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Jeff Van Gundy

Jeffrey William Jeff Van Gundy (born January 19, 1962) is a former American basketball head coach.

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Pub 2 on in 0.2d. Jeff Van Gundy's Rant on Khloe Kardashian | Game... rel="
Jeff Van Gundy went on a 60 second rant defending Khloe Kardashian. Welcome to the 2017 NBA Finals.
Jeff Van Gundy just went into a two minute speech about respecting Khloe Kardashian during the They offici…
Jeff Van Gundy is an *** To even compare Khloe Kardashian to Ayesha Curry & Savannah James so astronomically disrespe…
Jeff Van Gundy's defense of Khloe Kardashian was totally random and totally correct via
Khloe Kardashian been around the NBA almost as much as Jeff Van Gundy at this point
Jeff Van Gundy rants about being at the game
Jeff Van Gundy telling us to apologize for Khloe Kardashian slander
Jeff Van Gundy was more excited about seeing Rihanna than Lebron James' poster dunk. But f...
Jeff Van Gundy: "Kevin Durant this year has done better job moving without the ball.". This was his biggest (only?) issue when with OKC, no?
"Lebron James has been really deferential this second half." No one is as casually cutting as Jeff Van Gundy.
Jeff Van Gundy just said "Lebron James looks tired".. how much are they paying this guy
"Not many guys have the talent, vision, and basketball courage to deliver that pass." Jeff Van Gundy on Lebron James
Kerr-James 2020 (with Jeff Van Gundy as press secretary)
Jeff Van Gundy: "I don't about this but Rihanna just walked in front of me. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!". Mark Jackson: "Stay wit…
"My bro Jeff Van Gundy over there wants to know how you doin" - Kevin Hart probably
finals are on ABC. Mike Breen, Mark Jackson & Jeff Van Gundy will call the games
Look on the bright side: we get more Mark Jackson and Jeff Van Gundy. Wait a minute.
Mike Breen, Jeff Van Gundy, and Mark Jackson on the other hand blow all the TNT commentators away imo.
It would be great if Jeff Van Gundy, Mark Jackson, Mike Breen called the NBA Finals game with the TNT crew doing halftime, pre, & post game
After this series we won't hear Hubie Brown anymore.. ECF is on TNT.. & Nba finals is ABC with Mike Breen, Mark Jackson, Jeff Van Gundy
I enjoy ABC's crew -- Mike Breen, Jeff Van Gundy and Mark "momma there goes that man" Jackson -- as much as a…
I think Jay Cutler would be good at TV. He's got a great honest streak — Jeff Van Gundy with better hair
"I remember Rod Strickland, my first year with the Knicks, eating a hot dog before the game. 40 minutes before the game." . -Jeff Van Gundy
Jeff Van Gundy went OFF on the NBA, Cavs and their athletic performance team for resting their Big 3. (WATCH):
With his 430th win, coach Erik Spoelstra ties Jeff Van Gundy and Larry Costello for 38th all-time. 13 behind Doug Collins.
Jeff Van Gundy is such a bad commentator smh get Gus Johnson on the celtics- GS game
Spoelstra ties Jeff Van Gundy,Larry Costello for 38th on NBA wins list, and as Doug Collins said tonight, must be considered for coach of yr
(2001) Marcus Camby swings at Danny Ferry, but ends up hitting coach Jeff Van Gundy.
Jeff Van Gundy says only way Lebron James is traded is if it's for Kevin Durant AND Stephen Curry. Mark Jackson says LeB…
time to clean house and let Jeff Van Gundy take over as HC w large role in front office and hire Ferry or Dumars as GM
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*Still awaits for the traditional Jeff Van Gundy rant*
Wow that was really smart from Goran. Sheesh. . Jeff Van Gundy would be ranting though.
