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Jeff Koinange

Jeff Koinange is a Kenyan journalist and chief reporter at TV station K24. He previously served as the Africa correspondent for CNN and CNN International from 2001 to 2007.

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Jeff Koinange's "Thru My African Eyes" is set to enter the realm of biographies way up high, on the wings of eagles! http…
Jeff Koinange Live with Rebecca Garang the wife of the former founded father of South Sudan (Sudan turmoil) Watch KTN Live Follow...
Watching Jeff Koinange Live KTN TV last night Tony Gachoka took me back 10 years or so. Talk about young Turks and Kiss Radio Africa "CROSS FIRE" Radio Africa brought live second liberation program, Anchor Patrick Quarco sussing Late Mutula Kilonzo, James Orengo, Mukhisa Kituyi, Paul Muite and Tony Gachoka amongst others. Was Tony Gachoka making any point yesterday or is he disgruntled at something we need to know. He poked Uhuru left, right and centre to the point Jeff Koinange excusing himself and KTN to say those were Tony's personal remarks. Second Liberation was mother of all battles until ODM split into Oranges and Judases today they are back together to say CORD. TNA, URP were no where in sight meaning Kutangulia sio kufika for ODM/ CORD. Kenyans in the diaspora are doing well while the average over taxed Kenyan can only but groan. Donkeys other than the threat of unscrupulous butchers are seen grazing with serenity around Limuru to confirm that the owners don't like responsibility.
What did Tony Gachoka say,or do while on Jeff Koinange ,that is causing such disquete.İ missed it
I though I would let it pass but I cannot. Jeff Koinange, how can you interview a drunk Tony Gachoka on matters this important to Kenya? Sure He had some strong points, but is that a precedence we want to set for young and upcoming leaders? He not only was drunk, but has a tainted image as well, don't we have upright Kenyans to serve that purpose?
Waaah! Ok I rarely get time for The bench with Jeff Koinange.hmmm but today that bench was smoking ¿¿ Tony Gachoka think today we were reading from the same script - I like Hope some generals were all ears n will take queue n resign. As for Anglo leasing who the *** r this we r meant to pay. Iiichien .sande yes!!
Tony Gachoka on Jeff Koinange Live, this guy is drunk hii lazima ni countryman
Tony Gachoka is high like a kite , spitting all over Jeff Koinange .
Tony Gachoka live at Jeff Koinange show, the Bench. Dis dude has got a lot of nerves.
This Tony Gachoka guy on Jeff Koinange Live i bet is too drunk,he reminds of my days back in high school debate club where some of the selected speakers in a contest would take some sips of saphire ( cheap liquor) ati to loosen the tongue
or set her up like they did to Jeff Koinange.
Jeff Koinange Live with Dr. Magana Njoroge Mungai Watch KTN Streaming LIVE from Kenya 24/7 on Follow us on ...
Jeff Koinange: How do u feel as former governor? Dr. Evans Kidero: I cant remember being the governor, ask me what Waititu did.
solange and beyonce left ogether while jay left alone. Now what did you do, Jay? *in my jeff koinange voice*
LARRY Madowo could be a good journalist, but there is a reason he will never get to the levels of Jeff Koinange, Julie Gichuru, Mohammed Ali, Maina Kageni, John Allan Namu, Catherine Kasavuli et al.
I wonder how jeff koinange asks for a booty call
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Jeff Koinange Live with Godfrey Ipalei who was born without hands: via
He was born without hands; can type 50-60 words a minute, cook and write.He shares his story on
Godfrey Ipalei's interview a while ago on Jeff Koinange Live is an inspirational challenge to we who are well...
kenyajeff wow trully Godfrey ipalei is inspiring,his msg n story is trully inspiring.May God bless yu.
Dude at Jeff Koinange Live wow!! Look for what you can do, not what you cannot do. what a positive attitude!
"Disability is in your attitude"! loving the talk with Jeff Koinange and Geoffrey. An instant inspiration!
Jeff is amazing, inspiring and has a great sense of humor. Thank you for making us appreciate what we whine abt
Jeff: Totally agree, disability only exists in the mind, not reality.
GOOD JOB my brother Jeff Mwaura Koinange we will be watching.
koinange. If they only knew john mututho saves lives. Nobody will mock that man.
I disagree, I love Jeff Koinange Live. Keep it up.
jeff koinange steps in a puddle of water unknowingly "omaè o maè o maè"
Men y shud Jeff Koinange be always agaist his cousin uhuru kenyatta.?The other day he accused uhuru when He sign da bill bout the SOCIAL media .of which to me Uhuru was practising his constitutionol rights.then by now he says tha uhuru is da one concern bout da wage bill na gharama ya lyf kuoanda .he forgets that his father the late CHIEF koinange n MZEE JOMO KENYATTA WERE BROTHRS .tena tumbo moja . Who shud care for ur cousins or u wil be among who wil betray him...?.mmmh politics men.
I liked a video from The President, DP and Jeff Koinange Endorse
Lilian Muli is a poor Interviewer,she cannot be able to interview Konshens.I like Hussein Mohammed or NTV's Larry Madowo or Jeff Koinange! How does she invite konshens and go ahead to ask him "what do you have for us tonight" and konshens replies "I will respond to what you ask". She should go back to class for some interviewing skills.
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Jeff Koinange and Johnson Mwakazi have been arrested and taken to Kasarani. They will undergo a HAIR screening to know if they are Somalis.
Last night was amazing thank you tcf cluster for putting us on the spot at Jeff Koinange Live njoki and nick that was amazing and winnie and karani you made us proud we are going places this is a great year for tcf and for us champions WE CAN Wheelchairs And Our Past Expiriences Do Not Hold Our Future because we are abled differently
am just amazed by the way ths guys have bright future!! may God take them far beyond their dreams
Beyond disabilities Jeff Koinange Live ktn what a show an inspiration one
@ Jeff Koinange Karanis boss must have been very merciless.
