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Jeff Gillooly

Tonya Maxene Harding (born November 12, 1970) is an American figure skating champion, a two-time Olympian, and a two-time Skate America Champion.

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Right now, Goodell is desperately searching his stack of business cards for Jeff Gillooly's phone number.
Where's Jeff Gillooly when you need him?
NE Patriots hired Jeff Gillooly of Tonya Harding infamy 2 secure a SuperBowl LI victory over the Falcons-Falcons wear your knee pads
Sebastian Stan & Margot Robbie as Jeff Gillooly & Tonya Harding on the set of I, Tonya
"Jeff Stone will always be Jeff Gillooly". had a passing thought. that i almost caught... stumbling...bumbling...
Even scarier. It's the Tonya Harding biopic "I, Tonya" starring Margot Robbie as Tonya and Sebastian Stan as Jeff Gillooly.
Selleck is a compliment... all i see is Jeff Gillooly (the character he's playing)... Tonya's ex, i m…
Sebastian killed me with Jeff Gillooly's mustache😭😭
Thoughts about 1) wow, he looks like Jeff Gillooly. 2) why is my brain still storing what Jeff Gillooly looks like
He needs to release his Jeff Gillooly Spotify list.
posted this pic with him as Jeff Gillooly in with caption '
Seb as Jeff Gillooly for The 'stache ruined his face 😪
Jeff Gillooly, Tonya Harding's ex-husband, pleads guilty for the Nancy Kerrigan attack in 1994…
I like the angle of Samoa Joe being the Jeff Gillooly and Triple H being the Tanya Harding here. So I politely disagree bruh
If Tiger Woods don't retire soon, we might have to hire Jeff Gillooly to do a mercy hit
Margot Robbie and SebStan are playing Tonya Harding and Jeff Gillooly? And Allison Janney is in this too?
My shin feels like it got the Jeff Gillooly/lead pipe treatment..but the Fireball is the only suspect.
never thought I'd say this but can I be Jeff Gillooly?
Sam Hinkie must have hired Jeff Gillooly...Nerlens could be heard yelling "Why! Why!" We know why...
Are you ready for Jeff Gillooly's mule ***
Maybe Ryan Gossling will play Jeff Gillooly. *** it Rome, you're not going to let me have an easy one today are you?
And I almost never want him cast in things, but James Franco needs to play Jeff Gillooly. Obviously.
nah I'm playing the girl Jeff Gillooly is having an affair with. I only have one line and it's "is your last name really Gillooly?"
Margot will play the professional ice skater whose ex-husband Jeff Gillooly and her bodyguard Shawn Eckhardt...
Margot Robbie as Tonya Harding? Only if it includes Anne Hathaway as Nancy Kerrigan and Scoot McNairy as Jeff Gillooly.
Stunningly gorgeous will play hideous Tonya Harding so Clooney gonna play weasel Jeff Gillooly?
.this just in, Jeff Gillooly to be played by known other than
I'm sure I saw Tonya Harding and Jeff Gillooly at MTS Centre today.
Maybe they can get Lewandowski to play Jeff Gillooly.
Commenter on this morning's Margot Robbie/Tonya Harding post suggested Scoot McNairy for Jeff Gillooly. Brilliant.
I will totally be Jeff Gillooly if need be
Matt Dillon as Jeff Gillooly, let's do this thing
who will they cast as Jeff Gillooly? Gillooly.
I'd love to see Jared Leto as Jeff Gillooly, depending on what kind of film I Tonya will be and if it can survive the Suicide Squad casting.
Margot Robbie to play Tonya Harding. Maybe Channing Tatum can play Jeff Gillooly and a newborn unicorn foal can play Nancy Kerrigan.
please get Anne Hathaway as Nancy Kerrigan and Kanye as Jeff Gillooly
Who you got playing Jeff Gillooly? I got Scoot McNairy, is feeling Aaron Paul.
Dude that is an inspired choice! For some reason I'm seeing someone like Aaron Paul as Jeff Gillooly.
I hope she does the "Daddy I'm not gonna wear panties around the house" scene with Jeff Gillooly
I’d like to think this sweet purple egg is “the” Jeff Gillooly. .
Middle Tennessee is the Jeff Gillooly to Syracuse's Tonya Harding. T's & P's to Michigan State's shinbone...