need bizzaro Jeff Van Gundy's take. Pencil him in before Thai rub N tugs, after barbiturates
Rumor: Pelicans were not willing to meet Jeff Van Gundy's demands
Knicks Vs. Heat. Jeff Van Gundy was hanging on to Zo's leg for dear life @ 4:40 in this video.…
Things that make me v happy, in no particular order:. Service dogs . A perfectly salted soft-boiled egg. Chargrilled oysters. Jeff Van Gundy
Speaking of fights, the commentary on the Camby/Ferry/Jeff Van Gundy by Walt Frazier was priceless LOL
"Holding people accountable starts with doing the right thing yourself." Jeff Van Gundy
Jeff Van Gundy said this several seasons ago. "Give me 5 great offensive players over 5 great defensive players any day of the week."
i love Jeff Van Gundy out there holding a leg of an opponent
Jeff Van Gundy says Brandon Jennings is "doing a Yogi Ferrell right now." you've officially made it.
I'd take anyone commentating over Austin Carr and Jeff Van Gundy lol
nah Jeff van Gundy just being a punk
Jeff is not a good coach nor teacher...biggest move knicks can make today is firing Jeff and hiring Mark Jackson or van gundy
“Shooting percentage is just as much about decision making as it is about technique”– Jeff Van Gundy
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Today we honor Jeff Van Gundy the first white coach to take several L's for his black players. Peep the sacrifice...
On the Jeff Van Gundy reflects on his years coaching legend
I had a dream Vlade Divac hit a mid range jump shot in the middle of the secon quarter on a fast break Jeff Van Gundy went crazy
Jeff Van Gundy pleas come back to the Knicks take over everything everything you please basketball operations and all
Jeff Van Gundy just said there is only two legends on the floor. Bron and Craig Sager. Meanwhile Curry was still on the court 😭😂😂
Morey was playing Madden, trying to get Jeff Van Gundy to trade him a first round pick for Brock when he heard Magic got the Lakers gig.
"You really shouldn't have to beg a basketball player for energy, effort, or unselfishness. That's just how you win." (Je…
Not hockey but amazing story: retired NBA coach Jeff Van Gundy on what it was like to coach Yao Ming
Magic was on the Jeff Van Gundy "If I don't say anything bad, they can't bring it up in an interview" job plan
I'd take just about anyone over Freddy but I'd say my top 2 are Mark Jackson and Jeff van Gundy. Thoughts?
Stan Van Gundy: "Jeff (Bower)'s always talking to people... hundreds and hundreds of (discussions)."
Somebody need to get Jeff Van Gundy off the This guy only complains about everything.
You know who the perfect coach for the would be? Jeff Van Gundy.
You mean this guy, the two time All Star weekend and meets Jeff Van Gundy Despite Slow Start For Pistons:
OMG - Jeff Van Gundy on Mike & Mike talking about Oakley kicking the ball at him in a practice: “A nutshot of epic proporti…
hc Stan Van Gundy said it's possible his brother Jeff Van Gundy returns 2 coaching Said he misses part of it, but has real good job
Jeff Bower reportedly desperate to make this trade happen steals Van Gundy's phone to call Tom Gores. Gores though appears to be drunk (1/2)
Jeff Bower is now outside Van Gundy's home throwing rocks at his window trying to wake him. No answer. (Wog)
fire Gentry and hire Jeff Van Gundy like we should have from the beginning
Mike Breen, Jeff Van Gundy & Mark Jackson the best commentator team and it's not up for debate
Can we start the Jeff Van Gundy to the Pelicans rumors now or nah?
lmao facts bro I was just thinking him or like jeff van gundy *** like them
I want cell phone records showing that Stan Van Gundy/ or Jeff Bower spoke with Divac about bringing Boogie to Detroit, or I want them fired
Jeff Van Gundy on Tracy McGrady, a finalist for Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame ("Tracy is a…
The video of Jeff Van Gundy defending Charles Oakley and ending up wrapped up around Alonzo Mourning's leg never gets old. . Real tears. 😂😭
Is that Jeff Van Gundy pulling on Alonzo Mourning's leg from the floor?? 😂😂
crazy to think Earl Watson has a HC job but Mark Jackson, Jeff Van Gundy, and Kevin McHale don't
Jeff Van Gundy: Carmelo Anthony makes sense as Sixth Man for
“Your best players have to unite and inspire the group… otherwise, they’ll divide the group.” – Jeff Van Gundy
"The best teams play for each other, not with each other." . -Jeff Van Gundy
Jeff Van Gundy likes "The Tripper" Grayson Allen of Duke. So there's that.
