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Jenna Wolfe

Jenna Wolfe (born Jennifer Wolfe, February 26, 1974) is a national correspondent for NBC's Today, and the co-anchor of their Weekend edition , and had once substituted on the NBC Nightly News.

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comes to the Thomas Wolfe Aud two weeks from today on his American Promise Tour with Jenna Bush Hager and…
"jokes" about Christmas parties, running around in his underwear drunk. But, was she joking…
Jenna Wolfe Leaving NBC AN OLD ARticle from Nov 6, 2015... Watch this possibly unfold!!! re: Matt Lauer!
PAY ATTENTION HERE: Today's Jenna Wolfe reprimanded by NBC bosses for on-air 'hostility' towards her replacement ..…
MSNBC moral insanity: Rachel Maddow who flaunts an inappropriate sexual relationship talking about Matt Lau…
Tamron Hall, Ann Curry, Jenna Wolfe have left NBC: Black woman, Asian woman, out *** if Megyn Kelly gets into…
Time for a name change for the show. I propose "Jenna Wolfe Speaks"
Especially if you miss Cris Carter, Broussard, Eric Mangini, etc. Jenna…
Only reason I watch it is Jenna Wolfe. Give her some credit.
Jenna Wolfe has the sexiest Legs and she is so yummy! I would love to taste her!
Dear Fox Sports: is it really that hard to add Jenna Wolfe'…
Jenna Wolfe’s name needs to be on those ads for she makes that show
.genuine question. How come you haven’t updated your show title to include name? Based on you…
. Watching OSU v Michigan on FS and have seen 1000 ads for First Things First on FS1. Wondering why J…
Why doesn't host Jenna Wolfe get screen credit?
We should but she's horrible. I boycotted after her horrific Kap takes. Her name is Jenna Wolfe but it may…
Betsy Wolfe sets departure date! - Wolfes' final 7 weeks at the diner have begun Betsy Wolfe, who plays Jenna H...
I love your program but Jenna Wolfe makes it hard to watch.…
CC: BCC: SUBJECT: It's time for a POC to play Jenna. Dear Baby, . My vote is for…
Jenna Wolfe is so sexy and she is a true leg Queen!
I love watching Jenna Wolfes sexy legs , my Christmas wish is to have sex with the sexy Jenna Wolfe!
I want to have a 3some with Jenna Wolfe and Stephanie Gosk
Jenna Wolfe is sexy , she is a true legs Queen!!
I would love to make wild passionate love to the sexy Jenna Wolfe, i want to have sex with her.
Now that Betsy Wolfe is leaving can someone please cast as Jenna in immediately
I always knew I'd never get to see Betsy Wolfe as Jenna, but now it's real and I'm sad. 😭 But I'm also excited for whatever she does next!
Jenna Wolfe goes to sleep everyday with the biggest smile knowing that the eagles, so far, have proved her right
Why Jenna Wolfe? She offers nothing , not like able,not attractive,and doesn’t fit the role of token female third wheel like most
Why isn't it "First Things First with Cris Carter, Nick Wright & your host Jenna Wolfe". It should be!!
My God that Jenna Wolfe on First things first on FS1 is extremely annoying
Jenna Wolfe being the first to criticise the goat last week in front of ray Lewis.. talk n…
hmm they did some work to it as well, and That's Jenna Wolfe interesting
So if Bandstand is closing, and Betsy Wolfe is doing Carousel, will be Jenna in
Does Betsy Wolfe's casting in Carousel mean is gonna play Jenna in
Jenna Wolfe gives her "expert" advise to Odell Beckham Jr. Who do you believe.Chris Carter or Jenna Wolfe?
Dayum. CC, Nick Wright, Jenna Wolfe have a great show! Where have I been, sticking with ESP…
I added a video to a playlist Being Bold with Jenna Wolfe
My career pipe dream would be to direct a documentary about the horrible Jenna Wolfe/Tiki Barber/Tamron Hall daily recap show at Beijing 08.
Jenna Wolfe - the "Thinner In 30" author. Check out all her books at
Jenna Wolfe, a "pet project for all the sad young literary people in the world who still haven't found their +1."
