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Jeff Miller

Jefferson B. Jeff Miller (born June 27, 1959) is the U.S. Representative for , serving since 2001. He is a member of the Republican Party.

Port Royal

Employees with the most positive experiences at work are three times less likely to be searching for a new job
BREAKING: 'Anonymous Sources' at CNN saying Fake Jake screamed obscenities at camera crew, threw a coffee cup at the w…
Steve Bannon has now been banished to the sewer he crawled out of. Stephen Miller and Jeff Sessions need to join him there next.
If there's one quality you need in order to be an effective leader, this is it.
Cyclones who have scored more in a game at AFH than Wigginton (27):. Zaid Abdul-Aziz, Jeff Grayer, Curtis Stinson, Deonte Bu…
sam miller is pretty good, jeff sullivan is fine but I really miss the old EW duo
After tonight Trump has order that the following people has to go and get…
So my uncle sends me out on this beer run, right? And well he asks me for Miller’s Light. I just go: “Miller’s? Ask…
And by the way...not sure why you were nervous
Have a feeling that what Stephen Miller-advised and Jeff Sessions, Kris Kobach & Joe Arpaio-affiliated…
On CNN's Reliable Sources, Jeff Greenfield shows how Stephen Miller's phrase "cosmopolitan bias" goes back to "Stali
Jeff Bezos has a net worth of about $100 billion. Take that down to $99.5 billion and nobody working at any Amazon facilit…
How to create a space where people feel valued.
Thank you to all our OCS BOE members for their service. Back row: Mike Csehi, Jeff Ziviski, Carol-Ann Molnar. Fro…
Here’s what a special prosecutor means in the Jeff Miller child molestation case (w/
On the river to Amak. This is what MU has been doing for 30+ years. Thanks Ed Miller for getting this started. Terri Salupo…
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My Main Man, the patriot who exposed Obama's FAKE birth certificate & who will actually DEPORT illegal al…
This area is rife with celebrities - Jeff Bridges, Dennis Miller, Kenny Loggins, Oprah...
The key to employee happiness is creating positive experiences your employees won't find elsewhere.
It's time to stop thinking about employee engagement and start focusing on the employee experience.
Breaking: Indianapolis Councilman Jeff Miller wins fight for special prosecutor in child molestation case
Judge appoints special prosecutor in councilman Jeff Miller's child molestation case
Special prosecutor assigned to Indy councilman Jeff Miller's child molestation case
DC residents getting savings from tax reform that Dems warned would kill us all is the sweetest thing.
🎥 WATCH: Today I asked Foreign Secretary to confirm that the US remains our closest ally and that the spe…
Hamilton Co. Prosecutor Lee Buckingham to be Special prosecutor in Miller’s child molestation case.
"They didn't have to ask me twice". Rockdale head coach Jeff Miller's son played for the Tigers until he was diagnosed w…
"Everybody in this community knows how special this moment is". On the final play of the game coach Jeff Miller put in his…
Indianapolis city councilman Jeff Miller (R-IN) has been charged with three counts of child molesting after two 10-year-…
Former House Veterans Affairs chairman Jeff Miller spotted walking into executive suite to advocate on behalf of VA exam contractor VES.
Never forget that Miller was Jeff Sessions' communications director. Birds of a feather...
All purpose parts banner
What about holocaust denial and death sentences for homosexuality?
Newest article hopefully helps with new managers via
Part of leadership is dealing with shares how to best approach it in the workplace:
Miller worked for Jeff Sessions before joining Trump…
Jeff Miller of the Orange County Register wrote a great column on Saturday’s game.
should I add miller and drop graham or eifert. Very frustrating TE production
Great job 7th and 8th grade with two wins over Falls City tonight. Coach Miller and coaches = First Class on and off the…
Tonight 8PM on Next on the Tee: S. FLA PGA Teacher of the Year Chris Czaja & Tour Pro
Breaking: NYT reports WH, led by Stephen Miller buried contradictory evidence that refugees contributed +$83B over a decade.…
Masjid nawaz states Burma/Myanmar may well be the next jihadist state, you think so?
