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Jello Shots

Gelatin desserts are desserts made with sweetened and flavored gelatin. They can be made by combining plain gelatin with other ingredients or by using a premixed blend of gelatin with additives.

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my dad was watching me through the glass door NOT making jello shots
Eating jello shots by the mouthful.
Party on march 28th at the basement $5 to enter and doors close before 11:30 ! Jello shots will be provided & BYOB
im guessing since its a whiskey JD ain't good for jello shots?
Meet Jevo, the Keurig for jello shots:
I am so curious about the Keurig for Jell-O shots via
Moonshine cherries covered in jello shots. Omg I can't `
wish i could try these blue and pink jello shots I'm making for the party 😕
PARTY @ BASEMENT this Sat. Yall know the deal. There'll be jello shots provided!
I still have a bag of like 30 jello shots. We might have just taken one.
I think I'm misusing this hashtag. but jello shots
Definitely an experience worth not witnessing. They probably had speed in jello shots or something..
Just a few jello shots for tomorrow 🍀
Ohhh can we make jello shots and gummy bears to pregame for my birthday ???
Stop in now for $1.00 Jello shots for the month of March! All of the proceeds will go towards the Leukemia &...
When u buy plastic shot glasses at cvs and the cashier goes 'ahhh jello shots'
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Mama is making jello shots for my nephew's party tomorrow!!
"Maybe I'll soak em in tequila and have the biggest, best, strawberries ever!!!"Jello shots!Like the ones we made in the summer
Just got back from the 2 hour work out at the Boxing Gym downtown but due to the 3 shots I got this week, My punches were weak as jello.
Doing so much to get ready for tonight. and tomorrow night. buffet, giveaways, jello shots,. but...
Jello Shots! That's about as far a I have planned LOL
Drunk FireBall, Crown Royal, Hennessey, 3 jello shots, and a punch full of all these different liquor. Lol how am I not drunk.
The law says I can't drive with an open container, but it says nothing about jello shots!!
So sat night im having a tu at my crib, gunna have bp, over 200 jello shots, bottles, prolly a little jungle juice, hmu if you wanna come.
Jello for my stepdad then making my Jell-O shots :)
So a bartender was making Jell-O shots and the jello blew up all over, I don't know whether to laugh or help clean, so I'll laugh.
"Jazz up your boring jello shots! . Berry Sangria Edible Cocktails:. - to do
“Jello Shots at 7am!? . YOLO!” 😵😲😳 AAA meeting this Saturday at Cobo arena we would like to invite you lol
SUNDAY NOV. 23rd ***SUNDAY FUNDAY*** $1.50 - BUD LITE - MILLER LITE - COORS LITE 12 oz. Bottles ** WALKING DEAD ** SUNDAYS... We will be showing the latest season of Walking Dead on all of our TV's... including our new 10' x 10' stage screen.. We will have $1.50 Beer specials and $2/3 shot specials... So make sure to come on by Drink Specials: $1.00 Jello Shots $2.00 Zombie and Starfker Shots $3.00 Jim, Jack, and Jager Shots…. $2.00 Nachos and Frito Pies Bar will open at 5pm. No Cover 21 & Up.
Get your party pants on and come see The Lounge Lizardz do that voodoo that they do!!. $1 Jello Shots while they last!!
It's mexican food night! You can get up to 12 tacos for $5.99, dine in only! If you would like tacos to-go, it's 7 tacos for $5.99. The Halloween party is tomorrow! We will be busy all day making yummy jello shots and getting some games ready! We hope to see all of you there. Karaoke starts tomorrow at 9pm.
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Monster Mash! This Friday night at Matt’s Place, Featuring Dakota Moon! ($3.00 cover) $1.50 Bub Light Draft, $3.00 Monster Bomb (Jager/Cherry), candy corn Jello shots, Witches Brew. Costume contest (scariest, sexiest and most original) $25.00 to the winners. So come on out and have a scary good time with all your ghoulish friends.
I added a video to a playlist Buzzfeed's XXL Watermelon Jello Shots - TipsyBartender
This takes watermelon jello shots to the next level! Watch the full video:
Instead of Wine.I take jello shots .lol
2 batches of Jello Shots down, 10 more to go! 😜
First time making jello shots will be tomorrow. Weird.
Caramel macchiato jello shots with whipped cream and takis bc fk you
So much to do before working tomorrow night. Make jello shots, do my nails, finish my costume, find ideas for drink specials. Ugh
I liked a video How to Make Vodka Jello Shots - Let's Mix with Modernmom
YAY ill do glitter balls and vodka jello shots
How to make Strawberry Cheesecake Jello Shots - Tipsy Bartender: Another crazy party treat for adults.STRAWBERRY…
I liked a video from How to make Bushwacker Jello Shots - Tipsy Bartender
I liked a video from Buzzfeed's XXL Watermelon Jello Shots - TipsyBartender
My mom made jello shots with wonder why she's always puking at the end of the night
Brinlee sounds like a teenage highschooler white girl at her first high school party after drinking 3 jello shots.
In charge of jello shots for Friday!!
But I'm up tripping like I don't have four classes, an exam, a quiz, an intramural game and some jello shots to make tomorrow. ✌️
And hallway, need to make punch, pick up dry ice, make jello shots, pick up stereo and beer pong table, try on costume, clean bedroom (...)
Halloween party at matts . 3kegs. Jello shots. And Fun!
I want one of the jello shots but eh I'll be patient and wait
My jokes are like jello shots. Soft but effective if you're already drunk.
I'm making candy corn jello shots for Friday ☺️ they're gonna be hella cute
leaving work early. Drinking. Dancing. Jello shots. Costumes. Not necessarily in that order!
(985): I put bits of fruit cocktail in the jello shots i made because i knew that they were gonna be the only thing we ate all day
Roommate just came down and offered for me to do jello shots with him. Its at this point I truly hate this Econ 323 hmwk and my 8am tomorrow
My arms feel like jello after all these *** shots I got today
Me & ty are gonna be walt & jesse for halloween with blue jello shots lol
come thru BYOB 3 til the boys come 🚨🚓 1$ jello shots throw up outside respect the pad
"I'm A Stall,you know me. Let me get ya Halloween Drink. JellO shots free, gummy worms on me. Don't stop partying with me" 😘
We made 200 jello shots for Friday. Now our house smells like vodka and jello 😐
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Made some of the jello shots tonight and so far we're at 215. And we still have 8 more boxes of jello to go! 😂👌👏
Cristina and I are giving out jello shots for Halloween. What flavor should we make them?