.on The Jenna Wolfe Show with and of
LIVE on The Jenna Wolfe Show with and of
What Jenna Wolfe learned from conquering the Palmerton Sprint.
Jenna wolfe come back to today show pls
Give the Gift of Fitness Jenna Wolfe Online Video Members Get $5 off for sharing via
Can we get drunk on a Monday after you finish that essay…
Can you do a split screen with Hoda and Jenna Wolfe? With Hoda's new part, I think they look alike! :)
It's a bad thing that my last name is Wolfe.and wolves not far...
16 to '16 Challenge: Drop pounds with a deck of cards and mac and cheese: Yes, it's true: One of Jenna Wolfe's...
Making your diet work: Jenna Wolfe's 'food' tips
Currently happening on my snapchat (JulienSolo): Jenna teaching her mom to whip
Jenna Wolfe's ultimate secrets for the perfect via
Jenna Wolfe's ultimate secrets for the perfect workout via
Stephanie Gosk & *** girlfriend Jenna Wolfe's children will never know the benefits of having a father, selfish women🇺🇸
Far and away Jenna Wolfe's favorite workout routine.
Jenna Wolfe is here to provide us with the ultimate phrases to keep us going.
Making your diet work for you: Jenna Wolfe's 'fitness food' tips
Jenna Wolfe's ultimate secrets for the perfect workout: Yes, it's true that no two people are the same — which...
Making your diet work for you in simple ways: Jenna Wolfe's 'fitness food' tips
Our favorite 10 inspirational fitness quotes from Jenna Wolfe
Jenna Wolfe's ultimate secrets for the perfect workout
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once more the Sheldon be concerned with the Jenna Wolfe child only
the Jenna Wolfe child only should the Jeff Lennox be concerned about
the Jenna Wolfe coaches the Jeff Lennox in what to say and how to say it without using the word " so" as a lead in in beginning
it's a new beginning for the Jenna Wolfe team
Me Lennox isn't the Chicago correct and the Rhonda James the at home nurse is now the Jenna Wolfe
Jenna Wolfe talks back to the George clooney himself
and the Craig hall is already in New York ...correct and this Build into the Health and wellness of the Jenna Wolfe correct
the Jenna Wolfe can now begin to build her fitness business ...
the Jenna Wolfe will coach the dr gernita hall Scott on what and how to say concerning the Jenna Wolfe business
a phd so the gernita hall Scott whose known as dr gernita hall Scott for the Jenna Wolfe
and the Jenna Wolfe is the new Michael Norton the gernita hall herself shouldn't had became so scholarly and obtained
.is joining and his crew on TONIGHT at 10:30/9:30c 💫
Do you REALLY have to keep Jenna Wolfe? She's the most annoying thing EVER.
Jenna Wolfe and Natalie Morales try space simulator: More and more American adults are taking a break from the...
The Space Camp crew hanging out with NBC's Jenna Wolfe on the set of The Today Show!
Really great whole body exercises for those of us short on time!!! Not easy, but effective!!! Thanks Jenna Wolfe...
Well at least you tried That's all that matters😂
If you didn't vote for then we can't talk...
Lester Holt and Jenna Wolfe shared the weekend edition today show desk a few years ago. Now he hosts nightly and Jenna has cold office news
When Jenna wolfe posts a picture with you
Lemme put my hair back so I can face your dog.
Jenna Wolfe thinks my name is Samoa like the Girl Scout cookie
Jon Wolfe tonight at Wild West with Jenna and Kenzie!
I want to start watching again, please replace Savannah Guthrie. I suggest Jenna Wolfe
I love my new wallpaper . What do you think of it?!😂
no, I just think Jenna Wolfe is awesome
Photo: openly *** journalist jenna wolfe is 41 today
everyone needs a friend like Lauren
I hope I look this good when I'm pregnant 😭👶
How to get toned legs in 3 moves: Jenna Wolfe's jumping workout - Health
My beautiful mom lost her hard battle with cancer last night I love you mom. Im glad that there is a cure in heaven❤️ …
My boy Jeremy got Married today to his new Wife Jenna White ! Congrats Bro !!!…
Ok. BL Season. My feelings can be boiled down to: my deep love for Jen, and my obsession with Jenna Wolfe's pregnant pushups.