Marty Miller out tonight to support and listens to guest State Attorne…
Stephen Miller helped suppress an HHS report showing refugees contributed more than they cost, insisting only their cost be…
God didn't buy the guns or instigate the Division was the mouthpiece of Bannon, Sessions & Miller…
The 5 best ways to handle difficult conversations in the office. via
Great steps to approach a difficult conversation by via
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Stephen Miller is a white supremacist ... needs to removed from WH along with AG Jeff Sessions
Interesting how Bannon, Sessions & Miller has shaped America in their Image.
Perk of working in a small company: You bond with your peers and improve your communication skills!🗣️
Authenticity, communication and informed confidence will set you on a path to success.
Peace is threatened as never before.We draw red lines in the sand & then pretend they don't exist.My speech at h…
One of the free world's best, strongest leaders. Delivering a marvelous speech at
"Electricity is black magic. Anything you can't see is black magic.". -Jeff Miller
We don't need to spread rumors here - just that Chad wa…
Who's ready for a party chat? Join me, Jeff Miller at 12:39pm EST on
If we're naming the "wicked few" I'd start with Donald Trump, Kellyanne Conway, Steve Bannon…
Here are 5 tenets of successful management via
Our freedom is at stake! Rev. Jeff Miller of St. Philip's responds in this op-ed:
UK International Development Secretary playing good role at She's tough, will be a bigger play…
Attention all new managers: Here are 5 tenets of successful management you should know.
intervention by then Rep. Jeff Miller, Chairman of House VA Committee that I was finally outsourced to…
Thankful to the Rotary Club Winter Springs Chapter and Jeff Miller for their continued support!!!…
Marilyn Campbell and Jeff Miller, my birthday is coming up, you know!
Jeff Miller wins 305s over Duke and Ellerman.
305 heats go to Kyle Ganon, Tyler Reeser, Jeff Miller and Dave Grube
Let me guess, Jeff Sessions and Stephen Miller bought it for Donald Trump.
Stephen Miller was Jeff Sessions aide - who cares? h…
I'm sure it's accidental that Miller was an aide to AG Jeff Sessions...wonder if Sessions is the one giving Miller legal aid.
Ok, now this is right up my alley! I'm a total adrenaline junkie and I think this is an adventure I could get Scott Miller, Jeff Reynolds,…
Stephen Miller was Jeff Sessions aide - who cares?
Politico's June 2016 profile of Miller (suggests he hasn't changed much over time.
It's deeper than that - see Politico's June 2016 profile of Stephen Miller (
Miller didn't write a thing. That EO was Jeff Sessions' work or some AL lawyer friend.
.Miller can always find a good job at DoJ courtesy of Jefferson Beauregard "Jeff" Sessions III, who is not a victim of inbreeding
Steve Miller once worked for Michelle Bachmann and has been empowered by a demagogue. Frightening!
my lady just gave the approval to join perry golf and country club. I'll be teaming up with Eric Miller in league. See you out there😎
We want to thank everyone at our church who helped at the dinner for Jeff and Lisa Miller, there is NOTHING like...
Jeff Miller: great live stream of hope to attend ...
Can you be grateful and angry at the same time? w/ Susie Miller
Dotel also holds the historic note of allowing the first triple in Miller Park history...and none other than Jeff D…
But at least Miller's partner didn't have potentially-classified emails on his/her laptop.
Football scoop reporting CSU LB coach josh Miller headed to Furman. last holdover on defensive staff. CSU will have entirel…
I'm anxious to feel good with my dear friends
I'm glad we as a nation are finally starting to come to grips with the moral monstrosity of FDR's presidency.
Miller,the 31-year-old former Jeff Sessions aide and America First true believer with no legal background of his own
Tell that to Jeff Gerth, Judy Miller, and Kit Seelye. You know what I mean. Liberal media my ***
It's 12:12pm EST and the party has started! Join in on the wildness on Flirt4Free right now!
We're having so much fun in my Party Chat! Join me, Jeff Miller online, now!
