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Jeff Hardy

Jeffrey Nero Jeff Hardy (born August 31, 1977) is an American professional wrestler, painter, poet, singer-songwriter and musician who is currently signed to Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA).

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The sheer fact that Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy have comeback to the WWE has just stunned me beyond belief.
true, you can't beat Jeff Hardy diving off a twenty foot ladder
Happy birthday to my Dad Pat Jarvis . Here's a funny story from his NRL days involving Jeff Hardy, Fenech...
Matt and Jeff Hardy offered WWE contracts, per
Leva Bates, a.k.a. Blue Pants, took the role of Jeff Hardy at last night's Wrestle Circus event in Austin, TX.
Leva Bates dressed as Jeff Hardy at Wrestle Circus. :-|
Leva Bates' impression of Jeff Hardy is pretty darn good...
We was just Matt & Jeff Hardy cleaning up the house at like midnight doe I ain't eem gon hol u
Jeff Hardy discusses Ring Of Honor contracts and how he wants to bring the "Broken Universe" to
Jeff Hardy has confirmed that the Hardyz only penned a short-term deal with Ring of Honor
Jeff Hardy vs Alex Riley with John Cena as special referee at
With Jeff Hardy confirming that their ROH contract is short term, I still believe that Broken Hardys will show up for New Day at Mania.
Jeff Hardy turns one of his famous one hit moves to an effective two hit KO
Can somebody please explain to me what is Jeff Hardy's broken Universe?? I don't have POP TV... Thanks!!
Jeff Hardy 'would love to introduce the Broken Universe to WWE eventually' - Cageside Seats (blog)
Who's the better risk taker... Jeff Hardy or Shane McMahon?
Can never climb a ladder without imagining myself as Jeff Hardy.
Back in the day, I was OBSESSED with the Hardy Boyz👊 Jeff Hardy was my fav.
Well if this happens I get my Jeff hardy Elite figure!!
If it's one thing I wanna experience in life is going to a Caribbean party and getting jumped on from the top rope word to Jeff Hardy.
hey do you remember when Jeff hardy was high and faced sting?😂
mine was dissel Rey Mysterio and Kurt angel and Jeff hardy my bad
WWE: Twist of Fate into an RKO/Jeff Hardy vs Randy Orton at the 2008 Royal Rumble
looks like Jeff Hardy from pro wrestling meets Haley 😂😂
Jeff Hardy confirms he & Broken Matt Hardy have signed a short term deal with ROH. Also says he would love to bring Bro…
Jeff Hardy is Returning to Wwe sometime I just got that felling
Jeff Hardy setting up for a Swanton off the brick wall
Hogan Angle and Jeff Hardy nearly joined the bullet club last year instead Adam Cole joined. A feeling Adams leaving for WWE now.
It was between Hollywood Hogan, Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy and Adam Cole to join Bullet Club... kind of annoyed it was…
Matt and Jeff Hardy wanna said they aren't wanting money, money is for mucks they only want tag team gold. Well...
okay and Matt I want to say thanks for bringing back Jeff Hardy and I'll see you soon
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
WrestleMania 25 - Brother vs Brother saw Matt Hardy defeat Jeff Hardy in an Extreme Rules match
Was on TV once with both Jeff Hardy and John Tesh.
The match that has everyone talking! The Young Bucks vs Matt and Jeff Hardy at Supercard of Honor on 4/1!
Updates on Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy and Drew Galloway contracts and potential jump to WWE.
Kenny Omega, Jeff Hardy and their luggage carrier make awesome 6 man tag team champions.
Broken Matt & Jeff Hardy on their match against the Young Bucks at Supercard of Honor --. h…
and EC3, Mike Bennett, Jeff Hardy, James Storm, Decay, Wolves (greatest tag team of the modern day)
Who are your top 5 favorite WWE superstars of all time? Mine are. 1. Kurt Angle . 2. Jeff Hardy . 3. HHH. 4. Christian . 5.…
Jeff Hardy vs Chad Gable with Stone Cold as special referee on
AJ Styles, Shawn Michaels, and Jeff Hardy the top 3 most entertaining wrestlers of all time
Had a good chat with about his new album, Spawn Of Me. Very open and honest interview.
