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Jeff Jarrett

Jeffrey Leonard Jarrett (born April 14, 1967) is an American professional wrestler and wrestling promoter.

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to all Jeff Jarrett and wrestling fans here is the latest. According to country music super star Toby Keith he is a partner to Jeff Jarretts new wrestling promotion that will start in January of 2015 and will be on C.M.T. Now of course anything could change when Jarrett makes his announcement on April 4th. .
"What does Debra even know about head?" - JR during Al Snow vs Jeff Jarrett at Survivor Series 98
XTREME IMPACT HD 3/24/2014 Washington DC (Jaden Jewel) welcome to another edition of XTREME IMPACT!! we have tonight 2 fatal 4-way matches for you tonight to know who the 2 team captains are for Redemption Series in April. Match (Fatal 4-Way) Slash vs Silva vs Kevin Steen vs Kurt Angle [winner & captain of team 1] Slash (Jaden Jewel) Slash is the team captain of team 1 but who gonna be captain of team 2? Later tonight we'll find out. (Tete Williams) AJ Styles is the fan favorite to win. Match Wolves vs Wyatts [winner] Wolves (Tete Williams) Manik believes he can beat "The Icon" Sting by defending the XTREME IMPACT TV CHAMPIONSHIP in a "15 Minute" Iron Man Match will he be able to defeat Sting or will we crown a newly crown XI Television Champion. Match "IRON MAN MATCH" "XTREME IMPACT TV CHAMPIONSHIP" Manik (c) vs Sting [winner & New XTREME IMPACT TV CHAMPION] STING Match DJ Dynamite vs Abyss [winner] Abyss Match "Fatal 4-Way" Maniac vs AJ Styles vs Jeff Jarrett vs Kato (Tete Williams) only two men in the ...
Sunday, April 13th, Thunder After Thunder legitimately means huge opportunities for IWA Mid South. Now, with the name of Jeff Jarrett added to this huge card there really is no bigger name in professional wrestling than Jarrett in the Kentuckiana area. *** a lot of the things I do RIGHT as a wrestling promoter I learned from Jeffs grandma Christine. To have Jeff Jarrett come to IWA Mid South may throw some of our fans off, but then again most likely they're not fans from this area. Not to mention what this means for our guys. If the rumors are true of Jeff Jarrett launching a promotion out of Nashville again, then there is no better place than IWA Mid South for him to pick talent from. Sunday night, April 13th is going to be an epic, huge night. From this moment on things will be coming like an avalanche in promotion for this show. I hope you all will join us for what between this, Drakes last match, Gresham/Cannon, and not to mention The Hurricane Shane Helms makes his IWA debut... I for one know I can . ...
Am I reading that right?? Jeff Jarrett in IWA MS?? Hope he brings his guitar for Reed!!
for ruining Jeff Jarrett's Vince did with ECW...right
If you were not there, you missed an incredible show that I was fortunate to be a part of. Almost 500 people filled the Eagles Club to see an amazing show, in which everyone worked hard. Above all I am proud to be a 2 time UPW Tag Team Champion. We shall see who steps up to take on the Easy Riders for the tag titles on May 10th at the Eagles Club for Anniversary Anarchy featuring Jeff Jarrett!
Yes, MVP will join a long list of Jeff Jarrett and Dixie Carter's father in ruing the day they sank money into TNA.
Jeff Jarrett has apparently been running himself ragged in recent weeks as he works toward launching a new wrestling promotion. He has been busy setting up production, merchandise, and talent.It was originally speculated that an announcement regarding the promotion would come in April, but it is not believed that it could be happening sooner. It is believed that Jarrett has been working with country music star Toby Keith as investor as well as with former TNA head of production Kevin Sullivan
LATEST ON THE JEFF JARRETT NEW PROMOTION FRONT By Mike Johnson on 2014-02-27 17:13:00 In regard to rumors that Jeff Jarrett hinted at a Tuesday night wrestling series on cable during an appearance in Nashville last week, I am told that it's a case of his words being taken out of context. Jarrett actually talked about wrestling being storytelling and that the story would translate on any night of the week, using Tuesday as an example, but that the stories need to be told outside of just one specific night. We are told that Jarrett has been traveling extensively in the last few weeks setting up production, merchandise, talent and international relations with other promotions. We are told Jarrett is closer to making an official announcement and that he will be doing a photo shoot for a "major production company" which will lead into the announcement. We had originally heard nothing would be announced prior to April, but that may no longer be the case. The belief is that country star Tobey Keith has been invo ...
Autograph Jeff Hardy piece of Guitar that was used on him by Jeff Jarrett. Make me a offer!
Jeff Jarrett speaks out. The first show he does will tell us what his vision is, I think. Not sure.
“Can't wait to see you in I own the original!!!
says the man who has a picture of another man as his. Do you have insecurities? Is that why you hide behind jeff Jarrett?
So on the WWE Network you can't search for Jeff Jarrett or XPac. Craig Degourge is on there
1-2-3 Kid vs Jeff Jarrett is the first match at that ISN'T currently dead.
lmao Steve Austin hates Jeff Jarrett so much
ArmyBassAnglers with the Skeeter Family (Jeff Stone, Ben Jarrett & Jeff Woolridge). Thanks Skeeter for all you...
– Jeff Jarrett has released the following teaser, teasing a video that will feature “the entire interview”… –...
– Check out this video of TNA Superstar Austin Aries performing with an unknown band: – Jeff Jarrett has released...
I liked a video Jeff Jarrett promotion will amount to nothin
Raw is in Memphis in 2 weeks and Jeff Jarrett recently left TNA...
I hope Jeff Jarrett is serious about listening to the fans, cuz WWE and TNA are digging in their heels against this revolutionary trend.
Kevin Nash and aj styles... I think I respect Jeff Jarrett more than anyone tho.. can't wait
I'll hit you with a bottle like Jeff Jarrett with a guitar
Karen Jarrett favorited my Jeff Jarrett diss. What the *** Sauce it!
XTREME IMPACT HD Cincinnati, Ohio 2/24/14 Tete Williams: I'm Tete Williams & this is my broadcast partner Ms. Jaden Jewel, welcoming you to another edition of XTREME IMPACT!! Jaden Jewel: We're LIVE! in CINCINNATI, OHIO. We have a huge possible Main Event as CM PUNK won the last man standing match against BRYAN DANIELSON last week is now the contender for the XTREME IMPACT WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP against the reigning defending CHAMPION KATO... Tete Williams: CM Punk is on his way to the ring, wondering what is on his mind? CM Punk: BRING ME A REFEREE & KATO BRING YOUR *** OUT HERE! I WANT MY TITLE SHOT TONIGHT! {Tia music hits} TIA WILSON (GM): CM Punk, you don't make matches I make matches. You want KATO tonight in his hometown of CINCINNATI? Well you got It but not for the "XTREME IMPACT CHAMPIONSHIP" in a tag team match as my champion KATO teams up with BRYAN DANIELSON vs you (CM PUNK) & ???, a partner of your choice? Punk. Oh by the way your Championship Match will be at our 1st PPV "Broken Bones" in a STE ...
Jeff Jarrett's videos are about him facing the Undertaker at WrestleMania.
[VIDEO] Jeff Jarrett Says Leaving TNA Wasn't a Tough Decision: Jeff and Karen discuss his leaving the company...
Lms if you guys out the think that double j Jeff Jarrett was underrated in the wwf
Jeff Jarrett released the next video on social media on Monday afternoon. The piece features comments from both Jeff and Karen Jarrett discussing his departure from TNA Wrestling. Karen opened the video by saying that she thought it was shocking to the wrestling world that Jeff walked away from a company he started. They showed a series of headlines (including a story by yours truly) and Jeff came on and said on June 19, 2002 that he and his father founded TNA. He said it was a great ride but fast-forward to 2014 and it was time to move on, time for a change in his life. Jeff said he couldn’t be more excited about his future. Karen said there wasn’t fear about him leaving TNA and Jeff said it wasn’t the toughest decision he’s made. Karen said there comes a point in life that if you’re not happy personally or professionally, you have to make a change and it was time for Jeff to make a change. Jeff wouldn’t classify it as a tough decision because he knew where he wanted to go. Karen talked about ...
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Jeff Jarrett may as well threaten to start his own wrestling promotion after this PPV...oh wait
*Jeff Jarrett comes toward the ring with Debra and Ms Kitty*. King: "OH YEAH! PUPPIES"
- As seen above, Jeff Jarrett and Karen Jarrett have re […]
Video: Jeff Jarrett Talks About TNA With MILF Karen Hide your motherfu*king wives Double J is back! Him and...
Watching wrestling and tuning my new guitar. Black Jeff Jarrett
All I want to do is get through Jeff Jarrett VS Chris Benoit at WCW Mayhem 1999 without it that so much to ask?
Just watched a WCW Slamboree 2000 and when Jeff Jarrett wins the match chants "Yes! Yes! Yes!"
I bet Jeff Jarrett's new wrestling promotion is called the World Wrestling Federation
I know they changed Jeff Jarrett's "Cowboy" inspired theme.
"IT'S COMING!" In this exclusive video, Jeff Jarrett speaks about quitting TNA and reassures fans that his new...
