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Jeff Koinange

Jeff Koinange is a Kenyan journalist and chief reporter at TV station K24. He previously served as the Africa correspondent for CNN and CNN International from 2001 to 2007.

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by Jeff Koinange has changed to that's stands for JUBILEEE LOOTING LIVE
"Jeff Koinange" People just dont walk onto a live show without the permission of the host. Its Common human decency unless t…
Atwoli: After Uhuru Kenyatta we should get an older president, like me or you (Jeff Koinange)
While you are at it, tell Jeff Koinange to follow me 😀😀
imagine your job which u seem to be doing well was to b offered to Jeff Koinange
Jeff let the president Salva Kiir explain to the world why people are dieing like animals
Did Jeff koinange just ask president Kiir whether he'd like to see Riek Machar dead? Seriously???
we overate ourselves much. In books too; Jeff Koinange's is $120 on Amazon while Obama's or Hillary's go for $10
Yesterday their CEO was Jeff Koinange Live, why didn't you ask questions ? Many people did. You seem to be a salty troll
You don't want to miss Jeff Koinange Live 'tanight' as He entangles the subject BETTING. It will be smoky!!.
s Jeff Koinange Back in The Day while Still working at KTN Oh my!
U rily inspire me in one of the interviews with Jeff Koinange
Is it true that koinange is too proud to invite ordinary Kenyans to discuss politics
Nick Odhiambo will crack your ribs with his imitation of Jeff Koinange’s voice
Thru I came to know the sacrifices makes for South Sudan!! Long live Koinange Jeff long live
yoh si you're that *** tulikuwa tunadandia trains last year tukiwa newbies...Look at you mpaka Jeff Koinange shouted you out 😂
Talking to Jeff Koinange, Kiir said:. 1. UNSC resolution 2304 does is not meant to protect citizens but to...
No one person knows Jeff Koinange until they have read his book,Through My African Eyes.. What a story!!!
Saw Jeff Koinange's G Wagon early this week. The car is still unmarked. Sheria ni wewe
Also, the neighbors next door are imitating Jeff Koinange. LMAO
I added a video to a playlist Jeff Koinange Live: Agriculture Talk with CS Willy Bett, 17th August
Listening to Caleb Karuga with Jeff Koinange and it is totally challenging.
Jeff Koinange Live - On the road begins now.. And we are 'kuku about kuku'.
World renowned leaders like Obama,Nelson Mandela,Koffi Anan,Raila have graced Jeff Koinange's show,blaming them too??
A never before SEEN photo of Jeff Koinange’s son
Jeff Koinange out here calling Xtian Dela son yet he old enough to be his father. . Smh
Indeed never mind he call it Jeff Koinange Live and he thought he was LIVE! One of best TV host in Kenya!
.Jeff asks Stanley,a coffee farmer to ask CS Agriculture Bett a question and the farmer asks, "where is the money for coffee"
Jeff Koinange Live with the Kenya Rugby 7s team, 21st April 2016 ... -
I celebrate Jeff Koinange n Larry Madowo my all time favourite journalists...u guys cn make one to change his/her career.
Watch Mutahi Ngunyi with Jeff Koinange and see how Raila scheme is to work.
who told that I need to come to Jeff Koinange show.i have done my part and if Iam wrong God will save
Jeff Briliant show with Khan & i hope you wont spoil the momentum by bringing to that bench
Jeff Koinange is also executing a scheme
Jeff Koinange has completely lost the plot nowadays. Good night peeps.
KOINANGE>This man ngunyi God have given him wisdom like king solomon,i always like him.
Jeff Ngunyi omy the bench as just cought fire. Where is extinguishers
He's done a lot from Capital Talk no to Jeff Koinange Live . A retirement send off for
Karim Khan sheds more light on the mistrial judgement by ICC court judges .
If you watch Jeff Koinange's The Bench you would know that I just quoted Mutahi Ngunyi.
So,Ngunyi has over 80k followers en he is following only 2peopleKoinange and Mutunga,LOL
I stopped watching JKL the moment Jeff Koinange became an ***
Ati Jeff Koinange is planning to host one of the NYS Looters ?
