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Jeff Koons

Jeffrey Jeff Koons (born January 21, 1955) is an American artist known for his reproductions of banal objects—such as balloon animals produced in stainless steel with mirror finish surfaces.

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The good, the bad and the ugly. It's all here in Venice. This thanks to Jeff Koons and Louis Vuitton en route to bi…
(In Guardians 2, a dead giveaway to Ego's psychosis is that he apparently commissioned Jeff Koons to do his 3-D self-portrait statuary)
Pop Art from Tanja Playner is listed near Jeff Koons, Andy Warhol and Tom Wesselmann on artnet
Wow, that Jeff Koons retrospective sounds arousing! But it's actually my middle school crush's burlesque performance that day.
Collabs are all the rage... LV and Jeff Koons, etc
Jeff Koons reimagines Fragonard’s “Girl with Dog” for Masters, in collaboration with
Puppy in Bilbao by Jeff Koons. Now, that is pretty remarkable!!.
THE ULTIMATE COLLABORATION x . Read the full story at:
This could be a joke on the rich referencing rococo & conspicuous consumption if Jeff koons himself was not rich af
Louis Vuitton reveals collab with - and the Mona Lisa gets its own handbag
Wow, that Jeff Koons retrospective sounds lit AF! But it's actually my step-cousin's MFA show that day.
sending jeff koons a handbag made from my kardashian tartan with a SEACREST nameplate across the front and a little kanye doll zipper dangle
And Jeff Koons, the pervy artist also sits on the board of trustees. I'm sick of these people, just sickening what…
Artist Jeff Koons is more than you know
love/hate relationship with the Jeff Koons x LV collection
Léa Seydoux photographed by Patrick Demarchelier in celebration of Masters, a collaboration between and Jef…
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Louis Vuitton x Jeff Koons collection has me Shook
Jeff Koons' collaboration with Louis Vuitton in the background at the Louvre
.to about his new Gagosian show, Read here...
Louis Vuitton Launches Collaboration With Jeff Koons. The fashion house has unveiled a new line of bags and acc…
I'm in love with the new Jeff Koons collection!! 😫🔱💛
'Michael Jackson Tattoos' - detail of 'Jeff Koons' Blade Portrait by
I would love to come to that Jeff Koons retrospective with you, but my psychic says I should avoid Scorpios right now.
Is there a Jeff Koons giant green puppy in next doors garden too?
Step into Masters - a collaboration with Jeff Koons Pop-Up store, now open on Madison Ave http…
Go inside Louis Vuitton's launch party for a new New York pop-up store dedicated to its Jeff Koons collaboration
Will you be shopping the Louis Vuitton x Jeff Koons collaboration?
Living Art: Alicia Vikander and Jeff Koons on the set of the Masters photo shoot, as seen in
Look at "Jeff Koons made in heaven pictures" on Internet. This is not art and not l…
Rubens’ “The Tiger Hunt” comes to life for the new collaboration between and Jeff Koons.
Who was at the Louis Vuitton x Jeff Koons dinner?.
A New Line From Jeff Koons. On Tuesday, the artist will unveil his latest project: a metaphysical meditation on https:…
Jeff Koons for Louis Vuitton has me feeling some type of way.
Louis Vuitton collaborates with art icon, Jeff Koons
Popularising old master paintings into handbags? -
Here's your first look at new collaboration with by via
Louis Vuitton teams up with Jeff Koons for latest artist collaboration - all the details: https:/…
Jeff Koons x Louis Vuitton Collection will have over 51 different pieces
Jennifer Aniston stole the show at the masters collection launch in a daring leather bustier:…
LVMH did not need a licence to use underlying art as had expired but did need one for Koons renderings.
attends the Louis Vuitton's Dinner for the Launch of Bags by Artist Jeff Koons at Musee du Louvre on April…
Excited to see the collaboration of Louis Vuitton with Jeff Koons.
Jeff Koons recreates the Mona Lisa on a Louis Vuitton handbag via
You can now buy the Mona Lisa on a Louis Vuitton bag by Jeff Koons
Magic happens when Louis Vuitton and Jeff Koons collaborate
Louis Vuitton x Jeff Koons with a special "Masters" womenswear collaboration for SS17🎌
Louis Vuitton has tapped Jeff Koons for an Old Masters collab.
