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Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Jeffrey Dean Morgan (born April 22, 1966) is an American actor, best known to television and movie audiences as Denny Duquette on Grey's Anatomy, patriarch John Winchester on Supernatural, and as The Comedian in the 2009 superhero film Watchmen.

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Don't miss the brand new trailer for starring and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Yes, it's based off of the 1980s video g…
I’m very excited to see this movie and also my boy Jeffrey Dean Morgan in it.
Yes! I totally want to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Thomas Wayne. And I hope MoS2 has a cool villain like…
How is Blake Shelton sexiest man alive while Jeffrey Dean Morgan is still breathing & walking earth ???
Also just look at Jeffrey Dean Morgan he is WAY SEXIER THAN BLAKE SHELTON!!
I would let Jeffrey Dean Morgan hit me in the head with his negan bat
hey Norman big fan of you and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Just wanted to say, I really enjoy your show “Ri…
I’m rewatching bits and pieces of Batman v Superman and I completely forgot that Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Coh…
Two more better options? Norman Reedus and Jeffrey Dean Morgan . Sweet baby Jud…
Ok if any man should be chosen as the “Sexiest Man Alive” it should be either Kit Harrington, Jason Momoa, or Jeffrey Dean Morgan
I wanna talk about how Javier Bardem is here but not Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the more attractive of the two doppelgäng…
Jeffrey Dean Morgan is fine IRL but Negan works my nerves 😩
Do you ever wonder how much time a day Norman Reedus spends thinking about Jeffrey Dean Morgan because same
I'd like to see Andrew Lincoln and Jeffrey Dean Morgan reenact the front door scene from "Love Actually"…
why do people always focus on the bad and not the good with celebs?. Jeffrey Dean Morgan for example, made a mistake from a…
With all due respect, I'm going to have to go with Jeffrey Dean Morgan, but Idris is also CRAZY handsome.
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uh honey you know that Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Norman Reedus exist
Jeffrey Dean Morgan closing his panel. Jensen looks so proud
Jeffrey Dean Morgan is the sweetest, most caring man who does everything he can to make the people who love him happy. He…
If you’re Hilarie Burton, you could be married to Jeffrey Dean Morgan 🔥
Easy to replace Affleck if DCEU are doing Flashpoint. Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Thomas Wayne, then recast "our" wh…
Jeffrey Dean Morgan to guest star in Ride with Norman Reedus
I'd love to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan as well as Tia and Tamara Mowry.
"Jeffrey Dean Morgan is the nicest guy in the world. Terrifying, but the nicest guy in the world." -John Hodgman
Jeffrey Dean Morgan couldnt be more proud of wife Hilarie Burton after accusing Ben Afflec...…
Jeffrey Dean Morgan reacts to Ben Affleck's apology to his wife Hilarie Burton.
Andrew Lincoln, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Norman Reedus and Lauren Cohan at the Greek Theater tonight for the Season 8 Premiere.…
Just found out that Johnny Simmons and Jeffrey Dean Morgan have acted together in a tv show. What a great surprise!
good morning Jeffrey Dean Morgan I just was watching the Kelly show you look very handsome today on the s…
I cannot wait until Walking Dead Season 7 start and how was Comic-Con Atlanta and New York city @ Jeffre…
So Ben Affleck groped Jeffrey Dean Morgan's wife Hiiary. So he apologizes to Hillary. Negan says not good enough. Here Ben meet Lucille.
Her husband, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, played the father of Ben Affleck's character in "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice." WHY?!
Get tickets for Ghost Stories with Walking Dead's Jeffrey Dean Morgan -
Would love to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan kick his *** for doing that to his now-wife.
Want to hear ghost stories told by 'Walking Dead' actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan?
Desierto movie of Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Gael García Bernal got some thriller. A type-B one.
in Flahpoint Thomas Wayne is Batman..In Flashpoint movie Jeffrey dean Morgan will be Batman?
This gon be Jeffrey Dean Morgan when he sees Ben Affleck at their next Batman movie
Who is Hilarie Burton, what was the Ben Affleck groping scandal, who’s her husband Jeffrey…
Jeffrey Dean Morgan is Hilarie Burton's husband. I won't feel sorry for Ben Affleck if Morgan ever runs into him in…
Jeffrey Dean Negan Morgan need to introduce Ben Affleck to Lucille.
