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Jeff Green

Jeffery Green (born September 6, 1962 in Owensboro, Kentucky) is an American stock car driver in the NASCAR Nationwide Series.

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Great day topped off by Jeff Green all class a comedian who didn't have to swear to still he funny
Not sure who's funnier, jeff green or the signing ladies ha ha
Jeff Green keeping us well entertained at our conference dinner
So. so you think you can tell. Heaven from *** blue skies from pain. Can u tell a green field from a cold steel rail? htt…
if you could start a half ppr team out with Elliott or Green who would it be and why?
Have a charge HR that won't turn on. Tried doing restart steps, only see green lights flash once. Tried factor reset
Green Bay Packers, Kansas City Chiefs backups battle for spots in preseason finale -
I got Jeff Green Bay shot glasses for Christmas and I'm pretty sure he lost them because I have never seen them since
Jeff Sessions looks like an orc wearing a human mask
@Jeff_Green: reboot db1025 for kernel update
Jeff_Green: reboot db1025 for kernel update
Wire: Packers, Chiefs backups battle for spots in preseason finale
Jeff Green takes second from Lajoie. Old tires finally got to him it appears
Sam Gaskin will be in Hickman Ky for meet and greet on September 9,and will appear at the Pecan festival at Jeff Green Park that evening
Meanwhile, great 3 way battle for the lead Between Jeff Green, Harvick, and Johnny Sauter
Jeff Green The milkman leads them back to the green. 89 to go
12 team non ppr picking 8th. Miller, Gronk, Green, AP or other?
Dir. of Construction Jeff Windsor visits w/ re: Merrill Green Stadium improvements
Congratulations Jeff Graves and Wrangler Dance on winning the Green Reiner 1 and 2!!!
Mile 1650, Manchester Center VT. In town for the evening, the green mountains are beautiful and the beer is cold🍻
Yup, that is the Green Bay Packers' starting QB. (📷:
check out my first blog For the Manufacturing Innovation Blog on and
Some dude is blacked out outside the green turtle in a corner
And in-depth interviews with Jeff Bridges, Eva Green & Jamie Dornan, & Ethan Hawke's guide to
Bring in Jeff Janis from the Green Bay Packers he is a Glitch
The horde of green horrors is nearly upon us. "Life finds a way," Jeff Goldblum utters one last time before thousands of G…
Jeff Green & Jodie Meeks are also Magic killers
25hrs on playlist includes the Tomorrow People, Faust, Earthsearch, Wyrd Sisters, Jeff Green
Great shot of one of my Spider masks; 'Spider Queen' - Model Jaime Jones, photo by Jeff Green
Durant had Russ, Harden, Ibaka and Jeff Green. Bron had Mo Williams, Larry Hughes, Eric Snow, Donyell Marshall and Drew Gooden.
NBA: Agent says Jeff Green agrees to terms to join the Orlando Magic: Green's agent, David Falk, says his cli...
Add Dwight Howard and Jeff Green to the players that switched teams thus far (4):
The Magic's front court now consists of Biyombo, Ibaka, Vucevic, Jeff Green and Aaron Gordon.
Yet Lin, Turner, and Jeff Green going to make more than Wade. Pat's losing his mind.
Jeff Green getting paid 15mill lolololololol. Orlando is drunk. Traded the kitchen sink for Ibaka. Gives huge deal to Augustin & Watson lol.
Free agent Jeff Green has agreed to a one-year, $15 million deal with the Orlando Magic, league sources tell The Vertica…
Jeff Green has reached a one-year, $15M deal with the Orlando Magic, I've been told.
Bye Tony, we got rid of Jeff Green & Courtney Lee already.
Two or three of Jeff Green, Jamal Crawford, Terrence Jones, Sullinger and Born Ready it's lit
Remember when Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, Serge Ibaka, James Harden and Jeff Green were all teammates? Good times.
Very good book for teaching | Advanced Appellate Advocacy, by some Northwestern profs and Carter Phillips and Jeff Green.
Cody. Harrison is Jeff Green in sheep's clothing.