What do you think Jeff Gillooly is up to nowadays ?
Seriously though. Can we hire someone to knee cap before we play them next? Where is Jeff Gillooly when you need him.
Unknown. But the other guy looks like Jeff Gillooly.
I just googled Jeff Gillooly. My Friday is officially in shambles.
A fun vocal warm up for your next speech/vocal performance: Jeff Gillooly tried to sue me for winning his life rights in a knife fight
My favorite Duke player is Grayson Allen. He really knows how to take an opponent out at the knees. /s/ Jeff Gillooly
Have they considered using the Jeff Gillooly approach?
I wonder if Jeff Gillooly is available for hire?
any one have Jeff Gillooly's number?
Better hope Jeff Gillooly and Shawn Eckardt and Shane Stant are waiting in the back with their police batons
I dunno, Harding can take a beating, Jeff Gillooly had quite a big ***
again.. *** is Bobby Evans and Boche smoking? Adrianza? Where's Jeff Gillooly when you need him?
Cuddyer still not going on DL, someone call Jeff Gillooly
Donald Trump's campaign antics start to make sense if you remember that Jeff Gillooly is apparently his campaign manager.
I'm just thankful Miss Lindsay and Hillary Trump are kneecapping each other now, I can't afford to have Jeff Gillooly tag them both.
And Tonya Harding and Jeff Gillooly were attempting to help Nancy Kerrigan win the gold.
Today in 1994-Nancy Kerrigan is clubbed in the right knee with a police baton by Shane Stant after a practice session at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships in Detroit, an assault planned by rival Tonya Harding's ex-husband Jeff Gillooly and co-conspirator Shawn Eckardt. The incident became known as "The Whack Heard Round the World." Some of the attack and its aftermath, which took place in a corridor at Cobo Arena, were caught on camera and broadcast around the world, particularly the now-famous footage of attendants helping Kerrigan as she grabbed at her knee wailing: "Why, why, why?" Although Kerrigan's injury forced her to withdraw from the U.S. Championships, her rivals agreed that she merited one of the two spots on the Olympic team. The USFSA chose to name her to the Olympic team rather than second-place finisher Michelle Kwan. On February 1, 1994, Gillooly accepted a plea bargain in exchange for his testimony against Harding. Gillooly, Stant, Eckhardt, and getaway car driver Derrick Smith all se ...
It's more likely Kim Jong Un will come to that person's house and go Jeff Gillooly on them than for that to happen.
Either that or Coach may get the Jeff Gillooly Treatment on his next sprint through Camp Point
Put Seanette on the Gymnastics Team or you're gettin' the Jeff Gillooly. .
Breast Cancer Awareness
Yes he will. I have a plan. I know a man by the name of jeff gillooly.
Is Jeff Gillooly still around? Might need his crew to do a little number on Ajax.
I predict UCONN will hire Jeff Gillooly to take care of Aaron Harrison before tomorrow’s game. Also, keep track of Tonya Harding.
Bradley Cooper as Jeff Gillooly. JLaw as Tonya. Shea LeBouf as Bob Costa's pink eye.
It was 20 years ago that figure skating took a turn for the scandalous, when Olympic skater Tonya Harding stood accused of conspiring to have rival skater Nancy Kerrigan whacked in the kneecap. Now, all these years later, Logo brings you Ice Queens, a Vine-based re-telling of the Kerrigan-Harding scandal, starring RuPaul’s Drag Race favorites Willam Belli (as Tonya) and Morgan McMichaels (as Nancy)—plus Delta Work as an FBI agent, Yara Sofia as Oksana Baiul, Vivienne Pinay as a reporter, Colby Melvin as Jeff Gillooly and Christopher Adames as Shane Stant, the man who actually committed the dastardly deed. The whole thing is two-minutes long, so don’t pretend like you don’t have the time. Tags:ice queens|ice skating|Morgan McMichaels|Nancy Kerrigan Tonya Harding|willam belli The post “Ice Queens”: Watch The Entire Harding-Kerrigan Scandal Now! appeared first on NewNowNext.
In the inevitable biopic "Kerrigan," I say Anne Hathaway in title role, Amy Adams as Tonya Harding, and Peter Sarsgaard as Jeff Gillooly.
