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Jeff Bridges

Jeffrey Leon Bridges, stage name, Jeff Bridges, born in Los Angeles, California on December 4, 1949, is an American actor, musician, producer, photographer, cartoonist, storyteller, and occasional vintner.

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Chris Pines is seriously starting to look and sound like a young Jeff Bridges
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From the front row, Jeff Bridges just waved over to the man he called "the master caster" at the Governors Awards, honoree Lynn Stalmaster.
Steve Blum or Andre Braugher for Darkseid if it's just voicing it. Jeff Bridges, Liev Schriber and also Braugher as well to act it out
Hello, Jeff Bridges - you're a stupendous actor. I have enjoyed your work and would be delighted to make your acquaintance.
Actor Roundtable alums Dev Patel, Mahershala Ali (and Jeff Bridges!) meet up on the red carpet.
Jeff Bridges deserves the Oscar nom. But now all I can think of is his dad and Sat nights watching Sea Hunt.
Watch THR's full, uncensored Actor Roundtable with Dev Patel, Casey Affleck, Jeff Bridges and more
At least Jeff Bridges got an best actor nomination for that. I would be hugely surprised if Amy Adams was overlooked.
I've forgotten dark bits too. Have you ever seen The Fisher King with Robin and Jeff Bridges?
Chris Pine and *** or High Water director David MacKenzie introducing Jeff Bridges.
Everyone remembers Jeff Bridges for The Dude. But check out his performance in the Fisher King sometime.
John Carpenter directing Jeff Bridges and Karen Allen on the set of Carpenter's alien love story STARMAN.
The great Jeff Bridges after being inducted at the Chinese Theater 1.6.17. With and Peter Bogdonovich…
Hailee Steinfeld reunites with 'True Grit' Co-Stars Matt Damon and Jeff Bridges on the 2017
starring Chris Pine & Jeff Bridges arrives in stores today, here's everything you need to know...
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Jeff Bridges at the 74th Annual Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 8, 2017 in Beverly Hills Calif…
ok but why does my math professor sound like Jeff Bridges 🤔
Jeff Bridges never seems like he's tired of being The Dude and I just think that's the grooviest
"Try sitting through a cold read with her (Streep). It's painful, she's *** near illiterate." Jeff Bridges
Did Hailee Steinfeld sit next to Jeff Bridges at the Globes?. That's awesome.
I'm getting roasted on FB for getting Jeff Bridges and Kurt Russell confused BUT I MEAN CMON
How are Jeff Bridges and Kurt Russell not the same person
Have Kurt Russell and Jeff Bridges made a movie together?. Boy I'd sure like that.
I watched *** or High Water. Here is a Jeff Bridges quote. What's your favorite Dude-ism?
I thought it was alright, and Jeff Bridges is always good, but I'm puzzled by *** or High Water popping up on best of the year lists.
jeff bridges is on npr and it's so weird bc jeff bridges IS my dad
tbh Jeff Bridges wasn't even the best supporting actor in *** or High Water"
Hailee, Matt Damon and Jeff Bridges at the red carpet. (via
Jeff Bridges gives powerful speech in honor of Standing Rock activists at NBR Awards.
One of the greatest feelings in the world is knowing that we as individuals can make a difference. Jeff Bridges
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That time Jeff Bridges lived my dream
TODAY: Jeff Bridges on learning to act from his father Lloyd Bridges, the cult of 'Lebowski' fans, and how he calms his ne…
Jeff Bridges is a pretty alright dude. Bruce Willis too.
*** or High Water. Chris Pine, Ben Foster and Jeff Bridges. Watch it if you haven't already, great movie
Loving it, it's on repeat 😘 Jeff Bridges, Chris Pine, Ben Foster spoilt for choice on Best Actor
Out today: Jeff Bridges and the always outstanding Ben Foster star in
Can't get enough of Jeff Bridges mumbling with a mustache. Also, Chris Pine and Ben Foster are extremely talented.
One of my takeaways always Billy Bob Thornton and Jeff Bridges are two of the coolest cats in sho…
I love Jeff Bridges, but the real star of *** or High Water was Ben Foster, he outshined everyone.
