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Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star (born Jeffrey Lynn Steininger) is an American model, fashion designer, makeup artist, DJ, and singer-songwriter residing in Beverly Hills, California.

Jayy Von Monroe Dahvie Vanity Posh Spice Bella Thorne Burning Up King Tut Taylor Swift Anastasia Beverly Hills Andy Biersack Oli Sykes Chris Motionless

Bella Thorne is really out here looking like Jeffree Star's long lost cousin, Jiffy Triangle
Lava girl did not sacrifice herself to save Shark Boy for you to compare her to Jeffree Star
Jeffree Star called JACKIE AINA a RAT? I know he ain't talking about Jackie Aina. He not talking about THE La Bronze Jam…
Jeffree Star died in 2014 and was replaced by a look alike known as Bella Thorne
Is it just me or Bella Thorne and Jeffree Star look alike
Every time I watch Jeffree Star's make up videos, I will actually think of Oli Sykes πŸ™πŸΌπŸ˜­
Is it just me or does Bella Thorne look a lot like Jeffree Star πŸ€”
Jeffree Star / Limited edition star shaped record for the single "Prom Night" in hot pink. Pressed at Erika Records…
I liked a video Blood on the dance floor - sexting ft. Jeffree Star (Live at warped tour CT 2012)
Jeffree Star was just jammin out to guys my age on snap chat ❀️️u guys were on the same warped tour!
y'all Jeffree Star because a make up entrepreneur, Chris Crocker became personality and Tila Tequila became a Neo-Nazi
I'm about to purchase the entire holiday collection of Jeffree Star in a week and a half
I liked a video from What's in My Mouth Challenge with Jeffree Star!
I added a video to a playlist Jeffree Star - Beauty Killer [Official Video]
my *** thought this was another broken Jeffree Star highlight
Can Randy from say yes to the dress, Tim Gunn from project runway and Jeffree Star just be my motivators throughout life? I love them sm.
You bought Jeffree Star's black highlight. Congrats, you played yourself for a $30 sparkly black eyeshadow. Plz don't put i…
it's Laganja estranja they did a makeup video with Jeffree Star
So Hollywood by ABH vs. King Tut by Jeffree Star vs. Oh Darling by MAC vs. Wisp by Colourpop
I have another package from Anastasia & another Jeffree Star order coming in the mail... This needs 2 stop
Kat Von D vs. Jeffree Star is really the Kardashian vs. Swift drama but for us makeup geeks 😈
Nope I want jeffree star lipsticks no dupes (: I still support him
Lemme go peep this kat Von D vs jeffree star drama brb
Kat von D, Jeffree Star's ex friend for 10 years exposing Jeffree for the nasty pig he is. A woman I can RESPECT!
Jeffree Star: *tells people to die*. Kat Von D: I won't support this. Jeffree Star: what a sad little human. no wonder no…
can we talk about Kat Von D and Jeffree Star because i feel like that's something to discuss
That elegant Jeffree Star drag Kat Von D did reminded me of this lmao
Me: imgo to bed early. Kat Von D and Jeffree star start fighting. Me:
jeffree star Cole carrigan and Derrick Barry are all the same person
Jeffree Star: *bullies anyone he disagrees with 24/7*. Jeffree Star when called out: "why am I being bullied! I don't feed into…
How am I so late on Jeffree Star being exposed as a racist
Go in the bathroom and turn of the light and say Jeffree Star three times and he appears in the mirror telling you you'r…
I liked a video Jeffree Star: It's so much easier to do the right thing.