Jeff Green back, Chandler Parsons or Mike Conley are I feel would be better
Should've never traded away James Harden, or Thabo Sefolosha, or Reggie Jackson or Jeremy Lamb, or DJ Augustine or even Jeff Green
carrying them to what!? *** has 0 rings eve when they had Reggie Jackson, James Harden, and Jeff Green all on that team!
What if they still had Jeff Green, Reggie Jackson, & Harden..
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Joey BadA$$ is Jeff Green. J. Cole is Tobias Harris. Bobby Shmurda is Reggie Jackson. Gerald Green is Juvenile
I just wanna see Doc Rivers and Ernie Grunfeld get in a bidding war for Jeff Green
that too. W/ the Jimmy move id try & get him & Taj for Blake & Jeff Green. Still sign Anderson. 3 big trio
At least resign Allen Crabbe, and probably get Jeff Green or Luol Deng since they can play PF.
if you think about it, we didn't trade that draft pick for Ray Allen until later. Jeff Green was the pick
I wouldn't say the Celts got screwed that bad in 07 mainly bc they traded Jeff Green for Ray Allen so ultimately that ended well
Since when has Chuck let something like that stop him? He still thinks Jeff Green has game-changing talent.
I'm a huge Harrison Barnes fans by he has "Jeff Green" written all over him lmao
People on my timeline comparing Harrison Barnes to Jeff Green... Yikes.
Oh man Harrison Barnes is getting compared to Jeff Green on my TL right now.
I'm trying to imagine what the conversation would be about Barnes if he was Jeff Green-level.
Harrison Barnes just hit his first FG, dude reminds me so much of Jeff Green
Memphis is so close to being a great team but come on thinking Jeff Green, Lance Stephenson, or Matt Barnes was the missing piece?
For Clips, replace those names with Luc, Jeff Green, and Wes Johnson
yall better not give that glorified Jeff Green, Harrison Barnes a max.
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Where are all of those Grizzlies fans that wanted to trade Jeff Green, Courtney Lee and Vince Carter for Joe Johnson? Where ya at?
he hasn't done much since drafting those guys. Also got Jeff green and he's been a bust
Fun green lanterns. No quadrant of the galaxy is safe
Will Jeff Green race the at all? It *** to see him finish last all the time :/ [Please Respond]
no clue how they lost to the Heat when they had Harden and Jeff Green
OKC should make a run at Baze this offseason. I think Humphries would be good. Jeff Green. Whiteside.
I'll betcha Sam Presti is thinking "if only I hadn't traded Jeff Green!!!"
So with Toronto getting first pick in the draft, does that mean that the NHL will put a hockey team there?
Russell, Harden, KD, Jeff Green, Ibaka would never work out. Somebody gone be like ...Always happens
Jeff Green athletic and with Carlisle pushing him could play both forwards Starter sf min until Parsons get healthier
Jeff green was a Hess drop.. I had a std Laughlin with Intermediate brakes on it.. 😳🙈
Jeff Green.. He was really fast that night. The big talk was he had 3 500s and a 200 in the LR for springs.
seriously. Most of them are on the thunder + Jeff green
when was jeff green too? Not on their level but he's not scrub by any means
If OKC got Jeff green back and Kyle Korver they'd get a ring
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Kawhi wasn't who he is now. No Lamarcus Aldridge or David West. Danny Green was just coming into his own. Not the same team
Thunder didnt want to get out of the West after they got rid of Jeff Green, James Harden and Eric Maynor.
just think they had jeff green and James Harden
Jeff Green not walking through those doors
Save $4 Framed print - Transparency of green branches on sunlight background Fine A…
To the left, families whose lives are ruined are collateral damage to achieve the utopian dream of saving the planet
Max cap space for LAC is about 13.5 million -- Assuming Pierce retires and not bringing back Jamal, Austin, Jeff Green and no MLE BAE
Jeff Green just went full James Harden. You never go full James Harden...
I don't think this sport works when it isn't allowed to finish under green. It just creates all sorts of conflicting perceptions
I'm not against the safety of it. That's But there has to be a fairer way to determine winners when not under green.
Jeff Green probably could have contested this shot
if they were to penalize for locked bumpers, the only innocent driver was Jeff Green.
