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Jean Valjean

Jean Valjean (c. 1769-1833) is a fictional character who is the protagonist of Victor Hugo's 1862 novel Les Misérables.

Les Mis Les Miserables Hugh Jackman Alfie Boe Colm Wilkinson Sam Smith Les Miserable Inspector Javert

I'm in the running to win a spot on the and EVERY ship in on PC
"I hope my future husband looks at me the way Javier looks at Jean Valjean.with pain and regret"
The man who stars as Jean Valjean in Les Mis on Broadway just paid for my meal at Huddle House. Excuse me while I choke on my hashbrowns
This is insane, but then again I wouldn't expect any less from Jean Valjean himself.
*exhaling after a moment of sheer joy* I'm Jean Valjean.
I'll escape now from the world. From the world of Jean Valjean. JEAN VALJEAN IS NOTHING NOW. ANOTHER STORY MUST BEGIN!. ❤❤❤
Hugh Jackman as Jean Valjean looks uncomfortably similar to Michael Landon as Charles Ingalls
Think about it. If you live hand to mouth u might buy or sell weed, shoplift, sell stolen go…
I'm practicing my Jean Valjean if we dry up.
What does hockey, a garden, John Perkins, Jean Valjean, marionettes, and a stranger have in common? Find out tomorr…
I think the first section, which is all about the Bishop whose silver Jean Valjean steals, is my favorite. I may reread that.
Wolverine wouldn't eat veal head paté!! Jean Valjean was pretty hench, so happy with the comparison 😂
He can heal himself. You can't get over a small slightly unpalatable pipe in your mouth.more slave Jean Valjean methinks.
This past weekend I watched my best friend steal the show every single night! I'm so proud of my Jean Valjean and his amaz…
That scene in Les Mis where javert is like have i seen u before and jean valjean is like lol face like that i wouldnt forget,, iconic burn
13 reasons why Javert killed himself but jean valjean is all of the reasons
um when fantine is singing to jean valjean as he's dying thanking him for raising cosette idk why I'm cryin in the club rn
We had to start the show without Jean Valjean. Everything seems like a Smash show. Well, this is live theatre. The show must go on
Me: [texts spouse pic of mystery sauce in fridge w/post-it "Who am I? (Not Jean Valjean)"] Spouse: [texts lyrics of Stars from POV of sauce]
Ooh, someone who played Jean Valjean in Les Mis on Broadway is gonna be here Tuesday night to perform with the
. . ing come from. him Jean Valjean ha. ㊙ ㊙
Reading through some of Macron's quotes, looks like he borrowed the script from Les Miserables and is auditioning for Jean Valjean...
And Jean Valjean stole bread to feed his daughter yet the…
Cleaning My Room: The Musical. STARING: Sarah as Glalinda. Sarah as The Phantom. Sarah as Jean ValJean. Sarah as Angelica Eliza & Peggy
| javert & jean valjean (Les Miserables) |. | don't know it, notp, brotp, ship, otp |. | QUOTE, don't reply |. cred…
If only existentialism was as easy as jean valjean makes it look
i stan the priest who gave Jean Valjean the candlesticks so he wouldn't get arrested
I'm not sure how old I was when I read it (pre-teen?), but the redemption story of Jean Valjean stuck with me.
135 years of imprisonment for pocketing less than 400k? It's like Jean Valjean getting 19 years for stealing a loaf of bread.
