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Jello Shots

Gelatin desserts are desserts made with sweetened and flavored gelatin. They can be made by combining plain gelatin with other ingredients or by using a premixed blend of gelatin with additives.

Happy Hour Drink Specials Captain Morgan Bud Light Shiner Bock Thirsty Thursday Jack Daniels Karaoke Night Ladies Night Halloween Party Sunday Funday Sierra Nevada Rolling Rock

I gotta thank my amazing friends and family for fantastic st patties with beer pong and jello shots .. now I going to spemd the day recovering
Think I’ll make some jello shots for later.
Saturday April 19th at The Blind Center.. Jello shots nd hunch punch in VIP...
Cute idea if your a basketball fan.March Madness 3-point Jello Shots!!! :)
3 Jello Shots, Double Shot of Patron, A shot of Ciroc and my Personal Bottle..Man Had a Ball last Night At the Oregon With my Cousin Tyneshia Knolton Thank You Cousin And TO Everyone That Sent me Love Thank you So Much I really Enjoyed This Birthday!
Happy st. Pats! Green pancakes & jello shots with friends to start the day.
hvin a hotle party for my birthday kegs ,bottles ,jello shots doodie ,bud, bars for days My birthdays on a friday we partying all night ;) Msg me for morr info ;)
Best email from co-worker: "Only 7 jello shots left. Come and get them." We had a St. Paddy's Day party thanks to & Josepine.
LOLOLOL me and Andrea kept giving our GM free jello shots and beer to get him wasted
Doing my taxes and making jello shots. Is this adulthood?
Happy 90th Birthday to my Gramma!! I will make you some jello shots for your birthday bash!! I love you!!!
Jello shots.Irish Car win St.Patty's day you win.
Just woke up... So glad the next holiday is Easter FYI-don't mix beer, whiskey and jello shots
green Jello shots are a great way to let your date know he doesn't need to slip you a ruffie
I must make strawberry jello shots.
We still have Liftoff jello shots!! On sale today for only a $1each!!! Make sure you get here early to not miss out!! Start you day off right!!
Those jello shots had me feelin a little too good 😬
"Let me know when you're done Molly and I'll send in the Hooters waitress with Jello shots."
Happy bday . Massive house party at Luchae's place tonight. Jello shots at the door,beer pong,the works
Jello shots for lunch, cuz why not 🍸
Should I bring jello shots or a vodka watermelon to Cup?
Sometimes you just walk into strawberries and jello shots
I was ok with the red and blue jello shots but then came the yellow and oh bay beee. As of now not a box or the word jello is allowed in my house or in my presence.
Happy St. Patrick's day! Corned beef & cabbage with potatoes and carrots for $6.95, we also have green jello shots $1.50, or enjoy a Irish coffee for $4.75. Come enjoy your night with us.
Come see us at the Hut for St. Patty's Day and pick up your green beer and Jello shots!!
We don't have green beer , but we do have green jello shots :)
Score! Forgot about the drawer of jello shots!
You've still got time to come get your Jello shots!!! 10 for only $4.99!!
Mudslides, beet, and jello shots.o much for losing least i had a
Of course. Jello shots bein' so Irish and all.
Stop in for some green beer and jello shots all night. And enjoy .50 boneless wings.
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THURSDAY MARCH 13TH it's KARAOKE and PINT NIGHT at Zombies bar... Karaoke on our main stage from 9-2am... **PINT NIGHT** Bud Lt, Bud, Lonestar, Dos xx, Shiner Bock draft pints are only $2.00 $3.00 YOU CALL IT / Single Shot specials / except Patron, 151, **WHISKEY WEEK** All our Whiskey shots are only $3.00... Drinks are $3.50.. Drink Specials: $1.00 Jello Shots... $2.00 Zombie and Starfker shots... $2.50 Pickle shots $3.00 Jager, Jack Daniels, and Jim Beam shots.. $3.50 Crown and Jager Bombs... Bar opens 5pm.. No Cover 21 & Up.. Come on by and have a great time at Zombies Bar and Music Venue
Ray Lewis Band tonight. Tomorrow Night- D.J. Greg Tucker $1 Jello Shots some different $3 shot specials and $5 Grape bombs Also get the most amazing Mud Slide ever for $8 oh so worth it...
Friday Night KARAOKE at Kims Pub tonight. Show starts at 930pm so get up, put your dancing shoes on and shimmy your way on over here. Dart Tourney sexy Chasity behind the bar. .. $5 Long Island Iced Teas $4.50 Fireball $3 Goldschlager $2.50 Bud Lt Lime and $1 Jello Shots (everyday).Come and get u sum!!!
Ok. So it's going to be an evening of making Jello Shots & Trader Joe Cheese & Wines. Let's not forget about all the fun stuff we can grill too! Who's in?
tomorrow will be leaving from colonial heights at 10:30P | Jello Shots,…
Jello Shots, not just for college kids
Karaoke Night in the lounge!! Jello Shots only a $1.50, also $1 Bud & Bud Light, and $1.25 Tecate sex on the beach & lemon drop shots only $2 + other Drink Specials all night long Starting at 10pm Thursday night Rock-n-Bowl unlimited bowling and billiards only $10
Tonight at Katz UFC Fights live from Sleep Train aka Arco Arena! $4 Risky Whiskey Shooters and $1 Jello Shots! Erin, Katie, and Lo are waiting for you!
Stop up for the game tonight and enjoy $5 wings or chunks!! All Yuengling bottles are $1.75 and New Castle is $2.5. $2 Bombs and $1 Jello Shots!!!
Come out for Thirsty Thursday & cheer on your favorite teams with $3 Corona & Corona Light, $4 Cuervo, $1 Jello Shots!
survived Tailgater.. and NINER 1 point loss... now its TV time and I am down for the count.. Mimosas, Jello Shots,. need I say more.. these kids had me going for a bit.. ..none the less. I made it home fine and dandy. and no more Candlestick next year :(.. wont be going to Santa Clara.
Don't want to drive tonight? Let us pick you up FREE of charge, you can party hard and we will even bring you home! Call us and book your free shuttle now Come visit us tonight! Our Sam Adams tap takeover is going on with 4 kinds of great Sam Adams Beer on tap! Also we have $3.50 Hoppin Helles Pints, $2 Jello Shots & the amazing Badger Burger.
Tonight! Come out Saturday for the Fun at Ralph's... There will be Jello Shots, and Shot Specials as well as Prizes for best costumes, and raffles. Here is the current list of the items we have: Ralphs Gift Certificates and T-shirts Pirate’s Cove Resort & Marina (2 night stay) - $300 River Palm Cottages & Fish Camp (2 night stay)- $250 Golfing for 4 - TBD Turbo's Custom Cycles - 2 $25 Gift Certificates and 4 Tshirts Title Boxing of Jupiter - $50 Gift Certificate and goodie bag Jupiter Hardware Supply - Mag light $20 Busy Blades - $80 Gift Certificate for lawn care Juno Fish house - Gift certificate $30 Harley of Palm Beach -$25 Gift Certificate Blueline Paddle Board/Kayaks - $80 value Thirsty Turtle - $50 Gift Certificate Makai Project Hand Board - $100
My neighbor made jello shots for tonights party...ha!
Well. I may or may of not licked some jello shots off of three girls boobs last night. Whooos.
Jello Shots on point for this Halloween Party. Thanks to
It was badass there was beer , jello shots , vodka , Tequila & mezcal everywhere
The party is TONIGHT party people! Pumpkin keg with good beer, punch, jello shots. Bring some cash if you'd like to contribute to our fund!
Kayla told her dad his jello shots are weak
Ready to kill all these jello shots I made
Tonight is the night.byob, great music spun by Camal Mckellar, shots,prize giveaways,jello shots, raffles,and...
Note to self: my hangover capacity no longer includes jello shots.
In line for the ACT, and the girls in front of me are talking about jello shots...
I feel like i got a hangover from only 2 jello shots and a half of drink. Smh
Our mayor went to our school, tailgates, does jello shots, and zombie crawls. Check and mate.
