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Jehovah Jireh

According to the Book of Genesis in the Bible, Jehovah-jireh (or more accurately Yahweh-yireh, YHWH will provide), was a place in the land of Moriah.

Jehovah Nissi Jehovah Rapha El Shaddai Jehovah Shalom Jehovah Rohi Bishop Noel Jones Lord Jesus Christ Jehovah Shammah Abba Father Christ Jesus El Elyon Jesus Name

Jehovah Jireh the LORD will provide, don't worry!
Jehovah Jireh my provider 🙏🏽 Don't waste time worrying, He's got you!
I know that God is my source, so I will never worry about resources! Jehovah-jireh- MY PROVIDER!!
Good morning Father and fb family! Thank you Lord for being who you are. Jehovah Jireh, our provider. You take...
Amen! Ahh God You make all things possible of us! You are our Jehovah Jireh! 💕💕
Jehovah Jireh cares for me. . I always love this song. So encouraging.
Offering session:. Come and join me sing halleluyah, Jehovah Jireh has done me well... He has done it for me (2x) what my mother cannot do...
God provides our needs. He is Jehovah Jireh
HE is Jehovah Rapha. HE is Jehovah Nissi. HE is Jehovah Jireh. HE holds my world in HIS Hands 🙏🙌
“I bless Your name, Jehovah-Jireh, the One who sees my needs and provides for them. I honor Your name as holy.”
Looking forward to releasing this song "Jehovah Jireh"! He's our provider, no matter how bad…
The Devil is a Liar, Cancer can be Healed. Jehovah Jireh is The Healer.
This life was always only between you and Him. The only Him who's ever mattered. Jah, Yaweh, Elohim. Jehovah-Jireh the ultimate provider.
Oh Jehovah Jireh!!! Give praise to the Most High God for favor in my Grandsons life cause you are an awesome God.
One can never really know what it means to call God "Jehovah Jireh" until you're able to lay down & surrender your own "Isaac" before Him.
Always give your best to what God has given you.
This week, the Lord will show you mercy. Jehovah Jireh will fillnyour cup with His divine provision. In Jesus Name.
Genesis 22:14 (KJV) And Abraham called the name of that place Jehovah-jireh: as it is said to this day, In the mount of the LORD...
I feel so blessed to serve the God who is Jehovah Jireh. just remember, when he makes a promise, he always follows though
Lord Jesus, Jehovah Jireh, Yahweh, Allah, Buddha, Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma, grant me the patience not to be patola today. Thank You.
Instead of complaining about the rain Thank Jehovah Jireh our God and provider for sustaining all we need in Jesus nam…
The secret of spiritual prosperity is the name, Jehovah Jireh, our provider.
God, you are my provider, my Jehovah Jireh. I depend completely on you. Remind me to only depend on you.
Phenomenal Prophetic Word "Jehovah Jireh provides the promise. We do the process."
Reflecting on the Names and Nature of God. The Trinity: The Lord Will Provide (Jehovah Jireh). And Abraham called...
Jehovah Jireh, my provider. Jehovah Nissi, Lord You reign in victory. Jehovah Shalom, my Prince of Peace. And I worship You, bc of who You Are
He is Jehovah Jireh. He is the God that Provides
Dear Jehovah Jireh, You are the Lord, my provider. You provide hope for hopeless, love for the unlovely, life for...
I BELIEVE GOD!! I'm trusting Him to supply every need because He is Jehovah Jireh, my Provider and I know He's a covenant keeping God!
What is your favorite name for God? (i.e. Yahweh, Jehovah Jireh, El Shaddai, etc.)
We must know that God is God all by Himself. He is Jehovah Jireh, He is Elohim and much more.
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"My trust is not in the White House, it's in Jehovah Jireh." Tune in now for Pastor message on...
Jehovah Jireh be a sponsor for attending Norman Manley School IJN|Your will be done to & thru them
People: God's name is Jehovah Jireh . Me: So OK, now you giving God last names?
He is "Jehovah Jireh: the Lord will provide" (Gen. 22:14) & "Jehovah Nissi: the Lord our Banner" (Ex. 17:15).
I believe the Word of GOD. All my needs are met. Philippians 4:19 . Jehovah Jireh is on our side. . If you agree...
I pray to the One and only God Elohim, Jehovah, El Shaddal, Jehovah Jireh, Rapha,Nissi,M'kadesh,Shalom
Jehovah Jireh - The Lord will provide . Jehovah Nissi - The Lord my refuge . Jehovah Shammah - The Lord is there
FFBC Abuanan Thank you Lord Jesus Christ indeed THOU art our Jehovah Jireh.
For the last 365 days. You preserved my ways. Crowning my works with grace. Thank you ancient of days. You are my Jehovah Jireh
Just delivered a message on Jehovah Jireh, (the Great provider). May you know God as the great provider
Thank you Lord for all the blessings! You are my Jehovah Nissi! My Jehovah Jireh! My Adonai! My El Shadai!
Jehovah Jireh, there is none like You. Every day we want to praise and worship Your glorious name. Today we weep...
Jehovah Jireh, my Provider . My God shall supply all my needs. According to His riches in Glory He shall gave His angels charge over me. 🙏🏻✨💫
Confess Who your Lord is to you:. He is Jehovah Jireh - your Provider. He is Jehovah Rapha - your Healer. He is...
Lord, I know You will provide me everything I need. I lift everything up to You, Jehovah Jireh, our provider. 🙌🏻🙏🏻   10% Off
Jehovah Jireh 🙏🏼🙌🏼 the Lord will provide, stay strong in your hardest times guys and pray 🙏🏼 He is always there.