Just gave a shawty the Jeff Hardy Whisper in the Wind
RAW 7/1/02. Undisputed WWE Championship. The Undertaker (c) VS Jeff Hardy. The match that Hardy earned everyone's respect with also great match
When dwade, Jeff Hardy, the Undertaker, and Martin Lawrence go imma go ghost for atleast a week idc
Matt Hardy is now broken Matt Hardy how long to we get to see a broken Jeff Hardy the broken Hardy boys will be good
or disclose John Cena, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy & Seth Rollins have went on record saying they were captivated & influenced by Sting...
Also today in history,in 2007 teamed w/Umaga to lose to HHH & Jeff Hardy in Ft. Myers,Florida.
Ticket prices were higher than Jeff Hardy was at Victory Road 2011. Like World Series high
Triple H only has Rey Mysterio, Jeff Hardy and Kane because he hasn't tried to get a replacement for Matt Hardy.
I'd love to see John Morrison, Jeff Hardy, Victoria, Kharma, Kaitlyn, Beth Phoenix, Gail Kim, & Jazz.
WWE Johnny Nitro and Melina vs Jeff Hardy and Maria via
Congrats to Jeff Hardy for winning against Johnny Nitro on
Jeff Hardy vs Johnny Nitro for the championship on
Kayden "Jeff Hardy" Bailey making himself at home in Nanny greggs1961 garden 😂😂😂.
Can Willow be a boy, or does he not count over a Jeff Hardy world title reign?
Jeff Hardy vs Roman Reigns with Grado as special referee on
I liked a video Seth Rollins vs Jeff Hardy - WR3D (dream match highlights)
Jeff Hardy: I don't want to go back to WWE and burn out within four or five months.
Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy wrestled in a near 34 minute match on PPV which ended in a no-contest. (No Surrender 2010)
Go to Australia, resemble Jeff Hardy and get an addiction to high spots?
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
if you would love to see Jeff Hardy back in the WWE.
I added a video to a playlist WWE TNA TOP SEXY DIVAS Jeff Matt Hardy and Lita Trish s highlights best
Went to got more tatts done. Now looking disturbingly like Jeff Hardy.
Jeff hardy,triple H, D-generation x and proli more got me hype every time they came out 😂💯
Me and my girlfriend were wrestling last night and I accident drop kicked her and hit her with a swanton bomb word to Jeff Hardy
Jeff Hardy's Immortal Title, with left over coke residue
Jeff and Matt Hardy talk about possibly going back to
Word is my boy Jeff Hardy is entering in the Royal Rumble 😈🤘
Jeff Hardy will return to the WWE including his brother Matt Hardy
Man if Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy come back to the next year I will be legit pumped and excited like never before!!
Back in the Taco Bell and I'm tuned into the hottest feud of the year: Matt vs Jeff Hardy wrestling in a backyard.
Jeff Hardy managed to get both Will O Wisp AND Itchweeed onto TV. Theres hope for to someday get Thomas Penmanship there too!
Until they left, I shared with Jeff Hardy & Mickie James. Now the closest to me is Crews
Who is better at beating people up near ladders Jackie Chan or Jeff Hardy?
Why do i always forget i saw a TNA live event in 2012 lol. The main event sucked but i got to see Samoa Joe, Jeff Hardy and Austin Aries
Hamilton Collection
just look who started by doing the same thing. Matt and Jeff Hardy, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Bobby Rhode and Edge all did it.
Chase Stevens defeats Jeff Hardy in the main event of through Mike Bennett interference. He's back!
Ready to battle it out with John Cena, Jeff Hardy and Professional Wrestling Entertainment!
Thoughts on this week's The Good: Matt, Jeff Hardy, James Storm video package. The Bad: Everything else.
so I watched your top 100 wwe moments! You should react to Jeff Hardy crazy moments, he jumps off any and everything he can!
If the Hardy storyline was going on in the mid90s you could have said Kevin was Matt while Derian Hatcher was Jeff.
Broken Matt Hardy is kinda crazy... I like Jeff hardy he always plays it cool
5. Jeff Hardy vs RVD - Invasion 2001. Because what a bloody fun and entertaining match. Nothing about the match i don't like.
J'aime une vidéo de A Look at Jeff Hardy's Path to the Gold Before He Defends the Title - Jan 24, 2013
Watching Jeff hardy wrestling matches at 6:26 in the morning is what I live for.
That time I played ALL of Smackdown, having the audience think Jeff Hardy was there.