14 to go. This can't go green to the end, I don't think. Someone is going to get impatient and make a mistake.
BIG congrats to being drafted in Round by the Go
I'm sorry but I can't back dude that trades for Jeff Green
go ahead and add Maurice Harkless to the list of players who are better than Jeff Green if you haven't already
"I'd like to see Jeff Green jump." Yeah...NBA players not named Dre Miller or ZBo should generally try that.
*** Hubie Brown basically just gave Jeff Green the Eddy Curry scouting report when it comes to rebounding: "Jump."
List of Guys who should be raw af but don't care about basketball:. Jeff Green. Rudy *** Evan Turner. Terrence Ross. Monta Ellis. Tyreke Evans
*fan goes to POR-LAC*. “Oh boy! Seeing the stars tonight!”. “Playing the role of Blake Griffin is understudy Jeff Green.”…
Replacing replace Chris Paul with Austin Rivers and Blake Griffin with Jeff Green is like going from a Ferrari to a Honda…
The fate of the 15-16 Clippers rests on the shoulders of Austin Rivers, Jeff Green, & Deandre Jordan. Rest in peace 15-16 Clippers
Marv Albert sounded surprised Jeff Green hit that three.
Remaining players who played for the Sonics:. Nick Collison. Kevin Durant. Jeff Green. Earl Watson
Clippers beat GS in rnd 2. Blake Griffen and surprising big mins from Jeff Green wear down Draymond. CP3 steps D up big on weak ankle curry!
Austin Rivers, Jamal Crawford, Wesley Johnson, Jeff Green, Cole Aldrich and Paul Pierce. Clippers bench is strong and can play.
Jeff Green must love getting to run a whole race...the 2000 NXS champ in the No. 15 for Rick Ware today.
Jeff Green gets to finish a race for the first time in his last 36 starts (finished 26th at Dover in Sept. 2014).
How much has the Clippers roster improved from last year? . We turned Hedo Turkoglu and Dahntay Jones into Jeff Green and Wes Johnson.
Charles has been hyping up the Clippers all winter solely because they picked up Jeff Green.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
go for Crabbe, KD, Ryan Anderson, Al Jefferson, Jeff Green, Jeremy Lin, Brandon Jennings or the GOAT MARIO CHALMERS. Any of them.
Jeff Green will play. Austin Rivers (ankle) is out. That leaves nine guys tonight.
Man remember them Paul George and Jeff Green used to always make vs the Heat on National TV games? Lol
Jeff Green, Austin Rivers, Cole Aldrich, Wesley Johnson. A bunch of dudes where "they weren't in the irght situation"
The Clippers are missing CP3, Deandre Jordan and PP. How are they only down 2? Why do Austin Rivers and Jeff Green have a…
A lineup with Jamal Crawford, Jeff Green, Austin Rivers, and Cole Aldrich is leading against the Thunder with 4 of 5 starters on the court.
Cole Aldrich got more applause than Jeff Green. Y'all for real?
GTown has Greg Monroe, Jeff Green, Otto Porter. Solid. But look at history
Dave Joerger: "Who is Jeff Green guarding?" He finally gets to say it out loud.
Yes, Dave Joerger messed up by benching Zbo for Jeff Green, but, yes he deserves Coach of the Year votes for what he's done since.
he's the exactly what Grizz were going for acquiring Jeff Green. Athletic scorer on the dribble and can get to the rim at will.
Sorry thought "disagree" comment was at me... Ok... Then choose between Robert Hand or Jeff Green :)
Did Jeff Green get a steal for this?
First-year UW-Green Bay men's basketball coach Linc Darner has been on quite a roll the last two seasons, with a...
2010 I came back from space. Today I launch into space. More in my FB note:
Launch day for Watch our weekly update & learn more. . Question? Use
If Spence is available at 20, green and white has to pounce
Yes! Skilled job apprenticeships are a big need for young and transitioning workers.
Breakfast with a Green Giant and listening to Jeff Bridges singing in the car on my way to the…
What will Cheshire East’s New Leader Bring to the North West?
