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Jefferson Davis

Jefferson Finis Jeff Davis (June 3, 1808 – December 6, 1889) was an American statesman and leader of the Confederacy during the American Civil War, serving as President of the Confederate States of America for its entire history.

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Lady Bird Johnson was delighted by American flag flying behind Jefferson Davis. Go to 1 minute mark.
Lady Bird Johnson was delighted by Jefferson Davis statute and American flag
There is a giant carving of Jefferson Davis, Robert E Lee, and Stonewall Jackson on Stone Mountain outside of Atlanta
I bet Lincoln and Grant are rollin in their graves that these Jefferson Davis and Robert E Lee clones are out and about again.
In 1881, Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate States of America during the American Civil War, wrote:...
In the 19th century, study the Confederacy & Jefferson Davis, states' rights & John Calhoun. Then civil rights history will become clearer.
concept: in a union state, a massive monument dedicated to Jefferson Davis, confederate president... the second tallest obelisk in the world
This Wednesday, June 28, 2017, shows statue of Confederate President Jefferson Davis on Monument Avenue in Richmon…
"who was named after his grandfather, who was named after Jefferson Davis, the president of the Confe…
Hiram Revels was the 1st African American U.S. Senator replacing Jefferson Davis when Miss left the Union |
Hey anyway we can change the name of Jefferson Davis highway? This is not a man who should be honored
Jefferson Davis highway that runs outside of the Marine Corp museum is a parking lot.
Ben Franklin invented Betamax but Jefferson Davis shut it down in the Spanish American War.
I sort of like the idea of the Jefferson Davis highway if it follows the path of him fleeing the Union Army.
It seems like Jefferson Davis has a street/highway/road named after him just about everywhere smh.
Sometimes. I really don't mind being the *** yank" on Jefferson Davis' Highway, though. There is a kind of irony…
Jefferson Davis actually thought the stroke of a pen (and our money) could divide the US in half. Tha…
KY has a state park w/ an obelisk for Jefferson Davis where in the 90's I remember them still selling mammy tchotch…
Robert E. Lee’s last words were “I did a doodie in my diapie”, just before he French kissed Jefferson Davis one last time. Ple…
Is that the Colosseum next to Jefferson Davis house?
Memorial Day was invented in 1868 to commemorate the time that Confederate President Jefferson Davis ate 46 hot dog…
Next all Country songs having to do with dixie or Jefferson Davis. Sorry JOHNNY CASH
Similar to Jefferson Davis trying to evade U.S. troops by wearing his wife's coat and headscarf?
Even Robert E. Lee Wanted the Confederate Flag Gone via According to General Lee and Jefferson Davis!
"Neither current events nor history show that the majority rule, or ever did rule." - Jefferson Davis .
If i had a street sign tbat said "Jefferson Davis blvd" i would replace mlk blvd sign with it.
Jefferson Davis statue removed because it "represents slavery.". Do they care just as much about real slavery still hap…
Always a proud moment was the removal of Jefferson Davis street in Selma Alabama to the J L Chestnut Jr. Blvd! 😍
Taking Down the Statue of Jefferson Davis. Democrats are trying to hide their racist roots. h…
Jefferson Davis statue is gone. Bunch of out of state rejects waving flags representing a defeated anti-American army cried their way home.
Pretext for removal of Jefferson Davis, will surely be used for the removal of Lincoln. Predatory Progressivism turns sl… featured in NBC s Science of Love
Rest in Peace statue of Jefferson Davis... What's next? Bulldoze the White House?
Jefferson Davis' 1889 funeral procession on the 100 block of Royal Street.
This morning we continue our march to reconciliation by removing the Jefferson Davis Confederate statue from its pedesta…
Video of the city of New Orleans removing the Jefferson Davis statue last night.
Protests erupt in New Orleans as crews remove the statue of Confederate President Jefferson Davis. Workers wore bulletproof vests…
The Jefferson Davis monument isn't the only racist relic taken down recently.
