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Jeff Flake

Jeffrey Lane Jeff Flake (born December 31, 1962) is the U.S. Representative for , serving since 2001. He is a member of the Republican Party.

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Had Charlottesville white supremacists marched in praise of Jeff Flake and Lindsey Graham, Trump would have unequivocally…
GREAT NEWS! VOTE OUT FLAKE!. The Money is POURING IN for Kelli Ward to TAKE OUT Jeff Flake! via
A top Trump donor is donating $300,000 to a super PAC devoted to unseating Sen. Jeff Flake
Jeff Flake is trying to have it both ways: Kelli Ward.. Related Articles:
New Poll in Arizona is Bad News for RINO Senator Jeff Flake. . Go Get him
Im in Az. I'll vote for anyone besides Jeff Flake. We need to win the Primary 1st
of course Robert Mercer is giving $300K to an anti-Flake super PAC whose spending mostly went to Cambridge Analytica h…
Robert Mercer backs in her challenge against Never Trump'er Jeff Flake. .
Some folks forget that Trump donated to Hillary's campaign when she ran against Obama. He's not a Republican
A warning shot to Republicans who cross Trump, via the Mercers.
One running in the primary against loser Sen. Jeff Flake is Dr. Kelli Ward, a patriot.
Thumbs-up=>Top Trump donor ponies up to take out Flake
Top Trump donor Mercer ponies up to take out Senator Jeff Flake via
The party of sure isn't looking too welcoming for Maybe he should go indy.
Top Trump donor Robert Mercer ponies up to take out Flake
Billionaire Trump backer to donate six figures to super PAC backing Jeff Flake challenger
Prominent Trump donor Robert Mercer is donating $300,000 to a primary rival of Republican Sen. Jeff Flake in Arizona h…
Robert Mercer has a lot to lose if Trump goes down:. *$6.8bn unpaid hedge fund taxes. *pardon for Cambridge Analytica https:…
Billionaire GOP donors now primarying sitting Senators. This is how you destroy your majority!…
Billionaire ally of Trump backs Jeff Flake primary challenger:
The people of Arizona deserve a real Republican Senator who doesn't lie. Resign. Take your Jeff Flake buddy with you.
Jeff Flake is an *** clown who is being primaried for that reason.
Wow. Robert Mercer is donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to a super PAC to "take out" Sen. Jeff Flake in 2018
Mercer donates $300,000 to PAC to take out Never Trump Jeff Flake!
Prominent Trump backer taking on Jeff Flake in Arizona was subject of Center profile:
In the magazine: 8 Questions with Jeff Flake, Republican Senator from Arizona via
Robert Mercer going after Jeff Flake shows why David Frum's interpretation of Daniel Ziblatt's book is wrong.
8 questions with Jeff Flake, Republican Senator from Arizona
Trump White House talks to Sen. Jeff Flake challengers. Flake has got to go
should run for US Senate against Jeff Flake in 2018; She's the Minority leader of the Arizona House of Representatives
Poll: GOP Sen. Jeff Flake's approval rating drops to 18 percent in Arizona
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Jeff Flake is a Jeb Bush Republican who still doesn't understand he is part of the reason we got Trump. Btw, his Hertiage…
Sen. Jeff Flake is one Republican willing to take on President Trump and his party's 'denial' - Los Angeles Times
Jeff Flake's devastating indictment of his Republican Party, in 11 quotes
ONE. Something is horribly wrong in Arizona. . 1-Senators McCain and Jeff Flake. 2-One of the most corrupt child protecti…
Great idea! I'm going to join you, but I'm adding 2 more... one for Jeff Flake & one for John McCain,…
Jeff Flake needs to stfu and quit trying to sell his *** book. Go join the democrats. Stop mocking our President. POS
Jeff Flake couldn't even get Renee Zellweger to grab her goldfish and join him.
Sen. Jeff Flake, thoughtful conservative from Arizona, hints at impeachment...
This is the best thing I've seen all day. Kudos to Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona for admitting the obvious.
