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Jeffrey Lord

Jeffrey Lord is a former member of the Ronald Reagan administration, journalist, author, and political strategist in Pennsylvania.

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“Excuse me hi, I’d like to know if you have time to talk about our lord and savior, Winnie The Pooh”
Proverbs 9:10 The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.
Lord forgive me for always asking for something more than I say thank you! I know how that feels! It doesn’t feel good. S…
You must be here to fix the can imagine where it goes from here.He fixes the cable? Dont be fatuous,Jeffrey.
I've made a pledge not to watch CNN when Jason Miller; Jack Kingston; Kayleigh Mc…
CNN fired Jeffrey Lord for a similar joke.
B.S Fox got Robin Biro for democrat.CNN have,Jack Kingston, Paris de…
please put Jack Kingston on the same scrape heap as Jeffrey lord. He is a total waste of airtime
Why on earth is back on He's AWFUL. I thought you got rid of him when you got rid of Jeffrey Lord.
I attended one of your auctions at a Diwali celebration at Alexandra Palace…
Lord Archer, I'd be grateful to know when you might select the winners for the Write India contest.…
CNN, the former network of Trump surrogate Jeffrey Lord(!) has a new ad reminding us that facts matter. My latest:.
believe it or not makes me miss Jeffrey Lord!!
Burn on big River burn on. Burn on big River burn on. Now the Lord can make you tumble . and the Lord can make you tur…
He's Jeffrey Lord & Kayleigh McAnany rolled into one. It's not possible…
Same one they got Jeffrey Lord from
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Agreed. I treat this Stephen Moore Trumpkin just like Jeffrey Lord, when used to have him on their…
how does one square that CNN "Apple" advertisement with employing Jeffrey Lord. that's the core dilemma. (see what I did there, I'm fun)
Jeffrey Lord starting a rumor cause he can't really defend Trump nor hold him accountable.
from network that hired Jeffrey Lord & Kayleigh McEnany ? 🤦‍♀️…
Then what the *** is your problem?? I believe that's all Jeffrey Lord said.(been saying for months)
Someone had to be the paid *** after Jeffrey Lord went full Nazi. Miller is only good for dumb things ab…
A little history: Jeffrey Lord compares the emails of with Nixon's tapes.
From the network that had Jeffrey Lord, Kayleigh McEnany, Rick Santorum and Jason Miller on its payroll.
CNN has always been about Trump and Jeffrey Lord's opinion. They gave Trump the win. I switched to MSNBC.
This sounds good, but you gave hours of free air time to candidate Trump. You employed Jeffrey Lord + other nut jobs. Profits > facts.
DT's stratagems are so curious. Why does he continue to quarrel with a powerful Senate chairman? My Lord!
Oh Jeffrey Lord keep shooting for the stars your busy at work today ke…
Over to Wolf Blitzer who has Jeffrey Lord on set
Jeffrey 'Lord of the Lies' strikes again with another bolt of division
is as credible as Jeffrey Lord regarding Trump these days. What a sad diminution of reputa…
CNN hired Jeffrey Lord as a CNN Contributor to tell viewers that it's a banana.
They found the perfect replacement for Jeffrey Lord.
If you promote your work on this basis, you deserve to be judged on this basis. You hired Corey Lewandowski and Jeffrey Lor…
CNN has the audacity to put this ad out! You had Liars on 24/7 in Jeffrey Lord, Boris Ephstyen, & trump surrog…
👉🏾on CNN w/an gd impersonation of Jeffrey Lord. Trump's what he wants to be but thinks him…
I have two names for you Corey Lewandowski & Jeffrey Lord! Every *** day the attacks were c…
.is on going full Patrick Beverly on Ed "I'm the new Jeffrey Lord" Martin. Ed can't even get d…
CNN hammers Clinton over Weinstein after CNN employed Jeffrey Lord, Corey Lewandoski and Jason Miller to cape for sexua…
I added a video to a playlist DESTROYED!!! Ana Navarro calls out Jeffrey Lord
.Thank you to Jeffrey Lord you for your bravery sacrifices & dedication.
Trump praised Jeffrey Lord during Quick reminder on why Jeff Lord was fired.
Sources: fired CNN contributor Jeffrey Lord in early talks to join Breitbart
Jeffrey Lord always looks like he's wandered away from his nursing home.
CNN executives: “Nazi salutes are indefensible,” the network said in a terse statement. “Jeffrey Lord is no...
