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Jeb Bush

John Ellis Jeb Bush (born February 11, 1953) is an American politician who served as the 43rd Governor of Florida from 1999 to 2007. He is a prominent member of the Bush family: the second son of former President George H. W.

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I voted for Trump. NOT YOU, Rand Paul, NOT YOU, Jeb Bush, and certainly NOT YOU Paul Ryan. I never forget those who turn…
Underground Newz Inc. IS BACK!!: Jeb Bush seized flight school records at 2 AM on S...
Christopher David Steele is a 53-year-old MI6 *** turned slanderer-for-hire who was paid by Jeb Bush during EY2016.
One Hillary Clinton is a liar two Bernie Sanders is a communist three every clinton is your enemy four Jeb Bush has low ene…
Jeb Bush was a joke and still is. He doesn't know anything about be…
NEVER FORGET Paul Ryan, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, John Kasich, & Ted Cruz all turned on Trump when he needed them the most.…
Jeb Bush now said to be joining Romney in pursuit of Miami Marlins
Here's a new take on the 2016 election: the Jeb Bush "please clap" thing makes me really really sad to this day 😭
Some good news for Jeb Bush if he can block all of Silicon Valley is gonna be watching
Incredible to think how different U.S. response to Russia in 2016 would’ve been had Jeb Bush, say, been GOP nominee…
The most amazing thing about this anecdote is that it describes Jeb Bush as a 2016 Presidential contender.
Here's why Jeb Bush would be the 'immediate frontrunner' if he runs for president
You'd think with the failures of Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio, that billionaires would stop betting on beta-males to win in big elections.
Jeb Bush says Barack Obama will add more debt than all 43 previous presidents combined | PolitiFact
BREAKING: Here's what Jeb Bush secretly said about Minecraft: "George Washington funded a new car."
Jeb Bush set to go into the baseball business with a bid for the Miami Marlins
Jeb Bush out of the running to buy baseball's Marlins: report
Jeb Bush is dropping his pursuit of buying the Miami Marlins
Jeb Bush should be investigated for his involvement in murder of Barry Seal, drugs trafficking & money laundering
with Raymond Top News Item - Jeb Bush no longer interested in buying … see more
AP source: Jeb Bush no longer interested in buying Marlins
They forget he was mocking jeb bush how they threw reporter in there is th…
AP sources: Jeb Bush no longer interested in buying Marlins
Jeb Bush no longer interested in buying Marlins
Jeb Bush no longer pursuing purchase of Marlins
Jeb Bush has to be exhausted from these swirlies by the hands of New Yorkers in the last 18 months.
Wrong again he was mocking Jeb bush why can't you guys admit that Hilary is a criminal and was a bad…
Jeb Bush, George W and George H.W. all called to congratulate me on her show, her ratings would totally tank.
Unsurprisingly, this is what Jeb Bush had to say about China: "My restaurant has always been a big fan of national debt."
There's a fine line between stubbornness and the positive side of that, which is dogged determination.– Jeb Bush
March 2022: Jeb Bush leads neofascist Mestizo empire to victory over the USA humiliating President Donald Trump
Thanks FaceApp for proving right in saying I looked like Jeb Bush.also, I'm a meme lord.
Jeb Bush reportedly drops out of partnership with Derek Jeter on bid to buy Miami Marlins
Mitch McConnell says Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush often describe things as "Covfefe"
Report: Jeb Bush won’t be buying the Miami Marlins after all
.so.thanks to the Face App, I guess I am just a younger Jeb Bush.please clap.
I guess we finally found out why Jeb Bush was so low
Jeb Bush reportedly no longer interested in buying Marlins. Derek Jeter is still exploring bid with other investors. http…
"Please clap." Jeb Bush 2016 Presidential Campaign summed up in two words.
Jeb Bush Drops Out of Bid for Miami Marlins - Jeb Bush has pulled out of the auction for the Miami Marlins, acc... htt…
Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush has dropped his bid to buy the Miami Marlins, source says
JEB BUSH: Mmm, garmonbozia. Gotta have it, brother
As first report s weeks ago when said the jeb-jeter bid hit a snag
Report: Jeb Bush no longer interested in buying Marlins
“Wow, Jeb Bush, whose campaign is a total disaster, had to bring in mommy to take a covfefe at me. Not nice!”
