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A. Jedediah Louisa Bila (born January 29, 1979) is a television and radio host, Fox News contributor, columnist, and author of the book Outnumbered: Chronicles of a Manhattan Conservative.

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Jedediah Bila says she's "nauseated" by Obama's statement on Castro's death: “You're talking about a mass murderer!”
wholly cow if you can only convince to do the same and Jedediah…
srsly Jedediah Bila it takes you AN HOUR to change all your clocks? ya live in the Museum of Clocks or something?
LOVE this lady! Here's my gab session with straight-shootin'
Ooo! I saw the little waves & smiles you made at the end of the show. A little Jedediah Bila style action. :)
I chatted with recently about my shift to dating and more. Check it out!
>Do you think that Jedediah Bila should be in the next Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Issue? If…
Isn't Jedediah Bila the only one on The View that still has a career and any relevance at all?
OUCH! Hillary accuses Trump of disrespecting women, Jedediah Bila reminds her WHO she’s married to .
Hillary accuses Trump of disrespecting women, reminds her she’s…
Jedediah Bila talks politics, ex-boyfriends and the unexpected origin of her first name h…
‘Charlie Crist-style, yo’: Jedediah Bila still laughing over
Channeling the Best You for Success with Fox News' Jedediah Bila on Y-CLAD CHAT will air 02/03.
. Wish Jedediah Bila . A belated Happy Birthday. I know, I know. not shocking enough. But. It's the thought that counts
so you didn't approve of Jedediah Bila? Or was she just a 'guest' guest?
Jedediah Bila was trying to push Bernie Sanders in a slick attempt to put down Hillary.
Jedediah Bila on Instagram: “Coming up to talk last night's debate and more. Ge
Fox News analyst/hostess Jedediah Bila is 37. Actor Andrew Keegan (Seventh Heaven, Party of Five) is 37.
Network Move putting Jedediah Bila on The View great conservative voice for young people!
Love when Jedediah Bila is, informative non-confrontational discussion!
Join me today in watching the beautiful Jedediah Bila on The View ABC happy birthday Jedediah!
Have a wonderful, happy, healthy birthday now and forever. Happy Birthday.
Jedediah Bila. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ~ Educator ! -
Ya'll should let Jedediah Bila alternate w/Andrea Tantaros bi-weekly on the couch!
You should let Jedediah Bila alternate with Andrea Tantaros bi-weekly on Out
Jedediah Bila should alternate with bi-weekly.
Jedediah Bila as a little baby... .
Jedediah is great hosting Red Eye. She helps her guests be even wittier than usual. It's the Bila Magic.
Jedediah Bila on Instagram: “With Captain Sean Parnell on set today. Thank you for your service,...
VERY disappointed in Jedediah Bila. She is NOT as conservative as she wants us to believe. She's a progressive RINO like Margaret Hoover.
A lawsuit forced a North Carolina town to remove a sculpture of a soldier kneeling in prayer. Jedediah Bila says this is “bullying.” Do you agree?
I added a video to a playlist Ainsley Earhardt, Andrea Tantaros and Jedediah Bila - Sexy Legs -
You want real Woman role models, Condie Rice, Deneen Borelli, Dana Loesch, Jedediah Bila, many more. Please break out of the feminazi!
‘Super Jedediah’! ‘Red Eye’ viewers really, really love Jedediah Bila’s shirt [pic, video]: Fox N...
'Super Jedediah'! 'Red Eye' viewers really, really love Jedediah Bila's shirt [pic, video]
I always thought it was THE Jedediah Bila!
Oh I've been letting him have it for some time now:
Diedre Imus and jedediah bila are gonna cause me to hang myself if they keep talking.
Happy Birthday Emma. I had an aunt named Emma. Your dog Emma's cute, but not anywhere near as cute as Jedediah Bila. :)
Jedediah Bila went OFF on that commie *** yesterday over this!
Democrats. def: "Not anti-choice as much as, these are your choices, Like it or else!" — nickdqwk
"Not a surprise. Democrats are militantly anti-choice when it comes to education." — NRPax
‘Few things *** me off more’: Jedediah Bila shreds Bill de Blasio for war on charter schools via
- Also got to meet Allen West, Michelle Fields, Jedediah Bila, and Rick Santorum. Quite an honor.
Don’t forget to watch Red Eye tonight at 10pm ET / 7pm PT, with guests Stephen Baldwin, Jedediah Bila and Bob Beckel!
12/30/13 on *The Five* ~ Dana Perino gives a shout-out to ☛The Right Scoop☚ ! ~ during a segment moderated by Jedediah Bila.
