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Jenna Bush Hager

Jenna Welch Bush Hager (born November 25, 1981) is the younger of the sororal twin daughters of the 43rd U.S.

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Agreed. Jenna Bush Hager is fair game now that she's a national TV personality. Hunter Biden, as a lobbyist, was fa…
Sisters First, a conversation with Jenna Bush Hager and Barbara Pierce Bush. Tales of their days before during and…
"We need to empower women now more than ever! We had each other to empower each other". Jenna Bush Hager and Barbar…
Sisters First: A fireside chat with Jenna Bush Hager and Barbara Bush. It is just wonderful to see so many great wom…
Jenna Bush Hager and Barbara Bush talk about being twins – and growing up in the White House
Jenna Bush Hager and Barbara Pierce Bush tell us their story-Sisters First.
Limited tickets available for our Nov 7 book signing and lecture w/Jenna and Barbara Bush!
Jenna Bush Hager is the best! She needs to be a regular for sure.
Jenna Bush Hager just asked a group of girls on the Today Show if they wanted to be community organizers when they grow up.
Jenna Bush Hager shares pictures of Mila and Poppy's first day of school
Exploding Jenna Bush Hager is better than partial The Maze Runner (film)
The today show would improve greatly if the would use Shenielle Jone and Jenna Bush Hag…
See Jenna Bush Hager's daughters Poppy and Mila on first day of school
These two girls are very personable. Both Shienelle Jones and Jen…
Accurate Jenna Bush Hager is faster than partial Phantom (2015 film)
Hey friends!. If you have a few minutes, watch my one on one interview with Jenna Bush Hager! It was such a fun...
RVA Parenting: A letter from the crowd on Jenna Bush Hager - WWBT NBC12 News
EVERYBODY wants to know what Jenna Bush Hager's daughters were wearing on their first day of school❤️…
Watch the Bush sisters read the sweet letter they wrote to the Obama sisters
Nobody knows how to throw a proper Texas fiesta quite like
- Jenna Bush Hager's daughter Poppy gets her first haircut, The Today show corre...
"Right now everything seems so divisive," says former First Daughter Barbara Pierce Bush about today's politics
Check out this article by concerning visit to on behalf of the
Learn about the Virginia Women's Monument & message of celebrating women in this article.
Barbara Pierce Bush and Jenna Bush Hager Have an Idea to End Divisiveness in Politics
- Jenna Bush Hager and Savannah Guthrie's BFF daughters, Savannah, 45, and Jenna...
Jenna Bush Hager and Savannah Guthrie have passed their friendship onto their daughters
Next generation: Savannah Guthrie and Jenna Bush Hager both shared this image of their daughter…
New post: Jenna Bush Hager reveals why Savannah Guthrie is so special
'A rockstar': Jenna Bush Hager reveals why her pal Savannah Guthrie is so special via
Jeb Bush was just a question. His niece Jenna Bush Hager read the question. Good to be a Bush right now. Except if you're Billy.
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Tonight TAMRON HALL AND JENNA BUSH HAGER, we would have a sponser but the OLW ate all the TOOTSIE POPS. ONE TWO THR…
JENNA BUSH HAGER Ramen Regret Rater , this was brought to you by حكاية نغم , not really its…
The original text to this blog post was just the sound of me screaming
Jenna Bush Hagar snaps selfie on the
Do it for the 'gram! Jenna Bush Hager was spotted snapping a selfie with her Today mic as she w…
Jenna Bush Hager shares rare photos of Obama daughters' first White House visit
. So we're expected to believe that the next trial balloon will be for Jenna Bush Hager?. Oh. Right.
Barbara Bush had two toes amputated due to a condition related to aging. Know your risks.
Jenna Bush Hager Says Her Dad Is a Feminist and Knows That's Kind of Hard to Believe
I wanna be Jenna Bush Hager when I grow up
.recalls daughter's public meltdown in front of Secret Service
Bush daughters Jenna and Barbara writing a memoir.
Jenna Bush Hager at AACC - reminding us of how educators transform lives
Enjoyed meeting Jenna Bush Hager at was well represented with presentations
Jenna Bush Hager is literally one of the hosts of the Today Show...
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Like Jenna Bush Hager, someone needs to tell Ivanka that her dad's encouragement of HER doesn't make him a feminist…
Jenna Bush Hager is all over the place, why not ask her? (That's a hypothetical. Don't do that, because it's tacky and pathetic.)
