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Jeff Bezos

Jeffrey Preston Jeff Bezos (born January 12, 1964) is an American businessman, the founder, president, chief executive officer (CEO), and chairman of the board of

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This is radical: Jeff Bezos wants to end standard raises and gut severance at the Washington Post
Don't forget Jeff Bezos was quant, grew up on Wall Street at DE Shaw hedge fund before creating
Globalization beneficiary Jeff Bezos of Amazon swindles the European Union?.
Just like Jeff Bezos was at DE Shaw when Larry Ellison was on magazine covers,. the next Jeff Bezos is somewhere, about to get started
Jeff Bezos donated 1bil to space projects, Arnold Wax sold 180 mil worth of his Manhattan RE why? Th…
The first job for all WaPo employees is to make their leftwing boss Jeff Bezos a happy man. Likewise the NY Times and Carlos Slim.
The Washington Post has punished a reporter who penned an opinion piece criticizing Jeff Bezos' treatment of workers
BEZOS (not winter) IS COMING.He wants Game of Thrones BAD.
"Entrepreneurs must be willing to be misunderstood for long periods of time." ~Jeff Bezos
Open Letter to Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, on the Purchase of Whole Foods. via
The common that gets asked in is, 'why?' That's a good question, but an equally valid question is, 'why not?' Jeff Bezos
This e-mail I received today is just another affirmation that Amazon is on a roll - I am a big fan of Jeff Bezos and…
Don't let the numbers deter you. Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos kept digging for years before the numbers changed.
Frugality drives innovation. One of the only ways to get out of a tight box is to invent your way out. — Jeff Bezos
'Great cities, like great journalism, need investment, or they will whither and die.' My column on
"This is the best planet. We need to protect it and … move heavy industry off earth." Jeff Bezos https…
Oqr culture is friendly and intense, but if push comes to shove we'll settle for intecse. - Jeff Bezos
With & more buyers of premium content than ever before, is just thinking like a trad. network now
“People who are right most of the time are people who change their minds often.”- Jeff Bezos
Huge scoop from and that and may want to read
Pittsburgh wants the new Amazon headquarters — and so does everybody else
Our culture it friendly and intense, but if push comes to qhove we'll settle for intense. - Jeff Bezos
To be fair to Bezos, a lot of folks seem to think Transparent is pretty bad.
If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful Jeff Bezos
Jeff Bezos is demanding Amazon make him a
Watch for Colorado pols to say we can't afford roads, healthcare, schools...but we can afford to give Jeff Bezos a huge ta…
Messenger: An open letter to Amazon owner Jeff Bezos: St. Louis has a paywall
I believe you have to br willtng to be misunderstood if you're going to innovate. - Jeff Bezos
Top story: Amazon Studios Faces Programming Shift Driven by Jeff Bezos | Variety see more htt…
Jeff Bezos is demanding Amazon make him a Game Of Thrones – AV Club
Editorial: An open letter to Jeff Bezos: Think outside the box – Roanoke Times
Dear Mr Bezos, Hello! How are you? I am fine. I hear you are looking for something to spend a lot of money on.
“People who are right a lot change their minds. I don’t think consistency of thought is a particularly positive trait.” . -Jeff…
Jeff Bezos wants $8b in taxpayer money to build another Amazon HQ. Taxpayers of America unite! You have nothing to lose bu…
Will Kevin Plank and Jeff Bezos become South Baltimore neighbors? That’s the goal.
WashPost reporter/union rep rips into Post owner Jeff Bezos for "petty theft" of employee benefits. https:…
Washington Post writer slams Jeff Bezos in op-ed for mistreating workers.
Want to know what Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk are really up to? Listen to Rod Martin on this podcast.
Take it from the experts! Learn what Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, and Jeff Bezos has to say about your technology.…
Amazon continues to expand into new businesses. This article provides some ideas on the path Jeff Bezos may take. H…
Not sure about politics of Jeff Bezos. You can't go to old guard. This is a "…
Thanks to Jeff Bezos, millennials will finally be able to afford homes
There's no magic formula for becoming the next Warren Buffett, Mark Zuckerberg or Jeff Bezos
business: Jack Ma is ahead of Jeff Bezos in grocery store ambitions
Great words of wisdom on productivity by Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Susan Wojcicki, And More
What I know I don't want is buff Jeff Bezos breaking down my door to take back his merchandise, dilemma 🤔
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
"If you double the number of exporiments you do per year, you're gorng to double your inventiveless." .Jeff Bezos
The rocket engines that brought mankind to the Moon.
