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Jeff Sessions

Jefferson Beauregard Jeff Sessions III (born December 24, 1946) is the junior United States Senator from Alabama.

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Jeff Sessions is the creepy uncle you pray won't show up for Thanksgiving dinner.
Please register the GOP as a hate group for endorsing Steve King, Steve Bannon, Jeff Sessions, etc...
Steve King and Jeff Sessions are the very definition of white supremacist! There is a special place in the depths of *** 4 them
. Nice try. No, Mrs King didn't thank Jeff Sessions in video clip via
You can't convince me that Jeff Sessions and Steve King weren't originally one Gremlin that someone got wet.
During a sleepover, Elaine Chao tries to persuade Jeff Sessions that conspiracy theorists are untrustworthy. Bill Kristol learns how to rap.
Zero originality. The hook is a rip off of Charlie's uncle on IASIP⚡️ “McKinnon's Jeff Sessions impression is back".
Why are we pretending that Trump replacing US attorneys is something new? Jeff Sessions was canned by Bill Clinton in t…
AG George Brandis to travel to the US this wk to meet w AG Jeff Sessions,CIA head Mike Pompeo, FBI head Mr James Comey
Kate McKinnon is scary good as Jeff Sessions on SNL – Alec Baldwin returned as Donald Trump
Marc A. Thiessen, Commentary: Jeff Sessions is a victim of a new McCarthyism, The Chicago Tribune, March 6, 2017
"SNL" last night: Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump, Scarlett Johansson as Ivanka Trump, Kate McKinnon as Jeff Sessions
From Geoffrey Chaucer to Jeff Sessions, misspeaking is when you lie about lying
Bill Clinton's AG Reno asked 4 resignations of all 93 US Attorneys including Jeff Sessions. Sorry this i…
Preet Bharara has yet to submit his resignation letter—and may instead force Jeff Sessions to fire him.
If Trump is Adolph Hitler, then Jeff Sessions must be Napoleon Bonaparte?
Congressman Stephen Lynch calls on AG Jeff Sessions to resign: 'Liar'
Strike 1st, AG Jeff Sessions as you seek Manhattan US Attorney Preet Bharara's resignation along with 45 others, an enemy deserves no mercy.
Jeff Sessions asking 46 US attorneys appointed under Obama to resign is like Lindsay Lohan demanding someone get sober.
Eric Trump, Steven Mnuchin, and Jeff Sessions walk into a bar
BREAKING: Jeff Sessions has asked remaining 46 U.S. attorneys appointed by Obama to resign.
Here is Erick Erickson's take on the war on Jeff Sessions
Jeff Sessions may order independent investigation of Barack Obama’s Department of Justice
When even John Dean (lawyer for Tricky *** Nixon) thinks Jeff Sessions should resign, you know my corrupt administrat…
Jeff Sessions to cut loose the hounds of *** - Allen West Republic
Jeff Sessions may have met the Russian ambassador a third time, after saying he didn't meet him
The first meeting Jeff Sessions had with the Russian Amb was set up by the Obama Administration under education progra…
A new poll shows a majority think Jeff Sessions lied and should resign. Be skeptical.
She's Back: After Being Attacked by the Obama Thugs Just like James Rosen, Gen. Flynn, Jeff Sessions, and…
Majority of Americans want Jeff Sessions to resign for lying under oath
It looks like Jeff Sessions met with the Russian ambassador a third time! per
Poll: Majority say Jeff Sessions lied under oath and should resign
if you agree with Jeff Sessions lied under oath. His recusal can't be the end of the story.
In absence of evidence, Dem senator weaves his own Jeff Sessions conspiracy theory.
Paul F Tompkins played Jeff Sessions at the live show yesterday and you're going to need to get a free trial to hear it!
Grassley accuses Franken of asking Jeff Sessions a “gotcha question” about Russia contacts. Franken: “Look at the tape, Mr.…
That's about the size of what's going on with Jeff Sessions, an honorable man.
Jeff Sessions is unfit to serve as Attorney General. Add your name to demand his resignation:
Attorney General Sessions defends confirmation testimony about Russia
Jake Tapper: WH Officials got information about Wiretap from Breibart, Levin - Not Gov't sources
Pretty clear you do not know legal definition of perjury. Jeff Sessions did not "perjure" himself. Nice try, though.