Have you obsessed over the political future of Meghan McCain? Jenna Bush…
Do you ?? Jenna Hager and Barbara Bush's every single motive? Mayb…
How would you feel if Jenna Bush Hager made it clear she wanted the governor of Texa…
Jenna Bush Hager now trying to sell us on the idea that Dubya is a feminist
Jenna Bush Hager, why do you support far Leftist Global Health Corps?.
Watch Uncle Charlie sing ‘I’m Blessed’ on TODAY with Kathie Lee Gifford and Jenna Bush Hager. Charlie Wilson, who...
Memo to Jenna Bush Hager: everything President Trump is doing is EXACTLY what your father should have done after 9/11.
Bush Hager responds to Trump order with dad's words | WTOP via
Jenna Bush Hager slams Trump travel ban: 'This is not the America I know'
I am attracted to jenna bush hager.
Read Jenna Bush Hager's letter arguing that Muslims should be welcomed in America
Jenna Bush Hager posts speech George W. Bush gave after 9/11. "The face of terror is not the true faith of Islam."
Jenna Bush Hager and Barbara Bush write letter to Malia and Sasha Obama: "Explore your passions...make mistakes."
Jenna Bush Hager tears up after reading heartfelt letter to Obama daughters with sister Barbara…
She took shots bc of who her dad is. Not fair. This is a class act apology. Speaks volumes.
Jenna Bush Hager, you are a class act, and I mean that!
.had a strong and comforting defense of after her "Hidden Fences" blunder
Jenna Bush Hager and Michael Keaton are sorry about that "Hidden Fences" thing
You'll never guess what's on the menu at family Christmas dinner:
Jenna Bush Hager gave a tearful apology on the Today show on Monday after her 'Hidden Fences' g…
the apple doesn't fall far from the BUSH
Jenna Bush Hager is a class act. Hasn't anyone ever made a mistake before?!! I'm so tired of mean spirited people
.to "Your ownership, public acknowledgement, & genuine apology makes me ❤ you more!"
Jenna Bush Hager and 'Hidden Figures' star Octavia Spencer make amends over Golden Globes flub
Jenna Bush Hager apologizes for 'Hidden Fences' slip up
It is ridiculous to be offended over this. Lighten up folks:Jenna Bush Hager Apologizes For 'Hidden Fences' Blunder
'I am deeply sorry': apologizes for confusing 'Hidden Figures,' 'Fences' at
Why is everyone giving Jenna Bush Hager such a hard time about Hidden Fences when Al Roker called Jessica Biel Jessica Alba?
Winter storm fells one of the red carpet at the
Pharrell Williams responds to Jenna Bush Hager's apology for her slip at the
(Race) Entertainment News:. “Don’t worry [Jenna]! Everyone makes mistakes. Hidden Fences does sound like an...
Michael Keaton and Jenna Bush Hager had very different approaches to apologizing for their "Hidden Fences" flubs
Glad Jenna Bush Hager apologized, but can we just agree that apologies shouldn't be prefaced with "If anyone was offended...…
.has apologized for her 'Hidden Fences' gaffe
"If I offended people I am deeply sorry" — Jenna Bush Hager on her slip-up
As Jenna Bush Hager apologizes for ‘Hidden Fences,’ Al Roker slams those who mocked her
Donkey Of The Day | Michael Keaton and Jenna Bush Hager for saying "Hidden Fences" at the
and that when you say that you feel disrespected as a white person, I felt disrespected when Jenna Bush Hager
A reminder: There is no movie called "Hidden Fences"
RHI: Jenna Bush Hager reiterates call for Arlene Foster to step aside
Pharrell's side-eye when Jenna Bush Hager asked him about "Hidden Fences" is perfect
.accepts Jenna Bush Hager's apology after flub: "We all make mistakes, hon!"
L.A. Times makes fun of a Jenna Bush Hager boo-boo about the Golden Globes. Let's help out Jenna Bush Hager and...
Emotional Jenna Bush Hager sorry for mixing up ‘Fences’ and ‘Hidden Figures’
Jenna Bush Hager makes first slip at the Golden Globes, asks Pharrell about wrong movie
I'm suddenly nostalgic for Jenna Bush Hager and her Federal Hill rowhouse
I feel like Jenna Bush Hager is more than enough Bush to be on the today show.
so the Today show employed both Jenna Bush Hager and Billy Bush? Were they on at the same time?
Googlin: is Jenna Bush Hager the wife of Sammy Hager?