Once I saw my long time favorite wrestling idol Jeff hardy do a swanton bomb to himself on a table on purpose
Yeah I think the crowed likes JEFF HARDY
Can you add Jeff hardy and Matt Hardy
boy I thought I was jeff hardy when I was little 😂
Am I the Only One?Thoughts on Dean Ambrose on Steve Austin Podcast, Authority Figures, Matt and Jeff Hardy
Watching 23 year old Jeff Hardy in 2001 Summerslam ...Lord have mercy I will always have a thing for him 😍😍
I liked a video Jeff Hardy - Every Extreme Moments of his Career (1997-2016)
need me a Jeff hardy and triple h old school one
How dare Matt Hardy cut Senor Benjamin off the phone mid-conversation with Konnan & crew. I shall help Jeff Hardy as revenge.
Jeff Hardy's music was actually lowkey fire
Beth can u tell Jeff Hardy that me and him as the same birthday
Stephen please bring back Jeff Hardy back to raw please me and him as the same birthday
wwe network bring Jeff Hardy to raw please
I wanna be a wwe super start just like Jeff Hardy
They need to drop the lights so she can get her 02 Lita/Jeff Hardy on.
Made me smile. Also some fun doubles reg Finn Balor and Demon paint Balor, reg Jeff Hardy and emo paint Jeff
Best duo since Jeff hardy and Matt Hardy
The woman i ended up marrying. I named my son after Jeff hardy & Cm Punk also he was born during raw! Even tho its not the same i still 💙 it
well that would be nice but I was thinking willow forcing Matt and reby to give Jeff the Hardy name back
Jeff Hardy. I got a shot, hope he'd be high for his match to make it easier 😂
Jeff Hardy? But then how is he mended if he's deleted...??? 🤔
So since we have Matt Hardy, I feel like we need an antonymous adjective for Jeff.
Tory lanez out here thinking he Jeff Hardy
Made my BloodyMania debut in a three-way match with Jeff Hardy and Kongo Kong for the JCW…
Freddie Prinze Jr was apparently responsible for getting Jeff Hardy the WWE title
Jeff Hardy looks like a Ben Stiller character.
Jeff Hardy vs Austin Aries vs Sting in a Triple Threat Loser Leaves Town match at
I just want Matt to debut a new Jeff Hardy that won't betray him like Brother Nero. Shannon Moore, maybe.
Jeff Hardy was the reason I was jumping off couches all the time
Check out Ryan's reaction to Matt Hardy vs Jeff Hardy! (Sub to his solo channel, too!).
Inside of Jeff Hardy's home ,has that been where Shannon Moore has been hiding? 😂😂😂
WWE in contact talks with Goldberg, Rey Mysterio, Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy, John Morrison, and Shelton Benjamin for the brand split
Kurt Angle, Goldberg, Rey Mysterious, Jeff Hardy, Carlito, Shelton Benjamin, John Morrison, JTG&Shad have all been contacted to return
WWE has been reaching out to lots of 40+ year old guys to return, including: Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy, Rey Mysterio & Goldberg.
Jeff Hardy, John Morrison and a certain Kurt Angle all rumoured too. Angle to mentor AA
Goldberg, Mysterio, John Morrison, Kurt Angle, Cryme Tyme, & Jeff Hardy are talents is attempting to sign for Brand Split. Thoughts?
June 5th 2001,SD. Jeff Hardy won the Light Heavyweight Title, it was his 6th different singles title win in the http…
in 2001: at a Smackdown taping Jeff Hardy beat Jerry Lynn to win the WWF Light Heavyweight Championship.
taunting Jeff Hardy by taking the *** out of his dance moves is one of the best things ever.
Rockstar Spud & Stephanie McMahon vs Jeff Hardy & Dana Brooke in a mixed tag match at
The Matt and Jeff Hardy video is the most cringeworthy thing I've seen in wrestling since Mae Young gave birth to a hand.
Birmingham boy Rockstar Spud & Tyrus were unable to defeat Jeff Hardy on last night in a wild ladder match
This is gonna be awesome!! Tyrus & Rockstar Spud vs Jeff Hardy ladder match!!
Another huge match added to tonight's Tyrus and Rockstar Spud v Jeff Hardy in a LADDER MATCH!
