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Jeff Zucker

Jeffrey Jeff Zucker (born April 9, 1965) is an American television executive and former President and CEO of NBCUniversal.

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Why would Dems agree to Jeff Zucker's Politainment crap?
You should be *very* humble, Mark. Jeff Zucker has driven into the same gutter where he left
I boycotted CNN during the election for their promotion of Trump, it's run by Jeff Zucker a friend of Trump. Always wary.
Thx 2 Jeff Zucker CNN 'continually blasting out his speeches and rallies — often unfiltered and without critical fact-checking'
Yea, thanks CNN Jeff Zucker head of CNN gave Trump astonishing amounts of free exposure in…
Let’s throw Jeff Zucker into a volcano. Not sure if it’ll solve our problems, but it’s definitely worth a shot.
You gotta admit, this would have the kind of crossover appeal that Jeff Zucker craves.
Ah yes making the fate of millions of people’s well being an entertainment event . You should be proud Jeff Zucker
What if the NRA... . Held up Jeff Zucker's severed head?. Stabbed CNN in a play?. Threatened to blow up CNN's HQ?
oh im sure this will age well. Is this clown related to Jeff Zucker at FAKE news cnn??
is such a moron tool. And remind me why Jeff Zucker still has a job? He's the *** who keeps hiring these ***
Congrats to you + but even you two won't make me watch in the age of Jeff "Sucking Noise" Zucke…
I say we draw up a petition and protest outside Jeff Zucker's house until our requests are fulfilled.
Erin is simply a brainwashed child of Jeff Zucker. The agenda of her show is hatred toward…
Andy Lack was part of the execs who made Apprentice. He's a big Trum…
Jeff Zucker seems like the type of guy to wash his car to "make sure it rains."
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My life goal is to be and fail upwards to a six figure salary. It's as if Forest's mom blew Jeff Zucker and not the principal.
Jeff Zucker is always and forever, trumps Butler.
CNN loves Trump. Jeff Zucker is a fan of Trump.
It's personal. He thinks he made Jeff Zucker and can't understand why Zucker doesn't think so.
So Jeff Zucker can offer the numbers to Trump like a dead mouse on his doorstep?
Remind me again why manifest incompetent Jeff Zucker still has a job? He's the one who keeps hirin…
They are getting desperate, that's why. Zucker - you are loosing big-time.
also communicate with fruitcakes like Jeff Zucker, Andy Lack, Rothschilds, and Soros as…
No it doesn't. That's click bait. The article was more about the rudiments of his appearance. Brian i…
Oh, really Jeff Zucker wants to blame for Trump?? . Who's living in a glassy house now,…
didn't Jeff Zucker prove that a long time ago?
We recall pres Jeff Zucker do the same with the Paris Accords coverage... all narratives lead…
throw Jeff Zucker in with The Emmys and Harvard.
CNN chief Jeff Zucker keeps his network on a breaking news course in the wake of Irma
KSFO: Michael Savage calls for CNN president Jeff Zucker to be arrested for 'provoking Antifa violence'
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It's not Ted Turner, it is Jeff Zucker who used to run NBC and his boss when Trump was on The Apprentice. Tr…
President of Jeff Zucker tried to blackmail Do what we say or drown in Fake News! https:/…
Fox News’s Sean Hannity Calls for CNN’s Jeff Zucker to be Fired in Wake of Fake News Scandal
The head of Jeff Zucker kind of has an OJ Simpson smile with lighter complexion don't you think? Glove…
I didn't think anyone could be less attractive than George Constanza, but here you are. Jeff Zucker. Mr. Potato head.
We found Jeff Zucker, and he cowardly refused to speak to and hid behind security. . Watch: htt…
icymi Jeff Zucker was the next GoldenBoy after Mary Tyler Moore h…
If CNN's Van Jones says the Russian collusion story was a big nothing burger, does that make Jeff Zucker the big kahuna burger?
Sean Hannity destroys CNN's president Jeff Zucker over fake news and Trump bias
when I see that CNN Jeff Zucker, I see Homer Simpson... troubling
We need to listen to AND Shame Rupert Murdoch, Jeff Zucker and Andy Lack!! Ne…
The kicker to this article is Jeff Zucker throwing stones at NBC for having Jones on. As if Jeffrey Lord doesn't exist.
Congrats to Jeff Zucker for taking CNN to extreme left & special congrats to the 175 racial discrimination lawsuits. You hypocrite😎
To understand NBC's position you only need to know "NBC, Jeff Zucker, The Apprentice" Trump is their meal ticket.…
Per the Jeff Zucker has a framed copy of my cartoon in his office.
nbc really erased from its history. Jeff zucker and Leno really suck
Jeff Zucker and Carlos Slim have teamed up to out Soros the American public. Are we going to let them?
