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Jeffrey Jones

Jeffrey Duncan Jones (born September 28, 1946) is an American actor best known for his roles as Emperor Joseph II in Miloš Forman’s Amadeus, Charles Deetz in Beetlejuice, and Dean of Students Edward R.

Ferris Bueller Day Off

Why show up make the owners especially Jerry Jones and Jeffrey Laurie suffer. You can throw his ace Robert Kraft in there to!
Jeffrey Jones was excellent in that, and I love the design of the Dark Overlord of the Universe.
Lots of people hate the Howard movie, but I have very good memories of it. And Lea Thompson and Jeffrey…
Congratulations to Orientation Honor Roll recipient, Jeffrey Jones! He is a graduate of ATDS Truck Driving School.…
Another great show tonight!! Whyte Orfield Band's gonna play the Blues for you...don't miss it!
with the Murray/Howard/Jeffrey for Jones/Wilson but then again it's not terrible now that I wrote it down lol
Seriously? Right requires mouthpieces like Jones and Fox to keep their base misinformed and afraid.
I'm not done - Joanna Gleason in the Catherine O'Hara part, Terrence Mann as Jeffrey Jones. Too bad Da…
Ya but we now know what Ed’s real motivation was for catching Ferris. Hint: Google Jeffrey Jones arrest.
No way! This & Monster Squad were my favorites for awhile when I was a kid. Jeff Goldblum, Ed Begley Jr,…
You have Jeffrey as hate. Would you start Jones Jr against ATL over him as you mentioned should be plenty of throwing?
Should I trade Julio Jones, gore, Allen for beckham,Jeffrey and Howard? What u think
D'souza is a conman. You right wingers just love to soak up propaganda. R U big Alex Jones fan too?
Best to look by historians & google their work. Starting pts: Christopher Andr…
Andrew's For the President's Eyes Only is a good starting point. Other great work by Jeff…
Thank you to Michelle Jones and Jeffrey Adams of Bradford for choosing Martin Motor Company. We…
All purpose parts banner
Remember when you looked dumb when you criticized Jeffrey Lurie? Without facts or proper context? Mos…
A man gets shot in the chest six times while two men sit on top of him and we have to hear his whole…
Furious how the advocate painting him as some lost soul who really is an amazing young man. He's a murderer plain and simple
Thanks, Harvey Jones, for your excellent review on Google
You'll look up Jeffrey Jones to see what he's been up to lately. The answer will creep you out, but not surprise you.
You'll love it Tamara, Jeffrey Jones is under rated in it.
Might be a little hard to watch given what Jeffrey Jones did...
You will be more afraid of Jeffrey Jones in real life than you…
Flex play this week. T west or e sanders? Have Gurley and fournette as rbs and Julio jones and Alston Jeffrey
The Dow Jones, S&P 500, and Nasdaq close the day at new record highs. This is 41st record close for the Dow…
We reviewed films with Jeffrey Jones in them... We don't defend the director's previous acts and we wi…
Do i stick with Cooks or sub in Thielen (no Bradford)? Other wr's are evans, jeffrey and marvin jones
Thanks, Dustin D, for your excellent review on Google
Let's claim Jeffrey Beuregard Sessions seat for the people! Elect Doug Jones!! 💙💙💙
Jeffrey Dahmer's neighbors thought he was an OK kid, too. The cops even returned one of his victims after they had escaped.
Rick's first cold blooded murder of the Philly crew in S2-
Thanks, Stephen L., for your excellent review
Thanks, Matt Wiley, for your excellent review on Google
Kevin Sumlin blew a 34 point lead and Butch Jones has found a way to surge past him in 1st SEC coach fired odds. a…
A root cellar is under the ground, cool and dark. Kind of like a grave. I wonder what Jeffrey Jones keeps in his root cellar.
Just heard there are 3 adult women sharing 2 mansions that R.Kelly is paying for..
Jeffrey Jones the only one that springs to mind.
Also Jeffrey Lord and Alex Jones, the whole lot of them are aiding in the cover-up
Owen jones looks more like jimi Olsen
I think it is different with actors as they're not presenting as themselves. See also Jeffrey Jones.