I think the role of Jeff Gillooly might just be Bradley Cooper's chance to Charlize in Monster himself.
Day one of Ontario Short Track Speed Skating Championships. Oliver Scharf 6th at 3000 M and 1st at 200 M pursuit. He is in second overall, 304 points behind the leader. Why does the name Jeff Gillooly keep popping into my head?
I'm scrubbing through tonight's Olympics broadcast, when they showed a preview of the Tanya Harding/the other skater (the brunette) piece they will play later this week. I wasn't really paying attention, but I hope thy do a Jeff Gillooly where are they now segment.
One of best pieces of '13 MT What happened to mastermind of Nancy Kerrigan attack? Jeff Gillooly in 2013
What happened to the mastermind of the Nancy Kerrigan attack? We went to Jeff Gillooly's house to find out. From 2013
I really hoped I'd have gone the rest of my life without hearing the name "Jeff Gillooly" lol
After watching the Harding/Kerrigan piece I'm convinced that Jeff Gillooly gave Bob Costas pink eye.
I don't like to perpetuate conspiracies, but Jeff Gillooly played a role in Costas' eyes.
Jeff Gillooly puts such a bad light on the Gillooly name. For the record we are not related
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The worst name ever is Jeff Gillooly
Tessa and Scott apparently heard asking for a phone number for Jeff Gillooly
What this Olympics is missing is some Tonya Harding and Jeff Gillooly drama.
Watching the 30 for 30 story on Tanya Harding. After seeing Jeff Gillooly's 'stache, I'm shaving immediately.
Where is Jeff Gillooly when you need him?
I'm being completely serious. How many GD events are held for figure skating. It's been on for a week. Where's Jeff Gillooly to club all these fools on the knee?!?!
Hi, my name is Jeff Gillooly. I have a large pipe. I think we can really hit it off.
Someone send in Jeff Gillooly to end the figure skating portion
Ha! Yeah RaduLOLov. Just his whole vibe makes me want to go all Jeff Gillooly on his kneecaps. ***
Hey fellas, if you aren't expressing Jeff Gillooly levels of love tonight, you are nothing.
Dear God- figure skating is BACK on the TV!!! Where are Tonya Harding & Jeff Gillooly when we need them??? Please, someone give them a plane ticket to Sochi-FAST!
First the dog exterminators, and now Russia has hired Jeff Gillooly to go around busting *** in the kneecaps. This is getting out of hand.
Wow Plushenko withdrew. Too hurt to skate. Jeff Gillooly strikes again.
Man, every picture of Jeff Gillooly from 1994 is better than the last.
Remember when Jeff Gillooly starred in the Olympics. Those were the days.
I was Jeff Gillooly, hit my dad in the knee with a 5 iron
I wouldn't put it past Urban _eyer to hire Jeff Gillooly to run around Schembechler Hall and club our guys in the knee.
This Olympics could use some Jeff Gillooly. No one under 35 gets that
ah, tonya. The good ole days when scrunchies ruled the world. Deadspin had an depth article with Jeff Gillooly recently
To any Oregon folks: if you know a dude named Jeff Stone, be careful because his name used to Jeff Gillooly and hes Shady.
Rumor is that Jeff Gillooly has been seen lurking around the Olympic Village and Tonya Harding was working a concession stand.
I'd like to think Matt Lauer, Tonya Harding'd, Bob Costas' pillow... but his wife looks nothing like Jeff Gillooly.
Wondering if hired Jeff Gillooly and gave him a vial of pink eye virus.
I think it would be awesome to have Jeff Gillooly throw out the first bouquet of roses before the figure skating started in Sochi this year
Jeff Gillooly played a great villain.
Matt Lauer hired Jeff Gillooly to give Bob Costas pink eye. You know it's true.
Anybody know if Jeff Gillooly is still available for knee work? Our Woman's everything team could use his services once again
Bring back the Mario Brothers super show with as Mario and Jeff Gillooly as Luigi.
yes. I'd like to outsource this, Jeff Gillooly style.