Long time fan of Jeffrey Dean Morgan was so excited when he came aboad, but NEGAN can't stay
Jeffrey Dean Morgan plays Negan so well on The Walking Dead. He's hilarious (after S07E01, of course)! I just love JDM in general.
My pick was Jeffrey Dean Morgan he looks like bats from the Dark Knight returns comic
If Jeffrey Dean Morgan wanted to put a red hot iron on my face, id probably let him
One of these men is Javier Bardem and the other is Jeffrey Dean Morgan and I. JUST. BLEW. YOUR. MIND.
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Does anyone else want to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan show up at Ben Affleck’s house dressed as Negan?
Who the *** needs Batman when u can have Jeffrey Dean Morgan! 😜
Hollywood's really missing an opportunity not making a movie with Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Javier Bardem playing *** kicking brothers.
Hilarie Burton husband is Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Negan is gonna kick bens ***
amber said about jeffrey dean morgan "he looks like a cartoon beaver" and I'm dying
Jeffrey Dean Morgan 9 ч. Just received this bad boy! Gonna be part of the raffle for ghost stories event. Xojd
You do realize that this is Jeffrey Dean Morgan and not Affleck right?
Jeffrey Dean Morgan tried to say something positive, but SJWs wouldn't stand for it.
jeffrey dean morgan no vídeo "the Walking Dead: a look at season 8 - behind the scenes"
Jeffrey Dean Morgan should've been Batman he looked like the No Mans Land Bruce Wayne and the Dark Knight Bats
She is married to Jeffrey Dean Morgan, so it's Bruce Wayne vs Thomas Wayne!! MARTHA!
I like Jeffrey Dean Morgan so I hope he controls his temper. However, SCUMBAGS like P…
📷 dailytwdcast: Jeffrey Dean Morgan attends the Comic Con The Walking Dead panel on October 7, 2017 in...
Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays Negan in the Walking Dead, is married to Hilarie Burton, who groped…
Jeffrey Dean Morgan saying welcome to my candy shop on repeat to brighten up your days
Hilarie Burton is Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s in Thomas Wayne,,,as in Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne’s father in BvS,,,as…
tbh I hope Jeffrey Dean Morgan bashes Affleck's head in with Lucille.
Jeffrey Dean Morgan... like him but don't really care. NOW is Norman Reedus does that... I'll be 💔💔
What’s really weird is the woman in question is married to Jeffrey Dean Morgan, a.k.a. Thomas Wayne in BVS.
Isn't she married to Jeffrey Dean Morgan, aka Thomas Wayne? Awkward.
And Burton is now married to Jeffrey Dean Morgan who played Thomas Wayne aka Batman's father in Batman v Superman
Jeffrey Dean Morgan says we'll see more shades to Negan in season 8 of
P. Sawyer is going to be a mom (again)! Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton are expecting baby No. 2:
Hello I love Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Robert Downey Jr and I hope they're having a good day
TWD has promoted Austin Amelio, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Xander Berkeley, and Tom Payne to series regulars for S7! htt…
Fakes I would love to have around for RP!. . — Alexander Skarsgard. — Eric Dane. — Daniel Gillies. — Jeffrey Dean Morgan https:/…
Looks like Jeffrey Dean Morgan is teasing that he and Lauren Cohan could be involved in
I knew it!!! I've been saying this for over a year now. Why did Zack Snyder cast Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Thomas...
Such a shame. The big snubs of . the . 1. Freddie Highmore. 2. Jeffrey Dean Morgan. 3. Rashida Jones
I just need Matthew Daddario & Jeffrey Dean Morgan to meet so they can talk about their love for cows & farming.
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Men I would like to see in a Romper:. Jason Mamoa. Tom Hardy. Jeffrey Dean Morgan. My mans
My two favorite Morgans, Captain Morgan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, life is great.
Jeffrey Dean Morgan and his real life wife Hilarie Burton.
Jeffrey Dean Morgan deserves the world but the world doesn't deserve him
PAUSE how did I not know that Hilarie Burton and Jeffrey Dean Morgan were together SO MIND BLOWN
I just got a video from where she just whispers "Jeffrey Dean Morgan" im concerned
20 day Jeffrey Dean Morgan challenge: day 14 a role would love to see JDM play Joel (The Last Of Us)
Jeffrey Dean Morgan is so *** beautiful but do you know who else is beautiful? Read the first three words.