Jeff Hardy & Bubba Ray Dudley vs Rusev & Rockstar Spud in a tag team match at
THIS WEEK on IMPACT Wrestling . If Rockstar Spud and Tyrus could defeat Jeff Hardy - The Charismatic Enigma in a...
Jeff Hardy - The Charismatic Enigma hits a Twist Of Fate on the top of the ladder to Rockstar Spud to secure his... https…
Wrestlers that have won me over. Bobby Lashley . Roman Reigns. Crimson. Jeff Hardy. The Usos. The Rock
Drew McIntyre, Edge, Jeff Hardy & Rey Mysterio... top Superstars with badass theme songs
Crash Holly vs Tazz vs Jeff Hardy vs Matt Hardy vs Hardcore Holly vs Perry Saturn in a Hardcore match for the Hardcore Championship.
I love Jeff Hardy. Could always use a friend. U from Henderson Ky
7 years ago today the last Judgment Day PPV took place in 2009 the main event was Edge vs Jeff Hardy for the WHC https:…
How do you think Jeff Hardy's alter ego Willow the Wisp would have done during the attitude era?
I've been mistaken for him, Tim Donst, Kyle O'Reilly, Jeff Hardy, Caleb Konley's brother, John Morrison, and more! It's weird.
I think it's Matt Hardy trying to mess with Jeff Hardy head
WWE will snub resigning Jeff Hardy and they will turn their attention to Stevie Richards instead
I added a video to a playlist Jeff Hardy confronts Chris Jericho at SmackDown 05/08/2009
Favorite male wrestlers are Santino Marella, Zack Ryder, Jeff Hardy and Chris Benoit. Favorite female are Mickie James and Melina.
Jeff Hardy vs Shane McMahon vs Rob Van Dam vs Ryback in a Fatal Four Way Fire Extinguisher on a Pole match at
Jeff Hardy (no more words), Edge, Christian, Taker, HHH, Punk (this fire burns), Chris Jericho and so many T.T
looked like Jeff Hardy missing the swanton bomb when he fell
Jeff Hardy gon live forever. Even if he dies he will swanton bomb out of heaven straight back 2 earth
Jeff Hardy & Dana Brooke vs Tatanka & Alexa Bliss in a mixed tag match on
Who would win in a Ladder match? 🤔 Rey Mysterio vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Eddie Guerrero vs. CM Punk
Watching TNA for the first time in YEARS. Grado, Al Snow, Matt/Jeff Hardy, Drew Galloway, Maria Kanellis?! ***
I been semi drunk but last night was fye. Went to the Jim Ross Q&A and RVD, Jeff Hardy and Gregory Helms pulled up.
Jeff Hardy and Hurricane just showed up here at the Jim Ross show!
I think Jeff Hardy, EC3, Rockstar Spud, Drew Galloway & Bobby Lashley are the only good wrestlers left in TNA
Today also marks 15 years since Edge made Jeff Hardy go splat in TLCII at 17.
I miss the days when i used to watch it like. Jeff Hardy's extreme moves and HBK and all that.
Sometimes I feel like she Lita... Sometimes I feel like Jeff Hardy..
Galloway, Jeff Hardy, EC3, Mike Bennett and heel Matt Hardy... Yeah the title picture in is just fine!
First Trevor Lee, Michael Bennett, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, I'll go through the roster if I must...whatever it takes. ~INKSanity
I liked a video from Hulk Hogan shoots on Jeff Hardy's personal issues
All right...I'm not mad at this Gauntlet match between Mike Bennett, EC3 & Matt & Jeff Hardy.
Jeff Hardy wins the gauntlet match. He is now the number one contender for the TNA world heavyweight title.
JB interviews Jeff Hardy, then Ethan Carter III. Jeff is relieved to get his potential title shot, and EC3 wants Mike Bennett.
Matt Hardy and the group attacks Drew Galloway and Jeff Hardy
Not that many people knew Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, Galloway, and Tyrus? Some weren't as well known, but some definitely were.
Jeff Hardy, Rey Mysterio, Hulk Hogan and CM Punk sound great right now.