Today in micro prof asks class "what foods do you guys eat gelatin in?" Girl in class says "jello shots!" 😂👏
Made the cutest jello shots. You guys are gonna die. RIP RIP 😂
Gave a coworker a ride home and she paid me in jello shots.
Butter Loves the Giants, and YOU! Come celebrate with us and enjoy FREE jello shots!
JELLO SHOTS ARE DONE! most of them turned out good, a few screw ups x3
Jello Shots ready for this Halloween jam Friday! Oh boy!!
Currently spending my time making jello shots instead of studying or doing homework
All that's left to do for Friday is to get alcohol and make jello shots. It's always fun going to the liquor store with my mom lol..
HOPING TO SEE EVERYONE COME OUT. ⚠️mixed drinks, jello-shots, and gummie Bears will be sold⚠️
Saints vs Packers 7:30pm Sunday, October 27, 2014!!! We will have FREE PULLED PORK SANDWICHES & Jello Shots!!! Come join the Bob's Who Dat Party. David Bourque will be on stage during half time & after the game playing his acoustical music!!! No cover charge!!! Erin will be cheering behind the bar!!! Put on your SAINTS gear and grab a bar stool!!!
Yo, come party with us. Dos Equis and Jello Shots in stock.
The most awesome party treat ever.VODKA RED BULL JELLO SHOTS! And we have the gorgeous Sophia in the house to show us how to make them! Vodka red bull coc...
Twas the night before the Moonshiner's Reunion camper is ready car is packed. I have finished cooking and even made the Hippie Juice all that is left to do is make the jello shots.Then off to bed and early to rise... Drive safe everyone.
Miami livin where they do this at? taking jello shots from a baddie lmao
Pulled in 7000 directions today but still managed to have a productive day...oh, made 150 jello shots for Fall Down this weekend.oh yeah, gonna need some taste testers! Really looking forward to this year!
Hey all! I'm having my 6th Annual Halloween Party Sat Oct 25th! 9pm at my dads house where we had the 5year class reunion. If you want to add me and I can send you the invite! That last 5 years have been awesome! It's BYOB, also asking people to bring some sort of dish or snack this year. I'll have my usual JELLO SHOTS, and BBQ weenies. Music, dancing, beer pong, bonfire, etc! Hope to see you all there!
Herby's Sports Bar & Grill in the Clarion Suites Roatan at Pineapple Villas NEW FRIDAY NIGHT 7 PM New Live Island Music with Sherwin and Joe we will have the Dance Floor open. They started a week ago and due to popular demand we will have every Friday Night. So Islanders from the East we are here for you on Friday Night. Free Jello shots and a lot of fun. Thanks for your Business
This Friday at The Squirt Palace!!! $quirt Ent. ($E) Presents... "First Friday, Reppin The Libra" Ent. will be hosting the 1st Friday of the month party at The Squirt Palace like we always do to fill the void so our ls community has somewhere to come to enjoy the company of their friends and other like-minded individuals without breaking the bank after paying mortgage/rent and bills... $E is bringing seXXXi back to the Squirt Palace and lots of high energy fun, don't miss out!!! This party is for mature adults that are open minded and like partying in sexually charged environments where there is no judgment and respect is always present from promoters, host, staff, guest and etc... Also we will be turning up and maXXX out for all the LIBRAS that come to party with us!!! THEME: Freaky Friday Attire DATE: Fri. 10/03/14 - Sat. 10/04/14 TIME: 10pm - 4am LOCATION: The Squirt Palace AMENITIES: 3 fun :-) rooms, 3 restrooms, 2 living areas, 2 spacious smoke rooms & TV's playin in all rooms. FREE food, FREE drink ...
(469): She Kept going around and squirting jello shots into guys mouths. That was her ice breaker.
Explaining to my Polish dad what Jell-O shots are took way too long. DAD...ALCOHOLIC JELLO IN SHOT GLASSES DUDE
What do you think about Pumpkin Spice Jello shots for
I liked a video from Fishbowl Jello Shots - Tipsy Bartender
This Thursday at Colette it's going down! $quirt Ent. ($E) Presents... "Hearts & Daggers (A Black & Red Libra Affair) and Robyn's Going Away Party" (Click on link above for full details of event) This Thursday night at Colette Dallas $E will be hosting the first of many Libra b-day bashes and to start it off we have the lovely Cessna PrettiBlaque Houston of The Chocolate Factory and the lovely Lena Johnson celebrating their b-days with us this night. These ladies are asking everyone to come celebrate with them in your black and red attire; ladies lets see those sexy lingerie outfits this night if possible. Also $E will be hosting a going away party for the beautiful Robyn Massey that was just starting to come into her own in this ls community of ours. Now that she will be moving to ATL Ga for a better career opportunity, we hope she show the ATL lifestyle how we get down in da Triple D... So make sure you are there to celebrate with all are libras and to send Ms. Robyn off the right way, the turn up will ...
You know you have a drinking problem when your a pro at making jello shots
I hate jello but I would purchase this in a heartbeat and make them into adult jello shots!
Things on my list to make in the next few weeks: margarita jello shots, bloody glass cupcakes, and pineapple upside down cakes. :) yum.
Someone make jello shots with me this weekend
So My cousin is coming home tonight, so I will be making Purple&Gold(yellow) jello shots
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Crazy jello shots that glow in the dark! Watch the full video:
Come turn up for my bday!!! 500 JELLO SHOTS first come first serve. . WHEN: Thursday at 12 til they…
I bought some jolly rancher green apple jello and I'm gonna Make Jell-O shots with henny
Jello Shots are back for ladies night tonight!
I going early as'f and buy my V.I.P ticket for Project X though.. cause i need those jello shots !
Attempting to make rootbeer jello shots, lets see how this goes
Democrats have a new campaign strategy for 2014: Trade the Kool Aid for Jello shots.
Make 500 jello shots for the house crawl or work on my RPTA paper.. Jello shots it is
Orange Sake Jello Shots - free to guests whenever the score tonight. Doors open @ 4:30. $4 Sapporo
“you see the thing about making jello shots is you need boiling water. i don't have a kettle...” Told u what we gon do😴
Free spiced gummy worms, Free gobling juice, and free jello shots at at night 6!