I hope he gets along with Jeffrey Dean Morgan who is the sweetest, nicest man around. Please Rock, d…
Great flick with Anthony Hopkins, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and. Colin Ferrell! Worth your time!
As much as I love Jeffrey Dean Morgan, he should not be one of the first images I see when I Google Jeffrey Dahmer 😒🙃🙄
Same goes for Dylan McDermott and Dermot Mulroney, Javier Bardem and Jeffrey Dean Morgan
You can keep Gerard Butler, I'd rather have Jeffrey Dean Morgan anyday (both had terrible Irish accents though)
Jeffrey Dean Morgan's is such a guilty pleasure!. . I already miss him...
Might actually watch a "chick flick" today. Mainly as it has James Masters, Gerard Butler and Jeffrey Dean Morgan 😎😎 featured in NBC s Science of Love
every Negan episode was a traumatic spoiling of Jeffrey Dean Morgan's genius in Magic City.
Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Nick Wooster are the daddies to end all daddies. Fight me on it
Do see Jeffrey Dean Morgan reprising his role as not only Thomas Wayne but also as Batman in the DCEU?
Jeffrey Dean Morgan would make the perfect Bruce Wayne
if Jeffrey Dean Morgan is Thomas Wayne.But he also is John Winchester. Does that mean Dean Winchester is in fact Batman.
Norman Reedus and Jeffrey Dean Morgan leaving to Amsterdam and arriving in ...
Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Norman Reedus do the Negan lean in Amsterdam
“Cockpit” TWD panel in Lisbon with Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Greg Nicotero
I liked a video Jeffrey Dean Morgan aka John Winchester aka Negan is part of Supernatural family And
Jeffrey Dean Morgan is shocked and stunned by T-shirt controversy:
Sunny Deol is like a desi Jeffrey Dean Morgan.
The Walking Dead's Jeffrey Dean Morgan on Live with Kelly talking about the Amazing Walker Stalker Con Cruise!!
Watching "Supernatural" with my girls. . Unfortunately, every time Jeffrey Dean Morgan is on the show, I see Negan. *shudder*
Jeffrey Dean Morgan goes on a zombie cruise 🚢 . .
[ZOMBIE NEWS] Jeffrey Dean Morgan's son passed out after zombie makeover -
Remember when Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Kyle Chandler had a verbal catfight in Meredith's death sequence. Good times.
did I mention I'm meeting Jeffrey Dean Morgan in June?
Talk about big bucks... Aaron Eckhart, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Fan Bingbing .ad
Aaron Eckhart, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Fan Bingbing will fight to the death in Top Games' debut Super Bowl ad…
Hilarie Burton & Jeffrey Dean Morgan are a couple??. **makes a mark in the exceptions clause of the Never Be a 3rd in a Threesome agreement**
Norman Reedus and Jeffrey Dean Morgan from the Walking Dead are going to be at Fan Expo Dallas March 31st to April 2nd…
Jeffrey Dean Morgan attends the 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards on January 8, 2017 in Beverly Hills, California
Jeffrey Dean Morgan is from Seattle. Steve Yeun is from Detroit. this is the 2nd match up in a row has won against 👀
Like im just saying that Jeffrey Dean Morgan is the only reason to keep watching The Walking Dead. Maybe King Ezekial
You should have includes Jeffrey Dean Morgan & Scott Foley to this list. 😍
Paul Rudd and Jeffrey Dean Morgan loved an upstate NY candy shop so much, they bought it when the owner died.
Jeffrey Dean Morgan is the Powers Boothe of my era.
Nice: Movie in the Works with Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Bruce Willis, Bill Murray via
FILM: SOLACE, ft. Anthony Hopkins, Colin Farrell, & Jeffrey Dean Morgan, is open for limited release and OnDemand…
Talking Dead - Ann Mahoney (Olivia) on slapping Jeffrey Dean Morgan via Slap was real…
Hamilton Collection
Actress Lauren Cohen who plays Bela, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan who plays John, star in The Walking Dead together.
Can't get over how Jeffrey Dean Morgan looks more like Ray Romanos policeman brother these days rather than Robert Downey Jr!
Yes! got an acting award! Well done Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Also so happy for Rachel Wood, Newton & Paulson.
would you prefer: Karl Urban, Gerard Butler, or Jeffrey Dean Morgan? And Q2: Would Forge be redundant with Cable's expertise?