Watching my friend Karani Kinyua one on one with Jeff Koinange.moving story
m Jeff koinange need to interview you on the ongoing insecurity, wud lov to hear ua views
Just passed Jeff Koinange so Msa Rd jam is moving.
If you listened to Ken on Jeff Koinange's shenzi topic... you would know the real facts of your responsibility as a kenyan . conclusion is. we all hv a responsibility of taking care of our nation. Sing n dance about security n at the end of tha day u r responsible for ur neighbours n ur self.
I like this Ken Njiru guy on Jeff Koinange Live..a modern day visionary that has an idea of what kenya can be if...
Africa is not a country but a continent with 54 countries-Jeff Koinange & Suresh!What a way to start the Global Enterprise Showcase
Jeff Koinange Live with Daniel Adongo an African playing American football: via - inspira…
Ole Lenku = Ole Mattresses 101 with the one and only legendary journo JEFF KOINANGE.
"Spot Jeff Koinange cc Ha Ha Ha..where did you get THAT Photo, Bram?
Jeff Koinange: Mr.Lenku,how can honey&black seed oil be used to make a bomb? Lenku:U knw Jef,bombs cn be baked just like bread!
Jeff Koinange Live interview with Hussein Ali (War on terror): via
What lies in store for the Coast after the terror attacks?
Let's all progressive minds offer our prayers for him as we wait for the right time when he can fully face the Nation of Kenya - our resourceful and natural motherland - which clearly deserves our best servants and talents only now found in Lupita Nyong'os, Jeff Koinange's, Isaiah Kiplagat's, Devid Rudisha's, Susan Owiyo's, Eric Wainaina's, Collins Injera's, Victor Wanyama's, Julie Gichuru Fanpage, Boniface Mwangis, Jamila Mohamed's, Lulu Hassan's, Senator Hassan Omar and among other great Kenyans. He will be asking before the Nation the hard questions while seeking its leadership. Can Kenya be the land where good leadership is accepted, natured, matured and be given an equal chance to validate regardless of tribe, religion, color, gender or sex? Our East African region, the rest of Africa need leaders with a big heart and big mind. Leaders who will not discriminate against a creed, class, tribe, religion, status or ethnicity, but will proudly stand up for fairness and justice for all, passionately uphold ...
Our ladies are very vocal when it comes to the type of man they want to date. They are always up in arms how their ideal man ought to be Tall dark and handsome. And no they don't stop ther. They go ahead and claim that he should be confident, charming, be able to walk on water and have a fat wallet such that if he steps on the wallet he can be able to see the coming year. They claim that their man should also have class. The type to play golf as a hobby and who occasionally meets with Uhuru Kenyatta and Jeff Koinange on weekends to discuss politics and football. Well the male fraternity is tired of women always bashing them with standards while they keep quiet and sob and have decided to set standards for the type of woman they want to date. Buckle up because we're about to go full throttle. 1. Ethiopian complexion; we will not settle for anything less than this, beside that, our woman should have Beyoncé's fandamendos full stop. 2. Martha Stewart in the Kitchen; we want to date a woman who can cook, and ...
Jeff Koinange Live with Alfred Keter and Kipchumba Murkomen: A Rift in t...: via
Jeff Koinange with Cotu secretary general Francis Atwoli (NSSF faulted over Tassia project)
Decided to catch up on Jeff Koinange Live with Binyavanga Wainaina! So apparently there's a report that claims that nearly 2/3 of Kenyan men have had homosexual experiences! Is that why the invited clergy men refused to turn up? Because they clearly have got no basis to argue against ( well they have the bible but that doesn't hold any water). I have much more respect for people who rationally argue against homosexuality than those who base their argument on religion!
Atwoli and the moving bench in Jeff Koinange Live.
Yesterday night I was watching Binyavanga Wainana"The latest *** sensation in town" on Jeff Koinange Live!I have no apologies to make but if my child were to come and tell me "Dad,I am *** !wololo!Only God knows what is gonna befall them!But what i'm most disturbed by is the general condescending attitude towards this pathetic vice in the Kenyan society!I mean,soon we will start allowing people their freedom on bestiality!next twud be pedophilia!
I think just got broke and decided to change business tact. (am quite sure he will get funding after that grand announcement) Here's the thing... When the world supported this guy Binyavanga had to come up with something that was going to "Shake Kenya". We all watched him on Jeff Koinange Live show last night. Apart from dressing like a Nigerian woman, what else did you pick from that TV interview?
Jeff Koinange. The first Kenyan TV program Host to fart loud on live National TV.
Binyavanga was to debate with a pastor on Jeff Koinange Live but the pastor backed out
I cant believe wht im watching and hearing on KTN's Jeff Koinange Live! The world is finished..!!!
WETANGULA IS A PRETENDER TO THE THRONE The recent political contraditions by Wetangula clears shows that the man will not be a presidential candidate in the first place. He game is to pretend and then support someone else. This is justified by the following. 1) In Kisumu CORD rally, he told the crowd that he will support Raila to the end and that he will not leave CORD. 2) There are credible information that the man has been meeting William Ruto secretly to plot on how he can become his running mate in 2017. This has been confirmed by his confidant Chris Wamalwa. 3) He organised for a secret installation as the luhya spokesman by some fake luhya elders only to promptly denounce that move after it backfired. 4) He is on record to have told Jeff Koinange that he is not sure that he will be the CORD presidential candidate in 2017. 5) Yesterday, while attending a church function in kawangware, he told Musalia Mudavadi not to accept presidential appointment but focus on his 2017 presidential candidature. Why w ...