Jello shots, bottles on bottles on bottles, a keg, I'm loving this party!
>:) if you aren't my friend you're going to wish you were. I'm making 200 jello shots :)
The day is here! Wake up and get your costume ready and bring your appetite. My friend Erin is bringing her famous jello shots and some other crazy good shots in ice shot glasses so bring your thirst as well. I'm starting my morning with coffee with some kahlua in it and of course my fire is going. We have a lot of wood to burn on the bonfire tonight so if you are a firebug get out here!!! I'm so excited to be ready with little to do today. This is a first because I always have to battle the rain and wind putting off the last minute decorations it seems and I procrastinate. Pics to come!!
I could smell the aftermath of jello shots from two yards away from my front door, therefore I officially deem last night a success.
yay!oh darn, I would but I had day off. How's jello shots
Jello shots and vodka for breakfast. Sign me up
Captin Morgan, jello shots, and budlight is kicking my *** right now and I have to go to work at 10. FML.
After being with for 12 hrs, 2 Monsters, 2 Jello Shots, & a dinosaur unloading his liquid all over me I think its time to sleep
S/O to the hundreds jello shots I ate and Leah's roomates who won't stop calling me Allen.
Finished all my jello shots, now waitin on Lucy to get here so we can film a hot new G/G vid :) you'll be able to get it on cam tomorrow!
I hate jello but I love jello shots. Ha :)
they were actually serving orange jello shots for lunch today, I should have heeded the signs, I SHOULD HAVE SEEN IT COMING BUT I DID NOT
Just got done making almost 400 jello shots this is just one refrigerator the rest are in a different one
Lol you didn't even say bye punk we.had jello shots too cx
Making like 900 jello shots, got a keg and 10 bottles. This party is gunna be epic
Ok I am done making jello shots...hope you guys like them :-)
Made 180 pudding shots & 176 jello shots yeah it's about time to call it a *** night lol
I'm so buzzed off of three little moscato bottles and two jello shots, ssd life :(
I'm home safe and only had 4 jello shots. Not sure how many had though :)
We will have special jello shots, $2 pbr's, and costume contest with cash prize
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Don't let me get ahold of dem jello shots 😊
Told myself I wouldn't drink tonight. Four jello shots later, homie brings out the absinthe. It's gonna be one of those nights.
Omg, we're gonna have jello shots out the *** tmrw!
Thank everyone tn :))) tn was a good ads night to many jello shots n flip cup omg :)))
Halloween Party with jello shots, dancing and more shots. Then did my first Drag King show at Central Station, won the crowd and made money!
I dont even know my neighbor but honestly she is the best. Offered me wine and jello shots to make me feel better. She already knows me well
I think I had too many jello shots ...
Jello shots done. Thank god. Should i pull an all niter for cleaning the house? No real sure yet!
Jello shots are your friends.just saying.
I'm exhausted. I've made no food but the house is cleanish and Halloween has partially vomited in my living room. I've drank no wine so I still have a shot at getting some crap done, but I'm getting close to cracking that bottle open...I think I better start those jello shots first though...I'm going to try to put dismembered body parts in them.
Just finished making over 200 jello shots decorating the front yard making Halloween cupcakes so excited for the party tomorrow can't wait
I spend Plenty of time in the kitchen... jello shots are almost done :-)
Jello + Vodka = Jello Shots. Oh yeah someone is getting wasted this weekend!
Tomorrow is our Halloween Party!!! We have SOULSTICE LIVE @ 9pm! COME IN COSTUME FOR OUR COSTUME CONTEST $100 for first place $50 for second and great gift baskets for 3rd and fourth place, $3 syringe double jello shots, and lots of drink, shot and appetizer specials! And always no cover! Also everyone in costume gets half of their first drink!
What? Can it be?? FIREBALL shot $2:00 jello shots $1:00 Come on down to the Tavern for some good times "All roads lead to Roca"
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Costume check, gumbo check, dips made from scratch check, I need to make Jello shots in the morning... I need to find great shot recipes for tomorrow!
Raspberry and Cherry lemonade jello shots with Skye Passion fruit Vodka. Yum!
Bahama mama & rum & coke jello shots are in the making :)
Jello shots for the adults. Making 200 (first time making them be gentle) and candy for the kids :) Happy Halloween for everyone!
Hey everyone the weekend is finally here happy Friday!! Tonights specials are $10 well liquor pitchers, $2 fireball shots, $2 shots on all new liquors and $1 jello shots!! Also don't forget to sign up for a chance to win a new shot gun :)!! Swing on down its always a party here at Erikas!!
Jello shots...done. Potato salad... done. Party favors...done. Deviled eggs. done. Still have a few more things to make...gonna be a long night.
Making jello shots for Halloween while listening to Christmas music, only at the Brennans!!!
Dance Floor Junkies are in town and ready to JAM. $7 cover tnite (good for a free drink voucher). Costume contest with CASH prizes. We got *** and gummy bear jello shots!!! FILLMOR TNITE 10pm. Killer light show by me at Firefly Lighting and Sound
We have a little over 500 jello shots to make! Someone want to come help us? :) We can drink in the process!
Body shots, jello shots, at Sombrero starting at 5:30pm on the patio.
All along the way there are drink and jello shots!! As many ad you want. Hey... does a jello shot count as drinks and dinner? LOL
Lots of shot specials this weekend!! Come on in for $1.00 tootsie roll jello shots, $3.00 orange bombs, $1.50 apple pie or $3/3, and .50 scary cherries - come in costume and receive a free Halloween shot!!!
RBD Promotions presents W.T.F [Welcome to Fantasy] November 30, 2013 CLUB Acopoca [Dunrobin Plaza] Music by: Zj Ice, Creep Chromatic, Dj Dwayne, Dj Money Bling and more guest selectors... Free Jello Shots for Ladies b4 12... General Admission $1000 (ladies 2 for 1 all night) for tickets and more info contact 477-9831 or BB pin: 22C40D7C
My sis is the mad scientist of jello shots
8th Annual Halloween Party starts tonight at 8. Everyone in costume gets Happy Hour Prices and a chance to win a Keg Party!! Prizes for best costumes, Jello Shots, and other Shot Specials!! Hope to see you Tonight!!
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Happy friday everyone! New Nicole a.k.a. Dimples, is behind the bar now till 6pm, Ruthie & Shannon will take over 6-cls. Tomorrow night is our 3rd annual Halloween Costume party w/ musical guests BAD MAGICK! $100 for best costume, $50 for 2nd pace, and $25 for 3rd place. We will also have free give-aways, and other fun things happening tomorrow night. Festivities kick off at 9pm. SPECIALS: Fire Eater Cinnamon whiskey $3/shot, Dewars Honey $3/shot, Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum $3.25/shot, Burnett's Flavored Vodka $3/shot, Ed Hardy Premium Tequila $3/shot, Smirnoff Caramel Kissed Vodka $3.75/shot, PBR $1.75/16oz draft, Pbr, Rolling Rock, & Narragansett 16 oz cans all only $2, and Best Jello shots in Chicopee 1 for $2 or 3 for $5! More Drink Specials to come. Thats all for now folks. Come visit Nicole before 6pm tonight.See you here. -Monty
COSTUME PARTY all weekend!!! Show up in costume for good times & shenanigans :P FREE food for Happy Hour 4pm till it's gone. $1 JELLO SHOTS!!! $2 Olympia & PBR Cans $4 Creamsicles 32oz Tecate bottles - $5.50 $5 Beer & shot special
HAPPY 4TH OF JULY WEEKEND!!! The party is still rockin TONIGHT 7/7/13 @ Bernie's Beach Club in O.O.B. ME. $1 Jello Shots and Drink Specials all night long..DJ FILTHY RICH will be mixing the hottest hits all night long..Come to the best party on the beach hands down!! You know if you were there last night..It was CRAZY!!! Come dance the night away and enjoy the view of the patio deck..It's gonna be a PROLIFIC night!! See ya at the party..