Baseball: Jeb Bush no longer interested in buying Marlins, sources say
He's out! Jeb Bush 'DROPS bid to buy Miami Marlins'
CNN: Jeb Bush no longer interested in buying Miami Marlins.
Jeb Bush bails on Marlins after Derek Jeter dispute -
Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, and John Kashich need to go all working for the Devil !
He had an audition for an appearance on "Between Two Ferns". Unfortunately, the Ferns have been replaced by Laura Bush and Jeb Bush.
poor old embarrassment to his family Trump might be chaos but he still beat you badly and is our POTUS.
Never forget that Republicans deliberately chose Trump over John Kasich, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush and others.
Yet u did nothing to stop him delivers huge "told you so" about "chaos president" Trump via
Better Headline: Low Energy Jeb finds energy to be a jerk again. via
Jeb Bush says he correctly predicted Trump would be a ‘chaos president’: via
You sound just like your dear moronic leader. Jeb Bush was 100% accurate; he said it would be chaos,…
Blog: Nicolas Maduro and Jeb Bush remind us why we voted for Trump
a loser and a globalist giving advice to someone who is loved and voted by the people! Get lost je…
"Donald is great at the one-liners. But he's a chaos candidate. And he'd be a chaos president." - Jeb Bush, correctly pred…
CNN. Jeb Bush on Trump: I predicted a chaos presidentCNNLas Vegas (CNN) Jeb Bush just gave the politica…
Would have preferred to be annoyed by a boring Bush as an an alternative.
.on his worst day is better than entitled drug-dealing POS on his best
Ignoring the fact he never had it in him, Little Jeb is still mad about his third-round knockout in the primary
Jeb Bush: I told you Trump would be a "chaos president"
If Jeb! Is telling you to do something, you should clearly do the opposite.
half shell raw bar at brown lobster pound with Jeb Bush Miss Florida
Right now people seem to be very tentative about the positive benefits of capitalism. (Jeb Bush)
Jeb's OK with parents/students losing IDEA rights in exchange for McKay scholarships
I want a new month of the year called Jebruary, with the National Jeb Bush day.
My hypothesis is that most of the Trump hatred stems from his ill treatment towards America's sweetheart Jeb Bush
BREAKING: Here's what Jeb Bush said off-the-record about 9/11: "9/11 showed the world cats."
Looking back, Jeb Bush wouldn't have been so bad
Jeb Bush: "The ability to choose schools helps kids with disabilities"
BREAKING: Here's what Jeb Bush had to say to Mark Zuckerberg: "Scarce destroyed the process behind creating the New World Order."
Bidders for the team are a group led by Mitt Romney's son and Tom Glavine and a group led by Jeb Bush and Derek…
Did Joe Scarborough cover up the murder of Lori Klausutis? Was Jeb Bush! involved? Lori was found dead in Joe's offic…
How to play dead: Step 50. Debate Jeb Bush and eat more chicken.
1. responds here to my report on McKay private school vouchers and federal rights
kasich Jeb bush and McCain are decent
Because he is a stooge of the Bushes, he was hired by Jeb Bush for leg…
Rubio a puppet Jeb Bush or anyone else does.
.defends Florida's tax credit scholarships in
It's OK-we all have our lady's times-you should probably just go dark on those days. Seriously, what ar…
.CROWD STRIKE, that was used by Clinton/Jeb Bush used to hack into the Russian server&the server has proof o…
A must-read! overlooks that special ed families use scholarships to escape bullying.
.there are MORE emails out there that implicate Jeb Bush/Hillary in this blackmail scheme, Comey was coverin…
I'm sorry but all I can think about while reading this is: JEB!
Jeb responds to NYT story on problems w/ Florida voucher program Shorter: IDEA is overrated
In terms of the nominees themselves: Tillerson was Bob Gates' suggestion. One of DeVos' biggest fans is Jeb Bush...
