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Jeff Jarrett

Jeffrey Leonard Jarrett (born April 14, 1967) is an American professional wrestler and wrestling promoter.

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Jeff Jarrett,. Matt Hardy, Eric Young, Drew Galloway, & Bobby Roode in the King of the Mountain match tonight, who ya got?
To Be honest Jerry & Jeff Jarrett should've been the first to go in the TNA HOF if not for them wouldn't be a TNA
I'm call it now Jeff Jarrett winning the king of the mountain match and starting the GFW invasion
GFW founder Jeff Jarrett will return to TNA Wrestling Sun at live at 8e/5p on Pay-Per-View!
I don't care how old they are, I'd be interested in a father / son feud with Jerry Jarrett vs Jeff Jarrett in GFW.
GFW is NOT early TNA. When TNA first started, they had Jerry Lynn, Raven, Sabu, Jeff Jarrett, Kid Kash, Sandman, Konnan, and Buff Bagwell.
Excuse me Mr. Jeff Jarrett, you're forgetting one team, consisting of Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin
Dixie sold TNA to Jean Smart who is working with Jeff Jarrett. Bound for Glory main is Kurt Angle vs hologram Meshach Taylor
On this day in June 23, 1989~ Robert Fuller and Brian Lee defeat Jeff Jarrett and Mil Máscaras to win the WCWA World Tag Team Title
what an odd team that is - Jeff Jarrett and Mil Mascaras. Robert and Brian were tremendous. Always liked the Stud Stable.
On this date in 1989 Robert Fuller & Brian Lee beat Mil Máscaras & Jeff Jarrett for the WCCW Tag Titles in Dallas, TX
Interview: Jeff Jarrett: Josh spoke with Double J about his in ring career highlights, being founder of Global…
TNA and Global Force Wrestling founder Jeff Jarrett was recently interviewed by Rolling Stone Magazine to discuss...
And I already have a bone to pick with Jeff Jarrett and Global Force.
I hope this PPV ends with Jeff Jarrett attacking Jay Briscoe and Jay Lethal so we get Double J vs. Double Jay.
The former TNA commentator Don West has been confirmed to be working for Jeff Jarrett's Global Force...
another one of my favorite wrestlers from back in the day was DOUBLE J Jeff Jarrett
Russ and Dusty Rhodes wrestle Jeff Jarrett and Marc Mero at Miss Monster 2004: '' (LB)
Back in 2004, Russ got to live out a dream and tag team with Dusty Rhodes and wrestle against Jeff Jarrett and Marc Mero at Miss Monster...
The Main Event of the evening will be Jeff Jarrett & Bobby Roode vs Mr. McMahon & Triple H!
Bob Orton Jr's son Randy won the WWF tapings in Fort Wayne, the cobra did bite Randy Savage showed up, followed by Jeff Jarrett.
Chael Sonnen reveals which WWE Hall of Famer put him in touch with Jeff Jarrett, Jim Ross news
Global Force Wrestling relaunched their website today and now have Jeff Jarrett, Karen Jarrett, Jim Cornette,...
Chael Sonnen tells that Jeff Jarrett has a TV deal for GFW, expects to work with Jim Ross
This day in 2000 at WCW Slamboree, Jeff Jarrett def David Arquette & DDP in a Triple Cage Match to win WC…
When you hear names like Eric Bischoff, Jim Cornette, Vince Russo & Jeff Jarrett associated with GFW, how can you NOT join the force?
When they came to England, Eric Bischoff and Jeff Jarrett took part in a question and answer session with local...
Southern Fried fans, . Did we mention that in addition to Jeff Jarrett, Brian "Curt Hawkins" Myers, Jimmy Rave,...
Jeff Jarrett to appear at Trustmark Park Friday via
I liked a video from Christopher Daniels: GFW, Global Force Wrestling, Jeff Jarrett,
JayRep vs. Jeff Jarrett in an Autographed Picture of Karen Jarrett on a Pole Match
“Historic statement from the Valerie Jarrett (against so-called "conversion therapy."
The main event?. David Arquette vs. Jeff Jarrett. In a three-story cage match. For the WCW World title. Arquette is the defending champion
- David Arquette vs. Jeff Jarrett in a "Triple Cage Match" for the WCW title. - Random hardcore matches
your went to the salon and got the Jeff Jarrett
Fill in the blank: which Jeff Jarrett quote would I like to say to my bank right now? _
8: Jeff Jarrett - because Jeff looks for ways to compete with & try to dethrone WWE & Vince Mcmahon
that last year of WCW was something else. Jeff Jarrett was the only consistent main eventer.
Disco Inferno returns to the MLW airwaves to talk with Court Bauer about:. -Jeff Jarrett bringing Global Force...
The Jeff Jarrett woman hater gimmick in 99 was so great
They had Hogan but he was feuding with Jeff Jarrett.
I could think of at least a half dozen media members you would want to throw in the cage to smash w/ a Jeff Jarrett guitar
ShopTNA is having a sale right now -- you can get a Jeff Jarrett Laser Engraved Guitar for only $60!!!
Hey, you can get a laser engraved Jeff Jarrett guitar for just $60 right now!
Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling sent out the following press release: GFW TO PARTNER WITH BANDIT LITES, THE...
I mean, they're KINDA under contract!. Which members are under contract?. ... Jeff Jarrett
Website Builder 728x90
Latest Announcement from Jeff Jarrett’s GFW: Get more news, photos and videos…
Jeff Jarrett is launching the first television executive friendly wrestling promotion. It will feature no wrestling, no wrestlers. Nothing
>GFW is just Jeff Jarrett wrestling himself for 3 hours
Next week, he announces the catering for the wrestlers...which will be clones of Jeff Jarrett.