"I am totally committed to maintaining the freedom and equality America has to provide to every citizen." - Jeff Sessions
It was really bad of Al Franken to ask Jeff Sessions "please lie about your contacts with Russia, and remember, you're und…
AG Jeff Sessions updates Senate testimony on Russian contacts in 3-page letter, says initial answer "was correct"
Kellyanne Conway comes in from the ropes with a brutal knee to Jeff "The Russian Grizzly Bear" Sessions!…
.AG Jeff Sessions "owes it to this committee to come back and to explain himself" over Russia answer
Privilege is why. Lucky Palmer, Jeff Sessions and many more.
Jeff Sessions was at Trump foreign policy speech in April. Did Sessions attend VIP reception w/ Russian ambassador?
Grassley attacking Al Franken for failing to give Jeff Sessions the questions in advance is peak affirmative action for me…
Good morning. In case anyone forgot, Jeff Sessions must resign as AG. He cannot possibly lead DOJ to promote trust &…
The Senate just grilled Jeff Sessions' deputy nominee about Russia
apparently Senator Franken had a temper tantrum today at the hearings..whining and moaning demanding Jeff Sessions come bac…
"Resist Trump Tuesdays" this afternoon in front of City Hall protesting Jeff Sessions.
Here is Jeff Sessions in 1999 talking about the seriousness of committing perjury under oath
Spinning a lie to make it "honest"!? U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions clarifies testimony on Russia
Why did Trump and two associates freak out after Jeff Sessions’ Russia recusal?
This is as angry as I’ve seen Al Franken get; calls Jeff Sessions' response letter “insulting” — via https…
Sen. Al Franken on Jeff Sessions: "He should come back and explain himself" on communication with Russian ambassador
Don't forget about this story: 151 Congressional Democrats call on Jeff Sessions to resign
Jeff Sessions is now claiming that he had "no political talk" w/Kislyak (Russian ambassador). But 5 days ago... 👇
Jeff Sessions says he didn't mislead Congress in testimony
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VIDEO: Bored girls fidget as Nancy Pelosi rambles on about Jeff Sessions via
It is the duty of senators to demand accountability from Jeff Sessions. is respecting that duty.
By serving as nothing more than an apologist for Jeff Sessions, disregards his constitutional duty.
Not sure what James Comey is up to, but AG Jeff Sessions has to make sure the DOJ has all of the positions filled with curr…
In addition, the new Attorney General, Jeff Sessions has suggested that Congress also look at the Emancipation...
'SNL' spoofs Jeff Sessions, Forrest Gump and Octavia Spencer in all-Alabama cold open
Watch: Kate McKinnon returns to ‘SNL’ to imagine Jeff Sessions as Forrest Gump
Kate McKinnon returns to troll Jeff Sessions as Forrest Gump in cold open.
‘SNL’ returns, turns Jeff Sessions into Forrest Gump via
Kate McKinnon's Jeff Sessions is Forrest Gump in cold open
'Being in the government is so fun'; Kate McKinnon's Jeff Sessions stars in 'Forrest Gump' parody on 'SNL'…
Kate McKinnon does Forrest Gump as Jeff Sessions, and Octavia Spencer gets the racist AG to eat potty pie.
Kate McKinnon's Jeff Sessions was Forrest Gump on last night.
Kate McKinnon plays Jeff Sessions as Forrest Gump on hilarious new "This is my best good friend Kellyanne."
SNL imagines Jeff Sessions as Forrest Gump at the bus stop featured in NBC s Science of Love
AG Jeff Sessions refusal to take policing reform seriously threatens to unravel years of bipartisan work and effort.