Tonight's agenda: Aperol jello shots at with followed by in concert. Doesn't get much better th…
Exactly what kind of Jello shots will our shot boys be slinging tonight? Well take a look at this menu and be at...
So, I'm turning 21 in 11 days. is happening. Beer Keg, Jello Shots, and Performances? . Yeah, that should work.
Idk why anyone lets me and my friends make jello shots, its always a mess and a half featured in NBC s Science of Love
You people who get over heartache and go out doing jello shots the next night- what's that all about? I need a month of…
July 4th Celebrations still going at Hurricanes today!! All day drink specials are: $7 Domestic Pitchers, $3 Jim Beam, $4 Jack Daniels, $4 Astro Pop Shots, $5 Cherry Limeades, and $1 Jello Shots!! Plus Live music starting at 3pm! We've also been grilling out on the patio all morning! Starting at 3pm we will have smoked pulled pork, grilled wings, grilled chicken, hamburgers, and hot dogs! I've tried the wings already and of course they are AMAZING!!! Show up in your best patriotic gear and sign up for our "Best dressed American" contest and win a gift certificate!
For Bike & Bar tomorrow (from 11 till roughly 1:00)... Chases will be Rocking. $3.00 Mich Ultra, Bud, Bud Light, Bud Lime and Miller Lite.. All 16oz Aluminum Bottles at all Bars and Cash Beer tubs $2.00 Rolling Rock Drafts,16oz PBR Cans and Jello Shots $3.00 Soft Taco's.. Choice of Beef, Grilled Chicken or Grilled Fish See you all in the AM.. Have fun & Be Safe!!
Don't miss out on the fun tonight at Steamers! Jon is in the house serving all your favorite drinks and food. Ask him about our great selection of craft beers! We have open dart boards, great pool tables and FREE NTN Trivia. Shelbi will be serving all of you poker players tonight. Be sure to try your luck in the WPT Amateur Poker League game at 7:00 PM and a 2nd game at 10:00 PM tonight Steamers has lots of great food on the menu. Here are today's Specials FOOD Buffalo chips $3.99 Philly Cheese Steak or Chicken Philly w/ chips $5.99 Creamy Smoked Gouda Mac&Cheese Bites $5.99 Chef Salad $6.99 DRINKS Mystery Craft Bottles Bottles $2.25 / Buckets $9.75 Jack Daniels $4.50 Jager $4.50 Jello Shots $1.00
Hey Karaoke Peeps! It's on tonight at the American Legion Post 47! Great sound system! Drinks are cheap! $1.00 Jello Shots! Great people to hang out with! If you're hungry we got holdings, burgers & personal pizzas! Non members welcomed! Hope you come by! Located on Dixie Highway between 10th Ave & Forest Hill so let's get this party started!!
It's Kentucky Derby Day - after placing those Winning bets at the OTB, stop over at the Pub to watch the race & have a bite to eat.. Wild Turkey American Honey Shots - $ 4.00 made with Fine Kentucky Bourbon - SMOOTH! Blackhawks Game 2 against the Wild at 2:00 tomorrow, lots of Jello Shots ready - Just 4 U!
Shirt Distribution will begin tomorrow at 5:30 PM at the ESSO Club. Reminder to those who did not buy shirts through the order, I will have 50 shirts for sale for $15 cash (exact change, please). These shirts are first come, first serve! Many of the bar deals are in and more will be coming here soon! Here is a look into what you can look forward to next Monday! Esso Club: Mimosa for $3.50, $4.50 Bloody Mary's, $1 off Meat and Three Larry's: $8 PINT of jet fuel with fuel shooter included, $3 fireball shots, and $10 large cheese and pepperoni flatbreads 356: $1.50 Cinco De Mayo beers and $2 Orange Patrón Shot Towers while supplies last Wingin' It: $2 Bacardi Shot Towers TD's: $6 Bud Lt and Yuengling Pitchers, $1 shots, $5 Irish Car Bombs, and $5 chicken finger baskets Backstreets: $5 Chicken Finger and Fries Baskets, $9 64 oz LARGE liquor pitchers, $5 Bud Lt and Yuengling Pitchers, $2 Jello Shots, $2 Shot Tower Mixed Shots Overtime: **FREE Access with a shirt on** $5.50 32 oz Mini Liquor Pitchers, $2 Jello ...
One year anniversary party is quickly approaching! We are getting super excited! We made some Rum Chata pudding shots tonight! Making snacks and possibly some Jello Shots tomorrow! We've also got some fun stuff to give away and after a year.SCHMOE'S KOOZIES will be delivered tomorrow!!
I want a bonfire and jello shots for my birthday
Coworker just called out sick with a migraine but if you check her Instagram you'll find selfies of her sucking down jello shots until 3 AM.
Now it's time to support our Broad Ripple Village Association and Indiana Bulldog Rescue! $3 Dawg Pounders, $2 Jello Shots, and $7 Baskets of Wings! Let's come together at the Tavern every Tuesday night!
no more St Patrick's Day whatever that stuff that was in that green bowl and jello shots in whatever that big green drink was never again I'm half dead over here
30 case, bottle, and jello shots gone within two hours with Sam, Wolfy, Jayme, Dayna n Brandon, puked before noon, passed out, drank more, puked again, then Mexican night tacos and tequila then court today and got a $450 ticket dropped. its been a *** good past two days!!
The cure for your St. Patty's Day HAnG over!! We have a kick *** show tonight, $1.50 PBR Bottles and $1 Jello shots!! Let's get messed!
No time for mid-terms when you're waste deep in Jello Shots
Come out tonight for Karaoke at Tokyo!!! Let's have a ball like last week!! Drink specials, jello shots & tons of laughs!! Hope to see you there!!!
Forced to play beer pong w and have Jello shots, as part of a student performance. All non-alcoholic of course.
Wouldn't orange sherbert jello shots be yummy as a chip? Submit your own idea now! See Rules.
What a great St. Paddy's Day!!! The stew was consumed, the jello shots were great and the green beer is gone too! and how about those tasty Irish soda bread scones. Everyone had a grand time to be sure! Thanks everyone for coming in and helping us celebrate this fine Irish Day! We'll do it again next year.
you already did!!! Did you pop them green Jello shots?!?!
Right after the mountain of jello shots😅
I would have thrown up. lol. But jello shots are good.
That's okay! Nothing horrible. Just a lot of jello shots. lol.
When starts a story with, "The Jello Shots were flowing like wine"... I know it's gonna be great.