WETANGULA now says he is ready to die for Raila Odinga and CORD - the latest ASSASSINATION attempt on his life is nothing Even before the dust settles on the assassination attempt on his life, Bungoma Senator-elect Moses Wetangula has said that he has nothing to fear or run away from. Speaking to KTN during an interview with Jeff Koinange on Wednesday, Wetangula, who is also the Senate minority leader and CORD principal, noted that he was ready to die for Raila Odinga and the good course propagated by the Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD) and that he does not fear death because it comes only once. He said the recent attempt to assassinate him was nothing and will not deter him from pushing the CORD agenda. “I do not live in fear and neither do I fear to live - after all, a man dies once and those who want to kill me will eventually die anyway”, said Wetangula. However, he called on Uhuru/ Ruto’s Government to conclude investigations into the alleged assassination attempt on his life pretty ...
If u r watchn Jeff Koinange Live..tht is the difference btw a MAJORITY LEADER of NATIONAL ASSEMBLY & janas' minority leader of the senate who ws shot by a billboard..rubbish..
Senator Weta thought he will intimidate Hon Duale our legend from the township and a man who is senior to him and get away with it as it has always been the norm for our Brothers from Down kenya LAKINI WAPI HON. DUALE THE MAJORITY LEADER OF THE 11TH PARLIAMENT IS NOT SOMEONE TO BE PUSHED AROUND BY THE SENATE MINORITY LEADER who is heading a party with only 10 mps. Since hon. duale is the majority leader of jubilee with over 135 members compared to cords 115 plus URP has 75 members while senator weta's ford kenya with only 10 members. Actually senator weta was suppose to appreciate the offer from duale to share a debate forum with him a man who is third inline as far Kenyas present leadership is concerned. Am not sure whether Senator Weta will have a good sleep tonight since Hon.duale has one full hour to night at Jeff Koinange's studio to among othes give him a good lesson
I don't know. I'm not sure I like these hints of too much work and racism that are beginning to circulate with regard to the tragic death of Komla Dumor. And I say this as a black African male with an accent who has worked his entire adult life in the white world and in white institutions. I'm not denying the reality of having to do a little bit more for the same level of recognition in certain contexts and specific scenarios but must this always be the open sesame for every situation we need to explain? My Egbon, Tade Aina, has just encountered one of those work and racism memes in The New Statesman. I've encountered the same suggestions and insinuations here and there since he died. Some folks have tagged me and I've deleted the tags. We are going to have to make up our minds about what we want. If blacks/Africans don't make it to such positions on merit, we say it is racism. We say such positions are reserved only for Anderson Cooper and Christiane Amanpour (never mind that Jeff Koinange wanted to make ...
This week three personalities celebrated birthdays Julie Gichuru, Jeff Koinange & Hon. Raila we cut a cake for one them during live recording at Carnivore...utakuja na zawadi?
Jeff Koinange didn't know Nelson Mandela n that was the worst ever!
Back in the ranch, Jeff Koinange shows us the selfies he took with Nelson Mandela
Jeff Koinange, nothing hard than to interview former president Mwai Kibaki. You will sweat bro.
DIDA says he is a real HUSTLER and will run for President in 2017 - UHURU/ RUTO are not doing so well-would you vote for him? Coalition for Real Change Presidential candidate, Mwalimu Abduba Dida has declared he would be on the ballot come 2017 General Election. Speaking to Jeff Koinange of KTN, Dida noted that due to public demand, he would be gunning for the Presidency as majority of Kenyans have begged him to do so. He warned President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy, William Ruto, to watch the space and prepare to vacate State House in 2017, because people are tired of them since they are doing nothing. Dida noted that he is the real hustler and Kenyans love him so much because of his simplicity which ogres well with the people unlike Uhuru/ Ruto, who upon ascending to power have cut links with the common man saying he will use his good relationship with the poor to beat them. He said unlike the last time, where he jokingly campaigned for only few weeks but still managed to beat some strong candidates l ...
Jeff Koinange claimed on his show that Bosire aint missing, said knows where he is? Told boniface mwangi ask itumbi,
What Jeff koinange says: oh my . what i hear: Wamae
Orie Rogo Manduli would have made a great journalist. Jeff Koinange would have been a pale shadow.
wanaume kama mabinti?!!!...unfortunately its all happpening here..and not onthe K24,Jeff koinange show,The Bench.but here,in Malindi,AND its all KENYAN!
The fire alarm that brought out the Usain Bolt in lecturer LOL as Jeff Koinange says WHAT A DAY!
i think Jeff Koinange should be hosting me soon to specifically discuss the marriage wareva
It has taken too long 4 Jeff Koinange or Keff Joinange to bring Mutahi Ngunyi( or is it Mtahi Ngumi) to the new bench. Jeff why? And doctors and nurses dont feature. Kwanini?
Mwalimu Dida has made my night fantastic at Jeff Koinange Live Today lovely night too pals
Mohamed Abduba Dida our future president speak nothing but the truth on KTN jeff koinange.
usually Jeff Koinange hav a fire extinguishr by his sise, wht for?
This guy Dida on KTN with Jeff Koinange is the Politician Kenyans Missed
at jeff koinange. I like ths guy, talk of literature; guru
jeff Ask dida what he thinks about the slave torture abroad, e.g in saudi arabia
He's being interviewed by Jeff Koinange on KTN. Very interesting
Jeff Koinange and props, Fire extinguisher.he may just have a horse in that pool and ends the program ''Oh my riding off into the sunset''
This abduba guy on jeff koinange...ktn... Its interesting...
Dida live on the bench wid jeff koinange
Watching Abduba Dida with Jeff Koinange Live in KTN..ts man is amazing 4 sure..
