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Jeff Fisher

Jeffrey Michael Fisher (born February 25, 1958) is an American football coach and former player. He is currently the head coach of the St.

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Jeff Fisher to Football is what Vince Russo is to wrestling.
Jeff Fisher said Julio Jones and Mohamed Sanu's injuries gave Rams "some glimmer of hope over the last couple of days.". Glimmer. Of. Hope.
Jeff Fisher looks like the antagonist in a Walker Texas Ranger episode
VIDEO: Jeff Fisher explains why he couldn't find his red challenge flag Sunday in Foxboro
. & discuss the latest not he Chargers stadium, Jeff Fisher's contract, & more:…
Seriously cannot get over Jeff Fisher blaming the past five years on Tre Mason and Stedman Bailey.
Dave Tippett is the Jeff Fisher of the NHL
Making fun of Jeff Fisher. The Jets QB situation. Marquette King the GOAT. Brady Winning. That and more on
Jeff Fisher gets contract extension for 22 years of mediocre, Bowles can't even get 3-4 years? hm
.called in to discuss the and extending Jeff Fisher.
Jeff Fisher is home for the holidays and ready to hibernate for the winter.
how come Steve Alford can make his team better when his *** is on the line but Jeff Fisher gets worse AND an extension?
Jeff Fisher went to throw his challenge flag but couldn't, because he lost it. This man just got an extension...
except Lombardi is a long-time Jeff Fisher apologist. One of the best behind Demoff client Peter King
we get it. Peter King will not allow any negative comments about Jeff Fisher
did Jeff Fisher become the nfl equivalent to Arsene Wenger and his winter coat?
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Jeff Fisher was signed to a two-year extension today. Jeff Fisher couldn't find his challenge flag today
I wish I had the same level of job security that Jeff Fisher and Holly Warlick have.
Thank God the Rams signed Jeff Fisher to an extension now he's got an extra 2 years to find his lost challenge flag http…
would you say Jeff Fisher is the Sam Bradford of coaches?
Jeff Fisher is the Sam Bradford of coaching. . Dude just keeps getting paid.
Jeff Fisher continues to slowly turn into the Barney Fife of NFL coaches.
Jeff Fisher and Sam Bradford. Bad at their job, but keep taking in huge piles of cash for it.
Jeff Fisher and Kirk Ferentz must have the same agent.
ICYMI- Kevin Demoff told me Jeff Fisher got a contract extension. will be on at 5pm with me & Vince Ferragamo
Jeff Fisher is happy to get extended and continue to be able to coach guys like Stephen Jackson and Sam Bradford
BREAKING: After being shutout by the 49ers, the Rams have given Jeff Fisher a 3 year extension. Rams GM: "We love the…
Jeff Fisher is basically the Sam Bradford of NFL coaching.
BREAKING: Los Angeles police have arrested Jeff Fisher after catching him attempting to rob the Los Angeles Rams again…
Jeff Fisher is the Sam Bradford of head coaches. He'll do just enough to get you beat
If the Rams lose to NE today, Jeff Fisher will have just 6 winning seasons in 22 total season. Last season over .500 w…
Jeff Fisher is the Sam Bradford of NFL coaches.
Jeff Fisher is the Sam Bradford of coaches
Only a 2 year extension??? C'mon Rams look how great the Jeff Fisher has been
Jeff Fisher is the Sam Bradford of coaches.
Jeff Fisher is the Sam Bradford of coaching.
Jeff Fisher really is the Sam Bradford of coaching. Unbelievable.
Finesse Hall of Fame(add if you want):. Jeff Fisher. Sam Bradford. Ryan Fitzpatrick
Jeff Fisher is the Sam Bradford of NFL head coaches
Sam Bradford and Jeff Fisher are the finesse Gods.
The only explanation for why Jeff Fisher still has a job, the Rams' owner has an affinity for guys who look like Yosemite Sam.
Jeff Fisher is the Sam Bradford of coaches. Also living proof not to hustle.
Jeff Fisher and Sam Bradford finessed the league 🤔
do the Rams have a class that Jeff Fisher and Sam Bradford took called "How to Steal Money in the NFL"?
