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Jeanie Buss

Gerald Hatten Jerry Buss (born January 27, 1934) is an American businessman, real estate investor, and a former chemist.

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Jeanie Buss: "I wish we could've traded for DeMarcus Cousins". Magic: "If I was GM, I would've traded Ingram for Cousins". J…
Magic Johnson returns to Lakers as adviser to Jeanie Buss.. Related Articles:
Phil Jackson and Jeanie Buss announce their engagement is over.
"Phil Jackson of Knicks and Jeanie Buss of Lakers Announce Their Breakup" by SCOTT CACCIOLA via NYT
Phil Jackson calls off engagement to Jeanie Buss. Oh
Phil Jackson calls off engagement to Jeanie Buss: Knicks executive… (via…
Phil Jackson had to tell Jeanie Buss sorry I have no free fingers to put on a wedding ring
Phil Jackson and Jeanie Buss call off engagement - New York Post
Phil Jackson, Jeanie Buss say they have ended engagement
Phil Jackson and Jeanie Buss end their 17 year engagement. They just couldn't find the third person for their love tria…
TI and Tiny, Jeanie Buss and Phil Jackson. 2016 really tried it
Knicks president Phil Jackson and Lakers president Jeanie Buss announce that they have ended their engagement
NBA power couple Phil Jackson and Jeanie Buss call off engagement.
Phil Jackson and Jeanie Buss were the basketball JFK and Jackie. You could say, it was Slam-alot.
Phil Jackson and Jeanie Buss have reportedly called it quits! 👀
Phil Jackson calls off engagement to Jeanie Buss
WOW Jeanie buss and Phil Jackson broke up 😐
Phil Jackson and Jeanie Buss had been dating since 1999 and have been engaged for the last four years.
Because somehow the Jeanie Buss / Phil Jackson fizzle out is going to be because Melo doesn't play defense.
Jeanie Buss setting a high bar for any "ball is life" statements from this point on
Phil Jackson and Jeanie Buss have call off their engagement.
Derek Fisher needs to see whats good with Jeanie Buss..I bet he plotting already
Phil Jackson and Jeanie Buss have called off their engagement.
Phil Jackson and Jeanie Buss call off their engagement, I hope he has a large 'posse' to confide in.
Hey Jeanie Buss, lots of gorgeous men available lately too.
Phil Jackson and Jeanie buss announce the end of their engagement: Love is dead.
Phil Jackson's broken engagement with Jeanie Buss could reverberate from New York to L.A.
Phil Jackson, Jeanie Buss call off engagement via
Jeanie Buss and Phil Jackson giving up on love to steer two once-great franchises into the abyss of mediocrity. A Shakespe…
"Phil, tell Jim that if he gives us Kristaps, we'll let his band open for Jimmy Buffet at the Staples Center." - Jeanie Buss
Jeanie Buss on chances of Phil Jackson returning: “He's committed to New York for years." https…
with Jim Buss at the helm. Jeanie back in the mix now. Hiring Luke showed that.
Jeanie Buss please fire your brother B4 the draft to give Laker fans HOPE FOR FUTURE
Listening to this Jeanie Buss & interview about million times trying to analyze it
regarding Jim Buss, this whole time line, that he offered, and Jeanie accepted, is bad for franchise.
can confirm jeanie buss will buy riley FIVE PONIES
Jim Buss knows his time is up Jeanie & him had some sort of deadline Luke was hired and no one else interviewed.. Phil coming?
The drama-filled story of Kurt Rambis, Jeanie Buss and Phil Jackson that is pointing towards a "MAKEUP" hire.
Kurt Rambis "confused and bitter" Jeanie Buss "furious" at Phil Jackson: leading to a makeup hire?
In the meantime, ignoring other candidates while jacking off to the triangle & Jeanie Buss's recent nude; I'm that cruel.
. Phil Jacksons only working triangle . a:Jeanie buss .
nice same lakers Jeanie buss got to fire Jim Buss
Honored to have been at the USC Neighborhood Academic Initiative Gala, to see Jeanie Buss receive a special award!
Honestly, Jim Buss isn't that bad after what I've seen recently, I'm more concerned about Jeanie and the DIVIDE in the FO.
Once Jeanie Buss takes over the lakers entirely she def bringing Phil Jackson back into the organization
Jeanie Buss opens up about Byron Scott, Lakers organization - 'The Herd...