When Jefferson Davis statues get removed from public places
A statue of jefferson davis isn't even close to one of the engineer…
The homicide rate in New Orleans is up 70% from last year. Obviously, it will plummet now that a statue of Jefferson Davis is go…
White supremacists complaining that removing Jefferson Davis statue is "erasing American history"... But Davis went to wa…
I'm going to remember this photo of Jefferson Davis' statue being taken down mostly bc it will remind me how long it was…
Funny how the racists protesting to keep a statue of Jefferson Davis up are the same people who tell Clinton voters to…
The statue of Confederate leader Jefferson Davis has been taken down in New Orleans.
New Orleans is the murder capital of the western hemisphere. but at least the Jefferson Davis statue is not offending an…
BREAKING: The monument to Confederate President Jefferson Davis in New Orleans is gone.
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The Take 'Em Down crowd as they await the possible removal of the Jefferson Davis statue.
Jefferson Beauregard Sessions was named for Confederate president Jefferson Beauregard Davis.
You should try to fit that New Orleans Jefferson Davis statue up your fat *** You might be able to do it!
I think it's because hillbillies hate Muslims and love Jefferson Davis, so usin…
Finally, NOLA removes Jefferson Davis monument. He was my fourth great grandfather, who raped my fourth great grandmother,…
Confederate sympathizers protested against the removal of a Jefferson Davis statue – but they didn't go unchallenged.
Last one to do so was Jefferson Davis.
Jefferson Davis disappears as New Orleans removes another tribute to the "lost cause of the Confederacy"
New Orleans took down a statue of Jefferson Davis, though we all got our hopes up when the news said a racist President was…
I'm the guy who bought the Jefferson Davis statue. I'm going to melt it down & use it to build the roof of a mosque. Eat…
Taking down Jefferson Davis is all about his race & sex, a white male. These racists ar…
Taking down the statue of former Confederate President Jefferson Davis began. Those who fail to learn from history are doo…
New Orleans Removes Jefferson Davis Statue New Orleans has dismantled the statue of Jefferson Davis, Confederate president
New Orleans Confederate memorial to Jefferson Davis is removed. (Getty)
It's not "either or" this Jefferson Davis stunt is Anti-white racist ha…
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BREAKING—152 years after the Civil War's end, New Orleans' monument to Jefferson Davis, the president of the Confederacy, is be…
In the wee hours of this morning, a century-old statue of Jefferson Davis came down in New Orleans.
BREAKING: News release: Workers prepare to remove Jefferson Davis statue in New Orleans, 2nd Confederate monument to be removed.
"Jefferson Davis statue pulled out of New Orleans park"
Maybe they took down the monument of Jefferson Davis in New Orleans to bring it to DC as a replacement for Trump when he…
Jefferson Davis disappears as New Orleans removes tribute to 'lost cause of the Confederacy' - Washington Post…
New Orleans just removed a statue of the Confederate President Jefferson Davis. Do you agree with this or not, why?
Crews remove statue of Jefferson Davis from New Orleans under cover of darkness.
A second Confederate monument in New Orleans -- Jefferson Davis -- has officially been taken down. Story:
That New Orleans was able to remove the statue of Jefferson Davis but not the pedestal on which it stood is my new fav…
Nope. They're already going after THOMAS JEFFERSON. Jefferson Davis is baby steps.
Now they're going after THOMAS JEFFERSON'S statue. It starts with Jefferson Davis. Little steps.
NOLA MURDER RATE NOW HIGHER THAN CHICAGO, but watch DEM MAYOR MITCH LANDRIEU distract with Jefferson Davis statue.
I talked with New Orleans' mayor just before the city removed its Jefferson Davis statue: 'We're correcting history'
Anti-white RACISTS demand removal of THOMAS JEFFERSON. It's all about ANTI-WHITE RACIST HATE. Jefferson Davis
Jefferson Davis. “When you start wiping out your history sanitizing your history — to make you feel better, it’s a bad thing,” . Condi Rice
So New Orleans took down a Jefferson Davis statue and everyone is cheering about it, except... theres a whole paris…
Jeffrey, I hate to be the one to tell you this.. Jefferson Davis has been dead for quite a long time.
"Jefferson Davis". Next, the Holocaust Museum, the Washington Monument (W was a slave owner), and renaming the city of 'Jackson' Tennessee.
"Jefferson Davis" monument in NOLA was removed meanwhile, Smithsonian's Nat. Museum of African American History N Culture is still standing
Jefferson Davis statue comes down in New Orleans
A monument glorifies something. Want a Jefferson Davis monument? Build it on YOUR private property, not in the public square.