There's no chance God will not provide for you! His Name IS Jehovah Jireh, the Lord our Provider! Run into His Name!
dont act like u dont know i serve the most high El Shaddai til the day i die Jehovah Jireh be my provider
Jehovah Jireh- The Lord will provide, Give means of Deliverance, The Lord will see and provide
God never planned for the world to be your supplier. God is your provider.[ Jehovah Jireh ]
I have a new best friend God open up heaven fast and easy Jehovah Jireh El Shaddai come I must ...
Don't have alot of funds, my Rent is due, My Tuition is due, But hes is my Jehovah Jireh ( He who provides)...
When your OT homework lines up with your life. 🙌🏼🙌🏼. Jehovah-Jireh: The Lord will provide!
Jehovah-Jireh, the Lord will always provide. Simply seek His kingdom first and everything else shall follow. Matt. 6:33
“Jehovah-Jireh” is 1 of the many names of God from the Old Testament. It means "The LORD Will Provide" Genesis 22:14
Happy Friday!!! The words "Jehovah Jireh" are in my spirit today. So many new and great things are taking...
government ran by imperfect man. . Church ran by the Almighty. Jehovah Jireh
God, Son is a present help in a time of trouble. For Jehovah God, Jehovah Jireh is My provider. We must pray 🙏 for our country.
I dont know but my heart greatly rejoices. 󾌳󾌳.
Abba, I pray the landscaping is fixed. Reward my waiting, so long with favor. Jehovah Jireh, gi...
Jehovah jireh!! Ama make a beeline for that watermelon/pineapple/Ginger flavour. That mix is the Truth!!!
Day 4:. I praise You Father, for You are Jehovah-Jireh, you are the Great provider, always providing for me!
Today celebrate the Jehovah Jireh of your life. God still supplies all your needs.
I don't understand he is my ''JEHOVAH JIREH'' at all n my pockets are empty
🍒Jehovah Jireh is a God of boundless resources. The only limit is in us.…
Jehovah Jireh be a stack in Black Jesus Name, 💯
His grace is sufficient for us. He will supply all our needs. Jehovah-Jireh, our Provider will always care for us - His children.
Heaven Father, thank you for providing for me my entire life. You are my Jehovah Jireh! You are my Provider. ❤️
God provides for our needs before we even know what our needs are. Jehovah Jireh
Grace and Peace be unto you, We praise our Jehovah Jireh for giving the vision of I AM MY BROTHER'S KEEPER...
Someone just left these in the vending machine tray so JEHOVAH JIREH THE LORD PROVIDETH
Jehovah Jireh (God-sees-To-It)! He see to all that concerneth you. He sees to your heath, your prosperity, .
Don’t give in to the voices of doom & gloom around u. I'm your Jehovah Jireh. I'm not bound 2 earth’s economy. I have MORE THAN ENOUGH!JESUS
Jehovah Jireh, You know our needs better than we do, &I'm grateful that You shut the doors we shouldn't walk through
Faith makes us see what God has provided for us "Jehovah Jireh"
Jehovah Jireh can and is able to answer your prayers anything you want in this life just Ask Johovah
Daddy for my & being Jehovah Jireh for me Always IJN|blessing & protecting my account!
Jehovah Jireh . His grace is sufficient for me
I feel like I kissed the Blarney Stone! Jehovah Jireh, my Provider, blessed me with eloquent words! Back to School night was a success!
Jehovah Jireh El Shaddai open up heaven fast showers of blessings I get a car home inheritance ...
Him na jehovah jireh nah. "Let it not be said that one guy was supplying all my needs according to his riches in glory"
Congratulations Sandra...The Lord is with you alwaysss.. Jehovah Jireh ✨✨
He Is Jehovah Jireh our provider, He is Jehovah Rapha our Healer, He is Jehovah Rohi our shepherd, He is El Elyon the most High God. HE IS!!
When they feel that you dont deserve the best believe me thats the devil, Jehovah Jireh. My eyes are on God and...
And as predicted, God showed up and showed off. Thank you Jehovah Jireh.
Lord Jehovah Jireh El Shaddai come I must have you I need a good car and a car for my daughter ...
God Morning!! God is Blessing my Financial Wealth Tremendously!! . LMS if you believe Jehovah Jireh is my Provider
Day 8 My God always supplies my needs. I call Him Jehovah-Jireh. He did it again! Thankful. 'sGrace
Wed-Gen 22:14 "...The LORD Will Provide..." = Jehovah-Jireh. I can't count all the times God has revealed Himself this way 2 me.
God will generously provide all u need. 2Cor9:8 So get rid of yr scarcity mentality. Yr God is Jehovah Jireh! Yr Provider! Trust Him!
Little Giant Ladders
They picked up stones and Jesus turned it into bread to feed me! Jehovah Jireh. MY PROVIDER!
Jehovah Nissi, I'll raise a banner as you provide Jehovah Jireh, let there be healing in our land today Jehovah Rapha. Amen.
Jehovah Jireh. Lord you are the God who provides! You are a great provider! 😊☝
The Lord of host is sufficient to deliver, Jehovah Jireh; The God that's sufficient to Provide! That's the God I serve
God ,you said, You are the Jehovah Jireh, My Lord , my Provider. (Psalms 23)
LWCC let's pray for all those that are about to walk down the aisle and say "I Do." Jehovah Jireh . Pastors
Jehovah Jireh reward ppl in rural for doing or WITHOUT seeking ANY pay/reward IJN
Amen Marion Jehovah Jireh God is our provider not Man God bless
Lord thank for the blessings... My God My Jehovah Jireh...
GIRL!! Jehovah Jireh ain't asleep! He has seen our work! He has encouraged us by saying hold on babe this is not unto death
Thanks Jehovah-jireh for allowing me to see the light of today regardless of my sinful nature. I thank you father
I added a video to a playlist Kugira ifeza by ULK,JEHOVAH JIREH Choir
PR: Focus on the name Jehovah-Jireh. Think about ways that God has provided for you and for others. Thank Him for this. Amen.