Kobe and his wife were presented with special retirement rings from Jeanie Buss before tonight's game. (via http…
Jeanie Buss was right, Phil is here to ruin a franchise he "loves".
they are crazy.. Starting with Jeanie Buss
Jeanie Buss' grandpa is looking his age.
As long as Jeanie Buss is in charge and Jim Buss is running the show, the Los Angeles Lakers won't even be a playoff team.
No lie. The Owner for Lakers Jeanie Buss is fine. I have a lil crush but Phil Jackson is the OG.
Hiring Walton says to me that Jim Buss is already gone. He paved the way for his exit by giving Jeanie (& Phil) the co…
again, as stated by Phil, Jeanie Jim, Mitch, and Dr Buss. The hire was 100% Dr buss. Nobody else had input
the fact is, Jim Buss had no say in the decision. It's been said by Phil, Jeanie, Jim, everyone that would actually know
Jim Buss Q&A: Talking Lakers from family to analytics via
I don't know why some laker fans are still cyber bullying him and Jeanie Buss like they"we" got what we wanted
KD and Russell Westbrook were arguing on the bench like my good friends Jim and Jeanie Buss argue about who Dr. Jerry Bus…
*** fck u , the lakers , jeanie buss , Jim Buss & I'll still rock that pg13 laker jersey fck u mean
Kobe and his wife received special retirement rings from Jeanie Buss at last nights game.
Listening to Jeanie buss defend and dodge questions about Jim is infuriating. You KNOW he has to go. MAKE IT HAPPEN
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Now with a new Head Coach established we need to fix the front office that means from Kupchak to Jim and Jeanie Buss
Report: Jeanie Buss did not make the decision to hire Luke Walton as Lakers coach
I hope Luke Walton got Jeanie Buss as Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations in his deal.
Jeanie Buss says she didn't know Byron Scott was going to be let go. Didn't anticipate a change like that was coming.
Ok laker fans Jeanie Buss is going to give her brother Jim Buss 1 more year to fix the the lakers
Marqise Lee watching the Lakers with Jeanie Buss. Inglewood's finest would look good in blue & yellow, just saying.
I'd like to see ALL NBA owners do this at a game. James Dolan, Jeanie Buss, Jim Buss (with hat)...
Kobe Bryant, Jeanie Buss, Mitch Kupchak, Jim Buss will pitch to Carmelo Anthony today in LA. Location is unknown.
What they need is for Jim Buss to resign because they stink and give Jeanie the reigns with that lottery protected top 5 pick.
I don't think Jeanie Buss has what it takes to be a leader like her father was, none of her siblings share that trait, same for Jim.
If she only spoke 3 three times to Byron, then why hasn't Jeanie Buss stepped in & handled the situation? She isn't a leader, guys.
Jeanie Buss also lacks communication, for example: not talking to Byron about what's happening so far.
Dr. Buss was patient & understood the process, Jeanie however; doesn't understand it & wants immediate success, not very smart.
Plus there's gigantic problems with Jeanie Buss herself that a lot of us have noticed. She's different than her dad in terms of rebuilding.
Jerry Buss hired mDa and I'm pretty sure Jim's biggest critic Jeanie had a very big hand in Kobe contract
Im convinced that Jim and Jeanie Buss have no clue what to do...Running daddies business is too difficult...
Good god, the Lakers are awful! Jeanie & Jim Buss have daddy rolling in his grave!
Laker players have either tuned Scott out or they are really bad players. But, keep Jim Buss Jeanie, that's a smart move.
Lakers Organization besides Jeanie Buss been trash since the great Dr.Buss died
certainly not with Jeanie Buss. And Shelly's think Kobe wasn't nice to her
i hope u Jeanie are running the lakers next season & not your brother Jim Buss .
Only Jim, Mitch,Byron,Joey Buss and Ryan West will be aware of it. Don't tell Jeanie about it or else ??
On second thought, add your girl Jeanie the Governor. Between she & your boy Jim they pretty much tubed Dr Buss's brilliant work
Jeanie Buss: Angeles Lakers can compete for conference title next season
Jeanie Buss expects Lakers to compete by next season -
Should the Lakers (Jeanie Buss) relieve Jim Buss of his duties this summer?...
Y'all think it's a game. Sign and share. Share. Share
But personally, Jeanie Buss is the big problem.
Great read. Jeanie Buss is one of my favourite speakers in 5 years of sessions. Smart. Nice. Open.
Jeanie Buss expects the Lakers to make a huge playoff run next season.
