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Jeff Stone

Jeffrey Glen Stone (born December 26, 1960 in Kennett, Missouri) is a retired Major League Baseball outfielder, playing eight seasons at the major league level for the Philadelphia Phillies, Baltimore Orioles, Texas Rangers, and Boston Red Sox.

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Stone Gossard & Jeff Ament were the MLB guys that were in Temple of the Dog & founded Pearl Jam with Vedder
I think you misunderstood. Was saying it's tough to block guy from being OC 'cuz that's stepping stone to HC down the road.
...Plus, being an OC would seem to be way more of a stepping stone to a potential future HC job.
not sure if you're into the walking dead but Jeffery Dean Morgan who plays Negan grew up with Stone, Jeff & Andy. Crazy
listening to The Stone and just remembered I had a dream with Jeff Coffin in it last night 🤗
Elite DBs Jeff Okudah and Bubba Bolden putting in work
Jeff Sessions a proven leader.Go back 20-30 yrs. on all those who judge him and let them throw the first stone.
I liked a video from This Changed The I AM STONE Challenge FOREVER!?.. (Minecraft)
Stone Valley Ranger wants to know...who would you like to see the most at the Park this year???.Kevin Fowler? Co…
Ezra could only hope Thora or circumstance would keep him from finding death himself.
Inspire a city, . INSPIRE A CITY. . I dare you to watch this Lions video and not get chills.
Jeff Sessions for The guy is STILL living in the Stone Age! Wake up people, is going to ruin and kill everything we love.
The Senate Judiciary Committee should leave no stone unturned during Jeff Sessions’ confirmation hearing.
sounds like former Phillies player Jeff Stone bringing his own tv to the Dominican so he can get American stations
Hi Wendy, I'm reaching out for a story. Can you DM me, or shoot me a message at jeff.stonecom when you have a moment?
I liked a video from I AM STONE in MINECRAFT MONEY WARS...
Jeff Hardy vs Chad Gable with Stone Cold as special referee on
Ha! Yes, Lord Jeff's pad is a stone's throw away and Nigel Farage was in our building yesterday. So, good neighbours all around
The Pacers reminded Jeff Teague about the time he got left in Detroit with his pizza box:. (via
The killer was erratic and organized > What does this mean in COMPULSION?
A 3 gives Central Catholic a 35-33 lead. Just over three minutes left.
NAACP sit-in against Sen. Jeff Sessions ends in arrests
- Dude from Rolling Stone lecturing on ethics. That's rich.
Your friends when they see your RESULTS!
Gemma looks amazing, she killed it in 2016 by losing 6 stone with Could this be you next New Year?
Isn't Jeff S a fossil? Rita Dove "The Fish in the Stone knows to fail is t…
Vintage photo of Matt Dillon, Stone Gossard, Jeff Ament and Eddie Vedder star in Singles.
Prof. Geof Stone: . [T]he third [requirement to be on the Supreme Court] is that your views are
As of 10 pm, Democrat Raul Ruiz ahead by 20 pts. Jeff Stone is no show at Republican HQ party:
Raul Ruiz and Jeff Stone will debate on Oct. 16: There will be at least one televised debate between Inland c...
Raul Ruiz & Jeff Stone agree to debate in October at televised event hosted by The Desert Sun, KESQ & CBS Local 2:
I never thought of that one! I think he's related to Stone, Robin's ex-boyfriend who died of AIDS.
I would imagine it was a little bit of two birds with one stone...
Our tasting event with Jeff Porter and Jodi Kahn from Stone Brewing starts in just 35 minutes! From 5-8PM sample...
I'm a rock with moss on it to your rolling stone awesomeness! Keep up the kickass work! :) (Hmmm, kick *** kickass, or kick *** )
Okay Jeff How is the weather How does it feel to live in a state where managers of apartments prescribe narcotics I live in Stone Creek
"You and I" to be released March 11:. Inside Jeff Buckley's 'Definitive' Lost Sessions | Rolling Stone
Between Matt Taibbi's piece on Trump and Jeff Goodell's on A.I. in the latest Rolling Stone, a picture of our future emerges: We are doomed.
Bezos he'll put people space two years
Time is running out to bid on the 1903 Vitalogy book signed by Jeff, Stone, Ed & Mike and other goodies too.
Built fully authentically stone by stone with modern amenities.
