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Jeffery Dean Morgan

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Love Jeffery Dean Morgan, but Keaton back would be epic
Jeffery Dean Morgan is awesome, but even he can't pull that clunker out of the ditch, which is too bad,…
|| Note: This is a roleplay/fan account. I am NOT Jeffery Dean Morgan , nor have any affiliation with him or AMC. 'Tis all.
I have completely made a mistake I have double booked a group in a rush to get an op with Jeffery D…
Jeffery Dean Morgan AKA Negan on the Walking Dead has to win an award this year. I didn't watch one epi…
Jeffery Dean Morgan can get it here, there, outside, inside, in the water, in a dumpster.. wherever. Literally.
Jeffery Dean Morgan loves you so much freaking much and it just warms my heart. You are a great pers…
when i first found out Hilarie Burton and jeffery dean morgan were married i was shook but they’re soo adorable
Just bought photo op tickets to meet Jeffery dean Morgan and Norman reedus at the alter stalker con!
Re done OC. New FC. Will have a backstory soon. 18 and 21+. No ships, no lewd. Lewd accounts will be blocked.…
Jeffery Dean Morgan is SO sexy and I hate it SO much
I hope Jeffery Dean Morgan will play Flashpoint Batman, he'll make an awesome Thomas Wayne
I love how you have to be Jeffery Dean Morgan or to actually get a response out of t…
Peyton is my all time favorite. Jeffery Dean Morgan is Negan on the Walking Dead who is evil, I can’t even lol 😭
Negan is awesome too. But I love Jeffery dean Morgan 😂
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When you tell yourself this is the last episode of the Walking Dead that you're gonna watch so you can go to bed and t…
Yum yum... Jeffery Dean Morgan the Zaddy of the DPS.
jeffery dean morgan is such a DREAM
I don’t know, but if you have any ideas let me know. . Side Note: Jeffery Dean Morgan and Chris look…
Oh and when do we get information about photo times. I have a group b with Jeffery Dean Morgan and I…
Second of all, why are Jeffery Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan playing Bruce Wayne’s parents? Seeing them as a couple is just weird
Make absolutely no sense! This of course kills the story line between Carl and Neagan. Some of Jef…
Uplifting story - A friend of mine has a 13-year-old son, named Jo, who was in a serious skating boarding accident…
Jeffery dean Morgan? But I only like him as Denny in the early seasons of Greys Anatomy. I don’t watch…
if i ever rewatch supernatural I can't take it seriously with Jeffery Dean Morgan. he's gonna make Dean some SPAGHETTI
Can we all just appreciate Jeffery dean Morgan in Watchmen and just in general. *** daddy type characters are his kinda his forte.
Jeffery Dean Morgan would be a better Batman than Ben Afleck 🗣
they say that Blake Shelton is the “sexiest man alive” but they’re forgetting about Jeffery Dean Morgan, Harrison F…
Petition for Jeffery Dean Morgan to be sexiest man alive instead of Blake Shelton
Hugh Jackman and Jeffery Dean Morgan are still alive so this is clearly fake news.
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“Oh you didn’t know about the 30 foot wolf?” said in my bad *** Jeffery Dean Morgan voice. . Rampage trailer launch next WED m…
Jeffery Dean Morgan should have eenie meanie'd the nominees.
Sebastian Stan, Chris Evans, Anthony Mackie and Jeffery Dean Morgan please. That would be awesome.
Are we finally going to get a movie starring Ezra Miller and Jeffery Dean Morgan?
So let's talk about how The Flash movie just added Gal, Jason, Ray, Jeffery Dean Morgan, Lauren Cohen, and so many mor…
The following people should be guests. - Bill Maher. - Jeffery Dean Morgan. - George Takai. - Kit Harrington. - Joe Biden . - Alec Sulkin
Another good one. Anthony Hopkins and Jeffery Dean Morgan — watching Solace
You guys missed a key point in your Jeffery Dean Morgan banter. He is Thomas Wayne & The Comedian
Jeffery Dean Morgan plays Denny, Neegan, and Charlie all from my three fav shows . WHODA THUNK IT
So I went on the Walker Stalker Cruise and Negan claimed me as wife . Jeffery Dean Morgan rocks!
