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Jefferson Memorial

The Thomas Jefferson Memorial is a presidential memorial in Washington, D.C.

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Be intellectually consistent then and demand we close the Jefferson Memorial.
Help out! Give to March For Moms at Jefferson Memorial D.C. Raise funds on
Trying out US President Thomas Jefferson's original vanilla ice cream recipe by the Memorial…
Does L.A. actually mean Louisiana? I think there was a defense of a Jefferson Davis memorial in N.O…
While visiting Washington DC , have you ever visited this memorial? …
First day with Jefferson Fellowship whanau. The Arizona memorial. Left where she went down during Pearl Harbour att…
Let's go tear down the GW & Jefferson memorial. Vietnam war also why your AT it.
At the rate we're going, the Washington Monument and the Jefferson Memorial is gonna come down because they owned slaves
NEW ORLEANS LIVE STREAM at JEFFERSON DAVIS MEMORIAL. . Thousands of protesters, and communists at the memorial.
The Jefferson Memorial seems like a good place to catch up on some paperwork, huh Mr. Stromberg?
Hiking the red trail at Horine Nature Preserve Jefferson Memorial Forest @ Jefferson Memorial…
The from the wrong side of the Tidal Basin.
Families need more support, not less. Join us at the Jefferson Memorial on Mother's Day from 1-4pm!
the Lincoln Memorial is as much a racist symbol as any statue of Jefferson Davis or Robert E Lee in the highest of keys. . But, yanno. Cook.
"Truth be told, the Confederate memorial I most want to see removed is Jefferson Beauregard Sessions." LOL
Let's get rid of the Washington Monument, the Jefferson Memorial and Mt. Rushmore. Washington and J…
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Hanging out at the Jefferson Memorial with my friends!!
regarding the Jefferson Memorial, they should use D/2, a bio-solution used at Arlington Natl Cemetery
Jefferson HS is looking good for the Inaugural Lisa Coole Memorial Classic!
Black Confederacy Supporters Protect Jefferson Davis Monument in New Orleans from Antifa Terrorists on patrol
Show up on Mother's Day to the Jefferson Memorial- is holding a march for mothers! I'm on call so will be unavaila…
Can't believe those losers at the Jefferson Memorial not watching the game. Ain't no yinzers in pgh missing this one!
Anything to make lil man happy! @ Gateway Arch, Jefferson National Expansion Memorial
Riverside officers attend the Missouri LE Memorial Service this morning in Jefferson City with family members of LD…
It looks like it's going kick off this Sunday at the Jefferson Davis memorial in New Orleans. Stay tuned for more details…
I have friends there right now. 🇺🇸 Scary! Antifa tried to drag Black Rebel out of his truck bed @ the Jefferson…
Four names will be added to the Law Enforcement Memorial Wall in Jefferson City tomorrow. My story.
Last stop, the Jefferson Memorial. showing no signs of fatigue... KIDDING.
Sessions isn't fit to lick Jefferson's boots. He should not be allowed within 100 yds of the Jefferson Memorial!
Check out this Jefferson Memorial photograph on
Happy International Midwives Day! and see you at the on May 14 in Jefferson Memorial,…
Just visited the FDR and Jefferson Memorial. That needs to be his first stops
Had a great day taking pictures at National Harbor and the Jefferson memorial.
Jefferson Memorial . May 2012 . "In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters...
For I am posting a picture of the Jefferson Memorial I took in fall of 2015!
Ground broken for memorial in Jefferson Barracks Park .
Carved in big letters in Jefferson Memorial: Constitution must reflect the times...the times are beyond wha…
Jefferson Memorial on the Tidal Basin at night.
KSDK Local News: Ground broken for memorial in...