HUGE thanks to Donna Wilson for hosting a "Jello Shots & Flip Flops" party tonight! (Pudding shots & Honey Boo-Boo, too - thanks, George!) As always, the fun & alcohol was flowing!! Donna got $770 in PartyLite products ~ WOW! I'm so excited for Denise Preston's "Couple's Wings & Things" party on 8/17, Deb's "Mudslide Mania" one on 8/31 & Kyle Koji's party coming up! I know you're all still partying & will be well into the night ~ be good! (RIGHT!) Love you all ... xoxo
Doors are wide open here at Karma!! Lets get somethin started!! New lights and new sound system :D come check it out!!! $10 Miller Lite $1 Jello Shots $1.50 Shock Top and Magic Hat $10 Fish Bowls
It's Wednesday again! I'm bartending at Lafayette's Hideaway! Come in tonight!! We are gonna do some Touchtunes Karaoke on the Jukebox! Beer pong table is out!m The best pool tables in the area! Patron, Coors Lt, Jello Shots! $2 Pints, $3 Coronas, $10 Pizza & Pitcher! $5 Spicey Chicken Sandwich w/ chips!
Anybody know where to get those little disposable cups for Jello Shots? If you say Wal-Mart, please navigate me to the spot, cuz last time I was at Wal-Mart, I had to go to the underwear aisle to find ketchup.
Making all new kinds of Jello Shots!!! Cherry Coke, Broken Heart, Miraculous Conception and more!!! Yummy can't wait for the up coming weekend!!!
WILD WEDNESDAY! Come get out of the rain and enjoy some terrific specials here at the SeaWitch!!! $1.00 Jello Shots $2.00 PBR Cans $4.00 Flavored Vodka Bombs And our food feature for today is... 6oz Shaved Prime Rib Sandwich w/ Melted Swiss and a Horseradish Cream Sauce. Your choice of side. $8.95. Come let Dell, Jenni, and the rest of the SeaWitch family add some sunshine to your rainy day!! :) And don't forget, KARAOKE from 7pm-12am tonight!!!
Well it's that time again to Announce that our Third Annual Fall Party will be Sept. 14 at 6:00 p.m. Bring appetizer and Byob, I will supply the Jello Shots and D.J. Hope to see you there: Leann Strang Gump, Lynda Marceau, Candas Johnson, Dan Booth, Dana Stoll Vossman, Pam Robeson Moore, Marti Spease- Riddle, Gary Ford, Amber Streeter Wickliffe, Sue Chaney Smith, Kevin Toppino, Robin Peters, Ann Dodson, Brent Deford,Christy Stenner, Lynde Greene Devine, Todd Kendall Gregory-Downs, Vicky *** Teresa Cavender,Julie Huckaby Looney,Tammy Livingston, Kathy Ramey Neill,Troy McKay, Julie Morrison,Bill Burris, Jodi Raulsten, or if you Graduated from Plattsburg High Between 1980-1985 you are more than Welcome to come.
Alright Folks it's that time again, What time you ask? PARTY TIME AT THE STARDUST! The Boss is still out of town so come on out and party with the cool cats in town, Jim Harker and Michelle Gillette Harker will be hosting Karaoke and Alec LeBeau will be slinging the drinks behind the bar. Drink Specials $2.00 Pudding & Jello Shots $2.00 Bud Lights $3.00 UV Vodkas $3.00 Captain Morgan $4.00 OR-G Bombs!
Tonight is the night to be at Mo's Place. Rhythm of the Road will be with Wade Bowen on stage. They are going to keep the stage rocking and those boots a skooting. See you there. Get your Jello Shots from the girls that have on Rhythm of the Road T- Shirts.
Who is ready for Game 3 of Warriors vs Spurs? We are the official location for the Warriors SF watch party... doors open at 5pm and tip off is at 7:30pm!!! $1 Jello Shots $5 Dos Equis $5 Wells $8 Warrior Bomb $17 Buckets of Bud or Bud Light $99 Ring of Fire
Jello Shots - 70 Alcohol inspired 1 *JAGER BOMB* boil 1 cup red bull (in place of water), add black cherry or orange jello, 1 cups jager. 2 *MARGARITA* boil 1 cup water, add 3 oz pkg lime jello, 4 oz tequila, 4 oz sweet & sour margarita mix. sprinkle with salt just before firm. (substitue watermelon jello for lime for a melon margarita) 3 *RUM & COKE* boil 1 cups coke, mix in dark cherry jello add 1 cups light rum 4 *MIMOSAS* this one varies from the normal method Since champagne isn't as strong as liquor, cut the water out of this one. boil one cup champagne, mix orange jello 2 min, add one more cup champagne and a splash of OJ. 5 *SILK* Boil one cup champagne, mix in jello for 2 minutes, add one cup champagne and splash of lychee juice from the can. 6 *ORANGE TIC TAC* Boil two cups red bull, mix jello two minutes, add two cups mandarin orange vodka 7 *LEMON DROP* (boil 1 cup water, add lemon jello, citrus vodka, top with sugar sprinkles just before its fully set up) 8 *GRAPE CRUSH* (boil 1 cups water, a ...
Come see me in tiny bikinis this Sunday! Come and vote for Your CeCeMrs813 this coming Sunday May 5th, 2013... Winners Circle Presents: TBAproductions 4th Annual Cinco de Mayo Bikini Contest | PARTY STARTS AT NOON, Contest at 4pm Our host venue this year will be Winners Circle Sports Bar and Grill in Lakeland, Florida! Mark those Calendars! NO COVER, ALL AGES SPECIALS: $1 Jello Shots, $3 shots specials, & more drink & Food specials all day. $25 VIP Seats Available Free General Admission Proudly Sponsored by: CORONA Contest will be 4pm-6pm. Judging done by a panel of industry exec's & sponsors.
Its HALF OFF DAY @ Folly Moon! 1/2 off Miller High Life, 1/2 Off Guiness, 1/2 off all Burgers, and $2 Jello Shots! Our entertainment today is Ben Miller and Michael Martin Band...Match that with our girl Cheryl Crowder on days and Heather Ann Bronge on nights, with Elisabeth Liz Herbert in the kitchen.and you got MAGIC people!!! :) Let us warm you up tonite!!! :)
Gotta go buy my Bdaee outfitt and the stuff to make Jello Shots'! Iswear ima be Turnt All The Way Tf' Up'! Buhh shuld iwear a dress or shorts' or Tights'? Lemme noee'!
Great show tonight at Backstage Lounge with national touring band VAGABOND SWING. Don't miss this crazyness, they are amazing live!!! Plus Orlando's FOREVER & COUNTING and Gvlle's very own THE RICK RYAN BAND. Doors to the band room at 9pm, show at 10pm. Main bar open at 11am and never has a cover and both sides have great Drink Specials. We have $5 Double Wells, $6 Double Calls, $2.50 all Domestic Bottled Beer and $1.50 Jello Shots! . Red Hook IPA bottles $3.25, $4 pints. Bud Platinum and Black Crown $3.25. We also have Victory Golden Monkey and Hop Devil IPA!!! See ya there...
It's a gorgeous Friday! Come out and enjoy this great weather with us. The patio is open with full service every day and with the outside TVs, you never miss the game action. Our foosball tournament starts at 7:30 and we may have some special visitors in to watch. Get here early for dinner and drinks and then practice. Don't forget we have Karaoke starting tonight at 10 PM. The fun and crazy Platinum K is hosting and has the best Karaoke show in Charlotte. Here are today's Specials available all day: FOOD Chicken Caesar Sub or Wrap $4.99 Served with Chips Butterfly Shrimp $6.99 Served with Fries Open Face Turkey Dinner $8.99 Served with Mashed Potatoes, Gravy & House Salad Small Open Face Roast Beef $5.99 Served with Fries DRINKS Killian’s Pint $2.25 Yuengling & Miller Lite Bottles $2.25 Buckets $9.75 Pabst Blue Ribbon Miller High Life Miller High Life Light Busch & Busch Light $2.00 Bottles / $9.00 Buckets (5) Coco Loco $3.75 Jello Shots $1
Jello Shots, Captain Morgan and cards..tryna forget the past events
Who has jello shots? This guy! Huge party at the roads tonight at 8. Bud Light kegs and the coldest beer in town. $3 Cherry Bombs $4 Jager Bombs $3 Sky Vodka and Patron XO $1 Jello Shots, get em before they're gone.
