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Jeff Withey

Jeff Withey (full name Jeffree David Withey; born March 7, 1990 in San Diego, California) is a Division I (NCAA) basketball player for the University of Kansas men's basketball team.

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Jeff Withey put up a season high 1 BLK, 1 FG3M against LAC today.
A jeff withey three helped me win lmao im usually on the wrong side of this
Yeah he had to actually make a 3 after on last possession too. 3, 3 only way. Jeff Withey and Jawun Evans.
Losing unders to Jeff Withey 3s now. All time low.
Jeff Withey hitting long 2s on ESPN rn
"Demetrius Harris, college basketball player" is the new "Jeff Withey, former volleyball player"
I put the Jazz’s win and Maverick’s loss on the lone fact that Jeff Withey is now on the Maverick’s roster.
completely overlooked the Jeff Withey revenge game narrative today
Fans cheered for former Jazzman Jeff Withey checking into the game. Or because both teams put in their white-flag lineups. Hard to tell.
Former Jazz center Jeff Withey gets a warm cheer after checking in for the Mavericks.
Jeff Withey gets a nice ovation in his return to Utah.
Big cheers for Jeff Withey checking in.
I think we might have to see Salah Mejri and Jeff Withey tonight. Mavs bigs are going to foul Gobert a lot.
and ofc the Jeff Withey thing even though he was cleared of the accusation.
Could be worse, could be Jeff Withey.
Clippers definitely have interest in backup Utah free agent center Jeff Withey, per source. Two sides meeting today.
Next Jazz trade Alec Burks, Jeff Withey, and a bowl of green jello and carrots to to New Orleans for Anthony Davis...
Current Jazz players I don't think will be on the roster next season: Alec Burks, Boris Diaw, Jeff Withey, Shelvin Mack.
I was a draft nut recent years and still like shabazz Muhammed and Jeff Withey. I loved Giannis' film withn skeptical natural of competition
Derrick Favors is expected to play tonight, Jazz PR confirms. Rodney Hood and Jeff Withey are also good to go.
Fun fact, me and waited behind Jeff Withey and Ryan Anderson in line for a Hunger Games movie
Alec Burks and Jeff Withey with a beautiful tribute to Stockton and Malone on that fastbreak alley-oop.
Jeff Withey, you have one job and one job only. Do not elbow George Hill in the face. That's it.
I swear if George Hill misses any games because Jeff Withey elbowed him in the head...
Jeff Withey is trending on Google. Read the latest here:
Play of the Day - Jeff Withey: Jeff Withey takes the bounce pass and throws down the huge posterizer over the…
big man Jeff Withey puts down the slam dunk all over center Alan Williams!.
Jeff Withey posterized someone and preseason basketball is weird and unsettling
Withey With Authority: Jeff Withey gets the feed and delivers the monster hammer over his defender.
Jeff Withey with that nasty poster on Alan Williams 😬😬
Playmate of the Year Kennedy Summers dumps NBA fiancé Jeff Withey - Fox News
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What did the rim do to Jeff Withey to make him want to punish it every time?
Jeff Withey is attacking the rim. He's got some serious internal rage tonight.
Jeff Withey might be the worst dunker since Javale McGee.
Jeff Withey with the dunk of the night on Alan Williams (via
Jeff Withey is having the kind of fourth quarter that nightmares are made of. Hang in there big guy.
if you don't know who Jeff withey is, you're not a very good sports writer
Jazz center Jeff Withey reportedly cheated on former Playmate of the Year, Kennedy Summers...her reps told TMZ.
Jeff Withey just dunked on Alan Williams' entire family
Yesterday the dog got into the pantry while we were at work. An entire bag of pig ears was devoured. Last night...
Jeff Withey of Utah Jazz ready for some Toy Story Mania gaming action.
I'd really like the jazz to move Tibor to keep Jeff Withey seeing as Jeff is non guaranteed
didn't Jeff Withey play volleyball before basketball?