Conrad Meertins with Famteck and Jeff and Dana Miller with Sir Grout -
I received NO Response from him, Jeff Miller or Senator Burr. No one cared
in mafias, like Putin's regime, killers disappear too. And so on the paranoia.
domain names
most of those gun owners appear to be Trump supporters.
miller was com.director for -Jeff Sessions. No collusion there. This Trump Admin is by far the most corrupt U…
I'd like to know thoughts on upcoming Dutch, French, and German elections! Particularly Dutch. Will she share?
I could write a book on how the VA treated this veteran. Thank God for Rep. Jeff Miller's intervention.
It's a nice thought.People who hold power have to recognize the law for that to be true.
"The willingness of [our] veterans to sacrifice for our country has earned them our lasting gratitude." ~Jeff Miller h…
I think Jeff Miller explained it best on this morning. Hope we hear it again.
if you're proud of Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller, Kellyanne Conway, & Jeff Sessions. They're in the crossh…
Do you think that 6m Jews thought it would ever happen to them in a civilized Europe ?
uh, they had their guns taken away. We have 370 million of them.
I added a video to a playlist Rhys Jones, Jeff Miller and Jim Nelson "Soldier's Joy" Live at KDHX
We now have a second GREAT GRAY OWL to enjoy. From NWcalbird: This evening Jeff Miller and Rich Cimino saw the...
Delayed post. Phone died. Coleby Frye won the SLM race over Jeff Miller and Tim Wilson.
Goals in finals scored by Luce, Quinlivan, Chapman and Mouzakes. Congrats to coaching staff Jeff Miller, Brendan Fitzgerald…
Only two Florida Congressmen are here at breakfast: Jeff Miller and Ted Yoho.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
On to the chipper for Jeff Miller. 6-4, 6-2. Great match Jeff, Corvallis Caleb Powell
you guys missed the Clark County Republican committee meeting tonight. Jeff Miller for Nevada Dst we
Can you imagine a slate of DC Films with Directors like Edgar Wright, George Miller, and Jeff Nichols?
I'm signing books with Jeremy Miller (Warren Buffett's Ground Rules) at Mr Toad's Pub immediately after the Berkshire meeting.
Congratulations to Jeff Miller. The deserved recipient of Lifetime Achievement Award today.
Democrats have no agenda, no plan for the future, and no sense of leadership. Jeff Miller.
Watching Jeff Miller talking about the dangers tribal knowledge Good talk!
Little Jeff at Hilbrae looking for loving home here he is with a volunteer
2 more members of congress get the picture. Jeff Miller (R) Fla and Bill Shuster(R) Pa stepped up to the plate today and endo…
Signed Lamar Miller right? And Jeff Allen?. And we already been having stars on the team lmao
What's going on? Meet and Greet with Congressional Candidate Jeff Miller Get found ->
meet and greet Republican Jeff Miller for Congress CD01 Tomorrow at Freedom park from 12-2 food and fun
The democratic process is only as great as the people who participate in it...
New WR Braxton Miller was honorable mention all-Big Ten in 2015 with 26 catches for 341 yds & 3 TDs:
"I'd like to see Jeff Green jump." Yeah...NBA players not named Dre Miller or ZBo should generally try that.
will regret not drafting Braxton Miller who on this team strikes the fear of God into defenses
With the No. 85 pick, the Houston Texas select WR (and former QB) Braxton Miller out of Ohio St.
Miller is a Koch-puppet. Also, Quint Studer met Jeff Miller and Paul Ryan in Ryan's unmarked black tourbus in an...
The National Football League’s senior vice president for health and safety, Jeff Miller, appeared before a...
I'm reading Ghost Pine, a zine of writing by Jeff Miller. It's great!
Jeff Miller begins his Port Royal title defense this Saturday
Goodell asked about Jeff Miller's comments on CTE - says it's consistent with the league's stance. Says research still …
So he's calling NFLs guy Jeff Miller a liar then. Sorry Jerry, can't have it both ways.
Mike Trout and Bryce Harper have different views about baseball, writes Jeff Miller.