Come join us for drinks and a wide variety of flavorful smoke tonight! $3 Blue Moons, $2 Jello Shots, and don't miss DJ Sarper's live house and lounge music!
Tomorrow Night! Come join Roxy Mountains and her crew as they help celebrate the Awards Season - The Winners - The Losers - And that one song you can't get out of your head - you know, from that movie everyone saw with the guy from that tv show where he played a geek and there were all these explosions (no - in the movie not the tv show) and the girl and those cars - well you know what we mean. NO COVER CHARGE. 21 & over. Jello Shots & Drink Specials. Come in and join the fun with Roxy, Alexis, Angel, Eric L. H, Katarzyna, La Devia, Monica, Tj, Darryl, Chris, Eric and Memo!
I'm so hubby Tim Hanley is letting me have this night.Pandora "Midnight Star" radio. those who know him are feeling his pain right about now!! ;) However, we have Jello Shots!
Fantabulous Friday! $2.50 Miller Lite, MGD, or High Life btls., $3.00 Captain Morgan, $3.00 Dr McGillicuddy Shots, and Steak Nite until 9pm! Think you got balls, prove it!!! Pool Tourney at 9pm, and the Fabulously Fun Ms Erin Breen has 50 cent Jello Shots, while they last! Stop in and warm up with a Fireball Shot!!! Let's get this weekend started!!!
It's WILD WOMEN WEDNESDAY!! $1.50 bottle beer, $2.50 well drinks for the ladies! $1 Miscellaneous beers BOGO Jello Shots tonight!! Karaoke starts at 8pm! Don't just get over the hump ~ ENJOY IT at the BEST club in town ~ WILD COUNTRY! Check out our menu ~ We have the BEST wings in town! !!! IT'S GONNA BE WILD !!! A Private Club
Jello Shots at the sisters crib in Pelham Bay hannn come through?
New Years Eve Specials $1.00 Jello Shots $1.50 Draft Beer (Miller Light and Bud Light) $4.00 Any Glass of Wine ***Champagne Toast at Midnight for all our members and their guests!
Let's start the New Years Eve Eve celebrations and join us tonight for trivia and a movie! (and a birthday party!) Don't forget it's a pajama party too! Show up in your pj's and get your first 16oz draft beer for $3!! We also have $2 Jello Shots!! "KING TRIVIA" 7:00pm - 9:00pm *Prizes* followed by "SCROOGED" *Popcorn* *Treats*
Head on out to Steamers Sports Pub tonight for the best KARAOKE in town from 10-2 where Mr. "Platinum K" is back for your entertainment enjoyment!! Steamer's Saturday specials include .. $2.25 Yuengling Pints $2.25 Bud Light & Miller Lite Bottles $9.75 Bud Light & Miller Lite Bottles - Buckets of 5 $3.75 Blue Haw $1.00 Jello Shots $5.99 Reuben (served with chips) $5.99 Popcorn Shrimp (served with fries) $5.99 Small Open Face Turkey (served with fries) $8.99 Open Face Roast Beef Dinner (served with mashed potatoes, gravy & house salad) See you all at 10!
T.G.I.F. at the HOGGS! TONIGHT enjoy 241's 9 to 11 and $4.50 BOMBS!! ALSO if ur BALLIN' ON A BUGET our sexy shot girl will be serving up $1.50 Tooters, $2.00 Jello Shots, and $3.50 BOMBS starting at 10p. NO COVER BEFORE 11/FREE PARKING/LIVE DJ SPINNING TOP 40 and HIP HOP. HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYBODY!
Come celebrate the Holidays with us tonight at Oskars! It's the last weekend before Christmas so come on down and get your party on! RED Jello Shots $1 ALL night!!! Fireball Shots $5 ALL NIGHT! And nothing says the Holidays like a Green Reignman cocktail for $6! Tonight we have beer battered onion rings with a spicy aioli for just $5.50! DJ Polo will be spinning at 9:30 so join us for food, live music and drinks! Hope to see you soon! ***Don't forget our toy drive is running thru Christmas Eve. Bring in any new and UNwrapped toy for $1 off your purchase! NO LIMIT!***
Oh what to do tonight. Oh that's right, The BC Rollers are going to be at Kuda's Tavern at 209 Main St. in Johnson City tonight from 9 until midnight for our Ugly Sweater Party!. We will be having Jello Shots, Vodka Gummi Bears, and we will also be having a 50/50 raffle, and will be raffling of many cool gift baskets for all you slackers who forgot to buy gifts! Shame on you, we know who you are! Come out and support the areas only Flat Track Roller Derby team, get a head start on the Christmas celebrations, plus hey, the world didn't end, so why not celebrate that too! See you there!
Come and celebrate the not so end of the world. $3 Wells, $2 Domestic drafts, $3 Micro drafts and $1 Jello Shots from 9 PM to 12:21 am. Big Rez will be playing all your favorite hits. We will also be celebrating Pete and Vickie's 38th anniversary come on down and have some fun!
Love this! Thanks to Whiskey River and the Jello Shots with the Gentle Giants Band for posting this! :)
1/2 off your first regularly priced drink with the quote of the day Saturday: "Giggidy Giggidy" $1 Jello Shots $2 Olympia Cans $3 Jager, Fireball & Rumpie 7-10pm $4 Sex On the Beach $4 Sierra Nevada Nightro Stout
Win a FREE Sierra Nevada a DAY for a YEAR! Be a part of our VIP Beer Club.the Sierra Nevada drawing is next Wednesday, Dec 12th from 8-9pm. All you need to do is come in and drink Sierra Nevada starting now!! We will explain the rest to you when we see your smiling and excited faces!!! "Nobody has more fun than we do!" Oh, & don't forget the $1 Jello Shots - always delicious with an ice cold beer.Yum
TONIGHT! BIKINI BULL RIDING CONTEST!! Wear a Bikini and get extra points on your ride, or compete w/out. AND welcome back college students! Show your college ID and get $3 you call its till 11:00!!! Happy Hour is still in effect with 99 Cent Drafts and Jello Shots!! Then .99 cent rum & cokes, tequila, bottles AND 2.50 Vod/rockstars!! Did I mention we're giving away $1500 in Prizes. *** Yeah! See ya here
Sunday Funday continues into the night with $4 Minderasers, $4 Fireball and $1 Jello Shots!!! Alex and Kitten might have to host an 80's Dance Party!
Hey Everyone! Don't Forget! Tonight is Saturday and Minimum Wage will be here at 9 for the band then going to our DJ tray to finish the night off! Benefit for Pine Ridge to support the Sandy Victims tonight! We are also having Jello Shots tonight! Something we havn't had in awhile! So Come on down to the Brasshorse to start and finish your Saturday off right!
Tonight is the All You Can Eat BBQ Buffet!!! $9.95- Buffet includes Pulled Pork, Beef Brisket, Smoked Wings, 7 Regional BBQ Sauces, Cole Slaw, Pasta Salad, Beans & Weenies, Grilled Veggies over Rice, Chocolate Covered Bacon, and Apple Cobbler!!! From 5pm-9pm. Don't forget Thanksgiving Eve @ Scozzaro's!! Always a great time!!! This year come out and see your favorite bartenders Miller Time, Kelli, and Erika and DJ Salute playing your favorites! We will have a $3 "Build Your Own Shot" Bar all night and Drink Specials at the main bar including $1 Jello Shots, $3 Mixed Drink Specials and Draft Beer Specials!!! Hope to see you all here again! For all American Express Card Holders, November 24th is Small Business Saturday and we are a qualifying merchant. Enroll your AmEx Card at, and use it at our establishment on November 24th and you will get a $25 statement credit for that transaction!!! Cardmembers MUST enroll their their card to take advantage of this offer! Its free and easy! Happy Black Fr ...
