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Jeff Stelling

Robert Jeffrey Jeff Stelling (born 18 March 1955, Hartlepool, County Durham) is an English sports journalist and sport television presenter.

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Good to see both Sky and ITV using songs as well. Jeff Stelling didn’t seem too in love with it, though.
That’d be like you asking Jeff Stelling for help if you were weighed down with bags at Westfield White City 🤔
Surely I can't be the only one to wonder at what point Ardal O'Hanlon will merge with Jeff Stelling?
I was thrilled to be a judge at the Awards in March and I met Jeff Stelling in June while we completed…
JEFF STELLING, the word your looking for is compeTition not compeDition ok, thanks
Great support 🙌👊 aka Jeff stelling with the prediction there lad 🤔🔥
Didn’t notice that.he’s Wales’s answer to Jeff Stelling and Gary Lineker but the…
You really just have to wonder about the world and priorities on a day when a newspaper takes a picture of me Jeff…
But as Jeff Stelling said on Sky at lunchtime in 8 years Wilshere has started 80 games for Arsenal…
Thanks, obviously Harrison managed locally to Shropshire…
Well, Jeff Stelling just said, back up to 5th... they just won’t go away will they?. No Jeff. No w…
First time watching Soccer Saturday in a long time... why does Jeff Stelling have a nice small ear piece & the res…
Jeff Stelling and the lads have the best job in the world
Jeff Stelling just referred to something as "WWF wrestling". After WWE's years of buzzwords, rebrands, and force-fe…
Charlie Nicholas is dumb. Jeff Stelling is on a totally different wave length it's hard to watch
The only positive from Johnstone scoring for St Johnstone is that it's likely caused Jeff Stelling to banter himself into a coma.
Everyweek Michael Jacobs scores, Jeff Stelling uses the same 'must have been a *** joke 🙄
I know football league are supporting Men United, but I hope Jeff Stelling couldn't see the player's…
Jeff Stelling just said I can see one of the Newcastle player's prostate 😂😂😂
Did jeff Stelling on just say he could see a player's prostate?. He did!
Jeff Stelling can see a Newcastle players prostate 👀. Did I hear that right?? 🙃.
Jeff Stelling just said he could see one of the Newcastle players prostate. I think he meant prostrate.
That’s one of my favourite Jeff Stelling gags, “Mohamed Eisa has been a good investment for Cheltenham” . Tickled me anyway 🤣
Making some headway with tonight's playlist. Just added one of Jeff Stelling's favourites... A bit of James Brown!…
Hey James good afternoon how are you? What's up? Do you know what time is the kick off at Stoke City? Oh…
Here's what Sky Soccer Saturday pundits said about Huddersfield Town v Watford - Jeff Stelling and the boys on Socc…
Feck sake - so called sports correspondent on Sky News just said Andy Shinnie scores our first goal, bloody Jeff S…
Jeff Stelling will announce the kick off time/ cancellation before Stoke do.
Maccies, bets on n Jeff Stelling on Soccer Saturday🙌
.love letter this week was to Jeff Stelling. What better way to prepare yourselves for some Soccer…
Power cut , Jeff stelling just said
Jeff Stelling has joked that an Everton star hugged Jurgen Klopp after he made a big decision in the Merseyside der…
Jeff Stelling is to sport what David Attenborough is to the environment
Throwback to 2013! There's nothing quite like watching Jeff Stelling lose his cool over Hartlepool on a Saturday afternoon 😂😡…
Ah, the Jeff Stelling of the music world.
You’ve got to love a Jeff Stelling rant 👏😂
.has literally sent a love letter to Jeff Stelling this week, Jeff. Literally.