On a scale of 1-10 how crappy do you feel. . Me: Jean Valjean walking through the sewers in
ments which in some. Jean Valjean had ha. ㊙ ㊙
. mer we ll go to the. Jean Valjean intoxi. ㊙ ㊙
. mercial crises of f. Jean Valjean that h. ㊙ ㊙
blown away at London performance of Les Mis last night. However there is only 1 Jean Valjean! You sir were robbed
. . mes happened to him. Jean Valjean caught. ㊙ ㊙
Javert has 24,601 problems and Jean Valjean is all of them
Theory: Jean Valjean can lift the horse-cart because he has super-strength. They experimented on him in prison & now he ha…
. . mid the stormy hours. Jean Valjean had hal. ㊙ ㊙
I'm not even 5 minutes into the film and I'm already crying as soon as I saw Jean Valjean
. might fall asleep on. Jean Valjean had tak. ㊙ ㊙
: Peter Cousens to star as Jean Valjean in Free-Rain's Les Miserables The Australian musical theatre st…
Why does Jean Valjean look like Charles Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie in this scene
close my eyes in Les Misérables cause jean valjean dies in the end
and orgy it up with Jean ValJean and GET IT HERE:
My phone is such a martyr for being on power save mode that I made Jean Valjean my background picture.
so that is how Jean Valjean became "Monsieur Lemaire". I've always wondered that after watching the play.
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Jean Valjean became a millionaire because he developed a prophitable manufacturing technique. Due to his benevolence the king made him mayor
going for that "I can't let Jean Valjean go cuz he stole a piece of bread for a starving girl and that's against the law" type of pettiness.
Last night with as Jean Valjean!😢 thank you guys for all the questions❤️
Im watching the Les Mis remake. I don't think Jean Valjean thought things through when he brought Marius who had just been shot into a sewer
You don't know what you had until you are stuck singing both javert and jean valjean or christine and the phantom
Lees about to rip it open for Jean Valjean
The closest we ever got to doing Les Mis was when we had Jean Valjean as a minor character in our play back in Grade 10.
Also I found out that loves a reprise as much as I do. I asked what his favourite is... Jean Valjean's in Le…
I'm taking the Jean Valjean bus today (2460)
There lived a man whose name was Jean Valjean. He stole some bread to save his sister's son.
“One Day More” from Les Miz sounds about right for this election eve, with Thénadier rather than Javert facing off against Jean Valjean.
"Gd it Jean valjean" is literally my catch phrase at this point
My hot Bills take is that Andrew Breitbart looked like a cross between Rob Ryan and Jean Valjean from Les Mis
Sloshed after discussions with and then throwing nuts at Serena McKellen in The Ivy. Now to hug Jean Valjean teddy in bed
I'm kind of hoping they cross-promote with the online Les Mis fighting game and add in a Robo-Jean Valjean as a promo?
*Jean Valjean's voice* Now I can die in peace, for now my life is blessed
Perfect song now. Queue Jean Valjean (who is clearly a Clinton supporter)
I feel like Jean Valjean would sympathize with America a bit today.
anal exploration courtesty of Jean Valjean for Tushy. Get full scene here: https:/…
so, is Comey Javert, endlessly hoping Jean Valjean (HRC) is nothing more than an unrepentant criminal?
"One Day More" seems like an appropriate ear worm for today. Like Jean Valjean & all I'm having lots of emotions.…
It's almost over. Get out and vote. Also, Colm Wilkinson was the greatest Jean Valjean ever.
Tonight at the role of Jean Valjean will be played by Adam Bayjou (
you did not just use a Les Miserables lyric in efforts to support trump. Jean Valjean did not die for this
Call me Cossette bc Jean Valjean from Les Mis is my dad
I think it was Jean Valjean who sang it best: One Day More 🇫🇷
I read that in the wrong order and now les miz is stuck in my head. You would make a fab Jean Valjean, IMHO.
"And remember the truth that once was spoken: To love another person is to see the face of God." - Jean Valjean, Fantine
maybe tomorrow on my drive to work I will listen to the Les Mis 10th Anniversary Concert, featuring Yelping Jean Valjean
I sang as Jean Valjean pretty much all day at work so I should just be cast as him, right?
Introduced a young friend to Les Miserables tonight. live in London will always be my Jean Valjean.
it would have been great if Darrel would have said "I'm Jean Valjean...24601"
Why I would die in world:. Negan: Who are you?. Me: I'm Jean Valjean! .
your wish is my command, Jean ValJean
Trump said some sexual stuff 10 years ago. JD talked briefly about mild violence. Javert casually wondered what had…
At the beginning, the hero, Jean Valjean, is released from prison after 19 years. 19 years! His crime? Stealing! A thief.