Jeff Flake: "our priority was not advancing a conservative policy agenda but making Obama a one-term president" https…
POLL: What are the chances that Jeff Flake gets Primaried by
Sen. Jeff Flake says the GOP has "lost its way." Incorrect. This was always the destination of the path they chose. https…
Jeff Flake will put his own interests ahead of the 32 million people who will lose insurance. is the screw…
Jeff Flake: "I've HAD IT UP TO HERE with Trump. If things don't change soon, I will be forced to stop voting with Trump in…
The most important thing to know about Jeff Flake is he's a vote to uninsure hundreds of thousands of Arizonans and should be r…
Jeff Flake answer machine doesn't work these day.
JEFF FLAKE: WRONG ANSWER. We've seen the limits of what THREE parties can do. RINOs shall be shown the door soon...
Hey Arizona,. WTH is going on?. 1st you have Traitor McCain . NOW you have Jeff Flake following in his footsteps?. *** BOTH…
Sen. Jeff Flake voted against background checks after Gabby Giffords and Sandy Hook School shootings, and for ACA repeal…
Kelli Ward trying to take down this sign in Phoenix,…
When will the voters of AZ send us better Republicans? are pathetic -
Jeff Flake: You don't get to vote for the cruelest legislation ever (trumpcare), and then try to rewrite history. You're t…
Jeff Flake is trying to launch his book tour bc he knows he won't be a Senator much longer!
Jeff Flake was totally cool with an unprecedented abuse of power in the Senate, though.
Jeff Flake does nothing but writes some meaningless words. He will continue to vote for everything Trump wants.
Despite all the drama today, this is a big deal from Jeff Flake
In case you were feeling too optimistic about Washington, a little anecdote from my Jeff Flake profile:
Jeff Flake tries to go maverick, we're not buying it
Oh you mean the Jeff Flake who just voted for every iteration of McConnell's healthcare bills when 13% approve? How refres…
Jeff Flake talks a good game about Trump, but what is he doing? - via
When it comes to bad liberal takes on Jeff's not considered a party until Bouie shows up.
Neo-con Jeff Flake is bashing Trump again. GOP voters in AZ need to vote him out. He does not stand with the Am…
Liberals: When will conservatives stand up to Trump?. Jeff Flake: Hi. I wrote a book. Liberals: But he opposes single-pa…
"Jeff Flake" How could you support this Clean house on this vote A Pro Woman i…
Jeff Flake, the people of Arizona are smart enough to know that writing a book means little when you vote to take thei…
John McCain kills Obamacare repeal, Jeff Flake on CBS today trashing the President. What's wrong with you, Arizona??
Sen. Jeff Flake promoting his new book, "Conscience Of A Conservative," or, if you strike the words that don't apply,"Of A."
GOP Sen. Jeff Flake: Donald Trump is like the biblical flood, and we need to build an ark
Republicans who stood up to Trump: . - Lisa Murkowski . - Susan Collins . - John McCain . Republicans who haven't: . - Jeff Flake
Republican Senator Jeff Flake rails against Trump, but to what end?
GOP Sen. Jeff Flake: "My Party Is in Denial About Donald Trump. We created him, and now we're rationalizing him." https:/…
Jeff Flake doesn't need to endorse single-payer. He just needs to stand up to Trump someplace other than Politico dot com.
Jeff Flake will be voted out in 2018 & replaced by Hear that
Sen. Jeff Flake says Republican Party has "lost its way" (Jeannette Walls / CBS News)
Oh, and let's replace Dean Heller and Jeff Flake with Democratic Senators in 2018. . And, cuz why not, let's take a run at Ted…
Anyway, like, if Jeff Flake runs unopposed then Ds should be mad (same for Rs if Heidi Heitkamp does. I doubt either will happen TBH)...
BREAKING: In a press conference senator Durbin mentioned Jeff Flake as cosponsor of the new along with Sc…
I remember meeting with Jeff Flake and he was nice!
The Donald isn't even nice to GOP Senators. Might spend $10M of his own money to beat Jeff Flake in 2018, l…
Republicans can safely buck Trump's agenda because it isn't his agenda. His agenda is his ego, as Jeff Flake is about to le…
Man accused of making threatening comments to Sen. Jeff Flake's staff - USA TODAY
Now she has BAD JUDGEMENT was on display by the very weak and ineffective Senator, Jeff Flake.
