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I work at 3 tomorrow 😩 I'll get Katie and Sammy yo come with me soon😊
"And then she used a turkey banister" . -Madison Owens
Happy birthday Jenna 🎈❤️ ilysm and I'm so glad we have become so close this year, see you tonight 😁💜
don't take physics 2010 online through columbia state if your teacher is owens. its been a terrible run and I'm not even halfway through yet
Jenna Owens: Solve your dinnertime dilemma and enter to WIN a $25 grocery gift card!
Jenna real life just broke up with me and I don't know what to do with my life
To fail or not to fail Owens test tmw... That is the question
Some great emcee auditions by Asia Mitchell-Owens & Jenna Freitas for the senior salute on 5/9!
Jenna Owens, a cohost of The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show, talking about meeting Harry last night
Holy cow! The new movie coming out about Jesse Owens looks absolutely epic! .
Taking a pic with my fav Dishnation girl Jenna Owens in Denver
Jenna Owens (Lucy) & Kyle Critelli (Jekyll & Hyde) on this morning. Get your tickets soon!
Jenna Owens is fundraising for Cancer Research UK on Show your support
I can't believe Jenna Owens' pug passed away I'm going to cry
hey didn't realize you changed your name. Congrats, Jenna Owens!
Jenna Prandini's 10.92 sets a new SCHOOL RECORD and is tied for the fastest time in the world this year!
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
I have been okay Jenna and I thought we could hang out sometime soon and why can't you have a bf right now
College's Catherine Owens at talking on first body worn video trial of domestic abuse anywhere in the world …
Jenna Page Owens thank you for following me.EVRYONE plz follow: Jenna Page Owens our newst follower.
What a wonderful birthday. I got to sleep in a bit... it's sunny outside... my dear friend Kelli Owens called...
When you realize it's time to stop messing with Janae and get you a Jenna ..
jenna from the sides. I think it has something to do with callie and owens project. The lady's gonna flirt w/ callie. 😁
Every time I see Jenna Owens speak I think she should have a British accent.
The only thing I'm looking forward to is Jenna and Dillon's wedding.
How Kellie Rasberry forget Emma Kelly twice in one day?! Plus, big al mack had a naughty dream about Jenna Owens,...
It is just me or does she look like Jenna Page Owens from ??
Kellie Rasberry and Jenna Owens are sticking up for me because they know I am Britney Spears' real boyfriend.
Now if only owens would close so I can just lay in bed all day.
Jenna Owens says, "Thanks, Dad," for picking her teenaged boyfriends.
why are people acting like it's such a surprise Jenna hasn't signed for series 9? We already knew that most likely she was leaving in Xmas
I'm serious. Jenna has terrific voice live. Vic... only sometimes.
A Love Like War featuring Jenna McDougall sounds better than featuring Vic. .
Rte. 65 near Buffalo earlier today! Thanks James Owens for the pic. Share your pics of rd. cond. here.
Ayye Jenna, I'll bring you lunch in bed
That's who I thought it was but I wasn't sure XD
Jenna just broke Owens heart I am a mess
Wacky tacky day, and mrs. Owens and her MINK (its not a ferret guys)♡♡♡
I'm confused didn't Jenna break it off with Owen? But on coming attractions we see them together. Either way Owens a babe
Ugh matty finally has gotten rid of that creepy old eva, now go along and find jenna. Well owens cute but he seems too young
I hope Jenna doesn't crush Owens heart .. He so sweet and artsy
Devon Dyer and Jenna Owens both wearing TROA jeans from Elements
Heard loud & clear in the still mostly empty Rogers Centre: “YOU SUCK OWENS, YOU CRYBABY!!” So yeah, the fans a…
I see. Your going to love Owens gift that me and jenna picked out.
Wait... is that Jenna Owens from Kidd Kraddick in the Morning in a Flo Rida music video?. See for your yourself!...
Check out what Jenna Owens Roebke and I have been doing the Tina Marie Interior Design!
Best singer in new haven — Emme, Jenna and a lot of other girls
Saturday, April 12th Jenna Owens and the Glamour Squad made a stop at the Children's Hospital of San Antonio to host a spa day! Twenty girls were treated to manicures, facials, make-up, and hair s...
Jenna I didn't realize this was a well because it's pretty deep.
Mallory Bullock and Trent Lane are teasing Jenna Owens, big time, they said "we're tired of your new phrase Jenna, give it up already!!" All of her sentences begin with 'Anne of Green Gables'...( this has been going on for a couple months). Trent is hoping that Anne dies off in the next book!! Jenna has declared that her sister and boyfriend are not 'kindred spirits'!!
James Corden. Jenna Coleman. Craig Owens. Clara Oswald. They all have the same initials! Moffat . . .
