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Jeff Flake

Jeffrey Lane Jeff Flake (born December 31, 1962) is the U.S. Representative for , serving since 2001. He is a member of the Republican Party.

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I will never consider voting for Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, or Rand Paul for POTUS. Doctors are the ones who provide healthcare to all citizens in the USA. They are the most important component of the system unless you can think of some other. They no longer have control over how much they get paid as health insurance companies and the federal government have completely taken over. Senator *** Durbin said yesterday on the Senate floor that they are ending free markets in healthcare. Doctors have seen their reimbursement rates slashed for years. Yesterday the Senate voted to delay for a year another 24% cut in Medicare physician payments. It passed. Ted Cruz and Rand Paul voted nay. They essentially voted to destroy the medical profession. My two senators, John McCain and Jeff Flake, likewise voted nay.
Senate Foreign Relations Committee members Jeff Flake and *** Durbin update David with the latest on Capitol Hill action on the Ukraine crisis. - NBC News
John Boehner, Paul Ryan and other wavering pro-amnesty House members need to take a look at their Republican Senate colleagues before they decide to ignore the wishes of their constituents. The two Arizona senators, Jeff Flake and John McCain may well be...
The other Senator from Arizona, Jeff Flake, is almost as bad as John McCain himself. It's obvious McCain is his mentor.
When are we the people going to say enough is enough? We need to vote Every person who recently voted to take money away from Vets. John McCain, Jeff Flake are to primary Examples, Ted Cruz, Bohnner,and many others.
Shocker!!! Jeff Flake, and John McCain are both on the list. Scumbags!!
“Almighty God created the races white, black, yellow, malay and red, and he placed them on separate continents. And but for the interference with his arrangement there would be no cause for such marriages. The fact that he separated the races shows that he did not intend for the races to mix.” – Judge Leon M. Bazile, January 6, 1959 The most remarkable thing about Arizona’s “License To Discriminate” bill is how quickly it became anathema, even among Republicans. Both 2008 GOP presidential candidate John McCain and 2012 GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney called upon Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer to veto this effort to protect businesses that want to discriminate against *** people. So did Arizona’s other senator, Jeff Flake. And former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. Indeed, three state senators who voted for this very bill urged Brewer to veto it before she finally did so on Wednesday, confessing that they “made a mistake” when they voted for it to become law. The premise of the bill is that ...
Both of Arizona's senators, John McCain and Jeff Flake, have called upon Governor Jan Brewer to veto SB1062 - the "send the *** away" bill passed by the legislature.
Great meetings with staff from the offices of Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake about the International Violence Against Women Act this morning! It was an honor to join with other Jewish clergy from the Valley in order to represent American Jewish World Service - AJWS on this urgent and integral issue. I hope the senators support the bill and cosponsor it!
Good Monday morning...we're live on SiriusXM's POTUS Channel 124. First up today, Michael looks at the controversial anti *** bill sitting on Gov. Jan Brewer's desk in Arizona that she must sign or veto this week. The "Religious Freedom Restoration Act" would allow business owners to operate according to their own religious beliefs - meaning they can choose to not serve *** and *** on religious grounds. The religious right supports the bill: Jeff Flake (R-AZ) opposes the bill: Could passage of this bill cause problems for the NFL and the Superbowl when it is played in the state next year, if passed? Gov. Brewer won't speculate: Gov. Brewer sign, or veto this legislation?
"If an NFL player can come out as *** a Republican senator can come out as an listener." Sen. Jeff Flake, R Arizona on
Open Letter to Chief Justice John Roberts, Speaker of the House John Boehner, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and my Senators John McCain, Jeff Flake, and Congressman David Schweikert: Posted by Richard J. May on February 14, 2014 at 11:35am View Blog I am writing this for possibly half the people in the country, or more; one of tens of millions of Americans who are concerned they are being ignored. The President of the United States, whose early political appeal was based upon his motto of “Hope and Change,” now is clearly proving that he meant that he was the one hoping his changes would work. But five plus years of his term have only resulted in: a debilitating tax and spend philosophy a reduced national credit rating thirty-eight percent of the national debt so many unemployed that most have stopped looking more Americans on food stamps than ever before more bankruptcies than ever before more foreclosed mortgages than ever before a foreign policy that is incoherent and unsafe for the nation t . ...
Here are the Republican Senators who just voted to increase the debt ceiling with no strings attached: Susan Collins (Maine) Bob Corker (Tennessee) John Cornyn (Texas) Jeff Flake (Arizona) Orrin Hatch (Utah) Mike Johanns (Nebraska) Mark Kirk (Illinois) John McCain (Arizona) Mitch McConnell (Kentucky) Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) John Thune (South Dakota) Please SHARE so that we can get the word out to as many people as possible!
The "Dirty Dozen" ... Shame on you people for posing as conservatives and voting with the Deocrats against the people of this country. I am SICK AND TIRED of you people sticking your hands in MY pockets and now it is time for you to GO AWAY !! Here they are... VOTE THEM OUT ! 1. John Cornyn - Texas 2. Mitch McConnell - Kentucky 3. Mark Steven Kirk - Illinois 4. Susan Collins - Maine 5. Bob Corker - Tennessee 6. Mike Johanns - Nebraska 7. John Thune - South Dakota 8. John Barrasso - Wyoming 9. Orrin Hatch - Utah 10. John McCain - Arizona 11. Jeff Flake - Arizona 12. Lisa Murkowski - Alaska
The decision by Mr. McConnell, as well as Senate Minority Whip John Cornyn (R., Texas), to vote to advance the bill was a politically risky step because both are up for reelection in 2014. They face primary challenges from tea-party candidates who are sure to use this vote against them, as a sign that they are supporting big government spending. In the crucial procedural vote, 12 Republicans joined all 55 members of the Senate Democratic caucus to advance the procedural measure. The Republicans were Sens. McConnell and Cornyn, Senate Policy Chairman John Barrasso of Wyoming, Senate Conference Chairman John Thune of South Dakota, as well as Sens. Bob Corker of Tennessee, Susan Collins of Maine, Mark Kirk of Illinois, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Mike Johanns of Nebraska, John McCain of Arizona, Jeff Flake of Arizona and Orrin Hatch of Utah. All 12 Republicans who voted for the procedural vote voted against final passage of the bill.
Today I sent an Arizona Republican Delegation letter to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) commending its decision to move forward with construction of the new control tower at Tucson International Airport under a competitive bidding process. Every Republican member of Arizona’s Delegation signed the letter, including Reps. Trent Franks, Matt Salmon, and David Schweikert as well as Sens. John McCain and Jeff Flake. The Democrats' reckless efforts to increase federal spending cannot be ignored. Our country is in serious financial distress and one of the reasons is wasteful spending typical of Project Labor Agreements (PLA) and Davis-Bacon rates. One of the best ways to put our nation back on a fiscally sustainable path is to eliminate waste, fraud and abuse. Part of eliminating waste is discontinuing the use of frivolous, Democrat-advocated labor agreements, which do nothing but line union pockets with taxpayer money. I applaud the FAA for using common sense and moving forward under a competitive ...
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Rand Paul is so full of it he's walking air pollution. Jeff Flake is just as bad. All teeth and no brain!
more good news of the effectiveness of public action. let's keep the momentum going. - Dear MoveOn member, Something pretty amazing happened last night: One of the most influential groups pushing new sanctions on Iran announced that they're giving up for now on a vote for new sanctions—a move which should provide space for President Obama to continue pursuing diplomacy without being undermined by hawks in Congress.1 How'd it happen? The insider National Journal cited MoveOn and a broader "resurgent progressive movement" and quoted two Democratic Senate aides saying our grassroots activism was instrumental in the outcome.2 Check out this image of how all of us together—eight million MoveOn members, partners like and Just Foreign Policy using MoveOn petitions, members of Congress like Sen. Chris Murphy, and other allies like Win Without War, JStreet, and others—poured on pressure inside and won this round. And then share it with everyone you know, so they see how progressives are on the mar ...
Disney on Ice had a better opening than Sochi. Poor guy that's getting flogged for the snow flake F'up.