Brawl at Hull. “It’s Lee Mason as well… not like him to be getting involved!” *smirk*. Jeff Stelling knows ✊🏻💦
Two different ways of spelling, Soccer Saturday pundit is spelt Jeff Stelling
Jeff Stelling "the inappropriately named Scott Wiseman has been sent off for a 2nd bookable offence" 😂👏🏻
Jeff Stelling: There’s been a sending off at Portsmouth. Who’s it for, Chris Kamara?. Chris Kamara: I don’t know, Jeff...…
LISTEN: The Debate podcast: Listen to The Debate podcast as Mark Schwarzer and Simon Jordan joined Jeff Stelling in…
This is classic Jeff Stelling. What happened every time James Brown scored for Hartlepool back in the day 😂💃🏻
Bit of Jeff Stelling for company on the combine? Why not?!!!
Jeff and Kammy's Journey to Croker reaches its final destination
So when do you get to replace Jeff Stelling😂😂
Update your maps at Navteq
🏆 Congratulations Grace Berry!. 🙌 Jeff Stelling finally hands over his briefcase to our first ever millionaire! https:…
True if I was just bothered about result I'd spend the Sat afternoon with Jeff Stelling in a pub ,n…
Unbelievable, Jeff. and Jeff Stelling commentating on is our new favourite thing.
Jeff Stelling and Chris Kamara on a Journey to Discover how Club Fuels County.
Legends! Banks, Smith, Conroy, Burrows et al rise at dawn & stand in rain to support Jeff Stelling.
Sky TV legend Jeff Stelling has made an "unbelievable" request to Forest Green Rovers’ owner.
Jeff Stelling's Men United March: Day two did my tan no harm… Bristol was more like the South of ...
Felt sorry for Jeff Stelling remember his friend at the end of Soccer Special this evening.
Don't worry Jeff Stelling,Dianne Abbott just added up Hartlepool's points.Your in the play offs.
Jeff Stelling called on Hartlepool United to sack manager Dave Jones at the weekend. And as of this morning, he's got his wis…
Don't you just love the last day drama. League Two's turn today. Love to be fly on Jeff Stelling's wall, his beloved Hartlepool relegated!
Jeff Stelling's reaction to Hartlepool taking the lead 😂👏🏼
(Mail Online):regrets calling for Hartlepool to sack Jones : Jeff Stelling has expressed..
Why is there a bird with big *** sat next to Jeff Stelling, just eye candy?
It's like Jeff Stelling has brought his daughter into work today!! Strange presenting format on Sky Sports tonight
Why is Jeff Stelling on a PMT bus at .
Jeff Stelling has got his wish. . Hartlepool United confirm manager Dave Jones has left the club. Full details 👉
Do you guys have a price for Jeff Stelling in your next Hartlepool manager market...? 😃
Jeff Stelling launches attack on Hartlepool boss!
'He's got it terribly wrong' Jeff Stelling's amazing reaction to Matt Ritchie penalty debacle - Chronicle Live
Setting off from with Jeff Stelling links 2 St James Parks for
Will be a team when Jeff Stelling marches to St James' Park this June?
See if Jeff Stelling and Martin Tyler retire, I'm done with watching fitba on sky 😭
Jeff Stelling is reportedly ready to retire as presenter of Soccer Saturday. . Please don't do it, Jeff. 🙏🏼
Jeff Stelling can't retire! The bloke who stands in for him is pretty good though. Can remember his name but he's alright
⚡️ “Jeff Stelling contemplates retiring and sends football into meltdown”.
Jeff Stelling is thinking about retiring from Soccer Saturday
Jeff Stelling contemplating retirement? Still at the top of his game. Best live sports presenter around. Makes the difficult…
Jeff Stelling is not allowed to retire idec
I hope the rumours about Jeff Stelling leaving Sky Sports aren't true 😰
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With Jeff Stelling reportedly set to retire, who would you like to see replace him on Soccer Saturday?
Jeff Stelling retiring? I refuse to believe it. Soccer Saturday would be lost without him. He is simply the best at his job
Not a fan of Jeff Stelling retiring!
Sky Sports legend Jeff Stelling is reportedly set to retire after more than 40 years..