Quinten Greiner, Seth Jones, and Jenna Owens all succeed in placing in regionals and moving on to states in advanced spreadsheet application
Don't no what's worse Uniteds starting 11 or Owens commentary
I was on like level 3 and couldn't get past it so I gave up and deleted the game
I am so obsessed with Jake Owens new song 😍😍 thank you
I don't know how many of you listened to the Kidd's Kids trip on KISS FM, but I just want to tell all of you how wonderful my friends are! Kellie Rasberry, José Chavez, Al Mack, Jenna Owens and Shanon Murphy put many long hours into making dreams come true for chronically and terminally ill children. I'm blessed to know them personally and I can attest to the fact that they do this with their whole heart !!! There is a huge group behind the scenes too, and they also are true angels !!! Thank you all -- sincerely -- you are a blessing to so many !!! 󾬑
I've been following Kidd Kraddick in the Morning forever, and it's that time of the year again! Kidd's Kids is coming to Walt Disney World. Last year they, of course, came to Finding Nemo the Musical on my day off, but I still sent them a letter thanking them for what they do, and Kidd Kraddick himself read it on air! I'm so glad that even though Kidd isn't here in person, he is here in spirit, and I know that Kidd's Kids meant a lot to him, and it means a lot to me. Kellie Rasberry, J-Si, big al mack, and Jenna Owens better come say hi to me at Peter Pan's Flight and It's a Small World! And I hope Psycho Shanon has a good recovery! I wish you could be making memories with us, Shanon!
Hang in there Remember when you have a cold, you have to blow out all the snot b4 u feel better.
Kellie Rasberry & Jenna Owens from Kidd Kraddick in the Morning. I really just want to be them ok? 😍
J-Si, big al mack, Kellie Rasberry, & Jenna Owens it want be the same. Sorry for the loss of your friend.
Kellie Rasberry, Big Al Mack, Jose "J-Si" Chavez, Jenna Owens & . "Psycho" Shanon, my prayers are with yall. Yall lost a great one. :-(
Anybody wanting to come watch us run tomorrow. Jesse Owens stadium at 1:30 be there and cheer loud 🏆🏁
I'm good. Me and jenna were revising history in the sun today, jealous? ;)
Can't wait for August Concerts Blake Shelton ft Jenna Kramer Jason aldean Ft Jake Owen ft Thomas Rhett Shinedown/Skillet/Papa roach/We came as Romans August is going to be so fun
Villa Sabbia is a fully-serviced, luxury 3 bedroom villa for rent in Canggu. Sleeping up to 6 adults, the villa offers a relaxing, romantic holiday for couples or an ideal holiday house for family and friends.
Except for 1 or 2 people, bringing a child up at Smiths Hills high school gives them a life of being weird unsociable people. 100%.
Wow! Jenna and Jake asleep in grandma's bed, Owen in his bed, and Grandpa asleep in his bed! I think I will take the couch :)
Anyone have any barrel horses for sale?? Looking for something to get my permit on.needs to be a free runner and honest since i cant kick and am strapped on!
Tomorrow we find out if we will be having an Allie or and Owen.. Seems like it has taken forever to get here 󾆩
I've decided to stay committed to one person and one person only...
Thanks for sharing this super cute picture of Owen and Ms. Jenna! We love to see pictures of our students!
Watch "American Woman (From the 2013 CMT Music Awards)" from Jason Aldean for free on
Don't forget adult jazz tonight 8:15-9pm. New friends still welcome to come and give it a go! A really fun class which will burn lots of calories :)
I don't know who is a luckier woman luke Bryan's wife or jake Owens?
You are in a mental hospital and . Use the first 7 people on your chat list ( no cheating)!!! Your roommate- Jeffrey Bates Licking the windows- Linda Menchaca Person helping you escape- Davy Owen Doctor- Jeremy Hogan Person running around naked- Kimberly Hembree-Jones Person yelling nonsense about uppers and downers- Krystal Renee Bates Person you went crazy with- Jenna Settle
Alright everyone I need some practice with taking pictures of your furry four legged friends!! Who wants to help me out?? Animal sessions will cost $40...This comes with the rights to the CD and a 8 x 10 of your favorite picture! =)
I am obsessed with making Isabel's baby food! I will take any tips you want to give me!! :)
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
So after PT Logan came home and slept for 5 hours. He got up at 6pm and then fell back asleep at 11pm, woke up only once in the night, got up at 8AM and is still completely exhausted, and asking to go "nigh nigh." I have an email in to his surgeon and cardio, and we are skipping his Thurs PT for now. He was very very tired after PT, he wasn't sweating or out of breath, but you could see in his eyes he was very tired. Not quite sure how we are going to handle all this. Not sure if this is heart or nutrition or both? Anyone have anything similar happen after PT?