A home is destroyed after Jeffrey Jones allegedly set fire to it while his wife and kids were still inside. Everyon…
How horrible! Habersham Co Sheriff says Jeffrey Jones set fire to his house while his wife and kids were inside. Ev…
Suspected arsonist arrested in White County. Jeffrey Jones accused of torching his house with his family inside.…
I have a level of special hatred for Clara Jeffrey and the Mother Jones staff that probably is unhealthy
CONGRATS to my good friends Jeffrey Wright and Ron Cephas Jones for their EMMY nominations!
Clara Jeffrey, Ben Dreyfuss, Drum - for an ostensibly liberal magazine, Mother Jones sure is run by the absolute fu…
At least Mother Jones has consistent hiring polices: Drum, Dreyfuss, and Jeffrey all hate homeless people.
Mayweather entrance music for Hatton fight was Born in the USA. Come on now
it would be cool to see Phineas Bogg and Jeffrey Jones n the background of some episode
Not sure which role was Jeffrey Jones' best- Ferris Bueller or Transylvania 6-500
Jeffrey Dahmer was a Satan worhiper & w multiple personalities. Had an altar of human thigh bones in his home. MSM never…
🙌 YASSS It's time for a great show Jeffrey Mathis:Prank calls .
Ever see anyone wearing a Jeffrey Lurie or Jerry Jones or Dan Snyder jersey?
Thanks, Jim Good, for your excellent review on Google
Such a shame. The big snubs of . the . 1. Freddie Highmore. 2. Jeffrey Dean Morgan. 3. Rashida Jones
Listening to *** Morris on this issue is a bit like trusting Jeffrey Dahmer to pick you something good out of fridge to…
No black man has ever won an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series. Ron Cephas Jones or Jeffrey Wright could be the first.
Late to the game but totally for the noms, esp: Nicole Kidman, Ron Cephas Jones and Jeffrey Wright
OK, 2nd amendment (not that one): Ron Cephas Jones was ALSO excellent in This Is Us, but nobody's taking that category from Jeffrey Wright.
We have vets in Brown, Scandrick , Heath and Jones to guide the youngsters. Oh and Jeffrey is a tier 2-3 WR but OK!!
Carson wentz, alshon Jeffrey, Joel embiid, been Simmons, fultz, Jordan Hicks, Sidney Jones..The city of Philly lit rn with young tallent!
Always unsettles me when loose cannon like Roberts says something…
Have you heard about the Jeffrey Jones fight?
Your right. It's 3 times. still hof
Anyone with 5 is a sure fire HOF player, sadly that isn't Howard.
"I felt very passionate about the possibility of human suffering" so i open fired at a packed restaurant on the wor…
Just streamed Who's Your Caddy?, its really a favorite flick. It has Jeffrey Jones
Kids. There's a lesson here. Nyjer Morgan missed a fly ball. Threw a tantrum and Adam Jones proceeded to get an inside the…
One of my pride and joys. Jeffrey Jones Series 1 card signed by him, one of my very favourite…
Why does show up in a series of GIFs about "The Man With Two Brains"?
Michael McKean seems real cool with having to work twice as hard because of Jeffrey Jones
Institutional maintenance is not what it means to be faithful. -Jeffrey D. Jones
Ask Digby Jones what trade deals he discussed in America with Prince Andrew and his chum Jeffrey Epstein?
For the record, I think this movie is awful, but Jeffrey Jones as…
Yeah. It becomes whole different movie once you realize that Jeffrey Jones' Dean Rooney is the hero.
Alex Jones shamelessly spews unhinged lies with the intent of duping useful *** much like Jeffrey…
Really? You run a commercial that says "always watching" on the wd of an accident with one of our destroyers. Smh.
We talk of life, and I think if we understand spirituality not as some kind of pilgrimage. -Jeffrey Jones
Bin Laden and Jeffrey Dahmer ok but Alex Jones sends the snowflakes over the edge 😂😂
Good news - Jones is the only car a lap down. . Bad news: is half a straightaway from lapping Jeffrey Earnhardt.
"Mitch Jones is an overrated washed up hasbeen" - Jeffrey Shih
You can tell I don't play a lot of Battlefield 1 cause I spent the first match trying to stab our medic because I...
You know you're an *** when you see a really well done drawing of a bust and your first thought is 'Looks...