I feel like Bob stoops the most overrated coach on this side of Jeff Fisher. Better yet, he's the college version o…
Eric Dickerson met with Rams executive VP of football operations/COO Kevin Demoff about situation with Jeff Fisher.
New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick has absolutely owned Jeff Fisher over the years.
WATCH TODAY at 6:30PM & every Saturday with coach Jeff Fisher for in-game analysis, player updates & previ…
Every day I wake up and Jeff Fisher is still coach of the I die a little inside. He's going to get washed by Bellichick and the Pats
Hall of Famer explains why Jeff Fisher should not be the head coach of the LA Rams next season.
Eric Dickerson: 'Good meeting' with Rams executive, but still won't attend games if Jeff Fisher is coach.
I sit sidelines for Falcons from my coach friend yet always 8-8 coach Jeff Fisher denies LEGEND Rams…
You are the voice of Rams fans. New location same ole terrible Jeff Fisher teams. It's time to find a coach and move on.
.asked Kevin Demoff point blank if Jeff Fisher will be back as Rams coach
sam hinkie his GM Jeff Fisher his coach. Mike Dantoni his defensive coordinator. Byron Scott his talent evaluator
"Larry Fitzgerald should worry about facing Darrell Green" -Jeff Fisher
Jeff Fisher 'not concerned' about job with spiraling Rams -
it absolutely drives me nuts. Jeff Fisher was a half yards away from tying the Super Bowl not winning it.
I sympathize with Jeff Fisher. I'm really concerned about Marshall Faulk and Issac Bruce terrorizing the defense on Sunday...
David Shaw was in the Rams locker room today. Here is Jeff Fisher hiding behind Myles Simmons.
David Shaw was at practice today. He is one of our candidates to replace Jeff Fisher.
David Shaw cant even win with Stanford plus Jeff Fisher job is clealry safe according to the COO why i wish i knew
Jeff Fisher is teflon, dude has a losing record every season and his job is as safe as Bill Belichick's
On conference call, Rams HC Jeff Fisher said Danny Woodhead is a playmaker for the Patriots. Woodhead is on IR and play…
"we'll be keeping our eye on David Patten on Sunday. could hurt us in the ground or pass game. you never know what he'll do." - Jeff Fisher
"Teddy Bruschi is a guy we really have to scheme around" - Jeff Fisher (probably)
"You really have to watch for what blitzes Romeo Crennel dials up. McGinest is an animal off the edge." - Jeff Fisher
When Kevin Demoff says Jeff Fisher shouldn't be judged on his record, that tells me winning is a secondary priority to them.
I bet Jeff Fisher has an awesome plan to stop Jerry Rice this weekend.
Idk, but it seems Jeff Fisher has got quite the coaching run off of 1 appearance. At least Landry & Reeves went to multiple SBs.
Jeff Fisher vs. Eric Dickerson story refuses to die out -
After the way he did Jeff Fisher needs to go... Never liked him as a coach he's overrated.
I assume Jeff Fisher has also banned the offense from appearing in the end zone during games at the LA Coliseum.
Jeff Fisher is the luckiest coach in the history of the NFL
Jeff Fisher: Aim for .500 and get an extension. Jeff Fisher to Jeff Fisher: *** off the best player in team history and g…
Rams Notes: Jeff Fisher insists Eric Dickerson was not banned from Rams sideline
Jeff Fisher is closing in on a record.
I found the uncropped version of that Trump and Romney photo.
to ban Jeff Fisher from the Rams sideline.
In radio interview, Eric Dickerson says it was Jeff Fisher who banned him from the sidelines of Rams games
Eric Dickerson says he won't attend Rams games until Jeff Fisher is no longer the coach
Jeff Fisher is the most mediocre coach to grace the NFL.
Tony Romo would be the perfect replacement for Jeff Fisher. Hollywoddd! High ratings & he can coach. Box office
Hall of Fame RB Eric Dickerson vows to avoid Rams games as long as Jeff Fisher is coaching.
ICYMI: is FED UP with Jeff Fisher's run as coach of the Rams. 🔥😂😳
People criticize Marvin Lewis and Jeff Fisher way too much. I think they've been amazing at keeping their jobs despite…
Give Jeff Fisher an extension. Keep Les Snead. Rams organization is a mess & has been for over a decade. Kroenke is the real issue.