Jeffrey Lord, the Pro-Trump Political Commentator Recently Fired by CNN, Is in Talks with Another Media Outlet
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Jeffrey Lord is totally defending Nazis now. Now it all makes sense. Update your profile pic Jeff the 90's are last century
My interview with Jeff Lord about CNN & MM's Angelo Carusone. You don't want to miss it!
Former CNN personality Jeffrey Lord has reportedly been offered a gig at Breitbart New
Jeffrey Lord 🤥 will be right at home- BREITBART NEWS will use him up like a "Cheap teabag" 🤢
Fake News CNN fired Jeffrey Lord because he was a solid Pro Trump conservative who stood up to their lies and bullying. T…
Jeffrey lord will never be missed. Unnecessary piece of crap.
can only imagine what Jeffrey Lord would come up with (if he were still on the air)
The must be so honored, and I'm sure his mother would have been proud...
NEW: Jeffrey Lord is in talks with Breitbart after his unceremonious exit from CNN
Dumbest statement ever made. Wait it is coming from you another Jeffrey Lord.
BREAKING- Jeffrey Lord has narrowed his job list to Breitbart or cheering Donald Trump when he takes a dump on his desk…
He's like a cleaned up version of Jeffrey Lord.
Camp Hill's Jeffrey Lord in talks with Breitbart, report
Bannon: How can we instantly make Breitbart more offensive and less credible?. Marlow: Hmm. Let me think... Bannon & Marlow…
Believe your editor confused 'thinks' with 'hopes'. Either way sounds like fake news just found a replacement for Jeffrey Lord
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Might as well have Jeffrey Lord as VP.
Jeffrey Lord is in talks with Breitbart, per The Daily Beast.
Vermin all crawling out of the woodwork towards breitbart "Jeffrey Lord in talks with Breitbart."
Jeffrey Lord, fired conservative CNN pundit, in talks to join Breitbart: Report - -
Jeffrey Lord, Fired CNN trump worshipper, In Talks To Join Breitbart. Good, right where he belongs, in the trash. 👏. htt…
New: Jeffrey Lord is in talks to join Breitbart. report
Good by Jack Kingston is as bad as Jeffrey Lord
CNN is finally wising up they got rid of Jeffrey Lord now if they get rid of Jack Kingston I can go back to watching CNN
Jeffrey Lord is sickening. For once though, he didn't evoke Ron Reagan.
FOX is waiting with open arms. Jeffrey Lord, Trump Defender on CNN, Is Fired for Using Nazi Slogan
Fox News has no interest in hiring Jeffrey Lord.
Jeffrey Lord's 'Sieg Heil': If you don't know by now Trump's base is a cesspool of white supremacists & neo-Nazis -- you'r…
CNN cuts ties with Jeffrey Lord over 'Sieg Heil' jibe
CNN must get rid of Jason Miller, not just Jeffrey Lord, for moral and ethical deficiencies--Right Anderson Cooper?
Jeffrey Lord will likely be replaced by a cut out of Trump himself. .
Trumpers are able to speak out both sides of their mouths at once: Jack Kingston, Jeffrey Lord, dearly departed Sean, Sarah Huck, Miller...
Favorite CNN clip today ... Van Jones to Jeffrey Lord "This is why people want to blow their brains out when you talk sometimes ..."
Why do you still have that brain dead Jeffrey Lord on your network?! He's a moron!
JeffreyLord: Dems meeting w/DREAMers same as TrumpJr. meeting w/Russia. FFS when is this *** s contract up???
Someone needs to get Jeffrey Lord some help before he really loses it.
Jeffrey Lord equating Democrats talking to Dreamers with Don Jr talking to Russian spies on is the dumbest thing I'v…
Love when Jeffrey Lord cites Rush Limbaugh as if he actually lives in this century. Aren't we gett…
When is CNN going to kick Jeffrey Lord off their payroll?
Jeffrey Lord should be banned from respectable media outlets. Let him go to Fox.
Congratulations Jeffrey Lord!. You just won today's "dumbest thing I've read on the internet" award.
[TV booker talks with producers]. "Oh. OK. So, we have, maybe they met with 15 spies.". "Jeffrey Lord says it's only 11."…
So the Russians meeting with JR wanted to stay in America to continue theireducation like the DREAMers? What pray 1)
It's Jeffrey Lord, ffs. A gyroscope he's not.