2016 has officially been the year of exposing. First Kim exposed Taylor and now Kat Von D is exposing Jeffree Star htt…
I'm so upset over the kat von d and jeffree star drama omg my two fav makeup brands πŸ˜₯😩
Me: my highlighter came broken in the mail and I was contacting you for a refun-. Jeffree star:
Taylor Swift, Melania Trump and Jeffree Star have all been exposed in the last 48 hours. Nobody's safe
Re: Jeffree Star and why MUA's should be held socially accountable:
Jeffree Star, you're literally known for clapbacks and Internet fights nowadays but suddenly when Kat Von D calls you out…
Jeffree Star loves attacking and threatening black women but once Kat Von D calls him out he suddenly doesn't like "feedin…
Kat Von D was only 34 when she ended jeffree star's career
Kat Von D. Baby girl let that petty out and release them racist Jeffree Star receipts I know you got in your drafts
Jeffree Star & Taylor Swift got exposed this week. Someone drop some dirt on Trump so we can dump out all the trash
People be poppin' 'bout Taylor and Kim... and I'm over here like ' Kat Von D and Jeffree Star what?!'
or I rlly wanna try Jeffree Star's skin frost in shade King Tut but I'm worried it might be too dark. It looks really bronze
why does Jeffree Star's new highlighter swatch look like every lefties hand after writing and essay
when you're in love with Jeffree Star's lipsticks so you decide that they should be your next nail art design
Watched my first Jeffree Star video this morning aka watched EVERY Jeffree Star video this morning
to win: Jeffree Star beauty killer palette and skin frost color of your choice. Must be following
because of your username I just bought Posh Spice from Jeffree Star
Added Posh Spice and red rum to my Jeffree Star collection today 😍😩
Jeffree Star liquid lipstick in Gemini will be on stock next Tuesday πŸ‘€ just saying... πŸ’•
I liked a video Alyssa Edwards' Secret: Jeffree Star on RuPaul's DragCon 2016
watching this 17 minute long video of Jeffree Star and Alyssa Edwards cause that's where I'm at in life
I wish I had legs like Jeffree Star. My legs are built like gorgeous George.
I like the jeffree star lipsticks better they are like seriously long lasting like FR FR
I'm just going to pull a Jeffree Star, shave off my eyebrows and draw them on
If to go or not go to Self Help Fest tomorrow πŸ€”. Jeffree Star is gonna be there smh.
Wish I was going to the self help fest to see Jeffree Star at his booth tomorrow, but no...I have to workπŸ™„β˜ΉοΈ
I need Jeffree Star's Dirty Money liquid lipstick right now hngnh
I wish I could of took a picture w Jeffree Star 3 years ago when I saw him but I was too shy lol
I hope you have fun! And make sure to meet Jeffree Star. He's gonna be meeting people and selling lipsticks!!
Jeffree star lipsticks, Tonight Alive merch, A burrito from that one cart by the vip lounge, a pretzel, some form of an autograph -
Tomorrow Jeffree Star will be there, and I will literally hurt people to get androgyny. I will get it.
Oh crap jeffree star is gunna be at self help fest tomorrow
the nyx one just picks up any color you later over it so its not even white. I might need to take the leap and get Jeffree star
Jeffree Star makeup tutorials: First we're gonna go in with our Chanel foundation and our Gucci brush. Me: I have $3
Jaz is getting me a Jeffree Star lipstick tomorrow im so happy I LOVE JAZ
Jeffree Star is my idol I wish I had the confidence to snap while I'm getting my nails done
hopefully I get my Jeffree Star liquid lipstick this weekend 😁
Jeffree Star makeup is so nice but he called out sami a while ago kdkdkdkd
Kinda crazy Jeffree Star is coming to San Bernardino tomorrow
Aaand I received my Anastasia & Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks in the mail today. What a *** good day. 😌
I started watching Jeffree Star. Steam punk brought me here.
Jeffree Star's lipsticks are literal perfection.
Go through the Jeffree star lipstick hashtag on ig I swear that lipstick looks so good in everyone 😍😍😍
Why is Jeffree Star sold out of every lipstick I want...?
21. Best liquid lipstick formulas are Jeffree Star and Kat Von D. They are comfortable and don't crack or transfer.
Jeffree star is my spirit animal omg😍😭
Underfell: If you’re a Jeffree Star fan, then you know it’s Heart...
If u love me buy me androgyny by jeffree star on Wednesday
Jeffree Star and his boyfriend give me life
Wanted to go to Self Help Fest and now I'm even more mad that Jeffree Star is gona be there selling his makeup πŸ’” kms
Everyone saying "Kylie jenner's lip kits the best" you clearly haven't had any Jeffree Star lipstick kys
you just need to Jeffree star liquid lip stick and you'll literally have it all!!