The moment from today's roundtable when Rep. Schakowsky got NFL's Jeff Miller to admit to link between football, CTE. http…
Hello Wayne, This is Jeff Miller, Bill Aldriges friend. Are you planning on playing in the OKC Seniors Golf league this season?
Dose: Lacy Shedding Weight (Rotoworld): Graham Barfield checks in on Eddie Lacy, Lamar Miller, and Alshon Jeff...
So pleased to have bought a used Herman Miller Aeron chair today from Craigslist successfully! My thanks to Jeff in Brooklyn. He's amazing!
Exciting the palate with Jeff Miller of Luella's Bar-B-Que on Finding Asheville Monday
Rep. Jeff MIller (R-FL) Why is Gilead charging Veteran Admin. $40,000 for Hep C drug treatment, but Egypt only $900?
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
I knew that if I failed, I wouldn't regret that, but I knew the one thing I might regret is not trying. - Jeff Bezos https:…
.sees progress in how agencies deliver The is critical to continued mission success.
"I've played so many Super Bowls on Madden I feel like I've been here before"- Von Miller. (via https…
Hello there! I sent your info to Alex at the Human Rights Foundation awhile back; will ping him and get back to you.
still waiting to hear back from you. Thanks! :)
Finding reasons for a loss is essential. Making excuses for a loss is fatal.
19 year old Hadar Cohen dies in Jerusalem hospital after being shot by Palestinian terrorists in attack today.
Amazon prime and sexy time is what I've heard
omg it was amazing. I watch the YouTube vid sometimes. Reunion please!
Historic achievement in Myanmar. I led 2 missions to Myanmar to promote democracy. https…
If I'm an opposing GM, I'm calling Jeff Gorton every day about Yandle and Miller/Kreider/Hayes with lowball offers and hoping he bites.
MILLER RULES :-) My favorite character on the show and the books :-)
We are supplying the goggles to the tune or $2 Miller lt bottles and $3 FIREBALL. Come join Jeff, Coley and the...
Remembering FFs Michael Miller & Jeff Wornham who gave their lives in service of their community in the line of duty thi…
ME: [watching videos of fat dogs in costumes at work]. JEFF, the IT guy who's watching my computer remotely: how. how did he ge…
Would you trade back in the first round to get a second round pick and take Braxton Miller as your QB?
Loving Jeff Miller beautifully there playing bass guitar tonight with the very brilliant John Bennett Band Club London
The Colonel knows what's up ! Jeff just propped the doors open and is ready to serve you. $2 Miller lt...
Today we remember FF Michael Miller & FF Jeff Wornham who died in the line of duty at Harrow Court, Stevenage, Harts. 2/2/05 …
Von Miller on not arriving to the Super Bowl site two years ago until Thursday because he was on injured reserve...
THANK YOU for pointing out is NOT establishment centrist! Ridiculous notion! Keep saying it!
~ PUT TEA-LIGHT CANDLES IN HOLDERS! ~. In memory of my brother Michael Miller & jeff Wornham, two firemen who...
Parachutist James Miller is also known as Fan Man.
Thinking of FF's Jeff Wornham & Michael Miller who sadly lost their lives 11 yrs ago today fighting a fire in a block of f…
Why haven't there been snap-back sanctions on Iran for its violations of the Obama agreement? And where is Congress?!?
Because it will please the masses, here are the offensive snap totals from the loss to the Vikings:. Jeff Janis — 0. Ja…
Take out a policy then. I don't get the kids who leave early with a low round grade, like Wilder.
I think another year with Lawing could get him in rd 2.
could also get injured & completely screw himself.. Lots to consider
He's likely not a rd 1-2 pick so I'm not sure the urgency.
Electronic Device Insurance
would love for him to stay but yea I think he's going
Pinstripe Alley ° Around the Empire: Yankees news - 1/5/16: Fangraphs | Jeff Sullivan: After the Yankees acqui...
Homosexuality: Science, Psychology, and Scripture--Audio by Jeff Miller, Ph.D. Society has been indoctrinated to...
