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Jenna Lyons

Jenna Lyons has been the Creative Director and President for J.Crew since 2008 and 2010, respectively.

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Jenna Lyons and Rachel Zoe talk '70s style
Jenna Lyons and Rachel Zoe talk '70s style, high-low fashion and Stevie Nicks
Jenna Lyons is the reason I wanted to get into creative direction lol.
I bought 2 pajama sets yesterday after seeing Jenna Lyons show up to the J. Crew presentation in hers.
I wish menswear was even 1/2 as fun as its womenswear. Jenna Lyons needs to spice it up with the men's team.
This is a 30 Rock episode come to life:
Jenna Lyons on What’s Fresh for Fall, Her Favorite Instagram Accounts and Being a (*Blush*) Style Icon
Summer fun never ends thanks to the Endless Summer VoxBox!
NEED to know...did somsack really create this mess and did jenna lyons actually agree? Mickey Drexler WYD to jcrew??
J. Crew ditches models for friends and family in beautifully diverse NYFW presentation. Jenna Lyons has stumbled o…
Jenna Lyons Has the Best Idea on How to Wear Pajamas via
Jenna Lyons has the best idea on how to wear pajamas:
👀 Spied genius Jenna Lyons + Vogue's at the killer presentations
I seriously think should honor by naming one of their cardigans, "The Michelle." Jenna Lyons, I'm looking at you, girl.
.just got her world rocked by Jenna Lyons at
Jenna Lyons giving presentation in pajamas is the epitome of
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Jenna Lyons seems like such a wonderful person.
Jenna Lyons shows off the newest J Crew collection to a team from
Selfie 101 from Jenna Lyons: apply Chrome filter, works like magic for even looking skin!
My life motto has slowly become WWJLW... What Would Jenna Lyons Wear.
Louisville's set a new ACC record with 610 total yards Friday, now his Heisman campaign is in full swing. https…
Happy Birthday to my long lost younger sister! Hope all is well!
Jenna Lyons's assistant brings her a hard-boiled egg from home every day:
"As far as I'm concerned, leopard is a neutral." -Jenna Lyons .
When you get home and has only given you 2 Cajun Filet biscuits instead of 3.and it's my birthday.
Jenna Lyons's assistant definitely deserves to be part of her 'Crew:
"I lasted three days, and it’s really a miracle that no one was injured." —J. Crew's Jenna Lyons on juice cleanses
The president of J. Crew eats the same thing for lunch every. single day.
I'm reading about how the J. Crew internship goes... Mickey Drexler himself interviews interns sometimes, Jenna Lyons too. I'd die lmao
LOVED watching this video: What It's Like to Intern for J.Crew's Jenna Lyons via
Jenna Lyons + Anna Wintour! Two of my personal heroes ruling New York Fashion Week side-by-side!…
The one where get to sneak a peek at Jenna Lyons’ closet…
Oh hey So glad we finally got to meet this week!
So incredibly grateful to start my professional career with a peer…
These stats: members are young, poor, and transient. Those are not characteristics that promote longevity, change, &…
"We fully expect the outcome will be a chapter designed to build leaders, learners, and the most decent of human beings."
Its national cookie day and I have no direct access to cookies.
Fashion for Women: J. Crew's Jenna Lyons wears her Point Sur X-Rockers in front of the new…
"An ACCURATE description of the problem is 90% of the solution."
We got a problem today and tomorrow is coming!
"Many are called, but few are chosen." Well let's call a lot then!
More people, more problems? Maybe. More people, more potential? Absolutely.
You don't have to take yourself seriously, but you have to take your job seriously.
Pinned to M I N I M A L on jenna lyons @ work
why does jcrew suck so bad these days? Guessing product has been too hipster in women's bc Jenna Lyons
"What you do every day matters more than what you do once in awhile." Gretchen Rubin
Jenna Lyons' home continues to give us major interior inspiration! . For premium zebra rugs, visit our site: www.out…
Just matched with a guy on Tinder who's in a bunch of photos with Jenna Lyons. So swooning.