Hamilton Collection
Based on her most recent comments, this seems like the type of thing Jeanie Buss should read.
Lakers podcast: Jeanie Buss on state of the team, Phil Jackson and jersey ads
Jeanie Buss says Kobe Bryant is not a distraction for youth development.
Jeanie Buss called Nance, Jr. the steal of the 2nd round on her podcast appearance today, which would be true if he weren't a…
Jeanie Buss will be the death of the Lakers
Phil Jackson 'definitely in play' to join the Lakers in 2017 via
In light of recent comments by Jeanie Buss, implores the not to rush their rebuild.
Jeanie Buss says she has no plans to bring Phil Jackson back to Lakers
Quick blog post on Lakers owner speaking to my class yesterday. A true thrill. https:…
Lakers' Jeanie Buss joins & me on NBA A to Z podcast, talking state of the Lakers, her role, jersey ads: https…
.flew on Phil Jackson maybe leaving to join Jeanie Buss'
Jeanie Buss gave her brother a 3-year ultimatum here: Kupchak's man worshiping not doing him any favors
Jim and Jeanie Buss disagree on his deadline to step down from Lakers
time for some Di can't wait to hear Jeanie Buss!!
Still can't believe Jeanie Buss followed my internship account really shocking
Update your maps at Navteq
Jeanie Buss just dropped my internship a follow and now she follows both of my accounts thank you!
Jeanie and Jim Buss better get it right before they keep on ruining the proud Laker franchise their father Jerry Buss built.
at least if we do sign him, Artest will be another nail in the coffin of Jim Buss's career, get him out and move Jeanie in.
Hi Jeanie xoxo's, and...Thank You Very Much for Honoring the Train Heroes!
OMG Jeanie Buss is gonna be on Weds? I can't wait!!!
Jim Buss is just begging Jeanie to fire him at this point
And I'm seriously considering never rooting for them again until Jeanie Buss fires Jim Buss. Good lord.
Los Angeles Lakers team president Jeanie Buss says brother Jim will resign if three-year rebuilding deadline not met ht…
Cari Champion tried to get Jeanie Buss to drop names of big name NBA players that want to join the Lakers. Cari knows something. We back.
Cari Champion Talks to Cam Newton & Jeanie Buss on Latest Podcast: One of the more underrated podcasts on the ...
Jeanie Buss says 2015-16 season will be 'celebration' of Kobe Bryant.
Phil Jackson receives a very polite smattering of applause as he walks over an sits down next to Jeanie Buss during th…
“Hey honey, could you run out and blow up an iconic franchise?” - Jeanie Buss, apparently.
I read about the interview you and Rick Fox did with Jeanie Buss, the part she mention about the advice regarding Kobe.
Even Rick Fox, interviewing Jeanie Buss, was seemingly surprised about the pick going in 2016 if not 2015
Buss interview: 'I feel the pain of losing': As far as Los Angeles Lakers president Jeanie Buss is concerned, ...
man tell your agent to call Jeanie Buss right now!
Jeanie Buss explains why Dwight left LA & tells USAT: "We let him down." -
Lakers' president Jeanie Buss believes you're a loser if you're avoiding playing for the Los Angeles Lakers because of Kobe Bryant.
So Jeanie Buss is either Trip McNeely from Can't Hardly Wait or Jon Lovitz's character from The Wedding Singer.
Jeanie Buss reveals she has final say in all Lakers moves, so is she the real person to blame?
came off as a complete *** in his interview with Jeanie Buss.
I support my Lakers but Jeanie Buss does not need to be on tv talking.
Jeanie buss doesn't even look like she's past 50 years old...
Lakers president Jeanie Buss has a message for any player who doesn't want to play with Kobe Bryant: good riddance.
Gotta support Jeanie Buss on this one
Jeanie Buss thinks you're a loser if you don't want to play with Kobe
Jeanie Buss does not like report of free agents being scared off by Kobe Bryant
Jeanie Buss calls free agents afraid to play with Kobe Bryant 'losers' - ...
ESPN Video: Lakers president Jeanie Buss discusses the recent criticism of Kobe Bryant, the challenges of landing free agents, and competing with longtime boyfriend Phil Jackson for Carmelo Anthony.
How does Jeanie buss run the Lakers yet admit to not knowing who makes b-ball decisions for the team. That was a scary interview
As Jeanie said yesterday, Jim Buss has two more years to turn around the organization. I believe they want Durant in '16. Kobe replacement.
