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Jeff Jarrett

Jeffrey Leonard Jarrett (born April 14, 1967) is an American professional wrestler and wrestling promoter.

Eric Young Karen Jarrett Matt Hardy Drew Galloway Bobby Roode Global Force Wrestling Toby Keith Dutch Mantell Hulk Hogan Barry Windham Vince Russo Bullet Club Kurt Angle David Arquette Dixie Carter Brian Lee Razor Ramon Buff Bagwell

In March Jeff Jarrett & Dutch Mantell are taking over creative.
I hope Jeff Jarrett wrestling company starts up soon
No she isn't she has 5%, that is payment to keep her away from the product, Jeff Jarrett is back too, so she's long gone.
can get Jeff Jarrett in the WWF as a poll topic. Bruce can sing with my baby tonight and have a reason for doing so
you could do the Jeff Jarrett gimmick better than double j himself
Who invited Jeff Jarrett to this game?.
Because of all the network changes will not miss you. You killed tna Jeff Jarrett's creation!
He's an absolute *** but would knock your beard off of your face. He's like Jeff Jarrett: you don't want to *** him off.
I have deep concerns about Jeff Sessions ability to defend the rights of all Americans -- I will be voting against his co…
Zeb Colter & Jeff Jarrett in charge of TNA could potentially be amazing.
Update on Jeff Jarrett and Dutch Mantel being back in
This probably has something to do with Jeff Jarrett returning to TNA
Without doing any kind of research, Sheamus and Jeff Jarrett immediately jump to mind. Before his MVP 2016, I'd have said Miz, too.
Shades of Jeff Jarrett was Buttercup with the banjo.
thats a shoot, word to Jeff Jarrett
HHH hires Noam Dar and Jeff Jarrett brings in Kongo Kong. It's clear to see who has the better eye for talent.
My 8 year old self (circa-1999/2000 WCW) is crying because her favourite wrestler was Jeff Jarrett.
I added a video to a playlist Beetlejuice vs Jeff Jarrett Guitar Shot
Any talk about Dutch's role in the company in that Jeff Jarrett interview?
Someone tell Jeff Jarrett about SHLAK. I want brother on my tv screen.
"I got called back ten days. I'm back on board Impact as an executive producer. Excited to see where that takes us." - Jeff Jarrett
"It's not easy to find talent, but the depth of talent today is much deeper than we started TNA in 2002." - Jeff Jarrett
"That crew we had from 2002 to 2009 was phenomenal." - Jeff Jarrett
Jeff Jarrett and Don West now talking Lawler/Jarrett vs the Moondogs. My god.
"I'm more passionate about the business today than I've ever been." - Jeff Jarrett
Toby Keith, the apparent headline act for Trump's inauguration, giving Jeff Jarrett a vertical suplex in TNA...
reading the reviews of the Jeff Jarrett Guitar on TNA's site (don't ask...) and saw this gem lol. Who did…
what are the chances of us seeing you back working with Dutch Mantell & Jeff Jarrett?
Don west is back well if you're going to bring back Jeff Jarrett might as well
There's not many who can come close to Jeff Jarrett when he has a decent budget to work with. .
Jeff Jarrett led seems like its gonna give us sizzle every week like the old days. I can dig it.
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Jeff Jarrett, Dutch Mantell and Don West all involved with TNA. What's old is new again.
I think you'll be interested in this deal
So the country music guy who feuded with Jeff Jarrett in TNA is going to sing at a WWE Hall of Famer's inauguration. Life is odd
WAY better than Jeff Jarrett,Pete Townsend, Jimi Hendrix or Jeff Beck.Cld play th'FCK outa Cornette on tennis racket,too.
I just seen a clip from Monday Nitro. Jeff Jarrett killed Beetlejuice from the Stern show with a guitar
Jeff Jarrett is great but not his promotion GFW. I was hyped for it until it became a lackluster. it never got on the big screen.
and besides, Dutch Mantel and Jeff Jarrett are back in TNA. Can't expect this stuff all over again
Jeff Jarrett back in TNA is a step in the right direction. Just keep him away from the top babyface's wife and everything is good.