Darius the world's biggest rabbit facing competition from his son via
no worries pal! Just kidding! Yeah, I could talk about Jeff Stone all day.
Co-chair Jeff Stone discusses our progress in the but understands there is work to be done
My favourite wrestler would be Stone Cold Steve Austin.Favourite match will be Jeff Hardy vs Undertaker Ladder Match
Jeff Dunham tickets for Jul 24 at Turning Stone Resort & Casino in Verona NY
Impressive numbers... must have been worth at least a few "favors".
good call earlier, Jeff! Stone strikes again. Whatcha wanna bet the CNN Carson rumor was him too...
Not Jeff Roe? This smells like the stink of Stone, but who knows at this point?
Diamond Stone, Melo Trimble land on all-Big Ten teams, but no first-team honors for
Fair point. Do you suspect Roger Stone or Jeff Roe?
According to Mark Stone has 115 takeaways. 2nd in the NHL, Jeff Skinner with 62. Interesting.
GOP state Sen. Jeff Stone will announce if he'll challenge Raul Ruiz in swingy Saturday
Endorsed by the Republican party with California senator Jeff Stone and Republican member. Vote Gunasti 4 change!!
Kathleen Turner was a fox in Romancing the Stone, which, sadly is not about her boinking Jeff Stone
Summertime at The Heartland Cafe , it is Jeff Stone on Live From The Heartland Radio with, Katy Hogan,...
Stone Cup runner-up Jeff Manley used to coach Sydney Chung, who beat him for the city-county golf title today.
"That one alone lists the following: “3 churches, stone tower, 3 covered bridges"
its only a word, a stone & hope Jeff got his tool out making more 😆😂.
Sydney Chung beat Jeff Manley on the first hole of a playoff to win his first Stone Cup city-county golf title.
Swallows performing the song "Lucky 9" at the 2014 Stone Arch Bridge Festival. Most of the performances got...
Top 5 wrestlers of all time:. The Rock . Stone Cold . Shawn Michaels . Jeff Hardy . Undertaker
"You show the lights that stop me turn to stone, You shine it when I'm alone. And so I tell myself…
son my whole time at Thomas stone I thought she dated mr. Churchill!
It's amazing how many times I've watched this live performance. Jeff Beck. Joss Stone. 'Nuff said 😉
TNA and Global Force Wrestling founder Jeff Jarrett was recently interviewed by Rolling Stone Magazine to discuss...
Summer solstice as seen from Stonehenge - View of the Heel Stone at summer solstice sunrise, as seen from inside t...
he's gonna stone cold stun Jeff Laurie and pull off his Eagles shirt and have a Cowboys nwo shirt
"simply": can't say I know enough to agree. Unions used as poli career stepping stone, sure. Even for dinosaurs like Bullock
We see what we know as set in stone. We do not go beyond it. > Thank You, Jeff!
Casting Stones by Jeff Gafford: Ask Jimmy Stone, and he'll tell you that anyone who's reached middle age is bo...
*** ye I gotta buy a tank when I start workin an get some money
I know it's why I never dropped it lol. desperate times call for desperate measures
we are, alas, in a Jeff Stone Flash in the Pan Zone
Senator Jeff Stone nailed it... but will the legislature do anything about it?
then why is there small stone/rock where they could have allready put seed down. If you go in person you will see.
haven't listened to it once since I've been home.
my little cousin carved into my aunties boyfriends cars bonnet (with stone) 'yes Jeff I will marry you' I'm actually crying 😂😂
transfer Rasheed Sulaimon, Diamond Stone at Maryland with future teammates again:
Nice photos from of with Whitfield & Eddy attorney Jeff Stone speaking
The mighty waters move the grinding stone of heaven. I am that great wheel, crying sweetly, turning with the flow of rushin…
I've finished the Battle with the Stone Giant quest! Are you able to fulfil the same task?
A great Stone Giant runs away from my warriors! Will you be able to achieve victory?
is a journalists superstar. Jeff Stone is a proud papa showing me the clipping. Great Interview & Picture!!!
Jeff Stone and John Brennan...been watching Fletch and Fletch Lives all week on VH1 Classic. Never gets old and...
VACCINE BILL: Jeff Stone only Inland senator to vote yes: Andrew Wakefield lost his m...
Emma Stone and her dad, Jeff Stone, attend the 2015 Film Independent Spirit Awards
Emma arrives at the Spirit Awards joined by her dad, Jeff Stone! Nice to meet you, Jeff! 😘
Great photo of Jeff Stone with Mark Webber at the Porsche Night of Champions Banquet last weekend!