Jeff Stelling is said to be contemplating retirement, as he isn't sure he can take any more devastating takedowns:
Jeff stelling considering retirement... Worst news to come out of 2017 so far
Jeff Stelling retiring is actually so sad, grew up with him on Gillette!:(
Jeff Stelling is retiring 😢. Soccer Saturday will never be the same 😔
Jeff Stelling is contemplating leaving Soccer Saturday and Sky Sports... Here is one of his brilliant moments from thi…
News coming in Jeff Stelling is set to retire from Sky Sports News. Will any live televised rant by anyone ever trump this?…
I swear if Jeff Stelling retires we need a national holiday for the man, Sky Sports will never be the same
If Jeff Stelling retires then should replace him. Would be excellent
Looks like an online petition then,to stop Jeff Stelling retirering!
That feeling when you hear Jeff Stelling is considering retirement... 😫
Conte, Rooney, G.Nev, Keano, Mourinho, Ancelotti, Zlatan & Conor Mcgregor react to the news that Jeff Stelling may ret…
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Who would have thought Jeff Stelling would retire before Martin Tyler
Phillip Lahm was first to retire then Xabi Alonso… now, the worst of all Jeff Stelling. Soccer Saturday won’t be the same… 😭
Jeff Stelling isn't happy about Kevin Friend not sending off Tyrone Mings and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. 😠
Paul Merson, Phil Thompson and Jeff Stelling. All said Alli must have provoked him.
Can you ask Jeff Stelling why he didn't ask Merson or Thompson about this ??
Throwback to when Charlie Nicholas had no come back to Jeff Stelling's banter 😩😂😂
Jeff Stelling told this week why he fears for Leicester City.
Hangus the monkey, Jeff Stelling, Peter Mandelson your boys took one *** of a beating. 3-1 Pools!
Sorry guys, Justin Edinburgh is still in charge, Jeff Stelling just said Justin Edinburghs Gillingham have a great point at Bramall Lane!
Jeff Stelling: "Great point away from home for Justin Edinburgh's Gillingham side". Oh.
Wait what... Alphabetical with Jeff Stelling is coming back?!. ...egh. Bad choice imo.
Any comment from Jeff Stelling about this ?
The Streak is over, title race has been blown wide open!. Reaction from Jeff Stelling, Conte,Klopp, Mourinho, Zlatan an…
I know everything about football. I'm Jeff Stelling
Jeff Stelling sits down with Mourinho and Klopp ahead of the big game today.
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Is there is a better broadcaster on television than Jeff Stelling? Don't think so. Love that man. A.
GOAL! Doncaster Rovers 1-0 Hartlepool . Jeff Stelling won't be amused. John Marquis scores his tenth of the season…
First time seeing Jeff Stelling this season, hate working Saturday late nights normally
Jeff Stelling sparked a brief discussion about Harry Arter this week
6 3pm games for Jeff Stelling and his foursome to mull over join them SSNHQ midday for Soccer Saturday which is nearly 3 quarters away
lads bit early for highlights of the week but this has to be Jeff Stelling's dad (or an exception l…
You can follow all of Saturday's action with Jeff Stelling and his panel on Sky Sports News HQ.
I love my job football dinner with , Jeff Stelling and Jamie Redknapp
First time watching the Champions League goal show on BT Sport. Sorry Jeff Stelling but this is the way it should be done.
Feet up for the night, 3 different screens in front of me for the Champos League.. feel like Jeff Stelling 😂
Throwback to Jeff Stelling's epic rant on Middlesbrough...
When ya know you love the Spurs .. Jeff Stelling shouts Danny Rose makes it 2-1 .. then adds Portsmouth 🙈highs& lows of football 😂😂
Just walked into hear Jeff Stelling say Danny Rose has made it 2-1... there's 2 Danny Roses aren't there 😂😂
Jeff Stelling gets over excited at times
Jeff Stelling: "It was right in front of Lee Mason . He could not miss it. Good job Andre Marriner wasn't reffing that one.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Jeff Stelling, Chris Kamara, Paul Merson, Matt Le Tissier and Phil Thompson in Gillette Soccer Saturday just make my s…
Jeff Stelling and Paul Merson embarrassed themselves a little bit today
Jeff Stelling and Paul Merson back Harry Arter for an England call-up - but there's one small problem…
Jeff Stelling and Paul Merson tout Arter for England. What a joke.