Jeff Jarrett (and Dutch Mantell) back in TNA? Guess 'ol Double J gets the last laugh.
in 1997: RAW Taping, Jeff Jarrett beat Barry Windham to win the NWA North American Heavyweight Title.
Spells it J-E-Double F J-A-Double R-E Double T it's Jeff Jarrett,What great fun vignettes for the time. got the character's catchphrase 1/3
TNA will also probably be GFW and Jeff Jarrett will prove he is the master carnie in pro wrestling.
in 1999: Jeff Jarrett defeated Chris Benoit in a Ladder Match to win the WCW United States Title. MATCH:
in 1999: WCW Starrcade PPV. Chris Benoit beat Jeff Jarrett in a ladder match to win the WCW US Title.
San Antonio! "The King of the Mountain" Jeff Jarrett returns to on Friday, January 27 for Royal Rumble...
when you get to Monty Brown/Jeff Hardy I hope Jeff Jarrett walking around in a tux complete w/ white gloves is mentioned
Talking NWA-TNA- "Shane Douglas was cutting some good promos." "Jeff Jarrett never cut a good one."
what if Dixie had sold tna to Jeff Jarrett and Toby Keith
I believe Toby Keith was only involved b/c of his relationship with Jeff Jarrett. Jeff's no longer involved, neithe…
Absolutely. She missed the boat when Toby Keith & Jeff Jarrett wanted to buy it years ago. Has only lost value since then.
Funny that Bagwell is talking about someone not drawing money 😹😹 double J Jeff Jarrett drew more money than him 😹
That episode had Scott Steiner and Jeff Jarrett face Dustin Rhodes in a handicap match
You mean the company that actively got rid of D-Lo, Jeff Jarrett, Jerry Lynn, AJ Styles, Amazing Red, ad nauseum...
remember me and my stepdad watching the ppv when Owen died being like...this a storyline...then Jeff Jarrett's girl was crying during promo.
Roommate's guy saw me watchin wrestlin decided to tell me about this really good new promotion called TNT run by Jeff Jarrett. I just stared
I realize Chyna and Jeff Jarrett aren't on WWE's good list, but how was a woman not winning the IC title not a part of ?
Whoa! Jeff Jarrett returning to is the biggest scoop of the night!
I be wanting to smash *** over the head with a guitar like Jeff Jarrett when I see folks posing for a selfie
Taz had Jeff Jarrett on his show this morning. I wonder if they talked about Global Force Gold..
A surprise call today from LIVE in Seg 4!
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The reason Toby Keith didn't invest in TNA is because Jeff Jarrett was going to run it for him and he wanted Dixie out.
Jeff Jarrett updates Mike Johnson on GFW: "I am scheduled to head back to Los Angeles next week to continue discussions."
have fun in Germany hope you see Jeff Jarrett
Owen Hart and Jeff Jarrett feuding, Jarrett beating Owen in aisle way the first time he tried to enter match.
the WWE talent scouts should intervene by rescuing Sonjay Dutt (old TNA/ROH talent) from Jeff Jarrett's Global Force Wrestling.
Convinced at this point Global Force Wrestling has to be some kind of tax scheme for Jeff Jarrett
whatever happened to Jeff Jarrett's Global Force Wrestling ?? Seems like no one talk about it anymore
Kurt Angle, Ron Simmons, and Jeff Jarrett were great to meet. Velvet Sky wasn't paying attention and Mr. Anderson was a d…
Vaudevillains, Jeff Jarrett, Adam Page, Chase Owens & Yujiro in 12-man tag at Wrestle Kingdom 11
Previous seminars in the include Jeff Jarrett, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Dudley Boys, Scott Hall. No wonder our students are so good
So are Adam Cole and Adam Page US Bullet Club members just like Chase Owens and Jeff Jarrett?