Please please please get Jeffery Dean Morgan this year you made my year when Kane Hodder was there make my year this year
Andy Garcia & Jeffery Dean Morgan are also on the "he's old enough to be my daddy but."
not sure if you're into the Walking Dead but Jeffery Dean Morgan who plays Negan grew up with Stone, Jeff & Andy. Crazy
I'm just now realizing that Jeffery Dean Morgan played as John Winchester, Neagan, and Denny Duquette😶
Jeffery Dean Morgan was in Fred Claus and I just noticed
Javier Bardem and Jeffery Dean Morgan look like alternate versions of Robert Downey Jr... tell me I'm wrong
Jeffery Dean Morgan is the hottest older man in tv. Y'all can fight me
Bring back Lauren Cohan & Jeffery Dean Morgan to the DCEU pls 🙏
Negan played by Jeffery Dean Morgan created by Scott Gimple is a villain in the comic book and tv series The Walkin…
like peyton is married to Jeffery dean Morgan I was like SERIOUSLY?!? THATS MY MAN it's a small world lol
"What are your future goals?" "Being a luxurious winter coat draped across Jeffery Dean Morgan in front of llamas."
Jeffery Dean Morgan is dead to me. There is no coming back from this.
Jeffery Dean Morgan in Indian wear OMG 😍. I know now what he'll look like when we get married in my utopian world.
i think daddy John Winchester was so hot... Jeffery Dean Morgan m
Jeffery Dean Morgan is my new daddy✨
I forgot about the time Jeffery Dean Morgan was filming a movie in my apartment and I offered him beer and he was like "Nah"
we talk about how much we hate Negan but how hot Jeffery Dean Morgan is 😍😍
Just had a dream that I was with Jeffery Dean Morgan in my re class and then the apocalypse started and we fought it together lol
Jeffery Dean Morgan looks like he'll surprise a woman with a throat grab and hem her up against the stove. 😍😍😍😍
Casting ultimate sexy dad Jeffery Dean Morgan was a terrible choice cos Negan is meant to essentially be an evil failed PE teacher.
Why is Jeffery dean Morgan becoming such a big deal now??? I've stanned him since he was John in spn and Denny in greys
Idris would come off scarier than Jeffery dean Morgan
I can't imagine anyone else being Negan other than Jeffery Dean Morgan, he's born for this part.
So I might be going to RICC with my friend. I can only meet one person. HELP! Jeffery Dean Morgan or Robin Lord Taylor? GAH
just asked my mom if she watches the good wife so we could talk about how hot Jeffery dean Morgan is and she didn't remember who he was, -
Omg &Jeffery dean Morgan on the same cover. I love me some and some it's only…
After season premiere of I went back to wtch the ep of Greys Anatomy where Jeffery Dean Morgan's char died just to feel btr abt myself
You guys are lying to yourselves if you don't find jeffery dean morgan attractive
didn't think it as possible to match the Negan from the TWD comic but Jeffery Dean Morgan by jove you have…
Well if it isn't old Jeffery Dean Morgan. What's up!
Theres a rumor that Jeffery Dean Morgan would play flashpoint Batman in a live action movie. That would be the only good thing about BvS
Jeffery Dean Morgan has always been a stud. I don't know why more guys don't embrace this look.
I liked Jeffery Dean Morgan until the Walking Dead
There are photos/gifs of jeffery dean morgan on my feed and I'm finding him more and more attractive someone save me
I don't understand how Jeffery Dean Morgan can go from Denny Duquette on to Negan on 🤔🤔
Jeffery Dean Morgan,. a man. a myth. a legend
Because the real brilliance is coming from Jeffery Dean Morgan in this scene.
