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Jenna Wolfe

Jenna Wolfe (born Jennifer Wolfe, February 26, 1974) is a national correspondent for NBC's Today, and the co-anchor of their Weekend edition , and had once substituted on the NBC Nightly News.

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Just want a cute goodnight text is that to much to ask for? 😩😩😩
Love you Jenna Wolfe just like to say hi from Deep Creek Lake
I can treat you the exact way you treat me in a split second, trust me.
I'm with her right now she that isn't her but that so weird cause I was convinced I saw your twin the other day!
Do you have health- or exercise-related questions for Jenna Wolfe? Ask them in the comments below! The TODAY anchor (who’s also a certified trainer!) will answer them as part of this month’s 30 Days to a Better You challenge:
“Today's Jenna Wolfe hosted would u like to see hosting other CWNY events? Me!!! 😉
Can I just pretend I'm cuddling with my boyfriend rather than sitting with you *** 😂😭😩
Get to eat my cheesy chex mix now and I'm leaving for Arizona Friday so life is really good
Keep reading my texts and not responding. So annoying
Don't tell me to calm down or chill
How did I forget to watch bates motel last week? 😯🙊
It can snow as much as it wants. I'll be in paradise in 4 days so I'm not worried ☀️🌴🌺
Whenever I see Jenna Wolfe doing the news it's like watching a real bad comedy that will b cancelled she tries to be cute/funny but never is
Dylan and Jenna Wolfe can crash my party anytime!
"I feel like every time I look away from life something major happens" . -Jenna Wolfe
Jenna Wolfe from the Today Show reminded folks to set a goal to walk a certain number of steps a day. Beginner...
It has just been a terrible day already.
I parked behind jenna s ford on a scared its gonna roll back into my truck...:/
“I will fight for you but I will not compete for you.”
when I first saw this i thought someone was standing next to you 😂 you are hot as *** 🔥😍
Jenna is not weekend anchor because she is not that smart and well rounded. She is a jock and might have adult ADD. Still watch Weekend Today because of Lester. I don't care much about the female anchors, they are kind of boring. Erica, I can tolerate. When Lester is not anchoring, the show is less interesting. Can't stand Jenna. Seems like a nasty self serving person. She looks angry and unhappy at the desk. Not happy then leave, sure would not miss her.
Working this huge production w special guests Jenna Wolfe and Jim Breuer.should be an interesting event supporting cancer research
If you read my text and don't respond I hate you.
can we discuss the gorgeousness of Tamera & her baby
You like to test me and I don't like that cause I give in so easy. I love you to much 🙅😡
Arizona is all I'll be thinking about for the next 2 weeks ☀️
or called Jenna Wolfe the C-word on-air during Vancouver Olympics coverage.
This 2048 game is so addicting but I don't even know what I'm doing.
I wonder how many bras you are wearing today.
Can I just have some fries right now? 🍟 so hungry
I don't have a boyfriend from Texas who bought me a stuffed armadillo
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you have non staticky hair today April fools
your really nice to me today April fools
Jenna Wolfe and Jessica Cassandra Rhoades please respond to me sometime Love you Big sis and Big bro
How often do you find someone who admires your little weird habits, puts up with your crap & still say they like you a…
Proud I completed "Jenna Wolfe's 30 days to a better you". Challenging, inspiring, fun, & lifestyle changing! Yay to a healthier me :)
My obsession with sunglasses is unreal. 👓
If I ever had to not work on a Sunday that would be great.
Apparently Jenna Wolfe has a long running beef with Erica Hill. This is the kinda stuff you learn when you follow me.
You're letting me go to bed upset. Don't let your girl go to bed upset EVER
I wish you would chase after me as much as I chase after you.
I wish you would care about me as much as I care about you.
'A better life': Viewers changed, inspired by 30 Days to a Better You: Video: When TODAY's Jenna Wolfe started...
When someone you hate starts crying
who wants to hang out with me and Chloe 😍
I don't think that there is ever a day where Drew doesn't have his hand in his pants
reporters who filmed me flying.Ann Curry.Natalie Morrallis.Jenna Wolfe.Savanna Gufhris.Kelly Rippa has footage of me levitating.