BREAKING NEWS! Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi will address Kenyans on KTN after 10 Pm news on Jeff Koinange show. Don't miss!
thanks for empowering and enlightening Kenyans and World at large through your program Jeff Koinange Live
Hi, Pat. Jeff Koinange's Through My African Eyes? It will be available, from next week! We will contact you.
Matsanga Oh my!.Jeff Koinange should consider you for an interview.
Jeff humble yourself as you ask for votes.
Babu Owino is a son to Yoweri Museveni
Koinange LIVE- If we had 50 Miguna Migunas, Kenya would be the best place to be. I hope he becomes the JSC president
koinange Hon Duale you making the show smookie.I am of you idea of amending the constitution so you can be th…
Koinange .blow the whistle let the show start
the man is on record telling Kenyan Journalist Jeff Koinange who he works for.
It was really a colour weds Jeff oh my!
JEFF KOINANGE in trouble for doing this on Wednesday night, Should KTN sack him? - >>
Jeff koinange should use alcoblow instead of extinguisher... Gachoka seems high on something
Thank you jeff koinange u just read my mind..wanted to ask what abt the next day
watch Jeff Koinange Live am impressed my team represented.
your shows are without balance. all out against Come on Jeff!!
Duqle is just another traitor according to how he spoke at the jeff koinange show...baba be aware
Planning to make big Jeff Koinange sign up activity watch this space!
Huh?This guy wants to be on yo bench?Oh my! Jeff Koinange Crushes Mugo Wa Wairimu's Dreams via Kenyans
Did shutter "Dr" Mugo Wa Wairimu's dreams of prime time TV exposure?
See what JEFF KOINANGE did to fake Dr MUGO WA WAIRIMU, he’s crying in the toilet.
Jeff Koinange formally of CNN disses the fake doctor Mugo Wa Wairimu. .Find out why
I'll be facing both Robert Alai Onyango and Evelyn Wambui of citizen on Jeff Koinange Live, subject to...
Do you have a life changing story that you would want to share on Jeff Koinange Live DM or Mail ~ jklinspirat…
Country roads by Jeff koinange just tells me ma week is done
How Much was Jeff Koinange given to do PR for Ben Gethi ? This looks like real PR.
Just spoke to Jeff Koinange and fixed an appointment. Whom would you want me to face off with in JKL?
I urgently need Jeff Koinange's personal number. I have one which is not going through. Only via inbox
Jeff Koinange Reveals How He & His Wife Struggled to Get a Child for Years before Resorting to an Artificial Method
wow! I will be waiting fot that...vs koinange jeff
Jeff Koinange Live with Kirubi Barrack and PLO analyzing Kenyan politics Pt 1 WATCH at:
PLO Lumumba (in Jeff Koinange Live) . "What we have in Kenya is not elections but a coalition of tribes."
Chris Kirubi could NOT be on the Jeff Koinange's bench today but in Kamiti prison had our laws on thievery of public taxes fun…
Even Jeff koinange would say today's show is smokin!
Ooh my..Jeff Koinange & Larry Madowo have decided to bet on who will interview PORK during his visit https…
Some university student somewhere teaching Jeff Koinange how to clap back
I do on my blog. My last review is of Through My African Eyes.
Live at kimpinski with Jeff koinange JKL Kudos bro keep the spirit.. I like the passion yu have
big eyes or lips are a pre-condition to wealth ..look at Uhuru,Diamond,Maina Kageni or Jeff Koinange
He is a journalist. . He should learn from Jeff Koinange,Uduak Amimo & James Smart
That is why Churchil n Jeff koinange shows will always be popular than your crap.they r dignified media personalities
got to that point Jeff Koinange left only to get as part of their weekly content! dissapointed!
Kenyan Girlfriend wants their man to be. Cristiano. Jussie Smollet. Jamal. Hakeem. Ice Cube. Messi. Jeff Koinange. . Just 1 man please
thanks for sharing Jeff Koinange, MBS, have a great Friday :) (insight by
I was dying yesterday when was asking when did jeff koinange become sassy...