I .elieve you have to be willing to be misunderstood if you're going tj innovate. - Jeff Bezos
sorry trump - Trump's obsession with is not about the via
Meet Jezz Bezos: the Amazon daring to take on Trump and the White House
When Jeff Bezos sees competing patent on blimp warehouse...
Under Trump, business leaders have become the country's moral compass, tech investor says
Where do Washington State's billionaires live?. From Bill Gates to Howard Schultz. Which one of the 10 is your...
Tech investor: Under Trump, business leaders have become the moral compass
.owner Jeff Bezos helped each other out-that's what elitist pals do! Download/donate ht…
In just 10 words, Jeff Bezos shares the secret to a healthier and more productive life.
How founders like Jeff Bezos and Ursula Burns build with emotional intelligence
You would rather loan Jeff Bezos money for ten years at 3.2% than Vladimir Putin at ten years for 7.8%?. Yes.
Good. They're not Journalists but a propaganda arm of the Dem party bought and paid for by Jeff Bezos, George Soros…
Maybe one day we will realize titles don't signify worth. Mark Zuckeberg,Bill Gates,Steve Jobs,Jeff Bezos,Albert Einstein,Steve Hawkins
The most important entrepreneurial quality Justin Bieber, Fred Smith, Jeff Bezos, and Henry Ford have in common
Please, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos, M. Bloomberg, SOMEBODY make an offer to Ru…
What Swarm Intelligence tells Jeff Bezos how to donate his money: on universal access to clean drinking water.".
Smart people such as Charlie Munger & Jeff Bezos masterfully use mental models- a lattice- to hang their thoughts on & help organize facts
What do Google's Larry Page and Sergei Brin, Amazon's Jeff Bezos, Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales have in common
Vladimir Putin is reportedly richer than Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos combined.
World's richest people: Vladimir Putin wealthier than Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos combined -
Jeff Bezos: how the world's richest man can change his stingy reputation
Jeff Bezos is now the richest man on the world with over $90 billion..22 years ago he was selling books out his garage...t…
Jeff Bezos briefly takes world's richest title from Bill Gates Amazon results ahead
My latest column in the explains why leaders like Jeff Bezos & Elon Musk come out on top. https:/…
I know I'm not wired to be a billionaire b/c if I were on Jeff Bezos' level I would cash out all my stock TODAY and just live it up
Too late now, but Jeff Bezos should have lied originally and said he started Amazon in a Barnes and Noble coffee shop.
Bezos richer than Gates after Amazon share surge
Jeff Bezos: Amazon founder is world's new richest man
I won't buy ANYTHING from because it's owned by operative Jeff Bezos who ALSO owns their propaganda…
Wow. “Amazon now accounts for 43% of everything sold online in the US”.
Amazon CEO just became the richest man in the world with a net worth of $90 billion:
Jeff Bezos becomes the richest man in the world- and Amazon still has only a miniscule share of the retail market.
Like Jeff Bezos buying the Washington Post, who should buy The Charlotte Observer? And what should they do with it? https…
Jeff Bezos may be the richest man in the world but our GREAT is the most POWERFUL man in the world, thank GOD .…
Move over, Bill Gates. Jeff Bezos is now considered the world’s richest person.
All Jeff Bezos & Amazon followers - Which of the following is your favorite billionaire? Vote and RT. Reply with your tho…
Jeff Bezos of Amazon fame overtakes Bill Gates as richest person on planet. Looks like I need to be sending begging letters to him instead!
Amazon prime - Jeff Bezos has overtaken Bill Gates as the world's richest man 💰💰💰. .
Real estate is the key cost of physical retailers. That's why there's the old saw: location, location, location. Jeff B…
⚡️ “Jeff Bezos just became the world's richest person” by
Amazon's Jeff Bezos becomes world's richest person
Amazon's Jeff Bezos has surpassed Bill Gates to become the world's richest man.