“You’re at such a disadvantage of escaping when you’re gigantic." - TODAY’s Jenna Wolfe.
Tell Jenna Wolfe, one bite of cake is ok. It will not hurt you.
- We had a blast working with over the summer to design baby Harper's nursery!
Last time this happened you gave up. I can't have that again
Some old guy winked at me today at work so there's that. 🙈
what no training with Jenna Wolfe, traitor lol
. The worst is Jenna Wolfe. She tries so hard to he funny. I loathe her.
U should have 1 of ur gurus create a "Jenna Wolfe Daily Food App" that could be connected via email w/ friends lk "OurGroceries"
Want to get healthy Join Jenna Wolfe's challenge March 01, 2014: via
Just signed w/ Jenna Wolfe 4 30 days to a better you. You 2 can join
I don't know if anyone watches the Today show on weekend mornings, but Jenna Wolfe drives me crazy.
Today Show Weekend Anchor, and Certified Personal Trainer, Jenna Wolfe, is leading a 30-day challenge to make...
Jenna Wolfe it's watched your spot on 30 day challenge. Love that you said it is a journey!
Jenna Wolfe still looks bothered that she’s no longer the weekend anchor on
Nothing like listening to Jenna Wolfe from the Today show talking about healthy food choices, while im in the kitchen scooping a few spoons of ice cream.
Jenna Wolfe Will your tips for the 30 day challenge be on website? I loved this segment!
Just realized that unlike the weekday version , the Weekend Today Show is watchable STILL with one exception. Can't stand Jenna Wolfe !! Really like Lester Holt , tho !!
Jenna Wolfe is so annoying and cocky.
Jenna Wolfe has that trashy mouth look.
Jenna Wolfe was in mega shape prior to pregnancy as well. But yes you can get back in shape after. Give yourself healing time cont
I've never really gotten along with females very well and only have a hand full of girl friends that I've known most of my life and love dearly but within the past year I have gotten really close to some more amazing chicks (Christina Freeman, Jenna Wolfe, Kindell Upright Candace Canup Joely Bryant Christy Hargett) & I know I will be lifelong friends with!! Girls, just remember I have your back no matter what and will always love yall to death♡ Two of my favorite people is my Aunty Wanda Kirk and ny Ms Brenda Ritch yall are 2 amazing people inside and out and don't let anybody ever tell yall any different and if they do I will f*** them smooth up, lol! Love all 2nd & 3rd mommas!♡
My girl Jenna Wolfe is finally coming to see Ms Lu Lu! Can't wait to see this crazy as redhead!
Jenna Wolfe's little fitness tips can make a big difference via
Thank you so much for texting me at 3:30 in the morning and waking me up. I don't need my sleep or anything.
Letting her sleep angry is the one thing your not supposed to do.
All I wanna do is cuddle and watch movies. 😋
I don't have the energy to argue with you 🙅
Send me that snapchat and delete my number, you're mature 👌
30 Days to a Better You Throughout the month of March, Jenna Wolfe is challenging every American to
"�It feels pretty good!' How Jenna Wolfe celebrated her 40th birthday"
Jenna Wolfe: Baby girl is greatest gift
'Went to bed in my thirties, woke up in my forties!' Today show's Jenna Wolfe celebrates her 40th birthday
It always gets worse before it gets better.
Happy 40th birthday You wear it well.
'It feels pretty good!' How Jenna Wolfe is celebrating her 40th birthday
I didn't realize Carson Daily had not been on the weekday Today Show for a while. He is the weekday Jenna Wolfe. That's not a +.
Happy Earthday to Jenna Wolfe, born Jennifer Wolfe in Kingston Jamaica 1974. Jenna is a national correspondent...
Happy Birthday shout-out to Jenna Wolfe. Enjoy your day Jenna!
Viral: Abs of steel to baby bump, and back: Jenna Wolfe on her body after baby todayshow
So he thinks each girl is "pretty," "sexy" and "ayeayeaye." Should make for a great long term relationship.
