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Jenna Bush

Jenna Welch Bush-Hager (born November 25, 1981) is the younger of the sororal twin daughters of the 43rd U.S.

Jenna Bush Hager Billy Bush Chelsea Clinton Barbara Bush Natalie Morales Laura Bush Jenna Bush Hagar Kathie Lee Hoda Kotb Abby Huntsman Malia Obama Uncle Bill First Lady Savannah Guthrie Meghan McCain Kathy Lee White House

I love stories about women lifting each other up—and and Barbara’s is full of them. https:/…
Bush sisters, Jenna & Barbara talk about new book, life in 10:22
goodnight I love abusing my power to have my name be 50 characters long and I love ryan, nick, jenna, julien, amy, & emily
You HAVE to hear the Bush twins' nickname for their grandmother😂:
According to Jenna's Instagram, the picture was taken yesterday and was posted today. Why are the R…
Looking forward to the fireside chat tomorrow in our campus with former President George W Bush daughters Barbara and Jenna
Get your tickets for An Evening with Barbara Pierce Bush and during
Sisters First, a conversation with Jenna Bush Hager and Barbara Pierce Bush. Tales of their days before during and…
Former first daughters Jenna and Barbara appeared at Reagan Library this week to promote their new book.
"Allowing you children to make mistakes allows them to grow and become their own person". - Barbara Bush and Jenna Bush…
The Bush Sisters reflect on West Texas Roots at "Sisters First" and how it helped them learn the values they live by
"We need to empower women now more than ever! We had each other to empower each other". Jenna Bush Hager and Barbar…
Sisters First: A fireside chat with Jenna Bush Hager and Barbara Bush. It is just wonderful to see so many great wom…
Jenna Bush is doing standup comedy now. But it's an open secret that her act is written by Liz Cheney.
Just imagine if... Malia Obama. Chelsea Clinton. Jenna Bush. Ron Regan/Patti Davis. ...had sat in for their Dad at a Mtg!!???
- Savannah Guthrie and Jenna Bush tear up over body image, The Today anchors, wh...
Shame on Al Roker and Jenna Bush for letting DeNiro get away with his back handed comment this morning about THE administration.
Did you obsess this much over Meghan McCain, Jenna Bush, Abby Huntsman & Mika Brzezinski landing jobs based on last name alone?
Jenna Bush, Chelsea Clinton, Abby Huntsman, all working in media due to Family Ties to govt. and media.
Seems to work for Bristol Palin, Meghan McCain, Jenna Bush, Abby Huntsman etc
Hay !!!. Please share your mini-lobster taco recipe from your Oscar party ideas segment with Kathie Lee and Jenna Bush!!!
🤢🤢🤢 oligarchy Jenna Bush breaks down while saying how proud she is of Obama girls.
This letter to Malia & Sasha from Barbara & Jenna Bush is so incredibly lovely.
Top story: Sasha and Malia Obama Letter from Barbara and Jenna Bush see more
UPDATE: Jenna Bush apologizes for blunder: "if I offended people I am deeply sorry" htt…
Jenna Bush figuring out how to turn the mic on is a win for her in my book, Mike Keaton just winged it & payed 4 it
Jenna Bush made the same mistake on the red carpet with Pharell earlier on in the night.
Er was that Jenna Bush from my high school cross-country team interviewing Olivia Pope from Scandal?
Jenna Bush, hold the mike in your left hand... it'll stop you from resting your hand on the stars' shoulders
Applying this logic, people have the right to dish out the same treatment to Chelsea Clinton or Jenna Bush. Am I r…
.what do u say to ur niece Jenna Bush who was groping this olympian from Tonga? Why the double standard?
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I hope he takes Jenna w/him! Sources: Billy Bush's departure from NBC now matter of "when," not "if" via
this from the same show/network that had 2 women groping an Olympic athlete
You either tryna grow with me or waste my time, don't beat around the bush
what about Jenna Bush? she stuck her tongue out once while in the Presidential limo.