John Podesta and Jeb Bush caught on video tape in three-way with cow
Electronic Device Insurance
It is a Jeb Bush Monday for me today. The energy is quite low
.What the media Is getting wrong about Florida’s push to help students
Jeb Bush: whats wrong? something seems off with you. me: Fatigue, I guess... I've been having some trouble sleeping lately…
Bush: laments IDEA loss but 86% of McKay Scholarship families say kids getting all their services
Singing Wuthering Heights but in the style of Jeb Bush
Group Led by Jeb Bush and Derek Jeter Wins Auction to Purchase Miami Marlins - Breitbart
No problem giving credit to rational Republicans like Lindsay Graham, John Kasich, Jeb Bush, Susan Collins, et al. What .should be.
Jeb Bush will be the stadium announcer for the Marlins. He's already preparing to ask fans to "Please Clap."
Just hope you dont get Jeb Bush son in his place if you want illegal immigration stopped in Texss
Perhaps the American people did not want Chris Christie,Ben CARSON, Jeb Bush, Rand Paul and all the other candidates ?
Jeb Bush confirmed my report in Sunday's Miami Herald that Derek Jeter will oversee the Marlins' baseball operations dep…
If Jeb Bush does become part owner of the Marlins, then it's on the club to make use of "Please clap" on the videoboard duri…
I can't wait until Jeb Bush/Derek Jeter take over Need to do major makeover & build a winning culture. This set up isn't working!
OG Swaggerdick's best work. "Jeb Bush" is my favorite so far, but that's just me.
And if the election had been held in July of 2015, Jeb Bush would be President. Things change, that's politics, get…
Update your maps at Navteq
Jeb Bush 'confident' he and Jeter will buy Marlins and they reportedly have the money via
Report: Derek Jeter would be in charge of Marlins day-to-day baseball operations.
Jeb Bush optimistic he, Jeter can close deal to purchase Miami Marlins
Group Led by Jeb Bush and Derek Jeter Is Inching Closer to Buying the Marlins – New York Times
Secret Service for adult children of the President -- wonder if experien…
Jeb Bush optimistic he and Derek Jeter can close deal for Marlins
Considering Jeb's the lead partner... put away your Bush hate, Jesse ;)
In an attempt to win over moderate Republicans and defeat Donald Trump the Democrats are going to run Jeb Bush in 2020.
So the top groups to buy the marlins are led by Jeb "Please Clap" Bush & Tagg "Serial Killer Eyes" R…
Interesting details from Bush today about what the Jeter/Jeb Marlins might look like.
Jeb Bush Optimistic he and Jeter Can Close Deal for Marlins — Newsmax (newsmax) May 3, 2017
Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush says he is optimistic about closing a deal for the https…
This kid came up to me with some weed and kept talking about how cool Jeb Bush is
This "Tagg" Romney and Jeb Bush trying to out bid each other for the Marlins is classic Rich White Guy Stuff. It's very important, folks. 😼
Contrary to Jeb Bush's "Act of Love", Illegals Sneaking Into USA = a Callous Disregard of The BURDEN They Place on Am…
Him verbally raping Jeb Bush is what turned me to him.
Jeb Bush, Derek Jeter moving ahead on Marlins bid
Jeb Bush optimistic he and Jeter can close deal for Marlins (from
Jeb Bush schools Trump on the border wall: ‘We have one in many places — I don’t know if you’ve been there’
Derek Jeter is stupid to get into business with Jeb Bush
I think you lost because it was 2016 and your name was Clinton. Ditto the Bush name for Jeb. GOP got it...Dems, not…
The failure of the Marlins as a franchise and the stadium fiasco and Jeb Bush at the helm speaks volumes I can't he…
Jeb Bush was just a question. His niece Jenna Bush Hager read the question. Good to be a Bush right now. Except if you're Billy.
Jeb Bush to appoint racist terrorist Mike Pence to supreme court
Covered in rashes, Jeb Bush boldly informs President Trump that Fox reporters are not very smart. Willie Robertson oozes pus.