How is Jeff Fisher gonna disrespect a great like ?
Jeff Fisher is “moving on” from the Eric Dickerson controversy -
Why is there no Jeff Fisher parody account? Someone get on tht
I wonder if Jeff Fisher has ever turned around and noticed how many jerseys are in the stands on…
Colin Kaepernick is on his way to becoming the Jeff Fisher of quarterbacks.
Jeff Fisher is getting away with losing seasons because he's coached in highly distracted markets.
Rams legend and fan Eric Dickerson claims he will not go to another Rams game as long as Jeff Fisher is the coach.
Eric Dickerson claims that Jeff Fisher doesn’t want him on the Rams’ sideline
Jeff Fisher is a loser as a head coach I don't get why he's still employed. Had a few good years with the Titans like 15 y…
but Jeff Fisher is still head coach of the
Amani Toomer rips Rams coach Jeff Fisher for being thin-skinned and soft via
All these college coaches getting fired for not winning enough and Jeff Fisher still has a job
Jeff Fisher: I stand behind what I talked about yesterday. Eric Dickerson is welcome here.
I liked a video First Take - Stephen A Smith rips apart Jeff Fisher for banning Eric Dickerson from
Eric Dickerson: I won't go to Rams games with Jeff Fisher coaching.
Why is it a big deal that Eric Dickerson won't attend another Rams game if Jeff Fisher is coach? Thousands of us have done…
Jeff Fisher insists Eric Dickerson is welcome at Rams games, practices
Jeff Fisher insists Eric Dickerson is welcome at games, practices
for those that don't know, Kevin Demoff's father is Jeff Fisher's agent.
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It's "unfair" to judge Jeff Fisher on his record, say Rams. So, yeah, extension coming!
Eric Dickerson and Jeff Fisher are both banned from the upstairs bathroom in my house.
Requires firing Jeff Fisher or at the very least QB coach Chris Weinke. Don't budge
Kevin, what kind of organization even thinks of giving Jeff Fisher an extension with this kind of resume?!…
After this media blitz by I fully expect Jeff Fisher to be found outside ED’s house like….
Eric Dickerson: "I won't be at the Coliseum as long as Jeff Fisher is coaching."
Eric Dickerson told me Jeff Fisher called him and said "As long as I'm head coach, you're not welcome on the sideline."
Stan Kroenke, Kevin Demoff, Les Snead and Jeff Fisher are on the clock. How important is winning a championship or not?
Jeff Fisher's agent is Marvin Demoff. Marvin's son is Kevin Demoff, the VP of operations & COO of the Rams…
Considering how much stock Jeff Fisher places in building an offensive line, this is criteria for Firing him and cleaning…
Jeff Fisher and Kevin Demoff are perfect for the Rams.. Losers
Jeff Fisher is not happy. Jared Goff is not playing like a 7-9 quarterback.
COO Kevin Demoff said that there is "no update" on a contract extension for head coach Jeff Fisher.
Man United went from Don Shula to Rich Kotite, Jeff Fisher, and NOW Bobby Valentine for managers.
Jeff Fisher sharing his thoughts on Kenny Washington and Michael Sam. Spoken like a great Trojan.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Is Eric Church the Jeff Fisher of country singers?
Weird. I would have thought Jeff Fisher and Case Keenum would really excite that fan base
Jeff Fisher again declined to comment on possible personnel changes. In different question, addressed Greg Robinson's challenges at tackle.
"Jeff Fisher is playing failure chess, setting up future undeserved paychecks far in advance." . Perfectly put.
what happened to the Jeff Fisher show?
Happy 76th Director Terry Gilliam with Jeff Bridges on the set of The Fisher King, 1991.
Jeff Fisher isn't changing offensive coordinators - Fisher said he has confidence in coordinator Rob Boras and ...
if there was doubt before there isn't any more. Jeff Fisher is the devil.
Jeff Fisher firing up the on the sidelines. Let's go!
Jeff Fisher has been below average at his job for 22 years and counting. That's job security goals
When Jeff Fisher talks about scoring more points and pushing the ball downfield...
Somehow Jeff Fisher is still the head coach of the Let's see how they finish!