The first name of God that we're going to look at is Jehovah-Jireh, meaning, "The LORD will Provide." God provides all that we need and will
Today marks 10 years being self-employed. All Glory and Praise to our God, Jehovah Jireh my provider!. Thanks to...
6God got hip hop, WWE, fast food chains department stores & Jehovah Jireh the God of Christians himself all curb stomping Meek.
Jehovah Jireh , your my prince of peace.
The girl is okay though which is good but JEHOVAH JIREH
Jehovah-Jireh, God who provides. thank you, Abba Father. :') perfectly timed.
We are celebrating the divine help of God!
Jehovah Jireh is more than a name; it is a realm, a realm of provision before need arises.
Jehovah Jireh my provider, you are more than enough for me.
Jehovah Jireh will fulfill each and every promise he concerning u,
Before the need arose,Jehovah Jireh had committed himself to provide
Jireh-Provision. Pro-Before. Vision-To See. Jehovah has already made available that which you need.
Whatever you need, Jehovah Jireh has committed Himself to be your Provider
Jehovah Jireh makes your need available before it arises.
Jehovah Jireh 🙏 Praying that my results will glorify His name and not mine 💕 Amen!
Because of who you are, I give you glory. Because of who you are I give you praise. Jehovah Jireh, Jehovah Nissi, Jehovah Shalom...
Know the names of God. Jehovah Jireh is my provider! For provision ...that's who we're calling on! Thanks
Gracious and fantastic God, Jehovah Jireh.  . You are so amazing and I praise and bless your *** ..
Tony Evans brought the truth tonight. God is Jehovah Rohi (our Shepard) and our Jehovah Jireh (our Provider).
I Am The Favoured Daughter of El Elyon, Jehovah Nissi, Jehovah Jireh, Jehovah Shalom, Jehovah Rohi, with God it done! http:…
Are you afraid you will lose all your money to charity if you give your life to Christ? Jehovah Jireh is a great provider.
Praying is a Form of expressing of Thanks! A way to communicate to Jehovah Jireh our provider.…
JEHOVAH JIREH: You do not have to remind God to provide for you, you have to remind yourself that God is your provider...-;)
Read. (Matthew 6:31-33 NCV). "Jehovah-Jireh is your provider do His will and expect your needs to be supplied"
Therefore, Jehovah Jireh is not a name of God but a place in God you locate after you have obeyed the voice of God
Abraham called the place 'Jehovah Jireh' after God miraculously provided a ram to be slaughtered instead of Isaac his son.
Jehovah Jireh that I know will not allow it.
Cant forget Jehovah Jireh who has provided when we were down to the last coin
Some call him Jehovah Jireh, others Elohim, Shalom, Prince of peace, Emmanuel, Adonai and etc. But I called him...
Jehovah Jireh!. "You make springs flow in the valleys, and rivers run between the hills. They provide water for...
Jehovah Jireh exalt foreign companies profiting from who TRULY seek to take of esp IJN
Jehovah Jireh - The Lord that provides! ❤️ One of my personal favourite names of God. He will give you what you need!
His name is Jehovah Jireh and he is the God of all possibilities.
because Jehovah Jireh the lord God is my provider!! hes taking good care of me!! I'm so greatful... ewu! Genesis 22:13-14
Jehovah Jireh, you've been so faithful through the years 🙌🙌🙌. You deserve all our praise.
Jehovah Jireh-"The Lord will meet your need according to the riches and His glory in Christ Jesus" (Philippians 4:19). Amen!
Jehovah Jireh's to & thru mothers struggling wit poverty in IJN|send
The Lord has provided for us a helper that is the HolySpirit.He is Jehovah Jireh our provider
Jehovah Jireh protect & provide for wit in speakin about corruption & sabotage IJN!
Jehovah Jireh dealers & parts ppl who truly take of customers esp wealthy
Jehovah Jireh - Our Provider! He provided mightily this past weekend. A large Asian grocery store went out of...
Way too much going on today. 31 minutes thank Jehovah Jireh 🙌🏾 the Lord will provide
May our Jehovah Jireh give them their heart desire. God gives wealth and he adds no sorrow. May the jobless say I...
saved my life and brought me closer to my Savior. Jehovah Jireh!
CLATV DEV: discusses the name Jehovah Jireh - the power behind this name
CLATV Devotions: Dr. Tony Evans discusses the name Jehovah Jireh & explains the power behind this name
Our first day at Jehovah Jireh Haven Care Center. Beginning the build on a computer lab today.
Jehovah Jireh enrich in St Ann that take care of & workers Yeshua!
Jehovah Jireh exalt & bus drivers & conductors who TRULY seek to take of customers esp IJN
It's good to have Jehovah Jireh walking with you.
Taking the time to appreciate all the things I have in life, realizing every good and perfect thing comes from Jehovah Jireh
Out at Jehovah Jireh rehearsing for Bishop Washingyon's Apostolic service and I couldn't leave…
Jehovah Jireh. My Provider. Your grace is sufficient for me. 🙏
Jehovah Jireh, Lord our provider Jehovah Nissi, devil your beneath me . Jehovah El Shaddai I'll praise till I die I worship you🎶
Father, the King of Kings,the Lord of Lords and the Jehovah Jireh.I have experienced..Continue saying this prayer >>
Jehovah jireh. Bless me and heal me from proverty
The worst part of a danfo ride is when co-passengers rub their sweaty body on you. Jehovah Jireh let this hustle pay soon.
Elohim, the God above all gods. Jehovah Jireh, the God who provides. El-Shaddai, the almighty God. Jehovah Rapha,...
I bind that in the name of Jehovah Jireh El Shaddai adonai elohim Jesus!
22 And shall swear by heaven,swear by the throne of God, by him that sitteth thereon.14 Jehovah-jireh:Lord be seen.
Jehovah Jireh, I put my trust in You, Jesus.