Readout of Real Donnie Baseball's telephone conversations with Jeffrey Loria and Jeb Bush.
Jeb Bush has some exciting changes planned for the ballpark now that he's a Marlins co-owner!
Jeb Bush buys Miami Marlins. What does this mean for the Marlins?. He's going to pour $100 mil into the team & quit aft…
Marlins expecting to finalize $1.3B deal to sell team to Jeb Bush, Derek Jeter group
The news is next on CBS4. Hear from the reporter who broke the story about Jeb Bush and Derek Jeter buying the Marl…
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Group led by and wins auction to buy
when it's the bottom of the 9th and Jeb Bush's Marlins need the crowd to get on their feet
Jeb Bush, Derek Jeter win auction for Miami Marlins baseball team: report
Derek Jeter and Jeb Bush have won the auction to buy the Miami Marlins.
Derek Jeter & Florida governor Jeb Bush purchase the Miami Marlins for 1.3 Billion. Jeb Bush promises team will not be l…
Jeb Bush wins auction for the Marlins. Trump looks out Oval Office window, wishes he'd bought a sports team rather tha…
BREAKING: The Derek Jeter/Jeb Bush ownership group has won the auction to become the owners of the Miami Marlins
Derek Jeter and Jeb Bush group reportedly reach agreement to buy Marlins for $1.3 billion http…
Jeb Bush and Derek Jeter reportedly agree $1.3bn deal to buy Miami Marlins - the guardian
Derek Jeter and Jeb Bush win bid to purchase Miami Marlins
Jeb Bush and Derek Jeter just bought the Marlins. And the yearbooks oddest couple goes to.
. Jeb Bush and Derek Jeter group has purchased the Miami Marlins. Name will be changed to Marlins!.
Jeb Bush buys Miami Marlins. The 6-12 Braves brace for the $100 million negative ad campaign Jeb is about to needlessly…
Derek Jeter and former Florida governor Jeb Bush reportedly have an agreement to purchase the
Derek Jeter and a Jeb Bush group have reportedly won the bidding to purchase the Miami Marlins.
domain names
Jeter, Jeb Bush win auction for Marlins via
Derek Jeter/Jeb Bush team win Marlins bid, says Agreement is principle is $1.3 billion, says
Derek Jeter-Jeb Bush group to purchase the Marlins for $1.3B, per
Derek Jeter, Jeb Bush win ownership bid for writes:
Jeb Bush and Derek Jeter are buying the Marlins!
Jeb Bush & Derek Jeter. Now that's a team I can get behind.
From and me: Derek Jeter and Jeb Bush have a window of exclusivity to purchase the https:…
The have agreement in principal for $1.3 billion: Jeb Bush will be control person,Derek Jeter w active role, rep…
Report: Derek Jeter-Jeb Bush group win auction for for $1.3 billion
Group led by Jeb Bush and Derek Jeter has bought the Florida Marlins! How about that?
I can vouch for Derek Jeter; he's a stand up guy. I can vouch for Jeb Bush being & a little creepy (not Joe…
You're face when you found out that Derek Jeter (Jesus) and Jeb Bush bought the Miami Marlins! https:/…
Derek Jeter and Jeb Bush investment group have winning bid to purchase according to reports
Just read "Jeb Bush & Derek Jeter outbid Tagg Romney for Marlins per Bloomberg" in case anyone was worried about how tho…
If you told me 5 years ago that Derek Jeter and Jeb Bush would co-own the Miami Marlins, I would've asked if Donald Trump wa…
Jeb Bush and Derek Jeter buy the Marlins, then do a whole nitrous tank in matching Tommy Bahamas gear in honor of Spring Break tradition.