My academic advisor just screwed me out of a grand so I sent her work email to Jeff Jarrett's gold website.
it gets crazier when you just start listing ALL the names, like Jeff Jarrett, Tracy Williams, Cheeseburger, and Leva Bates
Vader needs to go in, Dean Malenko, Jim Johnson, New Age Outlaws, Jeff Jarrett. Actual wrestlers and important members of WWE.
Jeff Jarrett vs Ahmed Johnson to kick off the show.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Hogan vs New Jack in a steel cage for the title. Hardys vs Dudleys vs Nash & Waltman for the tag titles. Jeff Jarrett vs RVD in a grudge
People forget the, "lol Jeff Jarrett wins," era, but it was still not as bad as Hogan and friends take over.
TNA wrestling has sucked with Jeff Jarrett as the booker, Vince Russo as the booker and Hulk & Eric as the bookers
Jeff Jarrett is now out with The Roadie aka the Road Dogg for his match against Sparky Plugg. .
Jeff Jarrett vs Joey Ryan and Matt Hardy vs lance storm is stuff nightmares are made of
OMG Jeff Jarrett coming out as Double J with the lit up cowboy outfit and all that crap. I despised the character then and I despise it now
WWF Intercontinental Championship match: Razor Ramon (with the 1–2–3 Kid) vs "Double J" Jeff Jarrett (c) (with the Roadie)
TNA's main feud based off the first show seemed to be Jeff Jarrett vs. Jackie Fargo.
The starts with Jeff Jarrett & Buff Bagwell. brought Bagwell in for 70 seconds of ring time that night
BB!Holly spent her Sat mornings with Jerry Lawlor, Jeff Jarrett and MidSouth wrestling on tv.
With the referee down in comes Shawn Michaels, Owen Hart, Bob Backlund, Jeff Jarrett and The Roadie! All 5 men attacks Bret and Diesel
Watching a Bruiser Brody vs Abdullah the Butcher walk & brawl from World Class on The Network. The heat for this. Jeff Jarrett is so jealous
GWF/USWA Jeff Jarrett, Steve Austin, and Paul Bearer all with long blonde hair
I have matches coming up against Billy Gunn & Jeff Jarrett. I knew if I kept wrestling like it was still the Attitude Era it would pay off!
Undertaker gets attacked by Kane and Jeff Jarrett still gets destroyed good stuff
Seeing this makes me think "HHH is what Jeff Jarrett tried to be but failed"
Jeff Jarrett & Owen Hart were the greatest tag team of all time.
WE EVEN HAVE AAA SUPERSTAR JEFF JARRETT ON THE SHOW! That gives us credibility with the office, no? :p
This why Jeff Jarrett is great best grunts ever.
do you think people like Jeff Jarrett who have given so much to the business ever really get the credit he deserves ?
Do Hogan vs. Flair exactly like HHH vs. Sting. The Nasty Boys and Beefcake show up to cheat so Flair brings Mongo, Malenko and Jeff Jarrett
I liked a video Jeff Hardy beats Jeff Jarrett 3 times in one night
Bring home Jeff Green & Jarrett Jack on the trade deadline Fam!
what happened you don't wrestle from Jeff Jarrett anymore nor tna impact wrestling nor WWE now your in luchaunderground
Jeff Jarrett = Alberto Del Rio, good wrestler, no personality
since when did you get the Jeff Jarrett treatment? O.o
Man, Jeff Jarrett just does not want to be on WOL, huh?
so many I wish were on good terms that I'd love a flashback fig. D'lo, Snow, Chyna, Shamrock, SES CM Punk, Jeff Jarrett
I looked at that picture and thought Swagger was actually Jeff Jarrett.
Another bad smoking was Shawn Michaels absolutely embarrassing Jeff Jarrett in an IC title match. It was levels.
I'm convinced that the least interesting character in television history is 1996/1997 Jeff Jarrett.
Jeff Jarrett interrupts Toby Keith and turns babyface in the process.
