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Jeff Flake

Jeffrey Lane Jeff Flake (born December 31, 1962) is the U.S. Representative for , serving since 2001. He is a member of the Republican Party.

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I'm disgusted that he is my state senator. Same with Jeff Flake.
Ben Sasse, Jeff Flake and Dean Heller are the only Senators I can believe in. Though Cruz not endorsing Trump yet is pretty heat.
Now that you've said this, you've guaranteed someone like Jeff Flake or Mike Crapo will run in 2020!
Sen. Jeff Flake: GOP will confirm if Trump loses
Sen. bidding sad farewell to longtime loyalist "I'm sick about it, obviously," Flake says.
Arizona's on White House spin doctors: "They deceived the American people" on the Iran nuclear deal.
Sens. and react - differently - to revelations about how White House spun Iran nuke deal.
How on Earth could they do that. Did the Aussies pay McCain and Jeff Flake bribery Money.? Build Crater for...
Be aware, Jeff Flake. AZ constituents R not happy with ur treatment of Get a grip.
How to Flake a Sail with Jeff Johnstone, President of J/Boats
Everything Sen Jeff Flake got wrong about an NSF study & a single line about "the cheerleader effect"
Jeff Flake on Garland (on MTP), just straight giving the game away: "If we lose the election then we ought to approve him q…
ICYMI - U.S. Sen. Flake (R-Ariz.) took to the Senate floor to discuss his latest oversight report, Twenty...
our other senator, Jeff Flake-responded to Paris attacks & Trump wins by campaigning at a Mosque
Bill Colley radio guy out of Idaho. Call out Sen Jeff Flake.
Sen. Jeff Flake: GOP will confirm Garland if Trump loses...
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And let's have one of your stupid polls. What state does Senator Jeff Flake represent? Right, nobody knows.
Jeff Flake: ‘A Good Start’ to Hear from Trump that the Muslim Ban ‘Was Merely a Suggestion’
Sen Jeff Flake on Trump's victory: ""I'm still in the first stage of grief: denial, I guess, at this point."
Yeah?. WHEN you lose in November you'll be wishing Garland hadn't been pulled. ***
You know, Jeff Flake (another Gang of 8 traitor) needs to go as well. People had better start realizing we are going to be in dire straits
MSNBC interview W/ Jeff Flake AR Senator said: U have to earn his vote, glad Ryan pushed back, U need Ryan to move forward.
That's obvious, huh. I called Jeff Flake 2hank him 4his stand against Trump, & tried to call McCain, can't get thru.
I like having the kind of job where I can send a co-author an e-mail saying “Jeff Flake is after the worm people!” and it’s just a fact.
Unintentionally a great read on why misunderstood fed-funded research is actually very important by
Here is a clip from MTP 4 days ago. This Jeff Flake is a tool.
Thank u Dems & Reps, a fine example you set. Let the kids who look up 2 u see how a government should NOT be run:
mocks scientific research; the American public loses when good research is maligned and misconstrued.
Jeff Flake on Trump saying Muslim ban is temporary "that's great but we'll see where he is a week from now"
Liberal group ties John McCain and Jeff Flake to Donald Trump in Arizona
Holding John McCain and Jeff Flake accountable for carrying Donald Trump's dirty water.
NPRs Robert Siegel talks with Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona about the state of play in the Republican Party following the Indiana primaries.
By "We" Jeff Flake means "We the Lobbyists for the Billionaires that own this country"
McCain & Jeff Flake sponsored the initial bill. Cruz introduced it for passage. Plenty of money spread all around.
Scientists targeted by Senator Jeff Flake's "wastebook" went to the Hill this week to defend their research.
What happened when a group of scientists went to confront their congressional tormentors Sen. Jeff flake: moron
I have 4 but they tend to flake a lot. I tried KVD too and so far Jeff star is the best
By attempting to kill US science efforts, people like Sen. Jeff Flake and Rep. Lamar Smith weaken our country.
Jeff Flake's bashing of gov't-funded scientific research has been infuriating. Props to him for showing up to this.