I pegged you as the Jeff Gillooly of comedy and Don Knotts as the Shawn Eckhardt
Why yes, I did do a search this evening for [Jeff Gillooly]
Does anyone else think these Olympics could use a little more Jeff Gillooly?
here's another olympic golden oldie from the cutler repertoire art players (c.r.a.p.) !! (allegretto, brightly) Nancy Kerrigan got up from the chair again headed towards the ice thought it might be nice to bring home the o - lympic gold Tonya Harding thought she'd take a par-ting shot at nancy's knee so jeff gillooly hatched a plan so co- o - o - old! as nancy headed onto the ice a man came from behind! bang! bang! nancy's lillehammer trip almost got post poned! (doo di doo doo) bang! bang! nancy's lilllehammer trip got messed up to the bone! lil - le - ham - mer! (instrumental sting) (originally sung by Jim Wise, engineered by *** Schroder)
Dan Travis and i just decided for halloween next year he is going as Tanya Harding, and I'm going as Jeff Gillooly.
I consider myself to be 2014's version of Jeff Gillooly.
Figure skating missed its cue 20 years ago: They should totally turn a club-wielding Shane Stant or Jeff Gillooly loose on the ice for skaters to contend with.
Wow! Amazing performance by Trevor Cooney of Syracuse. Even more impressive, Jay Bilas mentioning that the Irish will need Jeff Gillooly (Tonya Harding's ex) to stop him. Amazing commentary!
"The only one who can stop Cooney might be Jeff Gillooly:" Bilas. LINE OF THE SEASON
Any truth to the rumor that Jeff Gillooly was recently hired on to a "staff" position at Papa John's?
Where is Jeff gillooly when you need him Eli get in that game now
Hired Jeff Gillooly to make sure I win my puppy bowl bet this year
On this day: In 1964 - 50 years ago - the so-called "British Invasion" began as the Beatles reached on the U.S. singles charts for the very first time with their song "I Want to Hold Your Hand." In 1979 - 35 years ago - the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini returned to Iran after ending nearly 15 years in exile, receiving a tumultuous welcome in Tehran; convicted bank robber Patricia Hearst was released from prison after Pres. Jimmy Carter commuted her sentence. In 1994 - 20 years ago - Jeff Gillooly, the ex-spouse of figure skater Tonya Harding, pleaded guilty in Portland, Oregon to racketeering for his part in the attack on rival skater Nancy Kerrigan in exchange for a 24-month sentence (six of which were served) and a $100,000 fine.
on this date in 1994, Jeff Gillooly pled guilty in Portland, OR, for his role in the attack on figure skater Nancy Kerrigan. Gillooly, Tonya Harding's ex-husband, struck a plea bargain under which he confessed to racketeering charges in exchange for testimony implicating Harding.
Dan and I just watched a fascinating document on Tanya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan . In the last 30 seconds there was some information that went on the screen that said Tanya's ex-husband who was involved with all the shenanigans changed his name from Jeff gillooly to . Jeff Stone! My ymca mind is blown!
My beloved Tracie Anderson Crawford is about ready to pull a "Jeff Gillooly" on Mother Nature.
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Sochi doesn't seem all that appealing ! It's a good thing I'm not an Olympian because I would Jeff Gillooly myself and fall back!
That's right Exorcistic fans... Exorcistic writer, Michael Shaw Fisher and Music Director/Arranger, Michael Teoli are teaming up again! This time it's for Teoli's Tonya & Nancy: The Rock Opera, where Fisher will play Jeff Gillooly! But that's not all!!! Exorcistic alumns Sarah Chaney, Jesse Merlin, Jeff Sumner and guitarist AListair Cooper will be along for the ride as well! Get your tickets now for The Music of Tonya & Nancy: The Rock Opera (A Concert to Benefit Celebration Theater) February 4th and 5th at 8pm!
...saw the last few minutes of ESPN's Tonya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan doc...the part in which Tonya flattly denies knowing about the attack on Kerrigan beforehand...all I know is...that is not what her ex. Jeff Gillooly told me...
Come rememeber that fateful day but 20 years ago when jeff gillooly destroyed Nancy Kerrigan's knee.