Re-live the past with This Week in Sports History 1/3-1/9
S/O for the limited edition snapback. 1 of 20 made. Also shoutout to Jeff Miller for being Jeff Miller.
.It looks like they missed soon to be alumni Jeff Miller's book:
Heard at the Miller dinner table tonight... Sam (to Jeff): More chocolate milk, sir!. Daddy: OK, but you have to eat more of your sausag…
Thank you Jeff Davis for giving me Criminal Minds ❤️
Preparing funeral service for a grand lady who was like a second mother to me, Betty Miller. It is ironic that I...
Jeff Miller is flipping out bc I'm taking an uber home. Like our 17 year old kids do it I think I will be fine.
Knife used by terrorist in Jerusalem in attack early evening. Police shot terrorist at the scene, taken to hospital htt…
Kerry's "big win" was Iran & Saudi at same table over Syria as US disengaged militarily. I've been away for a while, how's …
Shelby Co. Tourney on Real Sports at Heritage Auto. Fred Miller, Hank West look back. Jeff Brown previews matchups. at 6pm.
More press not doing hmwrk:office painted before election,LaHood hired 2 Schock staff.Sorry facts don't=story https…
As & regain borders we see how the folly of one policy (mass undermines another (ope…
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Also sworn in were re-elected officials DA Matt Fogal, Register and Recorder Linda Miller, and Coroner Jeff Conner:
ISIS has become stronger. They are, indeed, not contained.
Two bold predictions: 1) Jason Garrett loses his job and the Eagles hire him. 2) Lamar Miller signs with them this offseason
Listen to Carly Featuring Jeff Hayes- ALL THAT by jeff hayes on
They were in the front row at the White House for the President's summit in 2014 next to NFL's Jeff Miller.
Hi, Jeff! Yes, everyone should make sure to follow us. We just opened our website. Check it out at
IEEE Senior Member Jeff Miller spoke with about the future of
Zach Miller or eifert for TE and tre mason or Eddie lacy as a flex?
Lots of racing this week for TEAM TROT went 32:15 in the 10k, went 2:55 in the marathon and
By Jeff Miller After two weeks of slow, holiday shortened trading, the A Teams will (gradually) get back to wo...
curious move by sending Colin Miller to AHL for the winter classic.
nevermind, its DC. Miller setting some great screens though
Mind boggling UD isn't taking more advantage of the matchup down low with Colter / Miller
|LIVE NOW| About to LIVE STREAM my first podcast with Jeff Miller
So excited! Thank you Nancy A Miller and Jeff Miller for recording our wedding and after 6 years, we got to hear...
It’s time for Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens to be voted into the Hall of Fame, writes Jeff Miller.
Hi. Do you have the Bill Number for the $17 Billion VA bill by Bernie Sanders and Jeff Miller? Thanks!
The chairman of the House Committee on Veterans' Affairs, U.S. Rep. Jeff Miller (R-Fla.), sent a letter of...
RPD-Sgt. Jeff Miller (L) honored with Merit Award for service by Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart (R).
Do you w/President Obama decision about the Keystone pipeline yes or no? congressman Jeff Miller would like to know
Our guest today - my Congressman, Jeff Miller, Chairman of the House Committee of Veteran's Affairs. 💗
By Scott Taylor/Photos by Jeff Miller and James Carey Lauder Winnipeg Jets goalie Ondrej Pavelec could not have...
One Patriots' game ball should go to Jeff Kessler. Another should go to Judge Berman.
So thankful for Listen to radio from across globe & today I listened to on Calgary radio all the way in Kansas!
.new album is out very soon, get excited with his latest track "Clubhouse."
28 points from Brown, 16 from Miller...solid start to game 1 of fantasy
With his 6th catch tonight, Heath Miller moved into 2nd place on the team's all-time receptions chart.
I don't get why people are roasting Jeff driskel saying he has been in college for so long. How come no comments about Braxton Miller?
Jeff Miller and Stu about to rehearse w/ Sunshine for their set on Saturday at 7pm!! Should be pretty amazing!
