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Jeff Fisher

Jeffrey Michael Fisher (born February 25, 1958) is an American football coach and former player. He is currently the head coach of the St.

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I see Gurley as the comeback player of the year. Jeff Fisher had my dawg looking buried last year after winning ORO…
Like most fine wines, there are subtle differences between Jeff Fisher and John Fox. Fisher made Tavon Austin one of the highe…
The people writing off Marcus Mariota under Mike Mularkey have not learned their lesson from Jared Goff and Jeff Fisher.
No, because Rod Thorn will recommend the next Jeff Fisher.
Dear For the entertainment value for the rest of the league, please keep the circus on tour and hire Jeff Fisher.
Breaking News: The NY Giants have hired Jeff Fisher as the new Head Coach and Ryan Grigson as the General Manager
Lot of talk about Jeff Fisher as the next head coach if the N.Y. football giants 2 things tecmo bowl offense and WE…
Overtime was a blast last night. Heard everything from Jeff Fisher to Mike Stoops thrown our way😂. S/O
I'm obsessed with how Jeff Fisher turned a Keenum and Goff QB depth chart into the league's worst offense in points and y…
"We're free. Jeff Fisher can't hurt us anymore."
Hope Jon Robinson notices.. Jeff Fisher set us back 15 years. Hope Robinson do…
The true holiday is yet to come, the one year anniversary of the Jeff Fisher firing. All or Nothing?…
Can you confirm it was Jeff Fisher that voted for 7 or 8?
Remember when Jeff Fisher blamed the players for the firing of Frank Cignetti? And remember when we suffered with B…
Jeff Fisher was responsible for drafting or acquiring all…
LA Rams' Jeff Fisher and Les Snead talk openly about so-called 'Toxic' Relationship - NBC Southern California
At least the uniforms matched when Jeff Fisher was coach
Loved the show today but Jeff Fisher was right. The Rams are not an 8-8 team lol..
Coaching is so important because Jeff Fisher had Jared Goff looking like the worst QB in the NFL
Scott Caan bulks up to play Sean McVay and Danny McBride trims down to play Jeff Fisher
Big cities fire coaches/managers etc and don't think twice. We have to discuss Jeff Fisher and Kevin Stallings FOR YEARS. Before doing it.
You can take the Seahawks-Rams out of Jeff Fisher but you can't take the Jeff Fisher out of Seahawks-Rams.
Wait. Mike Griffith said we need to hire Jeff Fisher?. The all time losingest coach?. What a ***
Tenn should go after Jeff Fisher according to Mike Griffith!! STOP letting this man speak! He does NOT know FOOTBALL on Rocky Top!
you missed it now Mike Griffith is saying Vols could go after Jeff Fisher lol what a moron
OMG! Mike Griffith thinks Jeff Fisher would be a good replacement for Butch Jones.
same Titans who never fired Jeff Fisher when he deserved it? It figures. They probably think theyr…
Jeff Fisher made this guy look like Trent Richardson.
Rams should sign Jeff Fisher to a one-day contract and fire him again.
$JACK will want to renegotiate. This is the new coached by Sean McVay, not the Rams coached by Jeff Fisher! 🐠
John Fox has six winning seasons in 16 seasons as a HC. He's basically Jeff Fisher if Fisher had Peyton Manning for thre…
The only difference between Ron Rivera and Jeff Fisher is Cam Newton and Luke Kuechly
Jeff Fisher isn't handling Sean McVay's success very well at all.
Jeff Fisher coached the Rams for 77 games. . Sean McVay has coached the Rams for 3 games.
Sean McVay is awesome, but the best part is how his success is casting a harsher spotlight on tepid, outdated coaches like Jeff Fisher.
Three games into his tenure Sean McVay has the same number of 40 point games (2) with the Rams as Jeff Fisher did from 201…
This game got me wondering how good those Steve mcnair-eddie George titans teams woulda been without Jeff Fisher
I wonder what Jeff Fisher and Rob Boras are up to at this moment
Jeff Fisher is "kryptnite" for running backs. See Eddie George and his 2 yard per carry average.