Wow.. "The other one is, "What do your kids think about this?" There are two things that have come up with my kids. The first one, when Haley was very young, and we were at a PTA meeting and a gal came up to me and said, "Are you Jeff?" and I said, "Yeah, I'm Jeff." And she said, "Are you Jeff Gillooly?" And I said, "Yep, yeah, I'm Jeff Gillooly." And she said, "I don't mean to be rude. But does that embarrass you?" "No, it doesn't embarrass me." And then she finally came up with the question she wanted to ask me and she said, "What if your daughter wants to be a figure skater?" And I told her, "Well, I guess I'll make sure she wins.""
Can somebody contact Jeff gillooly to take out Sherman's knee In the coming weeks at a Seahawks practice? Lying there in his best Nancy Kerrigan voice, Sherman screams out... "Whyyy, why, why?!?" Somebody make this happen!
Breaking News: Seahawks hire Jeff Gillooly to spank Peyton Manning on the knee.
Historical Events, on this day January 19 In 1419, Rouen surrendered to Henry V during the Hundred Years' War. In 1861, Georgia seceded from the Union and joined the Confederacy. In 1920, the U.S. Senate voted against the country joining the League of Nations. In 1938, the Spanish Nationalist air force bombed Barcelona and Valencia, killing 700 civilians and wounding hundreds more. In 1975, China published a new constitution that adopted the precepts and policies of Mao Zedong. In 1977, U.S. President Gerald Ford pardoned Iva Toguri D'Aquino, who had been convicted of treason for her World War II Japanese propaganda broadcasts as Tokyo Rose. In 1994, ice skater Tonya Harding's former husband, Jeff Gillooly, was arrested and charged with conspiracy in an attack two weeks earlier on Harding rival Nancy Kerrigan. In 1995, Russian forces captured the presidential palace in the rebel republic of Chechnya. In 2005, a Southeast Asian tsunami death toll was raised to 220,000. In 2007, former U.S. Rep. Bob Ney, R ...
My knee feels like Jeff Gillooly mistook me for Nancy Kerrigan during one of his acid trip flashbacks.
Twenty years later we still know who Tonya Harding is and are looking at her on TV, so mission accomplished, Jeff Gillooly.
Tonight, ESPN's "30 for 30" series airs The Price of Gold, a look at the Tonya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan saga that features rare present-day interviews with Harding, still proclaiming her innocence. Not appearing in the documentary? Jeff Gillooly, the mastermind behind the plot.
OKAY the Tonya Harding movie on ESPN was um, amazing. Also, Jeff Gillooly, everyone in the Mission is copying your look.
Amy Adams as Tonya Harding, Jennifer Lawrence as Nancy Kerrigan, Christian Bale as Jeff Gillooly in David O Russell's Triple A…
Tonya Harding is to lying as snow is to Alaska. Just watched the ESPN 30-30 in regards to her and Nancy Kerrigan. Chick with some major jealousy issues. A little overly dramatic too. I think if I was her husband Jeff Gillooly I'd have hit myself in the head with that pipe instead of using it on Kerrigans leg.
Jeff Gillooly is the ultimate Lifetime movie bad guy.
Has anyone else noticed that you never see Curt Schriever and Jeff Gillooly in the same place? Coincidence or something else?
Jeff Gillooly should have gotten 15-20 for that mustache alone.
I keep it bangin like Jeff Gillooly on a kneecap
Beyond excited to relive Nancy Kerrigan vs Tonya Harding and Jeff Gillooly on tonight's 30 for 30. Nothing gets me in the Olympic spirit like a club to a competitor's knee
Looks like Jeff Gillooly will pinch hit for Tonya Harding. -announcer at disgraced celebrity softball game.
Hm.. "Isn't as clear cut?"... I guess it would be clearer if the copy writer had a list of the players. "investigators revealed that Kerrigan’s ex-husband Jeff Gillooly had orchestrated the attack" I think I found their problem.
Anyone else as excited as I am to watch the Jeff Gillooly 30 For 30 on Thursday?
I have runner’s remorse. So, I don’t run, at all. But I talked myself into running with a group on Sunday. We did 2.3 and I ran the whole thing. I didn’t stop; didn’t walk; didn’t trip; didn’t roll anything. So, why does the inside of one ankle feel like Tonya Harding and Jeff Gillooly gave it the ol’ Nancy Kerrigan treatment? Yes people. I have brought you a figure skating reference to start your day! Have a good one!
Does anyone know where I can find Tonya Harding or Jeff Gillooly? I need to see if they will make a trip to New England this week before the playoff game. Oh relax. I am only kidding.