As others have noted, that was Jeff Miller — the NFL’s top security man — shown over by the sideline phone bank.
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Why is Jeff Miller at THIS game?? Did the Steelers ask him to be there? Did Goodell?
Paul Blart has more clout than Jeff Miller.
Jeff Miller, the NFL's security chief, is over there by the phones.
That's NFL head of security Jeff Miller that NBC just showed while discussing Headsetgate.
Tasin is just three saves behind Chase Johnson (2010) and Jeff Miller (2001) for the Crosscutters franchise record
God bless Jeff Miller, Brandon girls, and waterskiing
Would have been a tough primary Florida GOP primary. "Jeff Miller will not run for U.S. Senate, focus on VA instead"
Thank you Congressman, Jeff Miller family for taking up the benefiting
PCTEL promotes Jeff Miller to senior vice president
Have you seen these incredible photos from Jeff Miller of the northern lights over Mendota? htt…
Jeff Miller will find running for Senate far different than Panhandle congressional runs:
Jeff Miller to Announce Bid for Marco Rubio’s Senate Seat (Updated) via
Jeff Miller knows that Florida keeps going past Panama City, right?
Jeff Miller to announce bid for Senate Seat. via
Rep. Jeff Miller will run for announcement could come next week
I know I spilt the beans a little while ago, but at least now it's OFFICIAL!! PITCH PERFECT 3, July 21, 2017!!! Sing 'ahhh…
Gaetz, on a side note, is thinking about running for Rep. Jeff Miller's House seat if Miller runs for Senate.
State Sen. Don Gaetz (likely to run for Rep Jeff Miller seat if he runs for US Sen) now up
Tune-in! At 8:20am, I will be on with Chef Jeff Miller making calamari
Comedians Maher and Ross Support Seinfeld on 'PC' - While interviewing fellow comedian Jeff Ross on his show Real ...
Credit to Jeff Miller,. President and Chief Health, Safety and Environment Officer at Halliburton
State of Oil & Gas: How to Survive an Industry Downturn
Read about the state of oil & gas from Halliburton President Jeff Miller.
"This is the most vibrant section in the world." Jeff Miller of Halliburton
Positive opt-in would be super good for us folks with common names. "Are you REALLY the Jeff Miller who just signed up with us?"
by Jeff Miller, A Dash of Insight. While few expect a change in Fed policy at this week’s FOMC meeting, it will...
Jeff Miller's weekly notes are always good~~Dash of Insight | Weighing the Week Ahead: A Market Message for the Fed?
Armando Calderon facing charges including vicarious sexual gratification after calls of nude man at Glen Miller Park.
A huge THANK YOU to Larry Miller, Alen Auguste, Jacob Howell and Jeff Crider and all of their wives for allowing...
Most people reach the limit of their belief before they reach the limit of their talent. ~Jeff Pettitt
The Milwaukee Brewers’ 4-0 loss to the Washington Nationals on Sunday afternoon at Miller Park might have been a...
Hey is Nick Miller playing the role of Jeff Goldblum because I support that
If celebrity death match ever comes back, the first match has to be between Jeff VanGundy and Reggie Miller.
In *** the only NBA commentators are Jeff Van Gundy and Reggie Miller
Harrison Barnes with the POSTER dunk on Mosgov and Miller.
Jeff Van Gundy & Reggie Miller should not be commentators if you ask me
Who's worse at announcing games: Jeff Van Gundy or Reggie Miller?
I don't understand how people hate on Reggie Miller as a tv analyst when Jeff van Gundy is inadequate
I can't stand Jeff Van Gundy, Mike Miller hits a three and he goes nuts. Steph Curry makes a good play and not a peep from him...
I'm tired of Mark Jackson and Jeff Van Gundy. I would rather have Reggie Miller commentating.
People cryin that Reggie Miller isnt a good analyst but wanna hear Jeff Van Gundy?! Just Stop.
Jeff van gundy and Reggie miller (thankfully don't have to deal with now) should be sewn together like human centipede but just those two.