Jeff Bridges is a delight as a fabulous Baker boy, with fine support from the fantastic Pfeifer & his brother Beau
The Dude Abides - Jeff Bridges dedicates his recent award to Standing Rock protectors v…
Jeff Bridges dedicates National Board of Review award to Standing Rock protesters.
Jeff Bridges says his brother Beau told him to "bliss out" and enjoy the moment.
Hey, Water Protectors, Jeff Bridges accepted an award on our behalf! So awesome!
it's about 2 brothers who rob banks and Jeff Bridges is a sheriff out to them
Jeff Bridges should have had James Caan's role in Elf. Or someone else besides Caan. Caan is the only thing wrong with that movie.
Jeff Bridges, Ben Foster, Chris Pine talk about *** or High Water' with Indiewire via
Jeff Bridges taught me a lot about how to keep a scene fresh.
Best movie of 2016: *** or High Water. Stars Chris Pine, Ben Foster, & Jeff Bridges.
*** Or High Water. My bro said it was great! With Chris Pine, Ben Foster, and Jeff Bridges
so my dad said John Goodman and I said Big Lebowski and RIPD. Goodman has a score of 2 and Jeff Bridges as a score of 1
John Goodman and Steve Buscemi meeting John Turturro on the set of "The Big Lebowski", by Jeff Bridges.
If Michael Shannon had got a nomination he could have gone in costume and faced Jeff Bridges for a Texas-Lawman-Off
For one, Michael Shannon's jaded West Texas cop performance was head and shoulders above Jeff Bridges.
Sometimes I feel like Jeff Bridges playing a part meant for Bill Pullman, basically.
How is AT-J nominated over Michael Shannon in don't get me started on that BS nom for Jeff Bridges.
Jeff Bridges discusses the hectic writing process behind Iron Man (2008), describes it as a '$200M Student Film…
it's not exactly a masterpiece but a young Jeff Bridges & Jessica Lange plus Rick Baker himself playing Kong makes it work
Jeff Bridges is 67. Here's 4 lesser known films that show off his range:. Cutter's Way. Bad Company. Arlington Rd. & his f…
Matthew McConaughey talks to Jeff Bridges about Tiptoes and originally Jeff Bridges was going to be the lead
On the road for the holidays? Give a listen to our latest eps with Jessica Chastain, Jeff Bridges and Sally Field! https…
Happy birthday to . Terry Gilliam and Jeff Bridges on the set of 'The Fisher King' (1991)
Happy 76th Director Terry Gilliam with Jeff Bridges on the set of The Fisher King, 1991.
Stacy Keach, Jeff Bridges, DP Conrad L. Hall & director John Huston on the set of 'Fat City' (1972).
Rancho Deluxe is worth watching just to watch Harry Dean Stanton kick Jeff Bridges' *** in Pong.
How do you confuse Jeff Bridges with Todd Bridges, I want to punch you in the face !! - My husband . 😂😂😂
Jeff Bridges, Taylor Kitsch join Miles Teller, Josh Brolin in firefighter movie - Entertainment Weekly
hmm. Sam Jackson, Jeff Bridges, Lupita Niyonga, Idris Elba, Scarlet Johansen Tim Allen has done 2 franchises for Disney
Starman Movie Review: Hey what a beautiful movie! Even as an alien, Jeff Bridges was brilliant. Karen Allen,...
I respect the commitment of this above-the-nip Kurt Russell tattoo that's basically just Jeff Bridges with a touch…
i always deserved a nice dad who believed in me so Stephen King and Jeff Bridges are my surrogates
We saw *** or High Water" (starring Jeff Bridges & Chris Pine, written by Taylor Sheridan) tonight: it's great!
I liked how Jeff Bridges just basically played his character as the great grandson of Rooster Cogburn
Between *** or Highwater & True Grit, Jeff Bridges has portrayed more anti-indiginous sentiment & action than any other living white actor
I enjoy it for Jeff Bridges riffing on his Rooster Cogburn and Kevin Bacon giving a performance worse than his EE adverts.
Is Louie Anderson winning like when Jeff Bridges won for Crazy Heart?
Kurt Russell, on His Future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: From Jeff Bridges to Robert Redford to Michael ...
huge Jeff Bridges fan. Loved him in "White Squall"
I also get Kurt Russell and Jeff Bridges mixed up but can you blame me
★★★★ Jeff Bridges and Chris Pine are outstanding in *** or High Water, says Charlotte O'Sullivan
Just got done seeing *** or High Water. I want Jeff Bridges winning all of the awards this winter.