There are so many sad, depressing things about this story: . 1) Jeff Flake is actually one of the more...
Fighting shrimp, koozies and sheep: Flake takes on waste
Flake meets with via others speak out
Talking with Sen. Jeff Flake about the relevance and importance of my research.
Sen. meets with nominee Merrick Garland via
Lamar Smith and Jeff Flake worked to setback human knowledge and needlessly hurt some scientists, because politics:
Flake meets with Supreme Court nominee, won't support a vote via So disappointed in you!
Sen. meets with Supreme Court nominee, won't support hearings or a vote until after November election
Jeff Flake should know better. Has an adv deg in Nice coverage tho!
Senators Jeff flake and Pete Udall did one where they had to cooperate on an island.
A scientist explains the consequence of ending up in Sen. Jeff Flake’s waste book .
Jeff flake go back to snowflake you may have been important there. you useless piece of waste
Sen. Jeff Flake: I'd support Kasich over Cruz. Rem when he was anti-establishment & orig leader of the Tea Party?
Suggestion for Haberman: get Sen. Foreign Relations Committee GOPers Bob Corker, Jeff Flake & Jim Risch to critique
Sen Jeff Flake in Cuba with Obama how cozy just confirms what a traitor he is. McCain needs to go then Flake next election.
The LDS Church supports illegal Mexican immigration, as do Mormon politicians like Jeff Flake and Mitt Romney.
When presented to 2nd Grand Jury-Flakes,Son & daughter in law of US Senator Jeff Flake, were not even presented to them!
How can Jeff Flake R.Senator of Arizona be willing to vote for OBAMA'S Supreme Ct. Nom.Garland,who's a Lib against 2nd Amendment ⁉️⁉️😳
Jeff Flake (RM on my old House Sub-C): "If someone is going to ban me from travel to Cuba, let it be the Communists and not my own country."
McCain faces toughest reelection of his career Touring with invisible Sen.Jeff Flake is bad.Right now F…
The embargo is a Cold War relic, it's time to try something new. Jeff Flake is one Republican who understands that.
Anonymous-Message to the San Carlos Apache Tribe John McCain Jeff Flake on Notice R…
Sen Jeff Flake AZ said he'd consider meeting with Garland. Quiz is wrong according to some outlets, maybe PBS didn't hear that?
look at Glenn Beck. It's true, we have Jeff 'open border' Flake in Arizona.
As for Jeff Flake, not much to say, is there?
Sarah left the Tea Party a while ago. We got tired of her wishy-wash (Sarah, please take your Jeff Flake back!)
looks like the people of Arizona are tired of McCain & Jeff Flake two members of Gang of 8 from Ariz
Sen. Jeff Flake floats the excuse that Republicans will spend all his time abroad.
Sen wants to open end the sanctions
Sen lauds shift in policy, says there is no w/out liberty
Congrats to Repub AZ Sen Jeff Flake for going to Cuba with the President--no TX Senators are going to bring biz to TX!
Oh look..ole Amnesty Jeff flake. Club for Growth funds him like they do Cruz.
Man up, John McCain! Stand Up, Jeff Flake!. "Get Off the Sidelines in Arizona via
Jeff Flake: I'm ready to wreck the Supreme Court for decades, and here's why that's better than fighting to win
Sen. Jeff Flake on Why GOP Cuba Policy Is Wrong: "I have no idea," Lech Walesa told the Arizona Republican, "w...
but I'm wondering if Leadership went to say.John Thune.or Jeff Flake.and they were like . "Get outta here"
Ben Sasse is one good reason to be a Republican. Jeff Flake is another.
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U.S. Senator Flake interviewed on and and fortunately it worked out on both with
I don't but there are a bunch of guys like Jeff Flake and Ben Sasse out there.
Rubio is a corrupt as Jeff Flake of Arizona. Both conned Tea Party for $$, then crapped on the donors.
I just saw Jeff Flake (GOP Arizona) get chased by the mascot of his party…a group of elephants looking to do him damage. Too funny...