U.S. Sen. Jeff Flake liked the way immigration reform had been shaping up in the U.S. House of Representatives and he doesn’t want the progress to stop, he said today.
Conservative Republican Senators Jeff Flake and Marco Rubio voted for immigration reform- I guess they trust President Obama
Farm bill allows Congress to keep crop subsidies secret When President Barack Obama signs the farm bill today at Michigan State University, it’s unlikely he’ll mention how the new law undermines his own promises of transparency. The new farm bill vastly extends the taxpayer-supported crop insurance program while deliberately keeping recipients of those subsidies secret. Indeed, the final version of the law even dropped a bipartisan provision that would have at least required members of Congress and Cabinet officials to disclose such benefits. The multi-billion dollar agricultural insurance and the agribusiness establishment — backed by millions in campaign contributions and lobbying — is firmly behind the federal crop insurance program. In the 2012 election cycle alone, the agricultural services industry contributed nearly $42 million in campaign contributions at the federal and state level according to Influence Explorer and spent more than $62 million on federal lobbying. Top recipients include ...
If you don't believe Obama is interested in illegals more than citizens then you might wish to read this. We have laws. Obama's administration has gutted them. No Amnesty for law breakers. they already broke the law so how can they pass a criminal background check? Stop appeasing the Democrats and build the fence, then let's talk. John Boehner Congressman Trent Franks Jeff Flake John McCain Senator Rand Paul Paul Ryan
Jeff Flake how could you vote no on the extension of unemployment?? AZ has one of the highest unemployment rates
Perhaps a Buzzfeed list: senators missing bodyparts... Jon Tester is missing three, Jeff Flake said last night he's missing part of one.
But Tea Party Senators Marco Rubio and Jeff Flake voted for immigration reform
I feel like Jeff Flake is the Matthew Mcconaughey of the Senate
Paul Ryan catches catfish with his bare hands; Jeff Flake goes on survivalist expeditions; and Rob Portman is an extreme-sports fanatic 1/2
He is saying a lot of the right things, but something makes me think of Jeff Flake while listening to him.
Sen. Flake and Ann Compton big winners of 70th Congressional Dinner: Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.
Sen. Jeff Flake poses for photo by his wife at at Mandarin Oriental.
Sen Jeff Flake introduces his wife at as his only wife -- one of several samples of his Mormon humor
Sen Jeff Flake tells it like it is start of DC season: "For some of us, prom season ends here tonight."
Rep. Jeff flake proves you can't miss in DC by going corny. People are so relieved Donna Edwards is off the stage they are cracking up.
Jeff Flake can get on stage and read from the Affordable Care Act and the audience would crack up. Donna Edwards: Go home.
Donna Edwards just made a uh, joke about jumping into a bathtub with Jeff Flake
Donna Edwards is about to fight Jeff Flake on the stage right now
Thune: when scott brown left the senate it lost its hunk, fortunately jeff flake is stepping into that role.
looking forward to Sen Jeff Flake and Rep Donna Edwards. Btw this is a tough crowd
Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Ted Cruz and Jeff Flake did something really important this week in the fight to end...
Prior to the President’s arrival in the House chambers, Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ) joked about his sitting next to...
David L Lamon     What difference does it make? We have to pass the bill (Obamacare fiasco) to see what is in it! Never mind the fact the Republicans scolded their Democrat counterparts over passing a bill they haven't even read. The Republicans were chided and severely ridiculed by the Democrat controlled media in America casting a bad light on them for only doing what was right. Yet the majority of Americans believed the lie they were told that Republicans are obstructionist to progress.    To the Communist in America deceiving the American populace is like taking candy from a baby.  The succeeding of dumbing them down through the education process has worked like a charm.  2 Timothy 3:13 But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.   NOTE: it is time to turn the tables on the Communist Democrat Party folks.  They have succeeded for many years at discrediting the Republican Party but we have enough evidence now to force a blowback right in their faces.   W ...
While visiting Capital Hill in 2004, I stood in the hall where joint sessions of congress took place. I was overwhelmed that day with the instinct that I would be back soon serving the American People. Please Keep Jeanne & I in your prayers as I strongly consider a run for the United State Senate. In light of our current Senators from Arizona not properly representing their constituents, I've had overwhelming encouragement to run. This is my second consideration and now regret that I didn't run against Jeff Flake the first time around when Sen. John Kyle retired in 2012. As a Business Owner, I've watched our economy continue to collapse and don't know that I can stomach just sitting here one more day. I Love my Country too much to let this continue. This is a huge decision so I value all of your continuous prayers. Blessings!
How feckin' sad is this? And McCain IS a Vietnam Vet. And you can bet neither he or Jeff Flake will EVER get another word or dime of my support. Gawd. Maybe I should just go Independent.
McCain has taken Jeff Flake's approach to contact by email -- auto reply without addressing the issue.
I watched Sen. Jeff Flake, Arizona at the State of the Union speach and when he shook the Presidents hand he got so excited I though he was going to drop to his knees right there on National TV and give him a BJ.
During today's hearing of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, U.S. Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) received a commitment from Assistant Secretary for P...
Sure. let's OPEN THE GATES and let them ALL in... they're SURE to contribute to our economy! ~~~ NOT! All other nations have STRICT immigration laws, by which they allow only those who have desirable skills and abilities which will BENEFIT that nation into it. INCLUDING MEXICO! The immigration policies are intended to bring in the best and brightest, and to ensure that the integrity of the host nation is not undermined. SUCH CAN NOT BE SAID OF WHAT IS HAPPENING IN AMERICA, AND THE GOP 'GOOD OL' BOYS' ARE IN COLLUSION WITH IT. INCLUDING, OF COURSE, TROJAN BURRO Marco Rubio, John McCain, JOHN BOEHNER, JEFF FLAKE AND ALL THE OTHERS WHO SUPPORT THE SO-CALLED "IMMIGRATION REFORM"!
Bring Justice to Obama/Hillary for the murder of Christopher Stevens-Benghazi. - Attn: Sen. John McCain, Sen. Trent Franks Sen. Jeff Flake, Sen. Charles Chuck Schumer Steve King for Congress, Sen. U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham and all GOP and All Congressmen/Congresswomen and ALL CONCERNED U.S. MILITARY PERSONEL, and U.S. Civilians/citizens concerned about Obama/Hillary scandal Benghazi. Secretary of State John Kerry and Department of Defense Other concerned/Knowledgeable people to speak up Please say something to Washington, D.C. Sen. Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema U.S.
Do we need any other reason to get rid of McCain? And his "boy wonder" Jeff Flake? A censure was mild compared to what he should receive for deserting our Heroes!
Remember how, in November, children of illegals ambushed House Speaker John Boehner in a local diner over breakfast? Remember how a mob of pro-amnesty spectators turned the U.S. Senate into a pep rally last June by chanting Obama's campaign slogan, "Yes we can," from the Senate gallery? Remember how Bloomberg orchestrated out-of-state agitators who descended on the town hall meetings of Senators like Kelly Ayotte and Jeff Flake in order to demand gun control last Spring? Multiply this by a million, and you will understand the ramifications of giving Obama an anti-gun army, going into the 2014 elections. ACTION: Contact your Congressman. Tell him to stand up to House Speaker John Boehner at this weekend's "retreat" and to oppose the creation of an "Obama army." There are separate letters for Republican and Democrat Congressmen. Based on your zip code, the correct letter will be automatically selected.
If Sandra Fluke wins a seat in Congress, what if she someday challenges Senator Jeff Flake for the presidency in a Fluke versus Flake race?
WOW. From Chief Master Sergeant Chuck Wooten: FB Friends, I'm still mulling this Paul Ryan budget deal that stole money from every military retiree (past, present and future). This morning, upon opening my email, I noticed I had a letter from Congressman Paul Ryan…and it was begging me for an "emergency end of the year donation." It only proves what we already know. The folks in Washington are indeed clueless. Instead of hitting the delete button, I decided to call Congressman Ryan out on his audacity and lack of self-awareness. I sent the following to him. I'm also posting it on the FB USAF Chiefs page as an open letter to the Congressman. If you're a retiree, I will tell you we may have lost the battle, but not the war. If you're inclined and find it worthy, let's flood social media with this letter and see if we can get some traction. Thanks. To Congressman Paul Ryan Today at 8:19 AM Congressman Ryan, Please note that this request by you for a cash donation from me is extremely unfortunate and very i ...