Starman USTHISTV: A Wisconsin widow Karen Allen falls in love with an alien Jeff Bridges who has remade himse...
Jeff Bridges & Karen Allen in Star man from 1984. Haven't seen it in years. Still like it. 😁
Any great film is supported by great character actors. . Jon Polito was one of the best. R.I.P. Photo by Jeff Bridges http…
Jeff Bridges> Michael Shannon. You'd know that if you were born before the 21st Century lol
And in-depth interviews with Jeff Bridges, Eva Green & Jamie Dornan, & Ethan Hawke's guide to
I think I could handle things better if I could have Jeff Bridges read me Yeats poems or Irish fairy tales at the end of the day.
At what point did Jeff Bridges somehow become older than Beau Bridges?
is a spectacular film. Jeff Bridges is the best he has been since True Grit.
Yeah I loved, as a kid growing up, I loved science-fiction.
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Jeff Bridges in may have even managed to surpass his performance as the Dude?! O_O
I don't have too many plans filled out. I know I want to keep doing more music. I've got a cou
stunning scene just a simple and beautiful movie. Also never realised Jeff Bridges was nominated for an Oscar for Best Actor
Atchoum The Cat is Kind of Like a Cat Version of Jeff Bridges
Jeff Bridges on Fitness: 'You Wouldn't Want to See the Dude With a Six-Pack' of the year. Pine and Foster are the standouts, but Jeff Bridges is subdued, which I loved. The long takes are glorious. Grade: A+
Highly recommend the new Jeff Bridges/Chris Pine movie called *** or High Water." 99% on RT, Kim and I saw it last night. FANTASTIC
*** or High Water is incredible. Jeff Bridges, Ben Foster, Chris Pine are all amazing--as is everyone in this great cast!
So much so that something must be up. Jeff Bridges needs to go to the doctor
Saw *** or High Water" today. Basically just 90 minutes of Jeff Bridges breathing heavily.
oh my, what a voice! Reminds me of Jeff Bridges from Crazy Heart. Thanks for sharing.
A gem Go see this film taking place in dusty Texas. An Oscar for Jeff Bridges, and supporting Chris Pine, Ben Foster.
*** or High Water - go see it. Jeff Bridges is at his best as a cranky Texas Ranger and Chris Pine is the sexiest skinny cowboy ever.
Jeff Bridges, Ben Foster, Chris Pine were all on amazing in this show.
Jeff Bridges deserves a statue for his performance. Beautiful work.
Anyone looking for a good movie to go see I recommend *** or High Water. Really enjoyed it and Jeff Bridges is exceptional.
I don't believe in god, but I worship Jeff Bridges.
You need to see *** or High Water. Jeff Bridges, Chris Pine and Ben Foster are fantastic!
Is it me or could *** or Highwater have been a lot darker? And differently cast other than Jeff Bridges?
Jeff Bridges tells us his favorite Bob Dylan songs, lessons from his father and more
Jeff Bridges wrapped in a Navajo blanket at dusk is a feeling
Casting Call: Boozy Jeff Bridges-type, looks malevolent with a twist of sass
Last movie was "Wolfman" (Benicio del Toro) was watched while eating Honey Nut Cheerios. Now, it's "True Grit" (Jeff Bridges) with corn dogs
Run. Don't Walk--> Go see Best movie I've seen in years. Chris Pine, Jeff Bridges, Ben Foster elevate it to a classic.
Dude! > The Last Word: Jeff Bridges on Dylan, the Dude and Surviving Movie Bombs
Jeff Bridges is already prepping to play Trump's doctor in the movie.
My review of in which I mostly just gush about Jeff Bridges...
Jeff Bridges interview: 'The world is such a bizarre place'
While I'm doing film & TV, *** or High Water is the best film in a crappy month. Oscar bait for Jeff Bridges & Chris Pine's best work.
Wow. Jeff Bridges jumped out at me too. Nick Nolte was in Prince of Tides. but i've never seen Mirror..
Jeff Bridges says he is open to a Big Lebowski sequel
I don’t think I realized until now that Jeff Bridges and Jeff Daniels are different people. I guess I have Jeff blindness.