The amount of times I have typed Jenna Lyons on Pinterest should indeed be illegal.
That's actually a golden retriever, she's just that large.
He has friends here. I don't know how, but we wouldn't be stuck with him.
Jenna Lyons believes this is the most important etiquette rule:
J. Crew's famous creative director is mysteriously absent while business is tanking via
J.Crew is floundering — and shoppers blame Jenna Lyons via
The gentlemen of are the absolutely sweetest! Thank…
Actually, the best gift you could have given her was a lifetime of adventures.
Jenna and I talked about the rules of etiquette… here's the video :) / https…
"The true definition of classic is when something can shift in proportion and scale and still look good." -Jenna Lyons in
Subscribe to and you get to read gems like The Watermelon Skirt by Jenna Lyons. 👌🏼
I'm exhausted and my eye is twitching. So.more coffee or nah?
The inspirational, smart and sexy Jenna Lyons on manners. 10 minutes well-spent.
Words of perspective from Jenna Lyons: think of leopard prints as neutrals.
The most important rule of etiquette, according to Jenna Lyons. -->
I'm just trying to be the next Jenna Lyons or Diane Von Furstenberg
and I are painting our nails...commence being able to do nothing but read trashy mags and text with our thumbs
My style is a mixture of Olivia Pope, Lauren Conrad, Olivia Palermo, Jenna Lyons, and Mellody Hobson.
I love Jenna Lyons with gray hair but now she's embracing the American formula of hiding the gray by going blond
Jenna Lyons at the just bein' Jenna Lyons:
Jenna Lyons at the just bein' Jenna Lyons: the looks fit to print
Your best friend Jenna Lyons has waved goodbye to her signature bun
The Premiere of Iris and Max Mara Celebrates its New Bag: Dree Hemingway, Jenna Lyons, and More - Vogue
I don't think it counts if you're force feeding me caffeine.
staying up late with to finish prep for ! We can't wait!
Well, I do consider Jenna Lyons, Jennifer Lopez, Oprah and Meryl Streep to be "my mommy", so I guess.
another reason for our HBO Now subscription!
Imagine the world without J. CREW President and Executive Creative Director, Jenna Lyons ***
All purpose parts banner
"Amazing things happen when you're having fun doing something you love." - Jenna Lyons
this made me laugh. I just imagined you singing this to me. Dying 😂😂LOL
"Id give up my left nut to sit next to jenna lyons"
Jenna Lyons shows off her AMAZING shoe collection!
Amazing alternative bridal style! Feather skirt and top combo a la Jenna Lyons...
Our this week is Jenna Lyons. We love the new look she just debuted without glasses and having shorter...
"Respect honesty and transparency. There is no room for people who can't give a clear and honest opinion." - Jenna Lyons
Proof glasses are the single most outfit-changing accessory you can own:
Also I will no longer be taking my sartorial inspiration from piles of clothes a la Jenna Lyons.
Was just told my look is channeling Jenna Lyons today and I am pretty sure it's the best compliment I have received to date.
If you’ve been contemplating a new look, Jenna Lyons’ may just be your inspiration (spoiler: she looks fabulous)
Jenna Lyons took off her glasses and everyone is acting like she's Mia Thermopolis.
We're flocking in the rain! Don't miss out on your chance to help Alternative Spring Breaks fundraise…
And so my obsession with Jenna Lyons continues: My preferred mode of communication is silence!
Jenna Lyons, you are 6' tall. Tell your design team 28" isn't a "Tall" inseam when the pants aren't supposed to be cropped
domain names
Jenna Lyons, and more partied for a cause annual center dinner: http:…
Unless you're a legitimate Duke fan, how are you not cheering for UW tonight? Such cool, humble kids, and Bo Ryan is a…
jenna lyons from j.crew is EVERYTHING
denim done right. | Jenna Lyons' Complete Guide to Denim via
.Jenna Lyons went and changed her signature look:
Jenna Lyons looks like Kathryn Hahn playing the therapist in How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days.