Jeff Stelling is back on our screens today. 👏🏼😂
Rachel Riley will co-present Friday night matches with Jeff Stelling on Sky Sports
strangely looks like Jeff Stelling and jimmy hill
Sean Thompson of shoots Jeff Stelling and Charlie Nicholas in this spot
Our host is now playing a message from his sky colleagues, Jeff Stelling, Jim White, & co
Jeff Stelling calls "a rookie keeper nobody had any faith in" - He's played 130 League games Jeff.
The Gary Linekar/Jeff Stelling level of bias is exactly what you need from your presenters
Paul Walsh looks like Jack Nicholson, Jeff Stelling looks like David Dickinson.
Re-visit the with some images from the event on our
Hey Bianca oh crikey is that a young looking Jeff Stelling? How old was he in that photo? Flashy tie & claret
Sky Bet to auction signed football shirts in aid of Jeff Stelling’s Men
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Jeff Stelling completes in aid of raises over £300,000:
Still chuckling to myself about Charlie Nicholas's brilliantly bad riposte to Jeff Stelling the other day.
16 of - from Saturday watching Jeff Stelling tell the world about Fulham's last minute winner
NEWS: Jeff Stelling raises more than £300,000 for the Football League's official charity..
Jeff Stelling reaches Middlesbrough on his 'ten marathon in ten days' challenge
We are only 10 days away from welcoming Jeff Stelling and comedian Mike Maguire for our latest sportsman's dinner.
WATCH: Jeff Stelling shares classic story about Paul...
Sky Sports star Jeff Stelling completes his epic north to...
Andrew Marr pic excellent,Jeff Stelling pic is uncanny.
That's Steve Howey's third ever League goal and he's never scored more than two in a season before - Jeff Stelling
Somebody at doesn't know who Jeff Stelling is, which rather ruins the point. or an editor?
WATCH: Best of Soccer Saturday: All the best bits from Jeff Stelling and the Soccer Saturday panel as an Andy ...
no dancing in the streets as Jeff Stelling once famously said?
Sorry to hear Crewe have been relegated. Despite Jeff Stelling's disdain I enjoyed both of trips there.
as Jeff Stelling said earlier ref let the play continue and when the ball was in the net the ref blew the whistle 4 foul!
Jeff Stelling has just said on that "Palace are safe now there's no doubt about it" lol OK Jeff. I'll have what you're on!
Cant believe Jeff Stelling just asked Merson if he was a betting man!! have a word lol
Why does Jeff Stelling keep saying Oldham have drawn?!
So according to Jeff Stelling, are more concerned about the teams below them than those above them? Whatever Jeff
with a fantastic away win. Jeff Stelling gotta be happy with that one lad!
think goal difference is adding to there predicament according to Jeff Stelling think there fate is pretty well sealed
Jeff stelling - 'any hope Bolton had. Has now gone' . there was never any hope
"Nicky Adams scores, nobody is happier than his uncle fester and cousin thing" Jeff Stelling is brilliant
Soccer Saturday still as good as it was 12+ years ago with Jeff Stelling
Good to see Jeff Stelling using the full offical name for - "Hapless Newcastle United"
More excitable jibber jabber from Jeff Stelling
to quote Jeff Stelling on Sky Sports bet his family are going mad Pugsley Gomes and Uncle Fester !!
I love how enthusiastic Jeff Stelling is about Hartlepool 😅
think that point gets palace out of a fight? Jeff Stelling does..
How I long for an over excited Jeff Stelling to say 'and Leeds have it round, back to Iain Dowie at the New York Stadium!'