Went to do a meet and greet with Jeffery Dean Morgan (Negan) when he realized I didn't have anything to sign he as…
If she stans the Walking Dead she knows no one could play a better Negan than Jeffery Dean Morgan
.compares Negan to the Flashpoint Batman! -…
Jeffery Dean Morgan has those hot dad vibes going on
Me: I don't like Jeffery Dean Morgan. . JDM: If it wasn't for Daryl, Glenn would still be alive. Me: JDM is an American actor, bo…
I wonder if Jeffery Dean Morgan would be a good Cable (for DP2) in your eyes?
That moment you realize Jeffery Dean Morgan is Bruce Wayne's father. So Batman will appear in TWD after Rick kills Negan.
Okay, Jeffery Dean Morgan may play an *** on TWD, but he is an amazing person y'all.
Jeffery Dean Morgan is easily one of the best actors I have ever seen
unless you surprise me with Jeffery Dean Morgan as Thomas Wayne/Batman
That moment when Norman Reedus and Jeffery Dean Morgan suddenly appeared next to the restaurant we were eating lunc… htt…
This guy is Negan... Jeffery Dean Morgan...gonna be in season finale they said.
Watching an episode of Walker: Texas Ranger where he had to shoot Jeffery Dean Morgan. Think this means he made Batman.
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I learned something important! Josh Garrett and Jeffery Dean Morgan are in fact, not the same person.
As predicted Jeffery Dean Morgan smashed it put of the park!
Awesome to see Jeffery Dean Morgan as Negan in yesterday. I enjoyed his Ike Evans character in
first Jeffery Dean Morgan was amazing in his role. So in your opinion who do you think Negan killed.
I'm excited for Jeffery Dean Morgan aka John Winchester being on Walking Dead soon did you know that?
showrunners call Jeffery Dean Morgan's portrayal of 1 of the greatest TV villains of all time:
Watching & Jeffery Dean Morgan(Negan in has joined the final season. He is so good in that series.
Apparently Jeffery Dean Morgan is on a talk show bc many on my timeline are feeling love in their spirits and by spirits I mean lady parts.
A look at Jeffery Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohen as Bat-Parents in Batman v Superman!
I cannot wait for Negan tbh. I love Jeffery Dean Morgan, he'll play an awesome villain.
Note to if Jeffery Dean Morgan asks if you'd like to meet Lucille, you say "NO!"
Jeffery Dean Morgan is so handsome in The Good Wife that he gives me butterflies 💕
sam and deans dad from supernatural. Jeffery Dean Morgan i think his name is
I finally watched TWD & I'm sooo over waiting for Negan, like Jeffery Dean Morgan where are you
I have but one goal. To have Jeffery Dean Morgan to answer a question I have about Negan for him on live Tv. Please I just need this ;-;
Breast Cancer Awareness
I can't wait for Negan! I am going to be sooo conflicted about Jeffery Dean Morgan. 😱
So like, Jeffery Dean Morgan and his frightening *** self is going to crush this role. . And my spirit. And heart.
jeffery dean Morgan is his real name lol
I just wanna see some Negan. I need some Jeffery Dean Morgan on my Walking Dead.
Jeffery Dean Morgan. He played the Comedian in the Watchmen. He's perfect for Negan.
I'm pretty sure that I'll always see jeffery dean morgan as John Winchester not as Neegan
Can't wait for Jeffery Dean Morgan to appear as Negan! — watching The Walking Dead
I thought we were gonna meet Neagen this episode 😭😭 I need more Jeffery Dean Morgan in my life
Are we gonna get a Jeffery Dean Morgan tease?!?!?!?
I cannot wait until I get to see Jeffery Dean Morgan as Negan
Can that surprise cast member be Jeffery Dean Morgan???!!! PLEASE???!!!