Jeff Jarrett's cameo as a pastor asking someone if they're "jacked up for Jesus" is still the best part of this movie though. 😂
HBK IC matches with Razor Ramon did not exist HBK IC matches with British Bulldog did not exist neither Jeff Jarrett
What if Jeff Jarrett still wore that weird bodysuit thing? What kind of world would allow that?
are pre-dixie TNA and GFW proof that Jeff Jarrett is every bit as good of a promoter as he is a draw?
# Karen Jarrett and Jeff Jerret with brock lesnar with Paul heyman to own WWE inc, 2016-2017
# jeff Jarrett to own root sports network channel 52 with Live tv camera man with his authority change wwe
Still makes more sense than Jeff Jarrett.
No disrespect, but AJ Styles looks like Jeff Jarrett from an alternate universe
Or they could have the Jeff Jarrett/Debra dynamic where Rusev gets cheered because he comes out to the ring with Lana.
Congrats to on signing with Watch out for Jeff Jarrett and the guitar when you're up 2 rounds.
Jarrett challenged Malenko to a title match and called him an uncharismatic block of ice. If that's the case, what's Je…
he doesn't play the guitar/sing to the ring a la Aiden English, he doesn't use it as a weapon a la Jeff Jarrett, what's the point
Jeff Jarrett's pyro balsa wood guitar entrance may tie AJ Styles for second worst ring entrance of all time   10% Off
Eric Shell(e)y/Scott Taylor is a good match that the crowd doesn't care about while the announcers phone interview Jeff Jarrett
Most important question after Cardinals dominating win over Packers: Was Cory Redding TD dance from Jeff Jarrett, Ric Flair or Buff Bagwell?
ICYMI: Jeff Jarrett on Daniel Bryan, calling women wrestlers ‘Divas,’ and GFW…
super weird that pro wrestler Jeff Jarrett was the pastor
Anyone looking for a hidden gem on the WWE Network: WATCH Jeff Jarrett vs Eddie Gilbert on GWF Best of USA Vol 1. Date is 12/29/90
The just signed Jeff Jarrett to play 2B. Unsure if Tennessee Lee is a part of the deal or if Karen is the new Anna Benson.
"I remember when you was in high school, doo dooin' yellow!" Lol Jackie Fargo shut Jeff Jarrett down.
True. There is a Jeff Jarrett vs Eddie Gilbert match a little later on that's very good
GWF Presents Best of the USWA Vol 1 has THAT Jeff Jarrett vs Eddie Gilbert match. And Jerry Lawler vs Terry Funk. Amazeballs.
😂😂😂 pretty sure that's a honky tonk man and Jeff Jarrett deut right now 😭
Congrats to Heath Slater and Ryback for completely destroying the gimmicks of legends like Jeff Jarrett & Honky Tonk Man
Oct 31st we have Ricky Steamboat, Jeff Jarrett, Mickie James, Rhino, Scotty2Hotty, Magnus, Bram & more! Tickets
Sacrifice 2011 Karen and Jeff Jarrett vs Chyna and Kurt Angle part 1 via
So right now is Jeff Jarrett vs Barry Windham for the NWA North American Heavyweight Championship.
Dutch Mantell cameo on this Jeff Jarrett career retrospective. ever heard of him?
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I can find some stuff from when Del Wilkes, Tracy Smothers and Jeff Jarrett were there.
Watching Total Nonstop Action for the first time since 2001. Jeff Jarrett hit Earl Hebner with Trevor Lee in the background. OK.
Ffs first they give Karen a mic now we have to endure this Jeff Jarrett promo thingy again
Karen is trying to be the voice of reason for both Bobby Roode & Jeff Jarrett.
I want to win besides I am tired of Jeff Jarrett, Karen, the GFW wrestlers they make me absolutely sick.
Hi Dixie Carter. You are awesome and don't allow Jeff Jarrett to take over from you. I don't like him. Good luck.
Jeff Jarrett challenges Dixie Carter to The Wolves and Lashley step up for
no body likes you Jeff Jarrett global force *** big time and so does your b*tch wife Karen Jarrett
On this day in September 3, 1990~ Jeff *** and Jeff Jarrett defeat Chuck Casey and Brian Lee for the vacant USWA Tag Team Title
I hope my Keith Lemon comment wasn't what pushed Jeff Jarrett over the edge.