If John Fox thinks its smart to stick with Glennon, he should ask his buddy Jeff Fisher how sticking with a career backu…
I'll never forgive Jeff Fisher for ruining Vince Young
TBT: When the Redskins and Rams met in 2014, Jeff Fisher went full-savage (not Tom Savage)
Jeff Fisher buys groceries in Montana, presumably checking out between aisles 7 and 9
Trying to confirm with a source that the Rams scored more points today than they did during the entire Jeff Fisher era.
It's week 17. The Rams have more than 8 wins. Smashcut to a quietly weeping Jeff Fisher.
Jeff Fisher is somewhere yelling at the tv wanting a Tavon Austin end around
Jeff Fisher's 3rd-and-93 play is a direct snap to Tavon Austin.
Jeff Fisher is the platonic ideal of doing just enough to not get fired. Chan Gailey also works.
Charlie Strong the Jeff Fisher of college coaches.
Because nobody can joke about that mid *** coach, who is the George Karl of NFL coaches, better known as Jeff Fisher
Jeff Fisher. I owe my career to steve mcnair and eddie george
Yeah maybe. They have the talent but Jeff Fisher reminds me of David Brent.
Just finished All or Nothing. Seriously had no idea Jeff Fisher sounds that much like Darrell Hammond.
I know all about overstaying a welcome as a Titans fan - Jeff Fisher. And poor ownership too - the late Bud Adams.
I don't think so. I'd put my expectations around a Jeff Fisher special of 8-…
My Titans had the glory years in the early 2000s the Jeff Fisher and Bud Adams ruined us now we're back looking up again finally
“I was just fired” -Jeff Fisher. See more unprecedented moments in A Season with the L.A. Rams now on Pr…
Tearful Rams players took the blame for Jeff Fisher's firing.
“This is one [team meeting] that you’re probably going to remember... Because I’m no longer your head coach.” - Jeff Fisher
If there was one certainty in sports this year it was Jeff Fisher getting fired. I mean his star play…
Jeff Fisher telling his coaching staff he won’t break the record for most losses is heart breaking.
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I thought it was neat that All Or Nothing noted Jeff Fisher's brief time with Creedence Clearwater Revival.
Chris Simms was a teammate of Vince Young w/ Titans & says look in the mirror instead of "exposing" Jeff Fisher.
"Unfortunately, I won't be there this weekend... I was just fired." - Jeff Fisher. Stream June 30th on
[SB Nation: Arrowhead Pride] Watch Jeff Fisher tell the Rams coaching staff he just got fired
Six years after they both left Tennessee, Vince Young still bears some ill will for Jeff Fisher
*** wish the NFL and Jeff Fisher didn't *** my *** Vince Young out the NFL
Vince Young blames Jeff Fisher for failing in Tennessee. Who gets blamed for Young failing in Philly, Buffalo, GB, Cle…
I've always felt one of the most overlooked stories in sports was how Jeff Fisher sabotaged Vince Young's career
Jeff Fisher held back Vince Young and Steve McNair. He managed to keep a NFL HC job for 22 years
This piece on Vince Young is excellent. VY doesn’t hold back on his relationship with Jeff Fisher.
Vince Young ain't telling me anything I don't know, lol, Fitz is a bum and Jeff Fisher hadn't had fun since the 70's
"Vince Young describes how his relationship with Jeff Fisher unraveled" {by Chris Chavez} via
Jeff Fisher is just a horrible coach and so is Marvin Lewis they both need to go if you ask me!!
Still no love for my guys.. Did the struggles against the Rams go away when Jeff Fisher and Gregg Williams left?
I never want to see Jeff Fisher on an NFL sideline again. Bob Stoops will be the HC at Norte Dame next year.
Jeff Fisher as Bears Head Coach would be so bad for winning football games but so good for jokes we can all make https:…
Jeff Fisher letting loose at the Preds game.
John Fox asked Jeff Fisher for quarterback advice. Mitchell Trubisky is doomed.
Today's "Looks Like" game on best is long time. Danny Kanell, Jeff Fisher, Paul Finebaum material so good.