How the *** does Collin get away with kneeling at Jenna's desk during class? Send him to the office.
hair is falling out in clumps.this is making it too real..I'm scared.:(
Super duper exceptionally proud of my beautiful, smart, dedicated and healthy daughter who managed to complete the last 7 years, yes ALL of her elementary school years with perfect attendance! Way to go Jenna!! And my Owen too of course who has grown so much this year and received an excellent achievement award in reading for moving up 10 levels this past year. Very proud mamma today!
was watching old reruns of One Tree Hill, and realized that the girl who played Sam in Hailey's class, is Jenna from Awkward.who plays a high school kid. Those are some good genes if she can continue playing a 16 year old for all these years.
Tonight we worked in the family garden at my brother Dennis' house. Four generations - My mom and dad, Dennis and his wife Darlene, their son Ted Theodore Pfaff, and Dennis' and Darlene's grandkids, Owen and Mati., Mark and I. The little ones didn't garden much, but it was a pretty night to play in the dirt!
Hey Jenna, in the words of Alex Owens, ✋.
5 likes for; 1. Are you ready for 200 questions? sure 2: Was your last relationship a mistake? no 3: Do you miss your last relationship? no 4: Who did you last say "i love you" to? Owen 5: Do you regret it? No 6: Have you ever been depressed? Lots of times 7: Are you a boy or girl? Girl 8: Are you insecure? omg yes 9: What is your relationship status? Taken 10: How do you want to die? fast and painlessly 11: What did you last eat? Watermelon 12: Have you played any sports? Not on a real team, for fun I have 13: Do you bite your nails? Sometimes 14: When was your last physical fight? Last summer 15: Do you have an attitude? yess 16: Do you like someone? yeess 17: What is your real name? Madison Paige Brinston 18: Have you ever read a book? yes 19: Are you gonna get high later? no 20: Do you hate anyone at the moment? yes 21: Do you miss someone? yes 22: Twirl or cut your spaghetti? twirl 23: Do you tan a lot? yes 24: Have any pets? used to 25: How exactly are you feeling? tired 26: Ever eaten food in a car ...
The sides blew out of one of Ethan's rubber boots and I cant find another pair in Bridgewater. I need size 8 or even a 9. Does anyone have an old pair their kid out grew?? Help! Lol
Fri. Mike went to work early. I hung out w/ Mandy and Jenna. Sat we went out for breakfast and shopping, sat I went to my cousin's open house-Congrats Luke! Then Good Will w/ Dawn. Then a party at Walker's. Jess and Josh were there. Sun- We went for a cruise around the lake-Thank You Auntie Judy for my T shirt and hoodie! Then went to Mom and Dad Wolfe's and we saw Cayden and Braxton! Then we went to golden coral w/mom & dad & boys and grandpa and grandma and uncle Jeff and aunt Angie. Then we went to Walkers and my honey had a cake for me that his mom put in the oven for him-Thanks Mike and Mom! Then we had that cake and ice cream w/Mandy and Mike and I watched Happy Feet Two w/my buddy Owen!
What's up this week everyone? Magic Monday? Anyone want to help sell Duck Race tickets on Tuesday? RISK with Owen on Wednesday! Tasty Thursday! Fiesta Friday! Plus Jenna and Dan are challenging everyone to SOS this week. Come see if you can beat them... we doubt you can but we still hope we see you this week!
Great weekend of soccer Jenna's team made it to semi finals but after ending in 0-0 tie went to over time still no score went to PK shots and lost ,oh well was fun and they played great in that heat!! Owen's team lost yesterday 3-0 to a Pa team and won one then won today 1-0 today O got winning goal taking them to finals against the Pa team who thought we would be an easy win since beat us. Boy did the boys step up big time and pull out a 2-0 win taking 1st place!! Owen getting an awesome left foot goal number 2!!! Burnt to *** but as always well worth it to see my kids play!!
Well thats leonie all packed for kilbowie .she hyper . Am not looking forward to a long wk ahead of me going to miss her millons.
“I feel myself starting to get ruthless again , like idec bout anything anymore fr”
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Epic...was not. I did laugh a couple of times but there was no wow-factor. Jenna got to hang with her friends, though, so she enjoyed it!
Sunburnt and tired but its all good ,, poor kids are troopers playing in that heat !!! Jenna's team had a tie and win and then Owens team lost one won one!! His last game was on turf and boy was it hot on there at 1 to 2 pm!!! Up and out at 615 am today tomm back at it by 730 am for 2 to 4 more games!!! Good luck to all who are playing in this heat!!!⚽⚽
So Matt Smith is quitting Doctor Who after the Christmas Special Why Matt Why
Man you Adam's turn into Eli's too fast. You Eli's turn into Drew's too fast. You Drew's turn into Owen too fast.