Thanks everyone so much for saying happy birthday to me. Means so mich to me! I just wanted to give a special thanks to Andi Lamm, Dyl Schlueter, Gage Rhodes & Andrew Wheeler for letting me use their house to throw my party. To James Hansen for the keg shell. Brandon Heinze for the tap. To Chelsea Nenoff for making/ bringing me the jungle juice, 250 jello shots, an amazing birthday cake and everything else she contributed. Lovvveee you girl! . Thank you Brandy Burns for my other birthday cake taking me to lunch and all the things you helped out with. Thank you Taylor Clark and Lauren Clark for all the things you brought to the party and helped with. thank you everyone that came for your love,company and donations! Thank you Ashley hibbs, Angela C, Dana Smith, Nick Dyer, Dominique Ocken and Eric Spale for taking me out to eat. Last but sure as *** not least thank you David Perez and Samantha Moody for your BEAUTIFUL gifts and cards. I love you all so much and cant thank you all enough for making this bi .. ...
beerpong is already on the list 👌 & OMG yesss jello shots & the soaked gummie worms are a MUST!
Ok its official first 2 Headliners locked and loaded for London Calling. As always we will be broadcasting live for the Show from 11-2AM as Well as Free Jello Shots. March 28 - Artful - 2 Hour History Of Garage Set April 25 - DOORLY Exclusive 4 Deck 2 Hour Set
I told my mom that we wanted to make jello shots and she says aww I've never had one will you save one for me? 😂😂😂
Just got somebody to make the jello shots for my party tomorrow night!!!
Hey I'm not the one that was doing Jello shots! You probably were singing Katy Perry songs too.
Margarita Jello Shots... these were made for me. lol
This should have gone up last night, but so many green jello shots!
Jello Shots: because how else are you going to get people to pay to drink rubbing alcohol?
Squirt Ent. (SE) Presents... "The Clash Of The Zodiacs III (Pisces vs Aries), Also Celebrating Teyonce of BGC & Co BDay & The Brown's Anniversary" Ent. (SE) has OFFICIALLY taken over what will now be known as "Thursday Temptations" at Colette Dallas (CD) (CD is a private on-premise BYOB social lifestyle/swingers club for single women, men and couples who are active in or curious about the swinging lifestyle) so EVERY THURSDAY night it's now time for a mixed lifestyle crowd to *** mingle, socialize, drink, party, laugh and play with one another; don't miss out on the fun that is now Thursday Temptations at CD!!! This Thursday night SE is calling out all Pisces once again to *** celebrate their b-days with us, but this time around it's gonna be the last night of the Pisces reign and the start of the Aries reign... So who on this Thursday night will *** represent the hardest, Pisces or Aries!?! We will also be celebrating the seXXXi and fine Ms. Teyonce Reloaded of BGC & Co. and former member of Juice Box b- ...
My liver might not know what hit. Just like 100 jello shots and a gallon of daiquiris.
$2 Jello Shots, $4 Guiness, $4 Baby Guiness, and all sorts of Kinky Stuff!
More than a year later and Kenin is still up there when you Google Image search "Jello shots New Orleans" and I am still proud! :)
I don't inner voice like jello shots. Just saying. ;)
Its $2 Tuesdays! here at The Crazy Horse Showclub and we are serving up twice the fun! Come see some of the hottest entertainers in the industry, and enjoy a nice cold Miller lite or one of our High Octane Jello shots both only $2. also featuring $5 Absolut all day long. Hungry? will take care of that as well with are full service kitchen serving up all you favorites from burgers to wings and everything in between. So come on in the party has already started all that's missing is you! here at the one and only Crazy Horse Show Club of Charlotte! Mal Entertain, Krystal Kocher, Cameron Prosser.
sorry to annoy everyone but we have 4 days left till the mouse races hosted by yours truly SE BOOSTER CLUB! location: knights of columbus hall in cottleville off hwy n. date: saturday march 22nd time: doors open at 630pm and the races start at 7pm $20 per person or $150 per table. price INCLUDES beer and soda! you may also bring your own snacks for your table. we will have an alcohol table, 50/50 raffle and JELLO SHOTS! everyone must be 21 years and older so let me know if you are interested! PLEASE AND THANK YOU!
. Official st pattys picture of 2014, your 'super sick' green jello-shots
The best part last night was when I got a buy 11 Jello shots get one free deal. Or when bob was trying to get me to smash his phone.
Somehow I pulled it off!!! The opening was a total success. Owners, staff and customers are all smiles and I have a few new recipes in the works. In other news. 15 jello shots kicked my ***
just so everyone knows- Jello shots- 2$ Reg. Shots(depending on what kind)- 2-3$ Keg fill ups- honestly depending on who you are and how well I know you 2-5$ Pot brownies- 5$ Don't like it byob.
Getting ready to make the Jello Shots. Swing by today for Heather Shubert Henry and my "Let's be Irish for another day! " party. Free pool free shots and lots of giveaways. And there's still corned beef and cabbage left. Should be another great party. Woohoo!
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KARISSA"S ARMY EVENT Friday, April 25 at 7:00pm. Walker's Pub 2024 Sarah St, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15203. We want to make Karissa's ARMY bigger and stronger by spreading the word on Domestic Violence. We will have specials 50/50 Jello shots Chinese Auction I have window decals that I will be making the order that night, if anyone cant come and wants one please let me know. They are 6.00 you can have it any color. *If anyone want to bring a dish please et me know* *If anyone would like to help with donating something for the Chinese Auction that would be great. More info to come
April 5th is de next big jam ! ! Ladies get your kitty kat ready and come Put on a wuk up ! Dj Karl and Selecta Kuff. Trinity Krew and Insanity Sounds, And the dynasty will be flinging tunes FUSIONBAND!!! Come get your share of jello shots and the first set of ladies will receive some NAIR!!! COME PUT ON A WUK UP and SHOW OF YOUR KITTY KAT !!
Genius! "These Guinness shots are pretty cool.
Im thinking about having virgin jello shots lol
Good morning everybody hope you all enjoyed St Patty's Day, hope everyone got enough green jello shots too last a good year!!! Lol, Well have a super duper Tuesday and don't work too hard!!!