I'm guessing we finally get to see Neegan tonight with Jeffery Dean Morgan going on tomorrow night
Watching Jeffery Dean Morgan in Texas Killing Fields, can't wait to see him as
Can't wait for Jeffery Dean Morgan to join the Walking Dead👀
Jeffery Dean Morgan as Thomas Wayne is tough...would be even more ILL if he were Thomas in a live action Flashpoint film
Jeffery Dean Morgan is a mix of Jon Hamm and RDJ
I heart Jeffery Dean Morgan so hard I am going to be weeping when he shows up as Negan NO! WHY LAWD! Whhhyyy do you hate my ovaries!!
Surely I'm not the only person who thinks Jeffery Dean Morgan is a dead ringer for Robert Downy Jr?
in love with in Ireland in movie when she revists is Jeffery Dean Morgan who will play Negan
Can't wait for Negan to come into The Walking Dead, Jeffery Dean Morgan is going to slam it. Loving it lately, getting alot better💀☝☝
Jeffery Dean Morgan needs to play Cable, I won't have it any other way
Just realized as well as Jeffery Dean Morgan, future co-stars, are going to be in together
Jeffery Dean Morgan is gonna be fantastic as Negan
They casted baby daddy Jeffery Dean Morgan to be be Negan in TWD OMFG 😭😭😭😭
Is Jeffery dean Morgan going to be Negan in the Walking Dead ..
Tell me who you want to see at the next I'd love to see Jeffery Dean Morgan and Michael Rooker!
Okay is this dude SUPPOSED to look like Jeffery Dean Morgan or am I just seeing it because I know he's coming lol
A little shocked at the words that came out Alicia Florricks mouth last night but its Jeffery Dean Morgan. I'd want it again too. :)
Even David Lee gets a semi from Jason Crouse's crooked grin. Such is the power of Jeffery Dean Morgan's charming insouciance
honestly how could I be blessed by richonne and then soon I will be blessed by Jeffery Dean Morgan as Negan
I'm really excited to see Jeffery Dean Morgan play Negan!
Honestly Jeffery Dean Morgan's voice makes my sound system worth it.
Have we made a movie yet where Jeffery Dean Morgan and Javier Bardem are brothers? because we should.
Tbh, I wanna see Negan just because of Jeffery Dean Morgan.
Yes!! It's from 2010 and has Idris Elba and Jeffery Dean Morgan in it too! 💖
when does that come back on? D: and I'm so ready for Jeffery Dean Morgan as Negan. (:
Heist was a good film. Jeffery dean Morgan Definitely one of my favourite actors
Jeffery Dean Morgan just has that talent to be the most twisted individual how brought Negan at his peak of scariness.
when I think of Jeffery Dean Morgan I think of Denny Duquette from Grey's Anatomy. Soon to be villain?! Can't be..
jeffery dean morgan is gonna be on the Walking Dead BYE
was actually sick! Jeffery Dean Morgan was so good. Can't wait for him to be the bad guy in Walking Dead this Febru…
I can't wait to love hating Jeffery Dean Morgan on
an Jeffery Dean Morgan said u were a Winchester that make u the man 2
Ugh Jeffery Dean Morgan has brought his bad luck to the good wife now. Ugh.
Can we take a moment to appreciate the DILF that is Jeffery Dean Morgan.
Jeffery dean morgan can shove his foot up my *** and id thank him
Whenever I see Jeffery Dean Morgan my heart flutters 😍
Also: Hollywood really missed the boat on DKR film starring Jeffery Dean Morgan as Batman and David Bowie as the Joker
C'mon! I'm not going to know how to hate Negan, if ❤️hot ❤️Jeffery Dean Morgan is him! I'm excited!
Here , is why I said Jeffery Dean Morgan is almost Javier Bardem..
Kinda sad there was not any Jeffery Dean Morgan on 2nite. SO WHAT? this episode 2nite showed me why its the best network show.