Jeff & Karen Jarrett have posted the following video:
I believe it goes from Patterson and brisco segment straight to Jeff Jarrett entrance.
Between Jeff Jarrett, Rob Conway, Lance Hoyt, Chase Owens, Shawn Shultz, Jax Dane, Mohammed Ali Vaez it will be an amaz…
Unless Jeff Jarrett spells out exactly what soon, I am going to have to assume it is Inner-City Sumo.
2014, some sad news: Jeff Jarrett got a divorce and Hacksaw Jim Duggan went to the TEW afterlife.
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Jeff Jarrett released his second full video since his resignation from TNA Wrestling. In his first video he revealed that he was scouting the very best talent all around the world. This video showcases his, as well as Karen Jarrett‘s thoughts about leaving TNA. Karen states that she had no fear w...
VIDEO: Jeff Jarrett talks leaving TNA, his next project...
Jeff Jarrett talks leaving TNA, his next project in new video interview.
talk about Jeff Jarrett starting a new company, Punk, Nick as a member Of The Village People
Jeff Jarrett says his new project will cater to wrestling fans... He's currently calling it
Jeff and Karen Jarrett address the decision to leave TNA, advice Jeff received from Toby Keith at the first Impact: ht…
What’s next? and both speak about the future! from Kevin Sullivan on Vimeo. Jeff Jarrett has been releasing videos discussing what is next in his career. Jarrett announced in December that he was leaving TNA and officially was out of the company. It has been...
ok wrestling fan & walking dead friends, why does this ginger guy look so much like jeff Jarrett (t.n.a. version not country & western version.)?
VIDEO: Jeff Jarrett's latest teaser for his new promotion -
All I remember is Scott Steiner was on it and Jeff Jarrett hit Rove McManus with a guitar lol
Finally, we are going to see a huge week this week in the wrestling world. Hulk Hogan will return to television tomorrow. Undertaker may return as well. Will anyone else? The Network kicks off tomorrow in what will be a historical moment in the wrestling industry. Lastly, Jeff Jarrett will be releasing a video interview tomorrow that could really reveal anything. I'm looking forward to it!
has done Jeff Jarrett a real favor with Mantel in WWE it means Jarrett won't have to work about him begging for a job
It's SuperCard Sunday and I would like to spotlight the NWA/TNA event from February 2006, Against All Odds. Christian Cage defeated Jeff Jarrett for the NWA World Championship. This is when TNA was heading in the right way to be a competitive promotion.
"couldn't of said it better": (it's Sunday Night Raw) by: Mark Madden. I have zero interest in the WWE Network. There are going to be 2-3 “special” big shows per year. The rest will be Sunday Night Raw. Creatively, there has never been a worse time for wrestling. The business is being held hostage by WWE and by PG-13. I’ve got nothing against Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. When Ric Flair had his last big run in WWE, I had the chance to drive the Pittsburgh-area house-show circuit with Flair and Triple H. Trips is a good guy with a very clear picture of what he prefers in wrestling. Remember that phrase: “He prefers.” Stephanie got her power by birthright, and for no other reason. But give her credit. She functions in a man’s world, does well, and is not intimidated. Vince McMahon has become a monkey wrench. He’s no longer an editor, but a crotchety old man who just says, “I don’t like it.” McMahon no longer fine-tunes. WWE’s writing staff wastes a lot of time doing re-writes. That ...
The Latest Teaser from Jeff Jarrett More to Come Tomorrow This entry was posted in Videos and tagged Jeff Jarrett on February 23, 2014 by Paul...
*** benoit left WCW. He seems to be getting a really good push. He just beat Sting & Jeff Jarrett.
That title match with Jeff Jarrett&Raven was just brutal! Incredible.'s the hair vs. hair match between Raven & Shane Douglas...
It was a great event, I really enjoyed the Jeff Jarrett segment, very fun time!
Just a reminder, 1045 The Zone SportsFest Day One kicks off this morning at 10 AM! Brandon Haghany and I will be on air from 11-1:30, joined by a wild cast of characters. Come and see us if you're there at the Music City Center...speaking live tmrw on our speaker stage: David Legwand, Al Wilson, Jeff Jarrett, Butch Jones, Tracy Wolfson! We'll be on 9-11 on Sunday morning for Day Two coverage... plus a special Saturday edition of Squared Circle Radio tomorrow night at 7 to send you home from SportsFest and get you ready for the Elimination Chamber.
Bound For Glory 2006: Sting vs. Jeff Jarrett for the World Heavyweight Title with Kurt Angle as special referee
Q: What kind of guy do I label myself as, for example Paul Heyman, ect? A: No I am not a John Cena guy I hate that *** more than life itself. *** loser and poser. No I am not a Vince McMahon, McMahon, Paul Heyman, Dixie Carter guy or not even a CM Punk guy. I am a pro wrestling and Jeff Jarrett guy. Because wwe jobs my great perfect and perfect ten *** talented *** and don't know how to treat talent. Jarrett is about equal opportunity and is about professional wrestling not sports entertainment. Something hard to come by. He gives talent like me a chance and opportunity so yeah whatevs I am leaving wwe soon working for him.
Jeff Jarrett released a new video hyping his new wrestling promotion. It is a teaser for a longer vision that will be out on Monday.
VIDEO: Jeff Jarrett releases a new teaser video -
From what I've read, heard and seen, TNA has really stepped it up over the last couple of weeks. Bringing MVP seemed like a logical move and has paid dividends for TNA. For them to keep afloat they need consistency from their management and to seek out ROH or other prominent Indy stars. I know WWE has the NXT territory full of ROH alums waiting for their shine. TNA has the opportunity to do the same and to lure WWE rejects with talent who could help boost the product. I know we have all commented that TNA's demise will be imminent and painful however, now with their backs against the wall this business has found a slight reprieve. MVP isn't OLD talent like Sting Nash or Hogan but he's at the ripe prime age for a wrestler and someone looking post ring career management. Although it's a start, this company has ways to go. Management has to get better of course and the accountability of the stars will have to be increased if they want to keep their jobs and Impact a equitable commodity. Dixie Carter may not ...
JEFF JARRETT WRESTLING TONIGHT: Jeff Jarrett will be wrestling at tonight's AAA event in Mexico City, and then appear at SportsFest in Nashville at the Music City Center on Saturday at 3pm. He is a part of the speaker series and will be taking questions and signing autographs.
Jeff Jarrett releases new teaser video for upcoming wrestling project.
Former TNA head Jeff Jarrett has released a teaser for an interview that will be dropping next week regarding his future endeavors. As reported here on Wrestling Rumors, Jarrett is expected to be launching a new wrestling promotion relatively soon. Music star Toby Keith has been linked to the forme...
Sittin here watchin the movie Spring Breakers and who's playon the religion teacher??? None other than my man J...A...Double R...E...Double T. Double J.Jeff Jarrett.
Jeff Jarrett continues to tease his next wrestling project on Instagram.
Todays batch of classic wrestling photos for my fellow squared-circle fanatics. It is also too, so two birds - one stone. The first pic is of two legends. Jerry Lawler - WWE Universe is posing with his AWA Heavyweight Championship and Kerry Von Erich is posing with his World Class Championship Wrestling title. This was prior to the unification match to create the USWA "Unified World Champion", which stemmed from the AWA-CWA-WCCW joint venture in 1988. The match happened in Chicago on December 13, 1988 and was the only PPV ever for the three companies. The show featured the Lawler vs. Von Erich match in addition to many past and future superstars including *** Foley, Jeff Jarrett, Diamond Dallas Page, Ron Garvin, "Iceman" King Parsons, "Boogie Woogie Man" Jimmy Valiant, Sgt. Slaughter, and Wahoo McDaniel. Only 1,672 fans paid to attend the show. The Lawler/Von Erich match was the semi-main event and went 18:53 before Lawler was declared the winner due to excessive bleeding by Von Erich. The second ...
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Bob Carter was finally not sold TNA to Jeff Jarrett and Toby Keith because he wanted his daughter, Dixie Carter, keeps a place in Backstage and television.
Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter Apparently one of the reasons that Jeff Jarrett and Toby Keith did not purchase TNA was because Bob Carter wanted Dixie Carter to be kept around as …
The Higher Opinion: John Cena AND Ric Flair- THE BATTLE FOR THE WORLD TITLE RECORD! Who is the greatest world heavyweight champion of all-time in professional wrestling? Does number of title reigns prove who is the best? Or maybe the length of individual or combined title reigns? Its a debate which splits many fans. Many, if not all, of Ric Flair's fans consider him to be the greatest professional wrestler of all time because of his 16 world heavyweight championship reigns. Those 16 world titles are ''official'' in WWE's eyes, although Flair himself claims to have won the world title 21 times in his career. Fans who don't agree that Flair is the greatest ever point to the lengthy title reigns of wrestlers such as Lou Thesz and Bruno Sammartino as evidence that they were better champions than Flair. However, these older champions were products of a different era, when pro wrestling was booked much differently than it is today. Regardless of where you fall in this debate, there is no disputing that Ric Flai ...