*the year is 2027, Jeff fisher has finished 7-9 the past 9 years in a row*
Fisher football players sing national anthem before game
Jeff Fisher is an excellent DC.. butta poor OC.. LA need a Change with this offense
Jeff Fisher is the best 162 loss coach in NFL history, except for Tom Landry.
Not when the record is in reach! . NBC Sports - ProFootballTalk: Jeff Fisher: No thought to change at OC
The debate is over: Jeff Fisher is the greatest bad coach of all time
Jeff Fisher says he isn't making a change at offensive coordinator.
No thought to change at offensive coordinator
If I'm being honest, Jeff Fisher is one of my least favorite coaches in all of pro sports.
Fisher: No consideration to changing offensive coordinators (again)
I had a dream the Los Angeles Rams fired Jeff Fisher. . Then I woke up and realized he's probably going to get an extension.
But Jeff Fisher says the Defense need to play better... 😐
I knew you wanted one, so I got that Jeff Fisher emoji for ya...
At least this record won't happen in St. Louis! :). Jeff Fisher is quickly approaching a record no one wants.
Bout time Jurgen Klinsmann got axed. Hope Jeff Fisher is next!
Vince Young was rookie of the year and a pro bowler, Jeff Fisher ruined him
Jeff Fisher's press conferences are so boring and repetitive they should have a soundtrack by Randy Newman
. Foxworthy . If you tell the media "don't pay attention to the man behind the curtain" you might be Jeff Fisher
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Jeff Fisher has 6 more career losses than Don Shula - in 154 more games. That's 10 seasons
This is the first thing Jeff Fisher used as evidence of Jared Goff playing well.
Jeff Fisher made quite a fashion statement on Sunday, so we’re all winners, really:
Jeff Fisher has tied Tom Landry for the second-most losses by a coach in NFL history.
Jeff Fisher has tied Tom Landry for 2nd most losses in NFL history. Jeff Fisher has coached 336 games. Tom Landry coached in…
Jeff Fisher taking hat tips from circa 2010 Romo?
Jeff Fisher mentioned Phillips being trouble on Sirius NFL radio this week
Foxworthy . If you use your dry erase board marker it fill in your mustache you might be Jeff Fisher
Riverboat Ron is suddenly Jeff Fisher'ing it up.
Stan Kroenke speaks!. (briefly). about Jared Goff and Rams' season, but not Jeff Fisher:
"With a young starting QB, its time to lean on Todd (Gurley)". HC Jeff Fisher
Use of "excited" in quotes today:. Rob Boras: 4. Jeff Fisher: 4. Case Keenum: 0
Use of "excited" or its variants today... Jeff Fisher: 7, in 9 minutes. Jared Goff: 10, in 7 minutes
Jeff Fisher, on the timing of the change from Keenum to Goff.
Jeff Fisher said the decision to start Jared Goff was his alone, but that he informed owner Stan Kroenke "for obvious reasons."
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to be fair Jeff Fisher isn't bored, he's exhausted trying to figure out how to get to 8-8.
Jeff Fisher drafted QB Steve McNair in 1995 with Houston. Gave him his first start in 15th game that season. Goff starts game
Here's what Jeff Fisher said yesterday about Jared Goff:
To reiterate what said, call on starting Jared Goff was entirely by Jeff Fisher. Apparently reached decision this morning.
Jeff Fisher a prophet of his own 7 & 9 making. Rams on course 4 the inevitable?
Jeff Fisher is about to get a 5 year extension.
Rams beat Jets, which means Jeff Fisher will keep Jared Goff locked to bench for another week. LA closer to 7-9 BS.
if Jeff Fisher were in charge it would be called punt, no pass and kick contest
Jeff Fisher should be evaluated for a brain. I think the high school game is more his speed.
if Jeff Fisher coached Freddy Krueger, Freddy would corner his victim and miss all his slashes from inches away.
22 years, only 6 winning seasons, no Super Bowl victories, and 3rd all time in career losses... Remind me why Jeff Fisher still coaches
Stan Kroenke and Jeff Fisher chatting on Rams' sideline during warmups.
I don't belive in Jeff Fisher. In over his head.