Omggg androgyny is gonna be back on jeffree star cosmetics why they keep doin this to me man
I think it's only in their red liquid lip but Jeffree star and DOC both have really good brown liquid lipsticks I have both lol
When Doe Deere would make fun of jeffree star and now is making the same colors as him πŸ‘€πŸΈβ˜•οΈ
I want to get a crazy Jeffree Star lip color, any recs?
If I actually wanted to get one (or 10) of jeffree star's lipsticks. How do I choose? How?
THANK YOUπŸ’– and it's a mix of Celebrity Skin by Jeffree Star and Pure Hollywood by Anastasia Beverly Hills!
jeffree star brand is phenomenal. Long lasting and don’t cake up like others I have. I own about 11 colors
I love following jeffree star on snapchat
I want to try Jeffree Star lipstick but both Posh Spice and Dominatrix are sold out I need them
all of mayday parade, all of neck deep, the bassist of issues, Adam Elmakias, Alex Ramos, SayWeCanFly, Jeffree Star
Just bought the Posh Spice shade of Jeffree Star's lipstick 😍
Just bought my first Jeffree Star lipsticks! Celebrity skin and Posh Spice!
Jeffree Star is dropping a highlighter powder in the spring, looks like my bank account is dropping too πŸ™ƒπŸ˜
Kat Von D and Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks are vegan and cruelty free god is good
This is my jam: Prisoner by Jeffree Star on RuPaul Radio β™«
Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in 714 NIB - Full read by eBay
I'm lovin the updated Jeffree Star Cosmetics website!
Had a dream I fought one of my ex's and then dated jeffree star and we just made makeup
I need a liquid lipstick in my life be that Anastasia Beverly Hills, lime crime, jeffree star or Kat von D's! Why so hard to find over hereπŸ˜“
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Thinking about buying Weirdo Jeffree Star Velour Lipstick? Read our latest review via
Hair as black as your soul. Lips as red as unicorn blood. Lipstick: Unicorn Blood By Jeffree Star
Goals this year: get a new camera. Get prettier. Go to Jeffree star. Buy tickets to LA & dragcon.
Peach Dessert πŸ‘ our best selling 714 liquid lipstick by Jeffree Star Cosmetics. Shop it
Been lusting over that perfect matte lip finish? Buy Velour Liquid Lipstick at Lulu
I just sent Carlos Jeffree star, blood on the dance floor, and the medic droid lyrics
jeffree star cosmetics has a really good liquid matte black lipstick and I'm pretty sure they ship every where
This is my jam: Booty Call (feat. E-40) [Explicit] by Brokencyde on Lollipop Luxury Radio β™«
I just bought a jeffree star lipstick. I'm in LOVE with it. Highly recommended
Jeffree star's liquid lipstick in im royalty topped with Macs lipstick in royal. Oh MY GOD
Arriving at Lady Petrova this week! Jeffree Star lip Velours in the three latest colours
I also want Jeffree star. He's a beauty.
Honestly all I want is like all of Jeffree Star's liquid lipsticks but I'm a broke girl
I need money so I can buy Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks πŸ’”
Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in Jawbreaker NIB with LE packaging - Full read by eBay
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Had anyone felt like their Jeffree Star lippies kinda get tacky/sticky throughout the day??
hello! πŸ‘‹πŸ» random question but where did you get all of your Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks from?xx
Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in Abused NIB with limited edition packaging - Full re…
waking your whole family cause both Jayy Von Monroe and Jeffree Star liked your picture on instagram
Available today only online! Jeffree Star's new shades I'm Nude & Anna Nicole from midday today at...
Jeffree Star, Dahvie Vanity and Jayy Von Monroe are MY idols I don't see why society and my friends judge me for that.
What inspires you? β€” family, Jeffree Star, Dahvie Vanity, and Jayy Von Monroe
For some reason Jeffree Star reminds me of bubblegum. Dahvie Vanity reminds me of rainbows. And Jayy Von Monroe reminds me of Popsicles.
well...unless you're Chris Motionless... or Jeffree Star. (Meeting you at the bvb concert was unreal btw! 😻😻)
I added a video to a playlist IT BOYS! - Burning Up feat. Jeffree Star and Lacey Schwimmer (OFFICIAL
Im being Jayy Von Monroe for halloween & Aaron Hidys Dahvie Vanity need someone to be Jeffree Star & will be the gayest guys in richmond.