Paul George and Jeff Withey are the most gangsta players in the league idc
wow Jeff Withey really likes getting dunked on by people smaller than him
I thought he was talking about Jeff Withey when i first saw this, lmao, i was like, *** what did he do to deserve this
I wonder if Jeff Withey will be the guy that plays very little minutes.
keep in mind Ryan Anderson & Jeff Withey are basically best friends.
shelvin mack, Rodney Hood, Gordon Hayward, Trey Lyles, and Jeff Withey was their starting lineup lol
If the Jazz can put themselves in a position where Mack/Neto Joe Ingles and Jeff Withey are 11-13th guys on the bench, that's great depth.
Do you see Jeff Withey on the Jazz roster this upcoming season? He gave some solid minutes when he got he chance last year.
Or the next Jeff Withey to include in a package ...
Is Poeltl like Jeff Withey with a jump shot?
Cole Aldrich and Jeff Withey are going to fight you
"Why would we draft a guy who might turn out to be as good as Jeff Withey ahead of Jeff Withey?"---a scout on Gobert
I would love a way to land Labissiere but I want Jeff Withey integrated long term into the team more
Olynyk averaged double digits. I liked Jeff Withey in that draft, but I knew he wouldn't fall that far.
When I watched Dragan Bender highlights, he reminded me of Jeff Withey — if Withey could handle the ball and hit 3s. They just look similar.
Dragan Bender kinda looks like Jeff Withey before his GF found the tale-tell movie tickets.
Bender looks like he could play Jeff Withey as a 13 year old in his bio-pic.
Darren Rovell and Jeff Withey had a kid.
Tibor Pleiss and Jeff Withey. Take anyone else but them.
Throw in Jeff Withey and you have a deal.
Jeff Withey's 10 blocks were the most in a tournament game since 2011
I'm playin 2K and Jeff Withey just hit a step back 3 pointer over Kawhi to win the game...
The Jazz assets at least began to rival the Kardashians when the acquired Jeff Withey.
Celtics should get in on this. Send John Holland to ATL and 51 to UTH for Jeff Withey so they can make a valid deal right now.
Is it going to be Jeff Withey or Chris Johnson going to Atlanta? Will Jeff Withey finally get a chance to play?!
, How does Poetlt compare with Pliess or Jeff Withey,
Jeff Withey runs up to your grandad at his retirement ceremony and knocks the brand new Rolex out of his hands.
Dirk Nowitzki on his spectacular swat of Jeff Withey: "It helped that it was a white guy." https…
Kansas players Jeff Withey, Ben McLemore and Perry Ellis after KU defeated TCU
Jeff Withey, Tyreke Evans, Eric Gordon, Jrue Holliday, Ryan Anderson is not a bad team. And also, that's not starting
I hope that Erick Green turns out to be like a Jeff Withey discovery, all they need is a platform to showcase their talent
I liked a video from Aron Baynes Dunks Past Jeff Withey
Wonder what this team could do with a Jeff Withey
I've seen to many Jeff Withey shenanigans to feel bad.
Maybe Favors will back up Gobert instead of play at his normal PF spot. Jeff Withey has been Gobert's backup for Jazz.
Perry Ellis played at KU with Jeff Withey, who was on the Pelicans with Melvin Ely, who was on the Clippers with Cherokee Parks.
Jeff Withey (aggressively white) has agreed to a deal with the Utah Jazz.
Pau Gasol for trey burke and Jeff withey
Jeff Withey splashes 3s in warmups all the time.
Cousins is crazy... I'd rather have Jeff Withey than Cousins...
I keep running stats while researching for the midseason awards episode we're about to record. Name that keeps coming up: JEFF WITHEY.
Holy sh!t, this is what I wanna see, Jeff Withey with Tibor Pleiss together!
Jeff Withey is so under rated. 4 years at a top college pays off
he was a respectable C last season with a nice touch, speed, jumper. Now he looks like a poor mans Jeff Withey. Not good
# Hayward shoot alot of three pointers to win the game: # & Jeff Withey dunk alot okay?
A Jeff Withey step back at the shot clock buzzer ended just like you imagined it would.
Gotta be honest I had no idea Jeff Withey was still in the NBA
It is just me, but I would've played more Jeff Withey tonight.
Joe Ingles and Jeff Withey are going to end up being the only Jazz players with a positive +/- tonight. Each played less than 10 minutes.