Who taught Jeff Koinange how to clap back
New post: Here’s the LADY who was rby JEFF KOINANGE and infected with a disease (PHOTOs)
This year ME&YOU will accelerate in a great overflow, break limits, be celebrated and even hosted by Churchil, Larry & Jeff koinange.
Jeff Koinange...heh! 😂 . *lack of sleep has got me prowling through these streets*
Koinange fantastic job. keep us posted. kindly change the name Somali Kenyans. that is the beginning of profiling somalis in kenya
koinange. what about brothe DUALE easich sio ya mamako
Keff joinambe is awesome guy copy paste of Jeff koinange
A Message to Baba: This is what Kyeff Joinambe had to say- 'Baba while you were away'
What did Njeri ever do to Jeff Koinange, Huruma ni estate
Has Jeff Koinange always been that sassy?
I hope today is the day Jeff Koinange is bringing to his show the battle of the titans and I...
Lmaooo. Jeff Koinange basically said Kempinski is safer than Eastleigh. Cause why would bombers target Kempinski? 😂
Jeff Koinange said he's afraid for his life in Eastleigh but when CNN refers to Kenya as 'hotbed of terror' y'all go crazy. Hypocrites.
Jeff Koinange basically is saying Eastleigh is a hotbed of terror and he ain't going there. you better put him in his place.
Those ladies that get into mats with greasy hair. Stop leaning on people. Jeff koinange has the same and he keeps his distance.
So is wil be JKL with Jeff Koinange?Bro ambia Betty Kyalo amsamehe prezzo ashanyimwa pocket money na mathe
that was a great show if you take public interest & pursue policy the next Nairobi governor will be Jeff Koinange
.| May I recommend one? 'Through My African Eyes' by Jeff Koinange... if you haven't already |
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😜😜😜😜. Jeff control Matsanga he is yelling @ every…
😜😜😜😜. Jeff control Matsanga he is yelling @ everything 😩😩
Jeff Koinange, Bob Collymore and Julie Gichuru should be held responsible for Jimmy Gait's mess.
Politics is funny, especially when it's partial. Now Jeff Koinange purports to ban Tony Gachoka from his JKL show...
Do you have multiple sources of income like ?Learn how
Maina Kageni talks to Jeff Koinange about losing his dad at a young age and being brought up by a single mom .
Do you have multiple source of income? Jeff Koinange has almost 5 income sources! via
Tony kachoka banned from wait abit, i thought that show belonged to jeff koinange only! OR does it make any diff(^_-)
- well said Jeff koinange we need to keep on talking till someone hears us out. How many of u agree?
Controversial Tony Gachoka now barred at the Jeff Koinange Live show. But who gave the order?
After last Thursday’s incidents on JKL there will be No more Tony Gachoka’s interviews on the show .
Why has Jeff Koinange never apologized to Raila Odinga yet his show gained notoriety by the vileness of epithets thrown at Odi…
Tony Gachoka and Jeff Koinange disagree over the mode of answering questions: via
Jeff Koinange Live with Aleya Kassam, Imperial Bank Client affected by receivership part 1
Jeff Koinange Live with Imperial Bank Clients affected by receivership of the bank part 3
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
but Jeff Koinange knew tony was drunk when he hosted him.Why is he pretending?
no more shoka on the Jeff Koinange show. Does that mean no more fire extinguisher?
i have an sms to pay for my credit card Bill yet i was on auto pay from account is that Fair?
Jeff koinange is a coward no more Tony Gachoka on but he gladly invites miguna miguna to abuse Raila Odinga hypocrisy.
All Kenyan, All the time was a party evening during Jeff Koinange US Book Launch for...
Laughter is the Best Medicine. Waiting for the next ROAST… Chipukeezy vinie Vinie Chipukeezy Chipukeezy Jeff...
Kenyans are such copycats.this roasting of jeff koinange is horrible as ***
Count down to the book signing... Get in to get you copy of by Jeff Koinange...
Hilarious: Jeff Koinange attempts to dance to reggae music on air!