Creative Director of J.Crew, Jenna Lyons spotted at Solo wedding. They're practically besties. 😊
Liu Wen, Alexa Chung, Jenna Lyons, and more! Vote for the best denim look from fashion week:
Jenna Lyons reveals her biggest fashion pet peeves
Went out to see Lil Kim+came home only seeing Jenna Lyons, which was infinitely more rewarding. My creative-crush-trifecta all in one day 💘.
Photo: Rolling Stone profiles Tavi Gevinson, one of my two life heroes (the other is Jenna Lyons) and is...
I mean, srsly. "Jenna Lyons, go ahead, appropriate it! I’ll be flattered!"
Jenna Lyons is a style icon in her own right. Just dig her outfit for the
When I grow up, I want to be Jenna Lyons
Sometimes God calms the storm, but sometimes God lets the storm rage and calms his child.
In love with Jenna Lyons ensemble tonight
Ugh, Jenna Lyons is the definition of pure perfection at the CFDA Awards.
Photo: Jenna Lyons attends the 2014 CFDA fashion awards at Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center on June 2, 2014...
We came out of ballet today just as the stars were arriving for CFDA right in our path. Adding these to my celeb list: Hedi Klum, Olsen Twins, Blake Livley, Marion Cotilard, Michael Kors, Olivia Wilde, Jenna Lyons, Chris Katan, & Vera Wang. Thats a pretty nice list to stumbling upon.
My picked up the keys to our new apartment today! And helped my stepdad move in our heavy…
I'd like to have Jenna Lyons job... Like seriously tho
Jenna Lyons is my spirit animal, I want to be just like her!
Jenna Lyons in a casual tux with floral pants and a navy/black blazer Also ❤️ the shoes. cfda's photo
I wish I was as cool as Jenna Lyons.
Jenna Lyons is an astounding creature of the earth.
These wonder women inspire us every day. But where do powerhouses like Jenna Lyons, Annie Leibovitz, Laura Bush and Lea Michele find inspiration? Watch as th...
So THIS is how those models always have such a perfect glow...
Layer some sweaters, throw on a feather skirt and some opaque tights and mix it up like Jenna Lyons…
I am strutting like a peacock. One of my former journalism students published her third piece in USAToday. Jenna Lyons, you are a rock star!
We said goodbye to our sweet polar bear today. Chance was the best fur baby and loved
Style isn’t necessarily attached to a zip code. Jenna Lyons says it right on
See more images from Jenna Lyons Totally Modern Timelessness on
Who knew my life would change so much in a year? I can't wait to see where the next year takes us! 🎎
When Jenna Lyons shows up at the Pyramid Club.
I just totally rubbed shoulders w/ Jenna Lyons at the Gauguin exhibition. Ok, not shoulders exactly, cuz she's tall, but be still my heart.
Spotted Jenna Lyons at the MoMA...eyes wide open
Currently in the same washroom as Jenna I kinda freaking out? Yes. Am I ashamed? No.
How far is too far in advance to send an evite? "Never far enough," Jenna Lyons says. Her e-card etiquette
Happy 25th birthday to my favorite cat lady, jcschauble ! I'm so lucky to be spending the day with you…
If anyone sees Jenna Lyons, tell her she's a fantastic tastemaker!
“The add another banner to their rafters. guess they didn't beat the heat.
As part of the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund, judges, including Anna Wintour, Diane von Furstenberg, Jenna Lyons, and more, evaluate the creative process of the fi...
Last night in Anna Wintour and Jenna Lyons celebrate the Fashion Fund launch & more! Get all the details:
If I could grow up to be someone, I would want to be Jenna Lyons' and Tory Burch's love child
See how Jenna Lyons has taken J.Crew from ugly duckling to fashion arbiter.
Inside the incredible workspaces of Anna Wintour & more, via So cool.
Eye Spy: Jenna Lyons in The in the newest Season 3 trailer, premiering Jan12th!
Great article on the revival of jcrew: "Management consultants had taken over and were prescribing product designs"
Guess who's appearing in season 3 of
Yesterday a drunk girl told me I looked like Jenna Lyons and this is why people like drunk people
Pleae note: this is a fan page and is not affiliated with Jenna Lyons.