Lester is a devil. Billy Bush is one of the bushes and they have w daughter jenna on today. Boycott and call nbc. B…
Jenna Bush has worked there for years & seems well liked. I bet he's unbearable
When do we get a profile of the Bush family in media, & how their careers evolved. Jenna, on air in college, etc.
Round of margarita's says Jenna Bush Hagger leaked the tape to the public.
Im a celebrity get me out of here will be starting back soon, that's a game changer, moan the bush tucker trials troops
suspends Billy Bush; this isn't total objectification of men? Public's double standard is insulting
So after 8 years Clinton, then we swing red to 8 years Jeb Bush, Chelsea Clinton in 2032 for "progress" again, sets up Jenna Bush in 2040.
in Texas has operated propane-fueled school buses for three decades.
Laura Bush and daughters Barbara & Jenna watch as George W. Bush is sworn-in at the 2005 Inaugural
Leave it to Billy to keep the Bush family legacy in the gutter just when Jenna & Barbara were starting to pull it out.
If Billy Bush is going down, I think it's obvious the leak was Jenna Bush Hagger.
Since Jenna Bush and Lauren Bush Lauren have both come out in favor of Hillary I think that Malia needs to endorse now...
The hungry and homeless offered Thanksgiving meal Monday - One year ago, Jenna Woytiuk was living in the bush o...
that's his sister in law according to Jenna Bush, all one big corrupt family. Uncle Bill is their poppy's son... he…
I think it was the Bush Family.Bushy Bush is the nephew of old Pres Bush.Jenna Bush works for NBC
I had no idea he was A BUSH. I was wonder how that went over when he took Jenna's job. What a strange world.
If Jenna Bush have earned the sum of 10,000,000 US$, do you think that she will give it to charities or the Red Cross?!
Trump won't rest until he's destroyed every member of the Bush family. Look out, Jenna!
2 women can put t hands all over a man on nat'l TV but it's ok 4 them bc they're women? sayin. .
I'm taking bets on the next Bush that Trump will kill off. Will it be the other NBC Bush in Jenna? Will it be Johnathan Jr.? Maybe G III?
Never associate yourself with anyone w/the last name of Bush; Trumps learn his lesson & NBC is starting to wise up. Jenna's next...
Why didn't they have his relative, Jenna Bush, a "Today Show" on-air personality, fill in for him?
"I want to be a cactus or a bush for Halloween" ok Jenna
Libby griffin who is Laura Bush who is Betsy griffon wi is Jenna Hager wo HP is .e where I'm coveted with hillary and du avant who keeps
Can the Today show bring back Jenna Bush and fire Billy Bush? He is a creeper and needs to go.
Then it'll be Barbara or Jenna Bush, then Chelsea, then probably Will Smith, then back to a Bush/Clinton. WHY DO Y…
Get rid of Jenna Bush while you're at it,
Not even 8:30 in LA and I'm wiped. NBC won't do anything more with Billy Bush tonight or suspend Jenna Bush just for heck of it right?
.I take it we shouldn't put you on the Jenna Bush 2020 donors' list, then?
Billy Bush was suspended by the Today Show. . Donald Trump is still the Republican nominee for president.
Yes, Billy Bush has been suspended from "Today," but how do we go about suspending him from "Tomorrow"
I feel like Jenna Bush Hager is more than enough Bush to be on the today show.
Well jenna just tried to tell me bush was the first president then tried to correct herself and said I mean Abraham Lincoln.
I would believe that big mouth Know nothing Jenna Bush leaked it to NBC.
And that job was with NBC, who also employs the recently promoted Billy Bush, oh and Jenna Bush Hagar too! Small world
they should fire Jenna Bush too while they're at it
so the Today show employed both Jenna Bush Hager and Billy Bush? Were they on at the same time?
Had never even been dimly aware of the guy. But does this mean NBC news had paid Billy Bush, Chelsea Clinton, and Jenna Bush?