The Wrestling Observer Newsletter and are both now confirming similar facts regarding Jeff Jarrett and Toby Keith once having interest in purchasing full ownership of TNA. The reports have noted Bob Carter would only sell if Dixie Carter was to remain as on-air television character and still have some input in the daily operations of TNA. Jarrett and Keith obviously didn't agree to this which was a factor preventing any deal from getting done. The reports note Dixie's mother Janice is more about financial responsibility and counting every dollar, whereas Bob Carter is more "living a dream" oriented.
Australian Actor Jeff Jarrett is at it again or should I say his Evil double *** Taylor is at it again in Wolf Creek 2 said to be as scary as the first with...
If the Network was that bad toward other wrestling companies, do you think Jeff Jarrett would start his own?
Jim Cornette just BLASTS TNA and Dixie Carter: During a recent interview with Ring Rust Radio, and the subject of TNA came up. Here is what Cornette had to say about the company… “At this point, can you f–k TNA up any more than its already f–ked up? TNA, besides an inexperienced owner, had everything that they needed. Jeff Jarrett wanted the company to succeed and he’s grown up in wrestling all his life and the problem I had with Jeff is that he’s the one who hired Vince Russo, which came to bite him in the *** They have the television, they have the roster, they had the money behind them, yes Dixie doesn’t know s–t from apple butter about the wrestling business but she should have stayed out of it and let the people who knew what they were doing run it. The problem was that Jeff hired Russo. Russo gave them the TNA stench from the start that they have retained, they lost their chance to make a first impression which is a shame because no one will ever be that close to challenging Vince M ...
On this day in WWE history: 15 years ago today, the WWF PPV "St. Valentine's Massacre: In Your House" aired on television. This was the twenty-seventh "In Your House" PPV in WWF history, and is the second to last one in the series. There were eight live matches that aired that night, two were pre-recorded from Sunday Night Heat, and one dark match. These were the results of those matches: Dark Match: Too Cool (Brian Christopher and Scott Taylor) defeated The Hardy Boyz (Matt and Jeff) Sunday Night Heat: Viscera defeated Test by disqualification 02:20 Sunday Night Heat Billy Gunn vs. Tiger Ali Singh ended in a no contest; Singles match; 00:40 1. Goldust defeated Bluedust; Singles matchl 03:04 2. Bob Holly defeated Al Snow Hardcore match for the vacant WWF Hardcore Championship; 09:58 3. The Big Boss Man defeated Mideon; Singles match; 06:19 4. Owen Hart and Jeff Jarrett (c) (with Debra) defeated Mark Henry and D'Lo Brown (with Ivory); Tag team match for the WWF Tag Team Championship; 09:33 5. Val Venis (wi ...
Further proof that Dixie only bought her way into the business and her and her family know she doesn't belong, because she is both not needed and undeserving: "Here is the latest on what happened between Jeff Jarrett & Toby Keith and TNA Wrestling in regards to reports that Jarrett * Keith were looking to buy the promotion. Jeff Jarrett had reportedly put a deal together with Panda Energy's Bob Carter (the father of Dixie Carter). Bob Carter and Keith were to meet to finalize plans of the deal, and when they met, Carter did want to sell the company, but had one stipulation prior to making the deal. That was that Dixie Carter remain as on-screen TNA President as well as retain some power within the company. Keith did not want to make any deal that included "creative limitations," and that is where the negotiations fell apart. From there, Jeff Jarrett and Toby Keith took a step back. They realized that they could build their own company from the ground up; and that led to Jeff Jarrett leaving TNA in Decembe ...
Details On Jeff Jarrett & Toby Keith Almost Buying TNA, How Bob Carter Turned Them Away The expected wrestling promotion with Jeff Jarrett and country music star Toby Keith is said to be a long way from happening. The partnership came together when TNA was for sale and Jarrett went through his Nashville music industry connections trying to put together a bid to buy the company. The deal was reportedly very close at one point. Bob Carter came to Keith to finalize the deal and the two sides were close on a price, although they were not quite there. The belief is they were going to hash it out but Carter only had one request in selling, which was that Dixie Carter would remain with her title, have some power in the company and remain a TV character. Keith said he wasn’t going to buy the company with any creative limitations so the deal actually fell apart because Bob Carter in the end was going to protect his daughter. Someone in TNA close to the situation said, “That’s why we all are still here,” no ...
A "first 5 free agent" prediction/hope for a new Jeff Jarrett promotion...AJ Styles, Chris Masters, Mickie James, Nigel McGuiness, Jim Ross
Warrior, Jake, is the 2014 HOF Class all previously "buried on DVD" guys? Does that mean Paul Roma and Jeff Jarrett are going in too?
3AWrestling is back SAT MARCH 29 in Orillia with Jeff Jarrett, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Davey Boy Smith Jr. and More!
The 1995 Royal Rumble was the eight annual Royal Rumble event and the seventh annual event to be held exclusively on pay-per-view. It took place on January 22, 1995, in the USF Sun Dome located in Tampa, Florida. The event drew 10,000 fans (the smallest since the experimental event in 1987) and had a buy rate of 225,000. The results of the card read as follows: Dark - Buck Quartermaine defeated The Brooklyn Brawler (unknown) 1 - Jeff Jarrett (with The Roadie) defeated Razor Ramon (c) to win the WWF Intercontinental Championship (18:03) 2 - The Undertaker (with Paul Bearer) defeated Irwin R. Schyster (with Ted DiBiase) (12:20) 3 - Diesel (c) fought Bret Hart to a draw to retain the WWF Championship (27:18) 4 - Bob Holly and 1–2–3 Kid defeated Tatanka and Bam Bam Bigelow (with Ted DiBiase) to win the vacant WWF Tag Team Championship (15:45) 5 - 1995 Royal Rumble match (Shawn Michaels won by last eliminating The British Bulldog) (38:41) This was the shortest 20 man Royal Rumble match because the match w ...
PLEASE READ THIS IN ITS ENTIRETY BEFORE PASSING JUDGEMENT. ever since i herd “AJ Styles quit TNA” “Jeff Hardy quit TNA” “Jeff Jarrett quit TNA” i started wondering if so many guys “quit TNA” and “TNA's dying” how are they still able to hire guys like Eddie Edwards & Davey Richards, The American Wolves? then i started thinking what if all these “quittings” are apart of an elaborate storyline? what if AJ Styles being the company guy he's known to be is being used as a scout/bargaining chip to establish relationships with other promotions like ROH? (have you noticed TNA are continuously saying AJ Styles' name on TV?) IF that's true, here's some people i'd like to see in TNA from ROH. Adam Cole Chris Hero Homicide Jay Lethal Jimmy Jacobs Kevin Steen Matt Hardy Matt Taven w/Truth Martini “The Prodigy” Michael Bennett w/Maria Kanellis Michael Elgin Paul London Roderick Strong The Briscoes (Mark & Jay) Forever Hooligans (Alex Koslov & Rocky Romero) RedDragon (Bobby Fish & Kyle OReilly ...
No wrestler was more tied to WCW than Sting. He rose to fame just as Turner bough the company and stayed until the end never leaving to work the WWF. He would feud with pretty much every major name WCW ever had. He was part of the companies PPV ever at Starcade 1997. When WCW closed in 2001 Sting was one of a number a talents under contract to Time Warner and not WCW so he wasn't included in the sale to Vince McMahon. As various other WCW stars appeared on WWE TV Sting remained free. He mad a few appearances for WWA and TNA in 03 and 04 but the question remained would we ever see The Stinger back on TV in a regular role. In 2006 TNA announced to the world they had a reached a deal Sting and was ready to return to the wrestling world full time. Sting's debut was set for Final Resolution and tag team match. Sting would team with recent TNA pick up Christian Cage to face NWA world champion Jeff Jarrett and Monty Brown.  I loved this PPV when it first aired but I've been a huge Sting fan. So now all these ye ...
Ok a little speculation here, but my question to each and everyone here right now is who will the new TNA Investor be? Some ideas of names that could possibly be an "Investor" for TNA: Paul Heyman(not likely), Eric Bischoff, Sting, AJ Styles, Hulk Hogan(again not likely), Jim Cornette, Vince Russo, and the MOST LIKELY JEFF JARRETT. I am leaning towards Jeff Jarrett personally, but How awesome would it be to see Shane McMahon appear and actually be involved in competition with his father because of the fact that Stephanie and Triple H have been given "ownership" of the WWE over him. One last thing, I personally will say I am liking this idea because of the fact that they signed two of the most popular indy wrestlers in Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards. This shall be interesting in my opinion, but also goes to hint at AJ returning some soon.
WWF @ New York City, NY - Madison Square Garden - January 17, 1994 (9,000) Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson and the Heavenly Bodies were both advertised but did not appear due to transportation problems Scott Putski pinned Iron Mike Sharpe with the Polish Hammer Rick Steiner fought Ludvig Borga to a double count-out; it was during this match that Borga sustained an ankle injury that not only kept him off the Royal Rumble card but also WrestleMania and eventually led to his leaving the WWF WWF IC Champion Razor Ramon defeated Jeff Jarrett via disqualification when Shawn Michaels interfered (Jarrett's MSG debut) WWF World Champion Yokozuna pinned Tatanka with the Bonzai Drop; after the bout, Tatanka sustained a second Bonzai Drop and was taken from ringside on a stretcher The Quebecers defeated WWF Tag Team Champions Marty Jannetty & the 1-2-3 Kid at 21:24 to win the titles following the Tower of Quebec on the Kid after Johnny Polo interfered and caused the Kid to crotch himself on the top rope Owen Hart won a ...