CNN will probably try to find a Jefferson Davis lookalike to go along with Andrew Jackson lookalike Jeffrey Lord
Final preparations are being made by Mayor Mitch 'the cuck' Landrieu for the removal of Jefferson Davis statue on Canal St…
Jefferson Davis monument about to come down- Canal Street blocked off 2 blocks in both directions- close to 100 cops https…
A no-parking sign across Canal Street from the Jefferson Davis statue.
The Canal Street neutral ground is anything but right now. Jefferson Davis statue expected to come down overnight, and em…
"I'm going to complete the set. This is where I'll put Andrew Jackson, and Jefferson Davis will go o…
Does L.A. actually mean Louisiana? I think there was a defense of a Jefferson Davis memorial in N.O…
the Lincoln Memorial is as much a racist symbol as any statue of Jefferson Davis or Robert E Lee in the highest of keys. . But, yanno. Cook.
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It looks like it's going kick off this Sunday at the Jefferson Davis memorial in New Orleans. Stay tuned for more details…
General Lee, Nathan Bedford Forrest, Stonewall Jackson, Jefferson Davis, I have a great deal of respect for these noble, honorable men.
Liberal mayor started this craziness 5 arrested in protest at Jefferson Davis monument: New Orleans police
A truck loaded with Antifa terrorists pulled up at the Jefferson Davis monument. They attacked defenders of the statute wi…
Abraham Lincoln negotiating with Jefferson Davis, president of the Confederacy, 1864.
Ken Burns Civil War - The Cause watch this to learn about The Civil War. You play Jefferson Davis
Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Covington, Jefferson Davis, and Marion County until 10:45am. Radar:
Jefferson Davis was the early patron of Montgomery Meigs, later Quartermaster General of the Union Army... .
Other monuments slated for removal include the Robert E. Lee statue, the Jefferson Davis, and the P.G.T. Beauregard statue
They told me red velvet is what Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis ate for breakfast that's all I needed to know
Professor Donald Koones will be here this Thursday, March 30th at 2pm to present "Jefferson Davis, the Other President, in the Theatre.
Not a good omen. Jefferson Davis sucked as Confederate president. And Trump's a lot like him.
What if: Lincoln's re-election sabatoged Jefferson Davis, Washington's by King George, FDR by Hitler, Clinton's by Russia &Trump
Brandon is in his way to Jefferson Davis.
Come by to our Jefferson Davis location today for any insurance and tax needs! . 9625 Jefferson Davis Hwy. RVA 23237
in history Nancy Pelosi & Charles Schumer fighting for indebted slavery are the equivalent of Alexander Stephens and Jefferson Davis.
2/14/1862- In the race to secure the pacific, the Arizona Territory is declared a confederate territory by Jefferson Davis
they are the party of Jefferson Davis and Jefferson Sessions now not Abe Lincoln. They don't know anything him.
Jeff Sessions isn't a relic of the Jim Crow south. He's just named after Confederate prez Jefferson Davis and CSA Gen. P.G.T. Beauregard
“YOUR VOTE WAS A HATE CRIME” graffitied on the monument to Jefferson Davis in Richmond, Virginia.
Last time Democrats this scared of Republicans Robert E. Lee left West Point & went to Montgomery to join Jefferson Davis. Admit it!
Donald has succeeded Jefferson Davis as the 2nd President of the Confederate States of America.
Let us see if John Lewis agrees with me, Yoyu are nothing but a Jefferson Davis' a president that brought it on!
I truly believe skip believes Jefferson Davis out did president Lincoln in the Civil War
"People are saying" that recognizes Jefferson Davis as President of the Confederacy and will no longer recognize the One USA.
if Jefferson Davis is still your President!
Jefferson Davis' personal 'care taker' for sure would not have been happy serving the USA on battlefield, for no liberty medal!
I went to Jefferson Davis high school in Montgomery 😬
If you're going to be a racist city notable for Jefferson Davis and little else, you could at least come up with a…
High school art about police is I guess the most offensive thing ever but there's still a statue of Jefferson Davis here in the Capitol.