JEFF STONE: From City Council to state Senate: Jeff Stone likes to think of his political ...
Couple attacked by strangers during Motley Crue concert at Blossom. Jeff Stone suffered a dislocated shoulder and his girlfriend, Kristine Scheetz, had to have a CT scan of her head after the beating.
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Some fun trivia information from Paul Petersen who played Jeff Stone on "The Donna Reed Show" starting in 1958.
The word "homeless" should never be used to describe a Veteran!. However, that is not the reality. We are partnering with Riverside County Supervisors John Tavaglione and Jeff Stone in this project. Homeless U.S. Veterans need your help!
Prediction Results. Many of these were easy picks and I lead with my bias on a couple but at the end of the day, 22 out of 26 predictions leaving me with an 84.6% success rate. Governor (GOP) - Neel Kashkari Lt. Governor - Ron Nehring .Yes! Secretary of State - Pete Peterson .Yes! Controller - Ashley Swearengin .Yes! Treasurer - Greg Conlon (Only GOP in race) .Yes! Attorney General - Orly Taitz ...just kidding, Phil Wyman .No :( Insurance Commissioner - Ted Gaines (Only GOP in race).Yes! State Superintendent of Public Instruction - Marshall Tuck.Yes! State Board of Equalization - Diane Harkey.Yes! CD 36 - Brian Nestande .Yes! CD 41 - Steve Adams .Yes! CD 42 - Ken Calvert .Yes! CD 50 - Duncan Hunter .Yes! SD 28 - Jeff Stone .Yes! Keep your eyes on this race, the number two spot is still in a tight race in the order as follows, Glenn Miller Bonnie Garcia Phillip Drucker with Glenn and Bonnie only separated by 77 votes and Drucker down a couple hundred. The Registrars office still has late absentees, prov .. ...
Retired Riverside County Sheriff Cois Byrd steps up support for Jeff Stone in race for California senate seat.
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – PRESS CONFERENCE TOMORROW Glenn Miller, Jeff Stone and Local Leaders to hold joint press conference tomorrow Palm Springs, CA - - Senate District 28 Candidates Indio Councilman Glenn Miller and Riverside County Supervisor Jeff Stone will be joined by local leaders at a joint press conference tomorrow morning to address the recent influx of $500,000 into the district from a San Francisco area billionaire Charles Munger Jr. The money is going to boost the failing campaign of Bonnie Garcia. DATE: Thursday, May 15, 2014 TIME: 10:00 AM LOCATION: Seven Lakes Country Club, 4100 E 7 Lakes Dr, Palm Springs
GoSuffolkRams trainer Jeff Stone has a long history of involvement with the Boston Marathon. Sports Illustrated profiled him as part of its coverage looking at Boston one year after the marathon bombings. "You’re as much a part of it at mile 3 as you are at mile 25." Read Stone's profile:
Jeff Stone! Ling time ashland alum and resident in the pages if the boston strong edition of Sports illustrated! Be proud! U capture not only the Boston Strong spirit , u make this town proud! Ashland will always be my home and never far from my heart!
'Love Me Like I'm Not Made of Stone' was a buzz track. The official single treatment is for 'No Res for the Wicked' :)
Head over to Stone Soup Designs for a great giveaway!
I also remember being blown away by Paperman, with Ryan Reynolds, Jeff Daniels and Emma Stone.
Being told the white stuff forming on some of the exterior stone is "efflorescence," and not to worry. That right?
Jeff Stone has a show on 04/11/2014 at 08:00 PM @ Juke Joint Chapel in Clarksdale, MS
*MAGICIANS* I Am Proud to Announce that I Will be one of Mentors on his new Ask A Mentor Programme Coming up Real Soon. So If you are SERIOUS about your MAGIC and wanting to take it to the next LEVEL... You gotta join Jay Sankey's Inside Deception. Here you will learn from the best teacher in the world visit This is where it's HAPPENING.. Other Mentors this session are Nathan Kranzo, Christian Fitzharris, Jeff Stone, Joe Diamond and John Byng
and are working to get an interview with athletic trainer Jeff Stone who celebrates 10 years of service.