Sandy is bar tending tonight. We have 1.00 Jello Shots, 1.75 drafts, 3.50 holy waters and 3.25 sweet tarts. Were also now open at 7am every day for breakfast and have an all you can eat soup and salad bar from 11am to 8pm. Breakfast available 7am to 9pm daily!
Tonight at Chill Chamber we have an AMAZING Show for you at 11pm with Stephanie Stuart, Kamden T Cass, and Special Guest Star Hayes(Star Montrese Love)! DJ Bobby Valentine will be spinnin' while Stephen Tippie and Mike Beaver sling drinks! $1.00 Jello Shots! Don't forget to bring in 6 Non-Perishables for FREE COVER! We are helping our community this Holiday Season and you to can be a part of that!!! At Chill Chamber we are always willing to help a cause!
Big thanks to Bethany Cavedon for hosting a "Sugar & Spice 'n everything Nice" candle party tonight! Everyone seemed to have a great time (I know I did) ... your apartment is amazing & you're going to have so much fun decorating with all of your products! (Can't wait to see how the sconces look in the bedroom!) I'm excited for Kim's "Thirsty Thursday" party on January 3rd & Becky's "Jello Shots & Junk Food" on March 2rd! What a wonderful group of people ~ thank you all!! xxoo
Making jello shots for the first time (: buttche3ks jmv311
I've never understood the appeal of jello shots, they are so gross.
I hated jello until I was introduced to jello shots.
Wine jello shots. The way classy people get trashed.
Welp I'm gonna polish off the left over Jello shots.
I shoulda went to that Ladies Night Out thing with my mom. Apparently I missed out on wine, martinis & jello shots! 🍷🍸
DIVAS party tonight 105 Barbourville Dr. .Free before 12, $2 for guys $1 for Liq!! jello shots and 2 djs 2 rooms
i come home and ask to game out, rylee says, "NO, you should be doing jello shots, why aren't you partying!?"
Jello shots, vodka gummy bears and noz will be sold for all you crazy ratchets, so bring your stripper money $
I been getting inboxs about my party yes I'm still having it a premier Nov 17 free food jello shots and drinks while they last
I have had my good days and bad days Monday was not a good day. Tuesday I took Chad to the Dr. he is getting so big he was weighing in at 11 pounds 7 ounces!! He has gained 5 pounds 7 ounces since he was born he is getting his chunky cheeks already lol! Wednesday Dylan had his teacher come out and we put together some puzzles he sure is a smart little boy he did so well at putting together the puzzles for the first timewe only helped him with 2 pieces!! ITs thursday and I've been baking cupcakes and making jello shots tomorrow I still have to bake brownies make rice krispy treats and make sure everything else is ready for my birthday!!! Tomorrow we will also be visiting Aiden. SAturday marks the one year "angelversary" for my precious Aiden. I've had a few panic attacks this week but I hope after saturday I will feel better!
.Man, hopefully at least the jello shots & tailgate food were good.
& the making of jello shots begin with Jj Magers & Steve Minderler ;)
Okay.. I don't even like jello... What in the *** *** makes me think I would like jello shots? Clearly vodka doesnt make everything better!
Come turn the *** up with the DIVAS at 105 barborville dr..right near the set.jello shots..liq.and foood!!!
Looking forward on making 1,000 jello-shots tho ;)
im boutta start takin jello shots of NyQuil
Random trips to Walmart for jello for shots! (; I'm makin' brownies too for the *** of it!
Making jello shots for dads gfs party tomorrow (:
Its almost Friday! Kick your night off with 75 Cent Happy Hour! Drafts & Jello Shots for just 75 Cents! Stick around cuz then we're hooking you up w/99 Cent Rum & Cokes, Tequila, Bottles AND 2.50 Vod/Rockstars! Dance and Party its the weekend!
I have had to many everclear jello shots and berz
Bouta get these Jello shots rolling
I'm coming down to Iowa City for the husker game, u better come by mama b's tailgate for jello shots
We still have tables available for trivia night Saturday, 11/10!! Let us know if you'd like to reserve one! $15 per person, up to 8 people per table! Beer and soda is included in the price. We will be selling jello shots as well.Also, we are still in need of a few door prizes and auction items if you are able to help us out in any way! Thanks. Gracie and I can't wait to see you there!
"Jello Shots for days. Saturday, where are you? Oh my..
Alright my friends...I will be at the HOB tomorrow night to see my good friends "In Troubled Times" kill it. $1 jello shots and HOB's infamous beer specials and food. All I wanna know is...who's comin with me maaan? Who's comin with me?
This one is for all my fun, fabulous friends and family members: Tonight's brainstorming activity produced this gem (now that we legalized marijuana).Pot Jello Shots!
Just a few samples, most of work are lost, so rebuilding my portfolio
Thursday, November 8 at 8:00pm in PST at Ozzy's Sports Grill
Bowling stinks so jello shots here we come.
Thanks random guy for Amber Grile bday wishes and 2 jello shots for everyone at our table lol
Update your maps at Navteq
Okay this is the best way to have caramel apple jello shots, you're a genius! This looks so good! I haven't made jello using fruit molds in so long but really want to again after seeing this, wow! I won't be able to get over these, yum! Thanks for sharing, buzzed it =]
Making Jello Shots for tomorrow night... yeah buddy!!!
Just got into work and was told we are refilling Wurst Feast pitcher for $25 all night, also $1 jello shots as well as $3.50 bombs. It Looks like it's going to be, "A Sexy Party!" ;)
Don't forget to join the Applebee's fam and I for the hottest karaoke party in palm beach county... We have half priced apps, 2-4-1 drink special, $ shots, and $2 jello shots... If you're in the bizz receive 20% off your meals... Just ask for Kevin... We'll see you there...
Alrighty then dinner is over now it's time for jello shots are u ladies ready
It is Ladies Night! $1.75 domestics and $3.50 U-Call-Its till midnight as usual...and tonight we have JELLO SHOTS for $1.25 till we run out!!
Who wants to go to Ladies Night out at the Sandycreek fire dept with me on Saturday night? $20 gets u dinner, beer, jello shots n 2 entries for the prizes. They also have 50/50, Chinese auction, tear off tickets n more. Doors open I think at 4.
First time making jello shots we will see how they turn out for tomorrow!!!
Come join us tonight for KaRaOkE starting at 8pm at Gourmet Wok Lounge!!! Joyanne has $1 Jello Shots..3 flavors..and her Homemade Hot Buttered Rum for only $5!!! Come early for a great meal before showtime.. Let's Party!!!
Saturday is just around the corner!! We hope you spend it with us!! $2 Jello Shots $2 Rum Shots $3 Tequila Sunrises Things are picking up every weekend!! Everyone's done going to the beach and ready to party!! Come warm up with a shot! Special contest this week!! Cash Prize!!
Bonding with mom in law making jello shots having, cocktails and listening to house music. Perfect night :)
Last day of work before vacation!!! But its not going to good... Making jello shots for the after party at the hotel!! then straight to wedding mode... So much left to do but not enough hours in the day to get it done in...
House Party Tomorrow Night Starts at 10pm - 3am Celebrating my 22th Birthday admission 1$ and 50cent Jello shots Hosted by Tiffany Martin and Paris Tanay! Come Celebrate with Me!!!
The night may be cold but things are heating up here @ Shananagins Asheboro with Brad Allred & Jonathan Coleman behind the bar servin up a ton of special brews. We have Shocktop END OF THE WORLD & Sweetwater Festive Ale both only $3.00 with a 3XL JELLO SHOTS on sale tonight too. We also have some hott guests Shannon Walsh & Sarah Vuncannon are here keepin us entertained. Thirsty Thursday IS IN FULL EFFECT !
Super excited for Saturday. Hope to see a lot of familiar faces. Its gonna be a blast. Even thinking jello shots at my place to begin the celebration :-)
Don't forget everyone.tomorrow night is Rudy Nickson's show featuring amazing performers!! 11pm $3 cover with trivia to win free jello shots!