Letters: They're running out of patience with the Jeff Fisher and the Rams
This week has been tough for a lot of people. So here's one of my favorite gifs of Jeff Fisher. I love you all, enjoy your…
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Bowles is as hardheaded as Jeff Fisher. Hate it for Jets and Rams fans. I remember having the same frustration with…
It's one thing when I say it, but when Southbury legend Linda Cohn speaks, Jeff Fisher might wanna listen!
Hugh Jackson, Chip Kelly and Jeff Fisher should all be in the hot seat.
Jeff Fisher has the ability to make electrifying CFB off. players vanish once they hit the NFL, so get ready for Lamar Jackson, Ram in 2018
I would rather listen to on if Jared Goff should be playing for our Rams instead of Jeff Fisher.
So the niners give up a 100 yard rusher for the 7th straight game, first time since 77. Jim O'Neill is the Jeff Fisher of d coordinators
Rams' Jeff Fisher thinks Todd Gurley struggles are because of the team - Yardbarker
"Say what you will about Jeff Fisher, but his teams have improved their records year-over-year twice this decade." . S/o t…
Happy Birthday to my guy aka Phil Fulmer, Rick Pitino, Jeff Fisher and many more.
Jeff Fisher said Rams DT Michael Brockers (thigh) and CB Trumaine Johnson (ankle) will likely be game-time decisions vs. P…
The Jaguars could use a little Jeff Fisher in their lives. He can make them a 7-win team in his first year. In his last year…
I feel like Jeff Fisher is heading for Byron Scott territory. Where is the Luke Walton?!?! Lol
That pool was prime for a good belly flop. You're like the Jeff Fisher of belly flops. Always an excuse.
Steve Bartman, who cares. Did you know Jeff Fisher was a High School classmate of Steve Hartman?
Didn't Jeff Fisher keep Steve McNair sitting for two years before he started him? He turned out okay. R-E-L-A-X
You can pick Tyrone Willingham, Steve Sarkisian, Jeff Fisher and Bruce Arians. Fill your HC and offensive and defense coordinators.
when Vince Young threw 2 in against Pittsburgh, Jeff Fisher pulled him.
Jeff Fisher insists on keeping this guy as his starting QB. Time to start Jared Goff?
I've always hated Jeff Fisher for how he did Vince Young too
Jeff Fisher would be mad to stick Jared Goff behind that offensive line and with that WR corps. Just roll with Case Keenum for now.
Jeff Fisher: 106-72 (59.6%) with McNair and Vince Young at QB. . 66-88-1 (42.6%) without. He's still finessing off thei…
Coaches who are better than Jeff Fisher:. 1.Vince Lombardi. 2. Bill Cowher. 3. Mike Tomlin. 4. Bill Bellicheck. 5. Jason Garrett. Any one else?
Rogers-Cromartie just received a spectacular airmail throw by Case Keenum in endzone. Just the way the Jeff Fisher drew it up.
were you thinking of Jeff Fisher instead of Sam Wyche on last episode?
Others in group include Jeff Fisher, Mike Mularkey, and Mike Tannenbaum. Now I want to cast this whole movie.
Can we expand it to include Patrick Kane, Bill Murray, Colin Cowherd and Jeff Fisher?
Jeff Fisher's men going all Greg Schiano on the victory formation
I'd take to learn management skills from Jeff Fisher.
"John Harbaugh might be this generations Jeff Fisher"- Bill Simmons. Greg Harry Mike Pascal
What's the idiom, "Old habits die hard?" Don't feel bad. ESPN has called us twice since the move asking for Jeff Fisher's w…
Jeff Fisher Press Conference - 10/7: Head coach Jeff Fisher talks about the state of the Rams defensive line ...
when did he transition from being Ron Jeremy to the man the myth Jeff Fisher.. lol
Jeff Fisher holds out his arm at shoulder height and says he's known Rex and Rob Ryan "since they were about this big."
ICYMI: Rex Ryan beats Bill Belichick, Jeff Fisher is 3-1 & doesn't know what to believe in anymore
Vince Young on a commercial, dude should be in the league but thanks Jeff Fisher
Catch Pat Kirwin and I on Moving the Chains on Sirius XM NFL radio. Jeff Fisher, Todd Gurley and Mike Mayock join us.
Cam Cameron and Jeff Fisher... white privilege in the sport of football personified.
3 pickle backs and you begin to think Jeff Fisher is a great coach! Plus you lose use of your legs too😳
Which is still a better rate than Jeff Fisher, who is 6 for 21.