011 Abduba Dida cannot just tell Jeff Koinange that "anyone can come in and get out of Kenya anytime anyhow" This is SEDITION!!He must know that Kenya and the rest are listening to him.Mwalimu in other view to me is inviting terrorists!! GJE.
Mohammed Dida Abdulla with Jeff Koinange on KTN. Av really missed this man Dida!
"... I told you to switch off Alihandro..." Jeff Koinange Live Daent this amount to character asasination?! BTW which media house gani is currently airing hiyo?
Mwalimu is back catch him on ktn with jeff koinange...the man is insightful.
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Abduba Dida is another overrated pseudo-politician just like Hon Stibini Kalonzo Musyoka and Hon Aden Duale, Its of cosmetic use(if any) hosting them on Jeff Koinange Live or any other popular platform!
"Oh my,where is my fire extinguisher,I told you turn off Alehandro..."Jeff Koinange ends the first part of his interview
And did Jeff Koinange just say Dida is "standing" in 2017? Standing?
*Jeff Koinange's voice* My oh my...I told you, switch off Alejandro. Kenya's heart throb is Right here.Mohammed Abduba Dida... LMAO!
Ah ah ah Jeff Koinange your killing me
Now that he's recycling guests can Jeff Koinange do the same for plastic?
Wow! Mwalimu Dida is on the bench with Jeff Koinange, plz guyz take position & listen to Dida carefully. He is my second choice, the 1st choice is RAILA AMOLLO ODINGA, TINGA ,HAMMER .Raila is genius
Jeff Koinange your not serious asking Dida "other than 3first ladies And 11first children,how different would be your president"
Jeff Koinange to try Dida was a uphil task, the man is answering in proverbs.
Mwalimu Dida on Jeff Koinange Live now. I love this man.
Dida wid jeff koinange at ktn,am loving dis man.
Abduba Dida in Jeff Koinange Live,who is watching?
Jeff Koinange with Abduba Dida will stick to this channel to the end of programme.
Don't miss (Jeff Koinange Live tonightMwalimu Dida on the bench. Cant miss, don't miss.
Jeff Koinange/Rev Timothy Njoya: All are preaching from the man made books,embrace Islam, read Quran to be purified,language&actions cleaned featured in NBC s Science of Love
Jeff Koinange Live 20.11.13 with Rev Timothy Njoya: Nay!Jesus Christ was actual never in a church but 'temple' actual was anger by its ways?
Jeff Koinange Live with Rev Timothy Njoya: Nay! no shedding of more blood but peaceful united Kenyans embracing Islam as the one right path.
Jeff Koinange Rev Timothy Njoya:That why AU ought to 'pull out of sun the baking oven today as an entity as too long all goes into flames?"
Jeff Koinange Live with Rev Timothy Njoya: No reference of the last revealed,'The Quran fr our lord to all that exists is lacking the light?
Jeff Koinange: Nay! Islam help to reason by reflecting, did Aaron not got overcome by unbelievers 'submitted' to idol worshiping the calf?
Jeff Koinange Live 20.11.2013 with Rev Timothy Njoya: Nay!Cease from stating "WE have no alternative"when a just Islamic just laws denied?
Kenyans are not poor,they are impoverished.They are not weak,they are weakened-Rev Dr. Timothy Njoya with Jeff Koinange Live.
Whoever does programming at KTN is out to sabotage Jeff Koinange! Why move his 10 pm to 8 pm?
i cant wait for the night to fall. Tonight at 7:45, live on the bench with Jeff koinange, the famous president Mwalimu Dida is live and will be smoking hot. Huyu ata anashinda David Matsanga
Cant believe ati Jeff Koinange Live is done..i was busy waiting for it at 10pm forgettin the tym was changed...arggghhh..!
All play and no work. . On set at Jeff Koinange Live :)
Would be interesting to watch Jeff Koinange interview Eminem though, Jeff laughing out loud and Em giving him that *** look
Night life tings. On set at Jeff Koinange Live.
Rev. Timoth njoya is inteligent man. i like his personality the way is answering jeff koinange it is wonderfull. are you warching this?
The best TV show Jeff Koinange Live. KTN.
Reverend Njoya on Jeff Koinange Live.This man,talks tough.The tyranny of the rich as he call it has done our country a big diservice.meritocracy is not an option in this society of man eat man society.Aristocrats are easily manimulating the have nots.
Jeff Koinange Live!.can't get my eyes away from the screen yawa.
Dr Rev Timothy Njoya is live on KTN Jeff Koinange bench. He is the most brilliant mind in Kenya I have ever met. He impressed me when I met him first in 2008, then I was young and growing up, and today an old man, I am now still impressed listening to him as I was as young man.
Jeff Koinange loving this cleric Rev.Njoya on the bench.machine gun preacher,guns blazing.
My friend Jeff Koinange 'What a bench its hot' ooohh! My sit back en relax. I lyk it.
watching Jeff Koinange Live with Rev timothy njoya! its too hot!
Rev Dr Timothy Njoya live jeff koinange inteview what do u rem about him? Lets see Historian counts!
a whole evening of Jeff Koinange Live!! this is the TV we want!!
Timothy Njoya live on KTN with jeff Koinange. For him all evil is Moi. Some people can't forget Moi more than ten years after he left State House.
Jeff Koinange Live wil b aired from 7.45pm, thats better, these days by 10.OO pm am asleep esp on a night thea is no champions league game
If the bench of Jeff Koinange is always smoking hot, how many guests will it handle before it burns completely?