Ha ha but why? Maybe Jenna can fill in for him any Bush should do
Reggie Bush is back at the coliseum.
Also, never put two and two together that Billy Bush and Jenna Bush are co-hosts.
I wonder who could have leaked the tape...Could it be big mouth know nothing Jenna Bush
Bush Family didn't either.. Jenna Bush, Billy Bush, you know it was talked about over dinner.
Do they really need two Bush members on staff? Jenna seems to be the one to keep.
Old Pres Bush's grand daughter, Jenna Bush probably leaked it to NBC.Jenna works for NBC..
Fun fact; I'm not actually sitting in the bush😅
Who cares he's a Bush. Explain how Jenna did just enough time in Harlem school, a year? Wow so down with the people…
This is Kelly Clarkson and this is JENNA BUSH and you know Kelly is Jenna and she has ruined my f'ing life
and Billy Bush, Jenna Bush.. you know it was discussed when family decided to vote Killary
My TV is on NBC and I find it amazing that Billy Bush and Jenna Bush are hosts on their shows when everyone there despi…
Been trying to work out why I have a fat old cut on my leg and now I remember I full on fell of a step in to a bush
not only Bush on their pay roll-Jenna's there too. They stopped doing news when left.
Googlin: is Jenna Bush Hager the wife of Sammy Hager?
John travolta what you know Hugh Hefner what you kno. Laura Jenna bush wat u kno
" I have a bush, downstairs and upstairs. Friends call me triple bush" 💀💀💀 is too much.
People rolling eyes over Malia Obama at a concert turned blind ones when underage Jenna Bush got falling down drunk. https…
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Jenna Bush- I'm not sure if you know this but Secretary Clinton and I are related. Shes married 2 my Uncle Bill.
I mean, is Amy Carter, Patti Davis, Jenna Bush or even Malia Obama on any corporate boards?
jenna bush most ignorant women as Savanah in the business/career/topic of reporting so tell us what this Party is
I'm not the perfect bride after all.
'Elvis' quizzes Hoda and Jenna Bush Hager on Las Vegas trivia
Jenna Bush Hager and mom Laura Bush co-writing new children's book
...who the *** is Jenna Bush Hagar and why. is she relevant to our lives?
Me if I ever saw Sophia Bush in person.
Jenna Bush Hager posts the cutest snap of her mini-me daughter
Under Bush we had 3 Shrek movies. Under Obama we had 1. Can we really trust a president whose goal was to bring down the Shr…
I also have a lil bush now so we'd be sooo cute 😇
Hoda and Jenna bush,dresses gave it away
I have always said that Jenna Bush is the only one who can take down Trump.
Jenna Bush Hager’s daughter Mila poses for an Instagram snap in the snow 
The 34-year-old proudly took to Instagram on Sunday to share an adorable photo of her mini-me wearing a puffy ...
Jenna Bush Hager's daughter Mila is the spitting image of her mom. via
I need to be friends with Jenna Bush Hager
Jenna Bush is on TV talking about hang over cures and I don't always listen to celebrities but this time I will.
Jenna Bush Hager's two-year-old daughter Mila is the spitting image of her mother
Cabin fever, muscle soreness from shoveling & to top it off Jenna Bush Hager & Hoda Kotb today show segment of them in Vegas 😣
Kathie Lee is funny but I like Jenna Bush Hager!!!
A tax deal in the hand is worth two in the bush
NBC couldn't find a more annoying person to fill in for Kathy Lee than Jenna Bush?
/forced to be at home. /puts on NBC. /Jenna Bush is talking to Hoda about pooping her pants. /throws TV into the abyss
Jenna Bush just put a picture of her potty-training child on national television, so we're done with the Today show.
So bigt, please tell me what the *** nadeshot is doing with jenna. Are they a thing like he beats around the bush
We're about two years away from Jenna Bush Hager replacing Kathie Lee Gifford on Today
I decided to go to Latin America because many of my students in Washington ...
The world is such a big place, and there's so much that goes on, but a lot ...