According to Jeff Fisher, he is a fan of this running back from Oklahoma State named Barry Sanders. Al…
Joey McIntyre joins Adam Schein live in studio, talks new show, Jeff Fisher by Mad Dog Sports Radio via
Thought I saw Jeff Fisher on the plane and almost ran up on 'em.
I blame Jeff Fisher & Les Snead. I think McVay seen something he likes at the combine and wants to accumulate picks
Same mentality-Jeff Fisher calling Eric Dickerson on the carpet like a child. It's disrespect of black Manhood.
Vince Young never fully recovered from the Jeff Fisher blackball. I'm just glad karma eventually exposed Fisher as a frau…
A Fisher-Price executive with Jeff Fisher's record would have been fired years ago. .
Charles Oakley has become to James Dolan and the Knicks what Eric Dickerson was to Jeff Fisher and the Rams.
John Fox and Jeff Fisher by far the worst
Jeff Fisher on Gronk injury: "Good for us, but we still have to worry about Aaron Hernandez."
Jared Cook is proof that you can recover after being coached by Jeff Fisher
Has to be better than Jeff Fisher...go rams
This from the guy that just extended Jeff Fisher?? He must be smart.
The same guy who said Jeff Fisher is special.. Yeah right!
pretty funny that now the LA people are trying to pin their woes on Jeff Fisher as if they'll be better with this guy
Jeff Fisher after listening to and advice on today's episode of
Best part about the Jeff Fisher extension, Rams open up new stadium in 2019, can't fire a guy when dealing with logisti…
reminds me of a Jeff Fisher press conf...
is Jeff Fisher coaching this team or just the media coach? Eerily similar responses!
They got rid of Jeff Fisher for this guy?
Sean McVay was born in 1986, the same year that Jeff Fisher started his coaching career as a DBs coach in Philadelphia.
tbh I don't think they're that talentless. You giving Jeff Fisher too much credit. The guy is like Rex at picking o coordinator
Sources say a guy who looks a lot like Jeff Fisher w/o mustache dropped off application for DC job -- said his name was Jack?
New Rams head coach Sean McVay was just 9 years old when Jeff Fisher had his first 7-9 season in 1995.
Jeff Fisher's mustache is older than Sean McVay.
not many Jeff Fisher fans left in the NFL after all his moves and sub .500 career record
First move - hire Jeff Fisher to help with the transition
BRAKING: Jeff Fisher spotted at LAX flying with a dog ((must credit PFTCommenter)
If McCarthy didn't have Aaron Rodgers the dude would be like a Jeff Fisher or Dennis Erickson
Kubes wasn't, prior to coming to Denver he was largely in the John Fox/Jeff Fisher boat of coaches. Wade was very qualified.
Clearly Jed York is an abject failure and the situation in SF is hopeless. Might as well hire Jeff Fisher.
*** pretty cool that Jeff Fisher is calling into your show
watching the rose bowl pregrame and California Dreaming starts playing. Automatically think of Jeff Fisher
Coming soon: the new Three Stooges, starring: Rex Ryan, Jeff Fisher, and Chip Kelly
Chargers hire Jeff Fisher and I'll kill myself
Gregg Williams looks like an evil Jeff Fisher
It won't happen but could you imagine Matt Rhule hiring Jeff Fisher
Chip Kelly is what you get when you combine Matt Flynn and Jeff Fisher together.
I hope they're replaced with Jeff Fisher and Matt Millen.
- see Jeff Fisher, a few years too late twice
NFL coaches destined for extensions in the next month:. Marvin Lewis, Chuck Pagano, Todd Bowles, Jeff Fisher (somehow he'll…   10% Off
Prediction: Ryan Fitzpatrick narrowly edges out Josh McCown for MVP under the tutelage of Jeff Fisher.
I agree with George Karl that Melo is overhyped, but George Karl might be the Jeff Fisher of the NBA
A Jeff Fisher, George Karl, Joan the Scammer & Trump round-table discussion on Scamming would be an EDUCATION. Hosted by Brian Williams.
George Karl and Jeff Fisher are the same dude. Karl may actually have a better winning percentage though.