Catching up on TV show. Jeffery Dean Morgan is a great addition to and is brilliant. Can't wait to see more!
just wait til you get to Jeffery Dean Morgan winking 😍
Jeffery Dean Morgan on Good Wife! I smell an intimate affair of sorts.
except it was Jeffery Dean Morgan you see playing John when Sam and Dean are little.
If I don't meet someone who looks like Jeffery Dean Morgan from PS I Love You in Ireland, I will be sorely disappointed
Can I please have a Jeffery Dean Morgan in my life?😍
DESIERTO: hokey and hollow thriller enlivened by one memorably nasty bit with a dog. Jeffery Dean Morgan's character is laughable
Jeffery Dean Morgan is a flawless actor, I'm rewatching SPN S1 last few eps and omgsh the emotion he shows on his face is perfection! ♡
So... Jeffery Dean Morgan is on now. How long, do you think, before he dies? Whose got $ on an un-diagnosed heart condition?
"Dean.". "As in Winchester?". "No, as in Jeffery Dean Morgan. What do you think?" .
Jeffery Dean Morgan has it all. He should be the new James Bond.
Jeffery Dean Morgan is kinda sexy. *** Those dimples.
Jeffery Dean Morgan on The Good Wife is what dreams are made of. 😍
Jeffery Dean Morgan couldn't be more charming if he tried.
Jeffery Dean Morgan was on The Goodwife last night and honestly??? I almost passed out I want him so bad. Like 😩😍
Ah yes Jeffery Dean Morgan is gonna be on the next season of the good wife 👅👅👅. I hope he doesn't get killed this time.
yall couldn't have worked a scene in where Jeffery Dean Morgan had to take his shirt off?
Jeffery Dean Morgan is on the Good Wife and what a delight because he's a total babe 😍 Hoping he sticks around!
Jeffery Dean Morgan and Javier Bardem are not the same person but I cannot see a difference plz help
Gosh I already can't wait for Juliana Margulies & Jeffery Dean Morgan to do "it"! Gonna be HAWT!
Jeffery dean morgan idris elba n chris evans in the losers Nice
Just finished Season 2 of in a pool of tears!! *** you Jeffery Dean Morgan!!
oh yes...Jeffery Dean Morgan on this show! Then we'll see him on Extant! Right!?
Oh Jeffery Dean Morgan. Yes. Alicia should've hired you first.
It's so very nice to have growly Jeffery Dean Morgan back on my TV
I stopped watching last year and decided to DVR & ❤️ scene with Jeffery "smoking hot" Dean Morgan.
❤️ Jeffery Dean Morgan on ...just gave me a reason to watch
So Jeffery Dean Morgan is officially on and all I can say is that I agree with Grace. "I want him."
Can Jeffery Dean Morgan speak this entire episode/tv season? It does things to me.
Jeffery Dean Morgan and Javier Bardem are the same people
I know, and that was under heavy makeup. This isn't like a Jeffery Dean Morgan and Javier Bardem situation.
not unless the flashbacks with John actually have Jeffery Dean Morgan in them.
YO John Winchester is in Greys Anatomy 😍 I freaking love Jeffery Dean Morgan, okay (Vine by
Jeffery Dean Morgan is blowing my mind in his performance on Grey's Anatomy. So *** good. I can't get over this. Perfect 🙌🏻
Jeffery Dean Morgan lights up my TV screen. He's just a great actor. Idk how he does it.
I wanted Jeffery Dean Morgan but this guy is a good choice too
I wanted Jeffery Dean Morgan but he is a good choice too
friend of your show Jeffery Dean Morgan is awesome in Texas Riding
Jeffery Dean Morgan, why must you keep dying? I can't deal.
daily reminder to add Jeffery Dean Morgan to we need a Winchester family reunion
Hey there, I'd love it if y'all would add and Jeffery Dean Morgan to for the 10th anniversary!!