This Day In Wrestling History- January 16th Trivia 2009 – WWE releases Bob Holly after a 15 year run with the company. Events In 1995, The WWF holds an event at Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York. The results: - Aldo Montoya defeated Steven Dunn. - Duke Droese defeated Timothy Well. - Henry Godwinn defeated Bob Holly. - WWF Women’s Champion Bull Nakano defeated Alundra Blayze. - The Undertaker defeated Tatanka. - Bret Hart defeated Owen Hart with the Sharpshooter in a No Holds Barred match. - The Allied Powers (The British Bulldog & Lex Luger) defeated Bam Bam Bigelow & King Kong Bundy by disqualification. - WWF Champion Diesel defeated Jeff Jarrett In 2000, the final WCW Souled Out was held in Cincinnati, Ohio. The card had to be quickly shuffled due to injuries to Bret Hart and Jeff Jarrett in the lead up to the event. This was also the last WCW event for Perry Saturn, Dean Malenko & Chris Benoit before they left for the WWF – Billy Kidman defeated Dean Malenko (with Shane Douglas) i ...
Kamala, Macho Man, Jake the Snake, the Steiners, kamala, Chris Benoit and Jeff Jarrett belong in the WWE Hall of Fame!!
Got to watch one of the best in the Wrestling Business Shane Williams up close in Lebanon tonight. Along with one of the best ever Jeff Jarrett. This was the first Wrestling ever for The entire bunch had a blast. Goodnight friends
Tonight's the night!!! Jeff Jarrett with Karen Jarrett will be taking on Matt Boyce for the United States Heavyweight Championship in Lebanon, Tn at the National Guard Armory. Belltime at 8pm.
WRESTLING PARADISE UNLEASHED 1,533: Ask Away w/ Kevin J!: 1.10.2014 Before I begin, I just want to say that, as far as I know, Mae Young is still alive as of this writing. She's a fighter! Kevin The Top Three Q: What’s the backstage opinion of AJ Lee? A: Like anyone with favor of WWE management, AJ Lee has her fair share of backstage detractors. However, I am told that Vince McMahon is an AJ Lee supporter and this is why there were no repercussions for the incident with Michelle Beadle at the 2013 Tribute to the Troops taping. While what exactly happened might never be known, Beadle was viewed as an outsider and WWE more or less wanted to sweep the incident under the rug. Q: Do you see Jeff Jarrett returning to WWE now that he is on his own? A: We never say “never” in this business but, from what I understand, Jeff Jarrett has his own project up his sleeve. I reported previously that there is internal fear within TNA that Jarrett was looking to start a new promotion with the group financed ...
On this day in 1998, Jeff Jarrett beats Barry Windham for the vacated NWA North American Heavyweight Title on WWF Raw http:…
Sources close to JEFF JARRETT have confirmed that Jeff Jarrett and Toby Keith have bought Online Wrestling Federation and the announcement will be made later in the week. OWF Loaded will not be airing tomorrow as WWE has also joined in with the deal and will air OWF Loaded to end Monday Night RAW every week starting THIS MONDAY! OWF Caged will be Main Evented by Joseph Midnight vs Jeff Jarrett and Vince Russo is already the head of creative. Rumors Speculate that Jim Cornette will also be joining OWF but we can not confirm this at the moment. AJ Styles has already been signed to bring in some prestige to their TV Championship which explains why N9NE is no longer Champion.
Jim Ross DISMISS RUMORS OF STARTING NEW COMPANY WITH Toby Keith & JEFF JARRETT WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is back with a new blog on Here are some highlights: - FYI...I have not had any conversations with anyone about starting a 'new' pro wrestling promotion. I have not spoken to Jeff Jarrett since he left WWE on a day that doesn't rank too high on my list of fun days at work. Some websites are irresponsibly running with the story that just because Toby Keith and I are friends and fellow Okies who both follow the Sooners that I'm about to do business with Toby and Jeff Jarrett which isn't true. Toby and I had dinner at the Sugar Bowl, he's a wrestling fan from the old days and, a helluva entrepreneur with deep pockets. Nonetheless the reason that we were there was to support our Sooners vs. Alabama in the Sugar Bowl and not talk about pro wrestling. We did talk the wrestling biz some but that's not unusual for me in any conversation after a 40 year career within the genre. We also talked cou ...
According to a new report posted by Jason Powell of, yesterday's announcement of Jeff Jarrett resigning from TNA came to many in the company as a surprise. With Jarrett taking on more of an extended management and agent role in TNA recently, following the departure of both Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff, the timing of Jarrett's resignation is both interesting and unexpected. The report notes that no one in TNA is aware of any issue that took place at the last Impact tapings that could have caused Jarrett's resignation, and the situation has been described as "business as usual." While TNA sources who are considered "in the know" were said to be caught off guard by the resignation announcement, and no one really knows much about why it took place, they are not ruling out the possibility it could be a work, however that has in no way been confirmed.
Nikki Bella Re-Aggravates Leg Injury?, JBL Discusses Obamacare, Jeff and Karen Jarrett.- Video of JBL appearing on FOX Business' Bulls & Bears this weekend to debate how Obamacare will affect the US economy can be seen at this link.- Jeff Jarrett will face Matt Boyce at the January 11th USA Champion...
TNA Impact is homeless, Jeff Jarrett returning to the ring, Jim Ross on Old School Raw, Hulk Hogan/WM30, Toby Keith:
Posted by Alex Barie Fellow reader, and now writer, Aaron Scott Jockers sent this article to me to post!: Hello, for my second inaugural column, the celebrated anniversary of my first, I’d like to write about the topic that completely foreshadowed my first column. How rude of Jeff Jarrett to choose that day to make his breaking news story and quit. Anyhow, after giving some thought, here is my take on that matter, and of course, 2014 and what that means for all of us as fans of TNA. Thanks again to Alex and y’all for the sterling response, and the opportunity to write for you again. This season comes where we find ourselves thinking of one thing, namely, family. And for those that have to celebrate, that’s what the holidaze are all about. Spending time with those you love, tolerate, and suffer with all year long. Every organization is something like a family, and TNA is no exception. jeffjarrett Every family, has a beginning. What started over ten years ago on a fishing trip with the Jar ...
Little Giant Ladders
The departure of AJ Styles influenced by the resignation of Jeff Jarrett? Wrestling News World site reports that the recent departure of TNA co-founder Jeff Jarrett, have greatly influenced the course of the negotiations of contract between the company and his poster-boy, AJ Styles. "Mr. TNA" remained loyal until there ws "Double J" and not TNA. Rumors were running even on the possibility as "The King of the Mountain" (yet still owner of TNA Wrestling Entertainment at 25%) founded a new promotion with Toby Keith, singer-songwriter country as main investor (the kind of promotion that would not be reminiscent of RESISTANCE Pro, based in Chicago and founded by the lead singer of the Smashing Pumpkins, Billy Corgan). Thus, the "Phenomenal One" on the American independent circuit tour would be a way to wait before the official founding of this possible new company of Nashville, which he would obviously be the star. A major turning point which could, therefore, resulted in a veritable exodus on the side of TNA. ...
**Top 10 Tag Teams of the 90s** Badd *** Billy Gunn and Roadd Dogg Jesse Jammes "The New Age Outlaws" *Years Together: 1997-1999/ Titles Held: 5-time WWF Tag Team Champions, MCW Tag Team Champions, TWA Tag Team Champions When you speak of these 2 what comes to mind? "Oh you didn't know?.Yo *** better call someboday!" this catchphrase surrounded by mounds and mounds of charisma took these 2 from WWF jobbers going nowhere to 5-time Tag Team Champions (breaking the 3-time WWF tag title standard in the process). Formed just for the same reason Austin and Pillman were put together, there was nothing for them to do individually: Billy broke away from his brother Bart and wanted achieve the same success as he did apart of the Smoking Gunns and Jesse exposed Jeff Jarrett proving Jarrett's single "With My Baby Tonight" was sung by the roadie himself. I'll admit this tag team may be the least talented on the list wrestling wise (Billy wasn't bad but the Road Dogg stunk up the joint) but without a shadow of a doubt ...
Tonight at 10pm, it's our final show of the year at Inside The Ropes. We're joined by FSM's own Brian Elliott plus: - Tons of news including Jeff Jarrett's TNA deperture, Batista's return to WWE and ITR/Jim Cornette making the news. -FSM editor BRIAN ELLIOTT drops in for a chat about the happenings in pro wrestling in 2013. - I got a chance to ask a question to both Kaz & Daniels of Impact Wrestling's Bad influence during a TNA Conference call, we'll play the clip. -We're giving away a copy of The Best of Nitro Vol 2 for one lucky live listener courtesy of WWE Home Video UK -ECW Original RHINO joins us to talk Extreme Reunion, WWE and much more. - Plus, a listeners poll on Fave Five Matches of the year. So if you have some free time, feel free to listen live and check us out at
Several current & former TNA talents have commented on the news regarding Jeff Jarrett's departure from the company: Samoa Joe: "my best to you and yours Jeff see you down the road." Angelina Love: "made something amazing & gave so many of us a platform to share our talents with the world. And it was FUN!! Velvet Sky: "IMHO deserves more credit than ever. He started up tna & gave all of us a place 2 do what we love. Forever thankful to Jeff." Eric Young: "Thanks to for everything wouldn't be where I am without him. is one of the smartest men I have ever been around. Above all else he is a amazing man father and husband. Huge loss for TNA" Matt Morgan: "Sad news resigning from Thank u Jeff for giving me a real opportunity&always believing in me!" Zema Ion: "Just joining the many wrestlers giving thanks to today. He's the man. Thank you for everything double J!