When you see Jeffrey Lord on turn the channel to It's the only way they'll learn. Awful programming j…
Today is the day Bannon became president. Jeffrey Lord, probably.
Stupid Panel erupts over Dreamers charge more "FAKE SOMETHING" CNN=FAKE
Jeffrey Lord is the snake. Why on earth do…
Beyond offensive; needs to cut J Lord loose & get a legitimate analyst. J Lord does not help one bit.
CNN's Jeffrey Lord compares Dreamers to Russian operatives from Trump Tower meeting
Jeffrey Lord last night equating Dems speaking to 'Dreamers' with Trumps talking to Russia. Man's an ***
Ah... nope. Jeffrey Lord: Democrats meeting with DREAMers same as Trump Jr. meeting with Russia
Jeffrey Lord criticizes Democrats for meeting with Dreamers, forgets Donald Trump met with them back in 2013 too:
No Trump is not "the leader of the free world". Nor is letting Jeffrey Lord spin bs the same as "getting perspective"
Panel erupts over Dreamers charge King of the red herring
CNN's Jeffrey Lord compares young immigrants to Russian operatives from Trump Tower meeting.
BREAKING- FOX News is in talks to trade Shepard Smith to CNN for Jeffrey Lord and 3 CNN memes.
Nan Hayworth is one of the worst liars I've ever seen. Her defense of Don jr and the trump administration is even worse than Jeffrey Lord.
Nan Hayworth is as bad as Jeffrey Lord. please.
Nan Hayworth and Jeffrey Lord should get married.
I never realized before that Hugh Grant is starting to look like Jeffrey Lord.
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Some1 should give Jeffrey Lord & Hugh Hewitt a broken stick, locked in a room, 2 fight over who luvs trump more. I'd watch…
Anderson Cooper should have never apologized 4 saying that Jeffrey Lord would defend Trump if he dropped a deuce on his…
Jeffrey Lord: "President Trump is the Martin Luther King of facelift assessments."
I can't stand Hugh Hewitt both he & Jeffrey Lord give me the creeps.Is there a way to use parental block so I don't…
Jason Kander on Jeffrey Lord:. "If Trump said Jeffrey Lord's name was Bill, Jeffrey Lord would say let's hear him out"
The kicker to this article is Jeff Zucker throwing stones at NBC for having Jones on. As if Jeffrey Lord doesn't exist.
Van Jones and Jeffrey Lord argued heatedly about KKK on CNN
When CNN's Zucker pulls Jeffrey Lord, Van Jones & the other *** then he can talk about NBC.
You panels suck. I can't watch them. It's not compelling it's repulsive.Jason Miller, Jeffrey Lord and the rest of the Pres…
Jeffrey Lord: What Pam Geller is doing is bravely standing where so many Americans celebrated today once sto…
After calling Trump a "piece of sh**" CNN has announced they're dropping Reza Aslan's show. . Reminder: Jeffrey Lord and Corey…
Why do you give voice to Jeffrey Lord's mindless dribble? Viewers are changing channels & soon will avoid CNN altogether.
Watch: Robert calls BS on Jeffrey Lord's ridiculous claim that 'coal is the wave of the future'
Anderson Cooper to Jeffrey Lord: You'd defend Trump if he 'took a dump on his desk'
John Oliver looks back at the week that ‘broke Anderson Cooper’ and made him say THAT to Jeffrey Lord
Anderson Cooper to Jeffrey Lord: "If [Trump] took a dump on his desk you'd defend it." Anderson is THROUGH, y’all. htt…
Why hasn't 45 hired Jeffrey Lord as press secretary or spinner-in-chief?
Anderson Cooper should apologize-- for praising Jeffrey Lord as an important voice
Anderson Cooper blurts out something hilarious to Trump supporter Jeffrey Lord
Why did Anderson Cooper think it was okay to talk about our defecat*** on a desk??. Jeffrey Lord. h…
Anderson Cooper- Thoughts on Donald Trump taking a dump on his desk?. Jeffrey Lord- It was a strategic move and a glorio…
Anderson Cooper slams Jeffrey Lord: You'd defend Trump even if "he took a dump on his desk"
In all fairness Jeffrey Lord would blame Obama if Trump dropped a deuce in the Oval Office. No apologies…
5 people not in admin: Jeffrey Lord, Jason Miller, Chris Chris…
Sounds like every night on CNN with Jeffrey Lord and Jason Miller. You guys are still part of the pro…
CNN hosts point out Fox is running fake news and avoiding Trump scandals. Then ask Jason Miller, Jack Kingston, Jeffrey Lord to comment 🙄
Jason Miller's not QUITE as obnoxious as Jeffrey Lord, but he annoys the crap outta me, anyway.