Learn to give the first and the best for God. And believe that our God is Jehovah Jireh, He will…
«Missy Elliott is working on new music with Pharrell: Lord God, Jehovah Jireh.
Thank you jireh for the gift of new Life and New Hope. Happy New Month
all is possible in Jesus Name. May God provide all our needs according to His riches in Glory Amen..He is Jehovah Jireh
Today I am focusing on & praising God as Jehovah-Jireh: The Lord will Provide. Had medical scare last night (I'm ok) while hubby in Germany.
There are some wants which have already been provided for.Jehovah Jireh his storehouse never run dry.provides.
Jehovah jireh looks So Short! Everybody looks 5'8. Cannot beat us with dat.
Tomorrow we will look @ JEHOVAH JIREH, the God who sees / provides. Meet me tomorrow morning Place: The...
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Pialaku penuh melimpah.Thank You Lord for this amazing month.You are Jehovah Jireh.
I will praise your name forever. . Jehovah Jireh.
Suddenly. Everything is turning around for your good, bcuz He is Jehovah-jireh
My God is Jehovah Jireh when there is provision required
When Jehovah Jireh calls your Job you Answer the Phone!!!
thanking God for the ability to pay ALL my bills at once! Jehovah Jireh he is!
5 Abraham was an hundred(%) years(The Husbandman)old,when his son Isaac was born unto him. 14 And,Jehovah-jireh:JAH.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
I believe in Jehovah Jireh! I believe marriage is not between a man and a woman but between love and love... I believe
Thanking THE MOST HIGH for that much needed blessing! JEHOVAH JIREH my provider!
Well Jehovah Jireh is in Ctrl... Well, no akara to eat yet"I have the greatest urge to share with u..
alright. Thats.ur.choice. Thank you.god jehovah.jireh
...that's enough for me. I'm reminded when nobody is there God will be Jehovah Jireh in your life.
Jehovah Jireh – the LORD is my provision. There are many stories of God providing for his people in…
To Him alone will all my praises be!!!
''Since I begun my weaving,Jehovah Jireh has continually provided the threads...''. Borrowed from a German...
My God is more than enough, He can supply all my needs. He is my El Shaddai, He always looks out for me. Jehovah Jireh, He is my God! 🙌
We are not left to bathe in ponds but in rivers currented continually by Him. Jehovah Jireh.
EL-Shaddai shall never die. Jehovah Jireh my Lord will provide. I'm so blessed they call me boy Gemini and I must confess yes I…
"The Lord shall provide for Himself a sacrifice. (Jehovah Jireh)" Daddy Abraham knew the mind of God.. indeed Christ, the lamb, came...
I added a video to a playlist Jehovah Jireh
I thank Jehovah Jireh for that. My live is better.
Satan says 👿 : You need many things and you dont have any money. Answer him 🙋 : It is written that He is Jehovah Jireh my prov…
I like Check out my brothers awesome groovy music for God. Jehovah Jireh
God is able to do exceedingly above what you could ask or think of. He is Jehovah Jireh.
Praise looks good on us. As you worship, you locate Jehovah Jireh
Jehovah Jireh is your provider not job Jireh...! . ~Bishop Joseph W. Walker III~
Obedience is the KEY to greatness! Obedience to the word - no compromise, obedience to authority placed above you and obedience to the God of this universe. Without this, things will be tough, but know this when you obey, you will see HIM-Jehovah Nissi, Jehovah El Shaddai, Jehovah Rapha, Jehovah Jireh. Yes, healing will come, finances will come, success will come when you become obedient to Him! Blessings, Pastor Maria
Jehovah Jireh - "God will provide." One month after totaling our car (actually the deer hit me, I didn't hit...
Lord Thank you .you're worthy to be praised!Jehovah Jireh,Jehovah Nissi,Jehovah Rapha .Bless Your name heavenly father!!
Jehovah Jireh. The LORD who provides. The LORD who will see to it that my need is met.
These are Old Testament names of GOD. El Shaddai (Lord God Almighty) El Elyon (The Most High God) Adonai (Lord, Master) Yahweh (Lord, Jehovah) Jehovah Nissi (The Lord My Banner) Jehovah-Raah (The Lord My Shepherd) Jehovah Rapha (The Lord That Heals) Jehovah Shammah (The Lord Is There) Jehovah Tsidkenu (The Lord Our Righteousness) Jehovah Mekoddishkem (The Lord Who Sanctifies You) El Olam (The Everlasting God) Elohim (God) Qanna (Jealous) Jehovah Jireh (The Lord Will Provide) Jehovah Shalom (The Lord Is Peace) Jehovah Sabaoth (The Lord of Hosts) In the Old Testament times, a name was not only identification, but an identity as well. Throughout Scripture God reveals Himself to us through His names. When we study these names that He reveals to us in the Bible, we will better understand who God really is. The meanings behind God's names reveals the central personality and nature of the One who bears them. Is He your Most High God, All sufficient One, Master, Lord of Peace, the Lord Who Will Provide? Is He you ...
Thanking my Lord and saviour Jehovah Jireh for blessing me with the fountain of youth I will be 50 year's old this coming year and he has truly blessed me thank you Lord...
Church Family, Just a reminder that tomorrow is our December Jehovah Jireh distribution and we have the equivalent of two trucks coming. Please plan on coming out and if you have a wheel barrel please bring it out as we will need it tomorrow to help our guests with all the great food! See you all then. Justin
Quit taking christ out of Christmas because if it had not been for christ there would be no giving or receiving of presents or the most important gift of all the gift of salvation so think about what your saying when you say x-mas or santa got it for you. JESUS Jehovah jireh- the god who provided CHRISTmas for you and me.