HUGE NEWS for See her exciting Instagram announcement:
Hot Game of Thrones episodes is better than broken Jenna Bush Hager
Blog: Gators at Florida stop, Jenna Bush Hager champions rides, & more.
Check out interview with Parade on why she supports the switch to for U.S. school buses.
Jenna Bush Hager wants your kids to have a safe (and auieter) bus ride
Over 400 school districts nationwide now use propane buses in their fleet and the number of propane buses in use...
Parents: Push your school district to invest in quieter/eco school buses says today
Jenna Bush Hager pushes for more energy-efficient buses via
- Today show's Jenna Bush Hager celebrates Fourth of July with daughter Mila, Th...
The wheels on the bus go round and round! School bus safety with Jenna Bush Hager
We're talking school buses today with Jenna Bush Hager!
.kicks off Back-to-School campaign 9/7. Jenna Bush Hager will talk safety & benefits of
- Birthday girls! Today show hosts Savannah Guthrie and Jenna Bush Hager celebra...
- 'Cheers to summer!' Today show anchors Jenna Bush Hager and Savannah Guthrie e...
Jenna Bush Hager returns from Rio and celebrates daughter’s flamingo-themed first birthday
NBC must love these WH kids. Jenna Bush Hager is there. Of course no Lib has ranted about it. Been there years
Jenna Bush Hager: 'We have to be proud' of nominating a woman
The video's caption had me giggle like an *** ".. he lets TODAY’s Jenna Bush Hager fondle his man bun." 😂
No more than Jenna Bush Hager got paid for covering Chelsea’s wedding. . (Better?)
Honest question: do you know how much Jenna Bush Hager made from the same network?
Who makes Jenna Bush Hager's dress that she's wearing today? Love it!
Love the combo of Hoda and Jenna Bush Hager!
Jenna Bush Hager was meant for morning talk shows.
I liked a video Family Tradition with Jenna Bush Hager and Barbara Bush | Southern Living
wait til poor Chelsea gets on stage--personality more wooden than Hillary--Jenna Bush Hager blows her away
Laura Bush and her daughter, Jenna Bush Hager, made an appearance on The Tonight Show. They discussed president George W. B…
I liked a video from Laura Bush and Jenna Bush Hager in Conversation with Hoda Kotb
Jenna Bush Hager marks daughter Mila's third birthday by sharing intimate family photos on the Today show, inc...
Jenna Bush Hager celebrated her daughter's birthday the best way. With face swaps.
Laura Bush swaps faces with baby Poppy. Jenna Bush Hager shares funny video of her mom, former first lady...
The Bush Family Hates This Campaign: Jenna Bush Hager made her feelings clear about the quality of the candida...
Jenna Bush Hager on this year's campaign: “I worry about [my daughter's] future because you want smart, capable people to run.”
Barbara Bush Jr and Jenna Bush Hager both immediately started crying when asked about their parents and what inspired them
SO CUTE! See which celebrity shared this precious photo of their little one on Instagram:
George W. Bush's daughter explains why she chose the University of Texas when her dad was running...
Jenna Bush Hager Net Worth: She and her sister named Barbara were the primary twin children of a US president ...
Shares a New Photo of Daughters Mila and Poppy — See the Pic!
Fresh off the , talks Southern style:
Jenna Bush Hager shows off daughter Mila’s nursery - This is a nursery fit for a political princess. Jenna Bush Hager has...
- Jenna Bush Hager reveals she is really struggling to leave her daughters for w...
If this doesn't make you love I question our friendship.
Recognize this adorable baby girl? Find out who her famous mom is here:
Jenna Bush Hager Lounges at the Beach With Baby Daughter Poppy Louise: Spring break envy. Jenna Bush Hager and her youngest daughter ...
People can't stop talking about recent photo! See the pic:
Jenna Bush Hager and her seven-month-old daughter Poppy are living it up on spring break
'Spring breaking!' Jenna Bush Hager and seven-month-old daughter Poppy continue to soak...
Jenna Bush Hager and daughter Poppy continue to soak up the sun
Jenna Bush Hager and daughter Poppy continue to enjoy spring break via Sweet
Also Jenna Bush is going by "Jenna Bush Hager," not "Jenna Hager." Hmm. Last 3 POTUS have had all daughters, no sons.
We were thrilled when stylish sisters & Barbara Bush invited us over!
whom are this person Hamilton ? and Jenna Bush Hager are George W. Bush your father ? we have then your farhers...
kisses Hoda Kotb to demonstrate how she 'makes... via dailymail
Stop harassing me.Everyone tells on ur show Hager
Tyler Henry demonstrates the Spiritual Connection during two reading with celebrities:
I don't see anything wrong with Jenna Bush Hager loving up on her children.
