HOLLIDAY safe travels take it easy
Jennifer Hudson is the only missing person on that one. Amber Riley,Rev Shirley Ceaser,Jennifer Holliday,Yolanda Adams. They is gon' SING!!!
Blessing PASTOR so good to have you on your Time Line Jennifer Holliday sings so wonderfully (It is well with my Soul) GODS LOVE2U
This young man Trevin Hunte did a wonderful rendition of Jennifer Holliday's "And I'm Telling You" on The Voice. What do you think of his performance?
Wow. What a performance by Jessica Sanchez and Jennifer Holliday. Watch their duet on the American Idol finale now!
Patti LaBelle, Nell Carter, Tina Turner, and Jennifer Holliday all turned down the role of Shug Avery.
Location: Mikko's Bar - White Beach, Puerto Galera I only know Nicole (playing Jennifer Holliday) who's a good friend of mine :). Music: "And I Am Telling Yo...
Jennifer Holliday won a Tony for creating the role of Effie in Dreamgirls and has also appeared on Broadway in Chicago and Grease. She celebrates a birthday today. Happy Birthday Jennifer!
"Tony Award-winning actress Jennifer Holliday to serve as Grand Marshal of Tuskegee Homecoming parade 2012."Tuskegee University’s homecoming parade and host of the alumni reunion banquet, the university announced today.
The EWC concert choir will be performing and the Times-Union Center with the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra at 8:00 p.m. this evening. the concert will also feature Jennifer Holliday, she was the first one to sing 'And I am Telling You' before Jennifer Hudson. Very important concert and now I'm excited.
Be honest. Your Channing is better than Carol's Channing! I also do Jennifer Holliday and Ethel Merman. All terrible.
i lost my breath listening to Jessica Sanchez & Jennifer Holliday sing and i wasn't even the one doing the singing. brilliance omg
Nothing plays in the spaceship except Nippy , Jennifer Holliday , & Karen Clark-Sheard :)
No no no no way..NO NO NO NO WAY.JENNIFER
I favorited a video Jennifer Holliday-And i am telling you i'm not going
11 year old sings Jennifer Holliday song better than Jennifer Holliday herself (says us).
Here's Jennifer Holliday singing the Classic Beatles song back in '85('86?)
To the contestants on "Broadway or Bust"--I admire your courage, and I know you are still teenagers, but can someone, just once, choose an angry Afro-American woman gospel anthem OTHER THAN "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going"? "I Am Changing", for one? Jennifer Holliday herself didn't sing it this much...
This. Is. Amazing.I literally wish I was alive back in the 80's so I could watch Jennifer Holliday perform this live.
We shot Jennifer Holliday's music video in December. She looked great in this shot.
I walked into choir and saw Jennifer Holliday on the TV belting out "And I Am Telling You"
I wish I could sing amazing just to sing 'And I am telling you' by Jennifer Holliday to my man!!
Jokes about hair are boring. Come up with something better if you're going to comment. This is a music video, not a performance - hence the lip sync. It's th...
I was watching Jennifer Holliday & Jennifer Hudson singing "and I am telling you" next thing I know I was shouting like
Good Morning TIM new follower and were can I find your music.Life long JENNIFER HOLLIDAY and VICKIE fan UR the manN Nashville
on going to the studio today, to quote Jennifer Hudson, and Jennifer Holliday, "i'm not going, i'm not going"
"Don't become so well-adjusted to your culture that you fit into it without even thinking! FIX your MIND ON GOD and BE CHANGED INSIDE&OUT"!..Jennifer Holliday
Just saw the Jessica Sanchez X Jennifer Holliday again on ETC. Me thinks it's still one of the best musical moments ever on television.
Gave a riveting performance of "and I am telling you" by Jennifer Hudson (originally sung by Jennifer Holliday) tonight at Waffle House...
A reminder of His love,Grace&mercy 4 underserving me.Jennifer Holliday - God Is Faithful (Official Video): via
Also, I think Jennifer Holliday sings the theme song.
And im telling u, im not going - Jennifer Holliday reminds me of this episode of Fresh Prince
Am I the only one who tries to sing along to Jennifer Holliday's "And I Am Telling You"? Especially that one ridiculously long note? Yes? Oh
Should I sing And I Am Telling You by Jennifer Holliday or At Last by Etta James?
i was hoping ud sing Jennifer Holliday's song!!
Jessica Sanchez, Joel Courtney, Hope Mob, Jennifer Holliday, and 4 more. Yeah they followed me but I want :')
I've got a video of this little girl singing like Jennifer Holliday at ATC last night. 😂😂😂
Treating to the delights of Jennifer Holliday live in broadway. :)
Ryan Seacrest just announced Phillip Philips as the winner of the American Idol 2012, but for the 90 million strong nation of the Philippines there’s no doubt that Jessica Sanchez was already our American Idol. Filipino American supporters from San Diego to New York held voting parties through out the competition. Her parentage is an interesting mix of both Filipino and Mexican. A record total of 132.3 million votes were cast in this year’s A.I., the biggest in its eleven-year history. The win for Philips showed the trend of WGWG- white guy with guitar. The most recent winners of Scotty McCreery, Kris Allen and Lee Dewyze are evidence of the voting preference. From a purely performance and vocal standpoint however, there was no doubt that Jessica Sanchez was the better of the two. Even their final performances proved this. Jessica sang a spectacular “And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going” duet with the “Queen of Broadway Gospel” Jennifer Holliday. It was such an overpowering performance that J ...
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Jennifer Holliday performing "God Bless The Child" at the BAM Rhythm & Blues Festival at MetroTech, Brooklyn, NY 6-3-10. Rodney Jones is featured on guitar. ...
Corresponding to several international news sites report, the American Idol Season 11 runner-upJessica Sanchezsang live atEat Bulaga, GMA-7‘s every day noontime show together with withAllan Ksinging “And I Am Telling You” the song that Jessica Sanchez and Jennifer Holliday sang together with each o...
This is what I saw at Splash that made me reiterate why I LOVE Jennifer Holliday as Effie, the others were great, but for me it was Ms. Holliday. Also, she can't help but make you think of Areatha!! Allan Jarrett
Jennifer Holliday on TBN Jun 13, 2011 His Eye is on the Sparrow
Disco 12 Inch Single: "H" Card - "He's A Pretender" - High Inergy Motown Records 1982 Produced and arranged by George Tobin High Inergy are one of Motown's e...
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