I liked a video from Bound For Glory 2006: Sting vs. Jeff Jarrett
Jeff Jarrett is facing Barry Windham for the NWA Title.
Tomorrow Night . Jeff Jarrett is in charge! . Kong vs Tapa. Wolves vs Lee & Myers . More to come!
I unironically love Triple H (until he turned face in 2006 or whatever), Jeff Jarrett and Shane Douglas more than you'll know.
Jeff Jarrett bout to cry his eyes out. Thanks Mike Tenay. Takes somewhat of a shot at Don West lmao.
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Really nice acceptance speech from Jeff Jarrett into the TNA HOF. Congratulations! You deserve it!
Congratulations to Jeff Jarrett from inducting into the 2015 TNA Hall of Fame. We love you Jeff and
Looking at the GFW-TNA Partnership: Over the past few weeks, following Jeff Jarrett's unexpected arrival on IM...
Eric Young feuding with Johnny Gargano on Jeff Jarrett's behalf. You have my attention, GFW.
Jeff Jarrett and Scott Steiner are currently in the corner of Johnny Gargano
I can only hope Dwayne Johnson stole Jeff Jarrett's guitar and gave the USWNT a little Rock Concert before the game.
Jeff Jarrett, as soon as he could, jumped on the nearest white woman and married her. That being Karen!
I Applaud both of you for not purposely hurting Jeff Jarrett and Adam Copeland respectively in matches
If I was Jeremy Borash I would be starring at Karen Jarretts *** not Jeff Jarrett
Got my pic taken with Karen & Jeff Jarrett at the event on June 21, 2015 at Bowling…
Classic episode: Hulk Hogan, Jeff Jarrett, Vince Russo and working yourself into a shoot.
to "tell all" tomorrow night on when he sits down with Mike Tenay -
FREE: looks @ a match booked by after a shoot on Hulkster!
If I can meet Jeff Jarrett one day and get him to say 'ain't I great' in a snapchat with me, then that will be a life goal ticked off.
A classic 'spective, about another time Jeff Jarrett was involved in something and people were confused about its reality, drops soon.
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My blog on Jeff Jarrett's surprising return to TNA.. via
Great recent interview with owner,ex / star &
GWF invading TNA? Can't see Jeff Jarrett's faction matching the legacy of the original NWO
ICYMI Jeff Jarrett to discuss future plans about his involvement in TNA with Mike Tenay
apparently Destination America is mad at TNA for having Jeff Jarrett on their show promoting a rival company, nice
Don't be surprised if Jarrett Bousquet and Titan Sports get an extension done for Jones in San Jose in next day or two.
I liked a video from TNA: Eric Young's Friend Is Jeff Jarrett
in 2015 Jeff Jarrett shouldnt have won that match and we can debate it until the cows come home but the roster deserves better
I did research on "those" promotions. Jeff Jarrett has working relations w/ besides nj & aaa! These promotions wrestlers
Wrestling News: Young Bucks to face Rey Mysterio for the first time, Jeff Jarrett to speak on GFW, TNA relationship
Jeff Jarrett to Discuss Global Force Wrestling’s Relationship with TNA: Amidst speculation as ...
Alright time for interview with Jeff Jarrett and Kar---holy crap Karen! That's what you're wearing? Did Chyna dress her? Wow
When people think of wrestlers with egos, many think of Hulk Hogan, but the first one that comes to my mind is Jeff Jarrett.
Jeff Jarrett def. Matt Hardy,Bobby Roode,Eric Young and Drew Galloway what a match
Jeff Jarrett, Matt Hardy, Drew Galloway. All talent you'll see/will have seen in
Who do you think wins the King of the Mountain Championship?. A. Jeff Jarrett. B. Matt Hardy. C. Eric Young. D. Drew Galloway. E. Bobby Roode
Jeff Jarrett has contributed more to professional wrestling than Hulk Hogan. There...someone said it
Jeff Jarrett,. Matt Hardy, Eric Young, Drew Galloway, & Bobby Roode in the King of the Mountain match tonight, who ya got?