This is my favorite Jeff Withey moment.
Quin Snyder, why don't you play Rudy Gobert & Jeff Withey together?
NBA. NY 22 - 26 UTA. Jeff Withey just got an FT. Sponsored by
Jeff Withey is doing a great job keeping NY off the offensive-glass and keeping Derek Fisher away from his playmate girlfriend.
Jeff Withey got the most annoying face in the history of sports
So did Jeff Withey still want to leave the hotel after he got there?
Jeff Withey has a Playboy playmate girlfriend? Good work there.
another deal I make is getting jeff Withey people are sleeping on him a 7 foot big man who can block shots make up for big man mozgov.
Quin Snyder, your Trevor Booker love during Utah Jazz 4th quarters is costing the team some wins, you gotta play Jeff Withey or Trey Lyles
Also, Jeff Withey has the same block percentage as Gobert (7.2%)
I can't wait to see Kosta Koufos up against Jeff Withey. This is how far I have fallen in life.
Jeff Withey gets absolutely no respect... How was that not a foul? Tim Donaghy on this game?
Jeff Withey has a prime opportunity in Utah. He should know how Utah overpaid the last white center from Kansas who overachieved for a year.
Jeff Withey blocks his second shot in as many possessions. Fan yells, “No fly zone, baby!"
I'm glad to see Jeff Withey back out on the court !
Lineup note: Jazz will start Neto, Trey Lyles on Monday. Alec Burks, Jeff Withey off the bench.
What I want to know is if Bill Self has fewer home losses than years Jeff Withey played volleyball.
The Jazz only have a few weeks to decide if they will guarantee Elijah Millsap, Chris Johnson and Jeff Withey for the season.
Seems Jeff Withey is winning the battle against Omer Asik in this game. That's not a great look for Dell Demps.
NBA. Jeff Withey just got a block. Sponsored by
Jeff Withey with a turnover. Sponsored by -Plugin . Sponsored by
NBA. Jeff Withey just got a rebound. Sponsored by
Recommendation by :Jeff Derrick Favors will get the st...
Jeff Withey will return to the bench for Friday's game against the Nuggets.
Trey Lyles will return to the starting lineup for Friday's game vs. the Nuggets, sending Jeff Withey back to the bench.
Urgent Alert: Trey Lyles returns to the starting lineup, Jeff Withey to the bench
Lineup note: Trey Lyles will start Friday with Jeff Withey off the bench.
Jeff Withey in drag calling himself Jenn so he can play volley, though... Pretty *** funny.
Did you know Jeff Withey played volleyball
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Jazz feel 'lucky' to have center Jeff Withey during recent stretch of misfortune
When he was growing up, Jeff Withey played volleyball. Bet you had no idea.
Jeff Withey just tried to sneak a rebound away from David West by yelling "same!" West grabbed the rebound anyway and said "shut up!"
Up - wants the Jazz to start Jeff Withey at center with Rudy Gobert sidelined.
How good is Jeff Withey going to be over the next seven years?
This is when they are very sad that Jeff Withey isn't still a pelican
Jeff Withey Needs To Stay: . . Check out the profile pic... It'... (Community Post)
limited space available on the Jeff withey bandwagon.
Is the triple wing & Jeff Withey's play most likely going to mean Cotton doesn't make the team?
Nice ball movement by the Jazz leads to a Jeff Withey dunk
Utah Jazz: Center Jeff Withey making his case for roster spot
Now the Jazz have both Jeff Withey and the poor man's Jeff Withey:
With Jeff Withey on the floor in 29 minutes so far this preseason:. Jazz Ortg: 182.7. Jazz Drtg: 82.6. . Jazz NetRtg: +100.1. (Per
After last night's game, Jeff Withey leads the NBA preseason in PER, at 39.9.
ouch😂 when you get roasted by Jeff withey's girlfriend >>>> featured in NBC s Science of Love
2 tremendous passes from Elijah Millsap to Jeff Withey for dunks last night:
why is Jay Leno trending ahead of the great Jeff Withey?!
Jeff Withey is no longer trending in Salt Lake City. What is wrong with you people?