If you have the first episodes; the ones with Jeffery Dean Morgan as Pa Winchester or may be the episode w/ L.Frank Baum
Sure let's watch that one episode of Grey's Anatomy where Jeffery Dean Morgan and Kyle Chandler argue about death. Yes. Happy birthday to me
We still need Jeffery Dean Morgan and at
would be interesting again if Jeffery Dean Morgan returned as Sam & Dean's dad. via
remember to add Jeffery Dean Morgan and to and I'll consider it.
Jeffery Dean Morgan wants to come back to Supernatural for a 3 episode arc with Jensen directing him. Omg.
Yes, I could like to see Jeffery Dean Morgan come back to supernatural. As John Winchester by all means yes
Jeffery Dean Morgan would love to return to
Daily reminder to add Jeffery Dean Morgan and to please.
Just watched and I enjoyed it. Plus, anything with Jeffery Dean Morgan is an automatic 👍🏼👍🏼.
I'm impressed with the performances of Oliver Martinez as Santa Anna and Jeffery Dean Morgan as Deaf Smith in
Daily reminder to bring Jeffery Dean Morgan and to please 10th anniversary of the pilot on J2sDay!
I've always disliked Marilyn Monroe, but I'm watching her lifetime because of Jeffery dean Morgan.
Jeffery Dean Morgan looks real good as Joe DiMaggio
randomly turn on and hello Jeffery Dean Morgan and !
Jeffery Dean Morgan has the loveliest voice in the whole world
Jeffery Dean Morgan is husband goals as in my husband better look, talk, and act like him. He's everything I want.
Every time I see Jeffery Dean Morgan on a movie or a show besides Grey's Anatomy I automatically call him Denny.. 😓
I would love for and Jeffery Dean Morgan to be at this year. 10th anniversary! We need to go big!
I smile every time I think of Jeffery Dean Morgan. ……Then I cry bc I think of Eddie Blake.
Jeffery Dean Morgan talks about and introducing him to Hilarie Burton
I've always had a soft spot for Jeffery Dean Morgan...he won me over playing John Winchester in Supernatural.
Jeffery Dean Morgan is so underrated. o la la
Jeffery Dean Morgan is on my tv right now! Movie Losers There is just something about him.
Only watching The Losers bc it has Jeffery Dean Morgan, the abusive, *** dad of supernatural
That time I met the amazing Jeffery Dean Morgan
Omfg, Jeffery Dean Morgan is hot as *** but i've loved Robert since the 80's, Mmmm!
Jeffery Dean Morgan is such a talented actor
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Me and Jeffery Dean Morgan he gives the best hugs 😊
jeffery dean morgan is already in BvS
"jeffery dean morgan forgot who adam was. jE SUS
I love hugs too :) just got one off Jeffery Dean Morgan today. He was also lovely 😍
and Jeffery Dean Morgan panel Very funny. Loved it 😊
Made it into the Jeffery Dean Morgan panel! 🐾
Loved my hug with Jeffery Dean Morgan! He's so handsome!
I've said sorry to Jeffery Dean Morgan 3 times today. I'm sorry I keep bumping in to you man.
Walked passed and saw Jeffery dean Morgan
When can we get a first look at David Morrissey on set we have all seen Jeffery Dean Morgan
I keep seeing posts and forget literally EVERYONE is there.. Like even Jeffery Dean Morgan 😩 can we not
|| If it's Jeffery Dean Morgan, Ciara. I'll break your neck.
Always said Josh Holloway would be a good Moon Knight, but now I'm thinking Jeffery Dean Morgan would be perfect.
yes, but does Jeffery Dean Morgan look hot? That's what's really important.