I caught the tail end of a piece about why Ann Curry wasn't covering the Olympics. We could have ended up with Jenna Wolfe.
I've been filmed flying like superman by nbc.Ann Curry,Jenna Wolfe,Natalie Morallis, Savannah Guthrie.
nbc,has Visio footage.Of me flying like nbc reporters will report.savannah Guthrie,Jenna Wolfe,filmed me.
if I'm not responding to u it's probably because I'm playing flappy bird
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Everyone pray for Brandon Wolfe, broke his leg today in a wreck into a tree
"If you end up in the ditch don't call me" thanks mom 💗
ECHOES by Dr. Gale A. Ragan-Reid (1/26/2014) SCRABBLE According to Today Weekend on Sunday, January 26, 2014, Lester Holt, Erica Hill, Jenna Wolfe, and Dylan Dreyer said: “Scrabble created by an out-of-work architect during the Great Depression sold two million copies. Lesters says his go to is : “QI”. There are 101 two-letter words. Other two letter words are: JI and XI.” (NBC, 2014) This is an excellent activity to increase vocabulary.
Do you remember when we thought Lana Del Rey was Ariana from 90210? 😂😂😂
I should not have gotten my hopes up.
Everything you said the past couple of days was all just a lie
where can I find the skirt that Jenna Wolfe had on this morning ?
Sure, you’ve seen TODAY’s Jenna Wolfe breaking news stories with Lester Holt on the weekends from Studio 1A, but did you know that she’s...
I used to enjoy watching the Today show every now and then. I just cannot take Jenna Wolfe. Her personality just turns me off.
I didn't think Jenna Wolfe could get any more annoying and then the Today show gave her a fitness segment
What's the deal with Jenna Wolfe and sexist comments about Nadal?
The weekend edition of the Today Show is hilarious... Jenna Wolfe be wilding & I think her cast mates might hate her. 😂😂😂
Lone survivor is such a good movie.
This is really happening right now 😂
ask savannah Guthrie,Ann Curry,Jenna Wolfe,Natalie morrallis. Nbc reporters who filmed me superman.
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If I get flowers for valentines day i will be the happiest girl 💝
I should have never gotten flappy bird
Some musings for a cold Saturday morning: Madonna - you are no longer provocative. Shut up already. *** is NOT a term of endearment. It is disgusting. Always. Ever. Period.Why does Jenna Wolfe have a job?...Justin Bieber's fake smile as he left Miami Beach is an "uh-oh" moment for me. Seen it before on others...Did you see my "rats by Manhattan neighborhood post from yesterday?...Di Blasio is off to a terrible start..Jay Liberman is 62???...Get well soon to Eddie Brill...That "fan" in Philly the other night must've lit a fire under Melo's *** no?...I still don't think Kurt Cobain killed himself...Where is Steve Stockman?...Dawn Zimmer's journal should be renamed "Diary of a Wimpy Mayor"...Now that they've caught the "Goodfellas" crew (or what's left of them), will one of them finally rat out who killed Morry? Stay warm everybody!
. I like the Today show morning team very much. Won't watch on weekends due to *** Jenna Wolfe and her fatherless child.
Don't talk to them too much they'll run out of stuff to talk about and he'll be awk 😂😂
Rachel's freaking out and it's the funniest thing ever.
Rachel's boyfriends coming over today for the first time so this will be a treat
Watching The Weekend Today Show... They should REPLACE the weekday crew effective IMMEDIATELY... Lester Holt, Jenna Wolfe, Erica Hill are what's up!
Nothing's more annoying then a guy that goes out and parties every single weekend.
Jenna Wolfe...great co-host for Hoda..Great week..would love to see her stay..luv the show but only watch when KL is NOT ON!!!
Exams this semester killed me to say the least.
I'm just way to excited for spring break
Jenna Wolfe: Baby brings big changes -- and a new home
My mother Jenna Wolfe just disowned me because of a war between her and Rita Butler
You are really starting to *** me off. Like I can't even handle you.