Jeff Flake is *** my radar for next election but it is a long way off. I won't forget though. He ***
Dear Friend of Liberty, Twelve spineless Senate Republicans just threw us under the bus! They cut a dirty deal with the Democrats to kill debate on the terrible Ryan-Murray budget. Their vote meant the whole stinking mess never even got discussed. It went straight to a vote in the Democrat-controlled Senate. Of course, it passed. RINOs! They were too scared to debate this abomination of a budget. So they silenced everyone. Can you believe these cowards?! Here are the twelve RINOs who betrayed us all and voted to increase spending: Sens. Lamar Alexander (TN), Saxby Chambliss (GA), Susan Collins (ME), Roy Blunt (MO), Jeff Flake (AZ), Orrin G. Hatch (UT), John Hoeven (ND), Johnny Isakson (GA), Ron Johnson (WI), John McCain (AZ), Lisa Murkowski (AK) and Rob Portman (OH). But that's not all they did. This dirty dozen also voted to cut benefits for our veterans, including those who were injured serving this country. That's right, these twelve sellouts joined the Democrats in voting for a budget that cuts vetera ...
Matthew Farag updated the description. Okay tea partiers, we already have control of the house. Now, we need to retake the senate in 2014 and win the 2016 Republican primary. But there is no perfect candidate. For 2016, I endorse 1. Rand Paul 2. Ted Cruz 3. Michele Bachmann 4. Bobby Jindal The Republican to defeat in the 2016 primary: Chris Christe(rid of Republican representatives of congress whose score is below 60: (of Republican Senators who voted to fund Obamacare(as well as ENDA (Dean Heller, NV, Rob Portman, OH, Jeff Flake, AZ, Orrin Hatch, UT, and Pat Toomey, PA) Bill Cassidy is running for Louisiana senate in 2014. He needs a conservative primary competitor. If he wins, do not vote for him. GOALS: 1) Repeal the 16th & 17th amendments to the US constitution, both of which were ratified in 1913! 2) Put into practice laissez-faire economics and abolish the Federal Reserve. 3) Preserve the 2nd amendment. 4) Overturn Roe v. Wade and defund Planned Parenthood, as well as the ACLU. 5) Privatize marriage ...
Mark Levin: Mitch McConnell and Jeff Flake “look like a bunch of buffoons and cowards” | Mofo...
Jeff Flake. Sad day in the Senate. Majority Leader Reid employed the “nuclear option,” allowing the President’s...
Here is a list of the US senators that are still not firmly concluded as to their position related to the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Please call, speak politely remembering that these senators are serving our nation and that momentary indecision or differences of opinion are not cause for anything less than respect for the office that they hold and respect for their service to our nation. First, greet in a friendly manner whoever answers the phone, and then, ask that the senator would take a much closer look at the language of the treaty and vote against its ratification. Thank you for doing your part as concerned citizens. – Sen. Lamar Alexander, Tennessee. Main: (202) 224-4944 – Sen. Roy Blunt, Missouri. Main: (202) 224-572; Fax: (202) 224-8149 – Sen. John Boozman, Arkansas. Main: (202) 224-4843; Fax: (202) 228-1371 – Sen. Saxby Chambliss, Georgia. Main: (202)-224-3521; Fax: (202)-224-0103 – Sen. Dan Coats, Indiana. Main: (202) 224-5623; Fax: (202) 228-1820 .. ...
Phoenix economy lesson for the day for Greg Stanton and Senator Jeff Flake and John McCain and others (please...
Jeff flake my loser senator from az
"Will Regret The The Democratic Senate majority today executed the "nuclear option" to eliminate the filibuster for executive branch and judicial nominees, except for the Supreme Court. This means 51 votes are necessary for passage instead of 60. The "Reid Rule," as supporters are calling it, does not yet affect the GOP ability to filibuster legislation, but that could easily change. Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) said "It’s a sad day in the Senate when Democrats are willing to ignore 225 years of precedent to distract attention away from the failures of Obamacare." One reason Democrats will regret going nuclear is because GOP prospects for gaining a Senate majority have never been better. If Republicans keep the House and take over the Senate, they could pass their agenda with 51 votes. Obama would use his veto power but Congressional Republicans could clearly enact the agenda for 2016. The message would be a GOP president will sign all of these reform bills. The GOP needs to gain six seats for a majority and ...
I agree. But when ocare was voted into law- AZ Sen (then rep) Jeff Flake did not cast any vote.
Somebody remind me. WHY DID WE ELECT JEFF FLAKE. Seems like he's just following whatever does
Jeff Flake should see the montage before he opens his stupid mouth in the minority.
Mark Levin: GOP “look like a bunch of buffoons and cowards”
Dr. Richard Henry Carmona, M.D. (born Nov 22, 1949) American physician, police officer, public health administrator, and politician. He was a vice admiral in the Public Health Service Commissioned Corps and served as the seventeenth Surgeon General of the United States. Appointed by President George W. Bush in 2002, Carmona left office at the end of July 2006 upon the expiration of his term. After leaving office, Carmona was highly critical of the Bush administration for suppressing scientific findings which conflicted with the Administration's ideological agenda. In August 2006, Carmona returned home to Tucson, Arizona. In November 2011, he announced he would seek the Democratic Party's nomination for United States Senate in the hopes of succeeding outgoing Republican Senator Jon Kyl, despite being registered as a political Independent. He lost to Republican challenger Senator Jeff Flake.
Sens. Jeff Flake, McConnell and Schumer are "sad" by today's events. Everyone:
Most important Senators to watch in this SJC hearing: Sheldon Whitehouse and Jeff Flake. They will decide what kind of reform we can have.
Glen don't let the sleezball coryn use you ...remember jeff flake. he is still laughing at u
US service men& women how can respect John McCain he rick perry Jeff flake are killing our country along with Obama ?
Are you a member of Congress? There's an app for that: Rep. Jeff Flake and Rep. Ben Quayle, b...
Amnesty for 20 million for sale vote rick perry,John McCain,Jeff flake You fuRINOs rick perry for sale '
Thank you, Senator Jeff Flake, for your leadership on this important issue!
Thank you to Senator Jeff Flake for leading today's listening session with the EPA & stakeholders.
Rand Paul, Jeff Flake, and John McCain only Republican Senators who voted with Dems to move to close Guantanamo Bay:
Senator: GOP presidential candidate supporting *** marriage is 'inevitable'
Republicans like Senator Jeff Flake & John McCain filibuster all nominations to the DC Circuit Court on political grounds not on the merits of the nominees .
THE HILL'S OVERNIGHT: DEFENSE The Topline: The Senate got to work on the Defense authorization bill on Tuesday as the legislation’s amendment process remained up in the air. The Senate defeated an amendment that would have restricted the transfer of Guantánamo Bay detainees by a 43-55 vote. The measure needed 60 votes to pass. The amendment from Sens. Saxby Chambliss (R-Ga.) and Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.) would have restored provisions to prohibit transferring detainees to the United States and made it more difficult to send them to foreign countries. “Why would we want the most dangerous terrorists in the world to come to America when we have one of the most secure detention facilities in Guantánamo?” Ayotte said ahead of the vote. “We don’t even know where they’ll be brought.” Sens. Kay Hagan (D-N.C.), Mark Pryor (D-Ark.) and Joe Donnelly (D-Ind.) voted with Republicans for the amendment. Hagan and Pryor face a tough reelections in 2014. Sens. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) vo ...