I think I should let everybody know... 20 years later... that I, Larry.. was the one that conspired with Jeff Gillooly to have that awful thing done to one Nancy Kerrigan. Skater girl? See you later, girl!
pretty cool I just got invited to audition for a theater roll as one of my favorite Shakespeare characters, was told they are making it fit modern day & I would be perfect for the part, only have to beat out 3 others guys apparently, (I wonder what Jeff Gillooly, Shawn Eckhart & Shane Stant are up to?), well hopefully I "break a leg"
Nancy Kerrigan on for Biiiggg Mistake. She's boring & not qualified Wonder how Shane Stant & Jeff Gillooly feel about this?
All Gillooly had to say was this thing is bigger than Jeff Gillooly.
Is she still married to Jeff Gillooly?
So do fans plan to hire Jeff Gillooly to club Sid's knee before the Olympics?
So sad Tonya Harding and Jeff Gillooly couldn't make it work :(
Where's Jeff Gillooly when you need him ? Maybe an attack on Nash will open a spot for him..!
now back to being Cup favorites, right? They have a Plan B if Khabby is a quick healer? Where's Jeff Gillooly?
Seriously, somebody's gonna have to go Jeff Gillooly on Rodman's knee before he gets on the plane to go back to North Korea.
Where is Jeff Gillooly now? He finished jail, changed his name and...tracked him down.
Good read! "Today is 20th anniversary of the attack on Nancy story w Jeff Gillooly,
Today is the 20 year anniversary of Nancy Kerrigan being attacked by Tonya Harding via Jeff Gillooly
Just got a friend request from Jeff Gillooly.
Jeff Gillooly wasn't the sharpest blade in the bag. He didn't do it w/out Tonya knowing
Lindsey Vonn's knee is not strong enough for her to compete in the Olympics. I blame Jeff Gillooly
To this day, I can't forget the name 'Jeff Gillooly'. Heck, you remember that wedding night video that Penthouse released of them?
Twenty years later, former U.S. Olympic teammates Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding look back on Kerrigan's attack by Harding's ex-husband, Jeff Gillooly. "I know it was a horrible time for everyone involved," Harding says
It's been 20 years since the Kerrigan-Harding scandal…so where is Jeff Gillooly now?
Jameis Winston was born the same day that Jeff Gillooly whacked Nancy Kerrigan. He's dedicating tonight's game to her.
Happy Anniversary Jeff Gillooly. 20 years ago today you did what it took to get your girl a gold medal.
20 years ago, today, Jeff Gillooly taught the band to play. When Nancy Kerrigan's leg made people mad. New post!
Finding Jeff Gillooly, 20 Years Later >> Crazy that is has been 20 years. What a wacky story.
Nancy Kerrigan was clubbed by Jeff Gillooly's goon exactly 20 years ago today. -via
what do you think Jeff Gillooly is doing to commemorate the anniversary?
Today is 20th anniversary of attack on Nancy Kerrigan. tracked down Jeff Gillooly and did the *** thing
Today marks the 20th "anniversary" of the kneecapping of Nancy Kerrigan by Jeff Gillooly, et al. The press coverage of this attack and the Olympics shortly thereafter was incredible. With various 24x7 news organizations and social media I can't begin to imagine what the coverage would be like today.
Nancy Kerrigan was attacked 20 years ago. found mastermind Jeff Gillooly: & he clubbed her.
Nancy Kerrigan was attacked 20 years ago today. tracked down mastermind Jeff Gillooly:
Happy 20th Jeff Gillooly anniversary today! Rot in *** Kerrigan.
20 years ago today: Jeff Gillooly in the arena's lower concourse with an iron pipe.
Nancy Kerrigan whacked on her knee by Jeff Gillooly today during Winter Olympics at Lillehammer, Norway, January 6th, 1994...20 years ago? Really?
I find it disconcerting that twenty years later, the name 'Jeff Gillooly' is still in my head.