Al Snow is going to give him head. Steve Blackman is going to give him sticks. Jeff Hardy is going to give him drugs
I like Drew Mc... Galloway, Bobby Lashley and Jeff Hardy.. Not that awful Matt 😂
he was a guest GM - Sting and Jeff Hardy teamed against Team 3D but Hogan did some punches
Scoop Matt Hardy & Tyrus defeat Jeff Hardy & Galloway when Matt hit Jeff with a hammer behind the ref's back
Eddie Kingston's announced for the UK Chikara tour and PCW. Hope he makes it, he's hit the UK as often as Jeff Hardy in recent years.
Rakishi, Jeff Hardy, Trish Stratus, Edge. You can be one. Take picks.
CM Punk vs Jeff Hardy last match Jeff sebelum die bersara...steel cage match
My favourite wrestler would be Stone Cold Steve Austin.Favourite match will be Jeff Hardy vs Undertaker Ladder Match
Jeff Hardy misses the 2012 UK tour after suffering severe injuries courtesy of Bully Ray:
Sexiest man in wwe to me . Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Edge, Dolph Ziggler, Jeff Hardy, Christian, Roman, Dean, Seth, the rock should I go on?
I know Matt Hardy is still wrestling on Impact but what happened to Jeff Hardy? Is he still around?
After the EC3 feud is over, Galloway fails a cash-in, and Tyrus turns face, Matt loses the title to Jeff Hardy.
EC3 defeated Rage, Matt Morgan, Jeff Hardy, Abyss & Dolph Ziggler in a Six Pack Challenge to become the new RCW World Champion
But you can't leave! Jeff Hardy is coming back next year and my dream match of Jeff Hardy vs Wade Barrett needs to happen!
Jeff Hardy is coming back in Fastlane and giving his little belts to his fans which contain his auto
12. Jeff Hardy hitting Umaga with a Whisper in the Wind off the top of the cage (RIP UMAGA)
Jeff Hardy said that when you're suspended its like *** because they make you report to somewhere daily at.
Even tho Jeff Hardy didn't have a long reign he still my favorite WWE Champ. Put Randy Orton in the hospital
I liked a video Jeff Hardy beats Jeff Jarrett 3 times in one night
James Storm left NXT and went back to TNA. Jeff Hardy signed a new contract with TNA.
I'd watch Wrestling but there's no Shawn Michaels, Chris Benoit, Jeff Hardy, Goldberg, The Rock, Stone Cold.. + HHH is a punk now
Well, Mike Bennett and Jeff Hardy and Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards too. But I see your point.
AJ Styles is now in the 'big leagues' says WWE. He's wrestled Kurt Angle, Sting, Hogan, Samoa Joe, Kevin Nash & Jeff Hardy. He's been there.
Hasnt CM Punk got a UFC fight soon tho. Kurt Angle or Jeff Hardy will be the Ti'o man lol.
True not only Jeff Hardy also Kurt Angle & Drew McIntyre
True hype is remembering the feeling you got when Jeff Hardy would climb up on the third rope right before a Leap of Faith
If I could combine Tyler black, Jeff Hardy, and John Morrison, that would be me.
Rumors state we might see any of these superstars at the . Jeff Hardy . AJ Styles . Kurt Angle. Bullet Club. John Morrison. and more
would love to see Sami Zayn, Finn Balor, Triple H, Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy, John Morisson, Randy Orton, Christian in the Royal Rumble 2016
Shane Helms, Jeff Hardy, and Shannon Moore all sound like the same person
Today in history,in 2004 beat Christian in St Johns New Foundland Canada. & in 2008 beat Jeff Hardy in Jacksonville,Florida.
I liked a video from Jeff Hardy on the Hardy Boyz return to WWE * NEW *
Def thought Axl Rose and Jeff Hardy were related when I was younger. Wish that were just makes sense
Wanting to pull a Jeff Hardy swanton bomb from the indoor track to the bouncy houses lmfao
I liked a video from Young Bucks superkick Jeff Hardy + Twist of fate & Swanton bomb
I liked a video Jeff Hardy does a Crazy Swanton Bomb to Randy Orton
Lots of injuries in wrestling going into 2016: Cesaro, Jeff Hardy, Stardust, King Barrett just to name a few. Here's for some fast healing.
win of the match Jeff Hardy win 2016 Royal Rumble
Jeff Hardy to return to the WWE?. Jeff Hardy recently did an interview on Ric Flair's podcast show, and Jeff said... htt…
Quentin Hardy and Jeff Bercovici debate why everyone likes Slack so much ... "This Week in
Jeff Hardy wants to return to WWE but he's 'not sure when'
WM33 update, loading up USA's Smackdown, Jeff Hardy update, Questions on pushing Bubba Ray, turning Cena, and more.
really hope this happens!. Jeff Hardy on returning to WWE: there's a huge possibility down the road.