Oh my. Fellow amnesty Gang of Eight pal Jeff Flake endorses Marco Rubio!. Shocking, or something.
Herd of elephants charge at US Senator while on conservation mission in Mozambique
If a Rep Senator jumps ship in regards to Hussein's SC nominee it will be this guy. Jeff Flake of Arizona
Do your job Jeff Flake for people of AZ.
Take note AZ McShame and Jeff Flake were part of the GANG OF EIGHT. Neither will get my vote again. They both need to get out and go home
How about all those people that were that and we voted for .. Marco was one , Renee Ellmers , Jeff flake ?
Who gets to wear today's banner of corruption? John McCain (no hero) and Jeff Flake who betrayed America.
NEW: Sen. of Arizona endorses for president.
Here's the story behind intimate encounter with angry pachyderms in Africa.
must fire McCain and Jeff Flake as well! They are libtard wannabees!
Indeed, McShame has to go.I have voted for him but never again. Jeff Flake is another one I will never vote for.
Guardian | Elephants charge towards US senator in Mozambique – video: A herd of elephants charges towa...
Senator Jeff Flake and his Spouse delighted to be back in Namibia a country home to them. US Congressional visit. https:…
You KNOW you've gone horribly astray when your own mascot wants to kill you. Sen Flake chased by angry elephants.
Senator Jeff Flake Senate Judiciary Committee Agree to act on SCOTUS nomination in a timely manne…
GOP senator's Africa convoy charged by elephants (VIDEO)
Elephants charge towards US senator in Mozambique
Sen. Flake chased by angry elephants in Africa via even his own party logo dislikes him!
Arizona Senator Jeff Flake was in Mozambique to learn about the effects of wildlife poaching and recommend ways...
Herd of elephants charge at Arizona Senator Jeff Flake while on conservation mission
Republican senator's convoy chased away by group of elephants
Glad made it out of alive! "Elephants charge Sen. Jeff Flake in Africa"
Sen. Jeff Flake chased by angry elephants in Africa -
Elephants charge towards US senator in Mozambique – video
John E Sununu (ie the former senator) and Jeff Flake are names that spring to mind. Mark Sanford, pre-hike, also on list.
Jeff Flake has been facilitating illegals to Obama. One of his relatives (she works in UNICEF) is married to a liberal in Central America...
Almost fell over laughing w/that comment. Jeff Flake says there are more important issues. I message them all the time.
I seriously don't understand why people flake out on school projects like this is due next week we need to get this do…
Hit a raw nerve re: kennels. Still reeling over tragedy, esp since caregiver was Sen Jeff Flake's son
I have offered various folks from Texas to trade both our senators (and the aptly named Jeff Flake) for No takers.
.let's talk about regulations for a minute Why did you fund the nightmare?
Watch .here Do his words match his record here or here
Flood maps in Navajo country are being hotly contested.
Western States try again at Freeing Themselves from 9th Circuit Court: ...Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake (R) and Rep...
Jeff Flake you are a traditional. They don't make republicans like you anymore/
JEFF FLAKE found a CONSPIRACY THEORY! They put it in the SOUND BITE pocket.
updates Jeff Flake for prior_exp U.S. House to U.S. House remove private_exp
Federal land protections need strengthened so politicians like John McCain & Jeff Flake cannot bargain it away
Check it out... Need some 7pm games for Husky Bball. Can't have se…
is extreme and wrong. Montini: The REAL reason Ducey would dump 9th Circuit via
We are at 375! Let's do it 125 more! 35 Years Husky Tradition let's do this VOTE 7 P.M. GAME TIME, J...
You do, of course, know that Jeff Flake endorsed Ted Cruz. Right?
BREITBART is about to send out JEFF FLAKE!
.and Jeff Green don't be such a flake.
Martin O'Malley reminds me of a Democratic Jeff Flake.