Watch Kate McKinnon struggle to get through her Jeff Sessions impression
Watch Kate McKinnon nearly lose it as Jeff Sessions in Forrest Gump parody
No Trump on this week, but we did get Kate McKinnon as Jeff Sessions
Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions - We're not going on a bear hunt... // Chris Riddell with a nod to Michael Rosen
The only thing better than Kate McKinnon's Bieber is her Jeff Sessions. Tears... streaming... down, down my face from laug…
Kate McKinnon continuing to slay as Jeff Sessions
Kate McKinnon/Jeff Sessions: "This is my best friend, KellyAnne. She ain't got no legs. They don't let her talk anymor…
Kate McKinnon returned as embattled AG Jeff Sessions (as Forrest Gump) tonight:
Demand a special prosecutor to investigate Jeff Sessions and Russian involvement in the 2016 election:
I never knew how much I needed Kate McKinnon as Jeff Sessions as Forrest Gump until now.
The picturebook world of Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions - the guardian
Jeff Sessions' DOJ stops federal review of Memphis police
Jeff Sessions is an amazing and honorable man. He is a great husband, father and grandfather. Nothing here! 100% total 'wit…
Just out: The same Russian Ambassador that met Jeff Sessions visited the Obama White House 22 times, and 4 times last…
AG Jeff Sessions, We, the American People, want a full investigation of Obama wire tapping Trump's tower.
I'm a good lawyer and I can make a great case out of why Jeff Sessions should no longer be Attorney General.
Jeff Sessions lied under oath. He's not fit to serve as dogcatcher, much less Attorney General. Demand he resign:
Too bad you chose Jeff Sessions as your Attorney General then, huh?
Jeff Sessions isn't the only Cabinet member who gave testimony that turned out not to be true
It is not that Jeff Sessions glaringly cherishes his own facial grease, it's that Kellyann Conway cruelly punches ant kingdoms during choir.
the mainstream right: Steve Bannon, Jeff Sessions, Donald Trump, Steve Miller, Kellyanne Conway, Sean Spicer, Milo was for a bit
Jeff Sessions is a clueless dolt just like his hero Harry j Anslinger. Propaganda drug czar/ reefer madness, lies,lies, lies.
I want to like Jeff Sessions because he sounds like Shelby Foote. It's to bad hes explicitly racist and psychopathicly conservative
WOW: AG Jeff Sessions is being called for investigation for simply doing his job as a senator. A total witch hunt!
It is not that Jeff Sessions aggressively eats his own chew toy, it's that Kellyann Conway idiotically hurts ant kingdoms during Tuesdays.
Confirmed: Jeff Sessions first introduced Russian operative Carter Page to Donald Trump via
Happy one year anniversary to Jeff Sessions being named an official member of the Trump campaign! .
How about firing Jeff Sessions and Kellyanne Conway for breaking law! You don't stand with or for law enforcement! PATHETIC
Jeff Sessions must resign and appoint a special prosecutor. Add your name if you agree:
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Hoo-ee, ol' Jeff Sessions sure got himself some first-world second-owner third-degree fourth-estate problems.
As Trump says Jeff Sessions is victim of ‘witch hunt', he receives backing from key supporters:
Jeff Sessions doesn't remember meeting w/Russian ambassador 2x during the campaign but does remember that they didn't di…
Kellyanne Conway be thinking she not part of this mess. | Jeff Sessions.
Jeff Sessions, Mitch Mc Connell, Paul Ryan must ALL be impeached simultaneously for the good of our country
except if you're Jeff Sessions, or Kellyanne Conway, or Michael Flynn, or anyone else in Hitler's cab, right?
Lets focus on asking Jeff Sessions why he tried to kill Captain Sully! via
Jeff Sessions is one of the few exceptions to Country-Club Repubs in Congress promising much but delivering little for 6 years of excuses
Sen. Amy Klobuchar calls on Jeff Sessions to recuse himself from Russia investigation
The ad for the late evening edition of NZ TV news just now included "There are calls for the resignation of Jeff Sessions"
Does anyone else think Jeff Sessions looks like Pat Robertson?
Jeff Sessions used campaign funds to travel to convention meeting he said was part of official Senate business
Jeff Sessions is an honest man. He did not say anything wrong. He could have stated his response more accurately, but…
James 49 commented on "The nearly indestructible bond between Jeff Sessions and Donald Trump"
Seth Meyers takes a closer look at Jeff Sessions, Trump and Russia:
Claire McCaskill accused of lying in attack on Jeff Sessions via
Sen. Claire McCaskill criticizes Jeff Sessions for denying Russia meetings but fails to mention her own. h…
White House says Jeff Sessions met with the Russian ambassador as a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee. I
How could you have lying, stolen-valor Richard Blumenthal on to criticize Jeff Sessions? Really?