Jeff Miller jefe_miller :is reminding everyone just how much better they are than most bands. For reference, listen to Re…
Our governor's policy was the right one. They just tried to do too much at once. Also the Kansas bureaucracy is a bloated maze.
My 7 year old, Miller, is getting ready for deer season! I told him that he has to consistently make…
Little Giant Ladders
Recipe: West Coast black squid trio: Chef Jeff Miller of Argan Bistro and Richard Wolak talk about Vancouver F...
Amen. “We should charge for extended support on bad practices” via
Total peace, man. That's what we're all about. I LIVE peace. (Jeff Miller/Oorah Shmorg)
Jeff Miller picked up the 305 feature win at Port Royal last night
Early polling favors Jeff Miller in Senate race -
GGFL partner Jeff Miller in the final 16 of the grand prize draw gold plate dinner.
Here's Perry's team: Jeff Miller as campaign manager, Rob Johnson as senior strategist, and as senior adviser
Jeff Miller productions getting it done! Should be a great place to watch some bands play!
RPD Sgt. Jeff Miller (far right) graduates from Northwestern University School of Police Staff and Command.
Tune in to Get Fit Louisville with Jeff Miller and Angie Fenton​!
reds greats Tony Shaw, Buddha Handy and Jeff Miller crying in their drinks at QRC function watching the game. Sad.
It's been 45 yrs but Jeff Miller, Allison Krause, Bill Schroeder & Sandy Scheuer will not be forgotten. Peace!
Jeff Miller being encouraged to run for U.S. Senate
Jeff Miller, Corrine Brown differ on how VA is doing with reforming medical facilities
"I'm sorry Mr. Miller but don't be dissing my mixtape like that dawg"
From now on, I'm pronouncing it Can-ye, like Christopher Walken just did.
Reggie Miller is finding himself in the same company as Jeff Van Gundy in my book. Both you MFs make me cringe when you speak.
Reggie miller want to pay money to watch Russ get down? Nasty.
Reggie Miller:. "I would pay money to see Russell Westbrook Get down anytime anywhere"
Omg on was GREAT! Big applause when Seinfeld called her Tina. ;)
Everyone and their momma is traveling, and Reggie Miller has to call out Jeff Teague. 😂
I love the Jews, Israel, and Bibi, but I agree with you. Not right to use attacks to encourage aliyah.
I'm so lucky. Today was the best day ever. miller.jessica
Jeff Heuerman on Braxton Miller's role of the 2014-15 season.
Back to promoting articles on You can read and his take on the Rays here -
Hey Jeff! This perfectly counters the article you sent me about Felicity. I couldn't argue it better. .
Also well said ! Teams put way to much effort into these cars to have this joke of a deal happen!
Jeff just called my mom hot. Ew stop gros
Focus Jeff Miller: Non-Executive Chairman of Talk about a serial entrepreneur! Check out Jeff's profile
Only those who risk going to far can possibly find out how far one can go. -T.S. Eliot
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
By Jeff Miller Stocks show continuing strength, testing the top of the recent trading rang
Is the game on now?"RT"RT "Wow!! "Miller 138 from 92 balls, JP 115 from 100 balls.
this is miller and Jeff over that stupid game
Reggie Miller's commentary is about as pleasant to the ears as something scratching a chalkboard
Ford Smith takes the win at w/ Mackey finishing only 2 minutes behind, both with tickets.
Drew Hildebrandt of Penn wins 113, 2-0 over Lafayette Jeff's Dustin Miller. Miller's first loss.
A friend who was inside the Copenhagen venue earlier today has written this eyewitness account of the shooting:
Jeff's Jon Anderson and Dusty Miller and Delphi's Hunter Mote will wrestle for semistate titles. Miller, Mote both still undefeated.
Brilliant advice by Jeff Miller at Presidential Symposium: Do you have a hypothesis & does anyone care if you test it? Impact!
Style with Steinke on Saturday from last weekend in Wilkes Barre! p/c Jeff Miller/ Holeshot Mag
Do you take issue with his denial of assistance for hard working American but his existence ta…
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