Happy 61st Birthday to John Winchester, Dad to Dean, Sammy & Adam & Happy 49th to Jeffery Dean Morgan who played older John
One thing that Supernatural fans have asked for since the season two finale was for John Winchester to return, and that could finally happen. Jeffery Dean Morgan, who plays the character on the CW show, has previously stated that he would love to make a return. The problem for the writers is that th…
Love the movie Peace and Love misunderstanding, Jane Fonda, Jeffery Dean Morgan
Still amazed my randomly running in Jeffery Dean Morgan aka John Winchester warranted no reaction from my
Jeffery Dean Morgan was the only reason I started watching Grey's Anatomy bc I loved him so much as John Winchester.
Jeffery Dean Morgan is my first choice. With Gerard Butler and Sean Bean tied for 2nd.
Jeffery Dean Morgan is in this movie 😱😍
How does one not love Jeffery Dean Morgan?
Hilary Swank had and Jeffery Dean Morgan in love with her in PS, I Love You, that girl is my idol 😜👌😊
Meh... for me I'd have gone with: Thing - Jeffery Dean Morgan, Sue - I was happy with Alba in the orignal, Johnny - Garrett Hedlund, Ried - Matthew Goode. It's not a bad cast, but it's not Fantastic (see what I did there)
Red Dawn was an alright movie. I really only watched because Jeffery Dean Morgan
What is the point in casting Jeffery Dean Morgan in anything like all it does is give away the plot: he dies.
If Hilarie Burton and Jeffery Dean Morgan ever break up I got dibs, got it?
Jeffery Dean Morgan looked so friggin hipster in . With the beanie and the glasses and outfit👌
watching supernatural!!! this one has John Winchester aka Jeffery dean morgan in it! i wish they wud bring him bk in the episodes!
No she plays Jeffery Dean Morgan's wife I think. It's all sketchy, the films been off and on since 2004.
Jeffery Dean Morgan is a hot piece of pie.
I finally watched something Jeffery Dean Morgan stars in that he didn't die in.
Does Jeffery Dean Morgan live in any show? He's the dead husband/father in Weeds too! Poor guy.
Today's featured cast member is Jeffery Dean Morgan! Lets give some love to Daddy Winchester!
PS ILY appeals to be because of Jeffery Dean Morgan.AND Gina G is my girl crush.If I may crash this convo lol
If Jeffery Dean Morgan and Javier Bardem told me they were brothers I'd totes believe them.
I may or may not be watching The Possession solely because of Jeffery Dean Morgan.
I have however just spotted Jeffery Dean Morgan is one of the main characters. 💗
Jeffery Dean are freaking me out stalking Hillary Swank.
My dad keeps confusing Javier Bardem with Jeffery Dean Morgan. Like for instance... When we were watching an episode of Supernatural he goes "Hey look its Javier Bardem."(Dean and Sam Winchesters father/Jeffery) and I respond in telling him "No it's not." Then afterwards he's still trying to prove to me its Javier Bardem. He's all "yeah look it's the guy from Skyfall." "No, just looks like him." "Look." He says as the credits role up eagerly hoping for the name Javier Bardem to appear. In which it didn't.
Watchmen is such an underrated movie!! Jackie Earl Haley's 'Rorschach' is one of the best supporting performances ever! On a par with Heath Ledger's Joker IMO!! And Jeffery Dean Morgan as the 'Comedian' is so sick too!! Love it!
'morning friends, and family looks like it's shaping up to be another beautiful day here in the sierra's, it'sabout9:35am the sun is shining really bright this morning, right now, it is a little cloudy, but the high today in carson city is going to be around 47o I'm watching one of my favorite movies, P.S. I love you, It is one of the funniest, sadest most romantic comedies I've ever seen! plus it has a great cast ! like Hillary Swank,kathy bates,Lisa kudrow, Gerard Butler, jeffery dean morgan, harry conic jr., Gina Gershon and a great supporting cast you might recognize! anyway I love to watch it. I didn't expect to be watching it again this morning, but I set my reminder on my cable, and I dozed off in my recliner again instead of going to bed so when I saw the reminder, I just pushed the button and started watching the movie again, I've watched it many times, but I like watching movies I enjoy over and over! so if you haven't seen it, rent it, buy it, let me know if you liked it ok? LOL
This morning my wife confused me for Jeffery Dean Morgan. :-D
season 5 is the best!!! im sure you loved Jeffery Dean Morgan in it tho (;
How am I just now finding out that Jeffery Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton are not only a couple, but they have a kid together?!?