Phil is gettin another green jacket this year
Its that time: NXS- 10 Jeff Green. NSCS- 21 Ryan Blaney. Hoppin me luck dont run out this weekend 🍀☘🎻
At 1 point OKC had Westbrook, Harden, Durant, Jeff Green, & Ibaka.& broke that team up QUICKLY for Kendrick Perk…
Good morning Happy green-beer-hangover day! Looks like we're cooling off with a high of only 5°C and down to -7° tonight.
Sweet Jeff. I'm right there with you. Bag has sat in Jersey for 14 hours. And it's GREEN. For St. Patty's Day sake.
I want a Irish History Month in March. I had green on me all day! In the form of some big sticky green nuggets!
Trade back for Jeff Green not an option?
i thought that was Jeff Green, had to do a double take
Been playin wit that green as long as Paul Pierce
I've done research. His campaign mgr lobbied for green energy. Trump lies all the time.
yeah I was thinking that. I'll take Jeff Green. But the Wizards will try to get one big money name
Did you know there are green, hoppy things buried in the mud? I FOUND ONE!!. Jeff says it was a hibernating frog
he's not even Odom...Odom was a real stud. He's really more of a bigger Jeff green...
Interesting piece on how rituals foster community. As for me, it's a green tea rather than a green beer kinda night
And she didn't wear any green on St. Patrick's Day!
.. I've played it, drive/iron to the green at Bay Hill's 6th is, for lack of a better word, unbelievable.
The only thing that makes Ryan Hollins better than Jeff Green is that there are no Ryan Hollins fans to argue with.
Why I can't wear green on St. Patrick's Day. Just posted on my work FB page Jeff Booth
Just caught two middle fingers and a *** " from some bro in a green tank and jeff cap. Happy St. Pad's y'all. 🍀
Watch on I spy something green 🍀 Frida Kahlo and Jeff Koons on St. Patrick's
When it's St. Patrick's Day and you grew up emo so you don't have any green clothes.
shouldn't have traded Jeff Green smh
Is Bowling Green big enough for both Jeff Brohm and Brad Stevens?
Today is the day all my Android-using friends are not green bubble losers, but rather TOTALLY INTO St. Patrick’s Day.
I've been able to watch the roving gangs of green-clad, drunk undergrads all day.
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clever St Patty's day reference. Green shoe indeed
crazy how Lance Stephenson gets to Memphis and plays fantastic and Jeff Green goes to LA and becomes nothing. Doc Rivers Tings.
Green shoe would kick it over the top. Story by
tell Jeff that sea foam green is reserved, strictly for brides maids dresses
Bar tending tonight. I'll finally learn how they make that green beer
Better be wearing green today or ima get ya 👌
Head to O'Neil's in Spicer for green beer, corned beef & cabbage & live music by Jeff James!
Happy Saint Patrick's Day from Austin Texas! Be wisely crazy you green punks out there! :)…
It's like watching ten Jeff Green's out there.
This is the leprechaun's day,. he dons his green cap looking grim. Last year the child tried to trap him,. and this year…
Jeff Green is nice, but I had to disagree on the Lance trade. Even Josh Smith was locked down.
🍀 Every year, the Chicago River turns green for Photo: Marlene Calderon
Listen to Love and Happiness by Al Green on
idk whether to be amused that Saint is literally making a pun about giving you green or go laugh cause Jeff is Jeff
Waiting to see what green garb the Irish have in store for us this year. 🍀
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Jeff Green, Brandon Knight, & Harrison Barnes are trash/okay players but not like the level of Waiters/Garrett Temple trash.
KP is fine as long as he doesn't have to chase around Jeff Green
I destroyed Steph, LeBron, and Paul George with Patty Mills, Jeff Green, and John Wall last night.
he's definitely a finalist for the Jeff Green award, which will go, as always, to Jeff Green.
Jeff Green had 0 points on 0-of-7 shooting, 2 reb, 3 fouls in Clipper’s big win last night. Benched in favor of Wes Johnson in crunch time.
Tonight definitively proved that Jeff Green is no Joe Johnson
Things the Clippers have acquired this year: New uniforms, a dance team reality show, a condor, Jeff Green.