Thirsty Thirsday at "The Rack" tonight with the legend Evan Coleman behind the bar (still celebrating his birthday) Tonight we have $3 Coronas and Margaritas with $4.50 one topping pizzas and $1 jello shots!!! Tonight we're celebrating Chris Stinchcomb's (tank) 40th BIRTHDAY!!! and there are a lot of more birthdays out there so come bring in your new year at the rack tonight!!! Karaoke starts at 9:30!!!
Getting caught up on Walking Dead and American Horror Story while smellica makes jello shots!
How to make caramel apple jello shots. Inspired by That's So Michelle: RECIP...
Gettin rdy to make jello shots fir tommaro nite
Preparing jello shots for girls night tomorrow!
Jello shots and white chocolate pudding shots should b ready by tomorrow nite!
Should I introduce dem to jello shots? What's your take?
REALLY.BAD.DAY.sitting here debating between a ridiculous amount of exercise or a ridiculous amount of jello shots. Oh wait, I have a ridiculous amount of homework to do. Wonder if I can combine all three??
Alright my Pickle Peeps... Bobby Gordon. featuring "The Story of Bob" will be playing the next few Thursdays. so come out and support!!! Bobby G will be here at 9:00 tonight bringing the live element of music to a different level by mixing live drums over top 40, dance music, or whatever you request. $1.50 Beer til 10pm $3 House liquors 1/2 Price Jello Shots PLEASE COME OUT AND SUPPORT BOBBY G. AND THE PICKLE!!
Its my weekend :) Rockstars, jello shots and dexter..gota start it out right lol
Ok, so everyone mark your calendars. Nov 17 we will be celebrating muh burfday. I can't do much but I would love it if everyone came to my place for drinks and games. I think I may be able to get a good deal on a keg if I can get enough people who want to come. I will also have my awesome jello shots people! Next Saturday night!
Today was a good day got all my shopping done. Took the baby to the Dr even know I wanted to cry when they pricked his lil foot but he took it better then me lol then we went and had lunch with my lil nephew now time to make. The b day cake for my brother to go with these jello shots yeah buddy
Learn how to make peppermint schnapps jello shots that look like mini candy canes with this easy to make recipe. This layered alcoholic peppermint flavored gelatin is great for any Christmas party.
Blah i got clean my room Clean my car . N go buy stuff for jellO shOts ..n for.tmws party =D
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Whats a good alcohol beverage to put in jello shots? I usually use vodka.. but want to see if there is something else
Starting early with some jello shots and beer yeahhh I think so :)
Fri nite at the pub we have the tholen benefit we have guest bartenders jello shots and fiftys we also have bill and dan dunmore with greg lind rockin the pub goin to be so much fun
ALMOST the weekend! We open SOON at 4PM .. Come on in and see Mary for dinner and a cocktail!! Don't forget tonight is Karaoke and Ladies Night starting at 9PM!! Jello Shots for $1.00 until they are gone :)
My last night in Paris, Whip cream, Jello Shots, Croissants, Vodka, Rum, and a bunch of breathtaking women.
Pre-Thanksgiving Party at the Lamp Lighter w/ DJ, jello shots and .50 wings ! Will be serving till 2 am and open till 2:30 am!!! Come join the fun :)
Welcome Hunters! Exciting weekend at the Frontier this weekend! Cheap Date Friday and Saturday night, jello shots, and lots of amazing old friends, new friends, and family! Make sure to stop in and have a cold drink and a lot of good laughs!
Sunday, November 18 at 4:00pm in UTC-05 at Sugaman Beach, Portmore, Jamaica
Listen up, party people. HOOTENANNY IS CANCELED. Got some Higgins Family business I have to unexpectedly attend to. Jello shots and hot pockets another day.
Taking orders for thanksgiving from cakes to cupcakes jello shots and chocolate cover fruit get your holiday desserts here.
We had a great Karaoke Night last Friday. Got a new wireless mic for my birthday and it sounded great. Thanks for all the B-day wishes. Celebrated the Giant win with orange and black jello shots. Whoop-whoop! DJ ken will be back next friday night the 16th. Hope to see everyone here.
I got jello shots sum wild turkey sum gentlemans jack sum 1800 and sum beer who wnts a drink oh and sum jager
I'm not much on champagne but these look good
Get on my guest list for This Saturday... Free Jello-Shots $10 AYCD $100 3-Olives in VIP
Does anybody knows how to make Jello Shots??
Rich works late tonight.Kristina is at school.I am having a Betty Crocker moment baking it is.But first 100 jello shots to make. LOL
Join us tonight for Monday Night Football!! $10 Buckets, $10 Liquor Pitchers, $5 top Shelf, $3 Bartender Shots, $1.50 Jello Shots with David Martell behind the bar. Kitchen Open all Night, Open till 2am. See you tonight!
Get Ready.Set.GO! Champions has the best Karaoke around! Come sing or just listen! $1.00 Jello Shots and $3.00 Magic Hat Pints 9-1am Champions the only place to be on Sunday
Big Ten Sports Bar (84th&Q) has plenty to do after dark on you all hallows eve with karaoke, music requests, and plenty of awesome tunes to dance to. $1 Jello Shots, $3 Shots of Jager, $4 Moonshine Bombs, $5 Vegas Bombs, and $10 pitchers of Lucky Bucket and Shock Top as well so come have a fun Halloween night!!
I invited tons of people and I asked my people to invite thier people but no people came...everything was set and ready but NO PEOPLE *** I wish we had people!!!Still have LOTS of Jello Shots and Rum Punch.
Big Ten Sports Bar (84th&Q) is the place to be after the game for their annual Halloween Costume Party/Contest! Prizes, giveaways, and as always $1.50 Bottles of Busch Lights, $3 Bud Light Platinum Bottles, $1 Jello Shots, $4 Moonshine Bombs, and $5 Vegas Bombs! Come out dressed up and ready to party!!!
Halloween Party at my house tonight! 5$ a head for the keg and 2 for $1 Jello Shots!!! Everyone whos 21 come on over! and bring friends! Beer Pong, Flip Cup, Cards, Darts, Food, Music, Costume Contest!! Lets Get This Party Started!
Tonight! BIG HALLOWEEN BASH! Come to Izzys and try to win some prizes for best costume. There will be prizes for first and second place. Also.many, many door prizes to be given away as well. Jello Shots on top of every hour. And another cool tap beer!! I do believe it was Miller Light and Bud Light that will be orange tonight. Many, many reasons to stop on by. Dress up, or don't...who cares just please stop by for a great time. But I highly recommend dressing up to try win some great prizes. Its definitely worth a try! Party Revolution will once again be djing this fantastic event, which means you can make requests and jam out to your music. But remember they only have one rule.the requests have to be happy go lucky songs, no sad stuff. Hope to see you here!
Teddy's will have our annual Halloween Parties this Friday and Saturday, October 26 & 27!!! Dj/Dance Party 9:30-1:30 with Memory Lane! Costume contest for Sexiest, Scariest, and Best Couple! Judging begins at midnight! Gift Certificates for the winners! No cover charge! Wear a costume and get your picture on the wall! We will have $2 Captain Morgan and coke! $3.50 Vodka w/ Red Bull or Liquid Ice! $2.25 Domestic Bottles! $4 Vegas Bombs! $2 Sambuca! And plenty of $1 Jello Shots! Come see us!!!
Halloween Is My Night 2, costume party on Saturday October 27th. Keg of Dos Equis, Jungle Juice, Bottles, Jello Shots, decorations, special BP table and more.. The time and location will be sent out either Friday night or Saturday afternoon.
The count down begins for the Five Spot Bar “Halloween Party” Sat October the 27th. You have 5 more days to round up you costumes. Live music starting at 9pm by LIMITED WARRENTY. There will be $1 Jello Shots, costume contest judging at mid night (cash prizes).
