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Jemele Hill

Jemele Juanita Hill (born December 21, 1975) is a columnist for's Page 2 and ESPN's First Take.

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The worst violence in STL is white silence about racism, injustice that proves Jemele Hill was 100% right. My column https:…
When people are more mad at Jemele Hill for calling Trump a white supremacist than at Trump for being a white supremacist…
Sarah Huckabee Sanders wants ESPN to fire Jemele Hill for calling Trump a white supremacist. reports:
Seems like the best way to resolve the Jemele Hill issue would be just have Lester Holt ask Trump if he actually is a white supremacist
Maybe while is reminding Jemele Hill of its policies, perhaps someone should remind ESPN of the the 1st Amendment
Sarah must think Jemele Hill works at the White House. You can lie under oath & commit treason. But insult fragile Trump?…
The irony of Sarah Sanders calling for ESPN to fire Jemele Hill is the entire White House should be fired & charged for…
Sarah Sanders called on Jemele Hill to be fired again, so we are submitting another ethics complaint on her today. Ridiculous.…
Why is Jemele Hill being singled out when plenty of other journalists have called out Donald Trump's White supremacy?
Clay Travis is trying to get Jemele Hill fired by referencing women's breasts. Just let that mess sink in.
Jemele Hill is paid to have opinions. Similar to Max Kellerman or Stephen A. Smith on First Take. Linda Co…
"Jemele Hill's ratings are low, that's why she called Trump a white supremacist.". -Clay Travis ,a man who had to say "b…
Strange that Trump would attack Jemele Hill for calling him a White Supremacist but doesn't have much to say when David D…
DL Hughley: ESPN-Michael Smith refused to do show without Jemele Hill
I wish more in Congress had Jemele Hill's courage and decency to call Trump out for what he is.
ESPN apologizing for Jemele Hill correctly calling Trump a bigot sends the message to not challenge bigotry. This is wr…
Jemele Hill is nothing more than acid reflux!! ESPN has become a political show! Between her, Stephen A. Smi…
We stand with Jemele Hill, Colin Kaepernick, Michael Bennett + all those out there fighting injustice + white supremacy…
When Sarah Huckabee Sanders, a government employee, called for the firing of Jemele Hill, she violated the First Amendme…
Readers sound off on Bill de Blasio, Jemele Hill and Bruce Springsteen - New York Daily News
This is really, really good. Jemele Hill on the Fight for the Future of ESPN
Mike Ditka and Curt Schilling waiting for to fire Jemele Hill
White House targeting Jemele Hill is a direct violation of her 1st Amendment constitutional rights. Also a violation of her hu…
Can we start the Veterans for Jemele Hill movement yet? I'll start.
Waits for everyone defending PewDiePie's "free speech" to do the same for Jemele Hill. Waits. Waits. Dies waiting like that…
Jemele Hill: "Donald Trump is a white supremacist surrounded by other white supremacists.". ESPN: "We don't agree.". White H…
ESPN pulls Robert Lee cause he shares names with a Confederate leader but they won't fire Jemele Hill for calling Trump a W…
ESPN fired Curt Schilling for suggesting men shouldn't be allowed in the women's bathroom. Jemele Hill called POTUS a white s…
Jemele Hill out here speaking the truth and these cupcakes can't handle it.
If a white conservative said what Jemele Hill said about Barry O, 3 years ago. They'd be looking for a job today. F+ch espn. Liberal pssies!
Yet they fired Curt Schilling:. ESPN anchor Jemele Hill blasts Trump as white supremacist .
So suspended Linda Cohn for saying ESPN was talking too much politics. Didn't suspend Jemele Hill for saying Trump wa…
ESPN issues craven apology for Jemele Hill's accurate descriptions of Donald Trump:
John Clayton, Ed Werder, Jayson Stark all fired by espn but they decide to keep paying Sergio Dipp and Jemele Hill?! No wo…
Beth Mowins and rex ryan was an abortion of a broadcast. Jemele hill would have been better. Yes, that bad But Beth ain't getting fired
Jemele Hill 65% welfare. 40% of all children aborted. 80% fatherlessness. scream about white supremacist all ya want. your parties
Newsflash. No one cares what liberal hacks like Jemele Hill and Michael Rapaport thi…
allows hosts to call the President of the US a "white Supremacist". This is out of order. Fire Jemele Hill!