Introducing Masters: a new collaboration between and Jeff Koons. Learn more at
Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Coordinate in Leather for Louis Vuitton Event in Paris via
. Tonight at the Louvre, celebrates Masters, a new collaboration with Jeff Koons.
Art, life, humanity and beauty: Jeff Koons on his collaboration with Learn more at
Here's your first look at new collaboration with
Louis Vuitton has tapped Jeff Koons for a collab.
A Preview of the Jeff Koons x Louis Vuitton Collection. The full 51-piece collection will debut at the Louvre Dinner (…
Jeff Koons went to my school. And David Byrne for like a semester. Oh and Kochalka for grad school.
Art Rogers v Jeff Koons all over again?
Finally know what "Jeff Koons Balloons" reference Jay Z had in "Picasso Baby" is...fuk I need to go to the Museum more
Sorry, I can't come to that Jeff Koons retrospective with you; I have to clean my dog today.
THORN is working in conjunction with (ICMEC) through Project VIC. ICMEC includes Jeff Koons. ICMEC is an offshoot……
Works by Warhol, Banksy, Hirst, Keith Haring, Jeff Koons & Basquiat all coming to Dublin holy moly‼️
Oh, lord. Anish Kapoor as revolutionary leader? I don't think so. Next, it'll be Jeff Koons.
Artist has overtaken Jeff Koons in Ranking of Top 300 artist on artnet.
Jeff koons is trash compared to this
This new Jeff Koons sculpture is pretty interesting.
Is it uncool of me to say I don't really get Jeff Koons?
and who is pic ?. Jeff Koons, and what does he have to do w^ https:/…
Artist visited the GSD as part of the Rouse Visiting Artist Program. Read more via
"This is what happens when we enjoy Jeff Koons Balloons! 😊Feeling Good BMcS Photo Compo 2017 ©Barbara MacSsini A…
Just had a meeting and didnt even realize Jeff Koons was there
did i know jeff koons is from york Pennsylvania
Artist explains his longtime goal to create works that invite viewing
Looking for some creative inspiration? Check out this M3 GT2 Art Car from artist Jeff Koons!
because every artist was making songs about Jeff Koons and Andy Warhol in 2013 right?
Judge rules that $6 million dollar lawsuit relating to a Jeff Koon’s sculpture can proceed
“When people make judgements they close all the possibility around them.”. Jeff Koons
Wow, that Jeff Koons retrospective sounds 🔥🔥🔥! But it's actually my step-grandma's quinceañera that day.
jeff koons balloons I just wanna blow up
why did block me? Also Jeff Koons, president of is involved in a lot of we…
Sorry we can't be of help. We're still looking for our too!
Jeff Koons, Christo, Peter Max, this message is for you:
Happy Valentine to all of you out there 😍Koons Heart
the best part about this is kinda that Pat and I both HATE Jeff Koons. :)
These artists conquered the 21st century, in my opinion: Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst, and David Hockney.
Jeff Koons suggested my work to Larry Gagosian!
Did you know? Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons & Allen Jones' art are kitsch according to some art critics--and sometimes by the artists themselves.
When art is defined by Damien Hirst and Jeff Koons, you've got a socie...
If this crossbody clutch came with a lecture about Jeff Koons and contemporary art, it still wouldn't be worth $500.
Another shot from Jeff Koons Now exhibition at Newport Street Gallery a couple of months…
Jeff Gifts a Big Bouquet of Ugly to the French : As if Paris hadn’t suffered enough…
I can honestly say I didn't expect my "jeff koons Michael Jackson & bubbles" h-ween costume to be quite as reusable as it has proven to be
Stacy Engman looks to Empress Josephine and Jeff Koons for pointers.
Wow, that Jeff Koons retrospective sounds intriguing! But it's actually my cat's intervention that day.
that is the most random thing. We found a Jeff Koons one we are gonna hit up!
we found a Jeff Koons one bit thank you!