It was jesie cause remember Indy was holding the other people at that bush 😂 while we looked for Jenna
You have to give kids things they're interested in reading. That's what tea...
Jenna Bush Hager and Hoda Kotb recreate The Hangover in hilarious clip. via
Savannah Guthrie and Jenna Bush Hager Enlist Their Adorable Babies for a Fitness Segment -
- The Hangover 4? Jenna Bush Hager and Hoda Kotb wake up to a trashed hotel room... htt…
A happy New year , kisses on your cheecks to you Jenna Bush . Yours Joseph alias Jeff , is now BURUNDI s Ambassadot to Japan.
Trump vs Bush is more entertaining than Mayweather vs Pacquiao
'Champion Campaign' Jenna is a Bush minion who parrots a nobody with no voter support.
Jenna Bush, journalist or corporate shill? by
.on Jenna Bush's eyebrow-raising duel gigs at AND as a paid spokesperson for the propane industry:
.All daughter Mila wants for Christmas is ‘Purple!’
[GOP debate]. JEB: donald trump is a bully. TRUMP: jeb bush is a weak man. CARSON: ben carson is a nap in human form
OMG Jenna Bush Hagar is the mother of two girls. OMG
Jeb Bush: "Donald, you won't be able to insult your way to the presidency. That's not going to happen"
Just found out blamed Obama for ISIS, not Bush. Out of touch. Who's out of touch?
Jenna Bush Hagar You ae now a good mother of two girls now have another baby
Jenna Bush: "I hope to work with kids any way possible."
Hands down my all time favorite book besides Ana's Story by Jenna Bush ❤️
Jenna Bush Hager fights for safer school... - MSNBC
Maria had won finally. But generation proved we could all get along. Isn't that right Jenna bush. GUESS what in the end or reagen put theday
I'm voting for Jenna Bush because she's hot
Heidi Cruz looks a lot like Jenna bush.
Did Jenna Bush Hagar win Mother of the year award?
8 years ago today a shoe was thrown at president Bush while giving a press conference
always looking good & pretty lady Jenna Bush...a beautiful face in the and regards
Did Jenna Bush Hagar get the mother of the year award?
Jenna Bush, daughter of George W, and Lauren Bush, his niece, both shared pics of their newborns, Poppy and James, on thei…
Jenna Bush Hager fights for safer school... https:/…
Jenna Bush Hager fights for safer school...
Jenna Bush Hager: All daughter Mila wants for Christmas is 'Purple!' via todayshow
Just watched a puff piece w MHP interviewing Jenna Bush. While she seems like a decent, polite young woman, I believe when it comes down to
domain names
No one is seriously asking if you're going to run for president, Jenna Bush. It's a joke.
A big congratulations to Jenna Bush Hager and Henry Chase Hager on the birth of their daughter, Poppy Louise Hager. htt…
Check out article on about our family's home in Crawford, Texas
Jenna and her twin sister Barbara, the daughters of former President George W. Bush, turned 34 on Wednesday. Both sister…
She. It'll be a she -- Jenna Bush Hager. Future gov, future president. (Unless Lily Adams beats her to it.)
Hope it can hold its own with Jenna Bush's inspirational, difference-making oeuvre. I miss the likes of Patti Reagan.
So on the TODAY show this morning they said Kathy Lee was away and that she had a sub in... The sub was Jenna Bush. You traded down, TODAY
Counting the days until we get Jenna Bush vs. Chelsea Clinton.
Jenna is reading the 50 stupidest George Bush quotes
. Give me the Contact Details of Jenna Bush. including Telephone Nos., E-mails ... So that I could Contact.
"what happened to the American concept of the 'common man'? why can't we elect a C average president?". "you're talking about George W. Bush"
Someone has to create patronage jobs for elected officials' kids! cc Chelsea Clinton Jenna Bush Abby Huntsman Meghan McCain.
