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Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Joanna Aniston (born February 11, 1969) is an American actress, film director, and producer.

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see your '96 Salma Hayek and raise you a '98 Jennifer Aniston # via /r/
Folks keep talking about how great Jennifer Aniston looks for her age, but y'all sleep on Sarah Silverman 🙄🙄
Honestly it's between Blake Lively and Jennifer Aniston that's hard to pick between lol
Jennifer Aniston in James Perse. Love Jennifer Aniston. Pretty sure she is also perfect.
watching me like im a channel. i got the white call it Pamela, Anderson .. white lambo Jennifer Aniston
Last night on SNL: Jennifer Aniston and Rachel Green (meet. 😂😂👏👏
i need a girl along the lines of Jennifer Aniston and Scarlett Johannson😍
hey just wanted to let you know Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman have been in 5 movies together.
Theres a Jennifer Aniston / Jason Bateman romcom based on a short story by Jeffrey Eugenides & I am SO PROUD of myself for not knowing ab it
Every time I watch Tootsie again, I'm reminded that Jennifer Aniston has based her entire career on doing a so-so Terri Garr impression.
Pop quiz: From Tony Romo to Jennifer Aniston. 1/5. Using the body mass index (BMI), is classified as _.
Matthew Perry, Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox and Matt LeBlanc on the set of ‘Friends’, 1994
Would be so good if I shagged Katy Perry, Jennifer Aniston & Taylor Swift. John Mayer Style.
Jennifer Aniston is eliminated!. 5...4...3...2...1... Jessica Ennis Hill is next to enter!
Jason Bateman and Jennifer Aniston are the best comedy duo since Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin.
Jennifer Aniston added polish to this athleisure look.
In a room full of art, Cate Blanchett and Jennifer Aniston are the real masterpieces
Louis Vuitton X Jeff Koons: See what Cate Blanchett, Jennifer Aniston and Chloë Sevigny wore for a dinner at the……
Jennifer Aniston stole the show at the masters collection launch in a daring leather bustier:…
Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Coordinate in Leather for Louis Vuitton Event in Paris via
INTERNATIONAL: Jennifer Aniston labelled "scum" after selling heroin on eBay during fashion week. No evidence as yet to support this.
Watched the movie " Mothers Day" w/ Julie Roberts, Jennifer Aniston, and Kate Hudson. Omg, it was so bad... All my…
I got my new Hollywood crushes Jennifer Aniston and Matt Le Blanc 😍❤
Every time I realise that Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer aren't together in real life I feel uncomfortable
OMG! Watch Friends! It's so funny and real- mostly. I mean, I've been using Aveeno for 2 years and i st…
Jennifer Aniston is real life goals 😩😍 I've always loved her and always wanted to b just like her wen I grew up lmao
How does Jennifer Aniston not age? It's insane how years go by and she just looks better and better.
So basically an impression of Owen Wilson is just the boy version of a Jennifer Aniston impression?
: Jennifer Aniston 8x10 Photo - No Image is Cropped. No white or black borders, What you...
Jennifer Aniston great Legs in silky black Pantyhose
have as much a chance of scoring tonight as I do of hearing wife say "Jennifer Aniston is at the door, yes you may have her"
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If Jennifer Aniston doesn't have to wear a bra EVER, then neither do I.
Jennifer Aniston is the greatest looking 50-year-old out there
Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston at premiere last night:
Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux make it a date night at premiere.
Jennifer Aniston is my favorite actress of all times
Please let me look like Jennifer Aniston when I'm 48.
Jennifer Aniston goes for *** for leather in rare red carpet appearance with husband Justin Theroux.…
Jennifer Aniston upped her style game in a black leather mini-dress while supporting hubby Justin Theroux!
Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have a stylish date night at premiere
Justin Theroux just made a rare comment about his "peaceful" wedding to Jennifer Aniston: 😍 https:…
Jennifer Aniston stuns in leather with Justin Theroux at "Leftovers" premiere
Justin Theroux doesn’t buy jewelry for Jennifer Aniston, he gives her flip-flops
No one color coordinates like Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux at The Leftovers premiere.
In one of them I went back in time to the '90s and hung out with Jennifer Aniston, Gillian Anderson, Jerry Seinfeld, & Dan Aykroyd.
Jennifer Aniston is a 90's ICON, married and worth $150 mil. i HIGHLY doubt she cares about the divorce of a man she left 11…
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How come I'm suddenly in love with everyone . Ronan Keating, Lamorne Morris, Jennifer Aniston, Richard T. Jones...