발장베르ㅡ 개쩌는 부분... i'll escape now from that world, from the world of Jean Valjean. Jean Valjean is nothing now! Another story must begin!
Husband as Javert and I, Jean Valjean, spitting lines from Confrontation. Prepping for this weekend! Woot! 🙌🏼🎭
Imagine what Jean Valjean would've done for a Klondike bar
Hops up on the barricade was hiding behind. " JEAN VALJEAN!"
During Bo Burnham's first stand up, he was referred to as "Patient 24602". Jean Valjean was "Prisoner 24601". woww
Every time I read or hear the phrase "Who am I", my mind immediately goes "Jean Valjean".
What if 2017 is waitng to attack us like in Les Misérables when Jean Valjean survived the sewers only to find Javert waitng for him outside?
-Mom why is my cousin called Jean Valjean?. -Bc your aunt loves Les Mis. -What about me?. -Enough questions, Thomas Je…
saw you once here and many many times in Manchester still my fave jean valjean   10% Off
John Owen Jones as Jean Valjean during the final leg of Les Miserables 25th Anniversary UK Tour in 2010! Amazing p…
Need to work out how Jean Valjean and Wolverine are the same person...
Mochi wishes she could play with her new siblings, Jean Valjean and Javer... (Vine by
In the words of Jean Valjean;. "To see in 3D is to see the face of God.".
Jean Valjean has a great voice but I'm not really getting how many years have passed. I need a different Jean. People change over time.
*Jean Valjean voice* What have I done, sweet Jesus what have I done?
Peter Lockyer • Jean Valjean. - his voice is so strong and his acting is so good. - just looks so soft to me . - also that…
he looks like Jean Valjean, I'm half expecting him to sing "2460 ONE!"
Jean Valjean standing in a graveyard as he throws his ripped parole papers away, bc his old self is dead and a new story begins for him wow
And after tomorrow evening, the West End has found the new Jean Valjean! !
Jean Valjean loves Fantine even after his life ended.
listening to my boo Ramin Karimloo as Jean Valjean. he really was incredible in Les Mis. incredible and fine. fine and incredible.
Les Miserables closing today on Broadway. Great to be here with Julia. John Owen-Jones back as Jean Valjean. The...
Jean Valjean is nothing now, another story must begin! Colm Wilkinson 1987
Peeta gave a loaf of bread to Katniss. Jean Valjean stole a loaf of bread for a girl. *gasps*. Yes. I feel so smart.
I'm so excited to see my friend Jack Johnston as Jean Valjean in Les Miserables this August!!
4 example: I'm watching Les Mis and it's so unauthentic to me that Jean Valjean et al. are not speaking french in France
Valjean - Penny & Sparrow. A song that is a tribute to the character of Jean Valjean in the book / musical, Les Misérables
"Jean Valjean went to prison for 19 years for stealing a loaf of bread & Brock Turner only got 6 months for raping someone?"…
Any chance of filming with the French Jean Valjean, for an awesome scene, please & thank you!
Calling Jean Valjean. Theft of little food not a crime if hungry. via
Current progress: 106/1432. Jean Valjean finally showed up.
Hugh Jackman's performance as Jean Valjean will always be a treasure to me
I bet Jean Valjean is smiling in his fictional grave
If Jean Valjean lived in Italy in 2016, Les Miserables would have been a much different story.
I did a face swap with Hugh as Jean Valjean at the airport the other day
My name is Jean Valjean. And I am Javert. Do not forget my name!. Do not forget me,. 24601.
In Italy now, Jean Valjean (Giovanni Valgiovanni?) would not be arrested for stealing food. via
When did Victor Hugo write Les Miserables again? 21st century Jean Valjean anyone?
sm1: enjolras isnt ace! . me: well ya kno what? now EVERYONE in Les Mis is ace. everyone. enj, marius, jean valjean. all ace. deal w it.