Former & boss Chris Powell joined Jeff Stelling for more here:
Big Respect for Jeff Stelling , running 10 marathons in 10 days in order to raise money for prostate cancer , Top Man ,…
Jeff Stelling has been at Stamford Bridge for the final day of helping to beat prostate cancer...
Jeff Stelling made his way to today with Sir Ian Botham in his march to raise money for
Come to the Sir Ian Botham Executive Lounge to welcome Jeff Stelling to GP following his
A thank you from Jeff Stelling as he sets off. 262 miles to go. Get behind
Hon grad & Sky presenter Jeff Stelling took time out to talk to Teesside Uni during the 1st day of his charity walk https:…
At 4, hear from Sky Sports presenter Jeff Stelling and his take on yesterday's
All part of Jeff Stelling's walk from Pools to Wembley.
Wouldn't understand anyone who hated Chris Kamara and Jeff Stelling
Craig Hignett set to join Day One of March with Russ Green and Jeff Stelling:
CHARITY: Ken Masters to join Jeff Stelling on walk for
Daggers make the trip to Hartlepool this weekend and their famous fan Jeff Stelling knows it's a six-pointer -
Jeff Stelling is hosting next week with Paul Merson, Charlie Nicholas, Phil Thompson and Tony Cottee on the panel.
should have a week with the panel from and Jeff Stelling as the host. Unbelievable Jeff.
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Jeff Stelling expends more energy on a Saturday afternoon than most of the players 😀
Jeff Stelling just said "it's a really good day as far as Jackie McNamara is concerned" .and York City won as well Jeff.
Jeff Stelling just made an Ann Summers joke on Soccer Saturday.
Hi all Rod Stevens our operations manager is doing the Jeff Stelling{Sky Sports) prostate cancer walk please sponsor him
check my page Martin I'm walking with Jez Moxey & Sky's Jeff Stelling. would you sponsor me please.
Sky Sports presenter Jeff Stelling heading to local towns on marathon charity march for prostate cancer charity
Where are the researchers Jeff Stelling. Matt Done is pronounced DONE (rhymes with BONE) not Dunn
Scenes on Soccer Saturday as Jeff Stelling and Hartlepool United lead 1-0 against Derby!
ICYMI: Jeff Stelling got a phone call on Soccer Saturday today. (via
750+ fans went to Burton last week, that leaves 5-6000 home regulars who watched Jeff Stelling instead of Rosso, Thorne or Harworth.
What have Jeff Stelling and Phil Thompson been watching this year?! We're nothing like an Allardyce side! Absolute nonsense!
Jeff Stelling has just asked why don't Bayern look at Alan Pardew or Mark Hughes...
we are on Sky Sports... Soccer Saturday. Okay just Jeff Stelling but close enough 😂
Soccer Saturday - Jeff Stelling's great rant on Middlesbrough via
On Soccer Special...: Jeff Stelling and the team will keep you up to date on Soccer Special on a busy night of...
"If only the government could see the light..." Amazing stuff from Jeff Stelling on the steel workers
Reaction from Jeff Stelling & the boys - plus news and insight in our live blog..
Jeff Stelling is still going on about the away kit! Next he be suggesting they are managed by Mike Bassett
ICYMI: Phil Thompson couldn't handle Jeff Stelling's banter before today's game
I know people worship that Jeff Stelling but his boring, predictable taunting of Phil Thompson was boring years ago never mind now
Phil Thompson not happy with Jeff Stelling on Sky Sports 😂😂
Jeff Stelling is winding up Phil Thompson about Klopp on purpose, it's hilarious.
Gotta love how Jeff Stelling puts down Phil Thompson, every time Thompson shows a bit of optimism (delusion)
just watching "time of our lives" with Jeff Stelling. Andy Gray Graham Sharp & Kevin Sheedy. Why has Andy Gray got no shoes on?
Good stuff with Chris Wilder and Nicky Adams after today's win. Also spoke to Hartlepool United fan Jeff Stelling. Quotes to come.