Wesley Johnson and Jeff Green are both in for the Clippers
Paul Pierce should be removed from the starting lineup for Jeff Green. . Paul-Redick-Green-LMAM-Jordan. Bench. . Austin-Jamal-Wes-Pierce-Cole
Should I go with Jeff Green instead of Wesley Johnson?
Wesley Johnson or Jeff Green who benefits the most
Would you trade Jeff Green back to Memphis to have Matt Barnes back ?
When did Jeff Green go to to the Clippers?
Report: The Clippers acquired Jeff Green from the Grizzlies for Lance Stephenson and 2019 first-round pick, per Lowe.
From the year 2022: "The Sonics have traded a 1st round pick for Jeff Green. GM Jason Kidd says 'He's our missing piec…
I do find it funny that Jeff Green was allowed more mistakes and offensive freedom than Josh Smith and Lance Stephenson eve…
Not going to repeat my rant from a week ago but how'd Doc come in thinking Lance and Josh Smith were the answer, to Jeff Green.
Hey Doc Rivers, you might not wanna go with the Jeff Green, Aldrich, Crawford, Prigioni, Wesley Johnson lineup...bc it ***
We make a case for the gamble on Jeff Green to be a great move for the L.A. Clippers.
Jeff Green trade was a good 1 Doc. Now let's see if u can get Andy Varejao or David Lee once their waivers and buyouts are done!
Jeff Green is now Blake Griffin's teammate. Look, I know a lot of you didn't like the guy, but nobody deserves that.
That Lance Stephenson for Jeff Green trade was flawless
Clippers trade Lance Stephenson to Grizzlies for Jeff Green: In the final moments before the…
Yahoo sources: Clippers are finally able to trade Lance Stephenson and land Jeff Green from Memphis in the process. htt…
So Jeff Green is finally off the team... I have no one to talk bad about or want to trade badly, this is weird🤔
I really don't like Stephenson for Jeff Green; but I guess a Lance & Tony rotation could work out.
Clippers make a quality switch as they acquire F Jeff Green who played under Doc in Boston. Also liked WSH getting Markeiff Morris from PHX
Clippers keep Blake Griffin, acquire Jeff Green at deadline
There's no way Doc can start Luc and Jeff Green it'll absolutely kill the spacing
clippers get rid of Lance AND get Jeff Green!!! Brilliant trade! Jeff Green is a great player so underrated
Clippers have traded Lance Stephenson to Memphis for Jeff Green. (Via & The Orange County Register)
Jeff Green highlighted a tame day, after finding out he will next suit up for the Clippers
Clippers deal for Jeff Green, then beat Spurs for first win over...
Grizzlies swap Jeff Green to Clippers for Stephenson: According to multiple reports, the Memphis Grizzlies obt...
Very happy to see the Clippers picked up Jeff Green before the trade deadline.
☛The only way to shoot an animal Pope Jeff Green
Jeff Green is going to the Clippers for Lance Stephenson. (via
What exactly are getting with Jeff Green? See here in his Top Plays!. WATCH:
Jeff Green going to and getting rid of Lance Stephenson is a GREAT trade.
‘Rivers is on a mission to never use a first-round pick again.’ Six trade deadline takeaways
The Clippers will now be the fourth team to find out that Jeff Green is not the answer.
ICYMI: Here's everything you need to know about the acquisition of Jeff Green:
have a great addition in Jeff Green he is athletic,can shoot the 3 and can defend if he is focused
Clippers got Jeff Green for Lance Stephenson lmao Doc Rivers basically finessed the grizzlies
Since the Clippers are now officially the Celtics of the West with the Jeff Green trade, can we at least get Delonte on …
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Jeff Green is just an overall disappointment. No wonder we wanted him gone in Boston
Clippers get Jeff Green in deal with Grizzlies: The Clippers got another potential f...
Clippers trading for Jeff Green, Cavs getting Channing Frye, and Thunder getting Randy Foye all great additions!
Why a change of scenery may help Lance Stephenson and Jeff Green (by
Clippers get Jeff Inexperienced in cope with Grizzlies
Full Trade Details: Clippers sending Lance Stephenson AND a first round pick to the Grizzlies for Jeff Green.
