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Jeff Sessions

Jefferson Beauregard Jeff Sessions III (born December 24, 1946) is the junior United States Senator from Alabama.

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It is not that Jeff Sessions lovingly touches his own butt, it's that Rex Tillerson stupidly spanks babies during his kid's dumb recital.
On live TV, Wilbur Ross politely tells Jeff Sessions that Lyft and Uber are not reading Breitbart. Don King tries too hard.
Donald Trump is president, Mike Pence is vice president & Jeff Sessions is the Attorney General. Sounds like *** to me.
Can we really call the Department of Justice headed by Jeff Sessions the Dept of Justice? What kind of justice is he doing? For whom?
.on Jeff Sessions: I get the feeling it’s incompetence .
BREAKING: says AG Jeff Sessions told him Austin and Travis County do not meet definition of "sanctuary city."
Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto on Jeff Sessions: "We have a racist in charge!"
President Trump's top prosecutor, Jeff Sessions, is 'obsessed' with marijuana, Mass. AG Maura Healey says…
Reminder- Jeff Sessions lied to the Senate during his confirmation hearing. That's a crime.
Sen. Schumer ribs AG Jeff Sessions on New York City safety, encouraging him to ride the subway at 4 a.m.…
Listen to Jeff Sessions to GOP: Adapt to Trump or die by Off Message on
Trey Gordy needs to get permission from AG Jeff Sessions to investigate Dem Sen. Elizabeth Warren; 15 Mil probably comin…
Jeff Sessions wants to convince us New York City is soft on crime. . City's Police Commissioner says: WRONG . https:/…
New Orleans is removing all of its Confederate monuments and putting them where they rightfully belong. Jeff Sessions'…
‘I’d be happy to ride the subway at 4 a.m. with Jeff Sessions.’
So weird that civil rights hero Jeff Sessions can't help but constantly say racist stuff.
Jeff Sessions reveals racist plan to pay for Trump’s wall on the backs of U.S. children via
I've noticed that people who are against Jeff Sessions immigration reform speak from behind the safety of their gated,…
Heh. Was he thinking of Hamilton? "Why should a tiny island across the sea dictate the price of tea?" . Jeff Sessions is…
and, Mike Flynn & Jeff Sessions & Tom Price, etc. . Heck just build a prison to house Trump and all of his partners…
I want to see Martin Short as Jeff Sessions.
Who's really the POTUS? I'm confused. Is It Steve Bannon the racist or Jeff Sessions the racist? It's sure not you!
Plus, Jeff Sessions and Steve Bannon think he looks like a terrorist.
Age-old white supremacists like Jeff Sessions depend on faux crime narratives to justify their racism; if u wonder…
Bothers me that Jeff Sessions was the one that brought him into campaign.
Why is Jeff Sessions commenting on the intended arrest of Assange? I thought he was recused from…
Jeff Sessions cares about . Leaks. Not wikileaks. The leaks happened when its a signal of a corrupt WH.
Of course Jeff Sessions doesn't count as a state; everyone knows there's only 11 states in the Confederacy. .
I didnt think anyone could make us long for the days of Alberto Gonzales, but Jeff Sessions has done it.
I'm a Republican but clearly Jeff Sessions needs some sessions with Dr.Phil ... Jeff Ruby
Jeff Sessions doesn't like people of color. He shows that every chance he gets. I don't like people who collude with R…
Good to see we are on day 2 of the faux outrage over Jeff Sessions calling an island in the Pacific an island in the Paci…
1/2: Jeff Sessions said NYC is soft on crime but his state had 4 cities in FBIs top 100 crime list. NYC wasn't on it
FYI Jeff Sessions: this is your home state.
Sign if you agree: Jeff Sessions must resign, and a special prosecutor must investigate Trump's ties to Russia
AG Jeff Sessions stands by his controversial Hawaii comments
"Jeff Sessions is the Slytheryn House Elf of the Trump White House." John Fugelsang on Stephanie Miller Show.
Remember when Trump promised to "take care" of African-Americans? Jeff Sessions will now carry that out
Jeff Sessions please remember Brian Terry murder has no on Eric holder
Don't talk about Jeff Sessions that way.
AG Jeff Sessions talks putting pressure on sanctuary cities via the app
What some guy from an island in the Pacific did 72 years ago, so Jeff Sessions and other bigots could grow up free.