Jeff Van Gundy just said he likes Grayson Allen. No wonder he never made it as a basketball coach
Jeff Van Gundy calls Grayson Allen "the tripper" and then comes around to say he likes him and Mark Jackson agrees
Jeff Van Gundy jus called Grayson Allen.the Tripper!LMFAO Dude has 0 chill!
Jeff Van Gundy is talking about Grayson Allen during an OKC-GS game. get this man off of TV. Please.
Jeff Van Gundy just referred to Grayson Allen as "The Tripper".
If I'm Mark Jackson or Jeff Van Gundy, I am salivating at the chance to coach MIL. They love Kidd though, absolutely love him!
Jeff Van Gundy (NBA analyst/MTZ native) just said "Martinez is one of the roughest neighborhoods in the country"during the Warriors gm😅
Pretty sure Kyrie hit that last shot over Jeff Van Gundy
starting to wish the would've hired Jeff Van Gundy instead of
Jeff Van Gundy says the Knicks can win 50 games this season...
Jeff Van Gundy is right, sports has been one too statistically based and is (in my opinion) ruining the love of sports. Let's ease up
Does anyone else get tired of hearing Jeff Van Gundy complain about reviews in games? We get it. Stop complaining.
"Self motivation is the only motivation that last" Jeff Van Gundy
Mike Breen: Clint Capela had to make 500 free throws every day this offseason. Jeff Van Gundy: How long did that take him?!…
"He's...absolutely in love with officiating, and the nuances of officiating" -Jeff Van Gundy
"There should be fines for unnecessary reviews." -Jeff Van Gundy
Jeff Van Gundy and whatever other announcer called the OKC/HOU game needs to check this out.
"Being stat-ed to death *** the beauty and the joy out of the game" --Jeff Van Gundy 👋
Jeff Van Gundy really said "harden just needs to get one more rebound for the triple dub and maybe he'll be considered a star" shots fired😂
Jeff Van Gundy's commentary is ruining the game of 🏀. He just said you should rest on defense if you are doing a lot o…
Jeff Van Gundy in my top 3 favorite NBA commentators.
Jeff Van Gundy looks like the guy who emails Banana Republic and complains they don't have pleats in all styles of khakis
"The best teams play FOR each other, not WITH each other." -Jeff Van Gundy .
"Jennings answers reveal a mindset that was prevalent among Knicks teams in the 1990s under Pat Riley and Jeff Van Gundy"
suave, debonair, not a hair out of place...the anti-Jeff Van Gundy
Transcript of Jeff Van Gundy and Mark Jones talking about the Derrick Rose case on the ESPN Knicks-Rockets broadcast
Jeff Van Gundy preaching on violence against women right now!
Need Kevin Harlan, Hubie Brown, Jeff Van Gundy, and Mike Breen as commentators for my life.
Jeff Van Gundy is the guy who chooses Russell Westbrook's wardrobe
I liked a video from Jeff Van Gundy on Tim Duncan retirement | July 11, 2016
(Caribbean only) Mike Breen, Jeff Van Gundy and Doris Burke will call the U.S. Men's basketball games on
Jeff Van Gundy hates Anderson Varejao more than Beyonce hates Becky with the good hair.
The way Jeff Van Gundy & Mark Jackson analyzed the games & broke down the strategies, I don't understand why they aren't…
"Everybody played a part. Everybody should be recognized." - Jeff Van Gundy
Truly. Watching the makes me wish we, being the soccer community, had a Mike Breen & Jeff Van Gundy
My boy Jeff Van Gundy with the cold hard truth. 2 legends on the court right now, LeBron and Craig Sager
Only thing worse than the Warriors offense is Mark Jackson and Jeff Van Gundy announcing the game again..