I hope the perjury allegations don't overshadow Jeff Sessions' real legacy of being extremely racist
My Latest. America should've listened to Coretta Scott King about Jeff Sessions. He should resign immediately.
We trusted Jeff Sessions over Coretta Scott King. Just think about that.
The treatment of Jeff Sessions by Republicans is why they will eventually fail as a party. No one president can stop cow…
is Stolen Valor Democrat Richard Blumenthal the best dem spokesman to claim Jeff Sessions was dishonest to committee? Hmmm
Okay, it's true, Jeff Sessions lied under oath. But let's not allow this to sully his long, distinguished record of outri…
Jeff Sessions must resign—and we must demand a thorough, independent investigation into Russian attacks on our democra…
Just remember all you individual liberty loving conservatives, Jeff Sessions wants to throw you in jail for being in possession of a plant.
Time to get rid of Jeff Sessions. His jokes about Marijuana were clearly stolen from Harry Anslinger's act in 1937.
This is a character assassination attempt on Jeff Sessions. . Just like what they did to Trump.
WATCH AG Jeff Sessions tonight at 9pm ET on
UPDATE: Jeff Sessions will recuse himself from investigations into potential Russian interference in 2016 election.
AG Jeff Sessions recuses himself from any current and future investigations into Russia ties to Trump campaign
Coretta Scott King said in life and death not to mess with Jeff Sessions, but white men tend not to listen to black wome…
I read about AG Jeff Sessions and I hear Engelbert Humperdinck's singing "Please, recuse me, let me go . . . ."
Jeff Sessions is having a news conference this afternoon on Fox; Kevin Corke reported.
House Speaker Paul Ryan says Jeff Sessions should only recuse himself from Russia probe if he is the one being investigated. ht…
Trump says he has total confidence in AG Jeff Sessions and he shouldn't recuse himself from Russia investigation…
In 2000, Jeff Sessions made the case that an independent prosecutor is needed for Jeff Sessions in 2017
Come to this protest demanding that Jeff Sessions resign, noon Thu 3/2 at the DOJ.
CNNPolitics: Susan Collins calls for Jeff Sessions to recuse himself from probe of possible Trump campaign-Russ…
Elizabeth Warren calls on Jeff Sessions to resign
Coffman calls on AG Jeff Sessions to recuse himself; Bennet, DeGette demand independent investigation
Watch: Fox News' Catherine Herridge has the latest on AG Jeff Sessions and Russia.
Our Country NEEDS Jeff Sessions! Elizabeth Warren is a who needs to be investigated & who supported Corrupt Hil…
the fool, Elizabeth Warren calls for Jeff Sessions to resign 'now'.
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Multiple lawmakers, including Warren and Pelosi, want Jeff Sessions to resign immediately
Elizabeth Warren, who was stopped by McConnell from reading Coretta Scott King's letter about Jeff Sessions, calls on AG Sessio…
WATCH: Chuck Schumer calls on AG Jeff Sessions to resign.
Paul Ryan rushes to defend Jeff Sessions amid calls for Attorney General to resign .
Here are some questions to consider as the Jeff Sessions scandal unfolds:
A letter from Corretta Scott King warning of the evil racistm Jeff Sessions.
Jeff Sessions said this in opposing GOP colleague Chuck Hagel as Obama SecDef:…
Jeff Sessions told the opposite of what the Washington Post now reports (
Jeff Sessions must recuse himself. But that's just the start.