Sat and not even 8 30 and my *** is out of bed *** dam guess i'm must *** well work 7 days a wk or start getting drunk on a fri nite at least I no I wontb up after 6 am and i'd stay in bed till I felt like getting up. Oh well such is life get my running done earlier I guess then might take a trip to fondy and go swimming and c the boys.
Its crazy to think how all our lives have panned out , I mean about 19 yrs ago we was all in school ( okay most of us was but me and natalie was prob wagging it ) those that said would never have any kids , have had them and turned out to be great caring parents , some of us stayed in Rhyl and some of us couldn't wait to get the *** out of there , so if u could turn back time would you make any changes ? I for one would not of wagged school or robbed mr parrys diary out of his office hmmm the things we read in there kept me laughing about some of you
Thank you friends and family for all the lovely birthday wishes! I am currently enjoying a delicious glass of wine on my deck on this spectacular evening!!
Kind of disappointed that Tristan's school didn't have a 5k graduation, but very very proud of her! Today was her last day and she has come so far this year. We have lots to work on over the summer for her to be ready for first grade come August! :) Can't believe the school year has come and gone! Another thanks to Laura Owen Hooper and Tiffani Vick O'Neal for being the best Kindergarten teachers ever! We will miss the two of you next year! Thank ya'll for everything ya'll did for my sweet baby! Happy summer ya'll!
Had our graduation tonight. I'm really gonna miss this class.
You are THE DOCTOR and yes, bad things are about to happen. (And I'm so, so sorry) You just regenerated. Go to your profile and use the first ten friends. 1. Who you regenerated from: Jessica Guillen 2. Companion Jenna Jorgensen Waddell 3. Companion Travis Marsala 4. Time-native person who helps Doctor: Heather Reavis 5. Is working with the Daleks: Wendy Bandurski-Miller 6. Is exterminated by the Daleks: Bryan P Miller 7. Person that will try to steal the TARDIS: Karly KokoDiablo McCutchan 8. Dies to save the Universe: Amber Martin 9. The Master: James Artimus Owen 10. Who you regenerate into: Jane Green
Just scrolled through 800 pics of our amazing wedding day! One word: EPIC. Can't wait for the album to be ready. Thanks Paula Gordejczuk
Fine. Peer pressure leads to tagging frenzy every time You're in a fantasy realm. Go to your profile and look at the nine friends in the left hand grid. Go in order, left to right, top to bottom and record your friends as the following. Enjoy your fantasy roles! It's all for fun! Here's mine. Sword-wielding Bad A**- Elizabeth Owen Healer - Felicia Tatum Fighter who needs no weapon Desiree DeOrto Elf Mage - Tarnya Rutheford Fairy Princess - Jenna Raye Lane Arch Nemesis - Author Missy Johnson (Uh-oh) Evil Sorcerer - Elizabeth Ryan (should of guessed) Dramatic Death Scene - Laura Ellis Adorable Creature Companion - Toni Cisneros
Steve has hurt his wing!!! Does anyone know any free vets in Skeg???
We all know someone who eats Mcat crystals out there nose.theres always that one special person
That’s it for this week! Let us know what you thought of this episode using
Soccer soccer and more soccer two tourneys this weekend and every weekend for the next month !! But I love it proves that I can juggle as one is playing west windsor the other in cherry hill -thank god for my great on gas car!!
Big shout out to Brock Stone who turns 10 yrs old today! Happy Birthday B-Rock!
Stopped in on my daughter and son in law was the best part of our vacation. Thank you Jenna Matt and Owen for a very nice anniversary day and meal!!
Got home at 10:30. went up to MOm & dad's campsight. we were gonna bring Dad's boat up but he didn't leave the key to unlock the hitch . had a relaxing few hours. the ride bothered my back but I managed with the pain. Owen & jenna did smores .Guy went fishing got two fish.Hope everyone had a good day.
Gary has spent the night at the hospital, but Izzy still won't let him see his son. In the special care unit, Izzy and Tina are by the baby's side. Tina urges Izzy to speak to Gary, claiming that she carried this baby for a couple who love each other. Izzy agrees to talk to Gary but as he begs for another chance, claiming that he made a mistake which he regrets, can Izzy forgive? At the same time, Tommy comforts an emotional Tina, with his re-emerging feelings for her clear. Meanwhile, in a bid to source more silk, Michelle stumbles on a supplier who claims to have been offered the material Carla had stolen. Taking down the number of the seller, it's with a sense of foreboding that Carla dials the digits. Is she about to discover Rob's betrayal? Elsewhere, after a row with Owen and Izzy, Katy moves into Ryan's. Michelle is shocked but is forced to agree as Chesney feigns apathy. When Sinead meets Ches for a drink, where they agree to take things slowly, she worries that he's more bothered than he's lettin ...