I'm in the minority when it comes to thinking Kobe Bryant slept with Jeanie Buss...
I hear Steve Nash was one of the sources for (spot-on) Kobe piece. Must be one those "losers" Jeanie Buss was tal…
Lakers exec trashes players who shun Kobe. Gasol is no loser 2 time NBA Champion
Oh, and the lively Jeanie Buss will be on my show to discuss her Lakers and, of course her brother. SiriusX…
Jeanie buss said it best. "if you're afraid of playing with kobe, you're probably a loser"
Players afraid of playing with Kobe are 'losers' claims Jeanie Buss - Read more:
Buss: Only 'losers' afraid to play with Kobe via
Who's gonna wait three years “Jeanie Buss says her brother, Jim, has “assured” her LA will be in contention in three seasons.
[Serious] What do you guys think of the Colin Cowherd and Jeanie Buss interview today? The link is …
ICYMI: Team President Jeanie Buss on the State of the
Was Steve Nash the lakers snitch who jeanie buss said she will get out of the organization today ?
I looked at Jeanie Buss on first take man look. Nvm lol
If you missed this, Jeanie Buss says the Lakers “made a very good case” for Carmelo, but understands why he stayed. http:…
Jeanie Buss defends Bryant in face of criticism
Don’t want to play with Kobe? Well, you’re a loser, says Lakers president Jeanie Buss:
Speak Jeanie"Jeanie Buss fires back at Kobe Bryant critics.
I love Jeanie Buss even more for this. Well said. -via
Jeanie Buss: "Show me the free agent that isn't coming to the Lakers because of Kobe Bryant & then I'll show you a loser
Sorry Jeanie Buss, but the will probably be "LOSERS" this year...
If a free agent doesn't want to sign with the Lakers because of Kobe Bryant, team president Jeanie Buss seems quite alright with that.
"Any free agent that would be afraid to play with Kobe is probably a loser" - Jeanie Buss.
Jeanie Buss says any free agent afraid to play with Kobe Bryant is "a loser" via
If it were up to Los Angeles Lakers executive Jeanie Buss, Kobe Bryant would finish his NBA career in the Purple and Gold...
President and co-owner of the Los Angeles Lakers Jeanie Buss joins First Take's Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless to discuss if the Lakers are still a desire...
So I watched Jeanie buss make a mockery of herself over Kobe . Yes he is a great and future hall famer but that still doesn't count for how he is as a teammate . Facts are facts every championship team that Kobe was on *** apart after they won . Everyone either was traded or broke there contract or released. Shaq, horry, shaw, fisher (wait was different only because he would sacrifice success over money) lue, George , madsen, Howard . But when your laying in the same bed. It doesn't matter . Wrong
ESPN Video: Los Angeles Lakers president Jeanie Buss voiced her opinion on "SportsCenter" regarding free agents and Kobe Bryant.
ESPN Video: Lakers president Jeanie Buss joins Keith Olbermann to discuss criticism of Kobe Bryant, her relationship with Phil Jackson, and the Lakers' season outlook for 2014-15.
Lakers president Jeanie Buss talks about Kobe Bryant and the team's attempts to sign Carmelo Anthony in the off-season.
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Jeanie buss needs to suck a *** and shut tha fuq up mann. Kobe proly givin her tha D behind nessa back!
Jeanie buss defends kobe byrant. she said for those who were free agents who were afraid to play with kobe is probably is a loser. you go girl!
Jeanie Buss knows what's best for the a Lakers organization.. Magic could help out with basketball operations but☕🐸
As a sixers fan, I actually feel bad for Lakers fans. Jeanie Buss is an *** and should have nothing to do with basketball operations.
Jeanie Buss should be over Basketball operations for the Lakers.
"Sounds like someone making excuses" - Jeanie Buss dropping bombs on the basketball operations team lol
Well, Jeanie Buss decided not to draft any Washington players on her fantasy football team this year. Find out why: http:…
Jeanie Buss and the trophies looking down on the Byron Scott press conference. @ Toyota Sports Center
Byron Scott tearing up talking about his conversation with Jeanie Buss about her father just before the press conference.