We are going to go after each and every Trump fan boy in media industry who made him President.…
Was Corey Lewandowski a paid CNN contributor during the campaign? I don't think Jeff Zucker cares.
USA is controlled by criminal enterprise made in Moscow -thanks CNN Jeff Zucker et al/
Would you be okay if CNN's Jeff Zucker communicated daily with Obama? . Are you are okay with Rupert Murdoch communica…
Honestly, there have been so many mistakes by it makes my wonder if a 2010…
Looks like Jeff Zucker may have to pay out big bucks because he let Cooper air "fake news".
I'm old enough(not that old) to remember when Jake was a journalist who reported facts…
Where are the facts fox. Is that CNN guy already running fox, Jeff Zucker right!
"Wealthy people benefit at expense of the poor" NYT is ingratiating itself as our Andrew Lack (MSNBC…
CNN, President Jeff Zucker, described Donna Brazile’s interactions with the Clinton campaign as “unethical” and “disgusting”.
Did Jeff Zucker give you an extra cookie?
Jeff Zucker refuses to part with his paid surrogates that have no real journo valid or discussion p…
Den her over the very long campaign. See if Jeff Zucker.
.Jeff Zucker... They all gave Trump a free pass and $billions in free press. They are complicit.
Your network *** if they have no backbone against that moron man child. J…
Jeff Zucker learned that years ago.
Please add Andrew Lack and Jeff Zucker to the list of network executives who bear responsibility fir Tr…
"CNN is chronicling American history." - Jeff Zucker in pre-presentation
They'll all act like they were never really with him and life goes on as usual. *see "Jeff Zucker"
Seriously, did is Jeff Zucker circa 2010 wearing a John Skipper costume in Bristol? This can be the…
I just wrote a memo about Jeff Zucker touching me in my boy place when we met at a truck stop back in '94.
Jeff Zucker needs to suspend Anderson Cooper for mocking Kellyanne Conway on the air. He wouldn't do it to a liberal or…
It's a country where your boss Jeff Zucker will have a both sides take on this unconstitu…
Jeff Zucker said Trump was good for profits, so he wall-to-wall covered him. Fox News is…
CNN president Jeff Zucker was spotted praising Comedy Central's Hasan Minhaj for his roast of President Trump and...
Samantha Bee is eviscerating Jeff Zucker and CNN right now
Jeffrey Lord:"Trump's the Martin Luther King of health care." CNN have any standards? Is "Jeff Zucker the Jeff Dahmer o…
Make a deal..Trump will resign if Don Lemon, Anderson Cooper, Brian Seltzer and Jeff Zucker leave E…
Jeff Zucker clearly owes Lord a lot of money.
Att. Jeff Zucker, Is u want your ratings to go up replace Anderson Cooper with SpongeBob square pants! He gets…
Shame on you and Jeff Zucker for continuing to allow Jeffrey Lord on your air spreading lies. It's disgusting and shameful
Childish McCarthyism aside, your *actual* boss, Jeff Zucker, created Trump. Now let's watch careerists like you fall in l…
CNN pres Jeff Zucker: "Our credibility is higher than ever". . Last poll showed just 32% thought CNN was objective. http…
Hilarious - Jeff Zucker and CNN should really leave comedy to professionals like Jamie Kennedy
You're both hacks. Kellyanne Conway owning Cooper right now. Anderson is such a slave to Jeff Zucker.
Anderson Cooper's getting sassy tonight, I understand why he's flustered. Jeff Zucker is gonna have some serious explaining to do.
- They sure did. Head of CNN Jeff Zucker is an old buddy of T- Rump's; was his Exec Producer at NBC. for The ApprentASS.
This was not accidental. Jeff Zucker, CNN CEO, great pal of DJT.
Also, even your boss Jeff Zucker admit CNN gave him too much unfiltered airtime. Meanwhile, the Corey L relationship was awful.
Why did hire Jeff Zucker to destroy
Dear please fire Jeff Zucker. He is destroying your brand. At least still makes sense.
It appears that is blackmailing Jeff Zucker. Only explanation.
Keep this non-apology in mind re: Jeff Zucker firing
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"A fascist lunatic in the White House would be great for ratings" -- Jeff Zucker email, probably.
Jeff Zucker is proud for promoting Trump: Jeff Zucker has no regrets
if the Trump/Access Hollywood tape is payback for Jeff Zucker whoring on us, here's a big thank you!
That's like saying FOX and CNN are forces in American politics because of Roger Ailes and Jeff Zucker. Meaningless!
Jeff Zucker failed and he is now failing
And then, in Jan. 2017, Jeff Zucker green-lit "The Howard Beale Show" as an 8pm weekday strip...
Good work, Jeff Zucker. Now when are you bringing on David Duke to firm up your commentator roster?