We will get "flake'd" (Jeff Flake) again if this guy is the nom -record of supporting conservative std is 10 min old
Overheard at a party last night: "Jeff Flake wants me to pay $2,000 to hang out with him at the Phoenix Open?". Everyone laughed.
you supported Jeff Flake and , supported McCain over JD Hayworth ,for Semate , You are losing it
"The four Republicans on the gang — Rubio, John McCain, Graham, and Jeff Flake...". Enough said. http…
My friend has a petition for her uncle, please check it out if you can!
Sheriff: Sen. Jeff Flake’s son was in charge when 20 dogs died at Ariz. boarding house - The Washington Post
She's turned out to be Deceitful fake conservative like Jeff Flake. Really need to do better vetting
Nikki Haley calls out Republicans as a governor. Congressmen won't do it. Where's Jeff Flake?
Jeff Flake a rare Republican applauding Obama on Cuba
. Just me or does Jeff Flake look like the love child of Claire McCaskill and John Kerry?
While waiting for the SOTU address > some very interesting reading material by Senator Jeff Flake
The real when the cameras aren't on. . Jeff Flake's Son Calls Himself "N1ggerKiller" … … … …
Senators Flake & McCain join Hillary in thinking a lot of progress has been made on VA reforms. Seriously? https:…
McCain/Jeff Flake in race for least popular senator. McCain, constituencies you need are rapidly evaporating.".
😂 send that pic to . another Jeff Flake.
I'm done with the Eagles man. Jeff lurie is a flake
Jeff Flake is the junior United States Senator from Arizona. 
you mean Mitch McConnell, John Cornyn, Jeff Flake and John McCain? *** no!!
After his interview, I got to say hello to the amazing Senator from AZ, Jeff Flake, who ha…
McCain and Jeff Flake want to kill Bison in Grand Canyon Park
The West's war over water continues in DC.
Just look at that nitwit to the left...get it to the left...Jeff Flake the so called republican from
Jeff Flake-the make believe repub. Are prosecutions being done on SOLYNDRA THEFT
As Congress considers leg. wants assurance from that won't lose its H20
This was done in Phx Az by the state rep's, Jeff Flake, relatives
Arizona, still afraid the feds are gonna steal their water and give it to California
Little Giant Ladders
Freedom Works not as good as Conservative Review (e.g. Jeff Flake). FW. Mark Meadows 87%. Louie Gohmert 92%
Freedom Works has Senator Jeff Flake at 95%. Let Lynch out of committee with Hatch & Graham & voted 4
"Cruelty case against Jeff Flake's son dropped in Arizona dog deaths
Of course no penaty for uncaring kennel owners. He's the son of Sen. Jeff Flake. Money talks.
WHO IS RIO TINTO MINING: Hey, America - Remember John McCain and JEFF FLAKE of Arizona selling out the Apache...
Appears Renee Ellmers is as bad as Jeff Flake. Gets backing from Tea Party then aligns with RINO's. They should be ashamed of themselves
Real Republicans! Yes you! Why not Jeff Flake for Speaker of the House? Like Barry Goldwater, a true conservative: Flake as rare as the dodo
Who are most Republicans that Democrats pay attention to; Bob Corker, Nikki Haley & Jeff Flake. When they speak; Listen
Can any of us name people om the opposite side of the isle who we truely repect? Bob Corker, Nikki Haley & Jeff Flake. Serious
Three impressive Republicans on the opposite sides; Bob Corker, Nikki Haley, Jeff Flake, are among those who know how to work.
Austin Flake, son of Senator Jeff Flake,was responsible for our dogs dying.No food or water >24 hours! …
I agree. They got away with abandoning/killing these dogs.
Jeff Flake: "Our government shouldn't tell us where to travel and where not to travel."
COMMENT: And remember, as long as people like Jeff Flake and Jim McGovern are OK with Obama's Cuba policy, the... http:…
The reason that nothing has been done is because the son-in-law is Sen. Jeff Flake's son, and all that impl…
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
23 dogs died in AZ under Austin Flakes watch, son of Senator Jeff Flake. Austin's in Provo!