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I'm just gunna go through all my notes and worksheets & write down what I don't know!
same, I actually probably won't even use like half of it
nope. I'm just gunna make the notecard in a bit and call it a day
you better start studying for chem tomorrow ITS GUNNA BE CRAZY
All I want in life is a white range rover with black rims
When you're on the phone with someone and they get another call and tell you to hold on and they take 20 min talking to the other person 😡🔫
I get yelled at for my grades by my parents, I don't need you to yell at me to.
Rachel and I are actually getting along for once? 🙊
I feel like I should a not done that oppps
well I mean Thomas or you guys.. didn't have much of a choice
Today Show’s Jenna Wolfe reports on why and other online dating sites are seeing increases in traffic and membership even in today’s economy. Jenna… _ Read More….
Please please Today Show, take Jenna Wolfe off the air.
Jenna Wolfe’s top tips for beginner runners via
if you were up and caught the Today show this morning...Jenna Wolfe showed an awesome excersize that is quick and easy. If I figure it out I will try to post a link to it.
Didn't Jenna Wolfe just have a kid like five minutes ago? Holy moly, she looks great
Watching the Today show & Jenna Wolfe starts talking about our Newport Aquarium!! Pretty neat! Apparently SweetPea is going to have babies!!
- Jenna Wolfe daily reference to her pregnancy, being a mother and/or her child - CHECK (Can we move on to the news now?)
Meet Harper Estelle Wolfeld Gosk! The brand-new baby, welcomed into the world by TODAY anchor and correspondent Jenna Wolfe and NBC News...
Waking up to a dead phone is always the worst
We were featured in a story about the resurgence of bingo in the younger generation on the Today Show with Jenna Wolfe. You can check out Dirty Bingo at ...
It would be nice if you would answer me but when do you ever respond
Sometimes I keep my feelings to myself because I know that no one will understand.
I just really need some new people to talk to. Moving on
Okay this Austin Percario kid is gorgeous😍
Had a great workout this morning with sister Suzanne DuBarry at the Clinton Foundation at the La Quinta Resort & Club and PGA WEST. Jenna Wolfe and Billy Blanks kicked our butts!
Can hear my neighbor blasting music in his room while I'm in my living room nbd
I'm either texting or like I literally have no life 😂
aw, thank you!! I miss you too, we need to get together soon!!
Happy birthday to my kindergarten best friend 💕miss you so much! 🎉🎊💝
I thought brother hanclif was a person
*** does she say half the time. She talks so *** fast
I feel like I'm in relationship class 😒
When I see your smile I feel like I have a 6 sense. Like right now when I see your teeth they are just so beautiful. -vinny
Check out Vicki taking Billy Blanks class yesterday at the Clinton Health Matters Conference… you can see her in...
When YouTube teaches you more then your own teacher
I hope this link works below if you'd like to add your own thoughts or comments, even share some photos! Or start your own post! As part of TODAY’s Shine a Light series, Erica Hill, Lester Holt, Jenna Wolfe and Dylan Dreyer will learn and share tips on how to eat better, exercise more and get enough sleep — and they want to partner with a community that will do it with them.
Tai Bo inventor Billy Blanks and Jenna Wolfe of "Today" lead a morning workout session during the Health Matters Conference in La Quinta. Check out more photos here:
Jenna Wolfe & Billy Blanks on health and fitness at the Clinton Foundation Health Matters Conference... it's...
OMG what a day! Had a chance to see President Clinton, Hall of Fame golfer Gary Player and meet and talk to NBC Today Anchor Jenna Wolfe, Billy Banks and Montell Williams!
Workout kicks off morning: VIDEO: Watch as Health Matters conference participants work out with Jenna Wolfe of...
If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you--Jenna Wolfe
Something really needs to change. I can't do this anymore
miss youuu! Hope everything is good with you have fun in Florida :)
If I could be in Florida right now like is I would be a pretty happy girl 🌴☀️⛵️
I'm so obsessed with prison break it's unreal.
nbc,today show reporters who have filmed me flying.Jenna Wolfe,Ann Curry,Nat Corvallis,savannah Guthrie.