Sen. Jeff Flake could be in for rough re-election ride via
Jeff Flake supports this abomination of a healthcare bill. Call his office…
Patiently waiting for Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Shelley Moore Capito, Ben Sasse and Jeff Flake to be true "moderates" and come out as a "no"
You cd add: And by voting against the bill, if that helps kill it, McCain cd get his seat mate Jeff Flake off…
Jeff Flake grilled at town hall on climate change, Trump, Supreme Court - Business Insider
So Kelli Ward uses an email about Scalise getting shot to attack Jeff Flake who was there trying to help him. All Class. https:…
I missed this, but Jeff Flake's primary opponent sent out a fundraising email attacking him hours after the shooting http…
According to Sen. Jeff Flake, Crystal Griner continued firing at the shooter after she'd been shot herself.
Rep. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., witnessed Virginia shooting; office says he helped treat one aide who had been shot in leg
Remember:''I have thought a lot about blowing up the White House''>>or Democrats. Scalise ,Rand Pa…
exults: MY MAN! . AZ Sen Jeff Flake was First on the Scene at Shooter's Practice &. Sen John McCain is offering to . Be His WINGMAN!
Mika was the most seriously injured, Sen. Jeff Flake told
Senator Jeff Flake on Shooting: Applied Pressure on Scalise for 10 of 15 Minutes Before Police Arrived via
.Andrea Mitchell's 3rd question to Jeff Flake: "Did you see what kind of gun it was? Was it an AK47...?" .
So he shot at Jeff Flake, one of Trump's staunchest Republican critics?
Sen. Jeff Flake leaves the scene of the Congressional baseball practice shooting with a Capitol Police escort
Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) talks about moment gunfire erupted in .
Jeff Flake believes one of Scalise’s security detail "brought the shooter down...he ran around for quite a while with a l…
God bless Jeff flake for being their quickly for congressmen Scalise
RepMeehan confirms that Sen.Jeff Flake spoke with shooter who asked,"Are they Republicans or Democrats?" 1/2 RepM…
RepMeehan: When Sen.Jeff Flake told shooter that there were Republicans on the field, James Hodgkinson opened fire. 2/2 …
So Jeff Flake was yelling out "Are you friendly?"when he heard gunshots. Don't you think he would've been quiet so gunman wouldn't hear him?
Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake, present at DC-area shooting site, helped wounded (from
Jeff Flake on Steve Scalise: 'He was laying motionless'
"50 (shots) would be an understatement, I'm quite sure," Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake said of Virginia shooting:
Senators Bob Corker and Jeff Flake told me yesterday evening they hadn't seen details of the emerging Senate health care bi…
.'He had a rifle...he had a lot of ammo': Sen. Jeff Flake describes shooter
Sen. We 'dove into the dugout,' Scalise was down for 10 minutes
BREAKING: Sen. Jeff Flake: Gunman in Scalise shooting had `a rifle of some sort ... a lot of ammo'
Sen. Jeff Flake: Scalise "laid out there for at least 10 minutes, alone in the field. We couldn't get to him while there we…
Sen. Jeff Flake says accounts shots during gunfight are:
Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona personally called Scalise's wife to tell her her husband had been shot
"All of the sudden we heard a shot ... then boom, rapid succession" says Sen. Jeff Flake
This is just flat-out not true. Jeff Flake said shooter was wearing jeans. The jogger who asked Duncan was…
Jeff Flake: Shooter wore jeans. Duncan: Man who asked if the Congressional baseball game was Republicans o…
Jeff Flake says the member of Scalise's detail who took down the shooter had been shot in the leg and was still in pursuit.…
ICYMI: Ariz. Sen. Jeff Flake dubbed 'one of the heroes' after Scalise shooting, Utah officials react
As notes, Jeff Duncan says the man who asked him about party affiliation was in running clothes, Flake says shooter…
AARP ad about health-care bill pressures Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona … via
Ben Sasse, Susan Collins, Jeff Flake (though I want more from him), Jon Huntsman (but it'll be a g…
New AUMF by Sens.Tim Kaine (D) + Jeff Flake (R) grants Trump the power to wage world-wide war against "terror" :
AUMF is back baby! Tim Kaine + Jeff Flake introducing new war auth for ISIS/al-Qaeda on Thurs. They tried 2 yrs ago:
Mitt Romney to headline pair of fundraisers for Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.).