I added a video to a playlist WNS Podcast - GFW Jeff Jarrett Interview
I had a dream before that Jeff Jarrett dream. Now I didn't get to see this Country star, but I was told she chose me to be her cowboy.
Good morning everyone I got woke up cause I had a dream that was exciting. Jeff Jarrett called me and don't recall what's said but.
1st Jets win and who's Jeff Jarrett dating now? Wait, what?!!...
I think we could see Booker T vs Jeff Jarrett in the main event the bash at the beach this year
Something about Naomi's color scheme reminds me of NWA/WWF Jeff Jarrett
IF it was in front of me, I'd buy the Jeff Jarrett one. Because it was beautiful.
Video: My thoughts on DL Arik Armstead, a possible top 10 fit and Clemson DT Grady Jarrett
Jeff Jarrett and Global Force Wrestling make big announcement. Details:
They lost all credibility when Jeff Jarrett joined them. And Cody Hall. :|
my favorite part of Sting on TNA is this "A hundred jeff jarrett" funniest line ever featured in NBC s Science of Love
when Jeff Jarrett is in it. Beyond ecstatic for you, Jeff!
Video: Jeff Jarrett’s GFW Planning First Shows: Get more news, photos and…
here are my PG next yr. Jeff teague, jarrett jack and avey bradley.
I just read "Jeff Jarrett's Global Force Wrestling is Las Vegas bound" on
Wow, WWE wants to bury Daniel Bryan so deep he can see Jeff Jarrett's Hall of Fame chances don't they.
So now that it appears Jeff Jarrett will actually run a card, when should I expect to see wrestlers resume sucking up to him?
hes probably meeting with Jeff Jarrett
Randy Orton has Jeff Jarrett heat with me
and having Jeff Jarrett be the face of the New Blood
America Video - Jeff Burton & Dale Jarrett say officials made right call at end of Sunday’s race:
Nfl charged 400 bucks for the veterans combine.Jeff Jarrett taking notes Im sure.
I just watched Jeff Jarrett defend the NWA North American Heavyweight Title on Raw in 2010 for a few months.
Turning the TV from Jeff Burton and Dale Jarrett to Adam Alexander and Danielle Trotta is a terrible transition
this guy reminds me of a young Jeff Jarrett.
Slick think I saw Jeff Jarrett at the gym this morning
Ah Jeff Jarrett. Simpler times. He's going up against Al Snow.
remember seein a young Jeff Jarrett throw dropkicks in uswa, but no cowabunga turtle. I think e…
Michael Hayes, Jeff Jarrett, and Steve Blackman. Who will go to Wrestlemania?
What is it about a long hallway that makes me want to strut like Jeff Jarrett?
Sometimes, Guy Fieri reminds me of a heavier version of Ch-ch-chosen one era Jeff Jarrett.
Its time for Kevin Nash Vs Jeff Jarrett for the WCW World Title.
how raw is now, since back then when the main event used to be like Doink vs a jobber or Virgil vs Jeff Jarrett
.Sting Imposters - Barry Windham. nWo. Jeff Jarrett in WCW. WWE with Triple H. TNA with Mr. Anderson. Hmm... any more?
do you think he will pull a Jeff Jarrett and just lay down for roman at mania just to fulfill his contract obligations?
Instead of a horn at deadline time, I'm hoping someone on the TSN panel smashes that guitar over the guitarist's head, Jeff Jarrett style..
rampages next fight? He'll be this decades Jeff Jarrett
Yep. 2 of their last 3 PPV's have gone down like a Jeff Jarrett title defense.
Packers cornerback Jarrett Bush arrested on public drunkenness charge
The IC title was on the line at WMXI, Razor Ramon defeated Jeff Jarrett via DQ so won the match but not the title
nah bro Ima have to Jeff Jarrett's too late
"BOY THAT ESCALATED QUICKLY my boy Jeff Jarrett was a savage.
The only thing missing from that main event was Jeff Jarrett's guitar. I saw do that better in 2004 and 2005.
TNA really. I mean Jeff Jarrett's career was better off there, and Sting's. But WWE is always where it's at for money/fame.
he looks like Jeff Jarrett circa 05
Jeff Jarrett vs. Undertaker w/Dixie Carter as guest ring announcer & Sable as guest referee couldn't get me to watch ROH.
This is about as great as Jeff Jarrett in SPRING BREAKERS or Kevin Nash in MAGIC MIKE or Kevin Nash in DOA or Kevin Nash as Super Shredder.
X Division Title signed by AJ Styles, Kazarian , Samoa Joe and Jeff Jarrett. $800.00. Pick up in Winnipeg MB
Jeff Jarrett is a guy with an eye for talent, and with he has tons of connections and friends within the industry.
do you guys think Brock would pull a Jeff Jarrett ala at Wrestlemania?
I would like a foam Jeff Jarrett slap nuts guitar, who got the hook up on the end of WCW merchandise?
Can we please stop calling it heat. It should really be called Jimmy Hart with a megaphone heat or at least Jeff Jarrett heat
They should announce Bullet Club team 2: Jeff Jarrett, Don (but not Ron) Harris, and Major Gunns.
Yearning for a simpler time when Jeff Jarrett called people "slapnuts" and hit them with guitars😔
Apparently I'm going to be downvoted on Reddit for calling out Jeff Jarrett for taking credit for producing Wrestle Kingdom 9. *** Ever
tomorrow get to see the Bullet Club in person and if Jeff Jarrett shows up someone may need to bail me out of jail
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Ima throw a guitar in there so they Jeff Jarrett that ***
THE BIGGEST MYSTERY IN WRESTLING: what was Jackie Gayda's secret about Jeff Jarrett and what was his videotape of her?. Taking suggestions.
he was doing what I can only describe as a Jeff Jarrett homage tonight, hoping it becomes his new TV persona
I would love to see work with Jeff Jarrett at
In the past two weeks I've designed shirts for Chris Jericho, Kevin Nash and Jeff Jarrett. That's surreal to me.