I switch when Jeffrey Lord or Jason Miller come on. They are so bad. Are they on so they can look dumb?
Let's see what likes of Jeffrey Lord, Sean Spicer, Kellyanne Conway, Jason Miller, Kayleigh McEnany have to say about Robert Mueller.
Is CNN aware of how many viewers automatically change the channel whenever Jeffrey Lord or Jason Miller appears on screen?
Breast Cancer Awareness
Surprise, surprise: used condom wrapped in a homeless man's blanket, Jeffrey Lord says there's nothing to see here.
if you agree that CNN should finally fire Jeffrey Lord. This guy is a totally shameless Trump sycophant and apologi…
Jeffrey Lord just misquoted the Washington Post story in order to defend Trump. Erin Burnett corrected him. Jeffrey, stop,…
I'd like to see someone climb up Jeffrey Lord and kick him in the mouth.
CNN will probably try to find a Jefferson Davis lookalike to go along with Andrew Jackson lookalike Jeffrey Lord
I will not watch CNN while they continue to treat people like Kellyanne and Jeffrey Lord as reliable sources.
on putting Jeffrey Lord in his place without missing a beat. Awesome!
Eureka! Andrew Jackson was psychic, came back reincarnated as Jeffrey Lord & that's how found out abt…
Ex-Congressman/pro-Trump talking head on CNN Jack Kingston says he may run for As awful as Jeffrey Lord.…
Says the guy who employs *** like Jeffrey Lord, Kayleigh McEneny, Paris D…
Why not a show for Jeffrey Lord, Kayleigh McEnany or Scottie Nell Hughes? Or Kellyanne Conway? We want to hear more…
Can he please take Jeffrey Lord and Jack Kingston too!
Zucker continued "but when they are fired, I will pay them handsomely to wrestle with Jeffrey Lord on television"
Jeffrey Lord's chuckle when tells him how much pregnancy would spike your premium is precious.
Symone Sanders to Jeffrey Lord: "Let's not equate Dr. MLK the *** grabbing president Donald Trump.".
Jeffrey Lord on CNN tonight: "Everyone knows North Korea and Australia are the same thing. Woodrow Willson said so" htt…
Jeffrey Lord says Trump should not release his tax returns because Woodrow Wilson and Keith Boykin didn't release their ta…
in a sane world Jeffrey Lord would be selling adjustable…
Jeffrey Lord:"Trump's the Martin Luther King of health care." CNN have any standards? Is "Jeff Zucker the Jeff Dahmer o…
If is the of healthcare then Jeffrey Lord is the Bull Connor of race relations.2 false analogies.htt…
to tell to stop booking Jeffrey Lord.
Jeffrey Lord is a walking, talking example of ignorant white male privilege. Until he recognises that, there is no hope.
Jeffrey Lord logic: Ivanka Trump is just like Sojourner Truth
Jeffrey Lord's comments make a lot more sense if you assume he meant Lex Luthor and not Martin Luther.
45 is the MLK of healthcare and Jeffrey Lord is the David Duke of alt-right pundits.
Jeffrey Lord just mouthing Bannonism, fr book The Fourth Turning which demands destruction for rebirth, like Mao Tse Dung!
Wondering why CNN doesn't replace Jeffrey Lord with David Duke in the interest of driving up ratings?
David Dao: I got a concussion, a broken nose and 2 teeth knocked out. Jeffrey Lord: Well Dr. Dao, United is the MLK of a…
Think of Jeffrey Lord as the Baron Munchausen of CNN
,Joy Reid made Jeffrey Lord look like the fool that he is. . she explains the REAL GOP
As long as they insist on giving Jeffrey Lord the revisionist a platform, CNN will always be a joke.