*** or High Water" was AMAZING...Jeff Bridges deserves an Oscar nod for Best Supporting Actor...the dude was INCREDIBLE
Today's poser: How did Tom Berenger drop so far off the A-list radar, and why doesn't he have a latter day Jeff Bridges-like career now?
It's crazy Jeff Bridges has a brother who's also an actor but like of course his name is Beau
Clint Eastwood and Jeff Bridges in Thunderbolt & Lightfoot. Tomorrow in tribute to Michael Cimino.
I used to think Jeff Bridges was the most versatile actor of our time, but then I found out that he is not also Jeff Daniels
Jeff Bridges initially had the film rights to the novel in the 1990's and wanted his father Lloyd to star
Jeff Bridges - special message from Richard Peterson
Jeff Bridges tells why he's so good at western movies
I never Stan on celebs really but I have a few on my list. Jeff Bridges is one of them and he's here at CNN right now. 2 feet from me... 👀
First Jeff Bridges and now Happy day here on 😄🎉💃🏻
(song's actually called That's All I've Got To Say and I think it might be slightly sped up here but Jeff Bridges singing is cute)
Great piece on the interview with Jeff Bridges and "what's his name". :).Glad it's not all Trump bashing. Good Work!
talked to us about his Texas Ranger role in
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alert! It has come to my attention that Jeff Bridges is not dead in *** or High Water". V. misleading marketing campaign.
Great TV. A must see segment for fans of these actors, and of course The Dude
Jeff Bridges and Chris Pine's interview was awesome!! They are both 2 cool for school!!
This is my friend, Jeff Dazey... He is the saxophonist for the Leon Bridges band and is the featured soloist on...
Jeff Bridges at *** or High Water' world premiere in Hollywood on Fab... via
Bridges, Pine find shades of grey in *** or High Water': Oscar winner Jeff Bridges joins forces...
Actors Chris Pine and Jeff Bridges have Something in Common via
"I'm going to just watch it until Turturro licks the ball." Attention, :
Check this-Jeff Bridges and Gil Birmingham on Acting in the Moment for *** or High Water’ -
Jeff Bridges and Chris Pine star in the western *** or High Water
Racist Jeff Bridges strikes gold in *** or High Water." .
Jeff Bridges > Beau Bridges. WITH THE EXCEPTION of the 1992 masterpiece featuring the great
Something in Common: Chris Pine and Jeff Bridges, co-sta... via
*** or High Water review: Terrific with a masterpiece performance from Jeff Bridges ★★★★
Stamp out = end or extinguish by forceful means. Source:
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On Friday 12th, we're bowling with Jeff Bridges, John Goodman & Steve Buscemi in the Coen brothers' The Big Lebowski
Jeff Bridges says he's all in for starring in a 'Big Lebowski' sequel: 'It's a great idea' via
We had to write a review of the movie "Tucker." I wrote the phrase "Jeff Bridges chugs a lug" for 2 of 3 pages. B+
Kurt Russel and Jeff Bridges look so similar I always get mixed up between them
it's OK really. MIB meets Ghostbusters. Chemistry between Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds is pretty good.
.is so damned buggy that I'm now bitter at Jeff Bridges for selling it to me.
Patrick Swayze Kurt Russell and Jeff Bridges could be brothers
Why are Kurt Russell, Jeff Bridges, and Kris Kristofferson all the same person?
Saw Jeff Bridges on Kimmel. Ordered 10 anniv of via Amazon. Dude abides.
discovered a new fast forward feature on my remote thanks to Jeff Bridges!!
Tonight on an all-new Jimmy Kimmel Live, Jeff Bridges, “Bad Chad” Johnson & music from Garbage!
In new film, The Big Lewandowski, Jeff Bridges is an old hippie mistakenly hired to manage the presidential campaign of a crazy billionaire.
Jeff Bridges to -- Lloyd Bridges once faked a heart attack to win a prank
I liked a video Jeff Bridges: The Dilemma and Perks of Being a Renaissance Artist
Jeff Bridges says the only movie of his he can't pass by when flipping channels is The Big Lebowski. Thank you Coen Bros. 👍
Jeff Bridges always looks like a guy who looks like Jeff Bridges to me.
my fGod! Will somebody tell Jeff Bridges to stop with the fcandy!!!