Fire Jemele Hill. Didn't other ESPN employees get fired for being too political? 🤔
FIRE Jemele Hill or force her to apologize for racist comments?Show that you care about your network image and inte…
I dont know about Michael but Jemele Hill have a histroy of racism and bigotry and suffered 0 CO…
So can we expect espn to fire Jemele hill for her ignorant post. No wonder espn is going broke cause of *** like her. MAGA!
"ESPN wishes Jemele Hill the best with her future endeavors."
Race baiter Jemele Hill at it again. Kid Rock's ex is black & his son is mixed. That didn't fit her narrative, thou…
ESPN needs to show if they support their racist employees or they care about their image and actually force her to apologize. jemele hill
ESPN is showing that if you are black woman and you hate white people,you can call them ALL white supremacists without any worry jemele hill
She needs to be fired immediately a la Curt Schilling; Mike Ditka and Craig James.
I thought you had to be smart and have intelligence to work for ESPN!!…
Hey you should be ashamed that Jemele Hill is still in your employ, we all know you're liberal apologists but she is…
FIRE Jemele Hill. Espn needs to show that they cant tolerate racist comments and this is perfect time to apologize
Jemele Hill is a race pimp who largely panders to those who blame whitey for all their failures.
fire Jemele Hill immediately! If you allow her to work for your company while talking about the president, it shows your true colors
.should reprimand Jemele Hill for her comments but likely won't because doing so would somehow be called racist.
Jemele Hill is a very vile person . who should be off the air waves . I wonder how many other WHITE PEOPLE she hates cause of their views
Dear - more Sergio Dipp, less Jemele Hill. Be a sports network, not CNN.
unhinged Jemele Hill's insane attack on President Trump proves ESPN needs to be boycotted and removed from the Disney portfolio.
Jemele Hill should be fired for this right? Curt Schilling was fired from ESPN for offering political opinions while w…
Jemele Hill needs to be fired. If a conservative said the same when Obama was in office, they would be gone
I will NEVER watch your network again until jemele hill is fired. I'm also boycotting your advertisers...
after seeing what Jemele Hill said about Trump I won't be watching ESPN anymore.
What are y'all going to do about Jemele Hill?! No place for comments like that in sports..
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What is She trying hard?Truth IS hard for libtards and anti american terrorists like y…
when will you fire?? " Jemele Hill Calls President Trump a White Supremacist". oh wait . you won't
It's racists like Jemele Hill who are the problem. What an ignorant *** Liberal. Thanks ESPN, will continue to not watch yo…
Fire "Black live matter" member liberal racist scum Jemele Hill for comments about our president Jemele Hill
Jemele Hill is a racist sorrounded by her racist friends and family th…
I'll go out on a limb and say Jemele Hill is more racist than Kid freakin Rock
If any ESPN staffer would have said about Obama the equivalent of what Jemele Hill said about Trump, they would undoubtedly be…
Jemele Hill is forbidden to speak about president like that.Words have consequences
That's ok. Jemele Hill at is a racist and I hope the guys at never b…
Jemele Hill is an *** who has surrounded herself largely with other idi…
Rex Ryan & Beth Mowins will have their own like Michael Smith & Jemele Hill if they continue this med…
Well has it right we watch ESPN for sports not get lectured by Jemele Hill
Jemele Hill and Michael Smith believe the Cavs adding Jimmy Butler and Paul George would bridge t... - via App
Fire Bomani Jones, Dan Le Batard, Michael Smith, Jemele Hill, Neil Everett and John Buccigross and we'll call it even 🤣👌🏼
ESPN lays off Hall of Fame reporter John Clayton but keeps terrible reporters like Jemele Hill and Max Kellerman, screw you ESPN
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After Stephen A., people troll Jemele Hill and Michael Smith. J. Skipper was very clear about why the…
Not a lot different than what everyone knew after ESPN layoffs, but here are numbers on ratings post-layoffs.
Any time. The Dump Jemele Hill bandwagon has been full for a few years but, if space opens up, I'll let you know.