Gal dang I love me some Jeff Van Gundy shade!
. Jeff Van Gundy looks like the son of a famous circus family. who just didn’t live up to the expectation of his father.
smh. Maybe Cavs should go get Durant. And Rick Carlisle. Or even Jeff Van Gundy.
"Oklahoma City, it's just different there." - Jeff Van Gundy
Jeff Van Gundy to star in Eli Lake biopic
Absolutely love Jeff Van Gundy's commentary in tonight's game
If I could I would hug Jeff Van Gundy right now for calling out Curry/"Fans" for saying Curry is hurt whenever he has a bad game
Why yes, I will wish Joey Crawford a good retirement, Jeff Van Gundy. As long he never comes near a basketball court again.
Jeff Van Gundy and Mark Jackson: "Lebron James is the greatest forward passer that's ever played this game."
Listening to Jeff Van Gundy and Doris Burke both working this game is honestly just awful
I've been keeping track of the number of times Mark Jackson agrees with Jeff Van Gundy through the playoffs. So far, still at zero.
Listening to you and Jeff Van Gundy is like an Abbott & Costello routine.
Have you heard Jeff Van Gundy and Mark Jackson? The worst kept secret here Stateside is that national telecasts are terrible.
Mark Jackson and Jeff Van Gundy, we appreciate you!
ESPN gives us the broadcast team in all of professional sports: Jeff Van Gundy, Mark Jackson and Mike Breen.
Mark Jackson probably with Mike Breen and Jeff Van Gundy watching this Warriors game and saying "They Gon Miss Me Now..."
Jeff Van Gundy and Mark Jackson thought Draymond Green should have been suspended
I like Marc Jackson and Jeff Van Gundy over Webber and Reggie tbh
Jeff Van Gundy, Mark Jackson, and Mike Breen give their thoughts on the Draymond Green decision via /r/nba
Sources: Jeff Van Gundy out of running for Rockets job
Report: Kenny Smith out of Rockets coaching search; Frank Vogel, Jeff Van Gundy still in.
ESPN will have the entire 2016 Eastern Conference Finals with Mike Breen, Mark Jackson and Jeff Van Gundy.
Jeff Van Gundy, Reggie Miller and Hubie Brown top 3 in game commentators
Nobody can do it better than Marv Albert, Kevin Harlan, Mike Breen, Reggie Miller, Chris Webber and Jeff Van Gundy.
im wondering when Mark Jackson agreed with Jeff Van Gundy about how Larry Bird handled Vogels dismissal hurt his chances at all
Jeff Van Gundy just asked what would happen if Lillard and Curry switched. He said Lillard can do the same things.
Jeff Van Gundy had something very interesting to say about Damian Lillard and Steph Curry 🤔.
Jeff Van Gundy : "If you traded Damian Lillard to the Warriors for Steph Curry, how much difference do we see?"
Why do playoff games suddenly become more interesting when they are announced by Mike Breen and Jeff Van Gundy
Thumb in the eye to Knicks fans watching playoffs with Jeff Van Gundy, Mike Breen, and on the call.
Mike Breen could be without both Mark Jackson and Jeff Van Gundy in about a month.
I know everyone who watches basketball knows but Jeff Van Gundy and Mark Jackson are legit off the rails 95% of games.
kudos to ESPN on their NBA broadcast teams. Mark Jackson, Jeff Van Gundy and Mike Breen are excellent and Hubie Brown is the best!
Definitely don't want to be Mike Breen right now after Jeff Van Gundy calls out Mark Jackson on the air 😬
Mike Breen, Mark Jackson and my favorite Jeff Van Gundy are to me, the best trio today in broadcasting.
How much you wanna bet well end up with Mike D'Antoni or Jeff Van Gundy.