Yo...Not for nothing, Wood Harris would make a dope Jefferson Davis (Miles Morales' Dad)
Tony said he got good news for Prentiss Mississippi in Jefferson Davis County call his lawyer will contact Jefferson Davis
USA/Japan pics. Japan has been our loving trusted ally. you need a photo op. I may have one of FDR and Jefferson Davis' great grandchild.
Current photo of Wait, that's Jefferson Davis. I get them confused.
Note: Jefferson Davis was, largely, an incompetent buffoon and a committed slaver to boot. His name should be forgotten.
Abraham Lincoln & Jefferson Davis were both born in Kentucky, just 8 months apart.
Accident with injury in on Jefferson Davis Pkwy at Martin Luther King Jr Blvd
Abraham Lincoln * Jefferson Davis, the key Civil War political figures of the Union & the Confederacy, were both born in Kentucky
. Jefferson Davis, seeking recognition from UK and France for the rump CSA government?
For breakfast, Jefferson Davis Hogg has hot black coffee and a plate of raw liver. At least he don't dunk it.
Spent today exploring fort Monroe and sitting in the cell Jefferson Davis was once confined in 😁
Lol is that why there's a Robert E Lee Blvd & JEFFERSON DAVIS Parkway in New Orleans? ...because y'all get along? 😑👎🏽
Jefferson Davis and Texas:. Davis came to Texas first in 1846, when the volunteer regiment from Mississippi that...
The year is 2431. The earth has become inhospitable due to surging temperatures and famine. Richard Jefferson had 7 poin…
Secession. The Confederacy takes away its own sovereignty. They elect Jefferson Davis as the Southern President.
{Part 1 of 2} Jefferson Davis & his family lived in the First White House of the Confederacy…
You go girl! I'd come up with some similar quote from Jefferson Davis, but I refuse to quote enemies of the United States
We've never had a leader that wanted to destroy America so badly...not even Jefferson Davis.
Donald Trump donated $25k to help restore Beauvoir (Jefferson Davis's home) after Hurricane Katrina. I knew there was…
was that a statue of Jefferson Davis in there? I'm assuming that would've made the post of it were but.
oh, we studied the Civil War, and that Democrat, Jefferson Davis. Lol!
B.J. Davis has a show on 01/02/2017 at 08:00 PM @ Jefferson City Manor in Jefferson City, MO
we should just get tony Jefferson in free agency so we can draft Corey Davis or john Ross
Yeah, Jefferson Davis and Calvin Coolidge are his muses. MorningJoe & MSNBC to edit in "Apprentice" promos in final draft.
But I'm this close 👌🏾to pulling up in Jefferson Davis county
Wind Advisory in effect from Monday morning for Evangeline, Jefferson Davis, Rapides and St. Landry Parishes in LA
1848: Jefferson Davis crossed party lines to campaign for Zachary Taylor, a slave-holder who opposed slavery's expansion.
John Ashcroft is defending Jeff Sessions. He did the same for Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson.
A time capsule with artifacts from Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee was found Monday at U of L's Confederate statue
we can only hope a man named Jefferson Davis will do a piece on why we need the Electoral College
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On November 6, 1861, Jefferson Davis, President of the Provisional Government since February 9, 1861 was confirmed by the voters for a full…
Jefferson Davis could not be reached for comment.
Playing music with Jesse in Jefferson Davis' backyard. Tried to picture him out here, throwing…
That time Joe Morrissey went full South Park on the Jefferson Davis monument
Apparently Michelle Obama is giving the most important speech since Jefferson Davis farewell address to senate according to
Mary Bowser as servant to Jefferson Davis's in the Confederate White House, served as a spy for the Union Army.
If you want to know how UT takes care of American history just ask George Custer, Jefferson Davis or Woodrow Wilson.
Justice Delayed via .named after Robert E Lee and Jefferson Davis. Can you imagine anything worse
Southern traitors escaped justice after the Civil War.Robert E.Lee & Jefferson Davis deserved hanging for treason.
B.J. Davis has a show on 09/03/2016 at 06:30 PM @ Binder Park Tackle... in Jefferson City, MO
The Dems forswore their Southern Wing --> all became GOP. Now GOP sounds more Jefferson Davis than Lincoln.