Burn 100 calories in 10 minutes: Jenna Wolfe's total body workout you can do at home - Health - TODA
I just texted 100 times literally and guess who still didn't answer
The relationship Devon Still and his daughter have is honestly the cutest thing I have ever seen 😍
4 moves to a great butt: Look great in your jeans with Jenna Wolfe's glutes workout
It's really hard to stay strong through this
Why would you take that for granted?
DUDE I get separation anxiety with jenna and we live in the same state ok
Did Jenna Wolfe name her daughter, Quinn, after Rupert's character on the TV show Homeland? I LOVE the name!
Last thing I need right now is to have to go to work 😔
Congrats to and who welcomed daughter Quinn Lily Wednesday afternoon:
This season of the bachelor makes me so uncomfortable
Just want to watch netflix and cuddle. Is that to much to ask or?
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awe thank you so much Jenna(: I'm glad we have become friends too! 💙💕😊
happy birthday have a great day I'm so glad we became friends ❤️
if your plan is to take away everything and everyone I have what part of you are you proud of
This is a badass workout. No wts or tools. . Jenna Wolfe, Natalie Morales do 10 exercises in 10 minutes via
Wolfe can't let it go another smart remark just came out of the Side of her mouth.
It is amazing how quickly Jenna Wolfe can take down a newscast.
Just a few of the many people I'm thankful for 😌❤️💯
Get rid of these losers out of my network
Don't come into my life unless you want to stay. Please 🙏
“It's crazy how much you can care about one person.”
1% battery and to lazy to get the charger. The struggle is real
So awkward if you were on the show friendzone and you were actually friend zoned 😬😬
I will never do a one sided relationship again. Waste of my time
Have you ever looked at someone you really cared about and you're just like *** I'm so happy you're in my life
I think I would melt if a guy ever texted me this 💕
I just want my range rover. Is that to much to ask for?
Once I'm married, if my husband snores he's sleeping on the couch
you text me I got a new phone so I don't have your number
I just been around text me i wanna talk to you
Just had the urge to watch Jenna marbles cooking with Sarah Palin, America frick yah 😭 🇺🇸
Jenna Wolfe: Being super-pregnant in a heat wave is not super-fun
Keep this in mind with those holiday coffee drinks! Don't drink them every day! Jenna Wolfe got the…
Tone your abs with Jenna Wolfe's one move for arms, core - Health - via
My heart would melt if I found out someone talked about me like this
I'd like to go phoneless for a month or so.
“When I like a girl, I spread a rumor that she has herpes. Knocks out the competition.” 😂
I want my guys attention to always be on me idc
LOL! Soledad, please forgive me; believe it or not I confused you with "NBC" Jenna Wolfe! No excuse for my blind ignorance!
At Home with TODAY: shows us nursery
At Home with TODAY: Join Jenna Wolfe for a playdate in Harper's nursery
I really enjoy watching now that Jenna Wolfe is gone.
Today Show's Jenna Wolfe reading Verb! So honored. Watch Friday morn show for story on Ride and Read.!
Saw those all the time in Kurt Wolfe's gym class. Just need a little Linkin Park w/ the highlights.
“I will never understand why people cheat. If you're not happy, JUST LEAVE.”
Why is there so many people paying for their subs in quarters today?
Nothing is more annoying than when someone expects you to be okay with something that they wouldn't be okay with if you did…
TODAY’s lifestyle and fitness correspondent Jenna Wolfe sits down with some senior women changing the perception...
100 in 10 minutes: total you can do at home - Health
We did a fabulous interview with Jenna Wolfe for Today Show...
Sometimes you'll see me happy but the reality is something drifferent
what shows you going to? Might crash with Wolfe in SF hopefully I will see you and ??
Cristiano Ronaldo's 96th-minute game-winner today vs Denmark is the latest international goal he's EVER scored.