Derek Jeter and Jeb Bush set to own the Marlins. Donnie Baseball is already there. Trying to bring the pinstripe way down south
Jeb Bush, Derek Jeter team up to purchase Miami Marlins: report
It's not just them it's also Pelosi, Feinstein, Watters, Reid, Obama and countless others! Jeb Bush, Rubio, Graham,…
Me too. And I don't even like Jeb Bush. 😑
Don't listen to Nikki Haley McCain jeb Bush or any other neocon globalist. We need to fight Isis not another useles…
If you wonder what Jeb Bush would say if he was in this debate me and made a powerpoint for you
. "Loria sells the Marlins to Jeb Bush group". Me:
Jeb Bush in talks to buy the Marlins. Please Clap. via
Hope Jeter and Jeb Bush combine their bids so we can have two owners who I have always loved and respected.
Derek Jeter Jeb Bush among big bidders for Miami Marlins -
Jeb Bush is ReallyRunning DeptOfEd.CommonCore will just B re-named & remain as will Islam forced as isNow. Parents outraged
How many of us actually wish the same *** thing? I know I do. Yes, even Jeb Bush...
Sam Dyson's candidacy for the Rolaids Relief Man Award going the way of Jeb! Bush. Real talk
Unsuccessfully running for pres, throwing up your hands & buying a baseball team instead is the American dream, tbh.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
I did not expect to see Derek Jeter and Jeb Bush mentioned in the same story regarding the ownership of the Marlins.
They may have been distracted by Fox Biz Report that says both former Gov. Jeb Bush and former Yankees SS Derek Jeter are bidding for Fish.
Jeb Bush, Derek Jeter among groups in mix to buy Miami Marlins, reports say
At least Jeb Bush was honest about what he would do as POTUS; Trump's America First lie to win and then threats to bomb Syria hu…
Report: Jeb Bush interested in buying the Miami Marlins | Miami Herald
I can't stop laughing at the look on Billy the Marlin's face as he watches Jeb Bush scoop up more seafood jambalaya.
I saw this coming a couple years ago, But Hillary or Jeb Bush was suppose to be Pres, data collection reveal bombing targets
Thanks Donald! We supported you and your America First rhetoric and got Jeb Bush.
Jeter, Jeb Bush among reported potential bidders for Marlins -
News post: "Derek Jeter and Jeb Bush are revealed to be among the billion'dollar bidders for Miami Marlins basebal…
Q: What was Clovis doing on Jeb Bush's campaign? He was working for Jeb before Trump ri…
Remember when Jeb gave Hillary a medal on the 1 year anniversary of Benghazi?! Guess he would h…
Report: Derek Jeter considering bid to buy former Gov. Jeb Bush also interested in team
Does Derek Jeter want to buy the Marlins? (Yahoo Sports) - Derek Jeter reportedly is part of a group interested...
Radio Silent on Obama, but this --> Jeb Bush: 'Presidential Leadership Would be Helpful' - via
Jeb Bush to appoint Adolf Eichmann to be head of NWS
Jeb Bush was admired and respected until he became a 12 yr old cry baby. You are more admired than Mohammed Ali.
Jeb Who?. I can't believe 20 years ago I thought this guy would make a good President!
JebBush offers unsolicited advice to the President -- -A foolish statement. It is Jeb's buddies on the Left that lie
George Bush's daughters did underage drinking and Jeb Bush Sold Drugs In College...oh ok lol
Reading "JEB and the Bush Crime Family".Texas was awash in cocaine in the1980s. I did what I could to report it but I was NOT going to die
Do you know it was Prescott Bush Grand father Jeb Bush who helped fund Hitletr's Rise in Nazi Germany. Its reported in Guard…
Poor, tired still trying to stay relevant:. . . Take some B12 & wake up! And get a clue.
Imagine if intel proved Trump colluded with Reince to steal the nomination from Ted Cruz & Jeb Bush
Ignore Jeb Bush, he is a whiny baby. Put down McCain, he is a terrible senator, worthless & evil. Do not respond to Jebbie!
"Life teaches you that you need to make decisions in the right time - not too early, not too late." -Jeb Bush ✨
DISTRACTION TO US AND TO THE WORLD. Jeb Bush: Trump is ‘a distraction in and of himself’ via
Jeb Bush during campaign: "Donald, a chaos candidate and he'd be a chaos president. Not POTUS to keep our country safe”
that is why we do NOT miss Jeb Bush. Go back under your rock that Soros built!
