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Jemima Kirke

Jemima Kirke (born April 26, 1985) is a British painter and actress best known for her role as Jessa Johansson on the HBO television series Girls.

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Elvis Presley, Allison Williams and Sarah Sophie Flicker are just some of artist Jemima Kirke's recent subjects:…
Take a tour of art studio in Brooklyn:
"I love acting. I’m just getting away from doing it regularly."
"Looking at a script is actually very similar to what I do painting people and scenes from life."
Jemima Kirke's art studios have ranged from everything from a wine cellar to a boiler room.
"I just didn’t know if it was for me, but it definitely is.” Jemima Kirke is ready to embrace being an artist:
Jemima Kirke rocks a short blonde bob and our eyes can barely handle it
Check out & Jemima Kirke's new portrait for Oh, wait:
Buying lingerie can be pretty polarising, thankfully the Lonely Girls Project are helping:
.and Jemima Kirke bare all to champion body diversity in new lingerie campaign
"mom I can't answer ur calls im busy" -me while I'm faceswapping w/ jemima kirke on snapchat
Thats jemima kirke aka the love of ma life as my icon
updates Jemima Kirke for rank 502 to 146
One widely publicised security breach would remove all confidence in technology.
That fills up the Robin Ellacott list then with Jemima Kirke, Abbie Cornish and Evan Rachel Wood.
I just found out that I'm better looking than Jemima Kirke's boyfriend. I don't know what I'm gonna do with this info but I have it
Jemima Kirke looks more the part for Robin than her sister Lola. Born April 26 1985 age 31 London.
I think Damien Hirst is hilarious. And I think he's a true artist. He's not...
I want lots of kids and I want a garden and I hope to stay married to my hu...
I know acting is not impersonating, but I'm good with impressions. I can do...
Portraiture keeps me humble. It's simple and straightforward. There is noth...
That's what I paint, I paint people. They're portraits, but you won't alway...
Just peed on the side of the rode bare *** loookin fat as *** feeling like jemima kirke
When you're literally carrying a child you can cut back on bad habits.
I swear Jemima Kirke's twin is sitting beside me and I have a massive *** crush on her
Happy birthday to star Celebrate with her beauty transformation:
Why does Jemima Kirke have a British accent but Lola Kirke doesn't?
Jemima Kirke. Strong and fearless, all the while stylish 🙌
Just got into a verbal argument with somebody re: the Kirke sisters. Cmon, everybody knows Jemima > Lola, right?!
People are confusing me with a good actor when I'm just a good mimic. When ...
Acting is secondary - I don't feel like it's going to stick around because ...
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I love Jemima Kirke & what she has to say about how approaches sex. We need more realistic sex in media.
I think I did a lot of really stupid stuff really quickly in my twenties an...
By the way, I'm funniest when I'm not being funny. I'm better to laugh at t...
I have to remember that for the most part people will see me for what I do,...
Not sure why Jemima Kirke was hanging out in front of the university health center, but I am grateful nonetheless
An outtake from my shoot with the dreamy Kirke sisters, Domino, Lola and Jemima.…
Check out the beauty transformation of
She's like... my platonic soul mate.
I'll never have a best friend who is a man. It just doesn't work that way. ...
As with that Gaga in the bathroom photo I am also obsessing over what Jemima Kirke is thinking here.
Thanks to "Girls," 1 of my greatest dreams is to have an incredibly tense, confrontational conversation with Jemima Kirke over frozen yogurt
The 10 Best of the Week: Bella Hadid, Jemima Kirke & More via
Jemima Kirke and Jada Pinkett Smith's cool mum style: While Kirke has switched up her hair, her makeup style ...
"I’m trying to normalize an experience that’s been demonized." - Jemima Kirke on abortion https:…
All I care about in that pic is Kristen and Jemima Kirke. Chanel girls together.
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Thanks to we now know the three persons Kristen was posing with - Dakota, Mia Goth & Jemima Kirke. h…
I just followed a ton of Jemima Kirke fan club instagrams because they're all about embracing your curves and celebrating body positivity 💪🏼
USA Today > 'Girls' Cast on Bittersweet End - Jemima Kirke and Zosia Mamet talk about their feelings now that t...