HUGE BABY NEWS for Get the exciting details:
Jenna Bush Hager snuggles up to 'mini-me' daughter Mila.
"I always kind of dreamed of going to Texas."—on why she chose UT Austin:
Jenna Bush Hager insists parents should absolutely kiss their kids on the lips
Jenna Bush Hager smooches Hoda Kotb on the Today show. via
Jenna Bush Hager kisses Hoda Kotb to demonstrate how she 'makes out' with her children
Child psychologist Dr Charlotte Reznick from Los Angeles caused outrage last year after she suggested it was w...
can you keep Jenna Bush Hager on with you please? She's much more fun than Kathi Lee
Jenna Bush Hager I loved kissing my Baby's, all 4 of them!!
.and tear up after reading from medium Tyler Henry
Thank you for sharing your gift. Crazy how came through on reading. We miss her!
Can't help but laugh when Jenna Bush Hager co-hosts with Hoda Kotb on Today with Always good fun
I want to be besties with Jenna Bush Hager 👯
When a psychic medium visits the Today Show, anchor Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager can't help but get emotional.
I can't wait to have a with Hoda and Jenna Bush-Hager on the 10 O'Clock hr on
- Jenna Bush Hager snuggles up to her 'mini-me' daughter Mila in sweet snap, The 34-year-old mom took to ...
Jenna Bush Hager: My parents made birthdays 'magical for Barbara and me'
The Hollywood Medium does his thing to Hoda Kotb and a Bush daughter
Jenna Bush Hager and Barbara Bush Reminisce About Family Vacations in a Two-Bedroom Cabin as They Grace the Cover of Southern Living …
Kathy Lee is too old for this show. Please replace her with Jenna Bush Hager!!!
'Elvis' quizzes Hoda and Jenna Bush Hager on Las Vegas trivia
Jenna Bush Hager and mom Laura Bush co-writing new children's book
Jenna Bush Hager posts the cutest snap of her mini-me daughter
Jenna Bush Hager's daughter Mila is the spitting image of her mom. via
I need to be friends with Jenna Bush Hager
Jenna Bush Hager's two-year-old daughter Mila is the spitting image of her mother
Cabin fever, muscle soreness from shoveling & to top it off Jenna Bush Hager & Hoda Kotb today show segment of them in Vegas 😣
Kathie Lee is funny but I like Jenna Bush Hager!!!
We're about two years away from Jenna Bush Hager replacing Kathie Lee Gifford on Today
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Jenna Bush Hager and Hoda Kotb recreate The Hangover in hilarious clip. via
I don't know. I think it's more likely than Michelle Obama or Jenna Bush Hager running for office.
I seriously wanna be Jenna Bush Hager or Savannah Guthrie
Hoda and Jenna Bush Hager in Vegas are giving me some serious feels right now. Let's go back
NBC Today show stars Hoda and Jenna Bush Hager broadcast from Caesars Palace and get a Centurian's welcome:
Everyone's talking about recent photo! See why:
Ummm yes that's Jenna Bush Hager here at the Venetian! She's so beautiful!!
shot a fun segment with Jenna Bush Hager this morning for The TODAY Show! she was so sweet &…
.& just shared an ADORABLE photo with their daughters:
Molly Sims, Salma Hayek, Gwen Stefani, Alec Baldwin, Jenna Bush Hager are all fans of Kissy Kissy too!
I could do without Jenna bush hager's voice.
Jenna Bush Hager and Savannah Guthrie take part in baby workout class with daughters
Aw! SavannahGuthrie and JennaBushHager enlist their daughters for adorable fitness segment
Aw! and enlist their daughters for adorable fitness segment
Jenna Hager and Savannah Guthrie do a baby workout with their kids. via featured in NBC s Science of Love
Vale and Poppy helped their moms stay toned during a special segment Tuesday on Today more Source::...
Look back at some of the celebrity baby announcements of 2015, including Jenna Bush Hager, Kim Kardashian West, Chelsea Clinton and Kelly
Jenna Bush Hager and Family, Including Baby Poppy and George W. Bush, Appear in Sweet New Year’s Selfie
Kicking off moments with this interview between Jenna Bush Hager and Matthew Reeve.
Thanks Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager for wearing our sweaters for National on Today Show!