The Jazz are playing smallball now. 7-footer Jeff Withey is in for 7-3 Tibor Pleiss.
.hit the nail on Jeff Withey's head. The right and left sides have completely different hairstyles.
Every time I see Jeff Withey play, all I can think of is...
Let the historical record show that Jeff Withey is trending in Salt Lake City at 2:32 a.m., Oct. 7, 2015.
Jazz center Jeff Withey on Alec Burks: "He just looked great. He was making crazy layups. It’s fun to play with a guy like that."
Jeff Withey smiled when I joked that he's a hero in Utah for blocking Roy Hibbert's shots. "Oh, good. That’s what I like to do—block shots."
I think Jeff Withey made a big statement tonight. Impressive performance from him on both ends
This game should be decided by a one-on-one game between Jeff Withey and Roy Hibbert. Floppy hair vs. Floppy player.
Jeff Withey ties it up at 105 with 30 seconds left on a baseline dunk. Crowd rises as Lou Williams has a 3 to win it. He's off and it's OT.
Jeff Withey gave my brother a cut above his eye in a CIF playoff game during their senior years. Instantly became my new favorite player.
You know you have bad defense when Jeff Withey dunks multiple times in one game. But it's only preseason so ya good.
Looks like jeff withey is in the to just foul lmaoo
Withey clearly put his head in the path of Hibbert's elbow there. Such a dirty player, Jeff.
Jeff Withey looks like he asked a barber who'd never seen Gordon Hayward to give him the Gordon Hayward hipster haircut.
Oh snap. I didn't know Jeff Withey was born & raised here SD! I remember when SDSU played him when we played KU tho.
I need Xav Henry to come in the game to dunk on Jeff Withey boof ***
Jeff Withey was born to play for the Utah Jazz
Jeff Withey looks like a volleyball player.
NBA news: Utah Jazz have signed centre Jeff Withey on a multi year contract
Free-agent center Jeff Withey signs with Utah -
Jazz sign free agent center Jeff Withey
Free-agent center Jeff Withey signs with Utah - ESPN
Jazz sign center Jeff Withey to multi-year deal
NBA rumors: News on Jeff Withey and Metta World Peace, plus ...
Jeff Withey has signed with the Utah Jazz. (Y!)
In a busy summer of offseason moves for Jayhawks, Jeff Withey will be playing for the Utah Jazz.
Yahoo Sources: Free agent 7-footer Jeff Withey agrees to deal with the Utah Jazz. h…
All purpose parts banner
Former player Jeff Withey signs deal with Utah Jazz.
Utah Jazz reportedly agree to terms with big man Jeff Withey
Jeff Withey is signing with the Jazz reports
Just hit me that Jeff Withey and Ryan Anderson won't be together this season, they were so cute. 😔 🏀
Free agent and former Jayhawk Jeff Withey has been signed by the Utah Jazz!
Jeff Withey, President AK-47, Call of Dante, and more. It's your Tuesday Downbeat.
& Bringing back Norris Cole, Alexis Ajinca, Jeff Withey, and maybe Omer Asik.
A late 2nd rounder is not worth 600k. Don't really need another Jeff Withey/ Darius Miller type player
Much like the Jeff Withey Blazer-Era, let us never forget the Rondae Hollis Jefferson Era here in
Was going to reply, but then I remembered that you also thought that Jeff Withey was better than Anthony Davis!?!
fair point... But recently they've been a big disappointment Tyler Zeller, Jeff Withey, Nerlens Noel, Alex Len
I see the Timberwolves rejected the 56th pick and Jeff Withey for the number 1 pick i sent them.
Agreed. How can that no-talent Anthony Davis be starting ahead of Jeff Withey? Does anyone in NOLA know basketball?
Jeff Withey should be every team's pick in tonight's
Okay since Sacramento wouldn't take the deal 56th pick and Jeff Withey for the 4th Pick Knicks.
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Boogie for Jeff Withey and the 56th pick. Final offer Sacramento.