Haven't seen my best friend in two weeks and it's stressing me out
Second Daughter on the Way for Jenna Wolfe and Stephanie Gosk: Stephen J. Cohen/WireImage . It’s ... via
Kermit and Iggy look like they're in heaven sleeping😊🐶 featured in NBC s Science of Love
hey Dylan my husband Ed just met Jenna Wolfe n told her we new you & too say hello. We are your aunt Luann/ moms friend.
I don't remember the last time my gas tank was full 😭
I miss kenz so much more like 3 weeks *** 😔😔
I miss Jen so much it should be illegal. 💔
Caught the Today show and didn't tv executives get the memo that Erica Hill is tv poison! Jenna Wolfe is the stiffest person!
Jenna Wolfe from the Today Show nominated him last week!!! Let's see what happens...
Yes! Jenna Wolfe from the today show challenged him at least a week ago!
Jenna Wolfe shares tips, workouts for senior citizens
For someone who obviously doesn't like "Guys", you'd think Jenna Wolfe would come up with something other than "Hi Guys"!
Jenna Wolfe dissed her co worker. Lol
Jenna Wolfe seems aggressive with her snippiness. Not exactly professional
“If you rush me while I'm getting ready there's a very high chance I won't go anymore.”
Olivia just walked in the room woke me up and loudly proclaimed her love for steven. This is what high school does to people, …
thank you, I'm really glad we met you're perfect and I hope we get closer 😘😘
This whole barely talking thing is really getting to me.
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happy birthday jenna I'm so glad you're on my team this year and can't wait for the season!
Happy birthday Jen! I'm so happy we are on the same team this year! Love ya💜
Happy birthday to these pretty girls love you both so much 😍😊
happy birthday to I'm so happy that we met and that we have gotten closer❤️ hope you have a day as perfect as you, love you😚
Happy birthday Jenna, hope you had a great day, love ya 💜💜
thank you Sahara I love you and miss you so much
Happy birthday Jenna it's awesome knowing you and playing Volleyball with u:)😃
Literally was just about to text you. We're twins 😍👯
Bad things happen to good people all the time why can't it be the other way around for a change
Why why why are these feelings even a thing😔
Just wishing people would be there for me as much as I am for them.
School taught me how to get ready in 10 mins and that's about it
I can't wait for one day when someone loves me as much as I love them
Today has been such a terrible day. 😔
Jenna Wolfe kicks *** on a skateboard. And Freepi fell in to the trailer. He takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'.
NBC News viral video segment shows off *** power couple Jenna Wolfe's and Stephanie Gosk's baby girl.
I mean you could at least tell me the truth.
Sometimes I can't believe Jenna Wolfe gets paid to do the stories she does...
I guess the more you care the more it hurts
biggest day-mare Sunday morn:Jenna Wolfe & Tamryn Hall on the same newscast. thankfully my remote was so very handy/By to Today show sunday
Walk into famous daves, almost slip and fall on my *** and then the lady decides to put out the wet floor sign
Made my dad go to famous daves and now were stuck in a heavy down pour 😂
Learning to trust someone again is one of the hardest things for me to do
Well on that note looks like it's time for bed.
I guess not! And of course why do anything different?
That pic of mrs rhyner is the scariest thing I've ever seen
How about Jenna Wolfe taking over for Jillian Michaels next season on Biggest Loser?
Wolfe where can I find your work out?
I actually wasn't so it's not really that funny.
I swear me and Jenna are two peas in a pod 😂
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Has anyone else seen those 2 boys that walk around town all dressed up and wave to every car that drives past? 😂😂
Once in awhile all you need is to be reminded that you are loved and wanted
I would have gave you more credit if you actually saved it
It was too late I didn't wanna ring your doorbell but i did think about ding-dong ditching you so you would see
next time I leave my car lights on you should probably let me know so my car doesn't die again!