Jeff Koinange also won an award for his show on CNN I think... Life can be a pot of madondo
Larry Asego: Why Jeff Koinange was fired from an Airliner via
jeff has interviewed every single person EXCEPT his people in Koinange st
KTN Video | Comedian Jalango roasts Jeff Koinange on his own show
Trouble for KTN’s JEFF KOINANGE, he may soon lose Ksh 60 million or rot in jail. -
Jeff my favourite show of all the time, congrats Jeff!
Jeff Koinange went from winning awards to . Such is life people. Where do we sit?
I watched Jeff Koinange being roasted live ,and realised that stand up comedy is no laughing matter and for once Jalango had no greeen suit
We are glad you liked it. Be sure to check out more sessions tomorrow. Jeff Koinange will be around.
Did you folks watch David Ndii's interview with Jeff Koinange? It's the best thing Jeff ever did besides bribing rebels in Nigeria.
Can u let me know where Jeff Koinange is
# overcoming odds # Jeff koinange.. Loving your the great next Pianist, producer.. God works in many ways
(VIDEO!! Citizen TV’s WILLIS RABURU lands new job just like KTN’s JEFF KOINANGE) Webkenni
with Africa Economics MD and columnist David Ndii now on
Forget Raila rhetoric. Here's nuanced view of Kenya-Ug pact Its more than sugar
All the Jeff Koinange Live episodes in one place. Pretty cool
Jeff Koinange, in that Ndii interview, was like me in my General Economics class; dumbstruck all through.
Jeff I think you need to adjust your style depending on whether your host is a comedian or an economist.
David Ndii- the honeymoon of living off the misfortune of others is over koinange live
That Tusker Malt - Jeff Koinange advert is so .. mature.
Waiting for Jeff Koinange Live. It's where the Kenya-Uganda deal big debate will happen tonight. Jeff is...
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I can't imagn am missing the bench. Can we have repeatbenchjeff
Jeff koinange always looking like he is about to sneeze
So also an interview goes CORD-JUBILEE WAY?? So sad, I have always been a Jeff Koinange fun and trust me on this...
Jeff Koinange Live with outgoing Swiss Ambassador to Kenya Jacques Pitteloud part 2
Call it ulambi but Hussein Mohammed Jeff Koinange and Larry Madowo are in their own league when it comes to interviews.
it is said he bought followers. I cannot say with certainty that he did. But Jeff Koinange only recently hit 500, so did this guy...
Dr. Owuor claims to have seen Christ coming, Kenya to repent During an interview on the bench with Jeff Koinange,
Last season he was a regular player since there we no options really. Now I see him joining Jeff Koinange on the bench!! 💺
abad joke to compare aveteran Jeff koinange to an amateur leon
Bad joke to compare Lionel an amateur to a veteran Jeff koinange
boss you have to do something about the show, imekua kama the bench by Jeff Koinange.
Newly posted: Jeff Koinange and Xtiandela Hang out on Social Media Day
Jeff Koinange said something profound about the trade on NTV this evening. "you're either passionate about it or you're not"
Jeff Koinange is one of our greatest heroes.He's probably interviewed more persons than I've met!
Sarah Hassan and that fakeass Banky W are being schooled by Jeff Koinange
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I am shocked at Jeff Koinange journalism today , for Makau Mutua I hav…
Defaming someone's character is an offence just ask Jeff koinange and Gachoka, someone need to sue him & Koinange
Jeff koinange legitimized this bafoon by bringing him to his show to attack kenyans.
Who remembers when K24 was a news only station? Jeff Koinange had millions shows there. You'd think he was the only employee
with K24 I think people got tired of seeing Jeff Koinange in almost all their programs.
a journalist like Jeff Koinange can pay a 2M fine on the spot without hassles
TROUBLE for KTN’s JEFF KOINANGE; He might lose Kshs 60Million because of this -
The Jeff Koinange of Capital Talk was badder than the Jeff Koinange of Jeff Koinange Live. My own view.
Jeff Koinange released after paying Sh2M fine. Co-accused Tony Gachoka jailed after failing to raise the same amount. h…
"Fresh trouble for Jeff Koinange"| Its a sign of a new bench to come. May be another "Live Show" via
Jeff Koinange, the host of talk show programme Jeff Koinange Live faces possible arrest for disobeying court...