J Crew's creative designer is in the trailer for the new season of Girl's:
My Beautiful wife wearing and with our pals Jenna Lyons and Courtney Crangi at MetBall. XO
Jenna Lyons in her former Brooklyn home
Here are our top hits from the last week of 2013, all in one place. Continue reading »...
I can't even wrap my head around how fabulous the new is! Jenna Lyons, Jessica Alba, Kate Moss :) fashion heaven
Boob Tube: Look Forward to a Jenna Lyons Cameo on 'Girls' - J.Crew's finest from the trailer belowMickey...
Another week, another trailer, this time including Creative Director Jenna Lyons Jan 12 is coming!
Ooh, I hope Jenna Lyons is mean to Hannah for the whole season of
I liked this so much had to borrow it!
RTThat's a wrap! Here's what happened in fashion this week:
Jenna Lyons will appear on Girls this season: The J. Crew creative director and style icon is making a cameo as Hannah’s boss. Dover Street Market opened in New York: The brainchild of Rei Kawakubo...
Kim Kardashian and North West ’s Christmas Extravaganza, Jenna Lyons to Appear on Girls, Rachel
First Gone Girl, now Jenna Lyons!!! I'm with you .. don't see the appeal at all. Scary!
J. Crew's Jenna Lyons takes on maybe her coolest role ever:
While the J.Crew pieces I lust after are typically a touch outside my price range, I’m kind of a J.Crew brand junkie. I think their commitment to their aesthetic is fantastic and I 100% admire the business savvy, creative approach and drive of both Jenna Lyons and Micky Drexler. I love getting even…
Okay, all you in-the-know New Yorkers — two of the most talked-about individuals in this town are officially getting together. Let's call it the J. Crew-ification of Hannah Horvath. That's right: The lady herself, J. Crew's creative director Jenna Lyons will guest star in Season 3 of Girls!
FROM YESTERDAY'S PROVIDENCE JOURNAL-MY BIG SISTER JENNA IS INTERVIEWED AT THE END. VERY PROUD OF HER!! PROVIDENCE — Baby Jarred lies swaddled in his crib, his room surrounded by stuffed animals and Christmas baubles. His mother’s clothes are stacked neatly in a corner, the blankets folded on a couch that doubles as a bed. Kristy Nimblett and her mother, Ellen Merritt, have been camping out at the neonatal intensive care unit at Women & Infants Hospital since Jarred was born five months ago. “I’m here 24 hours,” says Nimblett, 26, of Warwick. “I eat here. I sleep here. I even have two shelves of my own in kitchen.” The NICU is a place where science works hand-in-glove with human kindness. It is a place where hope, compassion and, sometimes, suffering, are dignified, where no question is too humble and few requests are denied. Nimblett, a first-time mom, remembers the nurse on vacation in Aruba who called daily to see how Jarred was doing. She recalls the way the nurses bent the rules to let h ...
"Be the heroine of your own life." -- Nova Ephron-- " Find out who you are and be that person." -- Ellen Degeneres-- " Nothing worth having is easy." -- Jenna Lyons-- Step each day into your purpose, and never be afraid. God placed you in your purpose all you have to do is to take the first step. -- Michelle Whitfield --
Jenna Lyons' latest role is her coolest ever: ELLE Magazine (US) (December 24, 2013
Entertainment The new Girls trailer features everyone's favorite millenials (including Allison Williams and Adam Driver ) and a surprising cameo from J. Crew's Jenna Lyons , who will play Hannah's new boss. ( Racked ) Beyoncé's video for “Yoncé” made its way to the Internet today . R
J. Crew's creative director, Jenna Lyons, to appear in Season 3 of HBO 'Girls'.
J.Crew creative director Jenna Lyons is fashion's ultimate cool girl, sprinkling her magic all over her stores and spawning bespectacled, red-lipped wannabes all...
Looks like HBO's Girls is about to get way more stylish. J. Crew creative director Jenna Lyons is guest starring on the hit series' upcoming third season, and if the trailer is...