I live .2 miles away and yet I still miss you
Ever just think about life and realize what a mess it is
👋👋 so annoying and now I can't fall back asleep
"Be present. No matter what you’re doing, be in that moment. Give 100% to it." —
So jealous my sisters are in Ragbrai right now 😔
I'm inspired to do something that scares me!. I Arm Wrestled With Jenna Wolfe via
Jenna Wolfe takes on the Spartan extreme athletic race via
Check out Spartan Race on the TODAY show with Joe DeSena and TODAY's Jenna Wolfe taking on the CT Sprint
Has there been a story that Jenna Wolfe has done that she hasn’t appeared in?
"Text me when you get home so I know you're okay" is literally the SWEETEST thing a guy could say.
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if you're ever proud of me and say "that's my girl" I can guarantee you that my heart will melt into a little puddle o…
Apparently Jenna Wolfe couldn't talk to us (NYLI - young adults with bleeding disorders/leadership group) because as soon as she knew we were a bleeding disorders group, it made her sick and dizzy. She said she could swim with sharks, jump out of planes, but talking to people with bleeding disorders was a bit much. No one was actively bleeding, just saying.
that jenna wolfe just hates that Erica Hill. I know lester more I've been here longer. I just want to watch the news
💞💖 really happy I started talking to you and ur perfect and so so sweet ❤️
💖your absolutely perfect and I honestly miss you so much :/ let's hangout real soon ok? Love you 😍
Went to Rockefeller Plaza to be in the Today Show crowd and met Jenna Wolfe! (And yes, I was on TV) 😏
Kenz and I go and get orange leaf all the time 😋
The titanic will always be my favorite movie 🚢
These players are such actors when it comes to penalties
who wants to FaceTime me and Macie :)
Don't want to go to work with this weather 😔😬😖
Even worse is the Jenna Wolfe DAILY exercise workout that doesn't have an unsubscribe button at all. Delete!
Jenna Wolfe's 3 motivating tips to workout (especially when the couch is calling)
Thank you for making me feel so much better about it ✌️
Jenna Wolfe, host of Sunday Today Show was at M & T Bank Stadium this morning to do a live show with fans and...
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Feel free to come visit me at cousins during this parade.
Please, for the love of God, give Jenna Wolfe the day off. room
Joy Williams, of The Civil Wars, chats with Jenna Wolfe, from The Today Show, about music and motherhood at her home in Nashville!
Natalie Morralis, Jenna Wolfe, Ann Curry, Savannah Guthrie.Have all filmed me flying.Kelly Ripa, filmed me levitating.
"Shows: Erica Hill, Jenna Wolfe and Dylan Dreyer legs and high heels" : via
Just want a cute goodnight text is that to much to ask for? 😩😩😩
Love you Jenna Wolfe just like to say hi from Deep Creek Lake
I can treat you the exact way you treat me in a split second, trust me.
I'm with her right now she that isn't her but that so weird cause I was convinced I saw your twin the other day!
Do you have health- or exercise-related questions for Jenna Wolfe? Ask them in the comments below! The TODAY anchor (who’s also a certified trainer!) will answer them as part of this month’s 30 Days to a Better You challenge:
“Today's Jenna Wolfe hosted would u like to see hosting other CWNY events? Me!!! 😉
Can I just pretend I'm cuddling with my boyfriend rather than sitting with you *** 😂😭😩
Get to eat my cheesy chex mix now and I'm leaving for Arizona Friday so life is really good
Keep reading my texts and not responding. So annoying
Don't tell me to calm down or chill
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How did I forget to watch bates motel last week? 😯🙊
It can snow as much as it wants. I'll be in paradise in 4 days so I'm not worried ☀️🌴🌺
Whenever I see Jenna Wolfe doing the news it's like watching a real bad comedy that will b cancelled she tries to be cute/funny but never is
Dylan and Jenna Wolfe can crash my party anytime!
"I feel like every time I look away from life something major happens" . -Jenna Wolfe
Jenna Wolfe from the Today Show reminded folks to set a goal to walk a certain number of steps a day. Beginner...
It has just been a terrible day already.