From Dawn Marie Rizor Sonnier : Idyllwild Youth Baseball has been cancelled! I cannot speak for other parents but this upsets me as I played youth ball and has been an ongoing sport up here for our youth for at least 30 years., and now they cancel!!! Riverside County took over recreation and promised a better future but I have only seen worse! I got the Town Hall flyer in my kids folder on Thursday the day before sign ups were supposed to end. After my phone call with town hall, they said they would extend the time, except no date was given to me. I just got back from a spring break vacation to hear they canceled this sport because they only had 30 kids sign up and needed 50-60 kids (90 kids signed up last year). They put the ad in the paper for 3 weeks as well but when I ask the employees if they really wanted this recreation activity to happen they could of been on the phone with parents (who signed up last year) asking them if they were going to sign up their children as the County was threatening to c ...
in terms of most entertaining or best all round icon, hhh, stone cold, the rock, Jeff hardy
Artists, including make the Library of Congress' Nat'l Recording Registry
Going Green Club is now an official club! To join please contact this account or Jeff Schmeltz, Rem Stone, Dylan Rimsky or Scott Mitchell
Stone Cold Steve Austin “Jeff hardy the GOAT my favorite wrestler”
Picken scores a hole in one: Jeff Picken of Milwaukie scored a hole in one at Stone Creek Golf Club on March 2...
The dudleys, jeff and Matt, the rock and stone cold, Kane and the undertaker,
Jeff Beck and ZZ Top to Tour Together this Summer | Music News | Rolling Stone -
What secret lies behind the double murder in the English Cotswolds? ~~ STONE COLD ~~
wins the All-Star race. 2nd was David Correia 3rd - Jeff Ward 4th - Richie Stone and 5th was
Check Civil alumnus Jeff Stone featured in this week's Take 5 at AU:
THIS WEEKEND: I put my title on the line in a Fatal 4 Way against. JEFF EVANS, MAX PARROTT AND. STONE COLD AUSTIN SAGER.
“Sometimes Life could be that simple.
LightningBolt Skateboard! Singed by Ed, Mike, Jeff, Stone, Matt and BOOM! Framed by design
Stone cold is still my fav wrestler.. A long with the rock, Jeff Hardy, Goldberg and Rick Flair
I mean his first choices were stone cold, the rock , and HHH, but then go straight to Jeff hardy and Raven??
Fr. Celestine Mbanu recognized by Riv Co. Supervisor Jeff Stone for service at Riv County Regional…
what a rip off, Taker should have been beat by a legend, you, rock, stone cold, tripple H, Jeff Hardy, Raven.
TU Jeff! Tryin to get more RT's to raise awareness. Thank you for getting things started!
The law is not so much carved in stone as it is in water, in and out with the tide. Jeff
Did you know about this?. Flat Stickman Jeff, Matt, Eddie, Stone, Mike, and (we've heard...
It's today in the Slate & Stone HQ. . Jeff and Daniel are both rocking our Carter hoodies with our...
Your pastor Dave Stone is brother to our former pastor Jeff Stone! Dave is an excellent speaker.
Well CAGEQUEST IV is in the books, what an event it was! We had 14 MMA fights and 1 Female Kickboxing fight. Where do I start? I want to thank all the fans they came out to the event making it a loud and entertaining night. I want to thank all the staff that helped out. Thank you Emily Seibert Balatbat, Ronel Balatbat, Maria Petty, Omar Petty, Ira Jarmon, Brook Smith, Tracy Guzman Stone, Jeff Stone, Alfonso Gonzales, Anthony Bubba Stone and all the staff at Clover Park Tech College. I want to say a huge thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Klench Jeff Klench Stormy Klench. Jeff , I couldn't have done this without your help my friend. Jeff you were on top of your game that night as the third man in the cage. Lopati Panza you kept the party going bro! Awesome job on the mic Ed Griffin, holy cow man that production was the best ever. Thank you so much to you and your crew. True professionals. Cage Worx, Cody Houston, Marty LaBarge and Dave Holden guys thank you for setting up and doing what you guys do best with the .. ...
To any Oregon folks: if you know a dude named Jeff Stone, be careful because his name used to Jeff Gillooly and hes Shady.
Dan and I just watched a fascinating document on Tanya Harding and nancy Kerrigan . In the last 30 seconds there was some information that went on the screen that said Tanya's ex-husband who was involved with all the shenanigans changed his name from Jeff gillooly to . Jeff Stone! My ymca mind is blown!
I just read an interview someone did with Jeff gillooly...changed his name to Jeff Stone when he got out of prison...he's a used car salesman now..on his third wife...while I'm at it I should look for a Styx album.