What I want to know is whether I am going to see Allison Williams or Jemima Kirke naked?I've seen enough of Dunham's fat ***
"I once heard someone say that to be a parent is to have your heart live outside your body." Jemima Kirke
"When my baby came out of me, I went into mourning..."
Jemima Kirke cut her hair in the most shocking way EVER.
We spy a trend: Kylie, Kate and Jemima are going shorter for fall.
Jemima Kirke on parenthood anxiety: ‘I was more powerful than I ever wanted’
if GIRLS had been condensed to the Jemima Kirke/Zosia Mamet characters, (with a bit of Driver obv) I'd probably like it more
What's going on in Jemima Kirke's new video?
Check out why I "went out for a pack of smokes" and never came back! Jemima Kirke: Total parenting control is futile http:…
Girls star rocks armpit hair on red carpet: JEMIMA Kirke’s no shave-moment is still going strong. The Girls st...
Jemima Kirke shows off armpit hair on red carpet -
newscomauHQ "Girls star rocks armpit hair on red carpet featured in NBC s Science of Love
Girls star rocks armpit hair on red carpet
Girls star rocks armpit hair on red carpet (Entertainment)
Jemima Kirke reveals UNSHAVED ARMPITS on red carpet -- see pics:
Discovering that your spirit animal is Jemima Kirke is highly significant.
Let's talk sweater dress, darlings! Jemima Kirke out and about in NYC:
Lenny magazine lifestyle section feature story lol
star Jemima Kirke flashes armpit hair on the red carpet:
Girls star Jemima Kirke reveals her hairy armpits
Jemima Kirke shows off armpit hair: While Kirke herself has yet to comment on the year's buzziest new beauty t...
Jemima Kirke Flashes Armpit Hair on Red Carpet: Jemima Kirke is joining the likes of Madonna, Miley Cyrus, and...
Quote of the Day: "We mislead ourselves, believing we are the sole answer to our children's livelihood, to their happiness." ~Jemima Kirke
Jemima Kirke shows off armpit hair via
One of our favourite actresses flashed her armpit hair on the red carpet last night!.
Also—. Me: How'd they make Jemima Kirke look so young?. Zasu: That's her little sister. Jemima's not in this. Me: Clever. Amazing technology!
I would name my child after Jemima Kirke
Breast Cancer Awareness
I've either just seen Jemima Kirke walking down Willoughby Ave or a woman who looks just like her.
Jemima Kirke is basically every sad/cigarette smoking/visual arts concentration/LA white girl at Sarah Lawrence
Tonight told me I look like I'm in a movie about New York playing a role Jemima Kirke's ppl passed on & it's my sexual awakening
Can I just marry Jemima Kirke and her whole family or what 💕
Florence Pug(h) is just like Jemima Kirke and Min Hyorin's love child
I'm so in love with Jemima Kirke it's disgusting.
Jemima Kirke is the most perfect person alive
Can I step into Jemima Kirke's body / face / life for a minute
Just walked past Jemima Kirke in Union Square and I smiled at her and she smiled back and I feel very special.
Lola Kirke and her sister Jemima celebrate the New York premiere of
Is it me, or does that look like Jemima Kirke & Tom Felton aka Draco Malfoy sat at the roulette table??
Jemima Kirke flashes her armpit hair on CDFA red carpet
Yes ma'am. When can we appoint you the patron saint of the Jemima Kirke fan club?
It'd be pretty funny if the "Peter Pan Live" show had cutaways to Jemima Kirke miming putting her finger down her throat
Jemima Kirke's sister is in Gone Girl and that's pretty cool
Jemima kirke outfit photos should be a food group they sustain me
I liked a video from "Girls" actress Jemima Kirke at Mariska Hargitay's Joyful Heart
That one time I saw the name "Jemima Kirke" and was hoping she wasn't black. Thank God for Google and IMDB
Can I just transform into Jemima Kirke/Jessa Johansson now please
That annoying girl from HBO'S Girls (I know -- not specific enough) got thrown off the set of a Jay-Z video! Ha!
My is dedicated to the gorgeous Kirke sisters, Jemima & Lola. They're both hotties!
The hawtness that is Jemima Kirke is too merch! 😍😍😍. (Made with…
Sure enough, I looked her up, and she's Lola Kirke. Jemima's sister! And she's just as attractive 😏😍
First thing I thought when I saw this girl on Gone Girl was that she looked an awful lot like Jemima Kirke...