The only Blood on The Dance Floor song I can listen to is Sexting and that's because Jeffree Star. Jayy Von Monroe is hot though ngl
Photo: idobi: Jeffree Star, Tyler Carter (Issues), and Oli Sykes (Bring Me The Horizon) at the APMAs red...
Ricky Dillons cover of Really Don't Care by Demi sounds like Jeffree Star πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
There's a line to meet Jeffree Star, that could span a city block. Just going to let that sink in for a minute while the children weep.
dude Jeffree Star is on warped tour with BC OMFG
I liked a video Sped up drawing of Jeffree Star (LONGER, like 2-3 minutes?)
holy FIERCENESS!!! Raquel Reed and Jeffree Star throwback from 2009 !
I so want to go to the Jeffree Star signing but of course it's at the same time Falling in Reverse performs.
I'm listening to jeffree star, because secretly the inner scene girl in me still wants to one day be as pretty as him.
Uneducated *** always wanna call me a cheap Jeffree Star just bc of my interest in makeup. Drag =/ J*. But I'll take it.
Jeffree Star is prettier than I am bye
Skrillex, Jeffree Star, Daft Punk, G-DRAGON β™₯ I like that very much! (Y)
"We always ignore the ones who adore us, and adore the ones who ignore us.". ~ Jeffree Star
I never realized how much photo shop could do for a person until I saw Jeffree Star in person yesterday 😳
Oh, there was a picture of Jeffree Star halfway down the page. Makes sense
Angela just compared my dog to Jeffree star
My sister just asked me if jeffree star was ***
I hate everyone that can go to warptour and meet Jeffree Star. He's sex and makeup, and I'm cosplay and pocky. But i still wanna
Cody just told me how jeffree star has a big *** .
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Jeffree Star - Love To My Cobain by popsiclemusic on
Jeffree Star - Get Away With Murder by popsiclemusic on
Take It Off (Ke$ha and Friends Version) should have been the original. Especially the Jeffree Star parts.
There's no one really playing besides Attila and Of Mice & Men, and plus Jeffree Star, but that's pretty much all I would see.
I like jeffree stars music just not jeffree star. Lol
Jeffree Star was at Warped today. Im so sad I couldnt go 😭😭
I severely regret not seeing breathe Carolina and jeffree star at warped tour. 😞
jeffree star!! lol I deleted it tho cause I look ratchet
Jeffree star is so flawless like OK I'm a dog.
I will never question why I love Jeffree Star so much lmao
Jeffree Star, why are you so beautiful and flawless?
so I met jeffree star today. it was so worth the wait. πŸ’•
Jeffree star is wearing the most dope biggie smalls shirt and im mega jealous.
Met Jeffree Star for the third time he's so fab πŸ’•πŸ’–πŸ˜­
My right arm touched Jordan Witzigreuter and my left arm touched Jeffree Star am I alive
Let's just go over this xD I dyed my hair red because of Gerard Way. I dyed my hair pink because of Jeffree Star. I dyed my hair black because of Ville Valo, Andy Biersack. I shaved my sides and dyed my hair black with blonde sides because of Frank Iero. I dyed my hair blonde. Because my mom told me too. ._.
Chris Motionless is like the goth version of Jeffree Star let's be real
Don't bring up Jayy Von Monroe or Jeffree Star in front of me. I will not stop talking I'll scream and I'll get really hyper for no reason
I personally LOVE Blood On The Dance Floor . I think Dahvie Vanity && Jayy Von Monroe are complete perfection , they're my heroes . I also quiet LOVE Jeffree Star , A LOT . Oh , you don't like that .? Cool , IDGAF .C;
I went from watching Jacky Vincent shred, to watching Jeffree Star get a tattoo of his dog on his right foot... now I'm watching Jack shred again. Hmm... seems like me ADD was kicking in.