SHOCK: Uhuru’s Lead Blogger Bogonko Bosire Still Missing, Two months later Nobody is bothered! * By Dikembe Disembe That Dickson Bogonko Bosire of TheJackal News was a thorough man is beyond any iota of doubt. Indeed, he was a very thorough man. He took on media personalities, politicians, vulture capitalists in Kenya’s corporate sector and literally wrote President Uhuru Kenyatta to the presidency. He sympathised withAll Posts helpless people. He abhorred injustice and worker oppression. He seemed to draw strength from busting high-handed managers. He disliked mediocrity, ever pointing out sanctimonious errors by news editors and writers. Poorly paid journalists inboxed him for juicy stories about their bosses, or colleagues. Government officials sent him their tribulations. Police officers earning peanuts called him. Leaked staff payroll of top media houses were delivered to him. In fact, sometimes, it appeared media owners contacted him to help fight their market wars! He wrote sweetly about Julie ...
ICC mole OMAR HASSAN admits Raila Odinga was in the OCAMPO LIST - he was mentioned adversely in the KNCHR report. Mombasa Senator, Omar Hass an, has said f orm erPrime Minister, Raila Odinga, was in the list submitted to the then International criminal Court (ICC) Prosecutor, Moreno Ocampo. Speaking to Jeff Koinange on KTN on Wednesday, Omar, who is a CORD Senator, noted that the former Prime Minister was adversely mentioned in the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR) report, which he co-authored. He said the KNCHR report had 219 personalities mentioned as the most responsible perpetrators of the 2007-2008 post election violence and that Raila Odinga’s name among them. However, he noted that he does not know how Raila Odinga missed in the infamous list of ‘Ocampo six’ considering that he was one of the principals who were garning for the Presidency saying how his name was removed by Ocampo is still a mystery to him. Uhuru/ Ruto’s Jubilee has been pushing to have the full names of all ...
8 BAD things MIGUNA MIGUNA said about Raila Odinga ….. Jeff Koinange Live Friday, November 15, 2013 Last night on KTN’s Jeff Koinange Live, former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s advisor Miguna Miguna was on the hot seat and took his time to point out 8 bad things about Raila and his opinions on a Raila Presidency. • Raila is a political conman. • Raila is idle and begging Uhuru for a job. • Raila will run for president once again in 2017, Kalonzo has been sidelined. • Raila would have done worse on media bill if he had been elected as the President. • Raila would have chased him and probably killed him were he to be President today. • Raila will never be the President of Kenya. • Raila and his people have created fake social media accounts with my names and posting hate materials. • Raila and his Luo people are ashamed, Kisumu people are timid. The Kenyan DAILY POST
something about Jeff Koinange inspires me...
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Wow, like Jeff Koinange puts it.. what a show, what a come back! this man with the same name twice was talking in mockery, anger and yes... with hatred. My advise to Miguna is that he should be honest with himself and stop hating even those who do not have time for him. Equally, why should Jeff host such a person in as much as there's freedom of speech and expression? What value did he add in yesterday show? I pitty this man Miguna
If u did watch jana's show of Jeff Koinange???then u ill knw this country we r far n things ave changed in terms of 'Freedom of speech'i thnk nowadys u kan talk without the fear of the 'big guys'enyewe we r farsaying
SHOULD WE PATENT SOME NAMES? When Moi was the president, there were many people,particularly politicians and civil society mandarins who had made him and or his name their "stock-in-trade", these bashed Moi at every opportunity and blamed him for anything and everything from the real to the most bizarre. When Moi actually retired he robed them of their precious businesses and some NGOs collapsed some journalists went out of employment, political commentators lost materials for their daily commentaries. Now we are seeing the same with The RT. Hon Raila Odinga, somehow his name sales and it appears to be a very profitable political capital, apart from Miguna Miguna and Jeff Koinange we also have Mutahi Ngunyi making political profiteering from anything Raila, we also saw Their Excellencies Uhuru and Ruto ride on the crest of that name to power - May be names should be patented so that their owners could make some money every time they are mentioned.
Jeff Koinange is The Media Director of Mt. Kenya Mafia, expect him not to talk about something else except Raila Odinga. Because of him David Matsanga is now a Kenyan celebrity.
I really dont know who invites characters like Miguna Miguna, Dr Matsanga and Moses Kuria on a such respected media house like KTN. This Jeff Koinange has a mission to kill the religious following KTN has been enjoying for some time now. In a week, i only watch KTN not more than twice. Now days i love the news of QTV which normally shoots the real news from the ground and more so in the most balanced manner. Politics ended and Kenyans moved on. Its time to build our motherland, cheap politics should be avoided
Hate him but don't ignore him.has a's only how he articulates it is what infuriate many especially the 'baba' worshippers.kudos jeff koinange
"Kenya is a UNITARY state! Jeff, Kibaki said it three times...and Kenyans were trying to deny!" - with Jeff Koinange
Miguna Miguna appears on Jeff Koinange Live, with bragadocio and bravado he says "I was in Kisumu and people are shell-shocked... they could not even face me!" The raw anger is too visible...
Missed Jeff Koinange Live this week? Watch all the shows here
A name that u hv 2 call it twice With Koinange Live. It is just smoking.
Miguna Miguna, the outcast, the street preacher or let me say the street boy, the lost ship.where did Jubilee sympathiser Jeff Koinange get him.wonders, wonders.
This Jeff Koinange is a outstanding magician;he looks into his hat ,mumble some abracadabra mumbo jumbo ,waves his magic wand and shoes his hand into the hat...voila out comes Miguna Miguna Miguna.Just how does he do it? Miguna penned his memoirs effectively signing his way into political oblivion and irrelevance.He is among few select individual who are when need dictate, recycled more for their nuisancical value which far outweighs their genuine positive worth.
i have watched Jeff Koinange Live at KTN,my oh was a nys talk wth Miguna Miguna
Jeff Koinange Live with migunamiguna.oooh my!!!
Am not a politician and am not aspiring to be one, but this Jeff Koinange Guy is pushing me to commenting on political issues which I really don't want
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Dear Jeff Koinange. "I really really really miss the other BENCH".hehe!!