I parked behind jenna s ford on a scared its gonna roll back into my truck...:/
“I will fight for you but I will not compete for you.”
when I first saw this i thought someone was standing next to you 😂 you are hot as *** 🔥😍
Jenna is not weekend anchor because she is not that smart and well rounded. She is a jock and might have adult ADD. Still watch Weekend Today because of Lester. I don't care much about the female anchors, they are kind of boring. Erica, I can tolerate. When Lester is not anchoring, the show is less interesting. Can't stand Jenna. Seems like a nasty self serving person. She looks angry and unhappy at the desk. Not happy then leave, sure would not miss her.
Working this huge production w special guests Jenna Wolfe and Jim Breuer.should be an interesting event supporting cancer research
If you read my text and don't respond I hate you.
can we discuss the gorgeousness of Tamera & her baby
You like to test me and I don't like that cause I give in so easy. I love you to much 🙅😡
Arizona is all I'll be thinking about for the next 2 weeks ☀️
or called Jenna Wolfe the C-word on-air during Vancouver Olympics coverage.
This 2048 game is so addicting but I don't even know what I'm doing.
I wonder how many bras you are wearing today.
Can I just have some fries right now? 🍟 so hungry
I don't have a boyfriend from Texas who bought me a stuffed armadillo
you have non staticky hair today April fools
your really nice to me today April fools
Jenna Wolfe and Jessica Cassandra Rhoades please respond to me sometime Love you Big sis and Big bro
How often do you find someone who admires your little weird habits, puts up with your crap & still say they like you a…
Proud I completed "Jenna Wolfe's 30 days to a better you". Challenging, inspiring, fun, & lifestyle changing! Yay to a healthier me :)
My obsession with sunglasses is unreal. 👓
If I ever had to not work on a Sunday that would be great.
Apparently Jenna Wolfe has a long running beef with Erica Hill. This is the kinda stuff you learn when you follow me.
You're letting me go to bed upset. Don't let your girl go to bed upset EVER
I wish you would chase after me as much as I chase after you.
I wish you would care about me as much as I care about you.
'A better life': Viewers changed, inspired by 30 Days to a Better You: Video: When TODAY's Jenna Wolfe started...
When someone you hate starts crying
who wants to hang out with me and Chloe 😍
I don't think that there is ever a day where Drew doesn't have his hand in his pants
reporters who filmed me flying.Ann Curry.Natalie Morrallis.Jenna Wolfe.Savanna Gufhris.Kelly Rippa has footage of me levitating.
“You’re at such a disadvantage of escaping when you’re gigantic." - TODAY’s Jenna Wolfe.
Tell Jenna Wolfe, one bite of cake is ok. It will not hurt you.
- We had a blast working with over the summer to design baby Harper's nursery!
Last time this happened you gave up. I can't have that again
Some old guy winked at me today at work so there's that. 🙈
what no training with Jenna Wolfe, traitor lol
. The worst is Jenna Wolfe. She tries so hard to he funny. I loathe her.
U should have 1 of ur gurus create a "Jenna Wolfe Daily Food App" that could be connected via email w/ friends lk "OurGroceries"
Want to get healthy Join Jenna Wolfe's challenge March 01, 2014: via
Just signed w/ Jenna Wolfe 4 30 days to a better you. You 2 can join
I don't know if anyone watches the Today show on weekend mornings, but Jenna Wolfe drives me crazy.
Today Show Weekend Anchor, and Certified Personal Trainer, Jenna Wolfe, is leading a 30-day challenge to make...
Jenna Wolfe it's watched your spot on 30 day challenge. Love that you said it is a journey!
Jenna Wolfe still looks bothered that she’s no longer the weekend anchor on
Nothing like listening to Jenna Wolfe from the Today show talking about healthy food choices, while im in the kitchen scooping a few spoons of ice cream.
Jenna Wolfe Will your tips for the 30 day challenge be on website? I loved this segment!
Just realized that unlike the weekday version , the Weekend Today Show is watchable STILL with one exception. Can't stand Jenna Wolfe !! Really like Lester Holt , tho !!
Jenna Wolfe is so annoying and cocky.
Jenna Wolfe has that trashy mouth look.
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