Jeff Bridges has become his character from "R.I.P.D.".
FYI jeff bridges on Jimmy Kimmel tonight ;)
and because Jeff Bridges is in it, he has to play music. not a complaint, really. but come on.
I never read reviews of something I want to see.
Jeff Bridges is always transporting someone to another time I LOVE IT I LOVE HIM
I've worked with a lot of first-time directors who kind of look to me ...
But seriously, he looks like Jeff Bridges here.
It *** that I can't see Jeff Bridges as anyone else but the dude
At least Jeff Bridges is basically exactly right.
Jeff Bridges already is The Dude. Dean Ambrose hasn't got anything in common with this character.
Dude Ambrose is going to be an evil incarnation of Dude Love, Jeff Bridges & . Wheels of Vince McMahon already turning
Unless Jeff Bridges comes running for his head.
What does that make me? The Dude?. See Ambrose. Even Jeff Bridges approves..
Sorry Champ, you are cool but you're not Jeff Bridges cool.
Move over Jeff Bridges there is a new dude in town & his name is
I'm waiting for the Jeff bridges memes
Dean Ambrose, "The Dude"? I'm not sure that Jeff Bridges would approve of that...
"The dude" Jeff Bridges is looking at him lol
I’m not bi-polar, but I can go from Jeff Bridges to Joe Pesci in 0.0387 seconds.
Happy 64th John Goodman on the set of 'The Big Lebowski' (1998, Coen Bros.) Photo by Jeff Bridges.
It's funny. You succeed, but now where are you gonna go from there? I'...
Jeff Bridges is a caveman. Like the dude, man.
10. When Jennifer almost met Jeff Bridges, she's an actual fangirl
True Grit, the Coen Brothers and Jeff Bridges are a winning combination. Not to mention that John Wayne was an atrocious actor.
Mattie Ross and Rooster Cogburn (Hailee Steinfeld and Jeff Bridges) in the far superior 2010 True Grit.
I was worried the movie Starman was going to be unrealistic, then I saw the alien get Jeff Bridges's DNA from a strand of hair.
Jeff Bridges is one of my favorite actors in the history of ever.
I love Gregory Hines and Baryshnikov. I also love Jeff Bridges. I'll watch both films. My cable tv conundrums when I'm catsitting. 😆
So rad! J Scott Moore does a on Jeff Bridges before The Cure show at Shoreline Amphitheatre At...
Well, there are all kinds of gutters. Life will supply you with gutter...
I've gone out of my way to not take baggage with me from film to film.
Maybe Jeff Bridges had a stroke in 2009 and never realized it.
this interview with Jeff Bridges was great and the intro has a line from Dumb & Dumber
Who isn't a fan of Jeff Bridges? And he is such a unique character. I ...
Congrats to the cast and crew of *** OR High Water: Colored by Corinne Bogdanowicz
Rubbish! Experts degrade claim that every bit of plastic ever created is still around via
Jeff Bridges, 66, looks almost unrecognisable with clean-cut look Welp, that's unfortunate
*Watching a Jeff Bridges movie* . I had never noticed how abnormally large his tongue was before. Now I have questions. So…
Embarrassed about the bridges he burned probably the reason
We're here for such a short period of time.
I look back at my filmography, and I'm pretty jazzed with the stuff I'...
My friend film is getting great reviews from Cannes :)
C'mon Jeff Bridges, stop watching and come help. I'm sure the food is in here somewhere.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Idea for a program: The Big Lebolski - Jeff Bridges goes on a tour of Bolton looking for the best pastie/pint combination
then they should have Jeff Bridges as The Dude to be the ref 😂😂
I do my best to hold the director's opinion above my own.
*** or High Water review – elegaic Texan western that packs a dizzying punch
You prep, you prep, you prep. And on the day that you film, you let al...
Jeff bridges got paid 50,000 dollars compared to Jim Carrey's 7 million for dumb & dumber ***
I only watched parts of the first Troy, THE SEQUAL IS SO MUCH BETTER Jeff Bridges has found his acting voiice!
I always thought Jeff Bridges would make a good Brian.
Newswire: Jeff Bridges and Taylor Kitsch join Josh Brolin’s manly firefighter movie
A different kind of curtain call. Jeff Bridges phones in a performance using Skype
but perfect for those who still wear tie dye shirts, eat granola, and try to emulate Jeff Bridges in every regard.