DAINES PRESSES JEWELL FOR ANSWERS ABOUT PLAN TO DESIGNATE NATIONAL MONUMENTS WITHOUT CONGRESSIONAL APPROVAL WASHINGTON, D.C. – Representative Steve Daines (R-MT), Senator Dean Heller (R-NV) and Representative Paul Gosar (R-AZ), along with 31 of their colleagues, today sent a letter to Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell regarding plans to designate national monuments on public lands without congressional approval. “Any action that has the potential to impact land management must be locally driven, and not spearheaded in Washington by the stroke of a President’s pen,” Daines stated. “It is deeply troubling that the Administration is willing to move forward unilaterally on these important decisions, without engaging in productive and transparent conversations with community members, elected officials, and key stakeholders. The Montanans affected most by these designations deserve to have a say in how their land will be managed.” The bipartisan letter requests the list of “important places ...
John McCain and Jeff Flake break campaign promise I'm moving to Texas...
PBM Weekly Source Email Notification: 2013 Congressional Football Game for Charity November 20, 2013, 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm Kickoff is scheduled for 7:20 pm. Doors open at 6:00 pm Photo ID is required for entry. The U.S. Capitol Police are gearing up to take on the Members of Congress on Wednesday, November 20th at DC Armory for the 2013 edition of the Congressional Football Game for Charity. This year, “The Guards” of the U.S Capitol Police flag football squad, led by Jim Davis, K-9 Handler (US Capitol Police Department) and Counter Intelligence Agent (U.S. Army Reserve), will confront the congressional “Mean Machine” team, led by Reps. Jeff Denham (CA-10) and Bill Shuster (PA-09). Benefitting Capitol Police Memorial Fund, Our Military Kids, American Red Cross (North Capital Region) and A Advantage 4 Kids, Inc The event will feature a family-friendly Pre-Game Show, including the ‘Ken Harvey Football Mini-Camp for Kids’, A Celebration of U.S. Capitol Police Service, and a performance of our Nati ...
Mar 2007: Jeff Flake, Luis Gutierrez to introduce amnesty bill in House:
None of the 14 Republican Senators who voted for the amnesty bill—Sens. John McCain (R-AZ), Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Jeff Flake (R-AZ), Lamar Alexander (R-TN), Kelly Ayotte (R-NH), Orrin Hatch (R-UT), Dean Heller (R-NV), John Hoeven (R-ND), Bob Corker (R-TN), Mark Kirk (R-IL), Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), or Susan Collins (R-ME), or now former Sen. Jeff Chiesa (R-NJ), who since been replaced by now Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) after the state’s special election—have publicly expressed regret over voting for the bill. Chiesa was appointed by RINO Christie.
A business case for LGBT protections at work,Christian Berle: It's time for Sens. John McCain and Jeff Flake to cast a vote that says everyone has the right to work hard and be judged by the work they do.
Our sources on Capitol Hill have confirmed that the crucial Senate gun control votes will take place TOMORROW -- and published reports indicate that key Republicans are on the brink of caving on this crucial issue. As you know, 60 votes are required in the Senate to invoke "cloture" and end any attempted filibuster on a proposed bill. That means Harry Reid must have about a half dozen Republicans side with Democrats in order for this massive gun-control legislation to move to the Senate floor. Well, we have the names of the Republican Senators who, reportedly, are joining with Harry Reid in supporting cloture: John McCain, Kelly Ayotte, Jeff Flake, Johnny Isakson, Tom Coburn, Dean Heller, Susan Colins and Lindsey Graham. Grassfire has identified other key Senators, including two Democrats, who are waffling on whether to support the cloture vote. + + URGENT ACTION NEEDED To Stop Anti-Constitutional Obama Gun-Control Power Grab I know that you share my concern about this legislation, which essentially amend ...
Last week, all 50 senators wrote a letter to Obama pledging not to ratify the United Nations’ Arms Trade Treaty. In order for this treaty to be ratified, it would need 60 “yay” votes in the Senate. This means, gun owners will not need to forfeit their God-given right to self-defense and President Obama is on notice that his latest attack on the Second Amendment is dead on arrival in the Senate. Here are the names of the 50 U.S. Senators who courageously took a stand for your freedom against the Obama administration: Sen. Lamar Alexander, Sen. Kelly Ayotte, Sen. John Barrasso, Sen. Mark Begich, Sen. Roy Blunt, Sen. John Boozman, Sen. Richard Burr, Sen. Saxby Chambliss, Sen. Jeff Chiesa, Sen. Daniel Coats, Sen. Tom Coburn, Sen. Thad Cochran, Sen. Susan Collins, Sen. Bob Corker, Sen. John Cornyn, Sen. Mike Crapo, Sen. Ted Cruz, Sen. Mike Enzi, Sen. Deb Fischer, Sen. Jeff Flake, Sen. Lindsey Graham, Sen. Chuck Grassley, Sen. Kay Hagan, Sen. Orrin Hatch, Sen. Dean Heller, Sen. John Hoeven, Sen. James Inh ...
Not bad in Az. Just McCain and butt boy Jeff Flake.'s hot here for a few months.
Do you mean we can get more Senators like Jeff Flake AZ who you helped sell to AZ tea party groups? Thanks for that
Jeff Flake's response to Arizona's people..."what ever!!!". You are fired Jeff!!!
U know how people campaign 4 candidates they like? I plan to campaign to get John McCain OUT & Jeff Flake, too.
.Scorn should be directed at Senators John McCain & Jeff Flake. They fought 4 another Trillion in debt & their bucks.
Why do you refuse to add Jeff Flake AZ to the list of quisling Republicans? Is this due to you both sharing the same church?
Stuck with 2 of them...John McCain and Jeff Flake. Arizona deserves better.
Come one Jim!! I beleived in you. I supported your cause. I gave money to your candidates. Jeff Flake voted for cloture.
We will not support you or Jeff Flake as long as you help Obama with Amnesty! We want to recall both of you here in AZ!!!
backers/enslavers and raisers from ARIZONA: Senators: John McCain & Jeff Flake. Remember ARIZONA when it hurts.
Hey, AZ peeps! Guess who isn't on this list? I'm looking at YOU, John McCain and Jeff Flake!
Well done. Proud to have you and Jeff Flake as my Senators today.
We know not to go down this road to a shutdown again. That may be something, at least — Sen Jeff Flake (R-AZ)
I cannot understand Jeff Flake (AZ) a frugal legislator if there ever FOR this abomination.
you & Jeff Flake , Pete King are only out for yourselves you do not represent your constituents,,dead to the people,TRAITORS
Hey - your buddy Jeff Flake screwed you again.
That's a lot of primary challenges. And is there anyone more pitiful than Jeff Flake?
Republicans like Jeff Flake want sequestration to be the new normal. The big fight to come will be over restoring the budget.
Jeff Flake admits sequestration was a big win for Republicans. They don't care if it cuts military spending cuz they're drowning Government!
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Arizonas RINOs are John McCain and Jeff Flake! We need to get rid of these two cowards!
Tonight I am embarrassed for my home state of Arizona. John McCain and Jeff Flake's days as Senators are numbered.
Other than being Republican, what do these each have in common? . U.S. Senator Jeff Flake (AZ), U.S. Senator John...
Jeff Flake (R-AZ) proves that the has really learned the important lessons from this whole charade... "That...
10 years ago Jeff Flake was the 2nd biggest NO voter in Congress after Paul; today he's on the saner side.
Sen. Jeff Flake calls the deal "more of a black eye than a victory." h/t
Peep the front page of for a photo that eerily looks like Susan Collins and Jeff Flake are holding hands.
John McCain and Jeff Flake sold out Arizona once again... At what point do the voters reject these people?
Buddy, I'll gladly sign the recall petition. Why not add Jeff Flake too?!
Memo to Jeff Flake: You were elected to represent your constituents, not the media and Obamacare-exempted elites in DC.
AZ senators can't understand Grand Canyon shutdown: U.S. Sens. John McCain and Jeff Flake can't understand why...