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The Italians have legalised theft of food of a 'small amount'
Italian court wouldn't need to suborn stealing if there was a better social safety net:
I reject this because it makes Jean Valjean's backstory totally implausible.
I'll replace Jean Valjean with wolverine, I don't know it's just funny😂
went today to the 1430. Amazing. Who played Jean valjean today
Jean Valjean with Deadpool—he can then get (almost) ALL of the barricade boys to safety.
If only Jean Valjean lived in Itlaly in 2016...
Or if you're looking for a literary instead of historical example, Javert who lets Jean Valjean go free.
"No more talk of darkness, forget these wide eyed fears" from Phantom...Jean Valjean would say that to the young Cosette ❤️
It's nice that the court allowed the homeless guy to steal some food. It'd be nicer if we had a social safety net:
" No more words. There are words that is better not heard. That is better unsaid " . - Jean Valjean
Jean Valjean's been saying the same for the last 154 years.
Jean Valjean at the world is doing.
Things could have gone so differently for Jean Valjean.
Jean Valjean relieved: Stealing food if you're in need is not a crime, Italian court finds
This breaks my heart. Jean Valjean would be proud.
Ruling on food theft has drawn parallels to the story of 'Les Misérables' protagonist Jean Valjean - via
And finally a ruling for Jean Valjean :)
It would have saved Jean Valjean a lot of trouble in Les Mis.
why did I allow that man to touch my soul and teach me love? He treated well, he gave me his trust, he called me brother Jean Valjean,
Italian court overturns homeless man's conviction for stealing €4 in food—echoes of Jean Valjean. https:/…
Italian court rules food theft 'not a crime' if hungry. | Jean Valjean (Les Mis), all is forgiven.
Warby Parker just emailed me saying that Order Number x is on the way. It looks like I'm getting Jean Valjean.
and quite what Jean Valjean is doing kissing maid Marion is beyond me. Joking aside, bloody awful film
somehow I am Jean Valjean in this moment. It's glorious.
"To love someone is to see the face of GOD,"Jean Valjean...sharing another epic night with my sister Nano
Jean Valjean teddy is sloshed in anticipation for tomorrow's Olivier Awards. I Hope he doesn't wet the bed tonight. ht…
Doesn't mean I know the prisoner number of Jean Valjean
enjoy! BRILLIANT production - looking forward to your Jean Valjean impression!!!
Party game: triple-recast B2M in classic roles. My choices: Jean Valjean, The Phantom of the Opera, & God in Prince of Egypt.
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And oh man Jean Valjean and Fantine were crazy good.
So proud of granddaughter Alexandria Robinson starring as Jean Valjean and grandson Griffin as Gavroche in Marquee prod. Les Misérables!!
The only thing i hate about Les Miserables jean Valjean. I tried to like the character, i just couldn't.
Someone should get Duterte Les Misérables tickets so he can be introduced to Jean Valjean aka 24601.
Do you see yourself doing Jean Valjean in the future?
You are the perfect person to play Jean Valjean. My sister and I were bawling our eyes out at the front row.
Jean Valjean's dying scene is me dying at the back row
Jean Valjean=most Christian man in literature. I say strive to be Bishop Myriel so that we may create a world of more Jean Valjeans.
Could be because I relate more to Jean Valjean but pfft as if I were a Ferengi.
Definitely Simon Gleeson as Jean Valjean & Kerrie Anne Greenland as Eponine. Always will be my favorite characters 😁
my brother thought he was gonna see Hugh Jackman last night in Les Mis because Jean Valjean 🙄🔫
I forgot to share this beauty -- John Owen Jones plays Jean Valjean in a 1999 Les Mis production
Will Ray (will be on as Jean Valjean in tonight, April 8!
Javert's got 24601 problems and Jean Valjean is all of them
I can't stop watching the video of Joshua Colley as Jean Valjean. *** I feel like I have made every facial expression he makes.
I wonder if the PIN for Jean Valjean's ATM card is 24601?