"SC6 with Michael Smith and Jemele Hill is not going anywhere. It will remain at 6 p.m. ET."
Why do y'all always got something negative to see to jemele hill ?
ESPN still hasn't figured out that we don't care about what they're trying to sell us now...
I lose faith in ESPN the more they give Lavar Ball media coverage and keep Michael Smith and Jemele Hill on Sports Center at 6.
I don't watch because of Jemele Hill
She might have passed Jemele Hill on my worst people in sports media pow…
Relive and antics and advice from in recap! .
Who ever could have seen this coming?
I don't know if you're a misogynistic racist, but I do know Jemele Hill triggers you in a weird way.
Also, also, I still can't stand Jemele Hill.
Michael Smith and Jemele Hill question why it takes the racist behavior towards Adam Jones to get... - via App h…
Probably because it was slammed down their throat by ESPN and Jemele Hill is insufferable
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Jemele Hill gotta stop responding to haters now. You won at this point, don't ruin it.
Jemele Hill is awesome and their show is awesome. Keep grinding and pushing the limits on your Sports show . Love i…
Ratings for ‘SC:6′ with Jemele Hill and Michael Smith are tumbling
First people ESPN should be firing, but won't: Max Kellerman, Jemele Hill and Michael Smith.
How come we don't talk about Cari Champion and Jemele Hill? 2 Black women making strides in the world of sports journalism.
ESPN's Jemele Hill and Cari Champion both said that methods of journalism may change, but the basics stay the same…
Last week I met stephenasmith this week I met Cari Champion and Jemele Hill.. after years Of…
ESPN knew Sage Steele was toxic when she didn't make Michael Smith and Jemele Hill spoof of A Different World.
Can anyone explain to me how laid off Ed Werder & John Buccigross but Jemele Hill & Micheal Smith are on prime time? 🤔
ESPN gets rid of Chad Ford and Sage Steele but keeps Jemele Hill & Max Kellerman. Makes no sense to me.
Imagine firing Ed Werder and Marc Stein but still having Jemele Hill and Sage Steele employed
Michael Smith and Jemele Hill have jobs at ESPN, but Jayson Stark, Andy Katz, & Ed Werder do not. . ESPN deserves to go…
Marty Smith and Jemele Hill stay but Danny Kanell out Who is making these decisions? Time for all all the time.
They should be laying off Jemele Hill and Brit McHenry, they got it right with Danny Kanell
ESPN lays off Jayson Stark but retains Jemele Hill, that's exactly why the station is tanking.
So ESPN fires Ed Werder and Jay Crawford but decided to keep Jemele Hill? I don't understand those decisions...
I don't know who would want to work for a company that values Jemele Hill, First Take crew, etc over talent like Jayson Stark
ESPN does layoffs and doesn't cancel SC6 with Jemele Hill and Michael Smith?
Tuned into ESPN1, Jemele Hill and Michael Smith are on talking about Serena Williams' pregnancy picture, Jay Crawford ai…
ESPN got rid of Jay Crawford, Trent Dilfer, and Danny Kanell. But kept Jemele Hill, Jeff Goodman, and Stephen A Smith. . What. The . ***
ESPN lays off 100 on-air staffers, while Jemele Hill and Michael Smith remain in their prime time slot
ESPN is garbage. Ed Werder, Danny Kanell, and Brett McMurphy lose their jobs but Jemele Hill and Michael Smith keep…
Ed Werder, Brett McMurphy, Danny Kanell and [possibly] John Buccigross out. . Steven A, Jemele Hill and Michael Smith still have jobs. . 🤔
Hard to believe "the worldwide leader in sports" finds more value in Michael Smith and Jemele Hill than Ed Werder and D…
They get rid of Ed Werder but Michael Smith and Jemele Hill are still on air.
A good reporter like Ed Werder is getting laid off yet Jemele Hill n Michael Smith still have their horrible SC at 6 show. ES…
Ed Werder getting the axe from ESPN is brutal.. Why not fire Jemele Hill and Micheal Smith instead?!
*** some big names getting released by ESPN, none of them named Stephen A, Jemele Hill, Beth Mowins, Seth Greenberg, yet.