Jeff Fisher & George Karl might not be Texas natives but they both from Midland.
But let George Karl & Jeff Fisher tell it, they coached great! Its just their front offices sucked & players didn't execute. For over 20yrs.
Jeff Fisher & George Karl are the DEFINITION of MID. But the mid sellin.
Typical George Karl. Can tell you the problem with everybody but himself. He's the NBA's equivalent of Jeff Fisher.…
To answer on HBS podcast, in addition to Jeff Fisher, George Karl is another overrated coach I unreasonably hate.
George Karl and Jeff Fisher are the same coaches.
I wouldn't say Tomlin is not a good coach. Perfect example would be Jeff Fisher. Looked pretty good with McNair.
We are please to announce that with Jeff Fisher's retirement, we have hired Mike Tomlin as the 27th head coach of our franchise
Breaking News. Jets trade for Brock Osweiler. Jets also fire Todd Bowles and hire Jeff Fisher as head coach.,
BREAKING: Jacksonville police have arrested Jeff Fisher for breaking into the Jaguars facility and putting his name pl…
Jeff Fisher: fired. . Gus Bradley: fired. . Up next: Rex Ryan. . Also coming up on the firing line: Todd Bowles.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Todd Haley and Jeff Fisher are basically the same person
Ty Montgomery is what Jeff Fisher thought Tavon was.
thinking of Todd Bowles, Jeff Fisher or Hue Jackson as the next coach of
Also Greg Williams seems to be married to Jeff Fisher so he might follow if Fisher miraculously finds another job.
Todd Bowles is actually Jeff Fisher in disguise...
Jets are down by 24, might as well go for it. I guess Todd Bowles wants to do his best Jeff Fisher impression.
how 'bout we get Todd Bowles a tee time with Jeff Fisher next Sunday.
Jeff Fisher says he wants to face the Rams. The Rams love the idea and have asked if he can coach against them in all…
In Todd Gurley's defense, when you have a weak offensive line and Jeff Fisher as a coach, it's hard to be productive.
They have no supporting cast. Todd Gurley is in a sophomore slump and they've had to fire Jeff Fisher.
I'm just glad the Rams fired Jeff Fisher so Todd Gurley can flourish in his prime years
Todd Gurley just looks like he hates football now. Jeff Fisher ruined him.
Jeff Fisher has ruined The Rams!!! They need someone to fix that *** offense and build around Todd Gurly
New Podcast:. Jeff Fisher getting fired, sample size, how many Super Bowls Brady will win, and best bowl systems.
The man who almost gave Jeff Fisher a Super Bowl opens up about Jeff Fisher -
[LA Daily News] - Rams firing of Jeff Fisher is latest bump in Jared Goff's rookie season
little disappointed Jeff Fisher was fired ... he would've signed Drew Butler and made him coin toss captain vs AZ
Todd Gurley stands by 'middle school offense' remarks after Jeff Fisher's firing.
"Todd Gurley was right. It's a middle school offense." -Steve Young in aftermath of Jeff Fisher firing.
Gotta love b-ball! Todd Gurley: Fisher firing 'tough' but don't regret ripping Rams offense: Jeff Fisher was fired a…
With the Rams' loss to Miami, Jeff Fisher has tied Tom Landry for second-most losses by a coach in history, despite coaching 82 f…
FACT: Bill Belichick could go 0-16 For 6 straight years, still have higher winning % than Jeff Fisher.
The Rams FINALLY fired Jeff Fisher!! Please don't hire Chip Kelly after the niners fire him too after the regular season..
Rams had no choice but to fire Jeff Fisher
7 candidates to replace Jeff Fisher as the Rams&coach via
Los Angeles Rams fans react to the firing of head coach Jeff Fisher. Hear what they had to say. 11pm
Jeff Fisher fired by Los Angeles Rams a week after extension announced: reports
Rams' candidates for replacing Jeff Fisher? Think offense
Los Angeles Rams fire coach Jeff Fisher, who just tied NFL record for most losses – Yahoo Sports
When Philbin was hired, it was after Steve Ross made a strong push for Jeff Fisher. Now we have Adam Gase. Lord works in mysterious ways. 🙏
Jeff Fisher joins Mike Smith and Dave Campo as the three head coaches to be fired immediately after their team was on Har…
Jeff Fisher finally got fired so Vince Young and I sat down for a celebratory game of Jenga.