As we are about to usher in the second week of December 2014.I look back and say thank you thank you God. It has been along long journey from january,With alot of struggle.For me i have met alot of obstacles on the way,strong wind,tides,earthquakes and all manner of opposing evil forces,but the lord,the good God,the saviour,the loving father,jehovah jireh,jehova elshadai,jehova nissi,jehava yaweh,has been with me.
gudevening to all plis join prophet daniel on ama radio 93.3 time from 24 theme the key to prosperity. prosperity is the exlusive preserve of GOD. one of the name of GOD is jehovah jireh. this divine attribute portrays him as the great provider. prophet daniel
Adonai,E'lhohim,the great IAM,Jehovah Jireh..E'lshaddai you are Holy
Jehovah jireh, god my provider. Jehovah Nissi, you reign in victory. Jehovah Shalom, you're my peace. I call him g.o.d., i call him g.o.d. (8)
Dear God . I thank you for being jehovah jireh to my family.
Jehovah jireh. That is all I will say for things when it looks challenging. HE IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON
. thanks be to Jesus!☝. Jehovah-Jireh my healer!👐. Please bless all today with health, love,joy. faithfulness in Jesus Name
The only way you know God is Jehovah Jireh is when you go through the valley of lack. Cc
You re my Jehovah Rapha and Jehova Jireh. I know you will make a way!
...morning by morning new mercies I see! All that I've needed thy hands have provided. U r Jehovah-Jireh, our Provider! God has a "Ram" 4 u!
Has God ever, made a way for you out of no, way? He's done it for me time and time again! Jehovah Jireh!
My faith is being tested something serious!!! Jehovah Jireh is STILL ABLE!
I wasn't even going to do the paper but this professor ay dios mio Jehovah Jireh be with me is trying to give me a B.
God is Jehovah-Jireh anywhere in the world. He can bless you irrespective of where you decide to live.
We should know that our God is a Provider , Jehovah Jireh more than that He is OUR FATHER WHO IS THE SOURCE OF...
lol how about Jehoveah Jireh, Jehovah Nisis, Jehovah Rafa, Jehovah Salom the great I Am, A wheel in the middle of
if I had the spirit if fear that would be some scary stuff but since I don't it don't, Jehovah Jireh is my
Jehovah Jireh, pls give the strength to make it off of just 3 hours of sleep...Smh, might not make it to my classes today lol.
For He is my Jehovah Jireh: my provider :)
It's my birthday and I feel blessed to be alive. Thank you Jehovah Jireh!!!
what you need to know about me is I deal in the truth nothing but the truth so help me my Father Jehovah Jireh my provider Selah
nope I'm change it too shake that Jehovah jireh
Jehovah Jireh, sweet joy! With God's strength and grace, I have officially completed my Master's degree.
Come out and support Jehovah Jireh's Bakery & Catering Service and Total Wedding Solutions at Born Again Church's...
Any person who gets acquainted with God will experience Jehovah-Jireh, he will experience the provision of God.
Woke up, God is still on His throne, and He is still Jehovah-jireh. Answered prayers are so fantastic.
A second job just feel into my lap. Thank you Jehovah Jireh.
He has all he needs,The Lion of d tribe of Judah,Jehovah Jireh "Juju is not enough to secure a Tayo win
Father You are God. You are Jehovah Jireh our Provider. You are Jehovah Rapha our Healer. You are Jehovah Shalom our Peace. Everything we need ... You are. You gave us Your Word and You sacrificed Your Son. Your love for us is unending and Your mercy is renewed every day. Father help us, heal us, and strengthen us. Father move in our lives as only You can in Jesus Name. Amen
I need to make a covenant with God. Samantha need to stay and win that money...Abba Father, Jehovah Jireh, Jehovah Shalom Be with Samantha
The I am, Jehovah Jireh, Rapha, Shamma, Nissi came 'en morphe' and in Him dwell the fullness of the Godhead bodily.
Baba vedu vari kudenga Umambo hwenyu ngahuuye kuda kwenyu ngakuitwe panyika sekudenga Tinokutendai baba nezuva rinonzi nhasi Ndinokutendai neuno mukana wamatipazve baba wekukurumbidzai Baba tinoremekedza zita renyu nekuti makatinakira Ishe Makatendeka zuva rimwe nerimwe munoona zvinoitika pakavanzika Baba vakatendeka baba vaneyasha Jehovha vanoramba vari Jehovah Iyemi munoti ndiri wandiri iyemi munosvinurira kuzadziswa kweshoko rimwe narimwe ramakataura muupenyu hwedu Baba we just want to love u We give u all the glory we adore u holy God for u are awesome we just want to worship u for there is none to be worshiped We worship u the everlasting God there is no other who is like unto thee we bless your name oh God we bless your name Abba Father great is thy faithfulness and thy Love We thank u u Jehovah our barner Above every situation munomira kuzviratidza We thank u Jehovah Jireh ahaa munotiitira baba vangu Ndizvo tauya baba mangwanani ano Nemoyo isina kuchena baba chenesai Ishe wengu semazai echando Ndan ...
Derek Luke so got *** fine! I would love to come home to a chocolate man like that every day. Jehovah Jireh, provide THAT please!
RECEIVING GOOD THINGS FROM GOD Matt. 7:7-11. Until a thirsty person takes a step to fetch water to quench his/her thirst that person will remain thirsty. Also parents know that they ought to pay tuition fees every academic year but they expect their wards to approach them and ask. That's exactly what pertains in our relationship with God; He so knows what we want, desire or clamour for to make our lives worthwhile but He expects us to ask Him. Don't just sit down thinking that God knows your desires so He'll definitely provide. Indeed He'll definitely provide but not until you ask. What at all do you need that Jehovah Jireh can't provide? There's nothing that He cannot do so make your request known to Him and He'll provide. As a loving parent provides the needs of the children, so will our heavenly father provide ALL our needs and more. Just keep on asking, seeking and knocking and He'll turn your mourning into dancing, sadness to joy, failure to success, barrenness to offsprings, sickness to quality heal ...