If Jean Valjean wasn't forced to steal bread, we wouldn't have Les Mis & I love those snappy tunes so that's why I'm a…
I had a dream I was Jean Valjean's understudy and I had to perform his part
Can't wait! About to celebrate my birthday with ... Jean Valjean and Javert 😂👍☺️ and my daughter…
Hi Simon! I can see how you put so much expression as Jean Valjean, and it was incredibly awesome!
I bet if Jean Valjean just told Javert his mom's name was Martha too they would have become good friends and everything would have been fine
Your high notes in Bring Him Home were phenomenal! Thanks for an amazing Jean Valjean! 😃🎼
John Owen-Jones as Jean Valjean | Les Miz Now on Broadway - Les Miz has become one of the most celebrated...
Simon Gleeson knows Jean Valjean's character well. His "Bring Him Home" is one of the best versions I've heard.
38. jean valjean • Les Misérables. -was a dignified man. -raised cosette as his own daughter. -lost his will to live
Do I take Ellis to Canada and not go to New York or do I go to New York and see John Owen Jones as Jean Valjean on Broadway?!?!?
I added a video to a playlist John Owen-Jones as Jean Valjean | Les Misérables Now on Broadway
the scene with the bishop and Jean Valjean too
At the Imperial Theatre to see Finally seeing as Jean Valjean!!
It's like Inspector Javert renting half a duplex from Jean Valjean?
"Oh what are you doing tonight? Oh nothing, just watching Kirk Cameron play Jean Valjean"
If Only our Leaders are like Jean Valjean and our Authorities are like Inspector Javert. ..
It is the story of a Welsh actor bringing his Jean Valjean home to Broadway. https:/…
John Owen-Jones returns as Jean Valjean in Les Miserables! (He also played the Phantom.) Check it out:
.newest Jean Valjean, spoke with us before starting tonight → https…
I'm literally crying Alfie Boe is forever the best Jean Valjean i can't
Saw Alfie Boe's last performance as Jean Valjean last night! What a great night!!!…
My son Giovanni w Alfie Boe, Jean Valjean, after his final performance in LesMizBwy. Bravo Alfie.
Tonight, bids farewell to the incredible as Jean Valjean.
Australian Theater actor Simon Gleeson as Jean Valjean and our very own Rachelle Ann Go…
Am having my interval wine at excellent Jean Valjean!
only way I got through the Les Mis scene where Jean Valjean carries Marius through the sewer was by telling myself the sewage was chocolate
Look down. Look down. 🎶 Humming a la Jean Valjean. 😂 Morning from this side of ze globe.
I always have dreams about situations where I get to play Jean Valjean, and I always nail it. Just sayin'.
According to the young hip Brooklyn crowd is a mocha latte multi-culti motley of plaid shirts and Jean Valjean stocking caps.
My JS training thing wants me to make a text adventure to learn switches so I created JEAN VALJEAN: THE VIDEO GAME. I have a serious problem
anyone: who am I?. me, screaming at the top of my lungs: JEAN VALJEAN
Awesome performance this evening as Jean Valjean. Well done!!!
Colm Wilkinson is definitely the best jean valjean of all the Les Misérables productions.
Jean Valjean goes through a buttload of *** in his attempts to save what orphaned kid, according to "Les Miserables"?
Les Misérables in San Francisco: modern day Jean Valjean in making runs off with a bag of cookies.
Why is it that I am always Jean Valjean and never Javert?
I believe Jean Valjean never died. Remember, you can't kill the wolverine.
"Jean Valjean entered the galleys sobbing and shuddering: he went out hardened; he entered in dispair: he went out sullen."
No matter how many times I watch or listen to the music, Jean Valjean’s death scene chokes me up. Every. Single. Ti…
who originated this 25th anniversary production will be going into the role of Jean Valjean.…
The guy who hosts first dates reminds me of Jean Valjean
Decideding if i should change my display name or keep it at "jean VALjean"
Sam Smith giving me Hugh Jackman as Jean ValJean just escaped from prison emaciated vibes. What's going on with him,
[Javert, clutching a stake] "Valjean is on a path eternal journey...". [Jean Valjean escapes from prison pretending to be a vampire]
Why does Sam Smith look like a malnourished Jean Valjean?