Now that Jeff Jarrett resigned can buy TNA from Dixie Carter who is clueless in the biz
Jeff Jarrett is now also gone from TNA. This company has literally turned into 100% Dixie Carter. In other words they're …
Jeff Jarrett joins WWE, and becomes the 3rd member of the Primetime Players. You are now picturing JJ doing the MILLIONS OF DOLLARS dance.
WCW @ Baltimore, MD - Arena - December 20, 1999 (8,915; 4,589 paid) Monday Nitro: WCW Cruiserweight Champion Madusa defeated Buzzkill Curt Hennig defeated Hugh Morrus Tank Abbott fought Jerry Flynn to a no contest in a no holds barred match Fit Finlay & Brian Knobbs defeated Meng & Norman Smiley in a hardcore match The Maestro defeated Evan Karagias Kanyon defeated Diamond Dallas Page and Bam Bam Bigelow Kevin Nash fought Creative Control to a no contest in a handicap match Jeff Jarrett defeated WCW US Champion Chris Benoit in a ladder match to win the title The Wall defeated Sid Vicious via disqualification Rick Steiner & Mike Rotunda defeated Harlem Heat Bret Hart pinned Bill Goldberg at 5:55 after Scott Hall & Kevin Nash ran out with baseball bats as Hart had Goldberg in a figure-4, with Hall, Nash, and Hart then assaulting Goldberg with the weapons while the referee was knocked out; Nash then took the mic and said "Baltimore, Maryland, the band is back together;"
Other Unification Matches Done Elsewhere. There are many other title unification matches throughout recent history, and here are some descriptions of them: ECW champion Taz would beat the FTW champion Sabu, which was a title Taz created but was not recognized as a real title by ECW and the FTW title was dropped. Jeff Jarrett the NWA champion during the time when TNA used the NWA Title as its top championship, beat WWA (World Wrestling All-Stars) champion Sting to unify the titles. WWA was a promotion from Australia where a bunch of former WCW and ECW guys went in 2001, with the company eventually folding in 2003. Bryan Danielson, now Daniel Bryan in WWE, as the ROH world champion beat Nigel McGuinness, now Desmond Wolfe in TNA, the ROH Pure champion in England to unify both titles with the Pure title being dropped. The IWGP Third Belt Heavyweight Championship (Third Belt meaning third design for the belt) unified with the IWGP Heavyweight Championship of New Japan Pro Wrestling when Shinsuke Nakamura (IWG ...
Results; The Miz def. Jack Swagger Davet Richards def. Mr.Anderson Cody Rhodes def. Chris Hero and Chris Sabin (Match of the Night) Corey Graves vs Wade Barrett ended in a draw after Barrett beat Corey Graves down with a cricket bet and then got in a fight with the guards , Jeff Jarrett helped Wade Barrett escort from the arena after the massive boos Randy Orton def. AJ Styles Orton took off the ref's head and then Batista and Flair beat AJ Styles and Orton kicks a punt kick and when the ref got up he saw Orton on Styles for the pin count
lmao XD OMG! I just marked out again!! Jeff Jarrett said at Team 3D's "Funeral" James Storm: "I here Brother ray... he's saying. DEVON!!." Jeff Jarrett: "James!! Get serious this is a funeral. Their careers are already dead... they don't need ANOTHER lawsuit!" lmao
ON THIS DAY IN PRO WRESTLING HISTORY (thanks to Graeme Cameron and Brian Hoops) 1959 - Billy Wicks beat Pancho Vila in Pensacola to win the Gulf Coast title 1971 - Domenic DeNucci beat Waldo Von Erich to win the NWF world title in Buffalo 1971 - The Alaskans, Frank Monte & Mike York, beat The Australians, Ron Miller & Larry O'Day to win the Florida tag team titles in Miami 1974 - Tatsumi Fujinami beat Masashi Ozawa (Killer Khan) to win the Karl Gotch Cup 1978 - Andre the Giant & Ron Miller beat Ox Baker & Butcher Brannigan in Sydney to win the Austra Asian tag team titles 1978 - Pak Choo (Kengo Kimura) beat Faraon in Mexico City to win the NWA light heavyweight title 1983 - Antonio Inoki & Hulk Hogan, The Dream Team, beat *** Murdoch & Adrian Adonis to win the Madison Square Garden tag team tournament, which took place in Tokyo. I wonder if they have a Budokan Hall tournament that takes place in New York 1990 - Tony Anthony & Doug Gilbert beat Jeff Jarrett & Cody Michaels in Memphis to win the USWA tag .. ...
Ric Flair is joined by Arn Anderson and apparently they dislike Jeff Jarrett. From WCW Thunder 5/17/00. Subscribe Now -
The Razor Ramon guy is terrible and he isn't even close to beating Jeff Jarrett for the intercontinental title.
Well guys Impact Wrestling was pretty good! The funeral for the Aces & Eights was pretty funny! But it will never be as funny as the one in 2005! When Jeff Jarrett buried Team 3D! At the end of that funeral Bully Ray showed up! Aces & Eights are done! But the feud between Bully Ray and Ken Anderson has only just begun! The ending of the show was not a big surprise for me! I expected a food fight to happen then it did! And also we finally got our question answered! YES!!! Turkeys can fly! Lol!
The Jeff Jarrett/ Russo era was so much more creative and was pretty progressive when it came to women. Now its garbage
Turning Point 2004 - Jeff Jarrett, Kevin Nash & Scott Hall vs Randy Sava...: via tna at it best
I just saw a clip where Jeff Jarrett bussed a guitar over Kane's head and he didn't even move.
It was Booker T Vs. Jeff Jarrett in a pole match and it was a picture of Scott Hall.
Thank you Jarrett Boykin for your 0 today vs. the The Skip Tebows hope you have explosive diarrhea after your Thanksgiving meal...
Jeff Jarrett reference on the Hull build up was brilliant!
Chuck Norris just karate kicked Jeff Jarrett this he's dead!
The answer to the last trivia question was D'Lo Brown, Jeff Jarrett, and Kurt Angle. Next question. The...
hi search. jeff jarrett is a home wrecker hurting babies & selling diapers. TRUTH. this is america. truth can be told! TRUTH.
Jeff Jarrett has also worked some wrestle-1 shows.
I saw that Jeff Jarrett strut, cringed and hoped they didn't fire you on the spot
Also when you search "Jeff Jarrett" on Wikipedia, you don't get the Assistant Secretary of Energy. You get the guitar smashing wrestler.
Turned on Spring Breakers to prepare for and Double J, Jeff Jarrett is in the movie.
It's been a strange 24 hours of movie watching, especially because Kevin Nash and JJ Jeff Jarrett cropped up in two films
And if you ever saw jeff jarrett and Vince Russo what would you say to them.
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Until you're as over as Razor Ramon was during his Royal Rumble '95 match against Jeff Jarrett, you aren't cooking the turkey tomorrow. had a conference call with TNA Wrestling star Magnus. The conference call was to promote the company’s One Night Only “World Cup” pay-per-view, which will be available on December 6th, 2013. Below is the recap of the event. Magnus started off by saying the crowd reaction can literally change at any time, so if he is heel by the time he goes to the United Kingdom during the 2014 tour, he wouldn’t have a problem if he gets booed. Magnus stated that 2012 was his “milestone” year while 2013 was his “breakout” year. He said the company gave him plenty of opportunities to give him the spotlight this year and he tired to make the most of it. He said he does see himself coming to the UK as TNA World Champion, but he played it off by saying that everyone should think they should be champion at a certain point. He is thrilled to have the One Night Only PPVs in the United Kingdom. He put over the whole One Night Only PPV concept saying that you can see matches you haven’t seen before. H ...
Can't forget my holiday I mean Jeff Jarrett.
Just saw someone walking w/ an acoustic guitar and I had the worst urge to hit them w/ it like Jeff Jarrett.
Next match is Jeff Jarrett vs. Michael Wallstreet. Jarrett's white outfit is in stark contrast to everything else on this set.
What are your thoughts, on Jeff Jarrett's TNA career? For the first couple of years, of the company's existence,...
Jeff Jarrett' Jeff Hardy Ur Jeff' does these guys by the name jeff born to be a wrestler? interesting :-/ :/ :\ =/ =\ :S
Hey do you think there should be a wrestles to have a fantasy feud with the like Vince Russo jeff jarrett
happy thanksgiving to you Jeff Jarrett!!
You know the amazing Jeff Jarrett and Hardcore fish artwork? It was done by the very talented who you all should follow!