I thought your best friend was Audrey Gelman? Or Jemima Kirke? Now your sister? Sounds like you just make it up to suit a story.
'85% of the CEOs at the web summit are men' Eva Longoria and Jemima Kirke speak at the
I wish more than anything in the entire world that I could be friends with Jemima Kirke
I wish Jemima Kirke would write a book
Also because I'm not rich...or Jemima Kirke.
Wait, David Fincher is directing the GG movie and Jemima Kirke's sister is playing Greta?! Now I can't wait for it any longer
“My dog bit me on the *** and Jemima Kirke captured the image of a life time,” Dunham wrote as a caption to the following picture, referencing her Girls co-star and her canine, Lamby.
We are sitting next to Jemima Kirke from HBO girls. Valeria Nijm is going nuts
Is it just me or Jemima Kirke kinda looks like Emilia Clarke?
“Being humble and sweet is the hardest thing you can do.” Jemima Kirke
Met Jemima Kirke today. As I imagined, she's the loveliest and I'm thoroughly starstruck.
Photoset: ooolalakayla: conn0r: the day in the life pictures of jemima kirke makes it seem like even the...
Can I look like a combination of Angelina Jolie and Jemima Kirke pls?
Every once in a while I'm reminded that Jemima Kirke is my dream
Jemima Kirke, watch your back! Her little sister is about to rule your TV.
Needless to say, Jemima Kirke is absolutely fab
Jemima Kirke explores the role of women in art
Here's why I shld date Jemima Kirke: She has a face like Bardot & an *** like Rihanna. She paints. She's so boho chic. She can do tattoos.
Super, SUPER cool styling of THE girls! Doesn't get much hotter than this. Zosia Mamet & Jemima Kirke…
Got a bit of a Jemima Kirke vibe going on today outfit wise
"I'm deeply against it on principal, but if I was really being true to myself I would wear stretch denim." -Jemima Kirke
I just wanna be Jemima Kirke aka Jessa from girls, plus a little bit of Lisa Bonnet.
Gutted wasn't in latest episode. I hope she doesn't run off with Richard E.Grant!!!
I've developed a big fat girl crush on jemima kirke
So so so in love with Jemima Kirke.
Internet wedding gold: has her lovely wedding featured on - you’re welcome.
you are far too wise for me, Jamima. I am only 50, and not done yet. :-)
had a dream I met jemima kirke and she kissed me on the lips and signed my shirt and took so many pictures with me 💛💛💛
I know the cal says it's March and I'm sure it took you ages to find that Jemima Kirke belly shirt, but I think you're jumping the gun a bit
I want to be best friends with Kat Dennings and then I want us to hang out with Jemima Kirke. K bye :)
naa Ahah was thinking about her much I love her when I watched yesterday's ep just before.
Jemima Kirke of TV show Girls discusses how women have always made art, even if they've been absent from the history books (and gallery walls)
I think I'm in love with Jessa from Can't stop looking at her aye..
Someone just told me that I looked like Jemima Kirke. How do you tell someone you just met that you love them without scaring them away?
Jemima Kirke: Unlock Art: Where are the Women?: vía
Now I've gotta stay up til 2am to see last weeks episode of since I missed & it's not on demand :(
domain names
I just pinned about a hundred pictures of ...can't help it, I think she is gorgeous!
The more I watched the show Girls. The more I want to be Jessa Johansson/Jemima Kirke. She's so perfect 💕
I don't know if I even like "Girls." I think I just like watching Jemima Kirke ayy lmao
If you ever want to cry just google image Jemima Kirke
My every day woman crush Jemima Kirke by tk1660 Everyone's talking about GIRLS! Keep an eye on our site, ...
watching Girls, finally figured it out: Jemima Kirke and Fiona Apple. Whoa!
Photo: hannahjwlogan: jemima kirke i LOVE. and she paints beautiful portraits
looks gorgeous in jewelry from the Girls season 3 premiere
Continue manifesting greatness. The more you exhort, the wider your limitations expand. Get lost in knowledge and experience.
Don't force things. You need to allow the natural flow of life to feed you with whatever's meant to be. Take your time.