FOR THE LOVE OF GOD someone send a hostage rescue team to ? I'm convinced Trump kidnapped Jeff Zucker and is holding network hostage...
CNN would've been wall-to-wall with Charles Lindbergh's "America First" rallies back before the war, believe me.
Journalism has left the building at CNN, to riff off Obama's all-too-real remarks
I'm curious if the committee will make similar demands on Jeff Zucker for his wall-to-wall Trump "news" curation. 😂
Jeff Zucker runs CNN and was Trump's boss at NBC during "The Apprentice" years. (I watched Treme.)
"The personal ties between Donald Trump and Jeff Zucker, the chief executive of CNN, extend beyond the reality TV...
Huffington Post Medi This Is an Unfair Smear of Jeff Zucker and CNN: I am certainly not in the business of pr...
CNN's Jeff Zucker was confronted at an internal town hall in January about the network's Trump coverage
No by Jeff Zucker who we would trust less than Fascist Thug =
I wonder if Jeff Zucker ever lies awake at night, feeling guilty he gave Trump so much self-promotional airtime with THE APPRENTICE.
Great move by CNN if they sign Jeff Zucker. He was responsible for me and The Apprentice on NBC—became show!
.is looking at Jeff Zucker to lead them out of the forest--Jeff would be a great choice.
Who needs Jeff Zucker when we got JPod? Get in there, Normanson!
Congratulations to on being signed to co-host Crossfire. Great move by Jeff Zucker.
CNN should be taken off the air. What irresponsible "journalism." Jeff Zucker, have some morals!
Hey remember when Jeff Zucker wanted to put Trump's wedding in CNN. .
It's also Jeff Zucker's continued support for the digitly-challenged.
Nice, because the other choice for Illini coach would've been Jeff Zucker
Fascinating that Jeff Zucker has CNN go right to the RACE FOR THE White House premiere instead of post-debate analysis.
determined to squelch all that policy talk & keep the focus on Jeff Zucker doesn't want to hear about cc.
More traffic means more advertising dollars.
You might say CNN boss Jeff Zucker has been supersizing Tr--p coverage
Mr Jones - I saw your KKK discussion & I'm a convert! This is definitely not my grandfather's CNN! Thank u Jeff Zucker.
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Come on over! You'll be very pleased. Folks been sleeping on for a minute. Jeff Zucker has switched it ALL up!
The Jeff Zucker strategy to revitalize CNN is to focus on one story (remember the missing plane) only.
We're in this transition period of figuring out how to deal with all the ne...
Jeff Zucker maybe just died from over-excitement // Police investigating knife found at OJ's former digs
Here's the latest on a lawsuit against CNN University. .
.Does Jeff Zucker care that no one can stand Nah. Maybe board might?
“For the once-lagging the Trump play has paid of wildly: Its ratings have skyrocketed this election cycle.”
how can this bums denied that you are far ahead when you become president make them pay. Tap Jeff Zucker and morduch
Jeff Zucker thx 4 the creation & promotion of hatred, division, intolerance, & division for rating
If Trump would mention this and merge the two stories, it would be the greatest moment of Jeff Zucker's life
Oh god, wreckage and in same news cycle, Jeff Zucker and must be beside themselves.
"Man, that was compelling. Ratings gold. Get them back on together ASAP." - Jeff Zucker
CNN head Jeff Zucker and producers are *salivating* over whats happening on their network right now.
You capitulated to Roger Ailes and Jeff Zucker, Mexico isn't paying for anything you clown.
Who is to blame for ? Jeff Zucker of put him on Primetime TV & gives him more airtime today.
Before Donald Trump's BFF Jeff Zucker was with CNN, no way, no how would CNN have ever covered his fake fundraiser tonight.…
I liked a video Senator Franken's Q & A with Brian Roberts, Jeff Zucker, and Dr. Mark Cooper
Real-estate developer Donald Trump wrote a letter to CNN boss Jeff Zucker on Wednesday that
CNN Jeff Zucker, Anderson Cooper 360, you think having a Ex POLICE 3:) PIG on like and the Chief...
Jeff Zucker has completely lost it.I don't think TW CEO, Jeff Bewkes knew what he was getting! Has destroyed
Your CEO Jeff Bewkes, hires Jeff Zucker to restore CNN's 24Hour News Dominance: Sees as# 1 Network and goes after MSNBC?LOSER
I know they were in bad shape before but ever since Jeff Zucker took over CNN has really gone down hill.
Jeff Zucker himself gave $200k to CGI directly from CNN ! But CNN called George wreckless for giving to charity!
. Jeff Zucker fired more than a thousand and kept Democrat Carol Costello
I won't say anything more, or Jeff Zucker in a Ned Beatty costume is going to come yell at me for meddling with the primal forces of nature
Whiz kid Jeff Zucker over at is musing about putting a gameshow on the air instead of news. .