Senators urge FAA to address flight path changes: U.S. Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake are urging the Federal…
Sen Jeff Flake, Sen Orrin Hatch... are causing deals to be lost by U.S. firms through inaction on Bank.
Remember Jeff Flake sounded good before he got elected. Just be careful is all I'm saying.
Jeff Flake has an 80%, I decline those numbers willfully, knowing what a joke Flake is
There is only one person that can ever unite this country & bring it back together again is Jeff Flake of AZ
Jeff Flake of AZ has true Presidential potential. As life long Democrat, he has my vote.
Jeff Flake of AZ is the Joe Biden of the Republican Party. He can draw the country together.
As a life long Democrat; there is only Republican I would vote for President Jeff Flake of AZ. Honest, real,, but has heart.
.John McCain and Jeff Flake give an exclusive!
Call your elected officials John McCain or Jeff Flake... Former AZ Senator Jon Kyl was against gambling in 2013.
U.S. Senator Jeff Flake speaking about his opposition to the Iran deal.
Senator Jeff Flake, AZ, is addressing NFRW attendees with great stories and insights.
Is jeff going to be a flake tonight?
John McCain, Jeff Flake: Stop the giveaway of sacred Apache land to Resolution Copper Mining - Sign t... via
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Jeff Flake mostly right on Iran sanctions: The agreement would remove the United States’ ability to impose…
Glenn Beck wanted Jeff Flake to be president in 2012.
Sens. Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, Dan Coats of Indiana, Bob Corker of Tennessee, Jeff Flake voted with the Democrats on the Iran deal.
My thoughts: Corker and Jeff Flake should change party affilation !!
I'm no fan of McCain, but he opposed the Iran deal. So did Jeff Flake. I'm not aware of ANY Republicans for it.
Senator John McCain, and Senator Jeff Flake. Only Oregon could be worse than this.
Flake Read column on the crisis. Put politics aside. Act now!
voters "No Thanks" for giving us your worst John McCain and Jeff Flake
it's JAMES BLAKE. JAMES! 😉sounds like you're saying Jeff Flake like the Arizona congressman
GOP Sen. Jeff Flake (Ariz.) among those who can't get over the Republican presidential front-runner & his Trumpites,
sooo, who from Arizona is claiming this *** bag--> AZ GOP Senator Jeff Flake: Trump campaign 'laughable'
Jeff Flake GOP AZ,"If Trump wan2B taken seriously he nee2 concretely state his policy on immigration" HE explained it,You're the flake Dude
A representative from Sen. Jeff Flake’s office will be in Green Valley and Sahuarita on Thursday, Sept. 17.
Despite the obvious click-bait headline, this is a terrific article on Jeff Flake & current politics
If there is such a thing in the GOP as an anti-Donald Trump, Jeff Flake is it. My profile:
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This senator, Jeff Flake, is the GOP’s anti-Trump
This senator is the GOP's anti-Trump: Jeff Flake still believes politics is “a…
I know Jeff Flake is a sellout who'd trade America's future for $. What's Trump got to do with that?
Jeff Flake...hah...the name says it all!!
All one needs to know about Jeff Flake is he favors Iran Nuke Deal.
Sen. Jeff Flake says he would vote against final arrangement
Jeff Flake announces that he won't support the Iran deal
GOP senator stands out as truly undecided lawmaker on Iran deal: Jeff Flake is the sole Senate Republican stil...
(WSJ US) Arizona Senator May be Best Hope for Bipartisan Support of Iran Deal: Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona repr...
Sen. Jeff Flake in group flying with President Obama to Africa -
US Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona making trip to Africa with President Obama
Jeff Flake is a Liberal Republican that replace a pretty good senator in Jon Kyl .
John McCaine,Jeff Flake and Kilpatrick are heads of the mining coalition for mining of oak flats
Republican senator sees US embassy in Havana coming soon: Sen. Jeff Flake (Arizona) was in Havana with Pat Roberts…
Jeff Flake on his parks bill: "Just like a cicada comes back every 17 years, a shutdown may loom again..."