"It's not going to be some gotcha hit piece, I promise you that.". "I don't double cross.". "You just trust me."
Jeffrey Jones can act better than he could pervert.
Actor Jeffrey Jones (The principal from Ferris Bueller's Day Off) is a pedophile.
I can't be the only one to think Austin Jones resembled Jeffrey Dahmer when he got released from jail 🤔
The kicker to this article is Jeff Zucker throwing stones at NBC for having Jones on. As if Jeffrey Lord doesn't exist.
'Hold on a Second!': Tensions Flare on CNN As Van Jones Battles Jeffrey Lord Over Trump and the KKK
Van Jones and Jeffrey Lord argued heatedly about KKK on CNN
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
When CNN's Zucker pulls Jeffrey Lord, Van Jones & the other *** then he can talk about NBC.
Writing a couple of books does not make one a god or an expert on anything. I c…
Jeffrey Mitchell with a swinging bunt up 1b, in & out of Jones's webbing, Rudkin at 1b scoops it & tries to tag him, but is safe
Rose has a brother played Caleb Landry-Jones. His perf didn’t work for me. Too much Jeffrey Goines from 12 Monkeys.
As much as I hate Apple, Credit where credit is due - the Apple Pencil is a really , really good stylus.I wish it...
Jeffrey Jones is my new arch-nemesis so Jeffrey if you're reading this I'm coming for you
B/C are *** close but I gotta go B on the hope that Jones returns to full potential
My Take your Heart Edition of Persona 5 Shipped. I would freaking LOVE it if i got it before the end of the week...
Van Jones is a disgrace...he needs to go back to being bullied by Jeffrey Lord and crying
I'm not the biggest Apple fan (read:i kinda hate them), but apparantly the iPad Pro with the apple Pencil is...
"I want us to use the Kelly Green uniforms as the alternate (uniforms). The sooner, the better" . - Eagles' owner...
This week my Concept Design students and I were lucky enough to have sculptor Jeffrey Jones lead us in a maquette b…
Thanks, David Smith, for your excellent review on Google
Please, take Jermaine Jones out of this game - HE. IS. AWFUL.
Jermaine Jones is definitely right up there with Fellaini in my book. They both suck...
Listen to Trap Talk (ft. Wave Jones) by Jeffrey Lane on brick guns and all the illegals😈
I liked a video Bride of Re Animator (1989) with Bruce Abbott, Claude Earl Jones, Jeffrey Combs Movie
"And Jeffrey Jones chasing a high school boy is now really creepy in retrospect."
Clinton v. Jones (1997): no Presidential immunity for lawsuits regarding unofficial conduct.
Here's a picture of Jeffrey Jones with a mustache:
Given Jeffrey Jones' sex offender status, do I bail on this STAY TUNED thing I wrote, or add a caveat at the end? Forgot he was in the film.
Thanks, Berkheimer T., for your excellent review
Jeffrey Jones of Milwaukee and Mike Walker, Jr. of Columbia died in today's shooting. The 2nd and 3rd homicide victims of 2017.
is she really pro choice though? In December she made very anti abortion comments
there were only 2 CB worth drafting in 1st Rd. Lattimore will be gone by 14 and Jones got injured! Don't reach for a need! BPA
Thanks, Tom Zolnerowich, for your excellent review on Google
. Dez. OBJ. Beasely. Shepherd. Crowder. Jones. We need a 🌟 to take these guys on for years to come
when players go down, other players film gets watched more. Obviously jones injury impacted it. But Conley is smooth
Maybe I missed something but it seems like Conley only jumped up on boards after Jones went down. Not a good sign.
IMO, Lattimore is worth 14. So was Jones. Hard to say any other CB is worth 14 without seeing who else is available.
Watching the movie Unpopular. Seeing friends of mine in the movie Emilio Ramos, Jeffrey Jones.
Jeffrey Cortland Jones in multiple - edition of 50 works. Click the link in our bio to explore…
Alex Jones has nothing to do with the fact that Bill Clinton flying around w/Jeffrey Epstein
check out this beautiful Jeffrey Catherine Jones Jungle Jim page
Come now for a "Boston and Grounding the Local" panel with Dr. Smith, Adam Foss, Rev. Jeffrey Brown, Shayna Jones and DiDi Delgado!