Just take a zipline to the Thomas Jefferson Memorial and we can have a meeting of the minds
3) Thomas Jefferson has a baby with a slave, cheats on his wife, and has a memor…
10: Temporary bike lane at Jefferson Memorial has meant no unsafe interactions with cars and peds.…
Another busy day in DC visiting the FDR Memorial, Jefferson Memorial and the MLK Jr. Memorial
My view from Thomas Jefferson Memorial moments before it started to pour down rain
Nah it's near the Jefferson Memorial I think
Mrs. Osborne from AOA at the Jefferson memorial
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Leaving a vacation in DC where I saw what this country can do in the FDR, MLK, Jefferson and Lincoln Memorial. Made me weep
"Perhaps this time you could scoot on over to the Blair House? And reason with me. Just take a zip line down to the Jefferson memorial"
Being tourist, in our own city today. 🎒🕶📹@ Jefferson Memorial
Reaching for the last of the cherry blossoms @ Thomas Jefferson Memorial
Captured the most beautiful Saturday at the Jefferson memorial with my Snapchat
.competed against other military branches in a display of skills, April 08, 2017, at the Jefferson…
Lovely shot of the Washington Monument and Jefferson Memorial 😍
Signature Day Tour with Dwayne and Edgar on bus 200. Today's group photo was taken at the Jefferson Memorial...
I 'm honored to join the Gold Star families in Jefferson Barracks Park as we break ground on the Fallen Heroes Memo…
Have you ever visited this memorial in Washington DC?
Taking a Zipline down to the Jefferson Memorial. GORKA
3 tornadoes confirmed. LOOK how close this tornado was to White House, Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln…
Fox 2 News: Groundbreaking for new memorial at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery
Not bad for a iPhone 7 Plus. Photo by Michael Lopez @ Jefferson Memorial
Taking a group of police officers from Jordan around town today @ Jefferson Memorial
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"Thomas Jefferson His Words AND Vision" Read the words inscribed on four panels on the walls of the Jefferson Memorial...
Reflecting on the wise words of luminary Thomas Jefferson at the Jefferson Memorial and enjoying the spectacular vi…
Join us at the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, DC. Saturday September 3rd. 8 am to 11 am.
Great idea to have a live tour of an historic site (in this case, the Jefferson Memorial in D.C.) I learned so much!
View from the top of the Gateway Arch, St. Louis. Expansion of the Jefferson Memorial grounds below.
"Its not a mission...My mission is to help a man named Tom with constructing a Purifier like in the Jefferson Memorial but in the-
put up Boulders and Movie Theater Aisle lights on the ground. And sits on the Water by the Jefferson Memorial
TIL people were arrested for dancing at the Jefferson Memorial
s Adam Kokesh & others brutally arrested for dancing at Jefferson Memorial a taste of Trump, you think!?
Man body slammed, choked, & arrested at Jefferson Memorial by for dancing
Senior prom with my beautiful friends 💘 @ Jefferson Memorial
bus8nation admiring the fine "snarley" Ponderosa pine twins next to the Jefferson Memorial:-)
Some highlights from this weekends amazing races! @ Jefferson Memorial Stadium
WOW!This guy was body slammed and choked by the police for dancing at the Jefferson Memorial?Is this really the land
did you file a lawsuit for that wrongful arrest in the Jefferson memorial because of dancing?
Looking at the Washington Monument from the Jefferson Memorial.
Active duty military moms proudly breastfed in uniform at the Jefferson Memorial
I just watched a video of 30 people getting arrested for Dancing at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial. Liberty does not exist any more..
grandparents are at Jefferson Barracks Memorial here. I'd really like to visit Arlington and DC in general some day.
Pretty view but an even prettier girl @ Jefferson Memorial
to the Jefferson Memorial yesterday. It's the first time I'd ever been there, e…
is this guy going to beat some peaceful kids like the park cops at the Jefferson Memorial
i got no response to the cops beating peaceful protesters at the Jefferson Memorial seemed like someone should be fired. mm
Apparently he wasn't trained the same way as the park police at the Jefferson Memorial...