Jordan Brand released a new, star-studded tribute on Monday to pay homage to Derek Jeter, one of the company’s longest sponsored athletes. Titled “RE2PECT,” the spot shows a veritable army of athletes, coaches and pop culture icons tipping their caps to the 40-year-old New York Yankee, who will retire this year after wrapping up his 20th season in the MLB. Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan and Jay Z are just a few of the many familiar faces paying tribute to the Yankees captain in the ad. Phil Jackson, Jeanie Buss, Carmelo Anthony and Billy Crystal also show their respect in the video, which is guaranteed to leave more than one Yankees fan misty-eyed. The best part of this ad might be the grudging acknowledgements of Jeter’s success. Boston bros with no love for the Yankees tip their hats, and Mr. Met might have to go into witness protection after doffing his cap for Jeter. It’s a moving tribute for a guy who made it through baseball’s most turbulent era without an arrest or a PED scandal. This is N ...
Check out Carmelo Anthony, Phil Jackson, Maya Moore, Jeanie Buss, Jay Z, Spike Lee, Michael Jordan and plenty others in this brand new spot for Derek Jeter, courtesy of Jordan […]
Phil Jackson and Jeanie Buss are discussing an agreement that would allow Phil to have custody of Carmelo Anthony every …
Lakers' meeting with Carmelo Anthony to include Jeanie Buss - Los Angeles Daily News:
Jeanie Buss and NYK President Phil Jackson going after the same guy, Carmelo Anthony. The NBA's Mr. and Mrs. Smith lol
The Los Angeles Lakers reportedly feel good about their chances of landing Carmelo Anthony this summer. Jeanie Buss will be a part of the team's...
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Jeanie Buss says she was 'stunned' Jim Buss didn't hire Phil Jackson - In this excerpt Buss, head of the team's...
Phil: Jeanie Buss ‘encouraged’ him to coach Knicks, but Steve Kerr appears to be No. 1 option
Jim Rome takes on the hottest topics in sports, including interviews with Andre Agassi, Jeanie Buss, Spurs guard Manu Ginobili, pro golfer Bubba Watson, and ...
Is Duke Basketball head coach Mike Krzyzewski packing his bags and coming to Los Angeles Lakers? Is Jeanie Buss going to get her wish and have the farewell tour for Kobe Bryant, something she was not able to do for Magic Johnson? Or is Jim Buss going to shock Lakers fans and trade Kobe Bryant to New...
I'm watching my Lakers and all I can say is Jeanie Buss you better not let Phil Jackson get any "action" till he trades Carmelo Anthony, and Tyson Chandler, for Kendall Marshall, and Robert Scare.
Lakers president and governor Jeanie Buss says she's the boss, the top of the food chain in the Lakers organization. Plus, Buss explains Phil Jackson going t...
Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, Jeanie Buss and Adam Silver will all be at Staples Center tonight for Lakers vs Spurs matchup.
Adam Silver, Jeanie Buss, Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash are in the house tonight. None of them are playing.
Phil Jackson is like 70, how old is Jeanie Buss?
Jeanie Buss admits that the Lakers never extended the olive branch to Phil Jackson when he wanted to return.
I forgot about the conflict of interest between Jeanie Buss and Phil Jackson running two farnchises in the same this like when Jerry West Traded an unknown Marc Gasol for Pau Gasol? Maybe Jeanie can convince Phil to a manuever so the Lakers can get Carmelo? LOL hm.
Congratulations to the Los Angeles Lakers ownership for failing to put talent on the court and off the court. Thankyou for the overwhelming incompetence you've show us Jim Buss... aka The new "Jerry Jones" ohh & I can't forget Jeanie Buss & Mitch Kupcheck either. Great Job not hiring Phil for a second time. I bet the great Jerry Buss is rolling over in his grave watching you destroy the legendary franchise he spent half his life building.
I love Jim & Jeanie Buss, but we need Phil Jackson to be the face of our great organization, the Los Angeles Lakers.
Kobe Bryant wants change THIS summer, does not have the patience to wait. Says change needs to start at the top, with Jim and Jeanie Buss' relationship, then...
yeah fire D'Antoni and replace Jim Buss with Jeanie Buss. Phil isn't coming back. I hope we get a high draft pick
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Fact: if Phil Jackson taking the head coaching job for the knicks is proof Jeanie Buss isn't doing her civil woman duties in the "you just lay there baby" dept.
that not a conflict of interest if he take Knicks job with his soon to be wife Jeanie Buss
Or is he 2 wrapped up with having sex with JEANIE BUSS?
we'll see Jim Buss aint havin Phil come in there and run things especially when he dating Jeanie and they dnt get along
chill with the bet talks lol. Jeanie Buss needs to take control of this.