To Be honest Jerry & Jeff Jarrett should've been the first to go in the TNA HOF if not for them wouldn't be a TNA
I'm call it now Jeff Jarrett winning the king of the mountain match and starting the GFW invasion
GFW founder Jeff Jarrett will return to TNA Wrestling Sun at live at 8e/5p on Pay-Per-View!
I wonder who will be the 1st ever will it be 2x Jeff Jarrett. Matt Hardy. Eric Young. The Chosen One Drew Galloway
"Jeff Jarrett broke 6,000 guitars, never drew a dime. He really thought he would draw more money than Hulk Hogan in WCW.…
Bobby Roode, Drew Galloway, Eric Young, Matt Hardy and Jeff Jarrett main eventing a PPV in 2015. lol
Jeff Jarrett vs. Matt Hardy vs. Drew Galloway vs. Eric Young vs. Bobby Roode in King of the Mountain this Sunday.
Looks like TNA finally announced who will be losing to Jeff Jarrett this Sunday (Eric Young, Bobby Roode, Drew Galloway, and Matt Hardy.)
Jeff Jarrett v Matt Hardy v Bobby Roode v Eric Young v Drew Galloway in King of the Mountain. Looks to be a great match
The full field for King of the Mountain is Jeff Jarrett, Drew Galloway, Matt Hardy, Eric Young, and Bobby Roode.
So TNA Slammiversary King Of The Mountain is going to be Eric Young, Drew Galloway, Jeff Jarrett, Matt Hardy and likely Angle.
I don't care how old they are, I'd be interested in a father / son feud with Jerry Jarrett vs Jeff Jarrett in GFW.
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GFW is NOT early TNA. When TNA first started, they had Jerry Lynn, Raven, Sabu, Jeff Jarrett, Kid Kash, Sandman, Konnan, and Buff Bagwell.
Excuse me Mr. Jeff Jarrett, you're forgetting one team, consisting of Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin
Dixie sold TNA to Jean Smart who is working with Jeff Jarrett. Bound for Glory main is Kurt Angle vs hologram Meshach Taylor
On this day in June 23, 1989~ Robert Fuller and Brian Lee defeat Jeff Jarrett and Mil Máscaras to win the WCWA World Tag Team Title
what an odd team that is - Jeff Jarrett and Mil Mascaras. Robert and Brian were tremendous. Always liked the Stud Stable.
On this date in 1989 Robert Fuller & Brian Lee beat Mil Máscaras & Jeff Jarrett for the WCCW Tag Titles in Dallas, TX
Interview: Jeff Jarrett: Josh spoke with Double J about his in ring career highlights, being founder of Global…
TNA and Global Force Wrestling founder Jeff Jarrett was recently interviewed by Rolling Stone Magazine to discuss...
And I already have a bone to pick with Jeff Jarrett and Global Force.
I hope this PPV ends with Jeff Jarrett attacking Jay Briscoe and Jay Lethal so we get Double J vs. Double Jay.
The former TNA commentator Don West has been confirmed to be working for Jeff Jarrett's Global Force...
another one of my favorite wrestlers from back in the day was DOUBLE J Jeff Jarrett
Russ and Dusty Rhodes wrestle Jeff Jarrett and Marc Mero at Miss Monster 2004: '' (LB)
Back in 2004, Russ got to live out a dream and tag team with Dusty Rhodes and wrestle against Jeff Jarrett and Marc Mero at Miss Monster...
The Main Event of the evening will be Jeff Jarrett & Bobby Roode vs Mr. McMahon & Triple H!
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Bob Orton Jr's son Randy won the WWF tapings in Fort Wayne, the cobra did bite Randy Savage showed up, followed by Jeff Jarrett.
Chael Sonnen reveals which WWE Hall Of Famer put him in touch with Jeff Jarrett, Jim Ross news
Global Force Wrestling relaunched their website today and now have Jeff Jarrett, Karen Jarrett, Jim Cornette,...