Jeff hardy... One of my favorite wrestlers of all time.❤😍
you're lying if you've never had a crush on Jeff Hardy
I feel like since in 2016 my second all time favorite wwe superstar jeff hardy if he returns he will win the Royal Rumble
BREAKING NEWS- Jeff Hardy was asked about a wwe return by Ric flair- . I think there’s a huge possibility down the road. I’m not sure
My dream return would be Jeff Hardy.
WWE Elite 51 is up for Pre-Order. Tommy Dreamer, JBL, Jeff Hardy, Goldberg, Kurt Angle & Chris Jericho
Willow the Whisp (Sometimes WWF jobber Jeff Hardy) debuted for Battlarts and in his first match won the UWA middleweigh…
Do you want to see Jeff Hardy back in a ring?
Last time I watched a Jeff Hardy match he was high as a kite and Sting had to pin him. Swore i'd never watch him again...
Jeff Hardy talks about a possible WWE return
Matt and Jeff Hardy my favorite Tag Team besides OG Kane and Undertaker
Another gorgeous figure by Jakks : Jeff Hardy - Ruthless Aggression
in my opinion Jeff Hardy does desurve to be in the WWE Hall of Fame a great high Flyer risk taker.
if u curved me or stunted on me... In due time I'm a stunt 100x Jeff Hardy/ Jackie Chan style
Punk at his best was great but not at the same level as AJ or Bryan. Jeff Hardy was a spot monkey.
Watching Randy Orton vs Jeff Hardy from RR'08 & this video package hyping their match is so dope. The Swanton off the tron is still crazy
Other people I would like to hear the crowd chant right now: Finn Balor, Samoa Joe, Dave Batista, Jeff Hardy, Sami Zayn and RVD
Oh, and nice that TNA's poster for the tapings features Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy and Bobby Lashley, none of which will probably show up.
.Lashley, Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy, EC3, Bobby Roode, and Eric Young. Those are the straight top guys in TNA. (2/2)
Extreme Rules 2009. The Jeff Hardy vs. Edge ladder match for the WHC.
Also today in history,in 2007 won 3 Way Match v Mr Kennedy v Jeff Hardy in Sydney,Australia.
On this day in November 7, 2010~ Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Morgan . Part 1: Part 2:
He was part of The Hardy Boyz. Although I never did like Matt tbh 😂. I was always a huge Jeff Hardy fan.
My names Steph & I'm soring I'm late for the PPV party cause I was trying to win the lottery with Jeff Hardy to buy a Barbi
an addition 13,000 words about CM Punk and Jeff Hardy
Jeff Hardy should be in the hall of fame as well
I liked a video jeff hardy return to WWE 2015
Blue and Purple my dreads.feeling like jeff hardy
Work letting us dress up for Halloween and I'm so excited, Jeff hardy will be dancing round the shop swanton's off the s…
A Kurt Angle or a Jeff Hardy return would've been so sick for Cena's open challenge
CM Punk and Jeff Hardy deserve one too.
it's a matter of time I'm sure. I'm hoping WWE brings Jeff Hardy back when his TNA contract is up
if Jeff Hardy comes out, I will die
he cashes in and then Jeff hardy comes swanton bombing out the sky and kills him
Honestly can't remember if that Jeff Hardy angle about his house burning down and his dog dying was real or not. I think it was.
"No comment, next question.". Greg Hardy was NOT in the mood to talk to the media after the 'Boys loss.
What's the point of bringing in Dudleyz just to make them lose? Same with Sting? Jeff Hardy has no hope when he comes back.
cash in, and I don't know, would be good to see them back but Jeff was always the better Hardy
Jeff Hardy was who I was expecting. Or Kurt Angle.
The only time I cried bc of a wrestler was when Jeff hardy retired and now bc of roman I hate them
is it true you and Jeff Hardy are brothers? Lol I've always wondered if it was true or not
Greg Hardy a little lipped about his spat with Dez, but Jeff Jones will show what he did have to say, tonight at 9:30 on Max Sports.
Why can't they bring back Jeff Hardy then?🙄
... works# SurvivorSeries vs Rollins. That or rehire Jeff Hardy?