That's right, the new Girls Season 3 trailer has dropped on the masses. (Watch. ASAP.) And it features none other than J.Crew's creative director, Jenna Lyons. The only question I ask – does this finally mean Hannah will spend a season fully clothed? Read more about it on Refinery29. By Joanna Berli...
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December 23, 2013 12:00pm Season three of Girls debuts on HBO on January 12, and the marathon of hype, frenzy, and promotion is well under way. Girls‘ latest trailer, which was released this weekend, treats us to a cameo from none other than Jenna Lyons. The J. Crew president and creative director
Here's another trailer for the upcoming season of Girls, with fashion god Jenna Lyons:
There are some jobs that look so glamorous, they can hardly be thought of as work. Jenna Lyons, the executive creative director at J.Crew, has one of them.
Don't be fooled by the uniform: This is no Jenna Lyons you've ever seen, probably.
Fascinating insider look at the relationship between Jenna Lyons and Mickey Drexler
Annie Leibovitz, Diane von Furstenberg, Jenna Lyons and more share their tips and tricks for succeeding in the workplace. Subscribe to the all-new Glamour ch...
Your branding is part of the foundation of your business. J.Crew's executive creative director is also its president! Jenna Lyons knows that "No financial decision weighs heavier than a creative decision. They are equal."
Jenna Lyons (Getty)If you covet every piece in J.Crew's flawlessly styled catalog as much as we do, you have Jenna Lyons to thank (or hate) for it. The creative director is the mastermind behind the...
Looks like it seems to be God's favor for me to see NYC one more time! So honored to be accepted into the UT in NYC program which will take place in May where, guided by the Irreverent Iris Apfel, myself and a group of other students will get to meet several important people in the retail industry such as Harold Koda, curator of the MET; or (hopefully, I'm really praying for it) Jenna Lyons, Creative Director for J. Crew; the fabulous VP and Women's Fashion Director of Bergdorf Goodman, Linda Fargo; or even Kate Spade. So excited for this great opportunity!
When someone creates something and puts it in front of you, that thing came from inside of them, and if you make them feel bad, it's going to be hard to fix, because you've actually crushed them. Managing creative people--not so easy. A lot of emotion, a lot of stroking. Some people need tough love. Some people need a lot of love. Jenna Lyons
In this episode, find out how wonder women like Jenna Lyons, Gloria Steinem, Jenna Bush and Annie Leibovitz knew what they were meant to do for the rest of t...
See what Jenna Lyons, and Anna Wintour were up to last night in
J Crew in London: Jenna Lyons' 10 commandments US chain J Crew opens its first London store this week. To mark ...
Vanity Fair has named Jay Z and Beyonce the No.1 power couple in America, beating the Obama’s to the top position. According to Vanity Fair’s ‘New Establishment’ for 2013, Jay Z and Beyonce, who were ranked number 8 last year, are the most important powers that be in the U.S this year. Helping them nab the top honor was Jay Z’s new album, Magna Carter Holy Grail, which went double platinum and Beyonce’s Super Bowl halftime performance, plus selling out her world tour and releasing a documentary about her life on HBO. See Vanity Fair’s top 25 New Establishment ranking for 2013 after the cut… 1. Jay Z & Beyonce, musicians 2. Michael Bloomberg, New York City mayor 3. Brian Roberts & Steve Burke, Comcast 4. Bob Iger, The Walt Disney Company 5. Rupert Murdoch, 21st Century Fox 6. Jimmy Iovine & Dr Dre, Beats Electronics 7. David Zaslav, Discovery Communications 8. Jill Abramson, editor of The New York Times 9. Jenna Lyons, J. Crew creative director 10. Harvey & Bob Weinstein, The Weinstein Comp ...
Sometimes when I need inspiration to be a badass, I go read my own blog about creative director Jenna Lyons.
thanks Jenna Lyons bought on Mercer street in Soho
Jenna Lyons and iris apfel of course
BTW, did i mention that Jenna Lyons got into my cab after i left it on friday and i gave her my card and then the same evening I bumped into the Patricia Fields outside her store and I had the guts to go introduce myself to her. Leo GuGu I should have stopped by to say hello to you too!