Phil Jackson should be Lakers President of basketball operations and Jeanie Buss should takeover ownership of the team
After having arguably the worst season in team history, are the Lakers really go to let Phil Jackson, the architect of the triangle offense, whose fiance is Jeanie Buss the Lakers princess to the throne, the man who has won 11 NBA championships as a coach and whom many consider the best coach ever, just slip away and take a job with the New York Knicks??? Can the Lakers brand get any worse today? There is something terribly wrong happening to our team Los Angeles.
Phil Jackson on the Lakers, LeBron, the Seattle-Sacramento saga, the Pistons, the analytics movement & more - http:/…
Jeanie x Phil = Stephanie x HHH of the WWE and Jim Buss needs to be Shane McMahon.
I think Jeanie buss will give him a reason to stay...lool
Phil Jackson has reservations about leaving California, says he loves living with Jeanie Buss in Manhattan Beach California
Sources: Jackson is using the as leverage to take on the same role w. Isn't his girlfriend Jeanie Buss, the owner? Awkward.
Dr Buss clearly set up Jeanie to be Pres of biz ops and Jim to be Pres of bball ops, so for Phil to ask for final say on basketball? Nah
Phil Jackson's wife is the Jeanie Buss.. that would be a weird dynamic if he's with the Knicks
Why can't Jim Buss just give up the keys to the Lakers and let Phil and Jeanie take over? Why hasn't that been brought up?
I think Jim Buss should be voted out and Jeanie take over. Seems to me like Jim is the Buss
The only thing I'm wondering is when Jeanie Buss will take control Sorry Jim you had your chance but she knows way more
I have no problem with Phil taking the gig. My issue is with Laker management. He's marrying Jeanie Buss!
the Jeanie in the bottle isn't goin to give you what you want in LA, so take the buss over to NY and win a chip
I was just wondering can't Jim Buss be voted out as chairman of the Lakers. With Jeanie Buss and the rest of them?
If Phil Jackson gets control of the Knicks the Lakers will cease to exist for years to come. After the Lakers looked passed The Zen Master for Mike D'Antoni Would anyone be surprised if Kobe forced a trade to NYC? You know Kobe loves MSG. Melo definitely wouldn't go anywhere. That would be the making of something deadly. But all in all I think this is a ploy by Phil and Jeanie Buss to take control of the Lakers currently being ran into the ground by Buss' brother! Any thoughts?
Phil is *** near 70 years old and still not married to Jeanie Buss. I'll believe in a commitment to the Knicks when I see it.
Wonder how Jeanie Buss feels today. Her and Phil just eating cereal at the table this morning in complete silence.
Jeanie Buss should just beat up Jim Buss bring in her man, Phil Jackson, then convince Carmelo to come to LA during Free Agency
, Phil Jackson will not take the Knicks Job, Why?, Jeanie Buss, HELLO!
Jim Buss a goofy. Jeanie Buss should've took over for Dr.Buss and she about to marry Phil? Come on now, that would've been too sweet.
Antoni should be fired before he gets to the locker room and Jim Buss should be forced to give control to Jeanie buss! 😡😡
He should give front office a try but will Jeanie Buss b happy with the cross country move he would make?
If Phil Jackson takes the job as Knick's President, he and Jeanie Buss would become an even more powerful couple.
Phil is nearing an nba comeback and the lakers pushed him away because Jim Buss thinks he can do it better, I need a jeanie buss take over
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a matter of time before the lakers are back on top i just hope Jeanie buss takes control sooner or later
How much $$$ did Jeanie Buss give Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant to play this sloppy. *** Paul Crewe
*** shame Jeanie couldn't take over. She knows more than he does but I guess that wasn't Dr Buss' wish
hate seeing my Lakers lose but I'm glad they are doing this maybe Jim Buss will die and D'Antoni will too. Jeanie Buss & Phil Jackson! plz
plus,if Phil doesn't join the Knicks (which is possible, he is very rooted in LA & dates Jeanie Buss) then 'bron won't go there
just because phil is fckn Jeanie buss means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! I think phil has a lil old school player in him is in charge
Jeanie Buss has more power than Jim.
Wrong... It's Jeanie Buss that deserves the drop kick.
I think he's serious about staying in LA and be around Jeanie Buss as much as possible. Don't think he'll ever be full time in NY.
Despite the shenannigans, best highlight of the night was spotting Jeanie Buss!
benmiller Well if all that is true then that lady must've been Jeanie Buss, right?