COMING UP ON TONIGHTS EPISODE: As the Windasses gather at the Rovers re-opening, a stressed-out Tina is on edge. It all comes to a head when Owen has a go and Chesney, Katy and Ryan have a row. When Izzy makes it clear that she disapproves of Ryan, Katy can't hide her annoyance and makes a pointed remark about Gary. Confused, Izzy goes to tackle Gary and Tina about what Katy meant. Tina then caves and tells Izzy that Gary made a pass at her. As Izzy reels, Tina collapses in pain - could it be the baby? Meanwhile, Karl is at Stella's side as the Rovers re-opens, desperate for the night to go well. However, as Stella makes a poignant speech, she can't help but feel for an emotional Dev. Are any of them really ready to move on from that fateful night? Elsewhere, Tracy is nervous as she worries that Carla suspects her and Rob of being involved in the theft. Trying to calm her nerves, Rob insists the sooner they get rid of the silk the better. Also today, Sophie and Jenna let their hair down as the pub re-open ...
So I had two of my grandkids yesterday, Drew age 9 & Jenna, 7yrs. Apparently they've picked up a thing or two from my love of the late 1930-1940's movie era. I have an old iPhone that no longer functions as a phone but still has the games and music and the kids play with it when they're with me. Drew was trying to haggle me out of it, wanting to transfer ownership from me to him. He's very focused when he's on a mission like this and his attempts to score the device were becoming monotonous. Finally, after his umpteenth pitch, Jenna had had it. She sprang into action with one of her Oscar deserving performances and with her hand on her hip and her head shifting from side to side, she put an end to Drew's game of Let's Make A Deal. In her toughest little girl/mobster voice she fired at him, "Look! What dontcha get? She ain't gonna give it to ya BUB!" She received applause and laughter. Even Drew, the toughest critic present was affected and for the rest of the day.. at least where the iPhone was concerned ...
If anyone in Bristol needs a love saves the day ticket message Jenna Owen
Good Morning Rascals! Today is Tuesday, May 28, 2013. Today’s hot lunch will be pizza dippers, baby carrots, cucumber slices, pineapple and milk. Wednesday we will dine on a grilled chicken sandwich with lettuce and tomato, peas, corn chips, oatmeal cookie and milk. RASCAL FRIENDS CELEBRATING BIRTHDAYS this week are: Liam Reilly, Jillian Schue, Annessa Stowell, Kristi Dolton, Loiia Miller, Jenna Siefken, Owen Wagie, Madison Zych, Brice Christianson, Aiden Garber, Westley Hankes, Devon James-Witt, Kendalyn Steinhorst, Grady Bachinski and Mason Woods. Happy Birthday to you! Remember to stop by the office to get your free birthday book. There are notes in the office with information for a Wisconsin Badger boys and girls Half-day Volleyball Summer Camp for kids age 5 - 5th grade. ATTENTION ALL BOYS BASKETBALL PLAYERS: If you are currently in grades 3-5 and you love to play basketball, you have the chance to attend a Boys Basketball Camp this summer at the Edgerton High School Field house. It will take p ...
Sun bed then off out for dinner.loving my new dress I've bought for the wedding tomorrow.whey can't wait wear it tomorrow, going to be a really good day :-)
This week has gone so quick it's unreal, last week I was getting excited about my 80s outfit and now this week I'm excited about my wedding outfit! Can't believe that tomoro is finally the day that Leah Jenna Owen is becoming Mrs Whiston!!! I won't have time to say anything tomoro cause ill be working in the morning so congrats, good luck, have fun and LETS PARTY!! So happy for you both x
That would be an epic tat Jenna Owen stealing it xxx
Is there anything more awesome than a bride with a bow and arrow? Actually, yes. Throw in a noble steed, a gorgeous lace gown, thistle flower crowns and a sumptuous astilbe bouquet that doubles up ...
IMAGINE LIVING IN YOUR BATHROOM, WITH 3 KIDS? Momma Jenna and pups are beautiful ,not had human contact , eating, pooping and sleeping in that space for weeks? We complain about cruelty? Nobody is helping her, I promise, post and beg , please will someone help me get Jenna out of this shelter?
ok I'm about to have a swollen lip props to cassidy owens
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Jenna marbles said she'd scissor rihanna. I feel you 🙌
I don't wanna be on the internet anymore.
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Don't have your own copy of Taught yet? It's the most fun you can have for less than $2-hotter than a cup of coffee!!
get you ;) I think I'm gonna put jenna on the form thing, do you reckon?