I hate to see people get laid off but if espn lays off Stephen A Smith, *** Vitale, Jemele Hill and Beth Mowins I wont be upset.
Ain't she though. Jemele Hill slapped ya boys across the cheek with Isotoners...
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Been crushing on Jemele Hill since high school
Jemele Hill really came outta left field with that comeback fam! Im in tears 😭
Jemele Hill issa snack and her clapback game is exceptional.
The only thing worse is that guy Jemele Hill
1) Jemele Hill and ilk traffic in victimization & the unseen, controlling white hand that forces us to…
ESPN's and break down how took off and being the new hosts of SportsCenter! ht…
SC6 is bad. And I like Michael Smith/Jemele Hill. 6PM didnt need to stop highlight driven show, they needed to do it better
Mt. Rushmore of most overrated and possibly annoying sports commentators: . Bomani Jones, Colin Cowherd, Jemele Hill... Jemele Hill again
Dez Bryant posted thoughts on race on IG and Jemele Hill inaccurately portrayed him as using "pull yourself up by ur bootstraps" mentality
Jemele Hill keeping it real on this beautiful Saturday morning
Idk why so many dudes hate on jemele hill. Esp black dudes. She for the culture ...
Reason 126,839,373,799,192 why Jemele Hill is my favorite❤️
He forgot where he came from... But Jemele Hill... Had to refreshing His memory!!!
are you still writing ESPN every day asking for Jemele Hill and Lupica to have a new show together?
This was written on 15 August 2015. So it's, like, public knowledge. Jemele Hill only repeated what he…
Yesterday I quoted a portion of ESPN's Jemele Hill in her response to Dez Bryant saying African Americans simply...
"Lucky for you, you didn't need boots because you had cleats". Whew Jemele Hill came with a word
Michael Smith and jemele hill are the two most idiotic fools I've ever seen on tv .morons !! God they suck
Shawty in the glasses slick look like Jemele hill
.I don't think it's Jemele Hill or Michael Smith's fault, they're doing their jobs. I don't think a podcast m…
ESPN is really reaching with Michael Smith and jemele hill interviewing Jessica Alba at 6:45 on a Friday
Jemele Hill said Dez momma sold crack and had him at 15 by his grandma's boyfriend
Jemele Hill just spit that real about Dez Bryant. "You didn't need boots because you had cleats."
Oh geesh . Jemele Hill trying to read Dez over his IG post 😂
Michael Smith is out of interest in New York's many feuds, while Jemele Hill channels Denzel Wash... - via App
It was great to watch these accomplished people (Jemele Hill, Devin…
EPSN's Jemele Hill says more white need to talk about racism, but from a position of knowledge. Go to the library!…
It can be a more powerful message when men speak up for women - Jemele Hill
Jemele Hill- women and people of color have been talking about this our whole lives. Other people need to pickup discussion
Ms. Jemele Hill, what's an example of reporter's race affecting his/her way of covering certain athletes
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Jemele Hill sums up this panel perfectly (What's next in sports race matters) by saying, "Diversity is not going to just knock on your door"
ESPN's Jemele Hill: "Diversity is not going to just come and knock on your door, you have to go look for it."…
This is stupid now, just like it was stupid when Jemele Hill said it last year.
Shawn Springs, Brian Billick, Jemele Hill, Ezra Edelman and Kevin Merida speaking about race at
Jemele Hill saying "To the, stick to sports crowd" Nobody is saying that. They are all telling to stop talking sports.
Michael and Jemele Hill ruined Sports Center as if it already wasn't unbearable as is
What's up Sista Hill? Keep doing what you're doing because you're amazing at it. Bless you Jemele!
Curious if Jemele Hill's mouth has been suspended for the spring as well, because it sure isn't running as much the…
Jemele Hill best quote ever is about why *** speak so stupidly about NBA basketball
Wow. So you're just going to totally discredit Doris Burke & Jemele Hill for their multiple years of great sports i…
100% correct Jemele Hill why did they shoot 3s initially?