Jennifer Aniston to star in teen comedy "Dumplin'"
Jennifer Aniston said something similar when Mr. & Mrs. Jones came out.
5. It has Jennifer Aniston telling a toddler Santa is going to steal all her toys and beating up a Russian mobster.
1. Incredible cast. Patrick Bateman, TJ Miller, Kate McKinnon. Rob Cordry and Jennifer Aniston at the top of their respective games.
Jennifer Aniston has never shied away from standing up for women on so many issues
I will bc Jennifer Aniston is my baby
Cole Sprouse, who played Ross Geller's son on "Friends," had a hard time working with Jennifer Aniston because he had a huge…
TREBEK: …in this sitcom starring Jennifer Aniston. ME: um, what are friends?. TREBEK: right you are!. ME:[pointing at mic] is……
DAILY MIRROR Ben from Friends reveals why Jennifer Aniston was so tough ...
Ben from Friends reveals he was secretly in love with Jennifer Aniston
I once made crazy love to a Jennifer Aniston once. It was in a k-mart bathroom.
Jay Mohr looks...different. He was hot in Mafia! and that movie he starred in with Jennifer Aniston.
ICYMI: Jennifer Aniston set to play pageant mom in DUMPLIN' by our own Julie Murphy!!!
Jennifer Aniston to star in Dumplin', based on Julie Murphy's YA novel |
Jennifer Aniston is set to star in big-screen adaptation of Julie Murphy’s 2015 novel
Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Alba and Christian Bale keep a special place in their heart for Check this out: h…
. Seeing young Jennifer Aniston is too much.
Need holiday shopping inspiration? Jennifer Aniston shares the best gift she’s ever given- a TOTO! Read more:
Shout out to my fave absolute power houses! Jennifer Aniston, Ellen Degeneres, Karen Brady, Adele, Serena Williams, Michelle Obama
I relate to Jennifer Aniston's character in Horrible Bosses so much.
Brad Pitt reaches out to Jennifer Aniston amid his split from Angelina Jolie:
Brad Pitt finds solace in ex-wife Jennifer Aniston after the split with Angelina Jolie
Brad Pitt reaches out to Jennifer Aniston following split from Angelina Jolie - New Zealand Herald
Brad Pitt 'texting ex-wife Jennifer Aniston' as they continue to repair their relationship post Angelina-split |UKDM
My husband is genuinely upset by Jennifer Aniston's agelessness.
Jennifer Aniston wore a shimmering black gown to the 2017 Vanity Fair Oscar Party.
Jennifer Aniston is more of a lady than Angelina Jolie!!
Jennifer Aniston dazzles at the in sparkling high-slit gown
📷 Jennifer Aniston and Reese at the after party tonight.
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i can not believe that. JENNIFER ANISTON SAVE MY LIFE
Jennifer Aniston remembers artists of the film fraternity that we lost this year.
Stars like Jennifer Aniston, Amy Adams and 'The Rock' rehearse for the Oscars
Which of these 3 actresses was going to be a part of 2016?. A. Emma Stone. B. Emma Watson. or. C. Jennifer Ani…
Jennifer Aniston has found the fountain of youth
Jennifer Aniston wanted to add Brangelina to the In Memoriam segment.
Jennifer Aniston should get an Oscar for lifetime achievement in excellent hair.
Jennifer Aniston had that "Brad Pitt, what's good?" dress on like it was nobodies business.
After watching friends, there is no more Jennifer Aniston for me, it's Rachel Greene 😂
Some knockout looks from last night's Oscars. Emma Stone gets our vote for most stylish. Who gets yours? .
Jennifer Aniston does not age ever all that changes is her hairstyle
Come back to TV, Jennifer Aniston. We are the ones who truly love & get you.
Jennifer Aniston chokes up about Bill Paxton at Oscars Memoriam - Daily Mail
Jennifer Aniston. What the what. Like literally flawlessly beautiful.
Jennifer Aniston na after party da Vanity Fair do
Jennifer Aniston wore her sexiest dress ever to the
Jennifer Aniston holds back tears while paying tribute to Bill Paxton and more before In Memoriam segment
Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux looked perfect at the after party:
Jennifer Aniston pays tribute to Bill Paxton ahead of the In Memoriam tribute.