Trump and KKK inspire meltdown on CNN starring Van Jones, Jeffrey Lord
. the Jeffrey Jones one was the most shocking being he was a popular Tim burton actor
well done you have done Leicester proud hope u enjoy your new club x💙⚽️
Tried the Surface Pro 4 today. Not too bad, but I'm not sure I want to spend over a grand on 'not too bad'. Maybe...
Don't like him. He is not fast enough. He is not Julio Jones. I think he is more of a Michael Floyd…
good luck for the move. You deserve you are very good player
More on the news that Jeffrey Schlupp has signed for Crystal Palace: Good luck, Jeff! 👍
The story of it being Jeffrey's old car and before that my Mom's is actually true from the series. LOL. It…
Almost as loathsome as Jeffrey Jones at this point
Thanks, Ami, for your excellent review
Thanks to William Jeffrey Jones for stopping by today! I'm very psyched he found this record! 😊 (and some other...
Join us Thursday 1/19 for "Fiction" a show of 200+ artists from 16 countries curated by Jeffrey Cortland Jones. Ope…
Jeffrey Cortland Jones created one of the works for this year's Postcards From the Edge! Check it out this weekend:
Not sure what's worse, Jeffrey Schlupp being sold for £12m, or the fact that it's now 30p for a Freddo.
A lot of the reasons why something is a favorite thing are all thi...
Check out this month's issue of Magazine's Triple Play Convention recap, featuring our very own Broke…
I'm still waiting to see Julio Jones or Antonio Bryant win one
Dr. Jeffrey A. Jones’s thoughts on feedback to treatment failure from CLL results given at
Quest for the New Empire's Mace (Book 3 of the Blood Lich Adventures), by N. Jeffrey Jones
Ryan Jones has teamed up with Sydney-based car owner Antony Jeffrey to pilot the NSW # 50 Triple X machine for...
Robert Reich speechless after Jeffrey Lord claims Trump free to flout ethics because he won
Chilling video from a month ago. Jeffrey Lord doesn't get it. Re: Chuck Jones.
Thanks, Gary Bossier, Jr, for your excellent review on Google
Install is under way! Next up: "Fiction (With Only Daylight Between Us).v2," curated by Jeffrey Cortland Jones, ope…
I'm crazy abt Jeffrey Catherine Jones: here are 4 Jones from early 70s issues of Fantastic I own.
Hamilton Collection
Van Jones always seems to be involved in things that are WAY below his intellect (see debates with Jeffrey Lord)
Not only is the Clear Springs HS logo the original design of Jeffrey Jones, it is patented!…
As a fan, I'm looking 4 an addtl driver 2 b a fan of. ... Why should I b a fan of urs? W…
It's odd seeing Alan Ruck in The Exorcist. Because I just imagine him doing the prank call to Jeffrey Jones in Ferris Bueller's Day Off.
Thanks indeed -- though it doesn't seem to be available new? Looks very useful.
Here is the Amazon link. The papers were in the Journal of European Integration.
You mean on a scale of Dennis Haskins to Jeffrey Jones?
Jeffrey Lord and Van Jones should have their own show.
What is the current thought on treating relapsed and refractory w/ Jeffrey Jones from
When you step back, you can feel good about tortured Warriors organization being able to capitalize on James Jones Finals m…
If you haven’t seen it before here’s another early Elric comic book appearance
Jeffrey Jones' dialogue takes on a whole new, much darker slant on a second viewing.
6 Ways to Do Better Financing With the Power of by Jeffrey Jones
he's right. Jail with some sort of rehabilitation might finally get his life right and maybe it'll help him realize it
Jeffrey Jones and William Atherton's bodies of work have sent public opinion of redheads back to dark ages.
🌨❄️⚽️ awesome. Great start with the rapids for Jermaine Jones Goal in first half !!!
Mike Miller and James jones? They dont even play at all. They only come in when they up by 30 or when players are injured
he took Mike Miller, James Jones and was able to get Kevin love lmao come on he tried building his team bro
Alan Jones has taken to Lucy Wicks again!