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J.Crew's Jenna Lyons on her obsession with shoes - video Move over Imelda Marcos
"I like a sense of luxury mixed with humility. I'm not a huge fan of all one thing." -Jenna Lyons //
Spotted: John Mayer and Allison Williams SNL after-party at STK midtown, Jenna Lyons
Creative Director of Jenna Lyons, is savy, fashionable and
Fashion guru Jenna Lyons and girlfriend Courtney Crangi could be the latest ... - New York Daily News: New York ...
The always-composed creative director of J.Crew, Jenna Lyons, stopped by the Today show yesterday to discuss accessorizing Michelle Obama and dressing Malia for the inaugural parade.Exclusive on Michelle Obamas Entire 2012 Fashion Look BookLyons "found out that morning, as [FLOTUS] left t...
Favorite tidbit in David Colman profile of J. Crew's Jenna Lyons was impact of 7th grade home ec class:
Separated at birth: Jenna Lyons and Ana Gasteyer. Anyone see it? I've got more...
“I never dreamed of sharing a stage with Annie Leibovitz and Zaha Hadid, and I never imagined I would have an occasion to wear Bulgari 40-carat emerald-and-diamond chandelier earrings."~ J.Crew's Jenna Lyons after being recognized as one of Glamour Magazine's Women of the Year
Today’s Daily Dream Home belongs to Jenna Lyons, the J.Crew president and creative director. As she’s currently going through a divorce, having left her husband (artist Vincent Mazeau) ...
I just got done watching Jenna Lyons, president of J.Crew, on the Katie Couric Show. She was chosen as one of the recipients for the Glamour Woman of the Year Award and I now understand why. What a motivated, inspiring, real individual. She should be very proud!
1.) PARSONS, THE NEW SCHOOL FOR DESIGN* (New York) -Programs: Fashion Design, Fashion Studies, Fashion Marketing -Number of students: Undergrads: 4,191; Graduate: 555; fashion design: 1,087; fashion marketing: 384 -Tuition: $38,510 -Famous Students/Grads: Donna Karan, Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford, Narciso Rodriguez, Alexander Wang, Anna Sui, Jason Wu, Jenna Lyons (J.Crew), Chris Benz, Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez (Proenza Schouler), Behnaz Serafpour, Doo Ri Chung, Sophie Buhai and Lisa Mayock (Vena Cava), Flora Gill and Alexa Adams (Ohne Titel), Prabal Gurung, Steven Meisel, Thakoon Panichgul, Carmen Marc Valvo -The Bottom Line: Parsons is a fashion design powerhouse, and they have turned out tons of marquee name talent, particularly in the last ten years. Many of their famous grads are now part of the faculty. Workshops and critiques by Donna Karan and the Proenza Schouler guys? Events like these are commonplace. Most of the faculty members work in the areas in which they teach. The students we spoke to ...
YES I read that! Love how she, Annie Leibovitz and Jenna Lyons made the list. But... Selena Gomez? Really?
Lauren Conrad shared the following link and had this to say about it: I think this trend is very cute for fall: to style setters like Chloe Sevigny and Jenna Lyons, the geeky glasses trend has hit hard (and full disclosur...
Ate dinner next to Solange Knowles and Jenna Lyons. Very cool celebrity sightings.
Watching a doc on Mickey D w cameos by Jenna Lyons & Anna Wintour. Must-see TV for me. JCrew_Inside
Here’s an awesome Valentine from J.Crew to us. Jenna Lyons mentioned to us a while back that she would love to do a high-end collaboration with Christian Louboutin or Manolo Blahnik, and now her wish has become reality. As we were running into the retailer’s (fantastic) fall presentation this mornin...
This one time, thought she was Jenna Lyons at the Met Gala. New Post:
Photo: Lily Aldridge, Jenna Lyons and I in for AMERICAN BEAUTY! (Taken with instagram)
is the next Jenna Lyons. Mark my words
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