HEY!!! AMERICA!!! These United States SENATORS are the only patriots who stood up for AMERICA and the AMERICAN PEOPLE by refusing to resurrect OBAMACARE FRIDAY! REMEMBER them! THANK them! SUPPORT them! Alabama - Jeff Sessions Alabama - Richard Shelby Arizona - Jeff Flake - was absent but said he would've voted for it. Florida - Marco Rubio Idaho - Mike Crapo Idaho - James Risch Iowa - Chuck Grassley Kansas - Jerry Moran Kansas - Pat Roberts Kentucky - Rand Paul Louisiana - David Vitter Nebraska - Deb Fischer Nevada - Dean Heller Ohio - Rob Portman Oklahoma - Jim Inhofe Pennsylvania - Pat Toomey South Carolina - Tim Scott Texas - Ted Cruz Utah - Mike Lee Wyoming - Mike Enzi Thank you, HEROES! AMERICA! Remember to stand up for THEM the way they stood up for YOU Friday!
I got a response from Jeff Flake today over Syria. Here's his response and my analysis (picking it apart) afterwards: "Dear Mr. Silva: Thank you for contacting me about the ongoing crisis in Syria. As you may know, on August 20, 2012, President Obama announced that the use of chemical weapons in the Syrian civil war would constitute crossing a "red line" that could trigger a U.S. response. On June 13, 2013, the White House confirmed that the Assad regime had used chemical weapons against the rebels multiple times in the previous year. On August 21, 2013, another chemical attack by the Assad regime killed well over 1,000 people, including approximately 400 children. In an unprecedented response, President Obama announced that he would seek Congressional authorization to launch limited and narrow military strikes against the regime in an effort to deter it from using chemical weapons again, and to degrade its capability to do so. After hearing testimony from Secretary of State John Kerry, Secretary of Defen ...
USA IMMIGRATION REFORMS BILL ARE UNLIKELY TO PASS IN ITS PRESENT MANNER AS EVERY ISSUE LIKE VISA REFORM GUEST WORKER PROGRAM Border Security FATE OF DREAMERS AND OTHER LEGAL STATUS WILL BE CONSIDERED SEPARATELY AND RESULTING IN NUMBER OF BILLS TO BE PASSED ON INDIVIDUAL ISSUES Posted: Friday, September 6, 2013 5:00 am Glenn Hamer Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry | 0 comments I attended an immigration town hall in Mesa recently with Sens. John McCain and Jeff Flake, hosted by The Arizona Republic and 12 News. Kudos to The Republic for hosting this educational event, which aired the following Sunday after “Meet the Press.” Both senators thoughtfully made the case that immigration reform is a must and should be considered by the House of Representatives when Congress returns after Labor Day. That two Arizona senators are leading the call for reform speaks to the leadership of this state. Sen. Flake deserves special credit for having the guts to work on this issue even in his freshman year as a U. ...
Senators who support military action in Syria:Jeff Flake, John McCain, Barbara Boxer,Dianne Feinstein . They disappointed us, do u agree ??
Just a question were the same people on now upset at the Jeff Flake ad OK with the George Bush James Byrd ad?
You can go ahead and include Lindsey Graham, Jeff Flake and Jersey Governor Christie.
Grover Norquist, Jack Abramoff and Jeff Flake all spent their early years trying to end the divestment movement.
Legalize Them NOW We must push harder,faster and together for the immediate legalization of all immigrants. It is a human right;a collective right. Give thanks to those who have turned from the satins free markets. All people are entitled to free healthcare, school,housing, transportation, food, clothing and all the resources now being squandered by the imperial capitalists. Stand with: Sen. Michael Bennet, D-CO Sen. Richard J. Durbin, D-IL Sen. Jeff Flake, R-AZ Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-SC Sen. John McCain, R-AZ Sen. Bob Menendez, D-NJ Sen. Marco Rubio, R-FL Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-NY[3] (
Here is the info from the recall Flake/McCain- the state is requiring registration papers. ANYBODY OUT THERE ALREADY JUMPED THRU HOOPS TO HELP THIS GUY HELP THE CITIZENS OF THIS COUNTRY. Share... Senator Flake is Failing Arizona! Senator Jeff Flake is not representing Arizona voters, conservatives, or American citizens, even though he is our employee and ran under the Republican ticket. Jeff Flake is voting as if he were employed by foreign nationals who have invaded the USA, aka illegal aliens, rather than his Arizona constituents. Jeff is showing us his true colors- he is as blue as they come, a RINO, a Liberal Democrat in everything but official party designation. Help recall or primary the Senator! Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona has proven in his recent voting record that he does not represent his Arizona constituents, and instead votes in direct opposition to Conservative and Republican interests. Mr Flake voted to reward criminal foreign national illegal aliens with legal status before even attempti ...
Hey Rubio and Jeff flake see what they just did to both of you.bye bye you snakes in the grass!
Desperately seeking a friend to call me up and YELL at me 4-5 times a week, about 8am EST. Any takers?
Don't forget Jeff the flake Flake and Liberal Lindsey Grahm!
Senators Jeff Flake and John McCain send letters to Verde Valley/Tri Cities officials encouraging cooperation in protecting the Verde River.
So, after a bit of drinking, I finally woke up and am home. I hope everyone has had as good of a night as I have. Anyone got any interesting stories from tonight? ~Flake
John McCain may be the most treasonous man who ever lived. McCain must contend with...
Sen. John McCain predicted on Wednesday that the sweeping immigration legislation making its way through the U.S. Senate was going to "overwhelmingly" pass with "good, solid" GOP support.
Petitions to recall John McCain, Jeff Flake and Marco Rubio: yay or nay?
No, but if they attack people like Jeff Flake in demeaning terms + ad hominem, it's not a selling point for me.
107 degrees for a high at IAH (Bush International) in Houston this Saturday afternoon. Most heat indices 110 - 112 locally.
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Another great day ahead! Writing my own story today. The day is however I want it to be. I can have anything and do anything I want.
Speaker John Boehner is getting pressured on the Immigration Bill the House will consider when they return on July 10th. 
The site originally started with a singular goal to recall Jeff Flake but due to popular demand they decided to add John McCain to their hit list. The site features this YouTube video which clearly shows the complete turnaround McCain has done on immigration reform. “Complete the danged fence.” Those are John McCain’s exact words.
Here's some great news for all my friends! The elected officials (Mayors and Supervisors) in the my watershed just received a letter from Senator Jeff Flake and Senator John McCain urging them to "develop a water management strategy that protects the Verde River." This is a wonderful endorsement from these Senators! It would be great if you would all write to them and thank them for their concern and their offers to help. You can send them an email by visiting their websites (and If you'd like to read the press release, visit the Verde River Institute's website at:
I found out sen.Jeff flake is from snowflake,AR (kwinky *** & only has one half of a right pointer finger and I thot u shd no
Yes or No Poll: Would you agree all 3 Obama, John Boehner, Nancy Pelosi are all a disgrace to the USA?
People need to show politicians that they are supposed to be working FOR THE PEOPLE! The recall petitions currently out for Senators Rubio, McCain and Flake should give ALL POLITICIANS the right message.
"A POOR SOUL WHO LOST HIS WAY" Marco, feel proud to be the first Hispanic RINO You have that dishonor. Now where do you go? The House Republicans have more balls than you They will surely see that your bill will not go through For in our form of Government the House d...
Jeff Flake your a disgrace and your buddy Rubio i expected it from the other power hungry progressives. You lost your base see yeah
Earlier in the week, we told you how Arizona has had it with Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake over their persistent push of the Senate’s amnesty bill and began petitions to recall them. Well it ...
Jeff flake: i ll start calling House sb744 s protagonists so soon nd there ll be a lot of pressure
I would like to hear on R sen Az. Jeff Flake and how this guy is the "real deal" in Mr. Becks opinion.
Sitting with Jill on the couch, eating Golden Flake Dip Style chips with Heluva Good French onion dip, watching Ancient Aliens. Apparently, Bigfoot is an extraterrestrial. Good times. Good times.
Flake tries to spin vote for NRA-backed bill as strengthening background checks. Another Flake lie.
throw the other Arizona turncoat Jeff flake in that pot
Dissapointed in jeff flake. I knew rubio would end up being a RINO. LIKE MCAIN AND GRAHAM.