Going from Anthony Hopkins reprising Hannibal to Jeffrey Dean Morgan reprising The Mask is the best one-two punch in tv viewing today.
-Anthony Padilla. -Norman Reedus. -Jeffrey Dean Morgan. -Andrew Lincoln. -Steven Yeun. Who can guess what the name of this list is
Sadly Paul Rudd and Jeffrey Dean Morgan weren't in today.…
If you're ever feeling down just think that Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Paul Rudd own a candy store together
Get that with Jimmy Fallon, Emma Stone and Jeffrey Dean Morgan on at 10pm
Anthony Hopkins and Jeffrey Dean Morgan co-star in has a clip:…
Jeffrey Dean Morgan will be Back for Season 8 of 'The Walking Dead'
hey just wanted to let you guys know that I love negan and jeffrey dean morgan with all of my life
I would bend over backward to be back on Grey's. Any day, I'll ...
''Jeffrey Dean Morgan confirms Negan for Season 8''. well
Listen. I know Jeffrey dean Morgan may not be hot to YOU. But he's hot to ME. Let my old man kink live
I feel all I get done anymore in fandom is defending Jeffrey Dean Morgan what have you done?!
Jeffrey Dean Morgan is trending on Google. Read the latest here:
"Jeffrey Dean Morgan Gets Weird Sex Requests from 'Walking Dead' Fans". Teddy already got 2 him apparently
I am Izzy Stevens when she lost denny aka negan Aka Jeffrey dean Morgan
Congratulate on his nomination for Best Guest Performer in a Drama Series!
me expressing how beautiful Jeffrey Dean Morgan & Lauren Cohan are to my younger cousin... I mean.
Why am I just realizing now that Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Negan) is married to Hilarie Burton (Peyton from oth)?!?!? This is incredible
negan is an awful character and I can't wait until he dies, and I don't like jeffrey dean morgan at all his face bothers me
Jeffrey Dean Morgan confirms whether Negan will be back for another season...
Jeffrey Dean Morgan, way to Hit em with the Hein today on the Howard Stern Show.
Zachary Levi is just a slightly younger Jeffrey Dean Morgan really isn't he.
📷 Steven Yeun, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Michael Cudlitz photographed by Jayden Frazier for his personal...
hey Dave question bud I was just curious do you think you ever get Jeffrey Dean Morgan at one of the shows???
Norman Reedus, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Greg Nicotero and Andrew Lincoln on the set of The Walking Dead
'Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Norman Reedus bond over motorcycle rides
So we're not going to address the fact that Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan were both on SPN, BvS, and now TWD.
Sexiest Heroes on tv Andrew Lincoln & Norman Reedus. And sexiest villain on tv Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Reasons to watch
I'm still not over the fact Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Paul Rudd own a sweet shop
From the makers of Gravity, starring Gael García Bernal & Jeffrey Dean Morgan, DESIERTO is avail…
This exchange between Jensen Ackles and Jeffrey Dean Morgan is
“That was a lot of violence ... When we shot it, there was even more."
"you can bet Jeffrey Dean Morgan still has a lot of love for Supernatural star Jensen Ackles," awn
Dont get me wrong i really like Jeffrey Dean Morgan but i dont think he fits the role as negan well
Jeffrey Dean Morgan performance on has been nothing but terrifying. . He needs to win an award for that.
Jeffrey Dean Morgan embraces the badness of 'Walking Dead's' Negan via
Jeffrey Dean Morgan talks about the hate mail he gets 😂
Jensen Ackles makes perfect joke to his dad, Jeffrey Dean Morgan
needs a crossover with Like would be fun,I guess...
Jeffrey Dean Morgan should Play Kraven the Hunter in a spiderMan movie
Jeffrey Dean Morgan: From breaking hearts on 'Grey's Anatomy' to breaking bad on 'The Walking Dead'
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goldenglobes: Jeffrey Dean Morgan is Negan in the TV series 'The Walking Dead.' And a lot of peo...
After watching TWD Season 7 opener, I can say that Jeffrey Dean Morgan was cast so well for Negan. However, Chandler Riggs just can't act.
BTS of Greg Nicotero with Chandler Riggs, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and -
Introducing our new favorite fun fact: Jeffrey Dean Morgan owns a candy shop with Paul Rudd.