The 16-year-old who told off Jeff Flake has a message for “old white man” Trump via
Jeff Flake got a well-deserved hostile reception at his town hall tonight. .
Jeff Flake faces angry constituents at town hall:. "Senator, my question is: when are you going to choose your country ov…
Jeff Flake says he's working with Tim Kaine on an AUMF that would apply better to the ISIS fight:…
“As commander in chief, the President already has the authority to conduct a limited strike…" -Sen. Jeff Flake
Flake this is the first conservative thing you have done in a long time.
Jeff Flake says he’s working with Tim Kaine on a new AUMF for Syria
So … ... where's the town hall you promised?
ISIS thanks you for your support. "We couldn't do it without Jeff Flake!"
Please run against Jeff Flake in 2018. We desperately need you and everything you stand for!
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On the front page of Friday's Arizona Republic: "U.S. Strikes Syria."
🔥2018 IS COMING QUICK🔥. JEFF FLAKE is up for re-election. It's time for a change. htt…
ICYMI: Continuing fallout over Jeff Flake's embarrassing "questions" at the Gorsuch hearing.
When it really counted in not one Republican Senator had a conscience. Not Susan Collins. Not Jeff Flake.…
Here's what Arizona's U.S. senators and U.S. representatives are saying about Trump's missile strike on Syria.
All I've seen is that most senators are supporting president Trumps actions in Syri…
Can we focus on Ted Cruz, Jeff Flake, and Dean Heller in…
John flake and Jeff Mccain are enormous *** and I officially hope they are forced out of my state
Focus on defeating Jeff Flake AZ, Dean Heller NV, and Ted Cruz (TX) - have to flip 3, ASSUMING D's ***
Arizona reaction to U.S. strikes on Syria: House lawmakers respond.
Tim Kaine.Jeff Flake, JohnMcCain and Lindsey Graham---How much do they profit from War? Those missiles are going to have to be replaced $
I don't care what, when,where he says it Jeff Flake doesn't speak 4 me as . American people . I'm not a worshipper of Global Govt
Sens. John McCain, Jeff Flake express support for missile strikes on Syria
I don't know who Senator Jeff Flake is but he obviously has his facts wrong. I think he needs to visit an alpaca...
President of the United States signed 34 on April 3rd, 2017 via Jeff Flake joint resolut…
McCain: “Unlike the previous administration, President Trump confronted a pivotal moment in Syria and took action." https:/…
Tell John McCain and Jeff Flake to Change the Nominee, Not the Process
Do you support military strikes on Syrian regime targets? "I do," Senator Jeff Flake says
My ObamaCare “affordable” insurance costs more than my home mortgage. John McCain and Jeff Flake are my U.S. Senators. I’m sc…
George W. Bush to headline Sen. Jeff Flake re-election fundraiser
Jeff Flake made a statement about Rep Steve King. It is time for rest of to do the same. Ditto: Steve Bannon & alt right
Sen. Jeff Flake's bill would let Border Patrol waive lie-detector tests for some recruits
Jeff Sessions is going to flake one morning and show up to work in his Grand Dragon robes.
Jeff Flake on the Mexican gray wolf issue via
Sen Jeff Flake is pro Illegal Immigration and pro Open Borders. He needs to go.
Scott Pruitt: "The EPA will not focus on protecting the environment." Thanks Dean Heller, Jeff Fl…
. McCain AND Jeff Flake both need to go! Arizonans! Please don't make a mistake and vote him back in!
How Arizona Sens. John McCain and Jeff Flake voted on Trump nominees
Sen. Jeff Flake, asked what he hopes to hear from tomorrow: "Peace, love and happiness."
Tell we need an independent investigation of ties to Russia.
GOP Senator Jeff Flake tells me he hasn't heard of the $54 billion increase in military spending proposed by White House
Just like Jeff Flake...A Ken Doll, face that's easy to look at but NO BALLS.
ICYMI: "Sens. John McCain, Jeff Flake OK with deporting criminals, but want to help 'dreamers.'"
Why we need to get Jeff Flake out of the United States Senate
Why we need to get AZ out of the 9th Circuit.
. . Mike, did it have anything to do with your dad having pedo dirt on jeff flake, pences best friend?
STFU Jeff. Tim has more courage in one flake of his dandruff than you do with that entire snowball on you.