This is my bucket list! 1. Be a foster home for children - Adopt one of these children 2. Be a foster home for cats - Try not to adopt all of these cats. 3. Work in a pet store 4. Own a Pomsky 5. Own one of each Cockatiel variation 6. Have an aviary of TAME birds in my house 7. Own a Macaw or Cockatoo, and teach him/her to sing The Beatles 8. Go to Warped Tour 9. Meet Jeffree Star, Andy Biersack, and/or Jayy Von Monroe 10. Host a Ted Talk 11. Write a best seller 12. Live in a van in San Fransisco for a year 13. Graduate college, get married, buy a house, blsh blah blah. 14. Finally be satisfied with my body. 15. Somehow manage to grow my nails to a reasonable length. 16. Grow my hair to the middle of my back 17. Publish a novel 18. Somehow convince my boobs to grow. 19. Get a horror movie collage tattooed on my back 20. Visit all of the continental US I'm sure there will be more to come. Lol.
my friend, Moriah, is obsessed with something Jayffree. Jayy Von Monroe and Jeffree Star
Jeffree Star, Jayy Von Monroe and Dahvie Vanity are my celeb sex crushes. ;)
After they got played on the radio/after Davey Havok became best friends with Jeffree Star
I've always wanted to meet the beauty killer Jeffree Star.
Ronnie Radke and Jeffree Star need to not post pictures of themselves hanging out because it makes my heart hurt.
I am listening to Louis Vuitton Body Bag by Jeffree Star on Pandora.
When you're not a beauty killer like Jeffree Star ;-; ~sigh. life.
Loki mentions Jeffree Star and the housemate starts singing Beauty Killer
getting ready music includes the wonders of Queen, Annie Lennox, P!nk, Jeffree Star && Adam Lambert and some Avicii thrown in as well. Lovin' this bronze look tonight!
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Jeffree Star is prettier than me and that's a problem considering he's not a real girl.
I'm listening to Jeffree star but idk I'm bored :/
Now Marilyn Manson and Jeffree Star to calm my nerves and sleep.
before i get in my coffin watch Jeffree Star new vid Gnite Star bites
Jeffree Star - go watch Love to My Cobain by the gorgeousπŸ’‹ it's soo amazing
Is Jeffree star a girl or a boy lol someone help me xD
It's bad that Jeffree Star does better make up than me
Remember when Jeffree star sang about bulimia
I really want a duet of you ft. Marilyn Manson, Jeffree Star or Kerli, what do you think hny ? :(
Me when I think about when I used to like jeffree star
Would you like to collaboration with Jeffree Star? He is better than those ugly *** at the Mickey's bar.
I really want a you can't twerk with us shirt from Jeffree star. MOM!
Jeffree Star came on. I didnt scream! ;)
Jeffree Star's newest music video!. VOTE now to be on chart:. Like our page and comment. use...
Everyone go watch jeffree Star's new video ( love to my cobain )
My goodness Jeffree Star is a beautiful human.
never gonna quit my obsession with by Jeffree Star
Jeffree Star - Love to My Cobain: i love this song :3
just dropped his new video That make-up game is on point.
Jeffree star 😳 πŸ˜Άβœ‹ his makeup is on point in the music vid love of my cobain tho πŸ‘Œ
You killed your new was beautiful and my heart hurt...This is Jeffree Star, your best and most refined work yet
Jeffree Star // Love To My Cobain. perf on so many levels.. like honestly
Love to my Cobain by Jeffree Star is GREAT! I love it!
loving Love To My Cobain by Jeffree Star its amazing πŸ’ž
Two days ago I was about to listen A Skylit Drive, yesterday I listened Defiler and today... It's Jeffree Star and Blood On The Dance Floor!
Jayy reminds me of Jeffree Star in that video ._. ;-;
I would do anything to meet jeffree star.
did someone Really make a dmmd amv with a jeffree star song
man I've been stalking you since the "introducing jeffree star" tour- heartbroken to discover your hiatus. πŸ˜ͺ
Ryan started to sing slash scream along with the music, β€œDon’t get mad Jeffree Star cause I made you snort a lot of my *** €¦
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
A new favorite: Jeffree Star feat. Porcelain Black - Prisoner by on
I seriously wish I was a cross between Jeffree Star and Lisbeth Salander.