Want to know how black people think? A black woman wrote this about Trump and KKK connection DT didn't hear question
Jeffrey Jones, MD, discusses treatment options for CLL post-idelalisib or ibrutinib.
I've watched that exchange between Van Jones and Jeffrey Lord at least 10 times today.
This is a good memory to share...wish we had video from the concert at The Park Center itself. Wow...
just hope he can do a passable impression of his nephew Julio Jones
What are the treatment options for patients CLL who progress after idelalisib or ibrutinib?
I absolutely loathed Chipper Jones. Always wanted to see a line drive bounce off his forehead.
Jeffrey Jones, MD, on idelalisib and ibrutinib in patients with CLL.
So when says this but sanders CNN's Van Jones blasts Jeffrey Lord over Trump's KKK via
yep apparently Leo Lewis, Kobe jones, Jeffrey Simmons, Chris jones and more all chose free instead of money🙄
Dr Jeffrey Jones on NCCN recommendations for relapsed patients with CLL'.
My new Jeffrey Campbell booties are the most glorious things to ever grace the world of footwear and I highly considered sleeping in them 😍
Van Jones, Jeffrey Lord clash over Donald Trump and the KKK via
Roger Stone calls for loyalty pledge and other important stories on today's Alex Jones Show.
This outfit called Los Angeles Theatre Works does readings of plays.
Butch Jones said on Vol Calls that there will be a special announcement this weekend at the Orange & White game.
But it's true, it's nothing new that decisions about what movies are to be ...
I got a phone call from Douglas Campbell and from Jerome Guthrie, who offer...
I can't wait to hear from Bill T. Jones, Jeffrey Tambor, and Elizabeth Gilbert on May 13. So psyched.
Blows my mind how disrespectful people are to Michael Jeffrey Jordan.
I would like to feel that I have a range and that it's not just a matter of...
I completely forgot that Jeffrey Jones plays the Emperor in this.
When the next trailer has James Earl Jones' voice, I'll come around...
Obama is a complete communist madman gone radical in his final days to destroy USA:.
I just have such a soft spot for Jeffrey Jones' character. And Garrett Dillahunt. Not his characters, but him as an actor.
Had great actors in the preside ride, Tim Curry, Jeffrey Jones, Kathy Najimy
I would like to thank the Academy, TJ Miller, Ryan Reynolds, Matthew Broderick, Jennifer Grey, and Jeffrey Jones
Red States Outnumber Blue for First Time in Gallup Tracking: Jeffrey Jones, GallupGallup's analysis of politic...
Get If You Really Knew Me by Jeffrey McClain Jones. Buy it once and read it on your Kindle device, 3… Read more at
hey, since I got a fellow Bolter here would you prefer Alshon Jeffrey or Marvin Jones?
E. Tautz had roller-disco nostalgia; Sibling, Grace Jones-style boxing; and, at the MAN showcase, Charles Jeffrey’s Dalsto…
I've been awfully busy, and I haven't gone to many movies.
all I have to say is- keep the episodes coming bc I think it's the best car show on tv.
BEST show on TV! I record episodes so I can fix my car based upon instruction bc the guy can fix anything
the show was based from a garage in the US last season, is this going to continue or will it still be in the UK?
I've been smiling & in a great mood since about 11:30 today. Kobe Jones & Jeffrey Simmons have made me a happy man today.
Thanks, Jacob J., for your excellent review
Leo Lewis Gerri green at LB, Kobe jones and Jeffrey Simmons on DL, also much more talent on the defensive side. Not lookin to bad for MSU.
she never misses the opportunity to get her name out there and keep the checks coming in. Seems more like an obsessed ex.
Good luck and John Lloyd-Jones who are all chefs for the evening at to raise money for
Texas is building a good a strong team with Brandon Jones the and Jeffrey McCulloch
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
MSU recruiting class anchored by area players Jeffrey Simmons and Kobe Jones
Getting Jeffrey Simmons and Kobe Jones is the best thing ever.
Well, my brother was a schizophrenic, so I understood it in a different way...
has picked up 2 key DL's today in Jeffrey Simmons & Kobe Jones. Difference makers.