What an awesome weekend, yesterday Jenna Wolfe and I got to take Adel on her first snowmobile ride which was so fun because she loved it. And today Jenna and I got to snowmobile with some amazing friends. Great times and people, thank you Brandy Floyd, Brent Anderson, J Richard Baalman, Tami Baalman, Jen Prusa, Stephanie Santeford, Kristina Ellison, Cory Rohde, and Josh Gilstrap for letting us tag along with ya. We had a great time.
Seeing last night made me so happy I love her so much💕💕💕
Prison break gives me so much anxiety
I love those segments!! Jenna Wolfe is awesome and great inspiration for fitness!! Thanks :-)
Hot legs and sexy legcross Upskirt from Jenna Wolfe.
I just want your attention that's all I'm asking for
Video on Today: Ariel Sharon, the former prime minister of Israel, has died. He was in a coma for eight years after suffering a stroke in 2006. TODAY’s Jenna Wolfe reports.
Either I have a guy that's way to overprotective or a guy that doesn't care at all. Is there an in between?
I really just don't even want to see you today so.. 🙅
HIS EXCELLENCY PRESIDENT BILL JEFFERSON CLINTON ON THE MOVE AGAIN,BECAUSE OF HIS POWERFUL MANDATE WHICH HE RECEIVED FROM ABOVE TO MOVE THE AFFAIRS OF THE WORLD FORWARD. Join Our Conversation on Health and Wellness Davidmcintosh, Our third annual Health Matters conference will be webcast live beginning Tuesday, January 14 at 8:30 a.m. PST – and we need your participation to make it a success. Throughout the day, leading health and wellness experts will take your questions and discuss actions all of us can take to live healthier in our homes, our workplaces, and our communities. RSVP to join the live webcast on January 14. Health Matters is truly a conference without walls. Last year, thousands of online viewers joined the hundreds on site in La Quinta, California to learn how business leaders, athletes, and other health advocates are implementing solutions that can improve individual health across America. We hope you will invite your networks to tune in for this year's conference, which will feature a p ...
Jenna Wolfe of NBC's Today Show was in Lubbock today doing a segment on New Year's resolutions.
Wcw? Not sure why you all only tell that "special girl" how awesome she is only on Wednesdays. I am going to take this opportunity to tell my beautiful girls how amazing they are! Jenna Wolfe you are strong and incredibly gorgeous. You are independent and opinionated, but you pull no punches. You are brutally honest and tell people how you see it. You definitely don't sugar coat anything. Some people hate you because of it. I personally love you for it. I always know where you stand. Right or wrong you stand up for what and who you believe in. If you love someone you love them with your whole being no matter what. Katey Wolfe you are so tender hearted. You try to wear a coat of armor to protect yourself but the truth is you don't need it. God made you special. He gave you a tender heart for a reason. He also gave you a good head on your shoulders. You will find a balance in life. You will learn who is worthy of your love and trust. Until you find them don't give up! God may have given you a ten ...
Pretty much sums up my childhood. I'll tag Jenna Wolfe to this since Amanda isn't in FB. :)
Hey Folks--I will be on FOX26 during the 8:00 and 8:30 AM news segments. And as always on FOX our discussion will be thought provoking. TOMORROW, I will share a panel with a *** rights advocate and psychologist. So here's our topic--There have been several journalists who have come out recently – including Robin Roberts and Don Lemon. There have also been Anderson Cooper, Sam Champion and Jenna Wolfe. Is this really anyone’s business? Do we need to know this? Is it something that should be acknowledged for these folks? What are your thoughts? And be sure to check us out TOMORROW morning!
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But just found 10 dollars so this day is great 💵❤️
Best phone call I have gotten all day ❤️
I'm moving to Hawaii with someone else now 🌺🌴👌
I was filmed flying like superman,by following nbc reporters.Ann Curry.Natalie morallis. Jenna Wolfe.savannah Guthrie.
Looking for love? Whatcha doing tonight at 8:57 pm? The consistently annoying Jenna Wolfe explains:
Jenna Wolfe imma turn you straight 😍
& a;so when you were doing your exercises when you was in Jamaica with Jenna Wolfe.
It's always a constant struggle to do anything.
It's always a fricken fight with you
One parent's joy of collecting memories of her first year.