MMA Jeff Jarrett was legendary lmao loved that gimmick
Jeff Jarrett has always been such a great heel, he was never gone be the guy but always a good heel
CJ Parker is being Jeff Jarrett and it is GOOD STUFF.
Take your bragging rights to a publisher looks to be the return of Jeff Jarrett to power?
Play TNA's No Surrender 2005 opening video in reverse & you hear several messages like "Vince fears Jeff Jarrett". htt…
"Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for J-E-DOUBLE-F, J-A-DOUBLE-R-E-DOUBLE-T, JEFF JARRETT!. Ain't he great!?"
I loved him on TNA! Also huge fan of Jeff jarrett and Sting! Sting is the reason I'm watching now. Can't stand WWE anymore.
did you take it personal when Jeff Jarrett went on a shoot promo and called Austin 3:16 Blasphemy?
I liked a video Jeff Jarrett addresses the State of Global Force Wrestling
Schiavone just told the tv audience he would interview Jeff Jarrett after the match. But what is Ricky Morton beats him?
Me! Jeff Jarrett,Sandman,Vampiro,Val Venus,D'Lo Brown,that Dave Hero guy,Terri Runnels when she's in town for the Admirals gm
Dixie Carter has no freaking business running a wrestling promotion! Jeff Jarrett did it so much better!
On this date back in 1998, On WWF Monday Night Raw, Jeff Jarrett defeated Barry Windham to win the vacant NWA...
In the first match, Ahmed Johnson def. Jeff Jarrett by DQ after Double J hit him with the Guitar over his head! 1996
On this day in 1998, WWF Raw sees an NWA North American Heavyweight Title bout between Jeff Jarrett & Barry Windham!
Gearing up for Be sure to check out Jim Ross on the Kevin Kelly Show as well as Jeff Jarrett on...
Jeff Jarrett representing Team Bullet Club tells Team NJPW he respects them today, but will not tomorrow.
Jeff Jarrett is the only member of both the nWo and the Bullet Club. This makes him the coolest of them all.
Kevin and Tony end 2014 with a bang as they discuss Raw, the upcoming PWS TV show, and who they would “replace” in wrestling history. Then talk turns to New Japan and Global Force as they chat with Jeff Jarrett about WrestleKingdom 9 and the future of the business. Episode 185
On Listen to yesterday's interview with talking with htt…
On Listen to yesterday's interview with talking with
heh you're welcome. Btw I thought u looked a bit like Jeff Jarrett in MK Annihilation, after cutting hair :-)
I added a video to a playlist Jeff Jarrett Interview on Global Force & TNA Wrestling, Hall of Fame:
Take a listen to Jeff Jarrett on Pipers Pit!!!
A great listen w/ on What a great guy. Wishing him all the best with .
I hope Jeff Jarrett doesn't wear this particular gear at Wrestle Kingdom...
*googles Jeff Jarrett Bullet Club* bah gawd he hasn't aged. Hairs a little bit shorter and yes he looks like he stole someone's wife. 😂
Listen now 2 Founder on the Trey and Adam Show Great interview about the upcoming PPV
Catch the NEW Featuring an exclusive interview w/ Jeff Jarrett and the 2014 Rusty Awards!.
THANKS to GREAT INTERVIEW discussing & more. AUDIO:
returns with Podcast with guest talking this Sunday, and more!
Tune in to NOW to hear our conversation w/ @ talking @
My podcast interview w/ on ahead of presentation of NJPW's Sunday:
Special thanks to for taking time to talk & with us!
In this episode of the Place to Be Podcast, Justin and Scott welcome in the one and only Jeff Jarrett! Jeff...
Man, just listening back to this interview with Episode Amazing 185: Jeff Jarrett, a Global Force
Ahmed Johnson vs Jeff Jarrett, at least Double J carried this match
I always thought that Bill Cowher looks alot like Jeff Jarrett
Possible New Angle For Destination America? Credit TNASYLUM By: Mortimer Plumtree I still remember the call like it was yesterday - "Kurt Angle just headbutted Samoa Joe...OLYMPIC SLAM!! OLYMPIC SLAM! Angle on Samoa Joe!" Still, my very favorite moment ever in the history of TNA Wrestling. There is just something poetic about that moment which describes the fabric of the company as a whole. The homegrown talent being the center of attention. The best wrestler in the world (at the time) wanting to come to TNA to face said talent. The small intimate Impact Zone going absolutely bonkers. Jeff Jarrett sneaking in the ring to grab the title in the background of the segment (always makes me laugh). And of course, Don West and Mike Tenay calling the happenings by screaming to the top of their lungs as if they were fans sitting in the bleachers. Ahhh...the good ole' days. It's safe to say, yes, as a TNA fan, you, who reads this column right now, is in fact very familiar with Kurt Angle. We are all very famil ...
Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter Owner of Global Force Wrestling, Jeff Jarrett had a recent discussion with...
Owen Hart and Jeff Jarrett may have been my favorite tag team, even though they didn't tag long.
- The time when Jeff Jarrett, Sting, and Kurt Angle made magic in the main…
On this day in Pro Wrestling History:In 2002.Jeff Jarrett defeats Ron Killings for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship in Nashville,TN.!
love to hear interview some these superstars: Punk, AJ Lee, Paige, Torrie Wilson, Jeff Jarrett
Mark Henry and D'Lo Brown w/ Ivory v Owen Hart and Jeff Jarrett w/ Debra for the WWF Tag Team Championship..