I wish I had Jemima Kirke's guts. She's so ballsy.
biggest Jemima kirke fan now who do I follow who's Dave ?!
the young Cate Blanchett resembles you so much in this old TimTam commercial:
Women artists... Absent from the history books.
Jemima Kirke as Jessa on Girls. Such a natural bohemian beauty. If you are a or fan follow
Thank you for working hard to be a part of the Girls series. It must be hard finding balance. Sending positive energies!
What was it like to work with Robert E. Grant? I loved him in "Gosford Park."
Most people don't notice the things you do for them until you stop doing them.
That's why we love you! How many takes was the jumping on the bed scene?
I create for myself not for their wealth.
Could listen to Jemima Kirke talk all day
amazing season! You are absolutely gorgeous in every ep.!
Omg! I'm freaking out! knows I exist! If I ask her to marry me, would she accept? 💜
Well, it's more annoying than the first, but that's not a negative. I could throttle most of the characters! Love it.
it has a sweetness that was not so evident before and I quite like it. It softens a bit the nihilism.
Jemima Kirke Paintings combines both beauty and rationality making her an outstanding contributor to world of canvas.
well, I am rather postmodern: I like exclusivity.
awesome! the episode on the beach was perfect. Nostalgic but great.
jemima kirke! She's from this show I really like but Jake was the one who noticed how similar you look 😳
that's how I felt when I found out Jemima Kirke has a husband AND two kids   10% Off
.. Not as crazy & free. But still wonderfully written!
I just want Jemima Kirke to play in my final film for Uni.
Jessa's dip into cocaine was taken really casually but I'm interested to see how things with Mr. Rehab progress
So great!! I love how deep each episode gets. Acting is brilliant! Such a fan of your work!
it's just lovely. But i really need more jessa!
I think I am in love with Jemima Kirke...
brilliant, love it! You, Hannah, Marnie and Shoosh are fabulous! X x
Thank you so much for favoriting! If you could share the link to the survey I would be so appreciative!
Love how things are going for Hannah. Scared for what's to come.
I'm loving it! It is amazing! Can't wait for the next episode, every week I got anxious waiting...
So, what are your opinions of the season of "Girls" thus far?
I want to be just like Jemima Kirke
Can we all acknowledge that Jemima Kirke simultaneously resembles a goddess while also looking permanently high? What is this wizardry?
As part of the Tate's Unlock Art series, actress Jemima Kirke has donned a gorilla mask to introduce the role of women in the art world
Celebrity Sighting this evening~ "Girls" Star Jemima Kirke on Court and Carroll Street!
Get a quick refresher on how much women have always been sidelined in the world of art as actor/painter Jemima Kirke 08 PT hosts this entertaining overview just released by the TATE in London. PAPER...
I am constantly getting inspired by Jemima Kirke, mainly from her role of Jessa Johansson on HBO's television series, Girls. Firstly, if you are not a fan of this show, you should be. It portrays r...
As the TV series Girls returns, Tate ask actress Jemima Kirke to explore the role of women in art in our latest Unlock Art video. So far in this series - par...
So, basically no chance of seeing Jemima Kirke in anything else worth caring about again?
"Why does everything have to be perfect? It had a lot of spirit." Best Girls episode to date & I am so just so smitten w Jemima Kirke S/O to the hilarious Danny Strong
Fouladi Projects Gallery is pleased to present new portraits of women by painter and RISD alumni, Jemima Kirke. Jemima has by now become widely known ...
Thankfully, Jemima Kirke (who plays bohemian Jessa) is a little more concerned about the planet in real life.
Where are the Women in Art? Actress and painter Jemima Kirke, from the TV show Girls, is trying to answer that question.
In this lovely short video, painter and 'Girls' actress Jemima Kirke asks a question we all too often ask ourselves: Art world, where are all the women? Kirke's miniature tour through male-centric art history focuses on the women who helped shape artistic progress as much as their male contemporarie...
The girls of Broad City. Wondering about: recognition for female artists throughout history, thanks to this witty video by Girls’ Jemima Kirke, featuring the notorious Guerrilla Girls. Priming us for:...
Jemima Kirke will be showing new paintings at Fouladi Projects begining March 21.
Jemima Kirke of Girls talks balancing creativity and motherhood: (What did you think of the premiere?)