・・・. Catch me Live with Jeff Koinange on Tonight as I talk about…
wat a combination today. Jeff Koinange sorry for wat happened. hehe kenya we live
I wish somebody can bring Jeff Koinange on JKL Live tonight...
Jeff Koinange arrested? My brother, now you are a man. Now we can go slow on you because you have tasted it. LOL.
Between. 1.Jeff Koinange. 2. Linus Kaikai. 3. Hussein Mohammed and. 4.Julie Gichuru, who should interview President...
koinange,If a matter of importance like security is been politicised by our leaders for selfish interest.
koinange.Kenya was destroyed by corruption and selfish interest.If the police is the most corrupt docket.
koinange the terror attack that took place in Garissa today was based on retaliation n the kenya somalis have no faith with kenya govt
'Nobody is no fearless to name and shame' Jeff Koinange describing past student Tony Gachoka last night.
Jeff Koinange Live with Tonny Gachoka: List of shame part 2
it was tonygachoka hosting Jeff koinange
Wishing you al kenyans a good night.
Koinange n Tony Gachoka r making my nite endlessly. in kenya there is no
If u follow politics pliz watch Jeff Koinange Live now on ktn, hosting a very energized man
Jeff List of Shame..Bench is hot and smoky.
Jeff Koinange hosted Hesh in Oct 2014! I think he should apologise to his fans
:I cant imagine i will miss jeff koinange show coz of you power yet...whaaat a messs ac 2756673-01
Jeff Koinange's show has the same guests, on rotation like Kiss Fm.
How's Jeff Koinange Live am not yt home,anybody watching nd an update
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I hear will be hosted by Jeff Koinange. Just expect Raila This,Raila That
Ok, btwn. 1. Andrew Mwasame Lord Sonko. 2. Jeff Koinange. 3. Julie Gichuru. 4. Lilian Muli. Who should interview Obama when he jets in??
Jeff Koinange Live: Tony Gachoka meets Bonny Khalwale where they make st...: via
Who do you think is best suit to interview Barack Obama upon his arrival in Kenya?. 1. Jeff Koinange KTN Tv. 2.
Jeff Koinange should keep it burning.
The report needs Jeff Koinange to voice it! warrr "A CS planted potatoes on govt land? You can't make this stuff up."
Tomorrow's headline will be "Mututho at Keroche Breweries launch" says Jeff Koinange
Between and my vote goes to...the man with tha bass, Jeff Koinange!
Jeff koinange the better a little humour best
the big BOSS Jeff Koinange.he gat the experience.look at how he interviewed
I like Julie Gichuru but Jeff Koinange would best interview
Hehe Some Kenyan has just praised Jeff Koinange Julie Gichuru for being impressive in interviewing World Leaders! . The End times are near!
most refine journalist to do the interview is Jeff Koinange or John Sibi Okumu,nobdy else
Someone wants to know my take on "prophet" Kanyari at churchill show. well as Jeff Koinange once said, you...
Attending the African Union /UNECA Conference of Ministers side event "Africa Regional Integration Index" Moderated by Jeff Koinange.
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Artiste Habida Moloney reveals her life story and journey as a musician on http…
Hii Jeff Koinange you invited kamaru did he advice about mburi cia kiama
Nyakundi, a relatively unknown Kenyan, could compete with the likes of Jeff Koinange and Uhuru in terms of followers. via
Jeff Koinange Live with Ahmed Nassir and Boni Kha…: Just re-watched the show..great minds
Fred Obachi Machoka and Jeff Koinange. Media legends of our time. Time has been generous to these guys all these years.
lovely show on Jkl by Jeff koinange with Fred obaji machoka..
Great show and machoka walking on people's palms thats awesome experience koinange
The fish rots from the head, jeff koinange's words not mine.