If TNA survives who should go in the . "Hall of Fame" in 2015?. A) AJ Styles. B) Chris Harris and James Storm. C) Jeff Jarrett. D) Jerry Lynn
Jeff Jarrett is obviously Pete Best in that scenario
I predict that the first-ever Global Farce Wrestling Champion will be.JEFF JARRETT!
Jeff Jarrett is the main reason I avoided TNA until 2006. A mid-carder with delusions of grandeur. Thank God for Kurt Angle's arrival!
tbh, Jeff Jarrett breaks a lot of guitars
Moolah was like 100 years old but Jeff Jarrett still gonna hit her with a guitar
Your hatred for Jeff Jarrett is the same as my hatred for Dolph Ziggler.
If Dino Bravo came back to life and Jeff Jarrett hit him with a guitar and killed Dino would you have a bit more respect?
the view was not conclusive... Jarrett said it looked like it tho.
Never touched him...even on camera. Jarrett was usual.
3 way tie with them and Jeff Jarrett.
Jeff Jarrett debuted and worked all the explosions in the water.
I can't wait to see the new Jeff Jarrett's federation (GFW).
Jeff Janis inactive with Jarrett Boykin's return from groin injury. Interesting to see how WR and CB snaps are distributed
Who was the better owner Jeff Jarrett or Dixie Carter?
Bullet Club stopped being cool once they let Jeff Jarrett in
Jeff Jarrett in AAA... Why hasn't anyone told me about this until this afternoon?!
Jeff Driskel is the worst QB I've ever seen in college football and I've seen Jarrett Lee before
Nice to see JR praise TNA for a change. They've really turned it around since the NY tapings.
that wasn't the last one. Biffle in 03 was more recent. Lots of Toyotas in 07 too. Jarrett, among others.
“For those who believe you don't need a explanation, but for those who don't believe no explanation will do.”. ― Jeff Jarrett . TCoR™ Admin
I hope your wedding song is "With my baby tonight" by Jeff Jarrett but really sung by the Road Dogg!
She's all about heel heat and nothing but. Bullet Club Devitt was Fergal's homage to her and Jeff Jarrett.
Whoa, was NOT expecting Yoshi Tatsu to appear and run off Jeff Jarrett in that IWGP title match with Styles vs. Tanahashi.…
I'd love to hear an interview with Jeff Jarrett about What will be
On this day in WWE History - October 17, 1999. Chyna defeated Jeff Jarrett to become the NEW Intercontinental...
On this day in 1999 Chyna beat Jeff Jarrett for the WWF Intercontinental Title.
On the flip side though, does slapping Jeff Jarrett's face on a poster make a dent?
Need to use Jeff Jarrett's name to lure in those 1000 people who bought TNA PPVs.
October 17th 1999,No Mercy. Chyna beat Jeff Jarrett to become the IC Champion h…
OK we have 15 winners and one draw of our first half of the Us tournament. Winners Nick bockwinkel, van Vader, arn Anderson, bill Goldberg, ultimate warrior, Jeff Jarrett, Tazz, Barry Windham, Rick steamboat, Randy Savage, Dusty Rhodes, Owen Hart, Kevin Nash, Kurt Angle and sting. Bockwinkel gets a bye to the sweet sixteen BC of draw between Martel & Fernandez
Im watching spring breakers for the 1st time and I see double j Jeff Jarrett in here so im guessing this movie Is filled with random cameos
Fourteen years ago today on this date: Booker T defeated Jeff Jarrett to win the WCW heavyweight title in San Francisc…
Bound For Glory 2005 (2014 Redo): Gore Gore Gore Over the last few years I’ve redone my ratings for the Big Four WWE PPVs so why not do it for the big TNA show? We’re approaching the tenth show in the series and there’s always a chance it’s going to be the last. Every day until the 2014 Bound For Glory, I’ll be posting a brand new review of a Bound For Glory. Let’s get to it. Bound For Glory 2005 Date: October 23, 2005 Location: Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida Attendance: 900 Commentators: Mike Tenay, Don West This is still pretty early in the company’s run but things are starting to roll. Jeff Jarrett is the top guy in the company, which makes perfect sense given that he’s the owner. His opponent tonight is supposed to be Kevin Nash but there are some shenanigans afoot. Other than that we have Daniels vs. Styles in a thirty minute Iron Man Match for the X-Division Title. Let’s get to it. The opening video starts by showing the awesome voiceover guy, which I don’t remember ever seeing be ...
Just gone onto EWR and chose the NWA/TNA roster. All of them have left except America's Most Wanted, Jeff Jarrett and Vince Russo.
for sale thing wasn't a rumor.Jeff Jarrett has spoke of it in interviews, just never mentioning Toby Keith by name.
Jeff Jarrett is gonna announce a partnership with every fed in the World then claim every show is a GFW show and demand a % of profits.
Jeff Jarrett is reportedly headed to scout potential buildings for TV tapings in New York, Dallas and Los Angeles...
Anyone else think Jeff Jarrett's GFW is never going to launch?
I'm quoting part of this from Bobby Heenan! "By the time Jeff Jarrett runs his first GFW show It'll be Wrestlemania 38!"
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Jeff Jarrett shown next to Mantaur and King Mabel. Double J still gettin Buried by WWE in 2013
Jeff Jarrett placed in the failure bracket
Find out who has partnered with Jeff Jarrett’s new wrestling promotion.
Another partnership for Jeff Jarrett and GFW. That's what's up. I can't wait for things to start up!
Onto a bigger note - After learning more about the relationship tension between Dixie Carter and Jeff Jarrett, I...