We need a Justice Department that will give us the facts about Russia’s ties to the Trump campaign. Jeff Sessions should…
Jeff Sessions is in deep trouble. Bigly. - The Washington Post
Washington Post smears Jeff Sessions just days after this pervert is hired by them. Just a coincidence... :
We spoke with about his story on Jeff Sessions' meetings with Russian officials
Tennessee's Sen. Lamar Alexander (R) on AG Jeff Sessions: "...let’s give him an opportunity to make a decision abou…
Members of Congress on both sides of the aisle are calling for Jeff Sessions to recuse himself or resign
Facing uproar from both parties over Russia, AG Jeff Sessions said he'd recuse himself "whenever it's appropriate." htt…
Jeff Sessions graduated law school in 1973. We were brought to brink of battle against USSR over the Yom Kippur War…
Have some respect for Jeff Sessions! He only believes the law should ruin your life if you're caught smoking pot or registering…
Top Republican tells "It's time for Jeff Sessions to recuse himself"
You can tell how bad this is for Jeff Sessions by the fact that the only way friends can bail him out of resignation is cal…
Kevin McCarthy Thank you for Fox interview calling out FAKE Morning Joe's spin on Fake AG Jeff Sessions news about Russia ties!😇
The Wallflowers and Jordan Zevon - Lawyers Guns and Money via - Jeff Sessions' theme, by Uncle Warren's son
Yeah...Far better to have Jeff Sessions give them a Cleveland Steamer.
MI6's Bill Heydon, pictured here denying having had contact with Jeff Sessions
What then-Sen. Jeff Sessions said in 1999 after voting to remove Bill Clinton from office for perjury: h…
BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi calls on Jeff Sessions to resign
Nancy Pelosi joins the chorus of Democrats calling for AG Jeff Sessions to resign after tonight’s report
Nancy Pelosi, Democrats call on Jeff Sessions to resign as Attorney General
Nancy Pelosi is calling for Jeff Sessions to resign ... What's that Nancy ?? U want another gin tonic !?
Nancy Pelosi calls for Jeff Sessions to resign
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Democrats draw the line: Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, Elijah Cummings, Ted Lieu all calling on Jeff Sessions to resign…
TIME: Nancy Pelosi calls on Jeff Sessions to resign following Russia allegations
Jeff Sessions, top law enforcement official in US, lied under oath. Claimed he didn't have contact w/ Russians, knew nothi…
Good time to remind ppl that Jeff Sessions recommended former aide Carter Page to Trump camp. Page first adviser forced…
Jeff Sessions, who oversees the FBI investigating Russia/Trump, spoke with Russian ambassador during the campaign
Rep. calls on Jeff Sessions to resign:
I'm thinking Jeff Sessions is not the right person to investigate Jeff Sessions.
.Jeff Sessions circa 2000 on the floor of the Senate stressing importance of prosecuting perjury.
Jeff Sessions in 1999 speaking on the importance of prosecuting Bill Clinton over perjury allegations
Between crooked Governor Bentley and now Jeff Sessions committing perjury, it's not looking good for Alabama politics
if you want Jeff Sessions to immediately resign.
Jeff Sessions lied at Senate hearing when he said "I did not have communications with the Russians".
Remember when Republicans tried to silence (and Coretta Scott King) as she spoke up against Jeff Sessions?
It's really official now: Jeff Sessions lied about talking to the Russians. America is *really* compromised now.
“I did not have communications with the Russians.” – Jeff Sessions on January 10th.
I can't believe Jeff Sessions isn't a million years old. He looks like he voted for the Volstead Act.
Jeff Sessions claims there's "real violence" caused by marijuana. Here's a photo of the horror:
Was that Jeff Sessions putting his hand on Betsy DeVos's knee a minute ago or was that Arte Johnson and Ruth Buzzi?!?!
Left: US Holocaust Museum's note on 1924 Immigration Act. Right: Jeff Sessions's view of it. https:/…
Attorney General Jeff Sessions' Monday statements, along with those last week from White House Press Secretary...
Great she is initiated into the bigotry club. Stephen Bannon and Jeff Sessions
Reading an online NYT story on the Jeff Sessions speech in D.C. and texting with AG Marty Jackley, who's there. This high-tech stuff is OK.
.exposes the Bannon/Sessions playbook. Spreading chaos and fear is move
Stories of white redemption:. Mel Gibson. Casey Affleck. Hulk Hogan. George W. Bush. Jeff Sessions. Yesterday's monsters are today's…
This is the article Jeff Sessions believes says "marijuana is a cure for opiate abuse."