Well for abit anyway then were going to Jenna & Waynes for tea
Awh, I want one just so I can meet BVB, plus Jenna & Cameron from Tonight Alive & Craig Owens at K! Tour :')
“Idk why I text people.. I ever get texts back”
One of owens dramas was our forms most memorable moment and he aint even in our form no more ahah
God I'm so annoyed right now. The only thing keeping me sane and under control is this conversation
Jenna's away this weekend isn't she so nxt week :-) x
If I'm home deff. I might be going to Jenna's!
I think jenna is so beautiful I know her an I would be a match made in heaven
I love my sister Pippi Longstocking. Shout out to Kidd Kraddick, Kelly Raspberry, Jenna Owens, Jay SmVslSK
Things are about to get real interesting!! Soccer outdoor season in full swing this week for Owen and Jenna. Jenna and Maddie both still doing indoor. Plus Jenna has decided to try softball for first time in life for HS!!! Oh and not to mention keith starts new schedule on sunday!! Nights for 3 months so he can have sunday off and help out since Jenna and owen both play games sundays!! Whoo hooo
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Getting a picnic ready then off to Bristol zoo with the family :) hope Hannah Amos can wake Jim Owen up early enough to join us lol xx
Ok so Maddie was sick then Jenna,, today i got it and later in day it hit Owen. it *** !! Who's next Keith or Dylan? Goodnight been long week!
Has anyone on here lost weight? Anyone still in the process? I want to hear how you have been doing :)
Stan & Tia had a lovely time making yummy cupcakes with their lovely sister-in-law Jenna Owen & gorgeous nephew Logan :) xxx
I am so sorry to report that we will have to cancel the Febbie's Birthday Party scheduled for tomorrow. :(( I think our mechanic is Barney Fife's brother. lol But I'm also happy to report that I can spend more time with Jenna. :) Ikea and Great Wolf Lodge here we FYI: I will get with Jan Needy Murphy-Go Cats and we both will reschedule a date in March for the March Birthday's!
WOW just back from Dublin juvenile Indoor track and field championship - relay finals . We had 4 teams competing. And some never been on a track before. They all did fabulous and were all well behaved ( sort of )! First we had the U'10 boys of. Cormac, Conor, Owen and Dean , for four wee lads the track looked a big task - but they did very well . The girls were put in to two teams of U'12 due to a few last minute changes in the week, Some girls out there age group just so we had some teams and little Emma Birch went up 2 age groups to help the older girls- the Girls of Holly ,Lucy, Emma, Aiofe, Caoihme , Jenna , Hannah and Lauren , ran fantastic and great teamwork to get the baton round the 4x 100 . See next
I am the most boring person you will ever know
when people walk slowly. Come in people! I have places to go!
Going to see Grandma, Aunt Jenna and Owen-Daddy too...hope the kids make this a happy visit...ridiculous behavior this morning.
yea i already met with mine. I just gotta go to Owens and mercy to see what's up.
He didn't changed, you just realized your better than that.
One thing that I have left to do.Discover me, discovering you
I just feel like I'm stuck, not being able to go up or down. I don't want it like this anymore.
These 3 kids have been together since they were 6mths old in backpacks. Camping trips, going to the cabin, graduations, weddings. etc. Now I'm proud to say that Kyle and Jenna Owen and Josh and Danielle ( Vandeventer) Atkins. Well Jenna and Danielle's due date for babies are both August 18th. How special for Kyle and Danielle they are like brother and sister, and now comes the chance to be at the hospital together.
Here we go... Sick season sickness round 3. Jenna started out with a cold in her eye yesterday; this morning she has a low-grade fever and still tons of drainage from her eye. She's not a happy camper. Snuggled on the couch with her Dora blanket, stress dosed and about to have some toast.
it's erotica-If you do read it, let me know what you think!!
Why can't things go back to the way they used to be in the summer when it was just you and me?
This weeks corry- sorry its late folks Monday David heads off to London for a course, leaving Kylie at home. Later, when Gail finds a piece of paper with her bank details on in the pocket of Lewis's blazer, she realises it isn't in Lewis's handwriting. Will she discover who the writing belongs to? Meanwhile, Gloria returns from the Algarve unannounced with Eric, her new fiancé, in tow. Elsewhere, when Tim tells Faye that he's been laid off at work and will have to take a job in Kent, she's gutted. But determined to keep her dad nearby, Faye soon comes up with a plan. Also, Mandy moves the rest of her stuff into Lloyd's flat, including Flash, her tortoise. Finally, Katy's friends swoon over Ryan. Kylie tries to deny it's her handwriting, but Gail can see through her lies and threatens to call the police. As Kylie is forced to admit to Gail that Lewis was blackmailing her, will she confess all about her one night stand? Meanwhile, when Gloria admits that she's only known Eric for six weeks, Stella is horri ...