Bullet Club attack Tanahashi after the match. AJ hits the Styles Clash and Jeff Jarrett *sigh* uses the guitar. …
Juan Rivera (born August 10, 1964) is a professional wrestler. He began his career in the World Wrestling Council, where he has won the WWC Universal Heavyweight Championship three times and the WWC Puerto Rico Heavyweight Championship twice. During the mid-to-late 1990s, Rivera was an active wrestler in theWorld Wrestling Federation (WWF), initially performing under the ring name Kwang. He was later renamedSavio Vega, eventually becoming the leader of a Puerto Rican stable, Los Boricuas. Vega gave Stone Cold Steve Austin and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson their first singles losses in the WWF. During his feud with Austin, he was the first recipient of the Stone Cold Stunner. During his WWF run, he defeated several high-profile wrestlers, including Hunter Hearst Helmsley, Jeff Jarrett, Bradshaw and Yokozuna. After leaving the WWF, Rivera returned to Puerto Rico and joined Victor Quiñones' promotion, the International Wrestling Association, serving as a long-time General Manager and winning five titles, includ ...
OK conspiracy theorists, I figured out what's going on!! Brace yourselves... Impact Wrestling is not cancelled, sort of. Jeff Jarrett and Toby Keith secretly bought the company weeks ago, when rumors abounded they were trying but when allegedly part of the deal was Dixie still on the show, they "pulled out". Now, fast forward to now where Impact was "cancelled". Mind you, forget that TNA has maybe 2-3 months to find a new home, Spike TV has that long to fill 2 hours of Prime Time. Jarrett's company, Global Force, does not have a TV slot. Spike TV announces that Jarrett's company now has the timeslot for their show. Jeff Jarrett apparently still owns a piece of TNA. Now, him and Toby Keith have all of it, including the Spike TV deal. Global Force debuts in October, suddenly numerous TNA stars (who are signing long term deals with a company that didn't have a TV deal set? Who would do that? Think about it) are signed to "Global Force" when in reality they were months before. AJ Styles returns, as do Bad Inf ...
tna was good back in the mid 2000s when they had Dutch Mantel (zeb colter) and Jeff Jarrett running it
Global Force Wrestling builds under the direction of Jeff Jarrett currently a network that is actually a global force in the wrestling market. The American Association has already concluded agreements with AAA (Mexico) and New Japan Pro Wrestling (Japan). Doug Williams, who has previously initiated cooperation between wXw and NOAH in 2005, has established the contact between Westside Xtreme Wrestling and the Global Wrestling Force. wXw has signed an exclusive agreement with GFW as a German partner. Our partner Revolution Pro Wrestling from England, who draw attention to themselves, among other things with the York Hall events, are a similar agreement also on board and representing the southern half of England .. Other partners are Premier British Wrestling (Scotland), Emerald Wrestling Promotions (Ireland) and New Generation Wrestling (northern England).
My commentary team is Jeff Jarrett and Roddy Piper
Hope Garth Brooks does a run-in during this fight and costs McGregor with a Jeff Jarrett style guitar shot
In TNA he was the world champion a few times and had amazing feuds with AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Bully Ray, Bobby Roode, Jeff Jarrett and EC3.
Jeff Jarrett more than Dixie, TNA going under, GFW is starting,
Can anybody remember when jeff Jarrett was a referee?
what if it's Jeff Jarrett in the getup
WWE Classic of the Week: Remembering Shawn Michaels vs. Jeff Jarrett: This Sunday night at WWE's Battleground ...
after a while they had too. Remember the whole Jeff jarrett fiasco! Lmao wish cena got his *** kicked by all of them! 😆
Time for Chris Jericho vs Chyna for the IC championship. I miss Jeff Jarrett already.
would u kindly remind Mr. Superman buddy of urs TODAY July 14th NOT April 19th is Jeff Jarrett's b-day I would bt he's ignoring me
he said 7-14-14 because its Jeff Jarrett's b day
This is the closest Jeff Jarrett will get to being mentioned by the WWE
No, it was Jeff Jarrett in disguise!
From France, Jeff, I wish you an happy birthday !! . Joyeux anniversaire Jeff... King Jarrett :)
Happy Birthday to the King of the Mountain, Jeff Jarrett!
give me Jeff Green, Victor Oladipo, Jarrett Jack, Gary Neal and Vasquez over your bench any day
Bully Ray turns 43 years old today while Jeff Jarrett turns 48 and WWE's Joey Styles turns 43 also.
It's Jeff Jarrett's birthday on Bastille Day, so apologies in advance for running around smashing French people in the head with guitars.
Jeff Jarrett singing with sawyer brown. Amazing stuff
There is opponents in this number 1 contenders match? DLo Brown and Jeff Jarrett.
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Forget all of that, just watch Jeff Jarrett hitting Gary Coleman with a guitar.
Walk through TNA Hall of Fame? Well folks, Slammiversary is in the books and while there are a lot of things that we could discuss coming out of the show, here, I'd like to focus on the announcement of Team 3D being the latest inductee's into the TNA Hall of Fame. While most fans would agree that 3D deserves the honor, there seems to be a major complaint when it comes to the lack of "TNA originals" in the Hall. Fans have been dropping names like AJ Styles and Jeff Jarrett as past performers that should've gone into TNA's Hall of Fame before any of the other inductee's. It does seem painfully obvious that Styles, Jarrett and others would be ideal choices, so why aren't they in? Only the TNA brass can really answer that question, but I will attempt to find the method in TNA's madness when it comes to the HOF. There are many factors that I feel some are over looking when it comes to the selection process. So let's crack open the cage and take a walk down through the Hall of Fame and analyze the who, what, wh ...
Jeff Jarrett's new promotion is partnering up with New Japan Pro-Wrestling and AAA!
