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Jenni Murray

Dame Jennifer Susan Jenni Murray, DBE (née Bailey; born 12 May 1950, Barnsley, Yorkshire) is a British journalist and broadcaster.

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'We need more Muslims' quote Dave Cameron. I'm not sure but what do you think, Polly Toynbee, Jenni Murray, Harriet…
This is brilliant from An interview with Jenni Murray and to mark Woman's Hour's 70th. https:/…
We're delighted that our Afternoon Teas inc authors Alan Johnson, Jenni Murray, Jane Rogers &
unbelievable. Keep plugging away and do the best you can!!
30 and 36 are HUGE!! Our numbers fluctuate a lot. Huge turnover.
very excited to be in gorgeous Broadcasting House to talk with Jenni Murray about Kick Kennedy
10:00 Woman's Hour: Jenni Murray interviews the managing director of the International Monetary Fund.
Til death us do part? The tricky subject of changing your name after marriage ht…
I'm excited! Sad to leave, but excited about another new experience.
Our next concert St John's Smith Square is with Jenni Murray of Woman's Hour on Saturday 21...
Murray Moves in Edinburgh are brilliant. I think if you google the name they'll come up.
Jenni Murray hadn't ridden a bike for years, but bought one to get fit. She found that she'd completely forgotten how to ride it, to her
So, Jenni Murray doesn't like Jeremy Corbyn's performance at Prime Minister's question time!
Jenni Murray talking about sexting and *** pictures" on yesterday's Woman's Hour is perhaps the most middle class thing I've ever heard
Poet Gillian Clarke reads 'Swans' on The poem that made Jenni Murray cry
In case you missed it... . The moment a poem made Jenni Murray cry:
National Poet of Wales Gillian Clarke on Women's Hour now and reducing Jenni Murray to tears with her poem The Swan
Jenni Murray, Libby Purves, Winifred Robinson; voices that I turn off
10:00 Woman's Hour: Journalists Jude Rogers and Laura Snape join Jenni Murray to discuss women in music.
both Joanne Harris and Jenni Murray have received similar treatment here
Dionne: Murray, I have asked you repeatedly not to call me "Bae". Murray: Excuse me, "Ms. Dionne."
She needs to see the value of enduring married relationships for men, women & children
Is turning into Woman's Hour? Maybe Jenni Murray will be providing us with news from now on?
Hooray! Late Night enters the 21st century, WITHOUT technophobic transphobic out-of-touch Jenni Murray.
Professionally I must strive for neutrality at all times but, let's face it, I detest Jenni Murray every bit as much as you do.
I've reworded this because it made it look as if I was laughing at Jenni Murray. Very weird BBC page
Tune into on tomorrow morning 10am (UK) to catch Buffy's interview w/ Jenni Murray -
The moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too - William Murray
A sudden inexplicable urge to have Jenni Murray explain the workings of my bits has overtaken me...
Impressed by interview skills of Emma Barnett She asked great questions to flip flop Andy Burnham. Step aside Jenni Murray.
you aren't Jenni Murray then? (I actually have you down as Sarah X from '90s TV culture shows, but can't recall her name)
Shabana Azmi in conversation with the legendary Jenni Murray on Women's Hour
10:00 Woman's Hour: Jenni Murray talks to actor Shabana Azmi about her work as a social campaigner.
Shabana Azmi will be on BBC Radio 4 with Jenni Murray from 10am”
AND Suzanne Evans Ukip deputy chairman (sic) who shouted at Saint Jenni Murray on Woman's Hour this morning.
UKIP's Suzanne Evans puts an insulting Jenni Murray in her place on Radio 4. UKIP rockets to 23% in new poll - only 7 points behing Tories.
UKIP woman opposes all-wmn shortlists by suggesting Jenni Murray wdnt want gender to play part in her career. As presenter of Woman's Hour!?
Jenni Murray has a frenchman, and food in the studio. I've never heard her more animated.
I have tried at home and school ...
I have had no issues but my friend has been unable to post on her blog since yesterday! Any ideas?
Can't believe Jenni Murray on Womans Hour - eating disorders are to do with wanting to be slim - they're way more complicated than that!!
10:00 Woman's Hour: The start of a new series looking at reporting historical abuse. With Jenni Murray.