Books Inc employees made a stack of ARCs with the word "Girl" in them; almost as high as Jeff Bezos's money pile. https:…
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Jeff Bezos is worth more than nearly 90% of S&P 500 companies. He's worth more than Ford and Delta -- combined. https:/…
Jeff Bezos overtakes Bill Gates as the world’s richest person via
Jeff Bezos beats out Bill Gates to become world’s richest person
Amazon founder Jeff Bezos becomes world's richest man
If y'all believe Jeff Bezos is the richest man y'all clearly haven't heard of the Rothschilds family
Jeff Bezos worked his summers as a kid castrating cattle & behind the grill at a McDonald's. He is now the richest person…
"Jeff Bezos is now world's richest man". Meanwhile, at Amazon HQ:
Jeff Bezos has more money than you—"you" being literally anyone who might read this. by
Now I get why Trump keeps attacking Amazon. Jeff Bezos named richest man in the world & Trump is jealous. Such a petty littl…
22 years ago, Jeff Bezos was selling books out of his garage. Today, he became the richest man in the world at ~$90 Billio…
BREAKING: Jeff Bezos has become the world's richest person as Amazon share price rises 1.5%.
Amazon’s Jeff Bezos surpasses Bill Gates to become world’s richest person
I wonder how Jeff Bezos became the richest guy in the world. - Me as I take 47 Amazon boxes out of the house
Jeff Bezos, CEO becomes the Richest man in the world after being valued at over $90 Billion, surpassing Micros…
Jeff Bezos edges ahead of Bill Gates as world's richest man after Amazon share surge
As of 1hr ago, an increase in amazon's stock has made Jeff Bezos the richest man in the world. Bill Gates held that spot s…
Jeff Bezos surpasses Bill Gates to become richest person on earth by
Wow apparently Bill Gates isnt the richest man in the world anymore. Jeff Bezos passed him
Amazon's Jeff Bezos is now the world's richest person, surpassing Bill Gates.
Amazon’s Jeff Bezos takes over Bill Gates as world’s richest person
Jeff Bezos just took replaced Bill Gates as the world's richest person! Not surprised.
Jeff Bezos became the world's richest person for the first time today, overtaking long-time king Bill Gates
Jeff Bezos added $1.4 billion to his net worth overnight and is now the richest person in the world
Jeff Bezos becomes the richest person in the world, surpassing Bill Gates
Jeff Bezos' fortune is up more than $17 billion since March
Jeff Bezos dethrones Bill Gates as world's richest person
Q: Have been Bill Gates and Amancio Ortega "defeated" forever by Jeff Bezos in the list of Forbes?
MICHAEL WALSH ON AMAZON: “I think it needs to be busted up asap before Jeff Bezos destroys the country…
Workshop . Ever been inspired by Indra Nooyi , Tim Cook or Jeff Bezos ? Ever wanted to groom yourself for the...
A swole Jeff Bezos has become one jacked-up, Photoshopped meme.
Be stubborn on vision but flexible on details. – Jeff Bezos
The platform that Jeff Bezos is continuously building is unbelievable. Something out of a futuristic movie.
WaPo-> owned by Jeff Bezos, billionaire Amazon. NTY -> coowned by Ca…
Blue origin is Jeff Bezos of Amazon private company for space exploration. They have large testing facility in west…
Charlie Ergen of Dish Network & Jeff Bezos discussing a partnership to enter the wireless business
Who can deal with Charlie Ergen AND John Mackey? Turns out Jeff Bezos can. $DISH $AMZN
$DISH CEO Charlie Ergen & $AMZN CEO Jeff Bezos have discussed a partnership to enter the wireless business.
CNN's Anderson Cooper interned at the CIA. . WaPo owner Jeff Bezos got a $600 million contract from CIA. . Coincidence? NOT!…
Just a reminder: the New York Times & Washington Post are the blogs of foreigners Carlos Slim (Mexican) & Jeff Bezos (Jew…
Just a quick fact check for anyone curious: Wash Post is not a part of Amazon. It is owned privately by Jeff Bezos. https…
The Washington Post is owned by Jeff Bezos who has an obvious agenda against Donald Trump…
Amazon also doesn't own WaPo; Jeff Bezos, who owns multiple companies, does. Or do you think Blue…
The rulers of business tend to come from technology not business. Steve Jobs,Bill Gates,Larry Ellison,Elon Musk,Jeff Bezos,Gordon Moore.
NBA's Adam Silver is Jeff Bezos long lost cousin. Strange looking dude. Not what I would picture running the NBA.