Agree that Jeff Fisher didnt help, particularly the last two seasons. Bring in Harbaugh or Gruden.
If you think about it, Jeff Fisher actually did lead the Rams to a Super Bowl victory...
The Browns need to hire Jeff Fisher as defensive coordinator! that would be a major boost!
Jeff Fisher has been fired as coach for the Los Angeles Rams, per sources. More to come.
Jeff Fisher fired as coach of Los Angeles Rams - ESPN
BREAKING: Los Angeles Rams announce they have fired head coach Jeff Fisher.
is Jeff fisher coaching special teams for the Patriots tonight 🤔
Well you predicted it. Jeff Fisher is gone from the
I can't wait to hear the lady slayer, Jeff Fisher, tmrw
Which team will be the next one to get swindled by Jeff Fisher? Hard to say. [slowly turns knowingly towards camera]
I talked to Dan Reeves tonight. He's handling Jeff Fisher not replacing him as the NFL's losingest coach much better than I a…
'I'd like to see Clay Travis sometime in a dark alley.'. Jeff Fisher wanted to fight back in Nashville: htt…
how about Jeff fisher he's finally gone
Everyone - yes, even Jeff Fisher - watching that Cyrus Jones punt fiasco...
"Jeff Fisher should be in the NFL Hall of Fame.". -Tom Fornelli
Now Jeff Fisher can spend more time wearing flip flops and fly fishing.
Here’s our instant story on Jeff Fisher being out as the head coach:
ESPN made an EPIC fail with their headline about Jeff Fisher's firing.
When you are mad that you were not the team to get Jeff Fisher fired
Jeff Fisher didn't get fired for losing. he was the face of the franchise and quickly became viewed as a clown over the past two weeks.
Have the Browns named Jeff Fisher GM and President of football operations yet? That's the next logical step, right?
Jeff Fisher just got fired and they talking to Jim right now
Jon Gruden among best candidates for Rams to replace fired coach Jeff Fisher
The rams really fired Jeff fisher one week before he was going to be the coach with the most losses all time. That organizat…
In past 2 games, faced teams that gave up 14 receptions to RBs. Jeff Fisher found a way to get Gurley 5 catches.
Based on how the are playing tonight on are we sure that Jeff Fisher didn't take over as head coach?
Cyrus Jones should be cut right now in game. That level of stupidity is unfathomable. Sign Jeff Fisher to field kicks.
New Working Title Sports Show!!! Wherein we recap the Thanksgiving games and the ongoing Jeff Fisher saga.
Rams coach Jeff Fisher has been fired, according to league and team sources. (via
Reporter: Hey Vince Young, so the LA Rams just fired Jeff Fisher. Any comment?. Vince:
Harbaugh was in Los Angeles last night with Peppers as he won the Lott Award.. Jeff Fisher fired 12 hours later. Harbaugh…
What will Jeff Fisher's next job be?
Honestly Jeff Fisher deserved to be fired after that loss yesterday
.C Jones, if ya aint gona catch the KO then get the fuk outa the way. Better yet go work for Jeff Fisher at Oh wait hez FIRD
Ravens looking inept on offense. I hear Jeff Fisher is available for an O Coordinator position.
Jeff Fisher is such a bad coach the Rams are giving him $8 million to NOT coach.
Notice how the Rams fired Jeff Fisher before he set the record for most losses in NFL history? One way to avoid having their name associated
you know who else would be Jeff Fisher
Jones will probably receive a pink slip fromtomorrow like Jeff Fisher received today.
Everybody laughing at Jeff Fisher while Marvin Lewis is just quietly ending his 14th straight year in Cincy without a pl…
Rams fans celebrating Jeff Fisher's firing like:
Welp, you can't call Jeff Fisher a liar.