Who's ready for tonight!? 75 Cent Coors Light Drafts AND Jello Shots tonight at our all NEW 9-10 Happy Hour! Dancing now starts an hour early at 9. Then get the hookup with tons of 99 Cent drinks! No Cover ALL night! See ya all here :)
This weekend here at The Tiki Bar, live on stage both Friday and Saturday night is DJ Travis from 9p.m. until 1 a.m. We want to welcome the West Hernando Bass Club back, good luck fishing boys! And our weekend Drink Specials are $1 Bud Select Drafts, $3 Pineapple Vodka, and $1 Jello Shots.
Just 1 days til our 6 Drag Queen Grace the City Sports Grill Stage! $1 Pudding Shots $1 Jello Shots $2.50 Well Drinks $2 Select Drafts $3 Cherry Bombs Folks this is an event you DON"T want to miss! Call to reserve a table! (603) 352-5537
Doc Holiday Band rockin the Long Branch tonight along with DJ Richie Rich Palmer just like the good ole days. Come check out the Gamecocks at 8pm $1 draft, .50 cent wings, $2 mic ultra allnight $1 natty light, $5 Jager Bombs, $3 Shooters, $1 Jello Shots and Remember Free Shooters During the Game Everytime Carolina Scores a Touchdown.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Watch the Razorbacks at the Beav! $7 Bud Light, Miller Lite and Shiner Bock Pitchers starting at 6! $1 Jello Shots $2 Apple Pie Shots ALL DAY!
This weekend live on stage is Fakahatchee Band starting both Friday and Saturday night at 9 p.m. until 1 a.m. Weekend Drink Specials include the 14 oz Gator Bite Drink for $5, $15 Fishbowls, $1 Jello Shots or .50 Potent Pineapple Slices. New on tap this Fall is Blue Moon Pumkin Beer Ale. Also, the Marina is hosting South Florida Bass Rattlers Fishing Tournament and Ghost-N-Goblins Fishing Tournament. It's a great weekend for food, fun, and fishing... come and see us!
Tomorrow at 1920 DC - Happy Hour 4-5 - $2 House Margaritas, 5-6 - $4 House Margaritas, 6-8 - $5 Call Drinks. $3 Domestics 4-8. $2 Jello Shots all night! Kenan Banks on the turntables. Then, we have "What You Really Know About the Dirty South" Upstairs, an ALL SOUTHERN RAP PARTY hosted by Leon Scott and tunes spun by DJ Singh Slim. Downstairs, we have eth nick hernandez bringing his own brand of awesome Hiphop music on the tables. It's going to be one live house party! You don't want to miss this one.. 1920 9th St NW - 9th & U NW.
Bat Out of *** Jello Shots are just what the docotr ordered to kick off my collection of Halloween Jello Shots.
Rig cleaned - check. Meat on ice - check. 9 bags or Royal Oak - check. Two gross of Jello Shots - check. 10 six packs of premium beer, three bottle of Four Roses Bourbon, one bottle of Tequila, two large bottles of Vodka. Wait a minute - what kind of a competition is this anyway?
Had an Great Time at my Aunt Debbie and Uncle Tee`s house. Jello Shots and Mike Hard lemonade and some bingo with Great and Funny people.
It's Ladies Night! $2 Wells and $2 Wines for all the lovely ladies from 9pm until 1am! $2 Jello Shots, $1 Drunken Gummy Bears and hourly shot specials throughout the night! Get here for DJ MOE Betta and Battle of the DJs after the TimeWell WastedEnt Poker Tournament! Susan and Raquel behind the bar, Jenny, JoAnn, Marielle and Micaela on the floor.
My TO DO list for today consists of : going to the store to get ingredients for Pasta Salad AND Jello Shots for Mr. Jordan Jones' 30th Birthday!!! Making everything and helping his beautiful wife decorate for the festivities!
Okay all you Sliders Fans...New Band in town... The Diamond Grit Band will be playing this weekend..Come join the fun at Sliders. Jager Bombs $3.00, Jello Shots $1.00 and NO COVER CHARGE!
Come on in and grab you some suds and grub, sit back, relax, and listen to some great music by Lisa Graf Malone and OPEN MIC NITE!!! Christy Lee has some great food and fresh drinks just for you! $2 Jello Shots!
Great Job Yesterday at the American Heart Walk! It is awesome that we can be so involved in our Community here in Sacramento. That being on to Sunday Funday! Come out to the Depot / Badlands and have some Jello Shots with the Sirens. 4pm to 8pm See you there.
Pepi's Football Team, The Legends, will be throwing a beer bash this Saturday, Sept 22, starting around 8pm! Drink Specials Include: $10 AYCD Miller Lite Wristbands $1 Jello Shots $3 0r 2/4/$5 Pudding Shots $5 Captain Morgan Pints Also, 50/50 raffles will be going on all night!!! Come down and support our team!
All Star's doing work. Come on up to Kiels Partyhole for $2 rum and coke $3 UV & Lemonade $4 Long Islands...wait for it, $1 Jello Shots! Don't forget its a Naughty and Nice party, girls that dress up get a free shot and they'll be give aways.
3 hours til kickoff! $1 Miller Lite Drafts, Jello Shots, 50-cent wings... PARTY! Packers or Bears? Who do YOU think is gonna win?
You can find myself bartending at 1920 DC today from 4P-3A. Happy Hour 4-7 - $2 House Margaritas, $3 Domestic Beer. 7-9 - $5 Everything (Well, almost everything...) including Hennessy, Patron, Remy, Grand Marnier, Milagro, Jameson, Jack Daniels, Grey Goose, Ciroc, Ketel One, Titos, & more! $2 Jello Shots all night long! It's First Friday, so DJ Oso Fresh will be holding down the sounds and make sure you get your dance on! 1920 9th Street NW - 9th & U! Stop in and see us fam!
Come on down tonight, we've got Carla workin it...: 2.75$ Pinnacle mixer specials & our delicious Jello Shots 2 for 1.00$.
Home of the $1 Jello Shots!!! Well known for a huge dance floor, full bar, Greatest Drink Specials and the biggest bar in Austin! Live music! No cover at the door! Free all night! Free Parking! Free Parking! 3 min from downtown! Top Dawgs 1510 E Cesar Chavez on the corner of Cesar Chavez & Comal. The livest hottest spot every Thirsty Thursday! Get your labor day weekend started off right!!! -djc
Tomorrow night, Preston Summerville Band makes their debut show at The Central Club with Aaron Garrett, a local boy from Odenville, opening things up for them. Sat. night it will be Rolling Roger and the Southern Rock Boys providing the entertainment. Football will also be on all the TVs so you can watch your favorite team and listen to some great music. Bands start at 9 each night. $5 cover charge, 21 to enter. Jello Shots and all your favorite adult beverages await you.
Saturday's Spectacular Special: Tortilla Carne Asada Wrap--freshly grilled carne asada, red pepper ranch sauce, Swiss Cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and fresh avocado for $6.99. Happy Hour in Bar and Restaurant from 3:30-6:30 pm.Weekly Shot Specials and $1.00 Jello Shots... DJ Starts at 10:00 pm! Come in to dance and have a great time tonight!!
Going to actually start the day soon and get ready for Happy Hour with $1 off all drinks and half price appetizers and then tonight with $1.50 Domestic bottles and $2.50 Imports from 10-12!! Oh yeah and get chances to win Made in America tickets for next weekend when you buy $2 Jello Shots this weekend.
Chase Phillips aka DJ Chase is opening the night at Last Supper Club tonight with some fresh house tunes. only 38mins away!!! come show support ladies and gents!!! Drink Specials and Jello Shots!!! LETS GO!!...
Robots & Jello Shots: Sacramento's Powerhouse Science Center FunRaiser event. You know you want to go so GO!