On CNN, pro-Trump commentator Jeffrey Lord said, "Think of Pres. Trump as the Martin Luther King of health care." https…
Van Jones is a disgrace...he needs to go back to being bullied by Jeffrey Lord and crying
List of surrogates: Kayleigh McEnany, Roger Stone, Jeffrey Lord, Jack Kingston- a bunch of slimey used car sales people
I'm sorry but Jason Miller is SO much a Trumpite, as well as Jeffrey Lord, and that Kayley person as well. I HATE watching CNN
The likes of CNN continue to have the likes of Jeffrey Lord, Kayleigh M, Steve Moore, Paris D and now Jason Miller to LIE/4
Trump and KKK inspire meltdown on CNN starring Van Jones, Jeffrey Lord
Chris Collins is just as delusional as Jeffrey Lord
do a video on the Bill Mahr, Jeffrey Lord interview on Real Time.. Bill has some weird logic going on in it
I hate Jeffrey Lord with the power of the sun but I found Bill Mahr to be rude.
I watched your interview with Jeffrey Lord. Thanks for putting him in his place.
I try watching and then they trot out Jeffrey Lord and I switch to I can tell you exactly what he will say.
This is where Jeffrey Lord compares the Congressional Black Caucus to David Duke setting up a white caucus.
I've lost all respect for Jeffrey Lord. I hope that will be making comments on this soon
Watch Anderson Cooper ask Jeffrey Lord what the rest of America is dying to know:
Jeffrey Lord: There shouldn't be a Cong Black Caucus anymore, imagine if David Duke tried to start a white caucus.
"Jeffrey Lord" is Stacey Dash and their motto is, "There are
Roger Stone is totally toxic and Jeffrey Lord is a rodeo clown. I don't know why either get air time.
Since the election, toadie Jeffrey Lord reminds me of the evil POTUS in G.I. Joe: Retaliation. Smug level: Off the Charts.
Jeffrey Lord: *laughing* it's hardly new Presidential behavior. Chester Arthur yelled, "See you in court!" to a dinner guest on July 2, 1882
. Jeffrey Lord, is such pollutant who changes the climate on the screen, to unbearable. I canceled my Comcast Cable today.
Shame on you and Jeff Zucker for continuing to allow Jeffrey Lord on your air spreading lies. It's disgusting and shameful
I wonder how long will Kellyann, Sean, Reince, Ryan, McConnell and even Jeffrey Lord be able to excuse the stupidity of their boss.
Meanwhile had to school Jeffrey Lord on "voter fraud is a lie; voter suppression is alive and well."
Can a president be above the law? According to Jeffrey Lord, yes he can
excellent work from Robert Reich in giving clown fool Jeffrey Lord a well-deserved comeuppance. Lord is a moron.
Watching Robert Reich debate Jeffrey Lord on was an apt microcosm... Facts laughed at in favor of a single, nonse…
Can someone tell that the Fairness Doctrine is dead and people like Jeffrey Lord don't deserve screentime. He's a piece of garbage.
Jones, Lord debate timing of 'El Chapo' move: Van Jones and Jeffrey Lord debate the timing…
Exec produced and special correspondent on my show about Friday’s inauguration with Jeffrey Lord...
I ❤️ you Anderson but when I see Jeffrey Lord, I change the channel. Every. Single. Time.
Jeffrey Lord is not funny and irrelevant on CNN. 4 more yrs of that guy?! Lord don't help us. Get someone else pls Anderson.
Political commentator Jeffrey Lord to congressman: "Are you all on Donald Trump's payroll?"
How do you work with Jeffrey Lord without vomiting? Seriously? You've become part of the problem Anderson.
Supporting John Lewis last night in my CNN debate with Jeffrey Lord.
Anderson Cooper--How can you tolerate Jeffrey Lord? Why does CNN allow him to parade as a Reagan Republican? Helo?
Anderson, seriously, WHAT does Jeffrey Lord add to any conversation? His usual stance is "Trump won and experts were wrong." Boring.
Robert Reich speechless after Jeffrey Lord claims Trump free to flout ethics because he won
Chilling video from a month ago. Jeffrey Lord doesn't get it. Re: Chuck Jones.
Anderson, I know you want to have representation from The Right but Jeffrey Lord is an imbecile.
Van Jones always seems to be involved in things that are WAY below his intellect (see debates with Jeffrey Lord)
Political commentator Jeffrey Lord sings "all we are saying is give peace a chance" in a reference to '60s protests
Jeffrey Lord says OK for Trump to bring convicted felon into inner circle..but I recall Jack Abramoff caused hearings? vs.…
is like a mama gloria borger emasculating and stifling her son Jeffrey Lord
Jeffrey Lord picked to water the plants in the sun room for a little extra pocket money to spend at the matinee
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yesterday I was wondering why on earth I was so into Jeffrey Lord and I concluded it's because he is upbeat and positive and
.threw a John Birch Society reference at Jeffrey Lord after he went all Chester Arthur on her: Game.Set.Match Margaret wins!