David Turner has landed 5star Jeffrey Simmons, 4star Kobe Jones, & 4star Marquiss Spencer all on the d-line for this class. Heck of a coach
Dan Mullen just saved a little bit of face with Jeffrey Simmons and Kobe Jones. Potential for a good D-Line in the coming years
Jeffrey Simmons and Kobe Jones have a chance to be two solid pillars for the MSU defensive line at some point in the next four years.
Guess Jeffrey Simmons didn't learn from Chris Jones. Have fun in irrelevance
Um, Hailstate? Yeah I think so! Kobe Jones and Jeffrey Simmons on that D line to go with what we already have. Scary!
OLB Erick Fowler, OLB Jeffrey McCulloch, and S Brandon Jones have all committed today to Texas. Up to 10th on 247 list.
Brandon Jones, Deontay Anderson, Dontavious Jackson (w/ Chris Brown) and Jeffrey McCulloch all announce on ESPNU on NSD. Gon…
Jordan Elliot and Jeffrey McCulloch Dontavious Jackson, Brandon Jones Will put us in the top 10. Might get Patrick Hudson to
Tony Jones: Did you authorise a donation to your own political party of nearly $6m?. Clive Palmer: "I don't know if I did or n…
Thanks, Katharine L., for your excellent review
Part of the film business is, if you want an apple, you buy an apple.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Guessing Jordan Elliot, Deontay Anderson, Dontavious Jackson, Brandon Jones and Jeffrey McCulloch all commit to Texas tomorrow.
Under 40 minutes until top tonight b/t and - on the whistle, Les Jones, Raymie Styons, Jeffrey Anderson
There may be the kinds of things that you may find interesting, but then th...
Jeffrey Holland of East Orange is arrested in the murder of 23-year-old Ashley Jones and 2 other Newark murders.
Knowing what Jeffrey Jones was into, it's a good thing he never actually finally caught Ferris Bueller.
Jeffrey Lord , like Trump , has NO respect for women , dragging Lewinsky , Jones and others names back into the mainstream media .
Thanks, Lorraine W., for your excellent review
Van Jones and Jeffrey Toobin were just on letting their freak flags fly on Obamas gun control. I'm nauseous
Fantasy Art Full Base Set of (90) Jeffrey Jones Trading Cards by FPG from 1993, in pages and a binder by RustyBones…
Some said 'Sleezoid'. maybe Jeffrey Jones might save it. I remember the creature at end looking like a good day at ILM.
Coach Heals, my name is Jeffrey Harman. All conference juco safety. Coach jones told me to follow you. Follow back!
CNN host calls out Jeffrey Lord for ignoring Donald Trump's hypocrisy to attack Hillary Clinton:
Thanks, Laura T., for your excellent review
You, sir, have obviously not been following the career of Jeffrey Jones closely enough:
Cromwell for other picks for a second rounder or third. If Cardale Jones available grab him. Big, strong, and is use to the weather
I worry that many between that age only know of Lewinsky. That they are unaware of: Jones, Flowers, Willey, etc. & Jeffrey Epstein.
Thanks, Kyle W., for your excellent review
Jones heads to the box for delay of game. Furies PP
Public Lecture Series: 'Clay: What kind of stuff do you call that?' - Professor Jeffrey Jones
I saw only one future NBA player tonight, and he was in purple. Jones =Jeffrey Taylor 2.0
Wait I didn't know Jeffrey Jones was a pedophile
Jeffrey Jones makes the best dopey Holy Roman Emperor
Jeffrey Lee Jones can be reached at email; gemini.nebraska.2016.jj
At least Connor Jones will always love me
Lets just say he's a scrappier Tebow and be done with it.
I've seen a lot of Gator FB. Joe and Janoris gave it to AJ Green and Julio Jones. Not to mention Janoris locked up Alshon Jeffrey. Elite WRs
how about Julio Jones? And I hate the Steelers but Antonio Brown is best WR in the league in my opinion
You know, it is really odd to see Jeffrey Jones, the actor who played Ed Rooney in Ferris Bueller, as Emperor Joseph II in Amadeus.
Laura Jones. 1 hr. My Border Collie got out last night, probably because of the fire works. She is 7 months old.
Jeffrey Jones was great, too bad he's a pedo
Speaking of eight, in "Ravenous," Jeffrey Jones points out that, after Guy Pearce's arrival, there are eight people in Fort Spencer.
you at DT, Jeffrey and D Jax at LB, Eboh, Cuffee and B Jones in the secondary? Best defense in the nation.