Doc watching eight weeks of Jeff Green pull ups from 15 feet
Chris Paul/Blake Griffin is like getting a steal and a fastbreak. Trading for Jeff Green is like missing the uncontested dunk.
"Jeff Green, age 75, was laid to rest today. A local man at his funeral was quoted as saying 'That boy still had all …
Jeff green gonna be DEAD and they still gonna be saying he got potential
NBA trade deadline wrap: Dud of a day - Sports Illustrated
Jeff Green, Harrison Barnes, and Marvin Williams walk into a bar. . "What'll it be, boys?" the bartender asks. "We suck a…
Clippers get Jeff Green in deal with Grizzlies
The Grizzles lost Marc Gasol, and traded away Jeff Green and Courtney Lee are they crazy
know how Sam Perkins always looked sleepy? Jeff Green the same, but actually sleepy
...Grizzlies trade Jeff Green to Clippers for Lance Stephenson & draft pick, Magic trade Channing Fyre to Cavs for Jared Cunningham...
interesting...he goes from being declined by Memphis in the Jeff Green deal to playing vs. San Antonio tonight!
What a boring NBA trade deadline. Jeff Green to the clips is the headline deal? I don't think any team got markedly better or worse
Report: Clippers deal Stephenson to Grizzlies for Jeff Green - (blog)
ESPN’s Zach Lowe has reported that the Los Angeles Clippers have acquired forward Jeff Green from the Memphis...
For all the crap the clips are getting about the Jeff Green deal, Memphis gave up a 1st, a 2nd, tayshaun prince and quincy pondexter for him
Barkley just said Clippers made a great deal for Jeff Green... A perennial all star...
Chuck said he loves the Jeff Green deal. Said it was a good trade for the Clippers because Green didn't have to be a leader on the Clippers
Jeff Green definitely got the better end of that deal
y'all got a good deal, Jeff Green a beast tbh
The definitely got the better of the Green/Stephenson deal. Jeff Green wouldn't slap-box while on the bench.
Jeff Green deal killed Celtics in 2011. Green=Gandhi. Mr. Passive Resistence. Got to wonder why a guy w his talent kee…
Clippers indeed squeezed in a deal at the end, sending Lance Stephenson and a future first to Memphis for Jeff Green, source …
Clippers get Jeff Green in deal with Grizzlies - ESPN
Our says it's Jeff Green for Lance Stephenson. Deal DID beat the 3 p.m. buzzer
Little Giant Ladders
Clippers get Jeff Green in deal with Grizzlies  -via ESPN
If it's inefficient Jeff Green, then addition by subtraction is in play. Conley/Chalmers backcourt could help w/ Lee
Losing Lee is tough, but it depends on if you're gauging this on losing inefficient Jeff Green or efficient Jeff Green
Still butt hurt about C Lee but not mad about Jeff Green being traded. We have Z bo, Tony, Barnes, Birdman, and Lance Stephenson now.
Great. I was not a fan of Jeff Green. Now I can not be a fan of Lance Stephenson.
got Jeff Green. That will help them.
Jeff Green and Markieff Morris: only players traded Thursday who are averaging more than 20 minutes per game this season…
[Lowe] Clippers have acquired Jeff Green, sources say.
Sources: Chris Paul and Doc Rivers to have a coin flip to decide who gets to be first to scream at Jeff Green.
[Lowe] Clippers have acquired Jeff Green, sources say. via
Grizzlies reportedly trade Jeff Green to Clippers for Lance Stephenson, 1st-round pick
Lance Stephenson and a first-round pick go to the Grizzlies, Jeff Green goes to the Clippers. Wow, I didn't see that co…
L.A. has reportedly traded Lance Stephenson to Memphis for Jeff Green. LIVE BLOG:
Clippers have acquired Jeff Green in the deal
Clippers have acquired Jeff Green, sources say.
I like that Jaylen Brown kid out in cal. Above the rim athletic wing, but not zombified like Jeff Green...
Why wont grizzlies do Jeff Green and a 1st for Pau. Reunite the Gasol brothers and Bulls get wing player they need.