Editor-at-Large brought a taste of the South to her New York living room: http:…
Could you imagine if Sasha & Malia Obama were in college and got PI's and arrested for fake ID's like Jenna & Barbara Bush did lol
yea and the picture clearly states George Bush 😂
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Some of our staff with Reese Witherspoon & Jenna Bush Hager. What an incredible day we had here at the mansion :)
It was an honor for our whole staff to meet Jenna Bush today who was on site shooting for The Today…
I was sports editor for my high school newspaper, but I think I shied away from journalism. ~Jenna Bush
Jenna Bush many marginal students are on the Today Show two years after they graduate ?
If you have an awesome full bush you should apply to and make them happy for me.
Lady at the hair salon just told me I was a spitting image of Jenna Bush, then I told her my last name 😏
Jenna Bush: "My dad saw my husband's boss at a conference, and he said to stop paying my husband until we produce children."
Jenna Bush Hager opens the doors to her Long Island beach house starring via
Thanks for letting me trim your bush
Bow down to queen Sophia Bush, ladies and gentlemen.
What if this guy was Jenna or Barbara Bush's father-in- law? Ed Mezvinsky - Father of the Groom via
Youtube 2 different version:Jenna Bush call Eklund and Marko Eklund call Jenna Bush! Barack Obama asked if Rock Embassy is killed 2 girls?
Get ready for with beachy design inspiration & guacamole recipe at
Kid lost her dad due to injuries in Iraq War...and Jenna Bush is doing the story?? Good one,
Really? Jenna Bush covers story of teen baker whose Dad badly injured in Iraq
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Check out Jenna Bush Hager's 'whimsical' home makeover: It's official: Jenna Bush Hager is in the nesting phas...
Check out Jenna Bush Hager's 'whimsical' home makeover
Check out Jenna Bush Hager's 'whimsical' home makeover via i'm moved to the bathroom
TODAYshow: Check out JennaBushHager's 'whimsical' home makeover
Check out 'whimsical' home makeover
George Bush has some very cool self-portraits.
Take a look into my tips for summer entertaining via
Petitioning the to just show this kid on a loop any time they think of putting Jenna Bush Hager on air:
There's a better chance that Jenna Bush will be President than Jeb.
TODAYshow: .jennabushhager shares what she loves to do most with her mom
"Why do you have so many pictures of George Bush on your phone? Are you a republican?" 💀💀💀
Photo: ourpresidents: May 10, 2008 - Pre-wedding photos of Jenna Bush Hager and family at the ranch of...
All the girls at this party look like Jenna Bush.
Ohh. *Jenna slicks off back into her little bush to hide.*
Jenna Bush Hager expecting second child in August
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I hope to continue writing. I hope to continue teaching. ~Jenna Bush
"excuse me, my name is Jenna, I got a henna, bush did 9/11, but yo *** still screaming my name because I'm always winnin"
Okay Jenna Bush Hager Here's an Early Mother's day gift...Enjoy!!! and I've got one more, still processing ;o)
Inside Jenna Bush-Hagar's 'Most Precious' Times with Her Mom and Daughter (VIDEO): "These times with my mom an...
bro. Jenna bush was a fn knock out.
Y'all I love Laura W. Bush - she is such classy lady. Check out this interview her daughter Jenna did with her...
On the Jenna & Laura Bush share an afternoon at one of their very favorite places -- an library.
New post: Jenna Bush Hager pays tribute to her mom Laura Bush
Jenna Bush Hager tells Laura Bush: Mom, I love you because... via
Ugh Jenna Bush - haven't we repaid that lost bet yet?
The Laura Bush you don't know... and the lesson she taught her daughters
Jenna Bush is refreshing and vibrant! I only watch the Today Show when she is there.She balances ur overcrowdedBaby Boomers hosts
ugh... why ruin today Show with Jenna Bush?
I love that Jenna Bush was a 6th grade teacher in Baltimore.
"I grew up in the '90s and I was a huge fan of Nirvana"—Jenna Bush, just now
please keep Jenna Bush off the show, especially if you like ratings.