I'd rather look at Marvin Jones from Cincinnati, Jeffrey and Evans to much alike.
These two! LOL Kaya Jones and Jeff Jeffrey K. Howard Great people sharing Creedences!
Thanks, Lisa B., for your excellent review
Thanks, Judy A., for your excellent review
.in the role of Rooney, originated by Jeffrey Jones. Ferris Bueller Live Read tomorrow!.
TIL that Jeffrey Jones (principal from Ferris Beuler's Day Off) and Paul Reubens (Pee-Wee Herman) were busted in t…
starting Joe Pesci as the VP, John Vernon as the Democratic candidate and Jeffrey Jones as Rupert Murdoch
watching reunion -would love to see Shane get upset and tune out of life again by burying his head in pillows of the couch
Anyone notice EJ telling Shane "I got ur back," and then Shane recycling the comment to Jeff when it wasnt proper to use it?
Jeff says he regrets not taking Dani in when she was in need-what he meant was his bromance with EJ took precedence
I wonder if Chris and Alana will be featured on "the Biggest Loser" after for sucking at life.
I Like how the woman bullying Chris was ignoring Jeff until he realized he was sharing the eel his lazy *** didn't catch
should I take this trade: getting Jeffrey and Dobson for Foster and Edelman?
I'm closing this year's festival with the "Poetry & the News" panel, ft. Jeffrey Brown and Saeed Jones at 5pm. Join me!!
Age of Innocence : Paintings and Drawings by Jeffrey Jones by Jeffrey Jones...
I have A. Brown, Jeffrey, Hopkins, Edleman and Devante Adams, do I take a chance James Jones comes to Green Bay and drop someone
One of Jeffrey Jones finest movies since Beetlejuice
Paige and Ralph Jones, money can make you do this.vs you wouldn't in your right kind do!
VIDEO - Butch Jones Bowling Green postgame press conference:
Butch Jones is locked in, running through The T shortly
Team News | Aaron Jeffrey starts for today as Alwayne Jones drops to full back in place of Adam Gross. Jamie Miller is a sub!
vs Gh. We ready to rep our motherland http…
Yo I'm dead after watching jones bbq and foot massage 20 times 😂😂😂😂
its Jeffrey Catherine Jones, who I've just learned of!
Is Jeffrey Jones too easy an answer? Because he really is an excellent actor. But... eugh.
Oddball Festival with at Jones Beach. Aziz, Amy Schumer, Anthony Jeselnick, Jeffrey Ross, Nick Kroll, Jay Pharoah and more
the death of a lion makes national news, but the circumst of this case doesn't. Theres something inherently wrong with that.
Memo to Jeffrey Kessler: If law says deflate-Brady lacks "fairness or due process," what about wholly imposed, arb…
Jeffrey Jones doesn't get enough credit for being an important part in many of our favorite childhood movies
I am outraged by actor Jeffrey Jones's comments and demand that he apologise.
This is then followed by "Jeffrey Jones" being lambasted in the comments, as if they were a real person.
For pity's sake, - the author of the Pratchett article was Jonathan Jones, not "Jeffrey Jones"
$PIP Jeffrey Jones, the Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, delivered notice to $PIP of his resignation
Thx for signing the GOP Pledge & confirming your subjugation to the powers that be. So much for being a political outsider
Tune in Washington w/host Morris Jones on Dateline Defense, 8&11 pm,
RIP Dean Jones, aka Bobby baby Bobby bubbi. This clip of him singing "Being Alive" slays me EVERY TIME.
is trading Alshon Jeffrey and Chris ivory for Julio jones a good trade?
☆ - And He Healed Them All by Jeffrey McClain Jones is on eBooksHabit! Get it now:
"There's less unknowns having Dobbs. He understands everything we are trying to accomplish" - Coach Jones
WR Marquez North is 100% and full strength according to Coach Jones
JONES: Anytime you have a QB that can extend plays, it helps an offense. We saw the value of that last year. It lessens t…
JONES: Playing in Nashville is an opportunity for us to show our appreciation to our great fans in Middle Tennessee.
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