Jeffree Star is EVERYTHING, he's prettier than most woman in the world πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’—
My mom was texting me lyrics to the song Electric Sugar Pop by Jeffree Star..
Everyone I know strongly dislikes Jeffree Star and BOTDF *cries forever*
so Yeah. I turn my sister into Jeffree Star when our mother goes to sleep.
I saw this guy at warped that look just like jeffree star,
I just went from Luke Bryan to Jeffree Star ok
Both my mom & sister started singing Jeffree Star. I just walked out the room.
if I had the money to I would in a heart beat so I could see Jeffree Star
I find Jeffree Star quite fascanating I love his hair style hid dress wear amazingly gourgous now my mom finds him (not really that cute). Now see I find him fabulous. See now I've always been dying to go to one of his concerts but of course my mom says (until ur 18 u cant go to these concerts) . He's amazing in all ways and every chance I get I put on makeup exactly like his l. Like no dought when he sang prisoner with porclin black it sounded like heavan to me mixing it was amazing. I know very little of his songs because I've only known him for a short period if time but trust me ik how dirty it can get so I kinda like this dude like alot so yeah
Can you believe I met jeffree star yesterday. & he signed my thigh. 😍
The intro to Fer Sure by the Medic Droid never fails to make me laugh. The Jeffree Star line to be exact. Never gets old.
All I want is a Killin' it SnapBack from Jeffree Star. Is it that much to ask for?!
Ughh, I really want to go. I don't want to miss possibly meeting Jac Vanek or Jeffree Star.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Yes. This actually happened. The one and only Jeffree Star πŸ’š
Kind of sad I won't be meeting Jeffree Star this year... AGAIN
Lmfao jeffree star is at this bar. I wanna go up and be like "hey I haven't heard your name in 6 years!!"
Apparently, Jeffree Star thinks I'm hot. This may not matter to you, but it THRILLS me!
Going to go sing some Jeffree Star now.
Does anyone else remember when Demi and Jeffree Star took like a million pictures together?
i only want to go to see Jeffree Star:D
Are you sure it's me? I was thinking it was more like Jeffree Star β€” Who's that
I asked Jeffree Star if I could have a hug and he said "no, I can't get wet" he's so fabulous
I'm upset I didn't get to meet Jeffree Star wow
I think jeffree star is more of a guy than justin beiber.
are you guys gonna tour with Jeffree Star any time soon??
jeffree star is a man yet he is still prettier than me hA ha HA
I just wanted to meet Jeffree star 😭😭
Jeffree Star is awesome and if you don't think so you're a turd sandwich
No actually Franco looks like Jeffree star
I was like "imagine if Jeffree Star walked right past us...*walking right past us* THAT WAS HIM OH MY GOD"
What snapbacks is Jeffree Star selling on Warped and how much are they?
Remember when Jeffree Star walked right past us when we were sitting under the trailer at warped
Jayy Von Monroe and Jeffree Star are just perfect :L
My sm dated Miley Cyrus' brother, Christofer Drew and more. Is friends with Paris Hitlon, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Jeffree Star and more. I want to be herr.:cc
Well warped definitely was a success yesterday, met SWS, We Came As Romans, TSS, GOLDHOUSE, Jeffree Star, And saw Action Item, Allstar Weekend, and Set it off again. Oh yeah, and apparently some weirdos named tyler wilson and dan geraghty.
What does the last text you received concern? stuff. Β  How is your heart lately? idk Β  When was the last time you recieved a compliment? today,Β  Β  Are you on good or bad terms with the second to last person you dated? idk really. Β  Do you judge people, and then lie about it? no, i just judge them Β  Do you get bothered by what people think of you? some Β  If you became a doctor, would you help your patients kill themselves? noo Β  When will you next see the last person you texted? i honestly have no idea... Β  Would you bang Jeffree Star? no lol Β , aint he *** anyway? Β  Do you ever think people hate you for filling this out? idk idc Β  When will be the next time you text someone? idk when someone texts me Β  Do you catch yourself running from situations? sometimes Β  Honestly, when is the last time you have been to Texas? never Β  Do you ever wonder what other people are thinking when they stare at you? yeah lol Β  Have you ever had major surgery? not anything major, on my mouthΒ  Β  Do you know an ...