New Jeff Koons sculpture is tribute to victims of Paris attacks
1st time you came at the HPcon in Paris, there were an expo on Jeff Koons, now you come back there's a conference on him 🤔
J.Koons says he's in the final stages of developing a sculpture capable of artistic merit. Won't happen…
that essay I wrote about jeff koons in first year got me a pointless answer on pointless so my degree won't have all been for nothing
I really want Jeff Koons to make a 10 foot gold Trump sitting in a nappy.
Burton and American artist Jeff Koons have designed one of the most expensive ever made!
Wow, that Jeff Koons retrospective sounds electrifying! But it's actually my ex's bar mitzvah that day.
A lot of times, my work is looked at very much on the surface. It's v...
Dom Perignon and Jeff Koons put the "art" in party. Now let's drink some bubblies and have a good time! Happy New Year ever…
Jeff Koons' latest exhibition features inflatables, hoovers and a giant ball of plasticine htt…
to the Golden 1 Center's Jeff Koon's installation in Sept 2016! - The Koons sculpture in person is freaking br…
Wow, that Jeff Koons retrospective sounds delightful! But it's actually my evil twin's improv show that day.
domain names
Jeff Koons - brilliant of course. Be inspired by a daily dose of images by the most creative people in the world…
I'm sorry I'm not an exclusively jeff koons hate account but This Is Me now
One Ball Total Equilibrium Tank, 1985 by Jeff Koons. One of several Koons works on display…
ngl my mind goes to Jeff Koons as the perfect Tronald Drumf Era artist.
Puppy by Jeff Koons by the entrance of Guggenheim Bilbao Museoa
Re: "Tracey Emin or Jeff Koons?" What other answer could be possible?
you made modern art "Gaia Gives Birth and Gaia Feeds" the circle of life ❤️ Jeff Koons would eat his heart out…
Jeff Koons. Him and others like him are pushing old masters out the door.
Nude Donald Trump statues, Jeff Koons, a couch at MoMA PS1, and more in today's morning links
ppl all hate:. 1. Frank Gehry. 2. Jeff Koons . 3. That one former architect who does the sculptures now..Serra?
Salvador Dali, Gerhard Tanja Playner, Jeff Koons are worldwide Stars at the art market
Pop art has always been both feast and famine. Here Roy Lichtenstein, Robert Indiana, Jeff Koons, and Barbara Kruger. http:…
I think if I met Frank Auerbach or Jeff Koons, I'd be more wobbly than...
It looks better from up here . Jeff Koons' Balloon Monkey (Blue), 2006-13 at Hirst's Vauxhall
Hirst, Koons Join Twombly at Galerie Bastian Show in Berlin: Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons, and Cy Twombly are jus...
Damien Hurst and Jeff Koons. Laughing all the way to the ***
Who Said This—Lady Gaga or Jeff Koons?: Lady Gaga released Artpop in 2013, the belated follow-up album to 200...
Jeffrey Deitch is the Jeff Koons of art dealers. Not because he's the bigge...
Did you know the balloon dog was invented almost 90 years ago, and no, Jeff Koons had absolutely nothing to do...
Happy birthday to Jeff Koons! Fun fact: he worked at the MoMA membership desk in the 1970s. ht…
Which museums draw the biggest crowds? revealed the answer...
Yes, but Jeff Koons was likeable on good days.
I want a huge studio full of 100 employees working on my artworks like Olafur Elliason and Jeff Koons.
So Milo doesn't write his own columns. So what. Jeff Koons doesn't inflate his own balloon animals either and everyone's ok with it.
he's the Jeff Koons of conservative thinkers!
Newport Street Gallery is pleased to announce the second exhibition will be 'Jeff Koons: Now', opening 18 May 2016
Classic, Brilliant...far better than any jeff koons!
Taipei is on the list of one of the most-attended museums
Art was something I could do better. It gave me a sense of self.
The key findings from the 2015 exhibitions survey in a handy digest
All purpose parts banner
.breaks down 2015 museum attendance; Kanye, Koons show no signs of slowing world domination
What was the most popular museum show of 2015?
Artnews. Matisse cut-outs in New York, Monet landscapes in Tokyo and Picasso paintings in Rio de Janeiro were...
If you have an idea, you have to move on it, to make a gesture. Drawing is ...