Determine never to be idle ... It is wonderful how much may be done if we are always doing. ~Thomas Jefferson https…
Jefferson Davis had a higher approval rating among African-Americans than Trump presently has. Believe me.
Beautiful rendition of Miles Davis's "So What" including his entire solo sung my Eddie Jefferson. I try to...
fought, rather than any actual attachment to the Confederacy as an institution; you don't see many Jefferson Davis fans
You are casting a vote for a strong reaction to a threat to the Union And to the Brother's of the South let it be a vote for Jefferson Davis
Be sure to check out the Jefferson Davis home in Richmond and the Museum of Confederacy next door.
The Papers of Jefferson Davis come to a close.
If Jefferson Davis were alive today he'd be heading the Tea Party! To learn more visit us at
1960. Dedication of a portrait of Jefferson Davis by the United Daughters of the Confederacy.
To one who loves his country in all its parts, it is natural to rejoice in whatever contrib
if only 😩 no I was talking ab Jefferson Davis
Slavery existed before the formation of this Union. It derived from the Constitution that r
Does anyone have a final score for:. Andrew Jackson Academy vs. Jefferson Davis Academy
Ignored by schools coming out of Jefferson Davis High, Keon Humphries was invited to the Manning Passing Academy
GOP is no longer the party of Lincoln but Jefferson Davis. The world is waiting for citizens to cast their ballots to make America greater.
One from the archives that I have reworked. :). Beauty and youth and splendour in motion,. Her purest of...
Pope Pius IX had correspondence with Jefferson Davis, over which Lincoln was butthurt
Freshman Carline Davis, 75 yd. INT return for score, 21-0 over Thomas Jefferson, 5:19 left to play.
maybe he's just really good at being on time, like Jefferson Davis, and Hitler
The Lady Generals Volleyball squad spikes off the season tonight with a match vs. Jefferson Davis HS
Next time GOP yawps about "party of Lincoln", point out right time frame, wrong geography: "party of Jefferson Davis" mor…
I worked night and day for twelve years to prevent the war, but I could not. The North was
Just realized that the "Jeff" in Jeff Davis Parkway stands for Jefferson. Ya'll ain't slick, Richmond.
"if Jefferson Davis's statue is "divisive", will they also demolish the Lincoln Memorial celebrating his opponent?"
This is the spot where Jefferson Davis stood when inaugurated President of C.S.A. Feb.18,1861 in Montgomery Alabama
Take your white guilt / black extortion up with Jefferson Davis and the Confederate States of America.
Mary Bowser passed information to the Union Army while working in Jefferson Davis' family home
When asked which president would most closely emulate, his campaign responded, "Jefferson Davis".
The Life and Death of Jefferson Davis, Ex-President of the Southern Confederacy
NEWFLASH even Jefferson Davis the President of the Confederacy was not charged with treason. It doesn't exist.
CNN: Blacks 'almost relieved to see Obama go' ...most ant-black President since Jefferson Davis! via
Why does Jefferson Davis have a highway named after him? And of course, it's on the was to Richmond. The Rebels lost lol. This is 'merica!
Staking Claims to a Continent: John A. Macdonald, Abraham Lincoln, Jefferson Davis, and th…
If only we could transport Jefferson Davis to 2016 and show him what a fractured union looks like.
Most. Racist. Ever. — In a new poll Donald Trump has surged ahead of Jefferson Davis & David Duke as the KKK's all-time fa…
The house Jefferson Davis lived in when he was President of the…
Jefferson Davis was the first president
Alabama state offices closed for Jefferson Davis' birthday (He was president of the Confederate States of America) http…
H.P. Lovecraft, Jefferson Davis, Jack London, William Pierce, etc. were all Amerikaners. Europhilia is welcomed by this volk.
just General I'm an *** The president of the Confederate States of America was Jefferson Davis.
Frazier read from WIP about Jefferson Davis's wife. Commented he's been thinking a lot abt characters on wrong side of hi…
Jefferson Davis (AL) OL Preston Mixon picks up an offer from Georgia State.
hey any idea what's going on around Jefferson Davis highway? Airplane and helicopter circling!
You know you're in the south when the highway is named after Jefferson Davis
What you know about Jefferson Davis highway traffic?