Jenna Bush: "I hope that I serve by being a teacher."
Saw Laura Bush & Jenna Bush Hager at lunch today. Dallas, I like you.
Where should Jenna Bush Hager go next? Vote for the adventure via
I think she deserves it anyway but she will literally get votes because people dislike the Bush family that much.
If Bush ends up being the republican candidate Hillary will win simply because nobody wants another bush in office.
Jenna Bush: "I don't think of myself as a policy expert. I think education is the most important thing."
Jenna Bush: "I had always loved to write and my mom was my editor for my school papers."
Ur NBC colleague Jenna Bush Hager bought town home in Balt. after married. She bolted shortly thereafter for glittering NYC.
Jenna Bush is on the air ALL the time. Not Chelsea
Ramsey was my fav too, went to his funeral and was touched to see Mrs Bush & Jenna Bush attend. He was funny & LOVED
part 2 jenna bush,Jessica Simpson,Kim karadishian,and lastly grace Kelly these are all I could think about😁😁
Poland softball gets by Canfield: POLAND, Ohio (WYTV) – Amanda Wire, Chloe Bush, and Jenna Schettler all had t...
follows me now. I feel as if Jesus is giving me a piggy-back ride, while George Bush combs my hair.
Jenna Bush Hager expecting second daughter She probably wondering how it happened!   10% Off
I will not watch the Hoda show anymore if Jenna Bush is going to be on and filling in for KL. I find her disgusting and stupid, and please find a better sub for the show when KL is goine.
My favorite Jenna Bush Hager is on with Hoda this AM! Love her!
Jenna Bush just asked an actor from Divergent's sequel if he "poured a little out for his lost homies." Never say that again, Jenna. Never.
I hope Jenna Bush lost a bet to explain the jacket she's wearing on Today.
What is w/Jenna Bush Hager's jacket?Did she mug a construction worker this morning?Looks like she should be directing traffic.
Is Jenna Bush directing traffic for the show?
Does anyone else think Jenna Bush Hager is so annoying😏 ugg I can't stand her!!! I want Kathie Lee back😊
In waiting room at Ford. Endured Jenna Bush & Carson Daly. Now it's Live with Kelly & Michael. It's 27F outside but may be time for a walk.
Jenna bush was horrible in that interview but I can't wait for Insurgent!
This is the first time I've seen in years. I can't imagine Jenna Bush would have this job if not for her last name.
I love together during the interview with Jenna Bush on the set.
Jenna Bush Hager is the worst! Why is she on the show? Can't get through a line without flubbing! Terrible!
Jenna Bush talks like she has Vaseline on her teeth.
Jenna Bush visited the set of Insurgent...
George Bush takes the Ice Bucket Challenge: Thanks to Jenna Bush Hager, Rory McIlroy, Woody Johnson, and Coach...
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Why did I not know that this happened before now?
Jenna Bush admits White House 'hanky panky' was her first kiss with ...
After a year and half at Today, I finally met Jenna Bush Hager, and it took every ounce of will not to break into my "W" impersonation
"My parents taught us it's important to give back...".
"I got so drunk that I passed out in a bush and tried to convince everyone that I was raped by a squirrel & now I'm preg…
Sophia Bush: People ask if I'm related to Jenna ...
we traded Jenna Bush for Garth Brooks?? What about I like when he's on.
Oh you know, just chilling with Jenna Bush Hager!
Ahhh, so that would be like Jenna Bush wearing a Dixie Chicks t-shirt? Practically Traitorous!
Hoda: Thanks to Miley Cyrus, I am over selfies: Hoda Kotb and guest co-host Jenna Bush Hager chat about Justin...
Can Jenna Bush-Hager just be the permanent host of
I thought Jenna Bush was going to be an education correspondent? Not enough going on in EDUCATION today for her to research?!
Jenna Bush Hager was great today on Kathie Lee & Hoda!
am no Republican but I love Jenna Bush-Hager--she is adorable, funny and a really good sport!!