I distance myself from people for a reason 😒👌
Mandy and Jenna got me excited at practice today, they better not let me down👌
Putting everything into something and not getting it in return
I just told amanda I was going to sleep and that's not happening so this rocks
Can't remember the last time I got a cute goodnight text
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
I am the worst texter. I always forget to respond oops
Today I was reminded of why i hated the bus so much.
News anchors like Robin Roberts, Anderson Cooper and NBC's Jenna Wolfe haven't recently taken a low-key approach to coming out.
Jenna Wolfe breastfeeds one month old baby Harper at a toy shop: via
Video on Today: The classic arcade game is making a comeback across America, and TODAY's Jenna Wolfe received a few pointers from some unlikely experts.
Really not feeling this whole school thing 🔫💣🔪🔨
*Long, slow walks may beat shorter, higher intensity runs* Forget about busting your buns on the treadmill. A small new study suggests that you’ll be healthier if you spend your time taking long, slow walks – and standing instead of sitting whenever possible. For those who detest working up a sweat at the gym this might sound too good to be true. But researchers have found that it may be more important to reduce your hours sitting than it is to exercise vigorously, according to the study published in PLOS ONE. In fact, when volunteers spent two hours standing and four hours walking each day they had healthier insulin levels and lower triglycerides than when they spent an hour a day at the gym cycling for all they were worth, Norwegian researchers found. And that was true even though the volunteers burned nearly the same amount of calories whether they were cycling or slow walking: The main difference was in the number of hours spent sitting. “Our experimental study on minimal activity showed that re ...
It's Wednesday... blog day. Happy everything to everyone... Even the guy who took my cab this morning.
Her joy was my joy Jenna Wolfe on loving her babys year of firsts
'Her joy was my joy': Jenna Wolfe on loving her baby's year of firsts
It hasn't been hard to see that morning news is getting gayer and gayer. With anchors like Sam Champion and reporters like Jenna Wolfe opening up about their relationships and their families, 2013 was something of a banner year for LGBT visibility on shows like "Today" and "Good Morning America."...
Am I the only one who absolutely cannot stomach Jenna Wolfe (NBC News)? She is the most obnoxious person on television.
HD Wallpapers HD provides the latest Jenna Wolfe Wallpapers in hifg quality. All hd wallpapers are free. We selected the best of Jenna Wolfe Pics for you to
Video on Today: TODAY’s Natalie Morales and Jenna Wolfe (who is also a personal trainer) hit the gym to try Jenna’s “Pyramid workout,” which is a ten-minute exercise that works the entire body without needing equipment or weights.
You tell me you'll show me you care but you really haven't.
"why put cookie dough in the oven when you can put it in your mouth"Our house rules.
I think she's still out on maternity leave:
Here's a vote for Jenna Wolfe. She is ... a reason to change the channel. I feel bad for poor, sweet Lester.
S/o to me for not starting my homework until now.
I'm forcing to hangout with me this weekend!
The workers at home depot have no clue where anything is.
Why do I keep looking at that? It pisses me off every time I see all of it.
I cannot stop watching christmas movies
Oh noes! Jenna Wolfe will be back on the Today Show next weekend. Enjoy it while you can.
“It's Wednesday. Blog day. Extra little set of hands helping out now. Can't wait 2 b a mom!
Every weekend I turn on the Today Show praying Jenna Wolfe is not back from maternity leave.
Be with someone who is proud to have you. 👌💏👫
All I want right now is a shamrock shake
Ig ill just watch the notebook then
we have at least 200 christmas ornaments and I just put them on the christmas tree all by myself. Family bonding maybe?
my mom didn't make any this year and I wanted to cry :(((
I love thinking about you, that's why I always do. 😍
As you celebrate take a moment to remember those who are not home with their loved ones.
I asked my mom if I could go to house and she said "NO"
Jenna Wolfe: Yes, I have 5 million baby photos. Got a problem with that?: Earlier today, Har...
Wednesday. Blog day. . You gotta read this. It's about you and Edmund!