Jeff Jarrett's Global Force Wrestling reaches an agreement with New Japan Pro. .
Jeff Jarrett's Global Force Wrestling joins forces with New Japan Pro Wrestling!. GFW reached an agreement with...
It's also hard not to think that AJ Styles & Jeff Jarrett are first ballot TNA Hall of Famers.
Jeff Jarrett or Jerry Jarrett should of been the first inducted, then AJ the following year.
Happy Fathers day to the best father-son duo ever who founded TNA Jeff Jarrett and Mr.Jerry Jarrett
It must either be AJ Styles, Jerry Lynn or Jeff Jarrett or the HOF is irrelevant.
Ring Announcer- Fantasy Wrestling continues. Please welcome Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, Brock Lesnar, Jeff Jarrett, John Cena, Ted Dibase Jr, Shawn Michaels, Road Dogg, Billy Gunn, X-Pac, and Paul Heyman. Triple H- Ok Flair time is up. The Ric Flair came out. Flair- Let me tell you something. Jeff Jarrett is a paper champion. Your not a true champion. And at King Of The Ring you will VS the return of Kurt Angle. But Triple H you will compete at King Of The Ring. It will be Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Brock Lesnar, and John Cena, and X- Pac Vs The Wolves and The Shield. Triple H- Since you wont change your mind then well. Then the Authority and DX attacked Ric Flair. END OF SHOW This is Fantasy Wrestling. These storylines and matches are made up.
'Maniac' Matt Borne aka Doink the Clown and Jeff Jarrett were Tag Team Champs.
Are TNA threatened by Jeff Jarrett's new company GFW? Show clips including him to keep him happy.
I am amazed that TNA have just shown a clip that included Jeff Jarrett.
Now watching: Dustin and Dusty Rhodes vs. Jeff Jarrett and Ric Flair
Throwback Thursday!!! John McClane aka Brendon Roach hitting me with my own guitar Jeff Jarrett style! Lmao
I was asked whether Jeff Jarrett will ever be inducted into Hall of Fame. While I stated my answer in the recent I do want to give two names who I think could be the chosen ones for this year's induction. Those two are... Dixie Carter or Eric Young!
Let's all remember when Jeff Jarrett and his investors offered to but the thing out and the Carter's turned them down
Rasimowicz Pro Wrestling presents Fantasy Wrestling RAW. Last week. Vince- Triple H and Stephanie will share RAW with two co GM. Ric Flair and Eric Bischoff. Flair- Me and Bischoff don't get along but we agree that if you interfere in Daniel Bryan's match tonight there will be problems. JR- Triple H was going to hit Chris Jericho so Daniel Bryan would get disqualified but he hit Daniel Bryan. Flair- At In Your House Triple H VS Chris Jericho winner faces the WWE champion. But this match is a *** In A Cell match. JR- We are live from Canada. Tonight we will here from Stone Cold and who will be his tag team partners for In Your House for when they VS the Wyatt Family. King- Plus the Intercontinental title tournament starts. And Chris Jericho will have his highlight real and his guest Stephanie McMahon. JR- And the WWE title Tournament continues. Jeff Jarrett goes to the ring- Jarrett- Next week I VS either Daniel Bryan or Dolph Ziggler. Then the winner VS the Winner of Lesnar VS Cena for the WWE title. Wel ...
Our interview with Christopher Daniels will be dropping later today. Tons of insight on TNA, Dixie Carter, Jeff Jarrett, Creative & more
Darren Szalanski took a Jeff Jarrett guitar shot Mike Rosario defeated The King of the Mountain Jeff Jarrett Jeff Jarrett kicked a fan in the face after trying to get in ring All the UPW wrestlers put on a heck of a show Great crowd Great fans Packed house standing room only I would say UPW anniversary anarchy 11 was a success!! So glad Nick and I are part of UPW family now. Oh yeah and the BIG announcement for Headlocks and Homeruns 3 in Perry,NY on Aug 2 BIG Poppa Pump Scott Steiner is scheduled to appear!!
EartH***to Jeff Jarrett's new company . please no STOP signing all these other frumpy older talent that already panned themselves out.. U all need to be Signing semi-stars to help put over your young talent and use them in spared title matches like Shelton Benjamin , Carlito , Chris Masters, Daffney , Tajiri, Yoshino, Masoto Tanaka, and Christine Von EErie.. NOT NOt Mickie James or Rhaka Khan on your top bill whom both really don't care about the sport anymore or evem wanna be in the biz anymore. Stop signing wannabe's/Reality F list peeps. Yeah getting Hotstuff Hernandez (TNA Nation) and Chris Daniels is good but the other line-up you have going to promote with triple A is dare i say God awful. Resistance-Pro is out doing u already and Rhino is gaining back some of him popularity along with a few other British indy stars. GFW i call you out to sign better stars like Amber O'neal , Teddy and Taylor Hart, Sumie Sakie , and many others with much better potential. PLEASE WAKE UP! Rant end... until ...
Here comes Jeff Jarrett on a horse. Kentucky Lee isn't much of a bodyguard. He needs some guys who provide justice but in a southern way.
Just watched Jeff Jarrett vs Chris Benoit in a ladder match for the United States title, those dudes put it down
PUNK SIGHTING: CM Punk was shown on the big screen before yesterday's Chicago Cubs game, wishing a happy birthday to Wrigley Field Could we see Mr. Punk show up in Jeff Jarrett's Global Force Wrestling in a few weeks . ?
On this date in 2006 :AJ Styles, Ron Killings, Rhino and Sting defeated Jeff Jarrett, Scott Steiner, Chris Harris...