.running into the sun but I'm running behind .9:13am @ Jefferson Davis Memorial Historic…
Jefferson County to remember fallen officers at A memorial…
Jefferson County to remember fallen police officers at memorial service
Active duty military moms breastfeed in uniform at the Jefferson Memorial
Proof that support for breast-feeding has become a growing focus for women’s rights activists the world over:
A VIEW OF AMERICA: WASHINGTON, D.C. The Tidal Basin overlooking the Jefferson Memorial. Flying above it is the...
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One of my favorite churches in the city. The architect also designed the Jefferson Memorial and…
True Nordic leaders would row up the Potomac and beach longboats at Jefferson Memorial then march on the White House
The next things on agenda will be removal of Washington Monument & Jefferson Memorial erected to racists & re-painting the WH-ugh!
They r going to take Thomas Jefferson off the 20.00 bill. What's next r they going to get isis to blow up the Jefferson Memorial.
Standing on the steps of the Jefferson Memorial looking at the Tidal Basin.
"America the Beautiful" live at Jefferson Memorial with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.
Students reflect on Thomas Jefferson's beliefs at Jefferson Memorial
Quotations on the Jefferson Memorial - Thomas Jefferson's Monticello via
2- the gift of God? Thomas Jefferson as written inside the Jefferson Memorial. Northwest side of the building.
8th graders had a busy day! Mount Vernon, Holocaust Museum, Jefferson Memorial, and still going!
Me takes a selfie infront of the Jefferson memorial: meet me at project purity in 10 mins if u want an *** whoopin
Had a BLAST 󾟭 in DC with my amazing friends yesterday!!! . ✅Jefferson Memorial. ✅Arlington. ✅change of guards (so...
Thomas Jefferson raped his 14 year old slave but America put him on the $2 & gave him a memorial
The Thomas Jefferson Memorial has more (Unofficial) Stars than Celebrate the Magic !?! . /cc
Michael Douglas shares: "My father standing on top of the columns of the Jefferson Memorial."
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in 1938 ground was broken for the Jefferson Memorial. Learn more
Beautiful morning here at the Jefferson Memorial as clouds clear up and temps are at 60F.
And the view from Jefferson Memorial. Set in stone eternally staring at another dude's ***
that's exactly what the intent was. Look at this Thomas Jefferson quote on the memorial in DC.
Wifey: You have been posting a lot of photos from Jefferson memorial recently. Me: It's okay…
View of the Washington Monument from the Jefferson Memorial
Written on the Jefferson Memorial: "God who gave us life gave us liberty. Can the liberties of a nation be secure...
1938– Groundbreaking ceremony for the Jefferson Memorial took place in Washington, DC
Visiting the U.S. Air Force Memorial with the Washington Monument, Arlington Cemetery, Lincoln & Jefferson Memorial & Pentagon all in view.
At the Jefferson Memorial for the 2013 National Cherry Blossom Festival. For moves:
Jefferson Memorial at St Louis framed by Gateway Arch. Misleading image from this distance as the…
State Senator Tony Hwang visits Wash DC - Jefferson Memorial - A Great American that contributed to the founding...
Checking out the Jefferson Memorial. At you're just a train ride away from
Sweaty selfie at the Jefferson Memorial during a run on the National Mall 👌
Spotted other JDRF delegates at the hotel and on the Mall during our trek to the Jefferson Memorial
Should the Jefferson Memorial be removed because the prez for whom this memorial is named happened to own slaves?
CNN's Don Lemon: "rethink" the Jefferson Memorial for former president and author of Declaration of Independence http:…
quote of Thomas Jefferson in the Jefferson Memorial.
I've seen this quote from Thomas Jefferson passed around a lot today. (Carved into the Jefferson Memorial)
Previous quote by Thomas Jefferson was from the wall of the Jefferson Memorial in Washington DC.
The Thomas Jefferson Memorial will stay up ! CNN don't even touch the Jefferson Memorial it belongs to the people of liberty
Today 1 body was pulled from Potomac by Kennedy Center, and 1 body from Tidal Basin by Jefferson Memorial.
Today the Confederate Flag, tomorrow the $20 bill, next week the Jefferson Memorial, next month the American flag. The…
We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal. Jefferson Memorial.