Jeff Koinange Live with Ahmed Nassir and Boni Khalwale part 3
Jeff Koinange cannot believe Tinga went to four times without going to ~~`Baba oh baba
Jeff Koinange Live: Inspiration Thursday with Grace Nzomo, coping with albinism part 1
Grace Nzomo inspiration story on coping with albinism on Jeff Koinange
Jeff Koinange Live with Tonny Gachoka: State of corruption part 1: via
time to adk the hard question time for Jeff Koinange Live.oh my...Wamae
From Jeff Koinange to Zari, celebrities share their World Women's Day love
Touching! JEFF KOINANGE extends his philanthropic heart to a school in Korogocho slums
Tallents night machakos university; wish could be life in KTN with jeff koinange
I miss Jeff Koinange Live. finally the show will back on air. Smorking!
To Jeff Koinange, I will add 20K to his charity donation. His book is SEMINAL. To Larry, I will send him 20K if he can RE…
We had a fun day out with Catch the segment here
Interesting convo betwn Bonface mwangi and dennis itumbi on Jeff Koinange Live, ktn. Enjoy... Be the judge.
Did anyone watch Maurice Odumbe on Jeff Koinange Live yesterday? If you didn't please go to you tube and search... http:…
happy birthday to Jeff Koinange, Julie Gichuru , Eden Hazard, Raila Odinga , Lewis Hamilton,,, Its a good date to give birth on
Those of you celebrating their birthday today i would like to inform you that you are celebrating your birthday with Hon. Raila Amollo Odinga and Jeff Koinange.
JeffI love the show. Mark is so eloquent. How many other Obama's don't we know?
KoinangeOkoth . That's a real Obama. Does Barrak know him or
Koinange Is there another Obama from the two Obamas that we now know?
What St. Mary's is this?! Jeff Koinange and Uhuru Kenyatta,Mark Obama.. Same school?!? Jinkeys!!
Koinange . Am seeing Obama junior there. Show me Chinese language .
Have people called you M.r President?Mark you are so the same.Thank you for the great story you've just told us.koinange
Jeff Koinange n that other Obama. Talk about beauty n the Beast :)
I honestly can't take Jeff Koinange seriously, ama he's a comedian?
"Growing up in Nairobi Kenya,I always wanted to write.I was able to bring people to life on paper."Jeff Koinange. He speaks for many of us.
Just got a copy of Jeff Koinange's book "Through my African eyes" much awaited,devouring the pages.
Thanks to Mr jeff koinange for the support
Missing the Jeff Koinange event 'cause projects! My life *** ..
really inspiring.Jeff Koinange a man of great honour
waiting for Jeff Koinange. the shoe
The show is finally here. Jeff Koinange on the hot seat for the first time ever in Daystar University!!. Tune in to Shine FM 103.1 for the...
Jeff Koinange will be here tonight. See you at the amphitheatre at 7pm , entry charges 200 Kenyan shillings.
Hey guys so the book "Through My African Eyes "by Jeff Koinange will be available at the Amphitheater at 7pm. He will be signing and...
They were headed to Eastleigh where Jeff Koinange expected to host Kimaiyo.
Jeff koinange just met his match in Dr Ron Archer. wow, watts man,
Take it nto Nairobi Kenya I'll be your host and Jeff Koinange will help. my son was born that period, cont-
I wonder whether Jeff Koinange does watch XYZ show on NTV.
"What a. Goal!!!" I just read this in Jeff Koinange's voice
Jeff Koinange shares his inspiring and risky career journey | Capital Business via
Dr Myles Munroe speaks of death on the Jeff Koinange Live Show via
Kajiado county gets to close the chapter of this years' skika sasa! Nice Koinange. See u in 2015
little wangari is superb. She should co host sikika sasa with Jeff koinange..all the best in the championship
Jeff the governor speaks with authority and confidence .what counties need!!!
I get confused when someone tells Jeff koinange "we want to see this country moving forward".how? where?
Koinange jeff circumnavigating debate, deviating from purpose
The Gvnor, the Speaker m Women Rep at the studio ready for the sikika sasa by Jeff Koinange on KTN tune
KE: Jeff Koinange adds another amazing picture to his album:
I think Jeff Koinange should dance and sing for us when he comes to Daystar Uni on Tuesday night, what do you think?