I think Sen. McConnell owes an apology. It's outrageous she was denied the right to voice her concerns about Jef…
Thank you for calling out the corrupt liberal Obamas Judge in Hawaii! This insanity must stop
The Trump-Russia probe is about to face a brand new challenge
In fairness, Jeff Sessions lives in 1955, so in his world Hawaii really isn't a state.
Jeff Sessions says he's "amazed" a judge "on an island in the Pacific" can block President Trump's immigration order https…
this Jeff Sessions thing reminds me of that time Voltaire called Canada "A few acres of snow". https:/…
Do politicians get any dumber than the Democrats who hold top offices in Hawaii?
I am amazed Jeff Sessions still has a law license.
Jeff Sessions shocked to learn that states exist outside the Confederacy.
Internet angrily reminds Jeff Sessions that Hawaii is, in fact, a state
AG Sessions fires Hawaii judge who ruled against travel ban. "A judge sitting on an island in the Pacific.". Love it http…
Jeff Sessions’ racist attack on a Hawaiian judge in “an island in the Pacific” backfires via
I'm ready. Now on to Jeff Sessions who lied under oath and got away with it. One at a time.
Jeff Sessions is amazed there are non whites, still lose and running free...
Dear AG Jeff Sessions: There is a document called the Constitution. Read it. Oh, and Hawaii is a state & HQ of UNITED STATES P…
Jeff Sessions has been very interested in the law ever since he was a juror in the Scopes Monkey Trial
Hawaii was built on the strength of diversity & immigrant experiences- including my own. Jeff Sessions’ comments are ignor…
Jeff Sessions calls it "some island in the Pacific". We call it the 50th state and site of the only WWII battlefield on US soil…
Hey Jeff Sessions, this has been the 50th state for going on 58 years. And we won’t succumb to your do…
FYI Jeff Sessions voted to confirm Derrick Watson, the federal judge he's now attacking as "a judge sitting on an island…
Attorney General Jeff Sessions dismisses the state of Hawaii as just "an island in the Pacific"
Jeff Sessions should have been charged with perjury. How can this racist liar be our Attorney General?
Jeff Sessions doesn't understand the concept of Check and Balances. You'd thing the Attorney General should grasp something so simple.
Jeff Sessions criticizes federal judge in Hawaii,"an island sitting in the Pacific." Apparently, Attorney General is unaw…
Trump Attorney General Jeff Sessions forgets Hawaii is a state. Or he’s just being racist again. Maybe both.
"Good people don't smoke marijuana." . - Your new Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Happy 420
Trump's Grand Wizard, euhmm Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, once deemed too racist to be a federal judge, just had this t…
US Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Wikileaks: 'We'll seek to put people in jail' – video
I don't understand why the GOP keeps defending men like Donald Trump, Jeff Sessions and Julian Assange when we know they're all guilty
Luckily this Julian Assange story seems more like CNN fake news. Jeff Sessions was asked about leakers and he never even menti…
Jeff Sessions didn't even mention Julian Assange. He had a clear opening to go after him and he didn't. . Don't listen…
Jeff Sessions should concentrate on arresting & deporting illegal aliens, drug lords & narco-terrorists and leave Julian…
Why is Jeff Sessions going after Assange instead of investigating Clinton Foundation?. Hillary Clinton should be in jai…
Don't believe CNN. Jeff Sessions is going after leakers from the Obama administration who are trying to sabotage Trump. Not Ju…
"I live on that island in the Pacific. It is pretty great...Jeff Sessions doesn't get it.". —Hawaii Sen. Brian Schatz to…
Does anyone have notes w Jeff Sessions talking about Mayberry, the fictional place, as if The Andy Griffith Show were real life?
Senator you're talking about Jeff Sessions. Don't expect anything better from him.
Jeff Sessions is the David Fincher version of the Keebler Elf
Senator & I sent a letter to AG Jeff Sessions, demanding transparency on why he wants to reward the pr…
2nd U.S. Senator from Hawaii responds to AG Jeff Sessions
A month after Jeff Sessions booted all remaining U.S. attorneys, zero replacements have been nominated
A memo from Jeff Sessions orders Justice officials to review local and state compliance with "all federal laws."
I mean, Sullivan is THE WORST, but at least his reaction to Jeff Sessions wasn't "But Hillary's Cabinet would've been just as bad!"