Being arrested for murdering 9 people vs being arrested for dancing at the Jefferson Memorial
The Gs with the Jefferson Memorial in the background.
GCHS Senior QB Dominique Jefferson left this at memorial for Sharonda Singleton.
Martin Luther King Jr.'s steely gaze at the Jefferson Memorial is haunting.
Dr. MLK Jr Memorial, FDR Memorial, Jefferson Memorial and an amazing storm! @ National…
Suspects identified in vandalism case at Oak Grove Memorial Park: The Jefferson County Sheriff's office says it has…
when it rained at the Jefferson Memorial yesterday
The Jefferson Memorial at the Roadshow. lego shopmayfairmall @ Mayfair Mall
Be back for good in a month @ Gateway Arch, Jefferson National Expansion Memorial
Lovely Engagement Session at the Jefferson Memorial. We can't wait for their bid day!.
The sound of chamber music will fill Jefferson Memorial Park Thursday at 7pm. The Grant Park Music Festival's...
Jefferson Memorial with these lovely ladies!
Washington DC- Jefferson Memorial: Taken during the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC in ...
Pretty sure I'm about to see a couple bang on the steps of the Jefferson Memorial. Just going at it out here.
Made it to the Jefferson Memorial on today's running tour of Washington D.C. @ Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson on religious liberty - on the Jefferson Memorial.
A 5-star hotel with Asian elegance & inspired by the Jefferson Memorial designer
Ending the day with this gorgeous pic of cherry blossoms next to the Jefferson Memorial in by Andrew Geraci
Turn the lights on later.the Jefferson Memorial stops decaying??? The power of and ...
Classic jumping photo located at the Jefferson Memorial
Spring is coming! Marble of the Jefferson Memorial is cold though! Break after a long walk from Arlington.
Running 5k by the Jefferson Memorial, pond is completely frozen.
Feelings after walking 3 miles to find caution tape surrounding the Thomas Jefferson Memorial
Just the guy who wrote the Declaration of Independence. Nbd. @ Thoma Jefferson Memorial Washington DC…
For today's annual 11th Annual Fallen Officer Memorial 5K: All side streets blocked from Washington to Jefferson & 7th Ave to 17th Ave
YOU GUYS! Wedding photo of us dancing our first dance to violinist at the Jefferson Memorial! http:…
Eagles drop doubleheader to Lincoln Memorial with two one-run losses: JEFFERSON CITY, Tenn. – The… |
At the Jefferson Memorial in DC and the Presidential helicopter "motorcade" flew overhead to the White House. Pretty cool to witness.
Adam Bleck and Alex Stockman at the Jefferson Memorial in DC
Adam Bleck and Alex Stockman of Grand Blanc at the Jefferson Memorial in DC
Jefferson Memorial - still no power, interior still closed. Awesome.
Goggle Jefferson Maual ,hav to file a memorial to impeachment in front HOUSE JUDICIARY COMMITEE
@ seanoonann: Last night at Jefferson memorial
I can't drive past the Jefferson memorial without envisioning it as containing Scholtz from zybourne clock
Dutch group seeking photos for memorial, including soldier from Jefferson County
Cherry blossoms and Jefferson Memorial at dawn, Washington DC, USA. © Brian Jannsen Photography
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Pretty view of the Jefferson Memorial today...
All I heard leaving the Jefferson memorial was the sound of screaming from another group slipping all over the place.😂
Thomas Jefferson Memorial at Night, Washington DC. Night is the very best time to visit this gorgeous monument.
Washington and Jefferson's Ross Memorial selected at fifth of eight regional sits in 2015.
What is the weirdest thing you've heard somebody say? — "no Lincoln's body isn't in the Jefferson memorial"
All I wanna do is hit a jay at the Jefferson memorial.