Jeff Bezos to newspapers: Focus on readers not advertisers, don't sack journos, charge money for quality journalism http…
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Jeff Bezos has said that Amazon operates in "Day 1" every day. But what does that mean?
Whole Foods CEO John Mackey subscribes to the creed of conscious capitalism. Amazon's Jeff Bezos doesn't. What now? https:/…
A diversity of business owners is good for all. .
I knew that if I failed I wouldn't regret that, but I knew the one thing I might regret is not trying. - Jeff Bezos
⚡️ Jeff Bezos wants ideas. So we offered one: create more paths to living-wage jobs .
'Stingy' Jeff Bezos from talk40news commentary
Publishers, listen: 'Ask people to pay. They will pay' .
on Google News: The Jeff Bezos Empire in One Giant Chart - Visual Capitalist (blog)
Some of the top CEO’s of technology companies in America met with Donald J. Trump at the White House on Monday,...
Why Jeff Bezos is a Silicon Valley "God-King" and Travis Kalanick is Not (Yet)
Sir,Jeff Bezos practices with employees are at sweatshop level-altho you deam him a "captitalist"he is not benign.
Dear there is a new philanthropy: effective grassroots - Open Letter from Diane, CEO -
Dear Jeff Bezos, remember that charity begins at home
So ironic the left idolizes Jeff Bezos whose business acumen is second to none yet he may put thousands out…
RUMOR: Jeff Bezos to reverse Whole Foods’ promise to label GMOs on everything by 2018
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Here's a chart of all the companies in the world Jeff Bezos owns or has invested in. . It's large:
Jeff Bezos could start by improving employee working conditions. Hoarding fewer Billions would go a long way to improv…
Jeff Bezos: "Alexa, buy me berries from Whole Foods!". Alexa: "Ok, Jeff, I just bought Whole Foods."
The megarich are tackling problems government can’t or won’t. The problem? They are accountable to no one.
Alice Waters wants Amazon founder Jeff Bezos to ‘make a difference’ with Whole Foods
Annie's John Foraker Calls on Bezos to End Food Deserts by 2027 | via
How to keep Amazon from eating your business, too - Recode
This was laugh out loud funny. Jeff Bezos’ Email to Employees On Amazon’s Purchase of Whole Foods
Jeff Bezos on the news industry: "When you're writing, be riveting, be right, and ask people to pay."
It’s not just Amazon and Whole Foods: Jeff Bezos empire, in charts
Jeff Bezos is trying to disrupt philanthropy
Jeff Bezos is Using The Washington Post to Protect the CIA via Ring of Fire Network
Is too big? What Jeff Bezos can learn from John D. via
Traders betting against grocers are making a killing thanks to Jeff Bezos
.join me & go by becoming a supporter of Read their story
Jeff Bezos is sort of like the archbishop of his company. The Amazon Primate.
Jeff Bezos' lessons from Washington Post for news industry
Jeff Bezos has a lot of advice for the newspaper industry
Jeff Bezos has advice for the news business: 'Ask people to pay. They will pay'
Fun fact: Jeff Bezos, owner of Washington Post & has a $600 million deal with the CIA…
Jeff Bezos is getting richer by the day. Will he steal Bill Gates' crown of richest person on the planet?
There's a reason why Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos outperform everyone else.
I too spend $13 billion on Whole Foods, you're not special Jeff Bezos!!!
Jeff bezos : " Alexa , buy me something from Whole Foods " . Alexa : "Sure , jeff , buying Whole Foods now . Jeff Bezos :"WHA…
Carlos Slim does not want a wall on the US Mexico Border and Jeff Bezos does not want Amazon to be broken up as a monopoly. Russia Probe ...
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos may be single-handedly killing inflation And that should be seen as a good thing!
TEST Jeff Bezos is just $5B from being world's richest person
Jeff Bezos to buy Whole Foods for 13.7 Billion cash..hmmm not to sure if John Mackey is happy about that.
Gonna be fascinating to watch philanthropic plans unfold in the years to come! vs
The founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos announced collecting the new ideas for charity — Rambler N...
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
The Washington Post became the Deep State Post when the CIA paid Jeff Bezos 600 million dollars to turn it into a propaganda rag.