Posting on behalf of Amy Campbell (and all our insects, food system etc.) Subject: Distressed about the lifting of the ban on neonics in Oregon. A excellent letter written by Amy Campbell Maine Master Gardener, honey bee keeper and advocate for native bees Rockport, ME Hello Katy Coba of the Oregon DOA, Jeff Stone of ONA, and greetings from far away Maine, As an advocate for native bees and honey bee keeper, I am very concerned about neonicotinoid pesticide use for ornamental reasons. Yes, it is less toxic to mammals (obviously including people,) but it is deadly for insects. An equal opportunity killer, it is terribly toxic not only to pests but to bees and so many beneficial insects that most people don't even know exist but that play an enormous role in the balance of power in the insect world. I think it is very disconcerting and lamentable that the temporary ban on neonics imposed in Oregon after the tragic bumble bee kill was lifted because no matter what the labeling is, in my opinion,it will no .. ...
Attention bowlers and do-gooders! Jeff Stone still has tickets available for a bowling fundraiser to benefit the Macomb County Circuit Court Drug Court and the Clinton Township Drug Court, non-profit organizations. The event is Monday, November 18, 6 pm at Imperial Lanes. $20 for adults, $10 for kids 10 and under, or you may sponsor a lane for $100.00. There will be raffles as well. Please contact us if interested. Hope to see you there!
BREAKING: Congressman Paul Ryan endorses Ken Skowronski in the 82nd District Wisconsin Assembly race to replace Jeff Stone. Stay tuned to Wisconsin Election Watch for the latest.
Mark your calendars for Jeff Stone's ordination tomorrow night at IAC! This is a *very* special moment in Jeff's life, and a very holy service to be a part of. Please join us on Wednesday, November 6th, at International Anglican Church (1305 N. Union) beginning at 6:30pm. All are welcome. Reception immediately following.
ACTION: Contact your state legislators and demand they wholeheartedly support the proposal sponsored by Republican Reps. Michael Schraa, of Oshkosh, and Mark Born, of Beaver Dam which could not be more fair... …. Rep. Schraa authors new Voter ID proposal Earlier this year, I sent out surveys to a large portion of the entire 53rd Assembly District, plus I included the link on my website. I was thrilled to receive over a thousand responses. One of the questions I asked was if you support requiring a photo ID in order to vote. Over 73% of those who responded indicated their support for voter ID. Wisconsin already has a voter ID law on the books, but unfortunately that law has been held up in courts almost since the day it became law. Liberal Dane County judges have put injunctions on its enforcement, and the Wisconsin people have been left wanting secure elections that they can trust. In May, former Rep. Jeff Stone drafted and introduced this current draft as a portion of the original AB 225. I used t ...
From the March 2011 Labor Press: "The crisper Chris Abele, who seems to have gained a directness of words from the rigors of campaigning, was on view at the South Shore Forum on Economic Development March 16, when he was asked from the audience to name several ways he differed from Scott Walker. “First, I believe in collective bargaining for all workers,” Abele said forcefully – and the South Side crowd jumped with thunderous applause, to the chagrin of the waiting Jeff Stone, also at the forum. Abele explained how he knew “from personal experience as a manager” the truth that cooperation in bargaining was better. He recalled when he was on the Milwaukee Symphony board years ago during a major economic crisis. The organization got through and emerged stronger because many savings along with good ideas came from the musicians – and Abele and the board made sure they were given credit for the solutions. This was across the bargaining table because the musicians are a hard-nosed American Federati ...
Sunday on UpFront, election reform -- including online voter registration and much higher campaign contributions limits -- with state Reps. Jeff Stone, R-Greendale, and Fred Kessler, D-Milwaukee. Plus, Brian Schimming of the RPW on the party's new voter outreach efforts, and Andy Hall of the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism on reaction to the JFC's action to kick WCIJ off the UW campus.
SHAME! Contact info following, from the League of Women Voters: "There is a fast-moving and sweeping new election bill authored by Rep. Jeff Stone which is expected to be introduced in the Assembly any day. Word has it that the Assembly Campaigns and Elections Committee will hold a hearing Tuesday, June 4, and vote on the bill later next week. A draft of this 70-page bill, which has not yet been formally introduced with a bill number, reinstates voter ID with minimal improvement over the still-enjoined 2011 version of the law. It also limits early (in-person absentee) voting and penalizes voters for poll workers’ clerical errors. While many of the bill's provisions restrict voters’ rights, others loosen restrictions on moneyed interests that seek to influence our Wisconsin elections. This legislation will add to the work of our local election officials, while micromanaging polling place management and taking away local control. The bill also erodes the process of checks and balances set up to keep the ...