Jefferson Davis & Robert E. Lee should be remembered the way we remember Hitler & Goebbels.
Jefferson Davis and Robert E Lee were losers who talked a good line but brought their people to ruin-just like GOPe!
Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Jefferson Davis, Rapides, Vermilion and Vernon Parish in LA until 8:45am CDT.
I’m being punished… The student who wanted her research paper to be a hagiography of Jefferson Davis now wants to argue…
Jefferson Davis and His Generals: The Failure of Confederate Command in the Wes
Jefferson Davis became President of the Confederate States in Montgomery, Al. Rosa Parks lit the civil rights campaign there a century later
As Lincoln lay dying, Confederate President Jefferson Davis was still in hiding, having fled Richmond. Life is unfair.
Nearly 5,000 ppl have asked Brownsville, Texas to move its Jefferson Davis monument. Sign?
As soon as you trade that Jefferson Davis statue out for a Hunter S Thompson statue, you have my vote for reelection.
They should put Wilson with Jefferson Davis and David Duke.
Tornado Watch for Covington, Jefferson Davis, and Jones County until 10:00pm.
How a secret intelligence network successfully spied on Confederate leader Jefferson Davis in his own home:
Kanye carries pictures of Jefferson Davis, Strom Thurmond, and George Wallace in a Confederate flag decorated wallet. .
Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Allen, Beauregard, Calcasieu, Jefferson Davis and Vernon Parish in LA until 6:00pm CDT.
Today in 1862: Jefferson Davis appoints George Wythe Randolph Confederate secretary of war.
If doesn't get the nomination for any reason, I'm returning to the Party of Jefferson Davis and Andy "By God" Jackson.
Wait, there's a Jefferson Davis high school in Alabama?!
A vote for is a vote for Jefferson Davis & the Confederacy. Our 2nd Civil War will begin - Blue States Secede!
Flood Advisory in effect for Jefferson Davis Parish until 945 AM
The no longer the party of Abraham Lincoln; increasingly the party of Jefferson Davis.
Updated: Flash Flood Watch in effect from Noon for Jasper, Jefferson Davis, Jones and Lamar Counties
Me- "Kevin is going to vmi yeah Jefferson Davis's son went there". Andrew-"Who?". Meyers-"he's the guy on the 10 bill"
Why does Levin remind me of an aged Jefferson Davis?
Ugh, flipped over to CSPAN and there was Sen. Jefferson Davis Sessions droning on.
Jefferson Davis of Trumpederate States If loses he'll covertly call for hate-group
Civil War Date Jefferson Davis ALS to wife of Confederate Navy hero Lot 52
You know things are bad when you're considering quoting Jefferson Davis because it accurately describes your situation.
Foner: Jefferson Davis was a micromanager who couldn't delegate, which made tension with Robert E. Lee
Jefferson Davis needed to listen to him from the very beginning. If you know what I mean.
Quonterio L. Davis, 23, and Dana Day Jr., 26, both of Jefferson City were both arrested in connection to the shooting in Moser's parking lot
This table was in an office in the Confederate White House...Who do you think used it?
And the 1st was Hiram Revels who occupied Jefferson Davis' old seat:
"We simply ask to be left alone." . -Jefferson Davis. Dixie is still awesome. Better than Detroit, Baltimore...
Wind Advisory in effect for Jefferson Davis, Jones, Kemper, Lamar, Lauderdale and Lawrence Counties until 6 PM
Wind Advisory in effect for Jefferson, Jefferson Davis, Jones, Kemper and Lamar Counties in MS until 6 PM
Thomas Jefferson: I think we have more machinery of government than is necessary, too many parasites living on the labor of the industrious.
Jefferson Davis was the President of the Confederacy during the Civil War.
Hydrologic Outlook issued for Humphreys, Issaquena, Jasper, Jefferson and Jefferson Davis Counties in MS
Updated: Flash Flood Watch in effect for Acadia, Cameron, Evangeline and Jefferson Davis Parishes
Updated: Wind Advisory in effect for Acadia, Calcasieu, Cameron, Iberia and Jefferson Davis Parishes
So far, Clinton has only narrowly won three states that weren't previously carried by Jefferson Davis.
Jefferson Davis will be the second most divisive president on US soil.
still a step up, original draft read Jefferson Davis.