Come on Jenna Bush Hager, it's not pronounced EXpresso! You know better! Oh wait I forgot who taught you to talk. Maybe it's not your fault
Eek. Watching Hoda and Jenna Bush on TV and it's like pulling teeth. No chemistry or flow to the show at all!
how would this be any different from Jenna Bush wearing a KKK hood? That the press would not ignore that!!😡
I love you and your show but I am not a fan of Jenna Bush. I hope she is not a permament fixture next to you. :)
Laura Bush and daughter Jenna Bush Hager to share family stories at 2015!
Jenna Bush and Chelsea Clinton will great Queens of the thirteen colonies.
ICYMI: Time to lay off Sasha and Malia, because we didn't bug Jenna Bush for hookin' up in the White House, OK?
My favorite historic site and haunted house. Jenna Bush at Terror Behind the Walls via
Just before Tuesday’s release of President George W. Bush’s biography of his father, President George H.W. Bush, his daughter Jenna Bush...
how can u go wrong w Neil Diamond and Jenna Bush with Hoda
I had a great time last week in New York with Jenna Bush Hager & Today Show when they came by Madison Square Garden to see what's new with me and the fam! . Oh we had some fun!! Luisana Lopilato
Hilarious! Watch what happens when these two women are dropped off a cliff.
They did it! Natalie Morales and Jenna Bush Hager took the plunge. The dynamic duo fell 200 feet off a Colorado cliff, reaching speeds...
I need to get to Colorado and ride this thing:.
NBC actually gave Jenna Bush a regular spot as a "guest contributor" on the Today Show. Intellectually like a McMuffin.
Natalie Morales and Jenna Bush Hager are bracing to take the plunge.  They'll fall 200 feet into a Colorado cliff reaching speeds of...
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Is watching Jenna Bush on the Today Show. ..the definition of dumb blonde has has reached maximum density
Jenna Bush is product of inbreeding like ppl in Kentucky backwoods !
Jenna Bush is no more qualified to be on the Today Show than Luke Russert is qualified to be an NBC News correspondent.
Jenna Bush Hager cries for former First Lady during plunge of Colorado cliff: Jenna Bush Hager, the daughter of...
Unbelievable! We wonder why America is so *** dumb? Listening to Jenna Bush comment on national security is beyond ridiculous!
NBC Today Show has Jenna Bush positing on Ukraine/Russia & Malaysia airlines crash? Seriously? This has got to be one of the dumbest shows.
please please I cannot handle Jenna bush. I want to see more mraz but I have to change the channel!
consider sometime host Jenna Bush Hager.Personable, spunky, loud & no one else can get a word in on her segments.
can someone please tell Jenna bush to use her inside voice? all the screaming... URGH
Jenna Bush Hager is so weird I love her lol
funny how sad Jenna the dim bulb bush is sad over plane yet dad biggest murder I know where were her tears then
Thank you for stating the obvious about our president. Love Jenna but glad you kept her in check about Bush.
She is being OVERLY-PROMOTED. While KLG was on vacation, I refused to watch
'Mommy!': Jenna Bush Hager screams for former First Lady during plunge off ...
Sorry but I don't want Lara Spencer delivering hard news any more than I would want to see Jenna Bush doing the same.
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This amusement park ride is kind of our worst nightmare
Jenna was behind that attack. Bush was behind that attack. Rumsfeld was behind that attack. Gates and Buffet, were behind that attack. Now ?
Natalie Morales, Jenna Bush Hager ride the Terror-dactyl at Cave of the Winds via
Last thing i saw on TV before leaving my house? Jenna Bush being plunged into a canyon&yelling "Mommy! Mommy!" WHAT IS AME…
The story made me wonder what Jenna Bush makes for her gig with NBC, too.
Was heading out the door this morning prior to this being great job & !!
Man real bummed I'm not home in Colorado Springs right now. I MISSED JENNA BUSH
Over the edge: Natalie Morales, Jenna Bush Hager jump off a cliff via
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