The statement on firing coach Jeff Fisher
When you see Jeff Fisher got fired but Gus Bradley is gonna greet you at work tomorrow morning.
Jeff Fisher departing Rams Park after today's announcement:
Screengrab Snafu: ESPN headlines “Jeff Fisher fired as coach of St. Louis Rams”
Does that fckuing kid listen??! Partially on bill. What more do u have to see to keep sending him out?? That's a Jeff fisher move
We are giving Jeff Fisher a contract extension. Rams to Rams: Sign it and fire him in a week
Getting fired tied for the all-time loss record is the most Jeff Fisher-est way to go out. Can't even be the best at losing!
The Los Angeles Rams have relieved Jeff Fisher from head coaching duties. Full statement to follow.
I wonder how Jeff Fisher lost his job before Cyrus Jones. What a joke.
There will never be a Black Jeff Fisher
I went to yesterday's Rams game as SkankHunt42 & Jeff Fisher is fired the next day. Trolls win again!
Today, I learned that Jeff Fisher must have murdered the family of one of RotoWorld's writers:
Wow! Rams fire Jeff Fisher... that's gotta hurt! Aaron Rodgers still a stud... getting the mojo back, baby!! 💚🏈💛
axe Jeff Fisher. Who didn't see that coming? Will Rex Ryan be next?
Jeff Fisher worked his whole career to lose the most games as a head coach and the rams wouldn't let him break the record
If Rams would have Stuck with Case Keenum, Jeff Fisher would still be the head coach.
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Reminder that LeGarrette Blount signed with the Titans in 2010 as an undrafted free agent. Jeff Fisher waived him before…
it was the Bills , surprised Rex Ryan didn't get fired today instead of Jeff Fisher
At least we'll always have the video of Jeff Fisher asking Nick Foles how his summer was and then firing him.
Jeff Fisher fired. Guess he didn't play by the rules
I told you guys. Jeff Fisher. The timing is too coincidental.
Jeff Fisher got fired and I feel like I have a new lease on life
So...would we say Jeff Fisher blew a 3-1 record to start the season...?
Don't get any ideas. We don't want Jeff Fisher. You should go after Matt Patricia.
Los Angeles Rams announce that they have fired head coach Jeff Fisher
People really think Jeff Fisher a better coach than Marvin Lewis? Surprise to me
I'll see your Jeff Fisher and raise you an Andy Reid.
Jason *** of St. John Bosco should be up for the Los Angeles Rams HC job now that Jeff Fisher is officially out.
Jeff Fisher fired. Hire Kyle Shanahan. Jared Goff is similar to Matt Ryan. Gurley would be explosive. That is all
Jon Gruden as coach with Jeff Fisher as the DC? What's your take? Call in to the "Zach Ertz should literally die" hotline.
Hall of Fame RB Eric Dickerson says he will return to Rams games now that Jeff Fisher has been fired.
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The announced they have fired Jeff Fisher.
Jeff Fisher gotta win 'Businessman of the Year' for finding a way to get fired 8 days into 2YR contract he bout to get…
. Jeff Fisher: I could keep losing games, I just got an extension . Extension:
Jeff Fisher was informed of the decision earlier today, some time between 7-9.
Jeff Fisher is the smartest man in the history of the world.
I will raise my son to follow in the footsteps of the likes of Jeff Fisher and Matt Flynn.
Time honor Jeff Fisher's tenure with the Rams. .
Futile Weapon: Buddy cop movie starring Byron Scott and Jeff Fisher about the longest serving LAPD detectives to never have…
I'm not even a Rams fan and I'm glad they fired Jeff Fisher
Jeff Fisher made more than $1m per win with the Rams. Others in $1M per win club include Charlie Weis, Charlie Strong & D…
Jeff Fisher should have been fired years ago
Rams fired Jeff Fisher right while he was preparing for Marshawn Lynch on Thursday night.
Will getting fired finally get Jeff Fisher fired?
Can't argue with Rams firing Jeff Fisher but the timing is a little off. He had to face Dree Brees, Tom Brady, and Matt Ryan consecutively.
ik you want Matt Ryan as MVP but I think the entire Falcons team should get it for getting Jeff Fisher fired
Jeff Fisher fired FOUR DAYS before he could set all-time losses record. His life's work, come to ruin.