Norman Reedus talks working with Jeffrey Dean Morgan and compares Negan to another famous villain: 😱 https:…
so, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Brad Garrett are the same guy right
Steven Yeun and Jeffrey Dean Morgan embrace at Talking Dead premiere via
Jeffrey Dean Morgan looks like fellow actor, Brad Garrett, of Everybody Loves Raymond. They should now call the show EVERYBODY HATES NEGAN.
*** Jeffrey Dean Morgan is dynamite, hold on to something y'all
Jeffrey Dean Morgan plays the villain opposite Gael García Bernal in this new thriller from the filmmakers behind Gravity. https:/…
Oh lord I love Jeffrey Dean Morgan!!! Can't wait for The new Season of The Walking Dead.Your sister Rocks!
This makes my heart smile!. Norman Reedus, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and Andrew Lincoln Come Together to Grant Wishes
- Cillian Murphy. - Tom Hardy. - Christian Slater. - Jeffrey Dean Morgan. - Michael Fassbender. - Jason Moma . I think that's it for me
Would love to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Deathstroke, but he was Thomas Wayne in BvS. Stephen Lang is an option?!
From Denny (Grey's Anatomy) to Sean (cameo at Shameless) to Negan (TWD), Jeffrey Dean Morgan still has it. 😘
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the one that kicked off the movie was awful, except Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Thomas Wayne.
This movie ends with Robert DeNiro, Morris Chestnut, Zach Morris & Jeffrey Dean Morgan shooting it out on a bus. Amazing.
I don't think many have noticed that Jeffrey Dean Morgan plays both Thomas Wayne and The Comedian by DC comics and Synder films.
12. jeffrey dean morgan is Ugly and old why do people stan him his acting isnt even that good and hes like a week away from death
One star is not at all happy about that controversial finale
for the Chicago HVFF/WalkerStalker combo con, any chance you can get Jeffrey Dean Morgan as a guest please??
Jeffrey Dean Morgan would've made a kickass Wildcat.
As said : Jeffrey Dean Morgan is one of us. YES
Anybody else find it odd that Jeffrey Dean Morgan plays dad to a dudes in their mid- to late- 30s on Supernatural?
Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan ~ Behind the Scenes of Entertainment Weekly . 🎥 = the-walking-thread
Pics of as from . Hope he gets lost. …
Jeffrey Dean Morgan offers candid comments on that finale: "I didn't like it."
You look a lot like Jeffrey Dean Morgan. :-)
You're not alone if the series ending for wasn't satisfying. didn't like it!
Jeffrey Dean Morgan didn’t like finale, seems to be shipping Jason and Alicia:
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Help I can't find the magazine with Jeffrey Dean Morgan on the cover anywhere! Where can I get it???
Thanks 4 the heads up on this 1 w/ more info! 'Good Wife' ending: 'I didn't like it'
Jeffrey Dean Morgan in the movie "Desierto" US Release date in theaters October 14, 2016 (Looks Good) via
When you read Jeffrey Dean Morgan saying : If Julianna was happy,I was happy. I CANT! I JUST CANT!
Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Andrew Lincoln went through couple's therapy in the Yahoo Comic-Con suite at
Anyway, I'm watching this faith-based movie with Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Stephen Baldwin and ERIC ROBERTS.
My friend from New Jersey got Jeffrey Dean Morgan to sign a photo of Negan for me at & she's just sent it me in the post today! :D
Didn't appreciate seeing Jeffrey Dean Morgan like that. It almost tainted my memory of him as Denny Duquette and John Winchester
Andrew Lincoln & Danai Gurira aka Richonne with Jeffrey Dean Morgan & NR at Int'l press Sdcc breakfast today
Stranded on S06E12 of TWD due to wife apathy, but then she says "I just saw a screenshot of Jeffrey Dean Morgan! I want to watch again!". OK
A new obsession crawled in my ear while I was sleeping last night & now I'm all about Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Negan plush, incoming.
🔥 Jeffrey Dean Morgan, such an amazing actor 🔥 (Vine by
When you google Jeffrey Dean Morgan and you're like "yeah buzzfeed was right who am i kidding"
The bromance is strong with and Jeffrey Dean Morgan
. and Jeffrey Dean Morgan tell us who their favorite Batman is
We're collecting messages& photos for Jeffrey Dean Morgan to put into his fan journal. . Please follow instructions. htt…
Negan is one of the greatest villains and I can't think of someone better fit than Jeffrey Dean Morgan 🔥💜
Jeffrey Dean Morgan is ready for the hate after Negan's victim is revealed.