POLL: Rank the coaching candidates from best to worst for the A. Jeff Van Gundy. B. Jeff Hornacek. C. Frank Vogel. D. Mike D'Antoni
I wonder who's all on Birds list ? McMillian and Mark Jackson for sure.Mike D'Antoni ? Jeff Van Gundy ?
Frank Vogel, Jeff Van Gundy, Mike D'Antoni. Come on Rockets some solid options out there. Can't strike out on this one!
Jeff Van Gundy coached a Tracy McGrady Houston Rockets squad. That could help if he were to take over Paul George and the Indiana Pacers.
"What is going on?! Where are his parents?". A young fan crashed Hornets-Heat, much to Jeff Van Gundy's chagrin:
After winning the 99 championship, Popovich said to losing coach Jeff Van Gundy: "I've got Tim Duncan and you don't. That's the difference."
Jeff Van Gundy, the commentator and former Knicks coach, has a good argument for not totally rebuilding around Kristaps Porzingis. soon as this Charlotte/Miami game is over, Jeff Van Gundy or Mark Jackson is going to be announced as some team's head coach.
Good for Porzingis? Then Carmelo Anthony Is Good for the Knicks: Jeff Van Gundy, the commentator and former K...
Monty Williams, Jeff Van Gundy, Mark Jackson for the lakers and I'm cool.
Get Jeff Van Gundy, Luke might be too young to coach Swaggy P & Russell lol
The next head coach should be Jeff Van Gundy with Kurt Rambis & Mark Jackson & Patrick Ewing as assistant head coaches...
Jeff Van Gundy to be named Houston Rockets head coach after 2016 playoffs end. You heard it here first
David Blatt is better. With the team you have, I promise Jeff Van Gundy isn't that good. Look up his record
"Energy, Effort & Unselfishness...that should be a given each and every day". - Jeff Van Gundy speaking on what players b…
They need to bring back Jeff Van Gundy
Now Thibs is gone, I would prefer the to hire Mark Jackson or Jeff Van Gundy. As this looks unlikely, I'll still be happy with Blatt
That's difficult. I notice when they're bad way more than when they're good. I guess I'd go Gary Danielson and Jeff Van Gundy
I agree with on hiring Jeff Van Gundy for the Knicks. Either him or Mark Jackson.
Etore Messina and Luke Walton look like the frontrunners for the Lakers HC job. Jeff Van Gundy also has interest.
Jeff van gundy or Kevin mchale would be a great choice. . But Charles Barkley would be ideal.
he would honestly be a solid fit, but I think y'all need Jeff Van Gundy & Mark Jackson
NO! Go for Mark Jackson, Jeff Van Gundy, or someone else! They're better coaches out there!
Yes and the Lakers should hire Jeff Van Gundy ,Mark Jackson or maybe Brian Shaw
Seidel: Stan Van Gundy can work his playoff magic again with Pistons
and if phil is willing to differ from that then why wouldn't he consider Mark Jackson or a Jeff Van Gundy?
"Don't worry about being cool, worry about being the best." -Jeff Van Gundy.…
Best 15..Lakers want to hire coach who is 'magnet' to lure free agents...Jeff Van Gundy? Luke Walton?..John Calipari?
Update to the Lakers coaching search story: as expected, they reach out to Jeff Van Gundy. And yes, he's intrigued
we want Doug Collins or Jeff Van Gundy to be the next coach
If that's true, Lakers are fashionably late. Thibs and Brooks off the market. Jeff Van Gundy interested? featured in NBC s Science of Love
Big internet buzz Jeff Van Gundy will be back. Brooks/Thib obviously already gone to Wolves/Wizards.