Saturday night at 10pm ET on Red Eye Greg welcomes guests Stephen Baldwin, Jedediah Bila and Bob Beckel!
My other Fox News girlfriend, Jedediah Bila, is on Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld Saturday night @ 9PM CST along with my favorite liberal, Bob Beckel tomorrow night is going to be a fun one with the Boise St vs Wyoming basketball game and Red Eye. Even though Michelle, says I cant have a TV girlfriend her mother, Penny, said it was ok if I was only day dreaming lol
Conservative outrage over a segment from MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry that included some jokes about Mitt Romney's adopted African-American grandchild continued to brew on Monday afternoon's edition of The Five. To me, this is beyond the pale, guest co-host Jedediah Bila said.
Saturday Night at 11pm is all new with Tucker Carlson, Mikey Kay and Jedediah Bila. Plus special guest Governor Mike Huckabee!
Network hypocritical for not disciplining Martin Bashir? Starring Jedediah Bila
Tonight on Red Eye Greg welcomes guests Sherrod Small, Jedediah Bila and Brian Kilmeade!
Dana PeRINO is terrible . Andrea Tantaros is a GOP establishment shill replace her with Jedediah Bila .
Bob Beckel is the villain.on the Five .You need the villain .Jedediah Bila should replace Dana PeRINO
Fire Dana PeRINO from the Five and replace her with the lovely and talented Jedediah Bila ,whom we all adore .
It was pretty good. Jedediah Bila, Terry Schappert, Tucker Carlson as ombudsman, and someone I'd never heard of who fit in.
Red Eye is all NEW on SATURDAY night at 11pm ET with guests Michael Ian Black, Jedediah Bila, and Tucker Carlson!
Jedediah Bila: author, columnist, and TV and radio personality
I wish Jedediah Bila or Andrea Tantaros would say things like that to me.
Just saw last night's Red Eye... It's starting to look like Tom Shillue may be emerging as the best stand-in for Greg Gutfeld... Andy Levy does a great job when Greg is out (and Jedediah Bila was a GREAT ombudswoman last night--and don't forget Mike Baker's stream-of-consciousness half-times), but Tom Shillue may be the guy to fill Greg's tiny, tiny shoes...
In case you missed it--->Jedediah Bila, Lou Dobbs Tonight Highlights, 12-18-12: via
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Also on Right Hook Radio today we just got word that our good friend Jedediah Bila (author and Fox News Red Eye regular) will be joining us on the program. Again tune in from 1-4pm @ 1450 WCTC AM and online @ Call in 732-545-WCTC (9282)
Egyptian President Morsi flees his palace as protests turn violent. Tonight's A-Team; Jedediah Bila, Doug Schoen and Lis Wiehl discuss the likely outcome of the protests and Morsi's power grab at 7pm ET on Lou Dobbs Tonight
According to the latest podcast, tonight's guests are Jedediah Bila, Terry Schappert & John Gibson.
Video: Jedediah Bila skewers Julianne Moore for dissing Sarah Palin when receiving an Emmy for …
Monica Crowley is terrific. Jedediah Bila used to be terrific before she went to work with Glenn Beck .
Jedediah Bila sounds off on The Blaze TV ~ what's bothering her? Oh, and have you heard about Walter?
Wish I could find a cute smart conservative like Jedediah Bila,Monica Crowley,Ann Coulter or Andrea Tantaros to date me
Jedediah Bila comments on Ann Romney and Chris Christie RNC Convention speeches
Not on the list of speakers for GOP Convention ~ Sarah Palin is not making a big deal out of this ~ says Jedediah Bila on Real News From the Blaze. 8-13-12
By Gary P Jackson Appearing on The Sean Hannity Show Wednesday night Jedediah Bila says in no uncertain terms that Sarah Palin should be a prominent speaker at the Republican Convention in Tampa. W...
Should Sarah Palin speak? Jedediah Bila and Doug Schoen debate this often discussed issue by many conservatives as the GOP convention in Tampa approaches.
There's no need for the left to monopolize reality TV ~ conservatives have charisma and can entertain the heck out of people too ~ says Jedediah Bila.
Jedediah Bila leads the GBTV Real News segment (5-16-12) on the Deb Fischer "upset" in the Nebraska. Deb Fischer is running for U.S. Senate in Nebraska and h...
LDT A-Team: Jedediah Bila, Kevin Williamson & Doug Schoen weigh in on stimulus dollars funding studies into...
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