And Jeff Zucker wonders why CNN's ratings suck. He needs to
We need Question Time on US television. But seriously, how has CNN not tried something like it yet? Come one, Jeff Zucker, get it going.
Hacked Sony emails show that CNN approached Sony about making "Political Jeopardy!" for cable news outlet:
The category is oil & water! For $600 this network wanted to add a gameshow to its lineup? via
Sony hack: CNN wants to replace news programs with. game shows. Twilight Zone is journo-land.
Just when I thought my former employer couldn't go any further down the toilet ...
yeah that's the Jeff Zucker era unfortunately
How about ur old boss Jeff Zucker , currently at CNN ?
I will take that as my cosmic Christmas gift for this year. Candy Crowley Leaving CNN | Deadline
Jeff Zucker: The cable model is just a better model. Dual revenue stream: advertising-sup...
Congrats to Jeff Zucker and all the pukes who can create more racism and hate far better than tracking down an airliner.
.CNN is the most laughingstock in propaganda. Jeff Zucker turned CNN into a sewer.
It's sad watching Jeff Zucker slowly destroy like he did
Jeff Zucker must be a *** No wonder is last in every demo! At least is like watch weekend update on
And reveals he pushed CNN's Jeff Zucker to replace "stiff" with Fox News'
CNN chief Jeff Zucker says network can dominate both reality TV and news - No Fox has you beat, more lies from CNN
CNN chief Jeff Zucker's business plan to steal MSNBC's left-wing viewers got another boost Wednesday with the cable news network's hiring of former Obama White House spokesman Jay Carney as a paid contributor. Carney's CNN career begins tonight. Obama's former flack will offer commentary on Obama's big primetime ISIS speech tonight. According to CNN, after tonight Carney will contribute to various CNN programs. [ 84 more words. ]
Piers Morgan rejects Jeff Zucker offer, out at CNN
Jeff Zucker is trying to do for CNN what Tina Brown did for Newsweek: leave a once respected brand for dead.
Jeff Zucker, President of CNN: Drop Wolf Blitzer and Michael Oren from CNN via
David Gregory met with CNN's Jeff Zucker via for iOS
Why media is not reporting the real story in the ... because all are owned! is owned by Murray Rothstein. He changed his name to Sumner Redstone to pass himself off as a blue-blooded Gentile. is owned by Brian Roberts who with his sitcom, “The New Normal,” is corrupting the morals of our youth and annihilating the core of a stable society, the traditional family. is owned by Sydney Bass with Robert Iger as CEO, successor to Michael Eisner. — along with and — all under the umbrella of Time-Warner—is primarily owned by Israeli multi-millionaire Aviv Novo who hired a public relations company to shield him from public exposure. CNN’s CEO is Jeff Zucker, former CEO of NBC. is owned by Rupert Murdoch—born to Jewish mother Elisabeth Greene—making him by Talmudic law, a Jew. In the print media, Murdoch also owns the and the is owned by Jane Harman and Barry Diller. The is owned by the Meyer-Graham family, with Donald Graham as Chairman. Dave Goldberg is CEO and Barry Diller is Senior Executive. An ...
Jeff Zucker chips away at Fox News' cable news dominance with CNN's Sunday night formula.
I think we can kill the Ann Curry rumors to if Jeff Zucker is bringing Lisa Ling who is younger (40) to
Despite what Jeff Zucker (D-CNN) or Eugene Robinson (D-WaPo) says, the media WILL cover Gowdy's Benghazi hearings and "interpret" findings.
Sorry, Atlanta. Jeff Zucker seems *** bent on destroying what Ted Turner built. The beginning of the end for
The reason CNN’s chief Jeff Zucker is focused on the bottom of the Indian Ocean: He is searching for CNN...
"Critics of the congressional investigation into Benghazi are turning to personal attacks against members of Congress who want real answers, not the bull Washington spins. (The YouTube video, anyone?) Barbara Boxer (D-CA) told her fellow senators, 'We don't need to spend money on another committee because someone is afraid of Hillary Clinton's candidacy.' Furthermore, CNN president Jeff Zucker said his news organization is 'not going to be shamed into covering the story by others who have political beliefs that want to try to have temper tantrums to shame other news organizations into covering something.' Who is 'afraid' of a few questions? Based on the "temper tantrums," there will be a few people who will be "shamed" with the truth..." ~ Wire Blessings... ~ Derek
Another black eye for Jeff Zucker, under whose charge has become a laughingstock via
Remember that story about Jeff Zucker maybe wanting to do away with CNN's tuition reimbursement program? Welll...
I can only assume Richard Quest has compromising pictures of Jeff Zucker.