When you have plans with someone and they ditch at the last minute
Kelsey, me, and Madison. Kels is picking us up at 7:30!!!
awe yay I won't be there for like another hour! Who's we?
Weekend TODAY’s Lester Holt and Jenna Wolfe took a trip to Jamaica together to explore their roots. Holt’s maternal grandparents were from the island, and Wolfe was born there.
Definitely got no sleep last night 😴
Seeing all these dead deer is so sad :(
This man's child died so he got the last drawing the kid did for him tattooed on his arm.
I hate how my mom yells at me to answer my phone but she never answers hers
more then half of it I dont even wear.
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I have way way way to many clothes.
Oh I'm a *** You think I want anything to do with you when you yell at me and say the things you said? *** no.
Just someday in the near future I hope you realize what you let go.
Hopefully realizes how much I hate her right now
"I like to do this to you because you are terrible at making decisions" very true never can make up my mind
Why can't we erase our past from our memory ?
If I don't answer any of your 5 texts and 3 calls then I don't want to talk to you. Leave me alone.
I cant wait to be curled up on the couch with a blanket, hot chocolate and the fire place goin, watching a lovely Christmas …
Tracing their Jamaican Roots - NBC's "Today" Lester Holt and Jenna Wolfe reconnects with Yard. Who would ever...
good! Btw I love your baby's name so cute!
Well my bad I was trying to see if your okay.
Vince thinks its my time of the month bc I'm wearing my crocs
and I together are the two dumb blondes
Jenna Wolfe,savannah Guthrie.all filmed me flying.
Kelly goes I have 6 min to eat my big cookie and she eats it in a min
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This whole thing is over with so why are you still acting like a 5 year old
and then she said if the people that got money don't get an A tomorrow on the test they have to pay her 2 dollars.
nbc,todayshow..Ann Curry,Jenna Wolfe,Natalie moralist,and savannah Guthrie.have all individuals filmed me superman.
👍Lester Holt and Jenna Wolfe from NBC go home to the island. The Many Faces Of Jamaica
nyc,today show.Ann Curry,Natalie moralist,Jenna Wolfe,savannah Guthrie.filmed me flying.
Letting your girl go to bed upset is probably the worst thing you can do.
You don't even care which is pretty sweet.
Loving this pumpkin pie frozen yogurt tho
And if today I don't see your face nothings changed, no one can take your place but it gets harder everyday
Those long messages you get in the morning that make your entire day >>>>
Oh no! Will Putin steal the baby and put the correspodents in prison? Jenna Wolfe, Stephanie Gosk welcome baby girl
When I cry its definitely not just because of one thing. There are so many things built up that eventually I just crack.
I think I just need the reassurance that everything is going to be okay
"People who crack their knuckles a lot are usually sexually frustrated."
Knowing that people care about me is the greatest feeling in the world.
Don't you dare wake me up tomorrow. I need sleep
Good luck to my boy at his cross country meet tomorrow ♥
I don't know what I would do if my guy just showed up at my doorstep and surprised me with flowers.
No matter how hard life gets you're never alone
and I literally are out of breath when we get to our class because we laugh so hard.
Eat alot of chocolate! It's ok to say it *** I thought the 1st year was brutal.My gorgeous babies are now 11&14. I survived.
I have just been so depressed the last couple days.
she's Jenna Wolfe! She probably jogged ard the maternity ward 24hrs after givin birth :-)
Jenna Wolfe: With Steph and baby Harper Estelle, 'I have a family now'  - via
Those days you wanna curl up in bed and die? I feel like they are going to be the rest of the year
Probably should get out of bed but I'm way to tired.
Work after school makes the week go so much slower
Don't wake me up I will get up on my own!!!
Day gets worse cause I have to work
Not texting back is only ok when I do it
I liked a video from 10 Minutes to a Hot Body! with Today Show's Jenna Wolfe!
Jenna your supposed to be the nice one:(
I am going to be one crabby girl tomorrow
Pretty much our relationship in a pic
I'm just saying its fine by me if you never leave and we can live like this forever its fine by me
Just want to be excepted for being me.
A relationship takes two people, each giving 100%. Not one person trying and the other person acting like they don’t give a sh…
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