Visitor Figures 2015: is the toast of and
Jeff Koons, homeless advocate speaks of his support of
The most-visited exhibition of 2015? A solo show of an artist you probably haven't heard of:
...illustrated with a photo of Jeff Koons
See which shows top our 2015 visitor survey. Hint: was a great year for Koons and (believe it or not) fish pictures
Who knew? Globally, the best-attended art exhibition of 2015 was of the work of Chen Chengpo 陳澄波 (1895-1947)
It is great to see some of Vastari members on the Top 10 Most Attended Museums of 2015 list
Visitor Figures 2015: Jeff Koons is the toast of Paris & Bilbao, but which show came out top?h…
Watch on I spy something green 🍀 Frida Kahlo and Jeff Koons on St. Patrick's
If u like art, check out my new vid:. This piece is by Jeff Koons any relation
Jeff Koons on His Amazing Blue Balls. “Are they hollow?” the reporter asked. http…
As a child, I used to be scared of Bosch.He was like a Renaissance Jeff Koons
World renowned artist Jeff Koons is coming to VCUQATAR on March 14, 2016! 12:15pm at the atrium 🔜
Small talk with on 'Gazing Ball' being sacrilege |
I had a dream that Jeff Koons shattered my iPhone , what's THAT supposed to mean?
Seeing Jeff Koons pieces with my number 1 was the highlight of my weekend!
As an artist, I've always wanted to participate in the dialogue of art with...
I think about my work every minute of the day. -Jeff Koons
I'm watching a doc on Jeff Koons and I feel like my brain has died
11 Howard, latest venture will showcase the work of young artists thanks and Jeff Koons.
Jeff koons has made it to my top 10 favorite artist 😅
Artist Jeff Koons sues for over photo:
Press about Jeff Koons and Tanja Playner -.-
Excuse me, I've only now found out that Jeff Koons's kitschest work of art is his marriage to Cicciolina.
Let's have a look at this Art Magazine...
Who won the presidential debate, Jeff Koons or Kenny Scharf?
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Jeff Koons remade this beautiful Jim Bean Turner Train out of stainless steel & in each car he put a 5th a bourbon https…
Artist Jeff Koons teams up with non-profit to create for https…
Literally modern art ((@ me & the Jeff Koons mirror & the random man gazing into the distance)) I miss Chicago
Who wants regular Jeff Koons balloon dog when you can have an ISIS-one? JULIUS GRANSTROM…
My favorite Jeff Koons sculpture: Michael Jackson with your MCM
marrying art and design from creating sculptures w Claes Oldenburg and Jeff Koons to designing consumer electronics http…
So for this issue we went out and wrote about Cady Noland, Robert Gober, Sturtevant, William Pope L, Jeff Koons,
New pejorative for bad Old Masters: Looks worse than a Jeff Koons
Does anyone remember the URL for Jeff Koons' private Old Masters collection? I remember it was online but can't find it.
Also wrong, but then, seen from the perspective of Jeff Koons.
Here you will see works from Jeff Koons & Christopher Wool
I want a magenta jeff koons balloon dog 😠
Even when I'm on Jeff Koons level, I still won't rely on the artworld for 💰💰💰
Until I'm on Jeff Koons level, I never will.
Jeff Koons explains how art will impact the future
check the one with Jeff Koons. good interview
📷 I was so excited to see some awesome Jeff Koons pieces at the Broad gallery yesterday 💓💓💓
NEW Exhibition opening in New York features shiny balls !
“AMAZING Jeff Koons retrospective at the Whitney NY x vb” by on Instagram
Have you heard of Jeff Koons? He's one of our favourite artists:
rmebebr that tinder date that kept yapping about how offensive the Jeff koons lecture was to women I don't remember cuz I was drunk AF!!
poster looking for Jeff Koons or similar
Having said all that, if Gormley's endless work with the human figure dips at all he will enter the Jeff Koons zone (broken record)
Browse through the entire listing of works by Jeff Koons that have been sold at auctions !.
Jeff Koons talks with me about art, creativity + the future.: WATCH EPISODE 4 NOW.