Jeff Fisher is probably going get an extension after beating the Seahawks. Here's why he shouldn't
The Rams’ win over the Seahawks actually reveals how badly Jeff Fisher has failed
Jeff Fisher loves tacos. My parents went to Yellowstone three years ago & saw him here twice:
With the QB position in shambles, Jeff Fisher is already shifting into self-survival mode, writes
Rams coach (and Hard Knocks star) Jeff Fisher reportedly set to receive three-year extension
Goff line was so nice Jeff Fisher promoted Goff to backup.
NOTE. Jeff Fisher & Rex Ryan...MOST OVERRATED head coaches of this era
Rob Ryan is like a less accomplished Jeff Fisher. The fact he has a job leaves everyone scratching their head & using 🤔 emoji.
C. Quinn. I mean, Who did Jeff Fisher beat out for that job? Craig T Nelson & Rick Moranis, you know?
In my next life I want the job security of Jeff Fisher. Good god. He's the Sam Bradford of coaching.
There just aren't enough people who realize how much Jeff Fisher *** as a coach and Russell Wilson *** as a human being. Here to educate
I hate Jeff Fisher with a passion normally reserved only for Russell Wilson, but for different reasons (Russ being the anti-Christ and all).
Questionable Russell Wilson, in LA, 7-9 Jeff Fisher, Rams can't be as bad as last week + know I'll be only person in pool who has it.
according to Jeff Fisher they have some work to do. I HAVE NO WORDS.
how delusional has Jeff Fisher become?
On radio show, Jeff Fisher was asked if loss would speed up Jared Goff's development: "That would be no." Repeated that Goff might backup.
Jeff Fisher confirmed on his weekly radio show that Rams have agreed to terms on contract extension with DT Michael Brockers.
Jeff Fisher, on Pete Carroll's return to the Coliseum: "I may bring him into my office, which was his old office. Let him see it."
Bigger loser of week 1: Jeff Fisher (there's too much talent to go 8-8) or people who drafted Russell Wilson in the 2nd.
People asked me how long the Rams’ “honeymoon” period would last in LA. Sounds like Jeff Fisher is already sleeping on the couch.
Jeff Fisher credited SF. I asked how team could play so poorly w/ 7 months to prepare. Said no excuses but added team m…
How is Jeff Fisher still coaching the Rams?
Jeff Fisher is going to mess around and get fired right after his "Hard Knocks" season w/the Rams just like Mike Smith did w/the Falcons.
Broncos fired John Fox after a winning season but Jeff Fisher is still a head coach
🔥 takes: (3) Jeff Fisher was a joke on As clearly out of his depth as Mike Smith 2 years ago. Expect the same outcome
Obviously the Rams look very bad here, but it'd be a major mistake if they didn't give Jeff Fisher another six years to f…
Jeff Fisher got a "Im gonna tell u more white ppl get killed by cops then disappear when you point out population rate…
Can we say no worries we got next week on lock? Nah, Jeff Fisher and Greg Williams looking for Russell' s ankle for sure.
Jeff Fisher's last winning record came in 2008. Has had two winning seasons in last 11 years as a head coach. Last playoff win…
3rd and 4? Throw a 3-yard cross. 9 in the box? Run up the middle. I present you Jeff Fisher's offense.
those foot steps you hear is your future pink slip calling Jeff Fisher
Prediction for the Rams opener tonight: Jeff Fisher will tie the 49ers, getting to .500 right out of the gate. Final score 8-8.
Overall, Sean Mannion better, Case Kennum better than you. Inactive and Mr. 8-8 Jeff Fisher your Head coach. Poor Rams Fans!
Jeff Fisher concedes Sean Mannion will be Rams' backup QB; Jared Goff will be No. 3
Jeff Fisher said he doesn’t have any pregame rituals. He did in high school, when he listened to the same Jethro Tull song.
Jeff Fisher, Sam Bradford has ALWAYS been a starting QB in the NFL. Case Keenum and Sean Mannion beat out your rookie QB. Stop.
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HC Jeff Fisher just announced that this year's team captains are Johnny Hekker, Case Keenum, Todd Gurley, Alec Ogletree & Aar…
Completely stunned that Jared Goff is struggling under an offensive genius like Jeff Fisher.