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Republican Sens. John McCain and Jeff Flake and Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal push for end to military paying …
Green Acre charges re-filed, but not against Sen. Jeff Flake's son.
TheGilbert23Mom The things you find on the Meet "N1ggerkiller", son of Sen. Jeff Flake: …
Sen. Mark Kirk, Mitch McConnell, Susan Collins, Lindsey Grahamnesty, Jeff Flake, all voted for Loretta Lynch to...
Let Senators Orrin Hatch, Lindsey Graham & Jeff Flake know they should NOT support the nomination of
GOP Sens. Orrin Hatch, Lindsay Graham, Jeff Flake, Susan Collins, Mark Kirk Would Confirm Loretta Lynch, who should already be in JAIL!
Exactly. Jeff Flake, once a self-imposed term-limited congressman, broke his term-limit pledge on that very basis.
SEND A MESSAGE: It's time to let Senators Lindsey Graham, Orrin Hatch & Jeff Flake know a vote for is total…
Just 4 GOP senators are prepared to vote for Lynch: Orrin Hatch, Jeff Flake, Lindsey Graham, and Susan Collins .
Jeff Davis quit Congress to fight Mexican war no such conviction from young fit Jeff Flake & co
THE GANG OF FOUR: Let Senators Orrin Hatch, Jeff Flake, Lindsey Graham & Susan Collins know you do NOT want them to vote …
to those who did not sign:. Lisa Murkowski . Jeff Flake . Daniel Coats . Susan Collins . Thad Cochran . Lamar Alexander. Bob Corker
[AMA Request] Jeff Flake, the Republican Arizona Senator who did not sign the recent letter to Iran's leaders
Another Chanukah miracle. At Boca Raton Synogauge we rallied for his release and now on Chanukah its come true. Jewish-American aid worker Alan Gross has been released from Cuban prison after five years, major media outlets reported Wednesday morning, citing United States officials. The U.S. secured Gross's freedom in exchange for the release of three Cubans imprisoned in America. Gross, a subcontractor for the U.S. Agency for International Development who went to Cuba to help the Jewish community there access the Internet, received a 15-year prison sentence for what the Cuban government called "crimes against the state." He marked his fifth year of incarceration on Dec. 3, and his health has deteriorated drastically, according to his family. U.S. Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) had expressed optimism about Gross's future upon visiting Gross in November. "I do feel we are closer [to Gross's freedom]," Flake said last month. "One, because of what Alan Gross has said himself. This is going to end one way or anot ...
Sen. Jeff Flake says executive action will make further immigration reform difficult
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Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona: Obama amnesty deal will make comprehensive immigration reform difficult.
The circus is coming to town. First hint? The elephants are lining up for the parade into the Big Tent Capitol early next year. The 114th Congress is simply littered with ideologues/demagogues, revival tent preachers, born again politicians, right-wing reactionaries, thugs, anarchists, war mongers, in other words: clowns. Ok, so they are possibly dangerous clowns; but, they are not exactly performing a high wire act without a net. That is the part they are forcing on President Obama. The next Congress is going to be a show stopper. Greatest Show on Earth is political theater and like the showman himself P.T. Barnum may have once said: “There is a sucker born every minute.” Who are the suckers? I don’t have to tell you. The suckers are the voters who decided to send folks Cory Gardner R-CO, Joni Ernst R-IA, Tom Cotton R-AR, Thom Tillis R-NC, Mitch McConnell James Lankford R-OK, and those are just the really nutty ones. They will join Ted Cruz R-TX, Jeff Flake R-AZ, James Inhofe R-OK, Mike Lee R- UT a ...