Phil's people, or even Jeanie herself leaked the Knicks rumors, then waited a day to see if Jim Buss called? OR maybe just to stir up media?
ICYMI, on Phil, Jim, Jeanie and front office power plays: BK
ought to threaten with no coitus if he takes the job. Jim Buss is ruining everything.
I wish...if only the Magic would give us him and we'd give up some lint and Jeanie Buss nudes.
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I hate Jim Buss Jeanie is way more deserving
At this point I want Jeanie Buss running the organization. And clean house
That whole bi-polar Laker thing getting downright dysfunctional. Jim, Jeanie, Mike-Phil? One big Buss. Think it might work to go bi-coastal.
On Phil, Jim, Jeanie, and power plays with the Lakers front office: BK
Phil Jackson may be engaged to Jeanie Buss, a significant owner/executive of the Lakers , but according to the New York Daily News , Jackson is considering an offer from the New York Knicks to join their front office.
I agree with Jimmy "Tommy Boy" Buss gotta go. I vote for a Jeanie Buss takeover!
There's gotta be some way lakers fans can get Jim Buss out and Jeanie Buss in.
honestly I think Jeanie Buss would do a better job with then Jim is doing I know her first move would be praise cutting D'Antoni.
Jim Buss needs to go, Jeanie Buss needs to sit her brother down and tell him to stay out of the way of running the organization
Dear Santa:.All I want for Christmas is Jim Buss to sign, and give to Jeanie Buss , all of his rights, and any Stake within the Lakers Organization!.AGITATE THE GRAVEL Jim Buss! THANK YOU! :-)
1947: A group of Minnesota investors purchases the Detroit Gems and renames the team the Minneapolis Lakers. 1948: Lakers jump from National Basketball League to Basketball Association of America (BAA), winning BAA title. 1949: Lakers join the National Basketball Association (NBA) and win the league's first championship. 1957: Lakers are sold for $150,000 to group led by Bob Short. 1960: The Lakers move to Los Angeles. 1965: Bob Short sells the Lakers to Jack Kent Cooke for $5.2 million. 1967: Construction of the Los Angeles Forum is completed. 1979: Lakers sold to Jerry Buss for $67.5 million. 1982: Jerry West becomes Lakers' general manager. 1989: Last holdings in Los Angeles Kings hockey team are sold to Bruce McCall. 2000: Lakers' home court moves from Great Western Forum to Staples Center; Jerry West retires as general manager; Jeanie Buss takes over operations from her father, Jerry Buss.
Phil Jackson was upset that Mike Brown was fired so suddenly. The Lakers 1-4 start caused Jim Buss to pull the plug and fire Brown after 5 games. The team was struggling to build chemistry between there 3 stars Bryant, Nash and Howard. "That's not right," he said. "It's not enough time for a coach. I dont care who it is. You dont fire a coach five games in." ... quoted Phil Jackson. The Lakers then contacted Phil Jackson about the coaching job. Phil Jackson was retired at this point and not looking for the job but he was ready and willing to coach if they needed him. Phil Jackson prepared himself for what he thought would be his last coaching run of his career when he was told that they decided to hire Mike D' Antoni instead. When Jeanie Buss received the news she burst in to tears. She felt used and betrayed by her brother and they rarely talk to each other anymore. Jim Buss is truly clueless. He ruined our relationship with Phil Jackson and Jeanie Buss refuses to talk with her brother. No one wants to c ...
Clear We Lacking at D-Fence. Way to many Turn overs. Clearly D' Antoni system don't work . Rambis install that Triangle. What is Kupchak n Jim Buss doin get rid of the coach. Bring back Phil or get George Karl n here .Jerry Solan would work but his offense is pick n roll style . D'Antoni needs to coach a young team a run n gun style team. Lakers are a spread style team. Utilize ur bigs we got 3 seven footer not being use right Gasol, Kaman, Sacre. are offense should be ran inside threw are bigs. Keep Clam are star should be back soon Kobe n Nash may return in a few weeks I got my fingers cross. Running Farmar knowing his hamsting is not fully healed n got re-injured against the bucks clearly show Coach D dont know what he's doin. Jeanie Buss need to take over Control. I'll Bleed Purple n Gold 4 Lyfe.