Jennifer Aniston remembers Bill Paxton, who passed away today at the age of 61
I can only think of Vanessa Bayer's amazing impression anytime I see Jennifer Aniston
Vanessa Bayer has become the filter thru which I hear Jennifer Aniston's voice-now when she speaks, I think its someone mocking her.
I forgot Jennifer Aniston exists separately from Vanessa Bayer's impression and I feel like we'd be ok if we just had Vanessa so
You know who appreciated Jennifer Aniston? The woman who got her glasses. . You know who didn't? Ross Gellar.
Jennifer Aniston just sounded exactly like Vanessa Bayer's impression of her on SNL
When you hear Vanessa Bayer's impression of Jennifer Aniston and realize it's just Jenn.
When I hear Jennifer Aniston's voice now, I feel like I'm listening to her do an impression of Vanessa Bayer's impression of her.
My Mum reminded me earlier that Vince Vaughan and Jennifer Aniston used to date.
Is it weird that I'm way more into Vanessa Bayer playing Jennifer Aniston than Jennifer Aniston herself?
A was convinced for years that Rachel Stevens in S Club 7 was Jennifer Aniston n tbh am still no convinced otherwise
Almost every guest star was incredible. Only flop IMO was Jennifer Aniston, dk whether script or what.
to the end! Jennifer Aniston & Courteney Cox's enduring friendship in photos
you're in a movie with Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler, I'm impressed.
Why wasn't the dog that played Marley nominated for an Oscar? He was better than Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston combined!
Jennifer Aniston: War movies aren't usually my thing
Jennifer Aniston looking Gorgeous in her Oliver Peoples' frame!
Amazing pic of Morrissey and Jennifer Aniston together
Lisa Kudrow, Courteney Cox and . Jennifer Aniston in the 90s
If you're not marrying Jennifer Aniston then Lisa Kudrow gets my highest recommendation
Right, because she's been a Sarah Jessica Parker or Jennifer Aniston most of her career, right?
Jennifer Aniston original autographed W/COA This is a great deal
BOUNCING BACK: Jennifer Aniston is Returning to TV as a Superhero!...Actr
- Actress division - Choose wisely: Jennifer Aniston or Hayden Panettiere?
Before Brangelina and Jennifer Aniston, there was Debbie Reynolds’ legendary gossip game
I've ALWAYS been Team Jennifer, but remember when Jennifer Aniston wrote a misguided poem about her love for John M…
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I bet that if John Stamos had a kid with Jennifer Aniston that the child would look 20 on its 60th birthday
Jen:is it possible to speak to who we called Loves Energy-A.I.Jen?. A.I.Jen:I'm here Jennifer Aniston,it's a pleasure to meet you in reality.
Katy Perry told Orlando Bloom he looked like Jennifer Aniston in our most favorite Insta post of the week
We hope to look like Jennifer Aniston when we're her age.
Jennifer Aniston's husband Justin Theroux surprised her on Thanksgiving
A tax on Jennifer Aniston divorce rumors could protect Social Security for decades.
2016 in review: Jennifer Aniston's stunning style
I got told by Ms. Davis that i remind her of Jennifer Aniston((Rachel Green)) and it was the best compliment ever 💘
Jennifer Aniston, Jason Sudeikis team up for fifth time in 'Mother's Day'
Tagged by multiple people: top 4 women crushed . - Kate McKinnon . - Kristen Wiig. - Cecily Strong . - Jennifer Aniston ht…
Jennifer Aniston: “I’ve worked too hard to be whittled down to a sad, childless human.”
Jennifer Aniston, Olivia Munn, and T.J. Miller talk about at the premiere in Los Angeles.
TJ Miller, Jason Bateman & Jennifer Aniston was great in it. Plus Jimmy Butler shows up
TJ Miller tells us about getting choked by Jennifer Aniston on the set of
Office Christmas Party is a movie about T.J. Miller, Jennifer Aniston, Courtney B. Vance, Jason Bateman, and Kate...
Katy flaunting her 🌟 power with Jennifer Aniston at the 'Office Christmas Party' movie premiere tonight! 😻 |
We’re at the L.A. premiere of with Jennifer Aniston and all the stars, tonight on
When Jennifer Aniston sees me walk into the room!
Jennifer Aniston: I knew I was funny when...