Ugh. That moment it hits you; 4 more years of Jeffrey Lord, Kayleigh Macawhatshername and Scottie Hughes. *enter expletive here*
.I googled Van Jones Glenn Beck. Ironically this article from 09 was written by Jeffrey Lord.
Let this one sink in: Jeffrey Lord, Sean Hannity & Bill Mitchell were right.
Keepin it 1600 fans watching Dan Pfeiffer sit between Kayleigh McEnany and Jeffrey Lord on CNN right now.
You can fill a wing of a nursing home with all the old senile surrogates of TRump--Jeffrey Lord, Giuliani, Gingrich, Flynn…
From Beau Allen to Jeffrey Lord, here's what Pa. celebrities and politicians are handing out for Halloween
The Al Gore thing must be a Trump talking point because Jeffrey Lord saying the same stupid thing on right now…
Jeffrey Lord lied on CNN. Al Gore didn't take the presidential election to the Supreme Court. Bush did. That's why the case…
John Kerry was Patrick Kennedy's boss Jeffrey Lord . I mean are lies just routine now for ?
Need to get Michael Reagan on the same show with Jeffrey Lord and tell "Jeffrey" to stop comparing…
Anna Navara, Jeffrey Lord &Anderson Cooper segment on was hilarious!! Anna chewed Jeffrey up and spit him OUT! 👏🏾👏🏾 good job!
Jeffrey Lord refers to Democrat vs Republican prior Johnson admin, what about today? You are loyal as *** tho
It's Jeffrey lord what can you expect from this delusional ***
Terrific to introduce Minister to the critically endangered Lord Howe Island Stick Insect today https:/…
Used to enjoy watching AC360 until Jeffrey Lord arrived.
Listening to Trump supporters Jeffrey Lord and John Livingston alone turns off Black voters. Both of their voices you can hear racism
Jeffrey is spilling the beans to Justin what's in the backyard. Oh lord!
Oh Lord, Jeffrey done opened his mouth.
Anderson Cooper announces "Jeffrey Lord, Trump supporter", but not the other 6 on the panel as in the bag for Hillary
Oh snap! Jeffrey Lord just got his shorts handed to him by Lt. Gen. Hertling.
Communist Party USA endorses Communism led to the death of 100+ million ppl. Disavow? https…
I can't believe that would allow the very nice Jeffrey Lord to be savaged by a panel of seven Trump haters. 7 to…
Jeffrey Lord helps America understand "What was on display in Mexico City and later in Arizona is leadership Reagan-style."
Jeffrey Lord - king of Rhetoric and spin doctor for Donald Trump campaign
are Jeffrey Lord and Katrina Pierson actually "people?" I'd say the term is debatable.
I added a video to a playlist Charles Blow Smokes Jeffrey Lord For Protecting Trump’s ‘white
.Pollster Jeffrey Lord certifies the new poll!
She is the dumbest, least competent campaign spokesman I can ever remember. person Jeffrey Lord not far behind.
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This would have been news in a prior age. . BIG news. .
This is an obvious FIT. Communist Party USA Endorses Hillary. https…
I'll elucidate the basic nature of these people. They would have ANYONE who disagrees with them exterminated...
[Maude]: Lord. You can imagine where it goes from here. [Dude]: He fixes the cable? [Maude]: Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey.
Anderson Cooper is currently FISHING for a way in which the latest HRC FBI doc release is relevant, via in his toss to Jeffrey Lord. Wow.
Jeffrey Lord you are just as stupid and as big an a.. as Donald Trump. He act like he is still doing his tv show. Dumb a..
Jeffrey Lord get your facts straight. Joe Biden didn't plagiarize Jack Kennedy but Neil Kinnock.
do you actually know if Meredith McIver exists? Jeffrey Lord claims she does, but her FB page is fake and not on payroll.
I didn't think anyone could make me more angry than Kayleigh M or Jeffrey Lord -- and then Andy Dean opens his mouth. What a scumbag.
Why do they keep putting that repugnant buffoon Jeffrey Lord on air?
watching Jeffrey Lord defending the indefensible is excruciating.