'Jehovah Jireh' from last Sunday service. media team have been unwell this week. Please keep our camera man JT Lemoa's in your prayers this week as he recovers from being in hospital. Nothing is impossible to God!
American Ebola patients released. Glory be to God! Jehovah Jireh, the Lord my Healer
HIS name is Jehovah Elohim, His name is Jehovah Jireh, His name is Jehovah Rapha, a word to the wise
In time of need, He is Jehovah Jireh! . In time of sickness,He is Jehovah Rapha! . In time of war, He is Jehovah Nissi!
Elohim, El Shaddai, Jehovah Jireh, Jehovah Sabaoth is an all together great God. No words can describe or measure up to his greatness.
I cry out to Jehovah Nissi, Jehovah Rapha, Jehovah Jireh for Israel. Holding Israel Up To Our God!
Thank You ADONAI for all that you're doing in the lives of Pastor Jamal Bryant and Bishop Noel Jones. As they prepare for services today and decree and declare a full manifestation of your word and that souls are saved in a huge number today. Bless their thoughts and let not the congregation be distracted by anything but to be fed by The Holy Word and may The Holy Spirit take charge and bring change in such a mighty way that there will be no resistance and they will see the glory of you Daddy. How wonderful you are Oh Almighty Our shield thank Upu. Hallelujah The King is here Glory praise GOD we welcome You We welcome you have your way Jehovah Jireh and let peace be still in the services in our Pastors lives and I summon high ranking angels to protect them and anoint that as they work for the Kingdom. Transform them and make today a day of total recognition of your goodness and mercy. Use them and I rebuke every plan and attack of the enemy amd thank you ABBA for doing it in Jesus Name
My supper thanks to a food box from Jehovah Jireh & Lees mashed taters & gravy from Wes Combs . I didn't expect him home this early, so around 9pm I worked on opening canned taters. Finally got it open and cooked it with the juice for 6minutes since no instructions. I hand mashed it up with a beater & added lil pepper & table spoon of sourcream . That is why it is white. It was good but didnt get it smooth enough. Those hurt a bit, so U swallowed it. I split a container of mash taters with Wes & now going to add the gravy & try to swallow it. Mash taters was much needed. Ty all. :) & Ty Jesus.
When you're down to nothing that's when God is up to something!! That's the Perfect time for God to do what He does best and that's just be God all by himself! That's why he's El Shaddai "The God who is More than Enough", Jehovah Jireh "The God who Provides"!!! Beloved, You must remember His Word that says Phillipians 4:19 "But My God shall supply all your Needs according to His riches in glory through Jesus Christ"!! Where are the Believers tonight that have Unmoveable, Unshakeable, Always Abounding FAITH in the Word of The Lord tonight!?! Hallelujah!!! ❤️
He sets up a situation for a revelation and he called it Jehovah Jireh. - Bishop Noel Jones .
He is the Alpha and Omega, Beginning and the End, the Wise One, the Ancien t of Days, the Righteous One, the Lord of lords, the King of kings, the Jehovah El-shaddai, Jehovah Nissi, Jehovah Jireh, Jehovah Adonai, Jehovah Nsikenu, the I am that I am, the Bright and Morning Star, the Rose of Sharon, the Lily of the Valley, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, the Self-Existent One, the God that Never Fails niether does He Change, He remains the same, the Giver of Life. If every part of my body were to be mouths, it will not be enough to praise you. What other names can you call HIM?
The Trader Joe's down the street from my church (Calvary Fellowship) had a crisis this afternoon ... their refrigeration system failed! They had to do something, so they offered their food to us, and courtesy of my good friend Trayce Duran I was blessed with a nice quantity of salad greens, veggies and meat! One of the many names for God in the bible is Jehovah Jireh ... the God who provides. Ultimately all good things come from my heavenly Father, but the amazing thing is how we uses the people in our lives to bless. PRAISE GOD FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW! :-)
Glory to God! I Bless your name! thank you for A Spirit to worship you this morning and pray before day break! I feel the power of the Holy Ghost way down in my Soul! Hallelujah this morning to the God of Glory! God is an awesome God! Consecration brings clarity! I bless you God for the Grave Experiences but my God my God, its a Season of Resurrection! For everyone you counted out, God said, HE, the king of Glory, the Author and Finisher of their faith, their deliver, provider, Eloise, El Shadi, Shalom, Jehovah Jireh, Visionary, and Abba Father COUNTED THEM IN! Jesus! Sealed!Paradigm Shift! Global Economic Shift!
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Okay, who is a priority?Jehovah JIREH! He's my priority 1st and for most. Then family and friends, job!So Aunt Patti I love you, sis Tiona, and Tisha,Emmy, Christie, Chrissy, Ashanti, Simya&mist important Chris Michaux I love you!
Ill buy these for a dollar. I see yall bitin me but dont like me. Yall tryna do wat i do, dress similar to me, buy furniture like mines..i post pics n certain stuff then u do it. these are the types of ppl ive com in contact with in my life.causes rage. Watch jealous ppl. They are out to ruin you. Will even try n kill you. Read genesis 6 i think it is. The first death resulted as a result of jealousy. Ppl say she dont work, hav men n and out her house, yet her house is fully furnished, she shops often, eatn out all the time and dont shop everywher. How she do dat there..No help from baby daddies, no welfare but yet she aint bombing, beggin, n borrowing and is a giver. My income was 168 a month.dont hate me God is enabling me. He takes care of me and has given me unmeasurable favor. Its nuthn ive done to deserve wat God does for me. God is no of persons. If He takes care of me, He will take care of you. Dont hate me caz i trust n u dont. I can say God is Jehovah Jireh
Interview went well. As long as I got King Jesus! He will make it alright!! Yes lord. Jehovah-Jireh, he will provide all my needs. Mercy!