Can you relate?? “The more I know about people, the better I like my dog.” – Mark Twain
If you live in Arizona or know somebody who does, please get this article to them and ask them to do their part to recall Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake!
In Washington DC, unlike other pond life ecosystems, the detritus normally rises to the top, and stays there for years. This is an accurate metaphor for the US Senate these days. It’s all one big joke to these self-styled gangsters who call themselves “The Gang of Eight”. They are so desperate to cultivate voters for their dying GOP party that they have sought to do the heavy lifting for the nation-wrecking liberal Democrats in Washington – all of whom wish to grant amnesty to 30 million illegal immigrants and 30 million more family members expected to follow in tow – a move joined by a huge Federal entitlement program (and even Federal English Language Police to check if Mexicans are learning the native tongue) that many believe will be the final knock-out punch to an already faltering American economy. This will be the official beginning of the end of America… But there’s hope… Arizona voters are now petitioning to pull Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake out of office. A move that is lo ...
Time to make history, Arizona! Who's in? Equal Marriage Arizona Petition Drive starts tomorrow! Share it with your friends and shout it from the rooftops! Come pick up petitions from 9 a.m.-noon Saturday at one of two places: Casa de Cristo Evangelical Church, 1029 E. Turney Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85014 Wingspan Welcome Center, 430 E 7th Street, Tucson, AZ 85705
Fellow Conservatives: The Senate passed the amnesty bill yesterday on a 68 to 32 vote. The passage of this bill with Republican support is a huge letdown to conservatives everywhere. Thank you for all the calls you made. Your efforts made a difference, but we obviously have some house cleaning to do. Amnesty Roll Call VoteU.S. Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) refused to use his position as the Republican Leader to defeat the bill. In fact, he waited to announce his opposition until just 2 hours before the vote -- long after its supporters had secured the necessary 60 votes to pass it. Senator McConnell showed his true colors when he said he hopes the House will pass a bill so a conference committee can negotiate a final deal. Everyone knows that if this bill is taken behind closed doors they will come up with new fig leaves, add even more earmarks, and twist enough arms to muscle it through the House. Senator McConnell wasn't the only Republican who let us down. The bill passed with the support of 14 Republ ...
We try to elect conservatives but end up with Pat Toomey the gun control advocate and Jeff Flake the open borders enthusiist
Senator Jeff Flake. Arizonans have had to wait far too long for Congress to take action to fix our broken...
Jeff Flake is a coward and a liar who betrays those who vote for him.
28 senators send letter to Sebelius repeating earlier demand for answers that HHS failed to provide WASHINGTON - U.S. Senators Saxby Chambliss, R-Ga., and Johnny Isakson, R-Ga., along with 26 of their Republican colleagues, have sent a letter to Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius repeating an earlier demand for answers on why she has solicited money from regulated health care companies to help the private, non-profit group that is enrolling Americans in Obamacare. The new letter comes in the wake of Sebelius failing to provide the detailed answers sought in earlier letters on this issue, including one sent by Isakson and his fellow Republican Senators on the Senate Finance Committee. In the earlier letters sent in May to Secretary Sebelius requesting information on reports that she was fundraising for Enroll America, HHS responded with identical letters merely confirming the news reports from recent weeks that Secretary Sebelius has been soliciting money and other support to benefit En ...
Shame on you for selling out and breaking your promises sens Jeff Flake, John McCain and Marco Rubio. Your moral and ethical degeneration is disgusting and shall be remembered.
With all these changes n trades in Boston it is hard to be a Celtic fan but I ain't no front runner, I didn't move to south beach when my favorit player moved, and I ain't moving now that pierce and KG are gone I will keep my head high, and hope, yeah we wont be a great team but I'm not going to flake to Brooklyn. I bleed green. Celtics Nation for life
Now there is new hope for our neighbors to the south to leave their homes and families and tough it out with the cartels as a human mule, or slip across the border quietly on one of the hundreds of well marked trails, praying they won't die of heat stroke or get robbed or raped. But it is worth it now! Because if they can just get here they will become the new elite class of citizens with past crimes ignored... Preferential treatment in the welfare lines and schools. Even employers will be fined if they refuse to hire a new amnestisized person and they hire a born or naturalized citizen instead. And this amnesty is designed to be renewable and will last for years and years. What luck! Thank you so much Jon McCain and Jeff Flake. We will believe improvements to the border: new fence, more agents, additional technology... When we see it. I hear there are loopholes that will keep those from happening. Who would have guessed?
Arizona ya'll really need to RECALL McCAIN!
I really do appreciate Marco Rubio & Jeff Flake showing us the difference between Conservatives and Republicans.
Reply from Senator McCaskill On June 27, 2013, after weeks of debate before the full Senate, I was pleased to join 14 of my Republican colleagues in passing S. 744 through the Senate by a vote of 68-32. Such broad bipartisan support is unusual in the Senate, particularly on comprehensive legislation dealing with such an emotional issue. One reason the legislation received such significant support is the positive impact it will have on our economy. According to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office the legislation, if enacted, would reduce our nation's deficit by nearly $1 trillion and increase Gross Domestic Product by nearly 5.5% over the next twenty years. Well why didn't we think of that?
I named my morning coffee, The Joel Osteen. It has a rich, nutty flavor which is blended with white enamel creamer and a lot of fake sugar.
Republicans like Marco Rubio and Jeff Flake are the main reason I'm now an Independent.
Senator Jeff Flake.we hardly knew ye.
I sent the following letter to a representative of Senator Jeff Flake on gun background checks. Please, share. I will be posting it to his fb page/sending it through his contact page. The national death toll from gun deaths now stands at 5,508. The Arizona death toll now stands at 112. The totals still do not account for people wounded (living casualties). In light of the continued growth of these numbers, I believe that the national passive policy of murder is not working. The concepts of bad people killing bad people and ridding the society of bad people is taking in too many innocent and vulnerable victims. The concepts that post murder justice will clean up the messes left by killers is not working. Additionally, the costs of murder are escalating for the administration of justice and government in the United States. These costs do not cease every time each time a murder occurs. As you are well aware that the costs continue for unsolved murders and assaults. As you are well aware the costs for ...
What an amazing week in the US; we had a front seat at democracy at work. All of this agent of changes were started by one person or a group of individual. All of them should be profile in the Kennedy Courage Award. Thank you for standing up and continue to Move our Country Forward. DOMA Case: Edie Winsor, Prop 8: Kristin Perry and Sandra Stier, Paul Katami and Jeffrey Zarrillo; Texas Abortion Bill Filibuster: Wendy Davis and US Senate Immigration Reform Gang of 8; Republicans Rubio, Lindsey Graham, John McCain, and Jeff Flake, and Dems Chuck Schumer, *** Durbin, Robert Menendez, and Michael Bennet. I am happy to be one of those immigrants who was able to dream. That Dream comes with a prize. The prize is to continue to exercise my right to vote as an american citizen. I also had the opportunity and the privilege to play the sports of politics both in MA and NJ. But more important, to obtained my american dream, getting a BS in Engineering and Master in Business Administration. My story is not dif ...
New subject of loathing: Senator Jeff Flake. Join Marcorat, Grahamcracker, Ayotte and the rest of the rodents. Start planng post 2016.
Senator Jeff Flake said yesterday that he will start calling calling members of the House Judiciary panel "immediately."
I'm actually feeling sorry for Jeff Flake. He upset the progressive base when he voted against gun background checks. And now he's getting slammed by his base for voting for immigration. Guy just can't win...
Website started to recall some of the Flaky Senators that voted for weakening US borders.
As true conservatives and patriots, we must do everything we can to get rid of Marco Rubio. He sold out to the GOP establishment, in exchange for their support in his presidential bid in 2016. Rubio is NOT a conservative, he's just another Karl Rove RINO Progressive Republican. RUBIO IS A TRAITOR! RECALL Marco Rubio! He now joins his RINO buddies Juan McCain and Jeff the Flake in having recall petitions because of their support for amnesty.