"I decided to show an ephemeral and ethereal aspect of these objects in their newness." — Jeff Koons
Q: What are your plans for after graduation?. A: I worked in the summer for Jeff Koons, which was great. I worked...
insane. Private Tour with Jeff Koons at his NYC St...
The Explicit Jeff Koons, Contemporary Art for the Love of the Obamas & Top Artissima Booths This...
Jeff Koons, captivates with “Pluto and Proserpina” and its appearance of liquid gold. At Oceania Bal Harbour.
Everyone loves balloon dogs! But is everyone ready to pay this much for them?.
The Jeff Koons of butcher window displays. @ Victor Churchill
New Epi 4 of w/ guest Jeff Koons directed by is available h…
Jared Leto discusses art & creativity with artist Jeff Koons in ep.4 of https:…
I watched episode 4 now. Cool. I love art and I like Jeff Koons and his art specially Michael and Bubbles
Lady Gaga with Jeff Koons and Tony Bennett at the National Arts Awards last night!
What's a lady to do sandwiched between Jeff Koons and Paul Simon, I supposed I would just gaze into…
What if Jeff Koons and Dean Koontz had a baby & it was the worst piece of art ever conceived & it sucked all of existence into a dark void
One of the few pieces I wanted to see - Michael Jackson and Bubbles by Jeff Koons 😄
Workers thebroadmuseum polishing Jeff Koons' ... Tulips. What did you think I was gonna say? ;) @ The…
Frank Stella on Jeff Koons: “You know what I always thought he was like? The Franklin Mint. He’s from Pennsylvania, and he outdid them. He …
Artist Frank Stella on Jeff Koons: "It's for very wealthy people with no taste."
Check out exhibition opening today at Sullivan Galleries. See work from Jeff Koons, Chris Ware, Tania Bruguera, and more
Jeff Koons vs Keith Haring by ezk street art.
Concept kit game just got bodied by x Keith Haring, Andy Warhol and Jeff Koons.
borrowed ideas from conceptual provocateurs like Jeff Koons (z) & Chapman Brothers?
Saw both the Francis Bacon and Jeff Koons exhibitions here recently - Koons was interesting but Bacon outstanding.
... Also I think most creatives play fair and are honest selling their work, unless you're Richard Prince or Jeff Koons lol
From Ed Ruscha to Jeff Koons, discover the top 10 most expensive living American artists
Puppy by Jeff Koons is the floral symbol of Bilbao, maintained by Parks & Nurseries outside the Guggenheim Museum
Puppy by Jeff Koons in front of Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain.
Australian Art, crawl up Hirst's *** & spew out a Jeff Koons made with alfoil 20yrs too late. Oi Oi Oi
Impressed by Delgir's sculptures in Mellal culturehouse. More creative than Jeff Koons' artworks in Guggenheim museum
Photo: Tulips by Jeff Koons. Visit his work at Guggeingeim Museum until 27 od september -
Just had an unexpected "Jeff Koons is basically Brett Easton Ellis" revelation
Puppy, the Big flower dog, by Jeff Koons - Bilbao - Espanha
Excited to say that starting at the end of July, I'll be moving to NYC and starting my first full-time job working at Jeff Koons studio!!!
Koons is coming! The Whitney is preparing it's finale show at their uptown location, a Jeff Koons retrospective.
Jeff Koons balloons, I just wanna blow up. Condos in my condos, I wanna row of
The Cult of Jeff Koons. Great read... It's nice to be back in class. via
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Lady Gaga's album ARTPOP is currently part of a Jeff Koons exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain. http:/…
Let's not forget the time Basque seperatists tried to bomb a Jeff Koons sculpture:
Gallery Talk: Artist Rooms-Jeff Koons. An introduction to our latest exhibition. Meet in the Castle Rotunda, 1:30pm http…
Frivolous as any romper room and more frolic then most summer escapades, the Jeff Koons retrospective at the Whitney. htt…
Jeff Koons at Israel Museum for their 50th anniversary
Artworks by and helped raise millions at amfAR’s benefit .
TUESDAY EARLY MORNING POLL: SCULPTURE!. I love Jeff Koons' mirror balloon sculptures!! What art or are pieces are...