Do any of the names teased by Jeff Jarrett's GFW promotion interest you? Lance Hoyt, Elijah Burke, Carlito, Mickie James and Jay Lethal
April 14th On this day in history on . 1931 - Ed "Strangler" Lewis defeats Ed Don George in Los Angeles, California to capture his fourth World Heavyweight Title. 1959 - Ben and and Mike Sharpe defeat Chief Big Heart and Little Eagle to win the NWA Texas Tag Team Title in Dallas, Texas. 1967 - Jeff Jarrett is born in Nashville, Tennessee. 1971 - Terry Funk defeats The Grappler (Johnny Walker) for the Florida NWA Southern Heavyweight Title in Miami, Florida. 1973 - After 20 years in operation, the Japan Pro Wrestling Alliance closes. The JWA's top stars, Giant Baba and Antonio Inoki, had left and formed their own promotions. Baba founded All Japan Pro Wrestling, and Inoki founded New Japan Pro Wrestling. 1975 - The WWWF held an event at Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York, which was televised on HBO. The results: - Mike Paidousis pinned Tony Altimore after Altimore missed a kick off the ropes. - Greg Valentine pinned El Olímpico after an elbow drop. The Garden didn't allow wrestlers to be ful ...
JARRETT SIGNS TWO TALENTS ? It is beiing said that Jeff Jarrett has already signed two talents for his GLOBAL WRESTLING Promotion . Double J is said to have signed ... Lance Hoyt, (Vance Archer) as well as . The Pope D'Angelo Dinero .
Jeff Jarrett makes his first signing fro in Lance Hoyt
Lance Hoyt and The Pope could join the new federation of Jeff Jarrett, the Global Force Wrestling. As shown in this picture Hoyt and The Pope pose with Jarrett and his wife Karen.
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So, Elijah Burke is rumored for Jeff Jarrett's company, do you think he will be a help or a liability?
Where Are They Now??? Elijah Burke Elijah wrestled for both the WWE and TNA (D'Angelo Dinero) He still wrestles on the independents, but also graduated with a degree in criminal justice and started a charity to clothe and feed the unfortunate called The Love-Alive Charity. He has recently hinted that he may possibly be headed to Jeff Jarrett's new Global Force Wrestling promotion.
6 hour IYH edition covering: - Passing of the Ultimate Warrior - Wrestlemania XXX - Hall of Fame 2014 - Daniel Bryan winning the big one - Undertaker's streak ending - Cesaro a Paul Heyman guy - Jeff Jarrett's new wrestling federation
Rumors suggest Elijah Burke may be joining Jeff Jarrett's GFW promotion. If so it's a solid signing.
the wrestling is good but there's too much awful acting and skits. I'm backing Jeff Jarrett and Toby Keith now!
Karen Jarrett and Jeff Jarrett with The Pope and Lance Hoyt -
I know its not a race to sign former WWE guys but sign Ezekiel Jackson. If you don't Jeff Jarrett will and TNA will miss out.
Have yall heard about Jeff Jarrett's wrestling promotion? It's called Global Force. Made me think of the Power Rangers lol
Last time Jeff Jarrett went into promotion he gave us TNA, so.I think that's gonna be a hard pass on Global Force, Double J
...Hogan, Austin,and Rock are interrupted by Jeff Jarrett and each gets a guitar shot, because no one sells tickets like Double J!
to all Jeff Jarrett and wrestling fans here is the latest. According to country music super star Toby Keith he is a partner to Jeff Jarretts new wrestling promotion that will start in January of 2015 and will be on C.M.T. Now of course anything could change when Jarrett makes his announcement on April 4th. .
"What does Debra even know about head?" - JR during Al Snow vs Jeff Jarrett at Survivor Series 98
XTREME IMPACT HD 3/24/2014 Washington DC (Jaden Jewel) welcome to another edition of XTREME IMPACT!! we have tonight 2 fatal 4-way matches for you tonight to know who the 2 team captains are for Redemption Series in April. Match (Fatal 4-Way) Slash vs Silva vs Kevin Steen vs Kurt Angle [winner & captain of team 1] Slash (Jaden Jewel) Slash is the team captain of team 1 but who gonna be captain of team 2? Later tonight we'll find out. (Tete Williams) AJ Styles is the fan favorite to win. Match Wolves vs Wyatts [winner] Wolves (Tete Williams) Manik believes he can beat "The Icon" Sting by defending the XTREME IMPACT TV CHAMPIONSHIP in a "15 Minute" Iron Man Match will he be able to defeat Sting or will we crown a newly crown XI Television Champion. Match "Iron Man Match" "XTREME IMPACT TV CHAMPIONSHIP" Manik (c) vs Sting [winner & New XTREME IMPACT TV CHAMPION] STING Match DJ Dynamite vs Abyss [winner] Abyss Match "Fatal 4-Way" Maniac vs AJ Styles vs Jeff Jarrett vs Kato (Tete Williams) only two men in the ...
Sunday, April 13th, Thunder After Thunder legitimately means huge opportunities for IWA Mid South. Now, with the name of Jeff Jarrett added to this huge card there really is no bigger name in professional wrestling than Jarrett in the Kentuckiana area. *** a lot of the things I do RIGHT as a wrestling promoter I learned from Jeffs grandma Christine. To have Jeff Jarrett come to IWA Mid South may throw some of our fans off, but then again most likely they're not fans from this area. Not to mention what this means for our guys. If the rumors are true of Jeff Jarrett launching a promotion out of Nashville again, then there is no better place than IWA Mid South for him to pick talent from. Sunday night, April 13th is going to be an epic, huge night. From this moment on things will be coming like an avalanche in promotion for this show. I hope you all will join us for what between this, Drakes last match, Gresham/Cannon, and not to mention The Hurricane Shane Helms makes his IWA debut... I for one know I can . ...