One more Rockets note: Sources say Jeff Van Gundy would indeed be highly interested in a return to Houston if that job o…
Jeff Van Gundy & Bill Cowher must get lunch once a year for the past decade to laugh at their names being brought up for every NBA/NFL job
Interesting that Scott Layden spent 2 yrs working directly w/2nd coach interview Jeff Van Gundy. Wonder if Taylor cribbed his choice for GM
Jeff Van Gundy hanging onto Alonzo Mourning's leg is in - Best Playoff Vines
"He's like the pied piper of the NBA. Everybody loved this guy.". -- Jeff Van Gundy on Tyronn Lue
please hire Jeff Van Gundy so he will stop calling games and y'all will stay weak in the West. Please 🙏🏻
Jeff Van Gundy is the John Gruden of NBA coaching searches
Jeff Van Gundy dropping that Menlo College basketball knowledge on us-screw Yale!
Jeff Van Gundy, Jalen Rose, and Reggie Miller should not be allowed to commentate ever again.
Jeff Van Gundy reminding GSW venture capitalist owners - who do like taking credit - that Steph was drafted before they bou…
I think Jeff Van Gundy forgot that Robert Parish played for the Celtics his entire 21 year career.
Lowe Post podcast: Some words on Sam Hinkie/Sixers, awards ballots back-and-forth with Jeff Van Gundy:
Top 3 coaches I would want the Knicks to hire: . 1. Tom Thibadeau . 2. Mark Jackson . 3. Patrick Ewing/Jeff Van Gundy
Thibs, Jeff Van Gundy, Mark Jackson or Luke Walton ...we need to establish a strong defensive-minded team. https…
call the chickens on Jeff Van Gundy. I bet he would rest guys if he was a NBA coach and. Defending they play meaningless games
reminds me of Jeff Van Gundy driving a 1995 Honds Civic while being head coach of the Knicks.
"I would not be surprised at all if Kevin Durant spent his entire career in Oklahoma City." . - Jeff Van Gundy
Jeff Van Gundy looks like the guy in the before picture in a cold medicine commercial.
Just saw Bostjan Nachbar, Scott Padgett, and Eric Piatkowski in the Jeff Van Gundy sideline clip. I love basketball.
I don't believe Lori was there...I met Jeff Van Gundy, Earl the pearl,,Allan houston, Starks, Ryan Fitzpatrick too great time
Jeff Van Gundy talk about the odd D'Angelo Russell situation and transitioning from NCAA to NBA as a coach
Friend of the show Jeff Van Gundy gives his take on the D'Angelo Russell drama. Watch live on
No matter where Jeff Van Gundy goes, he always represents Houston...He was also the founder of the red rowdies
get out of here Ginno You look like Jeff Van Gundy
"So getting 10 points, rebounds, and assists is better than getting 31 points but only having 9 and 8?" - Jeff Van Gundy, on triple-doubles
Gottlieb has literally hired a team to block Cuse fans. We remind him of Jeff Van Gundy cusping tightly on zo's leg htt…
I'm mentally debating on what's worse: Mike Carey and Phil Simms giving us their expert opinion or Jeff Van Gundy doing anything.
Always liked the Mike Breen, Jackson & Jeff Van Gundy trio calling games. Hard to beat Gundy/Breen
Man the crew of Mike Breen, Jeff Van Gundy, and Mark Jackson is just awful now. They used to be good but they're trash now.
need to get rid of Fred Hoiberg go get Doug Collins back Jeff Van Gundy or Kevin McHale a good coach w/ authority...
Mike Francesa, on WFAN, says that Jeff Van Gundy has recently "seriously considered" returning to coach in the NBA.
Mike Francesa should ask Jeff Van Gundy if he's a better coach than Thibodeau. This dude is lawst.
"BEY!". Jeff Van Gundy got really excited when he saw Beyonce during the Thunder-Warriors broadcast:
.Jeff Van Gundy has some high praise for Demetrius Jackson ahead of tonight's NBA/CBB Crossover.
Doubt Fish gets fired but he, Jeff Van Gundy, or Mark Jackson would be great.
Jeff Van Gundy, Larry Brown, Doug Collins, you name the white guy
Nets: David Blatt, Mark Jackson, Jeff Van Gundy may be on head coach wish list: Chief Executive Officer of the...