Washington Monument and Jefferson Memorial picture doesn't do it justice, but so pretty at night and…
Had a great day visiting the Smithsonian, Holocaust Museum, and the Jefferson Memorial with my…
After WWII, this plaster statue inside the Jefferson Memorial was replaced with one of bronze. …
On top of the mountains where everything makes sense 👣🗻💙 @ Jefferson Memorial Forest
And that they put the Jefferson Memorial next to the Capitol. *snort*
The 19-foot bronze statue of Thomas Jefferson inside the Jefferson Memorial. Note the coffered…
Heading up the steps of the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C.
View of the Washington Monument from across the Tidal Basin near the Jefferson Memorial.…
Another view of the Jefferson Memorial, seen from across the Tidal Basin.   10% Off
I'm old enough to remember when they arrested kids for dancing at the Jefferson Memorial.
Apparently you can get arrested for hugging your girlfriend at the Jefferson Memorial, and dancing.
After the ceremony, the newlyweds and their bridal party headed to The Jefferson Memorial for portraits!
Funeral for Missouri Auditor Tom Schweich set for Tuesday: JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) - A memorial service for M...
City Sights DC on Jefferson Memorial from across the Tidal Basin.
City Sights DC on The Jefferson Memorial, Washington Monument, and lots of ducks.
Connecting with the community through service - cleans up the Jefferson Memorial
'You can go your own way...' @ Thomas Jefferson Memorial Washington D.C.
There's 5 guys at the Jefferson Memorial? My column.
.Ofc Celena Hollis died breaking up a fight at City Park. This is what protestors did to her memorial.
Jefferson memorial is the coldest rn!
A quote found at the Jefferson Memorial...
Gorgeous shot from the Jefferson memorial tonight...and within 10 minutes we were engulfed in snow and…
Favorite quote from the Jefferson memorial
View from under Key bridge in with the Jefferson memorial beautifully illuminated by the rising…
fail. Shows Jefferson Memorial for the VCU george washington game.
"Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever" -(Jefferson memorial)
On my way to - beautiful sunrise over the Jefferson Memorial
Just saw someone get proposed to at the Jefferson Memorial... Setting the bae high for
Beautiful sunrise shot I captured of the Jefferson Memorial a few weekends ago
It's the Washingtons monument the obelisk and Thomas Jefferson Memorial
I used to go to the Jefferson Memorial
2002 $3.85 two Jefferson Memorial first day covers FDC
What the *** is this ARRESTED - ILLEGAL TO DANCE at JEFFERSON Memorial Adam Vs The Man. May 28 2011
The Washington Memorial was hit by hit by earthquake 2011, Jefferson Memorial too Wake up calls
It's going to be 52 degrees and sunny this Saturday! Join me, Tango and my bootcampers for a free group hike at Jefferson Memorial Forest!
It takes 2 hours, but that includes 30 minutes at the Jefferson Memorial.
'Twas cold... MT Great shot after our teambuilding & hike today at Jefferson Memorial!
Great shot after our teambuilding & hike today! Thanks to for hosting us at Jefferson Memorial!
American History’s Invisible Innovator - “There is an elegant memorial in Washington to Jefferson...
From Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello in Virginia to Pennsylvania’s Gettysburg, an ambitious memorial is slowly...
How absolutely beautiful does the Thomas Jefferson Memorial look?
It was powerful reading this at the Jefferson Memorial tonight. @ Jefferson Memorial
Reserve tickets for the performance at the Shepherdstown Community Club Warm Memorial Center at
Us and The Jefferson Memorial from a distance 💕 @ Washington D.C.
After a robust debate on the size and scope of government students take in the Jefferson memorial
The official name of the St. Louis Gateway Arch is "The Jefferson National Expansion Memorial."
Walk with me on June 13, 2015 in Washington, DC Jefferson Memorial.
Marion Barry, Robin Ficker, Jefferson Memorial, your boys took a *** of a beating today!