Fixing the Los Angeles Lakers is my subject: First off we should have gone after LaMarcus Aldridge before the season!! Trade Pau Gasol for Z-Bo, Steve Nash and Chris Kaman for Deon Waiter or Jarrett Jack and Andrew Bynum (who apparently doesn't want to be there), show interest in Gerald Wallace, Jeff Green, and Avery Bradley if Steve Nash deal falls through!! FIRE Mike D'Antoni and go after and hire Phil and if he should not want to come get Byron Scott!! On top of everything else Jim Buss give the decision making to Jeanie Buss!!
This could be trouble: Phil Jackson has officially taken a selfie.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Phil Jackson and Jeanie Buss are so adorable
MediaZew: Phil Jackson and Jeanie Buss take cute selfie
Phil Jackson and Jeanie Buss take cute selfie: This is not a side of Phil Jackson that many see often,...
Jeanie buss love Phil Jackson there's no doubt about that.
Jeanie u have to take over Jim Buss position. I have no confidence in him
Jeanie Buss posts adorable selfie of her and Phil Jackson
There is a selfie of Jeanie Buss and Phil Jackson on my timeline and it's pretty weird ... like because old people doing selfies...
Jeanie Buss calls Mikkelsen “one of the first in a long line of great Lakers … and a key link to our franchise’s early years in Minnesota”
I have always said that if Jeanie Buss been calling the shots, two things that would / wouldn't have happened. Lamar Odom would have never been traded and Brian Shaw would have been the Laker coach. Lamar Odom is a " grown *** man " and entirely responsible for his actions. However, I believe when the Lakers traded him, it was a devastating blow that hit him harder than a lot of people realize. He gave his heart and soul to the Lakers for several years. I know LO knows that it's a businesses, but it was the way it was done. No loyalty or respect involved. I think the hurt was so deep he just couldn't deal with it. Until this happened, I had never heard of LO having a drug problem. I hope he gets the help he needs. I would love to see him in a Laker uniform again. As for " little jimmy buss" , I would like to see him as far away from the Lakers as po
Jeanie Buss felt betrayed by her brother Jim’s hiring of Mike D’Antoni
Note to Jeanie Buss: Want to improve your relationship with brother Jim? Stop airing your dirty laundry in public. Let it go.
Jeanie Buss feels hiring of Mike D'Antoni by brother was "betrayal" by her brother Jim. She felt played! Jim claims Dr Buss wanted him!
Jeanie Buss felt betrayed by her brother Jim's hiring of Mike D'Antoni:
Jeanie Buss says in her new memoir she felt brother Jim betrayed her when passing over Phil Jackson for Lakers job
In all honesty, Jim Buss is running the Lakers into the ground. Jeanie Buss would be a much better head for the organization.
Jim Buss is a turd. Jeanie Buss describes the ‘betrayal’ she felt after the hired D’Antoni over Phil Jackson.
ownership, Jeanie Buss on Jim Buss: "I want my brother to realize that I'm not the enemy." | Laker Girl: 💜💛🏀
Jeanie Buss 'Laker Girl' excerpt: Picking D'Antoni over Jackson was 'betrayal'
When Jim Buss stiffed Phil Jackson over the Lakers coaching job last season, everybody assumed the worst. Now, Jeanie Buss con…
Jeanie Buss says she was stunned Jim Buss didn't hire Phil Jackson.
When Phil Jackson and Jeanie Buss eventually tie the knot, Jim Buss and the legendary coach will finally be family – at least on paper. However, there’s a difference between being legally related to someone and actually considering them as a part of your clan.In a recent interview with ESPN Los Ange...
Even Stern, I dislike him, said the Lakers would be safe if Jeanie Buss was the owner. David freaking Sterns said that!
Jeanie Buss acts more professional than her brother. After DH departure, her response was the way an owner should act.
Jeanie Buss said that when she and Jim Buss argue she makes fun of him for hiring Mike D'Antoni ... LOL!. -KobeKev
Jeanie Buss says she teases Jim about the hiring of Mike D'Antoni.
Jeanie Buss's avi still makes me laugh
Jeanie Buss look good for half a century
i just think the fans are gonna turn on the front office either way. Jeanie Buss would run the business better.
Jeanie Buss a huge fan of Lamar as a player & as a person,wont be surprised if Lamar regroups & joins Lakers at some p…
Thanks! BK MT This podcast talking about Jim and Jeanie Buss kills so many cliches...
Great interviews from Ned Colletti and Jeanie Buss today!
Jeanie Buss planning on luring free agents to Lakers by having 2014 training camp in Hawaii.
Jeanie Buss isn’t convinced Phil Jackson is done coaching (NBC Sports)
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