//ha ha my hubby thought it was the Flair walk and I had to explain the whole jeff jarrett guitar, strut thing to him lol
TNA's Jeff Jarrett is a pastor in Spring Breakers. Includes Jarrett theme. See what copyright has to say about it.
How in the world did I not know Jeff Jarrett was in Spring Breakers until this very second.
Has Jeff Jarrett reached out to you since your tribute to him on Raw?
Jeff Jarrett appears in the crowd and says they won't make it easy, Cena comes out and says some stuff...
If I had a guitar for every time I made contract with a rude teacher, I would bash it over their head like Jeff Jarrett.
Two actual human people saying they enjoy Jeff Jarrett is easily the most mind-boggling thing ever said on (incl. sooty bum refs)
First three matches: Public Enemy vs. Jeff Jarrett/Mongo McMichael Jim Duggan vs. Galaxy Joe Gomez vs. Hugh Morrus Truly, this is where the big boys play.
Fenix in the second match when Jeff Jarrett is on the main event...
NOVEMBER 30TH Humboldt, Tn there will be giveaways thanks to a generous donation by Jeff Jarrett and TNA IMPACT WRESTLING. I personally wanna thank them for their gracious donations.
maybe you could do episodes focused on obscure (or polarizing) figures I.e. Jeff Jarrett or Ron Killings
Magnus said holding the King Ka Ring Title meant a lot to him. It was a division/company/organization. Jeff Jarrett put his faith him in to carry the belt.
Pearl needs to a Jeff Jarrett Guitar over her head 🎸
OK, if this is not Jeff Jarrett, something's wrong,e I'm crazy, but you don't feel the pain I feel,
Jeff Jarrett gassed me up so much. I wanted to buy a guitar just to lick it over my Dad's head.
Hitting people with guitar never truly gets old. Heck, Jeff Jarrett pretty much made a career out of it.
Ask him about when he and Jeff Jarrett got me drunk in Nashville when I was 15. Helluva night!
Go look up Chyna vs Jeff Jarrett if you don't know what a Good House Keeping match is.
remember when Jeff Jarrett slammed his guitar over The Fabulous Moolah and put poor Mae in the figure 4
Q7: What type of match was Samoa Joe vs Jeff Jarrett at No Surrender 2006? (Zeke)
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Founder of TNA Wrestling, Jeff Jarrett has become a legend in pro wrestling both inside and outside of the ring. This feature chronicles the life and story o...
John Cena and The Authority, Unification of the WWE & World titles, a big error at Survivor Series and Jeff Jarrett mention on Raw.
"The Lucky 13 of TNA" When you think about Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling, what names come to mind automatically? A.J. Styles? Jeff Jarrett? Dixie Carter? Jeremy Borash? Bobby Roode? Chris Sabin? All of those would be natural choices and all have played a HUGE role in getting TNA where it is today. Over the last 11 plus years that TNA has been in existence, people have come and people have gone. Legends of the ring like Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Dusty Rhodes, Ric Flair, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat, “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, Vader, Jimmy Snuka and others have made either brief appearances in TNA or contributed a few years to the company. Other performers like Monty Brown, Don West, Jay Lethal, Vince Russo, Alex Shelley and Scott D’Amore seemed like performers/staff that would stay with TNA for the remainder of their careers but have all moved on for the time being. So who are the core pieces of TNA’s past, present and future that have shown the most loyalty a ...
How does not get Toby Keith for ? I mean he once called Jeff Jarrett the N word & suplexed him on tv
I'll break that violin over your face. Jeff Jarrett style
what's Jeff Jarrett doing showing up
It got to the point where I wouldn't even put Jarrett jack and R-jeff in the game when I'd play 2k after the spurs series.
Is Jeff Jarrett walking out with sugar rashad?
Agree. It's the forced nature of his time at the top. Sort of a Jeff Jarrett type. Good in ring, stale character. Not a draw
how dare he steal the chosen one from Jeff Jarrett
Stealing Jeff Jarrett's "Chosen One" nickname has really worked for Tyron Woodley. Great KO
you gonna take my children too, Jeff Jarrett?
WCW had some great themes. Jeff Jarrett, DDP, The Wolfpac, Vampiro, David Flair and Crowbar, MIA, Sting, Hogan, Vince Russo to name a few.
Jeff Jarrett wants to know what's going on in He and Karen are going down to Mexico December 8th!
just saw a black chick on tv it remind me of Jeff Jarrett.
:( *** going from an awesome AAA show to a cage match w/ women, Demon vs Electro & Jeff Jarrett coming on the next show.
I wanna hit him with that guitar like jeff jarrett
 I'm putting this in "notes" and not on my FB wall because most of you who will see this just aren't crazy sport fans like me. Really, I sometimes wonder if my passion for it borders on obession. Seriously! Everyone knows what a nut I am for hockey, and if it's Detroit Red Wing hockey, well, forget it...I'm as crazy as they come for it. And wrestling?? I blame that obession with an ex boyfriend who brought me back into it and I'll be *** I watch 3 nights of WWE, 1 night of TNA, ROH tapings, local shows. *** I'll freakin' watch college wrestling on ESPN. But I'm frustarted as *** Why? Well, where to start.Detroit Red Wings: *** !?!? Is this the Dead Wing era again?? What is going on with all these OT and SO losses? Mr. Brick (aka Jimmy Howard) is no brick wall anymore. If he freakin' moved a muscle in a shoot out I'd die. I mean, WTH, you're a gawd *** goalie, do your freakin' job and stop a puck for god sakes. And the offense! Don't get me going. Z and Dats are 40% of our scoring...that's 2 *** pl ...
7things about me 1I use to drink 2I went to wrestling school with Jeff Jarrett Has instructor 3I use to work in a textile factory 4I went out of a motel once to get ice from the ice machine in may birthday sute and it was outside 5I once met Adam West Bobby Bead Bill Dance in person 6I met Reggie White in person at my High School 7I use to gamel in Tunica at the casino
You know what match is highly underrated? Jeff Jarrett vs Shawn Michaels for the IC Title at IYH 2. Really good stuff
It's Jeff Jarrett in his crapy WWF attire
''I want TNA ti live'' words of Jeff Jarrett . ''It will live the fans will help.'' words of
Today in 1993 -- Crush took the USWA heavyweight title from Jeff Jarrett in Memphis. Crush had recently turned heel and aligned himself with Mr. Fuji in the WWF. Jarrett would make his WWF TV debut later in the month. -WG
Raw looks good this Monday, as long as jeff Jarrett doesn't show up lol.
New stable coming out of RAW Country.. Jeff Jarrett, Road Dogg and Mickie James.
Someone take my bank card away.just bought a guitar signed by the legendary Jeff Jarrett!! :)
Ideally it should mean Jeff Jarrett,lol. But Mickie James in her shorts is fine by me. :)
LOL Screw them. I also once had the luxury of having dinner with Jeff Jarrett, Lex Luger & the Heartbreak kid himself
I love that guy. But I want a guy who is basically Jeff Jarrett with a ukulele
No question Jeff jarrett he was awsome in wwf and wcw and crated tna and still ative what's Bert doing this was a commit I posted but it is so true
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You *** ride Cena, your opinion's been VOID RT"Jeff Jarrett is better than CM Punk"
I broke an acoustic guitar over my friends head once because back yard wrestling and Jeff Jarrett.
Don't forget to tune in next week folks to see Billy Corgan vs Jeff Jarrett guitar on a pole match
Is Jeff Hardy's CD going to be in stock just like Jeff Jarrett's stupid guitar is still in the TNA Shop.
LOL, TNA has gotten so bad they may need Jeff Jarrett to come on and start challenging fans to matches again.
Loved old TNA with 6 sided ring and guys like Jerry Lynn, Jeff Jarrett, Jay Lethal, Homicide and all those X division guys
Joe. I think some need to. Get read of. Dixie Carter and . . Bring back Jeff Jarrett. Korean. Jarrett . Korean jarrett. . Grilfrid
Didn't Jeff Jarrett have a Open Challenge to anyone outside TNA and now Gail Kim is doing it lol
Dixie, you should have brought Jeff Jarrett back to play this role because you truly CANNOT pull the heel role off
"The Friends of AJ" video again. Who are those friends? Count us at TNAMecca in! Who else? Jeff Jarrett? Alex Shelley?
it can help build EC3whose promising.I suggested how he could be pushed in that article via Jeff Jarrett
He the first person ever to stop you using the shovel against Jeff Jarrett for WHC at Bash at the Beach 2000 Brother!
nice pickups on your black November dels I might have to get a few old tna DVDs last yr I got the Jeff jarrett DVD for 5
Ooh... it's Double J Jeff Jarrett... that's J E.. (you get the rest) he's actually in the recording studio this time
Is chuck Norris superkicking Jeff Jarrett at Survivor Series '94 the greatest moment in wrestling history?
Yo he had PYRO IN HIS GUITAR. When his entrance had full *** pyro. I love you Jeff Jarrett, you're ridiculous
It makes me sad to hear the Powerbombcast dudes slagging off Jeff Jarrett. That guy rules.