Chael Sonnen tells that Jeff Jarrett has a TV deal for GFW, expects to work with Jim Ross
This day in 2000 at WCW Slamboree, Jeff Jarrett def David Arquette & DDP in a Triple Cage Match to win WC…
When you hear names like Eric Bischoff, Jim Cornette, Vince Russo & Jeff Jarrett associated with GFW, how can you NOT join the force?
When they came to England, Eric Bischoff and Jeff Jarrett took part in a question and answer session with local...
Southern Fried fans, . Did we mention that in addition to Jeff Jarrett, Brian "Curt Hawkins" Myers, Jimmy Rave,...
Jeff Jarrett to appear at Trustmark Park Friday via
I liked a video from Christopher Daniels: GFW, Global Force Wrestling, Jeff Jarrett,
JayRep vs. Jeff Jarrett in an Autographed Picture of Karen Jarrett on a Pole Match
“Historic statement from the Valerie Jarrett (against so-called "conversion therapy."
The main event?. David Arquette vs. Jeff Jarrett. In a three-story cage match. For the WCW World title. Arquette is the defending champion
your went to the salon and got the Jeff Jarrett
Fill in the blank: which Jeff Jarrett quote would I like to say to my bank right now? _
8: Jeff Jarrett - because Jeff looks for ways to compete with & try to dethrone WWE & Vince Mcmahon
that last year of WCW was something else. Jeff Jarrett was the only consistent main eventer.
Disco Inferno returns to the MLW airwaves to talk with Court Bauer about:. -Jeff Jarrett bringing Global Force...
The Jeff Jarrett woman hater gimmick in 99 was so great
They had Hogan but he was feuding with Jeff Jarrett.
I could think of at least a half dozen media members you would want to throw in the cage to smash w/ a Jeff Jarrett guitar
ShopTNA is having a sale right now -- you can get a Jeff Jarrett Laser Engraved Guitar for only $60!!!
Hey, you can get a laser engraved Jeff Jarrett guitar for just $60 right now!
Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling sent out the following press release: GFW TO PARTNER WITH BANDIT LITES, THE...
I mean, they're KINDA under contract!. Which members are under contract?. ... Jeff Jarrett
Latest Announcement from Jeff Jarrett’s GFW: Get more news, photos and videos…
Jeff Jarrett is launching the first television executive friendly wrestling promotion. It will feature no wrestling, no wrestlers. Nothing
>GFW is just Jeff Jarrett wrestling himself for 3 hours
Next week, he announces the catering for the wrestlers...which will be clones of Jeff Jarrett.
I added a video to a playlist WNS Podcast - GFW Jeff Jarrett Interview
I had a dream before that Jeff Jarrett dream. Now I didn't get to see this Country star, but I was told she chose me to be her cowboy.
Good morning everyone I got woke up cause I had a dream that was exciting. Jeff Jarrett called me and don't recall what's said but.
1st Jets win and who's Jeff Jarrett dating now? Wait, what?!!...
I think we could see Booker T vs Jeff Jarrett in the main event the bash at the beach this year
Something about Naomi's color scheme reminds me of NWA/WWF Jeff Jarrett
IF it was in front of me, I'd buy the Jeff Jarrett one. Because it was beautiful.
Video: My thoughts on DL Arik Armstead, a possible top 10 fit and Clemson DT Grady Jarrett
Jeff Jarrett and Global Force Wrestling make big announcement. Details:
They lost all credibility when Jeff Jarrett joined them. And Cody Hall. :|
my favorite part of Sting on TNA is this "A hundred jeff jarrett" funniest line ever
when Jeff Jarrett is in it. Beyond ecstatic for you, Jeff!
Video: Jeff Jarrett’s GFW Planning First Shows: Get more news, photos and…
here are my PG next yr. Jeff teague, jarrett jack and avey bradley.
I just read "Jeff Jarrett's Global Force Wrestling is Las Vegas bound" on
Wow, WWE wants to bury Daniel Bryan so deep he can see Jeff Jarrett's Hall of Fame chances don't they.