Jimmy Kimmel shows hilarious clips of Sean Spicer and Jeff Sessions reading to children at the White House Easter egg roll.
We have Gary Cohn running economic policy while Jeff Sessions supervises immigration and law enforcement so it's now pret…
Jeff Sessions is the reincarnation of whatever boot-licking racist toadie rode shotgun for Nathan B…
Rich Lowry (!) continues to get it: Jeff Sessions is the real firewall, not Bannon.
In her latest column, Amy Goodman looks at Jeff Sessions's efforts to undermine police reform
Peter Neufeld speaks out on A.G. Jeff Sessions' decision to end the national commission on forensic science:
Attorney General Jeff Sessions enforcing the law! Refreshing to have the highest Law Enforcement officer in the... http…
Carter Page won’t say who brought him to Donald Drumpf, but we’ve confirmed it was Jeff Sessions
He can share a cell with Jeff Sessions.
Sessions showed that he’s willing to ignore the evidence if it doesn’t support his ideology, says
Despite Jeff Sessions' threats, TV networks are moving ahead with more weed-themed series.
Jeff Sessions was always the most important, crucial, Trump appointee... and he is kicking serious *** Thankful for that fact!
Former Sheriff Joe Arpaio wants Attorney General Jeff Sessions to testify as witness at contempt trial
"We expect the Justice Department to set the gold standard for ethics and professionalism...but here it lags behind"
Jeff Sessions is a racist and bigot. History will not look kindly on Republicans.
Cabinet picks hold similar views. reports Sessions believes secularists are not fit for government/4 https…
No matter what happens to Bannon, Jeff Sessions will champion his anti-immigrant agenda via
Yes and Jeff Sessions should be his cell mate
And Jeff sessions doesn't believe we should hold police accountable for their actions. This is exhibit a why ppl d…
Attorney General Jeff Sessions: Consent decrees 'can reduce morale of the police officers'
I can't listen to Southern Man without thinking of Jeff Sessions.
Not even subtle: as the WH plans to help opioid users in rural America, Sessions starts a crackdown on inner cities. ht…
It's like the White Supremacist Titanic and Jeff Sessions is Rose.
somewhere Jeff Sessions is going "sorry the video won't load for me, no I tried Chrome too, nope, yeah don't know what…
While Jeff Sessions brings back the war on drugs and compares weed to heroin, Canada is legalizing marijuana.
"When Sessions attended..segregated Wilcox Cnty. HS..not a single African Am. in the county was registered to vote". ht…
America has a bigger threat in Jeff Sessions than it did in Steve Bannon
a dangerous demagogue . "At a moment when the White House is occupied by a unilaterally acting authoritarian...
MT Liberals, how racist does Jeff Sessions look as he partook in the march for Selma?
Jeff Sessions is promoting a cryptic false narrative. For example, NYC is a sanctuary city. We have the biggest...
We'll recap the week's news at 10:05 with & Mike O'Neil. Plus, on Jeff Sessions
I did not notice a single alien in the Last Jedi trailer. Was that the Jeff Sessions cut?
Jeff Sessions Rips Bureaucrats Refusing to Back Trump Policies as he dismantled
Liberals complain AG Jeff Sessions is "too close" to Trump - Funny how they forget that Robert Kennedy was the AG in JFK…
Dirty jerk claims he's a "Washington Post blogger" - Keep blogging your poison about Jeff Sessions ... while Sessio…
Activist email asked me to write a letter to appeal to Jeff Sessions' better judgement. . I laughed, the storm troopers laughed, good times.
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Attorney General Jeff Sessions ushers in the "Trump era" at the Justice Department
Let's be clear, Jeff Sessions is a disgusting Forrest Gump speaking racist with no moral compass. Coretta Scott King kn…
Reading: Jeff Sessions, Unleashed at the Border by the
End the terrorist fascist treason of this perjured AG. Stand up & resist the terrorism of DT & his vile GOP.
Already he's set us back on voter-ID, private prisons, transgender rights, police abuse and marijuana legalization.
"Decision was reversed by [A.G.] Jeff Sessions after the GEO Group donated six figures to a pro-Trump super PAC.".
She never got rid of that Wilcox County drippy accent; Jeff Sessions still retains a lot of it.
AG Jeff Sessions: 'The border is not open. Please don't come'
Jeff Sessions is nothing more than a big *** !