CHILD Z . 'It's good to know my difficult interview with an appallingly abused young woman has inspired such a play.' Dame Jenni Murray
Matt and Jenni having fun today teaching Kindergarteners from Murray Elementary about WKMS for Murray State...
10:00 Woman's Hour: Jenni Murray presents the programme that offers a female perspective on the world.
Also in when Jenni Murray lost her religion; Galicia asks to join UK; and Tory MPs get sweary about PM.
getting some serious abuse. I don't agree with his opinion, nor his decision to express it today of all days, but I respect it.
Jenni Murray slurring her words again, there..
Jenni Murray joins growing number of Britons to have gastric surgery
" - The former US secretary of state and aspiring president of the United States, Hillary Clinton, was recently on the BBC's 'Women's Hour', the quintessence of media respectability. The presenter, Jenni Murray, presented Clinton as a beacon of female achievement. She did not remind her listeners about Clinton's profanity that Afghanistan was invaded to "liberate" women like Orifa. She asked Clinton nothing about her administration's terror campaign using drones to kill women, men and children. There was no mention of Clinton's idle threat, while campaigning to be the first female president, to "eliminate" Iran, and nothing about her support for illegal mass surveillance and the pursuit of whistle-blowers.- " - John Pilger.
The judges in our National Prison Creative Arts Competition on 5 Aug are Maureen Lipman, Jenni Murray, Sir Anthony Seldon and Annie Tempest.
How appallingly and gratuitously rude of Jenni Murray to abruptly cut Dan Poulter off during phone interview this am!
Congratulations to Chuka Umunna on being promoted to the list, where he joins Ann Atkins, Jenni Murray and Diane Abbott
Some facts about barnsley. 1.Two years ago an independent study named Barnsley Britain?s favourite town, on average only 115 people a year leave out of a population of almost 300,000. 2. In it?s mining heyday there were 20 pits in Barnsley. Now there are none. 3. The famous Barnsley Chop which is served around the world, especially to Royalty is a 3lb mutton chop!. 4. Barnsley town centre has an amazing 3 nightclubs and 38 bars all within a 5 mile radius. It is impossible to visit them all in one night. 5. We have quite a few famous people that hail from our little town; the great Michael Parkinson, the late Brian Glover, Dickie Bird, Daren Gough, Jenni Murray, *** McCarthy, Mr Bojangles himself (Sam Nixon) and many famous historical characters. 6. Barnsley is bigger than most people would think. It covers 127 square miles 7. We hold a race called the Barnsley 6 which attracts runners from all over the world. 8. The first reference to Barnsley occurs in 1086 in the Domesday Book, in which it is called 'B ...
Ohhh Jenni Murray, how I love girls nights. Well. and Jacob too.
Jill only shrieks @ end of sentENCES. She sounds like I would imagine Jenni Murray-if Jenni took crack ;-)
How fabulous and a privilege to interview the lovely Jenni Murray from before she comes to next week.
Sheila Hancock joins Jenni Murray to talk about her new play Barking in Essex.
Hear with Jenni Murray on Woman's Hour talking about current play and 'miraculous' -
Looking forward to chatting with Dame Jenni Murray later and pick up tips on being a radio presenter.
After eventually making it past police bouncers sniffer dogs and some sort of metal detector had an epic night at GBX last night...paying for it today though Jenni Murray
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as always... I think.. Umm.. I'd better ask Jenni Murray just to make sure on that.
Lovely evening at Aspects with Radio 4's Jenni Murray (so warm and funny, and a beautiful autumn's evening for it too
Wonderful evening at Aspects last night with Jenni Murray of Radio 4's Woman's Hour, so warm and funny. Looking forward to Max Hastings later today
Went to see Dame Jenni Murray and then Sean Hughes at Aspects in Bangor last night. Jenni was very entertaining and Seanie was hilarious and outrageous - I hurt myself laughing at him. Well done North Down Borough Council!!
Saturday night at Aspects is underway with Jenni Murray on stage at the Festival Marquee in the Walled Garden. Science Fiction kicks off at North Down Museum at 8.30pm, and Sean Hughes rounds off the night at 9pm in the Festival Marquee. Are you joining us tonight?