You can almost see the scars of the incision on Jeffrey Lord's forehead where he was lobotomized
Jeffrey Lord; been kissing trumps butt to long. Can't leave NATO hanging. Trump is not presidential. That's what Cruz seen and knows
Get Jeffrey Lord off of my TV! He's a freaking moron. A block of wood! So annoying.
Jeffrey Lord is an *** After this election he needs to go on a cruise and never return
Hamilton Collection
Come on Jeffrey Lord is the most embarrassing person you have EVER put on the air...please get him off...PLEASE
Trump surrogate Jeffrey Lord on CNN using Trump's "business prowess" to defend his NATO comments. I kid you not.
Watching Jeffrey Lord trying to defend Trump’s statements about Baltics. He is not succeeding.
This late night CNN coverage is hilarious. Even tight *** Jeffrey Lord is giggling he's so f'ing tired of defending Trump.
i have enjoyed it oddly and been otherwise impressed w this woman. Even nutbag jeffrey lord comes off not nutbag.
I've been sitting here, watching CNN, waiting for Jeffrey Lord to say something nutty, and I'm missing the hardball.
the Q could start on fire tomorrow night and Jeffrey Lord would say that it's all part of Trump's master plan! Isn't he great?
Jeffrey Lord goes to construction sites and gets his *** kicked for saying someone has a case of the Mondays.
I wanna slap Jeffrey Lord and Kayleigh McEnany with a flyswatter. 😑
Jeffrey Lord now suggesting that the purpose of a political party is to not vote your conscience. Solid spin.
Jeffrey Lord adds nothing to narrative. Makes me want to change the channel
This Jeffrey Lord dude keeps pretending all this is normal and Trump is a normal person. I hope when stone houses go down he gets his!
Jeffrey Lord on CNN compares tonight’s Cruz moment to the ’64 GOP convention. Yes, he’s getting it now. How did that turn out in Nov?
Jeffrey Lord now just eliding fact that Rockefeller "read the riot act" to Birchers, not conservatives.
How on earth can CNN continue to trot out Jeffrey Lord? This dude is a gigantic piece of trash.
Jeffrey Lord asked on CNN if he thinks it's good there are less than 1% Black Delegates for GOP, said we shouldn't be "Bean…
u handled urself with class tonite but stood ur ground and took on Jeffrey Lord and his condescending comments
FYI only on roundtable can you find Jeffrey Lord throwing "RINO" at Rs decrying torture. (Claiming "that's not torture" is very 2006)
.Dear lord, literal “Insiders”- Thought of segue to this scene is most disturbing
And now on Jeffrey Lord is doing the equivalent of the Britney Spears protectionism video "LEAVE HIM ALONE!"
Amanda Carpenter might strangle Jeffrey Lord on live TV
Jeffrey Lord just got owned by that beautiful, well-spoken woman. Owned. Dude is a plug.
Derilo and Ylanan were part of the team that killed suspected Region 7 drug lord Jeffrey "Jaguar" Diaz in Las Pinas City last June.
-Mark send this to Jeffrey Lord needs a dose of truth!
Jeffrey Lord throwing up straw men and the ACTUAL republican on the panel is lighting them on fire.
Jeffrey Lord gonna have a heart attack over Cruz ?
Jeffrey Lord: did not give a Nazi salute. That is a common police gesture.
True. will be all over it. And will have much to say. Oh, and Jeffrey Lord.
Jeffrey Lord & Trumpites like that 90% or better number when it comes to convention speeches.
you should point out every white speaker to Jeffrey Lord
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Jeffrey Lord just cannot understand why Van Jones isn't more excited about the three black people he's seen at the convention.
It is quite awkward every time Jeffrey Lord points out a black person to Van Jones at
The CNN panel is pretty good until Jeffrey Lord & Kayleigh McEnany get to talk. S.E. Cupp is great but those two are unwatchable.
I have such tremendous respect for I aspire to have the patience & temprament to deal w/ ppl like Jeffrey Lord & Kayley McEnany
Also: am I the only person who desires above all reason to punch Jeffrey Lord in the face on GP?
I like you but you are too partisan. Even Jeffrey Lord can be fair. How much does Trump pay u to be so one-sided!
Jeffrey Lord—the best person on TV—and Van Jones are talking about gumbo with doggy poo in it, and the night is just getting started.
If Jeffrey Lord tells Van Jones one more time that a black person is speaking at the podium...
Jesus Christ, Jeffrey Lord is a goddamned goblin. After the first black speaker he *specifically* rubs Van Jones' nose in it.
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