It's as if Jeff Zucker's mission in life is to make Phil Griffin look competent.
.Not trying to tell Jeff Zucker how to run his network but shesh there is other news out there. Lol
Jeff Zucker - via Have you ever seen something like this?
so is Jeff Zucker going to be part of nerdfighteria next year in 2015?
It'll never have a chance to be top dog in Journalism as long as that dumb pillock, Jeff Zucker, remains in-charge.
.Media: to host CNN's Jeff Zucker in the fall for "Leaders & Legends" event cc:
Jeff Zucker has committed suicide three time sand still wont die
Jeff Zucker is secretely working for Fox and MSNBC. Man on a mission to destroy CNN.
Jeff Zucker clearly cut some sort of deal with IATSE.
Ripping video should be required knowledge for anyone working on the internet.. .
Jeff Zucker gets called out and doesn't appear too happy about it. Enjoy. I did.
Of course a producer would be bold enough to ask.
FTVLive told you back in January that CNN boss Jeff Zucker held a company wide town hall meeting for the entire staff at CNN. When the town hall reached the question and answer part of the meeting, which Anderson Cooper moderated, the very first question asked was how does CNN stop all managers at t…
I mean, Jeff Zucker only proved his point in December: "More shows and less newscasts"
Jeff Zucker should waste little time incorporating two of CNN’s biggest names into his new vision for the network.
Just how much of a *** is Jeff Zucker?. MT CNN wonders if the Klan can rebrand itself. Seriously.
Jeff Zucker said that selfie better not be on a business phone, lol. Lol. If so, MSNBC is hiring, lol lol.
Jeff Zucker told me to tell you to stop playing around your 10minute lunch break was over, get back to work, lol.
Is Jeff Zucker the worst human in existence or is he a trouser stain?.
Jeff Zucker talks about the future of
If you have to say you are a legit group, you aren't RTLooks like Jeff Zucker has finished job at CNN.
How does Jeff Zucker keep getting jobs? HOW?
Looks like Jeff Zucker has finished his job at CNN.
I grew up on CNN, witnessed, history on CNN. So much great journalism, so many proud professionals. Jeff Zucker is destroying it.
I can't even make jokes about the city's rival team. I haven't seen this kind of intentional tanking since Jeff Zucker.
Maybe they need a mysterious plane crash in Alabama. Worked for Jeff Zucker.
Jeff Zucker has really done a number with he s/d b replaced
And if you're running the best news network on television, you're going to be fired and replaced with a bottom-feeder like Jeff Zucker.
"The best journalism is, at its core, great storytelling," said CNN president Jeff Zucker, before giving a show to the guy from Dirty Jobs.
mystery solved: Jeff Zucker did it! CNN’s Ratings Surge Covering the Mystery of the Missing Airliner
.Media: CNN sinks to all time lows to reach all time high ratings. Where's Ted Turner when you need him to...punch Jeff Zucke…
More pain for Jeff Zucker as CNN ratings slide to record lows - CNN and boss Jeff Zucker are having a lousy...
NBC Universal Chief Executive Jeff Zucker (mega-Jewish), AMC President Charlie Collier, turns out to be Jewish, too
Note to Erin Burnett. You are getting paid million by Jeff Zucker to promote Stop being phony and just do speculation
DOUBTFIRE but it's Crossfire and the opposing sides have to wear each other's suits and dresses ha ha I'm a genius Jeff Zucker where you at
For payment, Jeff Zucker can send Anderson Cooper directly to me. No other options will be considered.
Jeff Zucker was a great hire, Guy's saved TWO great American networks. P much a national hero
News of putting boot on Piers Morgan has me wondering if Jeff Zucker is whom I met with Brian Ross & Brenda(?) from @ Yale in 90s
CNN is a cable news network in its death throes. As ratings return to near-historic lows, CNN chief Jeff Zucker is obviously making terrible decisions while in panic-mode. Just-released ratings show that CNN's stupid, wildly hypocritical and hysterical rampage against Ted Nugent led to a disastrous…
the MSM is dead anyway .do you really think this a setback? Jeff Zucker and Phil griffin will be on my table soon
That's called the "Jeff Zucker Destruction Effect" on CNN Byron! No one more out-of-touch with REAL WORLD than Jeff Zucker!
Another reporter working on an agenda...que Jeff Zucker...
Ted Tuner must what Jeff Zucker did to his network...shameful and sad...CNN, hire a new CEO!