Nisa JV Janie Mimi pisces party 3/22 900 until you too stoned to stay. dj food jello shots beer liquor of course my specialty kush
Think I had to many jello shots but paying the price today :(
Ugh I feel so sick I shouldn't of took all the jello shots last night :(
Yea I did some jello-shots before my morning classes so why not keep it up this afternoon
I'm not making these jello shots sooo
Less than a month till our 20 yr 70's themed anniversary party, yay!! Everyone is invited. Only thing we are asking is to respect our wishes and wear your 70's clothing if you plan on attending. I don't think that's asking too much. Lots of food, Jello Shots and Drunk Pineapples. We will have a Soul Train line, Scrabble Board, pictures and more. This is an adult affair. BYOB. Hope to see you all there, April 12th FOP Lodge. Let us know if you need driving directions
I gotta thank my amazing friends and family for fantastic st patties with beer pong and jello shots .. now I going to spemd the day recovering
Think I’ll make some jello shots for later.
Saturday April 19th at The Blind Center.. Jello shots nd hunch punch in VIP...
Cute idea if your a basketball fan.March Madness 3-point Jello Shots!!! :)
3 Jello Shots, Double Shot of Patron, A shot of Ciroc and my Personal Bottle..Man Had a Ball last Night At the Oregon With my Cousin Tyneshia Knolton Thank You Cousin And TO Everyone That Sent me Love Thank you So Much I really Enjoyed This Birthday!
Happy st. Pats! Green pancakes & jello shots with friends to start the day.
hvin a hotle party for my birthday kegs ,bottles ,jello shots doodie ,bud, bars for days My birthdays on a friday we partying all night ;) Msg me for morr info ;)
Best email from co-worker: "Only 7 jello shots left. Come and get them." We had a St. Paddy's Day party thanks to & Josepine.
LOLOLOL me and Andrea kept giving our GM free jello shots and beer to get him wasted
Doing my taxes and making jello shots. Is this adulthood?
Happy 90th Birthday to my Gramma!! I will make you some jello shots for your birthday bash!! I love you!!!
Jello shots.Irish Car win St.Patty's day you win.
Just woke up... So glad the next holiday is Easter FYI-don't mix beer, whiskey and jello shots
green Jello shots are a great way to let your date know he doesn't need to slip you a ruffie
I must make strawberry jello shots.
We still have Liftoff jello shots!! On sale today for only a $1each!!! Make sure you get here early to not miss out!! Start you day off right!!
Those jello shots had me feelin a little too good 😬
"Let me know when you're done Molly and I'll send in the Hooters waitress with Jello shots."
Happy bday . Massive house party at Luchae's place tonight. Jello shots at the door,beer pong,the works
Jello shots for lunch, cuz why not 🍸
Should I bring jello shots or a vodka watermelon to Cup?
Sometimes you just walk into strawberries and jello shots
I was ok with the red and blue jello shots but then came the yellow and oh bay beee. As of now not a box or the word jello is allowed in my house or in my presence.
Happy St. Patrick's day! Corned beef & cabbage with potatoes and carrots for $6.95, we also have green jello shots $1.50, or enjoy a Irish coffee for $4.75. Come enjoy your night with us.
Come see us at the Hut for St. Patty's Day and pick up your green beer and Jello shots!!
We don't have green beer , but we do have green jello shots :)
Score! Forgot about the drawer of jello shots!
You've still got time to come get your Jello shots!!! 10 for only $4.99!!
Mudslides, beet, and jello shots.o much for losing least i had a
Of course. Jello shots bein' so Irish and all.
Stop in for some green beer and jello shots all night. And enjoy .50 boneless wings.
Ray Lewis Band tonight. Tomorrow Night- D.J. Greg Tucker $1 Jello Shots some different $3 shot specials and $5 Grape bombs Also get the most amazing Mud Slide ever for $8 oh so worth it...
Friday Night KARAOKE at Kims Pub tonight. Show starts at 930pm so get up, put your dancing shoes on and shimmy your way on over here. Dart Tourney sexy Chasity behind the bar. .. $5 Long Island Iced Teas $4.50 Fireball $3 Goldschlager $2.50 Bud Lt Lime and $1 Jello Shots (everyday).Come and get u sum!!!
Ok. So it's going to be an evening of making Jello Shots & Trader Joe Cheese & Wines. Let's not forget about all the fun stuff we can grill too! Who's in?
tomorrow will be leaving from colonial heights at 10:30P | Jello Shots,…
Jello Shots, not just for college kids
Karaoke Night in the lounge!! Jello Shots only a $1.50, also $1 Bud & Bud light, and $1.25 Tecate sex on the beach & lemon drop shots only $2 + other drink specials all night long Starting at 10pm Thursday night Rock-n-Bowl unlimited bowling and billiards only $10
Tonight at Katz UFC Fights live from Sleep Train aka Arco Arena! $4 Risky Whiskey Shooters and $1 Jello Shots! Erin, Katie, and Lo are waiting for you!
Stop up for the game tonight and enjoy $5 wings or chunks!! All Yuengling bottles are $1.75 and New Castle is $2.5. $2 Bombs and $1 Jello Shots!!!
Come out for Thirsty Thursday & cheer on your favorite teams with $3 Corona & Corona Light, $4 Cuervo, $1 Jello Shots!
survived Tailgater.. and NINER 1 point loss... now its TV time and I am down for the count.. Mimosas, Jello Shots,. need I say more.. these kids had me going for a bit.. ..none the less. I made it home fine and dandy. and no more Candlestick next year :(.. wont be going to Santa Clara.
Don't want to drive tonight? Let us pick you up FREE of charge, you can party hard and we will even bring you home! Call us and book your free shuttle now Come visit us tonight! Our Sam Adams tap takeover is going on with 4 kinds of great Sam Adams Beer on tap! Also we have $3.50 Hoppin Helles Pints, $2 Jello Shots & the amazing Badger Burger.
Tonight! Come out Saturday for the Fun at Ralph's... There will be Jello Shots, and Shot Specials as well as Prizes for best costumes, and raffles. Here is the current list of the items we have: Ralphs Gift Certificates and T-shirts Pirate’s Cove Resort & Marina (2 night stay) - $300 River Palm Cottages & Fish Camp (2 night stay)- $250 Golfing for 4 - TBD Turbo's Custom Cycles - 2 $25 Gift Certificates and 4 Tshirts Title Boxing of Jupiter - $50 Gift Certificate and goodie bag Jupiter Hardware Supply - Mag light $20 Busy Blades - $80 Gift Certificate for lawn care Juno Fish house - Gift certificate $30 Harley of Palm Beach -$25 Gift Certificate Blueline Paddle Board/Kayaks - $80 value Thirsty Turtle - $50 Gift Certificate Makai Project Hand Board - $100
My neighbor made jello shots for tonights party...ha!