He's Jehovah Jireh.He provides my daily needs.
GODS NAMES AND MEANINGS : 1. ELOHIM - Gods 1st name revealed (Trinity - God the Father God the Son God the Holispirit this is one person perfoming different duties. 2. YAWH - I am [self existence one] Name given to moses when he asked what name shall he give to the Israelites when they asked what his name was. 3. ADONAI - The Lord is master ( descibes the Lordship of God over us. Steward, Overseer) 4. JEHOVAH JIREH - The Lord will provide ( specifically speaking about salvation and Jesus the son was made the perfect lamb unto the sinners to catapult them unto righteousness. 5. EL SHADDIA - The Almighty God (EL is part of Gods name and when addung SHADDAI you literally saying God Almighty or the God of the mountains, Mountains always refer to the nations in the bible, this express th omnipotence of God and in Psalm 91 the name is used) 6. Jehovah Shalom - The Lord is Peace. 7. Jehovah Rohi - The Lord is my sheperd (If you are not saved therefore the Lord is not your shepherd, Jesus knows his sheep and know ...
Jehovah Jireh the Lord my Provider Jehovah Rapha the Lord my Sheperd Jehovah Roi the Lord my healer Jehovah Tsikedu the Lord my Righteousness He Keeps On doing Great things!
😊we’re good n blessed.. I’m amazed how God provides Jehovah Jireh (Provider).
The Deeper you Know God, the Higher the value and quality of your life and results/Destiny---"...They that know their God shall be strong and do exploits" Daniel 11:32. God is too deep to be known, but the little you know will take you to certain dimensions, why Don't you try knowing him as Elshadai (the one Abraham knew)? May be you can still desire Jehovah Jireh in that circumstance... Brethren, Moses asked God who he is, and God said he is the I AM. He gave him the option of choosing who he wants him to be In his life, He can be the I AM YOUR PEACE. Yes! In the Wilderness, Moses chose Jireh-the provider, In pharoah's palace he chose Nissi- the lord who reigns... We only know that moses wrote books Including Genesis, but God showed him just his back which represents History; and he wrote an account of the Creation of man as though he was there. Today, Learn to fix the personality of God in your situations! Hallelujah!!! ~Kingsley~
Jehovah Jireh... Lord my provider...i knew He will NEVER let me down...THANK YOU FATHER Good afternoon, people of God!
Jehovah Jireh, My Provider You are more than enough for me... 🙏🎤🎼
Hello u all . I wanna say thank U Jehovah 4 the great weekend u supplied 2 us all, thank u Lord that I wasn't alone that I got 2 fit n somewhere, thank u 4 Family & Friends being able 2 gather as a whole across the lands ... the best Memorial Gift is that they have located the two-hundred & something missing women ... God does listen & God does answer Jehovah Jireh~The Lord Will Provide . :)
Genesis 20 01 Abraham journeyed from thence toward the Negev. And lived between Kadesh and Shur. He was living in Gerar - Girard. 02 Abraham said to his wife. 'She is my sister' Abimelech king of the Great Lakes - Girard, it took Sarah. 03 But God came to Abimelech in a dream of the night. And Abimelech said to Kwajalein. "You shall surely die, for the woman which thou hast taken them to a husband". 04 Department Abimelech had not come near her. He said, "God And he will put the public at no or wrong. 05 He himself said that to me. "She is my sister," and she herself said. 'He is my brother' action sequences with me; innocence. And with no wrong ". 06 Then the Lord said to him in the dream. "We know that you do the following: With the purchase. Moreover, we have to prevent you from doing sins against us, and so we did not make you correct her. 07 Therefore, restore the man's wife away. For he is a prophet. He will pray for you And thou shalt live: and if thou restore her not, let us know that you shall su ...
Lord you multiply some fishes some bread What a miracle the multitude was feed We want to be blessed like a little lad When he came to you and gave all he has Lord you are the Blesser of blessing Lord you are the giver of all gift Lord you are our Jehovah jireh And you will supply all our needs Through the edges and time So many will say You are faithful Lord To your people everyday You said if we knock you will open the door If we seek will find your richest and more
I know my God as Jehovah Jireh, my provider, my way maker-out of no way.He is mine. Emanuel. God with us. Lover of my soul. The Author and finisher of my faith and mostly as unconditional love. Who do you know him as? You know what's awesome, There are brand new mercies every morning so each day brings another opportunity to know him anew. A little different. Rapha, Shalom, prince of peace, joy, praise. Celebrate the awesomeness of your God. You rock Lord and I love you.♥♡♥
Declarations I am blessed and highly favored I am strong in Christ Jesus I am not easily persuaded. God protects and covers me God loves me unconditionally The enemy is a deceiver No weapon formed against me shall ever prosper I am the head and not the tail I shall lend and not borrow I shall overcome every obstacle that comes before me I shall love my enemies I shall forgive I shall not fear I shall excel I shall see good on all people I am an overcomer I am wise I am annointed by God I shall use my spiritual gifts I shall evangelize to all who wish to hear the Gospel I shall not be selfish envy or jealous I shall be quick to hear and not to speak I shall not be anxious I shall not boast I shall give all the Praise to my Heavenly Father I am wonderfully and beautifully created by God I declare Victory over my life and over my child's life I shall declare we are covered by The Blood of Jesus Christ I shall declare God is on our side he is a good God a patient God and loving God. A God who gives us GRACE a ...
The Lyrics to this song BLESSED my SOUL on Sunday. Able to handle any situation, He's Jehovah Nissi Able to heal all of my diseases, He's Jehovah Rophe Able to comfort in the time of need, He's Jehovah Shalom Able to supply ALL of my needs, He's Jehovah Jireh. There is NOBODY like him. He's just that kind of God.