Amazing interview over on Sports, culture, Black Panther breakfasts, gender, MORE! 😍 ht…
As a conspiracy theorist I'll let you in on one of my many conspiracies... Jemele Hill was born with micro braids. You heard it here first 🤐
How can Jemele Hill say Team USA won the WBC "unemotionally"? I saw a ton of emotion in those players' faces all tournament.
Who's idea was it to give Michael Smith & Jemele Hill the 6pm SportsCenter? That person should be fired
Jemele Hill just said Scarface is one of the most overrated movies ever... Uhhh go kill yourself
Jemele Hill just said she got a Maserati on air stuntin smh lol
Watching the six Michael Smith and Jemele Hill are biggest Hypocrites in sports
Nothing else to watch so I tried watching Jemele Hill on Sportscenter. Some1 needs to tell her she's not nearly as funny/cool as she thinks
SC6 is terrible. Jemele Hill and Michael Smith need a daytime slot so I can at least watch Maury instead. ESPN is the new…
Jemele Hill is on ESPN now, time to go outside
Watch and put on and give the Hillman treatment
‘ESPN’s Jemele Hill on Hosting SportsCenter and Dealing With the Haters’ on
I get ESPN giving Sam Ponder a promotion because she's a *** rocket. Jemele Hill, not so much.
Quarterback Kaepernick will never shake the accusation that he hates America, ESPN's Jemele Hill Insists Breitbart
*** Numbers show this pod we did with is one of the most listened-to pods on earth this week. She's $$
"My mom had breakfast everyday because the Black Panthers had a free breakfast program."-Jemele Hill . ht…
Only Jemele Hill cares what Jemele Hill thinks. Sadly, she won't be on the chopping block.
Are people STILL not commenting on all the scandal going on at Kansas? Is Jemele Hill still the only one?
Don't feel bad for him at all. He created his bed when he chose to be controversial, now lie in it. Actions matter.
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Jemele Hill and Michael Smith discuss on SC6 if the NBA should be worried about the Warriors if K... - via App
Jemele Hill is on point. No one HAS to hire Kap. Let's see how long he keeps his GF who got him into this. Ask Soro…
NFL can excuse a lot of bad behavior by players, but Kaepernick’s anti-Americanism is one that can’t be ignored.
A wonderful reminder about the powerful work of JIMMY BRESLIN from Jemele Hill. Thanks for sharing, Jemele. It's...
Get rid of Michelle Beadle and Sage Steele when you do your budget cuts. Also get rid of Jemele Hill too !
Jemele Hill been wearing braids her whole career,smdh. He hair must shorter than a black person's scene in a horror movie
I don't know why ESPN thought it would be a good idea to change the format of Sports Center and let Michael Smith & Jemele Hill be the hosts
Espn starring Michael Smith and Jemele Hill is like the Ravens wheeling out Matt Elam and Lee Evans for a prime time game.
Michael Smith and Jemele Hill's shows feels like what Bill Simmons show was trying to be. It's just a lot better.
ESPN ruined the 6pm sportscenter with Michael Smith/Jemele Hill
Why does ESPN think we want more Jemele Hill and Michael Smith? I don't find them that entertaining.
I didn't think could have gotten worse, until they put Michael Smith and Jemele Hill as the hosts🙄
The six *** Michael Smith and especially Jemele Hill suck. Bring back the original afternoon sportscenter
hosts, Jemele Hill & Michael Smith, talk to on their podcast
The new SportsCenter at 6 with Jemele Hill and Michael Smith is so *** It was so much better years ago with Stuart Scott and Steve Levy
Michael Smith and Jemele Hill are REALLY good at this Sportscenter thing
Michael Smith and Jemele Hill are the worst. It's amazing that they still have segments on ESPN.
Stephen A, Jemele Hill, Cari Champion & Michael Smith are my favorites, no doubt.
game over. The winner by knockout, the Pride of Detroit, Jemele Hill.