Jeff Sessions: 'We're not going to a better nation if we have marijuana sold at every corner grocery store.'.
Thanks Is AG Jeff Sessions the only one that can authorize that investigation?
Jeff Sessions claiming breitbart is "putting out cutting-edge information" is scary beyond comprehension.
[Drug crime is up in neighboring Prohibition states]. Sessions Issues Ominous Warning On State Marijuana Legalization.
Attorney General Jeff Sessions pledges the Justice Department will crack down on violent... by via
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Civil Rights Icon Jeff Sessions dismisses the federal reports on discrimination in policing (that he hasn't read)
Jeff Sessions warns US faces trend of rising crime
This week's cover: The uncertain future of truth and justice at the nation's top law-enforcement agency
Attorney General Sessions: 'We are in danger' of rising violence
Who are these "experts" he's referring to?. Sessions: More violence around than ‘one would think’
DNC Chair cites this Jeff Sessions quote at a event and says: "Go shove it, sir."
My name is Naftali Begleiter. Jeff Sessions thinks the policies that led to my death were 'good for America.'
Jeff Sessions looks like if an elf on the shelf was granted a wish to be a real boy
Attorney General Jeff Sessions declines to commit to Chicago consent decree, Mayor Emanuel responds.
Jeff Sessions praised black history while rolling back civil rights protections.
On last day of Black History Month, Sessions praises civil rights movement while undoing civil rights protections.
Called it. This past Sat. On - when he said Jeff sessions was a good friend of his, I knew
Today I sent a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions asking him to investigate the desecration of Jewish cemetaries as…
And just like clockwork this story just came out minutes ago. This is why Trump was really doing that HBCU photo op https…
Jeff Sessions is going to flake one morning and show up to work in his Grand Dragon robes.
Jeff Sessions just reversed 6 years of litigation against discriminatory Texas voter ID case
📷 odinsblog: This is exactly what Coretta Scott King warned congress about in 1986. Jeff Sessions will...
Jeff Sessions announces DOJ is expanding federal use of private prisons AND prosecutions of weed users on the same day.…
Darrell Issa says Jeff Sessions should recuse himself from Russia investigation
This is HUGE. Darrell Issa (R-CA) just called for Jeff Sessions to recuse himself from investigation.
Rep. Darrell Issa appears to tell Bill Maher that Jeff Sessions should recuse himself & special prosecutor statute should be…
Betsy DeVos is fighting Jeff Sessions on rescinding transgender student protections. She appears to have lost.
Not independently. Jeff Sessions has not been recused. Trump is pressuring investigators. Read the piece.
President Trump & Jeff Sessions need to get a handle on these leaks and leakers ASAP DC full of Obama crimi…
This. Is. Damning. And it's yet another reason why Jeff Sessions shouldn't be anywhere near this investigation.
Oh and those heavily armed militarized police who shut down the peaceful today? That's Jeff Sessions' Justice Depa…
Jeff Sessions: even worse than we thought. Despicable!
If the Justice Department ever probes Trump's alleged ties to Russia, Jeff Sessions needs to stay away
Keith Ellison and Jeff Sessions are both racist turds. You lefties and righties can't tailor it, spin it, whatever.
Jeff Sessions wants to revoke protections for transgender students. Betsy DeVos doesn't. Trump sided with Sessions. https:…
Schumer: Justice Department rules require Jeff Sessions to recuse himself from Flynn investigation | DailyKos
Time to dust this article off Reform Jewish Movement comes out against Jeff Sessions nomination
Sen. Elizabeth Warren says she won't be silent about Jeff Sessions' "radical hatred"
Here's Jeff Sessions echoing Milo's comments on what "counts" as sexual assault...
I'd say with Jeff Sessions as Attorney General every state with recreational is in jeopardy
Let me guess, Jeff Sessions and Stephen Miller bought it for Donald Trump.
Stephen Miller was Jeff Sessions aide - who cares? h…
I'm sure it's accidental that Miller was an aide to AG Jeff Sessions...wonder if Sessions is the one giving Miller legal aid.
Stephen Miller was Jeff Sessions aide - who cares?
Miller didn't write a thing. That EO was Jeff Sessions' work or some AL lawyer friend.