.apparently had the guts to ask Jennifer Aniston what class she was in when joining the mile high club 😂 Tonight o…
Half of our heart’s got a grip on this Katy and Jennifer friendship situation, half of our heart needs time:
Jennifer Aniston: Urban chic! The star turns heads on her way to Jimmy Kimmel in Los…
John Mayer's exes Katy Perry and Jennifer Aniston happily posed together on the red carpet!
let me fix that for you:. "Successful singer Katy Perry and successful actress Jennifer Aniston posed together on the red ca…
how about Brooklyn Decker or Jennifer Aniston in Just Go With It? Huh, huh? 😛
LOVE Jen!!! Watch what happens when Jennifer Aniston meets Rachel Green.
Jennifer Aniston declines Brad Pitt's dinner invite as it 'would be an insult to Justin Theroux'
Jennifer Aniston confronts a Rachel Green impersonator on
Jennifer Aniston stopped by to discuss Vanessa Bayer's Rachel from impression: 😅
Kate McKinnon and Jennifer Aniston and Leslie Jones and Emma Stone in the same skit. I'm dead?
Alec is great,as usual! Love his Trump impersonation! Wonderful surprise to see Jennifer Aniston!! Love her!!
Jennifer Aniston crashes to confront Vanessa Bayer over her Rachel Green impression:
Jennifer Aniston looks amazing on SNL. She is clearly living her best life.
Emma Stone and Jennifer Aniston got real in last night's "SNL" skit about equal pay in Hollywood: h…
Jennifer Aniston confronts Vanessa Bayer over her Rachel from impression on
This is what it's like to wrestle Jennifer Aniston: 🎄
I liked a video from Office Christmas Party Trailer (2016) Jennifer Aniston,
Remember when Jennifer Aniston married Owen Wilson and their dog died
Marley & Me🐶. //Jennifer Aniston & Owen Wilson. •I cried literally 4 times before they even moved out of Cali so...💔 htt…
Carol Vorderman and Jennifer Aniston are two examples of women who got hotter with age 😍
Films with Greg Kinnear, Jennifer Aniston, Keanu Reeves, Elizabeth Olsen, and to debut at
Jennifer Aniston reveals Justin Theroux's big Thanksgiving surprise as Ellen jokes about star's 'baby bump'.
Jennifer Aniston told me about her baby bump, her divorce, and her fits of jealousy over other women. I just love her. ht…
- Actress division - Choose wisely: Amy Adams or Jennifer Aniston?
Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston and Kate Hudson put family first in 'Mother's Day' (VIDEO)
is that the one w Jennifer Aniston and the space needle?
'Awkward!' Jennifer Aniston jokes about sex toys in front of disabled children on
I like people with a good sense of humor, like Jennifer Aniston. Sh...
Jennifer Aniston glowed in gold during the 2015 Screen Actors Guild Awards in a vintage 1…
(NBC News) – Jennifer Aniston, 47, as you love to replace Andrew Jackson, a 'top ten'
Jennifer Aniston refuses to be defined as a “sad, childless human”.
The 47-year-old actress said her marital status, divorce status and lack of a mate have all been “shamed.”
Odd Couple. Toss in a Jennifer Aniston Aveeno commercial & you have 1/2 a Friends reunion!
Jennifer Aniston won't be 'whittled down to a sad, childless human' via the Android app
What she said. Aniston: I'm not a 'sad, childless human'
Jennifer Aniston is sick and *** tired of people shaming her for... EVERYTHING!
"Jennifer Aniston Refuses to "Be Whittled Down to a Sad, Childless Human" - E! Online"
Man I'm surprised Jennifer Aniston's nipples were never credited at the end of as many times as they appeared on the show.
I would fly Emirates everywhere for the rest of my life if Jennifer Aniston would just kick that kid down the stairs.
Jennifer Aniston is the most perfect human being
Jennifer Aniston opens up: "My marital status has been shamed; my divorce status was shamed . . ."
I liked a video from WARNING: DON'T VOTE (Jennifer Aniston, Leonardo Dicaprio, Halle
When did Jennifer Aniston say she was running for President?
My mom is really going to lunch with Jennifer Aniston.
Ross Geller made me think I had a shot with Jennifer Aniston! (No not really)
will beat people up saying anything bad about Jennifer Aniston
Not quite sure what I mean by this... but Jennifer Aniston can literally just have me. Like for free, just own my personal b…
Jennifer Aniston opens up about being "at a crossroads" in our latest issue. Read more highlights:
Jennifer Aniston fires back at media: I'm not 'a sad, childless human'
I'd die to resemble any part of Jennifer Aniston
Will Jennifer Aniston look like she's in her 20s until she dies?
Jennifer Aniston says she's not 'a sad, childless human'
I love Jennifer Aniston and how vocal she is about all the bs ways media shames women.