My full thoughts on Jeff Fisher's firing.
After FIU, USF & FAU’s latest hires, Florida A&M or Bethune is so going to hire Jeff Fisher
Who will take over for fired coach Jeff Fisher? Who is interested? Any guesses? Norv Turner? Tom Coughlin?
I always imagine Jeff Fisher rolling into some small town with "Son of a preacher man" as he fleeces the rubes.
boom goes the dynamite. Jeff Fisher fired as he should have been weeks ago
Jeff Fisher to Football is what Vince Russo is to wrestling.
Jeff Fisher looks like the guy on a box of Just For Men hair dye.
Jeff Fisher said Julio Jones and Mohamed Sanu's injuries gave Rams "some glimmer of hope over the last couple of days.". Glimmer. Of. Hope.
If there's any justice at all in NFL management, Jeff Fisher should FINALLY get canned with the Rams one would think...Watch him stay tho...
Jeff Fisher and Rex Ryan need to be fired
Who last longer Drew Butler as Cards Kicker or Jeff Fisher as Rams Head Coach
Jeff Fisher looks like the antagonist in a Walker Texas Ranger episode
VIDEO: Jeff Fisher explains why he couldn't find his red challenge flag Sunday in Foxboro
. & discuss the latest not he Chargers stadium, Jeff Fisher's contract, & more:…
Seriously cannot get over Jeff Fisher blaming the past five years on Tre Mason and Stedman Bailey.
Dave Tippett is the Jeff Fisher of the NHL
Making fun of Jeff Fisher. The Jets QB situation. Marquette King the GOAT. Brady Winning. That and more on
Jeff Fisher gets contract extension for 22 years of mediocre, Bowles can't even get 3-4 years? hm
.called in to discuss the and extending Jeff Fisher.
Jeff Fisher is home for the holidays and ready to hibernate for the winter.
how come Steve Alford can make his team better when his *** is on the line but Jeff Fisher gets worse AND an extension?
Jeff Fisher went to throw his challenge flag but couldn't, because he lost it. This man just got an extension...
Lionel Hollins: " obviously, Jeff Fisher knows where the bodies are buried."
except Lombardi is a long-time Jeff Fisher apologist. One of the best behind Demoff client Peter King
we get it. Peter King will not allow any negative comments about Jeff Fisher
did Jeff Fisher become the nfl equivalent to Arsene Wenger and his winter coat?
Jeff Fisher was signed to a two-year extension today. Jeff Fisher couldn't find his challenge flag today
I wish I had the same level of job security that Jeff Fisher and Holly Warlick have.
Thank God the Rams signed Jeff Fisher to an extension now he's got an extra 2 years to find his lost challenge flag http…
would you say Jeff Fisher is the Sam Bradford of coaches?
Jeff Fisher is the Sam Bradford of coaching. . Dude just keeps getting paid.
Jeff Fisher continues to slowly turn into the Barney Fife of NFL coaches.
Jeff Fisher and Sam Bradford. Bad at their job, but keep taking in huge piles of cash for it.
Jeff Fisher and Kirk Ferentz must have the same agent.
ICYMI- Kevin Demoff told me Jeff Fisher got a contract extension. will be on at 5pm with me & Vince Ferragamo
Jeff Fisher is happy to get extended and continue to be able to coach guys like Stephen Jackson and Sam Bradford
BREAKING: After being shutout by the 49ers, the Rams have given Jeff Fisher a 3 year extension. Rams GM: "We love the…
Jeff Fisher is basically the Sam Bradford of NFL coaching.
BREAKING: Los Angeles police have arrested Jeff Fisher after catching him attempting to rob the Los Angeles Rams again…
Jeff Fisher is the Sam Bradford of head coaches. He'll do just enough to get you beat
If the Rams lose to NE today, Jeff Fisher will have just 6 winning seasons in 22 total season. Last season over .500 w…
Jeff Fisher is the Sam Bradford of NFL coaches.
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