Is that really your handle or is it representative of the President of the Confederate States of America, Jefferson Davis?
The ghost of Jefferson Davis is just waiting to report back for duty.
Lincoln also donated to the Senate campaign of Jefferson Davis in 1856.
Very Presidential! Like Abe Lincoln, who fought the Civil War when Jefferson Davis said the stovepipe didn't match the drapes.
so he's simultaneously the Catholic Church, Jefferson Davis, and a nazi?
And plus..why would I endorse an event that promotes racism and confederate flags??..NO THANKS!..Eddie Gossage equals Jefferson Davis
.is strong in the same states as George Wallace and Jefferson Davis.
Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Jefferson Davis and Simpson County until 5:30pm.
“ambitious as Lucifer and cold as a lizard” Sam Houston describing Jefferson Davis. Could be David Cameron describing Boris Johnson
Hotep! 'lying Paul Ryan' he's about to speak, "this is the party of Lincoln"... no, no, it's the party of Jefferson Davis & Nathan Bedford
party. The party of segregation... The party of slavery. The party of Nathan Bedford Forest... The party of Jefferson Davis.
Deo Vindice ! long live to the greatest and true President, Jefferson Davis
On this day in US History (1861) Jefferson Davis is inaugurated as Confederate president. Learn more at our Lecture
The House unanimously passed a bill today that would rename SR 99, which once honored Jefferson Davis:
Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Acadia, Cameron, Jefferson Davis, Lafayette and Vermilion Parish in LA until 3:45pm CST.
Let's dispel with this fiction that Jefferson Davis doesn't know what he's doing. He knows exactly what he's doing.
They should change Jefferson Davis to Robert Earl Davis hs, from a racist to a Houston legend
Came home to visit and Tom's been watching Confederate documentaries about Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis like all day
I'm disappointed in Jefferson Davis thinking slavery is okay just because it's in the Constitution, SLAVERY IS WRONG!!
At least A&M didn't have a Jefferson Davis statue on campus. Texas is a racist University.
Jefferson Davis,1808-1889,President of the Confederate States,Secretary of War
Jefferson Davis,with hand on open book,President of Confederate States,Civil War
Union general Jefferson Davis of Indiana is best remembered for having the same name as the Confederate president.
Capitol of Confederacy on the left (Jefferson Davis statue etc) MLK's Dexter Ave Baptist Church on the right. Wow.
Civil War?. It wasn’t a Civil War the South was invaded, Jefferson Davis no more wanted to take over the...
Jim Fetzer and Rand Paul are from or lived in Kentucky, which made me curious about the state Lincoln & Jefferson Davis r also from kentucky
it's offical we are opening in new location 14418 Jefferson Davis hwy Woodbridge va 22191 Jan 4 2016
If you're in tonight stop by for some unplugged fellowship 4743 Jefferson Davis hwy RVA 23234
gotta be more to do there than Jefferson Davis county c'mon man stay focused
Lt. Col. Ralph Peters on Obama: "The only Pres... who's done more damage was actually Jefferson Davis, Pres. of the Confederat…
I bet zombies George Wallace, John C. Calhoun and Jefferson Davis are loving this
The baby they stole from me: Robert E Jefferson Jackson Lee-Davis,III [named 4His
Tonight in Alabama, the Eagles posted an away-game victory against Jefferson Davis Community College! 80-75
And the are down against Jefferson Davis at the half..
Life of Jefferson Davis with a Secret History of the Southern Confederacy by...
Eagles are on the road to take on Jefferson Davis Community College tonight in AL at 7:30!
Today in history: 1861- Jefferson Davis was elected Confederate president
I usually ask people who raise that point why aren't they democrats like Jefferson Davis.
The Eggnog riot story is crazy. Jefferson Davis participated in it but evaded a court-martial.
Love Dixie? Check out our bestselling book "The Quotable Jefferson Davis," by Tennessee author Lochlainn Seabrook.
Mitchell joined on All-American team by UConn's Breanna Stewart and Moriah Jefferson, Ohio State's Kelsey Mitchell and Baylor's Nina Davis.
The party of Abraham Lincoln is now the party of Jefferson Davis
Colin Kaepernick is Jefferson Davis in this scenario and my computer is on fire.
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