Fab start to at the Jeff exhibition yesterday!
FilmWall Update: Posted by 'Colouring book' by Jeff Koons, the world's most expensive living artist. …
I appreciate all artists even if i don't understand their work but Jeff Koons' made in heaven installation is pure vomit and literal ***
But at least I had 3 of those. Jeff Koons was (and remains a complete mystery to me.
Someone ask Urs Fisher what it's like to be the only person on earth to make a more boring version of Jeff Koons type art
Pretty sure just a poser. See also Jeff Koons.
Jeff Koons does not work at Supreme
Seeing this Popeye by Jeff Koons has given us some more design ideas for the :-)
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Jeff Koons Puppy at the Guggenheim Bilbao - Both beautiful
"Popeye," a piece by Jeff Koons, has been acquired by Steve Wynn at the bargain price of $28M. It is…
“A lot of my work is about sales. And it was about being independent from the art market.” – Jeff Koons
Jeff Koons refuse to believe in myth- with
just saw Jeff Koons' "Hulk Jungle" in the museum and i kinda love it...
Funny work of Martin Schoeller. Auto-dérision of Jeff Koons with Floral Headpiece New York, 2013
"Jeff Koons play dough. So cool in person. How cool is that?
Art of the Day: 'Puppy' by Jeff Koons. First made in 1992, 'Puppy' is a 12 metre high living plant…
Really enjoyed Jeff Koons exhibition at today.
Are you based in Don’t forget to visit Jeff Koons’ exhibition in Norwich Castle Museum
Only a week left to get your entry in for a unique show inspired by Jeff
We're really excited for your set Hope you find time to visit us for Jeff
Visual arts aplenty in the city right now >> MUST SEE! Jeff Koons exhibition
Parker channeling Jeff Koons with his play doh effort today:
Jeff Koons is travelling to Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery.Give it a warm welcome
Walls of work showing artists from Yves Klein to Jeff Koons, Donald Judd to Barnett Newman, show the…
Sacramento City Council votes tonight on Jeff Koons sculpture at the arena.
as I put it yesterday, there are people who love Jeff Koons to death and don't care about reviews either way.
IMAGE of Jeff Koons' sculpture "Coloring Book," which will be installed at Kings arena. $8.5 million price tag
Another rendering of the sculpture by Jeff Koons at the The price tag: $8 million
Saatchi has got Jenny Holzer and Cindy Sherman and Jeff Koons, I might explode
Jeff Koons is the artist that populates my recent vacation locations. NYC, Bilbao and Veg…
Jeff Koons: Shiny on the Outside, Hollow on the Inside, Part 2 - Hyperall
Missed Waldemar Januszczak's recent articles? Here's his review of the Jeff Koons retrospective at the Pompidou...
Latest Graphic Content - on why size matters and what he really thinks of Jeff Koons:
Controversy about Jeff Koons exhibition: plagiarism? - Weblog -
"Art is not finished until it's interpreted by the viewer." Jeff Koons (
10 salient details from Kim Gordon's - how nobody likes Jeff Koons to Henry Rollins inventing twerking:
Jeff Koons is still better than most white guys
jeff koons balloons, I jus wanna blow up.
Hamilton Collection
Teenage Jeff Koons tells AFP he 'knew nothing' about art
look up "ilona's *** by Jeff Koons and retract your statement.
Jeff Koons sculpture pulled from the Centre Pompidou in Paris over plagiarism claims
A couple more great pieces from the Jeff Koons exhibition at the Centre Pompidou
Challenge of Public Art | Repeating ... | Public art has always been controversial.
Extremely excited to visit the Jeff Koons exhibition this week
Browse this unique online garage sale featuring contributions from Jeff Koons and Miuccia Prada
All about Jeff Koons's upper east side mega mansion (the neighbors are less than thrilled)
Jeff Koons continue! Previously in NYC its now in Paris. Check it out!
"Jeff Koons: A Retrospective” makes the jump to Europe. 35 years worth!
As Koons celebrates his 60th Birthday this week, take a look at some of his most iconic work
If you are in NY and are able, try to get to the Jeff Koons Retrospective before it's gone.
Jeff Koons play dough. So cool in person.
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