All "Les Mis" fans,fictional Jean Valjean only did 19 years in . prison,Leonard Peltier has done 40 years UNJUSTLY.
Jean Valjean doesn't care about black people
Alfie Boe's portrayal of Jean Valjean is honestly the best performance ever
I'm currently singing server error codes to myself like Jean Valjean in Les Miserables.
Jean Valjean dies because he gave up on lif. He died peacefully because marius forgive him what he hsaid and done. . . . . . . .
So my Siri calls me JEEn Val JEEN instead of Jean Valjean and I keep correcting her but it doesn't work
Jean Valjean carried Marius through the sewers boom that was 10 pages jesus
I really wish they would've cast someone with a stronger voice as jean valjean
Javert chases after Jean Valjean his whole life...seriously dude, get a new hobby
Sting with strong Jean Valjean vibes right now.
Don't get me wrong I LOVE Les Miz. But 5 days 11yr old listening to Fantine & Cosette has me wishing Jean ValJean was knifed in the 1st act
If Jean Valjean can go from prisoner to mayor, you can survive this semester.
If you are Jean Valjean are you willing to go to the septic tank just to save Marius Pontmercy?
A2. Elizabeth and Darcy. Always. Also love the ill-fated Fantine and Jean Valjean from Les Miserable.
That's Jean Valjean with my Thorin and Lagertha and Red Dragon.
On the floor of the Senate, Dale Bumpers referenced Madison, Hamilton, Jean Valjean & HL Mencken in his impeachment defense of Clinton.
I love that Colim Wilkinson is known for Eric OG (the phantom) and Jean Valjean
There was a man who's name was Jean Valjean. He stole a loaf of bread…
I often feel like Jean Valjean does before he commits suicide in Les Misérables
Les Mis hot take 1: Jean Valjean should bust into Breaking The Law when he legs it with the candlesticks.
"Who am I? Who am I?" You're 100% not Jean Valjean, because that's a singing part
watching Les Mis now and i've always been curious about how old jean valjean is so i googled it and hE'S 64 WHEN HE DIES! 64!!!
The biggest mistake ever made is that Les Mis didn't cast Alfie Boe as Jean Valjean in the film
I always think it is a nice touch when Colm Wilkinson (the original Jean Valjean) turns up as the good natured priest.
Watching Les Misérables on TV has got me so much more excited to see as Jean Valjean on Broadway in less than two weeks.
It's that time again when u try work out the reasoning for casting Russel Crowe as Jean Valjean... Anyone ever come up with an answer?
..we saw you last Tuesday.You are an amazing Jean Valjean,whole cast was superb.Thankyou
watching Les Miserables for the first time and, honestly, is Javert in Love with Jean Valjean?
Thanks Jean Valjean! It's cost me enough so I hope we enjoy. I enjoyed the film mind
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Yesterday Juliet asked me where Jean Valjean's sister was? I realised she's dead because there was no-one to get her and her child food.
"One Shift More" if Jean Valjean were an ER doctor...
Who do you want to be more like in 2016? Determined Jean Valjean, courageous Eponine or kind and loving Fantine?
*gives Jean Valjean's prisoner number as my standard fake phone number*
"I stole something, I did. I stole happiness with you. I don't mind paying.". -Jean Valjean, Les Miserables (1998)
Jean Valjean considers his New Year’s resolutions:
The parallels are not perfect, but Jean Valjean is the best example in fiction of a father-like figure who is not even a relative
Jean Valjean by Edison Glass will never not break my heart.
my brother is Jean Valjean in his school production in January! Any advice? Les Mis on Saturday
Like my dream to see play Jean ValJean on Broadway is coming true next week. I'm still in shock.
You'll be able to sing better duets latter in life if you go with Jean Valjean.
The puppy got in trouble for stealing a roll of bread. QUESTION. Should I call her Abu or Jean Valjean?