Sherry Jackson Pruitt joins the 3 Faces of the Blues Band on stage in Brookhaven, Mississippi to sing a song written for her, by Jeff Stone (Jeffery Skolnik)...
Tiger by Jeff Stone - No.12 in New York Times Combined Print and E-Book Fiction week of Apr 29, 2012
Jeff Stone of Key Bank and Phillip Morris of have taken to the stage to announce the season!
The Office of Hawaiian Affairs and the Aina Haina Community Association are asking the city to stop grading work on property in Aina Haina owned by developer Jeff Stone until an archaeological
Jeff Stone realized that if you slow down the chorus the Mmmm Bop and sing it over the chorus of the new Airborn Toxic Event song, Timeless, it totally lines up.
Marathon on with Paul Petersen aka Jeff Stone on The Donna Reed Show. Awesome comedy from golden TV era. Love this show.
A Marine Corps survey shows 17% of male Marine respondents say they would likely leave the Corps if women move into combat positions. How do you feel about this kind of support from our servicemen? Rebecca Solomon and Jeff Stone may share your response tonight on WETM 18 News at 11.
Check Out The Photos From This Great Weekend! Thank you to our First Line Right Winger and Star Photographer - Jeff Stone. Champions to be posted shortly! an awesome weekend of Pond and Fun! Thanks to Youngstedts and Walser for the ALS Tent Party Saturday Night As Well! Huge success! Team NAPHC
January 25, 2012 By Barbara With In one of the most stunning displays of fascism yet to be witnessed in the hostile takeover of Wisconsin, yesterday Rep. Jeff Stone (R-Greendale) declared war on th...
Rep. Jeff Stone basically just insulted all the Indian tribes of Northern Wisconsin during the Assembly Committee on Jobs, Economy and Small Business (Execut...
Emily Jean Stone (born November 6, 1988)[1] known professionally as Emma Stone, is an American actress. Stone was a cast member of the TV series Drive, and made her feature film debut in the comedy Superbad (2007). She has appeared in The House Bunny (2008), Ghosts of Girlfriends Past (2009), Zombieland (2009), and Paper Man (2009). In 2010, Stone voiced the character Mazie in Marmaduke, and starred in the comedy Easy A. In 2011, she appeared in Crazy, Stupid, Love. and starred in The Help. In 2012, Stone played Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spider-Man, a reboot of the Spider-Man film series. In 2013, she will voice the character of Eep in the animated film The Croods and reprise her role of Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in 2014.[2] In 2012, she won People's Choice Award Favorite Movie Actress for her roles in The Help and Crazy, Stupid, Love.Stone was born in Scottsdale, Arizona, the daughter of Krista (née Yeager), a homemaker, and Jeff Stone, a contractor.[3] She has a brother, Spencer, who is tw ...
Desert Hot Springs Film Commisioner Courtney Moe will join Riverside County Supervisors John J. Benoit and Jeff Stone who want to rewrite the rules to streamline how the city and county work with the film and television industry and they’ll do it with the help of the industry film and television industry leaders. Stone and Benoit want to work with film and television industry executives to launch a compressive rewrite of the ordinance governing filming in the county with hopes that all 28 cites will join them along the way or shortly afterwards. The pair want to dramatically alter the ordinance and cut costs and red tape for the studios and production companies. The goal is to make Riverside County “ the most film and television friendly county in the nation” and bring back the production crews to the county and its 28 cities. Film and television industry executives say that a single episode of a television sitcom generates 165 direct jobs and $2 million in revenue in a single week of shooting. ...
Grab your 9-13 year olds and come by tonight for some BIG fun with award-winning and best-selling author Jeff Stone. Kids get karate demo from Jeff's pals Broad Ripple Martial Arts Academy, kung fu moves from Jeff, and bike know-how from Charlie Revard of The Bike Line. Adults get drinks and the chance to make someone very happy with a signed copy of Jeff Stone's new book PHOENIX.
Come out and meet Jeff Stone. Also see Broad Ripple Martial Arts do a demo.