I am today booking a cranial osteopath session for little Owen, does anybody have any good experiences ??
What's the point of waking up when you have nothing to wake up for?
I needed my followers to following ratio to be better (and you were annoying)
I could not be happier that I came across your system I have banged 3 chicks in 9 days
my future husband so I could skip all this crap of trying to find a decent guy.
Fear is a friend who's misunderstood...But I know the heart of life is good
thanks for that Jenna pal!! I'm away to Inverness for 3 weeks so I'll get it off u when bk. I've got Owens top & shirts too
To the window to the wall I want to do it all... But tonight I'm lovin you.
Amy Owens looks like Jenna from PLL and it's freaking me tf out
Sometimes you just need someone to tell you that your wonderful..
I wish it were 84 degrees instead of 4
Had so much fun watching some of my very favorite kids play volleyball today. Also, sitting on benches with multiple teams and multiple parents cheering for those teams, I know that is the sport I want for my daughter. I am still so shocked at the horrible, horrible parents from yesterday's basketball games. Such a different in class!! V-ball all the way baby!
Last day to enter our competition to win your choice of a personalised post box or set of personalised hangers - simply comment the name of the person you Want to win below - get your friends to do the same to be in with more chance of winning :-)
***COMING UP IN TONIGHT'S CORRIE @ 7:30pm*** Anna makes a bold move & invites Tim to tea after Faye's social worker tells her she knows about their recent family rows but how will Owen react? Sylvia suggests that Roy could devise a formula to beat the casino at its own game, Fiz wants to see Tyrone but is left reeling when he requests a visiting order for Tina instead. Kylie & Max are freezing at No 8 while Gail heads to Sally's for a hot shower & Jenna wonders how she's going to pay her rent.
Red reather 3 seater, 2 seater and poufe for sale along with 42inch bush hd ready tv and stand. please inbox asap xx
How cute twins have both come home with a valentines card and Georgia Steel came home with 2 xx
Heading to Brownsburg to see Don tomorrow.4 weeks is too long!! Looking forward to birthday celebrating with Jenna and Owen! Extra special cause Erin, Halle and Ella going too! Will miss Lauren and Makenzie. I LOVE my family. I thank Jesus everyday for them!
Ok here's the question. What is the name of the current 4th best selling Goldelox butterfly clip?
Thank you so much for all of the wonderful birthday wishes! It was the first birthday with out my mother so that part of it was difficult, though I do know she was smiling down on us. Thanks to my beautiful wife Jenna and wonderful family and friends the day turned out great! Other than being a year closer to 40. :)
Congratulations your accepted!! The 3 words I have been waiting to hear for months now! Eeeekkk! I'm pretty much pee my pants excited!
Read all about it this weeks corry people Monday Tyrone and Fiz are hiding out in Wales. Tyrone is desperate to get out of the UK, so he begs Fiz to phone Chesney and ask him to get them some cash and their passports. Worried about his sister's involvement, will Chesney agree? At the same time, Kirsty agrees to do a public appeal for baby Ruby. Meanwhile, Izzy and Gary take Faye to the cinema to cheer her up. But when she gives them the slip, Anna starts to panic. Where is she? Elsewhere, Sylvia makes out that she's lost her watch and then says she's got an appointment in town, but refuses to elaborate. Roy is deeply concerned by her strange behaviour and fears that his mother might be ill. Also today, Beth and Kirk are excited about moving into the butcher's shop flat, while Gail decides to play Kylie and David at their own game. Despite Katy's threats, Chesney meets up with Fiz. As Chesney hands over the cash and passports, he does his best to make Fiz see that the police will catch up with them eventua ...
Had a great day with Jenna Owens at the beach, and also a great time afterwards at Quaker steak and lube with Troy Hadlock and Niki Rougier
Managed to accidentally throw the badminton racket at Jenna again today
Froze pipes!! That's just lovely...I need to shower -_-
Is it so hard to ask how I am doing?
I'd die if I saw you, I'd die if I didn't see you there
I need a boyfriend not just a friend that happens to be a boy.
54 degrees on January 12. I could have sworn it was spring.
I'm not sure how many of you can relate, but I'm feeling very guilty about having a c-section. Just can't shake it off this time. :-(
my sure if we can go crazy though. Owens sleeping over so I might not be able to stay out late and/or go city far 😕
I'm more of a study girl than a partier.
Four more exits to my apartment but I am tempted to keep the car in drive, and leave it all behind.