Arizona Action Alert. Senator Jeff Flake (R - AZ) has introduced legislation that aims to...
Mike Pence best friend who was on pedo list that got Flynn canned is Jeff Flake!
The lines are open to Jeff Flake's to support ACA and Planned parenthood. Be respectful, aid is nice.
.and OK with deporting criminals, but want to help "dreamers"
Sen. Jeff Flake on Moving the Goalposts for Mexican Wolf Recovery: A Longstanding End. Spp. Act Problem via
As you send your kids to school today, remember the folks who put an unqualified hack in charge: Dean Heller, Jeff Flake Deb Fischer.
...and Jeff Flake. Don't forget that appropriately-named knob. California money has hit our senatorships like a bag…
Kelli Ward aims to oust Flake in 2018 This would be Amazing! Time to LOSE the RT
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
More than 500,000 Arizonans are covered through the ACA. Jeff Flake is abandoning them to potential bankruptcy, sickness a…
Jeff Flake is vulnerable in a big way!
Trent Franks just cancelled April townhall proving he works for someone other than his constituents
Over our dead bodies! Don't count on AZGOP to help. Their plan is to focus only on re-electing Jeff Flake 💩😷👿
I just pray that someone named Jeff DeWit shows up in AZ to challenge Jeff Flake. DeWit would win that despite Sor…
Scott Pruitt wants YOU to pay to clean up for mining companies. Thanks Dean Heller, Jeff Flake and Deb Fischer for robbing…
Constituents call on Sen. Jeff Flake to host town hall meeting
Maybe now would be a good time to check what Jeff Flake's son is up to. Green Acres: Part II
Republicans like Jeff Flake and Dean Heller refused to listen to voters yesterday. In 2018, we're voting them out: https:…
But small is good press! Hillary and the media and her opponents are strong. So great to be Native American Senator, Jeff Flake.
in your article Rubio's vote is key for secretary of state nomination, that is Jeff Flake next to Rubio, not Ron Johnson
Jeff Flake clearly is a democrat or at least a Rockefeller Republican aka a liberal.
Sen. Jeff Flake was was recently in Mexico City. He met with Mexico Trade Representative Jose Andres Garcia to discuss…
Your off to a good legislation beginning,Sen.McCain also Jr.Sen.Jeff Flake of Arizona
More pressure on Sen. Jeff Flake, this time to oppose Trump Treasury pick: A new television ad urges Sen. Jeff…
Senator Jon Kyl has given all of the eventual candidates in this race...
We gotta get a viable opponent. The alternative was to bad to contemplate. Get rid Jeff Flake too
MCCAIN should be taken out as a Senator along with Jeff Flake and squeaky Lindsey Graham all treasonous traitors terrorist supporters !
McCain on fight-of-his-life narrative of 2016 race: "Every campaign I have viewed as the fight of my life."
Sen. has no regrets about criticizing Trump: it "needed to be said" and "somebody needed to push back."
. 2018 Dr Kelli Ward vs Jeff Flake...she'll win this match! She's got the right stuff!
Jeff Flake and McCain are terrible senators and McCain is no conservative
Global Goblin is doomed. His treachery will not go unnoticed Jeff Flake Depo…
Many of the earmark request forms are actually filled out by lobbyist...
Now's the time to get on board with Kelli Ward to send Jeff Flake packing in 2018!
next they'll reelect Jeff Flake. Just like the fools in KY reelected McConnell
2016 was the Year of Trump, as Arizona's and found out.
another photo that you need to add to that John it is our Junior Senator Jeff Flake he along with McCain voted to r…
Jeff Flake Wikipedia article edited by Laser brain
You forgot McCain, Jeff Flake, Graham,Soro, Clintons-all rip off artist being paid by the Saudi's paying ISIS to de…
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
And the Dems have their same useful *** out helping their Russia hacking narrative, Paul Ryan, John McCain, Lind…
Senator Jeff Flake Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska bring problems to Trump and
*** like Jeff Flake and McCain will do anything to protect their jobs and screw the rest of us
Demand recall of Republican Senator Jeff Flake Arizona! Planning to block ICE from doing there job.
Many Mormons are Romney, McMuffin, and Jeff Flake are despicable people. Say no to
Sen Jeff Flake. Sen Lindsey Graham. Sen Lisa Murkowski. These three are fighting for ILLEGALS to remain, and tryig to Stop the Wall!!