Jeb Bush comes out of the woods to admonish Trump: 'Stop saying things that aren't true' via
Breast Cancer Awareness
Jeb Bush offers unsolicited advice to the President
Bush slams Trump for 'saying things that aren't true' | JEB is a wussie. Like the Presiden…
Jeb Bush is the weakest person on this stage by far.
Taking advantage of this situation,Crim BSH famly Jeb Bush is trying to come back. Hp Amer Peop wont forget 8 disgus…
Jeb Bush offers unsolicited advice to the President --
Jeb Bush: Trump Has Become ‘a Distraction in and of Himself’ - Jeb.we don't care what the king of dull has to say
Hey loser! We don't care what you think! Jeb Bush slams Trump for 'Saying Things That aren't True'.
Jeb Bush has been incompetent for some time.
Jeb Bush is back kinda trying to give advice to Trump Can't the Bushes and Clinton's go to Martha's Vineyard and be Globalists via Crap
only phrase that is programmed in the robot."Jeb Bush is a big fat mess."
Never Trumpers brought out the BIG GUNS...JEB BUSH...Watch as he loads up, locks on, and shoots himself in the face.
Mike Rogers, his predecessor as Chair of HPSCI, went on to advise Jeb Bush, *who supposed paid Christopher Steele for the…
Jeb Bush: Trump Has Become 'a Distraction in and of Himself' . It's called Leadership sleepy Jeb - clueless
The Right has Johnny Rotten. The Left has Darth Cheney, Jeb!, and Jorge Bush. The Right is
Trans people are like primary Jeb Bush supporters. The media says there are millions of them, but I've only met like tw…
Jeb Bush: You ran against President Trump and got your *** kicked. Please get a life and leave us alone. 🇺🇸
I'm certainly no Jeb fan, but ya gotta admit, he really 'nailed' it this time!!. 'Jeb Bush: Trump is ‘a...
Jeb says Trump has become 'a distraction in and of himself': jevb bush wud of made A HORRIBLE PRES- JEB STILL MAD
Jeb Bush to appoint Richard Wagner to cabinet
Leaked video reveals Jeb Bush in long-term affair with Ruth Bader Ginsberg
On Tuesday night, someone ran into Jeb Bush walking by himself in downtown Boston:
i had to search who Jeb Bush was, turns out, he is the Governor of Florida. Good Job, Me
Former VP Joe Biden elected to succeed Jeb Bush as chair of the National Constitution Center's board of trustees.
Jeb Bush was a great governor for Florida...he would make a great president
Jeb Bush when he was the Florida Governor fired her cause she lied to him.
Jeb Bush fires back at Steve King: 'America is a nation of immigrants'
Jeb Bush is the guy who paid for the Steele Dossier. He's not a bad person.
The guy's name was Larry Silverstein not Jeb Bush. His brother Jeb Bush was the governor of Florida in 2000 when th…
Florida hated Jeb Bush as governor he was the worst ever almost ruined this entire state
*** much did Trump make from speeches? How much did Romney make after being me your upset. Jeb Bush? Pass upset?
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Jeb Bush: Scott Pruitt is ready to turn around the EPA. The former governor and presidential candidate says that
As governor, I saw the link between economic prosperity and the ability to acquire knowledge. (Jeb Bush)
Jeb Bush touts Denisha, charter schools and vouchers at Missouri Capitol
Today I learned that Jeb Bush's name is actually John Ellis Bush (= JEB). . Yeah, just like GOB (George Oscar Bluth) ... . Far out.
I wish the politics of 2020 would be simple enough to have room for Jeb Bush
even with Lionel Ritchie and Jeb Bush as investors?
Pay no attention to the Chelsea, the Jeb Bush of the Clinton family.
I'm pretty sure she can do better than Jeb Bush at least
Bill sorry but you were wrong about John McCain not getting money from Soros..
good grief...she's stealing a line from JEB BUSH!
who didn't say a word during Obama Regime & now attacks our
Trump to Priebus: "I don't care if it's Billy or Jeb, I'm going to make *** sure the entire Bush family is unemployed.…
&a spoiled child&Donald Trump goes off on Jeb Bush at New Hampshire event
Don't @ me but I miss Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz only bc they were such good memes
Rubio a puppet Jeb Bush and Hillary and everybody said Oh that s just not fair to people I tripped through that experience.