The time is upon us to focus on the possibility of Keystone approval this Tuesday in the Senate. We have stopped it so far so let's get organized one more time. This Tuesday, the 18th the Senate is poised to vote on approval of KXL. It is a critical vote since a defeat in the Senate would send a strong signal to the new Congress coming in in January 2015. A defeat of the KXL vote in the Senate will give us more time to organize for a new Congress that will be challenging as far as the approval of KXL. We need to be ready. Please call Senators Jeff Flake and John McCain either tomorrow, Monday, the 17th and/or Tuesday, the 18th to let them know that there are people in Arizona who are watching their votes and do not support the pipeline! There is an 800 number so you do not have to pay for the calls. 1-800-828.0498. The operator will ask whose office do you want? Then you'll say Senator Flake or McCain depending on who you're calling at that moment. You will be connected to the office. You do not have to b ...
COMMENT: Jeff Flake's son, Austin Flake, and his lovely wife Logan (think Chelsea Clinton) are reportedly in h...
Senator Jeff Flake's son sweating bullets in court today over the 20+ dogs who died in his care. RT
McCain, Flake want to undo the 'nuclear option': Sens. John McCain and Jeff Flake want the new GOP-l...
Senator Flake Vows to Open Trade, Travel Between US and Cuba: U.S. Sen. Jeff Flake has promised to keep pushin...
What is it about Senator Jeff Flake and Rep. Jim Mc Govern that makes….???: “Cynical, ego-centric people who c... http:…
Sheriff Joe Arpaio is going after Sen. Jeff Flake's son for animal abuse
Sen. Jeff Flake's son, Austin, and daughter-in-law to be arraigned today on multiple counts of animal cruelty.
Flakes plead not guilty in Gilbert dog deaths: The son and daughter-in-law of U.S. Sen. Jeff Flake both pleaded not…
and on the money!! Jeff Flake and Martin Heinrich: A way out of gridlock?
Jeff hardy yeah morgan yeah . It grows as it goes just gotta flake it . Thats all . Flake nazi yeah that snow was alright
Also, given Jeff Flake precedent doubt Gardener would get on Intel w/o making promises to back party line
Clash of the 'Rival' senators: While Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) is planning a big bash for his reality televisi...
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McCain to new VA Secretary: Hurry up and fire people already: Arizona senators John McCain and Jeff Flake (R-A...
How cool is it that Senator Jeff Flake took a survival trip with an opposing political senator? watch the outcome on tv.
"It was my first night sleeping with a Democrat” — Jeff Flake
Why is Senator Jeff Flake on after a segment about heroic dogs? His kids killed 22 dogs in Arizona. Are you clueless?
Jeff Flake on Ducey: like him, love him, or gotta have him!
Jeff Flake: Modest proposal for breaking Senate gridlock: Senators survived week alone, want colleagues to lea...
Contact information. Let him know what you think. Help Kayla and Hannah Dieg…
Jeff Flake, sign the Safe Acted , stop sending our wild horse's to slaughter
in other news: Scott Brown, Jeff Flake, Aaron Shock are on every list--inspiring
oh lookie we could have breakfast with jeff flake for $25. I wouldn't give up my Sat am for this
Son of US Senator Jeff Flake indicted on animal cruelty charges
Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona said he'd prefer "savings in entitlement programs rather than defense spending."
Republican Rep..Jeff Flake's son indicted on charges of animal cruetly...
Son of Sen Jeff Flake R-AZ among 4 indicted in deaths of 20+ dogs at kennel
Son of Sen. Flake charged with dogs' deaths at in-laws' kennel
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Austin Flake, son of AZ Sen Jeff Flake charged with 21 felony counts for his role in the deaths of 23 dogs at Gilbert …
Senator Jeff Flake's son is charged with animal cruelty in the deaths of 21 dogs
AZ (R) Sen. Jeff Flake's son indicted for animal cruelty in death of 23 dogs burned to death on his watch. . Karma is …
GOOD: Sen Jeff Flake's son indicted on animal cruelty charge for incident that killed 21 dogs at a kennel
DETAILS: 4 people, including the son of Sen. Jeff Flake, indicted in Green Acre dog deaths
McCain, Flake, Barber seek answers on Ajo housing: U.S. Sens. John McCain and Jeff Flake, and Rep. Ro...