Jemele Hill and Michael Smith talk "The Six", Drake, race, debate, more with Dan Patrick. Read more: $ANZ
Jemele Hill and Michael Smith will bring discussion, not debate, to the 6 PM SportsCenter
Jemele Hill and Michael Smith talk "The Six" and more via
is easily the best sports podcast, but PLEASE never bring Jemele Hill or Michael Smith on the show again, my ears are bleeding
Michael Smith and Jemele Hill on next hour!!! Click here to stream us live!!!
stop it Jemele Hill know wayyy more than Cari Michelle Beadle do too
Kellie just made the observation that Melissa Harris-Perry and Jemele Hill ALWAYS have FRESH micros.
he and Jemele Hill are the two worst media members of all time lol
I hate everything about jemele hill
I hate listening to jemele hill talk. Hate it.
I heard Jemele Hill open up with "Lane Kiffin sure knows how to get fired" and I was immediately over it
Kacy trust me, I got you on that. Lol. I really really do. But minds like yours, Sage Steele, and Jemele Hill would…
I completely understand your question. I had one similar toward Jemele Hill and Sage Steele a while back. Why not?
"We like to think that we really pay attention to the nuance of discussions," says Jemele Hill.
ESPN sports journalist (especially the old white ones) ruin sports debates and conversations, Bomani Jones and Jemele Hill get a pass
Jemele Hill and Michael Smith have the best conversations on ESPN
Michael Smith and Jemele Hill about to be on Sportscenter? Good for them.
Check out the women primed to dominate the industry by breaking barriers and defying stereotypes in 2017.
Maybe I'm not old enough to appreciate them yet, but Jemele Hill jokes be so corny on here lol
I can't speak for jemele hill. She's a stupid ***
where's Cari Champion and Jemele Hill to discuss this horrific act of domestic violence? Oh they only chastise men.
While I'm glad to see Mike Smith and Jemele Hill become hosts of SportsCenter, His & Hers is my favorite show on ESPN. Can't they do both?
Mike Smith & Jemele Hill both getting promotions. ESPN need to go ahead and let me handle that time slot.
I hate it when people drop the race card. That's why I hate Jemele Hill and Stephen A. Smith.
Anyone think that Kelvin Benjamin looks like Jemele Hill?
kelvin Benjamin and jemele hill are the same person
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mhmm, I was surprised, but jemele hill,and the steelers and I honestly think the jets have a better shot than the Steelers
Jemele Hill just said Jets are contender. Does she know who your QB is?
New podcast, including our breakdown of what was good and bad from MSU-Furman:
*** jemele hill got me fired up for no reason about the Browns this morning
Our Michigan State site, got to chat with on their latest podcast:.
NEW v. Furman recap plus our interview with ESPN’s
.& I talk vs. Furman, look ahead to Notre Dame & I chat with
Bruh does that girl on First Take even know sports? At least Cari Champion and Jemele Hill could debate a little bit
Been debating watching Last chance U. But that Jemele Hill bump gonna make me finally get around to it. 😊
My life goal is to be famous enough to be on one of Jemele Hill's t-shirts someday. Or make out with her. So yeah, probably the shirt thing.
Is there a combo that makes you change the channel quicker than Michael Smith and jemele hill?? *** does espn blow
Jemele hill is one of the trashest looking TV personalities ever just embrace your buttnesss
Jemele Hill just said slide in her dms 😻
Jemele hill is a good look and very smart
I'm being Jemele Hill without makeup for Halloween this year...
Doris Burke is best sideline reporter in any sport at any level. TV personality -- Jemele Hill; Newspaper -- Nicole Auerbach
Jemele Hill but Kate Fagan is gaining ground.
Gotta watch His & Hers everyday cuz Jemele Hill is bae.
bruj I'm sitting here debating with jemele hill but for real love Cari, Ros, Doris, and all them... It's just the Jemele Hill's and Michelle Beadle's that I can't stand
Go on LinkedIn. Sees a Data Analyst at ESPN has looked at my profile after connecting with Jemele Hill and others. Inner turmoil ensues
I got a happy birthday from Jemele Hill from ESPN! Epic!
did Jemele Hill just tell us she likes girls?
My wife Jemele Hill looking nice today.
Jemele Hill tried to argue that Kaepernicks actions wouldnt help his brand. His jersey sales prove otherwise. Thoughts?
Tearing down all my Jemele Hill posters...
my wife and I were talking about Bora Bora and she says Jemele Hill went there, paused and says like I know her or something!