.head coach Jeff Fisher: Jared Goff likely to open season as No. 3 quarterback
Friday Night Tykes >>> Current Season of Hard Knocks with the Jeff Fisher. Mediocre-OS
I'm behind on but Jeff Fisher going all Wooden on the team about how to stand for anthem was awesome.
I liked a video Jeff Fisher talks with John Lott The Blaze about The War on Guns
Just extend the vastly overrated Jeff Fisher, who has absolutely no idea how to use Tavon Austin.
coaches I think will be fired this year: Bill O'Brien, Jack del Rio, John Fox, Dan Quinn, Jeff Fisher
Bears coach John Fox is fourth among active NFL coaches with 125 wins in his 15 years, trailing Bill Belichick, Jeff Fisher and Andy Reid.
potty mouth and poopy pants for Jeff fisher on Hard Knocks
With 10 more losses, Jeff Fisher will pass Dan Reeves (165) as the losingest coach in NFL history.
Every time I watch Hard Knocks, I'm left wondering how HC Jeff Fisher still has a job! Dude hasn't produced a winner since the 99' Titans 😂😂
I joke about Jeff Fisher being a .500 coach, but the 1st 5 minutes of shows why he is the classiest coach in the NFL.
Jeff Fisher hasn't been over .500 in 9 of the past 11 years and played in AFCS for majority. Diff ppl, similar results.
Check out hour 2 of Prime Cut, talks also Jeff Fisher, in Australia.
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Jeff Fisher says Rams need to be smarter after Todd Gurley jumps into scuffle - Sporting News StLouis, Rams, SLRams
LISTEN: Miss any of head coach Jeff Fisher with and this morning? We're replaying it now! AM 950
Why did Jeff Fisher not want Todd Gurley hit in practice? via
I actually watched hard knockoffs to see what the coaches did man did Jeff Fisher look ready to kill
. Mayor Phil Fisher has appointed Clinton native Jeff Blackledge as the new Chief of the...
Did you see what Jeff Fisher told his team about Todd Gurley? Tune into Prime Cut right now to hear it. LISTEN HERE:
Hate the Rams and hate Jeff Fisher. What are you doing to me ?
Jeff Fisher casually says Case Keenum, not Jared Goff, is Rams' starting QB
Jeff Fisher ranks second only to Bill Belichick in whatever this means, preseason head coaches
Two Titans fans don't like the show starring Jeff Fisher. Coincidence, huh? lol
Watching and seeing how Jeff Fisher operates & coaches a team makes it so blatantly clear what a clown Rex Ryan is
Favourite part of Hard Knocks episode 1 so far: Jeff Fisher getting harassed by a bee.
This season's Hard Knocks is awful. It's exactly what I thought a Jeff Fisher-led Rams Hard Knocks would be like: A visual embodiment of 7-9
watching Hard Knocks and didn't know Jeff fisher returned kicks. I wonder if for every 8 yards forward he ran 8 yards back
4) Jeff Fisher angry at Chiefs dirty hit proves he doesn't use mirrors.
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madden 16 is hella unrealistic. The tutorial has you playing in week 17 as the LA Rams and they are 11-4 under Jeff Fisher. Craziness
I'm watching Hard Knocks, Jeff Fisher was so nonchalant telling Foles he was released
Jeff Fisher really reminds me of Mr Garrison. Tavon Austin is Mr Hanky the Christmas Poo.
Defensive minded coaches usually never care about their QB's. (Example Rex Ryan and Jeff Fisher)
I misread that.. I thought that was Jeff Fisher. LMBO!
Not since Jeff Fisher abandoned the Florida gator hunter look: coiffed mullet, moustache and shades with string around neck
1. If Austin hill doesn't make the team I'm going to be so upset with Jeff fisher. 2. His daughter is everything I want my future kid to be.
Romo's clavicle is made of Jeff Fisher's dreams of being 10-6. Prescott is a lock.
Jeff Fisher? 4 straight losing seasons and 10 losses away from most losses for NFL head coach, yet rumored for an extension
Jeff Fisher seems even more boring than I expected
LOL..Jeff Fisher & L.A.Rams are saying that 4 sure..they saw it first hand!
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