Brian Babin asks Jeff Sessions to investigate Susan Rice’s unmasking of Trump aides - -
No! Jeff Sessions will embarrass Alabama just like former Governor Robert Bentley did.
What do Robert Bentley, Mike Hubbard, Roy Moore, & Jeff Sessions have in common? All from Alabama, all Scandalous
Jeff Sessions contradicts himself with latest DOJ proposal, proves he has no clue Sessions= female Michelle Bachman
Jeff Sessions announces new policy: illegals who re enter the US illegally will be charged with a felony. Good.
So Alabama is filled with all kind of corrupt Republicans... . (1) Jeff Sessions (2) Roy Bently , (3) Mike Hubbard , (4) Roy Moore, .
Watching the most of Colin Powell after meeting Jeff Sessions had some other remaining
Fun fact: Kay Ivey was born in Camden, AL in Wilcox County. Camden is hometown to Ivey, Jeff Sessions, Jo Bonner, and Judy Bonner.
Wilcox County duo rises to high office: Jeff Sessions as U.S. AG and now Kay Ivey as governor of Alabama.
Alabama the state that produce Roy Moore, Jeff Sessions, and "love gov" Robert Bentley...unfortunately it's still more like them here.
TRUTH. He's the worst. Roy Moore: also awful. Jeff Sessions: ALSO WORST. Alabama politics are as dirty as it gets.…
It's just so typical of AL. Roy Moore, Jeff Sessions, Gov. Bentley, Mo Brooks - a sack full of hypocritical, hissing snakes.
Hey, remember when we discovered that Jeff Sessions lied under oath in his confirmation hearings?
49 years ago today Albert Turner helped lead MLK's funeral procession in Atlanta. Jeff Sessions prosecuted him for helping b…
Jeff Sessions reminds me of Henry Gibson's character in "Blues Brothers" movie. And not just looks.
Steve Bannon is breathing heavily on the American flag as Jeff Sessions tries to dodge a spitball from Elizabeth Warren.
everyone should dismiss the Grand Dragon, Jeff Sessions
Governors send pointed letter to Jeff Sessions about online - Hot Air -
So, why is it that people like Hillary, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, along with Jeff Sessions are all on the same page? THINK…
Donald Trump is a liar. Jeff Sessions is a liar. Paul Ryan is a liar. Sean Spicer is a liar. REPUBLICANS ARE ALL PATHOLOGICAL…
Jeff Sessions... aka: Grand Dragon... Will go down with President Small Hands, when he is finally impeached.
AWKWARD LAW ENFORCEMENT NEWS: Taser International, in response to Jeff Sessions' plans to end police...
In some lair in the DOJ Jeff Sessions is preparing to indict Becky.
Jeff Sessions to police: Just be you! Civil rights are overrated anyway | By Heather Digby Parton.
Jeff Sessions lied in his Senate confirmation hearing. You supported him Thad Cochran and now you h…
Jeff Sessions wants to roll back police reforms – which could lead to a massive surge in abuse and brutality
Jeff Sessions orders Justice Department review of all police reform agreements
Jeff Sessions orders Justice Department to review of all police reform agreements ^Independ…
Jeff Sessions orders a review of all of Obama's Police reform agreements. Good. Those reforms were anti-Police.
Next ? is why Jeff Sessions recommended a Russian spy for the Trump campaign team. Read on Sessions⬇️. https:…
Love me some Jeff Sessions. He was good for my state he'll be a great Attorney General. Drain the swamp!
I just can't figure out why Coretta Scott King wasn't a Jeff Sessions fan, y'all.
1.Carter Page. Erik Prince. Micheal Flynn. Jared Kushner. Jeff Sessions . Paul Manafort . What do RussianAgents think of these…
Family of Emmett Till asks Jeff Sessions to pursue justice in old civil rights murder cases
“Last week members of Till’s family met US Attorney General Jeff Sessions and asked him to enforce a law that enab…”
Good, it's about time Jeff Sessions and Gen. John Kelly step forward about illegal immigration. This has gone on way to long.
How right-wingers want Jeff Sessions to change the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division: via
Senators have asked Jeff Sessions and James Comey to *** whether the Trump Organization violated the law.
Katie Walsh out & AG Jeff Sessions is threatening other illegal leakers with convictions. Not a good week for the NYT's…
In my weak defense that was comparing him to Rick Perry, Ben Carson, Jeff Sessions, Betsy Devos. etc.