Just got an e-mail to my spam folded from Rep. Jeff Stone in West Bend. Funny, it isn't mentioned he's a republi-can't until far down on his website. Either he's ashamed, or he wants to mislead people into thinking he's progressive. Needless to say, I unsubscribed from his list.
I distinctly remember watching the Donna Reed Show on this very day in 1962. The episode "My Dad" aired for the first time on Thursday, October 25, 1962. At the end of the show, Paul Petersen who played the character Jeff Stone, sang that wonderful song written by Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil. I always found that tune to be meaningful and touching. In fact, when my own dad passed away in 2003, I recited the words of that song at his funeral. In the Fall of '62, the ABC Thursday night TV lineup was fantastic. In order: you could watch The Adventures Of Ozzie And Harriet, The Donna Reed Show, Leave It To Beaver, My Three Sons and McHale's Navy. I really enjoyed watching TV 50 years ago.
Please take a moment and help us if you like us.Trainreck (Rev. KM Williams, Washboard Jackson and Jeff Stone) have been nominated by the Dallas Observer for the Best Blues Band of 2012. If you like us, please click on the link and vote for us. You can vote as many times as you feel... Thanks so very very much to all our fans, the clubs and restaurants and all the venues that allow us to 'do what we do!'
Dancing DREAMS came true today!! Thank you for making this class UNFORGETABLE Barb Stone, my Step daddy( so cool) Jeff Stone , Keegan Stone Keller, Sarah from Olympia, Monica Dahle, Monica Uhl (so glad your back!), Marsha Marsha (fb wont tag you), Norma Jean, and the incredible magic moment master Photographer.drum role Jim Carroll for helping ME fulfill this BIG dream today! Much LOVE I have for every single one lf you sending blessings to walking your WILD dreams and FLY~
Our Friends of the Library Bookstore has copies of Jeff Stone's new book, Phoenix, for sale - some of which are signed by Jeff. Price is $16.99 plus tax. Thanks to everyone who came out to Jeff's book signing at the library on Tuesday evening!
I heard Jeff Stone was a nice kid who never saw indoor plumbing until reporting to Spring Training the first time. Really.
Doctor and Mrs. Stone of "The Donna Reed Show" had a son named Jeff Stone. What actor portrayed Jeff? He also had a hit song during the show's run; what was the title.
Jeff Stone is bringing the Bardstown Choir, small team for the National Anthem, and Angela Gambrel with My Old Kentucky Home for the Deploying Troops this Saturday at 3pm at NCHS. Many thanks for such talented people singing for the troops. Lord knows if I was singing, they would want to leave for the sandbox ASAP lol.
via Sarah Strong Why would the council be considering a John Petty and Jeff Stone associate for city manager? Haven't you two done enough damage to our city ?? And do you really think the citizens of this community are asleep and will allow you to further erode our city? 2 hours ago via mobile · Unlike · 1
If your ever back in Door County, WI please tell Jeff Stone at 97.7FM you want to meet your biggest fan...ME! :)
Jeff Stone having some fun with one of our favorite people...
Andrew Miller, Andrew Howard, Andrew Moses, Adam Clute, Lucas Martin, Tom Schuman, Jeff Stone... I know y'all have to agree with me on this!
Kiawah Island's Jeff Stone to appear on the Golf Channel this Thurs., Aug. 9, at 11:30 a.m. (Eastern) to talk PGA Championship conditioning.
"We’re not just looking to hire. We want players who will fit with existing strengths,” McDermott's Jeff Stone
Had a good time w Steve Holy at Country Thunder in WI. Got to see my friend Jeff Stone. Out with James Otto next weekend. Looking forward to it!
We are intense. We tell stories. We drink beer. We don't know where our unicorn joke/obsession came from. We DO rock. We don't talk about Brady. We DO think you'll love us. Hath No Fury is the heinous musical amalgamation of Jen Allen, Jeff Stone, AJ Arterburn, and Kristin Sauva...
What a wonderful mother's day. First church at RCCCNB with some old friends and as usual Hannah McLemore Ramos was amazing! Then Courtney Martin and John Martin Jr. made me lunch. My son Jeff Stone called me and now its time for Starbucks from my beautiful daughter Alicia Stone. Then gonna watch the vow with my Haleigh Martin and then my hubby John Martin is BBQing for me! They also did all the laundry, house cleaning and grocery shopping! I am one blessed Mommy! Hope you are all just as blessed!
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