Don't tell me that Javier Bardem and Jeffery Dean Morgan don't look alike!
Seriously, episode ten will make or break it for you. Plus, Jeffery Dean Morgan is the man.
How many shows is Jeffery Dean Morgan a dead dad in
My wine-tour guide looks like Jeffery Dean Morgan.
I secretly want to marry an older man like Gerard Butler or Jeffery Dean Morgan. 😱
Jeffery Dean Morgan could model for every LLBean catalog for the rest of his life if he wanted too
*** Jeffery Dean Morgan is so Freakin hot! I cant get enough :0)
Yeah I trust them too. I like that they're going older. The only rumor I KINDA like is Jeffery Dean Morgan. Maybe.
Jeffery dean morgan and Javier Bardem, I find it hard to tell em apart...
Jeffery Dean Morgan is so freaking sexy! He is on today.. dark hair, brown eyes and that Oh my good golly gosh!!
"Jeffery Dean Morgan got it goin on for a 60 year old!"-my sister
Zack Snyder is considering Jeffery Dean Morgan (The Comedian in Watchmen) for the role of Batman. I'm okay with this.
Jeffery Dean Morgan, Orlando Bloom, and Scott Adkins new rumors for role.
anybody who got to kiss Jeffery Dean Morgan is lucky in my eyes...
I always forget Jeffery Dean Morgan is in Watchmen and wow he is an ***
Well it beats Jeffery Dean Morgan who is too scruffy for it even if he scrubs up
Gosling, some of the Teen Wolf cast and one of the *** ones is Jeffery Dean Morgan who is latest one in the bag. I cant see
Wishing Jeffery Dean Morgan and Danny Huston much success. Come on ABC pick them up and create a new show.
I'd do terrible things just to spend a day with Jeffery Dean Morgan... Or Jensen Ackles. Or both... At the same time... 😏
Jeffery Dean Morgan is on my tv why hello
I actually approve of Jeffery Dean Morgan as the new Batman.
Jeffery Dean Morgan is so *** good, but he has become the Sean Bean of TV.. Screen time, screen time, dead
I could see Aaron Paul as Ghost Rider, JGL or Jeffery Dean Morgan as Strange... Jason Stathem as Black Bolt?
So I've started watching Supernatural. 2 episodes in. I can't believe how many actors had bit roles on this show. Saw the kid from Glee die. Saw what was supposed to be the new Wonder Woman die. Greer from Stargate Universe is Sam's best friend. Also their dad is creaking Jeffery Dean Morgan. Too awesome seeing actors before they made it big on any older show ~Ryan
So fellow nerds.if they ever get around to doing a movie based on Spider-Man: Kraven's Last Hunt, who do you think would make a better Kraven: the guy that played Khal Drogo or Jeffery Dean Morgan?
Crazy that Megan Reynolds, Jenny Rayne Wilson and I have met Hilarie Burton who has a baby with Jeffery Dean Morgan (John Winchester of Supernatural and Denny on Greys Anatomy) and now she's on Greys Anatomy as well! Hilarie was amazing and came around through the line of fans to meet and great instead of making us wait in line to get to her!
Listening to Church of Lazlo talking about how Natalie Portman and Keira Knightley look exactly alike and how they play the same roles. Um, Queen Amidala, anyone? THEY WERE THE SAME PERSON FOR A WHOLE MOVIE. Also; of course Javier Bardem and Jeffery Dean Morgan are number one on the look-a-like list...they're the same face.
or Jeffery Dean Morgan is to Javier Bardem as Tom Hardy is to Logan Marshall-Green.
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