Allison Williams shows her stripes at the 2014 Golden Globe Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Sunday (January 12) in Beverly Hills, Calif. The 26-year-old actress was joined by her Girls co-stars Zosia Mamet and Jemima Kirke, who posed with husband Michael Mosberg. PHOTOS: Check out the lat
We had Jemima Kirke from stop by our Beauty Bar today. She was so sweet!
One of the lucky 100 in the live audience for New York Abortion Access Fund and NARAL Pro-Choice America "Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can Choose" streamed online telethon to benefit Texas Abortion Funds. Hosted by Lizz Winstead (she invented "The Daily Show") & Sarah Silverman, with Amy Schumer (she was amazing),John Fugelsang (also great), Natasha Lyonne, Sarah Sophie Flicker, Angela McCluskey singing with Luke Janklow on guitar, the cast of"Orange is the New Black", plus Emily Mortimer, Jemima Kirke, Lea DeLaria, Katherine Moennig ("Ray Donovan") Alexa Chung...all answering phones. But, the ULTIMATE point was LESLEY GORE belting out "You Don't Own Me." (Lizz was in tears! & huge standing ovation) Also there, Courtney Love, Stella Schnabel..We were only told where the location was TODAY (the basement of a well-know LES club) because of fear that protesters would seek to destroy. Raised over $50,000 w/ Mario Batali phoning in, offering to match the next half-hour's take. Babeland even supplied a gian ...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
last time I walked to chipotle I saw Allison Williams today I walk to chipotle and see Jemima Kirke 🙎
Thoughts on eventual biopic? Jemima Kirke as Alanis Morissette as Danielle, & Troian Bellasario as
Just want to take Jemima Kirke out for drinks until my card is maxed
I know Jemima Kirke just had a baby(or is still pregnant?) but I'm sad she got so fat. Totally had a crush on her.
Sometimes I cry because I'm never gonna look like Jemima Kirke
Jemima Kirke will grow into Emily Mortimer and it will be beautiful to watch.
If I could be anyone else on this planet I would chose Jemima Kirke
, So everyone thinks I look like Jemima Kirke. Is there anyway I could be Jessa's long lost sister in a future episode. Thanks!
Don Cheadle and Carrie Underwood tapped to present a tribute to The Beatles after Jemima Kirke and Lady Smith Black Mambazo passed.
In love with the girls from So gorgeous Zosia Mamet, Allison Williams... Jemima Kirke yet to come...
Just learned that Adam Driver is up for an Emmy for his role in.*Girls*. *** right he is. Jemima Kirke better be on that list, too.
hil.moss... the psych ward lets me out anytime. Kidding!
jemima kirke is my favorite bit of Picasso Baby by Jay Z. sorry not sorry
Like, if Jemima Kirke and Dessa had a baby, I would want to be THAT kid
If Jemima Kirke doesn't let me follow her on I may just end it all.
Update your maps at Navteq
But then I remember HAIM and Jemima Kirke and I put the scissors down
LGirls' Star Jemima Kirke had to be removed from Jay z Video Shoot
After a certain age it's tough to run into people who inspire you but there's something about Jemima Kirke!
Someone at the salon thought I was Jemima Kirke (Jessa) off of the TV show "Girls". What do you think, do I look like her?
Oh did I forget to tell you Jemima Kirke was in my class?
Jemima Kirke is making me question my sexuality
I just requested to follow Jemima Kirke on Instagram. Honestly the suspense is killing me but I'll lie and say "I'm not worried about it ;)"
I NEED THIS DRESS and I want to be her Jemima Kirke dammit
In my next life I want to look like Jemima Kirke
Jemima Kirke's character in Tiny Furniture is v important 2 me and my life
character from Girls played by Jemima Kirke
And don't forget Jemima Kirke and her accent.
I'm actually just all of the stages of Jemima Kirke
we watched this today in intro to visual culture... I was so happy. especially 'cause jemima kirke was so cute in it
I suppose, like I'm in love with Jemima kirke who plays Jesse in Girls. How do you guys know each other?
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I thin I’m the opposite, I know Lena more than Hannah but she’s okay. Eternally here for Jemima Kirke as Jessa though, my fave!
Picasso Baby, just because of Jemima Kirke -- :)
half of Americans can't find Syria on a map... all Americans believe Emily Blunt, Emilia Clarke and Jemima Kirke are one and the same, yeah.