The jeff hardy, CM Punk, Cena days, like 7 years ago, were the best WWE times. dont @ me.
Duddly boys who do you think will take on John Cena and do you think Jeff hardy might return
He did an amazing return though but I wanted Sami Zayn or a potential Jeff Hardy return
bring. back. Jeff. Hardy. you. rat.
I wish Jeff hardy would come back to wwe
Just bring back Jeff Hardy next pls
Duhop what if JEFF HARDY returns and confrons SETH ROLLINS ?? what u do then??!!
Who will accept i say Jeff Hardy or Joe maybe Zayn
Inb4 Kurt Angle, Carlito, Jeff Hardy, or CM Punk come out to face Cena.
If Jeff Hardy returns, I will lose my 💩 can't see it happening though
Jeff Hardy's last WWE entrance music was very slept on.
Remember when wrestlers like:. Triple H. Undertaker. HBK. Edge. Jeff Hardy. Chris Jericho. CM Punk . Used to fight on each w…
Edge, Melina, Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy, RVD, AJ Lee, Mickie James, basically everyone great who's retired with them
I would love to see a 3 way match with WWE superstar Neville against Rob Van Dam and Jeff Hardy that would be one *** of a match
I forgot TNA gave Mr. Anderson the title twice and both times they cut his reign to 1 month to hotshot the title to Sting & Jeff Hardy
Bruh let one of them R&B *** do this to my girl on stage & see if I don't jump off the top rope like Jeff Hardy http…
I liked a video from Rockstar Spud Calls Out EC3 For His Treatment of Jeff Hardy
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Ethan Carter retains TNA Heavyweight Championship against Rockstar Spud. Simple match but Jeff Hardy needs to turn! .
Rockstar Spud deserves to beat EC3 for the WHC and release Jeff Hardy from EC3's services.
Jeff Hardy vs Dean Ambrose would be a $$$ feud.
Bir videosu beğendim: Matt and Jeff Hardy square off in the Royal Rumble: Royal Rumble 2001
I can't lie, there's probably a better use of Jeff Hardy than EC3's butler.
Also today in history,in 2006 he didnt win 6 Pack Challenge v Super Crazy,Chris Masters,Carlito,Johnny Nitro & Jeff Hardy.
Yes I enjoyed it, TNA beat GFW in that Lethal Lockdown match. I don't like what they're doing with Jeff Hardy though.
Asking what authority EC3 has to fire Jeff Hardy & if he does why he aim for a Win/Win
Jeff Hardy once again coming off as a *** & Asking how EC3 has the authority to fire Jeff
Me when Jeff Hardy shows up at to tag with Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns
It baffles me how many morons ask for Jeff Hardy, Rey Mysterio, CM Punk, AJ Lee, Hulk Hogan, & Kurt Angle for WWE 2K16.
Could Matt and Jeff Hardy be returning to
Huge Rumours that Jeff Hardy will return on the after with Matt and with the world title.
do you think Jeff Hardy (and maybe Matt) will come back to WWE in the next time?
i herd a rumor that The Hardy Boyz (Matt Hardy & Jeff Hardy),may plan on returning to WWE,when there contract...
I liked a video Matt and Jeff Hardy with Tasers
are reporting that the return of Jeff Hardy is not just blowing smoke. WWE is going through...
its Jeff Hardy boo he was in wwe in a tag team with his brother Matt in the 90's till 2006 or 08 I think
So, is Venus more like the Matt to Serena's Jeff Hardy or is Serena like Bret Hart while Venus is Owen?
Admit it: you were hoping Jeff Hardy would plummet from the rafters onto all of them.
Jeff Hardy was always my favorite over Matt. He was just better.
Matt Hardy on Hulk Hogan’s asking for forgiveness, erasing talent from their website… http:/…
Did you like working with Jeff Hardy?
Guy to Jeff: “Anyone ever tell you that you look like Matt Hardy?”. Jeff: “Every day.” . 😆
Even after all the legal trouble you can put Jeff Hardy on any marquee in the world and sell tickets.
TNA should be ashamed of themselves for even letting Jeff Hardy go out there and wrestle Sting. That match was...
So now I'm watching Jeff Hardy vs. Sting from Victory Road 2011. Before I get started, let's remind ourselves of...
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