My goal for warped this year is to get autographs and pictures with Kellin Quinn, Oliver Sykes, Jeffree Star, and every other amazing person I see. But I would totally feint if I got a picture and autograph from Ryan Levi Thyberg. That part was just for you buddy :)
Hi, I'm Jeffree Star and I've been addicted to makeup since I was 13. "Hi Jeffree..."
Photo: Jeffree Star and Kyle Evans lol Kyle your face
Brb crying bc Jeffree Star is prettier than me.
Jealous of Jeffree Star's hair rn. Mine does absolutely nothing :(
I was gonna do a makeup look inspired by my boo jeffree star but ugh its late and I have school tomorrow
Sometimes I sit in my room and cry about how perfect Jeffree Star is.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Porcelain black *** at singing with jeffree star that was terrible
why not? Jeffree Star does and look at all the girls/guys on his ***
My sister: Jeffree Star scares me sometime with his photos. I wanna know how many people he's raped
Jeffree Star just keeps getting prettier and prettier.
The moment you realize Jeffree Star is better looking than you ...
Jeffree Star's makeup is ALWAYS so effin perfect! Like what the *** !
I liked a video A Day in the Miss KL Office with Jeffree Star
Jeffree Star is one of the hottest people Idec
When I'm in a bad mood, I turn on Jeffree Star and dance my *** off!
Look who is at our studio, Jeffree Star himself jeffreestar's photo
what color is your hair?? And what's your favorite color?? Mine is pink. And your AWESOME Jeffree Star :) wish we'd be friends
Jeffree Star is just...perfect. And flawless.
Jeffree Star is an angel. I think I may just die when I meet him at
how was my shirt today was I hella cute like on a scale of *** - jeffree star what am I
OMG I FINALY FOUND THIS me jeffree star and daniel at warped tour 2009 xD with my *** 3 years ago xD
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had a major flashback whilst thinking about life, Jeffree Star.
I liked a video Behind the scenes: Miss KL Presents Jeffree Star
When you look up fabulous in the dictionary, Jeffree Star 's picture will be there.
"Come to the conclusion that my soul is black." My soul is Jeffree Star.
Jeffree Star surprises loyal fans and Miss KL shoppers with personal phone calls to chat about his clothing line, while keeping it cheeky.
Do you remember when we went to the beach in eighth grade and listened to nothing but Nicki Minaj and Jeffree Star? We were little swaggets.
I got a little secret for the guys That wants to know if it's the motion or the size But if you're the one I pick to be the captain of my ship, Let you in my ocean baby, would you drive? You know that these guys are quick to claim they gigantic But size don't mean a thing, just think about the Titanic... Maybe I can fake it, make you think you're doin' damage Umm yawn, you just don't understand it...
THIS FRIDAY... I'll be posting the NEW SINGLE artwork & release date! who's ready??
of curse jeffree star is, i showed her Mr. Diva nad prom night. her whole image of me changed xD cant he just give it up!? -.-
Me & Jeffree Star have the same haircut. Victory rolls and shaved sides.
//In the middle of an important convo yes. I told him to sleep last night. I said I was gonna send Jeffree Star otherwise.
Anyone else notice Jeffree Star in the Metro Station Shake It vid? Me neither until now. Second verse, behind the dancers. Mind = blown.
Burning Up would be infinitely better if Jeffree Star wasn't in it
Jeffree Star is so incredible, he's himself and encourages anyone to be who they truly are. He has a hilarious personality, he's gorgeous, has amazing music and he doesn't do any drugs nor he drinks alcohol. ;) I love you.
I dont even care i love Lady Gaga! Instead of havin band posters on my wall i have lady gaga and jeffree star :3 and Oli Sykes COURSE
Yea :) I was actually laughing with a new buddy :) she's really cool. Lol I introduced her to jeffree star ;)
Jeffree Star is the meaning of perfection and beauty.
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