Congratulations to our Toaster Trivia winner, Heather Kniker of Galesburg. She knew Jeff Gillooly was Tonya Harding's boyfriend who was involved in trying to eliminate Nancy Kerrigan from the Olympic figure skating competition. --Tom
THIS DATE IN HISTORY: On January 6, 1994, "Why me???" Olympic figure skater Nancy Kerrigan was attacked outside an ice rink and beaten behind the knee two days before the olympic trials were set to begin. As the story unfolded it was discovered that the attack was orchestrated by Jeff Gillooly (enter joke here) the ex-husband of Kerrigan's chief rival, Tonya Harding. Kerrigan recovered in time for the olympics and skated to a silver medal behind Ukrainian skater Oksana Baiul, (editor's comment, Kerrigan's long program was better and she should have won) who later went on to get pulled over for a DUI. She was underage at the time. I guess the take home message here is don't be an olympic level figure skater.
Can not believe this happened 20 years ago today, sure doesn't seem that long ago but want to feel old? Figure skater Nancy Kerrigan got her knee whacked at the US championships, January 6, 1994, which started up the whole thing with Tonya Harding, her ex Jeff Gillooly (yeah, he had his 'Andy Warhol' moment from this) which culminated at the Lillehammer Olympics the following month. Seems unreal to be THAT long ago now.
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How's this for a blast from two decades ago - Jeff Gillooly.
We need Jeff Gillooly(google him) out there in San Diego to visit Rivers before the game., is the only shot we got
You know I heard they're using Jeff Gillooly in the hunt for Osama Bin Laden... Jeff Gillooly. mykjfy
I bet most people remember Tonya Harding and Jeff Gillooly over Nancy Kerrigan. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!
Did my brother Jeff Gillooly just say he's buying me a round trip ticket to texas lol
I want to start a kickstarter fund to hire a Jeff Gillooly to take out Jack Capuano and Charles Wang!
I just read an interview someone did with Jeff gillooly...changed his name to Jeff Stone when he got out of prison...he's a used car salesman now..on his third wife...while I'm at it I should look for a Styx album.
Sometimes I wonder if cheesy late-night talkshow hosts lie awake at night regretting that the internet wasn't big in the early 90's so they couldn't make a "Tonya Harding/Jeff Gillooly met on the dating site" joke.
Ever wonder what happened to Jeff Gillooly? I did, and went and tracked him down and wrote about it for Deadspin
Dallas may need to bring in Tanya Harding's friend, Jeff Gillooly to take Jeffery and Marshall out at the knees as they come down the tunnel after half time.
Paula Deen & North West make me nostalgic for Joey Buttafuoco & Jeff Gillooly.
I wonder if JV has made inquiries to see if Jeff Gillooly is available to turn Jose Valverde into Nancy Kerrigan Part 2.
Dialing: "Hello.Jeff this you? you know if that guy you hired for the Nancy Kerrigan job is still available?"
Jeff Gillooly was Tonya Harding's husband. He's the one who planned the attack on Nancy Kerrigan so she couldn't compete.
Can we get Tonya Harding/Jeff Gillooly over there to whack some of his teammates knees?
Someone needs to commission a Nancy Kerrigan/Tonya Harding/Jeff Gillooly ballet at the Bolshoi STAT.
The put DP on waivers.said Charles Wang: "Where is Tonya Harding & Jeff Gillooly when you need them"
There is no truth to the vicious rumor that Scott Boras hired Tonya Harding and Jeff Gillooly to pay Chris Carpenter a visit.
Should'a hired Jeff Gillooly and Tanya Harding to take out this guy's knees!
Do we know 4 sure Tonya Harding/Jeff Gillooly were not involved in Clackamas Town Center shooting? (What? Too soon?)
After I criticized Urban Legend, Columbus pal jokingly -- I think -- warns me abouit zealots leaping from bushes and "going all Tonya Harding/Jeff Gillooly" on me next time I'm in Columbus
Isleta is really Tonya Harding and Jeff Gillooly in a pantomime horse costume!
It was actually Tonya Harding and Jeff Gillooly in a pantomine horse costume.
I'm so sick of the winning. Somebody call Tonya Harding & Jeff Gillooly...Gillooly.
A parting thought. Marty Brodeur looks a little like the French Canadian Brett Favre, and Ryan Carter looks like Jeff Gillooly. Ugh, f'in Devils!
"Missing tonight...who went home?" Me: Everyone. Shane Stant and Jeff Gillooly started breaking legs : (
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