Video: See Hoda, Jenna Bush Hager share an ugly (and hot!) Christmas sweater
Jenna Bush Hager fights for safer school... - MSNBC
Jenna Bush Hager fights for safer school... https:/…
Jenna Bush Hager fights for safer school...
Jenna Bush Hager: All daughter Mila wants for Christmas is 'Purple!' via todayshow
A big congratulations to Jenna Bush Hager and Henry Chase Hager on the birth of their daughter, Poppy Louise Hager. htt…
She. It'll be a she -- Jenna Bush Hager. Future gov, future president. (Unless Lily Adams beats her to it.)
See the world through the eyes of this 5 year old photographer
.It is such a pleasure when Jenna Bush Hager co-hosts. Don't need to listen to KLG being rude to Hoda. Hoda shines when KLG away
Jenna Bush Hager shares heartwarming video of daughter Mila serenading her baby sister Poppy...
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I would give that honor to Jenna Bush-Hager.
Jenna Bush Hager talks about her daughters' special bond via
Jenna Bush Hager returns to the Today show and praises daughter Mila's bond with her sister..
Jenna Bush Hager! Fun Day, but my face is saying time to sleep, up at 4am
New post: Jenna Bush Hager delivers update on ‘so, so cute’ daughters Mila and Poppy
Jenna Bush Hager delivers update on 'so, so cute' daughters Mila and Poppy
Jenna Bush Hager and husband welcome daughter named after George H. W. Bush
Akhter Uddin News । Top world Breaking news 24/7: Jenna Bush Hager and husband welcome second daught...
Jenna Bush Hager: Read All About It!: A classroom adventure that will have readers racing to the shelves, from Mrs. L
Jenna Bush Hager welcomes second daughter; grandpa dubs the baby an 'honorary Texan'
Jenna Bush Hager and her husband Henry Hager welcomed their second child Thursday.
Jenna Bush Hager has given birth to a baby girl, Poppy Louise Hager 💕
... and was named after her grandfather, former President George H.W. whose nickname as a child was "poppy."
Aw! See the sweet family photos with baby girl Poppy!
Jenna Bush Hager: Read All about It! (Paperback) - Common: Tyrone is great at doing things. He throws a mean baseball
.shares adorable family photos with new baby Poppy:
Jenna Bush Hager names her new baby girl after her grandfather
Jenna Bush Hager welcomes second daughter - guess who she's named after?
George H.W. Bush remains hospitalized in “fair condition” a day after he broke a bone in his neck, his spokesman...
.JennaBushHager 'touched by kindness' of others after grandfather's fall …
Jenna Bush Hager 'touched by kindness' of others after grandfather's fall: Jenna Bush Hager says her family is...
Some of our staff with Reese Witherspoon & Jenna Bush Hager. What an incredible day we had here at the mansion :)
Jenna Bush Hager opens the doors to her Long Island beach house starring via
Check out Jenna Bush Hager's 'whimsical' home makeover: It's official: Jenna Bush Hager is in the nesting phas...
Check out Jenna Bush Hager's 'whimsical' home makeover
Check out Jenna Bush Hager's 'whimsical' home makeover via i'm moved to the bathroom
Petitioning the to just show this kid on a loop any time they think of putting Jenna Bush Hager on air:
Jenna Bush Hager expecting second child in August
New post: Jenna Bush Hager pays tribute to her mom Laura Bush
Jenna Bush Hager tells Laura Bush: Mom, I love you because... via
Jenna Bush Hager shares what she loves to do most with her mom
Saw Laura Bush & Jenna Bush Hager at lunch today. Dallas, I like you.
Where should Jenna Bush Hager go next? Vote for the adventure via
Ur NBC colleague Jenna Bush Hager bought town home in Balt. after married. She bolted shortly thereafter for glittering NYC.
Jenna Bush Hager expecting second daughter She probably wondering how it happened!
happy happy so happy Kathy Lee is back ! No more Jenna Bush Hager please - ever again
Save the Date for the McGlothlin Celebration of Teaching at 6:30 p.m. on April 16. Jenna Bush Hager will be the keynote speaker.
Loved watching you Jenna Bush Hager. . # great job but glad to see KLG again! Missed her!!
Jenna Bush Hager 'I'm fiercely protective' of Sasha and Malia Obama - Pop Culture -
thank goodness. Jenna Bush Hager was getting on my nerves by over talking Hoda.
"Hoda and Jenna Bush Hager, along with quiz fans on their Super Bowl trivia knowledge."
Donny Osmond will be there. Laura Bush and Jenna Bush Hager will be there. David Archuleta will be there...And so...