"If you want to win, you're coachable.". Jeff Van Gundy is FIRED UP over the Cavaliers' coaching change.
Jeff Van Gundy & Mark Jackson to provide analysis w/ Mike Breen tomorrow for vs bulls on abc. I'm sure a lot of interest in their take
Jeff Van Gundy had to stop the Jimmy Butler hype and shut up.
Jeff Van Gundy confirming every Bulls suspicion that he still cries about Michael Jordan every night. Terrible announcing against them.
Jeff Van Gundy throwing Michael Jordan under the bus is my favorite moment of 2016 so far
I think Jeff Van Gundy is the perfect candidate for the head coach's position. When the NYK's are ready to be real contenders.
on analysts Jeff van Gundy and Jalen Rose talk mid-season madness – and baggy shorts
Van Gundy: The Spurs are 'absolutely rolling over people right now'
Finding a better head coach needs to be the No. 1 priority. Still holding out hope for Jeff Van Gundy, Thibs or Scott Brooks.
Transcript: Jeff Van Gundy & discuss new NBA Saturday Primetime on ABC http…
Jeff Van Gundy says Knicks will make the playoffs
Jalen Rose & Jeff Van Gundy agree Spurs have no weaknesses.
A very Happy Birthday to Jeff Van Gundy. The man had some great hair … once upon a time
On his 54th birthday, here is our favorite Jeff Van Gundy story:
Jeff Van Gundy ‘loves’ Kristaps Porzingis, says Knicks are a playoff team
ESPN analyst Jalen Rose & Jeff Van Gundy both agree the Spurs have no weaknesses? Do you agree with that...
can Jeff van gundy get out of his Espn contract now?
Your decisions reveal your priorities. – Jeff Van Gundy
"Van Gundy: Porzingis Is Reason to Fall Back in Love with Knicks" via
ESPN analyst Jeff Van Gundy tells Knicks fans that it's OK to fall in love with their team again:
Yeah Jon Gruden and Jeff Van Gundy are staying away from the pressure of being a coach
Jeff Van Gundy 'loves' Porzingis, says Knicks are a playoff team via
ESPN analyst Jeff Van Gundy on Kristaps Porzingis: "I love everything about how he's handled his situation, love...
Jeff Van Gundy on Kristaps Porzingis: "...he has given the New York Knick fan reason to fall back in love with their team."
On his 54th birthday, here's our favorite Jeff Van Gundy story (via
ESPN analyst Jeff Van Gundy on the Knicks: "I think they will make the Playoffs. I think they're a really good team."
I asked Doug Collins, Jeff Van Gundy and a veteran scout to *** Heat and their personnel. Their feedback:
Most memorable games I was at:. 1) Trent Tucker .01 secs over Bulls. 2) Marcus Camby punched Jeff Van Gundy
Kyrie Irving is embarrassing the Rockets so bad Jeff Van Gundy says to turn the TV off: The Cleveland Cavalier...
I cannot wait to see Jeff Van Gundy and Michael Wilbon or somebody chowing down on coleslaw tonight
Idk who hates on The Knicks more. Mark Jackson and Jeff Van Gundy on ESPN or Walt Frazier on MSG. . I'm going with ESPN for the winner
Jeff Van Gundy is an *** if he thinks the East is deeper than the west. Bottom of the west may be bad but they have 5 contenders. East = 1
To me? Yeah. No question. Jerry West, Shaq, Magic, & Jeff Van Gundy have all said Kobe is the greatest Laker ever.
and yet men like scott brooks, thibs, Jeff Van Gundy, and Mark Jackson can't find work. Would kill to have either one right now.
Old school Pat Riley,Don Nelson,Jeff Van Gundy coached Knick teams fought...they were grimmy,goons,hoopers can we get that back?
Did Kemba just go full Jeff Van Gundy on Bismack's leg there?
You ever want to know my thoughts on the Hack-A rule you can just refer to everything Jeff Van Gundy has ever said about it.