Mr Jefferson would be pleased with such a pretty winter scene... @ Jefferson Memorial
We were picked up from Union Station by our tour guide Brian with Bi-Partisan Tour Company. We had a five hour private tour that was so awesome. He told great stories and we saw so much. He took picture of us at each stop. I can't wait to see them. We stopped at the US Capitol, Ford's Theater, US Treasury, White House, Air Force Memorial. Marine Memorial, FDR Memorial. Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, WWI Memorial, Korean War Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, Martin Luther King Memorial and Einstein Statue. Claire asked so many questions that I said I hope you are not charging by the question.
Last 4 of the day included the White House, Vietman, WWII, and Jefferson Memorial. Also walked thru Holocaust Museum.
Beautiful view of the Jefferson memorial while riding bikes through DC with my dad today 💙❄️
Great day so far.St. Louis is an amazing city! @ Gateway Arch, Jefferson National Expansion Memorial
The Thomas Jefferson Memorial - one of our guests’ favorite sites to explore on tour.
New artwork for sale! - "Columns of The Thomas Jefferson Memorial" -
I checked in at Jefferson Memorial on
The Washington Monument & Jefferson Memorial on a sunny day. @ Tidal Basin
A fox (Vulpes vulpes) at the Jefferson Memorial in Washington DC.
View of the Jefferson Memorial from the top of the Washington Monument
I'm siting out here on the Jefferson Memorial, taking in this really nice view on such a comfortable night.
Jefferson Park Memorial Park is in need of elves on Dec7
Lovely sunset views of the Jefferson Memorial as POTUS returned from a round of Sunday golf
Sharing this adorable shot from a Jefferson Memorial Engagement Session!.
Jefferson memorial made with tree branches, nuts and leaves at the National Botanical Garden in
But seriously who wants to hike today? Thinking about hitting up Jefferson Memorial Forest
Invoking civil rights-era pilgrimages, 120-mile March from Michael Brown memorial in to Jefferson, Mo.
The Jefferson Memorial as viewed from across the tidal pool in our nation's capital in Washington DC.
Livin large and in charge ✌️ @ Gateway Arch, Jefferson National Expansion Memorial
NAACP March from to Jefferson City beginning at memorial …
Jefferson leads Memorial 30-25 with 5:43 left in the third quarter. Kennedy defeated Fox Tech for third place.
Giving our props to Jefferson while enjoying the Tidal Basin view. @ Jefferson Memorial
I just fed a squirrel at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial
A day in the life of Jefferson Memorial, Washington DC. Watercolour, 50x35 cm Arches Rough 300 gsm
Beautiful day for the walk in the woods @ Jefferson Memorial Forest
Performing by the Jefferson Memorial for the Walk for the Homeless 6 years ago.
Black out next week at Jefferson Memorial Stadium! We need everyone's support next week for the big game!
Lincoln's stove pipe hat and the Jefferson Memorial - nice production work, Monumental.
Free guided hike in Jefferson Memorial Forest this Saturday 11/22 9a.m. 4 miles You can do it! Meet in field Blev…
The kickoff by Dodge County means we're underway here at Jefferson Memorial Stadium
Just about 20 minutes away from kickoff here at Memorial Stadium in Jefferson for Dragons vs. Dodge Co. in AAA 2nd rd
we're bringing Destroyed Landmark back to the Jefferson Memorial.
See you later DC. Uber to the airport! @ Jefferson Memorial
Today in History - Nov. 15 1777 - The Continental Congress approved the Articles of Confederation, precursor to the U.S. Constitution. 1806 - Explorer Zebulon Pike spotted the mountaintop that became known as Pikes Peak. 1867 - the first stock ticker was unveiled in New York City. 1889 - Brazil's monarchy was overthrown. 1901 - Miller Reese patented an electrical hearing aid. 1902 - Anarchist Gennaro Rubin failed in his attempt to murder King Leopold II of Belgium. 1920 - The League of Nations met for the first time in Geneva, Switzerland. 1926 - The National Broadcasting Co. (NBC) debuted with a radio network of 24 stations. The first network radio broadcast was a four-hour "spectacular." 1939 - U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt laid the cornerstone of the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, DC. 1940 - The first 75,000 men were called to Armed Forces duty under peacetime conscription. 1965 - The Soviet probe, Venera 3, was launched from Baikonur, Kazakhstan. On March 1, 1966, it became the first unmanned s ...