23 people ask the Justice Department to launch a criminal inquiry into its chief, Jeff Sessions
Jeff Sessions threatened to cut funds from sanctuary cities, but Evanston, Chicago leaders vow to fight back…
AG Sessions CRACKDOWN on SANCTUARY CITIES to LOSE $$$ Billions in DOJ Funds if resistance continu…
Watch Hard-LEFT go berserk over AG determined to enforce immigration laws SESSIONS vows to punish…
Attny Gen Jeff Sessions plans to prevent any Fed Dollars from going to Sanctuary Cities .
Loathsome slug. Jeff Sessions is all over the place on states' rights
"Nearly two dozen people from five states are accusing Jeff Sessions of lying to the Senate Judiciary Committee" https…
Jeff Sessions should resign over his misleading testimony.
Attorney General Jeff Sessions just urged sanctuary cities to "rethink" their policies—but they're not backing down:
US Attorney General Jeff Sessions has a warning for sanctuary cities, like Philadelphia.
DoJ asked to launch a criminal inquiry into AG Jeff Sessions lies about Russia meets
Sessions says he’ll punish sanctuaries, cities could lose billions of dollars. Or they could obey the law!
Remember when Bill Clinton lied about an affair and was impeached? Why isn't AG, Jeff Sessions facing charges yet for w…
23 people want the Justice Department to investigate Jeff Sessions for perjury
Earlier AG Jeff Sessions spoke about the need for sanctuary cities to abide by federal laws… reacts next
Attorney General Jeff Sessions says the Trump administration is ready to take back money given to sanctuary cities https:/…
When the going gets tough, the Trump White House talks tough on the undocumented
Here’s a Map of the Sanctuary Cities Jeff Sessions Has Threatened with Funding Losses via
Jeff Sessions’ fellow Alabamans think his approach to marijuana, opioids “couldn’t be…
Read my Mar 28 Newsletter featuring “Jeff Sessions says he'll punish sanctuaries, cities could lose billions of..."
I'd like to see her replace AG Jeff Sessions, truth be told.
AG Jeff Sessions: Maryland’s Trust Act would put residents at risk
A map of the sanctuary cities that could be affected if Jeff Sessions pulls the plug on funding https…
AG Sessions to punish sanctuary cities, cities could lose billions of dollars. It's about time! Put Americans FIRST htt…
Sessions announces a crackdown on sanctuary cities
Trump's AG delivered a message to cities: Comply with immigration cops or lose your federal funding…
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Jeff Sessions is cracking down on sanctuary cities
Tonight’s Podcast: Media ignoring the bad on illegals, Jeff Sessions going after sanctuary cities, more.
"Such policies cannot continue. They make our nation less safe by putting dangerous criminals back on the street." - A.G. Jeff…
Jeff Sessions Is in for a Constitutional Nightmare via Federal Law protecting illegals in sanctuary cities!
Great news, a Criminal Complaint has been filed against Attorney General Jeff Sessions for Obstruction Of Justice👍 ⚖️https:…
Jeff Sessions using grants to coerce unlawful detention of arrestees by local jails. Good choice…
The family of Emmett Till is in D.C. Monday night. They are seeking justice for Till decades after his death.
Let's be clear: Attorney General Jeff Sessions is an illegitimate AG. He lied under oath to Congress to get confirmed. He shou…
I'll remind you that as Jeff Sessions lectures our cities about the law, he is facing calls for resignation for lying to…
The US Dept of Justice under Jeff Sessions, noted white supremacist, WILL NOT collect this data.
Jeff Sessions says the Justice Dept is now going to require states/cities that want DOJ grants to certify they're not "sanctu…
AG Jeff Sessions says state and local govt must certify they are not "sanctuary cities" to receive grants from the Justice Dept
AG Jeff Sessions made good on a threat by POTUS, announcing today that the Justice Dept. will sever grant funds to sanctuary citie…
Jeff Sessions is a viciously evil white supremacist with a fake smile. If you respect him, I don't respect you.
AG Jeff Sessions announces plan to disqualify sanctuary cities from getting grant money & urged officials to comply…
Follow up on Jeff Sessions ignoring question on white terrorist murder. He also condescendingly blew off
Bob beckle your snarky comments about Jeff Sessions accent, that you couldn't understand him, is so wrong..