There are exceptions to this like, say, Jemele Hill, but Wilbon is pretty par for ESPN.
So jemele hill wasn't born with freestyle braids... who knew.
Tall girl looks like Jemele Hill, the other like a young Regina King
I started to ether Jemele Hill just now
Jemele Hill treating them stomachs like thangs at a bachelorette party 😂😂
jemele hill I'm gone just give up, you like that bad chick you invited to your party, but don't know if she gone show up.
you mean how they suspended SAS for his ray rice comments? What has Jemele Hill done?
didn't jemele hill say she would shave her head if Sanchez was not starting Denver qb? We need a follow up greeny
No one forgot message of those NBA players. Matter of fact, on 08/25 - Jemele Hill was anchoring town hall meeting in Chi...
True. I believe progress has been made in the area tho Cari Champion, Sage Steele, Jemele Hill come to mind.
Jemele hill gonna touch the pig cop socks kaepernick is wearing or does that not meet her narrative enough ?
look at the opinions people like Jemele Hill & Bomani Jones give & then people of a differing view are let go for.
Jemele hill wit a shaved head really changing the dynamic of the show
"Hi I'm Jemele Hill and I see racism in EVERYTHING!"
Jemele Hill writes for ESPN and she's a racist. Is what it is.
New drinking game. Watch "His and Hers" and take a shot every time Jemele Hill gets offended or says someone is a racist
I know when I turn on ESPN I want to see a jemele hill town hall on gun violence.
and need to get a handle on Jemele Hill. Actually, as a shareholder I'd love to see Disney sell ESPN since it's gone downhill
Michael Smith and Jemele Hill discuss the new perspective that has emerged since veterans showed ... - via App
On His and Hers, Michael Smith and Jemele Hill discuss the real issue behind the controversy: why the majority...
I wonder why jemele hill's braids of choice is freestyle thoe... 🤔
Jemele Hill said it best. We have to get with the lawmakers and discuss these issues.
"I get told daily to get back in the kitchen and go back to Africa"-Jemele Hill said this..Really what a race baiter
Jemele Hill and her army of race baiters are everything that's wrong with this country
to I was fact checking race baiting angry woman Jemele Hill. A rather poor rep for social issues Have a nice day goat
It's not they didn't mention Cari Champion or Jemele Hill and very small part on Pam Oliver
ESPN's John Saunders passes away at 61: According to ESPN's Jemele Hill and Jay Harris, Saunders attended the...
*** man. How many Black sportscasters are left? I think we only have Jay Harris, Michael Smith, & Jemele Hill. Stephen A. don't count.
Please watch with Michael Smith & Jemele Hill's commentary on President's Town Hall. Perfect show guests.
Just saw Michael Smith&Jemele Hill (ESPN) commentary on President's Town Hall.Should be on your show.
Jemele Hill was given equal billing with David Muir on this. I'VE ONLY SEEN HER ONCE!.
“Clinton vs. Trump Debate on CNN. Moderated by mid day somewhat sports show host on ESPN: Jemele Hill"
I’m just going to assume Jemele Hill will be involved in all presidential events from here on out. B/c why not?
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You missed the best part. Jemele Hill will be along side Obama. Not kidding
How the *** does jemele hill cohost a television show
Smh...the way Jemele Hill be lookin at Michael Smith, I know he be greasin
"If I’m the Minnesota Lynx, I say, Good. Good riddance." - ESPN's Jemele Hill on the police leaving the WNBA Minnesota Lynx game.
Tough call: do I watch Obama's town hall meeting with Jemele Hill or Katie Nolan on periscope --- the choices are overwhelming
ESPN is airing a town hall on race relations on Thursday night at 8 p.m. ET with President Obama and ESPN's Jemele Hill.
Jemele Hill to participate in ABC News (ESPN simulcast) Obama hosted town hall on recent shootings tomorrow.
Bomani Jones, like Jemele Hill are plants used by ESPN to sound more hip and in tuned with urban culture.
I was all about it until I saw Jemele Hill
sounds good but Jemele Hill is involved so I will pass.
LOL of course the racist Jemele Hill is host. ABC pandering to blacks more than Hilldog
Jemele Hill is getting a huge opportunity.
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