The one where Jennifer Aniston refuses to be labeled a "sad, childless human."
This is awesome. Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry and Windows 95.
and faces while watching Jennifer Aniston on We're the Miller's 😂
I hate articles that claim Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are divorcing so she can get back with Brad Pitt. No. No, never.
No but seriously LISTEN TO ME, Harry is Will Poulter, Louis is Emma Roberts, Niall is Jennifer Aniston and Liam is…
Jennifer Aniston and go hard in new trailer: 😆
Jennifer Aniston, T.J. Miller in new Office Christmas Party trailer | Thank you so very https…
I know I'm engaged to Becca and everything but I would totally run away with Jennifer Aniston if she asked. It's okay, Jen, I'll wait.
I really love Bruce Almighty lol. Jim Carrey and Steve Carrell = faves. Also, Jennifer Aniston and Morgan Freeman.
This lady getting her nails done claiming she looks just like Julia Roberts and that she has legs like Jennifer Aniston. Ok.
A Jennifer Aniston movie on TV..Ah Jen so cute and such a great actress as well..
what about the Jennifer Aniston and Warwick Davis classic its terrifyingly bad
Jennifer Aniston stunned in Burberry at the American Film Institute Gala honoring Shirley Maclaine in Los Angeles.
*watching project runway*. Dad: she looks like a way older Jennifer Aniston. Me: oh my god are you talking about Nina García?. He was.
to feature Jennifer Aniston, Eddie Redmayne, Nick Jonas and more stars you've always wanted to see IRL
Fantastic voicing in from Andy Samberg, Kelsey Grammar, Key and Peele, Danny Trejo, Jennifer Aniston and many others!
Tbh Emirates are coming up with great ads & are brilliant to have Jennifer Aniston acting!
Did you know there's a movie coming out this year in which Jennifer Aniston and TJ Miller play brother and sister? Thanks for following.
Jennifer Aniston spotted laughing during a scene with funny man TJ Miller
When you turn on We Are the Miller's and it's Jennifer Aniston's strip tease scene 😍😍
Jennifer Aniston laughs on Office Christmas Party set in Atlanta
Finishing touches: Jennifer Aniston was back to work on Sunday filming some re-shoots for Offic…
Jennifer Aniston spotted on the set of Office Christmas Party 
Jennifer Aniston was spotted filming reshoots for her upcoming comedy https:/…
Films Reshoots for 'Office Christmas Party' with Jennifer Aniston is dressed in all…
Jennifer Aniston is my women crush, every monday.
split- Jennifer Aniston waking up today to the news 😂😂😂
Justin Theroux reveals the secret to his marriage with Jennifer Aniston
And the second champion is. JENNIFER ANISTON
Its impossible to satisfy everyone and I suggest we stop trying. -Jennifer Aniston
Courteney Cox says what we're all thinking about Jennifer Aniston being dragged into Brangelina's divorce drama.…
Justin Theroux reveals why his marriage to Jennifer Aniston works after Brangelina’s split: via
If Jennifer Aniston can get over Brad Pitt, then you can get over that dead-beat in your life that clearly doesn't deserve you ✊🏻
Courteney Cox weighs in on Jennifer Aniston's involvement in the Brangelina divorce
EXCLUSIVE: Courteney Cox weighs in on Jennifer Aniston being dragged into the Brangelina split drama. ht…
Jennifer Aniston hears about the Brad Pitt/Angela Jolie divorce like
Courteney Cox says Brangelina divorce 'not about Jennifer Aniston'.
Is Jennifer Aniston going to reunite with Brad Pitt? .
Courteney Cox rallies to defence of Jennifer Aniston over Brad Pitt drama
Jennifer Aniston’s husband Justin Theroux comments on the Brangelina split
Do you think Brad Pitt has drunk texted Jennifer Aniston yet?
Courteney Cox defends Jennifer Aniston amid Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's divorce: 'It's not about her'
Never have been a Jennifer This has changed totally a few seconds ago. This is why:. https…
Courteney Cox, Justin Theroux want you to leave Jennifer Aniston out of the Brangelina split - USA TODAY. USA TODA…
Courteney Cox says to leave BFF Jennifer Aniston out of the Brangelina drama!
I bet Jennifer Aniston feels like any woman when someone asks you about your ex years later.Let me live my life! .