P.S. This episode of the Limited Edition features a preview of the Jenni Murray megamix...
I was sleeping so peacefully until this niggahobia, but why do sexism and misogyny go unchallenged - Jenni Murray
This week Bangor, County Down hosts the annual Aspects Irish Literary Festival. Talent includes BBC Radio 4's Jenni Murray, Sir Max Hastings and Peter Snow. An excellent line-up of people visiting the Borough - please go along and support this cultural event. I am told that County Down Spectator has tickets for some of the main events so I am looking forward to reading all about it in the local paper.
From my daughter Jenni Murray, re my grandson John David, John's first spontaneous prayer occurred today as he was slipping off the back of the couch. I am quite certain that he didn't understand the significance of his words, but they were both equally touching and hysterical. John's prayer (in case anyone needs it today): "Jesus I'm falling on you and only God can fix me if I break!"
You know it's been a good night out when you turn up to work the next day with your top on inside out! Jenni Murray Chrissi Louise Shedden Christine Waugh James Williamson Fiona Brown
10:00 Woman's Hour: Jenni Murray talks to Margaret Hodge MP about being chair of the Public Accounts Committee
The increasing influence of stay-at-home mothers. Presented by Jenni Murray.
Brill vid of Jenni Murray interviewing philosopher Mary Warnock and politician Shirley Williams
Very excellent event with Jenni Murray, Mary Warnock and Shirley Williams. Should all have statues for tourists to ask 'who r they?'
Possibly the first standing ovation of for the spectacular Jenni Murray, Mary Warnock & Shirley Williams
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tonight was all about equality and how far off it we still are... Jenni Murray interviewed by Tanya Gold - mind still racing
Laila Morse has revealed that she still worries about her acting ability. The 67-year-old actress who has played matriarch Mo Harris for over 12 years, admitted that she almost turned down the role because she wasn't sure if she could do it. "I just feel like I'm not quite good enough to do it. I suppose that's an honest answer... You're just frightened that you're not going to be any good really & as it turns out, I'm still there so I got to be doing something right," she told Jenni Murray on BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour. Laila - who joked that she would be 'working in betting shops' & 'mini cabbing' if she wasn't starring in the show - admitted that filming Pam St Clement's (Pat Butcher) exit scenes were challenging because she kept bursting into tears. "It took me a long time to do that, because I knew that Pam was going. I kept crying even in the Vic when we had to do stuff. As soon as I had to say things to Pam, I just burst out into tears. It was terrible," she recalled.
Jenni Murray, Mark Lawson and James Naughtie in the same room?! I'm having a moment!
VIDEO: Murray ready for 'big occasion': Andy Murray says he feels relaxed and in good form ahead of his Australi...
Listening to Jenni Murray being corrected by a thirteen year old programming genius is the best thing ever.
"It's also got a python installed on it ", Jenni Murray: "What a real snake?" Love it!
Had a great time out with Jenni Gaston Hypes, Brent Longstreth, Leslie Murray Longstreth, Shawn Holloway, and Ginger Greenamyer Holloway tonight. Thanks to the Holloways for inviting us all out for dinner. Special thanks to Jessica for hanging out with Emily tonight =)
Since it is all Ice Stormy here, I am going to unashamedly Sandra Lee a pizza for dinner. Feel free to look away if you must. :)
for taking apart Jenni Murray's stupid "car" analogy - dumbed down as well as
"So what is the way to get more women involved?" asks Jenni Murray, then debates with two men. GAH!
WHNews: 25 Jan 13 Street Names; Vicars' Daughters. Jenni Murray asks why there are so few streets named after...
Well done My 2 favs to the final... early bird coming up!
Oh the joys of being retired,spent the last two day looking after Ruby and this morning sat in my pjs watching Andy Murray in the oz semi final,Happy days.
Murray with a break in the 3rd and backed it up to love. 5-2
Is asking a man to tell Jenni Murray how she feels about her breast-cancer soon?
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I love that had Jenni Murray learn about Arduino and Raspberry Pi from 13 year-old Amy.
What a lovely cute intelligent little girl correcting Jenni Murray! Couldn't help but laugh! Good for her& her future!
Young Amy on Woman’s Hour explaining coding, the Arduino and Python to Jenni Murray. Utterly brilliant.