Well. I may or may of not licked some jello shots off of three girls boobs last night. Whooos.
Jello Shots on point for this Halloween Party. Thanks to
It was badass there was beer , jello shots , vodka , Tequila & mezcal everywhere
The party is TONIGHT party people! Pumpkin keg with good beer, punch, jello shots. Bring some cash if you'd like to contribute to our fund!
Kayla told her dad his jello shots are weak
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Ready to kill all these jello shots I made
Tonight is the night.byob, great music spun by Camal Mckellar, shots,prize giveaways,jello shots, raffles,and...
Note to self: my hangover capacity no longer includes jello shots.
In line for the ACT, and the girls in front of me are talking about jello shots...
I feel like i got a hangover from only 2 jello shots and a half of drink. Smh
Our mayor went to our school, tailgates, does jello shots, and zombie crawls. Check and mate.
Jello shots, bottles on bottles on bottles, a keg, I'm loving this party!
>:) if you aren't my friend you're going to wish you were. I'm making 200 jello shots :)
The day is here! Wake up and get your costume ready and bring your appetite. My friend Erin is bringing her famous jello shots and some other crazy good shots in ice shot glasses so bring your thirst as well. I'm starting my morning with coffee with some kahlua in it and of course my fire is going. We have a lot of wood to burn on the bonfire tonight so if you are a firebug get out here!!! I'm so excited to be ready with little to do today. This is a first because I always have to battle the rain and wind putting off the last minute decorations it seems and I procrastinate. Pics to come!!
I could smell the aftermath of jello shots from two yards away from my front door, therefore I officially deem last night a success.
yay!oh darn, I would but I had day off. How's jello shots
Jello shots and vodka for breakfast. Sign me up
Captin Morgan, jello shots, and budlight is kicking my *** right now and I have to go to work at 10. FML.
After being with for 12 hrs, 2 Monsters, 2 Jello Shots, & a dinosaur unloading his liquid all over me I think its time to sleep
S/O to the hundreds jello shots I ate and Leah's roomates who won't stop calling me Allen.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Finished all my jello shots, now waitin on Lucy to get here so we can film a hot new G/G vid :) you'll be able to get it on cam tomorrow!
I hate jello but I love jello shots. Ha :)
they were actually serving orange jello shots for lunch today, I should have heeded the signs, I SHOULD HAVE SEEN IT COMING BUT I DID NOT
Just got done making almost 400 jello shots this is just one refrigerator the rest are in a different one
Lol you didn't even say bye punk we.had jello shots too cx
Making like 900 jello shots, got a keg and 10 bottles. This party is gunna be epic
Ok I am done making jello shots...hope you guys like them :-)
Made 180 pudding shots & 176 jello shots yeah it's about time to call it a *** night lol
I'm so buzzed off of three little moscato bottles and two jello shots, ssd life :(
I'm home safe and only had 4 jello shots. Not sure how many had though :)
We will have special jello shots, $2 pbr's, and costume contest with cash prize
Don't let me get ahold of dem jello shots 😊
Told myself I wouldn't drink tonight. Four jello shots later, homie brings out the absinthe. It's gonna be one of those nights.
Omg, we're gonna have jello shots out the *** tmrw!
Thank everyone tn :))) tn was a good ads night to many jello shots n flip cup omg :)))
Halloween party with jello shots, dancing and more shots. Then did my first Drag King show at Central Station, won the crowd and made money!
I dont even know my neighbor but honestly she is the best. Offered me wine and jello shots to make me feel better. She already knows me well
I think I had too many jello shots ...
Jello shots done. Thank god. Should i pull an all niter for cleaning the house? No real sure yet!
Jello shots are your friends.just saying.
I'm exhausted. I've made no food but the house is cleanish and Halloween has partially vomited in my living room. I've drank no wine so I still have a shot at getting some crap done, but I'm getting close to cracking that bottle open...I think I better start those jello shots first though...I'm going to try to put dismembered body parts in them.
Just finished making over 200 jello shots decorating the front yard making Halloween cupcakes so excited for the party tomorrow can't wait
I spend Plenty of time in the kitchen... jello shots are almost done :-)
Jello + Vodka = Jello Shots. Oh yeah someone is getting wasted this weekend!
Tomorrow is our HALLOWEEN PARTY!!! We have SOULSTICE LIVE @ 9pm! COME IN COSTUME FOR OUR COSTUME CONTEST $100 for first place $50 for second and great gift baskets for 3rd and fourth place, $3 syringe double jello shots, and lots of drink, shot and appetizer specials! And always no cover! Also everyone in costume gets half of their first drink!
What? Can it be?? FIREBALL shot $2:00 jello shots $1:00 Come on down to the Tavern for some good times "All roads lead to Roca"
Costume check, gumbo check, dips made from scratch check, I need to make Jello shots in the morning... I need to find great shot recipes for tomorrow!
Raspberry and Cherry lemonade jello shots with Skye Passion fruit Vodka. Yum!
Bahama mama & rum & coke jello shots are in the making :)
Jello shots for the adults. Making 200 (first time making them be gentle) and candy for the kids :) Happy Halloween for everyone!
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Hey everyone the weekend is finally here happy Friday!! Tonights specials are $10 well liquor pitchers, $2 fireball shots, $2 shots on all new liquors and $1 jello shots!! Also don't forget to sign up for a chance to win a new shot gun :)!! Swing on down its always a party here at Erikas!!
Jello shots...done. Potato salad... done. Party favors...done. Deviled eggs. done. Still have a few more things to make...gonna be a long night.
Making jello shots for Halloween while listening to Christmas music, only at the Brennans!!!
Dance Floor Junkies are in town and ready to JAM. $7 cover tnite (good for a free drink voucher). Costume contest with CASH prizes. We got *** and gummy bear jello shots!!! FILLMOR TNITE 10pm. Killer light show by me at Firefly Lighting and Sound
We have a little over 500 jello shots to make! Someone want to come help us? :) We can drink in the process!
Body shots, jello shots, at Sombrero starting at 5:30pm on the patio.
All along the way there are drink and jello shots!! As many ad you want. Hey... does a jello shot count as drinks and dinner? LOL
Lots of shot specials this weekend!! Come on in for $1.00 tootsie roll jello shots, $3.00 orange bombs, $1.50 apple pie or $3/3, and .50 scary cherries - come in costume and receive a free Halloween shot!!!
