Jenna Wolfe & Weekend Today

Jenna Wolfe (born Jennifer Wolfe, February 26, 1974) is a national correspondent for NBC's Today, and the co-anchor of their Weekend edition , and had once substituted on the NBC Nightly News. Weekend Today is the unofficial title of the Saturday and Sunday editions of Today, an American morning news and talk show which airs daily on NBC. 1.3/5

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Jenna is not weekend anchor because she is not that smart and well rounded. She is a jock and might have adult ADD. Still watch Weekend Today because of Lester. I don't care much about the female anchors, they are kind of boring. Erica, I can tolerate. When Lester is not anchoring, the show is less interesting. Can't stand Jenna. Seems like a nasty self serving person. She looks angry and unhappy at the desk. Not happy then leave, sure would not miss her.
Wow, I remember when Weekend Today's Jenna Wolfe just got to annoy people in NYC; now she gets to annoy the whole country!
I like Erica Hill on Weekend Today but it's awkward to still have Jenna Wolfe there, she is rude and obviously bitter.
I'm sorry but, you can feel the tension between Jenna Wolfe & Erica Hill on Weekend Today through the screen! O_O
Now back to my new hobby: watching Jenna Wolfe glare at Erica Hill on Weekend Today.
I don't get a good feeling watching Jenna Wolfe and Erica Hill interact on the Weekend Today show. Uncomfortable!
I can't.believe. now they kicked Jenna Wolfe to the curb. I only watched Weekend Today because I boycotted Today Show (week day) . Look Lester you could be next.
By Jen Heger - Radar Assistant Managing Editor As Erica Hill made her debut as co-host beside Lester Holt on Weekend Today, Jenna Wolfe, who was demoted from that job and is now the show's news reader, is telling friends she is extremely upset about how
I am dismayed by the demotion of Jenna Wolfe on Weekend Today on NBC.
Anybody else watched Weekend Today this weekend? Jenna Wolfe is not a happy camper, her face is priceless!
That's a pretty big demotion for Jenna Wolfe on Weekend Today--from anchor to news-reader, no?
Thank God NBC demoted that awful Jenna Wolfe on the Weekend Today Show to news reader. She is annoying.
Jenna Wolfe doesn't look pleased in her new role on Weekend
If Erica Hill is moving to Weekend Today, any word on what happens to Jenna Wolfe? Great move for Erica and WT viewers!
Do you mean that Jenna Wolfe will be gone from Weekend Today, with Erica Hill appearing on both Sat. & Sun.? Thanks.
Why does NBC tells newspapers that Ann Curry will co anchor Weekend Today when Jenna Wolfe got the majority of air time?
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