👌 The other two look gd when ur watching jeff stelling(!), but there ROTTEN really. Bournemouth wouldny have them.
you are the Jeff Stelling of Dereham
Just let Jeff Stelling run Fifa. Chris Kamara as his right hand man.
proper vintage McKenzie :) Like that time you filled in for Jeff Stelling
The news reporter looks like a young jeff stelling =D
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Oooo Sachin Nakrani's doing a speech at my old Uni in a few weeks. Should be fun. Jeff Stelling there too.
We were sat next to Jeff Stelling from Sky Sports in Fratellis in Olhos D'agua last night. Staff swooned round him like he was royalty.
Jeff Stelling is such a legend he could say live on air what Richard Keys did and get a promotion. And a sandwich from that lady lino
I bet Jeff Stelling is wishing he was still hosting today. And the viewing population is thanking god he isn't
indeed, Jeff Stelling on Soccer Saturday made a point of reading out the stats to say they were robbed
Just don't get the 'Jeff Stelling' face. Too much!
Going to be sending snaps of Arun Verone to some of the lads Saturday whilst they're watching Jeff Stelling 🌚
having Jeff Stelling as a referee on a sunday morning ... Not to bad
- What about Jeff Stelling Zack, he has been known to get excited lol
Going full Jeff Stelling listening to this one! Unbelievable.
I've turned into Jeff Stelling at work while listening to this on the radio.
nice one Jeff Stelling you get in touch
Jeff Stelling showing sunday referees how it is done
Got a "Jeff Sterling" at me too. Yes Sterling not Stelling
Perfume And Want some minutes sleep 20 Mail website Analytics And his blog it not just Jeff Stelling your massaging of books.
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lol. Course u are. If I ever get a score in the'll be Jeff Stelling esque over reaction.
She excitedly watch Jeff Stelling all afternoon. Every goal marked off and greeted with a cheer. We got 14 out of 16.but buzz was there!!
Am I the only one that thinks Aronold Schwarznegger and Jeff Stelling look alike?
Jeff Stelling casually having a grand in cash in his jacket pocket.
It'll be a sad day when Jeff Stelling leaves Sky
I bet Jeff Stelling is chowing on his fingernails bigstyle! Same old every year. Anyway Wednesday won, Liverpool tomorrow and rugby tonight☺
Saturday afternoons now belong to Jeff Stelling again
"Hartlepool in 17th head the playoff chasers" - Jeff Stelling
"Bianca Westwood is a heartbreaker"- Jeff Stelling. Was that a compliment?!
Jeff Stelling on Gillette Soccer Saturday - "Aston Villa in the biggest relegation fight since, well last season" 😂😂 class!
€1 a pint and Jeff Stelling has just informed me we're 4-0 up. Not bad this holiday lark...
I expect Jeff Stelling is paid pretty well by SKY because he really does a great job. Can't be easy being fed all the stats in real-time
Cannot stand jeff stelling, the over the top bellend...
Heeeheee! Da football round up wiv Jeff Stelling... It's worked cos he's just put his shoes on! Next step 😍👀
great day for the North East Jeff Stelling said 👿
Two mentions from Jeff Stelling for in the space of two minutes... come on, make it a hat trick
When your team's 2-0 down and you still don't want Jeff Stelling to say there's been another goal cos you know it won't be good news
I love Jeff Stelling more than life itself ❤️⚽️
Can't believe my sister had decided she must watch last night's eastenders right now when Jeff Stelling is on!!!
not according to uncle Jeff Stelling OG 😉
Jeff Stelling: "So far it's a great day for North-East teams" Erm Jeff it's not all about the Geordies and Mackems. Jeez
Gillette Soccer Saturday -Someone tell Jeff Stelling that Chester is not in North Wales!!
Hi why is Jeff Stelling calling the Chester v Wrexham game,the North Wales derby???
How is Chester v Wrexham the North Wales derby? Naughty Jeff Stelling
Someone tell Jeff Stelling that Chester isn't in Wales.