My number is 10. Like for ur number. 1. I know Duane "The Rock" Johnson. 2. I think cholos are sexy. 3. I like younger guys. 4. I am of Spanish descent. 5. This is the first time I have ever had my own house. 6. My favorite wrestler is Jeff Jarrett. 7. I waited on a man for 7 yrs before moving on. favorite food is cajun. 9. I have two uncles from both sides of my family with the same birthday. 10. I secretely like boy bands! Sssh dont tell anybody
Jeff Jarrett in Spring Breakers might be the weirdest cameo of all time
Wow, Dutch Mantel, Downtown Bruno and Jeff Jarrett reference's tonight, LOLTry now ) if youd prefer you
Of course Bob Carter speaks to Jeff Jarrett. He is the head back stage agent. Again, you're not paying attention.
For those who believe you don't need an explanation, but for those who don't believe no explanation will do. - Jeff Jarrett
hey man, I remember his feud with double j Jeff Jarrett
Don't *** Me Off-era Jeff Jarrett had a truly great theme.
10 fun facts (of doom) about me: (as rolled by Curt Bombastic) 1. I pre-date Rocco the clown on Second Life by 6 years 2. I have been to 43 of 50 states, plus Nuevo Laredo in Mexico 3. When I was a dunk tank clown at the American Legion festival in Okeechobee, FL back in 2006, Jeff Jarrett spent $70 trying to dunk me and only hit the target once, laughing his *** off the whole time he played. 4. My oldest online moniker is "BassMan" dating back to the summer of 1999 when at Boy Scout summer camp, I caught the biggest fish in camp: a 10-lb. largemouth bass (my personal record is 13 lbs., caught in a pond in Mississippi) 5. I actually wrestled 1 match before I officially ever booked one on Furcadia: it was New York Street Fight rules back on Dec. 14th, 1999, losing to Dimrtius, he was co-booker for the 1st 3 months until he ran into troubles with the law up in Winnipeg. 6. I have twice appeared on the Funday PawPet Show as well as made video feed appearances on Oh! Pawpets Live. 7. Longest treks I've hitchh ...
I'm Jeff Jarrett and you're the midget
First time watching Spring Breakers and I have already seen Vanessa Hudgens simulate oral sex, and Double J Jeff Jarrett preaching the Bible
Jeff jarrett is a good wrestler just not a good champion
Taker & DDP as bounty hunters in Suburban Comando & Devil's Rejects repectively. Jeff Jarrett as minister in Spring Breakers.
oh god Jeff Jarrett going to be in the new Geico commercial now lol
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Today's feature is on the Kiwi Sheepherders aka The Bushwhackers, our coverage will feature them before the WWF when they were lone of the most violent tag teams in Wrestling! Luke Williams and Butch Miller started wrestling as The Kiwi Sheepherders for NWA New Zealand (later known as All-Star Pro Wrestling) in 1964, where they achieved a great deal of regional success.The duo was brought to America in 1965 by fellow New Zealander Steve Rickard, who was also the booker for "NWA Hawaii" Williams and Miller initially worked in Canada for various promotions, most notably Stu Hart's Stampede Wrestling, billed as The Kiwis (Miller was known as "Nick Carter" and Williams was known as "Sweet Williams"). The Kiwis began their first recorded title reign by defeating Bob Pringle and Bill Cody for the Stampede International Tag Team Championship on 6 January 1974. The Kiwis lost the title to Tokyo Joe and the Great Saki, only to regain it a short time later. The Kiwis lost the title for good to Stan Kowalski and Du ...
Why does Jeff Jarrett have his own DVD?
Kito Ashbey, if you REALLY want to run a WWE vs. TNA face off, I'm happy to oblige, but you may want to bring your A-Game. You claim that TNA *** and you site the "Pac Man" swerve as your example? Really? For the record, that little swerve was designed to garner some heat on Dixie as the heel head of TNA. And as far as the AJ Styles/ CM Punk storyline, it's clear you're new to the group since I covered that story at great length about a week back on the blog. That being the case, I'll give you the plan that WWE would NEVER have allowed Punk to pursue. As you have stated, CM Punk was in contract dispute with WWE and during the "Summer of Punk", the infamous pipe bomb leading into the PPV that month was delivered. He threatened to take the title with him and defend it in Japan or in Ring of Honor. TNA is pushing the envelope and going even further. Why? Because WWE WOULDN'T. WWE won't ever acknowledge that another promotion has a bit of credibility OTHER than itself and THAT is what makes Vince vulnerable . ...
Does Jeff Jarrett even know how to play that *** guitar?
Aside from playing on 'Captain Lou', he was in Jeff Jarrett's band on TV & performed Billy "Rockabilly" Gunn's theme song.
LOLTNA: - TNA will tape most of their Impact shows in Florida at Universal Studios. Tickets will be free for the first few sets of tapings. TNA will sometimes have an Impact from the road. - We reported earlier that AJ Styles will be at the Wrestle-1 Event on November 16th. Rob Terry & Jay Bradley will be joining him for the show. - The "World Champion" that will be returning on TNA Impact is actually NFL Cincinati Bengals Cornerback, Adam "Pacman" Jones. Jones briefly held the TNA World Tag Team Championship. This right here is the definition of LOLTNA. - Aces n Eights is set to either go away completely or be downplayed. Aces n Eights was Eric Bischoff's doing. TNA wants to distance themselves from anything related to Eric. What this means for Garett Bischoff is unknown. - Jeff Jarrett was the one who has been negotiating AJ Style's title defenses in other promotions as well as being the agent for TNA's big matches. - AJ Styles is expected to work past December for TNA. No word on whether or not a new c ...
With Eric Bischoff "working from home" and no longer the driving force behind TNA creative, the bulk of TNA's writing will be handled by Matt Conway and Dave Lagana. John Gaburick and Jeff Jarrett will reportedly be handling the overall creative direction of TNA's product, with Jarrett having a lot more input as of late.
Debra Gale Marshall (born March 2, 1960) is an American actress and former professional wrestling manager and WWE Diva. Arguably best known by her ring name, Debra, she gained recognition for her appearances with the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) between 1998 and 2002. She began her career in professional wrestling in 1996, accompanying her husband Steve "Mongo" McMichael to the ring in World Championship Wrestling (WCW). She joined the WWF in 1998, where she managed the tag team of Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart. In 1999, she won the WWF Women's Championship from Sable in an Evening Gown match. She later appeared on-screen with her second husband Stone Cold Steve Austin until 2002, when the duo left the company. In addition to her wrestling career, Marshall has had small acting roles and formerly competed in beauty pageants.Marshall's marriage to National Football League alumnus and professional wrestler Steve McMichael lasted ten years. McMichael's mother, whom Marshall met on an airplane, set up their f ...
interested in buying TNA from the Carter's include Eric Bischoff, Jeff Jarrett, Viacom and possibly even World Wrestling Entertainment
WCW was better because it had better fighters and credible champions. He also had the best faction in the history of wrestling like the NWO. Watch this roster: Lex Luger, Sting, Kevin Nash, Goldberg, Buff Bagwell, Hollywood Hogan, DDP, Scott Hall, Booker T, Scott Steiner, Jeff Jarrett, Kevin Nash, Shane Helms, Kidman, Chris Kanyon, Chuck Palumbo, Sean O'Haire, Shawn Stasiak, Rey Mysterio Jr, Hugh Morrus, Jamie Noble, Chavo Guerrero Jr, Kaz Hayashi, Lance Storm, Mike Awesome, Arn Anderson & more! n i reckon WCW is beta cen WWE.
Yesterday I asked a question. I said if Undertaker had not missed Wrestlemania X and Wrestlemania 2000 who could he have faced? Now pretending he wasn't "out" due to injuries he had this is how I see it (now that I did some research). Undertaker missed Wrestlemania X after losing a casket match to Yokozuna at the Royal Rumble. However Yoko had help to defeat the Undertaker. This help included Adam Bomb, Crush, Headshinkers, Diesel, Jeff Jarrett, and Bam Bam Bigelow. I see three big names there, one who he faces later on so... Wrestlemania X: -Undertaker vs Jeff Jarrett -Undertaker vs Bam Bam Undertaker missed Wrestlemania 2000 after being fired by Vince in a backstage segment. The way I see it, the same night (or even next show) after Linda reinstated Foley we could have had Vince complain about it. To be interrupted by the dead man himself. He says Linda reinstated him to for one more match, at Wrestlemania with an opponent of his choice. He then tells Vince he is the next victim. Wrestlemania 2000: Unde ...
You'll know its the final episode of when Jeff Jarrett wakes up next to Bob Newhart & realizes it was all a dream
X-Pac: X-Pac was backstage at SmackDown this week. Sin Cara interview: Sin Cara has denied rumours he is ready to leave WWE, that he wants to prove himself in WWE and addressed his injuries since joining WWE in this interview... Ross on TNA: Jim Ross has offered some advice to TNA if they want to succeed... ''TNA needs to be re-booted with a new philosophy and structure. Too many people in the biz over think the biz and its simply not that complicated." Retirement: Ex TNA star Roxxi will end her wrestling career on December 6 in Massachusetts. TNA for sale: Reports suggest a potential buyer for TNA visited the TNA offices recently, though unnamed, TNA and the buyer's talks are said to be at a significant stage. Jeff Jarrett has reportedly now replaced Eric Bischoff as lead creative director, working alongside John 'Big' Gaburick. Angle injured: Kurt Angle's Bound For Glory injury has been confirmed as knee cartilage damage, suffered after he hit a moonsault. Xavier Woods: Xavier Woods' main roster debut i ...