Make sure you all vote for Kirk! | The Ultimate Eight: Jeff Withey v Kirk Hinrich via
he must not know who Cole Aldrich, Jeff Withey, and Joel Embiid are then
Me with NBA player Jeff Withey of the New Orleans Pelicans. Guy makes me look like I'm 5'6" lmao😂😂…
I added a video to a playlist Xavier Henry POSTERIZES Jeff Withey
great work!!! Plus Jeff Withey was in the NBA last year. Who knew?
Complety random thought but I think Jeff withey could be a good pick up for someone
Jackson is a member of the All-Supposed-To-Be-Wildcats Team with Brandon Jennings, Ndudi Ebi and Jeff Withey.
That awkward moment when Jeff Withey has similar per 36 minute stats to Omer Asik.
Joel Embiid, Morris twins, Thomas Robinson, Jeff Withey, all insane development under Self, they're all awful?
I know I keep forgetting he played with Jeff Withey, Elijah Johnson, Travis Releford, & Ben McLemore lol
Jeff Withey (inactive) is out for Friday's game vs Phoenix.
The take on the tonight. Get ready for the game and get to know Pels' big man,
Conspiracy theory: Jeff Withey is really good and Dell has buried him so that he can resign him to a dirt cheap 5 yr deal.
So what's up w/ Jeff Withey & Jimmer Fredette? I know jimmer was having some issues with hitting the 3s. They just gonna chill on the bench?
results:. Jeff Withey: 94%. Xavier Henry: 6%. Withey advances to face Cole Aldrich in the Round of 16
If Charlotte updates her story w ömer, jeff withey, Anthony Davis, or the pels one more time I'm gonna lose it
.player for the shares his favorite things to eat, see and do around New Orleans:
My New Orleans: 20 Questions with Jeff Withey - Hailing from San Diego, Calif., Jeff Withey came to the New Orlean...
Jeff Withey 7 footer never got off the bench; Omer and Ajinca were both in foul trouble.
Watching sure makes me miss Jeff Withey
I hope current 3rd string C for NOP Jeff Withey gets a real chance for a team next year. Has put up respectable in VERY limited minutes.
Xavier Henry needs to put on his Lakers uniform ASAP. Jeff Withey is in the game and standing in the paint.
Hunter Mickelson's block percentage (13.9%) is now better than Jeff Withey's his senior year (13.7%)
Thomas Robinson, Tyshawn Taylor, Jeff Withey, Elijah Johnson, Travis Releford, & Kevin Young? That team would smack this yrs team
I mean, he had two points in the 2012 National Championship game vs Thomas Robinson and Jeff Withey. TWO!
How come no one realizes that Jeff Withey is the answer to their team's rim protection problems?
Pelicans mailbag delves into consistency, Jeff Withey, Ryan Anderson, Dante Cunningham, more:
Xavier Henry rises over Jeff Withey! Jayhawk on Jayhawk assault right there.
Seeing Jeff Withey dance with Patrick the Starfish during a TV break is what I'll take away from this game.
Looking like Austin Rivers, Alexis Ajinca and Jeff Withey won't get into the game in the 1st half.
Bill Self has to be missing guys like Joel Embiid and Jeff Withey. Guys who have length, score inside, and can protect the rim
what do you think the Pelicans want for Jeff Withey
them.. I admit im alittle disspointed in Perry, but look at Jeff Withey Cole Aldrich also
Jeff Withey gives the fans free fries with that FT.
false. Jeff Withey and Jakarr Sampson got drafted only because of their D
Do the Cav's want Jeff Withey or Alexis Ajinca, because one of them should go.
Just a thought, but Monty Williams needs to put Jeff Withey in the game, so Xavier Henry can regain his confidence. http:…
only people on that team I can name are bench clowns like Austin Rivers and Jeff Withey
My computer background is still Jeff Withey.
New Orleans Jeff Withey will be the center of attention in summer league - The Times-Picayune
Rudy Gobert is the answer to the question, "How intriguing would Jeff Withey be if he were a 22-year-old Frenchmen?"
New Orleans Pelicans backup center Jeff Withey pushing to be a ...
I'm still trying to marry Jeff Withey though. He needs to quit playin and put a ring on it.
for lunch and Ryan Griffin of the Saints, Jeff Withey and john Salmons of the pelicans are all here!