Two U.S. senators, including Arizona's Jeff Flake, are going to extreme lengths to express support for bipartisanship: they're letting the Discovery Channel strand them on an island "Survivor" style.
Yes, Austin Flake (Sen. Jeff Flake's son) is directly involved according to MCSO!
Senators John McCain, Ted Cruz and Jeff Flake took to the Senate floor to debate the ongoing immigration crisis on the US border
Good luck to two of my best friends who open up their seasons tonight. Jeff Fisher and
"Flake who? Oh you mean Jeff flake lap dog?" Never use Flake in the same sentence as dog
"As fate would have it, Republican Sen. Jeff Flake’s son, Austin, was minding the kennel, when the dogs died"
This may outdo Michael Vick. Senator's son and the 20 mysterious dead dogs under his care.
Sen. Jeff Flake's son and daughter-in-law have fled after 23 dogs in their care die; investigation halted by police; petitions circulating.
Sen. Jeff Flake's son accused of lying in investigation of the death of multiple dogs
Senator's son linked to horrifying deaths of more than a dozen dogs
Cautionary Warning!!! DISTURBING VIDEO Arizona Senator Jeff Flake's son is said to be responsible for their deaths
Fox: Sen. Jeff Flake's son was watching Gilbert kennel where 20 dogs died after AC went out.
Arizona&Senator Jeff Flake&son on duty the night 17 dogs perished in Gilbert via
BREAKING: woman who ran Gilbert boarding facility confirms Sen. Jeff Flake's son was watching property with son's wife whe…
AZ Senator Jeff Flake's son involved in the deaths of 17 dogs at Gilbert boarding facility
"I wake up daily in hopes of seeing them being arrested on tv
Wait the creepy ad about OH NO CASINOS is a bill sponsored by McCain and Jeff a Flake? Then it definitely must be awful!
"Thank for stopping a casino from going in next door to a school.". >Jeff Flake Cares! Uh huh:.
Jeff flake just told the class how he balled with Obama last week
Jeff Flake looks like he could be in the wax museum
His congressman, who he voted for: Jeff Flake. His senators, ditto: Johns Kyl and McCain.
Jeff Flake is speaking now for Ducey. Wonder who's watching his dogs.
Sen. Jeff Flake introducing Ducey: "Just the kind of leader we need." Keeps being interrupted by chants of "Doug"
LIVE ON NOW: Sen. Jeff Flake about to introduce GOP governor nominee Doug Ducey
Suggested to Jeff Flake should be a candidate school. Priebus newsletter said they already have something similar.
Wil Cardon, who lost to Jeff Flake in 2012 for is in a distant third for
Spotted at the Republican Party party: Sen. Jeff Flake and a man in this badass shirt
I dont like Scott Smith, lied to my face to get elected. I voted 4 him once. Same w/ Jeff " I lied " Flake wont hold my nose 2 vote
Jeff Flake’s weirdo kid in charge of kennel where 20 dogs died of heat exhaustion
Jeff is nothing but a John clone and needs to be voted out now.
Sen.Flake talks 2 protestors regarding son's involved in death of 23 dogs.
For all you Liberals out there who are just going to listen to the media telling one side of the story, and I'm sure it will come out as something to the effect of, "Republicans block Democrats efforts in dealing with the border crisis"... here is the response to Harry Reid's comments on Tuesday. U.S. Senators John McCain (R-AZ), Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Marco Rubio (R-FL), and Jeff Flake (R-AZ) today issued the following statement on Majority Leader Harry Reid’s comments today regarding legislation to address the humanitarian crisis on the border: “Last year, we voted to pass immigration reform legislation through the United States Senate. While we continue to support the goals of comprehensive immigration reform, none of us would support – or have ever contemplated – including that bill or the DREAM Act in legislation urgently needed this year to address the current humanitarian crisis on our southern border. It is obvious that Majority Leader Reid’s suggestion that the Senate could include comp ...
CREST act by John McCain/Jeff Flake, backed by Grahm, you all know what that means. Read it and weep:
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