Grizzlies might have interest in Whiteside and Chris Andersen in a deal the Heat could receive both Courtney Lee and Jeff Green
Courtney Lee and Jeff Green are huge upgrade for this roster! Whiteside must go!
Some hypothetical Ira deal. I think it's Jeff Green or Courtney Lee for Whiteside/Birdman.
Courtney Lee is shooting 37% from 3 this season. Jeff Green is shooting 30%. My guess is that we would go for Lee for sure.
Spo doesn't like one-dimensional players that just shoot the three ball. Courtney Lee and Jeff Green would help a lot.
Sorry as much as I don't like Hassan trading him for Courtney Lee and Jeff Green makes me throw up
So a Whiteside and Birdman Trade to Memphis could probably happen. Might be able to get Courtney Lee or Jeff Green. Via. Ira Winderman.
Yep... Jeff Green anyone? How about Courtney Lee? Mario Chalmers anyone, Mario going twice...
Will the Thunder please trade for Courtney Lee and my boy Jeff Green
The Grizzles are taking in offers for Jeff Green and Courtney Lee!
Interesting how bringing guys off the bench (Jrue Holiday, Jeff Green) has really improved their games lately.
RCR has won the pole 4x for the with Dale Earnhardt (1996) Mike Skinner (1997) Jeff Green (2003) Jeff Burton (06)
Marc Gasol's injury could have massive effects on the trade market. Conley, Jeff Green and Courtney Lee all in last year. Memphis may sell.
Russell Westbrook, Jeff Green, and Kevin Durant meet Davidson stud Stephen Curry back in 2009! OMG!!!
y'all need a solid 3 guard. Gone ship Ryan Anderson to Memphis for Jeff Green
Also re:E'Twaun Moore, Jeff Green, Ryan Anderson, Troy Daniels all have had career games against them this season. Horrible.
Bring home Jeff Green & Jarrett Jack on the trade deadline Fam!
man YOU. You got Jeff Green, Batum, and ehh Evan turner would be bad off the bench
Jeff Green, Myles Turner, Jordan Hill, and Norris Cole making great value plays. How many do you have in your lineup?
How's your fantasy lineup looking for tonight? Myles Turner and Jeff Green could be solid value plays
According to the WaPo, these players are similar to LMA: Ryan Anderson, Evan Turner, Jeff Green. Yeah, right...
Isaiah Taylor got dribbling lessons from Jeff Green.
I'd give up Robin Lopez and lance Thomas for Jeff Green and then trade Afflao and Seraphin for Teague.
need better wings players. Should go afte Jeff Green, Courtney Lee, or Kevin Martin I think
Jeff Green drops 21 Pts off the bench in the Grizzlies 103-83 win over the Bucks.
Jeff Green why don't you play like this every game?!
Jeff Green joins Jerryd Bayless, Mike Miller, Stromile Swift & Bonzi Wells as only players in history to score 30+ off the bench.
Jimmy Butler is was Jeff Green could and should be.
.and Jeff Green don't be such a flake.
I would like to fashion a bow out of Jeff Green in order fire Matt Barnes as an arrow into the face of Dave Joerger.
Jeff Green takes the workload off of LeBron. Richard Jefferson is no longer LeBron's "backup"
and I would only do Jeff Green + Ennis for Markieff. Wouldn't put in either Martin or Adams.
Jae Crowder is exactly what I hoped Jeff Green would evolve into. Strong, smart, a defensive beast. And CONSISTENT
Jeff Green haters really gotta be in their feels right now.
So is Jeff Green - we're getting a better deal with Mike.
Let's try that again: Hubie Brown now scolding Jeff Green, so I don't have to.
My seven year old just yelled "You suck ref" at the tv regarding that Jeff Green foul. I didn't even chastise him. The ref does suck. Hard.
"Defensively, Jeff Green out of position." -- Brevin Knight.
Jeff Green ally dunk for the game was better. Courtney Lee ally layup was better. Steph shot on the Pelicans was better.
Tonight's NBA locks are Tristan Thompson, Jameer Nelson, and Jeff Green. Also consider Carmelo as the cheapest high upside s…
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