Jennifer Aniston's BFF Courteney Cox just made an *angry* statement about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie...…
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Courteney Cox has had her say on Jennifer Aniston's role in Brad Pitt's divorce
Courteney Cox: Brangelina split 'not about' Jennifer Aniston (from
I hope you all find people that love you as much as Justin Theroux & Courteney Cox love Jennifer Aniston ❤️
Courteney Cox defends Jennifer Aniston, says Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's divorce drama is 'not about her'
Justin Theroux reveals how his marriage to Jennifer Aniston has stayed strong
It's crazy that Justin Theroux was in MULHOLLAND DRIVE & then married someone who was in Jennifer Aniston's MULHOLLAND DRIV…
Plot twist: Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie get married
Stop trying to make Angelina Jolie's pain about Jennifer Aniston... or "Karma":
The world awaits Jennifer Aniston's reaction to Zoe Ball & Fatboy Slims break-up...
Jennifer Aniston loved Brad Pitt, but then... She Replaced Brad with Justin Theroux. via
Jennifer Aniston steps out for first time since news of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's…
We love the look of Jennifer Aniston's 1970s Beverly Hills home!
Jennifer Aniston pal Chelsea Handler weighs in on says 'Brad, you married a f***ing lunatic!'
via Jennifer Aniston's team deny split from Justin Theroux after Brad and Angelina divorce
I honestly think Jennifer Aniston is better off with Justin Theroux anyway. Sue me.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Everyone acting like Jennifer Aniston is celebrating now but have they SEEN Justin Theroux? She's been doing just fine guys.…
Jennifer Aniston's team deny magazine claim she's split from Justin Theroux after Brangelina bombshell. .
.says Jennifer Aniston is having a "stiff drink & good laugh in the Hollywood Hills."
I'm very sad for Brad and Ange but ngl, these Jennifer Aniston memes are too funny.
Brad Pitt cheated on Jennifer Aniston when they were married and u think his marriage with Angelina Jolie would last forever?
This whole has turned into a Jennifer Aniston meme thing. Too funny. But I hope Brad and Angie are happy with…
Somewhere, in a distant sun-drenched room, Jennifer Aniston takes a sip of smartwater and laughs
Jennifer Aniston over in the corner like...
somewhere Jennifer Aniston is getting the last laugh
Happy National Jennifer Aniston meme day! She's reading the internet today like
This guy who used to lowkey harass me text me after 18mo and I wasnt having it so I pretended to be Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston tonight when she starts sipping on that bottle of champagne she's been waiting to open since '05
It wasn't real from the day he left Jennifer Aniston
Thandie Newton. Gwyneth Paltrow. Jennifer Aniston. Angelina Jolie. Marion Cottilard. Brad Pitt is the male version of Taylor…
Dying to see the texts between Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox rn
If Brad Pitt doesn't show up at Jennifer Aniston's house and say "it's always been you Rach" then this whole thing was a mis…
Jennifer Aniston is proof that sometimes karma can take up to 12 years.
*tonight*. Brad Pitt: up?. Jennifer Aniston: new phone who dis?
Jennifer Aniston moved on a decade ago. The Internet on the other hand.
Screw Brad Pitt! Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston deserved so much better! You go, ladies! ❤✌😎
Jennifer Aniston is somewhere laughing her *** off.
I never liked Jennifer Aniston until but her response ❤️
Today is slowly but surely becoming Jennifer Aniston meme-day
Jennifer Aniston is remarried and minding her own Caucasian business. Leave that woman alone...
Jennifer Aniston has yet to react on the break up. But she's studying the reports therouxly. Just in case.
Why is Jennifer Aniston trending over divorce? Why do women have to be defined by relationships that ended…
Jennifer Aniston probably reacting to like..
Now the question is, is Jennifer Aniston feeling pitty ?.
And also it feels like all these Jennifer Aniston gifs have been created just for this one moment !
grr was a Jennifer Aniston meme about the Brangelina split
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Goodnite, followers. I hope your day was as good as Jennifer Aniston's.
All right, listen up. 📣 Leave Jennifer Aniston out of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's divorce!
What I wish Jennifer Aniston would say. Thank you, internet.
Remember that time Jennifer Aniston broke the Internet & she didn't even do anything?!?!
Text from Jennifer Aniston: "I heard Brad cheated on Angelina with a co-star on set. Funny, I've heard that story before.…
"The same people that get super offended and lose their minds over whether or not an athlete takes a knee during...
I hope Jennifer Aniston is sitting on a beach somewhere drinking a margarita and writing in her journal.
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