NYS A-G Schneiderman and Mayor Warren respond to comments from Jeff Sessions on sanctuary city status.
And yet racist bigots like Jeff Sessions actually make America less safe. Coretta Scott King said it best.
is squeezing blood from an effigy of John McCain as Jeff Sessions grumbles about "Letter from Birmingham Jail."
In one of his first acts as AG, Jeff Sessions is already attacking voting rights . via
A DOJ run by Jeff Sessions is unlikely to be more fair than one run by Eric Holder or Loretta Lynch. Media art.
We do, that's why we want Jeff Sessions. Loretta Lynch was a terrible political and partisan AG. Tarmac. Outrageous.
Well we have one, Jeff Sessions. Holder was censured, Lynch was just as dirty as Holder. . https:…
Here's Jeff Sessions and John Lewis together in 2015 at the Edmund Pettus Bridge. Right now, Lewis is testifying against Se…
Chelsea Clinton and Jeff Sessions are the only people left on this hellish earth that still think weed kills.
So John McCain can say Rand Paul is a traitor on the floor of the Senate, but Elizabeth Warren can't quote from letter about Jeff Sessions?
Jeff Sessions is only slightly less awful than George Wallace.
Jeff Sessions is dangerous for the country. It's like he's been living on a different planet for the past 20 years.
Q: Did you give Trump reason to believe he was was wiretapped by Obama?. Jeff Sessions: "um, no."
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Delusional. Attorney General COMPARING that has KILLED NOBODY in Human HISTORY to. htt…
Rep. Eric Swalwell says President Trump “is not credible”
Jeff Sessions might regret firing top Chicago prosecutor after reading his resignation letter. ht…
someone send this to Jeff Sessions.
"No matter, Sessions cast his ignorance as bold, 'unfashionable' truth-telling." via
Jeff Sessions really believes pot is a 'life-wrecking dependency' like heroin.
Because he wants to jail minorities and feed the prison-industrial complex its sustenance no matter how unjust.
The Clinton admin fired 93 out of 94 U.S. Attorneys, including Jeff Sessions in Alabama. Where was the outrage?. '…
Attorney General Jeff Sessions: I never gave President Trump any reason to believe Obama had wiretapped him
Jeff Sessions lied under oath about his Russian contacts in order to divert attention from the fact that he's a racist…
Sessions triples down on marijuana as dangerous drug, not opioid crisis solution: via
Can't wait for Jeff Sessions to replace all those nasty marijuana dispensaries with beautiful pot-free Klan meeting cent…
Jeff Sessions: 'Medical marijuana has been hyped, maybe too much'
Hey...remember just a few scandals ago when Jeff Sessions lied under oath? Where are we with that one?
Mr AG JEFF SESSIONS has his peepers all over it.If there is fire hes the man that can find it out?and prosecute
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Jeff Sessions Goes Full 'Reefer Madness' on Pot - Rolling Stone see more
I love your name Jeff Sessions Lived in south for years. Love the south. Love my state What you'll did was treason! St…
Kate McKinnon's Jeff Sessions gets a do-over on his Senate hearing on SNL
Attorney General Jeff Sessions asked 46 US attorneys to resign. Is there any chance he'll lead by example?
Jeff Sessions is completely ignorant in remarks on Cannabis. Any rational person who tried it will absolutely refuse a comparison to heroin.
Chicago Police Superintendant Eddie Johnson and 9 other police chiefs will meet with Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Thursday.
Please please AG JEFF SESSIONS for God SAKES go after these leakers. !! PROSECUTE!!
Just because Jeff Sessions is a perjurer and probable Russia colluder, let’s not forget his important contributions to th…
Somebody smoke a joint with Jeff Sessions please. He's practically begging for some good. Smh
Seems weird McCain can say Rand Paul "is working for Putin" but Warren can't read Coretta Scott King's letter about Jeff Sessi…
Senile old Fart doesn't know if he's coming or going.
Jeff Sessions Says Weed Is "Only Slightly Less Awful" Than Heroin. Maybe he should try both and then tell us
Jeff Sessions looks and sounds to me like a mafia boss. kid you not.
Attorney General becomes the latest member of the President's team to dismiss the claims
Jeff Sessions thinks weed is 'only slightly less awful' than heroin:   10% Off
Reminder: Jeff Sessions questioned if hate crimes against LGBTQ people even exist. We cannot forget tragedy was ac…
Chicago police Superintendent Eddie Johnson to meet with Jeff Sessions about city's gun violence
While asked for resignations in March, Clinton allowed many to stay until successors were in place:.