WATCH Jeffrey Dean Morgan discuss being floored by fandom since his debut: http…
📷 adeles: Norman Reedus, Nathan Fillion and Jeffrey Dean Morgan attend the IMDb Yacht at San Diego...
get someone who loves you like Norman Reedus loves Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Norman Reedus is getting on the right side of Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Making sure Daryl avoids Lucille! ^^. htt…
Can I dream about a movie with Julianna Margulies,Jeffrey Dean Morgan,Mads Mikkelsen and Sarah Paulson? Oh I can,thank you! 😊
I can't tell Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Robert Downey Jr apart and I'm tired of hiding in shame.
Got a high five from Norman Reedus and Jeffrey Dean Morgan 🙌😎😏
If you're ever looking for a fun game to play, you can always try "Javier Bardem or Jeffrey Dean Morgan?"
Just been told Jeffrey Dean Morgan is in the last Hammer Horror film alongside Christopher Lee. Got to see this one
I feel like Jeffrey Dean Morgan is totally the Mr. Big of It certainly isn't Chris Noth.
Rockford Files has to be Jeffrey Dean Morgan or josh Holloway, but Columbo with Jake Johnson is genius.
"Hilarie Burton and Jeffrey Dean Morgan hve 17 years old gap". me: So James...
1st official photo of Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Hilarie Burton & Gus + Bandit, together as a family on cover of new mag!
Jeffrey Dean Morgan, I'll miss u as Jason on BUT will be seeing you soon as Negan on
I would enjoy it if the wolf guy, Joe, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan made an impromptu appearance. 🍆😛🙊🙈
Bearded Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is hot. Apparently I have a new found thing for beards. Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Bearded Chris Evans.
Every time I see Jeffrey Dean Morgan these days I get a little sad that he wasn't chosen to play Roland Deschain. He's my Roland!.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Jeffrey Dean Morgan! Send him some good vibes today (or else) 😬
Happy Birthday to actors and singers Jack Nicholson, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Glen Campbell, and Peter Frampton.
I prefer to use faceclaim for Thomas simply because I adore Jeffrey Dean Morgan.
Sam and Dean's mom was played by actress Sam Smith. Sam and Dean's dad was played by actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Mind blown…
Why is Jeffrey Dean Morgan the perfect Negan? explains:
thank you, hope to met him again one day. But i would love to meet Dermot and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. That would be fantastic 😍
Jeffrey Dean Morgan to Negan is what Ryan Reynolds is to Deadpool.
Mine is. Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Jon Hamm. Chris Pratt. Ryan Reynolds. Buff Bradley Cooper like in American sniper
can you add Jeffrey Dean Morgan to the list? the man who plays John Winchester, Denny Duquette and now Negan should be there❤
and fandoms right now because of Jeffrey Dean Morgan aka John Winchester/Negan
Jeffrey Dean Morgan hit the ball out the park as Negan. Followed the comics very well.
Jeffrey Dean Morgan's quietly creeping up on Ryan Reynolds and Chris Evans in the 'Who can play the most comic characters?' contest.
I'm excited to see Negan tonight, I feel like I'm the only one but come on Jeffrey Dean Morgan is going to smash this out th…
Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Wow you are amazing as Negan. Enough said.
My wife was very happy to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan. I was happy to see Negan. She insisted I spoil who died. Lead up was worth it.
. So conflicted. I know I have to hate Negan but Jeffrey Dean Morgan is so hot!
. Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan? Amazing. It's so weird because I'm use to seeing you as John Winchester the Hunter.
Paradox is also why I think Jeffrey Dean Morgan is the PERFECT Thomas Wayne.keep that in mind
Jeffrey Dean Morgan tells us why he doesn't have social media in the 😊.
The instructor in my kickboxing class started talking about Jeffrey Dean Morgan tonight & I fangirled. 😍😂😃
In . Jeffrey Dean Morgan was Thomas Wayne. Carla Gugino was the Kryptonian ship. Patrick Wilson was the President
Heart me some Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lucille. Who will meet Lucille?