What Jeff Koinange refused to ask Miguna Miguna is if he RAPED his househelp indeed. Also rumours doing rounds that he has cancer. Are they True?
watchng Jeff Koinange Live on ktn. is on fyah
Also in the house is Farah Maalim on Jeff Koinange Live at Intercontinental Hotel
Jeff Koinange Live is soon losing meaning if raila will always be a center of discussion, we want to hear issues of national importance being discussed and not individuals. bring a topic that's in public interest not someone's life
Watching Jeff Koinange Live with njuguna njuguna, oops Miguna miguna.Oooh my oh my da show is smmmoking!!!
Live with Jeff Koinange. Come baby come has gone
Is this show only for men and noise- makers Jeff Koinange? I dont see the youth and women!!
Am loving thse interview Miguna Live at jeff koinange.
How can Jeff Koinange bring Someone in the name of Miguna on the bench and make Raila part of the agenda or topic of discussion?When did Raila become a national issue???Mr Koinange u can do better than this..At this moment i hate kenyan journalism.
Listening to Miguna Miguna on Jeff Koinange Live k.T.N come babie come.
Jeff koinange on the bench with miguna miguna!!
Breaking news: I have lost sleep! Miguna should have made a good co-wife, he is bitterly noisy! Why does Jeff Koinange host ONLY mad persons in his show?
Miguna is with Jeff koinange on K.T.N
Miguna Miguna is talking sense at Jeff Koinange Live at KTN
Jeff Koinange Live on KTN ,on the bench this guy is back miguna"
Miguna Miguna LIVE now on the Jeff Koinange Live show
Miguna Miguna tearing on Raila mercilessly on Jeff Koinange Live_KTN. Love him or hate him, Miguna is speaking nothing but the whole truth. I just love his courageousness. Oh my!!!
this man JEFF KOINANGE makes KTN look cheap like K 24
Miguna miguna on Jeff Koinange Live "so far on the evidence(icc) we've seen against ruto,he's getting acquited"
Miguna miguna tearing former pm raila apart on Jeff Koinange Live in ktn.
jeff koinange interviewing Miguna Miguna,am so much touched by Migunas words,he compares many years Raila has bn in power n doing Nothing to Luos n Kibera slums,n the few days Alfred mutua has changed Machakos,is it the high time we neglect mouth-yappers eg Raila,Muthama,Kalonzo etc n go for real performers???
Miguna miguna live at Jeff Koinange Live at KTN. A man n half. I like the way he says dat raila is the likes of mugabe. He says kenya cud av been worse if raila was the president. Migun! proud of u men.
Miguna Miguna something diffrent about him as i watched Jeff Koinange Live i think this guy is sick and am begging to believe the cancer story eh wish him the best.
I like miguna miguna comments on Jeff Koinange Live.
Come baby come,where has he been?? Now on a live interview at KTN with Jeff Koinange.
Miguna Miguna,the man with one name like a de-tailed dog,with Jeff Koinange,though speaking a lot of rubbish but making some sense.
Miguna miguna dn't go far u r unmaskng agwambo at jeff koinange show.
Oh my oh my, Miguna is repeeling back da mask wid jeff koinange. Oh my
Miguna Miguna on Jeff Koinange Live, come beiby come lol.
domain names
On this week, Jeff Koinange will be having the solar eclipse live on the bench..spread the word!
Kenya if you knew what would bring your peace and prosperity you would rush to the Man that Jeff Koinange nearly humiliated (the Mighty end time Prophet Dr. David Owuor) and repent and ask him for direction...
Watch Jeff Koinange interview with Prophet Owuor:If you find the video too long, you may want to know that at around the 47th minute, the man of God confirms th
Watched Prophet Owuor on Jeff Koinange the other!!that goatee is really creepy!!...Glad i have no reason to deal with him anywhere,day or night,esp.night!
If you missed Prophet David Owuor on Jeff Koinange Live Show, you can now have a feel of how it went!
I have never liked Richard Quest. He is trying too hard to be Jeff Koinange .
Gunjiri Vs. Gladwel on Jeff Koinange Live who is killing it.
Oh my oh.Jeff koinange the bench is boring tonight.
Uhuru Kenyatta has used Jeff Koinange to collect different opinions from Kenyans about his case at the ICC.
it's as if Jeff koinange isn't there
Gladwell Otieno was not COACHED well on how to defend and lie about ICC on Ktn's Jeff Koinange Live.
Jeff Koinange sits down with and Watch it LIVE (KTN TAB)
The discussion on Jeff Koinange Live between Ngunjiri Wambugu and Gladwell Otieno is a sham. Neither of them knows what the facts are, they are like toddlers grappling in the dark. How does Koinange choose his guests? This particular pair is doing nothing more than spreading panic by bringing village talk to national TV. Listening to them feels strange.
Smoking bench of Jeff koinange on KTN.
Nili furahishwa na jeff koinange sana aliuliza prophet david owour and if we dint repent al- saabab will attack us again
koinange,waiting for the bench tonight!! SMOOKING!!
I added a video to a playlist Prophet David Owuor on Jeff Koinange Live Show
DAILY POST: CAPTION this! What do you think JEFF KOINANGE is telling UHURU KENYATTA?
People watch Jeff Koinange and think he's a kawaida guy. He belongs to the same Elite class he's always bashing.
Jeff Koinange's bench would graduate to a Leather Sofa.
Lol *tears* "Jeff koinange will make a pretty good Dracula. Ble, ble ble"
wat! "Prophet Owuor says that he predicted Westgate siege.