Who's buying me Jeff Koinange's Through My African Eyes for Christmas?? I'll forever be grateful to you. 😊☺
I never studied fine arts but through passion and self belief, I gave the President a birthday gift," Collins Okello
KENYA: Shock as KTN’s Jeff Koinange Finds his wife in bed with another Man! *MUST READ*
PHOTOs!! After UHURU KENYATTA, it is obviously JEFF KOINANGE Collins Otieno is back after drawing a master piece of President Uhuru wearing military uniform. Jaduong’ is now drawing a portrait of KTN’s Jeff Koinange and waiting to meet him soon. Check it out below; [ 4 more words. ]
There is a tv production that has Chris Kirubi and Jeff Koinange as actors! Ok, sawa.
It has been a very Blessed and Fantastic week for Nakuru County.President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Samoei Ruto have been camping here since last Sunday but one both simultaneously and counter currently in different parts of the County. H.E the President visited Nakuru on Tuesday and Wednesday consecutively for the KDF Day commemoration and commissioning of the Cadets at Lanet Barracks and yesterday he was at Naivasha to launch the President was present. On the other hand,Deputy President was at Nakuru West and Nakuru East last sunday but one and yesterday at Naivasha .He is expected to visit Kuresoi today. Jeff Koinange and Daniel "Churchill" Ndambuki aka Mwalimu King'ang'i also rocked the county yesterday. We are now looking forward for a Grand Thanksgiving Service for then a big rally at Nakuru. cc: Kinuthia Mbugua Mr. Kimani Ngunjiri
Can you spot JEFF KOINANGE in this PHOTO from 1997 in Liberia?
Some please, how good is the read, Through my African eyes by Jeff Koinange?
In the words of Jeff Koinange:"WHAT A SHOW!"MAD RESPECT TO YY and the third finalist
Hii Chaka place that even Jeff Koinange was pushing, who owns it?
Jameni: Jeff Koinange: Baba while you were away
Jameni: Jeff Koinange: Baba while you were away
KE: Jameni: Jeff Koinange: Baba while you were away:
Jameni: Jeff Koinange: Baba while you were away:
David Matsanga and Makau Mutua on Jeff Koinange show. Fresh from the Hague with the hope that Uhuru’s case will...
ICC: "The Kikuyu nation was under attack ... what did Uhuru do?" saves on tongue-slip 7:10
KE: Jeff Koinange Live: Why are Kenyans so silent on referendum issues?:
Jeff Koinange Live: Why is the referendum issue very silent? Watch KTN Live Follow us ...
yesterday he snubbed Jeff Koinange debate, he chickened out ope's he neva wanted to look academic dwart.
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click on ktn then you will see jeff koinange. Then click on jeff.
It is clear and obvious that Jeff Koinange Live has technically been turned into a UK gauge-meter.
Jeff where is khalwale to make that noise he usually make during rally
Where is Bonny Khalwale? Kindly Jeff Koinange is waiting for you at the bench. Unfortunately Jeff supports his classmate or schoolmate..
Looll..I think that shame on you from jeff koinange to khalwale was well delievered. *jeff's voice Shhame on you khalwale..kwa
"Coming up Jeff Koinange Live, with stay tuned" Oh MY! WAMAE! Jameni
Coming up Jeff Koinange Live, with stay tuned
real talent,I love the jeff koinange act
Due to growing number of copycats, Jeff Koinange might also decide to shut up Like Eveready.
Jeff Koinange Live with Tony Gachoka and Makau Mutua ( Rebunking the ICC ) Part 1:
Jeff Koinange Live with Tony Gachoka and Makau Mutua Debate on the International Criminal Court, Part I --
If this is true, it will have to be the biggest and most anticipated Kenyan TV interview in recent times. Jeff Koinange last night promised to host none other than retired President Daniel Toroitich arap Moi, tonight on Jeff Koinange Live. The talented interviewer hosted Miguna Miguna and Farah Maalim last night in one of those classic heated debates. He announced the bombshell towards the end of the show. I must say that I’m a little skeptical about this, especially since I don’t recall the retired head of state agreeing to any TV interview. If it indeed happens, the topics will be many and this is one you cannot afford to miss. Ⓒ 2014 Nairobi Wire
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