Live" has sunk to some of its lowest-ever ratings recently, just as CNN boss Jeff Zucker is under
Hiring Gov thing that will boost his ratings~ Jeff Zucker's Top 5 Mistakes
The dumbing down of CNN thanks to CNN Chief Jeff Zucker
Piers Morgan is being fired by CNN, his last show is likely this week (9pm Eastern). His own co-workers are glad he’s getting the boot. Staffers at “Piers Morgan Tonight” are actually relieved that CNN has canceled the show, sources tell Confidentiwas always such an a- to people working for him,” one insider says of the bombastic Brit. Morgan’s last show is likely to be this week, but no specific date has been set. We hear it was low ratings and a bad attitude that killed it, and the decision was made by network boss Jeff Zucker. “The makeup girls suffered the worst — he was rude and belligerent,” says our source. “The general feeling is Morgan didn’t show any respect to anyone working under him — the people who were trying to make him look good.” Last Thursday, “Piers Morgan” was seen by just 364,000 total viewers, according to Nielsen. That was easily beaten by Fox News’ “The Kelly File” (1.9 million) and MSNBC’s “Rachel Maddow Show” (925,000). Morgan was question ...
Jeff Zucker has been ruining networks since he had a very good run at Today. The Peter Principle personified.
Jeff Zucker prez of CNN say's Kathy will bring something they so desperately need.
So what was that Secret Jeff Zucker / Rick Kaplan meeting about? Sources tell
Could Jeff Zucker be bumping CNN's top Sales and Marketing Guy?
"Jeff (Zucker) & I have been talking...about different ways of using me.” Here's the plan: go to London & wait there (1/2)
¦ 195 ¦ Who will replace Piers Morgan at CNN? ¦ Jeff Zucker s decision to end Morgan s show has opened the floodgate…
I told Piers Morgan they will come after him! When he became too British in American territory, projecting his idiosyncrasies on an international cable network. I knew they will cut him short. Now they have kept their words. But unlike Africans, when these Americans want to come after you, they use legitimate means and make everything legit. Thus when I heard that CNN president Jeff Zucker has decided to end Piers Morgan’s show. I knew they worked it through. First, they fought him by ensuring that ratings for his show took a plunge, so as to justify why the show must be pulled. When he irked conservative Americans and their closet friends by launching a crusade for greater gun-control measures, I knew they will cut him. Americans may tolerate such from their fellow American, but for a British to come and tell them how to live their lives, is another thing. I knew he is on his way out when gun rights activists posted a petition on the White House website in December 2012 calling for Mr Morgan to be depo ...
I feel sorry for fellow Gooner for running out of paraffin for his show on CNN: PMorgan Live. Jeff Zucker has too many guns ;)
Jeff Zucker can turn it around at CNN. He can start reporting truth. Until then, he has zero chance. MSNBC already has the lib nutcases.
CNN Chief Jeff Zucker's Top 5 Mistakes: CNN's ratings are once again edging up against record lows and now tha... http:/…
CNN Chief Jeff Zucker's Top 5 Mistakes via CNN is MSNBC jr and wonders why its failing
I think we all knew was on his way out when Jeff Zucker hired didn't we?
CNN is headed by Jeff Zucker isn't it? That *** If it glorifies Rahm I will puke.
After a week at the Sundance Film Festival, this probably wasn’t the first anniversary present Jeff Zucker was looking for. After a year on the job, the CNN boss received some double bad news today: From January 13-19, the cable news network had its worst week in the adults 25-54 demo in both total…
FYI, I am not the Jeff Zucker from CNN. Please read profiles before assuming. Thanks.
CNN Worldwide President Jeff Zucker has acknowledged multiple times that primetime needs a lot of work, and the ratings-challenged Morgan was a likely target. Morgan damaged himself by taking a strong partisan position against guns during his yearlong coverage of the gun debate, according to network insiders.
No doubt. Jeff Zucker at CNN is pandering to a dumbed-down Fox audience
WHO SHOULD REPLACE Piers Morgan? Me. Okay, I know my critics will jump on this ... claiming that I'm so full of ego and Texas BS. That's fine. I can take the heat, and if you want to criticize me, get a ticket and get in line. Okay, now that we have that established, I will state it again. I should replace Piers Morgan on CNN ... or someone like me should replace him. Let me explain by sharing a letter, I'll be sending CNN President Jeff Zucker: President Zucker, I don't know how a decision was ever made to import a Brit to host that time period. If you had any understanding of Americans, you should know that we don't want a foreigner telling us how to think. So who should replace Piers? Me. Or someone like me. I have more than 50 years in broadcasting and spent the last 28 as the prime anchor at KMOV the CBS station in St. Louis, and would still have the job, but weak, ineffective management fired me because of my age (66) and then tried to hide behind a fabricated story. Unlike Piers, I had good ra ...
What did Erin think she was accomplishing by giving this racist idot free air time? Where is Jeff Zucker? This is absurd.
Relentless left-bias news killed CNN. Chief Jeff Zucker bows to reality to fill schedule holes with junk programming for a quick CNN sale.