Salam Beikum / Mr. Jeff Bezos ... You want to donate ... Can I ask you for your presence ... I hope you have a bus 15 passengers
After decades of innovating, Jeff Bezos admits he needs new ideas
Jeff Bezos is looking for ideas on how to directly improve lives immediately with his money. Any ideas for him...? https:…
Got a great philanthropy idea? Jeff Bezos wants to hear from you. Right now. On
At last, Amazon boss Jeff Bezos offers a hint of his philanthropic plans
Mike and Jackie which info are for sure not Jeff Bezos parents is an example of faulty system misfiling, and so on …
CIA gave axxhole Jeff 600 MILLION dollars to play.What a racket old Bezos has going.
Bezos may soon be the world's richest man. But he has defied convention when it comes to giving.
Glenn writes to help his fellow Democrats and his boss Jeff Bezos.
Jeff Bezos is asking the public how he should use his money to help people 'here and now' via
6 novels that changed how Elon Musk and other billionaires see the world
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos wants your ideas on philanthropy
OK since you asked, here’s my argument for you to think long term about your philanthropy.
Amazon launches cloud marketplace for US spy agencies (its owner Jeff Bezos also owns the Washington Post)
Make donating easy and intuitive, and empower every individual to support the things they care about:
That's interesting ... let's ask our visionary leaders Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos why they are pushing so hard l…
Trump's June 22 meeting with emerging tech CEOs and VCs is separate from his June 19 meeting with Tim Cook, Jeff Bezos and othe…
Tim Cook, Jeff Bezos said to attend WH tech summit, but key players missing
Jeff Bezos must be proud of his Blog. I am surprised he wants his Amazon brand to be this"dirty "Half the country i…
Check out Jeff Bezos, world's richist Globalist, Owns WaPo, hates DT & runs his Amazon centers like sweats…
is it true that Jeff Bezos treats his employees like dirt?
Jeff Bezos buys the Washington Post and then after the election WaPo receives $600 M from CIA even thou…
If Trump would start burning the insulation around Brennan, it would get hot enough for him to try saving himself.
Yep. Spent $26 million on a historic brick mansion in London ...
Now Obama and Amazon's Jeff Bezos can have a backyard beer together via
How Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos thinks 'story' can change laws and society - Business Insider
Jeff Washington and the via rules and -fix it
"Jeff Bezos is a fascist and his newspaper wants democracy to die in darkness."
A brand is what someone says about you when you're not in the room. ~Jeff Bezos
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Inside the Obamas' ritzy new house next to Jeff Bezos and Ivanka
Lear about Jeff Bezos and Amazon in The Everything Store by Brad Stone.
You want to Islamify the USA AND support *** marriage. How can someone so clever be so stupid? 🤔🤔🤔
Every new thing creates two new questions and two new opportunities - Jeff Bezos, CEO Amazon (2007)
We're living in a golden age of AI, says Jeff Bezos -
Jeff Bezos: the 'obsessive' Amazon founder and world's next richest man
This anecdote about Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos shows the indirect way he thinks his businesses can……
WaPo is in truth Jeff Bezos is in truth Amazon. Why would this man risk a boycott of his beautiful company?…
The New Kids in Space Take Off: Private companies enter the conquest of space. Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos are some of
The next generation Sam Walton. Soon Jeff Bezos will be the richest person.
New Post - "The biggest oak starts from an acorn." - Jeff Bezos .
It's probably the only way humans will get to Mars, See Elon Musk, Robert Bigelow, Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson.
I understand Jeff Bezos , Paul Allen, & Bill and Melinda Gates are Big supporters of the Diplomatic Society of St Gabriel. A global peace w
Hello House *** for Jeff Bezos; maybe time to talk about Dave's lawsuit>
When Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos visited the Museum of Flight this weekend to answer questions from students
2009: Jeff Bezos to announce that he is the lord god Vishnu
You've Got Mail except with Jeff Bezos and the CEO of Barnes and Noble.
Jeff Bezos should be given a congressional medal of Honor for staking and letting them do their job. 👏👏👏
WaPo is controlled by the CIA. Jeff Bezos was given $600 Million by CIA hence everything they write about Russians and…
Donald Trump said Amazon and Jeff Bezos have a ‘huge antitrust problem.’ Now they may. via
Jeff Bezos "has an authentic, legitimate claim on having changed the way we live"
"I almost never get the question: ‘What’s not going to change in the next 10 years?’" —Jeff Bezos
Fascinating look back at Amazon’s epic 20-year run as a public company. Explained in five charts via…
Just as we will never forget about ... We must also never forget about Jeff "$600 Million" Bezos.…
Would this week have been different if Jeff had not rescued Washington Post? Thank goodness he did.