RBD Promotions presents W.T.F [Welcome to Fantasy] November 30, 2013 CLUB Acopoca [Dunrobin Plaza] Music by: Zj Ice, Creep Chromatic, Dj Dwayne, Dj Money Bling and more guest selectors... Free Jello Shots for Ladies b4 12... General Admission $1000 (ladies 2 for 1 all night) for tickets and more info contact 477-9831 or BB pin: 22C40D7C
My sis is the mad scientist of jello shots
8th Annual Halloween Party starts tonight at 8. Everyone in costume gets Happy Hour Prices and a chance to win a Keg Party!! Prizes for best costumes, Jello Shots, and other Shot Specials!! Hope to see you Tonight!!
Happy friday everyone! New Nicole a.k.a. Dimples, is behind the bar now till 6pm, Ruthie & Shannon will take over 6-cls. Tomorrow night is our 3rd annual Halloween Costume party w/ musical guests BAD MAGICK! $100 for best costume, $50 for 2nd pace, and $25 for 3rd place. We will also have free give-aways, and other fun things happening tomorrow night. Festivities kick off at 9pm. SPECIALS: Fire Eater Cinnamon whiskey $3/shot, Dewars Honey $3/shot, Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum $3.25/shot, Burnett's Flavored Vodka $3/shot, Ed Hardy Premium Tequila $3/shot, Smirnoff Caramel Kissed Vodka $3.75/shot, PBR $1.75/16oz draft, Pbr, Rolling Rock, & Narragansett 16 oz cans all only $2, and Best Jello shots in Chicopee 1 for $2 or 3 for $5! More drink specials to come. Thats all for now folks. Come visit Nicole before 6pm tonight.See you here. -Monty
COSTUME PARTY all weekend!!! Show up in costume for good times & shenanigans :P FREE food for Happy Hour 4pm till it's gone. $1 JELLO SHOTS!!! $2 Olympia & PBR Cans $4 Creamsicles 32oz Tecate bottles - $5.50 $5 Beer & shot special
HAPPY 4TH OF JULY WEEKEND!!! The party is still rockin TONIGHT 7/7/13 @ Bernie's Beach Club in O.O.B. ME. $1 Jello Shots and drink specials all night long..DJ FILTHY RICH will be mixing the hottest hits all night long..Come to the best party on the beach hands down!! You know if you were there last night..It was CRAZY!!! Come dance the night away and enjoy the view of the patio deck..It's gonna be a PROLIFIC night!! See ya at the party..
HUGE thanks to Donna Wilson for hosting a "Jello Shots & Flip Flops" party tonight! (Pudding shots & Honey Boo-Boo, too - thanks, George!) As always, the fun & alcohol was flowing!! Donna got $770 in PartyLite products ~ WOW! I'm so excited for Denise Preston's "Couple's Wings & Things" party on 8/17, Deb's "Mudslide Mania" one on 8/31 & Kyle Koji's party coming up! I know you're all still partying & will be well into the night ~ be good! (RIGHT!) Love you all ... xoxo
Doors are wide open here at Karma!! Lets get somethin started!! New lights and new sound system :D come check it out!!! $10 Miller Lite $1 Jello Shots $1.50 Shock Top and Magic Hat $10 Fish Bowls
It's Wednesday again! I'm bartending at Lafayette's Hideaway! Come in tonight!! We are gonna do some Touchtunes Karaoke on the Jukebox! Beer pong table is out!m The best pool tables in the area! Patron, Coors Lt, Jello Shots! $2 Pints, $3 Coronas, $10 Pizza & Pitcher! $5 Spicey Chicken Sandwich w/ chips!
Anybody know where to get those little disposable cups for Jello Shots? If you say Wal-Mart, please navigate me to the spot, cuz last time I was at Wal-Mart, I had to go to the underwear aisle to find ketchup.
Making all new kinds of Jello Shots!!! Cherry Coke, Broken Heart, Miraculous Conception and more!!! Yummy can't wait for the up coming weekend!!!
WILD WEDNESDAY! Come get out of the rain and enjoy some terrific specials here at the SeaWitch!!! $1.00 Jello Shots $2.00 PBR Cans $4.00 Flavored Vodka Bombs And our food feature for today is... 6oz Shaved Prime Rib Sandwich w/ Melted Swiss and a Horseradish Cream Sauce. Your choice of side. $8.95. Come let Dell, Jenni, and the rest of the SeaWitch family add some sunshine to your rainy day!! :) And don't forget, KARAOKE from 7pm-12am tonight!!!
Well it's that time again to Announce that our Third Annual Fall Party will be Sept. 14 at 6:00 p.m. Bring appetizer and Byob, I will supply the Jello Shots and D.J. Hope to see you there: Leann Strang Gump, Lynda Marceau, Candas Johnson, Dan Booth, Dana Stoll Vossman, Pam Robeson Moore, Marti Spease- Riddle, Gary Ford, Amber Streeter Wickliffe, Sue Chaney Smith, Kevin Toppino, Robin Peters, Ann Dodson, Brent Deford,Christy Stenner, Lynde Greene Devine, Todd Kendall Gregory-Downs, Vicky *** Teresa Cavender,Julie Huckaby Looney,Tammy Livingston, Kathy Ramey Neill,Troy McKay, Julie Morrison,Bill Burris, Jodi Raulsten, or if you Graduated from Plattsburg High Between 1980-1985 you are more than Welcome to come.
Alright Folks it's that time again, What time you ask? PARTY TIME AT THE STARDUST! The Boss is still out of town so come on out and party with the cool cats in town, Jim Harker and Michelle Gillette Harker will be hosting Karaoke and Alec LeBeau will be slinging the drinks behind the bar. Drink Specials $2.00 Pudding & Jello Shots $2.00 Bud Lights $3.00 UV Vodkas $3.00 Captain Morgan $4.00 OR-G Bombs!
Tonight is the night to be at Mo's Place. Rhythm of the Road will be with Wade Bowen on stage. They are going to keep the stage rocking and those boots a skooting. See you there. Get your Jello Shots from the girls that have on Rhythm of the Road T- Shirts.