I've been so productive and Jean Valjean still hasn't died.
has been a multimillionaire, on whom *many* have doted, for a very long time. In his head, he probably thinks he's Jean Valjean
The sexual tension between Jean Valjean and Javert tho.
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getting the opportunity to see the show for the second time and meeting Jean Valjean and Javert after!
I've been singing 'I'm Jean Valjean' for a solid 2 hrs now
Kawyclef Jean Valjean: the best perimeter defender from the Fugees currently in hiding.
When Enjolras & the revolution boys died , i cried so much & now Jean Valjean too 😭😭
I keep thinking Finn's serial number was FN-24601 like he was Jean Valjean or something. Does that mean Captain Phasma is Javert?
Something that's been bothering me lately: anyone know what happened to Jean Valjean's sister and niecephew?
THANK YOU for an incredible show tonight -- you will always be my Jean Valjean! 👏👏👏
oppressed by team like Jean Valjean oppressed by France.
was a phenomenal Jean Valjean last Sunday
Jean Valjean I get you after the past two days I've had. But at least Les Miserables didn't smell like old salmon and cigarettes.
i can't believe that Hugh Jackman is both Wolverine and Jean Valjean
A prisoner, Jean Valjean (Hugh Jackman) is freed. He reinvent himself as a mayor and factory owner.
Jean Valjean made some new year's Les Misolutions
Is it time for a third Les Mis? 😏😈💃 So who is performing when the former apprentice of Jean Valjean is on vocal break?
I added a video to a playlist Kyle Jean-Baptiste - Valjean's Soliloquy
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Follow Jean Valjean as he fights his past to build his future in See this classic in 2016:
The best cast is the 10th Anniv cast. Lea Salonga as Eponine. Ruthie Henshall as Fantine. Colm Wilkinson as Jean Valjean. 👍🏼👌🏼
Jean Valjean is arguably the most demanding role in the entire music theatre canon, Simon Gleeson.
Club 24601: John Owen Jones: Club 24601 and Jean Valjean this week moves onto the first of our Welsh stars, Jo...
The Confrontation: Neil Patrick Harris as Javert and Jason Segel as Jean Valjean (I just found my new fav video XD)
Jean Valjean got 5 years for stealing loaf of bread. Yet he and Jeb are Les Miserable. Trump says It's Hugo!
first night of tonight with Club 24601: John Owen-Jones is Jean Valjean via
Did you know? Hugh Jackman had a 4-hour audition for the role of Jean Valjean in Les Mis. Keep preparing for your upcoming auditions!
Club 24601: John Owen-Jones is Jean Valjean: Week three of the Club 24601 Jean Valjean series and this week’s ...
Really hoping his name is Jean Valjean
Rumour: Michael Burgess died of a heart attack after seeing "Bring him home" on a poster and thinking Matt Damon was playing Jean Valjean.
Javert has 24,601problems and Jean Valjean is all of them
does that make you the Aussie Jean Valjean?
update Jean valjean is dying and I am crying
Jean Valjean was my vocal judge and now might be my vocal teacher. What happened to you today?
"Bring him home." Now I have mental image of Jean Valjean carrying Snowden's body over a barricade in front of the White House.
Sometimes I think Jean Valjean is just 2460Done with the jokes.
I'm beginning to suspect that Hilary's factory worker grandfather was Jean Valjean.
Amazing night seeing teacher as Joly & the wonderful as Jean Valjean!The Masqueraders ❤️ it! 😊
Don't tell me musical theatre won't be useful in the real world, Jean Valjean sang his way out of being arrested like 3 d…
Jean Valjean had nothing on the GOP, inspiring this musical lament to "Speaker Of The House"
sorry it's late but happy birthday to my favourite Jean Valjean! Hope you've had a fab day xx
Or... 1.Order Latte. 2.Give name as "Prisoner 24601". 3.Wait for them to call. 4.Sing "my name is Jean Valjean!"
so..I'm wondering how strong Seb's singing voice REALLY is..picture him as Jean Valjean...
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