Jeff stelling looking dapper today. Hope your boys do well Jeff! Cheeky bet on today
we'll see - Jeff Stelling is poised to keep me up to date - 🐯 2 🌲0
When Charlie Nicholas tried to banter Jeff Stelling...and failed miserably.
3 points off the top and I've just heard Jeff Stelling say we should get in Eddie Howe from Bournemouth!!!
Just waiting for Paul Merson to finally have his mental breakdown and start wanking furiously at Jeff Stelling screaming 'GOONER!'
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Anyway if you want Jeff Stelling and the boys tune over to now
Good luck, lets get one over Jeff Stelling youngsters
45 minutes until the radio event of the year with & Family sent to the cinema. Jeff Stelling to be muted
good luck mate! I'm able to spend Saturday with Jeff Stelling this week! Up the Cherries!
having to hear Jeff Stelling and Matt Le Tissier tell me we've scored isn't what I had planned tonight ✊💦
Matt Le Tissier is currently hammering some guy on Countdown. And they've got Graeme Le Saux in Dictionary Corner. Where's Jeff Stelling?
lose or draw. Either way I have the wine on standby ready for big Jeff Stelling to announce the goals sailing in :P
Jeff Stelling just now: "Andy Williams got the opening goal but it was too good to be true."
Rob Brydon's impression of a vibrating phone sounds a lit like Jeff Stelling
Fantasy football. Accumulator. Super 6. Jeff Stelling. Hillsborough. Match of the Day. Super Sunday. MNF. It's back!
Can't wait to see Jeff Stelling, Phil Thompson, Matt Le Tissier, Charlie Nicholas and Paul Merson on Soccer Saturday again
I like Chris Evans, but Top Gear without Clarkson, Hammond & May will be like Soccer Saturday without Jeff Stelling. Good luck to him though
kamara,Ian Dowie,niall Quinn,Daniel o'donnell,Jeff Stelling and Tony Gayle??? Is this real life??!
Jeff Stelling, Chris Kamara, Ian Dowie and Daniel O'Donnell all in the one pic. Wow.
Two top men Niall Quinn and Jeff Stelling in Tenerife fundraising for with
Nicole goes to Tenerife and meets Daniel O'Donnell, Nathan Carter, Chris Kamara and Jeff Stelling 💁🏻
Would SKY have a BLACK Jeff Stelling? Or is it like the Eng captaincy, in that, it wouldn't be palatable to the English public😉
and with that we draw the season to a close, goodnight, I've been Jeff stelling
Women's football half time analysis is so bad it's make Adrian Chile's look like Jeff Stelling.
I met Jeff Stelling today. Polite, engaging - really lovely bloke.
The magnificent, brooding play at tonight as do Hartlepool’s best export since Jeff Stelling
Disappointed Jeff Stelling won't be doing CL thought he was very good. At least Lineker is better than Humphreys and Chiles though
yeah Jeff Stelling is Sky's top boy
WOW! New results service for the Champions League...are you the new jeff stelling??! Good luck!
That's what Jeremy Paxman and Jeff Stelling said too.
Can't wait to hear Jeff Stelling getting excited over some ex blues. Come on the 'pool
Sitting here at 6pm: , , Graeme Souness and Jeff Stelling.
"Lets celebrate responsibly" - Jeff Stelling talks Carlsberg and football
Jeff Stelling has just called Jamie Redknapp a "Sun worshipper" just like his knobhead Dad then
Jeff Stelling needs to realise his face is too far gone n to stop tryna sort it out with botox n that 😂
the legend that is Jeff Stelling only reacts like this when Hartlepool United score!
Jeff Stelling saying Xavi never got onto the pitch during the 96 minutes.woeful punditry, no excuse.
Jeff stelling didn't even notice Xavi going on pitch.. pay attention or you could lose the rights.. oops
This guy has no clue that the Jeff Stelling is behind him...
That was a put on, awkward laugh from Jeff Stelling when said there was 'no point covering' the Champions League next season lol.
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