Miller,the 31-year-old former Jeff Sessions aide and America First true believer with no legal background of his own
miller was com.director for -Jeff Sessions. No collusion there. This Trump Admin is by far the most corrupt U…
if you're proud of Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller, Kellyanne Conway, & Jeff Sessions. They're in the crossh…
Calling on Jeff Sessions to convene a grand jury to investigate FBI, CIA, State Department, DOJ, and whoever else, to…
Just a reminder: Jeff Sessions is the one who brought this guy (Carter Page) into the Trump campaign as a senior policy adviso…
Tom Price HHS Sec. and Jeff Sessions are sponsors and Grand Wizards of the KKK
How about Sally Q Yates running for GA-06, Jeff Sessions old seat? She is from Atlanta. OOPS, MEANT TOM PRICE'S
donnabazile The confirmation of Jeff Sessions and Tom Price leave open two seats in the Senate. Fight for them!
“We need a lawful system of immigration, one that serves the interests of the people of the US.” ~ Jeff Sessions.
Hmm... So Tom Price and Jeff Sessions, 2 of the most horrible, don't count? Check bef u speak.
Mr Sessions sir we are counting on you to STOP H1B ⚡️ “Jeff Sessions confirmed as the next U.S. Attorney General”. https…
Don't worry everybody. Jeff Sessions, who is in the middle of this Russian scam, is gonna investigate it. Drain the Swamp w…
Mark A. Keeton Feb 12 @ nbcsnl Maybe next time have @ thelesliejordan play Jeff Sessions - he'd be perfec…
Just have Gen Mathis Trey Gowdy & Jeff Sessions overhaul all the Intelligence Agencies same as Obamacare: Repeal & Replace it
Jeff Sessions is gonna clean him some house! We're gonna need a bigger broom!
Well, there's ummm...Jeff Sessions..not to sound like Debbie Downer but.
Hi Kate McKinnon, can you please come do a tour of Alabama as Jeff Sessions? I would really like for that to happen. I'll be waiting.
Jeff Sessions, Kellyanne Conway and Elizabeth Warren all in one episode, Kate McKinnon is a BOSS. https:…
Kate McKinnon plays Jeff Sessions on "SNL"via Republicans are funny girls played by girls
Stephen Miller worked for Michele Bachmann then Jeff Sessions. Hes a true believer in the craziest, most racist wing of th…
Jeff Sessions get the Saturday Night Live treatment; Melissa McCarthy brings back Sean Spicer
Jeff Sessions's comments on race: For the record
Melissa McCarthy reprises Sean Spicer (in heels) on "SNL," Kate McKinnon plays Jeff Sessions and Kellyanne Conway
Laughter is important, especially today – but Jeff Sessions is now in charge of a civil rights agency. We must ensure j…
Jeff Sessions is overseeing this investigation. We need a special counsel NOW.
Jeff Sessions looks like a child that got turned into an old man for stealing a pie from a witch's window sill.
They tried to paint Jeff Sessions as a champion of but he's worked against civil rights at every turn
'Captain America' star Chris Evans spars with former KKK leader over Jeff Sessions confirmation
Jeff Sessions is such a racist he co-authored bill for Rosa Parks Library. Here's Coretta Scott King THANKING him!
This is the red thread that leads to Jeff Sessions work during the campaign to connect Russian resources to Trump.
Joe Manchin daughter is being investigated by the Justice Department.. 🤔🤔 Jeff Sessions will make it go bye-bye. Anymore mor…
They replaced Jeff Sessions in the Senate with a nearly 7-foot-tall guy named Luther Strange. The plot twist is he's a supervillain, right?
Who is Luther Strange? Alabama Attorney General will replace Jeff Sessions in U.S. Senate
Meet Luther Strange, the establishment Republican from Alabama who succeeded Jeff Sessions in the Senate.
If David Rosen being Attorney General doesn't show you how important that job is then open your eyes (Jeff Sessions) .
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Jeff Sessions was just confirmed as Attorney General. It’s like Trump is still hosting a reality show…
Helping black voters in Alabama should get you 200 years in prison, according to Jeff Sessions
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