Jeff Bridges is my spirit animal. That van is a monstrosity.
I'm also working closely with a group called the Amazon Conservation T...
I am so looking forward to this. *** or High Water TRAILER 1 (2016) - Chris Pine, Jeff Bridges Movie HD via
Sneak peek: Jeff Bridges turns Texas Ranger in *** or High Water'
A large part of acting is just pretending. You get to work with these ...
If you're like me, I get hooked into to-do lists, you know. I'll say I...
Jeff Bridges and Taylor Kitsch are starring in an untitled firefighter movie
Having a Jeff Bridges marathon: Big Lebowski, seventh son, tron 1 & 2, RIPD, Fisher King, men who stare at goats, iron man 1, .
Jeff bridges over Downey. Difficult to overlook Hanks
How bout that young Jeff Bridges in Tron: Legacy?
i feel about you the way Jeff Bridges feels about showering in True Grit.
Jeff Bridges is a mess in this movie I love it
Maybe invite Jeff Bridges back in flashbacks as Ten Rings co-conspirator so he’s not just suddenly deranged madman?
BREAKING - Jeff Bridges might be in Kingsman: The Golden Circle.
Exception to the Rule by Jeff Bridges & the Abiders. to ♫
Vermont scenic drive with covered bridges - New England fall foliage on my scenic drive page h…
Seventh Son has odd pacing and reeks of D&D mary sues but it was OK. Best part was Jeff Bridges acting crotchety.
The dialogue in the movie is priceless... Especially between Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon. The latest version, not the John Wayne 1
EXCLU: Taylor Kitsch and Jeff Bridges join Josh Brolin and James Badge Dale in Firefighter pic featured in NBC s Science of Love
*** OR High Water meshes a career-best turn from Chris Pine with the customary excellence of Ben Foster and the Jeff Bridges of 5 years ago
Things I love about "Stick It": the cinematography, the FOB soundtrack, Jeff Bridges, baby Kellan Lutz, and some super fierce girls.
Then at 1:08 there was a scene that reminded me of "The Fabulous Baker Boys" (1989) with Michelle Pfeiffer and Jeff Bridges and Beau Bridges
Vintage photo of Jeff Bridges and Beau Bridges in "The Fabulous Baker Boys". -
B: St. Patrick's is just the day the dude drove the snakes out of Ireland. Me: Jeff Bridges?. B: Yep. It says so on the Internet. Look it up.
Check out exclusive photos from starring Jeff Bridges and Chris Pine. Lensed by DP Giles Nuttgens.
Better than the de-aged Jeff Bridges in Tron Legacy! Loved the young Michael Douglas moment in the Ant-Man prologue too!
David Mackenzie's *** or High Water,' starring Jeff Bridges, Chris Pine, and Ben Foster will open on August 12th.
Fat City (1972) is very good starring Stacy Keach, Jeff Bridges & Coach from Cheers & directed by John Huston. The oldies are better & free.
I love watching Jeff Bridges act. He's brilliant.
I wanna see a Marvel film flashback to 1993 for a scene with young Michael Douglas, young Robert Downey Jr and young Jeff Bridges.
Jeff Bridges has such a wasted role. People bag on Iron Man 2 but I've watched it wayyy more than IM1. Sam Rockwell, man.
A very young Jeff Bridges & Cybill Shepherd in a really fine film. Script by Larry McMurtry (Lonesome Dove)
Oh God, I saw that. I felt really bad for Jeff Bridges. It was like a thinned-out Rooster Cogburn-ish performance + ludicrous.
I adored THE LAST PICTURE SHOW, and not only because young Jeff Bridges and Cybill Shepherd are ridiculously beautiful.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
GREAT ACTORS CANDIDLY. Jeff Bridges, Jessica Lange and Charles Grodin on the set of King Kong.
Just watched the 1st trailer for this new film Nothing more than except no Jeff Bridges & Bella replaces Taylor Swift
TIL that when Jeff Bridges was 14, he and his brother, Beau, would go to grocery store parking lots and pretend to…
John Carpenter and Jeff Bridges on the set of Carpenter's STARMAN.