I liked a video Jeff Koinange Live: The Kenya we want with Boniface Mwangi
. Prophet Owuor says that he predicted Westgate siege. …
What do these answers mean? Is Jeff getting what he wants to know? via
Prophet Owuor says that he predicted Westgate siege.
Jeff Koinange will get anew street Name , aholier one
Jeff Koinange should invite Prophet Owour and Prof Makau Mutua on the bench to compete who has the scariest doom prediction.
This is what told about "and other prophecies that came true "
I think Jeff Koinange Live has just become a talking/listening shop. he does not question/interrogate the guests . boring
EXCERPT . Jeff Koinange: let me quote to you from the little I remember from the (cont)
lol! aachane na "Jeff koinange will have bought a sofa
Jeff Koinange's costume will be hair without Gel.
"Jeff koinange will have bought a sofa lool
Jeff koinange will have bought a sofa
If you haven't watched a replay of last night's Jeff Koinange Live talk show with Prophet Dr. Owuor, I have...
There are those (like Jeff Koinange) who wonder what we (Kenyans) should repent about. Here is some enlightenment: - We (Kenyans) have defended homosexuality and asked that *** be included in church leadership, yet God's word condemns it - We (Kenyans) have been selling the blood of Jesus Christ at market price by asking for money in exchange for miracles - We (Kenyans) have immersed ourselves in all forms of sexual immorality under the sun (fornication, adultery, homosexuality, bestiality), and have encouraged each other to continue in them by preaching condoms instead of abstinence - We (Kenyans) are full of corruption. It is everywhere: our streets, police force, offices, businesses, etc - We (Kenyans) have been thinking, speaking and imagining evil of those whom God has sent to ask us to return to Him by repenting and returning to righteousness - We have mocked God by equating Him to gods and holding meetings in which we combine His name with those of other gods, yet He is the God who does not share . ...
what did u learn about Dr.OWUOR during their talk yesterday with Jeff koinange if u watched?
Wah!! Jeff Koinange Live jana with the Man of God Awuor was gruesomely boring …He was just not answering the questions! KTN please refrain from such!
Is KTN's all about ICC. All guests must be asked about ongoing cases at Whose agenda does Jeff Koinange propagate?
Watching on KTN with Jeff Koinange... His take on Pastors versus AK47 is contrary to his large number of body guards, more than any other Kenyan.
The mighty message today by Dr owuor "repent the sooner the better " at Jeff Koinange Live KTN.
Just watched Prophet Dr Owuor on Jeff Koinange and honestly, he is not honest.
There are titles that i would talk before them such is 'Prophet'...ati let me be the devils advocate!! Yahk!!! Jeff Koinange!
Jeff Koinange Live with him is Prophet Dr. Owuor, Oh My, what a show. Repent.
If i was owuor on jeff koinanges bench,i would have publicly led koinange to Christ.He lost a golden opportunity to evangelize.
Jeff Koinange is scared of Prophet Owuor because he could be turned into a rabbit !
Jeff koinange breaking it all with Prophet of God Dr. Owour. live.
what an inspiration,the prophet of God on the bench with Jeff koinange
Am loving this jeff koinange vs prophet awuor interview
Ati 'the bench is on fire n brimstone, somebody call the G4S', hehee. Jeff Koinange is really havin it tough with Dr. Owuor.
Jeff Koinange pliz probe kabisa especially bout the coming of the do we have a timeline
I'm not saying The Prophet is real, neither am I saying he' s not. But it' s wrong for Jeff Koinange to make a mockery of the interview. If he didn't trust himself to conduct it in a professional manner, he should have delegated or not invited the man at all. So annoying to see his pompous *** asking questions in that manner.
KTN's Jeff Koinange Live:Chat with Prophet David Owour,from Ministry of Repetance and Holiness.
Can u turn on KTN now n capture the Owuor's sermons with jeff koinange
watching Jeff Koinange prophet David Owuor is on the bench and he has predicted other serious attacks and he has even gone to the police. he has also predicted something to do wit insects but there is hope like he says...WE NEED TO REPENT AS A NATION...A DAY HAS TO BE SET ASIDE FOR NATIONAL REPENTANCE.. GOD WILL EVENTUALLY COME...personally i urge kenyans to listen to this man of GOD
@ Jeff Koinange Live! It is powerful at the bench with Prophet Dr. Owuor!
Is this Jeff Koinange a show being used to get evidence for ICC suspects?
Dr.prophet.OWOUR is live at KTN,Hosted by jeff koinange
I think Jeff Koinange knows he is dealing with a spiritual conman here . I can read into his satirical questions
Prophet Dr. David Edward Owuor The Prophet is now Live with Jeff Koinange on KTN
Jeff koinange on chat with prophet awour at ktn
Dr. Prophet Oduor in KTN with Jeff Koinange. Very entertaining n Holistic. Hague, westgate n many more. Tune in 4 divine.
watching ,Chat with the prophet with jeff koinange..
Jeff Koinange and Prophet Owuor. They both are reading from very different angles. One is addressing spiritual issues, the other political and "human" issues. I'm enjoying myself watching them at Jeff Koinange Live
So did Dr.Owour.prophecy or predict?Koinange
live streaming of prophet David Owuor and Jeff Koinange on KTN currently going on
Prophet owour live on ktn with jeff koinange nowprophecy don't mixx out
I said it before Jeff Koinange is an Uhuru Operative and sympathizer.He is now asking leading questions to Prophetwants to hear something positive a bout Uhuru and his predicament at
Watch Prophet Owuor on KTN with jeff koinange on the bench.
Jeff koinange..on the bench with Prophet Owuor.ohh my God,waatt..a show??
Im watching Jeff Koinange Live on the bench with Prophet Owuor n guy what im seeing jeff has 2 repent leo coz hapa ni kuhot...
One question that Jeff Koinange needs to ask Prophet David is what is it with his beard. is on.