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Jeff Van Gundy would have taken his starters out and replaced them with the bench since the starters are not ready to play the game.
now hacking Dwight Howard to stall the offense. Thank goodness Jeff Van Gundy isn’t in the building.
"If Curry were to get hit like TT did, all three referees would run to see if he's okay.". -Jeff Van Gundy
Jeff Van Gundy just suggested that Tristan Thompson flop. I'm gettng frustrated.
"Your best player has to set a tone of intolerance for anything that gets in the way of winning." - Jeff Van Gundy
We need Jeff Van Gundy to commentate every time the hacking merry-go-round gets going
Would like Shaq and Jeff Van Gundy to moderate a debate for ESPN.
Oh man can we have a jeff van gundy 5 mins rant right now?
Would Celtics consider trading picks for DeMarcus Cousins?
I love you, Jeff van Gundy, but please stop your intentiona foul rants because they are getting old to listen to.
Hack-A-Player wouldn't exist if the player knows how to shoot a free throw. I don't understand what joke Jeff Van Gundy's talking about.
Jeff Van Gundy is a blunt force as an analyst
Jeff Van Gundy: 'Lunacy' for Dallas fans to boo DeAndre Jordan ...
Jeff Van Gundy's theory on the hack-a-player strategy is dumb AF.
Jeff Van Gundy just showed up to the party!!
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It's happening again... Hack-A-DeAndre is in full effect and Jeff Van Gundy is not having it.
Jeff van gundy said that kawhi leonard isnt an mvp candidate?. guess thats why hes on espn
lol do you hate the Knicks or something??? Jeff Van gundy took your girl has to be man smh
Jeff Van Gundy goes off on rant about NBA intentional foul rules
Jeff Van Gundy, 99% of what you say is complete nonsense. Change a rule for 2 bad NBA free throw shooters? You won't find a lot of support.
“I think coaches sometimes foul their own players out of game by benching them too long when in foul trouble” – Jeff Van G…
Jeff Van Gundy rants about intentional fouling 'farce,' and he's right .
Jeff Van Gundy went from someone you wanted to hear talk more to someone you'd wished would shut up.
I'm with ya and your righteous indignation, Jeff Van Gundy. Eventually Hack-a-whoever must end.
I got sick and tired of listening Jeff Van gundy saying the rule needs to change I say no they need to make free throws
Jeff Van Gundy has strong feelings about the "Hack-A-Jordan" rule.
Jeff Van Gundy on hack a Jordan:. "I would foul every possession, the whole game he is in there. This is a JOKE...
The only thing worse than DeAndre Jordan shooting free throws is Jeff Van Gundy talking about DeAndre Jordan shooting free thro…
Did Jeff Van Gundy just propose changing one of the games rules mid game?
Jeff van Gundy calling for a full 48 minute game of Hack-a-Jordan & Howard between the Cli…
Spurs win baby. Great game and 15-0 at home. Just getting to see it without having to listen to Jeff Van Gundy was worth the ticket price
Tim Kurkjian is better than Jeff Van Gundy at the looks like game.. His laugh is insane!!
Colin Cowherd and Jeff Van Gundy have now predicted the Celtics will beat the Warriors.
Can someone hand Glen Taylor his checkbook so he can write a big enough check to hire Jeff Van Gundy so we can be done w/ the Mitchell Plan?
Interested in sportscasting, production, sports journalism? You need to listen to this podcast w/ Jeff Van Gundy 👌🏼
Luke Walton or Jeff Van Gundy or Mark Jackson or Monty Williams that be fine by me. Someone like that
When Adam Silver, Jeff Van Gundy, and Bob Myers are going to be at 2016 MIT Sloan's sports analy. conference but u don't have $$ to spend 🙃
"Maybe the movie was right. White man can't jump." -- Jeff Van Gundy after Riley Norris missed a dunk. (Arthur Edwards finished the play)
Jeff Van Gundy should be fired he been sucking accuse rapist *** Kobe Bryant and now saying this nonsense he should be fired
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