Senator Jeff Flake is facing major pressure from the Bloomberg gun control machine to bail out Barack Obama and... htt…
The Senate Monday evening passed a motion to invoke cloture on the Corker-Hoeven amendment to the bill, 67 to 27. Cloture is the only procedure by which the Senate can vote to place a time limit on consideration of a bill or other matter, and thereby overcome a filibuster. All 52 voting Democratic senators were joined by 15 Republicans to close debate on the amendment. The Corker -Hoeven amendment plans to boost Border Security by adding 20,000 more patrol agents to the country’s border with Mexico and substantially increase federal funds for Border Security and more border fencing. Twenty-seven Republicans and no Democrats voted against cloture. Here’s are the 15 Republicans who voted to invoke cloture on the amendment: Lamar Alexander, Kelly Ayotte, Jeffrey Chiesa, Susan Collins, Bob Corker, Jeff Flake, Lindsey Graham, Orrin Hatch, Dean Heller, John Hoeven, Mark Kirk, John McCain, Lisa Murkowski, Marco Rubio, and Roger Wicker. Alabama: Sessions (R-AL), Nay Shelby (R-AL), Nay Alaska: Begich (D-AK), . ...
RINOs face recall in Az... Sell your souls to the DC quagmire and play political reindeer games and get your *** ..
Except, I bet Jeff Flake would give the chances of compromise better odds today.
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Jeff Flake referred to Robert Krentz today..this was his plea for help in 2005!
In response to their efforts on the so-called "Gang of Eight" Immigration Bill, Sens. Jeff Flake and John McCain -- both Republicans from Arizona -- are the sub
I just got through (12:55 PM Tucson time) to Jeff Flake's DC office (202) 224-4521 to oppose the Amnesty Bill. The office only elicited that I was from Tucson. Didn't want or need my my name and address. Wonder if that's suspicious. McCain's mailbox has been full non-stop for the last 4 days both here in Tucson and in D.C.
Listening to the Glenn Beck podcast. "Jeff Flake is dead to me. Do you know what Ted Cruz is? He is a gawd to me."
Mark Levin suggest we scare the *** out of Republican Senators I agree; below are a few more good reasons If you want to know what's wrong with the Republican Party wrapped up in one pretty package, like the head in the box at the end of Seven, all you have to do is look at the latest amnesty disaster that was created by a gang of Republican *** in the Senate. Marco Rubio, John McCain, Jeff Flake, Lindsey Graham, Bob Corker, John Hoeven, Kelly Ayotte, Dean Heller and the rest of the braindead Senate Republican buffoons that have supported this bill are the living personification of the words, "Stuck on Stupid." They picked the wrong issue, at the wrong time, did it the wrong way, and set it up so that no matter what happens, the Republican Party is doomed to get kicked in the teeth. Why does the Republican Party lose elections? Because we do things like this... 1) Most of the Republicans backing the bill in the Senate lied to their base: What is George W. Bush's daddy most remembered for? Being Ronald ...
Courtesy of Gateway Pundit comes welcome news: There are now recall attempts beginning against both John McCain and Jeff Flake in Arizona over their support for amnesty. The website even has an easy name to remember – Senator Flake...
Gutless Republicans that are owned include Bob Corker , Roger Wicker , Marco Rubio, Jeff Flake , Lamar Alexander , and the usual RINOs
Democrats terrify Hispanics into thinking they’ll be lynched if they vote for Republicans, and then turn around and taunt Republicans for not winning a majority of the Hispanic vote. This line of attack has real resonance with our stupidest Republicans. (Proposed Republican primary targets: Sens. Kelly Ayotte, Jeff Flake, Lindsey Graham and Marco Rubio.) Which explains why Republicans are devoting all their energy to slightly increasing their share of the Hispanic vote while alienating everyone else in America. It must be fun for liberals to manipulate Republicans into focusing on hopeless causes. Why don’t Democrats waste their time trying to win the votes of gun owners? As journalist Steve Sailer recently pointed out, the Hispanic vote terrifying Republicans isn’t that big. It actually declined in 2012. The Census Bureau finally released the real voter turnout numbers from the last election, and the Hispanic vote came in at only 8.4 percent of the electorate — not the 10 percent claimed by the p ...
Raul Grijalva, U.S. House of Representatives member from AZ has been given a grade of F -, (F MINUS) by Numbers USA. John McCain rates a D, and Jeff Flake a D - (D minus). The latter two are trying to dupe US citizens into thinking their amnesty bill is a good thing. Grijalva, I haven't checked into his stance on the subject. It's beyond me why Flake and McCain want so badly to saddle us with this horrific bill. Funny how I never paid much attention to politics before, but this really has got my dander up.
Ready to see Zac Brown Band with Jeff Flake, Grayson Flake and Sarah
Marco Rubio, John McCain and Jeff Flake all voted with Harry Reid in favor of a national biometric ID system where the federal government can trace and track every single American citizen. WTH. Big Brother is in full force.
LOST: A pair of elephant *** If found, please return to the Republican Party, or call John McCain, Marco Rubio, Jeff Flake, or Lindsey Graham at 800-IMA-RINO
Now this is political: You know that republican senator from Arizona; you know the new guy? His name is Jeff Flake! Well personally I think he is; a flake that is!
My daughter saw Jim DeMint this morning. Now she is on her way to see Jeff Flake. The other day she texted me a photo of Dana Perino. Why didn't I have these opportunities?
Lets be very clear...after today it should be manifestly obvious that Marco Rubio, John McCain, Jeff Flake and others are working to legalize millions of Mexicans in this country illegally while doing everything they can to prevent securing the border. If there are traitors among us, they are good candidates!!
Here are the Republican traitors. Marco Rubio, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, John Boehner, Jeff Flake, Jeb Bush...if America is to survive we must not let this Immigration Bill pass. And these traitors need to be removed form office or tried for treason
The Republican Party, the party of bad ideas. The Democrat Party, the party of no ideas. --Lewis Black Sounds like he has met John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Jeff Flake and well most of the Dems.
A new University of Minnesota poll shows that Senator Rand Paul (R-KY.), in a sign of increasing prominence with the Tea Party voters who describes themselves as morons, tops fellow republicans in popularity. In the poll 42% preferred Paul, 36% preferred Sarah Palin, 20% preferred Jeff Flake (R-AZ) & the other 2% didn't know what the word "preferred" meant. Stay thirsty my friends.
A list of politicians it's time to get rid of. Though it is definitely not limited to: John McCain - (R - Arizona) John Boehner - (R - Ohio) Lindsay Graham - (R- South Carolina) Marco Rubio - (R - Florida) Jeff Flake - (R - Arizona) Chris Christie - (R - New Jersey) Mitch McConnell - (R - Kentucky)
I do surely love Tennessee but there are times that I wish I could vote in other States. Now I am not what you would call a card carring Republican or a Democret and I think that anyone who votes strictly along party lines shows very little common smarts. I have always respected John McCain (AZ). I think he is an American Hero who has earned that respect up until the last few months. He has turned on the American people and given into the pressure of loss of his power in Washington. Some new blood is taking over and he can't handle it so he has alligned himself with the Liberal side and their agends. Why Marco Rubio (FL) has decides to ruin himself as a Republican Senator, I have no ideah. Of course we all know that Lindsey Graham (SC) leand to the liberial side of life. Don't know much about Lisa Murkowski (AK) or Jeff Flake (AZ) but it looks as if they think voteing for the Immigration Bill will help them politically. I do so wish I could be a part of voteing them all out of office.
Rubio has gone to the dark side along with Rand Paul, Jeff Flake as let his state completely down. They all talk great but they still walk all over the Constitution
For more than a year, Jeff Flake's son has been on social media using slurs against *** Blacks, Mexicans and Jews. Daddy Flake says "He has apologized and I apologize as well." Somehow, I don't feel like either has learned a lesson here.
Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) apologized on Wednesday after BuzzFeed discovered that his high school-aged son had used racist and homophobic language on the Internet.