News is Jeff Flake supports illegal crime like this .
I'm in AZ and we tried to retire him!! Next election we're going for Jeff Flake!! He's also got to go!
Senator Jeff Flake,Arizona,Lindsey Graham,Lisa Murkowski of Alaska are drafting with Demo leader *** Durbin of Ill…
Figures. Doofus Ryan backing the betrayer in charge & 2 more traitors, McCain & Graham. Notice how sneaky Jeff Flak…
Repub senate seat here has Mr Franks name all over it. You taking note Jeff Flake?
Israel-installed Zionist Jeff Flake - threatens to Block Trump appt. we'll see about that, Missy
Sen. Jeff Flake bill would tie 'dreamer' extension to enforcement via
Senators Susan Collins, Jeff Flake, Lindsay Graham & Joe Manchin (Dem) all think Jeff Sessions is just dandy for AG. Grab your civil rights!
There are such things as good Republicans. Jeff Flake is one, McCain may be redeemable and Graham has been consistently fa…
He has to. Senate is 48 to 51, with people like McCain, Lindsey Graham, Susan Collins, Jeff Flake not fully on board w/ DT
Fellow Arizonians, please call Jeff Flake and John McCain to join Lindsay Graham in calling for Congress to investi…
Talk is cheap. Let's see if Rand Paul and Jeff Flake and a few others actually do anything to slow down the parade... https:/…
Jeff Flake in Arizona is a Republican Senator in a toss up election with electronic voting... Hit all my variables, so I started there.
We won't forget nevertrump here in Arizona 2018 when POS Republican Senator Jeff Flake is up 4 reelection that Assh…
Ben Sasse and Jeff Flake and Lindsey Graham and Mike Lee and Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins are not going to confirm whoever…
Senators McCain and Flake react to Trump victory: Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake both reacted on social media…
AZ Senator Jeff Flake, it was his son,Austin,who was watching dogs when died htt…
Currently in a room with John McCain, Jeff Flake, Doug Doucey, and Lindsey Graham. Nbd.
Jeff Flake just became the most important Senator in the world.
Lindsey Graham is McMullin's first confirmed vote from a Senator. (Jeff Flake said he may write-in McMullin, but no confirmatio…
I have faith in other GOP senators like Lindsay Graham, Jeff Flake, and Chuck Grassley to give the nominees a vote.…
What's this? Jeff Flake wants to cave on the Shocker...
Besides Ted Cruz's posturing, I have faith in senators like Lindsey Graham, Jeff Flake to give Clinton's nominees a vote.
Top Rs who spurned Trump before it was safe: Charlie Baker, Larry Hogan, Lindsey Graham, Jeff Flake, Ben Sasse, Susan Col…
Jeff Flake is my guess, especially if Trump loses big
Protectionism & future of US trade policy: A conversation with US Trade Rep Michael Froman and Sen. Jeff Flake
Sen. Jeff Flake recognized Hispanic Heritage Month on the Senate Floor yesterday. Here is the link to his remarks.
If you missed & talking the future of free trade video will be here!
If you're looking for that party of Lincoln, we've got a home for you right here in the Democratic Party...
Trump is petty and vindictive; if he could do this, he would: Flake jokes Trump will throw him in Gitmo
I'm grateful for the pragmatism and common sense of AZ Senator Jeff Flake (R) in not kow-towing to Trump.
Few republicans will end this year with more dignity than they started it. Jeff Flake is one of them
Flake jokes Trump will throw him in GitmoNeeds 2 kicked the *** out of the senate.@ Republican Party.
jeff flake? Isn't he backing hillarious clinton
Republican Sen. Jeff Flake jokes Donald Trump will throw him in Gitmo via
Jeff Flake has some credibility in the bank, at least as far as I'm concerned.
Flake jokes Trump will throw him in Gitmo Just quit GOP now
Flake jokes Trump will throw him in Gitmo.
Trey Gowdy is too conservative to win nationwide. Jeff Flake maybe. Don't count Rubio out. The party must get bigger to win.
McCain, Flake vote to override 9/11 bill veto: Sens. John McCain and Jeff Flake voted to override the president's…
"I think I'll be in Gitmo," Jeff Flake says in halls when asked about Trump becoming president
Jeff Flake??? Please.. Look into him further he is John McCain Jr.