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Do you think New Orleans rookie center Jeff Withey should have ... - The Times-Picayune
Is it just me or does Jeff Withey look like Ashton Kutcher in this picture.
to be honest I would rather have Patric Young, then Jeff Withey. And if the Andre Blatche talks are true, who knows
I think Jeff Withey is back in town today
I miss the fake Jeff Withey account 😭
Are Alexis Ajinca and Jeff Withey the answer to the New Orleans ... - The Times-Picayune
I was gonna mention the Titanic museum! That guestbook was going into the Smithsonian too. JEFF AND AMBER WITHEY MADE HISTORY
Remember the time Jeff Withey came to the Christmas Story house w/us?! I am just fantastic.
Kyle Korver might as well be Jeff Withey.
My sister's working on setting me up w/one of Jeff Withey's bff's. I'm pretending she's setting me up w/Jeff. 👐👐. Thanks,
Dunk of the Year is between Terrence Ross on Kenneth Faried and Xavier Henry on Jeff Withey. Griffin on Humphries was NOT a dunk.
That's what Jeff Withey did with Arizona when they wouldn't give him his release: Risky, but not much to lose now.
Jeff Withey (victim) appears on NBA's Top 10 Dunks of the Season video: (we still love you)
When Xavier posterized Jeff Withey no one could tell me this team wasn't the rebirth of Showtime. Turns out I was wrong a little bit.
Just asked Matthew who I should take to formal. He said Jeff Withey.
either 42 points or dunk over Jeff Withey!
Jeff Withey won the fantasy NBA championship for me. Jeff Withey. Jeff Withey...
New Orleans Pelicans center Jeff Withey talks about ending the season on a two-game winning streak | video
Should the New Orleans start Jeff Withey at center? - The Times-Picayune
“Jeff Withey 5 blocks in 20 minutes tonight. !
"Jeff Withey 5 blocks in 20 minutes tonight.
Jeff Withey and Cole Aldrich are making Kansas proud! Also proud: large, unathletic white people.
6 points, 6 rebounds and 5 blocks for Jeff Withey in 20 minutes tonight.
Jeff Withey 5 blocks in 20 minutes tonight.
The entire city of Philadelphia is cursing Jeff Withey right now
Pelicans lead Rockets by 5. Jeff Withey is ruining the Sixers chance at the 9th pick.
Nice block by Jeff Withey. That play will probably clinch this win for New Orleans, which leads by five with less than a minute to play.
Dear people who love Anthony Davis' block stats, Jeff Withey isn't far behind.
Anthony Davis leads Pelicans obviously with 2.9 blocks per 36 minutes, but Jeff Withey not far back at 2.4. Has two more nice swats tonight
If you type my name in on google you get pictures of tmills and Jeff withey
I love Jeff Withey almost as much as I love Jimmer Fredette or Kirk Hinrich. I have problems...
Monty Williams has Jeff Withey sitting on the bench like he's a rookie on a team that leads the Western Conference. Ridiculous.
Jeff Withey dunks from 1 foot out. Tyreke Evans with the assist. Pelicans 37, Wizards 36 in Washington. 2:54 left in the 2nd
Jeff Withey made it to the nba playing div5 San Diego ball. Well he was 7'0.'re the next Jeff Withey..u can't suck
Just how great was Jeff Withey? In 2013 he had 2 blocks per foul. Joel Embiid 0.779.
Grevis has been terrible in Toronto. Moving Lopez was supposed to be easier to swallow (Jeff Withey) but Monty
RIP Jeff Withey. I assume he is dead
I actually want an answer as to why Jeff Withey and Darius Miller continue to get to shaft.
Paging Jeff Withey...Steamer avoiding to get rebounds.
Jeff Withey and Darius Miller have played a combined 0 minutes tonight.
Rumors persist that Greg Stiemsma nailed Jeff Withey to the bench. Cannot confirm. Tool-box was found in the area.
“we must be forgetting who Jeff Withey is…” who won the title that year tho?
we must be forgetting who Jeff Withey is...
hey, Jeff Withey can do what he wants.