Jeff Bridges heads out with Beau in Hawaiian shirt and yellow trousers via
📷 sevashamardin: STARMAN Directed by John Carpenter with Karen Allen and Jeff Bridges
Jeff Bridges doing his best Kurt Russell in Arlington Road
Breakfast with a Green Giant and listening to Jeff Bridges singing in the car on my way to the…
Random opinion no. 67: Bill Murray, Jeff Bridges, Kurt Russell and John Goodman should be on a Rushmore-like monument honoring great actors.
The Contender was really great. Jeff Bridges played a great president, but Gary Oldman was best part of film. Sam Elliot too.
Neon Dreams - Hal Ashby, Jeff Bridges and Andy Garcia know 8 MILLION WAYS TO DIE, tonight at
1969 True Grit on Film 4 John Wayne today - way better than 2010 Jeff Bridges?
Just discovered young Jeff Bridges, and my new celebrity crush.
Has young Jeff Bridges ever been Sexiest Man Alive? Because look at this guy.
Glad for Mark Rylance but Tom Hardy playing Jeff Bridges playing John Fitzgerald in The Revenant was the real deal
Jeff Bridges, Bruce Boxleitner and Cindy Morgan are likable, and David Warner great. But a nothing plot and dated effects upstage them
King Kong era Jeff Bridges was a cross between Matthew Modine and the Geico caveman
Academy Award winner Jeff Bridges supports Brian Evans in his crusade against sleep apnea and other issues.
The Fabulous Baker Boys (1989) Jeff Bridges before he turned into 'hermit guy' and his brother Beau
Very nice list sir, but The Contender was omitted. Joan Allen, Jeff Bridges, and Gard Oldman with superb performances.
I want Bill Murray & Bernie Sanders to be my grandfathers. Actually throw Jeff Bridges in there too
JOE LOVANO is, according to WSJ, "He’s jazz’s answer to George Clooney or Jeff Bridges, a vibrant player ...
Great interview; too bad you didn't ask him to do his imitation of Jeff Bridges. He nailed it on Tron Upris…
Trying to figure out who plays Craig Thompson in the Oliver Stone movie? Alec Baldwin? Rob Lowe? Jeff Bridges? George Clooney?
Can't wait to see Peter Bogdanovich direct Jeff Bridges in Duane's Depressed. Larry McMurtry said, a few years ago, he wants to write it.
Beard/tash experimenting colleague has gone Royal Tenenbaums Bill Murray to RIPD Jeff Bridges. I think both v cool; too weird a compliment?
. . .The late Robin Williams, watched the Fisher King preview with Jeff Bridges in 1991. I'm a sucker for love scenes dear
A good scene in The Fisher King with Jeff Bridges at the window, n this song in the background..
Watching and can't stop thinking Jeff Bridges is being played by Eddie Vedder
Rachel Ward, Jeff Bridges, James Woods...ah, the good old days.
I only just realised Kurt Russell and Jeff Bridges aren't the same person. Does that fact that I love them equally make it okay?
. Dallas, Texas 1995. Had dinner with "The Dude" (Jeff Bridges) and Valerie Harper (Rhoda). It was an honor...
Great BTS pics by Jeff Bridges, 'The Big Lebowski' (1998), on my favorites by the Coens.
Watching god awful! Jeff Bridges is unintelligible, Ben Barnes looks like David Tennent and I don't give a *** about anyone!
The everybody-loves-Jeff Bridges home base is, of course, 'The Big Lebowski.'...
Happy Birthday John Carpenter, may I recommend the unsung gem STARMAN, one of Jeff Bridges' best performances. And Karen Allen is great too.
The scene. Robin Williams and Jeff Bridges stalking Amanda Plummer is uncharted sweetnes
My desert island disc is just 45 minutes of Jeff Bridges grumbling "I bow out" as Rooster Cogburn
Jeff Bridges is a Vietnam vet that finds love, and holiday spirit, thanks to a VA Hospital nurse in "Peppermint Patty".
The 70s King Kong is on. *** Jeff Bridges had a terrible beard in that movie. Whose idea was that?
I'd love to work with Daniel Day Lewis, Cate Blanchett, Jeff Bridges (again), Matt Damon... the list goes on and on. https:…
Here is beloved actor Jeff Bridges next to 2 time *** Butkus Award Winner Brian Bosworth
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