Listening to 13YO Amy correcting Jenni Murray on while explaining what and arduinos are.
The girl talking about programming on knows what she's talking about. Pity Jenni Murray is matronising her
So, so confuses me. Jenni Murray sounds like my mum used to when she put on her posh voice...
This kid is totally flummoxing Jenni Murray with technospeak - brilliant
Murray won the first 6-4 and just into a breaker in the 2nd!!!
Undecided who to go for in the tennis tonight because I love Rodger but Murray is from Scotland decision decision as long as its a great match
so I kinda wanna get a team together to do the Chicago Polar Plunge- Benefiting Special Olympics Chicago...who's down?? Oh and yes ladies u will get your weaves wet. lol
Is there a story here I've missed? The saintly Jenni Murray told to stay off the shandy? Dimbleby to cut out the G in G&T?
Costa Book Awards next week: Penny Smith ('er off the telly) and Jenni Murray ('er off the radio)
Jenni Murray was rocking an excellent smoky eye on this morning.
An important story! You can listen to Mary Beard talking to Jenni Murray here
WHNews: 24 Jan 13 ''Armistead Maupin'. On Woman's Hour with Jenni Murray - state pension reform and effects on...
Re Jenni Murray, take it this is next week as this week was the excellent ?
Jenni and her dogs prepare to experience obedience training for the first time.
just listened to radio 4 interview with Jenni Murray. Really looking forward to the radio series next week!
10:00 Woman's Hour: Armistead Maupin talks to Jenni Murray as Radio 4 dramatises his Tales of the City.
This yr hv timed my hair cut perfectly 4 the end of Far too distressing to miss Jenni Murray on my
Who are the two characters in our logo and what are they doing? Tell us for cool prizes
After a week off from Bootcamp we were flung in at the deepend! Weighted squats with Karen Murray on my back! We are hardcore! X
Jenni Murray asks how you teach children empathy, and is emotional infidelity an affair?
If you missed discussing online abuse with Jenni Murray. You can listen again here
Did Jenni Murray actually bother noticing that David Attenborough is a man? That most despised and hated of all beings on
Way to go Heather Henderson Lyons and Kristina Murray! 26.2 long run but u guys rocked! Glad I could be a part of the day and run a leg w yall!
In Linda Smith's A Brief History Of Timewasting, it was just Jenni Murray saying 'the misery of infertility' over and over...
Best moments, 2012 Jenni Murray interviewed Meryl Streep who has been top of her list of women to meet for a long time
Nadja Swarovski on the crystals business and physicist Lisa Randall. With Jenni Murray.
on the other hand, promotions for Jeremy Paxman, Jenni Murray and tv version of The Archers
Nigella Lawson joins Jenni Murray to cook the perfect Italian Christmas Pudding Cake.
Helen Fielding talks to Jenni Murray about the next stage in Bridget Jones story.
Jenni Murray on the "inappropriate pugilistic terminology" when referring to ppl with cancer:
Gold medal winning track cyclist Victoria Pendleton talks to Jenni Murray on tomorrow, just after 10.
See if you can get a Kirsty over. There's plenty at the Beeb. Wark, Young, Lang. Or failing that, Jenni Murray. You said easy.
Jenni Murray salutes a long-overdue demolition of the suggestion that positive thinking is the answer to all our problems
Hi,I an on your right side behind you by Dave and Jenni Murray.
Listen again to BBG host on Radio 4's Woman's Hour this morning talking book groups with Jenni Murray
On way home from Sonys - some great winners (Eddie Mair, Danny Baker) but missing one great emotional moment like Jenni Murray last year
Celebrating, informing and entertaining women. Presented by Jenni Murray.
The list of those who ought to enter the DG race now runs to four: Greg *** Paul Jackson, Paddy Haycocks and Jenni Murray.
Jenni Murray, winner of Radio 4 Stands Up for Comic Relief (and day job of Woman's Hour presenter) slamming Kevin Bridges there...
this Karen Brady interview is almost exactly the same interview she gave Jenni Murray on last week
10:00 Woman's Hour: Presented by Jenni Murray. Why is science fiction still a male genre?
Radio hosts try stand-up: Jenni Murray and Tony Blackburn in Comic Relief stunt
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