GENESIS 12-50 Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph The Beginning of the Human Race in the first eleven chapters, the historical part of Genesis, now gives way to the Beginning of the Hebrew Race in the biographical part, chapters 12-50. The first five books of the Bible were written by Moses and are called The Books of the Law. Moses is the Lawgiver. “The Law was given through Moses,” Jesus said in John 1:17. Of course, he wrote Genesis by revelation because it all happened long before he was born. He received his information from the Holy Spirit (2Tim.3:16). In Genesis 12 God singles out one man through whom He would bring salvation and bless all nations. The remainder of Genesis traces the story of Abraham and his descendants Isaac, Jacob and Joseph. These guys are called Patriarchs, which are men founders of families. The whole Bible from this point on is about the family of Abraham. God’s call of Abram is the pivotal point of the book (12:1-3). Jehovah makes a covenant (unconditional promise) with . ...
Good morning God People; I trust that everyone had a bless night and is up and ready to spread the good news, Amen!! Jehovah Jireh, I join my brothers and sisters to thank, praise, worship and adore You, for providing us with lives throughout last week, Lord, we exalt You for protecting, leading, save and preserving us, Father, if not for You, we would have been crushed by the enemies but we reverence Christ Jesus for giving us the privilege to know the Father and also the opportunity for the Father to dwell in us and in our households, we pray in Jesus Name. Amen, Amen and Amen. Giver Of Good Tidings, we magnify, glorify and lift You high, for give us yet another privilege to partake, share, enjoy and witnesses to Your power, goodness, kindness and love in this new week, Holy spirit, we welcome You to be Our Helper and advocate, Lord Jesus, we invite You, to rule, govern and take charge of our affairs and engagements in this week, we worship in Jesus Name. Amen, Amen and Amen. Father, we beseech Thee to ...
journey: Jehovah's (Jireh's) good morning to his children, you are my temple, for my glory & favor, exodus 25:8; Haggai 2:7-9
On the Verge of a Miracle For this is what the LORD, the God of Israel, says: “The jar of flour will not be used up and the jug of oil will not run dry until the day the LORD sends rain on the land.” 1 Kings 17:14, NIV Do you need a miracle today? Have you been asking God … how long? God will make a way, where there seems to be no way. He may ask of us one more request. Sometimes there’s one final act of obedience to the Lord, which will finally open the door to the miracle we’re waiting for. The faithfulness of God is unfathomable, and we can rest assured that He will never leave us nor forsake us. “For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the LORD, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future” (Jeremiah 29:11). Prayer: Heavenly Father, we thank You that You’re the God of the miraculous, and today we look to You, and no other, for our provision, for You are indeed Jehovah Jireh. Amen.
In the Hebrew language they have speacial names to describe or qualified God's dealings with them e.g. Jehovah Jireh when He provides,Jehovah Rapha when He heals,Jehovah Nissi when He gives victorry etc.For us Nigerians when He does things beyong verbal expression we call Him Jehovah Umm!
I would rather have Jesus than Silver or Gold... Why earthly riches when Jehovah Jireh has riches in glory?
LET US PRAY! HOLY, MIGHTY, JUST, AND MERCIFUL Father: Wherever my fb friends are this morning/today, I pray that You pay each of us a special unannounced visit! Save us from whispering tongues! Hallelujah! Father, your hand is not shortened that you cannot touch, guide, defend, and save! Heal this morning! Faithful Lord: provide jobs! Comfort those who worry about unpaid mortgage installments; about vehicles being repossessed, especially knowing that at times neighbours rejoice at the calamity of others! Where we are hurtful, help us to be helpful! Remember the children who are in need; Favour them, LORD, for you are Jehovah Jireh! And lead us into new avenues of gainful employment, in the mighty name of Jesus!
Good morning fb fan lets start the day by giving thanks to jehovah jireh our provider for wakeing us up this morning.happy tuesday
. If the Israelites hadn’t been bitten by snakes, there would be no Jehovah Ropheka (The Lord our healer) and if Abraham had taken a sheep for the sacrifice, there will be no Jehovah Jireh (The Lord our provider).”There has to be a situation for a revelation of God’s divine manifestation of Himself.”
God the almighty a wanna thank you for ur presence in my life day nd nigh nd for ur protection i have decided to serve u wth al my heart i pray that u may forgive me for each nd every sin i done nd cleance me by the blood of ur only begotton son jesus christ i Jesus Name i pray thank u jesu thank you jehovah ehlomi thank u jehovah jireh thank u jehovah mkaddes thank u jehovah Raphe thank u Jehovah Shammah nd thank u Jehovah Shalom nd jehovah Roni the lion nd i knw 85 % they wil ignore comment amen to tap the anointing from high above nd for door to be opened fr u nd i claim pass to all student who wl lyk nd comment God be wth u as u type amen
Jehovah Jireh Baptist Church 18 hrs · Acts 20:35 I have showed you all things, how that so laboring you ought to support the weak, and to remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he said, It is more blessed to give than to receive.
To God be the glory for another brand new day .JEHOVAH JIREH
Jehovah Jireh, my provider. Thank You once again for allowing me to see another day. Please guide my footsteps on my journey today. Please touch the hearts of those that still don't get it. In Jesus Name, Amen.
Genesis 22:1-11 God calls Abraham and asks him to offer his son to God.He obeys but,God looks and sees faith in Abraham.Gen 22:12-18 we know that God provides a lamb,we call Him Jehovah Jireh wc means the Lord will provide.But the Hebrew way of translating is 'the Lord sees',now know this that 'God sees ',all needs and His desire to meet your needs.Remember He's our father and owns all things,knows all our needs even before mentioning to Him.Just type Amen if you know our God sees and provides.
Thank you Lord Jesus Christ, truly you are the Jehovah Jireh the great provider of all my needs.
Jehovah Jireh my God i thank you for adding another year to my life,I bless you name Jehovah
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