Who is ready for Game 3 of Warriors vs Spurs? We are the official location for the Warriors SF watch party... doors open at 5pm and tip off is at 7:30pm!!! $1 Jello Shots $5 Dos Equis $5 Wells $8 Warrior Bomb $17 Buckets of Bud or Bud Light $99 Ring of Fire
Jello Shots - 70 Alcohol inspired 1 *JAGER BOMB* boil 1 cup red bull (in place of water), add black cherry or orange jello, 1 cups jager. 2 *MARGARITA* boil 1 cup water, add 3 oz pkg lime jello, 4 oz tequila, 4 oz sweet & sour margarita mix. sprinkle with salt just before firm. (substitue watermelon jello for lime for a melon margarita) 3 *RUM & COKE* boil 1 cups coke, mix in dark cherry jello add 1 cups light rum 4 *MIMOSAS* this one varies from the normal method Since champagne isn't as strong as liquor, cut the water out of this one. boil one cup champagne, mix orange jello 2 min, add one more cup champagne and a splash of OJ. 5 *SILK* Boil one cup champagne, mix in jello for 2 minutes, add one cup champagne and splash of lychee juice from the can. 6 *ORANGE TIC TAC* Boil two cups red bull, mix jello two minutes, add two cups mandarin orange vodka 7 *LEMON DROP* (boil 1 cup water, add lemon jello, citrus vodka, top with sugar sprinkles just before its fully set up) 8 *GRAPE CRUSH* (boil 1 cups water, a ...
Come see me in tiny bikinis this Sunday! Come and vote for Your CeCeMrs813 this coming Sunday May 5th, 2013... Winners Circle Presents: TBAproductions 4th Annual Cinco de Mayo Bikini Contest | PARTY STARTS AT NOON, Contest at 4pm Our host venue this year will be Winners Circle Sports Bar and Grill in Lakeland, Florida! Mark those Calendars! NO COVER, ALL AGES SPECIALS: $1 Jello Shots, $3 shots specials, & more drink & Food specials all day. $25 VIP Seats Available Free General Admission Proudly Sponsored by: CORONA Contest will be 4pm-6pm. Judging done by a panel of industry exec's & sponsors.
Its HALF OFF DAY @ Folly Moon! 1/2 off Miller High Life, 1/2 Off Guiness, 1/2 off all Burgers, and $2 Jello Shots! Our entertainment today is Ben Miller and Michael Martin Band...Match that with our girl Cheryl Crowder on days and Heather Ann Bronge on nights, with Elisabeth Liz Herbert in the kitchen.and you got MAGIC people!!! :) Let us warm you up tonite!!! :)
Gotta go buy my Bdaee outfitt and the stuff to make Jello Shots'! Iswear ima be Turnt All The Way Tf' Up'! Buhh shuld iwear a dress or shorts' or Tights'? Lemme noee'!
Great show tonight at Backstage Lounge with national touring band VAGABOND SWING. Don't miss this crazyness, they are amazing live!!! Plus Orlando's FOREVER & COUNTING and Gvlle's very own THE RICK RYAN BAND. Doors to the band room at 9pm, show at 10pm. Main bar open at 11am and never has a cover and both sides have great drink specials. We have $5 Double Wells, $6 Double Calls, $2.50 all Domestic Bottled Beer and $1.50 Jello Shots! . Red Hook IPA bottles $3.25, $4 pints. Bud Platinum and Black Crown $3.25. We also have Victory Golden Monkey and Hop Devil IPA!!! See ya there...
It's a gorgeous Friday! Come out and enjoy this great weather with us. The patio is open with full service every day and with the outside TVs, you never miss the game action. Our foosball tournament starts at 7:30 and we may have some special visitors in to watch. Get here early for dinner and drinks and then practice. Don't forget we have Karaoke starting tonight at 10 PM. The fun and crazy Platinum K is hosting and has the best Karaoke show in Charlotte. Here are today's Specials available all day: FOOD Chicken Caesar Sub or Wrap $4.99 Served with Chips Butterfly Shrimp $6.99 Served with Fries Open Face Turkey Dinner $8.99 Served with Mashed Potatoes, Gravy & House Salad Small Open Face Roast Beef $5.99 Served with Fries DRINKS Killian’s Pint $2.25 Yuengling & Miller Lite Bottles $2.25 Buckets $9.75 Pabst Blue Ribbon Miller High Life Miller High Life Light Busch & Busch Light $2.00 Bottles / $9.00 Buckets (5) Coco Loco $3.75 Jello Shots $1
Update your maps at Navteq
Jello Shots, Captain Morgan and cards..tryna forget the past events
Who has jello shots? This guy! Huge party at the roads tonight at 8. Bud light kegs and the coldest beer in town. $3 Cherry Bombs $4 Jager Bombs $3 Sky Vodka and Patron XO $1 Jello Shots, get em before they're gone.
Come join us for drinks and a wide variety of flavorful smoke tonight! $3 Blue Moons, $2 Jello Shots, and don't miss DJ Sarper's live house and lounge music!
Tomorrow Night! Come join Roxy Mountains and her crew as they help celebrate the Awards Season - The Winners - The Losers - And that one song you can't get out of your head - you know, from that movie everyone saw with the guy from that tv show where he played a geek and there were all these explosions (no - in the movie not the tv show) and the girl and those cars - well you know what we mean. NO COVER CHARGE. 21 & over. Jello Shots & Drink Specials. Come in and join the fun with Roxy, Alexis, Angel, Eric L. H, Katarzyna, La Devia, Monica, Tj, Darryl, Chris, Eric and Memo!
I'm so hubby Tim Hanley is letting me have this night.Pandora "Midnight Star" radio. those who know him are feeling his pain right about now!! ;) However, we have Jello Shots!
Fantabulous Friday! $2.50 Miller Lite, MGD, or High Life btls., $3.00 Captain Morgan, $3.00 Dr McGillicuddy Shots, and Steak Nite until 9pm! Think you got balls, prove it!!! Pool Tourney at 9pm, and the Fabulously Fun Ms Erin Breen has 50 cent Jello Shots, while they last! Stop in and warm up with a Fireball Shot!!! Let's get this weekend started!!!
It's WILD WOMEN WEDNESDAY!! $1.50 bottle beer, $2.50 well drinks for the ladies! $1 Miscellaneous beers BOGO Jello Shots tonight!! Karaoke starts at 8pm! Don't just get over the hump ~ ENJOY IT at the BEST club in town ~ WILD COUNTRY! Check out our menu ~ We have the BEST wings in town! !!! IT'S GONNA BE WILD !!! A Private Club
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