You know when then DCCU is properly set up, can we see Jeffrey Dean Morgan back as Thomas Wayne in The Flashpoint Paradox please?
please make a Flashpoint Paradox movie. I could totally see Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Batman and Lauren Cohan as Joker.
if Flashpoint Paradox was one of the justice movies, then Jeffrey Dean Morgan is Batman and Lauren Conrad is The Joker
please make a Flashpoint Paradox movie with Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Thomas Wayne's Batman
Would be hilarious if Jeffrey Dean Morgan wasn't actually Negan & it was really Darrell Hammond dressed as Colonel Sanders
Loving all the guest stars on good wife this season. Vanessa Williams, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Seth's dad. Eli can GTFO tho he's the worst
So Mads Mikkelsen, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Eva Green are all in The Salvation together. How did I not know about this film?!
Jeffrey Dean Morgan =/= Harry Dean Stanton =/= Richard Dean Anderson. I'm figuring it all out.
I love my three named daddies Robert Downey Jr., Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Anthony Stewart Head and Alycia Debnam Carey
Whoever I marry just has to accept that Jeffrey Dean Morgan is the entirety of my Hall Pass List. Unless Jeffrey Dean Morgan will marry me.
By the way, Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a badass. John Winchester, Thomas Wayne, Negan...
New movie plot: A man, played by Sean Bean, dies. He comes back as a ghost, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan.
Spoiler Alert!  Thomas(Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Martha Wayne ( Lauren Cohan) are murdered in the upcoming DCEU...
Jeffrey Dean Morgan doesn’t just LOOK like a kindly candy shop owner.
People that hate Jeffrey Dean Morgan because of John Winchester are just as embarrassing as people that hate Misha because of Cas.
NOOO why does Jeffrey Dean Morgan have to play Negan!? Im always gonna remember him as John Winchester 😭😭
batman's got Lauren Cohan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan parents he is so blessed i'd go insane if i lost them too
this list is hot garbage, but 2 names stand out imo: Jeffrey Dean Morgan & Ray Stevenson.
me neither and new bad guy Negan is being played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan luv him too but he's a bad bad guy 😕
Is it bad that every time Jeffrey Dean Morgan comes on screen on the good wife I growl a little
Jeffrey Dean Morgan will play a great Negan I have a feeling
Jeffrey Dean Morgan has this "yea I'm attractive" kinda smug thing about him. Only problem is: he is not that attractive. 😐
When Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan meets Maggie, I really want him to call her bella ("beautiful" & also the name of her SPN character)
Watching from last night. Seriously, Jeffrey Dean Morgan is sooo sexy. I'm dreading seeing him as Neegan on
What's the possibility that the Flash movie involves Flashpoint? would love to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan Batman!
Her faith is sealed so bye bye michonne.. where's Negan Jeffrey Dean Morgan will be class .
Jeffrey Dean Morgan as ... nice face to see in
what no Jeffrey dean morgan ok fine loser
Unfortunately, Jeffrey Dean Morgan does not feature in this film as his part was edited out 😩
Discussing w/ my dad & he keeps referring to Jason, aka Jeffrey Dean Morgan, as "the bearded one". 😆
ANDREW "Negan sent me an email this morning. It felt strange.." . Jeffrey Dean Morgan is coming!!
DESIERTO Trailer (Jeffrey Dean Morgan - 2016) everyone in this nation should go watch this movie.
When he sat at a table looking both skeptical and sexy
my pick for Cable is Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Jeffrey Dean Morgan would have chemistry with a toaster.
Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been a welcome addition to the show!!
I've said this before, but I will personally give all my money to whoever can get Jeffrey Dean Morgan in Magic Mike XXXL.
And you know what George Clooney AND Jeffrey Dean Morgan?? I am so done with* you. . *jealous of.
Alicia's riding Jeffrey Dean Morgan in an office made of glass, & you're checking 4 her wig? LOL. She's never had a good wig.
Have you ever seen anything sexier. I now watch waiting for Jeffrey Dean Morgan 's character
There is going to be a movie with Gael Garcia Bernal and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, I'm
Jeffrey Dean Morgan on the bond between him, Jensen, and Jared. Check out more in ep 10 coming this Sunday! https:…
Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Chyler Leigh, and/or Alona Tal would be awesome!
Lee Pace, Hugh Jackman, or Vince Vaughn as Skeletor. Natalie Dormer as Teela. Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Duncan.
and I wouldn't trade him for even Norman Reedus or Jeffrey Dean Morgan 😉
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