Congratulations to the podium finishers of the short course race 1st Mitchell Owen and Amy Barret. 2nd Taylor Owen and Jenna Barret. 3rd Geoff Hawksworth and Jess Leary.
PAYA: The Untold Story of the LA-Owens Valley Water War by Jenna Cavelle — Kickstarter via
Christopher Owens: Lysandre: Fat Possum by Jenna Humphrey Christopher Owens shocked a lot of people when he broke up...
I'll never let your head hit the bed, without my hand behind it
Nightly drives in the dark is the best type of meditation.
so for the start of 2013.we are offering our wooden wishing well at a hire rate of £30 including delivery collection and set up within a 7 mile radius of Doncaster town centre. Please also be aware that you can add the rose topiary trees for £10 in addition to the wishing well. Please PM me with ay questions or enquiries and I will be only too happy to help!!
Thank you for the polaroids, Jenna Owen!
Baby names are tough the 2nd time around...
You don't know me until you've seen me with my friends
Jenna Owens do you want to make candy when you get here
Soccer is a really prime sport to watch
A laugh is the same in all different languages
I really feel like playing a good game of tennis! If only there wasn't snow on the ground...
The awkward moment when you say something sarcastic but people take it seriously and think your just that stupid :)
Not being able to go out with your friends because your the only one single, it's just great!
What I want for Christmas: to have a great new year!
use not been out with Wayne n Jenna today x
16 Days till 🎄🎁🎅 I literally can not wait to see my family again!
Going to bed at 10 o clock on a Friday night
Look what showed up on my door today!!! Hot off the press!
Kochville Twp: Tittabawassee & I-675, everyone on for mva with injury. Reporting one person pinned in and unresponsive. Saginaw twp fire also on.
Our baby girl did it! Jenna Owens got into the CNA program thru the Monroe High School! SO PROUD OF HER! LOVE YOU GIRL!!!
My baby Jenna Owens passed her CPR test! Way to go sweetheart!
Still feeling by Grandview Kid Owen's determination? Help him reach his goal:
Review - In which & I fangirl over Connie Britton & also sort of talk about the rest of the show.
This is what happened in the first half besides Jenna Owens' goal.
I'm totally addicted to the show "Homeland" on Showtime thanks to Jenna Owens I watched all last season w/out missing a beat & now I have to wait a week at a time! I can already feel Homeland withdrawals. Claire Danes deserved that award.
I liked a video Doctor Who: Amy and Rory - A Pond Farewell (Spoilers)
Jake Owens for jenna's work event. i have great friends.
I love Kidd Kraddick and the crew ( Al Mack, Kellie Rasberry, Jenna Owens, José Chavez and Psycho Shanon ), but I'm sick of The Bachelorette talk. I'll be glad when the show is over for the season.
Fear Her first aired today back in 2006,
dearest Mary Milbrandt aka Mary Jane my sister, yes that's her name and i did't even "get it" until a few years ago that her name is "mary jane" he he he. I try and try to communicate with you to the point that i text and text and text just because you NEVER text back. i called and called and you never answered. so now i am writing on fb to ask my handsome nephew Adam Milbrandt to contact you via phone or a knock on the door to let me know what is going on with my trip to Colorado. is everything set? am i flying out of Macarthur Airport on Long Island NY. Tami Dawn Milbrandt my beautiful niece by marriage have you seen or spoken to your mother-n-law Kali Milbrandt have you spoken to your mother in the last 45 days? I have been trying to communicate with her via modern technology, you know, smart phone, fb, texting, voxer, to no avail? is your mother alive Jenna Owens have you spoken to your mother, her, like you are hard to contact. I am wondering, are you secret service? hm, i think i am flyin ...
Who won the Shoe Slam wrestling match?! Jenna Owens or one of our listeners, Noelle. With guest ref Hulk Hogan!...
Jenna Owens of the Kidd Kraddick show wearing a TTU Design by
Viddy partners with Disney to put The Muppets in your videos by on
"The Radar Online Report" Launches Nationwide: "Listeners seem to have an insatiable desire for celebrity gossip...
Webmark Solutions - What is the best penny auction site to buy from?: Question by Jenna Busch: Wha... - Karri Owens
recruit Jenna Thorp "shocked" over Carol Owens' resignation. Read more here:
Hey but legally in USA its a least thats what i heard (kiddlive live >
- Guess you don't want to take your date to Olive Garden tonight unless you want to wait
When mentally disturbed 58-year-old New Yorker Andrew Owens stabbed a 4-year-old guard dog, named Jenna, in the eye for barking at him, it looked li
  Jenna and Andrew Owens, AP photos/ You may also like . . .  4 pros to adopting a mixed breed Red, former Vick dog, dies of cancer Avatar star  to walk in Nuts for Mutts Upset over the incessant barking of a German …
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