Flake jokes Trump will throw him in Gitmo
Jeff is worried about what will do to the GOP - I'm worried about what HRC will do to our country!. https…
Lindsey Graham, Jeff Flake, Ben Sasse, Susan Collins & Ayotte should be excommunicated!
.Jeff Flake talked about voting on Grantham who is against 2nd amend. Ruin Supremes. He should change not Trump. Trump need…
Arizona Senators Jeff Flake : Donald Trump Have Given Up the State of Arizona With his Rhe… http…
Don't be a flake, Jeff. Think SCOTUS you bozo!
Jeff Flake now a committed Democrat how does the Republican Party feel about that these two deserve each other
Jeff Flake a leading GOP with a set of Balls unlike Paul Ryan to openly denounce Racist Trump.
I live in Arizona and Jeff Flake needs to go, bye bye. Your worthless!
Jeff Flake + other traitorous Republicans should be identified for ridicule. They pretend Conservative and Actuate Liberal!
.Perhaps you should have directed that toward Jeff Flake prior to his preceding Sunday Circuit assault?
Trump lashed out at Jeff Flake b/c he's for open borders and amnesty he's weak and sad! featured in NBC s Science of Love
So, why would Jeff Flake want to tank Trump in Arizona and help Hillary Clinton win the WH?? Hmm??
Donald Trump lashes out at a Republican Senator who refuses to endorse him
Great article but wait & see. may surprise you. Hail Marys sometimes become touchdowns https…
lets be honest da reason Sen.Jeff Flake is not endorsing is because Flakey is a Romney-Becky-Bushy la…
Why was bashing on is a scl ntwrk jn it
Actually, Jeff "Gang of 8" Flake is a major cause of GOP disunity.
The Great State of Arizona, where I just had a massive rally (amazing people), has a very weak and ineffective Senator…
I am calling for every voter & party leader to run out on a rail. Start w Susan Collins & Jeff Flake
Arizona's Jeff Flake and Ohio's John Kasich have doubts Donald Trump can win their battleground states
Add Charlie Baker and Jeff Flake. Susan Collins says she's undecided, and then there's Cruz bestie Mike Lee.
Bob Cassey,Angus King and Jeff Flake are all behind Kaine.If only Joe Lieberman & Zell Miller were around to join in
Republican Senator Jeff Flake: Stop it with the “lock her up” nonsense
Civil war: Trump rips Jeff Flake, Mark Kirk at meeting with Senate Republicans
Turncoat Republicans are already flocking to it, including Sen. Pat Toomey (PA), Sen. Kelly Ayotte (NH), Jeff Flake (AZ), and Graham (SC)
Republicans supporting Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire, Jeff Flake of Arizona and Lindsay Graham of South Carolina RINOS!! Call them!
Only one Republican we talked to condemned Trump's racist conspiracy theory: Jeff Flake.
"His statements this week on the judge--that's a new level” -GOP Sen. Jeff Flake on Trump’s most recent attack. https:…
. As an AZ republican, I’m as committed to defeating Sen. Jeff Flake as I am to defeating Sen. John McCain. . McCain first.
The Republican dream, says Jeff Flake, "would be for Trump to get to a mike today and say, ‘I was just kidding on all this stuff"
Lindsey Graham, Mark Kirk, Jeff Flake all taking a stand. I don't agree with them on many things, but I support them here.
Jeff Flake and yes, even Lindsay Graham, are proving they are Republicans of principle-standing on right side of history by opposing Trump.
Lindsey Graham, Mark Kirk, Jeff Flake... these unendorsements are sounding like endorsements to me.
I don't always agree with Jeff Flake (AZ) Mark Kirk (IL) or Lindsey Graham (SC) but kudos to 'em all for seeing the light today!
"Kirk & Graham join Sens. Jeff Flake & Ben Sasse in the group of Republican U.S. senators who openly oppose Trump."
Okay, now: this is getting interesting. Lindsey Graham, Jeff Flake, and now Mark Kirk. Tipping point time? (To the barricades, Ted Cruz!)
Jeff Flake: I cana t support Donald T... . Jeff may himself fighting to remain Sen in AZ 2yrs like McCain is now
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