Anyone who believes ANYTHING that's printed by needs to consider that Jeff Bezos is on contract w/ CIA.
“A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.” Jeff Bezos
How Jeff Bezos had the to add another $2 to IPO
Amazon needs to be broke one person (Jeff Bezos) needs that much money and po…
The fabulous life of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, the second-richest person in the world via
Little Giant Ladders
yes ! Jeff Corrupt Bezos hires John Creepy Podesta its McCarthyism worse than the 1950's all the Dems crimes are ig…
If Dems think Trump wealth is bad why aren't they going after Jeff Bezos, Soros, Buffett and Bill Gates. It's just R money…
WASHPOST owner personally motivated in bloodsport after Trump threat of AMAZON monopoly breakup. Follow the clicks!
Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk have vastly on
Can our learn transformational leadership from Jeff Bezos and Reed Hastings? - via
Chillin with my grand master to needs money from Jeff Bezos
CEO of a $3 billion company shares leadership lessons learned from Jeff Bezos and Steve Jobs
Three more parade highlights: 1. filmmaker Trevor Adams as Jeff Bezos in a golf cart with champagne flute
Jeff Bezos sells off $941M of Amazon stock after pledging to invest in his other business. Via Puget Sound...
Everyone's favorite e-commerce mogul, is very close to becoming the world's richest man..
Jeff Bezos is under $5 Billion away from topping Bill Gates? Really? Crazy... Top
“I try to spend my time on areas that I think are important for the future, and where I think I can add value.” Jeff Bezos
.CEO is set to become the world's richest person. Here are his lessons. $AMZN.
h/t to for sharing this top notch advice from Bezos, which I had totally missed in
"If you have conviction on a particular direction even though there's no consensus, it's helpful to say, 'Look, I...
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
But Jeff Bezos doesn't put a nice card and chocolates in with my packages.
"Customers are always wonderfully dissatisfied, even when they report being happy and business is great" - Jeff B...
THE POOR DEMOCRATS YOU KNOW. Bill Gates could be the world's first trillionaire, but Jeff Bezos is hot on his heels https…
Great explanation from of how builds on the first introduced by computers.
We’re in the middle of an obvious trend right now: and
The best customer service is if the customer doesn’t need to call you ... It just works Jeff Bezos
"customers are always beautifully, wonderfully dissatisfied" - Mr. Bezos explainig beautifully why customer-centr...
2/ That quote is from Jeff Bezos in his annual letter to shareholders which can be found here
Five lessons to learn from Amazon boss Jeff Bezos, the world's second-richest man go to
Could Amazon's Jeff Bezos become the world's first trillionaire?
There's also Melinda Gates and Jeff Bezos. I've seen their covers so many times in the last two da…
Didn't watch the show. Honestly think Jeff bezos will be brought on to run the channel soon. U do look ***
Did you have a case of the Mondays today? shares secrets for faster decision making via
3 take aways from Jeff Bezos's letter to shareholders
"If you double the number of eyperiments you do per year, you're going tn d.ujle your inventiveness." -Jeff Bezos
Is Bezos's rise to the top of the rich list a foregone conclusion? The way $AMZN is behaving, it sure seems like it https:…
.Jeff Bezos has better rocket than Elon Musk.
A tale of how 2 papers & cover the same story. FYI: Jeff Bezos is winning. WaPo’s readyma…
Jeff Bezos owns . That says it all. . :)
5 lessons we can learn from the soon-to-be richest man on Earth via
Bill Gates may become the world's first trillionaire
Jeff Bezos Knows the Difference Between Content and Complacent. Have the desire to do something more.…
Jeff Bezos is calling on Australian to join their global marketplace.
Very sad indeed. All they are missing is Jeff Bezos.
Robot Jeff Bezos nears Seattle Center (I don't think that's actually him, tbh).
Oprah, Tom Styers, Jeff Bezos...the list goes on 😊
May day march walking past Jeff Bezos balls, and shouting at Amazon. Happy May Day
Mind breakfast. Bezos is a fierce leader, in a bad and good way
(Before Jeff Bezos patents it, of course.)
This is how Jeff Bezos defines in simple terms
Jeff Bezos is just a few billion dollars away from becoming the world's richest person
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