Do you think Jeff Sessions should continue to be Attorney General?. Yes 38%. No 44%. Favorable Rating:. Favorable 30%. Unfa…
Dear Jeff Sessions, Marijuana is a lot less life wrecking than racism. Signed, Everyone.
Top cop to meet with Jeff Sessions about gun violence in Chicago
Jeff Sessions on Marijuana: Drug is 'Only Slightly Less Awful' than Heroin via
Jeff Sessions: "Like every nation US has a right to control who enters our country & to keep out those who would do us…
Jeff Sessions has rheumy eyes. I now understand that term.
The "Lock Her Up" chant is back. While we're at it, let's lock up Michael Flynn and Jeff Sessions. Apparently perjury's a…
Jeff Sessions is only slightly less awful than syphilis.
Jeff Sessions shows the depth of his ignorance on marijuana. I’m on a bill to block him & DOJ from meddling in state mar…
Libturds feel Jeff Sessions honor walk across Selma's Edmund Pettus Bridge was disgusting. But to them, when Democrats do it, it's 'uniting'
Jeff Sessions' origin story is that he once saw a girl he liked smoking a joint with a black boy.
Jeff Sessions is the creepy uncle you pray won't show up for Thanksgiving dinner.
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AG Jeff Sessions says he never gave President Trump a reason to believe former President Obama wiretapped him
The Virginia Chapter of the Sierra Club proudly resisting hate this morning in outside of Jeff Sessions m…
Please register the GOP as a hate group for endorsing Steve King, Steve Bannon, Jeff Sessions, etc...
Steve King and Jeff Sessions are the very definition of white supremacist! There is a special place in the depths of *** 4 them
. Nice try. No, Mrs King didn't thank Jeff Sessions in video clip via
You can't convince me that Jeff Sessions and Steve King weren't originally one Gremlin that someone got wet.
During a sleepover, Elaine Chao tries to persuade Jeff Sessions that conspiracy theorists are untrustworthy. Bill Kristol learns how to rap.
they can also go to *** Mitch McConnell,Betsy DeVos,Steve Bannon,Jeff Sessions,Alex Jones,Oscar Goodman,and Jesse Ventura,
Zero originality. The hook is a rip off of Charlie's uncle on IASIP⚡️ “McKinnon's Jeff Sessions impression is back".
Why are we pretending that Trump replacing US attorneys is something new? Jeff Sessions was canned by Bill Clinton in t…
Jeff Sessions tells 46 US Attorneys from the Obama era to resign. Purger say what? What are you scared of? Resign alre…
AG George Brandis to travel to the US this wk to meet w AG Jeff Sessions,CIA head Mike Pompeo, FBI head Mr James Comey
Kate McKinnon is scary good as Jeff Sessions on SNL – Alec Baldwin returned as Donald Trump
Marc A. Thiessen, Commentary: Jeff Sessions is a victim of a new McCarthyism, The Chicago Tribune, March 6, 2017
"SNL" last night: Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump, Scarlett Johansson as Ivanka Trump, Kate McKinnon as Jeff Sessions
From Geoffrey Chaucer to Jeff Sessions, misspeaking is when you lie about lying
Bill Clinton's AG Reno asked 4 resignations of all 93 US Attorneys including Jeff Sessions. Sorry this i…
OMG .. Janet Reno letter to Jeff Sessions!! . How'd that pitiful excuse for a DOJ work out for America? . WACO. RUBY…
Journalist Barrett Brown comments on Jeff Sessions & the Russia controversy. .
Preet Bharara has yet to submit his resignation letter—and may instead force Jeff Sessions to fire him.
If Trump is Adolph Hitler, then Jeff Sessions must be Napoleon Bonaparte?
Congressman Stephen Lynch calls on AG Jeff Sessions to resign: 'Liar'
Strike 1st, AG Jeff Sessions as you seek Manhattan US Attorney Preet Bharara's resignation along with 45 others, an enemy deserves no mercy.
Jeff Sessions asking 46 US attorneys appointed under Obama to resign is like Lindsay Lohan demanding someone get sober.
Eric Trump, Steven Mnuchin, and Jeff Sessions walk into a bar
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