Repent that the enemy might not take over the nation..prophet Dr owour. But the ICC might ... Jeff koinange .. Its steaming hot in the bench
Dr owuor live on ktn with jeff koinange
Breast Cancer Awareness
Jeff koinange n Prophet Owuor on the bench.
This Prophet Dr. Owuor is wasting our time in Jeff Koinange Live,he doesnt answer questions he s askd
I have this feeling that Jeff Koinange is going to have a hard time getting some answers from this Prophet Oduor guy...!!!
This Owuor prophet is very cunning. He is avoiding answering all questions by Jeff Koinange.
What a hectic tym fo jeff koinange in ktn interviewing Prophet Owuor. profet is just answering things he is not asked.
hehehe am not judging but huyu prophet oduor ana tubeba mafala kwa hii interview ya Jeff koinange. he is not answering any question but just beating around the bush na jina "repent" na hata akiulizwa how we shuld repent hata hajui. confused fellow!
This "prophet"Owuor.Jesus Christ give conscience has rejected him somebody shout Amen!(Jeff Koinange start please)
"ICC is not Heaven, Kenya's solution will come from Heaven".Prophet Awuor on Jeff Koinange.
. Jeff Koinange and Prophet Awor seated same bench but i can see they 'r worlds apart. The interview seems not getting straight!
Its 10:30,the bench is and Hot, on it Prophet # Owuor & koinange.eyes have seen,ears have heard!!!
ICC is not heaven! Says Prophet Owuor on prodding from Jeff Koinange. That Uhuru should not go to hague.
Watching Prophet Owour on Jeff Koinange...Asked about Uhuru kenyatta and William Ruto cases at the icc,he says repent.
Jeff koinange prophet awuor does earthquake mean uhuru going to hague now in simple and laymans language will the cases collapse or not ama ni 50-50
live on KTN Jeff Koinange Live...Prophet Owuor.
jeff koinange with prophet owour. he predicted about PEV, westgate attack e.t.c but i advice him to shave. so scary.
Dr. David Owuor prophet chat with jeff koinange; how dd prophet get more guide than any other governer?
Watching Prophet Owuor and Jeff Koinange in the Bench,Ktn
The prophet is now live with Jeff Koinange-KTN.
Dr. David Owuor is on the bench with koinange
Dr Prophet Owuor live on KTN with Jeff koinange NOW
Jeff Koinange Live with Prophet Dr Owuor... Ati he predicted d@ ouru will be president! and also attack! Cant believe this... TV
Prophet Dr Owuor live now tune in to ktn wid Jeff koinange, dnt miss
Jeff Koinange Live with Dr
jeff koinange, neva cease to amaze me, from all kenyan all... to Ktn with prof owour... u hav curved ur niche... journalist are made of this
Jeff Koinange Live looks nice with Prophet Owuor.
These fellows thought and were totally convinced that Raila Amollo Odinga was on the Ocampo list. Their chorus was echoed across the country. On the floor of the house, they ganged up led by Isaac Ruto and Adan Duale. The lawyers out here were busy discussing the possibility of Raila being on list. TV commentator now senator Murkomen was at every time. Jeff Koinange's faked accent was indeed something to watch. Raila Amollo Odinga is in the envelope. AND SO, the chorus was DONT BE VAGUE, LETS GO TO THE HAGUE! Both Principals were humiliated in Parliament. The debate to establish a local tribunal landed on a bunch of *** The envelope was opened after threats from politicians. 'Si afungue hiyo envelope. Anangoja nini', bellowed William Samoei Ruto. And so it was opened, rivalry started. Oh Raila is fixing us. Raila that, Raila this. 'Kwani Hague ni mama yake', President Uhuru Kenyatta spoke during the campaign trail in reference to Raila Odinga. So why now the change of heart to non-cooperation? Why now ...
In case you missed Dr.David Matsanga's interview with Jeff Koinange. The bench was literally on fire. 1.Walter Barasa, Ken wafula and others totaling to eleven were Procurement officers of witnesses . 2.And that is why Ken wafula is now having more than one wife..He is a beneficiary of UhuRuto ICC cases 3.The evidence was sexed up,flawed and doctored. 4.Ocampo come to Kenya to see wild animals and enjoy the sunshine in Eldoret. He didn't conduct any investigations. 5.Kampala Magistrates are better off than ICC Judges ...anybody thinking there's Justice in the court will bring Jesus down! 6.I blew the lid on a Liar Witness number 4 the OTP were relying to Prosecute Uhuru Kenyatta! 7.The ICC consists of young people who have just graduated from the university and are doing their practicals on African leaders. 8.Koffi Anan is simply a man with bad luck.He is a shame and disgrace to Africa. He lives and dines with the imperialists, and acts as their puppet in Africa.
JK...Jeff Koinange...the line he uses when he hears something new..
Bobby Bobants . Only fools will sit down. in the midnyt to watch. David Matsanga and Jeff. Koinange
Jeff Koinange's interview with David Matsanga about the ICC has the country talking today. Journalist Walter...
wise and incisive analysis as always speaks with on - YouTube |
Standard Group is the official leader's propaganda destination. Jeff Koinange Live, Shollei saga and this Shebesh look-a-like. All Garbage
Just watched this guy Despite being too noisy, he has a bloody point.
I liked a video Matsanga lights fire on Jeff Koinange Live show
Journalist Walter Barasa Jeff Koinange Live; Blood is still pouring out; why the protections of Names & faces how will True Justice prevail?
Journalist Walter Barasa on Jeff Koinange Live,: 50 years of innovations has harm all "Pulling out is not an choice, but a MUST FOR AFRICA.
Journalist Walter Barasa, wanted by the for interfering with witnesses, interviewed on Jeff Koinange Live
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