Am I reading that right?? Jeff Jarrett in IWA MS?? Hope he brings his guitar for Reed!!
for ruining Jeff Jarrett's Vince did with ECW...right
If you were not there, you missed an incredible show that I was fortunate to be a part of. Almost 500 people filled the Eagles Club to see an amazing show, in which everyone worked hard. Above all I am proud to be a 2 time UPW Tag Team Champion. We shall see who steps up to take on the Easy Riders for the tag titles on May 10th at the Eagles Club for Anniversary Anarchy featuring Jeff Jarrett!
Yes, MVP will join a long list of Jeff Jarrett and Dixie Carter's father in ruing the day they sank money into TNA.
Jeff Jarrett has apparently been running himself ragged in recent weeks as he works toward launching a new wrestling promotion. He has been busy setting up production, merchandise, and talent.It was originally speculated that an announcement regarding the promotion would come in April, but it is not believed that it could be happening sooner. It is believed that Jarrett has been working with country music star Toby Keith as investor as well as with former TNA head of production Kevin Sullivan
LATEST ON THE JEFF JARRETT NEW PROMOTION FRONT By Mike Johnson on 2014-02-27 17:13:00 In regard to rumors that Jeff Jarrett hinted at a Tuesday night wrestling series on cable during an appearance in Nashville last week, I am told that it's a case of his words being taken out of context. Jarrett actually talked about wrestling being storytelling and that the story would translate on any night of the week, using Tuesday as an example, but that the stories need to be told outside of just one specific night. We are told that Jarrett has been traveling extensively in the last few weeks setting up production, merchandise, talent and international relations with other promotions. We are told Jarrett is closer to making an official announcement and that he will be doing a photo shoot for a "major production company" which will lead into the announcement. We had originally heard nothing would be announced prior to April, but that may no longer be the case. The belief is that country star Tobey Keith has been invo ...
Autograph Jeff Hardy piece of Guitar that was used on him by Jeff Jarrett. Make me a offer!
Jeff Jarrett speaks out. The first show he does will tell us what his vision is, I think. Not sure.
“Can't wait to see you in I own the original!!!
says the man who has a picture of another man as his. Do you have insecurities? Is that why you hide behind jeff Jarrett?
So on the WWE Network you can't search for Jeff Jarrett or XPac. Craig Degourge is on there
1-2-3 Kid vs Jeff Jarrett is the first match at that ISN'T currently dead.
lmao Steve Austin hates Jeff Jarrett so much
ArmyBassAnglers with the Skeeter Family (Jeff Stone, Ben Jarrett & Jeff Woolridge). Thanks Skeeter for all you...
– Jeff Jarrett has released the following teaser, teasing a video that will feature “the entire interview”… –...
– Check out this video of TNA Superstar Austin Aries performing with an unknown band: – Jeff Jarrett has released...
I liked a video Jeff Jarrett promotion will amount to nothin
Raw is in Memphis in 2 weeks and Jeff Jarrett recently left TNA...
I hope Jeff Jarrett is serious about listening to the fans, cuz WWE and TNA are digging in their heels against this revolutionary trend.
Kevin Nash and aj styles... I think I respect Jeff Jarrett more than anyone tho.. can't wait
I'll hit you with a bottle like Jeff Jarrett with a guitar
Karen Jarrett favorited my Jeff Jarrett diss. What the *** Sauce it!
XTREME IMPACT HD Cincinnati, Ohio 2/24/14 Tete Williams: I'm Tete Williams & this is my broadcast partner Ms. Jaden Jewel, welcoming you to another edition of XTREME IMPACT!! Jaden Jewel: We're LIVE! in CINCINNATI, OHIO. We have a huge possible Main Event as CM PUNK won the last man standing match against BRYAN DANIELSON last week is now the contender for the XTREME IMPACT WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP against the reigning defending CHAMPION KATO... Tete Williams: CM Punk is on his way to the ring, wondering what is on his mind? CM Punk: BRING ME A REFEREE & KATO BRING YOUR *** OUT HERE! I WANT MY TITLE SHOT TONIGHT! {Tia music hits} TIA WILSON (GM): CM Punk, you don't make matches I make matches. You want KATO tonight in his hometown of CINCINNATI? Well you got It but not for the "XTREME IMPACT CHAMPIONSHIP" in a tag team match as my champion KATO teams up with BRYAN DANIELSON vs you (CM PUNK) & ???, a partner of your choice? Punk. Oh by the way your Championship Match will be at our 1st PPV "Broken Bones" in a STE ...
Jeff Jarrett's videos are about him facing the Undertaker at WrestleMania.
[VIDEO] Jeff Jarrett Says Leaving TNA Wasn't a Tough Decision: Jeff and Karen discuss his leaving the company...
Lms if you guys out the think that double j Jeff Jarrett was underrated in the wwf
Jeff Jarrett released the next video on social media on Monday afternoon. The piece features comments from both Jeff and Karen Jarrett discussing his departure from TNA Wrestling. Karen opened the video by saying that she thought it was shocking to the wrestling world that Jeff walked away from a company he started. They showed a series of headlines (including a story by yours truly) and Jeff came on and said on June 19, 2002 that he and his father founded TNA. He said it was a great ride but fast-forward to 2014 and it was time to move on, time for a change in his life. Jeff said he couldn’t be more excited about his future. Karen said there wasn’t fear about him leaving TNA and Jeff said it wasn’t the toughest decision he’s made. Karen said there comes a point in life that if you’re not happy personally or professionally, you have to make a change and it was time for Jeff to make a change. Jeff wouldn’t classify it as a tough decision because he knew where he wanted to go. Karen talked about ...
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