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This is the sickest Jeff Withey edit I've ever seen.
“ALERT: THE PELICANS CALL JEFF WITHEY SWEET PEA.” After seein the Anthony Davis vine that name seems more fitting for him
HOP he east., Indiana has the best record. But...the pacers are beatable. They have their problems and you could see it in Phoenix's win IN indiana the other week. Dragic abused Hill...they put stephenson on him, no help, and finally had to put Paul George on him. That worked, sort of, but then Hill was guarding markieff morris...not good. And miles plumlee and alex len matched up even against hibbert. (and for the record, if you re drafted the 2013 draft the pick is Alex Len...i had him at olidipo and adams ahead of him).but i was worried about his ankles. But if he stays healthy, he is a future all star elite center. mark it down. Anyway, pacers can be beat.they are brutal against teams that try to go small. They crush them. But.if you can match up a bit with them on the front line, then they can be beat.they still run a vanilla offense that stalls for long stretches. They also miss Psycho T believe it or not. Luis Scola isnt bringing the same thug game that tyler hansbourgh did. So then there is Miami. ...
Watching KU basketball makes me miss Jeff Withey so much! He's my idol.
Xavier Henry posterizes Jeff Withey! (sorry for bad edit) my team
I'd be happy with Jeff withey straight up
FYI, his stats are better than Jeff Withey's his sophomore season. Whithey turned out fine.
At least Jeff Withey is on tv in an old KU game
New Orleans Pelicans rookie center Jeff Withey learning from unexpected hands-on experience
The latest upgrade to the Pelicans iPhone app does not include the "Free Jeff Withey" puzzle game
“He decided to take a charge & that wasnt the right thing for him” -
Jeff Withey's Wikipedia page is hilarious lol
yeah I wanted Jeff Withey badly when I was watching the draft. I got mad when they didn't get him
CAn you see the Pelicans making any moves? And how far do you think Jeff Withey has grown so far
New Orleans Pelicans center Jeff Withey talks about his improvement: video
Xavier Henry over Jeff Withey! video by quality highlights on vine! Tag a few friends…
Great first half. jeff withey is impressing me.
Would so much rather watch Jeff Withey play the
I know one player on this New Orleans team: Jeff Withey.
Finally found something Greg Steimsma and Jeff Withey are good at. Humming songs and guessing what the other his humming.
ex. Anthony Davis and Jeff Withey for Perkins works.
Getting Pels Super Bowl Predictions, so far I have B-Rob, Jeff Withey, and Anthony Morrow.
Jeff Withey will be a solid 5 in the future
The (18 - 25) New Orleans Pelicans have defeated the (12 - 33) Orlando Magic 100 - 92. Anthony Davis was simply outstanding and check out this lovely highlight. My boy Anthony Davis had an awesome (possibly All Star reserve worthy?) game with 22 points, a career - high 19 rebounds and 7 blocks. The sophomore simply dominated the game on both ends of the court Tyreke Evans is starting to prove his price tag as he lead the team off the bench with a team high 23 points, 7 assists and 7 rebounds. It was interesting to watch that rookie Jeff Withey had more minutes (23) than starting centre Alexis Ajinca (8). The rookie centre from Kansas has impressed in his new role and extended minutes off the bench; however, the centre position is a position of need for the Pelicans and in this league; Smith, Stiemsma, Ajinca and Withey, just dont cut it. Arron Afflalo continues his impressive season with a game high 25 points, 2 rebounds and 2 assists yet he hurt his team with a game high 6 turnovers. Rookie of the Year . ...
Was just chatting with my buddy chuck about ku. Getting ready to watch the game. I dvr it because of work. Before I turn it on the top ten plays of january come on on espn and number 9 is andrew wiggins breakaway dunk on duke then number 8 is Xavier Henry dunking on jeff withey in the nba lol then on the scrolling news at the bottom of the screen its talking about gary woodland leading the golf Tournament. Hmmm must be a ku night
Did Jeff Withey play like an All American in 2011-2012? No, he didn't.
Somewhere Elijah Johnson, Jeff Withey, Travis Releford and Ben McLemore are smiling. This is going to end badly for TCU
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