So now that it appears Jeff Jarrett will actually run a card, when should I expect to see wrestlers resume sucking up to him?
hes probably meeting with Jeff Jarrett
Randy Orton has Jeff Jarrett heat with me
and having Jeff Jarrett be the face of the New Blood
America Video - Jeff Burton & Dale Jarrett say officials made right call at end of Sunday’s race:
Nfl charged 400 bucks for the veterans combine.Jeff Jarrett taking notes Im sure.
I just watched Jeff Jarrett defend the NWA North American Heavyweight Title on Raw in 2010 for a few months.
Turning the TV from Jeff Burton and Dale Jarrett to Adam Alexander and Danielle Trotta is a terrible transition
this guy reminds me of a young Jeff Jarrett.
Slick think I saw Jeff Jarrett at the gym this morning
Ah Jeff Jarrett. Simpler times. He's going up against Al Snow.
remember seein a young Jeff Jarrett throw dropkicks in uswa, but no cowabunga turtle. I think e…
Michael Hayes, Jeff Jarrett, and Steve Blackman. Who will go to Wrestlemania?
What is it about a long hallway that makes me want to strut like Jeff Jarrett?
Sometimes, Guy Fieri reminds me of a heavier version of Ch-ch-chosen one era Jeff Jarrett.
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Its time for Kevin Nash Vs Jeff Jarrett for the WCW World Title.
how raw is now, since back then when the main event used to be like Doink vs a jobber or Virgil vs Jeff Jarrett
.Sting Imposters - Barry Windham. nWo. Jeff Jarrett in WCW. WWE with Triple H. TNA with Mr. Anderson. Hmm... any more?
do you think he will pull a Jeff Jarrett and just lay down for roman at mania just to fulfill his contract obligations?
Instead of a horn at deadline time, I'm hoping someone on the TSN panel smashes that guitar over the guitarist's head, Jeff Jarrett style..
rampages next fight? He'll be this decades Jeff Jarrett
Yep. 2 of their last 3 PPV's have gone down like a Jeff Jarrett title defense.
Packers cornerback Jarrett Bush arrested on public drunkenness charge
The IC title was on the line at WMXI, Razor Ramon defeated Jeff Jarrett via DQ so won the match but not the title
nah bro Ima have to Jeff Jarrett's too late
"BOY THAT ESCALATED QUICKLY my boy Jeff Jarrett was a savage.
The only thing missing from that main event was Jeff Jarrett's guitar. I saw do that better in 2004 and 2005.
TNA really. I mean Jeff Jarrett's career was better off there, and Sting's. But WWE is always where it's at for money/fame.
he looks like Jeff Jarrett circa 05
Jeff Jarrett vs. Undertaker w/Dixie Carter as guest ring announcer & Sable as guest referee couldn't get me to watch ROH.
This is about as great as Jeff Jarrett in SPRING BREAKERS or Kevin Nash in MAGIC MIKE or Kevin Nash in DOA or Kevin Nash as Super Shredder.
X Division Title signed by AJ Styles, Kazarian , Samoa Joe and Jeff Jarrett. $800.00. Pick up in Winnipeg MB
Jeff Jarrett is a guy with an eye for talent, and with he has tons of connections and friends within the industry.
do you guys think Brock would pull a Jeff Jarrett ala at Wrestlemania?
I would like a foam Jeff Jarrett slap nuts guitar, who got the hook up on the end of WCW merchandise?
Can we please stop calling it heat. It should really be called Jimmy Hart with a megaphone heat or at least Jeff Jarrett heat
They should announce Bullet Club team 2: Jeff Jarrett, Don (but not Ron) Harris, and Major Gunns.
Yearning for a simpler time when Jeff Jarrett called people "slapnuts" and hit them with guitars😔
Apparently I'm going to be downvoted on Reddit for calling out Jeff Jarrett for taking credit for producing Wrestle Kingdom 9. *** Ever
tomorrow get to see the Bullet Club in person and if Jeff Jarrett shows up someone may need to bail me out of jail
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