Great! Jeff Zucker is almost finish removing every intelligent TV show on the network. Americans hate intelligence after all.
Jeff Zucker should just give Christiane Amanpour the time slot. We need news not entertainment from a CNN prime time show.
LOS ANGELES (AP) — CNN's prime-time talk show "Piers Morgan Live" is coming to an end, the news channel said Sunday. Morgan, who succeeded Larry King three years ago, was drawing lackluster ratings. In contrast, King had a 25-year run on CNN. The airdate for Morgan's last show has yet to be determined, CNN said in a statement. Morgan is a former U.K. tabloid editor who reinvented himself as a TV personality with stints as a judge on "Britain's Got Talent" and its U.S. spinoff, NBC's "America's Got Talent," and as a contestant on "Celebrity Apprentice." He hosted BBC's "You Can't Fire Me, I'm Famous," and did interview shows and documentaries for ITV. Morgan told The New York Times that his show lately has "taken a bath in the ratings" but that he and CNN President Jeff Zucker were discussing a new role for him at the channel. CNN's audience has tired of hearing a Brit weigh in American cultural issues, Morgan said in a story posted online Sunday. Morgan's future with CNN is undetermined, the channel sai ...
Piers Morgan's primetime departure is all part of Jeff Zucker's plan at CNN” was effing Conan Zucker's plan, too?
Pres Jeff Zucker has decided 2 end primetime show as early as next month. . Breaking from Piers Morgan’s CNN Show to End CNN and Piers Morgan are pulling the plug on his low-rated weeknight show three years after he replaced the iconic Larry King. Morgan and CNN President Jeff Zucker mutually agreed to end the 9 p.m. weeknight show, probably in March, after discussing its failure to connect with audiences, CNN executives and Morgan told The New York Times. Morgan, a recent British import, was never able to draw American audiences
Let's start another rumor...Katie Couric to replace Pier Morgan on CNN. Jeff Zucker was her producer at Today, and her boss at NBC.
CNN president Jeff Zucker has decided to end television host Piers Morgan's show after its ratings plunged ,i wish the arsenal man goodluck.
I'm starting to think Jeff Zucker needs to be drug tested. via
CNN President Jeff Zucker is ending Piers Morgan’s primetime show. The uber-liberal Brit took over for Larry King in the 9 p.m. time slot three years ago. Morgan’s show, Piers Morgan Live, failed to establish a competitive audience and has maintained low ratings since its inception. According to Zucker, Piers Morgan Live registers as few as 50,000 viewers in the 25-to-54-year-old demographic. While the New York Times recently reported that the show had simply “run its course,” others speculate Morgan alienated viewers with his undeveloped leftist views. Recently, Morgan has created waves of controversy with his aggressive anti-gun coverage that many argue was crafted for “self-promotion.”
CNN to Cancel Gun Hating Limey By Washington Times (DC) February 24, 2014 6:48 am Piers MorganCNN has given up on trying to make Piers Morgan the new Larry King after a three-year run and will pull the plug on the Briton's 9 p.m. talk show, which has been finishing far behind rivals Megyn Kelly on Fox News Channel and Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. According to Nielsen ratings from last week, "Piers Morgan Live" was seen nightly by just 270,000 viewers nationwide and only 50,000 people in the key advertising demographic of Americans ages 25 to 54. Ms. Kelly and Ms. Maddow had, respectively, audiences of more than 2 million and 900,000 overall and more than 350,000 and 220,000 in that key 25 to 54 age group. Mr. Morgan's much-hyped debut-week audiences were in the 2 million neighborhood. "CNN confirms that 'Piers Morgan Live' is ending. The date of the final program is still to be determined," CNN spokeswoman Allison Gollust told Politico on Sunday evening after Mr. Morgan himself said his show had "run its cours ...
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Piers Morgan is out at CNN's weekday 9 p.m. slot as poor ratings caught up to the British journalist known for his stance on gun control. Morgan told the New York Times that he spoke with CNN president Jeff Zucker about the show's struggles attracting a significant audience. The show is expected...
Many people seem to agree that Jeff Zucker is taking steps in the right direction, and at the appropriate pace. Here, the New York Times reports CNN is removing the former British tabloid editor, Piers Morgan, from its lineup. Morgan took the spot of… [ 80 more words. ]
As Wayne Rooney signed da ting, Jeff Zucker refused to give a ting to sign. Rumor has it that is ending.
Arsenal fan Piers Morgan dismissed by Cable News Network (CNN) after 3 years. It's alleged Piers was axed because he was interviewed by British police for phone-hacking allegations, but prez Jeff Zucker of the US network denied the claim. His talk show has been axed after collapse in ratings. (Via Guardian)
You know how much Jeff Zucker likes Katie Couric. And it's not like she prospects.