[This Day in WCW History] WCW Halloween Havoc 1996 Took Place in Las Vegas, Nevada A PPV that started off with an explosive match for the WCW Cruiserweight Championship and had a couple of notable moments throughout including the first WCW Tag Team Championship win for The Outsiders and the WCW debut of Roddy Piper after the main event. Plus, there’s also the fact that Hogan showed up to his main event match wearing a toupee, most likely from one of his terrible movies ('Secret Agent Club', maybe?): … which led to Randy Savage ripping Hogan’s hair off and trying it on for himself: Five out of five stars. The Halloween Havoc 1996 card in its entirety: •WCW Cruiserweight Champion Rey Misterio, Jr. vs Dean MalenkoDiamond Dallas Page vs Eddy Guerrero •The Giant vs Jeff Jarrett •Syxx vs Chris Jericho •Lex Luger vs Arn AndersonSteve McMichael and Chris Benoit (with Woman and Debra McMichael) vs The Faces of Fear (Meng and The Barbarian) •WCW World Tag Team Champions Harlem Heat (Booker T ...
TNA British tour: The 2014 British tour will have 2 PPV events and Impact TV taping's recorded... * January 30 - Glasgow - Impact taping. * January 31 - Manchester - British Empire Cup. * February 1 - London - Impact Taping. * February 2 - Birmingham - Jokers Wild 2. They have also dropped the Genesis PPV from the schedule. TNA for sale?: Dave Meltzer says the Carter family want out of TNA and are looking to sell. He says there are major moves going on backstage and the Carter's are no longer willing to fund the promotion. Amongst those said to be interested in purchasing TNA are Jeff Jarrett, Eric Bischoff, Viacom, Ted Turner and WWE. Curtis Axel: Curtis Axel blew out both of his hips in a freak accident. It was reported that WWE planned to have Damien Sandow cash in his case last night, that did not happen. Sin Cara: Sin Cara is having some visa issues and is currently not able to work in the US. WWE / MMA pair up: WWE have signed a partnership agreement with World Series Of Fighting. Chris Jericho: Chr ...
John Cena could retire having won the WWE Championship nearly 20 times, further distancing himself in number of title reigns from his peers both legendary and contemporary. Cena is now in his 11th reign as WWE champ and doesn't appear to be slowing down his record-setting pace. Before he's finished, he will represent a statistical abnormality that skews WWE's record books. Add the World Heavyweight Championships on Cena's resume and he's only four away from breaking Ric Flair’s mark of 16 world title reigns. How weird will that moment be? Compiling titles is not a measure of a wrestler's greatness or else Jeff Jarrett would be one of the greatest ever, but the more gold Cena wins, the more the discussion turns to comparisons to the all-time greats. The number of times he's won the WWE title and the number of times he's sure to win it in the future is disproportionate to his place among the greatsNo other Superstar in WWE Championship history can boast winning the title more than 10 times. The Rock is th ...
Some of the ways the matches were booked really made me question the creative writing team. However, when predictions go wrong only creates the shock value of the PPV. I've been pretty shocked throughout the night. The ending of the PPV really shined. AJ Styles overcame it all and is back on top. Does't surprise me but it's something that I have been waiting for! He deserves it. I heard from many people from casual fans to some online junkies stating that a return of Mr. Anderson or Jeff Jarrett or even Hulk Hogan could/would happen. We didn't see that. A casual fan stated, "Something big has to happen." The way AJ Styles ended the match with Dixie looking on is pretty big in itself. No return from anyone.
If you got a choice who would take over TNA? Jeff Jarrett, Sting, or an outside influence like Jim Cornette or someone similar?
NEVER have listened to Vince Russo, and pretty much for all intents and purposes fired Jeff Jarrett
wish more NFL players did the Double J Jeff Jarrett dance/walk after sacks
About to head to the casinos to see Memphis Legends of wrastlin. Gonna challenge Double J Jeff Jarrett to a loser leaves town match.
is that Jeff Jarrett's father with you
Tonight some lucky fans will get to see Jerry Lawler vs Jeff Jarrett 2 Memphis legends!
Up next: Jeff Jarrett vs Scott Steiner vs Hugh G. Rection. Steiner is grabbing signs off fans. Can't tell if its a work or roid rage.
TNA has great talent just no direction. Let Jeff Jarrett become part of the process and watch the numbers.
You don't know who signed those two in charge? It was jeff jarrett who gave the company away & *** ain't the word Lol!
I'm watching this episode of Thunder from July 5th 2000. Too much Jeff Jarrett is not enough
Jeff Jarrett has been gone long enough, so I guarantee when he comes back to TV he gets a massive pop.
I'm still trying to figure out the Sabin title run, not sure it helped anyone? MMA Jeff Jarrett needs to return!
Best one ever was when Jeff Jarrett dumped yellow paint on Tojo. Tojo beat the crap out of him with a belt & stick.
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We're gonna disagree on this one. I couldn't take Jeff Jarrett seriously when he was champ and he's way better than BR
I say Jeff Jarrett is not HOF material period. His main achievement was launching TNA, which was a glorified indie the 1st years.
but if its a TRUE HOF, will Jeff Jarrett ever get in?
You know, something just occurred to me. Jerry Lawler's set to take on Jeff Jarrett in his first match since the heart attack last year.
why didn't y'all tell me Jeff Jarrett was in Spring Breakers?
I must be the only person who thinks Jeff Jarrett's Double J gimmick and Tennessee Lee are fantastic, funny and brilliant.
yeees .. jeff jarrett my fav wrestler of all time. I can not wait to read that one.
That Jeff Jarrett article I wrote today I probably one of my favorite ones I have done in recent memory. Its cool to brainstorm.
Photo: Booker T defeats Jeff Jarrett to win his first World Title at Bash at the Beach 2000. Can you dig it,...
your display PIC makes me think you're Jeff Jarret even though it's not Jeff Jarrett.
TNA Impact talk! Would there be excitement for a Jeff Jarrett return? Does being on TNA Impact deval
Just posted an article on an overarching Jeff Jarrett storyline. Tell me what you think!
Jeff Jarrett quit the WWF before the end of that year. I think he mentally quit during this testimonial.
Not overly political but it seems a mid card heel is getting a main event heel push. Lame. Just like when Jeff Jarrett won the WCW title.
Handsome Jimmy Valiant will referee my match against Jeff Jarrett Friday at Resorts Casino, Tunica MS
If you want an answer to that specific question, I would suggest asking Dixie Carter, Dean Broadhead or Jeff Jarrett.
Yeah, that was to Jeff Jarrett at the fifth show. Very appropiate considering Jeff's gimmick at the time.
Jeff Jarrett had the right idea but they had to bring in " hollywood" I agree in the late 80s and early 90s no one better but the mood
I'm working on it. I made Jeff Jarrett their manager and put Curt Hawkins in the group.
New items listed on our shop!. WCW magazine may 2000 jeff Jarrett on the cover . Wwf April 1991 Hulk Hogan. Wwf November 1996 undertaker
1 year ago DIED, now this Friday he's in the ring against Jeff Jarrett
"And there's Debra, jerring on jeff jarrett"
BTW, you said I just Jeff Jarrett strutted.
Wait was that jeff Jarrett on Spring Breakers. ?
You know what would be interesting, having Jeff Jarrett come back as have a TNA vs IMPACT Wrestling war.
so in other words welcome back King of the Mountain Jeff Jarrett?
f that big whoop Triple Hsome butt and go be a movie like the Rock and Bastista or go work with Hogan and Jeff Jarrett
Jerry "The King" Lawler is set to face Jeff Jarret at a Memphis reunion show
"You wanna talk about people not drawing a dime, go take a look at Braden Walker. or Jeff Jarrett and his 6000 guitars
Jeff Jarrett died a little bit on that "never drew a dime" comment, but he is 3 1/2 inches deep in Kurt Angle's ex-wife, so it's okay.
No you're thinking of Jeff Jarrett that never drew a dime
Jerry Lawler Hypes Big Indy Match, Ring Warrior...: -- Jerry Lawler posted the following about his wrestling match with Jeff Jarrett...
Jeff Jarrett to wrestle in Japan next month
So Jerry Lawler will be wrestling against Jeff Jarrett this friday. They're calling it The Heart Attack vs. The Stroke!
your last title was probably against Jeff Jarrett or Scott Steiner inna falls count anywhere match in 2004
if Wrestling Mattered Dixie would give Jeff Jarrett a call. . Im a Wrestling fan! I dont watch Impact 2see MMA cast off!
It will be a great Wrestlemania day if Jeff Jarrett is ever inducted into the Hall of Fame
just re-listening to the Breakdown episode and I think Jeff Jarrett is saying "Woah I got him!" when he puts on the sleeper.
Wouldn't mind seeing Jeff Jarrett return to TNA as a member of the MEM.
Anyone else think its time Jeff Jarrett came back to TNA and got things back to the old days. . Dixie seems to have lost control.
tna out bussine bring jeff Jarrett back I want some answer on tna Thursday my daughter want some answer tna going out bussine
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