I want to be Jemima Kirke when I grow up.
I'm pretty sure I saw Jemima Kirke today and it made me sad.
The fact that Jemima Kirke got kicked out of the filming of Picasso Baby and there's a version of it set to 22 by Taylor Swift.
Literally my favorite thing right now is the picture of Jemima Kirke crying at the Marina Abramović "The artist is present" performance...
Idk can Jemima Kirke just make her instagram account public? So selfish
Walked right by Jemima Kirke from in Manhattan. She was wearing a blue kimono and a pouty expression.
Jemima Kirke's twin is on this streetcar 💍💍💍
Jemima Kirke from the show Girls looks exactly like Emilia Clarke!. But Emilia is prettier cause she's the MOTHER OF DRAGONS.
For someone who rarely spots celebs, I had some fun ones this w/e: AnnaSophia Robb, Mariska Hargitay, & today in my nabe, Jemima Kirke.
Yo, Jemima-man, want to hang out and do something unorthodox?
Can't I just go out to dinner with and Jemima Kirke? IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK???
Read our profile on whose playful line is modelled by Jemima Kirke
Season 3 filming has ended, but go behind the scenes:
all i wanna do is meet Jemima Kirke. (and do stuff with her)
I'm a little bit obsessed with Jemima Kirke
Everyone is Jemima Kirke, and Jemima Kirke is everyone.
Jemima Kirke is either a horrible person or a really good actor. I honestly can't tell which it is.
Maybe I'll wake up as Jemima Kirke tomorrow.
Jemima Kirke in Picasso Baby...gets me every time
Jemima Kirke is the most beautiful woman on the planet
I want jemima kirke to give me a tattoo of a bloody eyeball
jemima kirke again. This what my first wife is gonna look like 😰😵😍
Only lisp I'll ever tolerate bc I'm so in love is that of Jemima Kirke's please let her know. Thanks.
Requested to follow Jemima Kirke on instagram but she's private & only has like 200 followers. Wonder if she'll accept
Watching Tiny Furniture. While I adore obviously - Jemima Kirke makes me so happy it's really insane.
Life would be swell if Jemima Kirke accepts my Instagram follow request.
I wish I was naturally beautiful and simultaneously kick *** awesome like Jemima Kirke
Jemima Kirke is unbelievably sexy. Not hot, sexy
not to be confused with Jemima Kirke
I want to be reborn as Jemima Kirke
I do love ribs though. Ribs are the complete opposite of Jemima Kirke.
There is something about Jemima Kirke that I absolutely hate with a passion. It may be everything about her.
Jemima Kirke wore this to the VMA's...does anyone know who desgined it!?
Welp I just spent the last 45 minutes looking at google images of Jemima Kirke & o-m-g we totes have the same hair type ( ^v^ )
Eish every time I see Jemima Kirke on that 'Picasso Baby' video I die!
"Jemima Kirke came because... the racket outside her coven got so loud she thought she might as well go see what was happening?" -
Jemima Kirke & Michael Mosberg at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards August 25, 2013 at the Barclays Center in New York.
best so far: The Nevro Twins. Worst: Miley. Also liked Jemima Kirke, Joan Smalls and Allison Williams.
VMAs Fug Carpet: Jemima Kirke and Allison Williams:   Allison Williams introduced the final act of the VMAs la...
also speaking of cultural appropriation what the fk was up with jemima kirke's TOTEM POLE DRESS
Jemima Kirke was even sexy when she was pregnant.
I wish I lived in the UK so I can stalk Jessie J sometimes. But don't worry, NYC bb, I'm still coming for you! You have Jemima Kirke!
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Jemima Kirke is like the love of my life I think
This is great a Girls cast member here!!! But I just wish it was jemima kirke...
Jemima Kirke wore it. and misreported it. The Haida Gwai misrepresented and misappropriated.
Jemima kirke is way too cool and I love her way too much
So Jemima Kirke almost had a really cool Bohemian thing going on the red carpet.& then I saw the shoes. YIKES
He looks like Jemima Kirke now, so I'm a little offended by his presence.
Cambiar "Simon Kirke from Bad Company IS by the pool" de Almost Famous por "Jemima Kirke from Girls IS by the pool" y gritar de la dicha.
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