My night has jst begun. Beer, Jello Shots, and Liquor-Crown Royal... =) Cant wait till ma 21st birthday, 2 more months Best believe ima go hard dats gna be a night I prolly wnt remember ha lol as long as its worthwhile n wit da ppl I care bout its all gwd;) :D
Good Morning FB! Join us for the BRONCO GAME TOINGHT! Jello Shots for each time we score! Make sure you come in your Favorite Bronco Gear and RECIEVE $7 Bud Lt Coors Lt and Rolling Rock pitchers all through the Game! GO BRONCOS!!! SEE YOU AT ARI'S
Come see us at the SPORTS PAGE!!! Lunch Specials are Steak Fajita Nachos or a Summer Salad. Drink Specials are... $1.00 Natty's $1.00 Jello Shots $1.75 Bud & Bud Light Bottles $2.25 Corona's Doors open at 11:00! See you soon at the PAGE!!!
Big Board is up tonight. Gas card is up for grabs if you grab the right envelope. Also Tropical Night tonight. Marilyn & Amy have some tropical Jello Shots & Drink Specials tonight. Put on your Hawaiian shirts & get lei'd at the door!!!
Yo wattup I gotta keep eating to feed all this liquor and brew I was killin last night lol. I'm off some 80 proof Smirnoff, Ciroc, Corona, Goose, Jello Shots., etc... I was just out celebrating my accomplishments. I finished school, I'm a certified pharmacy technician, i'm bout to start a new job real soon, I got hella job opportunities on deck, I'm almost at a year of non-smoking, etc .I'm blessed and I deserve to have a good time for once.
Catfish Filet, Mac N Cheese and slaw or Philly Sandwich with Fries only $5.95 each! $2.50 well drinks and $1.00 Jello Shots - Come get ROWDY and enjoy this beautiful weather on our patio! TONIGHT: Nick Smith Acoustic 6-9 and Karaoke with BK 9-? SEE YOU SOON!!
Thirsty Thursday with Gentleman of the Groove...$1 OFF Ketel One Anything...Sam Adams Summer Ale $4.25...Jello Shots $2.50...Come have a drink with us!
Join us tonight at the Gourmet Wok Lounge in Renton Highlands for KARAOKE starting at 8pm!!! Your bartender Joyanne Walker has got some Killer Specials for $1 Jello Shots (Mai Tai & Berry Blue) $5 Apple-tini's $4 Strawberry Margaritas!!! Always a great spot to have dinner before or during the show!!! See you tonight!!!
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I'm here at Boo Radley's Tavern until 9pm at least and the Olympics are on until close! Archery and USA vs. Hungary in Women's Water Polo on right now, USA vs Poland Beach Volleyball at 4pm, USA vs Angola in Women's Basketball at 5pm, and in Prime Time tonight - Phelps vs Locke for the gold in Men's 200m Free Style, USA Men's Gymnastics goes for gold, and Men's Diving. Jamming to some tunes as well. Come see me for $1off Imports, $2 Jello Shots, and $4 Washington Apples.
Delta's blast from the past party! She turns the big 40! Theme is 50's thru the 70's. Reverse Happy Hour 10pm to 12am. $3.00 Jack/coke and Captain Morgan/coke 8pm to close. Smirnoff Ice for $2.50 and Jello Shots for a buck! Karaoke with Charles in Charge 9pm to close. Party starts at 8pm. Hope to see you all there!
It's Cocktail Wednesday tonight! Party with us! 2+1 on all cocktails (by the pitcher or by the glass)! Try our Frozen Margaritas, Vodka Cosmo, Apple Vodka, Vodka Orange Crush, Cape Cod, Vodka Martini, Apple Martini, White Russian, Schnapps shots, Tequila Shots & Jello Shots! We also have a good selection of your favorite wines, some whiskeys (Jack Daniels Double Black and Gold Reserve), Vodkas (Absolut & Smirnoff) & Rum (Fundador)!
A Dos Equis kinda night. :) If I had Some Long Island Ice Tea's and Jello Shots we could make it a party. Oh and people too or I would have to drink it all by myself. :)
Alright "Beautiful Strangers". Be sure to come out this FRIDAY to New Phoenix Winter Park. Your FEMME FATALE "Material Girls" are "Crazy For You"!!! This is your chance to "Express Yourself" and become their "Lucky Star". It'll break your "Fever" and get you "Into The Groove"!! Who's That Girl?!?. The Tantalizing Unobtainable Angeleiz IsHot The Alluring Temptress Justina Aspen North-Souza The Ever-So-Addictive Roxy Entertains and The Sugary Siren Lexii Rose Doors Open at 6pm / Show starts at 11pm $3 Cover / 18 & Over Welcome (Valid ID at door) $1.50 Drafts / $1 Jello Shots / $2.50 Sake Bombs Served all night by our Fabulous Bartender Gayle Lewis
Come join me at The Mad Hatter Lounge to from noon to 8 pm.join me and Marcus for our Sunday Tea Party...which is getting pretty popular with delicious Tea Sandwiches ...$3Real Long Island Iced Teas ...$1.50 Jello Shots.$2 Skittle Shots.I will be dressed as Alice and Marcus as the cutest Bunny. All from 6-8 pm. make it a date and don't be late
Also hoping to have a repeat of the Jello Shot Hunt. Like an Easter Egg Hunt, but with Jello Shots!
We're at FORTUNE STAR LOUNGE tonight (159th & Division).. $1 Jello Shots, $2.75 Well Drinks, $2 Domestic Pints,$3 Domestic Slammers, $4 Micro Slammers! Dance music and Karaoke at 9:00 Pm!! Visit the Fortune Star Lounge fb page "Like" it and "check in" for the bartender to buy you a drink! Come see us...Friday & Sat Night Come see ya boy...No Cover!!!
I know Jello Shots are good so Gummy Bear shots should be
I just finished making several Gourmet flavored Jello Shots, restocked my bar and recycled the empty booze bottles, and it's only Monday...Who knows where the rest of the week will be headed---Cosmo, Orange Dream, Strawberry Shortcake, Hurricane, Pineapple Upside Down Cake, Lemon Sweet Tea, Chocolate Covered Cherry, etc...
Gonna be at bIg teN Sports Bar tonight from 9p-2a playin great music, takin requests, and keeping the dance floor goin. $1.50 Bottles of Busch Light?$3 bottles of Bud Light Platinum, $4 Vegas/Moonshine Bombs, and $1 Jello Shots! Come have some fun!
We would like to Thank everyone again for an amazing 2 Years! Join us tonight as Our Cast will be performing for you on yet another amazing night at Chill Chamber.Stephanie Stuart, Kamden T Cass, Monica Malone, Raven Lace, and Nikky Sky Blake! Stephen Tippie, Grant Cummins, and Chino Italiano behind the bar with DJ Bobby Valentine(Robert Wright) Spinnin' the hits all night. We have 2 4 1 Jello Shots tonight so come get them while they last!
TONIGHT @ BellytoBelly Bar-Grill we have DJ Sammy in the mix for Karaoke Night!!! For every participant that gets on stage they will receive a FREE shot of our famous apple pie!! shots specials will vary throughout the night!!! $2 Jello Shots and 3 for $5!! Come and party with our Belly Girls and have an awesome Friday Night!
Tonight is The Pattenburg House 4th of July party with DJ Prime Time, American themed sounds of the summer night!!! $1 off all Burgers, $2 Jello Shots, $2 Lori's Lager and other Drink Specials including Frozen White Zin Strawberry Cocktails! Come on out and celebrate with us!
Happy 4th of July! We have Live Entertainment All Day...on the porch with Michael Jordan from 3-7pm and then The Mix plays from 9pm-1am with Deron Baker, Musiq Will, and Gregory Lyon! We have $4 Watermelon Margaritas, $4.25 Sam Adams Summer Ale, and $2.50 Jello Shots!
So I tried to make Jello Shots, but I guess my "recipe" is off. They are too firm to "drink", have to use a spoon like regular jello. But OMG!, are they tasty! Cherry jello with whipped cream vodka...YUM!
The PUB is OPEN! We have the Blue Machine (Blue Hawain) and the Green Machine drinks! French Dip and 1/2 rids specials tonight! Bud Light Platinum $2.75. Balloon Party, Red Solo cup specials, Jello Shots and fun! See you at the PUB!
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