Morgan, the successor to Larry King at the 9 p.m. hour, told The New York Times that network president Jeff Zucker made the decision to end "Piers Morgan Live."read more
Attention Jeff Zucker: Bring on more NEWS! After all , it's called the Cable News Network. First they turned HLN, which stands for Headline News, into a soapbox for Nancy Grace, now CNN is turning into a showcase for movies and special series. Aren't there already 200 other channels doing that? Make a bold move, Mr. Zucker-Now that you've dumped Piers Morgan, fill the time with news!
CNN assured viewers that despite canceling Piers Morgan, he will be replaced with an equally boring, biased program. CNN's commitment to being a low rated network will not change. As of this moment chimpanzees rendered unemployed due to the downturn in the organ grinder business will be applying to replace Morgan. The most talented of the simians will immediately be disqualified. The new host, whether man or ape, must possess the ability to be preachy, smug, uninformed and wrong simultaneously. They must also constantly criticize the United States and attack the US Constitution, especially the 2nd Amendment. Failed NBC Executive Jeff Zucker is currently accepting resumes from the least among us. Those excelling in delivering straight hard news without liberally slanted opinions need not apply. eric @ the Tygr Express
hard to say who's the biggest loser. I'll go out on a limb and say Jeff Zucker.
Reports are surfacing that CNN is canceling Piers Morgan's show. Jeff Zucker can call & let me know when my start date is any time now...
ROFL.anyone who is happy about Piers Morgan's plug pulling on CNN? A.) It's America, not 'Murica as you seem to think, B.) He's freakin' BRITISH. They have STRICT gun control laws and CNN hired him knowing full well what his views were, so you were being played. C.) Jeff Zucker will drive CNN into the ground like he did the Today Show. It's why NBC canned HIM.lolololol. Good luck with that, all. Erin? You're probably next.
During a speech on Monday, Cable News Network president Jeff Zucker admitted: “No news organization is perfect, and CNN is not always perfect.” As if to verify his statement, network reporters that same day covered an appearance by former secretary of state Hillary Clinton with a poorly edited video...
"We think our audience is going to love learning the incredible story of [T-Rex remains] Sue."-Jeff Zucker
“New Day,” the CNN morning show Jeff Zucker launched as his top priority as the new head of the network, is a resounding dud seven months after its debut. Nielsen…
CNN head Jeff Zucker: Fox News is Republican Party ‘masquerading as a news channel’
The Republican Party is being run out of News Corp HQ. Masquerading as a cable news channel Jeff Zucker
Jeff Zucker, CNN’s current president, said on Friday that the Republican Party is being run by Fox News and that networks like Fox are just telling people what they want to hear “and missing the story.” According to Mediaite, Zucker was speaking to the annual meeting of the Television Critics Associ...
CNN's Jeff Zucker says news still its focus, and he takes shot at rival Fox News.
Jeff Zucker said he was thrilled to be back at the Television Critics Association press tour on Friday afternoon, his first trip to the event since he started his tenure as president of CNN Worldwide.
Please visit CNN’s Jeff Zuck'r sez noose still focus an takes shot at Fox Noose
If Roger Ailes and Jeff Zucker mud wrestled, who would win? via
Prez Jeff Zucker's direct shot at Roger Ailes: News = the "masquerading as a cable news channel" via So why copy?
Jeff Zucker guns for Roger Ailes - The CNN president says the Fox News chief wasn't in the news business.
What bias? MT CNN president Jeff Zucker: The Republican Party is being run from the headquarters of Fox News
CNN boss Jeff Zucker slams Fox News as tool of the Republican Party via
CNN's Jeff Zucker says news still focus and takes shot at Fox News
Jeff Zucker stayed relatively silent during his first year as president of CNN Worldwide, but over the last month he has started to open up about his tenure to date and his plans for the future. First, in an interview with Capital New York, Zucker said he aimed to put more shows, less newscasts on C...
Jeff Zucker is the biggest tool in mass media today
CNN's Jeff Zucker guns for Roger Ailes via for iPad
CNN vs. FOX:. The pot calling the kettle black...when neither station is worth a *** these days!
Jeff Zucker took a direct shot at Roger Ailes, saying Fox News is the GOP "masquerading as a cable news channel."
Wow, it took 18 years for the ppl at the top to admit that Fox is Not News! 100,000,000 households later -
Zucker is correct >RTJeff Zucker: Fox News is 'Republican Party' 'Masquerading as a Cable News Channel' http…
“Hey Jeff Zucker, we're the Republican Party and we speak for ourselves, pal. Have a great weekend. cc:
CNN president Jeff Zucker jokes that according to various news reports, "anybody I've ever known" is supposedly coming to work with him again.. [...]
Jeff Zucker won't pick up when ends...but is interested in talking to
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