Hamilton Collection
Bush was a RINO just like his incompetent bro. Jeb and Paul Ryan, Marco,...etc...
Staffers like this in the WH make me super nervous about commitment to ed promises
Jeb Bush just so he could hear his kids to help his campaign.
Almost as if nuclear powers are harder to bully than contractors/Jeb Bush
Where are the decent and humane Republicans? John Mc Cain, Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush, Condolezza Rice and others show your dignity.
Yeah, they are freaking out because we didn't choose Jeb Bush or Clinton. The wizard stripped of his curtain.
Did you find love in a hopeless place or did we find Jeb Bush in a NB basement?
just say, if inaugurations were presidential candidates, this one would be Jeb Bush.
I doubted it, I'm like "nah, we'd get like Jeb Bush at the worst"
if that communication style was still what voters wanted, Hillary would've just gotten 400+ electoral votes against GOP nom…
Congrats to see Jeb Bush, who will MAKE AMERICA signed on WJIM in holding off Air Force on my vote!
Am I the only one who DETESTS HW Bush and his wife, Babs?? . They spawned both GW and Jeb Bush. As a POTUS, both...
"Yeah I want to date Jeb Bush so bad"
Truly disgusting. Rumor has it that Jeb Bush is behind the 💥
Jeb Bush and Dennis Ross: Donald Trump should isolate Iran immediately
Ana Navarro who is still bitter her buddy Jeb Bush did not win the primary, also focused on negative digs...
Lmao! Omg, just noticed Jeb Bush on the milk carton, lmfao!
Anna Navarro is a bitter person. She cannot get over her team lost. Jeb Bush was a loser. Still a loser. Nice guy but a meh
I can't believe jeb bush is gonna be the president tomorrow
I've also both wondered whether Scheer would come up the middle, or if he was the Jeb Bush of the race. Latter looking true as of today.
Guys we could've had Jeb Bush with vice president Sue Sylvester being sworn in tomorrow what happened
Hey, The point of the First Amendment is that you guys don't get to decide who criticizes you and how.
you know those videos where a woman in high heels steps on a guys balls? I want jeb bush to do that to me wearing crocs
Do you think the 2 Bush presidents refer to each other w/their presidential numbers in front of Jeb just to stick it to him? I bet they do.
Here is how Jeb Bush can still win the 2016 election
Breaking news: Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton both diagnosed with stupidity.
Johnson's a one-time Jeb Bush supporter who Trump used to illustrate the problem of special interests in politics
He seems determined to beat a Bush in everything he does. Primary: Jeb. Unfavorable ratings: G.W. Being a sleazy…
As confirmation hearing begins, my thoughts on her capacity to transform education in America
My roommate at the time told me, "Don't underestimate how much people love Jeb Bush." And that scared me. Spring 2015
Neither should Jeb Bush, but I guess that is politics as usual. What we will be voting to stop.
What ever happened to Ben Shapiro, Eric Erickson, Michelle Fields, Jeb Bush and the rest of the Never Trumpers? Are they working now?
Statement by Gov. Jeb Bush on Florida Supreme Court Dismissal of McCall vs. Scott:
How did DJT get blind-sided into supporting a candidate promoted by Jeb Bush, Bill Bennett, Fordham Institute, and Gates?
Reuters: Jeb Bush hired Christopher Steele to find dirt on Trump, according to the BBC. Steele wrote the Trump Dossier.
When you buy a box of Corn Pops, the receipt comes with Jeb Bush's signature.
Jeb Bush forced to deny he hired firm to compile ‘dirty dossier’ about Donald Trump
Jeb Bush says it\'s unlikely he will run for office again(Orlando news)
Clean the swamp! Jeb Bush, David Kramer, John McCain, and Lindsey Graham. That is just a few.
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