The Today Show is how I know that NYC isn't buried under snow right now. Jenna Bush Hager was interviewing people in Times Square.
I never need to see jenna bush hager do a snow angel again. Did it even snow in nyc?
Jenna Bush Hager's lisp is even better when her flipper is cold.
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I will not watch the Hoda show anymore if Jenna Bush is going to be on and filling in for KL. I find her disgusting and stupid, and please find a better sub for the show when KL is goine.
would invite jenna bush hager for margs over chelsea clinton any day and I ain't ashamed to admit it
Jenna Bush Hager gets 'Southern Living' job via I love this lady!
i was suggested Jenna Bush Hager once. i do not know her.
any ideas where I can find the dress Jenna Bush Hager wore on on Jan 7th?
Jenna Bush Hager said, "Pour one out for the homies." Homies meaning Divergent actors' characters that died. Best interview ever
My favorite Jenna Bush Hager is on with Hoda this AM! Love her!
What is w/Jenna Bush Hager's jacket?Did she mug a construction worker this morning?Looks like she should be directing traffic.
Does anyone else think Jenna Bush Hager is so annoying😏 ugg I can't stand her!!! I want Kathie Lee back😊
Jenna Bush Hager is the worst! Why is she on the show? Can't get through a line without flubbing! Terrible!
George Bush takes the Ice Bucket Challenge: Thanks to Jenna Bush Hager, Rory McIlroy, Woody Johnson, and Coach...
After a year and half at Today, I finally met Jenna Bush Hager, and it took every ounce of will not to break into my "W" impersonation
Oh you know, just chilling with Jenna Bush Hager!
Hoda: Thanks to Miley Cyrus, I am over selfies: Hoda Kotb and guest co-host Jenna Bush Hager chat about Justin...
Jenna Bush Hager was great today on Kathie Lee & Hoda!
Come on Jenna Bush Hager, it's not pronounced EXpresso! You know better! Oh wait I forgot who taught you to talk. Maybe it's not your fault
Laura Bush and daughter Jenna Bush Hager to share family stories at 2015!
Hoda on 'The Bachelor:' Guys like the drunk, crazy girls: Hoda and guest co-host Jenna Bush Hager get all fire...
it would be great if jenna bush hager could be on EVERY day with Hoda! Jenna is awesome!
I'm LOVING Jenna Bush Hager! I would actually watch more if she stayed!
It is nice that the Today Show lets Jenna Bush Hager pretend to be a newscaster once in a while.
Video on Today: Ten years since the death of actor Christopher Reeve spotlighted spinal cord injuries, there’s new hope for people who have experienced them. TODAY’s Jenna Bush Hager looks at some of the extraordinary things Reeve’s foundation and son are achieving.
I rather like the Bush women: Laura is no fool, and Jenna Hager wrote an excellent book on AIDS
thank you for having us in NYC earlier this month. Colin is very grateful & appreciative of Jenna Bush Hager coming to Roch NY.
Which costume should Jenna Bush Hager's daughter wear for Halloween?
At D.C. summit, local colleges pledge to help more students earn ...:
im amir children George bush Jenna hager go
You know who is most qualified to talk about this whole Sony/North Korea thing? Al Roker and Jenna Bush Hager.
Former first daughter Jenna Bush Hager warned Malia and Sasha Obama haters to back down.
Jenna Bush Hager knows a thing or two about being in the spotlight.
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Former First Daughter Jenna Bush Hager stopped by Watch What Happens Live on Wednesday, December 3, and chatted with host Andy Cohen about her time in...
Now we are talking; Jenna Bush Hager says "I'm fiercely protective of Sasha and Malia Obama". This was past due.
Gotta love the sycophant press, still everything is "Bush, Bush". How about digging up some dirt on the current,...
Role model. Know one speaks on her. In the White House, you privilege brat.
The media is going nuts when all she suggested was a kiss.
Jay-Z's got 99 problems but can count, not one, but two presidents among his fans.
Are we really questioning President Obama Daughters? Jenna Bush Hager, hanky-panky, and the White House roof
Jenna Bush Hager warns people to back off criticizing Malia and Sasha Obama. The former first daughter slammed...
This 'story' was included in the daily email: What sheer click-bait;everything wrong w/ US journalism
4 months, and whether it works, sometimes it's laughable Jenna Bush Hager, hanky-panky, and libe...
Ooh la la! Former first daughter Jenna Bush Hager talks hanky panky on the White House roof
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