The Weekly Rant! Immigration has been a topic lately in the news and what to do with the illegal immigrants. There is the gang of eight in Washington that is working on a comprehensive immigration package. They are Republicans and Democrats working together to solve this problem. If you look at who is included in the gang of eight and understand their political background and motives you start to get an idea of what is in it. This bill will provide amnesty, not secure the borders, increase government size and spending, and provide pet projects to woo certain senators to vote for it. If any of them disagree the media will say they are bigots, don't care about the poor immigrants, and all they want to do is send them back along with ya nothing else to make them look bad. Lets look at the gang of eight. Chuck Schumer, Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio, *** Durbin, John McCain, Michael Bennet, Jeff Flake and Bob Menendez. The republicans on in this group are all liberal and like big government. We know the democr . ...
(WASHINGTON, D.C.) – U.S. Senators Tom Coburn, M.D. (R-OK), Jeff Flake (R-AZ), Angus King (I-ME), and Joe Manchin (D-WV) introduced the Reducing Overlapping Payments Act, which aims to protect the Social Security Disability Insurance and Unemployment Insurance programs by reducing overlapping benefits. The bill requires the Social Security Administration (SSA) to suspend Disability Insurance (DI) benefits during any month in which a recipient also collects Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits, while also ensuring the SAA has the necessary information to identify overlapping DI and UI payments. According to the Government Accountability Office (GAO), in fiscal year 2010 over 117,000 individuals received more than $850 million in overlapping payments. “In order to protect safety-net programs for those who truly need them most, Congress must act to reduce wasteful and overlapping payments,” Dr. Coburn said. “Absent new legislation, there is no way to prevent beneficiaries from essentially double-dipp ...
Stephen R. Maloney In the next year, I am going to ask all of you to support various candidates that are (or would be) superb representatives of the American people. They include Sen. Marco Rubio, Sen. Jeff Flake, gubenatorial candidate Ken Cucchinelli (VA), Sen. Lindsay Graham, Sen. Kelly Ayotte (NH), Cong. Paul Ryan, Sen. Pat Toomey (PA). Sen. Tim Scott (SC), Cong. Trey Gowdy, and others (including Gabriel Gomez in MA). It's no secret that I think a wonderful member of our groups, Linda Vega, of Houston, TX, would make a great Senator and perhaps even a great president. Dr. Bill Cassidy in La is a superb physician and humanitarian that would make a great Senator. In order to win, we need to reach out to people -- such as younger voters and Hispanics -- that have been hesitant to vote for us in the past. Making noises reminiscent of Attila the Hun will cause us to lose and perhaps even disappear. We have to communicate effectively -- and, especially, listen carefully. Let's work together. Let's restore t ...
Please call out Kelly Ayotte , Jeff Flake , Marco Rubio , and John McCain and any GOP willing to go along on amnesty.
Daily Mail does the Jeff Flake 'Castaway' story, but needs more gifs!
Not your typical vacation for a Senator. Jeff Flake:
Welcome to AZ, Laura: Laura Ingraham says Jeff Flake “living up to his last name”  The Daily ... via SeeingRedAZ
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How much money is being spent by Bloomberg on thIs Jeff Flake smear campaign? I wonder if the good Mayor is having PORK for dinner???
It’s no coincidence that LDS Senators Orrin Hatch and Jeff Flake made up two-thirds of the Republican votes when the Senate Judiciary Committee passed immigration reform on Tuesday. Latter-day Saints have a long history grappling with undocumented migration, an ongoing crisis among members of the Ch...
An ad from Mayor’s Against Illegal Guns accuses Sen. Jeff Flake of breaking a promise to strengthen background checks because he voted against a bill that would have expanded background checks. But Flake did not promise to expand background checks, and he voted in favor of a bill that he argues (tho...
Over five days of intensive and sometimes emotional debate, the Senate Judiciary Committee passed the first hurdle of advancing the immigration legislation by reaching a 13-5 vote on Tuesday night, with Sens. Lindsay Graham (R-SC), Orrin Hatch (R-UT), and Jeff Flake (R-AZ) siding with the Democrats…
In the face of a fresh attack on Friday, Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) continued to imply that he agrees with those who support expanding background checks for gun purchases despite voting against a measure last month that would have done just that.
Caren Teves lost her son Alex in the mass shooting at a theater in Aurora, Colo. She thought Sen. Jeff Flake was on her side when it came to background checks. She was wrong. Flake was in favor of a form of background check that involved better mental health screening. But he didn't go along with th...
Orrick wins confirmation with 3 GOP crossover votes: Susan Collins of Maine; Jeff Flake of Ariz; and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska.
Jeff Flake if you stop with this immigration BS you might become the senior Senator from AZ after McRino is forced into retirement if not I
"It turns out that the other members of his 'gang' have no interest in fixing the bill. Sens. Jeff Flake and Lindsey Graham voted with Sen. Schumer and other Democrats to scuttle any strengthening of the bill’s Border Security features. So much for the Gang of Eight’s willingness to help Rubio keep his promises for genuine, enforceable Border Security guarantees. "But why is any of this a surprise to anyone? The reality is that no amnesty bill acceptable to Democrats and President Obama will have meaningful enforcement provisions – not on Border Security, not on employer sanctions, not on our five million visa overstays, not on any significant problem the bill is supposed to 'fix' in our'broken immigration system.'”
Sen. Jeff Flake backpedals as fast as possible after approval rating plummets via
OFA gun safety activists run into Sen. Jeff Flake in the Senate hallway...
Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) told CNN he's open to expanding background checks if the Manchin-Toomey legislation is modified to be more accommodating for Internet sales between friends. Flake said he'd consider voting for the bill if the requirement is altered to ensure that a gun owner may sell a firearm...
Sens. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) joined all Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats to oppose an amendment securing America's border with Mexico before legalizing America's at least 11 million illegal immigrants.
I AGREE!! Unfortunately McCain has "flipped" Jeff Flake who is NOW going along w/Gun Control AND Amnesty!!
After talking to Jeff Flake's office, it's clear he isn't anywhere near flipping on Manchin-Toomey:
Some of Sen. Jeff Flake's constituents in Arizona are still livid over his recent vote against expanded background checks for gun sales. They say the Republican is ignoring their calls for a public meeting.
The latest Turncoat Az. Rep. Jeff flake willing to give up on 2nd amend. To stop internet tax...WOW it only took a few months to turn Dem.
Jeff Flake is a progressive! He is not a conservative. He hasn't been popular among the tea party here in AZ for awhile
Glenn beck and freedom works: we've lost Jeff Flake to McCain and graham
Looks as though Jeff Flake has turned his back on the people who put him where he is, sad!
Congressman Jeff Flake, AR, a turncoat Republican. Selling votes for cooperation. Washed up on immigration.
We will succeed, with or without Jeff Flake, but he better climb on board or he may find this is his last term in office!
What I don't understand most of all is Jeff Flake.
What the *** is going on? Rep Jeff Flake (AZ) has been "turned" by McCain & is NOW SUPPORTING GUN CONTROL as well as AMNESTY? W T F?
Told Freedomworks @ RL last summer Jeff Flake was a RINO. I was dismissed and the guy was rude to us. I'm an Arizonan!!! I tried
Glenn is upset about Jeff Flake's RINOISM... We knew and warned your your people at Rest. Love. I was dismissed by ur staff!
flake GONE! he does not back our constitution a turn coat!! If you r in his state write him WE THE PEOPLE R DISAPOINTED IN U SHAME
Jeff Flake May Support Gun Background Checks You beat them with a stick and they will do!
I told freedom works at restoring love that Jeff Flake was a RINO !!! They were rude & dismissed me! IM AN ARIZONAN.
Jeff Flake scrambles for new background check position via
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Jeff Flake went to Stepford. The new Jeff Flake is a liberal robot that just LOOKS like the old Jeff Flake.
Heh: "Joined Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) for an extended game of keep-away with Sen. Leahy's lip balm. The Senate Judiciary C..."
Once again, Thank You to Senator Jeff Flake! & a big fat, thanks for nothing to McCain the Rhino. Funny how when I call Flake's office I talk to a person to make my voice heard, but when I call McCain, I'm " lucky" if the voicemail isn't full, so I can leave a message, rather than have to send an email.
It's all about providing conservative cover for Republicans who might consider voting for the bill.
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