A special Veteran's Day tribute from Jefferson Memorial Funeral Home and Gardens:. For Veteran's Day we look...
Im a *** so i was trying to get to rivet city, read something how i had to go to the jefferson memorial, had to go to the metal bui ...
I stand corrected. She just blew down the Jefferson Memorial in A-flat!!! Holy moly.
Last nights sunset was pure perfection. @ Jefferson Memorial
It’s family movie night at Jefferson Memorial Park! Come out and watch the Blues Brothers at 7pm htt…
New artwork for sale! - "Thomas Jefferson Memorial at Night " -
The Thomas Jefferson Memorial on a brisk fall night.
Finally got to see the and memorial
Spent a little time by the lake at Jefferson Memorial Forest today. I made some new friends -the ducks!
Happy Sunday from the Fort Jefferson historic site & Memorial Cross of Kentucky! .
I just saw two people of color holding hands and kissing in front of me near Jefferson memorial, that's gross and...
Fall colors continue to glow here in the District, at the Jefferson Memorial and Tidal Basin. Taken on…
Found some wild creatures yesterday at the Jefferson Memorial on a photo walk with the Nat geo…
Found some wild creatures at the Jefferson Memorial. Photo walk with members, Washington, DC p...
"I hope we go to the Jefferson memorial it makes me come.closer to my country!"
At the Jefferson memorial with and (April 13 [O.S. April 2] 1743 – July 4,…
Our Ghost of Honor, Jay Lake, will be honored at 10PM with a memorial in the Jefferson/Adams room.
Jefferson Memorial. Second to last stop for the crew today.
The group just made a stop to see the Jefferson Memorial at night
After Obama was inserted in 2009, the Washington Monument & Jefferson Memorial were damaged by earthquake & lighting. WAKE UP CALL
Dreary day - Potomac River, Jefferson Memorial and the Washington Monument for ya
Jefferson Memorial resembles both Rome's Pantheon and Jefferson's own design for the Rotunda at the University of Va. h…
I just really like this picture of me on the quad @ Jefferson Memorial Forest
The Jefferson Memorial on the Tidal Basin should be demolished and replaced with the Hamilton Memorial.
Check this video out -- Remix - Jefferson Memorial Safety Dance Adam Kokesh Flashmob Police Brut,,, t,co/7Wo4kci
Walking into the Jefferson memorial like...
Thanks for the mentions. You must be in DC - I see a few pix of Jefferson memorial. Dont forget to TIle your camera!
The Herculaneum Fire Department is pleased to announce that we have received a grant from the Jefferson Memorial...
last year it was the Jefferson memorial made of Vienna sausages. I don't really "get" art...
At The Jefferson Memorial enjoying our last day in DC!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸 @ Jefferson Memorial
So grateful for my brother and his adventurous soul 😊🙏💛 @ Jefferson Memorial
Beautiful day at the Tidal Basin and Jefferson Memorial.
Jefferson Memorial (a personal favourite photo from the trip and definitely the best thing I've ever captured)
Yesteday included a sunny bike ride to the zoo in DC and a real wild fox by jefferson memorial. The fox was better than the zoo.
A gorgeous day for the Marine Corps marathon. Loved capturing the aircraft flying over the Jefferson Memorial.
Dave just passed the Jefferson Memorial, about to cross the Potomac
Humbling and moving to see so many veterans running past the Jefferson Memorial as part of the Marine Corps Marathon in DC this morning.
The picture says it all @ Gateway Arch, Jefferson National Expansion Memorial
The Arch is is more impressive up close. @ Gateway Arch, Jefferson National Expansion Memorial
Washington, DC - Jefferson Memorial. I spy and rthompson25 providertrust
Carol sitting alone at the Jefferson Memorial
Carol facing the Washington Monument from the Jefferson Memorial
my mom made my scale replica of the Jefferson Memorial... but I 'redesigned' it
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